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So Martinett press is a fbi psyop

Why do they print these books

It’s most cringiest larp can’t fbi do better
Probably some domestic Gladio type shit.
>helped bring down atomwaffen
it was already gay and led by an fbi agent. the whole thing was a gay honeypot to entrap people. So its not really a surprise they paid some guy to make them literature for the honeypot cult
All groups are Honey pots
File: 1706115148360821.jpg (24 KB, 512x215)
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If the fbi was running a honeypot op then they probably didn’t want to make their targets and their associated social networks smarter or more knowledgeable about real historical, occult, or economic topics or any useful actionable/factual information. They don’t want to accidentally give them class conciousness or something, especially right before they planned to just throw them in jail.

So fbi was laughing all along at their larp
Insanely based and incredibly rare FBI W
Maybe there’s an fbi member in this thread
>im looking at you
>yes you
They're naive if they expect Trump to protect them if he wins
Who knew "Playing Both Sides" was actually shortsighted and stupid
I was a TI under Trump even though I initially supported him so yeah I’m scared if he wins again. Biden set me free.
They siphoned my energy to guarantee his win and they never gave the energy back
No, all Satanic groups are fedops.
The martinet press guy is a cool rabbit hole. he was a C.I.militant, had a tiny juche\pol-potist commune and actually went to north korea for a while, his wife is\was a hare krishna militant and still publishes her stuff in martinet press. the FBI guy also once turned the pol potist commune into a rouge ISKCON off-shot sect, which worships Kali, Ravana, Aghori Bhairava forms and everything edgy without real understanding of dharmic texts and tradition.
he also run a group specifically supporting the suicide bombers of the Tamil Tigers guerrilla.
I have tons of info and photos about this, I can dig and post--it's bothersome tho...
I CAN tell you the internal TOB journals, Choronzon, liber 333, martinet stuff etc is all available on Anna's Archieve
in WBM you should search for "beast barracks" and "evil without limits" --be careful about the Croissant Pastry tho
I read the devils Quran it was a bad western imitation of middle eastern culture. It came off as arrogant and schizo like

Especially part where they talk about how they killed Mohamed and other prophets and how theres an inter galactic war between Satan and god in different worlds lol. It was a bad larp and made me die inside . Are the rest of books that cringey
this very site is a honeypot
the shit you find in here that's actually worth something is 1 in a million billion
the only reason I haven't left is because I'm addicted and lack the willpower and self discipline to do something about it
if you ever hope to climb the social ladder, it's not some occult esoteric knowledge that will enable you to do that either. you are either born into wealth and status, or you are above average in intelligence and not a sperg.
the prospect of overcoming the class struggle is a waste of time, if you don't have what it takes from birth, it's over.
"the black art of vampirism" is hilariously bad and amazingly 2005-teenage-level edgy
Any actually good satanist books that a layman could read nothing cringey or edgy
FBI shares its headquarters with ADL.
Having to deal with jews on a daily basis can be redpilling.
They even posted the Protocols.

It takes some next level golemism to support the baby torture tribe after knowing about them.
i think it's important to have an archaeology of hitler's occultism, since for now we just consider it "satanism," which is an impossibility as Satan is Jewish. our inheritance after WWII is the Golden Dawn tradition of Hermetic Kabbalah, and Satan's magick died. This is why you should read the Book of Thoth, it's like a nuclear bomb
Have an upvote good sir.
I hope I can work up the willpower to get off this shithole of a site soon. I hate it and most people on it but every once in a while you interact with someone who seems worthwhile.
Easy to forget that the fact it's anonymous means such interactions are ultimately pointless.
Their solutions were Pol Pot and Hitler, it only showed they hold the belief that a big-enough blood sacrifice will magically restore some arbitrary universal balance
The Book of Sitra Achra is good. The first part reads like a typical Gnostic cosmogonical text. Really, anything that Temple of the Black Light / Current 2182 puts out is good and relatively understandable if you know basic Gnostic worldviews.
The story on this guy is long

Caleb Sutter is a lifetime FBI asset and source of many bizarre events



His friend James Porrazzo has recently resurfaced writing for Arktos
>If you don't have what it takes from birth, it's over
Says you. Learn to spell. Learn to write posts that aren't retarded. Once I'm rich, I'll be doing even better than that just to spite idiots like you.
File: GR2bab1bgAABYOG.jpg (17 KB, 402x402)
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Sutter's first mission after getting the mkultra training was to try and create a Jim Jones style cult called the rural people's party:

File: IMG_1750.jpg (73 KB, 640x480)
73 KB

During 2008, members of the Rural People’s Party Central Committee covertly inserted ourselves into various religious organizations in the rural Lexington County area, specifically the “Oneness Pentecostal” or Apostolic denominations, who trace their theological lineage from giants like William Branham (who once shared a podium with Jim Jones early on during Jones’ preaching career). Due to their emphasis on the Acts of the Apostles, some of the traditional articles of faith of the Apostolic denominations (such as pacifism, still present in many written charters) have given them a leftist tilt at times in their history. But the climate of the conservative South (which sends many young men and women into combat) had chiseled away at these. As a result, our members’ emphasis on “sharing all things in common” and bringing homeless people into the church from nearby urban Columbia was perceived as less than favorable.
He's right. Maybe you have what it takes.
>It’s most cringiest larp can’t fbi do better
But they dont need to. Nazis are stupid and this low effort cringe is all it takes to bring them down.
I recently listened to the history of the encrypted phone honeypot. Same thing.
File: jewish sewer rat.png (251 KB, 1032x1086)
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251 KB PNG
>Why did a tax funded criminal organization, run by jews, publish books?
First, jews pocketed the profits, and some fake operating costs.
Then they put you on a watch list, and pocketed some more fake operating costs.
While receiving a federal paycheck, plus fake expenses.
Also hired all their nephews to do work that was never done.

The point of atomwaffen was to run the mkultra cult program on a bunch of gay shit posters and turn them into terrorists.

It worked.
I have to applaud ToB. They've always been openly worshipping torture, brainwashing, three letter agencies and the fact that the individual "noctulian" is a tool to be used and discarded while also going "hey, maybe we are an intelligence program ourselves? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Anyways, here's a poorly drawn alien mascot."
And it worked! Hell, it's still working. People online are saying things like "yeah, Sutter was a FI, but he had some good ideas." or are straight up joining his new honey pot Satanic Front.
File: 1663816357430892.jpg (206 KB, 1080x1295)
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File: 20240712_071404.jpg (326 KB, 776x1532)
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What's really fucking funny is that American Futurist (Former AWD guys) have admitted while posting ToB doxes that one of their members was raped by ToB yet they didn't cut ties until Sutter was proven to be an Informant in court.

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