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File: F700pGTbIAE5yw7.jpg (453 KB, 2115x1184)
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A thread about all things Heaven Burns Red!
https://hbr.quest/schedule (English database for event schedules, styles & enemy stats etc.)

Main Story subbed: https://youtu.be/iYgk2QsNu74
Event subbed: https://youtu.be/KUVLZCdk4I0

Previous thread >>4059804
Time for another Heaven Burns Thread!
With another monthly even we got yet another unexpected pairing: NinAsami.
The memory episodes are also only getting gayer every time. Shoutout to Isuzu's SS2 event. Now that's some Ichisuzu.
Yunxia's and Hisame's voice actresses changed once again, but they seem to be fine.
The next event is right around the corner. Expectations for the story tie-in are rising!
File: 1698736933699027.jpg (459 KB, 1819x2551)
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459 KB JPG
File: 1105_HBR4koma02_202310_p2.jpg (416 KB, 1819x2551)
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416 KB JPG
The official 4komas continue to be demented.
File: F9nN9a2aAAASKIn.jpg (1.82 MB, 2151x3037)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
File: F9bMvWda8AABKRN.jpg (205 KB, 1254x1771)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
File: F8DFI4Zb0AANd79.jpg (562 KB, 1903x1807)
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562 KB JPG
File: 96617274_p0.jpg (444 KB, 863x1200)
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444 KB JPG
Ruka: "Isn't that Yukki?"

Ruka: "And those are the girls from the concert? Maybe they are fans of Yukki? I wonder what they are doing..."

Ruka: "Let's follow her."
File: 96617274_p1.jpg (499 KB, 863x1200)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Yukki(?): (She was really cool...)

Ruka: "Did those girls send you that video?"

Yukki: "Yeah that's..."


Ruka: "Teheperinko~"
File: 96617274_p2.jpg (669 KB, 863x1200)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Ruka: "Yukki?!"

Yukki: "Ruka, what's up?"
Ruka: "Yukki's mental pain..."

Ruka: "By the way, you were replying my part over and over again."
Yuki: "Guuuh!"
File: 96617274_p3.jpg (680 KB, 863x1200)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
Ruka: "Honestly Yukki, this is quite problematic."
Yukki: "You must be surprised and fed up with me..."
Ruka: "Of course I am fed up with it."

Ruka: "The real thing is right in front of you after all. So look at me more."

Ruka: "Ehhh? Wait, I'm sorry Yukki! Stop!"
Hisame event, so that massive dump of assets has finally reached its destination.
I guess that confirms the swimsuit event didn't count as a 30G one.
>that voice
Hmm... takes some getting used to. Kinda wonder how they scheduled it. Hisame's 2nd VA only got swapped last month. Was that enough time for the third to record an entire event's worth of lines?
Also this means Hisame SS3... before Monanyan SS2.
>Kinda wonder how they scheduled it.
Maybe it was supposed to be last month following the assets, but then the VA thing happened and they decided to re-record it first instead of using the VA who was barely in the role anyway. And re-recording a bunch of lines is probably still more efficient than delaying a finished event for months.
>Also this means Hisame SS3... before Monanyan SS2.
Maybe they will release both at the same time, that makes sense. But I don't like how they're getting consistent with this kind of stuff. For example, if you look at Megutama suits, they're going to be SS5&SS4 combo, which is just silly.
This also explains last month's skill evolution. So it's been 3/3 new banners so far, it's just that not every banner gets it.
>giving Hisame sword seraph with some random fanservice outfit and not in a big main story moment
That's so soulless actually.
Monanyan looks really cool!
I must pull this banner.
>+8 doesn't go beyond 20
Okay, it's not broken.
File: MonaSS2.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Monanyan's SS2 is so fucking cool. I love it. Also laughed when they called Monanyan and Kura "dad and mom" for Tama.
Her ult... what is she doing? Some weird light chain thing that powers her up? I guess that represents her tokens?

Seems to me like it's a SS that revolves around fantasies (aka the real catgirl thing) so her summoning a sword in her ult is kind of fitting. Still silly. Also the comitted the greatest catgirl relates sin, making the fur color different from her hair color. I HATE it when they do that!
Of course they picked these styles.
It seems the next stream will finally drop something about ch.5.
Hey the dune worm is finally a Hard Boss now. Been about time. Not that I can even beat Flathand 2...
So it wasn't really a 30G event but a U140 one.
I wonder how it works within the general schedule. As if U140 is its own separate thing at this point, or is it still a 30G squad event because of Hisame lead. Probably still 30G because other gacha style/event style members are also 30G. Also, such a direct sequel makes me think that the movie events sub-plot will also continue beyond the A-san event.
Skip event then. I don't think I liked an event less than that so I really don't need a sequel. Hisame lead sounds at least better than Maru lead. But any event with the latter is likely gonna get dragged down hard.
God you awful spoilsport, nobody gives a shit about your hateboner for Kanata.
>Also, such a direct sequel makes me think that the movie events sub-plot will also continue beyond the A-san event.
When I think about it, maybe Matsuoka event? She had a line that was like "I'm fine working behind the scenes, but maybe I can dream for a bit", and she only works behind the scenes in the movie content. So an event about her becoming a lead star or something like that.
>Hisame event
>U140 crew is involved
>tragic looking backstory
>genius swordloli wants to fight cancer with sword instead of her seraph gun
>No sign of Inori
I'm pretty confused to be honest. The original reason for the U140 unit's creation was well... their height being necessary. I guess now they just go on missions together because they jive well? Also this is a story about Hisame and swordsmanship, so I feel like Inori should be more relevant?
I am definitely interested though.
I'm more confused about Bungo, because keeping her around in such a team despite her memory problems feels more like a meta thing than something that makes sense in-universe.
Yeah, they made a point of Bungo not being part of the group in all events where the Maruyama unit appeared together. I thought that was actually quite cool, because they acknowledge that Bungo cannot remember the event. We'll see I guess.
I really only dislike her when she's with Mion. On her own, when nobody was there to baby her, she was actually fine in the end.
File: F97QBEdbwAEzIww.jpg (110 KB, 2048x946)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I lost.
File: F1MeP8xaIAAazuE.jpg (57 KB, 561x661)
57 KB
How much were you betting?
File: Spoiler Image (1.56 MB, 1291x2222)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
New assets update from the datamine anon. These latest updates feel to me like they're getting in the ch.5 prep phase, so it's probably better not to look into them too much if you want to go into the chapter completely blind.
Apart from that, they finally started uploading non-dummy 31A suit assets, pic related. Well, I said apart, but we don't actually know what they're for.
MI6 agent attires for infiltrating cancer nests.
She will do a job interview with the local game center obviously.
Man Kai's really on that "I'll get paid regardless" arc
I'm starting to miss Maeda's dogshit events
There is no way you actually beat the event yet.
File: F9xwB4pbMAABEWe.jpg (824 KB, 1200x1200)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
Jesus that dune worm is impossible. It's damage can kind of be mitigated, but it just piles up. And it has soooo much DP and HP holy fuck. I think Isuzu SS2 is now mandatory to sensibly break that DP bar quickly enough to set up for a kill.
I'm sorry for this randomness, but the translation's phrasing, while technically accurate, is just hilarious.
I'm quite baffled by them just straight up rehashing THAT Monaka scene from ch.3 with Hisame. Like, it's not a bad scene per se, but we already had this exact same scene, but better, more important, more impactful, with actual stakes and consequences, better animated and directed.
Oh come on anon, that wasn't supposed to be a rehash. The scenario is very different. She helps clean the bath despite not actually being punished this time. Just her being helpful without the preamble that the other 30G members had. It just showed what's great about Tsukishiro. She can just say "I do it because I want to" instead of making justifications.

The fact that it was not treated as a big deal should make it clear enough that it wasn't intended as a retread.
File: Master's blade.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1036)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
Finished the Hisame event!
This one was all over the place, but it had a lot of really strong moments. It made me realize how big the circle of characters around Hisame actually is. 30G, Maruyama unit and Inori.

I think it did a really great job of exploring Hisame's character and puts a lot of things about her in perspective. Her dislike for her gun seraph, her constant attempts to cut Cancer with her sword and how she has become so obssessed with being a senpai and why she took such a shine to Inori in particular.

Her sword school is even more fucked up than Inori's. It makes sense why she sensed that darkness in her and tried to help her get over it, because she felt like a kindred spirit. It's still hard to swallow that Hisame killed an entire village of people... it's almost surreal. Even though the Cancer appeared just shortly after and would probably have slaughtered them all anyway, it doesn't take away from her curle deed. It's leagues worse than Inori's situation.

Though I am not that much of a fan of the loli unit, this time I seriously felt them. Especially in the second half I finally felt that bond between them. Even before that the jokes and closeness between them was handled way better and evolved from what they were before.
I think my favorite joke was when that Cancer stepped on Vrittika's spice field and she used Maria's "bukorusu" and Arifureta Battle Song started playing. I nearls cry-laughed.

Surprisingly the part that resonated the most were the 30G flashbacks. I think 30G interactions are way too rare and should be shown more. I loved the way they slowly broke down Hisame's thorny personality and shaped her into the girl she is now.

Inori finally calling Hisame master to snap her out of her killer mode was the highlight of the event. Those two have been steadily growing as a duo and I seriously love these swordorks now.
File: Fangasm.png (2.51 MB, 1920x1080)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Speaking of swords... Hisame is an absolute beast. We are talking about someone who traumatized a Cancer into fearing a weapon that can literally not harm it. She could fight a medium sized Cancer for a whole day... She was never overstating how much of a genius she is. Several times in this event characters said she would be unstoppable with a sword seraph and I feel like they are right.
It's still insane to me that Monaka sparred bare handed against Hisame who was using her sword though. What kind of monster is Monanyan even in her nerfed state?? All that did to her was that she admitted she can't beat her in normal combat lol

But I like the subtext of why Hisame has a gun seraph. In my opinion it's because she subconsciously fears and hates her sword style. Like Inori, except a hundred times worse. But because she is such a natural genius her swordstyle is not diminished by her hate for it, she is too good to even become weaker. The gun might also represent the rebellion against her sword school. Just like Hisui and her friend killed themselves with guns so Hisame would not have to cut down her friends.

The finale made it feel like they would break the rules and let Hisame actually kill the cancer with her sword, but I am so glad they didn't do that. In the end her sword was just a way to die in battle. The gun is her way to survive by her firends' side. The conclusion kept the lore intact and helped her move on.

So this one references U140 (duh) Inori's event, A-san's event and Sharo's event. It also blatantly takes place after chapter 3, because no Kura. Considering Sharo's event is more or less necessary to happen after 4.2, that means this also is around there.
The interconnectivity of events is definitely pushed to the forefront this time and in a good way.
PS: Inori was straight up going to assist Hisame in seppuku. No hestiation...

And something I can make no sense of is what happened in the background at the base. During the entire event you could see 31D members talkig to Akarin. I missed most of what they said, so I have no clue what the context is. It just stood out to me because she has no connection to Hisame or the plot?
Why do they keep making these obviously future in the story events chapter 2 locked all the time? Does that do anything other than incentivize people not to clear the story? Why would you want to give people an excuse not to go beyond the story content available at release? At the very least, make chapter 3 lock the new standard.
Yeah honestly, this whole thing about spoiler thresholds died when they fucked up the last swimsuit event. I will never forgive that blunder (which to this day they haven't fucking fixed). If they don't care about spoilers anyway, just don't put any chapter resatriction on anything, right? And if they do care, why not settle events in more appropiate areas.

It really bothers me that these 30G involved events that basically hit you over the head with the fact that Kura isnt there arent all post chapter 3. Even a retard can figure out what that means.

If at this point they still don't trust that most players are beyond chapter 3 it's really sad. And even if they care about new players that much, there is enough content to keep them busy for months if they for some reason can't beat fucking chapter 3 yet.
File: F9_T6Iqa8AAzAzN.png (537 KB, 1191x1684)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
"How's everything?" is a pretty unique SiL song and I can definitely tell that this was written for Hisame specifically this time, but it's just unfortunate that it takes so long to get going. Not well suited for the short live version. Last month's "Thank you for playing" was more effective I would say.

I wish they wouldn't so often play the full version only during a boss fight that will last maybe a minute tops with how strong units are even if you play story accurate. That's one of the reason's Autumn Howl was perfectly utilized in Sharo's event. It played during the entire climax and was perfectly paced with the story. If you put it on auto mode it has perfect synergy with the dialogue and the lead-in to the boss fight.

This is something I noticed about the story and Maeda events at least, he makes sure the insert song is tuned to what happens on screen. Sometimes non-Maeda events also get it done (as the Sharo and Yanagi event proved).
I think they could really ignore the urge and make a cool looking Hisame style for this event. Just this one time.
Wonder how much over the top moe "serious" suit Tama will be.
File: F9---Q-b0AAOM2v.jpg (808 KB, 4093x2894)
808 KB
808 KB JPG
I kinda wish they would use the SS1 version for the all event covers. That way we wouldnt get such weird disparities between the cover and the content of an event. The only exceptions I guess would be swimsuit events, because the styles are actually relevant.
File: F5-S_igaMAAL1ke.jpg (848 KB, 4096x3795)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
Monaka's SS memory is her playing a weird ass version of Jenga and then her cooking for Ruka and revealing that she finds cooking the only relaxing part of her life. She used to only do it for herself, but then she made a "friend" who was really happy about her cooking and since then she found joy in doing it for others too.
>It also blatantly takes place after chapter 3
Actually, it was after chapter 4.2 since Megumin is here doing the band.
There is no time slot between chapter 3 and 4.1
Every new event that has no Kura and has Megumin is definitely after 4.2.
Should have read the rest. At the end I point out that this takes place after Sharo's event which itself takes place after 4.2.
Also "after chapter 3" doesnt exclude also being after 4. I just used it to describe that this is post Kura, which in a 30G event really sticks out like a sore thumb.
Huh is Date getting her event next already? 3 months has to be the shortest time between a team getting their event (not including 31A). There are still unused assets for Ichigo and Higuchi, but they might come during the mid month rate up.
>Those Yuki expressions
I really hope these are actually for chapter 5 and not just Higuchi's memostory if she gets one
>Huh is Date getting her event next already?
Probably not? I don't think any event has ever foreshadowed the next one before. The most foreshadowing they have ever done in that regard is probably in 4.1 when you see Carol on the final day saying "Next mission we will be the heroes!" and then her event came out the next month.
>Huh is Date getting her event next already?
It could just be for a bonding event or the squad story in chapter 5. We're getting really close, assuming there are no delays beyond the anniversary, it's 3 months max, maybe even less if they don't stall until the anni. They typically start uploading story assets at this point in the timeline.
>Akarin and Misarin sprites
That anon was right, those look fucked up. But if Akarin gets two entire new joy sprites something big definitely has to happen for her.
File: F-BO3KtbsAAgphi.jpg (261 KB, 1668x1668)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
So what is oshiroku anyway? The running gag of everyone pushing cans of it on Hisame was great, but aside form them saying it's a sweet drink I don't have any contact. Some kind of chocolate milk? But Miya prepared some homemade one in a bowl which also had some kind of balls in it.

