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>Guideline 1/76, "On the Development and Handling of Operational Cases"

>The German word Zersetzung can be variously translated into English as corrosion, decomposition, breakdown, disintegration, annihilation, demoralization, undermining, or subversion. Zersetzung measures were aimed at opposition groups or individuals and used psychological manipulation on an individual or group basis in an effort to influence attitudes and convictions, with the ultimate aim of limiting or eliminating the effectiveness of dissidents. Guideline 1/76 lists a range of specific methods for "corroding" a target: discrediting his or her public image; orchestrating professional failures or problems in his or her social sphere; undermining convictions and sowing doubts about his or her personal perspectives; setting up personal rivalries and mutual suspicions in groups; assigning a remote job; circulating compromising photos, letters, telegrams or similar material; spreading malicious rumors (...) All of these measures were conducted covertly so as to keep State Security off the map, unlike its intentional displays of power. These undercover activities could be combined with official measures, however, if it meant the difference between success and failure - temporary arrests, interrogations, and warnings, as well as psychological terror in the form of violence or threats.

>-The History of the Stasi
>Cell Phone Stalking
Using a target's cellphone to track and monitor them. The microphone and video cameras on cellphones can be used to monitor targets. Even when the phone is off, the microphone can be used to listen into conversation. The camera can be used to view activity in the room. Cellphones can also be used in conjunction with software/AI to locate the target within a few feet.

>Directed Conversations
These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in public relating to the target and their personal situations. Eg. They will repeat things a target said in their home, or on the phone. They will let drop very personal details into the conversation, that could only be related to the target.

Predatory Gangstalking employs a tactic of synchronicity. This tactic involves the precise timing of interactions with the targeted individual. For example, the target can go out to get the morning newspaper and encounter gangstalking activities that suddenly appear and which are precisely synchronized. Throughout the targeted individual's day, these synchronized encounters repeatedly occur. Activities such as leaving one's driveway, taking out the trash, going to a store, or even walking the dog, are activities which result in an encounter with one or more Predatory Gangstalkers. Even when a target strategically does not follow any set routine, these synchronized occurrences continue.
I have been targeted for four and a half years now. At the start of being stalked, I believe I probably was being driven a bit crazy by these gangstalkers. Their torment was ongoing, all day every day. You imagine how you would feel? I was being followed every single place I went to. I was being intimidated and harassed. My handlers tried time and time again to get men to honeytrap me. It got that every time I was out on the street, I had automatic distrust of any man who dare to even ask me the time. I would be lying in bed of a night and I’d have vehicle headlights shine into my bedroom window by these gangstalkers. It seemed that I couldn’t even get any peace even if I was in bed. The intimidation was bad too, I used to get followed by men wearing hoodies and baseball caps, riding on both motorbikes and in dark high-end vehicles. Some of the men in the cars would slide their window down and shout obscenities at me. It was not just scary but pretty humiliating for me too. (...) I hope and pray one day that justice will prevail but I am not going to hold my breath on that one. Five years it will be this Christmas I have being gangstalkers for, today I think differently, I know I am the victim of a terrible injustice. Here I stand and completely alone, against a large gang of men and women who are intimidating, harassing me, lying about me and gangstalking me. Yet they still cannot defeat me, they wanted to see me dead, didn’t care whether they drive me to it or I do it myself, they weren’t fussy, probably still not either. But I am here, very much here and will fight them all till the death if I have to. I guarantee you now that these evil bullies will never win.
-Excerpt from a comment by a victim of gangstalking
>Civil engineer, educator, activist, researcher and investigator Helena Csorba recently very tragically passed away at age 72 on March 10, 2022 as a consequence of being extremely harmed by microwave weapon assaults in her hometown of Etna borough in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania intensified in recent times and experienced for several decades. Discerning, matter-of-fact, and intelligent, Helena made several FOIA requests over the years of her local police department to find out what kind of law enforcement technology they were using and what kind of funds were sent their way on COPS, CVE and other community policing funding. Intensive research turned up information on Through-wall-surveillance-radar devices being used by police, a kind of pulsed radar device used in many different industries including for RF ablation of cell tissues by surgeons. These radio frequency devices are now being used in neighborhoods to target and attack people through walls in their own homes, as surveillance devices which track, lock on, pulse, vibrate, and burn people, she reports, with police involvement or oversight, in ways that are extremely violative of all laws and human rights, causing extreme pain and harm. “It is heinous,” she says, “and should be stopped.” Helena also reports they are being used as weapons of vendetta and revenge by police and government parties and private-party criminals to hurt, damage, and destroy select people. What Helena reports is being reported by thousands all over the USA and world, evidence of both abuse and overreach by police as well as by military and intelligence factions which are operating covertly in neighborhoods, using people targeted by police and FBI for their own purposes of unlawful non-consensual experimentation.
>Another gangstalking victim's story-

Seven years ago we moved to a rural property to learn how to become more self-sufficient and build a custom home our dream home by ourselves with our own two hands and try to become debt free. It felt right to document the journey and our hopes was that maybe we could do so in a way that would inspire other people to take action in their own lives.

