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57666491>4$ stable oil[View]
57670540OpensAI: someone have more info on this paajeet ?[View]
57665723Ready for an AI God?: It's been a while since a new religion dropped. What are the financial im…[View]
57670582Did He sOldEd?[View]
57669839Flying car industry is rising. By the beginning of next year the sudden booming growth will have mel…[View]
57670456Why are wagies like this?[View]
57670142I'm so glad I never listened to any of you[View]
57669066We live we live we lie: Ask your kids who this guy is. If they know you must bid this token on eth c…[View]
57668913This is the big one[View]
57663057Entrepreneurship General - /entg/: In this thread, I'm going to compile the best income streams…[View]
57670663THOUGHTS ON THIS CHART?: niggie[View]
57670440Any technical analysts wanna weigh in on how bitcoin will perform after a week of straight crabbing?[View]
57669226Our Name Sake: Why is this not shilled here? 2 mil cap and has half a mil in liquidity. Isn't s…[View]
57669384KEK BAGGIES: ahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha >muh biggest company ever hahhaa[View]
57668967Hey there, Champ. Got the coffee brewing, eggs easy over and the biscuits are piping hot. Hurry befo…[View]
57668937Moksha is here my brothers. Soon we get released from all our Duḥkha and attain NIRVANA[View]
57668389Grayscale dumping again. Perfect time to DCA.[View]
57668840/smg/ - Stock Market General: 'Buy the dip' Edition >Brokers: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-dw…[View]
57665529If you could only pick 1 narrative to buy for 2024, what would it be? >AI >RWA >Gaming >…[View]
57663755I make 80k a year. Despite saving or investing 80% of my salary I can't afford to move out beca…[View]
57669128I just realized BTC is going to $300k min.: This cycle. In fact, probably $400k and maybe even highe…[View]
57666021>tokenized real world assets[View]
57670247Which BTC transaction fees so low, it's a good time to do some consolidation[View]
57667561Captian: >an unknown vessel has appeared on our port bow >777 meters in length >cylindrica…[View]
57668692To stack or not to stack?: That is the question[View]
57669646Why are all AI stocks plunging today?[View]
57669850Question: Are you enrolled in the migrant airdrop? I put my sol addy in the tg early so I think I…[View]
57670157mumu...friend...? You've been buying pretty hard there, haha...[View]
57669072The LTC dip looking tasty.[View]
57656881Fucking piece of shit.[View]
57667137why is nobody talking about this project? it's socialfi, which is a great narrative for the bul…[View]
57668369Just a reminder.[View]
57665499I can tell by the economic data that the market is about to sober up. Bill Gates can, too. That…[View]
57668973This week is going to be a bloodbath isn't it?[View]
57669360i grow wary of this price action[View]
57669957Why does the Chainlink logo look retarded on trustwallet? I tought it was a dust attack so i sent it…[View]
57665911Dividend investing general /dig/: Bimonthly Roth IRA contribution hits today edition. Not shown is A…[View]
57668426American expat taxes: Anyone make an income over the threshold for tax exemption? 120k in 2023. Did …[View]
57669661High IQ biz anons thoughts on Merlin chain? They are Bitcoin Ordinals guys They have managed to cap…[View]
57669045The Maverick of Wall Street gets kicked off Youtube: he's now on patreon https://www.patreon.co…[View]
57669053rating delivery drivers: >always give a black person 5 star rating >always give brown people …[View]
57669266How would you go 0.2btc to 0.25btc without buying, margin or leveraging trading right now? Is it pos…[View]
57663826Wagie Hate Thread - Simping for your corporate overlords edition...: ...only to end up losing your j…[View]
57665894Ok, I'm finally holding $10,000 worth of this coin, what am i in for?[View]
57669848Posting an OOOOOOOO thread when the markets aren’t OOO’ing is a bannable offence[View]
57667465Sales is so painful, I hate depending on others for a living yet it's the only way a skill-less…[View]
57667910Where to keep coins?: Back from the dead(2019). Still have meta mask is this bad ? What’s the curren…[View]
57669301Apologize. Now. This is just the beginning[View]
57669407>he betted against China LMFAO.[View]
57669705Hello Niggers, I have @v@x[View]
57667825LINK bros, this isn't supposed to happen to us.[View]
57668620>XRP took like one week to barely pump to 0.57 >Bitfuck dumps 1% >We're back at 0.55 …[View]
57668872You didn't miss the starting pump did you? right?[View]
57668826Just opened a massive 30x short. Liquidation at 51300[View]
57668643Apologize right now.[View]
57667125>dumps the most >pumps the least piece of shit…[View]
576695681. Thoroughly screen your venture's validity & robustness. 2. Pitch your idea to bright, ta…[View]
57668789Fuck this dumping pile of VC tokens unlocking shit: Dumping faster then the next unlock is coming…[View]
57667442$53k REJECTED[View]
57669013As usual these dumb fucks are going to react too slow again and let the economy fall into another ma…[View]
57669200YOU ARE WARNED[View]
57655265/GME/ - Metal Wolf Chaos Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://…[View]
57665401ITT we share ways to make extra cashies with each other: I will start >Raffle tickets for nfts on…[View]
57669324The Squeeze Has Started: 49,000,000 shares to cover kek[View]
57668106Uhhhh bros??: Whats happening[View]
57669296Good crash: Waiting for this crash to bottom out in two weeks then buy up some AMD Nvidia and Super …[View]
57667749Why does my ass suddenly smell really bad the second I cum?[View]
57669280Is it wrong to want a pre halvening crash?: I'm sufficiently exposed to btc/ether but i have a …[View]
57669102state your networth and age ITT your networth will be divided by your age, anon with the biggest num…[View]
57669242It's an opportunity: Please buy my bags[View]
57669148I need to acquire money Tips?[View]
57668095Eth showing strength amidst this dump It’s going to do that classic ETH pump and all the maxis will …[View]
57669163Just a reminder to hold link. Usually big moves happen towards the end of the month[View]
57668717ERC404s you are most bullish on: I'll start; EthereansOS[View]
57669029Hello piece of shit morons: Just a reminder that I predicted your pain several days in advance. Than…[View]
57669138How do I get into crypto?[View]
57668287Newfag here: Maybe this is stupid but isn't the bitcoin halving like less potent each time? If …[View]
57669098It just keeps going down.[View]
57669082Good blockchain gamefi platforms? What are the best ones in terms of earning and in fun? Anything go…[View]
57668994It's 2024 and you guys are still messing around in crypto trying to 'make it'. Behave…[View]
57669001Looks like $12k is programmed in: Exit now as it's heading back down to that level[View]
57668804*KA-THUD* *KA-THUD* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* …[View]
57668772I’m 38 and have never filed taxes[View]
57668900SCAMMER TOKENS[View]
57666173FML I accidentally locked my bitcoin at low price! How the fuck do I fix it? I meant to type 58K![View]
57668828Bitfuck is going to ZERO[View]
57667815do you have unrealistic expectations[View]
57666820It's funny how the stable Bobos thread just disappeared... what happened?[View]
57667198Why don't you hold this cute + based cat?[View]
57668782>Dragon Dive: profits taken: none[View]
57639543/BBBYQ/ - Bet Bag & Bankruptcy: >Basic Information https://www.reddit.com/r/BBBY/ https://twi…[View]
57667776I have $12k How do I make it $100k by the end of the year?[View]
57668556oh hell no[View]
57666905Champ? Got a chart ready for you downstairs.[View]
57667553/smg/ - stock market general: fine and dandy edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia…[View]
57668191CCIP will be out this week.: This isnt another one of those 'predictions' This is the real deal. Are…[View]
57667325Name My Gang[View]
57668698My VXV doing a lil sum[View]
57667956i have a long open and i need to take a shit: and i'm the stephen curry of 20 minute shits? wha…[View]
57665950last $1000 to spend on one coin: which one should it be[View]
57665756I'm turning 30 this year I have no backup plan If I don't make it in crypto I'm genui…[View]
57668124DOGE: Mr. Elon please make dog official currency of Mars Eloooooooooooooooooooooooooooon[View]
57665863Discuss… holds a bag?[View]
57666774I'm laying in bed, staring at the ceiling for 4 hours already when I'm supposed to work fr…[View]
57668487Why can’t you hold 52k could it be because this is the top?[View]
57668412Eth and doge were pumping[View]
57668397How can i take 50k and use it to make enough money that i don’t ever have to wageslave again[View]
57666994Wtf is wrong with me?: I buy btc and see it dump: I couldnt care less. I sell btc and see it pump: U…[View]
57668362>lost another 500 at the blackjack table There goes 1/4th of my salary[View]
57668039It's over.[View]
57668359GONGO SOON[View]
57662338Spyro: Oh no /biz/ bros I don't feel so good! It's unironically over![View]
57665963>AI narrative >NFT based staking rewards >Shit ton exchange from day 1 Gonna buy this after…[View]
57668276How to start in crypto: How do i do it? I have like 200 to invest.[View]
57668283Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.[View]
57668241Why are they selling?: Don’t they know we’re going higher[View]
57667838First sell-off[View]
57668153Hahahaha...: Wait. Did... did you SERIOUSLY think that your knockoff WoW gold was going to make you …[View]
57668167do you guys have milads for when the cancellation psyop ends?[View]
57667431Making a meme coin: I want to make my own meme coin, mainly because I came up with a funny idea for …[View]
57667526I have been here for 8 yeas and havent made a profit[View]
57668019Any meme coins that haven’t pumped yet? Got $10k to play with.[View]
576664723K WAITING ROOM: Thank you money skelly[View]
57668066ETH: 3k violently rejected See you at 2k in a couple of days[View]
57668031When will you 2 IQ food store working gas station pumping plebians learn?: Told you about this 2/12/…[View]
57658813https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cvXT45Fq5Y >new Sergey loadout says that banks are going live in…[View]
57666741Saves crypto[View]
57666558Admit It - You've Accumulated Quietly: Hey Biz Bros Let's cut the FUD and face the facts: …[View]
57665161Adding to my bags: Saw the other anons thread I have 32k sidelined, and btc bags already filled. Was…[View]
57667807base: is it worth holding the actual token or just buying the contracts?[View]
57662796I slipped up and told a girl I’m in crypto on the first date. She then said she doesn’t understand h…[View]
57667766how do I resist my urge to FOMO[View]
576673492M+ SHITTOKENS: there are over 2.2M tokens and coins on the market. it's starting to feel retar…[View]
57666965The top is in.: pay attention[View]
57666811day traders are degens: day trading is just like burning money in slot machines. Its created to keep…[View]
57667695INJBROS TODAY IS THE DAY: Just a few minutes...[View]
57665524Fat cunt Bitboy is stepping in the ring on Friday: That fat sack of shit Bitboy is actually fighting…[View]
57667562strategy: made a little money out of the bullrun over the past few months, it's not much but I …[View]
57667004Mfw im a 2%er[View]
57666124Is it fair that financial criminals have to share cells and space with violent murderers and rapists…[View]
57667674>we're going down down in an earlier round >Sugar were going down swinging…[View]
57667667Haha Loading My Bags Rn: >aRNT yOU sICK oF 4cHAN nOT gIVING oUT sAUCE aNYMORE wELL HERE yOU gO! W…[View]
57664812Me and my friend got offered 10k to go to Jeddah and film 2 videos on our YouTube channel. Is taking…[View]
57667427you will never make it because you're not a KILLER![View]
57667462ayo why my efferiums goin down[View]
57665560HBAR 2025 Price Prediction: How high can this thing go? How much HBAR do I need to make it?[View]
57658647What went wrong?[View]