Looking at Japanese discussions, even they have no idea why there were so many Akari background scenes.
おしるこ is a sweet bean soup as dictionaries will tell you, too. https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B5%E3%83%92%E9%A3%B2%E6%96%99-%E3%81%8A%E3%81%97%E3%82%8B%E3%81%93-190ml%C3%9730%E6%9C%AC/dp/B004CDLP28?language=en_US
File: F-BX90MbAAAGoB3.jpg (231 KB, 1544x1415)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Oh I had thought it was chocolate related because it was brown. So those white balls in Miya's version were beans? Strange. I assume the cans don't actually contain whole beans like on the cover...
Also it was oshiruko, whoops. Got the letters mixed up.
>Looking at Japanese discussions, even they have no idea why there were so many Akari background scenes.
One of the writers(I assume it's Kai, but I don't actually know) has a quirk of forcing story lines in the background convos. It was the same with Ichigo/Hisame in Risa event, where the actual concept of their stories was fine, but it felt really forced and unnatural to constantly get updates on them everywhere you go, like it's a tv show with episodes and not just girls doing random shit.
File: F9llQHjawAA-2J1.jpg (267 KB, 1500x1731)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Oh that storylines thing is normal, almost all events have those. The reason why it stands out here is that nothing Akari does is connected to the event. To use your Ichigo example to show the contrast, in Risa's event her background story was related to the babuu apocalypse at the start and even bled into the main event when Ichigo called Misarin about it during the mission. That was an integrated running gag. With Akarin from what I can remember none of the moments relate to the event except for one moment where her and Risa talk about how Hisame went missing.

There are also some one-off cameos of characters related to the event protagonists sometimes like Carol in the current event who only appears once on day 1. These things are sprinkled in to make the base feel more alive for sure, but usually they talk about something related to the plot. Even stuff that seems random like so many characters in Sharo's event talking about food actually makes sense when you consider the "cultural food exchange" plot point and the central premise being to defend the experimental vegetable field at the dome.

Sorry, I know this is super irrelevant and a minute detail, but it really got my curiosity. Especially because it kinda looked like AkaMisa were flirting as usual.
Can I just point out that lolita-senpai is the best? She steals every scene she is in.
If there are some preparations for chapter 5 in there, then it's possible it'll be the 31D-heavy story chapter. Chapter 4 really didn't have interactions focused on just one other team like the other chapters did.
>Chapter 4 really didn't have interactions focused on just one other team like the other chapters did.
Chapter 4 had unit bonding stories and also the days where you just go around with some unit too. They can also appear in some other squad stories, like how Muua bond in 4.2 had a bunch of random guests. I wouldn't overthink things too much based on these.
31D being the D-listers who get treated like second class citizens is what makes them endearing now. Also I don't feel like they could carry that kind of plot.
With how much protagonism Maru-chan has gained I really only realistically see 31F ever getting such a major spotlight. Otherwise it will probably be like in chapter 4 where other units contribute, but won't be treated as co-stars.

But let's entertain this a little more. I think for a story arc you would want one character or pair of a unit to be the main focus and they would have to be ones that still have enough left to explore. This to me means it has to be someone who didn't have a monthly event yet. That would at least narrow it down. Aoi and Kura are also already out of the picture so two more crossed off. Here are the girls from each unit left I think could be used as plot characters:

31B: At this point only Sumomo and Higumin didn't get events and both have equally enough baggage to be relevant. Though Higuchi and her involvement with seraph research makes her the prime candidate or some deeper plot involvement.

31C: Honestly... Saku-chan can't do it. WakkiBungo are mostly done from chapter 1 and Amari both got their events. It's only Miko. Miko has been consistently useful across events with her alchemy and her goal of an immortality potion sounds almost like it could be relevant for something bigger.

31D: None of them. While I am interested in Akarin's event, I don't see any of them ever being important. Aina's garden of memories line is super ominous though.

31E: Isuzu. She is hands down the only one who has anything interesting to bring to the table with her pursuit of secrets. Minori and Yotsuha cannot carry a serious plot.

31F: Maru will probably be relevant by proxy, but I can't say I see Maki or Chiroru being plot characters. This one's a question mark.

30G: Yuina will die a martyr down the line, but her aside I can see Monaka getting another shot at being plot relevant.
File: F-GIlQDbQAAsxqu.jpg (512 KB, 1442x2048)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
File: s4et5dyr6ufti.jpg (142 KB, 1408x867)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>31D-heavy story
I doubt it. They had their chance with Iroha and that ship has sailed. Besides chapter 5 is probably Kayamori focused. I wonder how they're actually going to do the whole flashback thing along with the Kyoto mission. I guess it can be similar to 4.2 where Ruka has hand touching sessions with Megumi every night. It could also be interesting if she's just knocked out for the entire mission and Yuki has to take over as leader. Or maybe this huge update is another interlude chapter that covers her past entirely. Either way, chapter 5 is definitely going to be mostly Ruka. I can see some nerds like Higuchi getting spotlight at the underground lab and maybe Miya too since Kyoto is her stomping grounds
I think we're going to be on a 31A train for the time being since they're the only ones who know the truth. I can't see the others getting any spotlight without also being privy to everything, but
Karen and her separation with Karen-chan is set in stone, but no way it's happening this soon
Higuchi has the highest chance, especially if she keeps working with Yuki
WakiBungo still need to have their story concluded so they'll definitely be plot relevant, just not now. Tenne, I can't see her as anything other than an event character for now. Seira is probably another event character, but being a cult's idol and her connection to the stars might prove otherwise
None of them unless Iroha spills, which is probably not happening. I guess Aina can get focus in the 2033 underwater arc
I can see Isuzu leading her own group of vandals to uncover the truth. It can even be her who exposes it to everyone
Just more Maru leadership most likely
Dunno, but there's no way Maeda is killing his favorite this early
I can see one of them being a spy for their country, but that's it

In any case, without knowing the truth the other teams can't be on the same level as A. How do you think they would react to the news btw?
>How do you think they would react to the news btw?
That's a tough one. Did you expect Iroha would become super depressed from that knowledge from what you knew of her character before her event? I think that something this extreme can have completely "out of character" reactions.

But to indulge your list a bit
>Oshima family
Only Ichiko fits the first category, because she would blame herself for being unable to protect her sisters to a unreasonable degree. The others are sure to be devastated, but I think what matters to them more is that they are together now and to support each other regardless. Ichiko's heart is just the most fragile when it comes to anything remotely bad happening to her sisters.
>Minase sisters
This one can go two ways. Either they are super angry because the military uses them and also used Aoi like this, on the other hand Ichigo made a promise to protect this world for Aoi, regardless of such things.
This is maybe not air because of how little she actually got until now, but her hatred for Cancer seems to supercede almost any other motivation she could have. I think she is the type who honestly wouldn't care what she is as long as she can keep fighting.
Uhm... just why?
I would put her in "Would be weirdly happy about it". She is the kind of weirdo who would probably enjoy knowing she died once, because it gives her sweet despair.
So you also felt that, hm? To me it seems like Byakko's instincts are the sharpest. She can even see ghosts. It seems likely she knows everyone are narvy too.
Honestly after this event she might feel like an idiot for trying to die in combat so bad.
I am super split on her. On one hand I want to say her positivity will win out and she will claim that it doesn't matter as long as she can be a hero. On the other hand Carol has a slightly fragile ego and the knowledge that she isn't herself, the hero of her sister, might seriously damage her.
I keep forgetting that Kanata has the gall to call Tezuka by name directly. She actually never uses respectful speech with anyone and treats everyone like equals. At least Ruka gets reprimanded for calling her Zuka-chan.
>Oshima family
I'm sure they would recover, but the discovery that they're technically not sisters and just taking on the likeness of a family would probably send them into a spiral. Or maybe they wouldn't care at all
She was used by adults in her past for her mathematical abilities so maybe the thought that she's still being used after her death might not jive some well with what she wants. Though that's just a guess from one of her lines. She might be fine with it if it's for humanity
Yeah they would be devastated like everyone else, but I feel only Ichiko would not be able to recover quickly. I think to the Oshima family the part about being narvy would be less relevant somehow, because they would still just consider each other family. It's really just that their originals died which would bother them.

I see the point about why Vrittika would be bothered, but at the same time I can't see her getting super angry or considering mutiny.
Y'know the whole goal of Cancer is to eradicate life, but if the reason is something like absorbing biomass or energy that would explain why the Cancer from Hisame's event even ate the corpses of her friends. It wouldn't make sense if it just wanted to destroy life.
File: F-LD5sebkAA4UOl.jpg (120 KB, 600x800)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
HisameInori fans are eating good.
File: F-LD5sbaAAAdNz6.jpg (121 KB, 600x800)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: F-KDkYfaAAANCR9.jpg (353 KB, 1688x2048)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
File: F-LO83iasAABdL4.jpg (107 KB, 600x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I'm surprised by Inori event still, as expected from the 31F member she can make a handsome face like that.
I guess her hairstyle makes the still work better.
Inori was pretty freaking cool this event. Could make all the girls swoon.
File: TanjiroMoment.png (735 KB, 924x451)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
They really should've gone more into Hisame's past and the village during days 1 and 2. A majority of day 1 and 2 just felt like a waste of time spent on the lolisquad with the same Bungo and oshiruko joke over and over again. It's a shame because with more time the backstory could've been one of the best and not just an edgefes. Like it would've been great to see her interacting with the other villagers prior to what happens and maybe see their instructor too. Though I guess it was pretty in line with the other backstory lengths and depth. I just felt like more time spent in her past would've made the whole relearning what she already learned from 30G more palatable
File: FjHqGzvaEAIYWYV.jpg (455 KB, 1478x2048)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
>oshiruko joke
That only happens once on day 2 though. It only comes back in the epilogue. Not sure what you are on about.
>bungo jokes
Humor is subjective I guess, but to me Bungo has been utilized far better in this event than in the original U140. Her childlike way to look at things breaks some of the edge and low mood and even feels encouraging at times. I find it fascinating how despite not having any memories of the past events she so naturally forms dynamics with the others.
>would have been better if they showed more of her past
I honestly agree with that at least. I get why they didn't (the event was overstuffed with too many characters and plot points as is), but it would have made the pay-off a little stronger.
>relearned what she already learned from 30G
That's not what happened though, is it? What 30G taught her and what the Maruyama unit taught her are actually a bit different.
30G taught her to open up and form connections again, sure, but they also were ignoring her desires and never tried to understand them. They tentatively tried to steer Hisame towards more healthy behaviour and responsibilities, which led to her being the senpai obssessed self-declared role model she was at the start of the event, but they never truly pulled out the thorn in her heart.
What kanata and the loli unit did was become not just good friends to her (30G is always more a unit of comrades than friends, we explored this problem back in the swimsuit event), but also friends who actually understood what set Hisame astray and how to fix her. By letting her confront the source of her grudge with them as the collateral, they didn't let her "run away" as Kanata put it. Hisame had to realize that trying to defeat the Cancer with her sword style was just an excuse to die and end the bloodline, but that she inevitably hurts the people she cares about by doing so. She had to learn painfully that she cares more about them than her hatred for her sword.
File: YK_Yuki_Figure.jpg (254 KB, 756x1008)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Got Yuki Figure for 800yen.
I can say my crane game skill is improving, and I also had better luck.
Still need to get the nendo.
The official manga has been out for a bit now, does anyone have the files maybe?
File: F-Vrjv9aUAAW0wr.jpg (161 KB, 1141x1200)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
This artist really likes bad girl Miya.
Could it be that you can tell apart who wrote an event by the way they play the credits? Some events have the credits play before the epilogue and others do it afterwards. I don't know if that is just done for pacing or whatever, but I find it arbitrary sometimes.
File: F9hd55WbEAAj4oH.jpg (217 KB, 853x1024)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
File: F95wGRaaUAEMmF0.jpg (731 KB, 1653x1299)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
At start I was hesitant to read the new event. Judging by unspoilered discussion in this thread I got an impression that it's somewhere between "contraversal" and "meh tier" like the previous one. Only SA greed urged to do something. And turns out it's great. Most jokes are fun(a rarity). Inorin is cool. The cast is huge and at the same time it manages to find a spotlight for almost everyone.

Not masterpiece, but really - really good. I agree with the anon who complained about the bath clearing Monaka though. It devaluates what happened in Kura event. And also raises a question how much KAI's work agreed upon by Maeda? Did he permit that scene? Was Hisame's development something that was designed long ago?

We don't actually know if it "ate". And I think it's more likely it didn't, but something else happened to them. Several reasons.
1) It can be an information piece that crucial to the main story - motivation behind cancers. Unlikely they'll reveal it in random event.
2) We never seen cancers eating before.
3) There wouldn't be that much greenery if they were after biomass. Cancers would simply eat the forest. They did engage in terraforming and it did kill the greenery, but it wasn't eaten.