Our channel shared a wholesome and positive story and rapidly grew. During the course of our home building projects as we were working on our home and our property busily, there were problems brewing underneath the surface. At first we experienced the typical mean comments, which are usually pretty benign and every creator deals with, and basic moderation tools take care of this. At some point a small but very cancerous group of people started watching our Channel and using the comments section of our latest videos to recruit viewers off of YouTube to their own private group using a story like we’re fake, we don’t live in our own house, our child died, we died, we sold our property, with a little Google research I was able to find their place now for sale, there was a rumor that they didn’t even live at their house, those types of things, and the only limit is your imagination.

These were the kinds of stories they came up with, and their own groups were a private place where they could control the narrative unmoderated. While we were actually busy building our property, our home, and creating, these people have seemingly bottomless time to stir up negativity. They did this across numerous platforms, trying to stalk us and harass us. At first digitally, next they began digging through all available public records.
Let me read to you a few things that they started digging for, they started digging through our internet history, public records, family history, employment history, past friends, business associates, criminal records, family criminal records, and any other publicly available piece of information that they could find about us. And as if that’s not really creepy enough, then they took the time and energy to compile all of that information into a mega document that people could download and read pretty much our entire life story whether we wanted it shared or not.

This group of people escalated and they started trying to coordinate attacks on our channel, such as stealing and trying to monetize our content, (...) mocking us as people and they created look-alike accounts on numerous platforms impersonating us, trying to trick naive people into thinking that we’re engaged in some really nasty and questionable behavior. They were actively recruiting across numerous channels, numerous platforms, trying to get people to join their digital crusade.

The problem with nefarious people when there’s no consequences is they tend to get more bold and they escalate their behavior, especially when there’s neurotic people who are either coordinating or egging them on, but eventually the group activity could no longer just be constrained to the Internet, it had to move to real life. People suggested getting together to fly drones over our house, we received death threats, people were following us in real time to see where we go and what our activities are, family members were contacted to see if anyone would out us for being the frauds that we are, (...) next they started working very hard to make sure as many people as possible know exactly where we live even though we never made that information public. They placed a Google pin on our house so that anybody with normal curiosity could find out the exact location of our home.
>Microwave Weapons

The targets of nonlethal microwave weapons fit a common profile similar to the targets of previous illegal government programs. People with a history of political activism and whistleblowers (people who have reported criminal activity in powerful government agencies and corporations) are used as human guinea pigs in terminal experiments that are designed to force a suicide, incarceration, and eventual death from the effects of non-ionizing radiation. Political activists and whistleblowers are struggling to make a better world, and this has landed them on a hit list. Torturing a target into committing suicide using extremely low frequency (ELF) nonlethal microwave weapons is perfectly deniable because individuals are tormented invisibly. These assassinations are accomplished with technology that leaves no obvious injuries. There is no physical evidence, no traces of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons residue, and no bullet fragments. The [perpetrators] have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes.

These people who are being tormented have been portrayed as criminals. However, the opposite is the case. The targets of torture and intimidation and destruction are the good guys. This tracking game relies on attacks using microwave weapons as well as organized stalking to make the life of the target a living hell to where they eventually succumb physically and die from the effects of non-ionizing radiation or, due to the extensive and never-ending torture, they are forced to commit suicide.
The target experiences physical attacks on their body. Microwave weapons are placed in close proximity to where they live and where they work and are even placed in their cars if necessary. These miniaturized electronic devices, in essence antennas, are capable of tracking and attacking the target with microwave frequencies that can deliver shocks, stabs, or sub-dermal burns to their physical bodies in a continuous manner. Or perhaps every few minutes their body experiences internal heating and burns, sleep disruption, or sleep deprivation as a primary tactic to slowly break them down. These types of physical attacks are complimented with attacks on the mind of the subject.
>Millimeter Wave Devices

Millimeter wave is the same frequency used by airport scanners to see beyond clothes to the naked body. This frequency has the same capability when directed towards the walls surrounding homes. It enables a view inside the home where movements and activities of the people inside can be observed.

