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File: Legend_of_Zelda_NES.png (4 KB, 256x224)
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I constantly see threads where people shit on this game, and I have no idea why. To me, this is the pinnacle of a real adventure. It represents everything that this genre should be -- mysterious, cryptic, difficult, but never unfair. You are dropped into a world and you have only your own intuition to guide you. There's nothing telling you where to go, because there's no "right" way, you choose your own method for progression. That is the brilliance of Zelda 1, and it's something that no other game in this series has managed to capture. Outside of playing it a few times on my brother's NES as a kid, I didn't get a chance to properly appreciate this game until recently, and I still recognize how fantastic it is.

When I play something like Ocarina, it feela so mundane and boring. It was fun as a kid when you retarded and just had fun dicking around, but as an adultz the game feels like a joke. The world is small and claustrophobic, you never have any sense of tension or danger, you never have to ration your supplies and make smart use of resources, you never have to wonder where to go, you never even experience the thrill of finding something mysterious or cool because the only thing you ever find are fucking rupees that do next to nothing. I mean damn, is this what people really consoder good game design? I just don't get it. Playing Zelda 1 always feels freah because of the limitless possibilities for how to progress, the hundreds of secrets, and the tense combat.

The game isn't perfect, but it's easily the best adventure game ever made, and the only one in the Zelda series to adequately capture the essence of what it means to go on a long quest in a dangerous medieval world.
Neutopia 2 did it better.
I just can't take pre-Bowsette Nintendo seriously.
this is the most cancerous meme in recent memory
based and redpilled
>it's a "some random faggot champions his literally who game to feel like he has superior taste" episode
>I constantly see threads where people shit on this game
Maybe on /v/, but definitely not on /vr/. Sometimes an idiot spends five minutes in the game, his ADHD plays up, he makes a thread on /vr/, gets quickly shat at and leaves, and that's the extent of it. The game is great, not even remotely as cryptic as ADHD kids claim, and it's very much obvious why it is so important and influential.
Oh this game. I have a lot to say about this game.

> Game design
It's a mix. You have subtle hints such as the old man but some of these are fucking obtuse.

"Master Using it and you can have this" okay master the sword? So I assume you need to hit things or defeat monsters right? No. You need to kill bosses sort of vague but whatever.

"Secret power is said to be in the arrow" So what arrow? Well my normal arrow? Does this mean you get a stronger one? Do I need to do dunegon clearing to get it? Game doesn't explain.

Only someone whose played the game can explain that on stage 8 there are silver arrows that are REQUIRED to kill ganon.

Inexcuseable.Makes sense you need the triforce but the arrows you could have missed? Nice job throwing me under the bus game.

> Also, bombing every rock and every wall
Fuck no. Using a map.

This game is a joke with a map. Sure Death Mountain is rough but youll power through it.
Isn't "master using it" a translation error? It's supposed to be "Demonstrate your worthiness and you can have this."

Don't think anyone denies that 80s japanese games had terrible translations.
File: master.jpg (57 KB, 865x308)
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No, it's a pretty straight translation. He says "tsukaikonaseru nara".

If you just check in on him regularly, he'll give it to you eventually, which is presumably the point. The game wasn't trying to explain exactly what you had to do to "master" the sword.
That said, "master using it" is a pretty iffy wording, since it implies you have to master that specific sword, which is a bit hard to do when he won't let you try using it. Something like "Become able to use it well" would be better English.

But yes, he specifically told you that you needed to be better with the sword in the original as well, nothing about vague "worthiness".
File: ff8 are better.jpg (45 KB, 680x568)
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i dont come here often but even i know you can never do right anywhere on this board. you have to just play what, and how you like
This but damn if it isn't hot.

It's quite fun to map the game as you go.
File: IMG_3481.jpg (64 KB, 971x546)
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>i dont come here often but even i know you can never do right anywhere on this board. you have to just play what, and how you like
It's a bit of trying to obfuscate things to make it more immersive. The player gets stronger by obtaining heart containers, which they (normally) get out of dungeons. The implication is there- get better with the sword, and you'll have proven you're ready for a stronger one. But the game never goes and tells you what "proof" is, so some would fall back on "this game is nonsense translated". While the wording is clunky, I can't think of anything that does the job without either being too slamming you over the head with the obvious or negating the original intent that by becoming a battle hardened you'd be ready for the next level.
I found the Japanese less confusing because it means "If you're capable of (fully) using this" as opposed to the instruction "Master using it," so the requirement is simply unexplained as opposed to the more specific action of "mastering" your(?) sword. (The English is weird because grammatically "it" should refer the sword he's saying he'll give you, but how can you master using something you can't use yet?)
But in any case it still doesn't tell you anything useful as to how to get it.

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