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I'm kinda new to yaoi and I've been trying to find some good ones but all I've found are ones that aren't very satisfying. What are some good ones that aren't any of that "made by women, for women" bullshit? Also what are some good websites to watch them on?
"Gay men" aren't a good market, even as a niche.
its hard to find anything brand new for free, at least I've tried its all from the 2000s. You can try kissanime and use the shounen ai tag. If there's any decent modern yaoi stuff post the names here
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Modern BL anime

https://youtu.be/6MMP36uFU1A (preview)
Check My Anime List for yaoi titles you might be interested in. On the whole though, original series are rarely good and lately the only anime to be made are adaptions of manga (which were written by women).

Personally, the yaoi I enjoy most is fanworks of non-yaoi series. You get to know the characters through the original works and then fantasise the romance/sex part.
i wish fire in his fingertips were bl, souma and izumi are too hot, why fujo artist cant draw boys like that

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