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Asking for a manga where a guy falls in love with a cute feminine guy, preferably one who crossdresses.
josou shounen anthology
has a bunch of those
Seems to be hit or miss.
Is there anything more "focused?"
File: 1632638737602.png (2.05 MB, 1000x1456)
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>a manga
[Masahiro Itosugi] A Wish of My Sister {decensored}

>Seems to be hit or miss.
You asked a vague question REQUIRING a "hit or miss" answer.

If you want a specific result exactly tailored to YOUR SPECIFIC TASTE then you should make a specific request. Otherwise, you are requiring people read your mind as they waste4 their time putting up examples that you casually dismiss. Every time you dismiss an answer, that person's time spent answering your vague question was wasted.

Also, you asked for a "manga". If you meant this as a choice between "print" or "video", then your usage of manga includes doujinshi, tankoubons, manga excerpts arranged in arc-format, and then finally manga excerpts. But to the knowledgeable or even slighly experienced people, they don't know if you are using that word casually, naively, or specifically because you didn't delimit the word. So we take your answer at face value as stated. Thus all doujinshi answers are excluded as is manga excerpts in arc listing format. That's because your question therefore requires an entire "manga length" book volume. This is why you got that answer "josou shoenen ANTHOLOGY" because that fits your manga requirement request as written.
File: 137687l.jpg (127 KB, 422x600)
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> cute feminine guy, preferably one who crossdresses.
Secret Devil-chan / Himitsu no Akuma

This is one manga with Gae element I can tolerate.
Not op but this is pretty cute
No homo tho
Shit, sorry about that. I could've worded both better. I do appreciate both recs anon. Thanks.
Thanks anon.

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