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hey, what's the story behind this?
It's from a Gaki no Tsukai segment where they run cruel pranks to other actors and staff members.
I feel that its effectiveness came from the fact that Downtown have the power to end the careers of junior comedians and staff members if they choose to do so.
Thank you! Seemed rather aggressive and transcended the line from funny joke to really bad outcome. I wonder if the outburst was staged too. Appreciate your response!
I think part of the problem is that they're no longer split into two groups, one receiving the batsu and one giving. Nothing sparks the creativity like an opportunity to do shit to your friends, so you can all laugh together.
Now it just feels like a chore, a checklist.
It's a prank. Way back in the 90's where every variety Japanese show had pranks going around because it was the flavor of the year.
This one was meant to scare the guy in white (Tanaka). The idea was to record a fake show where Tanaka would be the host and was supposed to be harsh on the contestants. Then the guy who got angry on the webm you posted (Hamada) would try to provoke him in order to get some sort of disrespectful response. Hamada is the senior of almost everyone on that show and he also plays this character who gets overly angry and violent easily. So whenever he would get an angry reply from the guy in white, he would get pissed off like he did and everyone would pretend like it was real that would be the prank.
Thing is, the guy in white is way too much of a nice guy and never took any of the bait Hamada offered him because of respect or fear. So he never gave Hamada the harsh reply they needed to carry on the plan, so Hamada had to improvise and explode on him out of nowhere.
A couple of things to note:
Nobody expected him to cry.
Hamada isn't really a bad guy. It's his character and he plays it very well, to the point where people believe he's really angry.
>2. Please contribute 3 or more related images when starting a thread.
I dunno how this could be perceived as funny though. That guy in white is definitely not going to say anything to him that was disrespectful... Just seems forced even with context
File: mecha.webm (2.87 MB, 320x240)
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they were hoping he'd lose it like this guy (which is actually one of their gags).
OP here: that's a great response too. Thank you for the information.
Yeah, I know. I tried to use this thread to find the video on desu-archive in hopes of answering my own question. It didn't work and I didn't have any other relevant videos to post. I would have asked in WSR, but desu-archive doesn't archive that board. It was a shot in the dark and it didn't work, but it did. Anyway, sorry.
japs really enjoy schadenfreude
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Jap tv 'comedy' is pretty fucked up.
It was one of those pranks where things don't go as planned.
If you wanna know more, watch this:
Jump to 12:27 for that same part of the webm.
And then, if you wanna find out what kind of person Hamada really is, watch this one. In special the story Tanaka tells, who is exactly the guy who got pranked so hard on the OP's webm:
Skip to 4:30 if you'd like, although watching a bit from the start helps with the context.
I never knew about this, thanks for posting it, really shows how much they care about each other despite some of the pranks they play on each other. It's too bad Matsumoto couldn't read his though.
Which TV shows were they when I saw clips of people being ejected from hospital beds through the ceiling or where the targets chair would spin around and they would be suddenly sliding down a mountain or something. Japanese TV had a reputation for some hardcore pranks in the early internet age but I don't see any of that any more.
Isn't it Tanaka's shtick to cry and get scared easily?
It's just his character, bro.
Just like everyone said being sadistic is Hamada's character.
watch the entire thing you fucking mongrels
Nah. I’d rather watch Two Broke Girls through a 90s scrambled-porn filter than this unfunny jap cringe shit.
File: 1444284460840.gif (987 KB, 500x452)
987 KB
987 KB GIF
Gaki thread? Gaki thread.

Man, they were so young.

It's sad that they got formulaic but they're getting too old. I'm wondering why they haven't done a kiki or an Absolutely Tasty in a while though since they don't require intense stunts.

Ironically it's like a more cleaner Jackass.

Yeah, you go do that.

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