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My computers been running very slowly for the past couple of weeks, been unable to run games I should easily be able to run. The last few days have been unbearably slow, with noticeable lag on Windows desktop. Today, while trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, it's started turning off randomly.

What do /wsg/? It's a decent computer with a GTX970, 8gb RAM, & i5 4440 and is less than a year old. Haven't made any major changes in the last few weeks either.
First of all we are called /wsr/
Second: What operating system.
Windows? STRG+SHIFT+ESC and have a look at usage of cpu and memory. Any strange high numbers or unusually prgram names?
Check ressource manager. Ram and cpu loads okay?
What about your temps?
It's called "CTRL", ESL-kun.
OP you can head to /g/ /sqt/ they can help you there with troubleshooting stuff
also turning off randomly can be symptoms of not enough power or overheating (i did this once)
No need to bully poor sören, desu.
>Indian tech support needed

excuse me sor my name jon a then from micro soft your computer put out error message packet and have bad virus, you need to give me password to fix.

but seriously. run msconfig and disable as many of the startup options you don't need, like adobe updater, chrome updater, chrome update updater, skype, etc. restart and see which one's causing the problems.

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