But that aside, cancer did engage in wierd activity before. Spiritual things included.

Also. It seems like wfs decided to make "style lineups". Hisame's SS3 is clearly a continuation of Miko SS2 idea, while Monaka's share aesthetics with Yanagi's.
File: sMGRwAw.jpg (439 KB, 1576x2100)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
Maeda was probably pretty hands off with characters he wasn't writing. Meanwhile someone like Fubuki of all people will get the Maeda treatment
This makes perfect sense to me. Fubuki is a musician. Maeda loves writing about musical themes. It actually makes me wonder if he also writes Shiki related stuff, because of all the music teminology.
I am not sure why you would ever "hesitate" to read an event in this game. Not a single one has been outright bad. At the worst the emotional reaction doesn't quite happen, but you still get some exploration of a character and some okay character interactions (looking at you Misa event, you bottom tier tasteless cereal). The only "controversial" one until now was the AB collab, right? Yuina's swimsuit event wasn't controversual for its contents, just for where it was placed on the chapter requirement.
>Monanyan bath scene
Seriously I don't get it... what are you people on about? Not only is the set-up completely different, it also isn't framed with the same mood. In the same event you have ALL of 30G clean the bath in a flashback because they took the blame for Hisame.
On the other hand the Monaka solo scene was not referencing the Kura event at all, it's just that we obviously make that association because in our brain Monaka + cleaning the bath = core memory.

Does it stay true to Monaka's character in both scenes? Yes, both show that she will do something for her comrades without being asked to and clumsily shows her support. But how that's expressed was very different. In the Hisame event that scene was light hearted and Monaka didn't get punished for something and she showed a less idealized side, but more of a clumsy funny one. Talking about how cleaning the bath is training and pulling oshiruko from her cleavage really don't evoke the same feeling as her stoic to kind turn in the Kura event, do they? What made the Kura moment special is how how personal it felt for Kura.
>does KAI get permission from Maeda
Do we know he wrote it? And until now it was clear that he does ask when he uses Maeda characters. Seems to me this scene was not a big deal to either of them, obviously.
>something else happened to them
Like... what? How can corpses just disappear?
>they wouldn't reveal motivation of Cancer in an event
I don't think that would be the case here. I only came to that conclusion because of all the stuff I saw in the main story. With Flathand and the "feelers" absorbing energy directly from the land and stuff. It's not the "eating" type of absorption, because most of them don't have a mouth.
I agree with that though. The fact that they would turn areas into deserts or like RedCrimson, just burn dosn entire forests, makes it a bit less likely. Apparently this Cancer hung out in that area for almost 30 years, yet the forest is still around... maybe plants don't count? No idea, it was just a random idea to justify what happened. 4th dimensional being might interact differently with the world than we can understand.
>Cancer show unique behaviours
Very true. We had TWO onsen Cancers now. This is a weird coincidence.... Unless the thermal energy attracted them? The Niina event one was directly syphoning heat from the onsen after all.
File: F-aFYgFaAAApkWW.jpg (398 KB, 1240x1654)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>Like... what? How can corpses just disappear?
Like whatever naabi doing.
>It's not the "eating" type of absorption
Well, "biomass" implied eating.
>The Niina event one was directly syphoning heat from the onsen after all.
Don't forget about the ones directly interacting with the souls of the dead.

>I am not sure why you would ever "hesitate"
More like "not worth the effort reading this". Also, I interpreted
>Man Kai's really on that "I'll get paid regardless" arc
As "I'm getting paid no matter what, might as well not care".
>I'm starting to miss Maeda's dogshit events
As "Maeda's events might sometimes be dogshit, but at least they had soul".
>What made the Kura moment special is how how personal it felt for Kura.
Yes, exactly. It stops being special because now it turns out it wasn't special for Mona at all. She could do this with anyone, there wasn't any breakthrough in their relationship, it wasn't a sign of anything.
File: F-Y3FkbacAAsoyH.jpg (172 KB, 1085x953)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>like narvy
Uh.. wormholes? But why? Who used them and for what reason? You can't just throw ideas out there with no reasoning.
>directly interacting with the souls of the dead
I think the evil spirit possessing Cancer is still the most outlandish one, but that is kinda irrelevant, because that isn't the Cancers' own will.
>I interpreted that line about KAI and Maeda
Ah. Like I said, those two had no way of actually having played the event at that point. It was like 2 hours after it came out. It was just some condescending nonsense based on the premise I think.
>It wasn't special to Monaka
Says you... Stop projecting? We already knew Monanyan is nice to people. Did you somehow think that was exclusive to Kura? No, Monaka is supposed to be clumsily kind. She is just socially incompetent and couldn't properly convey her feelings.

You are claiming that moment wasn't special to her, because she helped someone else? That's crazy. Not to mention that it was never about how Monaka felt about that moment, but how Kura felt about it. To Kura that moment meant a lot and she fell in love with Tsukishiro-chan's kindness. It was not supposed to be the moment Monaka fell in love with her. Is this something people misunderstood...?
File: F962cAKbsAAxxn5.jpg (683 KB, 1291x2048)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
I wonder how they get away with that age rating on the app store. This event had pretty undeniable images of suicide by gun to the head in it.
You can show as much violence and death as you want, but single cleavage of an underaged girl? Straight to the blacklist.
Do you think ヘブバン can actually be adapted well into anime? Maeda's scenarios can function as VNs, but on-screen, so many elements are lost like player choice. Fitting in bond and memory episodes are also going to be tough. Re-reading the prologue and I can already tell it's going to need a rewrite, but Maeda himself doesn't want to be involved in anime anymore
Not in Japan. Over there nudity with the special bits hidden isn't even worth a 15+.
Depends on what you mean by "adapted well". Can they adapt the whole game as is, with all its stories, mechanics, all the characters getting the right amount of attention? No, not a chance, that's not happening. Can they adapt the main story into an entertaining show? Yes, it's very much possible. It will skip a lot of content and be extremely 31A focused, but it will still be a fun anime. You need a very good staff for this, though, not your usual half-assed gacha anime adaptation.
There are parts of the game that work well in other media and parts that don't. The lack of choice does take away from certain running gags and meta things, but for an anime that doesn't matter too much, because they can just play running gags without the branching choices.

But something like Kura's event? Thast doesn't work in anime at all. It 100% relies on the fact that it is a VN style game to function.
Actually in a lot of way the way flashbacks or interactions are handled do not suit an anime, because everything is very static.
I think some events are basically structured like movies already. They could certainly make several 50 minute episodes that recreate events. Sharo's event is like the perfect 3 hour movie, but in animation it can easily be cut down to an hour or so.
These kind of standalone events work. Story integrated ones not so much, because they retread ground and need to be integrated into the story. Can you imagine an anime version of Yuina's event? That would be super awkard to do.
They would do the main story and some events as special episodes/movies if they are smart.
File: F-WXu7eawAEIwAl.jpg (288 KB, 1668x1668)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Anons, I think I found a new pattern to predict stuff (probably not).
They give out free even tokens recently. Before the Hisame event they gave out tokens for 30G events. Now they gave us 31B event tokens. So the next event is probably 31B related!
(Yes I am aware that between those they also gave out tokens for 31A events, but that just seems normal)
These event campaigns only last for one week. They'll also be giving out 31D event tokens the week after, and then yet unspecified squad tokens before the actual event.
Oho, so we need to look at the last tokens before the next one. Joking aside, how nice of them to give these out. After all people who missed the Score Attack boss from those events basically have to grind 10 times as hard.
File: chapter5.png (23 KB, 1414x168)
23 KB
Chapter 5 sis... it might be our time
File: F-VqqHIa0AACrkQ.jpg (274 KB, 1668x1668)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
That's all a bit vague... I still expect them to at least say something about it soon.
>I still expect them to at least say something about it soon.
They really should. It may not be obvious, but there's been more time between the 4.2 release and today than there was between 4.1 and the anniversary stream when they announced the release date.
File: Still_MC04_12_09_02_001.png (3.1 MB, 2276x1424)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG
They accidentally put Yuina death spoiler CG in the latest patch...
I know she is tied to white lillies and all, but that's a jump. In the language of flowers you use a single white lily for someone's funeral. That was the entire point of why she got one for Kura in the swimsuit event.
And if you are talking about something else I would ask you to use spoiler tags dummy.
It's an unused CG that was added back with 4.1, anon is just fucking around.
Based on its placement in the files, I wonder if this was meant to be a bad end scenario where Megumi dies in 4.1
This actually makes a lot of sense. I always thought it was supposed to be a scene with Yuina doing something, and then they decided that maybe it really wasn't the time to include a Yuina scene, but an unused bad ending screen sounds much more plausible. Then it's interesting what kind of choice it was supposed to be for them to punish players like that.
It seems hard to justify a bad ending for 4.1 that doesn't involve the entire Seraph unit getting wiped out. I don't know who the flowers would be for.
Let's say it really was for Megumin and she somehow died from overusing her power, akin to Aoi. How exactly would you implement that as a bad end? You have no possible control over the actions there. Did they originally give Ruka a choice to let Megumin try to stun Flathand another time and that would lead to her death? But that would be an outrageously involved bad end where you actually have to beat the final boss just to get that funeral.

My guess is that this CG was meant for Kura's funeral. 5 lillies, representing the five members of 30G left behind.
>My guess is that this CG was meant for Kura's funeral.
These are named to indicate exactly where the scene is supposed to happen. This one is on day 12 in the same time frame as the meat one. So it can't be the funeral. Maybe a scene of 30G having a symbolic moment after both Flathands have been wiped out. Or Ruka finding flowers that Megumi left there before her departure(she spent several days in that place during the chapter).
Anyway, whatever plot moment it was, it seems to have been completely abandoned.
File: F-pULVYbIAAntVc.jpg (341 KB, 2000x2418)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
I apologize for interrupting this insightful discussion, but it is Pocky day, so I am contractually obligated to post these.
File: F-pY69kakAAiuHg.jpg (118 KB, 768x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: F-o-trFaQAAIZ16.jpg (3.82 MB, 2583x3683)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
New pairings this year too.
File: FlpCDi1agAYlF6B.jpg (3.35 MB, 2344x2850)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
Yuina you useless lesbian...
I think it was a segment focused on Yuina bidding farewell to Kura but was removed because they thought it would be a good plot point for an event which was then moved to 1.5 anniversary event.
File: F-N4tQpbMAA80l6.jpg (412 KB, 1819x2551)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
I get the feeling that the author of 4koma cares more about Karen being a gamer than any of the writers of the actual game.
It is kinda funny how Karen-chan is the one who has the most content of her gaming. At least in the last Karen bonding episode Karerin absolutely demolished Tsukasashi at the shooting game, which the airhead agend is supposed to have an advantage in.
File: F-qQWLcacAAwZl9.jpg (728 KB, 2894x4093)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
The HiguKoju anon would have loved to see this. Maybe he will get the news in the afterlife.
File: F-oteBxawAAVIkp.jpg (557 KB, 2245x2409)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
File: F-qCrWlbUAESyqU.jpg (474 KB, 2013x2262)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
File: Untitled3.png (2.02 MB, 1072x1494)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
File: F-ukwEwaUAAiuIk.png (795 KB, 611x855)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
Seems someone is drawinf a NiinAsami doujin for winter comiket.
So, what's this?
Creepy! That looks like a girl in a coffin. And some hallway CG... hm? Is this like a mini-event for a new SS style? I can't imagine we get a mid-month second event a la Iroha right now. Not to mention that the vibe doesn't feel story related.
Halloween's also long behind us now... What indeed.
Hairstyle looks like Sharo. If that hair accessory isn't part of the costume, it is on the right side like Sumomo's
That weird horro screen effect does kinda look like Sharo's distortion when she gets jealous. I don't mind finally getting some 31X SS2 styles. They have become somewhat popular recently.
But then what is that CG about...?
For me, CG is the most interesting. Either there's some kind of content beyond just styles, which is very nice, or they try to overhype a style with additional presentation, which is not so interesting.
File: F-uosK5bMAAvFwy.jpg (515 KB, 1202x1700)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
I can't imagine that this will be the first style with a CG in the ult, that's more something 2D gachas do. But there is no reason to show a random shot of a hallway to hype something up, right?
>But there is no reason to show a random shot of a hallway to hype something up, right?
Yeah, it would be really anticlimactic, if it was just a simple style promo, like what's the point. It's in less than two days, so fortunately we don't have to guess for long.
>Long hair
>Misarin sprite got updated in last update
I really wonder who it is...
Some kind of horror-like content would actually explain the new Akarin expression too. But would they really give an another event/mini-event to 31D(probably one of the least popular squads) when they just got one 4 months ago? Mid month too? That sounds a little too surreal for me.
>putting Misarin in a coffin
That's one way to burry her SS1 style and let her rise from the irrelevancy grave.
>her rise from the irrelevancy grave.
She's an attacker, which is like the 2nd class after breaker with the biggest chance of getting an irrelevant style, so I wouldn't be so sure. Except if 31D's next element is fire, fire doesn't have any modern attackers, so pretty much any will do.
I'd be hilarious of they did a horror-esque event with Akari, considering what's gonna happen in Star Rail this week-ish.
>Star Rail
Please don't bring up that insulting game here... you're going to spoil the mood.
File: F-u6H0PasAAHXqS.jpg (786 KB, 1653x1299)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
I'm not gonna complain about more AkaMisa opportunities. If nothing else we will get two new memory episodes for some characters.
I think its funnier to see you be obsessed and minbroken by a pairing everyone but you saw.
Someone's butthurt.
File: hair.jpg (68 KB, 550x450)
68 KB
I understand the desire for Misato to finally get something, but it's most likely going to be Sharo, she's got those fluffy hair bits.
Yeah Sharo seems to be the most common guess due to several factors. Kinda morbid to give her a style with a coffin though... Unless it's a sleeping beauty reference? And she wants Ruka to kiss her awake?
Sleeping Beauty for a Russian girl is still weird.
>Unless it's a sleeping beauty reference? And she wants Ruka to kiss her awake?
Well, Ruka's new style should also be coming soon, so they can give her a princely SS4 right now and make it a combo if they want. And they you can play into it even further, make S a witch and pick like Megumi or Tenne for it.
Could you imagine if the first non-suit pair style in the entire game would be a RukaSharo one though? I wouldn't be able to stop laughing for an hour.
It's not the first though. We've gotten two miko styles at the same time (Kura, Megumi), two ninja styles (Mari, A-San), two marriage styles (Mari, Ichiko) and whatnot.
Doesn't need to be pair related really. Out of these three only 1 is, arguably. And that's because the styles were released with an event.
No it's definitely Misarin
I said pair styles, not same themes... WakkiBungo is the closest to a pair style we got outside of a the suits because they both got Christmas styles and interacted in those in the limited time Christmas content.
How is this badly fitting overlay supposed to convince anyone?
New hint. It looks like a maid? If that is the same one from the SS art, then yeah this looks a lot more like Sharo than anyone else.
But the suits aren't pairs then either. What's the difference? It's one banner with clearly same theme styles released, with no real interaction.
Styles are rarely mattering in events. Even the Mari A-San event didn't have them in their new outfits or anything like that.

