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File: CK2s6.jpg (807 KB, 1917x1077)
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807 KB JPG
How goes your realm anons? Previous thread >>1547780
File: alberto_barbosa.png (2.28 MB, 1619x897)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
AI Great Conqueror Alberto Barbosa created conquered Leon and continued on to the Umayyads and France. CK3 trannies could never
I'm doing a rare unmodded ironman run. I'm going to reform Tengrism to swap to Greek as nomad, plop Hellenism on the map and then reform Bön to become Jurchen. Then I'll reform Hellenism and shit up the world with Stoics.
Fucking Mongols won't breed. With three concubines It should be easy to have an adult heir by the time my first character dies. It's been like 4 games
>What is best in life?
File: meme casus belli.png (1.12 MB, 953x627)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Religious liberation is such a fucking meme CB. What even is the point of this shit lmao
They should've done CK2 style 2d dynamic portraits for CK3 instead of the 3d...
I wish modifiers and tactics were more important in battle.
Tactics are essential in battles.
>playing muslim or catholic
>start off as a count
>work way up to duke then king then emperor
>get bored
>play as viking
>become king, raid, feudalize
>become emperor
Never done a real horse lords campaign I guess.
I never really played near nomads, but god if it isn't a pain in the arse. Not only they are a costant pain in the ass since they keep raiding you and every time they do so they will destroy two random buildings, their tropps are OP like seem in the previous thread and even if you try to conquer them, if you can't sink at least 3-400 gold into it you won't be able to permanently keep the territory as they will rebel at the death of your ruler.
While I do agree that historically dealing with hordes amd nomads was a pain, how can one fix it so that it a bit more historic and logical? I mean, it's fine building a fortress in the middle of nowhere to control the area, but what else could we do do improve steppes? Any ideas? Especially about the whole "your ruler died so we are now indipendent and you won't even retain a CB lol lmao' thing. Any ideas?
WTWSMS update when?!
>your ruler died so we are now indipendent and you won't even retain a CB lol lmao' thing

But the former liege in fact DOES retain a claim on ALL TITLES the runaway clans took? And playing with stable hordes game rule prevents clans from going indie upon liege death.
>But the former liege in fact DOES retain a claim on ALL TITLES the runaway clans took?
I'm playing an Han Duke on the east border of the map. When my character died 5 countries went indie and I didn't get a single claim. I had to conquer everything back county after county, while building castles and praying my new character won't die while I was still building.
>And playing with stable hordes game rule prevents clans from going indie upon liege death.
Won't this affect only hordes? Maybe my wording was confusing as I was typing from my shitty phone, but I'm talking about playing as a feudal lord dealing with nomads.
What happened? I only used it one as a bon character, when I won the war I got all the titles of the duchy of a buddist horde.
Oh you meant the claimed steppe counties returning nomad. Yeah shit sucks, spend more time building a castle, city or more tribal buildings.
>And playing with stable hordes game rule prevents clans from going indie upon liege death.
Horde stability rules affect only nomadic succession, the modifier "nomadic agitation" that makes the province switch back to independent nomadic upon ruler death can only be removed by building a castle or city, upgrading the tribal hold to level 4 fortification or by changing the culture of the province.
tgats boit wha

thats now rhat they were talking about nerd
I'm doing a Rurik run right now and it was pretty sweet to border the nomads. Their families become ransom pinatas once your ruler gets increased hostage-taking from his society; they do the raiding and you get the dough.
It is what the original complaint was about.
File: khan.png (696 KB, 567x654)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
>start new game
>han count from iron century start date
>decide to go for the aladdin achievement
>"shouldn't be too hard innit"
>every single ruler is either a retard or dies
>one of my characters gets fucking leprosy
>it's 10 years I play this game and it's the first time I get leprosy
>get relentlessly fucked in the ass by nomands
>can't even attack them because tao religion sucks and you have no good CB
>switch to bon to try and reform
>china get conquered by jurchen
>protectorate annex whole fucking tibet and half india
>mfw I can't even reform now
>huge ia persia conquers half the khotan kingdom
>I'm now totally cucked and can't even aim for the only free holy site
>of course bon is pagan so it's literally impossible to convert anything
>forced to wait and see for 9999 years while I kill khans and try to eat pieces and crumbs of their domains
>in the end manage to join the light warrior guild and reinforce my home domain so much I can now munster some thousands of men
>actually able to carve a big kingdom
>even survive black death
>get rekt by mongols I forgot to disable
>try to surrender and save at least half my kingdom
>fucking gengis khan imprisons all my family, included myself, and burns everyone at the stakes
>mfw I'm now a far cousin, the only remaining member of my dead dinasty
>not even han, jurchen retard taoist

Welp, it seems I suck at this game after all, jesus fucking christ I had my ass served to myself so many times. I need some serious suggestion to how to approach this. At first I was thinking of switching to nomad, but then it's cheesing party. Next time I try I'll disable mongol invasion for sure though, it was really a letdown to lose when I finally managed to put together an army.
Just embrace Catholicism like any rational man would. Snaking to North Africa will take you forever and taking it over another.
This desu
>start new game
>get ill right away
>it's cancer
why the fuck this game has to be like this
Is starting in the nomad lands hard mode?
playing as otuken is
Begun in 1265 or so as John of Bravant, because the dude was a gigachad. Not only I got a comfy HRE playthrought in which the AI actually attempts to centralized the empire, and the emperor wages war constantly against rebellious vassals (like it did historically), but a Crusade for Jerusalem won against none other than Baibars himself, restoring the kingdom to its old borders.

So far a pretty good game.
Perhaps stick to playing as a Duke - thats what I've been doing in my current play through.
Just give up the crown to any faction who asks, if a king/emperor title somehow falls into your hands.
Same process here. The fun in ck is gaining power. Once you have it, its boring.
Ck3 is trash though so no loss.

Get off tutorial island.

I always enjoyed eastern playthroughs because they come off as degenerate warlord states anyway. So it was totally fine being as ruthless and degenerate as possible. There's no pressure to be "good", like how it is when you play a European power
Amend this by playing as a duke until you're able to simply grant yourself a kingdom title. My playthrough as an Austrian count that ended up taking over 2/3rds of Germany and creating my own kingdom from it was one of the funnest runs I've ever had. The entire continent was mad at me but they couldn't stop me either.
Playing as Austrian cunt and not going for Austria is criminal.
File: kingay.jpg (783 KB, 1920x1080)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
>I always enjoyed eastern playthroughs because they come off as degenerate warlord states anyway. So it was totally fine being as ruthless and degenerate as possible. There's no pressure to be "good", like how it is when you play a European power
In fact I was savage in my previous game, my last two kings killed 140 and 160 people. Such a shame Gengis Chad had to come and totally destroy my ass killing 300 people in the meantime.

Anyway, once again I try the Cao Yauande game:
>start in 936
>war lifestyle and war against uyghurs right away
>manage to get all my claim in eastern Kumul
>China is still isolazionist so can't even marry into Tang to get the free soldiers
>now I'm stuck between uyghurs in the west, nomads in the north, unpassable mountains in the south and the retard Jiquan duke, whom was a chinese tributary
>decide to torture prisoners to pass time until I'm known as "the Evil"
>kill my brother before he can conquer my shit as an adventurer (every time I played this character it happened)
>retard Jiquan attack the big tangut duchy in the south
>noticing how he wastes all the chinese soldiers I decide to attack him
>my characters explodes in the manure event
>I'm now the other brother
>mfw before the first day passes I get a glimpse of the plot menu
>mfw there still was the plot to murder me
>anyway win the war against the duke, then manage to claim and conquer all of the Xia kingdom through 2 rulers
>I'm now the king of Kingay, but china went on an expansionist rampage and subjured Cummania, Samanids, Ghaznavids and the whole Indus basin
>Seljuks lost all their event soldiers in the wars and are still a small useless domain
>U-Tsang and all the norther steppes are tributaries too, so I guess I'm surrounded

I think I'll try to convert to islam or something to wage war and use religious mercenaries to try and defeat the chinese army.
File: kingay2.jpg (778 KB, 1920x1080)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
Yeah, Islam is OP.
Who have been your guys favorite council member NPCs? Me personally, I make a habit of having a good marshal serve for decades, winning me wars, and I award with him with lands, titles, a good marriage, and my friendship.
I usually do this but with all my commanders. It isn't unusual for me to hire a new commander, have him lead my soldiers in a campaign and then compensate his service with lands he helped conquer.
Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vst/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/
Please stfu
>made Arberian nomad clan
>expand into Georgia and Armenia under Khazars
>aim to become Qarmatian caliph
>crusades begin
>Egypt gets taken
>Umayadds fall to decadence revolt
>I invade Assyria and Iraq while Abbasids have pretender revolts
>Children's crusade arrives to holy land with 100k troops
>Seljuk yet to arrive

Well it was nice knowing you Arabs.
>protectorate annex whole fucking tibet and half india
this is why you disable major Chinese invasions if you're playing in that area
change characters after your character dies.
i love how fun my worlds become now and each part gets a lot of cool stories.
So, the pregnancy events are the reason for all these genetic defects?
is HIP still better than ck2 plus?
always has been
always will be
Yes. It's one of those fantasy bullshit event you can't remove from the game even if you disable the rules, like I just got my young emperator killed by the death playing chess event despite fantasy shit being disabled. I need to check the files and take this event out, I could accept a stroke but not something so frigging stupid.
You know I didn't realise those events destroyed your kids genes until just recently.
I have never seen playing chess with death event because I don't play with supernatural events on.
Neither I, but I still get this fucking event at least one time every two games reeee
Captcha: YAN0
>It's one of those fantasy bullshit event you can't remove from the game even if you disable the rules
Turning off pregnancy flavor in the rules should disable that event. Though that affects some other things like pregnant characters being able to lead armies or being forced into a regency, I think.
There's no "right" choice in the pregnancy event, correct?

