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File: title.png (890 KB, 816x624)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
No new games.
What happened?
The 2020 Yaoi Jam was literally all Visual Novels
The Bara Jam was mostly Furry and a rehash of Epic Load's demo from the previous year.
They don't sell
Rpg Maker MZ was a huge disappointment.
File: summer friend cover.jpg (91 KB, 960x640)
91 KB
>Yaoi Jam
Personally don't care if it's VN or not, but they were mostly dull and clearly unfinished. Normally I'd just look forward to Bara Jam to an extent but as you mentioned...
>tons of furry trash
>Epic Loads guy still "somehow" being allowed to basically shill his patreon

You're pretty much forced to replay old shit whether old VNs or Bastard Bonds or hope that this year is the year all of those clearly not-failed projects finally finish. [spoiler]Hi ParadisoGuardian[/spoiler]
Where can I download this one? Preferably translated to English.
Are we talking about games in general of just for Bara Jam?
Because i know of at least 3 games that are being developed or are out.

In Development -
Release is ETA July to Sept
ETA July
Currently released - a bit bland but it killed an afternoon so...
Would anyone like to recommend some indie games if you know any good ones? Preferably with atleast decent art/artstyle. For example these look pretty nice:
I enjoyed Dawn of Corruption.
Pretty short as of yet, but it is pretty hot.

It is for hyper muscle and hyper cock fans though, so obviously not everyone will dig it.
File: disgust pure and simple.jpg (148 KB, 1034x760)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>only picture I managed to find is the title card with a werewolf
It's not furry, is it..?
I lost all hope for first degree, the devs have been in radio silence since august.(it was supposed to be released in 2020!!). There is a side game they released though, it is pretty nice and you should find it online without problems
reminder that visual novels are not games.
And a selection of romantics interests doesn't make it a "dating sim"
File: Eu_2zRiVcAMBDPf.jpg (459 KB, 2048x1566)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
This released recently but it's in Japanese (English version coming eventually)
Shut up, Chud. If tic-tac-toe is a game then VN's too.
Where can you actually get the game (in Japanese)?
the amount of zoophilia in gay games is getting old
File: fuck.png (516 KB, 640x586)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
Just my luck.

Btw I wonder if japanese creators use itch.io to publish their stuff, or do you just have to find it on twitter?
Tsukumon said the game will be only available in his fanbox/fantia for a while. The game will release on booth/digiket sometime this year.
So if you want it now, sub to his fanbox/fantia.
I don't know any torrents sorry
Furry =/ zoophilia
Crap like this is the reason why I don't support Kickstart projects, no matter how good they appear to be. I hope that the supporters will start making some noise soon, they put over 7500$ in this project
Furries actually pay, so.
At this time it is mainly monsters more than furry, but digging through the game code I did see notes and it looks like the author plans on allowing a lot more furry characters.
As of now
>Lost, monsters covered in corrupt black goo, minotaur, human, behemoth, dragonborn, and werewolf versions
>minotaur guarding a gate, no sex scenes
>giant humanoid slime monster
>regular slime monster
>plain ol imp
>giant parasites, you can just kill them no need to fuck em
>a dragon warrior monk, no sex scenes
>a demon/dragon
>a naga snake creature
Only about 4 of them have pics so far.
File: MZ bara.png (2.04 MB, 2202x1223)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
are they lewd worthy?
Hoping for choice on to top/bottom.
Is Demonic Strategy available for purchase anywhere? It doesn't seem to be showing up on Itch, and I can find CGs but not the game itself.
It's not an English game.
You can grab it from the author, but only after a payment to his fanbox.
Some anon uploaded it to mediafire a year ago:
As a professional making art and stuff for the RPG Maker market for almost 10 years and working with RPG Maker for like 15, I really wanted to pursue making an actual, you know, RPG, that is fun and has all the hotties. COVID forced me to stay home and I can't work on porn at home, lol. I even have this slightly ambitious project I know exactly who to hire and (sort of) have the cash to invest in... Hopefully 2022 will allow me to

But yeah, it's been kinda dry, hasn't it? A lot of really good artists try to do bara games but they just don't do games very well. And then some people do games very well but they can't do art.
And then there's a lot of people who are great at both but they do furry, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. Etc. Etc.