I really don't see the difference. If your argument is element, that wouldn't make sense either, as Isuzu is non elemental and can be used with her sister just fine (onsen styles), and Mari Ninja is literally the best ice support in the game, supporting Adel's ss2.

I feel like you are making something special that isn't.
Okay, to be honest I think that hallway isn't a CG. It actually looks more 3D if you look closely. I think this will be the new SS character's ult. Some creepy haunted mansion mistress (probably Sharo, because she has that entire vibe down).

Sigh... really? How dishonest of you. The 31A suits are set up as proper pairing styles, don't pretend to be stupud. Comparing that to same themes like Ichiko/Mari or Niina/Isuzu is really silly.
The reason I gave more weight to WakkiBungo is because their styles are directly connected through the Christmas episodes. I didn't say they have to appear in an event. The Amari one doesn't count as a pair style, they aren't even related beyond both being ninja styles.
If it's just a new Sharo style, then she's not even THAT overwhelmingly popular to tease her style like that, why are they doing this ebin tease even. It feels more like preferential treatment than a genuinely hype thing to do.
File: F-49W2obAAAaCU8.jpg (3.15 MB, 1500x2121)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Remember when they did the same shadow figure thing with the wedding styles? Those were also not event related. Sure they did it again with the swimsuit styles, which did become relevant, but I can't claim to understand how WFS' hype machine works.
As for the teaser video, I think if this is Sharo's ult it just happened to obfuscate enough that it was easy to use?
>she's not THAT overwhelmingly popular
Sure, but even the mid level popular girls can get more popular if you actually boost them some. Sharo's event did most of the legwork.
They call it "horror special campaign". IIRC, Christmas WakkiBungo thing was also called a special campaign, so it might be something similar.
File: F-59rfrbwAALonJ.jpg (279 KB, 1254x1771)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
So very delayed Halloween styles... who is the other girl then? If they are both 31X then the other one could be Carol as an actual dark hero. Though honestly demon Hisame would have been way more appropiate... what a waste.
>So very delayed Halloween styles
I really think that the sudden problems with the Hisame voice actor screwed up their schedule a bit.
They... changed the wording. When they announced it last stream, they said they would be announcing "new content starting from December".
This tweet >>4092566 says "new content IN December". That's a bit alarming, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
What difference does it make? At most it implies duration, no?
The wording they used first implied that they will also go into the January/February stuff, which means that they might finally touch on the subject of ch.5, which they've been pretending doesn't exist for far too long. That's what a lot of people on JP twitter/boards assumed when he made a dramatic pause and said it like that. Limiting it to December-only means that we're just getting the basic talk about normal events, Christmas and stuff. Well, unless ch.5 is in December, that obviously changes things. I don't want to overthink it now, because it's tomorrow anyway, let it be whatever it will be.
Second fragment, finally. Not the next chapter yet, but, well, that's something.
If I understood them right there will be two events again, just like last time.
Yes, next stream is normal event & fragment name drop, the stream after that is fragment.
Ohh... raised level caps. Seems there are items involved too.
>that Halloween-like logo
It was 100% supposed to happen last month.
Sharo and Maria SS combi. Not bad. I didn't expect them to reveal Maria withoutr her habit before an event centered around her.
Either way, a cute style and a slightly sexy style again, but both tasteful.
Sharo and Maria, costume gacha...?
>thunder healer/debuffer
I guess suit MeguTama will be ice.
>removing/altering resistances
Congratulations, we've reached top level of powercreep craziness in less than 2 years.
I don't see the connection, but we knew from the start that they can only be Darkness or Ice due to Tama.
Repeating an element for one character when the other doesn't have it is not impossible by itself. Doing so after they have just released the exact same combination is extremely unlikely.
I'm sorry did I just see that right... Sharo's ult seals lightning resistance on enemies and it never wears off??? It can be STACKED??
I don't wanna exaggerate, but this makes Sharo the most essential character in the game at least for lighning parties. This is beyond nuts.
Yes, it's permanently removing resistance AND adds vulnerability(stacks). Sharo and 4 other characters who will get this effect will be the 5 best characters in the game. Possibly 6, if they will make a non-elem version. Well, until they start powercreeping and releasing new characters that do that and something else too.
File: FxwC6cGaMAARkEa.jpg (210 KB, 2048x1152)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Honestly, isn't this just stupid? Why did they not make it a 1-2 turn debuff like elemental down? I don't get it. Not to mention they did this on a 31X member who can spam this from the start of the battle due to the negative SP ability.
I don't know. You literally can just play thunder for every single encounter now, except the ones that require multiple teams like 4.2. Let's say suit Megumi is ice version of this effect. Then you can just play the whole game with thunder&ice and forget about other elements. I'm really confused, I'm trying to find some hidden "but", yet I don't see it.
This could be a direct response to Praying Eel's lack of weaknesses or some way to allow player freedom, but then they are gating it behind specific SS styles anyway...
Conceptually I like the idea to allow you to play your prefered elements, because especially some players with littel time to grind will just be locked out of certain battles due to their gacha luck sometimes, but now they just relegated the solution to a super specific gacha draw anyway.
But why isn't she dark though? That would synergize with her transferable SS1 ult, and this style is... well... a vampire. Do they really slap elements on styles on schedule, regardless of the style?
Unless it's nonsense like that Mari situation, they usually prioritize giving new elements first.
Also I don't see the problem? You can transger the darkness ult and still use her in darkness parties like usual. In fact that makes her a darkness/lightning character which is exactly what this style looks like.
Not really. Oktoberfest Ah-san was for last month.
I think both made sense last month. You can't get much more Halloween than a vampire Sharo horror mini-game.
Definitely looking forward to it. HBR mini-games tend to be quite fun.
Now just imagine switching YunYun and Sharo instead of switching the whole gacha? The framing for the mini-game is very Halloween-like, it's very likely they wanted to get it out earlier but didn't get it done in time.
Multi element is not a thing in this game though. And her dark style is no longer useful by itself.
If a character has a darkness and a lightning ult they are effectively multi-element. I can use the new Sharo as a dedicated debuffer in a darkness party just fine.
What I mean with multi element isn't a thing is that it's useless to have two elements, unless it's edge cases like dungeons.
Of course against easy content you can do anything you want.

As for her first SS (dark), you can use her, just like you can use Hisame's ss1 for dark def down. It's just not ideal. If she'd get more dark utility, this could change.
It's the problem with ss1 and the following style having different elements. The best characters in the game do not have this. They are either the same element, or neutral + an element. The styles that are really good just by themselves is surprisingly rare, and even then they are usually carried by their S and/or A moves.
>and even then they are usually carried by their S and/or A moves.
I've come to appreciate these small styles so much more recently. Characters are getting all these cool epic ults on their alts, but they aren't transferable. It massively limits the style forever, unless they will change their mind about it one day. Meanwhile, getting a good skill on a random event S is priceless, it will always be with you no matter what. The fact that so much of them is just filler shit is a sea of missed opportunities.
File: F-9d7DjbsAAoDMw.jpg (411 KB, 1304x2048)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
And thus ends the saga of Ichigo and Misa desperately wanting to get into the coffin.
File: F_DMO-vbUAAbH15.jpg (388 KB, 1424x2048)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
(this one was made after someone zoomed in and found out the new SS style has the character holding a cat)
File: F_Ds0eDagAAfa6e.jpg (147 KB, 1023x724)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
But to be honest it sucks that vampire Ichigo is now out the window.
Misato got an SS1 ult upgrade this month, which increases her chances to get a style next month. So far it has always been upgrade = new style, but they might break that at some point. Maybe this time is exactly that point, maybe not yet.
That would also imply Lolita-senspai will get one. Those two being Christmas themed would be weird, but not unthinkable.
Honestly, I wish they would troll people more by baiting them with these details. Give some girl a toy that's kind of shaped like Sharo's, but not really, hide it behind the "who's that pokemon" silhouette, and look at everyone in the replies with a shit-eating grin.
They can also go back to dropping non-squad units in random events, like Miya SS2 in Yanagi's one, they don't have to be together really.
File: F0CCsCjaYAAsxyh.jpg (264 KB, 849x1200)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>I wish they would troll people more by baiting them with these details
Remember the cream soda debacle with Yukki's S style?

That aside, I just love when the fandom does these bits about neglected characters. They used to do it with Akarin every time she didn't get her SS1 too. That one was very obviously a meme even among the staff, because they delayed her until she was the last one and released her solo. Thankfully she is one of the strongest darkness styles in the game to make up for the bullying.
By the way, the next month is fucking insane on the gacha side. they have 5 reasons to make a new banner
1. New event gacha
2. Fragment gacha
3. Christmas gacha
4. 2nd new event gacha
5. NY gacha
I suppose they would combine Fragment with Christmas and the 2nd event with NY to make it only 3, but it still feels stacked. Also, probably no Christmas mini-story this time, since Fragment and we already got that Sharo thing this month?
>Remember the cream soda debacle with Yukki's S style?
That was funny because Yukki was actually my first guess because of how the top of her head was on the silhouette, that's how her hair is normally drawn. But then I thought, "No, there's no way they're going to give her a 3rd anniversary SS in a row, it can't be her." It was S.
File: 4143525.png (1.23 MB, 894x1316)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>Skill strengthening
>New, unused, and strange expressions
>Appeared in this month's event
It's all pointing to a Akarin event next month with a Nikaido and Date gacha. Though it could also not be a 31D event and Nikaido can just be what >>4093339 said and be a random SS on rate up with the event related SS.
That's for her animated style maybe. Though it's more likely that they just threw her in there because she's quite possibly the worst SS style in the game. Not that this buff would help her much. Though interestingly there's an EVIL AFK 博愛の心 comp you can use with her and OG Yanagi + Tama.
I'm pretty sure that'll be like last year and be a mid-month rate up, but this time it'll coincide with the interlude chapter. I'm still holding onto the idea that it'll be a Christmas Ruka and Aoi rate up, but that really depends on the interlude focus.
Since this is happening right after the end of 4.2 I wonder if they're going to do Ruka's entire backstory in the interlude. The new Yuki and Ruka expressions do point to it being 31A related.
>That's for her animated style maybe.
Yeah, when you say that, they probably wouldn't bother giving her an animated style if she was just about to get a new one. Unless they're crazy, which is on the table, but it's still a solid argument.
>Akarin event
While a bit early for another 31D event I don't think that's a bad idea. There's a lot of evidence for it.
>Lolita-senpai's SS1 is the worst in the game
I don't see how it's worse than Misa's or free Ruka's.
>Christmas Ruka and Aoi
....but why? Based on what? This is completely random and absurd.
>Ruka's entire backstory in the interlude
I highly, highly doubt it. That plot point very much feels like something that needs proper set-up. The kind where Megumin needs to figure out she can even do that and Ruka in particular having a reason to even consider it. From the way that stringer is framed it feels like something that will happen later in chapter 5 after they encounter something that makes them aware Ruka is special.
The teaser specifically said "next chapter," so the interlude probably shouldn't count.
Ruka is a good guess, because it's a little too early for KareTsuka new styles, and the MeguTama suits are too close to fit a random Megumi style. I'm also not really sure where Aoi comes from, but it's not impossible based on their recent timings. Very unlikely, I would be really surprised to see her before Ichigo too, but that happened before with Mari/Tenne.
I suppose based on the idea that the story tie-in will absolutely be 31A focused and not involve another character like with the Iroha event, sure. Ruka is the only one who seems ready for a new style. But then she certainly won't be getting a Christmas style. That just doesn't fit a serious story event at all. At least with the swimsuit and Survival Island events those were mostly comedic filler events.
The only reason they would give Aoi a Christmas skin would be for the fanservice money, but if they stick to the partner style thing from WakkiBungo there is no way they would pick Ruka. If Ruka gets the story event skin then obviously those two will not be connected anyway.
>I'm also not really sure where Aoi comes from
She's the only character in the top 10 popularity poll without an animated style. Megumi is getting hers for anniversary so she's set. I'm 10,000% sure that Aoi is getting a new style sometime in the ensuring two months before anniversary. Whether it'll be for the interlude or not I'm not sure. Though 4.2 had Kura with Megumi so it's not that much of a stretch to say that Aoi will be with Ruka if the interlude is Ruka focused
That's such a random reason. They can give her an animated home screen picture for her SS2 like they did for almost every character that didn't get a new SS yet.
What if they will do a silly one and drop megutama suits with the fragment(NY event if fragment isn't 31A) instead of the anni, so it's not as predictable and catches saving folks off-guard?
Talking about suits, new assets update
I can't be the only one who would prefer if they raised the level cap by expanding the A and S style uprade limit. I have hundreds of A style upgrades that I pull from the gacha that I cannot use because everyone is maxed out. It's so annoying.
To me it looks like they felt the need to separate people with SS styles from struggling f2p players pulling crazy hobo starts with S styles. We live in a society and shit.
I mean, they raised the level cap universally, so even people who somehow have no SS styles still profitted overall. It's just that I would prefer to reach the same result through upgrades.
File: F--Kw_PasAA5fy7.jpg (578 KB, 1538x2048)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
What an awful update. "Let's take the most cancerous part of gameplay and make it double". Great idea, shitheads! And of course it's obligatory, because every single next SA boss will have even more inflated stats than the rapehorse.
I think you are a whiny, hysterical bitch. The leveling and accessory stuff is clearly made for endgame content and min-maxers. None of this is "mandatory" to get through the game, let alone do almost all of its content.
They did a flat level cap raise and added a new skill type that allows you to undo resistances and add weaknesses. The game could not be more obviously making things easier for casuals. At the same time they added grindy and complicated ways to exceed the limit for the 1% of crazy numberfags.
Take a breather and think about this properly.
File: Insomniac fuel.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Aaaanyway, the Sharo nightmare minigame seems to go by the same rules as the WakkiBungo Christmas episides in that you get a new part every day. The first one just introduced the premise. I assume every stage will be a harder chase... maybe?
File: The scariest team up.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Played the new SS memories.
>Ruka gets a message that Sharo is in trouble and immediately runs to save her
>ends up trapped in a room with Sharo where the door doesn't open
>after needling her a for a while it comes out Sharo did this on purpose to be alone with Ruka and have tea/sweets
>The one who prepared the room for her was Isuzu who made a key for "a room where you can't leave until Sharo is satisfied"
>Sharo took Isuzu's and Muua's twisted feelings as an example of how to interact with their crush
>Ruka wants to escape but also tries to satisfy Sharo
>They feed each other "aaa~n" style and Sharo accidentally sucks on Ruka's finger and nearly dies
>Ruka asks how she can satisfy Sharo so she can leave and Sharo overheats from her own imagination and faints
>door opens and Ruka drags Sharo outside. When she wakes up she says it's still too early for them to do this, but she has faith that this future will come to pass
>she immediately is back on her way to Isuzu
I did not think the IsuSharo team up would actually lead to them bonding over their possessive feelings! That's not the vibe I got in 4.1, but this was a pretty good memor ep.

