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File: FugBNV_aEAAV-cS.jpg (947 KB, 786x1397)
947 KB
947 KB JPG

Main Story subbed: https://youtu.be/iYgk2QsNu74
Event: https://youtu.be/KUVLZCdk4I0
Chapter 4 Part 2 is out and turned out quite good. Lots of good ship moments and a really emotional finale.
The Byakko event was a bit light on content, but cute enough.
Since the Adelhaid event A-mari has become a very popular ship in the community.
File: Fv_ru2WagAUDJeK.png (50 KB, 289x346)
50 KB
File: FwAuHjraEAM7qvj.jpg (268 KB, 1512x2016)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
File: FvN1ZqUagAAssxN.jpg (2.21 MB, 2150x1512)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
File: Fv6-HxPaEAIZkFv.png (1.5 MB, 2900x4096)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
File: FwF4ADnakAEwZMH.jpg (1.82 MB, 3469x4026)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
This is the only Key collab I actually want. Kurugaya is the perfect fit for HBR.
File: New SS confirms Oneeloli.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
So the new SS will be maid Hisame and Aina.
Aina is getting a SS before Akarin and Sharo. Wow.
I wonder when Tsukishiro and Miya will get their SS2s. It's odd for 30G to be behind.
Previous thread >>3910256
Keep forgetting to include it in the header.
>Aina is getting a SS before Akarin and Sharo. Wow.
Akarin and Sharo are the most likely candidates for their squad's next event MCs, so it's not that much of a win for her.
I'm pretty sure the next event will be the story tie-in. Should be anyway. I seriously wonder what it's gonna be. Maybe it will be about how Megumin and 31C fought their way to the mountain and dropped Megumin off there? We just kinda skipped that entire journey and for some reason 31C was nowhere to be found, so I assume they stayed behind along the way to fight off Cancer for Megumi and she made it to the top alone.
Or maybe it will be about Lumi and the dome. But there hasn't been an event without fighting yet, so it would be something new.
>I'm pretty sure the next event will be the story tie-in.
I think it's a bit too early for that, quick ch.2 and ch.3 events made sense, but ch.4.1 fragment was released about 3 months after the chapter release giving people more time to clear it. We also just had a new 31C event a few months ago, so spacing it out more would be better. The next one is probably 31X because they're the only squad without their 2nd event, 31B jumped over them and got their 3rd event for some reason.
File: 1683001671244166.jpg (3.97 MB, 2725x4087)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB JPG
Now that I think about it Karen and Tsukasa still don't have their SS2s somehow. Right now 31C has more SS2s than 31A.
So maybe the next event will be about TsuKaren. We can always dream.
Wait scratch that 31A is already at SS3. I meant TsuKaren doesn't have their SS3s yet. Point stands.
What? They got their swimsuit/red hood long time ago. 31A will finish their SS3 cycle soon.
Tsukasa was the last 31A SS2, so her not getting SS3 first isn't surprising.
Karen is currently the main candidate for this year swimsuit with Megumi being out of the race for sure and Yuki/Tama 100% not getting their SS4 before her SS3. She obviously can get an alt before that though.
If I were them, I would reuse their last year half anniversary timings again, then combine it with that Iroha fragment+Yuina event combo thing they did. So, something like
Late July: Half anniversary celebration stream + 4.2 story event/fragment for people who follow the story
Mid August: Swimsuit event for everyone
This would make a really strong half-anni, even without a new story chapter/collab.
File: 1684414669868.jpg (45 KB, 679x546)
45 KB
There's a 0% chance we're getting a post 4.2 event anytime soon. Reasons being:
>There's no reason for there to be one. We have no lingering plot points between 4.2 and 5, especially with that teaser.
>90% of players would get gated from the event
As for the next event it's pretty much confirmed to be a 31X event with the recent datamines. (for real this time). If I had to guess, the future schedule will be like
>June: 31X (Vritica & Sharo SS)
>Mid June: Akarin (sorry 31D) and Miya SS
>July: 30G event (Monaka & Yuina SS). Event will be Monaka focused. Either about 30G after chapter 3 and her recovery process or about when she first joined 30G and her previous partner or something in-between
Anything after that I have no clue, but the summer event will probably be 31A again. There's also the chance that the July event will be 31D and 30G gets August if they're kind to 31D.
Speaking of post chapter 2 events, I highly doubt we'll get ones for 3 and 4 particularly for the reason that nothing really happens to the other groups to justify an event to be set past chapter 2. Chapter 3 only influenced 30G so they'll probably get some, but chapter 4 doesn't do much to any group other than 31A. But when it comes to that, Megumi's arc is pretty much done and I'm sure they would rather save the rest of 31A's development to the main story only. We're also still technically in the character introduction process when it comes to events so I doubt we'll get any new story-related events until something major happens to one of the teams again, which who knows when that'll be with the next chapter being a flashback arc
>There is no reason
There was no reason for any story tie-ins. This is a completely nonsensical point. Do you really think anybody thought Kura's event was an option after beating chapter 3? Was Mari's event telegraphed`somehow? No. Requiem is the only event that felt like people may have wondered about the details before it came out.
Even Iroha's foreshadowing was so subtle that a lot of people barely even noticed and it didn't have to be a monthly event.
>90% of players would be gated
You mean like with the Iroha event? Bad argument when we already have a precedent. Either they repeat the double event trick or they accept that there will be a month where some people just don't get an event.
>It HAS to be 31X I sweaaar
You were wrong 3 times in a row and the datamines have been completely unreliable as well. Remember when they added a bunch of Yanagi expressions and that was literally unrelated?