57667405Im almost making it and thats it: I have nothing else just numbers, a home and a cat money doesn…[View]
57665709stx stags: how we feeling >stags will bring defi to bitcoain[View]
57663677Why is everything pumping except for rose?[View]
57666235/smg/ soft landing edish: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://brokerchooser.com/ >R…[View]
57666949I want to abolish Social Security.[View]
57667419this is only the beginning: of the war binance finally delisted monero us regulators made first move…[View]
57665837Am I the only one who was close to jumping in to eth with my link stack back in 2020? it was such a …[View]
57665820This houses costs $577k. Can you guys where it's located?[View]
57666425Partisia Blockchain: Jannies are hiding gems from me again, aren't they?[View]
57666035ETHERMAIL: Is it gonna be worth something, i received like 1500 tokens... pay to read shizzle ticker…[View]
57643741AVI bros WW@[View]
57667199one day when i make it...[View]
57666624$54k today[View]
57665547Nice to see he's set up a new polycule.[View]
57667104I am sure nvidia results tomorrow will be great[View]
57666265The picture that killed Bobos: And i made it[View]
57667038Can someone explain to me what bitcoin halving is? What will happen? What effect will it have? I wan…[View]
57667083Got put on a PIP, my boss is lying to me about my performance… I don’t think I’m gonna make it out o…[View]
57666462*crashes against eth*: cuckholded piece of shit[View]
57660782Something about this bull run doesn't feel right. There was mania everywhere I looked and now i…[View]
5766691553k rejected[View]
576660562 who it may concern: What is the make it stack for SGB?[View]
5766655053k REJECTED[View]
57666743Why does it feel like we still never fully recovered from 2008?[View]
57664743Am I going to make it with 182.077 LINK in the next bull run!?[View]
57666689LINK is falling behind again bros, this is going to be a repeat 2020/2021 isn't it[View]
57666982The Game-Changer in Gaming and AI?: Hey Anons, stumbled upon this thing called Aethir. Supposedly it…[View]
57665149I am in immense pain. ATH 70k. Have 18k left.Split evenly between eth inj and icp. Be honest with me…[View]
57666107Assuming you're not a hylic and you can actually exercise free will and self control, is there …[View]
57650347/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Long bar edition. >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https…[View]
57666899SOLID's market cap is now below... whatever the fuck this is kek well done saars village is fed[View]
57666890Long Term Impact of Eth Price Increase on ETH/ALT Coin Pair: What is real price impact of ALTS have …[View]
57666176Poorfolio thread: What do I buy next? Looking for low caps/ moonahots[View]
57665685Uuooooooooo sammmmyyyyy[View]
57666816LMFAO @ BOBOS[View]
57666510$3000 APOLOGIZE NOW[View]
57665175KASPA - WAITING ROOM 0.20[View]
57665947LINK and AVAX: When will these pieces of shit do anything?[View]
57666758Aethir: Hyped Up or Overrated?: Just caught wind of this new project called Aethir. Some folks on YT…[View]
57622331/XMR/ Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's…[View]
57666721Nooooooo: :(((( ;( D; El capo said 8k and short still strong!!! It can't just go up! Markets we…[View]
57666561Looking for a safe hold: Could I keep my coins in here or can it go down further?[View]
57666665Starting a new blockchain: It uses PoS (proof of sex). It’s impossible for /biz/ posters to mine tho…[View]
57665887Peas on earth: We, Peapods: - Pioneered Volatility Farming - First marketplace to provide fully ince…[View]
576666344CHAN memecoin: Still have this in my wallet. How come they have a 40k 24h volume? Should be dead bu…[View]
57665809ETH is my VTSAX. Literally 100% of my net worth is in it. I'll be alright, r-right?[View]
57666590ooo gurl my bitcorns be doin a lil sumn[View]
57666585there is no reason for this pump there is no reason crypto is worth almost 2T[View]
57666582There are some shills on /biz/ right at this moment, in 2024, Year of Our Lord, still talking about …[View]
57666578The most bullish coins are currently crabbing: I've a feeling this batch is going to fly next…[View]
57666133where can I dump this SHITcoin?[View]
57665688Guys..GUYS!!!: LOOK!! It's doing something!!![View]
57666181WTFTW: 53K ACCEPPED[View]
57665992this is my face right now when my coins are pamping. Post your face yfw when[View]
57666278SORA AI is the future? Because im holding SORA token: I think it is, the text to video examples is i…[View]
57666272How to buy a house In Toronto?: Is it crashing? Should we be waiting? How Condo life bros? >https…[View]
57663838This man will make you rich[View]
57666143iexec rlc: oilheads RISE UP https://youtu.be/pqYLzlw8Pvc[View]
57665256Why did I buy BAT instead of TAO KASPA SOLANA[View]
57666479bearniggers beware: We're coming for your shorts[View]
57656813Chainlink team continuing to taunt their investors: Here we have one of the top guys at the company …[View]
57665734ICP is the crypto endgame: Dominic Williams succeeding in finalizing Die Glocke, soon the führer wil…[View]
5766596154k today![View]
57666256Opening a bar: Has anyone here ever owned a bar before? Recently a bar has become available for rent…[View]
57666139So why is that only memecoins are going up? What about muh nfts? Milady has been flat for six months…[View]
57666247Does any insider here know Nvidia's results for tomorrow?: Asking for a friend.[View]
57664991CRYPTO DEBIT CARDS: Payoneer is closing top-ups and I've been using it to sell crypto and buy s…[View]
57666011whats the most expensive nft that you own[View]
57665199Update me on the the /biz/ cerberus status[View]
57655971WLD: we have entered the top 100, storming to the top as we speak[View]
57661801WHat's left?: KNS, AVI, Kaspa all gigapumped already What's still flat and primed to get a…[View]
57666293Shaking Up Gaming & AI with Revolutionary Cloud Infrastructure: Just stumbled upon Aethir, an up…[View]
57666033Wtfwtfwtf alphbros: New ATH, 5$ inbound. Trannies will hate[View]
57664456Frugality / money saving: How do you live inexpensively, /biz/?[View]
57666137>only 1% of Bitcoins circulating supply is held by institutions it hasn't even started yet..…[View]
57666167Your reaction to viewing this market will determine if you're a midcurver. If your first instin…[View]
57666120why didnt he tornadocash'd it or monero'd it?[View]
57663614You really only need $500k-$1mil to comfortably retire in SEA. Surely you guys have your bags prepp…[View]
57662135Do you trade with leverage?: If so, how much? I feel like 3x is pretty safe as long as there’s no 33…[View]
57666099I've been farming an airdrop for two years[View]
57664658this project is insanely based, get in before we gigamoon[View]
57665944Is it bullish that the real inflation number is 1.75 lower than what is reported. That is, 1.65% com…[View]
5766554427 BTC L2s. /biz/ doesn't even talk about a single one[View]
57665908when?: can you feel it?[View]
57665494THE DEFAULT CYCLE HAS BEGUN THIS IS THE BIG ONE: https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/niger-misses-d…[View]
57665628how do I completely dissociate from unpleasant white collar work while remaining efficient and produ…[View]
57666061is anyone really going to buy nfts on bitcoin? Just imagine waiting over 2 hours for your transactio…[View]
57662690/smg/ - Stock Market General: To a week of drilling green >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
57662611How do you guys feel about seeing old people working low tier jobs?[View]
57660375It might take until 2026 for Bitcoin to bottom out: Naturally it can dump harder and faster than thi…[View]
57664222>airdrop >burn >ads >nfts this shit is going to moon so fucking hard…[View]
576613586 figures hell portfolio thread: Am I gonna make it lads? Getting rid of moonbeam to put it in mantl…[View]
57664715This shit is gonna moon so hard (not financial advice)[View]
57665824All alts bleed against ETH[View]
57665980FIL: FILbros We're hitting $8 soon. Let's go for $9[View]
57665838Where is the fucking alt season?? WE WERE PROMISED AN ALT SEASON[View]
57664558Anyone else missing the entire bullrun?: I'm in hell[View]
57664529Name my band[View]
57665909Would you buy this log scale chart?[View]
57665526I can see Chainlink creeping up on Tron: But I really do wonder whether Chainlink deserves to take t…[View]
57665861>reading some rando's comments on Stocktwits about upcoming pumps >they actually pumps Br…[View]
57665705Imagine holding old coins like Avalanche. All the baggies are just waiting to break even so they can…[View]
57663890Gen-Z and Millennials are getting rich: & having lots of hot sex. If you aren’t thriving in this…[View]
57665766i posted this on LUNC channel after seeing it posted on /biz/: and everyone is telling me 'Anyone us…[View]
57663669RVs?: Any anons here have advice for RV living? I travel a bunch for my job and get a 3k/month stipe…[View]
57665599How much will you lose when the crypto ponzi collapses and it all goes to zero? I will lose nothing …[View]
57659811If you haven't secured your funds right now, you absolutely hate money and absolutely hate free…[View]
57665652Monero bros, not like this...[View]
57665442BTFD just shakin off some weak hands before next leg up, we are painting right shoulder of inverted …[View]
57665404Big money in fomo: Prepare for the next pump today...[View]
57665618I need this on 1$: wen moon?[View]
57665033I’m stepping out for a few minutes, watch the price for me while I’m gone so nothing bad happens[View]
57665577When will the crabbing end?[View]
57665574Leveraging APR free credit card debt for crypto investment: I'm thinking about leveraging $40,0…[View]
57661234>55 year olds are bragging about 7k to people they shouldn't be bragging to I thought boomer…[View]
57665488If only i could go back in time, what are some of your crypto regrets /biz/? For me, selling 200 ETH…[View]
57663911Confess: Your financial sins[View]
57662881If SBF didn't start a fight with CZ, he would still be a free man.[View]
57665507It did not reach $3k: ...and now it's dumping[View]
57664321dogecoin etf: dogecoin etf[View]
57660451Finally at break even: Should I sell?[View]
57665058if we are in a bullrun, why does BTC only pump during US market hours?: on the weekend and monday (U…[View]
57664958Congratulations to anon who owns this portfolio posted here in August 2023: Surely you are a million…[View]
57653701Changes coming to CoomMetro(big): I'm a bit afraid of all the action coming in the next few mon…[View]
57664632You have 5 hours.[View]
57662898Why is it always these idiots that get these monstrosities in their community with very little crime…[View]
57664814>buy altcoin with 10k USDT >it goes -40% after I buy it >it recovers completely after 2 mo…[View]
57662575Time for bed east coast wagies[View]
57665402Inmid Just the last 2 weeks, a signifiCant milestone happened. There exists a group who have been sh…[View]
57664095I’m sure we can all imagine: a nice and juicy big mac in his swollen hands.[View]
57663517The red bar is how many BTC is mined each week.: You don't even realize how bullish things are,…[View]
57664908Is Warren Buffett's story about how he chooses his McDonald's breakfast based off the stoc…[View]
57664857>I'm going to make this very simple for you rabbi >Where. Is. My. Tax. Refund.…[View]
57649900Will Bitcoin reach 150k after halving?[View]
57657463Hello! I just bought 100K of PNK as a joke what am I in for?[View]
57664209Multi billionaire to trading fish for extra prison food... To think you had it all at one point...[View]
57663686How do you use ChatGPT to make money?[View]
57665343he won[View]
57659762What the fuck is LINK doing?[View]
57663985The captchas are a retard filter: One time I saw a guy admit that he hated the new captchas because …[View]
57664660Is there even any point in worrying about taxes for crypto if u never play on ever actually withdraw…[View]
57662057what coins are you hodling rn?[View]
57665203Redpill me on this shitcoin[View]