>Ruka is annoyed that Maria treats her and Muua completely differently
>team up with Irene to figure out why Maria respects Muua so much
>Maria kindly watches over Muua pushing her body to the limit with training
>Despite clearly going full masochist mode, Maria doesn't seem to understand how crazy Muua is
>Irene concludes that Maria mistook Muua's determination to resist pain for a saintly trait and an act of faith
>Maria literally calls her "Saint Muua"
I guess this is along the lines of Catholic concept of penance and self-flaggelation. Now I wonder if all of Muua's social connections that were revealed in 4.2 are actually misunderstandings like this. On the other hand Muua is just super social and nice to everyone, so I see why Maria would like her over Ruka who just treats Maria like a challenge to overcome.
They're currently presenting this Sharo mini-event as a pure comedy thing, but it would be funny if it actually had lore significance. Like this dream manipulation is happening because Sharo is another "hidden psychic" on the base and is doing it subconsciously, like how some people speculated about Risa during her event. Or something like that.
Pointless and early to speculate before all the chapters are out and we can actually see where it goes, though.
Right now I wonder if the "real world" part where Ruka wakes up is actually even real. It might be part of the nightmare? Why else would Sharo just be waiting at her bed, watching Ruka sleep? I would think someone from 31A would at least say something lol
People have been guessing things like 31C focused fragment for a long time, but I wonder if that's actually a thing. Fragments are considered to be the actual part of the main story, and the main story has always been the 31A pov so far.
They also made such a big deal out of it yesterday, it feels like it might be a little bit bigger than the Iroha's one was.
File: F_GuftmaQAAyN-5.jpg (2.99 MB, 3000x3600)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
I really like the writing for Sharo. She runs such a large gambit of emotions now and doesn't just have one gimmick. Sure, this minigame really leans into her scary obssessiveness and darkness, but the memory episode shows so many of her layers.
It's weird how the writers make me actively root for Sharo just because her interactions with Ruka are so cute and genuine. I know Yukki is the mandatory main wife, but while they write Ruka as not receptive to Sharo's feelings they also make her do everything to justify them.
File: F-0x7cJaoAAGUq0.jpg (333 KB, 1149x1680)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Even blind and pregnant toddlers can beat the storymode, even before they get to acces keys. Meanwhile you absolutely need that shit to even stay on your past level for SA, Cosmic frontline and hard mode. But of course alternatively you can pull that broken style from the new banner (more lbs are preferable, of course) and drag her into every single battle.
File: F-q2nPkacAACsDR.jpg (226 KB, 882x1024)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
So you care about the endgame content and numberfagging. Sounds like I was on the money then.
Oh, wow! We have a fucking genius here. I bet you are very proud of yourself.
Your claims of it being mandatory sound a bit more dire if they were actually true, but if it's fort optional extra content that is there to tide you over it seems infinitel more irrelevant. They're making it grindy exactly so you actually have something to do to keep up your numberfagging. Be happy that it isn't all gacha or money based like in most games of this genre.
>When shit happens be happy. Because there are starving children in Africa! Don't you dare to complain!
File: F50xz1KbkAAvPpz.jpg (352 KB, 2000x2000)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Wasn't this literally a response to people complaining about whale content requiring whale-tier stats? So they raised the level cap and added a way to get more stats without whaling, but you have to grind for it? If you don't want to either whale or grind, then just don't do this whale content, it's that simple.
Pretty much. The level cap was tied solely to SS style copies and the SS upgrade station charges by the rate of like once a year. So the only way to get reliable limit breaks was with whaling. This new method at least gives F2P a fighting chance.
Except, I shit you not, SA bosses' survivability and dps tripled since July. This key bullshit is just an excuse to inflate stats even more and """add endgame""".
While I call bullshit on this by default (have you seen the current boss re-run in socre attack? Probably one of the easiest), people have been melting 120 +35 score attack for over a year without issue and just kept competing for who can blow 'em up the hardest in one hit. Raising the bar so that you actually have to try is really not a problem.
And what in the actual hell was the alternative for you? If they had not implemented the skill levels and keys, what then? Should the game just have stayed the exact same with no upward momentum beyond a slightly level cap raise? You don't think that would get stale even for whales?
Meanwhile this change actually gives F2P anons a chance to also do high level content more reliably.
Part 2 of Sharo scaring the every loving shit out of Ruka... now she scales the ceiling! Nothing too notable other than that Ruka cries for Yukki to save her in her nightmares. People tend to be more honest in dreams.
Sharo keeps telling Ruka to go back to sleep even though it's day... something is not right.
File: F_MQfCpaMAAXq_J.jpg (327 KB, 1280x1280)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Yukki becomes a support animal for Ruka.
File: F_MZrwxbQAAzt-V.jpg (108 KB, 699x978)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Let her win I say.
I really hope they don't use "Well, actually, Sharo bought a magic swimsuit from Mari, too" to explain this one.
>the v-tubers have no idea of how to play the game
I mean it was to be expected, but who was this score attack contest made for? Non players won't have a single clue on what's going on and existing players would just be frustrated the entire time.
Yeah, I was already surprised when they actually played through most of the story, so I didn't think they would go for numberfag contests.
I will say though Lamy's party isn't bad. She just uses it badly. Polka's team is also a decent lightning party, but using SS3 Yukki on a solo boss...? Doing it for the ship I guess.

I just can't believe both of them use Ss1 Tama when I know that both of them have Muua.
I do not remember this one being a thing before. SA reruns are extremely rare. Are you basing this on the model?
Regardless, this enemy doing confusion (or atk down) wasn't a thing before. Pretty sure at least.

Last SA was just likely a fuck up. It's probably not a coincidence that the damage of the current and last one is EXACTLY the same. Just.. the last had double actions every 2 turns.
The 400k goal definitely did not come too early, but SA's like the last are simply put very limited when it comes to how you can approach them. This is not even a matter of limit breaks. At least not solely. It's a matter of units. I've never seen one that is more limited on what you can actually use than that one was. Let alone one where even 100+35 is something I gave up on, something I did for quite a while.

The current SA doesn't really have any major requirements to make it work. This is a lot more common. Last one was basically a gigantic maid aoi check if you wanted the 400k. I think very few other things could've worked. And I doubt that was intended, given that it was supposed to shill Monaka as well. (or Hisame, who you basically can't even use due to the amount of defensive slots you require)
>I do not remember this one being a thing before
....are you serious? This is the boss from the Survival Island event. It's a re-run. They do a re-run literally every month in the second half of the event cycle.
>the last one had double actions every other turn
Yeah that was supposed to be its gimmick. It's not strong, but it has two moves in a row. But on the other hand it was a glass cannon. You just needed to destroy it before it could wear you down by constant attacks. I beat it at 110 by abusing Aoi, but it is definitely one of the harder ones in recent memory.
And while I agree that this doesn't leave you that many ways to deal with it, it's only around for two weeks like every SA boss. Is it really so bad to have some variety in gimmicks? I personally prefer some uncomfortable bosses occasionally over always the same predictable damage sponges you can beat in your sleep with your main team.

Though my favorite boss gimmick is the one where it locks your front line and you can't switch out. That makes for some really tense moments and forces you to play smart.
File: F_NQ5kEboAAt9yj.jpg (79 KB, 720x720)
79 KB
What a frightening team up.
File: comparison.jpg (173 KB, 1139x670)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
To me a rerun is actually the exact same thing, maybe with a new higher difficulty level added. This is not. The modifiers are also all different. It's clearly updated.
I can't tell you why HBR quest doesn't have the new enemy listed, only the old one. But the attack pattern is also all different. They also don't list the new prism battle yet though.

That's why I was wondering what you think a rerun is. I would've known if I fought this enemy in this way before. It's the same guy, but the entire fight is basically different. Which is what counts. It's like weekend boss versions.
It's the exact same enemy with the exact same attacks. The only difference are some minor stat changes. They've been doing this with old bosses all the time. For example on the ice Deathslug from Yuina's event, they made it resistant to blunt for a week and then made it not resistant to blunt for the next. They mix up minor things like that. It's still the same boss.... please stop being autistically pedantic.

As for alternate time layer (aka hard mode) bosses, they are story mode boss enemies with raised stats. Nothing about them is in any way different from their actual story version except the bare stats. More DP/HP/Attack power. They don't even get their SA specific moves. Deathslug SA and Deathslug story hard mode are different bosses because they have different moves (not just a changed move order). The same goes for the SA version of RedCrimson and Feeler.
Different anon, but it's basically a re-run in my opinion.
>I can't tell you why HBR quest doesn't have the new enemy listed, only the old one.
Because it's the exact same enemy.
>But the attack pattern is also all different.
Because there's a rule that changes the attack pattern. Not having it enabled shows the same old attack pattern.
>They also don't list the new prism battle yet though.
It's there in HBR.quest, it's just hidden all the way in the initial groups of enemies when using the default release date sorting. You can find it by searching by name or looking at the last pages of enemies with a 2/9/2022 release date.
>I can't tell you why HBR quest doesn't have the new enemy listed, only the old one
HBR quest follows the logic from the game files, rather than doing what's the most sensible for the database site. This is a good thing if you want to understand the logic behind some of the game's systems without having to look into the files, but it can be annoying if you just want to use it as a wiki. It's always very awkward to use the skill search because of that. For example, I want to see every fire defense down in the game. So I search for
>fire defensedown
I get
1. Megumi SS3 ult (fire attack + fire defense down)
2. Minori ult (fire attack + self defense down)
3. Yuki SS2 ult (fire attack + self defense down)
4. Isuzu SS1 ult (fire attack + normal defense down)
I don't get Isuzu fire defense downs because they aren't fire attacks, so they aren't "fire" by the game logic. so HBR quest doesn't search for them. I can remove Minori and Yuki by adding the word "debuff" to my search, but searching for fire debuffs only isn't happening.
File: F-9PHnFasAAs8JD.jpg (201 KB, 1200x1200)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
File: F_OQkQbbUAAi2Tb.jpg (960 KB, 2723x3764)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
File: Centrifugal love.png (2 MB, 1920x1080)
2 MB
In today's Sharo episode she learned the power of the Fibonacci Sequence and mastered the Spin.
>chase segment is just pure gag at this point
>post-chase segment is the exact same thing for 3 days in a row with zero meta development
I didn't think it was possible to be disappointed by a micro-event, but here we are. I suppose I'm too spoiled by this game's usual content.
It's very similar to the WakkiBungo Christmas thing. That was also the same thing every day with a different gag. Wakki asks Bungo if she knows what day it is and then the get off-track. Repeat until the final day where it's revealed that is is Christmas and Wakki gives Bungo presents and they have a wholesome moment.