>Ultrasonic and Infrasonic Weapons

Physically harming people in a hands-off manner, using infrasound and ultrasound has been closely studied by the UK and US military, from the 1960s onward, with purported intent to produce disorientation and confusion in rioters and protesters, protect facilities, induce stress and compliance in prisoners under interrogation, induce vomiting, nausea, and defecation, and so on. Extremely low frequencies have been found to have seriously harmful effects to the human body, affecting all organs; they have been the subject of serious military study for a very long time.
>Smartphone Apps
Several apps for mobiles and pcs exist in the UK that allow subscribers to add intel and photos of anyone deemed to be a ”nuisance.” These apps' message boards allow all members with app on their phone to post any info on anyone and to monitor anyone. The apps are intended for monitoring suspected criminals, real criminals, an ex-criminal, or a community nuisance such as an aggressive beggar.

Intel on the person, such as a photo or video, last location person was seen, where the person frequents or lives and what they have supposed to have done wrong can be added to these apps by not just the police but by ordinary citizens and shop keepers, publicans, taxi drivers, ect and a notification goes out to ALL the people who have one of these apps on their phones or their PCs.

The apps also contain and message boards for the purpose of mass communication of these alleged nuisance members of society. I say alleged because these apps operate under common law and as such any one can be added as an ”undesirable,” the person does not have to have committed any crime at all.

Names of some of the apps:
Pubwatch, Shopwatch, Townwatch, Farmwatch, Neigbourhood Watch, Community Watch, NextDoor
Stalking by corrupt cops, spies, and corporate security goons is psychological terrorism combined with a systematic effort to destroy the victims financially and socially. Administering severe extrajudicial punishment is not only unethical, it’s illegal under both federal and state law. It clearly violates, for example, the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unwarranted searches, the Sixth Amendment which says punishment should be preceded by a trial, and the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits “cruel and unusual punishments.” Such operations also violate similar laws in state constitutions. In addition, “stalking” is specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.
Gangstalkers are usually unemployed people, who have plenty of time on their hands to commit such acts and follow people around at all times of day and night.
Is this board speeding up, or is it just me?
>This person's harassment began 24 years ago-

I am not a criminal, I am not a terrorist. I have not been charged with a crime, nor am I connected to anyone who is, to my knowledge. There are covert crimes being committed against innocent and virtually defenseless American citizens and citizens of other countries as well. I am one of these persons.


• Twenty-four-hour-seven-day-a-week surveillance, including the so called home I live in. I live in an ELECTRONIC-CONCENTRATION-CAMP.
• Feedback from that surveillance. This constitutes a wide variety of ways of letting me know I am being watched. Anything I do (in my home) is subject to feedback.
• (Vehicle Tracking)
• Followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted everywhere I go, including nine states.
• Residence and car illegally entered and items moved, marked, broken or stolen. The perps had keys. I now have a sophisticated surveillance and alarm system in the residence and use combination padlocks for the car.
• (Land-line) phone at residence tapped.
• Cell-Phone hacked into.
• Outgoing and incoming mail tampered with.
• Email and Internet interference.
• Harassing phone calls.
• Vehicle-Tampering: Water removed from the radiator, gas removed from the gas tank, bulbs removed, tires slashed, scratches and various other things. [I now have a locking gas cap and lock the car with combination pad-locks]
• Directed-Conversation: [a type of feedback] This is where people talk about your personal business [knowledge gained through covert criminal surveillance] out loud in public places around you, like grocery stores, gas stations or anywhere else.
• Street-Theater

There is no place I can go and nothing I can do where I am not followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted. I have gone to the Police and they have been no help what-so-ever... The police will do everything in their power to try to discredit the victim and try to provide evidence that the target is mentally ill.

The government does not recognize ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations and related technologies because THEY PERPETRATE IT AND PROTECT OTHERS THAT PERPETRATE IT.


As stated earlier in this statement/report many target/victims are being hit harder than I am. Many are being assaulted with Directed-Energy-Weapons [DEW]. Right now I don't believe I am, but it is possible I'm being hit with some form of microwave or RFR [Radio-Frequency-Radiation] waves. All parts of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM WHICH HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED.

