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File: 1417d9ee9f829659.jpg (3 KB, 236x182)
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Before I start, I will post more on this. I just need a lot of courage to push through.
>be me
>adventurous 9 year old
>like to explore the woods
>move into mountain town
>dad warns me about exploring
>minute i get settled, explore woods
>dead silent
>no animals, not even birds
>find an old fort, which smelled like shit
>find shit bucket
>run back home, my biggest find yet
>parents don't check on me, so next adventure will be in night
>go to ' sleep '
>back bag with flashlight, journal, snacks and water
>when i enter start of forest, see blood trail
>follow, expect to find dead deer
>leads me really far in the brush
>starts to smell
>really bad
>vomit on ground, its terrible
>push through
>find huge blood splatter where trail lead me
>fucking smell
>i puke two times more, feeling weak
>run back, i just want to be home
>run into tall, red figure
>it had a robe on
>stunned from fear
>realize this is a fucking cult sacrifice
>scream, and run as fast as i can
>run into four more, blocking the main trial
>i panic and run into random bush
>hear them pursue
>i can't fucking do this
>find backyard
>feel so relieved, that i laugh
>feel something cold on my shoulder
>look behind
>all fifty men dressed in red robes are chanting at me
>faces melted
>i run into back door, screaming for mom and dad
i'll tell you the rest soon.
File: 1494730632880.gif (45 KB, 490x358)
45 KB
>Be me
>Have mildly autistic niggerboi child
>Little faggot always explore the woods of gay town we live in
>Put the faggot kid to bed one night
>He sneaks out
>Bad things ensue
>Tard leads a goddamn cult directly to our fucking backyard
>Cultist turn out to be klan members
>They demand Jerome
>Hand him over
>Never see autistic nogboi again
Go on
File: 1492124124937.jpg (48 KB, 599x599)
48 KB
Your post was exceptionally bad, OP. Your writing ability is poor, but you may yet improve.
Post the fucking story tard. I have had this one open for about 50 minutes now
File: grr.jpg (17 KB, 512x476)
17 KB
We're waiting...
File: qh1ve8ncxzxlfiy9aauw.jpg (48 KB, 620x400)
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Sorry for my horrible writing skills, never been good at it. Plus, was really rushed. My fucking dog was in a hurry to go take a walk, but I just had to finish it. Anyway, here goes.
>Crying hysterically to parents
>Trying desperately to explain what happened in the woods
>They don't believe me, and instead cuss at me for sneaking out
>Parents lock up window, and install an alarm system
>During this time, my dad suspects I have ADHD
>I do
>Get horrible medication to 'treat' it
>Side effects were insomnia, depression, and drowsiness.
>Teacher introduces us to school councillor
>Thought long and hard if I should talk to her about what I saw in those woods
>We arrange a time on a school day
>I talk to her, she seems really nice
>Tells me " What is said in this room, stays in this room"
>Tell her about the figures I saw, and how my parents didn't believe me
>She writes everything down, and tells me it was probably my " young, wild imagination "
>Total bullshit
>Turns out the bitch told my parents everything
>Parents yell at me for being a liar
>I know what I saw that day
>Return secretly to bush in daylight
>Trails have been blocked off by fences, so I take a different route
>Stumble into a clearing
>Robed men appear from bushes
>They one tackles me
>Screaming, Kicking
>One walks up to me, he's the tallest and strongest
>Looks at me
>Whispers in raspy tone
> " I'm going to offer you a buisness opportunity you cannot resist "
FFs Such a bad bait. I can't believe I had my tab open for fucking 80 minutes for this. Fuck me
Truly sorry mates, I just saw it in some old boss baby meme. I had too.
Op fag even apologies for the scam. Get off 4chan. Can't even troll right, baka
kill me
Just be glad you're not OP
Continue, i want more
>Have mildly autistic niggerboi child

Does that not also make you a niggerboi too? Or are you just a pathetic cuck raisin another man's child?


Either outcomes are hilarious.
File: 1485893732216.jpg (2 KB, 125x124)
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Id write something this shitty in middle school english class as an asignment. Id probably get a C, maybe C+

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