Anything you choose will give your child a defect.
Bottom one is safe. It cost more money and has a chance of turning your wife into a glutton.
>I always enjoyed eastern playthroughs because they come off as degenerate warlord states anyway
imo there is no better feeling that riding down into india as a nomad, kicking their teeth in then settling as feudal and absolutely raking money in. It even lets me raid the chinks and whatever the neighbouring muslim dynasty is in power at the time while I sit pretty while churning out children.
timurid pilled
the best part of this game is taking the wives of my enemies
Still on the tianxia co-op, conquered korea and japan tried to defend them, getting btfo. Secured the north as well now I'm thinking if I go into china (which is a mess) or not. Would like to destroy japan but I don't think I can since horses can't get into boats and doesn't seem like I can cross from north of japan
Sometimes I miss playing this but then I remind myself of what happened in last campaign. It's going to be a while before I start playing video games again, but I want to know if you guys know ways to avoid shit like this happening.
>started somewhere in England, eventually became the Emperor
>then I decide to expand into Europe. I got some lands in northern Spain from crusades
>France somehow gets Muslim emperor while most of their nobility is still Christian, so that's an obvious target
>start war to get Northern provinces, support rebellion in central one, manage to marry my heir to female heir of Paris
>Pope decides to start a crusade on exact region that was winning a rebellion. Annoying but tolerable.
>Then my king dies of old age. Suddenly all wars stop, and my army is starving in middle of France. Of course there's nothing I can do
There's probably some mods for that, but it's ridiculous that you have that in game
What do you mean I can't rape in this game?
File: pawn_stars.jpg (122 KB, 1140x855)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>"sorry pal, best I can do is imprison -> take concubine"
So I'm playing a new game of Wtwsms as Western Rome and I've noticed that I've had to manually fire the Senate accepts ypu as Emperor event and that by 480 some of the major events (I'm pretty sure there's a schism reunion event) and the ERE has started out with its leader in a heresy and I'm not sure if that's normal.
Tl;dr is the events fucked or is it just I'm not being patient enough for them to fire?
That rumbling sound
Drums are beating loud
File: ck2_3.png (3.28 MB, 1920x1080)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
>One county count in Brittany
>Be under the duke of Brittany
>Have shit stats besides the martial one which is decent
>embezzle from the liege countless times as marshal
>get caught and die in the lieges dungeon
>spent most of the time just fighting against the rebels of the dukedom
Lasted 10 years this character as he was already old.
File: ck2_2.png (3.29 MB, 1920x1080)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
>Be son of previous guy 4 years old
>spend the rest of the years in regency and being educated by marshal
>end up being a pretty good fighter
>Grow up and immediately declare war after getting cb while in regency
>take out cousin after cousin and get three counties
>fight the frenchies when they are in a civil war and steal a county from them too
>liege tries to revoke my shit
>fuck him up
>take his duchy after some time of plotting for claim
>spend the rest of time just revoking counties and stealing money by killing mayors after revoking their shit
>have some fun events about discovering criminals in my main country and killing their leader
>Declare war on the french again and take the island on the north of britanny as I need it for the kingdom of Britanny
>Beat the french king and whoop his ass
>get attacked by his vassals after winning that war, beat them too and get shit ton of cash
>declare the kingdom
>have to wait for incapable pope to die as I want to be crowned by a pope
>while doing this realize I have -300 piety
>have to do shit ton of good things to get my piety up
>donate to charity, do penance and all that other shit
>get the piety positive
>2 weeks before the pope dies get killed in event as revenge for the death of the criminal leader guy
>die and be remembered as a good ruler with positive opinion modifiers for his heir
This guy had a whole arc from an asshole to a good person.
Legit was hilarious how he went from being vehemently hated to being nearly a saint.
File: ck2_4.png (3.26 MB, 1920x1080)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
>Be son of previous guy 14
>end up raised by regent genius mother
>get coronated as soon as possible by pope
>go heavily into dept for coronation
>have to go and get a frenchie speaking chancellor to make claims to frenchie lands
>Soon will go to war with the southern frenchies and take a huge duchy as I got a cb from the chancellor and he left since he inherited a county
Literal Judas sold his people for 15 ducats lmao
This guy will be the Alexander to the previous Phillip.
File: ck2_5.png (3.37 MB, 1920x1080)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
wrong pic
this is the right one
Land your brother and play as a loyal uncle/cadet dynasty for a bit, maybe usurp the throne if your original characters descendants become shitters or try and become king of a neighboring realm. Even just playing in France and landing siblings and uncles to create all the Capetian cadet dynasties with their historical territories is fun.
File: sweden yes.jpg (957 KB, 1920x1080)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
my relatives somehow turned polish and became king of sweden
File: Holy_Roman_Empire.png (2.2 MB, 1018x946)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
London is the natural capital of Rome.
Most certainly.
>U mayyad bro?
File: screencap.jpg (3.5 MB, 3840x2160)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
What are the conditions for changing a crusade target? My priority is Aquitaine, but the Fourth Crusade event fired and I would be ok with kicking the Byzantines' teeth in, but then the retard AI just changed it back to Jerusalem and it says that there are no other valid targets.
luv playing a non-germany HRE, shame that Charlemagne usually results in caths getting gangbanged by Iberians and Vikangs
ok after some testing with the console I can't change the crusade target because I'm at war (easy enough to fix) and because my Pope (Fraticelli) is my vassal and for some reason you can't change crusade targets unless the pope is independent.
Still, I can't change it back to Byzantium and the event that usually sets it to the Byz, HF.29004, doesn't seem to work when fired by the console
You could probably mod the interaction requirements so that you can still access the ability to change the target.
Any mods set in the 600s in Britain?
I really love that period.
People love a winner.
Not really. The Winter King and When The World Stopped Making Sense have 530ish start dates. First one is focused on Britain and Briton-Saxon struggle, second one is more about the twilight of Rome and rise of the barbarian kingdoms. There is also old Rise of Islam mod with 630 start. Britain there is similar to Britain in vanilla, but all the historical characters from that period should be in the mod
File: ck2_15.png (3.8 MB, 1920x1080)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
Slowly making my way to 1444
>The Winter King
i tried getting into that mod but after getting used to hip and like 20 other submods i collected that mod feels so empty.
what mod?
lux invicta?
File: ck2_10.jpg (1020 KB, 1920x1080)
1020 KB
1020 KB JPG
Nope, it's just an Imperator conversion game
CK2 would not be shit if it had Medieval 2 Total War battles. And had proper RPG mechanics and long-term stories.
CK2 is one messy UI away from being a text adventure.
File: 20240126165852_1.jpg (450 KB, 1366x768)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
>769 start
>Monemvasia count
>usurped Achaia duchy
>had 3 ortho crypto-hellenics and master scholars
>created the Hellenes and secretly converted 4 emperors
>had enough power in the court to proclaim openly the faith
>married the empress
>somehow I became her hair, despite we are different dynasties
>wanted to kill her, she committed suicide
>became emperor, reformed Hellenism
>I can't conquer shit because deffensive pacts
>arabs in both sides of the Mediterranean Sea
>I survived the abbasids thanks to deffensive pacts too
>speed x4 and still can't do shit
>mfw it's been my best campaign ever but I'm bored af
Tactics are too essential, yet buggy and horribly implemented. I hate them more than anything about CK2 warfare.
What is the best mod to fix them?
How are they bugged? Not trying to fuck with you, just curious.
They don’t handle certain unit types properly which throws off the math used for calculating which tactics are triggered. Horse archers and elephants are the biggest victims of this, as the game considers them as light and heavy cavalry respectively so adding them to a group increases the chance of triggering light or heavy cav tactics.
However, the light and heavy cavalry tactics massively decrease the damage and defenses of horse archers and elephants. Adding horse archers to a group is tactical suicide due to this negative synergy.
The way tactics consider precise percentages for break points in chance multipliers encourages dumb minmaxing and retinue spam too, along with dumb stuff like the ever present “Scottish culture troops led by an Italian commander”.
That doesn't sound bugged, just poorly designed.
Requiring a new category for special troops is content creation, not bug fixing. Paradox was just too lazy to do that.
Changing it to not reward autistic retinue min-maxing would require a complete redesign of the system, which again is not bug fixing.
The second part is just a side effect of the system being bad which working as intended, though one worthy of mentioning, but saying that having the game unintentionally increase the odds of firing tactics that reduce the attack of a troop type to 0% the more of that troop you use seems to meet the common definitions of a bug.
>A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in the design, development, or operation of computer software that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.
File: CK2game_SDaVpSnWKr.jpg (705 KB, 1920x1080)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
Guess she lost to the cock.
Yeah, same. It looks really cool at first, but 90% of the content is in the starting characters and the events that change celtic and roman de jure duchies to german ones. The actual minute to minute gameplay doesn't have anything that's not in vanilla CK2.
I enjoyed forming Mercia, helping the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms grow in power and establishing overlordship over them. I liked the mechanics around being recognized as Brytenwalda.
I see, I didn't knew. Honestly I never play steppes or indians so I never happened to use those units. As for the question about mods, isn't most of this stuff left jn the open as a plain .txt file? Shouldn't be difficult to mod. I mean, I don't think you can add a new unit type as modders did with Imperator, but you could at least remove the attack malus archers and elephants get. Not the best solution, but still a solution.
In HIP tactics are greatly limited by culture and tech/commander score. Plus the tactics come in grades from poor to great giving across the boards bonuses.
Yeah but I don't like HIP desu. I don't like total conversions in general.
What mod do you recommend that expands the map to all of Asia?
I like playing as a britanoroman count and seeing how shit turns out by itself and supporting arthur when I notice he needs help.
Whats sad is that arthur dies prematurely so many times in my saves pisses me off.
File: Justfuckmyshitup.jpg (426 KB, 1600x900)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
The absolute state of france, my characters daughter is the crusader queen of aquitaine now
File: ck2sicily.jpg (503 KB, 1600x900)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
here is my guy, probably the best character I have had so far. started off as one of the counts in sicily 1066. anatolia is also under my dynasty and my son is the king, anatolia has been basicaly a graveyard for my family, and somehow I ended up getting it back even though it was held by my uncle, aunt, cousin and another cousin
File: gigaestonia.jpg (381 KB, 1600x900)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
world has been prety boring except for giga estonia and a brief kingdom of ireland that controled france, that is why it looks like an abomination. had some great characters though and RP.
>check Ireland
There must be more to this bro.
I don't know how that happened but Anatolia is the suzerain of Ireland, I assume they had independant land in what was formally crusader Egypt(just a few counties in Jerusalem now) and that's why it was possible for Anatolia to declare war on them,
Actually never mind I can see how it happened, someone in Anatolia inherited land in Ireland and that's how the war was possible.
Is there a magical formula to stop this game from lagging/stuttering like crazy the longer you play? I heard turning off all messages helps a lot, but i'am still to try it out
I use performance mods that cut off parts of the map, limit children and shit plus you can turn of various events like all siege crap.
There was save pruner external tool. It had a chance to brick your save and it looks like links might not work anymore, but Warhammer Geheimnisnacht discord server had updated version
There was also similar mod that pruned irrelevant characters
I don't know about turning off messages, but hiding outliner makes every paradox game run better, because that part of UI is always very taxing on memory for some reason. As far as I know, characters are main source of lag in CK2, so the total conversion mods with less provinces and less landed characters will run faster. Opposite is true for the huge worlds with thousands of provinces, like Faerun or Warhammer
So does the base game, it just does it worse (like most things compared to HIP)
>I see, I didn't knew. Honestly I never play steppes or indians so I never happened to use those units.
The Byzantine and Byzantine adjacent cultures get Cataphract retinues which are 125 heavy cav knights and 100 horse archers (“””light cav”””) which makes them insanely bad.
>isn't most of this stuff left jn the open as a plain .txt file? Shouldn't be difficult to mod.
Yeah, that is what I did but the way tactics run on percentage chances with modifiers based on troop composition means that I still feel obliged to minmax it in ways that are annoying, plus the AI is completely terrible at it. Even then it doesn’t work well because it makes most cultural retinue types completely worthless because they give mixed levy types. The Greeks are an obvious example but there are others too.
>I mean, I don't think you can add a new unit type as modders did with Imperator
You actually can, there are mods that do that. I recall one I had been paying around with that added stuff like Berserker or Crossbowmen special unit types, though the game does have a limitation that you can only ever get 1 type of special unit per holding.
I was just curious if there were some mods that did it better than I did with my own slapdash fixes.
File: JFfmyL2iaa.jpg (363 KB, 1600x900)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
most normal Irish man right here.
Any fun tall playthroughs?
I'm bored of blobbing
File: ck2_8.png (3.2 MB, 1920x1080)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
Anywhere in the HRE with a tall province you can do a lot of shit in there, I hate how fast I get elected emperor though, I wish the game had more politics.
800s in Britanny, try to survive vikings,your own liege and neighbouring kings currently doing a playthrough of it, switched goals halfway from a tall playthrough to going home and conquering Britain for the bretons.
Or do an island one like sardinia and corscia or iceland, crete and cyprys.
Do a goth revival from the small two province ruler in the black sea.
>The kids are eggs.
What are the best mods to go along with HIP?
How does this game compare to ck3? Is it good for LARPing? I like to LARP as pagan Britain in ck3. Can I make a random Siberian kingdom the most developed land in the known world?
>How does this game compare to ck3?
>Can I make a random Siberian kingdom the most developed land in the known world?
You can make every county in Perm a size 7 giga county with a university/cathedral/whatever.
What's the best fantasy mod set up if I don't want to play a total conversion. I just want the world to have magic and shit
head to steam and look there will be a HIP and HIP compatible mod collections.
probably mythos
Is it possible to go from being a feudal count vassal of a merchant republic to becoming a Patrician? Or should I remain feudal, conquer the counties, and usurp the duchy title?
You can only do that through game breaking bugs. By standard not possible.
dont be a merchant republic the gameplay gets boring.
Become a king and give a one county duchy title to a mayor in that county and make bank.
Hey anons. Most people probably didn't read it when it was first posted, but back many years ago I did a HIP playthrough in CK2 as the Kingdom of Jerusalem which I posted as an AAR on /gsg/. For the longest time it was archived by a different anon and had a lot of errors, as well as some missing posts. I have taken the time to re-archive it with all the content included and to heavily edit it to be more sensible in places, so for those anons that like this sort of thing I wanted to share the edited version: https://imgur.com/a/LAUt46D