57665127I'm a developer, I've thoroughly reviewed the Avalanche Network (AVAX) white paper and doc…[View]
57593682/GME/ - GameStop Tuesday Morning Edition: >GameStop Info Summary Complete corporate revamp / shif…[View]
57663072Redpill me on AVI. Is it yet another /biz/ scam?[View]
57663481I think I found the most profitable business model: >Setup a soap box with a mic. >spread the …[View]
57665176>I just thought of a funny ticker to buy for the hell of it. >Look it up. >Up 69% in the p…[View]
57664847>browse /biz/ >shit my pants >keep browsing /biz/…[View]
57664113>NVDA earnings on Wednesday: >'So um, we have 3 Trillion dollars in orders we are unable to fu…[View]
57664924Kendra is trying to be a realtor now. How can women leave their past behind to start new careers?[View]
57665135Aethir is going to take over?[View]
57663076What kind of CCIP tokens are these sirs?: I'm sure this thread will get nuked soon, anyone out …[View]
57663461I made a deal with my childhood friend where I helped him buy an apartment at a LCOL area, and I…[View]
57662854Nothing exists except the exact moment you are in and only for less than a zeptosecond.[View]
57665003Aleph Zero or: the worst coin money can buy: >no volume (barely $4 million on an active day) >…[View]
57665040Does anyone got your eyes on Aethir?[View]
5766343010k to invest: I need an investment to turn 10k into 50k. I'm not really a fan of stocks right …[View]
57663972I'm going to start looking for my first full time job but I don't know how to explain my p…[View]
57663562I had a dream tonight: Bitcoin pump a little and then goes to 0 in few minutes, zero. What does that…[View]
57661371BTC Dominance full retrace. Benjamin Cowen on suicide watch[View]
57661823how can this hobo make money: hello, i'm a poor fag in Washington state and need money to swing…[View]
57664938Day 1 of posting the $AGRS chart until we make it to $10 to prove that this is the AI season[View]
57663340My name isn't important. What is important is the fact that you are poor. You are probably goin…[View]
57663538solidus ai tech (AITECH): Anon, I warned you[View]
57664879Having trouble?[View]
57664899Pic related[View]
57662804>Potential to change programming forever >Ten years of development with some of the best tech …[View]
57663951>in an interview >roastie asks me about the large gap in my work history >lie and say I wor…[View]
57664500Rose will pump to 20c soon[View]
57664692They delisted monero because they can now buy it: without getting traced via non-kyc dexes and use i…[View]
57664811>americans about to wake up after a 3 day holiday >etf in-flows beginning again >500 millio…[View]
57663925ETF=bad: If BlackRock buys all the coins there will be no more Bitcoin transactions and the miners w…[View]
57664787Evergreen market imminent: I know multiple people who work in factories owned by korean conglomerate…[View]
57664128Brain dead board: Why can't the retard jannies implement an IQ test per IP address? Tired of yo…[View]
57661284F: I'll miss Monero Chan[View]
57663983/biz/ how do I turn 100$ to 5 figs in a month[View]
57664574What are some good brokerages that have a public API and offer US stocks and options? Specifically o…[View]
57659801BabySpybros WWA?: Babyspy is creeping back up. How we all feeling today?[View]
57664365soo why am i holding this piece of poo (link) if bitcoin is just gonna moon to 200k[View]
57663221What do the whales know that we don’t?[View]
57664734I'm buying Tesla Calls tomorrow[View]
57663990>20 days straight link crabbing between 19.50 and 20.50 Never seen anything like this before. No …[View]
57664273Bill Gates sells all of his shares: https://twitter.com/BuyTheCryptoDip/status/1759190955347845507 C…[View]
57663165God hates me.: This shit is completely deprecated by chainlink and icp and better L2s like arbitrum.…[View]
57664567If youre not happy with 6 figures you will never be happy with 7 figures: Money doesnt matter[View]
57663835>”Good thing I bought Chain dump instead of this scam!”[View]
57651866If you don't make it within the next 2-3 years, it's going to be too late: Wealth is basic…[View]
57663480I do not have a plan B for success[View]
57664351gm based kings: staking not selling in my lane not reading rigorously flourishing simple as[View]
5766452452k rejected... It's over. The Bobos were right.[View]
57657780Strap in Marines: It’s been an honor. https://x.com/chainlink/status/1759610684277412286?s=46&t=…[View]
57661398Housing Market Is Collapsing. (=<: Flooding the housing market with 20-30k prefab homes is workin…[View]
57663555Who or what is suppressing the price of Litecoin so much?[View]
57664262I need help, programmer anons. i'm trying to code strategies to test but i'm a failure as…[View]
57658918It begins... The Adam and Eve Formation... The Genesis of a new crop of multi-millionaires....[View]
57662226Insider here If you buy low and then sell high, you make free money. Try to keep it a secret or it w…[View]
57661862They rugged on purpose: They're desperately trying to control the narrative saying 'the bad fre…[View]
57664451Fringe fellas... not even a day of green and we're back in the trenches... it's a never en…[View]
57659807Is getting the CFA worth it?: Do any of y’all niggas who actually work in finance think getting thei…[View]
57663067Is Sergey holding Chainlink back?: I’ve been reading up on Steve Jobs lately. He had more charisma i…[View]
57663308Should my emergency fund (financial foundation) be $15k or $20k? Just hit $15k, trying to see if I s…[View]
57661570It rugged[View]
57663801>SPY 500[View]
57664197What are some forgotten alt coins that mignt make a comeback in the bull cycle?[View]
57662293Are funding rates a good contrarian indicator?: Obviously no indicator is good enough to be used on …[View]
57663194What I hate the most about being a poor is that I can't help anyone, not even myself, I can…[View]
57662403It's over[View]
57664108These posts always amaze me. People were casually trading hundreds of bitcoins around for runescape …[View]
57660094what will happen to my 1 BTC after the halving? will i have 2 BTC or 0.5 BTC yes i'm new btw[View]
57663900I'm never working with black people again: I know this disqualifies me from a lot of jobs but t…[View]
57663765Fantom andre cronje genius coin for chads: Fantom is creating the first crypto to crypto bank, fully…[View]
57663815Class structure in the United States: Lower Class - living amongst niggers Middle Class - not having…[View]
57664005Altcoins that will make you buy your dream Boat later this year and help you get laid: >SOL >B…[View]
57653850I've got $25k to spend on 1 Altcoin What should I buy?[View]
57663945Enjoy passive income, and sniping low marketcap tokens?: Think you missed out on a great opportunity…[View]
57661185Why is /biz/ fading ERC404?: Reminds me of when Bored Apes first came out and /biz/ faded that too. …[View]
57661949Why is living in cities so expensive? Isn't the whole point of cities to make everything cheape…[View]
57662456Rate my portfolio[View]
57659924Clown on ICP: You bought clown before bitfinity launch right? You DO realize the ICP ecosystem is go…[View]
57661681I have $10k. How should I save it for an emergency that may never happen?[View]
57663583Do you think dog coins will do well on AVAX this cycle?[View]
576612959x more decentralized >Nakamoto coefficient of 35 vs 4 70x TPS bandwidth(real world demonstrated …[View]
57663726>he actually thinks there will be a halving pump now that there's a halving pre-pump[View]
57662274Spyro is done.: I’m in the Spyro whale chat and this is the conversation going on right now between …[View]
57663597What did they do to our king? Will Caroline apologize?[View]
57663607>stuck around for the bear market >still completely missed the bottom and forgot to buy anythi…[View]
57663500/Middle class thread/: Purpose of ITT is to compare yourself with your peers. Boomers & LARPers…[View]
57661186Insider here (unironically): Kyzi zi zk. Kyt tds zi ytht. Pspc pds Tlt wzbb ieed htkuhd ui ke kyt xp…[View]
57662992crypto is nothing but speculation, you can't do anything with it.[View]
57663342>Got his entire life handed to him >Now shits on poor people to feel superior and good about h…[View]
57663382lmao, rose baggots[View]
57663471world corporate market (α) is now open.: World Corporate Market for Bitcoin (α) is Now Open. Please …[View]
57663292pumps over hbaggies enjoy the crabbing down to 8 cents will be 5 cents end of month, where it belong…[View]
57663299blepe, blepetheblue, $blepe the blue[View]
57650179Poorfolio thread - extreme poverty edition: What am I in for? Pls rate and post yours[View]
57660480fucking hell: >only a 4x away from my real life >deep down know it won’t happen…[View]
57662671Does anyone here hold MSTR?[View]
57662820New paradigm: I am generally bullish but oh my shit if you don't think there's at least a …[View]
57662328Discuss, you dirty whores. Good bad or indifferent? Pajeet shit or possible bull run gainz?[View]
57661725anyone else locked into their wage slave job? i cant think of any other way to make $1000 per week, …[View]
57661842Should I sell my stocks ($80k) and buy BTC?[View]
57663257wen airdrop sers?[View]
57662236The fuddies won: I have to admit, I am impressed, the fuddies finally won. Someone wanted some cheap…[View]
57663197I just 100x longed this: What am I in for?[View]
57663102How does it feel knowing SBF has homies and you’re still a friendless virgin?[View]
57661873FETCH.AI BROS! WE ARE WINNING!: $1 soon to be broken. $25+ coming this year. The masses are going to…[View]
57663125What the fuck is this BozoHybrid shit? Anyone actually using it? are NFTs still a thing?[View]
57663115Is government debt mostly just bonds?[View]
57661961Holding AI coins like FET and RLC is mega comfy.[View]
57657478Why would I buy RLC when it still doesn't have public pools? Every other DePIN project does. Wh…[View]
57661987/BIG/ - Big Lots General #1 (Ticker: BIG): >American discount retailer Big Lots Big Lots invest …[View]
57662701M&A HAPPENING: CAPITAL ONE TO PURCHASE DISCOVER: how we feelin about this, M&A bros?[View]
57661325Polkadot: Doesn’t it seem a bit… undervalued anon?[View]
57661879NOIA: Is this going to $1 this year or has it peaked?[View]
57662131Looking for opinions: I picked these six dog/cat shits, my selection was based on a meme history, na…[View]
57662916bitcorn nigga[View]
57662086>he didn't buy AI coins: It's not too late anon[View]
57662502HELP ME. RICHARD HEART = SCAMMER: Sers, i believe in ethics and that's why i'm vegeterian,…[View]
57662566Stockies hold for 10 years: For 300-400% gains AT BEST[View]
57662798GVRT Code Thread: If anyone is interested in farming the zkSync airdrop I suggest that you sign up o…[View]
57661400these cunts have my KAS hostage: will it ever be fixed?[View]
57661112$15 waiting room[View]
57662353Should I just dump all my cash (240K) in SPY? I feel like I'm missing out[View]
57662465FORA: A few days ago I was here I was pushing a meme coin that went 5x for me. I'm here with an…[View]
57662647Look at all the NuPhags here claiming rugged Luna Inu. Calm Down, We have been blessed by Holo_Coas…[View]
57661919I work from home. Is it worth traveling from area to area for the fun of it? Been 2+ years at the sa…[View]
57659012where my filechads at? siacoin also doing well btw imagine not holding a file storage coin[View]
57661917I never farmed an Airdrop as hard as ZKSYNC (farmed really only Arbitrum tbh): I think its 2 years s…[View]
57654481/smg/ - Stock Market General: Navalny and Assange edition >Educational sites: https://www.investo…[View]
57661863Thoughts on this chart?[View]
57657957>Where do you keep your crypto? Back from 2019. Do people still use MetaMask? Anything better?…[View]
57659073You did buy a pair to resell, right?[View]
57661552Looks like the 2021 cycle coins will drop like shit: Imagine a board without link, avax, sol, icp, x…[View]
57660794I'm so fucking poor it's unbelievable. I only have $5k invested in ethereum, even if that …[View]
57662425wall street can suck my fat retail cock[View]