All this cowardly, deceit based criminality is being done covertly/remotely. It is all done behind the target/victims back, when they are not there or from a distance. If the target/victim complains to the appropriate authorities they are likely to be labeled "mentally-ill", or worse, thus giving the target/victim no recourse [credibility], and making the situation that much worse. The formula is basically the same for ALL target/victims.

The target/victim can be harassed, abused, assaulted, and even killed in ways that are only limited by the imagination and technology... and there is virtually nothing the target/victim can do about it.

All this is nothing short of what went on in Nazi Germany before and during World War Two. Or Stalin's Soviet Union or other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes. Only in the year 2010 it can be done much more effectively because of advancements in technology.

Something has to be done about it, people need to be informed about what is going on and it must be stopped. Innocent Americans are being tortured to death in their own homes and country. I believe the vast majority of Americans do not know this is happening. It can and will be done to you or a loved one if something is not done to stop it now.
>“All have mental questions to even join in the first place. To be so corrupt… so criminally insane, mentally insane… to gangstalk the helpless… to murder the helpless… to teach their children to hate the "profane," you and I, the non-Masons… to worship not 1 but 3 evil gods… to join something and swear to, not having NO idea what you have sworn to… pure insanity !!!… to enjoy little boys and girls… even their own children… and their mothers… themselves in the rituals.” - Jim Shaw
Many gangstalkers become angry because their TIs know who they are, take photos of them, record their actions, and license plates… some become violent if evidence is gathered about their illegal actions.
The motivations of predatory gangstalkers are not known but are influenced by various factors. These include narcissistic tendencies, a cluster B personality disorder, and a sense of inferiority complex.
This person offers a psychological and spiritual perspective on the phenomena-

>How do you know if you are being gangstalked?

… you will begin to notice first through, your own inner compass, known as intuition. A Narcassist Stalker, hates anyone who is wiser, smarter, faster, keener, or mentally stronger then he or she is.. An intuitive person is a huge threat to A Narc, who needs an army of haters to go after you because he is too weak to deal one on one with, you alone.

Gangstalkers end up completely destroying their own self identities and a demonic spirit enters these people and sadly, they are never the same again. It's the devil's work! The only one, usually left standing is the target. A group that did not realize they signed over their souls ...

Observe but don't become absorbed by these lost children of the beast. Just keep on moving forward. While they all die a little inside, knowing they did wrong. It only tainted their souls and not yours.
Narcissistic personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior characterized by self-centeredness, lack of empathy, and an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

The disorder causes significant impairments in personality in terms of functioning and is accompanied by several other pathological personality traits. As with other personality disorders, this condition negatively impacts life in various areas, including social, family, and work relationships.

Five common signs of narcissism include an inflated sense of self, a constant need for attention, self-centeredness, lack of empathy, and preoccupation with power and success.


• Belief that one is unique or special and should only associate with other people of the same status
• Constant need for attention, affirmation, and praise
• Exaggerated sense of one's own abilities and achievements
• Exploiting other people for personal gain
• Feeling envious of others, or believing that others are envious of them
• Lack of empathy for others
• Persistent fantasies about attaining success and power
• Preoccupation with power or success
• Sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment

People with narcissistic personality disorder are typically described as arrogant, conceited, self-centered, and haughty. Because they imagine themselves as superior to others, they often insist on possessing items that reflect a successful lifestyle.

Despite this exaggerated self-image, they are reliant on constant praise and attention to reinforce their self-esteem. As a result, those with narcissistic personality disorder are usually very sensitive to criticism, which is often viewed as a personal attack.

Learn to recognize narcissistic behaviors. People with NPD may engage in abusive actions such as gaslighting that are meant to manipulate other people's feelings and actions.
>Cluster B: Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD is a mental illness that severely impacts a person’s ability to manage their emotions. This loss of emotional control can increase impulsivity, affect how a person feels about themselves, and negatively impact their relationships with others. Effective treatments are available that can help people manage the symptoms of BPD.


• Self-indulgent or self-dramatizing behavior
• Narcissistic personality
• Intolerant of criticism, callous or demanding
• Irritable, envious or emotionally shallow behaviors
• Fear of Abandonment
• A pattern of intense and unstable relationships with family, friends, and loved ones
• A distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self
• Impulsive and often dangerous behaviors, such as spending sprees, unsafe sex, substance misuse, reckless driving, and binge eating
• Self-harming behavior, such as cutting
• Recurring thoughts of suicidal behaviors or threats
• Intense and highly variable moods, with episodes lasting from a few hours to a few days
• Chronic feelings of emptiness
• Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger
• Feelings of dissociation, such as feeling cut off from oneself, observing oneself from outside one’s body, or feelings of unreality

People with BPD may experience intense mood swings and feel uncertainty about how they see themselves. Their feelings for others can change quickly, and swing from extreme closeness to extreme dislike. These changing feelings can lead to unstable relationships and emotional pain.

