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I know there have always been cheaters in the game, but nowadays I encounter one every three games, and it's impossible to play the game. The worst part about it is that after the match against me, they will keep playing because they know that VAC won't do anything about it. The player in the screenshot, for example, has a 3-year-old account and started cheating after only 2 rounds. He probably has been cheating for years, but there's nothing I can do about it. I don't know if the reports send go directly to a shredder machine or what.
why are you blocking their name my mexican friend
Because I wasn't posting this for people to go against him, this is more like a general problem
>I don't know if the reports send go directly to a shredder machine or what
it wasn't obvious then probably. I've been using my exploits for 2 years on my main and the past 4 months on faceit, I've yet to be banned thanks to not playing like a dumbass
It's pointless to expect fair play or fun in modern gaming.

Everyone in Premier/Ranked matches are basically HVH

I'm shifting back to single player games and just go on multiplayer to dick around. It's pointless to treat it like some kind of skill you get good at this environment
i played a game of arms race earlier today, first game i've played of cs in a week

there was a russian hacker prefiring around corners, won the match with like 3x the score as anyone else

didn't understand why the fuck anyone is hacking in arms race but apparently there was a "ban wave" today and you need to reach rank 10 to play competitive/premiere so i guess hackers just blatantly hack in casual modes to get their rank up as quickly as possible? what a shit game
To be fair every competitive FPS has hacking problems nowadays. Not just CS
true but CS2 seems very uniquely bad, I mean CSGO always had a hacking issue but CS2 has me at the point where i'm not even willing to give the game/players benefit of the doubt anymore, i'm just not interested in wondering whether or not the player is actually good, they got lucky or they're cheating.

hunt showdown is probably the only modern FPS i've played where I don't think i've been killed by a hacker, apparently 6 stars has plenty but highest I've been is 5.
I think a big part of the cheating being out of control in CS2 is because Valve has been working on some AI based anticheat for a while. To get anything AI related to work you need huge data sets.

So letting cheating run rampant and collecting as much data as possible on what types of cheats are detected makes sense on a strategic standpoint. Also planting cheat commands like that wall hack that got retards banned on faceit is another nice trick to collect data and flagging players.

I suspect they will roll out the anticheat with the next operation and we will see a huge ban wave around the release date. That's my guess though, CS2 is a huge cash cow for them and they confirmed at the major in copenhagen that the anticheat is their priority right now.

Only thing people should expect is a more invasive anticheat, like the one in Valorant and faceit. I think they will say fuck privacy and force this type of anticheat on their players in the future considering the source SDK basically is a factory for cheats for any dev with decent IQ.
File: 1688968843678180.jpg (1.04 MB, 2485x2774)
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>I think
>4 man from mexico on my team in premiere
>they are too stupid to ban the enemy team's best map for some reason
>we obviously lose
>they report me
>2 day cooldown
what the fuck , uninstalled.
Big sad but Big true. This has become my stance as well. My dream was to go pro too but had to swallow that black pill.
Reminder that cheaters always have the advantage against anti-cheat programs. It's not like Valve can just push a big button that says "Stop cheaters". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgkgsgaBBCA And just remember, whatever super big brain idea you have either will not work, or can actually be used by the botters/cheaters to get rid of legitimate players.
File: GL7VxPLX0AArnQY.jpg (107 KB, 714x695)
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107 KB JPG
>be me
>play wargame lobby
>russian pre-team blatantly maphacks to arty our cvs on a large map
>call them faggot niggers
>get banned for 3 months

this is literally all online gaming now
>youtube being spammed wtih valve banning cheaters shill videos
>every other premier lobby has at least one sussy fag in it

it would probably take less than a minute of some valve employee spectating a match to ban the obvious ones but who cares just keep buying keys guys!!!!
>not playing the absolute superior 1.6 with eastern euros and getting rekt every round.

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