57662287What is this pattern called?: Hi I’m new here is this bully or beary?[View]
57653624Is Kaspa really the next Bitcoin?: I don’t know, it just gives me the warm and fuzzys knowing it’s n…[View]
57662507Some of you are alright. There is ALWAYS a pump on Wednesdays. Do with this information what you wil…[View]
57655783FIL: FILbros Are we eating good?[View]
57662344Coinbase wallet casino?: linu was so easy to get into through the wallet what are some other CBwalle…[View]
57662473TimeTrade Token: Man, I see in TimeTrade, the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see al…[View]
57654691Help me /biz: Are we in a bull market or a bull trap? Does it look like the market can ever pump lik…[View]
57661675Do anyone else still follow all the losers who got rugged in various scams? It is constant entertain…[View]
57660639Something big is coming: 2012 Halvening • Halvening Date: November 28, 2012 • 65 Days Before: Sept…[View]
57660580I'm so confident I will reach 7 figs with this: BTC: 0.88 ETH: 7.8 KASPA: 30,080 AKT: 1394 JUP…[View]
5765623410k incoming[View]
57662179Is there a way to trade shitcoins daily and reliably make money doing so?: There has got to be some …[View]
57657483Meme coin general: Post your favorites for this cycle, I'm going with HOBA, DOGE and SHIBA ofc.…[View]
57661692It seems that everyone these days has a million dollars.[View]
57660585I still don't understand the purpose of Ethereum. Who actually uses it and why?[View]
57660855Short HBAR Now: HBAR has been non stop pumping the past few days and is up 30% now and is due for a …[View]
57661631I make my gf to sell AVP videos on onlyfans[View]
57661119$1k waiting room[View]
57660364First rendering on Sei: ticker : SLL ULTRA EARLY[View]
57654268How much money do I need to make in order to get 18-21 year old pussy as a 33 year old man?[View]
57657812ICP and ETH made it: Lightning swaps with 0 gas fees. https://twitter.com/bitfinitynet/status/175961…[View]
57654108what's the consensus[View]
57661509Alt's charts look like they are about to take off.: When will be the turn for alts to pump like…[View]
57661827On the verge of a massive breakout: Anything under $50 is dirt cheap[View]
57661814I just bought linu. Bill gates would buy a stock down 40% in the last 15 minutes. I'm at least …[View]
57647181>web developer >$50k/yr[View]
57661937How bad will the market correct when NVIDIA publishes their earnings?[View]
57653648You will be able to retire with a 60c HBAR, right anon?[View]
57661637Google Chrome: Stealth launched on ICPSwap https://info.icpswap.com/swap/token/details/mvvdy-yqaaa-a…[View]
57661796Would you buy this chart?: Is this token dead or is it just consolidating at its bottom?[View]
57660718we just got rejected at the yearly resistance again[View]
57661853we'll be right back[View]
57657800>The most used crypto currency >Available in all btc machines >Survived pumps and dumps …[View]
5766160152k permanently rejected: Mumus are cope and rope edition[View]
5765909418 with $3000 bucks to my name, most of which I am comfortable risking. Where do I even start? What …[View]
576603523000 is a discount[View]
57661397DOODOO: AHAHAHAHAHAHA im so glad i sold this shit at 5m thanks for the profit baggies now enjoy your…[View]
57661716Is this coin legit?: Or just another kyspa scam copy?[View]
57660377Are you bullish on Supra? Is it too late to buy in?[View]
57654906All end up in the ????: Study[View]
57661667Just buy as come spam my ass cracker function: Why does no one talk about the ass cracker function b…[View]
57655320>buy icp at the 14.5 >instant dump afterwards Im so sick of this shit. Why does everything I b…[View]
57661520BTC-ETH-ICP: It amaze me how only 4chan is aware of the true Top 3 crypto ranking.[View]
57658637Alphsisters how are we feeling: Most comfy hold.[View]
57661330I rotated into ETH. Will be selling when ETH foundation sells (alpha leak)[View]
57660219How to buy crypto anonymously?: I'm a complete noob at this. How can I buy crypto anonymously? …[View]
57652515behold... THE FUTURE[View]
57661553DOGE to the Moon!: >$1 Doge EOY[View]
57661542When are we getting the 20%-40% Bitcoin correction already so I can sell everything and buy back wit…[View]
57661261/biz/ is fucking dead: This is the stinkiest, brownest, street-shittest thread I've ever seen. …[View]
57661500WGMI WLD Bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF4hJ_2aNg8 the future is ours[View]
57661178can anybody tell me why the Asia session is always bearish going back to even 2017?[View]
57656321I longed the LINK pico top its over !!!!![View]
57661459Is this a gem or am I an idiot? Or both?: I aped into this today. It just came out and looked intere…[View]
57660316What went wrong?[View]
57654301Fact is, in 2-3yrs you will all shitpost on /biz/: using your Apple Vision Pro. Billions of these th…[View]
57652275Retarded: i have heard people on youtube pronouncing doge as doje. Just wanting to know of ONE other…[View]
57657836$TUCKER team is launching $TRUMP INU in 2 weeks and airdropping it to Tucker holders. Chart almost b…[View]
57659605Moonshots shills: Shill me your moonshot for this bullrun, not 1B+ mcap already over pumped shitcoin…[View]
57657672OriginTrail (TRAC): Never any discussion of it here. Seems to be pumping with this conference. There…[View]
57658907I have eth and doge and i can tell you, these two never pumped together.[View]
57657153should i dump this at loss for KNS? or is there any upside potential?[View]
57659309>ww3 breaks out and all of the /biz/tards will be scrambling to get a student loan to go college …[View]
57658049Does anyone have experience with Shopify clothing brands? Made one within a sports niche, tested som…[View]
57660439>19 years old >only 12.5k LINK it's over…[View]
57660720what if this is all just a massive bull trap?[View]
57661231Mhmmm...*scribbles*...Mmm...I see...*scratches* Is the 'golden bull run' in the room with us now?[View]
57661251Can I get a new cellphone on a plan with bad credit?[View]
57661227Litecoin $100 waiting room: LTC finally seems to be awakening from its long coma.[View]
57661021It's going straight to $3.3k after it cracks $3k.[View]
57660930is this the cycle? >old altcoins can't pump because whales are too cuckish and like 'manipul…[View]
576611791000x gem thread: Post your sub 10m marketcap blue chip in this thread. I start with pic related. 38…[View]
57660910faded this lil nigga at $2.2k few weeks back It's over[View]
57660629Hello Niggers, I have AVAX[View]
57660875FOOTCLANBROS OUR TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED: REJOICE!!! Our Savior was correct and all the brap and bo…[View]
57660410Gong Go Up[View]
57660996Since the Avaxroaches are mad as fuck and posting in every Ethereum thread: I made a special Avax se…[View]
57660555Why is AVAX doing so poorly compared to btc/eth and ffs even Solana? I was told the tokenomics were …[View]
57661059Did you like that?: I will give you something even longer next time...this was only me at half pump…[View]
57657175Tybg: next giga pump: More than 15 cb employees following tybg main twitter account including the on…[View]
57654990The next Pepe is SPYRO. and it's currently on a dip: do with this information as you will. but …[View]
57660689I just got here from /tv/ and looking to invest. Chainlink seems to the board's favorite token.…[View]
57657997Blue chip general: What do you have in your portfolio besides ETH and LINK obviously?[View]
576607993k imminent[View]
57660935>fastest growing G20 nation How do I profit from this?[View]
57659020What's the worst financial decision you've ever made?[View]
57657498>tfw still not a whole coiner I'm so tired bros[View]
57660531>Ay yo wyteboi gimme all ya efferiums rite nao What do you do?[View]
57660492are we not going to talk about the fact that eth is about to break through 3k[View]
57660529I’ve given up trying to time the market buying meme and shit coins. I’ve switched tactics and instea…[View]
57658785Is this shit dead?: I used to 3-4 post everyday on HOKK. Now I barely see one. What's going on …[View]
57659257be honest, is it safe to buy back in yet?[View]
57657775go go go[View]
57660795Brainstorming: >halving around the corner >BTC and ETH ETF inflows in the billions >Supply …[View]
57660741I can buy 1 BTC right now: Should I do it now or wait until after the big day? Or should I spread it…[View]
57660497All of these coins do the same thing: Every new “chain” or rollup or whatever the fuck serves the sa…[View]
57649569Chainlink rocket launch?: According to the raw TA we should've already been holding at the 24-2…[View]
57657244>Bitcoin has never been green this many weeks in a row >Every previous cycle dumped before hal…[View]
57660413praise Him: Our time has come 11 cents, by the way[View]
57660695>Housing is unafford-ACK[View]
57660662best chart for comfy watching volatility?[View]
57660579If the economy crashes: The dollar deflates. If the dollar deflates, what happens to debt? If the do…[View]
57658994Niglets keep playing with RC cars in my driveway how can I profit from this?[View]
57660452Is no one else terrified of how irrational the market currently is ? >Real time collapse of Chyn…[View]
57656885Monday: >Get up in the morning >Eat some bread and butter quickly and a fruit >Go to my com…[View]
57659371i hold peeladies[View]
57660302CHAINLINK: I CANT -ACK![View]
5766021190% of /biz/ nowadays doesn't even know who this guy is[View]
57659224trying to 'make it' or move to a city is basically gambling there is no other way to justify why som…[View]
57659527hedera insider here i suggest you get out of hbar now, we are about to dump on retail again[View]
57660068superior BTC strat: my strat would of made you 1.3 mil with just 1k in the last 2020 bullrun. AMA…[View]
57654410what makes LUNC better than LUNA? LUNA has a lower market cap than LUNC so why wouldn't I just …[View]
57659102How can I do better?: Trying to figure out where I can put $2,000 to make bigger gains in this next …[View]
57656718People here only discuss coins from previous cycles that already had their ATH, altcoins like LINK, …[View]
57654823sdfklashdflkun chiowcinfchasiunzifhusdncsdbcusdzabclichds: uidshcdscbnjdsbcsdujbfsbuasdbiuadscbasncn…[View]
57656067Did this crabbing fuck just activate?[View]
57658835404Alphabet: 404Alphabet[View]
57659326Buy now or wait for 43k dip?: >Hey, Scoob, you remember that time we smoked those bitcoin-infused…[View]
57658548Guys..GUYS!!!: Look!![View]
57657835Aleph Zero: So I think it’s pretty conclusive now that AZERO is a total disappointment and an utter …[View]
57658865Give me 3 coins: that you would buy if I gave you $10k to invest in each[View]
57658418What will you do if this bitch shorts bitcoin?[View]
57659971GAY CHINESE RETARDS ARE DESTROYING WHHHITES: Old fag who made a killing in 2021 and first started ch…[View]
57656591Kaspa: I am elated. Got laid off, put my entire severance (90k) in a few months back to but 1 millio…[View]
57659167i got a hemorrhoid[View]
57660124A pretty long...: and big... green candle![View]
57658355Is this shitcoin primed to Blast off? I see non stop shilling and I don’t want to miss out on anothe…[View]
57659800Is this thing about to skyrocket? Or am I delusional?[View]
57659937Imagine telling a NPC normie you make more money than they do just by looking at a line and using th…[View]
57659957Anons with mining experience: How profitable would it be to bag up relatively old graphics cards/lap…[View]
57659655I should dump this shit before I'm bag holding for years again[View]
57659533There are too many cryptocurrencies too choose from!!!!![View]
57660079You are a bunch of stupid niggers: You are the most retarded morons I have ever seen If you had list…[View]
57660100>AI will take all the jobs >unleash the Butlerian Jihad…[View]
57651641GRT General: Break Out Edition: I currently make over 1000 USD a month (at current price) by delegat…[View]
57659980[Current btc price] brutally rejected84twhr[View]
57659940YOLO US Economy Is that all this is? Just people living for the moment and have realized that it al…[View]
