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Could anyone give some anime recommendations like Erased (boku dake ga inai machi)?
Maybe some "crime-anime", if such a thing exists, or something more drama and real-life oriented, instead of action and sci-fi.
I have barely watched anime outside of things like Pokemon, Naruto, Death note and the Ghibli movies. I have tried Azumanga dayo and Evangelion but they're not what I'm looking for now.
Don't like things inolving too much fantasy/magic or taking place in another universe, nor too kawaii or girly. Idk, I'm looking for something more realist.
Thanks in advance!
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monster sounds perfect, also parasyte. maybe serial experiments lain if you can handle a little bit of sci fi.
i can vouch for this, great anime
Pizza girl is best girl!

Similar to Erased with crime elements in them
>Steins:Gate (24eps)
>Tokyo Revengers (S1 24eps)

similar to Erased but with a more drama/real-life oriented type of setting
>ReLife (13 eps)

Similar-ish to Erased drama/real-life oriented
>Your Name. (movie)
I had watched an episode of Lain but it felt a little schizophrenic. I'll finish it someday.
Thank you all for the suggestions!!! I really appreciate it!!
tokyo revengers sucks ass. i read the manga to the end, dont bother with it. literally everything that happens during the story gets reset in the last chapter and ends up not matterng. i dont care that i just spoiled it, it's shit and you deserve to experience stories that respect your time

steins;gate is incredible, though. it's not about "crime" specifically but it has the same feel as what youre looking for
it's very much a schizo show, just skip it. Not sure why that one was recommended. Also no problem : )

I said it has crime elements in it. Which it does. I don't want to spoil or give too much away for op. Also tokyo revengers is ass. Always has been, even from season 1. You did a good thing by not wasting his time. I recommended S1 because everything says, "that's when it was good" even though it was never good. I've never seen an author work so hard to make his MC the most unlikable in the series
You might like this.
Oddtaxi? It has a somewhat unrealistic artstyle but it's very much grounded in reality and has crime as part of the story.
Galaxy angel
Sousou no Frieren beyond journeys end
Dream eater merry
Nabari no ou
Samurai champloo
Welcome to the NHK
By "crime-anime" are you looking for specifically detective shows, or are police shows ok also?
Taiho Shichau zo (TV) is a good police anime that doesn't have sci-fi elements, it's 47 episodes plus the first 3 episodes of the show which are separated through an OVA (which is what you should watch first.
If you want something similar, but with sci-fi elements then there's also Patlabor and maybe also Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

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