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Hi, /x/.

To make an incredibly long story short, I’ve worshipped and dedicated my life to God for as long as I can remember. The only sin I can recall committing is pre-marital sex, but it’s only because we are engaged and I am plenty sure we are to be wed.

And to make an even longer story short, I’ve had this lifelong devotion to God and literally feel no connection with God, I feel Him doing absolutely nothing in my life, I’ve felt nothing positive in my life for as long as I’ve been alive, and to be honest, I’ve actually had quite a difficult life what with not having a very good home life/family life growing up and being forced out of school for various reasons.

I have never gotten anything I’ve wanted, I can honestly say I’ve rarely felt happy a day in my life, and even then, most days I feel I’m on the verge of blowing my fucking head off.

I feel extremely far away from God at this moment and I’m starting to have doubts that He is even of existence and if He is, that He even gives a shit about me falling in line and working for Him my entire life.

What do I do, /x/? Do I blindly follow like I always have? Lately I’ve been interested in experimenting with “Black/Dark Magick” or whatever to get ahead in life since it’s obvious that if I put my life in His hands it’s obviously not going anywhere

Not sure what to do, though. I just want to be in control and finally get a foot in the door with my own life.

>inb4 real Christians wouldn’t immediately turn to Darkness

Actually, you dumb fuck, I’ve been having these doubts for quite a while, it’s just that I’m just now starting to realize that I have a choice in how my life goes without expecting God to “guide” me.
your about tobe married thank god for the gifts his given you, its when our blessing are plentiful we forget to pray.
>I’ve actually had quite a difficult life
Can you please list the symptoms you have:
Social Problems (seeming incapacity to gain friends, or only able to have a small number of friends), no regular contact with friends
Family Problems (family seems to be slowly broken up, arguments which cause problems between family members, little or even no contact between family members)
Psychological problems (depression, paranoia where you think someone/thing is watching, anxiety where you think about negative possible outcomes)
Small misfortunes (things regularly breaking, seeming to bump your e.g. toes too often, dropping things more often than what you should)
Large misfortunes (things never seem to go well for you no matter how hard you try)
Professional problems (seeming to lose jobs or have difficulty maintaining a job, not even being able to search for/find work)
Sleep problems (irregular sleep schedule, even sleeping long into the day or staying awake late into the night)

>Lately I’ve been interested in experimenting with “Black/Dark Magick” or whatever to get ahead in life since it’s obvious that if I put my life in His hands it’s obviously not going anywhere
How have you been going with that?
I have all of the above symptoms, and was then called to sell my soul to satan. I refused. Then I was tormented for years without end. At some point I caved, but my offer was rejected. Probably because I asked for things that would improve human conditions too much.
Been to many Christian healers (I believe in Christ), even TB Joshua, without success.
From some god takes everything. Their spouse, their kids, their career and livelyhood. Why does he do that? You're here in this material world, the king of which is satan (the antithesis to god and anything godly), on a journey to grow and learn certain truths about life. I don't think you'll figure out what that is until it's over. I've only ever felt a divine connection when looking at the most beautiful nature or being overcome with strong emotion.

Don't lose hope anon.
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Ultimately the only person you can rely on is yourself. It is naive in the extreme to expect anyone else to handle things for you, especially because their intentions may not be pure.
The paranormal does exist though. I would advise you to be careful not to take rash measures though.
For example you only need to use a drop or a few drops of blood for _Blood Over Intent_. Using any more is a waste and it might even attract negative entities.
Also make sure not to serve or rely on other entities again. There are a lot of things out there that will lie to you.
>found a loving partner he shares his life with

the fuck?
Hope shall not be lost.
It is cut off.
I am the Incarnation.
All past lives are cut off from me.
Every unwanted thing has no permission to interact with me.
I claim authority over my existence.
I demand to communicate, clearly, with Jesus Christ.
I demand to communicate, clearly, with God.
I demand, and have been told that I shall be given, authority over all of creation.
When you think of God...
what attributes?

What is his reaction to sin, to you? What do you think he thinks of you?

Please find within yourself understanding that God is within you.
Top fucking kek

>nolifes think having a partner makes your life flip turn upside down 100% positive

That’s what 4chan wants you to think.
Thanks, my guy. I actually did not know of this until I looked it up. I suppose it’s worth entertaining and researching.