People with BPD also tend to view things in extremes, such as all good or all bad. Their interests and values can change quickly, and they may act impulsively or recklessly.

People with borderline personality disorder have a significantly higher rate of self-harming and suicidal behavior than the general population.
>Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex is characterized by constant feelings of inadequacy or insecurity in a person's daily life due to a belief that they are physically or mentally inferior to others, whether such a belief is based on a rational assessment or not.


• Fear of Making Mistakes
• Seeking Attention
• Extreme Sensitivity
• Lack of Sportsmanship
• Belittling Others Achievements
• Demeaning and Blaming Others
• Social Withdrawal

There are two types of response to an inferiority complex: Either the sufferer becomes so withdrawn that they rarely interact with others, or they overcompensate by becoming excessively competitive in an effort to prove they are not inferior. The second form can also sometimes develop into a superiority complex.

People with this disorder experience a sense of inferiority that is overwhelming or detrimental to their everyday functioning.

A person with an inferiority complex is more likely to take risks, abuse drugs and alcohol, and behave aggressively. Those affected are also more likely to experience other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

The primary inferiority complex symptom, though, is low self-esteem, to the extent that some psychologists use these terms synonymously. Negative self-image can lead those with inferiority complexes to become socially distant because they feel like they can’t compare to their peers. It may also lead to a feeling of frustration or hopelessness when it comes to accomplishing goals, or a sense that even if goals are accomplished, that isn’t enough.
Gangstalking is aimed at achieving one or all of the following:
1. induced suicide
2. financial devastation
3. homelessness
4. imprisonment
5. institutionalization in psyche wards
>“Gang Stalkers” HATE cameras!
You have to have proof. Video everything they do and keep evidence of any way you are being harmed. Do not walk out your door without having your camera on and recording. Turn it off and on frequently so you have small clips of what is going on and so you won’t have long video of nothing happening. Have a list of license numbers, pictures, video and names of people involved in stalking you.
>Here's another victim's story-
I have gone through a tremendous amount of gang stalking over the past 10 years. Law enforcement has refused to cooperate or investigate. My house, vehicle and office have been broken into at least once and some like my office 4 - 5 times. My life has been attempted to be taken on a couple of occasions due to drugging and poisoning. The goal of gang stalking is to either kill you, suicide or try to ID you as mentally incapacitated. The stalking aspect is constant especially while driving and not mention phone and computer tapping. I have no misdemeanor nor felonies. I’ve had to move my office to my farm to remove myself from the harassment. If anyone says gang stalking is not real, they either not educated on it or probably involved. When law enforcement does not step in and does not investigate office break ins, home invasions, etc … what other resources do you have? If you’re not familiar with it, you would be absolutely in disbelief what they will do and what law enforcement looks over, which in my opinion makes them as guilty as the gang stalkers and law enforcement is supposed to take an oath and uphold the law while gang stalkers try everything they can to agitate you. I have learned their techniques which are all felonies, but essentially they try to agitate you everyday 24/7. So, why does law enforcement not stop it or do anything?
>This person has a very good understanding of what they're really like
The first thing you need to remember is that almost all of these gangstalkers are mentally very weak and they are comfortable operating in groups only. They are too weak to operate individually. Secondly, they are actually very very stupid. Their observational powers are below average and they can follow you for few years and still know nothing about you. Most of them are not very educated and they are generally not very confident people. The money involved in this is not much, so you won't find many successful people in this field.

One more thing, never be fooled by appearances. They employ people of all kinds from child to 80 year old grandmother. So if you think there is no way such an old lady or old man could be a part of this think twice. They use people of all age groups and all nationalities. Basically, anyone who doesn't have enough money and had been a failure in his life will join.
Organized stalking or gangstalking is a very real crime and could easily happen to anyone. Harassment charges can range from misdemeanor to high level felony charges.
It's not a crime when the government pays for it.
In most cases, a misdemeanor is punishable by a penalty, fines, or a period of imprisonment carried out outside of a prison environment. Felonies are serious crimes that carry potential sentences ranging anywhere from a year to several years in a prison environment.
Photographing in public places is a constitutionally protected right.

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