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File: Path.png (2.06 MB, 670x1192)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
First and foremost I'd like to start this thread off with a fuck you to all the succubus LARPers and other shitters on this board.

So, i just got home after some weird ass shit.

Said weird ass shit happened about 2 hours ago in the forests of western Sweden, i'll even fucking pin point the exact place for you guys on Google Maps when i'm done with this small story.
All of this happened, i've got pictures and video.
Unfortunately for the story, i guess, i did not die or get attacked, since then i wouldn't be sitting here typing this out for you, so don't expect a grand finale that fucks you up for life, i just want to discuss this with some other spookers on this board.

I'll start it out with some background info

>father and his family stems from the woods in question
>grandmother is superstitious but hates talking about it
>"talking about them only strenghtens them" the people used to say
>"them" in this case refers to trolls, goblins/dwarfs/the little people/vättar, näcken and all that juicy shit
>was a boy scout when i was a kid
>our boy scout team was frowned upon by other scout teams in the area because we didn't give a single shit about Jesus, just pure nature and survival
>once, my father, who was one of the scout leaders, decided that the boy scout team should hike by an old windshield shelter he knew from his childhood
>shelter was a couple of kilometers off the road, said road is in the middle of nowhere too
>went there with the boys, had fun, swam in the tarn, fished and carved dicks outta wood
>one night when exploring we found that someone had put a giant wooden cross in the middle of the forest about 300 meters (THICK forest so we couldnt see it earlier) from the shelter
>nothing else happens, everyone goes along all happy

fast forward to now
>me, adult, not longer a boy scout
>me and my best friend has recently taken up /out/ as a hobby again
>slept in the woods a couple of times last year, bought a bunch of gear
>First and foremost I'd like to start this thread off with a fuck you to all the succubus LARPers and other shitters on this board
you have piqued my interest sir
>we really like it, i really feel at home in these dark pine wood forests
>i even get some sort of spiritual ease when just chilling on a rock or whatever
>really weird, have never been spiritual
>whatever, its great
>take a short walk in the nearby woods every other day
>get some lust for /out/ing after work
>start reworking my cheap fishing pole i recently aquired
>havent really fished for a long time either so yeah i'm hype as shit
>new line that i managed to actually tie on myself without remembering any of the official scout knots
>new floater(is that what theyre called?)
>aww yeah gotta try this bad boy out
>fill my backpack with a pipe, tobacco and my powerbank
>preload a bunch of podcasts on my phone to listen to while puffing and fishing
yeah i listen to podcasts while being in the woods, fuck off /out/ist elitists
>kiss my gf bye bye and tell her i'll be home when the sun has set
>i go to the gas station and get myself some hotdogs and beer
>time to find a place to fish
>theres people at all the good places
>fuck people
>remember the place we camped at from the OP
>remember that google maps didnt even have that road when checking last year
>check it out on the map apps anyway
>oh shit its there now, cool
>start the long drive, tell my gf i'll be a bit later than expected
>get to the dirt/gravel road
>its real heavy shit, shits hitting the underside of my car all the time
>whatever i really want to fish at the shelter goddammit
>forest is getting thicker and thicker
>realize i dont have any cell reception
>laugh to myself and say outloud that i'm fucked if anything happens to me since like noone knows where this place is
>finally get to the end of the road
>recognize the turning point
>get my pack out of the car and start walking the small path to the shelter
>I'd like to start this thread off with a fuck you
>no larpers
>is a larper
>listens to podcasts in the woods

File: Barrels.png (2.31 MB, 1331x746)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
oh shit i forgot to say
there were MULTIPLE big flat rocks standing by the side of the gravel road, as if they were put there by someone
big fuckers though, no man could do it alone
almost looked like they could be used as signs or something? nothing written on them tho

>path ends by the tarn
>recognize the tarns layout or whatever
>lots of mountain walls by the tarn in different places
>realize that the forest is very quiet
>no birds or anything
>huh, whatever
>pic related was right next to it, obviously man made
does anyone know what they are? could it be like artificial bee hives or something? theyre not spooky i'm just curious
>but wait
>where the fuck is the shelter?
>its gone
>the fireplace too
>well, whatever
>rig up my fishing stuff
>put hot dog piece on hook because i cant be assed digging for worms
>throw line into water
>looks great
>5 seconds later, the floater goes down with the hook
>no fish
>it keeps doing it
>the weight i have beneath the floater is too heavy
>macgyver the shit out of it by tying a piece of wood to the line too
>throw it in
>nice, it floats
>crumble some bread and throw that on the surface too to lure in all the good boy fish