I won't shit up the thread by advertising a bunch, but just briefly if you do enjoy this sort of thing I also recently finished an extremely long and extremely autistic HIP AAR as the Western Liao, which is here: https://imgur.com/a/k57kNPu
Yeah but it's a bit of a pain, and I don't remember exactly how. On a different note, never mvoe your capital in a land county as a merchant republic or you will lose your title and/or get a game over, as your merchant republic will turn into a regular republic and the game won't let you play anymore.
i will read both anon.
i love AARs.
I used to read ck1 AARs religiously.
>ai duke keeps revoking counties from vassals
>has domain limit of 2
>gives recently revoked county to random courtier
>repeat forever
Why are they like this?
Thanks anon, I hope you really enjoy them. If you want to read more I have done a wide variety of AARs including one more (albeit unfinished) CK2 AAR. All the archives are linked in my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ESC4HGfV
Are there any mods that make dueling more important? I like the dueling system from AGOT and I want to know if there's a mod that adds something similar to vanilla CK2.
I forgot what it was called but there is a mod that adds fighters guild and holy order societies into the game, has a dueling system and bounties that you can put on people.
oh shit I just remembered the Khitan AAR the other day and started re-reading it, nice to hear it's been finished
Yep, finished it little less than a year and a half ago now. It's crazy to say that, it feels like it was much more recent but I still took three years to finish it. I do still hope to make a non-canon ending with the ending I think is a bit more realistic than what the RNG gave me, but that will take me a while to get to.
He's actually very smart, as changing people so much means they can't build up power and connections in a region. Learn from AI duke-kun.
Except won’t it result in lots of angry people with claims to be pressed or that will happily join in murder plots against him?
File: rome.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
I united rome for the first time ever in a paradox game for me.
Started off as Aurelio of Asturias in 769, only managed to have a daughter before dying in 779 at age 64.
His daughter, aptly named 'Iberia', was martially educated and crowned by the pope, going on to conquer Portucale, Castille, Leon, Navarra, Toledo and Extramedura, nearly singlehandedly reconquering half of Iberia. An icon of christian virtue, as well as erudite, honest, zealous and an adept gardener, she was declared a saint upon her death in 844, after 45 years of rule.
She only had 3 daughters, the youngest of which was an attractive young warrior woman who would follow the footsteps of her mother and continue the reconquista, taking Beja, Aragon, Valencia, Seville, Algarve and Balatia, effectively finishing the reconquest and creating the Empire of Hispania by the time of her death in 876, with the exception of byzantine-held granada and french-held aragon and barcelona.
After that, a long period of internal consolidation began, first under the rule of Assur 'the Noble' and then his son, Blessed Basileios I 'The bastion of Asturias' who would build great castles and fortifications to defend the reconquered iberia, eventually recovering Aragon and Barcelona from the french. As his name implies, he was the child of a marriage between Assur and a byzantine duchess. Under his magnanimous 60 years of rule, the hispanian vassals expanded towards north africa.
Basileios II 'the Wise' would be the one to marry another byzantine woman, this time the duchess of Thrace. She had a weak claim to the Roman throne, which he would push for and eventually win in 964. In less than 2 years though she would be deposed by a claimant faction. This would, however, grant her a strong claim, and thus her children a weak claim towards the byzantine empire. And so it was that Eusebios 'the right-believing', child of Basileios II and the Duchess, would press his claim when the empire was in a state of civil war.

