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File: Mister Clone.png (266 KB, 1600x1200)
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Concept of the ideal FPGA retro console

Multi Out SNES video output for connecting via RGB and VGA to CRT TV and monitors with stereo sound instead of the ugly industrial metallic D-sub connector.
C-Sync 9 pin for RGB
H/V-Sync 7 and 8 pins for VGA
All TV connection ports face backwards
The ports of the original gamepads are facing forward, so you can make them interchangeable SNES/PS1/GENESIS.
No stupid modularity with a bunch of connectors sticking out in different directions, which are inconvenient to use and increase the final price.
File: MultiOut VGA.png (14 KB, 705x583)
14 KB
USB-C with 3 in 1 Power/Video/DATA
Think I'll just keep playing on real hardware thanks
Still uses a Cyclone V so has to use shared SDRAM, meaning the emulated PS1 GPU can’t run at the correct speed or have the remaining bugs fixed.

Just buy a DE-10 and stick it inside a mini-itx case if its the wiring that bothers you that much.
>emulated PS1 GPU
Retard, OP talks about a SNES fpga clone.
>proprietary connector instead of a standard AV output using a dsub or din port
Unironically kys you're self
“Concept of the ideal FPGA retro console”
It's not about the FPGA. This can be any FPGA chip. At the moment, Cyclone V has the most kernel support. The concept is intended to show how the connectors should be located, and not what the FPGA chip should be like. In terms of the location of the connectors, it is ideally convenient to use and create a housing.

mini-itx is too huge, heavy and therefore inconvenient to use and there will be a lot of empty space with a bunch of wires, this is complete nonsense. Why make an incomprehensible something with a bunch of wires inside, instead of one compact board. The essence of the concept is not how to quickly assemble an FPGA PS on DE-10. The goal is to give designers an understanding of what most retrogamers actually need. This should be a board as similar as possible to a regular classic console, with the correct convenient arrangement of ports. It should not be the size of a PC, especially since
mini-itx is not too smaller than conventional system units.

I gave up on system units a long time ago in favor of a mini PC on an APU, and I don’t want to have any experience with any system units at all; anything larger than these mini PCs, I’ve had enough of it, and people in the future, I’m sure, will also prefer mini PCs, especially that in 25 there will be an explosion in the popularity of mini PCs with AMD APU Strix Point and LPCAMM2 RAM.
>This can be any FPGA chip.

No it can’t, you need enough LE’s to run the cores and an embedded ARM chip to handle stuff like loading ROMs and controller USB.
File: 138K.png (258 KB, 1600x1200)
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258 KB PNG
Nice joke, dude. Any FPGA chip that is no worse than Cyclone V. And it is desirable that it is not more expensive, but preferably cheaper, for example Sipeed Tang 138K or something else. But that’s not the point, the point is the board design and convenience. It is beautiful, comfortable, minimalistic and at the same time it has everything you need. Most will use USB-C for connection or HDMI or RGB CRT, VGA will be used by a minority, but this option is gracefully retained.
Cool, enjoy your little school project bro, I look forward to never hearing about it again.
Life doesn't revolve around you, you fat-assed piece of shit. You can get the fuck out of here and turn your screwdrivers in mini-itx.
>itt: the save sega schizo just discovered mister
lmfao. You've clearly never even used the current solutions you're crying about and are clueless about the usability you claim to be fixing. I'd tell you to stop, but your cringe is just too funny.

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