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File: 21824207009599_421.jpg (90 KB, 800x450)
90 KB
I often see many anons interested in doujinshi/visual novels and other stuff on digiket/booth but they don't know how to buy from these sites. I decided therefore to write a guide!
I'll start with Digiket.

Digiket doesn't allow credit cards outside of japan so unless you have bitcoins, you'll have to settle with WEBMONEY. Now, don't worry. It's not some weird illegal crypto stuff. It's just a point based currency some websites use.
You can buy it in many websites, but I recommend to use
Sign up and buy one of the webmoney cards. They only sell 2000, 5000 and 10000 yen.

It's now time to sign up on Digiket. Use this guide.

Once you sign up and bought webmoney from a website, it's time to add it to your digiket wallet.
Use this other guide:

You can now buy anything on Digiket :DDD
post 6 pictures minimum, twat
For booth.pm I used this amazing guide by this guy on twitter:
It's a bit long but not too difficult.
Booth doesn't allow international credit cards either so you'll have to use another service, rakutenpay. Which is basically the japanese amazon so don't worry, it's not a sketchy site!
File: ITM0211491_1.jpg (184 KB, 560x420)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
File: ITM0205266_1.jpg (189 KB, 560x420)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
video tutorial, twat. ain't got no time reading them text.
It takes more time to watch a video, retard.
Pretty sexy stuff. Too much I don't have a credit card.
And it could get taking down by Youtube.

Quality of tutorial, kudos.
thanks for the booth info. been trying to buy some stuff since last year, but never found any success.
I'm visual learner, not a text reader, twat
stop replying to bait, this is a great tutorial! thank you anon :)
everytime, this board is dead
It was literally the first doujinshi appeared on digiket
I picked the 6 images randomly
No furshit allowed, wtf
Thanks. I finally managed to buy something from Booth after so long.

I know people here are complaining about the furshit, and I'm not into it myself, but this info is something I never found online, so thank you for your tips.
>You can now buy anything on Digiket :DDD
You fucking liar !
Webmoney can only be used for general doujinshi, if you want the actual good shit, you have to use other payment methods.
My god damn fault for believing a random anon on 4chan.
> Webmoney can only be used for general doujinshi, if you want the actual good shit, you have to use other payment methods.
True but you're a fucking retard that didn't fully read the guide. You aren't buying Webmoney to directly buy stuff. You are ADDING it to your Digiket wallet, which then lets you use it to buy anything on the website.
File: Dfbnsf6.png (38 KB, 1229x464)
38 KB
I'm trying to add the money to the wallet, but in this page, there is no box to tick.
File: NDtUYPk_d.png (93 KB, 640x236)
93 KB
When you registered your account, did you pick the red box?

If not, don't worry, you can still fix it.
File: Untitled.jpg (125 KB, 1562x641)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I did. I followed it step by step. Not sure why it changed it when I made my account, but I fixed it by going here.
So it works now?
I'm unironically happy for you.
Have fun
I already saw the guide but I was having the same issue that anon >>2854200 was having.

I'll try their solution to see if it works for me
File: 148320212021.jpg (44 KB, 1248x231)
44 KB
I'm new to Digiket and I just bought some stuff. Does anyone know what the purpose of this circled value is?
It's essentially a loyalty system that gives you points everytime you buy something on Digiket.
These points can then be used to buy stuff instead of your own money.
Btw, if anyone is interested in Pixiv Fanbox, you don't need to follow either guide.
For some reason it works flawlessly with international cards.

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