File: family tree.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
Eusebios would live an eventful life even after conquering the roman empire. He was known for many things. Among them, he was known to have married his sister, a Messalian who believed such unions were sacred, having 2 children with her and several other children with his other sisters, strangely enough none of which would carry obvious signs of inbreeding. He would eventually marry his daughter-niece, having 3 children with her, all of which were obviously and severely inbred, most dying in infancy. Curiously, despite this behavior, he was known as a chaste man. Disfigured after many wars and having killed countless men, he would become a Scholar at the end of his life, discovering and widely publicizing that the Cantabria dinasty was descended from Alexander the Great. He would later be declared a saint after his death in 1063, after 47 years as emperor of Hispania and 14 years as Roman Emperor.
His daughter-niece, Monnia 'the sword of the blessed virgin', would be elected leader of both empires after the death of her beloved father-uncle-husband. Assuming the throne at age 39, she was known for hunting intelligent young men from foreign countries to seduce, resulting in an additional 4 children, 2 of which were geniuses. Participating in wars and crusades personally would prove the end of her, as she was stabbed in the back after a battlefield duel during a traditional byzantine civil war. Her death would briefly split the empires apart once again, as the Greeks would not accept the child emperor Mauregato on the Roman throne.
The youngest child, born when his mother was 45, Mauregato was clever. Taught in the ways of diplomacy by similarly intelligent relatives, he would become an exceptional diplomat into adulthood, once again conquering the roman throne at age 18. He would organize a final campaign to restore rome.

>stuck playing as an 11 year old Finnish boy
>Hit 13, get possessed by a demon
>Reach adulthood
>Contacted by Suomenusko satanists
>Fuck it, I’m already possessed so why not?
>Join them
>I’m evil nigga.png
>Have my first child
>Oh shit
I think I have found myself in the position of one of those evil shonen fathers who passed his evil demon powers down to his Protag son. Hopefully he turns out cool.
File: culture.png (3.9 MB, 1920x1080)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PNG
Declaring 3 simultaenous wars so as not to have to conquer them piecemeal and risk a defensive coalition, Mauregato would invade swabian central italy, as well as the Kingdom of Italy itself thanks to a vassal's claim and the republic of venice with a fabricated claim; all 3 resulting in quick victories for the emperor.
In 1084, he would declare the restoration of Roman Imperial authority in europe, with Visigothic as the new de-facto Roman culture, dominating Iberia and North africa.
The new capital of Rome, Asturias de Oviedo outshone the former city of the world's desire in development, prospering in great part thanks to the fortifications initially built by Basileios I and then initially expanded into Great Walls by Saint Eusebios in 988 and finally finished by Mauregato in 1075. Oviedo and the surrounding baronies are an imposing sight, boasting the final resting place of Saintess Iberia, a large Regimental grounds for recruiting and training men, a merchant harbor and center of worship, as well as plentiful of exotic goods coming from trade routes to the Sahara and China. In the capital alone, the Emperor can raise almost 20 thousand men, roughly equally divided into Heavy Infantry, Light Cavalry and Archers. Oviedo itself boasts over 3 thousand men exclusively in garrisson duty, ensuring that the imperial capital shall never fall into the wrong hands.
All that's left for Mauregato, descendant of Saint Iberia, Blessed Basileios I, Alexander the Great and Saint Eusebios, Restitutor Orbis and supreme Augustus is to ensure that his 6 children behave and guarantee the complete restoration of rome in the coming centuries through their own descendants.
Restoring rome wasn't fucking worth it, I can't wear the imperial Diadem for +4 stewardship anymore wtf.
Here's a suggestion as a long time reader: stop using imgur, that site went to shit long ago and who knows when it will randomly decide to delete all your shit, it's also pretty slow.
My suggestion is writing markup (Org, Markdown) then exporting to HTML. You can then have a folder with everything on Mega, or let people read it online using something free like Github Pages. It's all pretty non-techie stuff, the only effort it would only require is copy pasting the text and embedding the images; and it would help make sure your stuff is more future proof, and also look a little better (boy do I hate looking at new imgur and all the stupid trending images)
This whole sequence of re-archiving started because the original imgur archive for The Napoleonic Age, my first AAR, went down. So believe me, I'm aware. But I don't want to make readers download something or jump through hoops to view the AARs, so the images have to be hosted somewhere. Imgur is convenient in that it lets me host the images and also associate text with each specific image it belongs to.

It's not going to be the only host, though. I am going back through an editing pass of the AARs right now, and then my goal is to do the alt-history ending of the CK2/Khitan AAR. When both are finished I'm going to co-host everything on AO3. An anon recommended it to me several years ago now and I was skeptical at the time, but it makes more sense to me now. I can embed images on the site and subdivide several of the longer AAR sections to make them more parsable, which I think will make it much less annoying to read. I myself dislike re-reading the AARs on imgur and I think having larger-size embeds on AO3 will make them more readable.
That's why I suggested Github Pages, after you generate the HTMLs you can just put them there and everyone will be able to read them just by accessing aarnon.github/khitan.html or whatever, and obviously you can also customize the style and size of everything. The download part works as a failsafe, if the host ever stops working a reader can download and view it locally without relying on anything else.
But AO3 is good too, probably the best host for this kind of work. I'm not familiar with what kind of formatting they use but it's possible the same formatted text with images could be used for both kinds of setups with minimal changes.
Take care man, it's always comforting to see people from the old days still posting in this website.
whats his intrigue stat?
>Hopefully he turns out cool.
my child of destiny when I was some swabian count, became king of sicily and ended up losing the kingdom, became a landless courtier in some spanish dudes court and when I wanted to invite him to my court he wouldnt come.
Yeah, but it's annoying when I'm trying to play a count and my only province gets revoked a month after the game begins.
be smart and resourceful, get favours from council members and always scheme agains your liege, always seek to undermine him.
Embezzle and get claims on neighbouring counties so that if you manage to get a favour on your liege you can make him press it.
This is if you are roleplaying.
If not go moneymaking focus and get as much money as possible hire mercenaries and clean house.
Best way to make money as count is actually intrigue focus so you can spy on other vassals and kidnap them for ransom. If your liege has a liege as well, then you can even kidnap him during a war against him since the realm won't split.
not really since it takes years for the plot to fire,plus if you fail it destroys your reputation and makes the other vassals or your liege hate you and plot on you.
The moneymaking focus has the trade route event which gives you 150 gold plus a 40 percent castle tax buff for 50 something years after that you can switch focus to whatever you want, in mods like agot it gives you a brothel which gives you like 2.5 or 3.5 gold a month thats huge if you are a small count with a tier 1 castle in that mod.
Dude how the hell do you get Dragon characters? I got a horse, but no dragon yet, and I've played for hundreds of hours
animal kingdoms/world in random world settings under cultures (it's an easter egg and you have to go through the option a few times to see it, every animal type has different effects, dragons live very long but have non-existent fertility and can eat prisoners, actually pretty fun since your vassals can often die without heirs)
the animal cultures are at the very bottom of the list of cultures
>Can I make a random Siberian kingdom the most developed land in the known world?
crown focus has a rare event to add baronies to a province, it costs a LOT of money but it's 100% worth it, yes you can do it I did a campaign where I turned that one island in north Russia into a 7 holding merchant republic, something like 400 people live there IRL
>that one island in north Russia
What's the minimum amount of DLC you need to make this game good?
About the same amount of DLC you could activate using CreamAPI
>itching for ck2 action
>can't remember why i soured and ditched my last run exactly
i tried a muslim, didn't want to blob but then ended up blobbing hard.
wanted to give some lands for the caliph but didn't have the option.
joined the byzantines to stop their collapse and ended up becoming the empress.
india was a clusterfuck and the game was lagging.
oh, i think it was because of the lag and me deciding to start a new run without the india DLC and without the changing de jure go kingdoms borders option.
i want to try a christian run but i'm still hesitant whether to fight the muslims in the iberian peninsula, pick a landlocked county close to the byzantines then fight my way to the shore to have some options open up or just go with a byzantine county and fight the muslims in their heartland from the get go.
please advise. i did one christian semi run to get to know the game then did 3-4 muslim runs because they are the easiest.
ended up blobbing each time.
maybe playing a christian will force me to stay within my de jure borders
You should play with HIP. It's the vanilla-plus mod for the game, removes most of India so the game is more focused on Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East and also has mechanics which more strongly discourage blobbing than vanilla.

One of my favorite starts is the single county in Greece in 867 which is Romanian culture, start as the Count there and try to work your way up to being Emperor. The way the Byzantines work you can't guarantee a continuous succession of Emperors, so you will inevitably lose the throne at points and the Empire will probably suffer reverses under the retarded AI during those times. Then you get the throne back and have to fix the problems your predecessor caused.
>removes most of India
so ck2 without rajas of india will still have india on the map?
i don't feel confident enough to play with mods.
Yes, Rajas of India only gives you the ability to play Indians and Indian-religion characters, it doesn't give you that part of the map. It's always forced to be there in vanilla, you just can't play in it if you don't have the DLC.

