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How do I unbrick my shit phone? it's stuck in the red light. The circumstances in which it bricked is from overheating while charging and the motherboard's bios entering in a safe mode state.

I downloaded flashing files from different programs, but the problem is that the computer+flash program won't detect the phone.
Did you install the ADB drivers?
What about the MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM driver?

You have to turn the phone off and take out the battery to do the actual flashing part. I'm not familiar with your phone in particular but I know a little about shitty MediaTek chips (they're shit).
It's one of those unremovable batteries, not sure if I can force remove it or disconnect it from the pins.
>and the motherboard's bios entering in a safe mode state.
yeah, and I'm linus cockballs
tell the truth, you were doing something stupid like flashing a poojeetware ROM and you fucked it up
I did the VCOM driver, I didn't do the ADB drivers. Let's see if these work any better.

>No caps lock and punctuation.
Listen you fucking shit-deserving texan-mexican mixbreed trash talking trailer trash...

Well the story of the phone is the following. I left my cheap charger overnight in some cheap power outlet and the only indication that something happened was that the 2 plastic lids on the charger were found on the floor in the morning(albeit uncracked). (It was some gay RGB chink charger so it had plastic lids to show me that "awesome RGB gaymer flag" while it was charging.)
The phone was already having problems by turning off randomly and refusing to reopen, but it seems like this little sudden voltage influx sent it in an eternal turned off mode. It's a chink phone which overheats because of how its designed, so it was to be expected.

I sent it to a repair guy that specialized in hardware replacement rather than software. He told me that the motherboard is fucked and it entered in an eternal save state in order for the phone to not suffer damage. Otherwise he told me all the hardware components are in perfect shape and the phone is charging well.
>cheap charger overnight in some cheap power outlet
Hope you got fire insurance nigga
Anon that's as feasible as your graphics card or processor catching fire, which is 1 in a million every day. You'll die of old age before that ever happens.
I speak from experience. I was listening to Three Dog Night (Old Fashioned Love Song specifically) one night when I heard a noise that sounded exactly like a huge fucking bug flying into a zapper. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. I smelled BBQ and when I saw something flickering in the corner of my eye I turned towards it only to see my fucking DVD drive on fire! The DVD end of power cable had burst into flames and melted. The inside of the case was singed but everything else seems to work fine still (donated it to my dad). Thankfully I was right there when it happened, and at the time I had my case sitting on my desk so I saw it right away and was able to yank the power quickly. Maybe it would have burned itself out eventually, but better safe than slow broiled.
That's odd. Nothing new appears in my Device Manager after installing one of these drivers.
The ADB drivers are for when the battery is in and the phone is both on and plugged in. On my phone it has to be in Camera (PTP) mode to be detected. Oh and don't forget to turn on USB debugging and authorize your computer. That's when you create the scatter file and readback your ROM (to back it up, always a good idea).
The PreLoader USB VCOM driver: you won't see it until it's actually in use. It only shows up when connecting a phone that is off and the battery is out, at least on my phone. That's when you flash the new ROM.
Did you already try recovery mode? You didn't mention it. Hold power and volume up while booting if you didn't know.
Yep tried all possible combinations. I do not have the comfort of using recovery mode.
Oh that explains it. Guess I'll struggle to pop open my phone and see if I can stop the golden pins from touching lewdly.
Damn chinks.
Any luck?

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