57658957The short opportunity of a lifetime coming: Short squeeze ends at $60k. Then Bobos eat.[View]
57658586I have 3.5M in crypto right now. How much will i end up with by the end of the bullrun?[View]
57656578/biz is getting bullish: portofolio still at 25% of 2021 ATH AHHHAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
57657927Half the people say chainlink is a scam. Half the people say it is the next big thing. I don't …[View]
57658592Will this be valuable soon?[View]
57658030See you in September[View]
57655345I imagined not accumulating this: Kaspa network just processed a transaction for over 400,000 dollar…[View]
57659746>0 users >digital dog shit >2017 shit coin >french academic pump and dump ponzi scheme …[View]
57659328Day 942 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
57658700You may be making money but we are in a recession so it doesn't matter[View]
57659121as the world population rises, the amount of land that will be owned by each individual person will …[View]
57653925Shill me your favourite memecoins[View]
57659754i got 50 bucks in my futures account on an exchange what should i do with it on god fr fr no cap[View]
57654762When will you quit your job?[View]
57656954Thanks for playing, wagie.[View]
57658499CTO at Ripple XRP: Posted without comment[View]
57659626Spring 2020 vibes Thoughts?[View]
57659570Bought a huge stack of these at 3 cents, when should I sell them? I'm up 3x right now The suppl…[View]
57658840Undervalued AF: Am I right?[View]
57659525Does anyone have any good statistics websites that they use? I find defillama to be a bit lacking la…[View]
57657523Crypto poker - Eurofag edition: Hey guys, anyone here with experience playing poker online with cryp…[View]
57659437Don't worry GOYIM, the market is not going bot burst: > Please use the sharing tools found …[View]
57659491Boomer wets wagie with lemonade while she is washing his car: Why are wagies getting treated so poor…[View]
57656727is this a joke?: i made over €6000 in 2 weeks, just because i bought a few grand worth of internet c…[View]
57658441Would biz support the artist community's effort to ban AI generated images?: Artists should be …[View]
57653221/smg/ - Stock Market General: Yuugi edtion Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ https://…[View]
57657648I'm a poor third worlder ESL. how do I stop being poor?[View]
57659132We can't hold 52k. I think we're correcting to 45k[View]
5765769112K to invest right now, what should i buy?[View]
57657026>This board fuded me out of my link stack at $5[View]
57658897Why is no one talking about THE AI coin: WorldCoin is literally made by open AI. after the Sora rele…[View]
57659216Should I buy MAGA or kaspa? I just crossed 5 figs and I'm looking to 10x this bull run. Might t…[View]
57657426There are people buying a digital nothing for $52,000+[View]
57657178It is already too late for an almost homeless poorfag with $0 saved and barely surviving on gibs to …[View]
57657583Fuck you I'll try again: >start investing for first time in pandemic era >didn't kno…[View]
57658693Is it too soon to post this?[View]
57657494Historical Coins: Name coins with Historical soul that we purchase for our collection. Silver or go…[View]
57656061$STRK tomorrow: Price predictions? Short term, long term.[View]
57659097My dad lost his retirement money daytrading and now I can’t discuss my crypto gains with him because…[View]
57659165Are we in bull market right now?[View]
57655780If we don't dump to 40k minimum, i will feel very stupid for selling now[View]
57655743Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.[View]
57658309>3 figure hell how do poorfags even make money now? shitcoins are all scams…[View]
57659145for teh chan portfolio 2024: >be me >retarded based incel fucking pageet >made monies from …[View]
57657286few understand: Only when Bitcoin passes the marketcap of gold does the true pump begin, and it…[View]
57656892KASPA - 0,20 waiting room: No Binance, No Kraken, No Coinbase, No bullrun, 10Bps coming, Rust coming…[View]
57659033What’s more likely….a pump to $60k or a dump to $40k?[View]
57657926Shill me an altcoin: Ignore the pic. Last bullrun I went all in a coin that had Peter Thiel and Sam …[View]
57658942efferium: >scmack lips[View]
57656370Anyone else here sidelined: please...[View]
57658945solid: what went wrong? is it worth buying now that it's down so much from ath? the dex seems l…[View]
57658797Illuminex IX: Just picked up a little bag. What am I in for?[View]
57658470>GOD partners with LINK >$20[View]
57658159Does anyone have a lifelong Bitcoin price chart, but adjusted for the real purchasing power of the D…[View]
57657200The fuck you lookin' at?: Keep scrolling faggot.[View]
57656807Local /biz/ dog refuses to die[View]
57658574$3k waiting room[View]
57657167Who were the anons that found out Raiblocks, Shiba, Pepe, Kaspa first?[View]
57657518Is it dog season yet?: When?[View]
57658455Is there any reliable place to actually learn all this shit?: I'm just a random white boy from …[View]
57658604This piece of shit literally owes me millions of dollars, for preventing me from tethering up at the…[View]
57655948LINK is falling behind[View]
57654387Does anyone else find it weird that covid just happened to appear and make the money printer print j…[View]
57657604Is this a cycle for L1s or L2s?[View]
57654212is 100k enough for a wedding ring?[View]
57656706You aren't going to make it.: >be you >pleb on ct >buy influencer bag >exit liquidi…[View]
57657767>buy a small but enough portion of something you want to crash so it crash >buy cheaper with t…[View]
57656583bitcoin was made by autists: autistic virgin males are more in tune with society and where its headi…[View]
57658226I want to kill myself. I’ve been stuck fucking unstaking since 10 cents. Why did I fall for the stak…[View]
57658416Just using the word hype since “bubble” is so loaded, but meaning a period of easy VC money and over…[View]
57655818Pumps the least Dumps the most[View]
57658371Haha Loading My Bags Rn: TradingHere>https://tradeogre.com/exchange/NXL-USDT Dev Url>https://n…[View]
57658318Instead of shitcoins and bagholding, let's discuss business and Finance.[View]
57657829New Gaming Gem Alert: Aethir - Game Changer or Overhyped Vaporware?: Hey Anons, stumbled upon this u…[View]
57658008This just happened to me I’m sitting in a strip club enjoying a drink. I overhear someone say “Hairc…[View]
57653644> why did elon pump doge > why did cz pump shib > what has BA been building > who has he…[View]
57657785Look who's wasting his youth flipping shitcoins instead of going outside and living their best …[View]
57657942Just got an offer to work a hybrid job. I already have a fulltime fully remote job. Should I accept …[View]
57657960WFH: I voluntarily started going back to the office without anyone asking me. After 3 years of WFH, …[View]
57651086What is the next guaranteed 100x? Please tell me /biz/. I'm absolutely fucked if I don't m…[View]
57657919AGIX question: Seems they offer a crypto “AI marketplace”, but couldn’t a larger network implement t…[View]
57655862How retarded is this?: I allways look for repeating patterns in charts instinctively, this is what i…[View]
57657573you're welcome[View]
57653339StochRSI has been topped out for both link/Btc and link/eth pairs: StochRSI is the most accurate met…[View]
57655647Fantom FTM: Andre is cooking. Let him cook.[View]
57655406I have a 4090 up for sale. Place your bet.[View]
57654580I managed to BS my way through an interview for an IT job, got offered a B2B(business to business) s…[View]
57657860there is a haircomb on the bitcoin chain, claim it or stay poor[View]
57657810Wrapped?: is it bad to buy my KAS wrapped in something? what's the best wrapping?[View]
57657683what's your blocker incel?[View]
57656163You’ll never be rich.[View]
57657769LONG NOW!!!!!!!: >bitcoin has never had 6 green months in a row yes it has. a time when bitcoin w…[View]
57657289>they dont want it to go over $52k why dont the jews want this? what satanic talmudic shit will …[View]
57657756This image makes browns and Jews seethe uncontrollably.[View]
57657637I'm curious to hear your stories /biz/. How many of you made it? Did you go from rags to riches…[View]
57655068Chainlink: if only you knew[View]
57657736Bitcoin Stocks?: Are there any stocks/etfs tied directly into bitcoins? Or is it just a gimmick?…[View]
57657282What are the economical implications of this being your average everyday 2024 zoomer that is suppose…[View]
57657497>0 users >hated by 4chan >trannies >digital dog manure Yet it still pumps in every bull …[View]
57655852I told you yesterday about mickey: It just got it's coingecko listing and we are up 30%. Still …[View]
57657469save me.[View]
57654095>go on Twitter >everyone's getting hilariously insanely retardedly rich on AI, gamefi, RW…[View]
57657633Eternal Cash (EC) Casino: Anons - I've shilled this in the past, but the casino itself was not …[View]
57657599Anybody noticing this?: So a recent update has basically eliminated 90% of the sell pressure. I thin…[View]
57657408COBRASWAP BSC SISTERS WE ARE SO BACK: Hope you lads want in on a gem under 10k mc (bitcoin surge fuc…[View]
57657472im a poorfag: >made a 200x since last year >investment: 2 figs im stuck in 5 figure hell if i …[View]
57657545how do i fake POF letters?[View]
57656697what are your current-cycle coins?[View]
57656819Will this pull Kaspa?[View]
57657482Does anyone here buy MSTR instead of BTC or ETF for extra leverage? BTC sucks and will only do a 2x,…[View]
57657243Every anon on /biz/ is a depressed cynic rich or poor. Why continue to do this to yourself?[View]
57653412I have only 900 icp[View]
57657401Why is the stock market down today ? . What gay ass holiday is it in the US ?[View]
57656914Why are all the big players selling off their stocks? https://x.com/cancelcloco/status/1759341847691…[View]
57656801I have a crippling gambling addiction and it feels like the only way out is to KMS. how do I profit …[View]
57652466Anyone else here hanging onto their sanity by a thread?: My body is always itchy i cant sleep i dont…[View]
57657196New paradigm[View]
57655134ITT post shit you've been bagholding since last bullrun[View]
576573171st chart shows you S&P 500 and BTCUSD at the same time. In it you can see how BTC pumps when S…[View]
57657019My girlfriend wants to start a YouTube channel where she makes videos about random things I autistic…[View]
57656955What amount of leverage is optimal?: 3x, 5x, 10x, 50x, or 100x? I need to use leverage to multiply m…[View]
57656231Can we please just go back to the traditional gender roles? At this point women are tired of larping…[View]
57652900how to unJUST myself? [Serious]: > be me > 26 year old broke depressed NEET > 8k credit ca…[View]
57657103LTC litecoin One of only top coins that haven't pumped: Is litecoin going to pump? LTCBTC techn…[View]
57657255we're so early, bros?: normalfags just fashionably late to the party. not worried.[View]
57656544The value of 1 NVIDIA stock will be 1 bitcoin.[View]
57656654What are the odds I make anything off of these tiny little amounts I threw in as gambles Never even…[View]
57655354What if everyone just stopped paying debt?: https://twitter.com/blaha_blast/status/17592605127461275…[View]
57652088/GME/ - Teddy Thanksgiving Edition: >GameStop Info Summary Complete corporate revamp / shift into…[View]
57655434AI coins will continue to pump.: AI isn't going away, in fact, it's only getting worse. If…[View]
57656774I will not FOMO in now I will not FOMO in now I will not FOMO in now: I will not FOMO in now I will …[View]
57656779sip sip i'm real excited for you crazy kids[View]
57656099Do you think it would be worth buying the first official meme coin ever released on cardano?[View]
57655619i forgot to buy enough new alts: and now i am priced out[View]
57653725Did I get scammed?: What happened to this token?[View]
57655934ITT: Coins you wish you never bought: For me, its this chink scam: MTV. I'll never sell my 1m M…[View]