All of your predictions are completely unfounded, so I won't entertain them especially after you shot me down with no basis. Even if a 31X event happens next that is just a coincidence at this point and not a proper prediction. If you just say it every month eventually you will be right by sheer probability.
>Speaking of post chapter 2 events, I highly doubt we'll get ones for 3 and 4 particularly for the reason that nothing really happens to the other groups to justify an event to be set past chapter 2.
Anon said it in the post itself, 31C were doing stuff behind the scenes that we didn't really get to see, then delivered Megumi, they can expand on it in the same way as the Yuina's event, which showed us what 30G were doing during the story chapters while we were watching Ruka.
Also, It would be nice to have something like Iroha's event for 4.2 with 31A interactions just to see how Megumi's character development has affected their group dynamic and what is MeguTama status quo now without having to wait many months for ch.5
This is my reason for wanting any post chapter 4 events in general (4.1 or 4.2 doesnt matter), because 31A changed a lot after chapter 3. I am sick and tired of pre-chapter 3 31A. And so is Maeda clearly, because he keeps using dynamics and jokes that didn't exist pre-chapter 4 in events. Like Tsukasa being afraid of Karen-chan or Tama's constant screeching about dying.
File: FwdRbqGagAAjJl8.jpg (75 KB, 490x594)
75 KB
Yuina being a tech illiterate long distance girlfriend sending Ruka unintelligble text messages was cute.
File: Fv8858PacAA1_kb.png (434 KB, 1100x1556)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
The only good thing about the Aoi maid SS is the AoIchi art. Hisame doesn't have that advantage.
I wonder if we will ever get a global release
File: FtgYKiNaEAApb0l.jpg (174 KB, 1400x1050)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Some people were unreasonably optimistic about that, but I always considered that unlikely. It's a low priority to them.
That being said, you can use the same arguments as usual for it. WFS and Key both have a history of localizing all their stuff (Key has by now basically made official English releases of all their works on Steam and WFS has localized even smaller gachas under their umbrella).

The Korean and Taiwanese versions went up without a hitch and they already feature the groundwork for an international release in some aspects. For example I watched a Korean streamer play it recently and all the symbols for the elements that are Japanese Kanji usually have elemental icons instead in that version. On top of that the game already uses a superfluous amount of English terminology in most menus. Something that always surprised me is that every area in the game you enter has an English subtitle (e.g. "Ariake Area" written below the Kanji version of that).

Nontheless Korean and Taiwanese/Chinese are languages closely related to Japanese and thus make it far easier to carry over, not to mention how much more successful gacha is in Asia compared to the rest of the world. The market may simply not justify it.
They want to sync every language perfectly with the exact same release/anniversary dates, so we will know towards the end of this year whether or not EN will happen in 2024. To be honest, after Star Rail came out, it became even harder to see HBR EN succeeding than before, it's the exact same niche, except HBR won't be able to compete with mihoyo casual appeal. The only thing I can see changing the situation is if they can get the anime out and the anime is very successful, then it might have a chance.
I don't think Honkai Garbage Trail has the same appeal as HBR at all. They focus on very different things, although you can see how much they stole from HBR in design aspects.
Still only exists in your fantasies.
>if they can get the anime out
>Still only exists in your fantasies.
Wow, thank you for telling me, you're so smart.
No, you are always talking as if it is already planned or even in pre-production or waiting for approval. There is literally not a single hint they even want to make an anime and there is no reason to think that investment pays off. Anime as ads are way more unreliable than some small picture people think. FGO got popular first and then made an anime with all their excess money, not as an ad, but or prestige and to squeeze their existing fans with Blue-ray sales. HBR doesn't have that kind of fanbase.
>The only thing I can see changing the situation is IF THEY CAN GET the anime out
>No, you are always talking as if it is already planned or even in pre-production or waiting for approval.
Don't mind me, you can continue arguing with the mysterious being in your head.
"If they can get it out" predisposes that it is a desire of the staff to make it in the first place or that it at most is only held back by budget. You are not very self-aware.
>still arguing with the being in your head implying things you want to argue against
>You are not very self-aware.
>doesn't understand how stupid the point he was making was
>tries to save face by deflecting in the worst way possible
Trying to save my face? I'm just dumbfounded by some schizo screeching at me because they see a mundane line about this game getting a anime in theory as their mortal enemy of some sort making some points in their head.
By the way, just to get out of this autistic discourse and talk about something actually relevant to the thread, what do you think about Maeda shipping Higuchi with Yuki? It was brought up in the previous thread, but just to shut the KojuHiguchi poster down, rather than as an actual topic. Is it silly to force her on the main heroine instead of letting her to have her own pair, or is it okay because it actually makes sense character-wise in this particular case?
I don't think it is supposed to be that deep. It's just a gag pairing. While it is true that Yukki is the most compatible with Higumin, she doesn't actually have a romantic interest in anyone. It's definitely intentional that Higumin becomes more "human" over time at least. Both getting closer to her squad and 31A forcing her out of her shell.
File: 20230521_025054.jpg (96 KB, 1000x1200)
96 KB
I didn't feel like responding to it because it was shitposty and would gain nothing from it. It was just mutual respect among geniuses, nothing more. I am glad there are more people that appreciate Yuki in the base considering how everyone treats her like a joke. KojuHigu is still a solid ship.
File: FwfJAlYaYAA33o1.jpg (1.19 MB, 4096x3802)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Both of those ships are shitposty. At least Maeda made all of 31A gaslight Higumin into believing she may be in love though.
File: 20230521_031905.jpg (324 KB, 2048x1423)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
How is it shitposty? Higuchi has moments with Koju and even has a heartfelt line for her in her event. The groundwork for slowburn is there, though I can understand if you missed it or can't read.
This is coping off the charts. It's like saying that Maki Inori exists just because of a single throwaway line she had showing concern for her during her event. But hey whatever helps you sleep
File: 20230521_031523.jpg (566 KB, 2000x1252)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
I think being so defensive and against a yuri ship in a yuri board is baffling to me. Artists clearly see something that's there, so the problem is just you. You're probably a closet waifufag.
I wouldn't mind Maki x Inori. I think they'd make a cute couple.
File: 108585784.png (341 KB, 363x595)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Unlike you I have played every single piece of content of this game and there is exactly one moment where Higuchi shows even the lightest interest in Koju and it was just her being curious about her near death experience. That is literally it. Her saying that she owes her at least that much support because they are comrades is no deeper than when she said nice things about Byakko or Aoi.
This isn't groundwork for a slowburn, this is just in your head. InoriHisame is very basic groundwork for a slowburn and that one is 99% not a real ship even then.