>being this triggered because someone calls you out on your made up goth gf
File: 1510159999636.gif (495 KB, 194x172)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
File: TheTarn.webm (1.59 MB, 720x1280)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB WEBM
webm related, this is how it looked from where i was standing
completely unrelated, but I really want to go fishing with you and that place looks super fucking chill. totally engrossed in this story too, please continue.
File: 6d7g98sd7fg96s8d79.jpg (131 KB, 1021x633)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
OP you're going to have to really make me believe you. but so far the pics and video are helping
File: Markers.png (472 KB, 720x736)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
lmao you can actually see the bread crumbs at 0:02

this is where it starts getting weird

>stand there, waiting for at least a roach to nibble on my expensive hot dog
>nothing happening
>is this tarn dead?
>suddenly hear a LOUD splash from the left of me
>look at where the sound came from
>can actually see the aftersplash
it was somewhere in the yellow zone on pic
>huh, probably a beaver or something
>maybe really big fish? a northern pike or something?
>keep fishing
>looking around
>notice that there seems to be something sitting on top of the rock (blue)
>could be just a stump though
>whatever it is its really still
>keep fishing
>even louder splash again
>cant see the aftersplash now
>realize i'm not comfortable
>not at all feeling it like i mentioned in the OP
>it's too quiet, except for the splashes that is
please exit /x/
File: ThePortalToPastLives.png (2.24 MB, 666x1183)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
meant to quote >>21102466 of course

Thats nice of you, thanks

Don't get too hyped up pls

>splashes continue in like 3 minute intervals at yellow zone in previous pic now
>cant see whats hitting the water but i'm just assuming beaver
>theyre real loud
>fucking beavers
>no fish biting either
>just about to light up my pipe when i realize i havent put on my podcast yet
>for some reason decide to not use headphones to listen, just let the speaker on the phone do the work on really low volume
i realize this sounds like complete creepypasta bullshit that i suddenly decided to not use headphones but idk man, i just had a feeling that i shouldnt plug my ears like that
>sit there and listen to the podcast
>still no fish
>hear loud fucking cracking noise right in front of me on the other side of the tarn
>snap back to reality and intensely stare into the the thick forest
>heart races for a little bit
>see and hear nothing
>whatever, keep fishing
>STILL no fish though

btw all pics are mine from today
except the john bauer painting of course
i swear to fucking god OP, if this story turns into nothing, I will come down upon you with the force of 1000 suns and rip your cock and balls clean from your body, fry them, and make you eat them.
>i just had a feeling that i shouldnt plug my ears like that
don't worry man, I feel that shit hard
>inb4 skinwalker
I like stories that actually happened even though they aren't exciting. i've had weird things happen in the Cherokee forests and it's really exciting when it happens irl

Never good to not be able to hear in nature. You never know when an animal could come after you.
bumperino oregano
Could turn this into a book
File: Cracks.png (843 KB, 708x852)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
>about an hour has passed now, still no fish
>ever since the crack in the forest in front of me there has been no splashing
>cant keep my eyes off whatever is on the top of that rock
>feels like its watching me even though its probably just a tree stump
>start becoming paranoid, listening intensely to my surroundings
>just like a really heavy man walking on dry sticks
>from the same place as earlier
>CRACK again
>and again
>and again
>in the timing of a man walking
>this is no bear
>this is no wolf
>it could be a moose, sure, but ive heard and seen a lot of moose in my life living here, and no moose would walk this close to a man, especially when he's making noise (the podcast)
>heart goes straight to fucking flight or fight mode
>pause the podcast in a millisecond
>absolute quiet
>i was sitting at this point so i shoot up like a fucking preteen dick watching baywatch
>hold my breath
>no sounds
>cant see anything
>these sounds were more to the right though, ie, getting closer (pic related explains it better)
>realize, again, that theres been no splashing since the first time i heard it
Fishing float or probably more commonly a bobber as 4chan has mainly american users.

