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Please help me, Intuos 5, win 7 ultimate. My pc doesnt recognize my tablet and when i try to use my finger or move around with my pen the cursor wont move at all. Only one light is on (top left of wheel) but whenever I uninstall my drivers all of the lights will turn on but cursor still wont move cuz of no drivers. Please im begging you guys help me, wacom doesnt respond, im so fucked.
Ive tried reinstalling the drivers in safemode because they usually crash before they finish installing if in a normal mode. Ive tried using old drivers from 2016 2017 but it still doent work
try pressing f8 after bios screen but before windows loads and select "disable driver signature enforcement", then install the driver once it boots and reboot again. kind of a long shot but its the only thing i can think of
I tried them both and it didnt work, ty tho
and fk me, i was fiddling around and now my mouse and keyboard wont work
i found the linux driver for this specific tablet is much better implemented. I always have issues with the windows one. Maybe you could do what I do and dual boot to linux when you want to draw?

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