>Artists clearly see something that's there
You have been reposting the same two pics infinitely for several threads. There is not some overwhelming artist support for this. It's just two artists who did it on a whim once.
>defensive against a yuri ship
Tell me you are a crossboarder without telling me you are a crossboarder. On /u/ we do post crackships all the time for fun, yeah, but we also have standards. Nobody is telling you not to post art of whatever yuri pairing you want, but when you discuss the actual contents of a work we can look at it objectively and categorize the difference between a solid ship, a subtext ship, a rarepair and a crackship. Yours is the last and you can't cope with that.
File: Otama drama.png (2.39 MB, 1907x1078)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
Played the two new memory episodes.
It was mostly just a way to introduce the new voice actress. I think it will be hard to get used to her, but she is trying her best. Hisame's voice was just too distinct to get a perfect imitation.
Overall what we learned is that Hisame will go nuts if she isn't allowed to cut things for a while. Also Tama used the line from the tournament again, so I guess it's more like a catchphrase now. Maybe it wasn't really just for Yuina, which makes me feel better about it.
Aina wants to genocide all sharks from the planet because she got scared by some as a child. They leaned 120% into the psychopath angle as she gores sharks with a smile. Also it was somehow half an A-san episode too. I laughed hysterically when she rained blood and guts over the ocean while asking whether she stands out now.
File: FwvEWulaUAE4NWU.jpg (697 KB, 2000x3000)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
File: 20230521_031425.jpg (618 KB, 2323x1888)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
Your wall of nonsense tells me more about you being a newfag or a waifufag. Unlike you, I can actually see yuri and don't outright deny it. You keep being a snob though, that seems to be the only thing you're good at.
File: Fw0aUG5aIAECbL1.jpg (724 KB, 1254x1348)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
To wash away the shameful display of delusional crackshipping above, let me spam a delusional ship that actually does have some foundation in the real game.
File: Fw0aU8UaYAAq5J6.jpg (203 KB, 1254x1171)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
File: Fw0aWGRaIA4aP2h.jpg (798 KB, 1254x1258)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
File: Fw0aWsbaIAIduNq.jpg (257 KB, 1254x1568)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Amari truly is the best new ship we got since YuinaMiya.
File: Fwy9vl9aYAAuFR_.jpg (119 KB, 1254x1228)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
File: FwzJhfxaEAEOxaW.jpg (296 KB, 1254x1771)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
File: Fw54_TzaIAEtMMD.jpg (288 KB, 800x1130)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Hope there'll be more of these two
File: Fw54_TvacAIvi60.jpg (846 KB, 800x1130)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
If you gonna post it, then post the whole thing.
File: Fw54_TvacAE75Al.jpg (254 KB, 800x1130)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
I like how even Higumin realizes Ruka is jealous.
File: Fw-spUYaEAAQAyH.jpg (864 KB, 2896x4096)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
Hope there'll be more scenes of her and Karen-chan. I think it'll be interesting for there to be someone actually pursuing Karen-chan and not Karen. It'll also make the Karen, Karen-chan, Tsukasa, and awakened Tsukasa mess even messier
File: Ahhh-san.png (284 KB, 400x502)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Hm, I can't really see Irocchi going like that. But it may be enough for Tsukasa to just get the wrong idea. I still think the opposite would be far more effective, someone pursuing Tsukasa. Karerin is the type to get possessive, so I really desperately want to see her exercize some grip on what is hers.
File: FbP5tlYaIAA-OAQ.jpg (292 KB, 1447x2039)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
I'm sorry you felt the need to be this autistic and defensive over a harmless yuri ship
a ranking of tops and bottoms
>Asakura more top than awakened Tsukasa and Karen-chan
Accurate af. Karen-chan is all bark and no bite anyway, unlike Asakura.
>Tama is somehow in the upper half
>Megumin the eternal bottom
Someone save this savior.
Pretty accurate picture. Asakura is an apex predator, stronger than Awakening, Karen-chan do barks often and have a top aura, then we jave Tama who isn't trying to top anyone, but an earnest tiny dyke. Ruka could have been way higher, but she often ends up in the bottom side of interactions especially agains non-31A. Yuki is a bottom, but she is very reactive bottom and even tries to bite back sometimes. And Megumin is a log. Absolutely yuriuseless.
File: FwVDEC9aUAYR3YI.jpg (491 KB, 1536x2048)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
I guess being in the middle of the pyramid would make the characters switches more than anything, which makes sense for Ruka.
But can anyone honestly imagine Tama topping Megumin? I just can't. At most I think Tama would be the type of powerbottom who seduces the useless lesbian Megumin into finally getting off her gay ass and ravish the loli.
>Karen-chan is all bark and no bite anyway, unlike Asakura.
>unlike Asakura
Asakura who runs away and snaps into her Karen-chan mode every time she needs to confront anything?
File: punishment game.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
I think that's a slightly mistaken view. Karen-chan is a self-defense mechanism, that much is true, but when it comes to actually dealing with things she cares about she is menacing and determined in an innocent looking package. Karen-chan for better or worse is just the red herring. She lets out Asakura's baser emtoions, but she actually doesn't follow any of her hollow threats up... ever. The only time she was ever actually menacing was when her bloodlust went nuts in chapter 4.1. Otherwise Karen-chan is just basically a troll.
Asakura on the other hand is actively controlling the situation whenever she engages. She has Tsukasa under her thumb(teasing, bullying, gaslighting, flirting etc.), she pushes RukaYukki together whenever she can and lets Ruka's flirting attempts at her roll off like oil from water. It's even implied that she lets karen-chan have normal fun with stuff like gaming sometimes to keep her placated. Something you only notice on replay of the story is that Asakura NEVER gets cornered or pressured by anyone. Sure, sometimes she just throws Karen-chan at people when can't be bothered to deal with them, but it's strange how you never once see her on the backfoot.