I would also say for HIP anyway you don't need to be too worried about confidence. CK2 is a very forgiving game in the sense that even in almost all conditions where you lose you can still continue playing, just subservient to someone else. What HIP does is add an absolute fuckload of flavor, and a lot of new cultures, provinces, and better historical accuracy. It diminishes blobbing and puts hard cooldowns on things like holy wars, which makes the game a lot more enjoyable in general. But it doesn't really add many mechanics, and those it does add, like factions, are pretty easy to pick up on and aren't something you need to directly interact with if you don't want to anyway. I've known quite a few people who jumped into HIP right off the bat and didn't have trouble picking it up, it's not like modern Paradox titles where modders throw the kitchen sink into their mods and create entirely new systems. CK2's moddability doesn't allow for that, so HIP is pretty much just vanilla systems but enhanced.
thanks a lot. downloading right now.
No problem anon. HIP has a setup batch file which you have to run for it to construct the mod, it's a bit unusual but basically you can choose whether to use several submods or not and then the batch file extracts the proper files to construct the mod directory. I recommend using everything, except for SWMH select yes and then also select yes to use Mini-SWMH. Without mini it adds a bunch of useless provinces in Africa and India that slow the game down and don't really interact with the rest of the world.
good to know. ck2 needs all the help it can get to run better.
anyone still playing ck2 multiplayer these days?
lately me and my friends haven't been able to get it to work, it says "Game not found" when they try to connect
I only had a child of destiny while I was playing the AGOT mod. I started out as Aegon and I just wanted to see what happens when you accept the Durrandon marriage pact.
you're playing the umayyads?
>You can make every county in Perm a size 7 giga county with a university/cathedral/whatever.
with this?
the great work event and the random event when it's prosperity level 3?
one more question, can you get the great works event if you're a vassal?
the wiki says that the local modifiers apply to the county the great work is built in but idk about events
So what happens when you accept the Durrandon offer?
>the great work event and the random event when it's prosperity level 3?
Those are the ones.
>an you get the great works event if you're a vassal?
The event still fires, but only for the top liege.
There's also an event with the rulership focus that lets you build a castle. This bypasses the requirement for other holding types so if you find a county with only 1 castle holding(or one of the ones that already has 2) you can fill everything else with castles, which gives you a ridiculously large levy.
I was HRE
>There's also an event with the rulership focus that lets you build a castle. This bypasses the requirement for other holding types
i didn't know this. time to focus on ruling.
You could also just play HIP and build all the holdings in quantities you want. No need for one of each type in each county before moving on.
>just play HIP and build all the holdings in quantities you want
isn't this broken, unbalanced or something?
t. noob
File: rome.jpg (262 KB, 1354x1053)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
At least Londinium was an actual Roman city in the past.
>start a new campaign
>want to start from a one county count
>pick a dude close to the Byzantines
>turns out his county does not have a castle
this run is going to be fun.
i hope i don't get a game over.
Stop discord spacing.
Yes kind of. It's more realistic though, there were territories which were basically entirely ecclesiastical in terms of the major centers of population, or militarized frontiers, and most commonly areas of absolutely gigantic population which should predominantly be cities (Constantinople or Florence, for instance).
File: ck2_1.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
How do i fix the coastline here?
File: ImpCity.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
Here is what it looked like before i messed with it.
Wait nevermind, it appears the entire map just moved itself one pixel over for some reason. I'm new to map modding and GIMP so it's confusing and frustrating to me.
File: ek.png (42 KB, 1675x579)
42 KB
i have some suff i could share, agot stuff, ek an d after the end submods/older ods i just stole and integrated(mostly ek), pretty drunk so ask now as i rarely lurk here.
newfag here, what mods add to the CK2 experience?
i'm trying HIP right now but i'm pretty clueless about mods.
you don't have to personally write something. a link is enough.
share it bro.
i'm playing HIP.
i see no faction or plot to overthrow my liege.
can't fabricate a claim either.
how do i take over his lands in one war/move?
thanks, bros.
i think i found the issue.
my character is content so this prevents him from starting plots.
Shareee it
>start my run wanting to deus vult and delete infidels
>pick a random single county count next to italy boot
>oh, he's not a catholic
>he's an orthodox hersey
>look around the map to find who has this religion
>oh, it's the Byzantines religion
>the county is right next to the Byzantines
>my liege is a slavic infidel
>amass wealth to fight my liege with mercs
>couldn't find overthrow ruler option because content
i will end up doing what this anon advised after i manage to lose my content trait.
>One of my favorite starts is the single county in Greece in 867 which is Romanian culture, start as the Count there and try to work your way up to being Emperor. The way the Byzantines work you can't guarantee a continuous succession of Emperors, so you will inevitably lose the throne at points and the Empire will probably suffer reverses under the retarded AI during those times. Then you get the throne back and have to fix the problems your predecessor caused.
File: eklink.png (1 KB, 179x17)
1 KB
Theres my EK stuff, for those who knew of the existence of the russian Tiber Conquest mod, i pretty much translated it entirely and ctrlv the ok parts (they added a Tiber start but its a mess) in my merge, theres a file with most of the content in it, but, its been some time i worked on it so this "guide" to my mod is not up to date, one example is that there is an entire companion questline about reforging wuuthrad, so you may find random shit i forgot was added.
i'm playing as the heir who is not content yet i still don't have the option to overthrow my liege.
what gives?
i guess it doesn't matter right now since i went ahead with 2 wars to take his stuff.
>tfw simped for the Empress and saved her from the increase council authority rebellion
>then she executed her husband
>then i gave her my brother to wed since she doesn't have any sons
>the bitch only gave me 33% tax increase modifer for saving her cunt
i take it back.
i'm glad i saved her ass and wed her my bro.
someone assassinated my bro so i inherited 2 counties and a duchy and my other bro inherited 2 counties.
i'm glad i simped.
broooooos, they assassinated her!
her son was the holy roman emperor and he took constantinople and a bunch of other counties when they assassinated her.
the Byzantine was destroyed and the previous emperor is now called Despot.
can inrestore the Byzantines?
Yeah, if you control certain key provinces as well as enough of the de jure territory there's a decision I'm pretty sure. I know it's there in HIP, and I think vanilla might have it as well. You can also of course recreate it like a normal title if you hold enough of the de jure land, but the decision to recreate it has much looser requirements.
>if you control certain key provinces as well as enough of the de jure territory there's a decision I'm pretty sure. I know it's there in HIP
i play HIP.
but i don't want to become an emperor.
i'm currently a vassal of the despot. can i retake constantinople and the counties around it (are there any other key provinces?) and leave it to the AI to restore it?
or should i also beat the despot into a vassal, remake byzantium then go back to comfy mode?
i've been upgrading my castles and minding my own business when i a doomstack of 6.5k rolled in and sieged one of my counties then i discovered that the kingdom of bulgaria is right next to us. shit's gonna be hard. my max troop count is 4k...
I don't know the exact requirements, sorry anon. If you capture them I would assume the AI can take the decision, but it might require the AI holding the key provinces directly. Constantinople is definitely one of them.
File: gross.jpg (818 KB, 1920x1080)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
rate my Germany on a scale of 1 to groß
Fucking Gotlanders.
Oy vey, that's a big Khazaria.
google was being a bitch yesterday and refused to give this result.
>restore Byzantium
>Must be of Byzantine culture group.
>Must be at peace.
>Must have 4000 prestige.
>Must control the county of Constantinople.
>Must control or a vassal must control the counties of Thrake and Kaliopolis
>Completely controls the Duchies of Opsikion, Abydos and Adrianopolis
>is Christian, Hellenic or Reformed Hellenic
>has a Kingdom or Empire title
>does not have the titles:
>Latin Empire
>Holy Roman Empire
>The Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire has no owner
>The Roman Empire is titular
>Alternate Start Settings:
>De Jure is Not Random
>Title Names are Not Random
>Title Names are Not Random Including Duchies
idk how i'm going to give my liege constantinople after 6 fucking years of war for it...
is there even a way to give a county to my liege?
i looked through the options and found non.
can i give it to his heir? the current heir is landed so i can't test it but i doubt i can grant land to someone who isn't in my court and i doubt that lieges agree to part with heirs.
i just thought of making a new count, giving him constantinople then transferring his vassalage to my liege. but if my liege just takes it from him, this will make him a tyrant and lower the stability of Neo Byzantium.
i don't want to be the emperor. i just wanted a comfy duke run...
please advise.
How would you fix emperor-tier gameplay so it's not a game ending boring slog?
>dem digits
off map invasions, make vassals more of a hassle to manage, both.
those are the generic answers but i had to check the digits. sorry.
while trying to get the required duchies to restore Byzantium, it completely went under my nose and now most of my liege's kingdom is Catholic. and him and his heir are also Catholic.
i think i should just convert to Catholicism since the restore Byzantium decision conditions don't list being an orthodox a requirement.
i'll get to have fun with deus vult too.
my only issue is how to give constantinople to my liege without making him a tyrant and making sure he chooses the restore Byzantium decision.
I thought restore Byzantium explicitly requires orthodox, while Latin empire requires catholic.
roleplay, being emperor is only boring when min maxxing.
My byzantine emperor who was a greedy envious lustful brilliant commander constantly was fucking his vassals wives and was always over demense limit.
I had so many revolts and was just constantly crushing them that I nearly killed all the noble families on the european side of byzantium.
Was fun.
You can console the province to him, but otherwise there's no way to give the province to him unless you can invite an heir to the title to your court and land them, and even then they might not wind up being elected.
Has anyone messed around with revolt strength rules?
Any prefered rule set?
Rare and powerful. AI can't handle very powerful revolts, and is going to lose every time against them. I wish there was a way to restrict them to the player. I also play with harsh exclave independence. This results in relatively clean map.
File: 1695732288436469.png (228 KB, 1063x1063)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
I'm playing the game for the first time right now (because I can't afford ck3) and I've gained and lost my King of England title twice already on this one playthrough because of my greed. My second reign lasted 10 minutes. I'm afraid it's terminal.
>my kinswoman revolts against my liege to claim his title
>she has 8.5k troops while my liege has 3.5k troops
>i have no option to join her rebellion
>but have the option to join my liege against her
>don't want to fight her
>she has no kids
>i'm her heir
>she bee lines to my capital (maybe because it's the most prosperous) and sieges it
>she exhausts her numbers sieging my castles
>my liege sieges her troopless capital and decreases her warscore
>she now has 5.5k troops and still has 2 more castles to siege
fuck this shit. i'm going to reload, call my armies and go wait in a corner until she is the queen.
after she dies, i'll restore Byzantium and go back to being a comfy duke.
i'm too retarded to use console commands.
the wiki decisions don't list this. haven't gotten to that part in-game yet.
>because I can't afford ck3
you know what to do ;^)
besides, ck3 still isn't on par with ck2. maybe mods can fix it but idk.
wiki everything. the game has too much obscure shit.
i fucked up. my kinswoman is pushing the claim of another woman who looks like her...
now i'm torn, either the realm splits or i fight my kinswoman...
i think i'm going to take a look at girlzpower instead of fighting a dynasty member. i still hold most of the key provinces after all. i only need two more counties.
i think i will usurp the throne when my dude is old so i can nominate an heir for the empire that i won't personally play. this is a valid move, right?
or will i have my demesne split?
I did a random world and now Europe is full of niggers.
That's every game of CK2. Call it realism.
what did paradox mean by this?
>had 2.5k gold
>go independent when my kinswoman dies and i inherit her duchies
>make a kingdom
>declare war on the three kingdoms that have counties i need to restore byzantium
>get a portion of the required duchies
>hit negative gold
>conquest stopped
damn, being a king is hard. i feel bad for fucking over my king...
idk if it's an HIP thing but i need the kingdoms of Thrace, Greece and Anatolia to restore byzantium.
i also need Hagia Sophia. i can't find it with the title search. i'm currently an iconoclast because that was the Empire's religion when i decided to join them a century or so ago.
i can't find relevant info with google. please halp!
semi unrelated but it's extremely gay that constantinople has to be my capital to get the imperial conquest casus belli. i have a county with 4 castles built well so my levy bonus is wasted on constantinople.
Hagia Sophia is the bishopric within Constantinople.
>the ERE has started out with its leader in a heresy and I'm not sure if that's normal.
If you're talking about Basiliscus and his Miaphysitism, then yes that's normal. He famously repudiated the Council of Chalcedon and Zeno managed to regain the throne.
it says i'm not fulfilling this criteria.
do i need to fight the current owner or something?
it says the Ecumenical Patriarch of the bishopric is an iconoclast as well.
i'm also a retard. there is no anatolia requirement to restore Byzantium. only Greece and Thrace.
it says
>Hagia Sophia: within the realm of (my ruler name), OR if he is a , held by the Ecumenical Patriarch
"OR if he is a ," it is written like this exactly.
it is called the Bishopric of Constantinople not Hagia Sophia on the map.
i still need to get several more counties to fulfill the kingdoms condition so it's not what is holding me back right now.
Well you're a King and the Hagia Sophia is ruled by a King-tier title (the Ecumenical Patriarch), right? A King can't have a King as a vassal, so he's independent as a Baron in that case. You'd need to declare war on him to conquer the barony for yourself for it to be within your realm.
huh, i didn't know this.
i thought being of the same religion is enough.
>tfw getting too big too fast
i'll need to restore Byzantium before my blob implodes
i got the counties.
i can't declare war on him because i must have a valid casus belli according to the tooltip.
i still have the must be at peace (a frankish duchess declared war for a county claiment) and the gold requirements to restore Byzantium so i still have some time to figure things out for you to answer me.
googling around. Hagia Sophia seems to be a great work.
but i have theodosian walls in constantinople.
You can't have multiple great works in a single territory in CK2. Hagia Sophia is a great work in EU4, but not in CK2, it's the Theodosian Walls. Are you sure you're not looking at the Byzantine reformation decision from EU4?
File: greatwork.png (33 KB, 665x801)
33 KB
>Hagia Sophia is a great work in EU4, but not in CK2, it's the Theodosian Walls
What mod are you playing?
In vanilla, Theodosian Walls are the final upgrade to the castle wall line and only available in Constantinople. The Hagia Sophia is a great work, and is pre-built if you're playing with the historical great works enabled.
See: https://ck2.paradoxwikis.com/Great_works#Hagia_Sophia
HIP, and I thought you were too. HIP replaces the Hagia Sophia with the Theodosian Walls.
that other anon is not me.
i do play HIP.
the Hagia Sophia meant was indeed the bishopric in Constantinople.
he wouldn't agree to the vassalization offer but i had the option to give him land like any courtier.
i gave him a county, it was bordered because it wasn't mine then i declared war using the imperial invasion of thrace like i did for all the other lords. luckily, the county i gave him was next to constantinople and in the same duchy.
after the war ended, the peace offer made him my vassal and i had the Restore Byzantium decision unlocked.
now i have another issue, the heir they vote on is also listed as the heir for my other titles.
i just wanted a comfy duke run...
>i just wanted a comfy duke run...
Well, you didn't throw that away the moment you reformed the Empire, but you did make it a hell of a lot harder. You're the Emperor, and that means your Dynasty will have a claim for two generations. Until that claim runs out you can be elected or you claim can be pressed via war, and in fact even after that claim runs out due to the Byzantine system you can still be elected even as a Duke. You're likely to be elected several times in the course of your game.