57655187Why does no one talk about BNB anymore?[View]
57622387'Financial Advice Columnist' loses $50k to obvious scam: Highly suggest you read this if you want a …[View]
57652402gentlemen, hbar is approaching the highs of the previous run up we saw in january this year. i tihnk…[View]
57656312I love the stock market man, I love capitalism, thank YHWH for compound interest[View]
57656660best coins to buy: without getting scammed[View]
57656882Historically the biggest alts after ETH reach 30-50% of Ethereum marketcap: At their absolute peak. …[View]
57655923>Buy HBAR once few years ago >Move to my cold wallet >Never touch it again or do any shit w…[View]
57656302bitcoin is starting to look sus senpai[View]
5765537552.2k bigly rejected[View]
57656059So, shittereum because everything else has been peaked: Ok[View]
57656119laid off from my super cushy hybrid-wfh job. no idea how i will find anything like it or secure simi…[View]
57649797soon you won't be able to buy this lil nigga below $3k[View]
57655308What happens if it breaks?[View]
57656471Mom confiscated my beer because I keep trying to kill myself when Im drunk but I keep failing becaus…[View]
57655532Only niggas who lost money on the last bullrun can post in this thread: what are we doing this time …[View]
57655935Why are altcoins so cringe rn?[View]
57656294>literally the whole market pumps >dumps why is it like this?…[View]
57656527Top Signal?: Oh Oh I'm thinking bears might be right this time[View]
57655416AITECH: I warned you and I can prove it >MC still 50M[View]
57655317>Diminishing returns[View]
57656459I made more gains with altcoin in the last 6 months than Ive made on bitcoin in the last 6 years Who…[View]
57654636AI and Crypto: Tradfi AI will lead the euphoric phase of the bull market Why? VCs are betting big on…[View]
57656217ZCash eruption waiting room[View]
57650503Is it worth it to finance a new Corolla/Civic strictly for Uber? I have a job but I need a side gig …[View]
57653154normie sentiment check: What are your friends, family and coworkers saying about crypto?[View]
57656405what is going on here?[View]
57650023probably nothing[View]
57656252Gentle: Another day another dollar[View]
57656098I have an exam in 2 days and didn't even start studying yet[View]
57655088ETH will briefly flip BTC this bull run: >MtGox BTC coins confirmed to be released >ETH ETF ab…[View]
57636496Layoffs: Is it really that bad in the US? Why don't they move to EU? In my easter european shit…[View]
57653459Solidity Fags: What stops me from outsourcing certain stuff of my project to the sepolia testnet? Wh…[View]
57654615Why is the scan my anus with niggertounge coin: is pumping? Will you eat bugs or something?[View]
57655997is defrogs stupid or cool/funny?[View]
57653635Financial advice for having kids?: Specifically looking for ways to game the welfare system. I make …[View]
57641743>housing is unafford-AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!![View]
57656043What makes a dex on a ghostchain pump?: I'm talking about SAUCE, which is up over 100% the past…[View]
57655699get ready for ETH meta. Long ETH Layer-2s like Skale (SKL)[View]
57656027Now we know why the US had to create an international coalition of over 80 states and joint power wi…[View]
57648647>that rise Will my bags stop being bags?[View]
57654201it's all going way higher than you expect,[View]
57655691Kaspa: New ATH[View]
57648780I'm a developer, I've thoroughly reviewed the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) white paper…[View]
57654685Sometimes at work I will smile at odd times and it’s because I sometimes post bobo threads even thou…[View]
57653950STX - STACKS - BITCOIN L2: What is STX? >Built on top of BTC for scalability and security >Ena…[View]
57644420Emergency Ausfags Meeting Room: How do we fix property prices in Australia!?[View]
57655808Any London based crypto builders on here? I'm having trouble finding where the coworking/meetup…[View]
57655060These memecoin pumps are the canary in the gold mine signaling the next great depression and you all…[View]
57655902Few understand: And those who do.. Bless your visionary soul[View]
57655448It’s 2:30-5:30 am in burgerland, anyone want to share some crumbs before the they wake up?[View]
57655404Anyone making profits with sports cards?: Seems like a fun hobby but I wouldn't wanna do it unl…[View]
57652620China Stocks: Looking for some help building a diversified portfolio with a healthy serving of Chine…[View]
57655652Trumpy is literally chad stepping: or what is that stairs pattern with that gay yellow triangle hair…[View]
57655623I've capitulated: The only thing thats been holding me back is the macro-economic environment. …[View]
57653534this coin fucks[View]
57655601A devastating hit piece on Bitcoin will be published on Bloomberg in about 23 minutes after the mark…[View]
57653744FLUX holders, how you feelin?: I’m feeling nice. Had to wait for some price action longer then thoug…[View]
57654411i need a good entry: when should i expect to get a good price[View]
57655792Bitcoin TA: is this a legit ascending triangle on BTC on the 4h chart, im not super on TA[View]
57655708does anyone else get paid like a full day even if you only do like 5 minutes of work[View]
57654865Bitcoin predictions: Bitcoin will be $500k by EOY[View]
57651273I Present Free Sauce> 1 mil market cap Buy Here > https://tradeogre.com/exchange/NXL-USDT Mo…[View]
57655599BTC is going to crash to $5,000 tomorrow, isn't it?[View]
57655662>Spend €10 on lottery tickets >Win €5 I don't get it, where did the remaining €5 go?…[View]
5765549452.5k voluptuously rejected[View]
57655542Nice decentralized exchange you have there.[View]
57654892Dear Lord, please accept these sacrifices of tethered anons in the next 4 hours..[View]
57655360WLD in 2026: >'Son we heard of Crypto on the news and bought some world coin! we're so proud…[View]
57655011Why does the SEC think Privacy coins are bad but meme coins are okay?[View]
57655311how it feels to hold LINK and AVAX in 2024[View]
57653878Is it really true you need 25 million to make it[View]
57654743I hope you tethered. You aren't a redditor right?[View]
57655219it's giving top vibes[View]
57654731I'm a developer, I've thoroughly reviewed the Avalanche Network (AVAX) white paper and doc…[View]
57655540decentralized p2p reddit project literally called “plebbit” ($PLEB) just hit ATH[View]
5765277252k remorselessly rejected[View]
57654577Making money in crypto is easy: just invest in jewish coins[View]
57654938is pepe fork a /biz/ approved coin?[View]
57653341the end of an era?[View]
57649948Will I become a millionaire in the next two years?[View]
57652632My Foxie Stays Moxie: And to think, the only reason that I bought this last summer was because of th…[View]
57648587quite possibly the dumbest business decision i have ever witnessed.[View]
57650957If you haven't secured your funds right now, you absolutely hate money and absolutely hate free…[View]
57655169Thoughts on Aethir for Gaming & AI?: Hey Anon, morning thoughts hitting hard today. What's …[View]
57653494How much money to have before moving out?: I’m 28 and just passed 200k in liquid assets, about 4.2k …[View]
57638724Moonshot shills: Shill me your moonshot for this bullrun, not 1B+ mcap already over pumped shitcoin,…[View]
57652780What should I do with $1000?[View]
57650559Wagies of /biz/: 1. your job 2. your salary 3. your plan Me Truck driver 90k Invest all I can into t…[View]
57654954Will they dump their bags on us when they wake up ?: Like they usually do when Asian and Euro pumped…[View]
57650282Is this pasta relevant to why boeing is going to go out of business?: If boeing paid its engineers t…[View]
57653720new to investing: I'm incredibly new to investing, and I want to start off by investing in the …[View]
57651896Why do many people have the good sense, that doom is around the corner?[View]
57654902My portfolio has reached 2021 ATH and nobody is talking about crypto yet.[View]
57646732Since it's too late to get into crypto, what is /biz/'s next get rich quick scheme?[View]
57650771TYBG: giga send coming: Why so man cb employees following tybg in twitter? What’s going on? New meme…[View]
57621489The BTC market situation as of February 15th: For those of you who haven't checked the chart. N…[View]
57654316Tate the nigger gipsy: You can’t make this up. How do people fall for this? >makes 20$ in 3 mont…[View]
57651092Tether up.[View]
57654852one of these is not like the others[View]
57650343The USD is like ETH and other nations currencies are ERC-20s. BTC is gold[View]
57644173/xsg/ XRP Schizo General #2234: Previous: >>57621011 >Why hold XRP? https://youtu.be/5urrOW…[View]
57650816if your folio hasn't at least 10xed since october you're holding trash: t. holding trash…[View]
5765309652.2k most rejected[View]
57644227Tybg : Lore with huge potential to dominate meme world: This shit is building a strong culture/lore.…[View]
57647819Lmao Germany found out my old employer(American) was circumventing Tax. Glad I left before they hit …[View]
57647586So we've all studied functions in school. Taking BTC chart with X as time and Y as price, it wa…[View]
57652730Watches: Will my golfing buddies laugh if I pull up wearing a Tudor Black Bay 58? I don’t wanna coug…[View]
57651771>housing market is insane >No houses that fit our needs >Looking into construction to perma…[View]
57654725So is the recession about to happen or not?[View]
57653190the effirum meme is a psyop by eth clones that all failed, ethereum is unironically the highest iq c…[View]
57650018HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST: WE. ARE. BACK!!!!!![View]
57654724up 20% over 24h: >not a single thread the true gems really do stay hidden until it's too lat…[View]
57653140>they're's still bbby and gme threads[View]
57652770meow: catzilla goes mwroar dev is obviously based finanical adviz CATZILLA on SOL eN8FEJ8UiDo8Wohfz8…[View]
57651927More breadcrumbs: What does this mean, anons? Are there secrets within this text? How is it even rea…[View]
57654571Take America Back: >spy500 $600 >btc $100k >icp $50 bobo taking in ass as you read it.…[View]
57652956Crypto cartoons Thread: Look at him go go! Go Go Duppy! is the first crypto Aavegotchi cartoon web s…[View]
57653248alts are about to move[View]
57653418Credit card fraud: My boomer mom kicked me out at 18. I fell for the college meme and got a diploma …[View]
57654266There will be no alt season: Do you retards still not get it? There is no retail. There are only ins…[View]
57652841This MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING swap will own the hedgie assholes The saga will finally end this Frid…[View]
57654332is there any way to tap into the NFT collector pysche?: But first to do that, I need to understand t…[View]
57653931Scan the eye /Biz/: Ticker:WLD[View]
57653365This piece of shit: Not only it made me lose money. All I got was 27 miserable Pixels in exchange. F…[View]
57653660>i only have 1 pandora how many are you guys packing?[View]
57654331Hedera HTS: What's the best meme coin on Hedera and why is it GRELF?[View]
57647535Top is in. Normies telling me about BTC. Tons of threads on here pushing ERC20 scams. There is a thr…[View]
57652810Happy New Years bros! May your year be filled with financial success and happiness! I hope you all m…[View]
57651888> Over 8k AI related tokens in the last 12 months WTF[View]
57649458What are the cognitive elite doing right now? What are the reading? Who are they grooming? What moti…[View]
57654242Am I going to make it, thread for meagre portfolios Hoping to buy £600 of a new token when get paid …[View]
57654465Crypto has literally turned into a huge VC ponzi mafia I miss the good old poloniex and bittrex days[View]
57653791>housing is unafford-AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!![View]
57650832>14k link[View]
57653124XNO & IOTA: the returns distribution for these two coins are insanely leptokurtic and positively…[View]
57651172I hate them for the content of their character.[View]