Basically Karen-chan puts on a scary face, but is a total softie, while Asakura acts innocent, but is actually formidable.
>She has Tsukasa under her thumb(teasing, bullying, gaslighting, flirting etc.), she pushes RukaYukki together
Exactly, she only "formidable" when it's joke stuff with people who won't confront her(even then, when Yuki actually replied to her joke in this chapter, she instantly went Karen-chan mode).
She never gets cornered or pressured because she dodges any situation like that by either not engaging or hiding in Karen-chan. There was a moment in 4.1 that cemented this for me, where she clearly got annoyed by Megumi dooming, and went Karen-chan who started arguing with her. Asakura herself would never commit in such situation, she knows Megumi would actually reply.
File: 1676077524930709.jpg (3.55 MB, 2388x2129)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
I think you are in the wrong universe if you think these things are jokes.
>when Yuki actually replied she went Karen-chan
The fact that TsuKaren don't like being teased back is hilarious, but Tsukasa awakened for that counter too, so it was clearly not a normal reaction by either of them. Everyone reacts overly harsh to Yukki in the later chapters. Even freaking Tama.
>she uses Karen-chan when she is annoyed
Yes, but that isn't hiding behind Karen-chan, that is using her. Unlike when Karen-chan comes out to be protective (like she did in the early chapters when Ruka hit on Asakura), it's now clear that in situations like this she just speaks Asakura's mind in a more aggressive way, which is more effective. Although to be fair, Karen-chan is her own person, so she has her own views too (the Iroha event made that more than clear). I think it is important to make a distinction between Karen-chan acting on her own and Asakura clearly pushing her to do things for her.

Being formidable doesn't just mean aggressively confronting people. Manipulation is way more effective in the long run and that's what Asakura does. There is nobody, not even super serious characters like Tezuka or Tsukishiro who do not get cornered or thrown off balance at some point. Only Asakura never lets herself open like that.
At this point I am not even sure if I buy her self-depreciating comment in 4.2's bonding episode. It almost felt like a perfect set-up to let Tsukasa praise/defend her. That was a really good TsuKaren moment (if Ruka hadn't ruined it).
>Yes, but that isn't hiding behind Karen-chan, that is using her.
Using her for what? To hide, to dodge, to run away. If she has to say something that might hurt someone or confront someone, she's just going to nope out and hide behind Karen-chan. She wants Ruka to fuck off? Karen-chan time. She wants Megumi to shut up? Karen-chan time. She wants to bully Yuki in a rude way that's beyond teasing? Karen-chan time. Never at fault, it's all Karen-chan, Asakura is just cute and nice, it's totally not her feelings and thoughts, hate Karen-chan, not her. It's such an obvious character's flaw that she'll have to face one day when she gets more focus and development in her own chapter, I'm surprised you see it like that.
But your assertion is that she hides behind Karen-chan, when in fact she is using her like an asset. It's different from when she was actually afraid of Karen-chan going berserk, that's when she had no control. In every other scenario Asakura is always the one who calls the shots. That is kinda the point... character flaw or not. Her manipulation isn't a good moral trait in the first place, but it shows why she is at the top.
I mean, if being a coward and hiding from any kind of negative response behind someone else is "smart manipulation" in your eyes, I can let you have that, I don't mind.
File: Fvf0AUhacAAtEP-.jpg (1.97 MB, 2144x3043)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
You are just reframing the facts to sound more in line with your prefered image. Nothing you said is objective.

Deflecting blame and keeping our own reputation clean is exactly how history's greatest manipulators got what they wanted. And I repeat that Asakura acts quite assertive all on her own, especially in the later chapters. One of the major reasons she got all lovestruck with Tsukasa in 4.1 was that she mitgates one of the only factors she can't control... a bloodthirsty Karen-chan. Obviously she already had a thing for Tsukasa from early on, but after that point she upped her game like crazy. She keeps Tsukasa on a leash while also keeping Karen-chan placated with a rival.

