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So I try to do exercise everyday that usually lasts an hour and I've been listening to audiobooks and dramatizations of books for a few years now and for once I've hit the backlog of books I've wanted to experience and don't really know what to listen to next.

So can anyone suggestion books everyone should kind of know and read that also has a good audiobook that I can listen to for free on Youtube? I tried to listen to Journey to the Centre of the Earth but the narrator changes every three chapters which is incredibly annoying.
if you're willing to expand past audiobooks, the majority of podcasts are free
Yeah I occasionally listen to podcasts too but not that much, I just feel like I could listen to books I should've read years ago while I exercise instead.
>books everyone should kind of know
Arguably doesn't exist, there's so much literature that is considered important in some way, and important for a variety of things that might not have anything to do with you, that if you tried to go through all of it you'd be overwhelmed. And it's culturally dependent, and these have changed over time as well.
Unless you're aiming to study literature in an academic setting, or maybe if you're trying to impress some huge book nerd, just read and listen to what you like, or try to narrow it down on what kind of literature specifically interests you.

That said, there kind of is a so called "literary canon" of works that are considered certain milestones in whatever literary field or just paticularly notable for their artistry. It's a loose term, but the idea is of lists that consist of literature that has been and continue to be exhaustively studied in literary criticism, or the influence of which is so great their overall cultural influence is still felt
If you have prior knowledge of who are important, any list you look up is going to have some usual suspect authors, and the list is long and there are books upon books that are considered significant. Just google

>listen to for free on Youtube?
check if your library has an audiobook service

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