I appreciate the advice on not following entities - It was just very difficult growing up as where I grew up, and as a consequence, the only idea I could turn to was God. I realise now I have a grasp of my own life.
You're a dumb nigger. You said NOTHING is positive and whined like a little bitch faggot. Yet you have something very important and rare which is love and loyalty but you're a greedy bastard so you call that nothing.
Either you’re really good at generalising or you actually know a good majority of the things I have dealt/currently deal with.

I always chalk it down to “clumsiness” and “Hey, maybe I have autism!” or luck or karma or whatever, but I really feel like you really hit the nail on the head.

Honestly, the only light in my life has been my fiancé.
>sperging out this hard because I have a partner and you don’t

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize 21 years of bullshit is suddenly made up as soon as I meet the first girl who goes on a date with me???
LOL and the really funny part is she had a life really quite similar to mine and feels basically the same as I do about our situations and pasts.

But I’m sure if I had a vagina you’d be giving me sympathy, right?
>has a loving, loyal partner
>Hey bud, you have a home, you have love, you have Internet, that's not nothing...

kys op
I'd never give an entitled, whiny brat sympathy regardless of your gender. The fact that you have the nerve to WHINE that "nothing" in your life is positive and you demand special treatment from God because you go through things almost everyone in the world goes through just goes to show how rotten your personality is.

And that rotten personality of yours is probably why God doesn't want to have anything to do with your dumb shit.
Anon, you're gay. Not like OP is a faggot gay no I mean legit deep in the closet homosexual. 9 times out of 10 people I've met who are this desperately Christian and still miserable it's because their fundamental beliefs directly contradict their biological attraction to the same sex.

Take some time to ignore what you would normally consider a sin and really think about what might make you genuinely happy. Garunteed it's most likely dick.
You guys are literally the most autistic fucking people on the planet.

You have absolutely no idea who I am, you have no idea of my past, no idea of what I even do for a job or the actual hardships and rigors of life I’ve been through...

... But because I’m engaged you’re actually this upset and assume that I must be living dandy and have everything I could ever want.

I just don’t understand how ass backwards not being a relationship must make you guys think.

You are literal fucking lunatics.

At least you’re somewhere you belong.
File: Moldavite.jpg (1.53 MB, 2000x2000)
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1.53 MB JPG
Don't let them get to you there's a ton of horrible people out there.
You can't even read. I am pointing out that you're a rotten hypocrite, entitled to the bone who says that literally NOTHING in his life is positive. Do you understand what nothing means?

Meanwhile you're healthy enough to live, you have Internet, free time, a home and someone who loves you and that you love. And you call that nothing?

Why don't you tell us OP then... describe us that life of yours that is 100% negativ in all aspects and way worse than what most people experience.
love is the most important thing in life tho money fame power are all useless if you dont have love
I dunno, anon, I'm quite a few drinks in and a filthy heathen hippie at that [albeit I take great interest in mystic christianity, as well as coming from a christian~ish background, so take this post as seriously as you want to]
I'm not quite sure what you mean by literally no connection with God, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume you're expecting direct signs/gifts/messages from the big man himself; and my answer for that is you'll never get one, because God isn't literally a Man in the sky who will communicate with you directly, or send anything to you, God is merely what you convince yourself God is. God is merely the burning in your chest, the comfort in knowing what you're doing in ordained in heaven, the sheer and pure hope your prayer is heard. God is both the right and wrong, as every view on spirituality and the world we inhabit is radically different therefore he is both to blame and to thank.

[a bit of a personal opinion harangue here] But you also need the bad to give context to the good, because without the one the other is completely meaningless.

" feel extremely far away from God at this moment and I’m starting to have doubts that He is even of existence "
Because god dosen't exist unless you believe, truely, in the deepest most faithful part of your heart he does exist. You could also just not have found the faith you prefer,search around for sects that might be tailored better for you, or maybe even begin researching different faiths.

"Lately I’ve been interested in experimenting with “Black/Dark Magick” or whatever to get ahead in life since it’s obvious that if I put my life in His hands it’s obviously not going anywhere"

Such practices are just as fruitless as a dinner prayer, again, you have to put all your faith into it for you to even begin to think its working.
Rituals are very important to magic, as that is what powers spells, because you truely believe that chating these words and preforming these very specific acts will bring fourth the outcomes you even want
god lives in croatia
Fascinating and scary.

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