The last actual bara dungeon crawler-type RPG we had... Well, it was kind of just one, Ana Hori. It's really good though. But I don't think it even ever got translated??
Ana Hori?
File: UUt82JI.jpg (604 KB, 1920x1080)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
Lustful Desires has been showing the most promise but it still has a lot of content to add before it can be even close to finished
There's no update coming at the end of this month (noooooo) in favor of an update NEXT month that is supposedly gonna add a bulk of new content
I really hope development doesn't randomly wither away like so many other Patreon games before it
I'm not clicking your malware site.
Nope, UGCP doesn't translate their games.
I found it to have way too much grinding.
Agreed, which is why I cheated a bit with save editing a bunch of cash.
No more than that, and even then I'd say the content that exists is worth a shot.
It really does need more as the other anon says, especially with the non-furbait story lines, only one story line is complete and another almost complete, and both are pretty much furry central (lizards and werewolves).
I guess Ana Holic is the correct name. Look it up, it's pretty great, made on Wolf RPG Editor

One could hope for a fan translation though
File: jahas.jpg (44 KB, 540x600)
44 KB
>fireden arhives
>not mediafire
but isnt this just a text game ?
CG of course are in
English demo is out
I'm waiting for news of abaddon princess of decay it has some gay stuff according on how you play it
Pictures are not gameplay
they're also not text. There ARE text games and they're different.
Is this really a demo? There doesn't seem to be any end to it, although the translation stops at some point.
File: last.png (794 KB, 816x624)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
I decrypted the game files and desu there aren't any cgs but one where all characters are naked (pic related), likely the final one given the literal name "last".
Either this is a big part of the game (or the full game) but with the cgs removed, or the game doesn't have any cgs and it's all text + naked sprites.
Yes. You engage by typing.
But "reading" is not "playing"
Visual Novels are not Games.
visual novels ARE different from text games, stop being retarded.
File: y3fobE.png (750 KB, 1152x400)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
I found this on itch.io
It's called Dead Dating, it's a horror visual novel
Orly? Maybe because they're not games...
I Played the full demo and it is actually pretty good
It should be released on the 30th of july, but I am thinking about getting the early access with the upcoming campaign on his patreon
>it is actually pretty good
What about the translation? The dev isn't English
I am not English too so I am not sure if the English is flawless, but I understood everything without problems while reading
File: 1593124322887.jpg (199 KB, 960x780)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Do you guys have any idea what vn/game is pic related from?
Looks generic.
funny how genres work.
I'll try ever gay VN that's not furry and this is one of the better one.
There’s this new Japanese game called “Orphan’s Cradle” released recently. Would’ve bought it but I don’t know how to purchase on digiket. If anyone wants to check it out, here: https://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0214292/
What grinding? Is there like an extremely hard mode, because it's been smooth sailing for me when i need some mats i just go and do a clicking sim for a minute or two in the location i need. and if its the bulk stuff(red berries) you just plant them and got 60/day which is a lot, and i never grind level either, the only hard battle i find are the boss werewolf and you only need to fight it twice for material(i just throw 10 lust potion basicaly just not to die). Money is not a problem since i got like 700(?) Gold at the start of the game and i sometime sell stuff so it never have went to a place where i need to grind for gold.
Easily one of the best Bara VN ever.
I only did two routes so far but the characters are well written and omg the sex scenes made me cum a lot. The overall plot is a bit stupid but at least is original.
I wouldn't be surprised if 100% the game will take me 50-60 hours.
Is there any other way to buy the game besides digiket?
Nope, Sada only sells it on Digiket.

Btw, you can easily buy on digiket using webmoney.
I'll post a guide on /y/ soon, as I see a lot of anons like you wanting stuff from digiket but don't know how.
No cash to hire programmer. Tried setup Kickstarter but it doesn't even reach half the target. Maybe I just doomed to be a consumer instead of creator.
I'm tired of VN so an interactive sex scene (with cum meter, ero-spots) + walking around trading items is what my game is about.
I mean, you can do a lot more with the style and plot but just looks as a queer bait desu
Lol not the furry, i hate how everyone is now doing it for the furrie's money
>but just looks as a queer bait desu
How the fuck is it queer bait if it has actual gay content?
Learn Japanese.
How do you hook the script from -isekai- / orphan's cradle?
textractor won't work and old agth won't either
any ideas?
Are you using the latest version of Textractor? It works for me.
Some parts like when you have to manage your stats don't really get hooked so I had to use Google Translate on my phone.
So it does work. Well that's good to know!
But for some weird reason it doesn't for me o_O

