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/wsr/ could you tell me what shows to replace/remove from my backlog, what are your thoughts on them? Also what shows should I prioritize watching
Katangatari is my favorite on that list. I haven't seen LotGH or Count though.
>The Big O
Fun show, basically Batman but in a Mecha. Has a good dub too. I'd recommend if that sound interesting to you and it's not that long so it's fine.
>Dirty Pair
Also a fun show, about two girls hired to solve problems that usually involve blowing up a lot of shit along the way. Has good action and music. Also pretty short.
It's worth the hype but very long and can be very boring if it doesn't hook you from the start. But it's fantastic otherwise. It took me 4 attempts to finally get into.
>Bubblegum Crisis
It's....good. Can barely remember the episodes though. I remember the final one probably my favourite. If you like girls in mecha suits you'd enjoy it.
It's honestly fine. It's quite long for a story of a space pirate with no real story since probably around 8 or so episodes out of the 42 matter for the plot. You could drop this one or watch an alternative like a movie.
I really liked this, one of my favourites if you enjoy adventure. The island arc is pretty crappy and could be skipped dropping the episode count to like 30 instead of 37 but you should probably watch the whole thing once.
>Casshern Sins
I thought it was a bit too boring honestly, can barely remember what happened but I just know it was quite slow and a real "thinking man's" anime. Has some interesting episodes and ideas but overall if you enjoy more slower paced shows you might like it.
It's a good character drama about Rakugo. Takes a bit to get invested into but it's a good show once it clicks and you find the characters interesting.
Honestly, I felt all the changes they made to be worse. If it was just a straight up 1-1 recreation of the Count of Monte Cristo I'd probably have enjoyed it more but instead it's just its own version set on Mars in the year 5000 or something and just feels "lesser" I guess. It's not bad just kind of....okay.

I'd say drop Harlock and maybe Casshern out of these but it's up to you.
A Place Further Than The Universe is a story with basically no conflict beyond one of them emotionally accepting something sad. The characters are never in any danger, and never given responsibility beyond what's realistic for teenage highschool girls. (Very little, in other words.)

Imagine Harry Potter without Voldemort or any kind of mystery or threat. He gets accepted to magical school and just...goes to school and makes friends and learns stuff. If that sounds great to you, I think you'll enjoy it, but if it sounds horrible, you might consider skipping it. That said, it's only 12 episodes, so not a huge investment.
Stay away from Macross 7, its dogshit. Nekki Basara ruins the entire thing.

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