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So, I was browsing The Retro Junk forums and found a thread about some arcade game called "Space Defender" which was seemingly released in the Sacramento County area back in 1983 but disappeared in early 1984. I looked up the game and did a little research and found no information about any arcade game called Space Defender. The accounts seem to be long dead and no longer in use. The game was a vector-graphics game and like tempest or Battlezone and was seemingly only released in Sacramento, Davis and Roseville.
I've looked into this and found nothing so maybe someone here can find anything about this game.
I posted this on /V/ and they told me to go post it here so I'm posting it here to find anything about this weird game.
I'll let you go from here worms.

Link To The Retro Junk Forum.
i think garcade over in southeast wisconsin had that a few years ago, not sure if they still have it or if it was just there being repaired
but i thought it was one of those colored cellophane filter games, the description doesn't mention that, but maybe i'm remembering it wrong too

looking at the most recent google maps walkthrough of the building, it's not in the spot just to the right side of the counter where the cab i'm thinking about was

also they don't have the warlords machine there anymore, that SUCKS i don't wanna have to go down to galloping ghost to play warlords
Nice, did you happen to play it ?
it had a demo screen running but it wasn't repaired yet, the owner of the establishment repairs machines too so he was working on it during the slow hours and just having it running otherwise
a lot of his machines are leased(?) from local collectors, but he was talking up how rare it was so i'm kind of surprised to not see it in the walkthrough cause it sure sounded like he was proud of it and i'd assume he actually owned it, but maybe it was just borrowed for a while for the repair, or maybe he couldn't get it fixed? mystery

i could also be mistakenly identifying it though, but i'm pretty sure it was one of those vector games with the cellophane color filters
Could be the game as there's no mention of if it was color or not but the thread said it had graphics like Battlezone.
Welp, I going to bed so keep the thread alive for the morning.
You're talking about Omega Race
And you're talking about a game that doesn't exist, just like every other time you've made this thread for the past year.
This is a troll thread.
For what it's worth I've always imagined there are probably at least a few dozen "lost" games, games nobody has ever documented or posted about. Between flash-in-the-pan manufacturers and bootleggers during the initial arcade boom, there's gotta be plenty of stuff that nobody has documented or cares about
Uh ?
Let me explain. This is a thread OP makes once every couple of weeks. If you look at the Retro Junk link he posted, it's from 11 months ago when he first started. Most likely, he's trying to pull a Polybius and plant the seeds that Space Defender exists so people will go on a wild goose chase trying to find it.
bumping to keep this alive
Yeah, probably a nice handful of actual in arcade, arcade machines with hundreds made, and who knows how many local bong coders programmed games for arcade cabs. Dizzy the arcade game, kek.

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