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Its a nice if hot day outside. What are you guys playing today?
File: Wahoo.webm (3.98 MB, 762x400)
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Super Mario Star Road
Alien Resurrection (PSX)

I'm sorry I ever said/thought bad things about this game, it kicks ass
Just starting FFIV Advance for the first time after finishing FFI & II (the latter of which is still pretty bleurgh). Barely 10C here in Aberdeen lol, no different from March/April
I built a seimitsu stick to play stgs on mame. It's way harder than using a pad stick but I'm having fun.
File: 1695847093413625.png (1 MB, 1142x1008)
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it's also my birthday. replaying chrono trigger because i never got all the new game plus endings and i just reached my favorite part. aside from that, i finished with the main part of super mario bros 2 lost levels earlier today and took a fire flower from 8-4 all the way to a-3 and that was really cool. i mean world 9 was a breather world but still after getting my ass kicked over and over would've expected to choke sooner what with not knowing the levels.
Just finished donkey kong country, now I'm playing dragon quest 3
File: file.png (858 B, 39x44)
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I was playing Chapter 6 of Paper Mario. I really overthought the Berries and tried cooking them into all kinds of recipes before I realized the obvious. And fuck these little cunts.
File: Aliens.png (3 KB, 248x224)
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I just saved saved the Zoo in MOTHER 1, off to help out in lands yet unseen eastward.
Been playing kirby's dream land 3 and it is okay
File: Store.png (370 KB, 640x480)
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Will continue Baldur's Gate which I started a few days ago. This game is really cool.
I'm also playing Mega Man on NES. I dont know if i'm determined enough to try and finish it, but want to play a good chunk since it's really good, but also quite difficult.

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