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fuck this one in particular
Imagine being THIS much of a brainlet. I spent maybe 10 minutes on that the first time I played. I feel like this is similar to the water temple in OoT, where normies loove to spout how hard it was, so they can fit in.
You weren't expected to be able to solve this. You were expected to buy a magazine with the explanation.
Don't feel bad that you're too retarded to figure it out. Your children will be stumped by angry birds.
>needing to know music theory to solve a puzzle

I'm glad the 90s are over.
It was a spike in difficulty for sure but nothing outlandish and if you read the poem careful enough it was easy to notice how it was supposed to be solved.

I'm surprised nobody is talking about SH3's puzzles on hard.
I have no idea how you're supposed to solve them without a guide.
This was easy, just needed to write notes. I remember it had a story about silent birds for the clue, and the birds are the silent keys, the story lays out which key goes in what order. It's simpler than a lot of point and click game puzzles, which were designed around playing with a pen and paper.
What game is this?
Silent hill for psx
I've heard this melody somewhere before...
Managed to play it well...

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