Of course I could be interpreting too much into some of the decisions, but in general there is very little that contradicts my view. Occasional moments of self-doubt are about the only thing I can think of. We have to remember that while Karen-chan is her own split personality, everything that she represents was already in Asakura. So she has that aggression, wild individualism and drive herself. She also has the kindness that Karen-chan shows all the time and that is seemingly contradictive.
>You are just reframing the facts to sound more in line with your prefered image.
I'm sorry, but I get that from you. Like, you really are more interested in the character you want Asakura to be and all the plot/shipping implications of that, rather than the character she was actually shown in the story. It's all open to interpretation, though, since we never got to see her actual pov, so I don't see the point in continuing this discussion, we're clearly not going to convince each other.
I thought it was pretty clear that Karen chan was created solely to evade dealing with certain things the normal Karen doesn't want to deal with. There's even that entire thing where Karen chan speaks about this in the Iroha event.. I think?
File: 1673194057691590.png (1.12 MB, 900x830)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Karen-chan, much like real life DID was created from stress/trauma. In Asakura Karen's case it was being nearly raped by her school clique (which resulted in her murdering everyone there thankfully). It is implied that most of her Karen-chan killings from there on were for self-defense reasons and that Asakura holed herself in at home and became a shut-in to stop killing.
Karen-chan's speech in the Iroha event goes a bit further than that though. She laments that she is basically all of Asakura's "dirty" hidden traits that she doesn't want to expose, so she is a killer, foul-mouthed, easily triggered etc. She cannot form connections due to that and is very lonely, her only solace being her purpose, which she defines as her "aesthetic" and art of killing. But in a social scenario where Karen-chan is allowed to connect with people and unable to kill the lines got obviously far blurier. Karen-chan shows kindness to others, is clearly enjoying messing with people and is way more patient than she lets on.

All of this is to say that karen-chan, as a real split personality unlike Tsukasa's case, has her own views and relationships regardless of what Asakura wants. She was created from a self-prevervation instinct and she still protects Asakura in any way she deems necessary, but that's just not all that there is to her anymore.

Asakura "communicates" with karen-chan as she has explained multiple times, so we don't see a lot of what is actually happening behind the curtain. But it is easy to assume that Asakura is actually the dominant personality as Karen-chan almost always does her dirty work or takes a backseat when Asakura asks her to. That's why it is also implied that she uses Karen-chan as a tool for social interactions now instead of just a bodyguard.
File: FwvGN80WIAkTUP3.jpg (2.32 MB, 3197x4096)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
U140? Nah pal, we are going into the entirely opposite direction! I want this Onee-san squad.
>Kura hugging Monanyan's waist
Damn. They are actually a height gap couple.
File: Fw4XSl9aMAAJiMn.jpg (244 KB, 1280x1024)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Surprisingly the Hisame maid outfit spawned some sort of relevant art. Inori/Hisame has been a pairing that gets referenced a lot since her event came out. I have doubts it will ever become romantic, but eh.
File: FwiLRdxaUAA8VHp.jpg (2.29 MB, 3000x3000)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
File: Fwub_3UaQAARVq3.jpg (255 KB, 1400x1145)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Well well, through the sheer power of probability anon has finally lucked out and we got a 31X event. Or more specifically a Sharo event.
The new SiL song already sounds godlike from the small excerpt.

Any guess as to where this will take place? Considering it shows snow I assume a lot of this event will take place in a flashback to Sharo's past in Russia. But will it be from before or after she joined the Seraph unit?
A character getting new expressions always spoils the next event (especially if the character doesn't have a SS yet). Sharo got like 5 new ones in the last last update. That's why they were so sure. It'll get a lot harder once everyone has the basic set of expressions. Not sure where we're at when it comes to that
I don't know how many times I gotta repeat this, but there have been several cases where characters who did not get new events got a bunch of new expressions. Sometimes it's just for later or it can be used in SS memories.

Also the opposite is just as true. I don't think there were any new A-san or Byakko sprites for their events.
>I don't think there were any new A-san or Byakko sprites for their events.
There were, A-san got hers in the same batch with Muua in February, Byakko hers in March.
So they didn't get them before their events, but much earlier. With Byakko I would also say that's obviously for Chatper 4.2, not her own event. She had a lot more screentime there and the story was worked on for 9 months.
You understand why this doesn't work as an argument, right? You can't claim that new sprites mean the next event is about that character and then say they got them several months ahead of time. There has still not been any Yanagi event despite her getting a lot of sprites for example, so she was just as likely to get one as Sharo if that was your only data point.
I'm not even that anon.
>So they didn't get them before their events, but much earlier.
That's almost always the case,
>There has still not been any Yanagi event despite her getting a lot of sprites
Her sprites were for 4.2, and it was obvious they weren't for the event because her squad just had an event. You need to think about it in the context, not just as x = y.
File: FvdCyd1acAAT3lA.jpg (352 KB, 2048x1354)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
> You need to think about it in the context, not just as x = y
But that is literally what the other anon argued. Hence why I said that basing your prediction on a single data point (new sprites just came out = that character gets an event) is bad. Not sure why you are trying to argue against me when this is what I am opposing myself.

Not to mention anons here were saying the next event has to be 31X or D related for several months now. I just don't like this false confidence even if it doesn't matter overall. We should just be glad we are getting a Sharo event.
>Hence why I said that basing your prediction on a single data point (new sprites just came out = that character gets an event) is bad.
But it's not a single data point, it's not like people just randomly point at random expressions, they think about the whole picture.
For example you have 31C, their last event was a year ago, it's obvious that their next event is coming soon. Then A-san gets a whole lot of expressions added, and you just know 31C will get an event about A-san in the next few months.
Then you have 31E, and their event was also long time ago, it's one of the last teams without their 2nd event. Then Muua gets the event MC amount of expressions and the other sisters also get expressions and it's obvious that 31E will get an event about Muua soon.
31X are the most obvious case this game ever had. They're the last team without their 2nd event, and they have 2 characters without their first SS. When one of these characters gets a bunch of expressions and some other squad members get them too, it's obvious who will get an event soon.
I don't know why are you so against this, people were reliably using this ever since they realized they can do that. This method will get less and less relevant as the time goes because many characters will get all the expression needed just from the story/memories alone, but it's very nice thing to have now.
This just completely ignores cases like the Byakko event which had absolutely no tells. Saying "I'm sure this squad will get some event within the next few months" is just vague and pointless. But that is not what is claimed. Most of the time they were certain that some squad/character would get an event NEXT and were WRONG. This is a case of sheer probability eventually working out and it isn't a real prediction.