A tarn is a small lake.

Maybe you ran into a Näkki or the swedish equivalent.
could be, but it doesn't sound like it was moving in the water, just (maybe throwing things in the water) walking along the outside towards OP, intimidating him
maybe im insane but what happens if he did a war chant just curious
Come back with a hot pocket and throw it into the water. Any sentient creature would have an immediate reaction to the pure gamerfuel provided by the hotpocket, and take it from the water, showing itself in the process.
>no more sounds
>aint taking no risks, i've heard way too many stories about these forests

>this is the point i said fuck this and started folding my fishing rod and getting my shit in the backpack
>all packed up and ready to fucking go in 3 microseconds
>let out a fucking retardo scream as to scare it away if its an animal
>no more pictures now, taking a picture was the last thing on my mind
>when i'm finished packing i hear the fucking crack again
>even closer
>it came from almost by the barrel thingies now
>it did not care about my feeble attempt at scaring it away
>start going straight to the car, don't even follow the path
>hear the crack again when walking
>turn around
>see something big and brown moving between the trees
>start running
>im a fat fuck so this really tells how much i was panicking now
>fortunately the car was very close when going straight through the forest
>15 meters from the car
>hear a loud grunt behind me in the forest
>for some reason pause, as to not make any noise
>survival instincts skill level -4
>turn around
>cant see anything or anyone
>GRUNT again
>run as fucking fast as i can to the car
>slam it into gear
>start going WAY too fast down the gravel road
>car is gonna turn into spaghetti underneath
>all i'm thinking about is to get the fuck out of there
>look in the rear view mirror for a split second
>the brown fucker speed right across the road the split second i'm looking into the mirror
>that thing was bipedal
>couldnt tell if it was fur or clothes or scales or whatever
>even faster down the road now

one last post after this one..
Could still be a bear, maybe a person trying to mess with people,
I'm sweating
File: CoffeePot.webm (1.09 MB, 720x1280)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB WEBM
>get some way down the shitty gravel road
>calming down now
>feeling ridiculous
>see something by the roadside
>something that is not a flat rock put up like a sign
>it's a fucking coffee pot
>a fucking old time coffee pot all rusty and shit
>its fucking nailed to a tree
>remember my dad telling me stories of how grandma used to tell him how they were forced to give human stuff to the forest beings to keep the peace/balance

And thats it boys.

Webm related, of course.
Taken from inside my locked car, of course.

So, what was it?
What the fuck were those barrels?
What the fuck was the thing on the rock?
File: 19yoKiller.png (1.53 MB, 733x1145)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
also tfw didnt get any fish to feed to my 19 year old cat who cant hunt for himself anymore
thats the grumpiest looking cat ive ever seen hahaha
I expected an ending wherein you return early from your fishing trip to find that your gf isn’t done nailing her bull, Jamal; you know, because Swedish.
That's a handsome old kitty
I don't think it was any water spirit, for obvious reasons, and it wasn't a troll or anything of that sort, as the height and color don't match. Can you remember what your grandma told you about

Cute! more pics pls
Just a wild guess probably wrong, but could it be a water distillery. Green barrel for collecting rainwater and the blue barrels with a burner under them to evaporate and collect the water. There's also a string hanging from the bottom of the left one for the water to drip down from
File: 19yoKiller2.png (1.61 MB, 819x1083)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
He's missing some of his teeth so he's all crooked

>"Can you remember what your grandma told you about"
About what?
As i said, she doesnt really like talking about this stuff so most of it is second hand from my old man.
Try telling her this story and asking her, another possibility is you found Muhammad's clandestine explosive factory.
The types of creatures. Scandinavian folklore is pretty rich and it would help to narrow what creatures are said to be in that area.
bookmarking this post to come back to tomorrow, hopefully theres updates
File: slender_man_home.jpg (31 KB, 983x554)
31 KB
Sorry for the bad english and the lack of information, it's a story a coworker told me a couple years ago
>coworker and her bf on their way home
>arrive at an intersection in the countryside
>no trees, nothing to block the view but no light except for the Moon with zero cloud.
>see on the right of their car a guy in all black, walking away from them
>except the guy as arms that stretch to his knees (she said "kinda like Slenderman") and the fucker walk slowly and heavily, if that makes sense (she gestured it to me)
>they both freaked out and got away pretty quicky
I know her and she is a pretty down-to-earth person. They were sure the dude didn't wear an oversized hoody and in fact, they aren't sure the thing had clothing in the first place.

