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It can be any of anything relating to Yaoi.
Source: https://twitter.com/Saen_main/status/1435158709500477441
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Drop dead Fred! Haha
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Akira fudo and Amon
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why is there no animated gay stuff like hentai? little to none exists
There's no money in it.
File: 1627249917270.gif (198 KB, 500x613)
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198 KB GIF
No there's money in it it's pretty much all just homophobia. Getting an animation team willing to draw gay shit is gonna be harder than it will be to draw straight or lesbian shit.
>No there's money in
Dude, if was it was sold only to it's intended audience they would barely make much money out of it. It'd be mostly fujo's buying far more than actual gays if one were to happen.
There's a big market for gay porn. That's kinda why it... exists? Even "straight" people enjoy it cause the world is on more of a spectrum than people want to admit. The idea that irl gay porn can sell but there's no room in the market for animated gay porn is silly. Someone needs to try and fail to reach that market first at all before we start to claim there's no money in it.
Gays are a minority, Inside of that minority how much are into stuff like cartoons, anime and videogames?
Now, Inside of that already little minority, How much actually jack-off with 2D stuff instead of the usual hook-ups?
hetero hentai its a gold mine, most artists would never waste resources and time to satisface a tiny market in comparison to a ocean of money.
In the case of japaneses, in the past decades with mostly OVAs they could be more experimental, thats its the reason of why styles and plots were more "diverse", that time last until 2010s when things starting to be more "standardized", so, they never take the risk to satisface niche fetishes.
That can apply to ASMR, vtubers ans cosplay porn too, gays are just too "normie" for that.
File: ezgif-7-a6305be3d6bb.gif (697 KB, 720x643)
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By dsharp k
File: ezgif-7-fb8903b596ae.gif (375 KB, 600x338)
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By sandastrevor
A niche doesn't have to be large to be profitable it just has to be large enough to take care of costs and there are enough gay people willing to pay for animated content to fund an animation studio.
Heteros are a large niche sure, but they're also being catered to by tons of different places at every angle. Meanwhile no one is currently filling the gay niche consistently so no one has tested the market.
The idea that there's not enough gay anime nerds out there with money is ridiculous.
File: Jean.gif (110 KB, 839x770)
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That's ridiculous.



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