This Halloween thing is about different kinds of chases and then Sharo misinterpreting Ruka's nightmare every day. The actual pay-off will then happen on the final episode.
At least I laughed really hard when she started spinning. That was funny as heck.
When Ruka calls for Yukki's help Sharo suddenly goes silent....
>It's very similar to the WakkiBungo Christmas thing.
But it's not? WakkiBungo had completely different dialogue in each chapter, picking up where they left off, exploring different topics and jokes. If this event were like that, I wouldn't mind even if I didn't like the actual dialogue. This one is just repeating the exact same stuff for 3 days in the row. Christmas felt like a story for everyone, this one feels like fanservice for the fans of Sharo.
Uh... that's just not true. Both the stuff Ruka says and the things Sharo do in the nightmare actually change. And when Ruka wakes up Ruka always recounts what happened and Sharo makes a new ridiculous interpretation of that dream.
It's not as in-depth as those WakkiBungo convos, but it's not all the same.
>Uh... that's just not true.
It is, don't be pedantic. Same shit doesn't mean it's literally exactly 1 to 1 the same, it means it's the same scenario playing exactly the same way. Her spinning or multiplying and a few lines changing from that doesn't really change anything in a meaningful way, nor Ruka saying "help me Yukki" instead of "save me Yukki", the loop still plays exactly the same. You don't see Ruka having a meaningfully different reaction to today's variation being completely surreal and comedic, you don't see her starting to question Sharo after things are repeated for the 3rd time, you would expect some change in the event's status quo by now.
Isn't it a little suspicious that they're already finished? It's still 3 months until the anniversary, they don't usually prepare event stuff this early. Can these debut in the interlude or one of the December events?
File: F3zQJ3ra0AA_0Ta.jpg (315 KB, 1833x2000)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
With the interlude being a real story tie-in I see no chance that the suit versions will be utilized there. And I can't imagine that next month will be a 31A centric monthly even just to also get a story interlude with 31A in it.
Some sprites are just added months in advance. Just usually not these costume based ones. But unlike with the swimsuit sprites, the suit ones don't spoil any future styles. We already know all of them.
It's just a dumb gag, about her being hunted/stalked by Sharo. The reward is also a 10 pull that can only give you Sharo. The only chars in that pool are the Sharo styles in the game, minus the new one.
Y'know strips like this make me really appreciate MeguRuka. I think it could have actually worked in an alternate universe like this.
File: F92-GApaEAAc7-p.png (297 KB, 798x662)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
On the fourth day of Sharoween Sharo learned to Titanize and became a cannibal. They say love come through the stomach, but this is a bit much! Before this it was just vaguely threatening, but now it's a death game.
And the big twist was!!!
Sharo was the one who was dreaming. She was bedridden with a fever for 5 days and thought those dreams were of her having a honeymoon with Ruka. Also Yunyun took care of her for those 5 days.
I don't think anyone saw that one coming. Am I looking too much into it or are they setting up Yunyun as Sharo's rebound? Nah... couldnt be. Probably just trying to show that despite all her obssession she is still thankful for her squad members and can appreciate them as they appreciate her.
>I don't think anyone saw that one coming.
Well, looking back, I don't remember any real foreshadowing for that. We need Maeda back, even with his misses and weird quirks, his writing is more clever than that.
I don't know what silly narrative you are trying to spin here, but this is a freaking gag mini-episode with no serious plot or relevance. Stop trying to doompost about everything. Maeda would not have written something "clever" for a 2 minute skit. Get back to reality.
>Get back to reality
You get back to reality. The whole selling point of HBR is its stories, is that it has actual writing instead of your usual gacha trash. This Sharo scenario writing level IS your usual gacha trash. I would rather not have it in the game at all.
File: It spreads.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Uhuh... so what are the bonding episodes that are basically just one gag stretched over 3 minutes to you then? Some of the most beloved bonding episodes are the Chiroru ones and they are all basically just that one gag about them getting blasted away in a ridiculous way and seeing the reactions fo 31A. Sometimes it's just not supposed to be that deep. You are acting like this was a monthly event or something.

Overall I still prefer the WakkiBungo Christmas episode mostly because I thought the jokes were funnier, but they definitely run the same theme of
>repeat a similar point 4 times sprinkled with a joke -> wholesome conclusion
Except it's not a bonding episode, it's a 5 chapter mini-event with an actual twist. It's just that the entirety of this event isn't written with the twist in mind.
Just think about it. You could have a little strange unusual Ruka twisted by the Sharo's mind, and you play thinking something isn't right about her. You could have Sharo get less causal in the after chase segment episode by episode because she starts to realize something's up. They could have weird creepy horror messages that are actually deciphered as YunYun trying to get to Sharo. But they were just lazy.
By the way, you said that Maeda would not have written something "clever" for a 2 minute skit, but then I remember how well written his anniversary skits actually were, and I think he totally would.
File: F_LmWgIa4AA1r3w.jpg (631 KB, 3536x4096)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
>5 chapter mini-event
Anon... if you add it all up this is barely 5 minutes of content. This is a bonding episode divided into 5 parts. Please stop exaggerating.
>it couled have been done better
I agree, I am not saying this was peak content or anything. Obviously they just did this as a little bonus side-gag. In a more effort driven version of this it could have been an interesting inception like event full of twists and subtlety and all that. But it wasn't supposed to be that. I think is just strange to be so serious about it.
>anniversary skits
I mean... are they clever? Not really. Funny? Definitely. Maeda's humor can reach exceptional heights when he tries. He also can hit real lows. His humor, just like his writing, are a bit inconsistent. But humor is subjective so that is probably not true for everyone.
Uhm... yeah, point is that while the skits are amazing, it's not some layered deep writing. Unless you think the Kinimissile pun was just that impressive.
>I mean... are they clever? Not really.
They are. The first half-anni one was ok, but the 1st anni one with the Ruka's message was written really well. The way it's completely disconnected, but also 100% fits with 3 different lines of events(KareTsuka fighting, MeguTama's Burn My Egg, Yukki losing her shit alone) while also making sense on its own was great. All the little gags that come naturally, like Yuki having the same reaction to Megumi exploding an egg and Tsukasa exploding their room, and them both giving her the same deadpan answer, just plays into the absurdity of the situation so well.
The second half-anni one was really cool in how much the 1st and the 2nd parts were connected. It's hard to explain without analyzing all their casual lines getting some sort of callback, but he was flexing there.
I get it, you think callback humor is smart. While it certainly is a layer above the simple shouting matches that he often writes, I think this is just a basic rule of comedic writing. But again, humor is subjective. I find humor revolving around sarcasm and metaphors clever, but many people don't find that funny at all, so no matter how clever it would miss the mark.

Just to repeat: I find these skits super funny myself. Maeda's humor hit 9/10 times for me. And some of his best are the running gags, because he always finds a new way to bring them back up. I really miss the one about the noodles in chapter 1 and 2. Mindbreaking Megumin is just the most hilarious.
It's not only callbacks, I'm just not good enough to properly convey in English those extra bits that make it work so well in Japanese because of the way he plays with the language and their narrative conventions there. Maybe if I spend some time writing an actual analysis I can put it in a way that makes sense and doesn't sound like I'm retarded, but I don't care about my position to that extent. That skit had a weak part compared to the other one, though, in that they clearly weren't sure who the guests would be at the actual event, so Ichigo's part felt like an afterthought compared to the rest of 31A. It was still seamlessly integrated, but she didn't really get to play to her character's strengths.
>I really miss the one about the noodles in chapter 1 and 2.
They can still bring it back, plot-wise we really haven't been in a position where Ruka and Megumi can actually reenact this since the end of ch.3 almost 2 years ago.
>the most expected squad to get an event distribution-wise is 31C(and 31X, but they just got this Sharo thing)
>the assets are prepared for 31A, 31B and 31D
So, what is it.
We are getting two events next month, one of them being a story fragment. It is pretty reasonable to assume that is where all the 31A related content will go.
My money is on a 31D event, hopefully Akarin's.
Just noticed the ring. D'aww.
I recently discovered that you can find quite a nice collection under the 月歌ユイ tag on pixiv
I always take their art directly from twitter. This artist certainly has a thing for RukaYui.
File: F_d-6Zsa0AAkTSV.jpg (382 KB, 2048x1787)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Maki's Bday is today.
Are they still trying to force this one after the game paired Inori with Hisame?
File: FjYN08xXEAEuZdO.jpg (87 KB, 1000x963)
87 KB
Do you think Inori can only have one close bond with another character and it must be that one that also turns romantic, no matter how it's portrayed in the game? Some people just think their personalities would make a nice fit.
File: F_d13vnawAAcZNA.jpg (1.29 MB, 2894x4093)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
This artist has been doing Makinori all along, no matter how little the game supports it. Inori and Hisame being paired up is not exactly a new thing, so clearly it's not relevant to them.
I think the only one in 31F Inori actually has interesting interactions with is Shiki, but that's just me.
Do you think the picture I replied to doesn't imply romance, or did you just decide to have a fight with a straw man?
Calm down, nobody is trying to fight here. That's just your hostile fight or flight response kicking in. I'm sure that anon just wanted to point out that people can enjoy an imagined dynamic between two characters regardless of canonicity.
>Calm down, nobody is trying to fight here. That's just your hostile fight or flight response kicking in.
You're the one who jumped at me over a basic reply putting thing I never said nor implied into my post and trying to starting and argument. What is this gaslighting-level response now?
I guess you can't read either or maybe you really are asking for a fight. I literally said "that anon" because I am not the same person. You need to seriously learn to chill.
File: F_is85TbsAA0SYJ.jpg (298 KB, 2048x946)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
It's funny how this Megumin's pose actually looks like she's taking a selfie.
Unless I read your post completely wrong, you're the one who implied Inori couldn't get together with Maki because she's "paired with Hisame". As if her master/student relationship precludes her from ever having romantic feelings for anyone else.
File: F_ibZ-xa8AE0wwW.jpg (213 KB, 1900x1063)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
File: F_Vj3-Oa8AAeVvE.jpg (148 KB, 686x958)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Hopefully we will get more HBR doujins scanned this year.
The one on dinasty was really good
Yup. I liked how it didn't feel out of character and pretty much like something that could happen at any time in the canon by now.
File: F_oTU8waIAA1eyO.jpg (142 KB, 900x1200)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
For every RukaYui there must be a YuiMiya.
File: F_OkHN5a8AAJqC4.jpg (442 KB, 1536x2048)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Not a fan of this shattered glass effect fad on the HBR twitter community, but this one is alright.
File: F_n9DPaboAA3v9G.jpg (427 KB, 900x1024)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
This artist is ridiculously artistic. All their works are great, but they are even better when they do pair art.
File: YK_Tama_Figure.jpg (196 KB, 1008x756)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Got myself Tama Figurine from crane game. Spent more or less than Yuki's one but worth it.
I hope Megumin and TsuKare figures come next.
File: F_0PON2aEAAzKRq.jpg (540 KB, 1447x2048)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
RIP Ruka
Of all the ways to go, this one ain't so bad.
File: F_yZ76pbQAAwdlX.jpg (471 KB, 1848x1920)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
New patch coming by thursday. Probably will contain a lot of new assets to the events.
File: GABn055aYAAIqq9.jpg (1.03 MB, 1475x2048)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
In Japan it's already the best squad's birthday.
Yes, all 6 of them. We should not question this at all.
File: GAB5rtAaEAAuUn5.jpg (563 KB, 1536x2048)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
File: GAB6AKWaQAAfPkU.jpg (352 KB, 2048x1404)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
File: F_ssWr7bMAA8wXE.jpg (213 KB, 2300x1900)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Given the occasion, I have to say that Isuzu is one of my favorite characters in the game. She's extremely cute, and totally not gay. Happy birthday.
File: GACEB1OawAAMb_b.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>totally not gay
Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
Gee, I wonder who that is.
That ahoge is starting to turn into its own lifeform.
Akarin event confirmed
They say there will be a teaser PV for the fragment as well? I've said that before, but I really feel like it's going to be a little bigger/more important than the Iroha's one for them to make such a big deal out of it.
Considering Iroha was stealth dropped they definitely are making a bigger deal out of it. But in my opinion that's just because people are chomping at the bit for chapter 5, so they are desperate to deliver something.
File: F_ybT37bMAAkP0a.jpg (236 KB, 1742x1457)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Misa will get her SS2 alongside Akari, won't she?
The other squad that has some assets prepared is 31B, so maybe they will get the end of December event or appear in the fragment.
The next event will be in January though. New Years event (whatever that means for HBR, last year it was a tropical island lol)
There was a December content schedule on the last stream, we know there's an event at the end of December. And tropical island was also at the end of December.
So you are telling me they will release 3 events in one month? A bit farfetched wouldn't you say? They probably meant there will be a reveal at the end of december for the next event.
>So you are telling me they will release 3 events in one month?
Just like the last time they did the fragment? The first event being on December 1st is a calendar coincidence, it's pretty much a "late November" event.
Events last 4 weeks. At half and full ani they usually do a filler score attacks, so it gets back to the beginning of a month.
File: schedule.png (145 KB, 618x375)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Here's the picture.
>Early December
Fragment 2
>Late December:
Cosmic front line 2
31B for the fragment would actually make a lot of sense. Well, not the whole squad, but specifically Higumin who got a bunch of expressions. If you remember the weird dialogue you get from her in the prologue, right before you pull the gacha for the first time, it actually feels like it might be related to the tease at the end of 4.2.
Technically the event on 12/29 is the January event unless you want to count the event at the end of January as the month's event. Personally to me, a month's event is the event that lasts throughout the month, but it really is just pointless semantics. Just be glad that they're letting everyone off on New Years lol.
The last 31D events (sans Iroha) have been really boring overall so I hope Akarin delivers. Iroha's doesn't count because she got the vip treatment
The first 31D event was Nikaido's which I consider to this day the worst event in the game that isn't the AB collab. The expectations were never high. But the Risa event was decent. Good jokes, some AkaMisa and ultimately still an emotional gut punch. Not counting Iroha's is silly though. That's like not counting Carol's as a 31X event because it's a mixed squad thing.

I'd say temper you expectations. It's likely going to be another decent event that in the best case gives us a lot of development for AkaMisa. The real meat come with the story fragment.
File: GAFFpgxakAApikI.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
2nd one. It's interesting that they decided to make the beginning of the month gacha Christmas-styled, even though it's early, just so they wouldn't have to dance around the fragment release date.
I smell an AkaMisa pair style. Do not try to break my delusion.
>Do not try to break my delusion.
I mean, the hair length fits, and there's the part that looks like her hair ornament thingy, so it's not far-fetched at all. It's not like the last month tease where it was clearly Sharo, yet some people were coping hard.
File: GAJS30jbQAA4aLp.jpg (146 KB, 1023x724)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
They've given up on their own styles and are now rooting for others haha
Wow HBR won the Best Story award for 2023 in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Considering the absolute tidal wave of stuff that sweeps the play stores over there that's pretty good. Too bad they couldn't get it in Japan.
New 4komas.
>4/8 have Tama in them
I know she's popular, but relax.
File: thumbnail_path.jpg (302 KB, 1918x1079)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Also, the preview for the paid-only early access has the most mysterious picture of the batch.
The lolis seem to be in a lot of them in general.
But I really like this KuraMona one!
File: 1682967569454341.jpg (674 KB, 2039x2894)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
It couldnt be... Mommy time?
Uhh... Does it look like they are on one scene facing each other?
You need to check the spoiler box on the post not write it in the title anon.
That aside, they are definitetely on the same stage. It's obviously a pair style like WakkiBungo last year.
>reused assets: the event
You can really tell they focused on the fragment instead. Well, A-san event was great despite the assets reuse.
It's a proper 31D event it seems, whole squad. Akarin's senpai was a girl (thank god). Maybe a bit of a Fubuki focus too?
I am surprised they also put Misa's new SS in the trailer. They don't usually do that for event trailers.