>pic kinda related
oh, i was gonna give you the spot too

here it is.

I'm telling ya, i'm not making this shit up.
File: troll.jpg (166 KB, 741x1077)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Sweden in my eyes has the potential to harbor a small family unit of yet to be identified hominds, and if the forest is really as thick as >>21102751
claims, you couldn't spot them via drone or satellite.
Looks like the japanese Kappa !
Trolls in Swedish culture are said to turn to stone in daylight though
Around Nantes, west-side of France !
File: bugfood.jpg (32 KB, 720x480)
32 KB
>First and foremost I'd like to start this thread off with a fuck you to all the succubus LARPers and other shitters on this board.
Dude, yes. Fuck those guys.
That really depends on where you are though
In contrast, according to some, trolls looks like "regular" humans but with tails

I'll see if i can get a hold of her or my dad.

Thats creepier than my story, dude

Exactly, especially when you go into what we call the urskog or wild-woods, the many parts that have never been utilized by humans.
They're both creepy to me to be fair
Btw, will you go fishing in this place again ?
I don't know man.. Probably not alone
But i've already promised my gf that we were gonna camp at this spot this summer so i guess i'll have to bite the bullet
I guess you'll need to find a new spot.
That thing could take you and your girlfriend out, from the sound of it. It's not worth the risk of sounding crazy. Tell her it was bears.
If something happen, hope you'll remember we are always here for you spooky stories Anon !
File: change1.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1080)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Yeah maybe.. I should bring like a shotgun or something and check it out
I'm intrigued
I want to know

hey, maybe next time i'll actually die and someone else can write about it and get a ton of upvotes!!!!!!!! :^)
I hope not haha
Like the other Anon said, think of your security first. If you go camping there, bring something to defend yourself ! And maybe give the GPS coordinates of where you're camping to someone, just in case !
I hope they exit life.
What the hell could that be

Ça vient pas de chez nous...
I will!

Off to bed now, if anyone else has similar stories i'd love to read them.

I'll come back tomorrow with hopefully some info from my relatives
Trips confirms OP was getting stalked by Satan
if /x/ users become ghosts....
I hope they will. The dubs will make it true.
bump bump
It was just an angry sand nigger. You prob interrupted his prayer or bomb making and he wanted to anally rape you. Normal shit for swedistan.
protip OP, if you turn your phone vertically, you take video in a watchable, higher resolution
horizontally, I'm a retard but at least I don't upload vertical videos onto the internet
This is the correct answer.
>But i've already promised my gf that we were gonna camp at this spot this summer so i guess i'll have to bite the bullet
If your story is true and you were really terrified like you say, it's hard to believe you'd go camping there.
OP I'm sorry but your cat ugly as hell
File: Disgust.jpg (56 KB, 720x531)
56 KB
>fuck off /out/ist elitists

/out/ has some of the loneliest people on 4chan, there was a fat german woman who made a thread there and they were all over her, it was gross, there are some decent lads there but still I wouldn't worry about their opinion.
I doubt you were much of a looker at 19 either.
If you ever go back there I hope you get the thing on camera, that would be really cool, but dont put yourself in harms way OP.
Sweden is 66% forest. They have the most forest in Europe, not counting Russia. You could be right
ITT; the OP that just keeps giving.
do swedes not have cairns?

can't be walkers marking a path - got to be boogeymen
it's debatable right? if he was filming horizontally he'd never have fit all the shit into the shot

same reason why you do an automatic pano from vertical
If you go back, take one of those stupid offerings you mentioned. Pay the toll.
He's got to, if he wants to get into the boy's hole.
Det var inget troll.
Oroa dig inte.

Troll finns inte.
Och även om det skulle varit ett så hände ju inget.
Låt det inte bekomma dig.

Bara ta det lugnt.
No cairns as such, no. Not in the style found on Doggerland.

There are a few, from the neolithic era but those are usually found in the south of Sweden, if at all.
W-would you show us where it was on a map, a-anon?
Hvor er jeg bare glad for at jeg ikke er en skide svenskdjaevel.
Det er ikke kun sjovt, det er sant.

