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If a human can kill a grizzly bear unarmed,
Could one of the modern martial artists like Mike tyson do the same to someting like a tiger?
Has any regular person beat up a profesional fighter?
If you are lucky and can get the animal by its hind legs and bash it against a hard surface repeatedly. You have to be strong enough to do this

Yes a random person can beat up a trained fighter. Training increases your chances but no one's invincible. If a random wrestler double legs Tyson he'd get btfo
If its an unsanctioned fight, any kid or adult can just grab a leverage (weapon is just leverage multiplier) and smash the trained fighter's head in, life is not pretty, life fights can turn nasty in a split second, your enemy was empty handed now you are both grappling to the ground, he grabs a bottle as you are falling down and starts smashing you to the head.

Shit like that can end anyone at a moment's notice.
File: bear gorilla.jpg (701 KB, 632x749)
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Mike isn't smart enough to figure out how to do it.
He would just punch and get fucked.

Also the guy probably killed a small one.
Tigers are a fraction of the size of a grizzly bear.
I'm not here to suck Tysons dick, but 'a random wrestler' is a bit of a stretch. Tyson boxes professionally, but i imagine he's probably done some ground work.
The skill disparity would probably still matter. He is a world class fighter. No he's not invincible, but he's made unarmed physical violence his hobby and livelihood, and did it better than all but a handful of people. The odds of him winning any fight aren't 100%, but they're not below 99%. And this isn't specific to Tyson. If the 7 billion people in the planet, only a few hundred or a few thousand become professional fighters. Of that list, a fraction are memorable, and of those only a small percent have the talent to be as much of a staple in their respective sport.

All that said, Tyson would probably be much worse suited to fight an animal like that compared to a guy like Brian shaw.
And I'm not saying muscle beats experience in a fight been two people. But Brian shaw is literally twice his size and is a world class athlete as well.
I imagine fighting a bear or some other non human predator is not similar to fighting a person. But I am to lazy to look up anything to support that claim, and I have talked myself out of giving a fuck about the rest of my point.

Please call me a gay retard in your response
He would just rape it.

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