I did immediately recognize the bridgehead base from chapter 2. For just a moment I thought it was the 4.1 Matsumoto camp, but nah.
>150% overdrive increase
They REALLY don't know what to do with the breakers, huh.
What even IS overdrive? Doesn't feel like something I ever cared about.
What do you mean, It's OD. So, she gets like 1.5 gauge on break.
I suppose my sarcasm was not potent enough to pierce your DP.
I'm telling you, we will get MeguTama suits with the fragment.
That's all they show? Aaaaaaah stop teasing us! Apparently there will be another 3D live in the fragment.
It looks like I got my wish and they will be performing the SheisLegend version of To You in the Dying Season. I am so hyped!

They weren't wearing any in the 3D segment, so why would they bring out the suits for everyone? You would think they told the animators to put them in suits if they are relevant to the story.
What if... the fragment will have 31A perform at the dome? That would explain the musical connection.
>4 suits gacha
I'm telling you.
The merch like jewelry or these watches are such a mystery to me. How many people actually buy them?
I think a man's wristwatch sells pretty well, especially because it is not conspicuous with its logos. Not too sure about the perfume they sold a while ago.
But in general the whales will buy anything. These are all collectors goods, whether they are useful or not.
File: 900.jpg (105 KB, 640x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
They have posted a new letter from the devs, but there's no new info in it, just a recap of what was announced today.
Akari and Fubuki focus it seems. Writing letters on people's backs... they sure find the most banal things to crank emotions out of. But it was brutally effective with the hide and seek counting in Muua's event, so I won't knock it.
There was a shot of dome citizens in the temporary base. I wonder if those are construction workers for the bridgehead.

Song sounds good. Need the full version though.
>new event is chapter 1 clear requirement
>but they also ask you to clear the Risa event before that, which is a chapter 2 requirement (but is actually 4.2)
I really hope that one day they will do something about this autism.
That's been a thing the entire time though. The "play this event first" ones are just suggestions to them. It's all stupid. The cowards should show some damn spine and move a bunch of these events to chapter 3 or 4 requirements.
File: GAMYa70bkAAnlBY.jpg (930 KB, 1854x2363)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
The timing's a bit awakward, but happy birthday Monanyan~
File: GAMIHljXkAA0jFG.jpg (466 KB, 2728x2093)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Only 31D events can make me lose all motivation to roll the gacha after reading them. I guess I should be thankful because the paid was pretty tempting
What an insipid post.
File: Senpai relay.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1037)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Akari event finished.
I think it's on par with the Risa event overall. It has some really strong moments and some wasted potential.

Not ashamed to admit that I cried at the finish line. That was superbly executed. The fact that the handwriting of the different senpais was actually different was a great touch. The love Akari felt from just Mogami-senpai was actually spread evenly among all of them.

The real standout was Fubuki though. Her jagged personality is one of the few at the base that actually would cause conflict. I sometimes feel like the Seraph units are a bit too nice and harmonious. That's why TsuKaren, Ichigo or 31X stand out. They got a bit of an edge and Fubuki is probably one of the most unstable people at the base. Her actions seem heartless, but even though she loves despair so much she has a heart of gold. I think this event showed beautifully that just being nice isn't enough to help someone out of their troubled mind sometimes. Fubuki's solution of telling Akarin that her life is now up to Fubuki's whims and that she will kill her if she ever gives up (as a mercy of course) was really effective in a twisted way. But they still showed that healing is part of the process.

Feels like everyone has a nemsis Cancer these days. The Trauma squad of Cancers is here to get destroyed for your character development!

This event actually heavily references A-san's event too, so I wouldn't say just playing Risa's is enough. Speaking of A-san... it was heartbreaking to see her like that. Her reckless self-sacrifcing nature is getting more worrying as time goes on. She could have died in 4.1, her own event and here. Mari looking after her was sweet (Amari is good).

I kinda liked how FubuAkari mirrored MisaRisa from the last event in how they make the other jealous. Fubuki, that absolute madlass straight up challenges Misato and boasts about owning Akaris life at the end had me laughing uncontrollably.
File: Touchdown.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
I would have liked some more AkaMisa to be honest, but it seems by now all of 31D acknowledges that they are into each other, the same way 31A ships RukaYukki.
File: Misary.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Maybe jealousy will push the ship forward a little.

PS: Risa-mama seems to be into getting shots. Unexpected...
They are running pairing ads on twitter now? Or was it a thing before?
That's the first one I have seen. MeguTama before RukaYukki seems weird though, so maybe not.
Maybe there are RukaYuki ones as well. I don't think there's a way to see all the ads from the account, you can only get them yourself or see someone else link to them.
Nah I saw a RukaYuki one last year, it was retweeted by an artist I was following.
Tell me that my eyes are broken, but doing alternate time layer Flathand right now and it looks like the textures for Flathand have changed? I've done that fight so many times that I am pretty sure. It looks weirdly... glossy now? I also believe its 3rd phase has more visual effects.
File: Spy.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1066)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
I did Nikaido's SS memory and it's interesting for a couple of reasons.
In summary Misarin is not good at making friends outside her unit, so Risa-mama calls Ruka to help her set up a play-date. Yunyun, Miya, Kanta and Ichiko are chosen for a 48-hour Go tournament. Misato wins it all and goes a bit loopy, but by the end she made some play friends with the others and they play regularly now. Pretty standard and wholesome stuff.
Things that stood out though:
>Ichiko has her usual modem lag thing when finding out how expensive the Go board and stones are, but is easily snapped out of it just through conversations, showing that she has grown
>Miya wears her mask the entire time, but in the flash forward a long time later she is talking to the group without her mask, showing she is not shy around them anymore
>During the final scene where Ruka watches Misarin and the girls play you can see Akarin spying on them in the background! (see screenshot)
I am honestly surprised at the restraint. It is clear that Akarin was placed there on purpose, yet they don't put attention to it. Her watching over Nikaido is treated as a natural thing now.
File: 1675624818080094.png (1.16 MB, 893x893)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
I'm sure everyone who cares has some way to get SiL songs already, but this official youtube channel has the full versions of them all. Maybe something worth adding to the OP?
I appreciate that they gave Akari unique voicelines for the final battle, but it was so short I couldn't hear them all. I can't even power 31D down enough to make it last. But that scripted fight afterwards was cool. I would love for more of that.
File: GAQcJYva8AAoPdL.jpg (773 KB, 947x1124)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
File: GALuCN1bkAA0kpV.jpg (667 KB, 953x1176)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
File: GAPn7gBaAAA__Df.png (70 KB, 631x732)
70 KB
Meanwhile Amari in the infirmary
Oh hell, what happened to Tama? That is not how a torso is meant to look! Also how do Megumin and Tama have the same bust size?
File: GAVw-hubcAAV__k.jpg (206 KB, 1124x761)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Miss Steal-yo-girl.
Shitty AI hapenned to Tama.
I think it's just a commission and the artist isn't actually into hbr.
I guess the artist is also not into human anatomy?
File: GAWliW9aEAAMDc0.jpg (1.62 MB, 2928x4096)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
[A room you can't leave unless you kiss]

Megumin: "WHY?"
File: GAWliXHasAAkjHt.jpg (2.01 MB, 2928x4096)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Megumin: "Why did you put me in here with Ruka? Just be honest about it and put her in here with Izumi. Nobody benefits from this!"

Ruka: "Yeah, I would have been fine with Yukki. I can't really kiss Megumin. Sorry about that."

Megumin: "Don't make it sound like you are dumping me!"

[They used Seraph to break down the door an escape]
>Ruka: "Yeah, I would have been fine with Yukki. I can't really kiss Megumin. Sorry about that."
I honestly don't think the current Ruka would mind kissing her retardbro as a joke. Megumi would mind tho.
To be honest, Ruka at every point in the game probably doesn't mind kissing any girl (except Sharo). She showed exactly zero hesitation or reaction when she was about to kiss Yuina or Yukki during the pocky game. Maybe that's because she is into both of them of course, but I think she is just really good at pretending not to care. Same way she acted unperturbed when Kura took her panties etc.
Maybe, I didn't think about it that deeply. I just got the weird feeling from Ruka's expression/attitude like we're back in ch.1/2 times where she was more antagonistic towards Megumi, even though the artist is clearly up to date with the recent stuff.
>where she was more antagonistic towards Megumi
I never really got that feeling. More the other way around with Megumin trying to one-up Ruka and start a rivalry, but Ruka just sandbagging it. She does tease her a lot though.
I noticed it while checking out some streamers playing early chapters not too long ago (or maybe a little while ago, damn, time flies). Some of her ch.1/early ch.2 teasing is really unnecessarily cunt'ish, old Maeda-style.
I'm honestly impressed by the fragment's teaser. They didn't show anything other than that Tama plays a role, not a single spoiler or hint, but using ShiniYuku as a theme for the whole thing is somehow so impactful to me on a level I can't comprehend. I looked at it again and it's literally nothing, but I'm like hell yeah, I can't wait.
It's a great song. But more than that, we are all starved for more story content. I think just having Megumin back is making a lot of people giddy about it.
File: GAWPF-JagAAsO6h.jpg (249 KB, 1448x2048)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
File: GAVJReqbIAA5oyh.jpg (717 KB, 2150x3036)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
At this point we are supposed to see events as a connected chain right?
Akari's event requires you to read:
1. Risa's event
2. A-san's event
which respectively require you to read
3. Mari's event
4. Misato's event
5. Carol's event
6. Kanata's event

In U140 they went into the research base, in A-san's event they retrieved research data from there and destroyed the base in a fight and now in Akari's event the destruction of that base awakened a hibernating Cancer from the beginning of the war.

At this point I feel like it would be more sensible to divide events into "Foundational", "Main story" and "Progressive" ones.
Didn't Maeda say in an interview that he wanted to write an event focusing on Fubuki? It wasn't this one, right? Some poeple seem to think this was written by him.
It also tells you to play Akarin's memory story before the event. I think it's the first time they've done that.
It is kind of essential to understand why A-san and Akari are connected. They even play a short excerpt from that SS memory in the event for those too lazy to follow instructions.

There are actually several events that reference memory episodes, but didn't ask you to play them. I guess it's good that they finally rectified this. Unfortunately I think a lot of players ignore the memory episodes, because they don't run into them during main story runs. Doesn't help that you (technically) need to grind items for them.

4.1 had a bonding episode with Wakki that actually required you to play one of her memory episodes, which is a major reason many never did that bonding episode and don't know about Bungo actually retaining her memory for 10 days now thanks to Miko's potions. I wonder if that is the explanation for why Bungo can actually retain a coherent plot throughout the Hisame event...
>Some poeple seem to think this was written by him.
I think it's because Kai hasn't claimed it yet. But it's probably written by the 3rd writer? The same one who wrote A-san's event, because that one also had a list of events they wanted you to clear before, while the other writers don't bother with that, even though their events refer to the old ones anyway.
File: GAHnJMAakAAyUMR.jpg (301 KB, 1015x856)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
>while the other writers don't bother with that, even though their events refer to the old ones anyway
Hm, but they mostly do. Hisame's event told people to finish Inori's and U140 right? And Inori's event also had the U140 requirement. Unless we are assuming that all events that put up requirements have the same writer?

And then there is Maeda who just tells you to finish story chapters basically or makes stuff that is completely unrelated to anything. I find it hard to believe that he wrote an event this involved with other event plots on his own.
Though once again I want to remind everyone that most stuff in the game is a collaborative effort unless specified otherwise (like chapter 4.2 where Maeda insisted to write it all on his own). I think every event has co-writers and people trying to keep things coherent.
There's no way this was written by him. I'm pretty sure they just had him do all the music references for Fubuki. So far I agree with >>4103984 and think that there might be 3 writers, but there are probably at least 4

>Maeda (Mainly focused on main story related events. Has a distinct comedy style and sometimes story twists for better or worse)
Summer 1 and 2
Survival Island

I don't want to assume who is who so I'll just call them A and B. If I read summer pockets or whatever key VN Kai wrote I would know, but I haven't.

>Writer A (Very predictable and simple stories. Heavy character shipping. Tries to imitate Maeda's emotional and comedy beats, but you can tell it's not him. Might be in charge of 31C, 31D, and 31X)

>Writer B (Gets to develop the world beyond Writer A. Overall concepts are more involved too, but you can still tell from the emotional beats that it's not Maeda. Might be in charge of 31E, 31F, and the U140 team)

Again it could be 4, because I really doubt writer A could pull off the comedy in Carol's event. Though I think if someone like Maeda had a good bit they could just write that particular part in.
I find it hard to believe that the Niina event was written by the same person as the Ichiko or Muua event. I also don't know why you assume Maeda was not involved with the early events. I thought it was generally accepted he did the Mari and Ichiko events? Mari is a story tie-in which is kind of Maeda's whole thing and feels exactly like chapter 1 in writing style and Ichiko's event is 100% up Maeda's alley with it's family focus. I do think by the time of the Muua event he was too busy with story stuff to have written that (and it was right after his breakdown with the mixed reactions to the Survival event).

Of course any writer can fluctuate in quality depending on themes and ideas (Maeda is a good example), so maybe what feels like different writers are just different levels of investment or ideas in some cases. I know it may seem logical that events that are connected are written by the same person, but that is unlikely to be a reliable rule.

