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I'm having a shitty week and I can't talk about Castlevania on /v/ since there are too much doomposters and those two /tv/ and /co/ tourists one of which LARPs as oldfag. Can we have a good Castlevania thread?
Only if you delete your thread and start it normally instead of being a faggot that treads /vr/ like a second choice
You're a Circle of the Moon fan, aren't you? Only a Circle of the Moon fan would make a thread whining.
Recently beat Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood. I finally moved on to Symphony of the Night and I can't get over how easy this game is in comparison.
I’ve been playing the classics a lot lately. Finished the Syphia route of CV3 for the first time, which was by far the most painful of all the routes Ive ever played. I beat the Gameboy game (the first one) and tried to slog through Dracula X, which I used to like but am now realizing everybody was right about it. Jumped back into CV3 to attempt a Trevor-only run, the only ending I didn’t get yet

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