I'm using Textractor v.4.16
Start the game first, then Textractor. Click on "Attach to Game" and then select the Orphan's Cradle.exe game in the dropdown, but nothing happens.
When using the x64 version Textractor detects the game, but when using the x86 version it doesn't.
Any ideas?
This is totally weird it's not working, especially because the game's engine is just basic KiriKiriZ, nothing spectacular o_O
Oh well nevermind. Textractor works for the low bit version.exe
Totally dismissed it before. And when using the low bit exe Textractor hooks everything it seems like.
>he doesn't fish with live bait.
File: UAV7GZz4GYg.jpg (222 KB, 1920x1080)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I wonder if Obscura is making another porn game. I recall she was working on something, but it was unclear what. Coming Out On Top was pretty good. But she hasn't tweeted in a year.
>But she hasn't tweeted in a year.
Maybe Covid got her
File: file.png (1.36 MB, 923x1066)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Ghosting ain't new. Pic related only popped back up after years of silence last month, at least Obscura finished her product.
I haven't watched her twitter though, so if she's one of those that updated fairly often until just stopping, I'm probably wrong.
Did syunta say something about those extra routes for management they were "working" on years ago?
>at least Obscura finished her product.
Management is a fully finished visual novel.
The DLC route are DLC, so who cares if they still aren't ready.
I read a sequel was supposed to be released. Is it just a rumor?
to be fair Obscura always stuck to her words and was always reliable.
shunta on the other hand was a total disaster.
him now being back after a couple years and acting as if nothing happened. just wow
File: romanbeau_1a.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
desu I don't blame Obscura for laying low. people were constantly trash talking on this board and asking for leaks. it comes with the territory, but if i was a game dev it wouldn't exactly excite me about my next project.

sad we never got a bottoming scene with the hot teacher (alex?) in the game. hope she'll one day revisit it and do some more dlc or a bonus pack...
File: file.png (2.6 MB, 1200x1593)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Gotta correct myself, his first twitter post after the hiatus is actually Feb 16. It was predictably shilling his CG set that he sold at an event, to be avialable on Enty/Gumroad/etc. Aside from a nice KoF fanart, that's basically all he posted until Mar 2, with this fanart of one of the Management characters. Another art he made is his pfp. That's pretty much it, so while he does care some for his old characters, there's no sign he's even working on the other two routes, at least on twitter.
If he's dropping "hints" on his enty again, someone else will have to post them. I doubt it though, at least from a glance.
Is there a kindhearted person here who is willing to share the digiket version of orphans cradle
Can you stop randomly accusing him? You don't know what problem he might be going through in his personal life, and Japanese people are usually really reserved.
Wait a little. If he disappears again without warning then he has stuff in his life. If he keeps ignoring the vn after a year he is back then you can criticize him. But right now you can't say anything
This is the link to the game, You can only get it till end of April
Try to listen to your own advice before whiteknighting a guy on the other side of the ocean.
I didn't say anything untrue or speculation, like "he's abandoned the game for selling cg shit to foreigners," THAT is an accusation, and not random as you try to claim, although it would not have anything more than at best circumstantial evidence and would still be unfair.
You could go to his twitter yourself if you wanted to actually prove me wrong, but it's all there. You can read the posts too, and even if you're EOP use google translate for some context.
He has said nothing about the DLC or even going back to Management to fix up some remaining bugs. What he has said is what I mentioned.
>Japanese people are usually really reserve
Get the fuck out with that noise. Try to actually look around at a bunch of Japanese artists, it may surprise you, but if they stop drawing for some time, they will actually notify you, even if it's just a single sentence of "I need a break". Especially if they take money like Syunta did, especially for a time after his disappearance!
>if he disappears again without warning then he has stuff in his life
Everyone has "stuff in their life". No one is entitled to adoration if they just fuck off, especially when other people's money is involved.
>if he keeps...then you can criticize
I didn't know the criticism police arrived, sorry that he can only be criticized for his actions if he acts in a way you disapprove, and not anyone else.
If he has a problem and wants to stop on the work he's promised without a word, so be it. He has that right, but others have the right to criticize behavior, you don't get free reign from responsibility.
since management got a lot of discussion anyone mind helping an eop out with the VA list
Sure senpai

4 dateable characters:
> 橘 一弥 (Tachibana Kazuya)
ターチェ (Tache)

> 田中 啓吾 (Tanaka Keigo)
ケント (Kento)

> 黒崎 大和 (Kurosaki Yamato)
某猫 (Boneko? not sure)

> 広田 将 (Hirota Akira)
片山一郎太 (Katayama IchiRyota)

I have no idea who the first 3 VA are but I found Akira's.
Why is Management so popular? I'm genuinely asking
From what I've seen it's a standard vn but with voice acting, nothing more
Exactly. All of it.

Actually back then I wondered why he had so many supporters on his Enty while he was treating his fans like garbage. Made absolutely no sense. Guess they enjoyed constantly getting lied to, being fed bullshit excuses and not getting met at his booth at Comiket without any notice a couple times.
But I guess going offline to take time to heal is always the better solution compared to owning up to your shit and confront your audience.