57652931Stay strong Linkbros: LINK will dump soon and it will be nasty. The price dump will demoralize the f…[View]
57654211I only have 30k LINK[View]
57653930Sideline Bobro's what do we do now? I have been waiting for a retrace to 30k to buy but this sh…[View]
57651379THALES: anyone have a bag of this? anything to look forward to? swapped some link for this a while a…[View]
57652667Bears told me Bitcoin would go down before the halving pump, we're two months away from the hal…[View]
57654369analoS: analoS[View]
57636825>it's pumping again how's going, frin frens?[View]
57653431Web3 gaming NFTs: What NFTs do you own, /biz/? What's the next narrative? https://twitter.com/G…[View]
57653745Litecoin is going to $2,500 this bullrun. Etf will follow[View]
57653092>finally in the green again after 3 years WE ARE SO FUCKING BACK WTFF WAGMI…[View]
57651555Gentlemen?: What will be Polygon ATH?[View]
57653640$5 million is a lot of money.[View]
57654232what kind of accounting/finance/tech shit should I learn to be credible/employable/secure/self suffi…[View]
57654120Let's make a new PoW layer 1. Who's with me? First line of business, what Color? Be specif…[View]
57654169there is a haircomb on the bitcoin chain[View]
57654128What can I expect peak pull run 2024/2025?[View]
57649542well /biz/?[View]
57649553>get rich from crypto >use it to fund an army of drug addict homeless people >weaponize the…[View]
57654023We haven't even gotten started wyboi, you clown don't know what's gonna happen when c…[View]
57653353What do you want to do with the money you make: My only goal in life is to buy my mom a big house, h…[View]
57654082zkSync - what can you actually do there: doing some transactions as should be a token this year but …[View]
57652945Why is this globohomo surveillance coin pumping so much?[View]
57652909alts are about to explode, aren't they?[View]
57654022Day 10 of posting haircomb chan till we're all bald.[View]
57654018deMemes: How hard would it be for biz to create 100 /biz/ memes which are ERC404 tokens? The total c…[View]
57653074The fire rises.[View]
57653988What makes a hot prospect? What are the characteristics of a company that make it a potential windfa…[View]
57650638im 22m living at home, in the same bedroom ive lived in for 22 years, never moved out, parents still…[View]
57653611Last time BAT pumped was in 2017: what went wrong?[View]
57653907It is like this tho[View]
57652670Thanks for this /biz/: Seriously[View]
57653765unpumpable piece of shit: everyone point and laugh at the baggies[View]
57652565Predictions for price of gold by EOY >$2500[View]
57653035>he didn’t buy XNA at 0.0002 like I told him too >he didn’t buy XNA at 0.002 like I told him t…[View]
57646871What do you do to socialize with other people? I work from home and being antisocial gets depressing[View]
57653716put a very large btc buy order at 26k, right now[View]
57651053/enqAI/ General: Y..y…you did buy enqAI, r..right anon? Anon you still there?[View]
57652979So many seething newfag bears: >it HAS to go to 8-10k because I am entitled to having the best en…[View]
57653281/Biz/ did not buy WLD[View]
57650529I heard that taking community college classes is the path to picking up Zoomettes for /biz/-nessmen …[View]
576514075 months until my capital gains tax rate goes from 40% to 20%, feels good bros.[View]
57639806is this real? do these american men really exist?[View]
57653205ICP is dumping again[View]
57650089>CEO of Kleros met Tucker Carlson What implications does this have for Kleros? Maybe it becomes t…[View]
576517872 WEEKS[View]
576536532023 recap: >start investing for first time in pandemic era >didn't know what I was doing…[View]
57650805why are you still not a millionaire?[View]
57653488The golden trio of this bullrun: Hold these three for the perfect trifecta of crypto. Link, Fetch.AI…[View]
57652155Chainlink: life is a vacation: Right guys? Congrats to all the team members, great work life balance…[View]
57653424I finally saved $20,000 in the bank. I am 27 years old. My credit score is finally 750.[View]
57651809just got this: is the annual fee worth it? i fly once or twice a month. >inb4 morons seethe and p…[View]
57652560They say fuddie was a good girl Never one to be late Shitposting, express ideas in her brain Discord…[View]
57649245>all of these newfags thinking that most older coins are going to hit/surpass their ATH from the …[View]
57651577End of February Btc 13k[View]
57653171Crypto Bull Run 2024-2025: The crypto bull run is now in full effect per the 4 year cycle. 2022-2025…[View]
57652907RLC: Hey guys I'm going to the moon real quick, want anything? *siiiip*[View]
57652603Hey, anons did you buy Telos (Tlos) yet? This guy took the lead and project is very bullish https://…[View]
57653491RSC: yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
57641811You assholes convinced me this was a scam: It just crossed $30M with increasing volume. Why do I fal…[View]
57648426ALGORAND vs chainlink: Got 10 k should I go all in ALGORAND or chain link?[View]
57651174/smg/ - Stock Market General: Autism edition Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ https:…[View]
57644386Let me explain to you something /biz/ Don't go near anything claiming to be innovative. It…[View]
57650695I will sell all my bags when bitcoin hits 88k[View]
57653158Any high IQ biz bro can look into this?: Just came across this. Could be a scam but need someone wit…[View]
57649859solidly: careful with this, devs changed buy price impact to -41% and sell price impact to -70% Shad…[View]
57652249>2500 LINK[View]
57648874Bitcoin: BTC[View]
57650714Any of you have any $LADYS?: Will this lil cutie make me rich? I'm thinking of buying some $LAD…[View]
57651198You guys are still holding, aren’t you?: We’re up next[View]
57639866/GME/ - Mario vs. Donkey Kong Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com htt…[View]
57651617Good evening. I hold IOTA.[View]
57652385>Back to wagie cage in 10 hours How can I escape the wagie life /biz/?[View]
57652219Is Fideum a good bet for this upcoming bull?: Looking to dump some money into an alt and wait a year…[View]
57652571Any thoughts of Cloud Ai?[View]
57652371can /biz/ offer me any red pills on this coin?[View]
57641011Here we go. $25 waiting room[View]
57640390Can you guys explain this business model because I am so fucking confused. >girl makes nudes …[View]
57652490tfw troll[View]
57649940What are the best digital identity projects and why? Everest has been around for awhile and has some…[View]
57651816What chan is the new shitcoin casino[View]
57651422Ok /biz/ how bad is it gonna be?: If 2021 was such a massive clown show then what are we looking at …[View]
57652438it was at this candle here that I told you to buy and you scoffed at me.[View]
57647950They called us bagholders[View]
57650080Bros I've been sidelined with 240k for years. Is it over for me?[View]
57649650>have to wagecuck in 15 hours[View]
57652285Have you ever seen a weekly MACD and RSI that look like this? What does it mean?[View]
57652297Jannies are FUDsisters confirmed!: Where the fuck did that TA thread go? The one where the OP was go…[View]
57649727Does anyone else lie awake at night fantasizing about buying 10,000 BTC back when it was worth like …[View]
57652230will it go up forever in the long run? in 100 years?[View]
57651002STOP THE PUMP!!!!: WHAT the fuck?????[View]
57652186Wojak 4head thread: Doge went from 1 bil. 2018 to ~90 bil mkcap 2021 Shib was at 40bil mkcap last bu…[View]
57651418Will inflation finally boost Bitcoins price this bullrun?[View]
57651270>Bitcoin is not a scam? Okay, then why did this [insert any bankrupt crypto company] scam people?…[View]
57648955Is it worth moving in with your family to stack more crypto? Right now I have about $100k in alts an…[View]
57649842laid off from the cushiest job ever, right before the golden bullrun. fuck my life.[View]
57650617Is Bill Gates dumping his portfolio???[View]
57649109Why did it fail?[View]
57651458help me[View]
57651405Random Money Shenanigans: Trying to be a more financially independent college student so I've b…[View]
57642174Will I make it out of six figure hell? > Post your pics related[View]
57645015Rlc: DotB has arrived. It's fucking mooning.[View]
57650715Basechain gems: Ok base bros, what's the next project to pull a toshi?[View]
57650892Be fearful when others are greedy...[View]
57648639Is this the most obvious double top ever?[View]
57649759OUT OF MY WAY NIGGER: New high set edition[View]
57650145ICP: major ordinals guys are starting to catch on to ICP these guys are Ordinal OGs and called Bitma…[View]
57649355bernie madoff: How did he get away with it for so long? And why did he give it all up?[View]
57651141Theranos bros, where to from here?[View]
57651630utility bros: >most memeable memecoin >made pepe, doge, wojak, bonk > $4chan just debuted …[View]
57651343finna rape you next week[View]
57646280How often do you end up getting airdrops when you become eligible for them?[View]
57651102>Did I find a private key? Went through my computer and found a 24 letter long code of some sort.…[View]
57650306The pump effect of the Btc Etfs should make Eth hyperbullish.: Little Eth is going to have his Etf t…[View]
57650320what kind of bullshit life is this where being free from financial worry is reserved for a few talen…[View]
57650295i've been sidelined since 35k and i can't take anymore. WHERE IS THE FUCKING CRASH??? AAAA…[View]
57651387Seeking trading advice: I would like to long a top 15 coin with leverage. My starting position is $3…[View]
57650971AI and Weight Loss memes led the market in 2023. What memes will lead in 2024?[View]
57649717OH I MUST BUYY!!!![View]
57651005The Official $3k Waiting Room[View]
57650916Next stop $3[View]
57650706Can someone help me with the math here? Here's what's going on: >I leased a vehicle for…[View]
57651241Who is right here?[View]
57631598Why does RLC only pump when everything else is red?[View]
57647864/smg/ - Stock Market General: Future Paradigm edition Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.co…[View]
57651101I just saw this one dipped a lot in crypto, but community is still there, usually devs leave those k…[View]
57651098MUMU bros: What color lambo?[View]
57650847You will look into the Orb and you will be happy: You may fear the Orb but soon you'll need the…[View]
57651077Dear Ethereum Classic Please delay your pump until I get my paycheck. Thankyou. Sincerely, Anon[View]
57649681So what is going to cause the covid crash this cycle?[View]
57645833>women get paid $0.77 for each dollar a man makes why don't big companies just hire women? I…[View]
57649761$52,000 Accepted[View]
57650980On the 9th day till tax return Patel shilled this coin to me: 9 lady pepes 8 BigMikes a-milkin 7 bla…[View]
57650996hindsight is 2020[View]
57641546Would you rather have: teleported in front of you right now: >1 Million Dollars worth of Solid Go…[View]
57647627iExec RLC - This is now a RLC board: >0 users >digital manure >hated on 4chan Imagine what …[View]
57650912Price predictions for the 2025 bullrun? I'm thinking 20c max.[View]
57648725>ETH will go to 3600 next and then crash to 1300 after the first rate cut.…[View]
57643241>no downsides >easy to get in the US >turns you into the limitless guy if you dont take 1 e…[View]
57650159When will 1 btc be worth 1 house?[View]
57648531This is a crab market. Always is. Always was.[View]
57646902This can't be healthy.[View]
57647125>no interest why is it holding a level then[View]
57648475Chainlink 25 percent dump coming?: TA starting to look shakey.[View]
57641147Uh Bobosisters?: Whats going on?[View]
57648951Tell it to me straight. Have I bought a scam?[View]
57649020$mickey about to explode: Insider here. We got multiple games coming up with burning mechanisms and …[View]
57649907Everything is pumping except for Chainlink again.[View]
57650026CRESO.IO GENERAL THREAD: no asking, just buy, thank me later https://creso.io/ https://twitter.com/c…[View]
57650266Top is in: Top is in[View]
57646938Financially Illiterate: I feel like I'm fairly below average and this is my current setup at 31…[View]