Håll dig till Tuborg.
Nice thread bro.
Next time go with some guns, a nice knife, and some local sorcery
If you got the balls
File: Dovregubben.jpg (58 KB, 373x348)
58 KB
t. Troll
Ha, OK, that one made me chuckle.
Still, don't worry about it.

Probably just a bear or even a boar that startled OP.
Scary enough.
File: 1461107753283.jpg (27 KB, 360x360)
27 KB
>>remember my dad telling me stories of how grandma used to tell him how they were forced to give human stuff to the forest beings to keep the peace/balance

That's lowkey spooky, thanks for the post, I'll try making a vid out of it, see what happens.
Im from Argentina so you won't understand a single shit of what Im going to say, but Ill make english translation just for u.
File: MacGyverRod.png (1.86 MB, 665x1182)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
Ok boys, OP here again
Asked my dad, he basically laughed and told me to fuck off and that theres nothing spooky in there.
Grandma didnt answer the phone today
>tfw anticlimactic "end" to the story
sorry, friends, i tried.

bro this was not some small cairns
i'm talking 3x2 meters of solid rock put up like markers of some sort

It was a joke mate, i'm NOT going there with only my gf, no way.
Maybe with my best friend and sharpened axes/knives.

i posted the location here >>21102801
feel free to check it out if youre in the area

Will definitely bring something if i return.

Alltså, jag vet.. Men ändå..

Huh, i hadnt even considered boar since they weren't really a part of the fauna here when i was a kid. They just recently started appearing around here

That's cool as fuck!
Will you post the link here or should i sub to some channel?

I'm really curious now though... I want to check it out again.

Pic related is my fishing rod with the improvised float

Fuck you ;__;
not OP
yes its me
what should i do to prove it?
>>21106364 why did you try and end the thread you weren't even part of
>tfw people dont believe i'm OP
que te salga pro, loco.
File: 1467473456613.jpg (261 KB, 768x1024)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Ill tell u wasup, Im studying for a final I have in a couple of days, but I would love to hear from a following up of this, just to have a little more to talk about.

Our channel is Churrascopaleta.
We make skits and alike (we actually mock ghost channels and shit), but Im sure the guys would like to make a serious aproach to what happened to you.
You know, we have to apreciate actual spooky shit, outside of the "THEN I SAW A SKINWALKER LAUGHING AND TRYING TO IMITATE MY WAIFU PILLOW."
So yeah, if you're able to, start a new thread later or keep this one up.
That story was really awful and boring.
bump until OP is back
when was he coming back?
I'm sorry
>told my best friend (from the OP) the story
>he actually believes me
>i'm relieved
>he suggests we go there next weekend and sleep at the cabin, if we find it, for a night

idk boys, what do you think? will i die?
Fuck. That. If you're going back then 100% make sure there's at least 3 or 4 of you and make sure that you are all armed to the teeth. I'd take no chances with this shit.

Alternatively just fucking never go back to that place, cuz it sounds like a pretty easy way to go missing and never be found.
Enjoying the story OP. What pipe/tobacco? Enjoying some GH&Co Bosun Cut Plug in one I carved at the moment.
Some shitty Borkum Riff, unfortunately.
It's the only thing available from the local sellers.
It was definitely not a boar. If a boar is somehow interested in you (either because it perceives you as threat or because it thinks you're carrying food...but the latter would be extremely unusual for a boar not living close to any towns because knowing that humans sometimes carry food is a learned behaviour) it would approach you quick and directly. They aren't sneaky animals and don't care much for staying hidden.

A wild boar who is not used to humans would normally not give a fuck about you and keep some distance.

Also they don't go into deep water and don't make a lot of noise when moving around.
No, 1/2 of the screen was taken up by the lake when he was just looking at the coast according to his picture he highlighted.

It looks like shit, the resolution more importantly is shit.
He said it was nothing when he started you fucking retard. Reading comprehension, learn it.
Better than nothing. Stay frosty out there /b/ro.
24 hours and Op never came back
I have a theory that sasquatch is a mental illness. Something in the flora of the pacific NW affects a deep part of the human psyche.
Case in point: deadbell mushrooms, wiki says they "constrict" your sinus, but I had a ringing headache for a week after I popped one.

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