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Hey there /wsr/
I want to get better with Premiere Pro and After Effects

What are some ways I can learn?
I don't mind doing one of those courses, but many of them are paid and I can't afford them nor do I know where to pirate them.

You know how people edit together a Youtube video, sort of like video producers?
I want to learn skills towards that effect. Not because I want to be a video producer or a youtuber, I just want to learn how to do it and become better with Adobe software.

I know a lot of people just recommend trying to do something and then looking up how to do it but desu I don't think it really works all that well for me. I'd rather go through a series learning and picking up information.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
bump, any boards better served for this?
what you're asking for is pretty vague and general. video editing is a pretty large field, you asking is equivalent to someone putting "doctor" in their resume.
you can go to >>>/t/ and try to find some pirated udemy courses and hope you find what you need, also maybe 1337x.to
i also just have to ask, what part of the "doing then searching" thing is not working for you? it might just be the compsci in me but searching as you go seems better because you focus learning only on what you need to use, even when i photoshop for /wsr/equests i search shit up as i edit
>searching as you go seems better because you focus learning only on what you need to use, even when i photoshop for /wsr/equests i search shit up as i edit
I think it's because I don't have anything specific in mind to edit. I learned Ps much the same as you, searching shit when I wanted to do it. But I kinda had more time then to dick around so it worked out. Now I kind of just want to go through, pick up some basics and learn to a level where I can sort of have the basics in place I guess.
Thanks for the advice though, I guess I should have specified I sort of just want intros to familiarise myself better with both programs, but not just the absolute basics, learning some advanced stuff as well.

Are there any 4chan boards more dedicated to video editing?
Wsg is generally for posting videos, not discussing editing, right?
Also does anyone just know where I can learn general tips for video producing?

I want to learn the skills necessary to make youtube videos, but I don't actually have plans to be a youtube producer or content creator. I just want to learn so I know how to do that shit
if your just using it for basic video editing whenever you gotta edit a video then dont worry about being super fluent with premiere pro. just use something basic like premiere rush or capcut.
But I want to get fluent with the likes of Premiere Pro and After Effects.
In essence, on occasion I'll see those meme videos or youtuber plays videos or whatever. The content doesn't interest me, but the editing does and I want to learn how to do it. I can do some of it currently, but in a very slow manner and I'm certain there are more efficient ways. I want to learn, but have no idea where to or how
I normally just relay on yt, anon. I don't think you need more. Just search for specific stuff to do, and you slowly combine the knowledge. Also, try downloading a manual if you can.
This is what I've done in the past but it just feels like my workflow is quite bad, you know? Like doing basic things will take me a long time.

Here's a random example I just pulled off youtube shorts

First off, the captioning, how do you do it efficiently, and colour coded in the way it is there? I know Premiere Pro has an auto caption but it's not all that smooth, but all over Youtube I see basically every video captioned like this now.

Secondly is the camera zoom on the black guy. That's another common video editing trick on Youtube, but I don't know how to do it easily
Cgpeers has many After Effects tutorials, that's where you would go to pirate them. But registration is seemingly closed and I don't know how you get in now (I got in years ago), someone claimed that you can join through their IRC server.
Got it. Have you tried davinci resolve? It may be something to check out.

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