But don't worry, the Byzantine system is unstable. You won't maintain control of the Emperor consistently, eventually you will lose the election and go back to being just a Duke.
>eventually you will lose the election and go back to being just a Duke
all my other titles have this elected fat ugly bastard as the heir.
are you sure i can play as my son when that fat ugly bastard is elected?
i don't even have access to my other titles law screen like i did when i had a bunch of kingdom titles.
there is the kingdom of anatolia laws which is not part of the current Byzantine Empire.
i'll take it over and update the thread.
Oh that was the question, no, you will play as the heir if the heir is of your dynasty, you would only play as your direct son if the heir to your primary title (Byzantium) was not of your dynasty.
the kingdom of anatolia queen rebelled when i tried to revoke her title and the war seemed to go on forever. then i decided to man up and look up how to use the console commands. they weren't hard as i thought.
anyway, my son did indeed succeed me when i typed the "die" command.
paradox still have this heart sinking "bug" in their game when it's ditched?
the title screen shows the Byzantine heir as the heir for all my titles.
another question, should i go for vassal kings or vassal dukes going forward?
do i use the same strategy with their land as with dukes? give them one county, one duchy and one kingdom that it's not even their de jure territory?
I would only use vassal kings in distant territories which you need to have centrally-raised levies for, otherwise they're too dangerous as vassals. Kings also have to own de jure land in HIP or they lose the title.
there is something fucky going on with inheritance.
if a cousin or a nephew became the emperor, all my lands and titles go to them instead of my son.
if someone outside the dynasty inherits, only the emperor title goes to him.
another thing i'm not sure about is whether they get Constantinople or not.
the fat ugly bastard took Constantinople while in my latest test, he didn't take constantinople.
>tfw Constantinople was lost and the empire fractured because of something fucky like this the first time
and when i stop being emperor, my other title turns into agnatic-cognatic seniority.
you know what, scratch that, there is something wrong and needs a lot more testing.
i reloaded the save before killing my dude and the inheritance on all the titles still says agnatic cognatic elective.
Anyone know or make a mod that have roman subcultures like gallo roman, punic roman etc
File: final.jpg (719 KB, 1920x1080)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
I finished this one out for once.
The extra blobbing was mostly due to unruly vassals expanding a bit. I eventually got that under control.
It was one of those rare games bros.
The Byzantines actually did very well and only started fracturing in the last century. They got 4/5 of the way to mending the schism, so I conquered Rome for them. Outside of India and the steppe, the whole map is Iconoclast now.
Been a while since I had this much fun in CK2.
File: New Pic.jpg (959 KB, 1920x1080)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
Was playing a little bit of After the End as a Merchant Republic. I managed to marry a noble woman and then push her claim so our children would get a title. Somehow she became her brother's vassal (guessing he offered it and she accepted), but it was no biggie since my son would still inherit her duchy. Eventually, my wife is murdered and my son inherits the duchy which is cash money, but my retard of a son immediately decided to push his claim to the throne and starts fighting the current king his uncle. He's way smaller then the king so I tried to rush to save him but I was fighting a rebellion and a holy war so I didn't make it in time and he got all of his titles removed. I didn't mind much since I could always push his claim later, but then when I was trying to find him a wife I realized his uncle CUT HIS FUCKING DICK OFF and he was a mother fucking eunch now. Like wtf his uncle is dickhead. I'm gonna have to kill him.
When the World Stopped Making Sense
Lux Invicta
Winter King has some, but they are mostly unused
How do I deal with nomaf agitation without spending ungodly amounts of gold? I've already transitioned to feudalism and formed the empire of Russia and now I've got hordes up my ass.
i see no downside in converting to Catholicism as the Byzantine emperor.
is there?
one more unrelated question, what are the downsides of changing the capital from Constantinople?
i'm weak with Constantinople as the capital because i'm losing the levy boost. as i have 5 castles in another county. 2 counties away from Constantinople if that makes a difference. but not in the same duchy.
i know that i will lose the imperial reconquest/invasion casus belli but i can substitute it with de jure claims and i have free titles revokes for infidels.
Some CB conditions and decisions require you to remain Orthodox. You also lose the Weak/Strong Basileus system, and Strong Basileus is better than Crowned by the Pope, as well as being cheaper.
i'm still on the fence about converting to Catholicism desu.
the muslims are getting their shit pushed in by the Catholics.
they unlocked jihads in the early 900s because they lost Jerusalem and now it's close to 1000AD and they have lost Egypt for some time now.
if the Byzantines became Catholic, they'll be wiped too soon.
when my Emperor dude died and another took over, it's been 24/7 rebellions. i didn't even retake all of the Byzantine original territories.
i think i'll need to become Emperor again and get all the de jure territories before returning to comfy mode.
Im pretty sure the emperor gets a decision to revoke Constantinople for free, I'd assume they cant use it on a human vassal though
>I'd assume they cant use it on a human vassal though
i think this is an HIP or a "recent" change.
i found someone complaining that the AI took Constantinople from him and the game gave him no option at all to refuse like it does with other titles.
two more things.
if i gave up the duchy of Thrace, will the AI be motivated to take away Constantinople from me?
the other 2 counties are held by different lords.
what is the "normal" limit for demesne size as duke in ck2?
my current limit is 9 holdings with stewardship close to 30.
it's somewhat constricting because i have 5 castles in Nikaea or whatever its called so i only hold the duchy title and one county in each of my three duchies.
Having a vassal pope is better than strong basil.
>will the AI be motivated to take away Constantinople from me?
The AI wants to hold the de jure capital of its primary title. Which, for Byzantium, is Constantinople. This is also why the Abbasids always move their capital to Damascus instead of just staying in Baghdad.
>the other 2 counties are held by different lords.
>what is the "normal" limit for demesne size as duke in ck2?
1, but you're a great duke which makes your base limit 2.
>1, but you're a great duke which makes your base limit 2.
i misspoke.
i meant to ask how many holdings do anons get to hold regularly in their runs.
i have 6 "regularly" but have been sitting at 9 with a couple of rulers now.
>The AI wants to hold the de jure capital of its primary title. Which, for Byzantium is Constantinople.
Yes but a vassal Pope can demend independence in exchange for crowning you, so it's inconsistent to control one.
>can't help the Byzantines to expand while being a humble duke of 3 duchies
can it be done in a normal kingdom/empire?
>always make matrilineal marriages for daughters and kinswomen to avoid game overs and have same dynasty vassals available when needed
>never gave a shit about the groom being landed or an heir
>didn't even give a shit if he was lowborn
>just sorted via age and picked ones with positive traits
>my current character's two sons died young
>his heir is his oldest daughter
>check her out
>she is the queen of germany
>has 3 sons of her own
is there a peaceful way to takeover germany?
it is feudal elective.
>my dude dies
>buy favors to get myself to be the next Empress
>become Empress
>rebellion to install a kinsman (the previous Emperor was a kinsman too) as the Emperor because he was the son of the previous Emperor
>beat the rebellion despite having half the numbers due to the inherited retinues
>can't bring myself to excute my kinsman
>no unlanded kinsmen available to give them the titles of the lords that rebelled
>my fucker husband stole 2 sons and made them vassals of the germans
i hate CK2 for not supporting dual vassals
bros, i'm going to lose constantinople again...
and the game.
my Empress died during a rebellion and i was given control of the king of germany, her husband.
i had Constantinople and the county next to it.
i did not have the capital county of Nikaea...
i reloaded and finished the war. now i'm just waiting for my game over.
maybe i can kill her husband if i really got a game over.
on a side note, why the fuck was there so many rebellions?
do they hate women rulers that much?
now that i'm writing this, my first ascent to power was because of me helping a female Empress in the many rebellions against her.
>tfw getting too big for comfort
i got back almost all of the de jure territories of Byzantium. 3 duchies remain.
but now i'm having trouble controlling my vassals. the council is empowered and i don't go against it but vassals are angry at me and want to lower crown authority or install another emperor all the time.
and the muslims declaring jihad on me while vassals are rebelling aren't helping either. no one joined my side against their jihad but i managed to kick their butts while fighting off a vassal.
now i can't enforce demands because the fucker has a single county in germany that is besieged and under control of a german duchess.
fuck this shit.
i also can accept a nomination as the next king/emperor of germany.
should i accept and expand the Byzantine Empire?
can i destroy the german title and switch all vassals to Byzantine vassals?
Bro I'm folllwing your story but without a screen it's kinda hard. Please, just upload a picture of your lands, of your characters, anything will do.
File: Byzantine campagin_1.png (3.32 MB, 1911x1075)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
thanks. i didn't think pics were needed.
>the goal was to stay a comfy duke and join the crusades for deus vult.
>picked randomly and i ended up with an Iconoclastic one county count next to the Byzantines and away from Catholics (Thebes or around it can't remember)
>decided to join the Byzantines and stay as a duke after usurping my original infidel liege duke
>simped and helped the Byzantine Empress to quell rebellions so she liked me
>she executed her husband for some reason so i gave her my bro as her boytoy
>my little bro was assassinated, i inherited the titles she gave him
>someone assassinates her
>Constantinople is inherited by a foreign power
>swear fealty to the biggest Despot around
>i'm west most of his kingdom
>slowly expanding my territories, building castles and upgrading them in my capital
>become strong enough to take back Constantinople
>take it back
>by some luck, inherit a bunch of counties and rertinues from a descendant of a bro which i gave him a decent chunk of counties and granted him independence
>the inherited lands were next to mine
>have all the lands required to reform the Byzantine Empire
>declare independence
>restore Byzantium
>slowly get back de jure lands
>inherit kingdom of Germany
>didn't destroy it because i'm my vassals limit
>my german king is going around subjugating western Europe and making more kings
>i'm slowly creeping towards Jerusalem because of holy war cooldown
i'm the Byzantine Emperor, i have tons of western Europe territories and i am sitting at the borders of Jerusalem waiting for the holy war cooldown.
and i have the pope paying me tribute so i can join the crusades.
i haven't seen a crusade announcement so far though.
i became too strong. there is a rebellion in each Emperor's lifetime but i have 5 castles in my capital with 12k cataphracts retinues that i inherited from kinswoman, the previous Emperor and some lord in western Europe.
i'll take Jerusalem and go back to being a duke
Why would you play this stale bullshit, you retrograd. Delete it and play a good new game, scum.
>the goal was to stay a comfy duke
Glorious failure
i-i can go back to being a duke anytime!
i-i just want to take Jerusalem for my own demesne!
besides, i needed to be independent to build the great harbor.
it's a good thing i joined the Byzantines.
i just hope i don't need to be independent to upgrade the great harbor
i got Jerusalem. my current dude is in his mid fifties.
the Byzantine successor is some strategos that has like 400 vote power difference than the runner up.
i'll get to holy war infidels since Jerusalem is bordering them.
i'll get to support my liege in civil wars because he's weak.
comfy duke life, here i come!
File: ck2_2.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1080)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB PNG

