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This is just a question on should i keep trying to join or should i give up joining at this point.
>I try to join a branches/group in the SCA and get rejected because i asked to join the branches/group as a newcomers but no one seem don't want me to join the SCA at all and get really aggressive about joining in anyway or just don't tell me here to go to meet up for practice/training for fighting.

i tried to join when i was 18 years old now i am 30 years old, is there even a point to join anymore?
Dang I don't know what any of that means but they sound like jerks and I wouldn't want to hang out with them anyway
Just join some other sport. Everything I’ve heard about the SCA is that they think their weirdo knight and lord larp is real life and expect you to kiss their ass.
That's weird, they're usually eager for new fighters. Do you think there's a reason they don't want you specifically? If you reach out through the official channels of contact on the SCA website you might have better luck getting help from people if you think there's something about your physical presence that's particularly off-putting.
>i tried to join when i was 18 years old now i am 30 years old, is there even a point to join anymore?
There are lots of graybeards who fight in the SCA, you'll be fine on that front.
Hey everyone who have read this post and i want to say thank you gays for telling me about the SCA official channels on the SCA, but i think i should just walk on my own path on becoming a fighter out side the SCA.
Thank you all.
OP are you mentally well?
I think i am mentally well.

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