You bring up several data points and add vagueness to the prediction when neither of those were actually part of the original claim.
Also I really don't give a shit anymore, so don't even bother replying. This is just completely unecessary vapid discourse. Focus on what is actually happening now.
>like the Byakko event which had absolutely no tells.
Byakko got a special expression(the toxic on her face one), I don't remember if it was like that from the start or if it was a spoiled placeholder at first, but either option is a solid tell by itself. Another expression was sadness which is very uncharacteristic for the way they usually use her. These two were enough for some people to assume she was getting something soon, but yes, it wasn't as obvious as the other ones.
>they were certain that some squad/character would get an event NEXT
People who make such strong claims don't understand how to use it properly, but that doesn't mean the method itself isn't a great source of information about the future content.
I'm curious if they're ever going to give Sharo someone else to stalk instead of chasing after Ruka. I highly doubt it since Ruka is the only one she's ever interacted with. It's also a shame that Sharo didn't get the last initial SS style of all characters. It would fit her whole spiel, but I guess Akarin being the last of the last makes sense too.
File: FujsatzaUAIVtuz.jpg (203 KB, 1203x1148)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
I've been hoping the same thing, because obviously she has no chance with Ruka, so she needs to decouple from her eventually. That being said in 4.1 and 4.2 I've actually grown kind fond of her interactions with Ruka. I won't mind if this even still focuses on her relationship with Ruka and flashbacks to her past. If there is anyone who has prime material for PTSD and tearjerkers it's Sharo.
>Akarin is the last SS
That is assuming Vrittika will get hers alongside Sharo. Not unlikely, but it's still a coinflip. It would be hilarious though as Akarin thinks she isn't worth an SS for sure.
File: IsuSharo.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Who can you even pair Sharo up with and why has there been no follow-up to the IzuSharo stuff from chapter 4 part 1? Is my delusion finally becoming reality? But then the even would have to be post chapter 4, so not gonna happen.
At least Stelle will love her. By her, I mean the trashcan she's in.

To be honest, her S style is even today better than Misato's SS.
The trashcan represents Star Rail. We don't speak of that garbage here.
>Akarin's S style is even today better than Misato's SS
Misarin's SS somehow being worse than even free Ruka is just such a representation of what WFS thinks of 31D.
Honestly, I don't feel like she pairs well with a lot of characters without developing her personality more or letting us to know more things about her,
For example, you can pin her to someone strong like Yuina/Monaka(because they can survive) but it doesn't actually do anything, it's just a random pair of two random characters. Isuzu thing was seemingly a nothingburger, just as you said. I really liked her brief interaction with Karen-chan in her 4.1 character story and thought maybe something interesting would come out of it(Yandere x Crazy Killer combo sounds fun), but no, not really. One strange thing I noticed is that she narratively dodges Megumin for some reason. When Ruka describes 31A members to her, she stops Ruka just before she can actually describe her, unlike any other member. In her 4.1 story she meets every 31A member except Megumi who's being depressed somewhere else. 4.2 is obvious. I don't know if this was intentional or not.
File: 54d6fgy.png (2.33 MB, 2340x1080)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Sharo is probably going to remain a permanent member of Ruka's harem. I don't see the Izusu thing going anywhere especially when Izusu is the biggest Ichiko simp
File: FavO5L2acAA04wp.jpg (230 KB, 820x1180)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>dodges Megumin
I don't think that was intentional, but what was intentional is that Sharo 100% does not perceive Megumin as a threat. Somehow even the yandere does not believe this bottom among all bottoms will gun for Ruka.
FOOLISH, as it turns out, because now RukaMegu will have a training arc and bond like crazy in chapter 5 and all concept of pairings we had until now will be destroyed!

>permant Ruka harem member card
While that is likely, I also think she still needs other connections regardless. She isn't even compatible with her own squad (they know her bit about getting ultra nihilistic and depressed, but seemingly just work around it). There is literally zero chemistry with any other person to this girl. That is just no good and highly unusual for Maeda's writing. There's gotta be a change.
When I said dodges, I didn't that mean that Sharo actually avoids her as a character, but that the plot puts off their proper interaction until later in the story. For example, maybe they want her to interact with the post-4.2 iteration instead, or the dynamic that comes out of their interaction is something that they didn't want to have in the earlier chapters. Or maybe I'm trying to connect the dots that were never meant to be connected and they never thought about it at all. I don't care about this anyway, it was just something I noticed while rewatching her stories. But she really needs someone else to interact with her outside of her Ruka storyline, whoever it is.
File: FxR0ZNBaIAA2bPs.jpg (635 KB, 1200x715)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
File: FxSAzlbaMAI_KL8.jpg (79 KB, 781x1084)
79 KB
File: Fw0o6EkaMAcQ0cI.jpg (608 KB, 2999x2245)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
File: Fw0mTQFakAAwTXR.jpg (283 KB, 1994x2048)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
So what would you say are the actual dev supported pairings? I don't mean those the fans latched onto on their own or those who got minor references after they got popular.
Far as I can see it's:
Ruka x Yukki
Tsukasa x Karen
Tama x Megumi
Yanagi x Kanata
Yuina x Miya
Ichigo x Aoi (one-sided)
Kura x Monaka
Isuzu x Ichiko
(Yuina x Ruka - the pairing only really started because of Ruka being into Yuina from the start, but was solidified in Yuina's event after the fan response, so it's kinda in the middle to me.)