Jon at 18 got his ass killed by the other in a duel.
i just realized that i might have fucked over the crusades.
i'll need to keep Jerusalem in infidel hands until the crusades are activated.
>Reclaiming the Holy Land:
>Year is at least 1090 AND
>Jerusalem not controlled by Christians
>MTTH: 10 years
i can only reload and hope to be able to participate in crusades as a Byzantine vassal at this point...
based jai-
>lord commander
I wish the merged mod for AGOT was still under development. It was nice to have so many submods directly integrated with the compatch work already done, I actually played AGOT while it was still in dev.
It just crashed I kid you not for fucks sake now the jaime kill doesnt happen since I have a yearly autosave.
Tommen and Jaime were the only ones out of the main branch to survive.
Aegons invasion was a total shitshow, joined up with him and we lost.
All in all rping has been very fun, just the merged mod crashes all the time I think I will have to abandon this as this is the second save that it is crashing and killing the save.
Do you have slavery enabled? With slavery the mod crashed for me constantly, but disabling it at game start not only stabilized everything for me, it also made the game run so much faster.
yeah I have it enabled.
I will disable it next save.
I am going to try and see if I can play this save as its been very entertaining, I usually only play the dance of dragons timeframe and this feast for crows bookmark has so much shit going on it was very fun.
I wanted to put aegon on the throne but after he and stannis lost I just went full tommen loyalist to defeat the white walkers.
I have the Empowered Spouse, Grate Trade League and "Visit Chambers whenever you want" mods installed so I usually make my wife with high stewardship the Trade Master that is in charge of making profits via buying/selling goods and improving the capital through bringing various trade items to it and also having her empowered gives her a free slot on the Council.