Let's wait and see what he's coming up with next. Management is definitely dead. I don't think he'll return to this game ever.
Was any of Funa's games translated? I really liked the old high school games but it a hassle to simply start them now.
Does anyone have the cgs for Uncle Neighbor? I really want to get it
It's a dating sim with a budget of dimes instead of pennies, that's basically it.
The art is really good, and it has some solid voice work, but it was buggy at release (and not all of the bugs were fixed) and it still frustrates some that promised extra content wasn't released.
Personally speaking I have plenty of pet peeves with Moritake for a different example of someone that releases recent VNs (instead of having to go back to years old stuff from UGCP or Hunks Workshop) and I definitely feel he is way better than syunta with his work ethic.
Nope. I think he intended to get some of his more recent fanbox releases translated, but it seems to be just some select CG sets ran from the usual google translate + editing.
Pretty much your only hope for any of them is if the guy that mentioned interest in fan translating a few comes back out of nowhere again.
Has anyone played 八艶伝?
I'd like to buy it but I heard it doesn't have any cgs, only characters sprites, so I was wondering if it's really worth it.
I played the demo until the content was cut off which is probably the last 40% of the routes.
It's very grindy but the sex scenes are all kinda nice.
At least the demo also only has a final artwork, so I guess commissioning Gorou Naoki is quite expensive.
Can you share some of the sex scenes? If its okay with you
There are no cgs. The sex is all text.
Is there a kindhearted person here who is willing to share the full digiket version of sada,s game orphans cradle i will be very thankful and godbless to the kindhearted person who is willing to share the game
>just text
Well trash.
Game is great but something else is very wrong about it.
You can buy it on Digiket/Booth for 1800Yen
you subscribe to Tsukumo's Fanbox and get it for 500Yen

So what the heck is that about? The store version is the exact same as the Fanbox version, right?
Then how's the 1300Yen difference justified?
I'm guessing due to the fact that fanbox is basically one of a long line of patreon derivatives, so the digiket/booth version exists as the option someone can always buy later, meanwhile if you don't sub to the fanbox at a certain time, you're fucked out of that game officially for good.
Similar to how some artists used gumroad so later customers don't miss out completely on old art [spoiler]and even then, a lot of artists either don't do that at all, or stop updating their gumroad so depending on what you want, if it's recent but not recent enough, you're screwed.[/spoiler]
Please can anyone tell me where I can download or buy this game (a link)? Thanks in advance!
1) Buying it means you'll have it forever, even if you delete it. Subbing to fanbox once for the game means that if you delete it after a while and want to replay it you have to resub.
2) Fanbox keeps the entire monthly updates since the account started, forever. The artist can decide to delete older posts though so you won't be able to download it anymore.

I agree it's a little overpriced.
which tells you how shit the game is.
Sorry for the lazy question.
What is the "gay" equivalent of Fap for Fun or F95?
I mean only focus in males, I don't care if its bara, furry, trap, shota or whatever, since probably there's no so much projects.
File: 3.png (59 KB, 259x235)
59 KB
Going onto my 20th year using RPG Maker for all of my creative needs; throwing porn into the mix is a pandora's box I wish I had never opened sometimes. I've never been able to do game dev the same way again.
Text based games aren't necessarily "bad", at least to me as long as the writing quality is up to par.
But to be frank, you knew going in it had the usual 2 furries, so if that didn't tell you anything about quality, that's up to you?
There is no single repository, namely because you'd have to keep track of pretty much every project, dead, in-progress, and complete, and this is a community that can barely keep le sekrit club discords together. And I'm not just talking about the dumpsterfire that was barachan either. That also ignores language barriers, and a big thing, publicity.
For example, there are a few scattered blogs and wikis and shit that can consistently catalogue the more popular yaoi games (usually N+C) since they have some measure of an advertising budget. In many cases, even just with the half of that budget, a lot of people may not even know a game released until months or years later.

About the best we've got is a single f95 thread to list explicit games, here you go.
File: 1617157885850.png (665 KB, 900x731)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
Fucks sake I just want to fuck gay monsters, are their any games out there that let me do that?

Anyone who suggests Fenoxo shit can fuck off.
>fenoxo shit
Good, you've learned unlike a lot of people unfortunately. Still it is pretty much 97% furgarbage for anything that people pretend have monsters in it.
And 2% of the other 3% has tons of furshit anyways, with maybe 1 actual monster there (hi lustful desires, as much i actually enjoy some of its content)
and 1% has furshit, but thankfully leans more on the monster side at least, but is usually not complete in the slightest (incubus realms by ghuraok).
There's also Pride and Submission which has monsterfucking but it's mostly incidental as the game is mainly about the hardcore rape and breaking of a bratty prince.

Note that I won't make any comments about the art of any of the above, you'll just have to see for yourself.
Got a link to Pride and Submission?

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