I feel like those are the only pairings that were intentional from the devs and that might get actual support. Of course a lot of these are already doomed.
I also noted that they do absolutely everything to avoid any Ichigo/Aoi interactions in all post Requiem. Summer event? Sumomo goes to the ghost park with 31A and Ichigo never finds out about the Aoi thing. Aoi's SS memories? Somehow Ruka and Aoi always completely ignore 31B, even in situations where jealous Ichigo would heighten the comedy. Byakko event? Only Byakko gets a flashback with Aoi.
My guess as to why is... they want to honor the finality that Ichigo got. It would water down what Requiem represents if they ever interacted again, even if it was a flashback or weird continuity like in the SS memories. We do not get this treatment for Kura and Monaka who both appear in 30G related events together.
Though at the same time this does make me wonder if there will be something Ichigo/Aoi related in the future that they are saving it up for. Maybe something about Aoi's navi. It's curious.
I think your "fans latched onto" is spilling.
Do you think Yuina and Miya isn't one-sided? Personally I'm not even a fan of it. It came pretty much out of nowhere.
File: FxTSzJEakAUK696.png (1.6 MB, 2000x3000)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Could you point out which pairing exactly you are refering to? The only one I can see being perhaps remotely in that ballpark is Isuzu x Ichiko. But I think that one was intended from the start. Ichiko was portrayed as basically the harem protag of her sister group since her event and Isuzu's attraction to her was also established in the same event. They only doubled down in Isuzu's SS memory where it's more than clear that she is intensely in love with Ichiko but tries to play it cool.

As for Yuina and Miya... that pairing did literally not exist until the Yuina event of course. But that does make it very clearly something Maeda/the devs themselves purposely put in there then. And sure you could say it's one-sided, but Yuina is unusually aware of Miya's feelings for her, something rather rare in this game. She has also not showed any outright rejection to it, just bafflemant and wanted clarification. Of course the same even implied Yuina crushing on Ruka and created a death flag for her, so it's probably doomed.
But I can easily see it actually get a bit more serious later and it's something they keep bringing up (Miya's SS, Byakko event etc.)
File: Ft_NAW7akAINKKG.jpg (279 KB, 2048x1436)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Ok I feel like I wasn't clear enough about how I wanted to categorize this. Here are pairings that exist or that come up repeatedly, but that I don't feel the devs see as romantic or want to support in a romantic way, but that the fans latched onto:
Yamawaki x Bungo
Mari x A-san
Akari x Misato
Ichigo x Maria (this is a running gag now tho)
Hisame x Inori
Byakko x Sumomo (I hope)
Higuchi x Yukki
Ruka x Li
Carol x Maria
Ruka x Fubuki
And finally there is Charlotta x Ruka which more or less is just one big joke. There has never been a sliver of reciprocation from Ruka and Sharo's obssession is portrayed more like a coping mechanism. But I will admit that it is intentionally done with romantic expression. We will see what her event gives us.

Oh and there is definitely something implied between Tezuka and Nanami but it's too early to say what.
So I watched the anniversary BURN MY EGG skit again. It's still funny as fuck, but that's not what I want to talk about. What I suddenly realized while watching it is that it's actually placed after 4.2.
I was already aware at the time that it had both awakened Tsukasa and lively non-depressed Megumi, which made no sense timeline-wise back then, but I assumed that Maeda just forgot or wanted to write about awakened Tsukasa with no regard for the old status quo. But now I also realize that Megumi is training her psychics by cooking food, continuing with her 4.2 dome routine. And it's not like she'd ever practice her psychics in front of everyone without being ashamed of failing like that in the earlier chapters either. Did Maeda write this skit before 4.2 got delayed and then they went ahead with it anyway?
File: Ftq2oGYacAAtuzB.jpg (204 KB, 1400x1200)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Interesting. I didn't even think about that when I watched it back then. When it comes to these skits it's often not really important what continuity is, but this time you might be onto something. The awakened Tsukasa vs. Karen-chan dynamic from chapter 4 mixed with confident Megumin from pre-chapter 4 would not be compatible. But when you consider the timing of the chapter 4.2 release and the delays it suddenly makes sense.
File: FxZPnFxaEAAWndI.jpg (1.35 MB, 3546x2609)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
I bet this is definitely what the Sharo event will be about.
File: FvnYDrMWAAIuZAP.jpg (1.01 MB, 2381x2129)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
>My guess as to why is... they want to honor the finality that Ichigo got.
I thought I'd be bothered by this, but I love it. IchiAo is still my favorite pairing by far, but seeing Ichigo be strong and shine on her own is an awesome breath of fresh air given that Maeda's characters are often as mentally fragile as he is.
I just hope she'll get a cool-looking SS2.
File: 1662020729005577.png (451 KB, 542x767)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Sharo event trailer. I guess as expected it will focus a lot on Sharo's obssession with Ruka, but I see some bonding wiht 31X too, which would be a relief.
Can't tell which chapter this takes place after, but considering it's using one of those two legged cannon Cancers... nah I doubt they are trying to be THAT consistent. Probably post chapter 2.