Whenever she does good by bringing me in money, good modifiers to the capital or helps me pass various laws by siding with me in the council, I go visit her chambers for usually one to two weeks straight just fucking her brains out that entire period until she gets pregnant. Had 20 babies with her so far and she's always stays loyal and at +100 opinion.

Download this, it has a bunch of shit like letting you rape prisoners, blind, castrate and chop off their hands all at once without having to release them. I did this a few times with some higher tier characters like bankrupt Kings that I captured. Castrated, plucked their eyes out and cut off their hands then released them finally and then simply just died shortly after and I was able to attack their territories again cause the administration changed.

You can also burn prisoners at the stake as a Catholic whenever you want and it generally won't incur negative "Tyrant" opinions from others, so if you happen to jail someone you don't like from your realm for example, you can pretend that your character accused them of witchcraft or being a Satanist or whatever and then just straight up bur them which will give you extra +0.20 piety for like a month straight, but also a -2 general opinion with everyone, but also for just one month, so it's usually not that detrimental. Bonus doesn't stack though so you have to wait at least one month for it to go off if you want to get the bonus again from burning someone at the stake, otherwise you're not getting anything from it.
>enjoy gavelkind
>eventually the inheritance bugs out and hands the same title to 2 different characters on the day of death
>main heir gets a random barony in the capital duchy but loses the capital and everything else
>1200 hours
>still haven’t finished a play through past 3 characters
Is this normal?
I did ONCE a complete campaign, was a turd, I had to handicap myself and then do things wrong on purpose to add any excitment to it like role playing mad kings to force rebelions or wars, avg map painting pdx game getting boring after 100 years top
File: 20231101220821_1.jpg (383 KB, 1366x768)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Not reaching at least two centuries with so many hours of playtime is a bit weird, yeah.
Maybe that's why 1337 is my favorite start date.
>be Byzantine Emperor
>crusades unlocked at 1110
>pope pays me tribute
>crusade called for jerusalem
>don't get the shield notification thingy
>no biggy just offer to join his war
>still didn't get the shield crusade UI
>no biggy i can easily have the biggest war contribution with my 98k troops
>have my soldiers scale the walls in the 3 counties i sieged
>100% score
>fucker gives jerusalem to himself
it seems the "bug" of joining the crusades when the pope is a tributary state.
oh well, i guess i can still reload and go for mending the great schism this run.
Only time I ever reached the 1200s was when I started in the 800s as a anglosaxon count, became king of england after alfred and his son kicked the vikangs out, then spent the rest of the time until the 1200s putting my relatives in thrones and kicking the french and germans asses to keep them in check. Won a shit ton of crusades and a couple of my dynasty members conquered shit ton of land, only crusader state that I have seen that survives and thrives was the egypt one.
Were you orthodox? Only catholics can join crusades.
I have literally only ever finished a paradox game campaign ONCE and it was so tedious I never want to do it again
>return to being a comfy duke
>rebellion against liege
>join liege
>wipe out 4 10k rebel stacks
>one of the stacks were my brother's, the exarch of syria
>rebels troops drop from 90k to 30k
>war score in the negative
>the capital of the rebellion leader is in germany
it's over for my liege...
>Were you orthodox?
>Only catholics can join crusades
i found a post while looking around of a guy who managed to join the crusades as an orthodox by making the pope a tributary.
>tfw have to manually join war even when i said to my liege that i'll join him when the rebellion started
i think this is why the warscore wasn't budging
>my liege is now plotting to revoke my Constantinople
the fucker is going to get overthrown by me if he actually does it.
>Play as a custom character, the last Roman duke in Italy
>Set goal to restore Western Rome and Roman culture
>manage to get on the council as chancellor
>fabricate claim to the throne
>decide to try and murder my way to the throne
>successful murder 5 Lombard rulers of the ruling family except one, whom I'm the regent of
>finally find out how to make faction
>Coup the kid, get the title
>Decide to use the current character to secure power and then go ham with my heir
>Switch inherentence laws to Seniority so my main heir inherits everything
>Nearly split my Kingdom in 2 due to my heir only inheriting Italy and not Romaga
>Swap primary title to Romaga and heir successfully inherited everything
>I now am in danger of loosing the Italy title and all my land to my brother except for the Romaga title for some reason
>I own no land in Romaga and cannot destroy the Italy or Romaga title
>Giving him land doesn't solve it either
Should I swap back to gavelkind or elective gavelkind so I can keep my shit?
>>I own no land in Romaga
How did this happen? You can also switch inheritance law to seniority for the other title
if both titles are kingdom tier why not make A your main then destroy B?
>playing yazidi kurds in HIP
>everything fine, destroyed both muslim empires and had a NAP with byz when I was weak
>inherit with ruler 4 or 5
>he is secret muslim and part of secret society
>islamic nostalgia contaminated a good third of my vassals
Can I do anything about it? Is there a way to cure them, I dont want to kill them as almost all of them are my dynasty
i'm a noob but you heresies spread when moral authority is low.
>Can I do anything about it?
play with secret cults off, there's virtually zero logic to it, the AIs will join a cult just because it's an option, they're also impossible to stamp out
those are religions which are on the map and actually have logic to how they work, moral authority has nothing to do with if someone joins a secret cult or not, you could be a 100 authority religion that controls half the map and they'll join some random 0 authority religion with no map presence. I know the whole point is to let tiny religions survive but it's executed poorly
Both are my main for some reason, and I can't destroy either under my current inheritance laws I think
That's impossible. Your main title is the one with the Coat of Arms next to your Character Portrait and its name there. If your character Joe is king of Italy and Romagna and his primary title is Italy, he would be called King Joe of Italy with CoA similar to pic related. You can destroy the titles if you have enough prestige (800 for a kingdom iirc), the title is not your primary one and it has different succession than elective, elective gavelkind or gavelkind. There's a tooltip with the requirements, if you mouse over the greyed action button.
When you click on the title itself it will have a "make primary" button if it's not your main. People play differently but if I'm an emperor I destroy all kingdom titles, if I'm king I destroy all duchies etc
>woman getting vored
But why
Thanks. Turned out I had to be an elective monarchy to destroy either title, so I managed to secure my inheritance
is there a way to understand the logic behind AI decisions?
my current liege decided to revoke Constantinople after 8 successions of no one revoking it from me.
what's going on?
she seems to keep it for herself but isn't moving her capital.
ok. she moved it now.
i attended her coronation and i fucked up during it and now we're rivals.
rip me.
>is there a way to understand the logic behind AI decisions?
You can look in the code. I personally think since real humans are not logical, them acting stupid is pretty realistic.
did any anon ever make a fork/submod of the elder scrolls mod?
i'm sick of this run.
despite me clearing rebellions and getting bankrupt every time in the process, the crown authority is now minimal and i can't even create a kingdom to expand my demesne to increase my income.
and recently, emperors stop at white peace despite me destroying rebel armies and being in the process of sieging their capital.
i can depose the emperor easily but i don't want to play an empire. i just want a comfy duke run...
if i ever go back to this run, i'm going to ignore civil wars, get rid of duchy titles except for one and just build cities in my other counties.
good point
>downsize my demesne to a single duchy and ignore everything outside my lands
>byzantine empire spanning almost all of europe
>a new ruler installed every year
>sometimes 2 rulers per year
>the AI mended the great schism for Catholicism
I didn't like CK3 that much, but CK2 is probably the only Pdox gsg game that I actually like.
File: Byzantine implosion.png (3.68 MB, 1920x1080)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB PNG
i wonder what will happen with the invasions.
3 emperors went by (one died, one conquered with a host then assassinated) but they somehow defeated the independence faction
File: rome_vs_germans_pt2.jpg (803 KB, 1920x1080)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
>in the mood for a comfy dismantling christianity campaign
>play saxony in 769
>manage to defeat charlemagne with pagan attrition and some slavic tributaries
>big karl dies fighting in paderborn
>sit back and wait for the empire to implode
>his son inherits italy
>forms HRE
>fast-forward 250 years
>the northern bank of the rhine is set on fire every 10 years as I launch diversionary campaigns to keep the empire off the back of germanic bulgaria
>wars inevitably end in white peace or my surrender
>briefly hoped the aztecs would invade the HRE
>they avoid it like the plague
>I foolishly decide to feudalize in order to break the status quo
>status quo is thoroughly broken since I will no longer be able to match their troop numbers
>era of holy wars activates
my dreams of a germanic europe are dead. All I can do now is prop up the other germanic kingdoms in preparation for ragnarok

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