That being said, weren't some events specifically announced to be Kai's? So a few of those can definitely be attributed to him as a main writer.
I was also thinking about the 4-writer setup. So at first it was Maeda + 2 writers, but then they called Kai to write the non-story events that Maeda was supposed to write but didn't. And it's not that Kai had written events before and now got to announce them, they were actually his first events in the game.
Mari event is indeed considered a story event, you get the same prompt for it after completing ch.1 that you get for Ichigo, Kura, and Iroha.
File: GAZY9s0b0AAJhZ1.jpg (1.67 MB, 2146x3035)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
File: GAbY_ctbIAALJtc.png (547 KB, 2000x3000)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
For context: This is for the RukaYui pairing and also implies that it was a key Isuzu made for herself and Ichiko.

Rough Summary:
Ruka: "I need a key for an empty room to confess."
Isuzu: "I have that, but let me recommend this one instead. [A room you can't leave unless you do naughty things with each other]."
Ruka: "I'm not ready for that! It's too early!"
Isuzu: "You are surprisingly restrained."
Weren't she eagerly molesting her in en event literally a few months ago?
The implication here is sex, which is a few steps above groping.
File: GAeY8qUbAAA5don.jpg (1.5 MB, 3508x2480)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
File: GAeP2TdagAAbmaT.jpg (212 KB, 847x1200)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
File: GAfjKk2akAAq7Hl.jpg (381 KB, 1338x1098)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
File: GAQgjPdagAA9oLq.jpg (474 KB, 1200x1500)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
New event. Wow, it was an interesting one. For multiple reasons.

1. It's so short. Wtf. I was reading and there was moment when "wait. ls this day3 already? where day 2 was?".
2. Long Long Spell is so good! The best song since Sayonara no Sokoda and probably like top 3 this year. Behind Afterschool Melody.
3. Quite emotional, there was a moment when I teared up... Also I spoiled myself that not only Mogami encouraged Akari in the hospital, everyone beared it's duty untill all died.>.<
4. Fubuki vs Misato. Holly shit! Okay, that was unexpected and powerfull. The last time when it was Misato-Risa noone even for a second thought that it was more than a joke. But not this time "her life belongs to me". Cocky af. That's the way to shake up the status quo. Bravo, Fubuki! And it's not only her actions made the epilogue so great. Misato also looked wounded. Aaaaah! It's the initial ship that needs to catch up now. So many possibilities:
- Everything forgotten, everyone pretends nothing happened (unlikely)
- Writers use Fubuki-Akari-Misato specifically to NOT progress any of these relationships.
- Misato fights back and she will need something grand to take Akari away from Fubuki.
- Misato fails and the crown of the biggest clown is rightfully belongs to her.
- It's all integrated into the main story and someone dies.
Personally I'm on the MisaAka side. But there are some connecting points that make FubuAka work and very differently than MisaAka: they are both "negative", but when Akari is spineless, Fubuki is strong willed, possesive. IMO though the setting is not...edgy(?) enough to uncover it's full potential. And doesn't work quite well with it.
Bad parts:
1. Fubuki no therapy. It sucks, all the bullshit on the clocktower shouldn't work but okay. I have no complaints about battlefield therapy though.
2. The event doesn't explain why Akari is Akari. What I mean is her overwhelming timidness. I would understand if she developed it because of the survivor's guilt, but she was like that even before. I would understand if she was bullied, but no, all senpais were good.
3. Speaking of "dies". When A-san was in hospital I found myself thinking "ain't no way she dies here, but if it was the main story, I would probably be very worried". On one side death threats in events don't work, because "surely they won't do something so dramatic in events right?". But on the other death also shouldn't be cheap. In fact both Aoi's and Kura's death in story had a buildup, conscequences and purpose. And none of them were treated lightly. Breaking this rule would just devaluate the whole tale.
File: GAaydOpbEAARz6e.jpg (466 KB, 2048x1536)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
>it's short
It's definitely under 3 hours, which is pretty rare for monthly events! I though they would pull a Sharo where Day 3 is just 3 times as long as the other days, but nope.
>Long Long Spell amazing
Interesting. I don't really feel like it is that different from How's Everything last month.
>Fubuki vs. Misato
I would recommend playing Nikaido's new SS memory. It shows to me that Akarin's obssession with Misarin is not going anywhere >>4102953
So most likely this is just a way to make Misarin feel threatened enough to not rest on the status quo, but Akarin's interest is solely on her.
>Fubuki's solution shouldn't work
And it doesn't in the long run. It's just a band aid so Akari can keep going. Her unique mental state does make this kind of thing work for her up to a point, but in the final battle she still gives in to her depression and self-loathing and only snaps out of it after everyone encourages her by writing on her back. In the end it was not Fubuki taking away her agency and making her feel relieved that gave her the push, but rather the feelings of her friends.
>Why is Akari Akari?
Some people are just very timid. Some people are even born with much lower endorphin chemicals and have a hard time feeling joy. People who are basically depressed since childhood.
>if she was bullied
She did think all her senpais except Mogami hated her though. With her depressive worldview that just compounded. That's why the revelation that Mogami's words about everyone loving being true was such a revelation.
>the threat of death in events is an illusion
This is a bit of a silly complaint. There are plenty of stories where you know the good guys won't die and they are still put into tense "life-or-death" situations. Death works as stakes even if you don't believe anyone will actually die. It is used to show how people who don't know everyone will survive will react. In this case A-san's situation was used to show her disregard for her own life and altruism. Similarly it was done so you could see how big hearted Fubuki actually is. Giving her vaccine to A-san and just going into the poison fog unprotected shows how Fubuki's craziness always has a point. But also how little she fears death.
Kai came in because Byakko event feedbacks were so bad Maeda lost the will to write events (he had a meltdown on twitter before deleting his account)
I don't think that's true. Kai was already announced before that. And Maeda turned off his account after the Survival Island event. And there were no such negative feedback in the first place. You will be hard pressed to find any such strong negativity anywhere. No need to make stuff up.
>Byakko event feedbacks were so bad Maeda lost the will to write events (he had a meltdown on twitter before deleting his account)
I really haven't seen as much negativity about it on JP twitter as you would think from his reaction, the reaction to the mermaid one was much worse, while there people were still happy about 4.2. He actively looked for complaints, found some, and then had a meltdown.
Honestly, I think WFS should have been smarter and postponed the damn event so he could experience 4.2 in peace and possibly recover mentally from the NY event, but the desire to shoehorn Aoi alt into the Byakko gacha and make a quick buck in the short term was stronger.
>And Maeda turned off his account after the Survival Island event.
He made an another account after the anniversary, then deleted it again.
It makes no sense to me that he would be so affected by not even negative (lukewarm at worst) event reactions after 4.2 was overwhelmingly praised by JP twitter and still is.
>postponed the damn event
That's a weird way to look at it. It's not like he needed to be the one to write it. And even if that was already taken care of ahead of time, if they postponed it that would just be the same as saying it was shit to them. I don't think that event was bad and neither did the fanbase, so I can't see WFS making such a weird move.
>to shoehorn Aoi in
Which they could have done at literally any time? Maeda wrote her into the event. That has nothing to do with whether she would be in the gacha or not.
>He made an another account after the anniversary
I didn't know about that one. In my opinion someone as mentally fragile as Maeda needs to be locked out of social media for his own good. He is clearly one of those people who will ignore 9 positive reviews and hyper focus on the 1 negative one.
File: F34_wvLbsAAOiaa.jpg (192 KB, 1359x1193)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>Maeda swore off writing monthly events
I guess we all just had a collective hallucination and this year's swimsuit event doesn't exist.
>It's not like he needed to be the one to write it.
He wanted to write it though. It seems that he really thought he had something special with the whole cat idea, he even teased it by saying he had written something "really dangerous" or something like that. Plus it were his beloved 31B and Aoi.
>I didn't know about that one
A lot of people didn't, it looked like a completely random account, but if you go through it, he was talking and posting about all the music stuff like he did on his previous account. I found out about it the same day he nuked it, bookmarked it to read it later, and then it disappeared.
>In my opinion someone as mentally fragile as Maeda needs to be locked out of social media for his own good.
I'm fine with him not using twitter, although I do miss his insights on the new songs and some commentary on the plot he's made, but I really miss his events being more frequent. I really appreciated his attempts to come up with unusual scenarios/setups. The last events are all fine, but they are also getting a bit too "normal" for me.
I think it was more like "regular" events. I don't remember the exact words he used, and I can't check because his account is fucking gone, but he did say something like that before disabling it.
File: GAFQs4qb0AAGoa6.jpg (2.01 MB, 1202x1700)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
>I really appreciated his attempts to come up with unusual scenarios/setups
I can't say most people would agree with the way he handled them. I didn't dislike any of his events (except the AB collab), but the ones from this year all show Maeda's usual problem with losing focus and experimenting with whatever random thing comes to his mind that time. Mermaids, talking cats, time travel... it's all just stuff that is awkwardly shoved into the HBR setting. I think the biggest offender isn't when he goes off the rails though, but when he is forced to write something he truly doesn't care about like the HBR x AB collab. You can feel it in every line that he didn't care about the crossover and just wanted to write that backstory for Irie. A crossover event is usually a slamdunk no-brainer and that's probably why it was boring to him. And to his luck the AB crowd who came in ate it all up and he only got praise that time.

Do the other writers play it a bit safe? Certainly. I think we are slowly getting out of the introduction phase and need a status quo breaker that allows for new directions. If they would just fucking allow the writers to do some openly post chapter 4 events that don't skirt around the developments that would help. I know that all events recently have taken place post chapter 4.1 due to various references, but they avoid actually addressing the PLOT. I want events that incorporate Aegis Tower and the termporary base there, I want more Navi related stuff and I feel that it would be cool if we could get some stuff that goes out of the scope of normal patrol missions and more into deeper territory.
There won't be a squad based chemistry building event that surpasses what the Sharo event did anymore. That was the perfect tight 3 hour package, the ideal of what that kind of event should be. From here on out things have to evolve.
And fuck it, give us some actual romance in events. Side ships will definitely not be solidified in the story parts.
>If they would just fucking allow the writers to do some openly post chapter 4 events that don't skirt around the developments that would help.
They will at some point, this is something that a lot of plot-based gachas go through. You can't keep pandering to the newfags forever without starting to actively hurt your narrative, you just have to say "fuck it" at some point. Because things will continue to pile up, both the setting stuff you listed and the character stuff like awakened Tsukasa, savior Megumi, whatever development the other characters will have in future chapters, and then you have a jenga tower full of holes that would collapse if you look at it even slightly the wrong way. I still really hope they will do a 31C 4.2 event, similar to how the Yuina's event was, that would be a great start for this.
Nobody mentioned it, but it seems that Sharo's VA is also heaving health problems.
I hope she recovers well, losing her voice after all the recent build-up would really hurt the character's momentum.
That's also Yurippe's VA, so this is a double blow for Key. Lots of illnesses going around lately. Aftereffects of covid? Regardless of the vocal work, I just hope they all stay healthy.
>Nikaido's new SS memory
It probably takes place before the event though.
>Some people are just very timid
Well, for the most part events tend to explain why characters act the way they are. For example Sharo's event, Hisame's event... Mari's case is kinda unique because it was Adel's event doing this job. In Akari's case "she just is".
>done so you could see how big hearted Fubuki actually is
And also that she is not in the family.:^)
>There won't be a squad based chemistry building event that surpasses what the Sharo event did anymore.
>And fuck it, give us some actual romance
So much this. Whenever I brought up this topic I always got responses ranging from "you are insane" to "it's a slowburn". I actually like slowburns, but only when I know they will deliver. Like Adashima for example. Oh god is it slow, but even in the early volumes it felt like a proper romance. In HBR case I can't say that.
>for the most part events tend to explain why characters act the way they are
Not every personality or flaw come from a specific pinpointed traumatic experience or upbringing.
>not in the family
She is the unhinged aunt.

There is nothing even close to it right now and most squads had their shot already. Like I said, there isn't really much room for basic chemistry building events anymore. I can maybe see one more shot for 31E and 31F. 30G is too rooted to change much anymore, 31C got two squad building episodes (and Miko is honestly more connected to Kanata's unit now), 31B had two bonding events, 31D had two as well now... and 31X had the ultimate example.
31E is already perfectly cohesive, but due to their family dynamic, everything that changes the status quo for one of them changes the chemistry for all of them strongly.
31F didn't get a proper squad bonding event honestly. It's always just KanaYana and Inori in the limelight... and Shiki got some engagement at least. There is still fertile ground here to properly build their unit cohesion.
>proper romance
I do agree that HBR is intentionally slowburn too. It's just that nearly 2 years in they can allow themselves some progress for side-couples at least. 31A is guranteed to get somewhere with their steady development, but side-couples are still too inconsistent. The best thing I can say about it is that they have been investing in many ships lately compared to the draught of last year. AkaMisa, A-mari, YanaShiki and IsuIchi are all getting serious fuel both in events and SS episodes. In fact AkaMisa feels as close to canon as 31A pairings to me now. Once the squad ships two members it's basically set in stone.
File: GAlDk9HawAADILT.jpg (927 KB, 1219x1205)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
>31F didn't get a proper squad bonding event honestly
Funnily enough, this can easily continue with their future events. I can totally see Matsuoka's event being the continuation of the movie squad storyline. And if you really want to play into Maki's delinquent side properly, you'll probably need some off-squad support characters for her event, like how her first bond event with Megumi was. Well, you can basically just reuse the movie squad with Megumi, Ichigo, and Maria for that too, I guess.
Anniv events aren't monthly events.
Just like he's writing next event because it's not technically one.
That's a retarded made up distinction. Story fragments can MAYBE be differentiated due to their special status, but they are still listed with the other monthly events. And there has only been one until now anyway so it's not strongly explored.
But anniversary events? The AB thing was the only one with special status. Don't bullshit about the rest. Both swimsuit events are no different from any other monthly event.

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