Oh also Sharo + Vrittika SS and Maria S.
File: I am alive.png (1.81 MB, 1907x1046)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Finally had time to finish the Sharo event.
This was... really good. It's exactly the kind of character development I wanted for her so dearly. It also made me realize something that I just vaguely noticed at the back of my mind. I really like 31X! It's weird because they are so disjointed, but I just really enjoy this unit so much. Every moment with them is just good and interesting. I don't feel this much chemistry with anyone but maybe 31E.

So as expected Sharo was obssessed with Ruka a lot, but I simply love how they gave so much nuance to that. She has her insane clingy moments, but there is also a genuine connection between them that makes Sharo a better person and Ruka cares for her deeply. She isn't just the crazy yandere. And even after this event firmly established that 31X won't die and loves Sharo back she still pursues Ruka, because her love is not actually as shallow as it seemed. We know she will never get Ruka's heart, but I start to appreciate that Sharo loves her (though Yukki WILL wake up with a bullet in her head one of these days).

I think this event more than anything in the game really drove home the mortality rate of the Seraph units and how hard it is to connect with people when you have survivor's guilt and every day could be the last you see someone. This poor soft-spoken girl definitely needed healing.
It also could be seen in the way YunYun acted. She is a strategist who should prioritize victory over the lives of the few, but she is totally not cut out for that kind of callous warfare. My opinion of her improved even more. Carol showed some real leadership qualities too. I like the casual integration of her sister's catchphrase in this even and chapter 4.2.

As for yuri, aside from Shalo having delusions about sharing spoons with Ruka and marrying her, I feel like there were a few subtle nods too. Like when Carol did sexy noises in the sauna and everyone (especially Maria) had horny reactions in their heads.
File: Cuckoldry.png (1.39 MB, 1907x1080)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
And speaking of Maria and Carol, their dynamic from Carol's event continues too. Can't really explain it, but they have some kind of understanding and calmness towards each other that is not common for either of them.

So where does this even take place? This is kind of the only part that bothers me. The battles were so easy that I assume it has to be a chapter 1 event. Maria references her SS episode with Vrittika and Vrittika references the U140 event several times (apparently this is the nexus event that connects everything in this game!).
But if this really is a chapter 1 event that would suck... by chapter 4.2 I can't claim 31X has grown that much as a unit. They still don't show team work and Sharo still has her fits about everyone dying. In fact that cultural exchange of the food that Ruka suggests to Sharo is the exact same idea she told YunYun in her 4.2 bonding event... This is what annoys me with the inconsistency in this game. Maeda will take ideas from later story chapters and use them for events that are supposed to take place before those chapters. This means all this character development is just nil until maybe chapter 5 if we are lucky and they bother to remember it by then. How can you honestly pretend that Sharo and 31X can go back to the state they are in during chapter 4.2 after this? This NEEDED to be a post chapter 4 event in my opinion. 4.2 even set it up.

But the timeline aside, definitely a great event with a banger of a Sheislegend song.
PS: They made an entire new 2D map region and new background images + a NPC sprite for this. They also added a new mechanic where Cancer can have front and back rows. This might be interesting for future content. I like that the team is always trying to innovate and experiment in these events.
I don't think this can be ch.1, because Ruka said she didn't want to lose anyone anymore or something like that, so it should be ch.2 at least.
The event continuity is hard because all these event requirements aren't really a timeline thing, but a spoiler thing. There are ch.1 events that clearly take place after Aoi's death(chill Ichigo being a movie crew buddy with Megumi makes no sense for ch.2), but as long as the event doesn't directly say it, it's fine.
File: Lusty thoughts.png (607 KB, 1903x1080)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
I sort of understand the reasoning that it just is a requirement and not a matter of where it takes place, but that's iffy at best. I do notice that aside from direct story integration chapters like Requiem or Yuina's they never reference Aoi or Kura at all. They just never appear even in the chapter 1 events. So maybe that lends credence to the fact that they want to leave the door open for chapter 1 events to actually take place anywhere.
But then I also feel like 31X or Ruka would never struggle against these weak Cancers, not after beating Flathand 2.0 or Skullfeather and Praying Eels.

Another thing that confuses me is that some chapter 1 events directly build on each other (like Adelheid's referencing Carol's and Mari's), but then you have Inori's even take place with the chapter 2 requirement... why? It only references chapter 1 events, not story stuff, so isn't it the same as those? If a dependency is supposed to be established then A-san's event should be chapter 2 as well, just like Oshimaya, which is chapter 2 for no particular reason beyond referencing chapter 1 events.

>Ichigo being chill with Megumin
There is a bit of wriggle room, because Megumin was honestly the least invested in anything that was going on in chapter 2 and the Minase sisters only started antagonizing 31A when they interferred with the way they dealt with Aoi, so My Little Hero can easily be a chapter 1 thing still in my view.
File: Fxv0pkaaIAAW8DA.jpg (686 KB, 1946x2021)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
The RukaYuki parts and Sharo's jealousy were good.
File: FxwFM-iakAADydb.jpg (2.06 MB, 2156x3054)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
File: FxnUgFsaAAAvUPr.jpg (809 KB, 1448x2048)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
The new promotional outits for 31A are great too. RukaYuki inspired some fanart, but I think the gap between Tsukasa and Karen is even better...
Something I noticed in th event is that in the final fight Charlotta summoned her Seraph weapon without using her Seraphim code. Instead of the usual line about wanting to be loved, she just said something along the lines of "Don't hurt Sharo's friends!"
But they still went out of their way to show the portal opening and the weapon coming down. So that tells me that it was important enough to focus on. This either implies that they can have more than one Seraphim Code or that it changed in that moment.

It's unlikely that this will be addressed ever again, but it's interesting, because I also asked a while ago if Seraphim Codes are permanent, as they seem to be personalized to what that Seraph member is about at their core.

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