57649301Autists In The Workplace: How many of you work with autists in the workplace that seem to get away w…[View]
57648807>electrical engineer >$90k/yr >build dumb circuits for dinosaur tech used by oil field boom…[View]
57650165Everybody expects a pre-halving dump: So instead we will pump and crab. Checkmate.[View]
57646154We are here.[View]
57647578There are actual 'people' in crypto right now that don't understand ICP is the future. They did…[View]
57640536>Dont piss in your toilet, it is free to piss outside and provides essential nutrients to your be…[View]
57650475Everybody thinking that the halving is priced in is not priced in.[View]
57649074So let's say hypothetically I run a business that's a little dishonest. I sell appliance p…[View]
57646903Realistically once oil runs up will all the good money start investing into china? Seems like they a…[View]
57648742So are we fucking gonna have a correction or nah? I want in but not at these prices[View]
57649153why is sol casino so dead?[View]
57649924The black swan is right around the corner. This is just a bait pump. Everyone is waiting for the bla…[View]
57638362New Chainlink Video : How Chainlink Economics Are Evolving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAtJGxnE…[View]
57648888I need to buy a new car. Should I sell some crypto to buy a new one outright or should I take out a …[View]
57639786Just bought 10 acres of woods, how should I profit? Mining and cutting down trees?[View]
57649715How much money do you need to trade full time?[View]
57649986WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?[View]
57639943/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Two Halves Make a Whole Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4…[View]
57650083Ya know, if YOUR generation wasn't so damned lazy, you wouldn't be in the situation you…[View]
576483362900 before mutts markets open?: Also check the staked Ethereum and the Ethereum in exchanges, very …[View]
57644111Mother of All Green Candles comes in 12 hours: thank me later.[View]
57649523IT'S SO FAR FROM OVER[View]
57647336SO how bout those BUILD rewards, anon?: SO how bout those BUILD rewards, anon? We're getting a…[View]
57645298the google of web3: are you all in on this one yet anon? or are you going to cry when you miss out o…[View]
57649935Tried to swing 80% of my stack at 50k[View]
57649486the next 200x: why aren't you all in yet?[View]
57649361What the hell is going on with Japan?[View]
57649108>BTC goes up, alts go down >BTC goes down, alts go down >BTC crabs, alts moon explain the r…[View]
57649776Right now, some of you on this board are sitting on your bed touching your cock as you're makin…[View]
57647419What are some projects with potential to moon that never gets mentioned on /biz/? There's has t…[View]
57649557just made a million dollar in gambling[View]
57648701>stock image on Alamy costs 20 USD >the exact same image with same resolution costs 500 USD on…[View]
57649652Today I've officially become a wizard and I'm physically in bed with my long distance gf o…[View]
57649329What's the best city/area with smart crypto bros to make friends with and play ball or whatever…[View]
57648731Day 941 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
57649632>starting my first job soon >in the past month, i have made almost double my future yearly sal…[View]
57648120plz take a moment to pee on tm with me: The question is this anon: would you like to be a slave to T…[View]
57645398Alt coin general: Discuss your favorite blue chips, besides the obvious ones rn I'm looking at …[View]
57649134why hunt lowcaps when you can just 4x long solana once it dips a bit?: seriously tho[View]
57639282Gems: You know the drill post your make it gems[View]
57648842Day 12 of cashchan posting until BCH flips BTC[View]
57638575Tell me your most successful trade. Give me some hopium.[View]
57646633How many good goy points do you have?[View]
57648662This is USDT market cap dominance since 2020. Be honest, would you buy this chart?[View]
57646677Memecoin general: Post your favorite memecoins, I'll start 10x on HPOS and Miladies where shoul…[View]
57649441When to demand a raise or job hop: so basically I've been looking for a entry level business an…[View]
57649488>launched two weeks ago >L1 with smart contracts, dapps, a hub to create it all, whatever you …[View]
57649432Should I buy uncle Benis coin?[View]
57645891I could have had so much more money if I just held and DCAd Bitcoin. Instead I gambled and lost.[View]
57648272Bitcoin chart looks like monday shitshow: isn't it? would it dump on monday?[View]
57647136>”sold” 1000 nfts >”cex soon” >dumping to months lows soon LOL Linubaggies. So all that hyp…[View]
57646281If i dumped $5 a day into each of these, until I dollar cost averaged $4000 total, and hold, will I …[View]
57646433What is the next 100x?[View]
57645157I no longer pay my electric bill what should I mine?: As the title says my landlord now pays for my …[View]
57637562GRT: Whats a make it stack for GRT? It's still well below its previous ATH and could be a nice …[View]
57645196What are the implications of OpenAI's Sora on the porn industry?[View]
57645291I soldered[View]
57646576Rate Poorfolio. HBAR Edition: Will I make it?[View]
57649152>watch BTC and ETH go up all month >get FOMO and buy more >it crabs for several days I…[View]
57647861CHAINLINK: frens, in this thread I would like to discuss something that has not been discussed on bi…[View]
57648508>Monthly Mortgage estimated at $2,616 >Currently renting for $1850 a month When will dumb fagg…[View]
57648575I don’t know what to do with my money[View]
57646885HBAR: Why tf is HBAR pumping?[View]
57645300this project makes /biz seethe: bullish or bearish?[View]
57647621Why is there do much torsion in the markets?[View]
57648982>stealth launches are just pumped and dumped by bots now >fair launches are pumped and dumped …[View]
57647995>work personnel in an extremely liberal company >coworker jokingly brushes my hand once and I …[View]
57648099POST YOUR FACE YFW WHEN YOU DIDN'T FALL FOR THE FRIENDTECH SCAM >dumbass crypto influencer l…[View]
57647783I only regret two things in the Crypto world. The first was not buying more Kaspa at 0.02 and sellin…[View]
57648699What do you guys think is the smarter option? I'm late 20s, working remotely making $110k, 6 fi…[View]
57643211I've sent some ETH from base to arbitrum with connext and the money isn't arriving... It…[View]
57648488What to do with $50k: I have $50k in cash at my disposal. What are some ideas to turn it into a stea…[View]
57648863>he fell for the crash fud and sold the funny part is if it weren't for ETFs there WOULD hav…[View]
57635439>lost all the hype after NFT sales kek baggies[View]
57648710>Bitcoin pumps >Altcoins do jack shit >Bitcoin eventually dumps >Altcoins obliterated Re…[View]
57648810Chainlink will retest 10 dollars. Change my mind.[View]
57648782>Instrumentation Technician >$50k/yr[View]
57646651>volume crashing It’s over[View]
57646675So what's next for LINK?[View]
57647881Fact: Is it worth buying at this price? I like what the dev's doing, but we all know that isn…[View]
57648739i'm a nocoiner[View]
57648735Solidus Ai Tech (Ticket: AITECH): >37M now You are accumulating this recent release this week on …[View]
57648208Redpill me on SUPRA[View]
57635815STACKS - BITCOIN L2: >Built on top of BTC for scalability and security >Enables defi and dApps…[View]
57647528Today I just realized that I will have/get to DCA BTC for at least 4 more years: After 39 months of …[View]
57648594Is now the time for alts to catch up?: When will we have again: > Doge = 0.11 > Avax = 50 >…[View]
57644115japanese crypto?[View]
57646794a normie told me bitcoin is up now what? this can't be the top, I refuse to believe it[View]
57646200I have autism and borderline IQ (70-85 range) and I buy and hold Bitcoin, and I also buy small cap a…[View]
57644441If you hold over $10.000 in crypto right now you are pretty much guaranteed a millionaire in two yea…[View]
57646764Chainlink: is CCIP broken?: So apparently it’s still in beta version, but it appears to me even the …[View]
57647908What's the official anime of /biz/?[View]
57647843Can you explain RWA tokenization in simple terms?: Let’s say a new movie is coming out, “movie XYZ” …[View]
57647443this feels like early 2021 again. I'm begging to get nervous.[View]
57648037HOLY SHIT: Chainshit volume is fucking plummeting… $12-13 range imminent.[View]
57645326What are some of the down-sides of going all in on Solana?[View]
57647577I've found a 4090 for 800 euros. Should I resell it?[View]
57648227oooooooooooo: It's all so green bros, the only ones who are not in profit are bobos, but who gi…[View]
57644255Bobos... How do you respond to him without sounding mad?[View]
57645495The more I learn about Bitcoin and fiat currencies the more I realize early Bitcoin adopters weren…[View]
57647228Tens of millions of codemonkeys who make 6 figs doing nothing all day: are about to get fired from t…[View]
57647666Carbon browser (Ticket: CSIX): What do anons think about this project? Is it a good thing or a scam?…[View]
57646492There's nothing stupider than a Bobo, imagine not buying at $15k because you were waiting for $…[View]
57647672chart question: hello fellow biz posters. would you buy this asset based upon the chart? please stat…[View]
57647897Why do you spend so much money on useless things like video games which don't bring any financi…[View]
57640888I fucking shorted $51,000: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MARKET[View]
57645798Don't mind me, just gonna leave this here.[View]
57647534I have 400k and no income. Should I go all in now or DCA? BTC ONLY (through MSTR for leverage, since…[View]
57647043>expected to make 30k a year >it's actually 14k after taxes HAHAHAHAHA How do we kill pol…[View]
57635570Just started a 401K at my job. How much should I invest? 5%? My employer matches[View]
57643970>lied about having a cs degree >lost job in 2023 >can't find a new one due to competin…[View]
57644030$TUCKER General: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hole willage gonna make it sers[View]
57647564If a price goes up it's 'inflation'. If a price goes down it's a 'recession/depression/cra…[View]
57646832Im sitting in 400k cash. What would be the best way to go 100% BTC? Im going to use MSTR to have som…[View]
57645628/PDG/ Polkadot GENERAL:: Reporting in for duties DOT is going to 23$ Buy before it's too late l…[View]
57645505andre said fuck chainlink?: what the fuck is this man’s endgame?[View]
57642648/smg/ - Stock Market General: It's Yuyuko again! edtion Educational sites: https://www.investop…[View]
57646052Is RSR ever gonna pump[View]
57646585How come there's never any good Insider Trading tips on /biz/?: In theory, it should be the per…[View]
57647485The current median home price to income ratio in America is 7.5:1, even higher than what it was duri…[View]
57638932Parsiq's team absolutely scammed us, somebody should legitimately sue them, they belong in jail…[View]
57647267There are people among us: who unironically don’t see the giga bull run that’s forming[View]
57645017Please learn from me: I sold a dip, a fake dump at EXACTLY the bottom. My thinking was, if its dumpi…[View]
57647383Top signal Mother of my gf asked me to check out her 'crypto credit card.' She bought it in 2022 for…[View]
57647258My Foxie Stays Moxie: Flashback last summer: Come into biz, see this logo, buy... Literally that was…[View]
57646919Why kibshi is a smart bet?: what's kibshi? first AI generated meme coin, dropped literally a we…[View]
57647335I posted a thread yesterday and then got busy so I couldn't respond to the posters, so thought …[View]
57643724Explain this: Why would anyone willingly pay this guy to lose them money? (not lose, but miss out on…[View]
57645663Hey ChatGPT, 'Which Altcoin is going to pump the most in 2024?'[View]
57646834Shitcoins to GPU mine: What are some shitcoins with good potential and easy to mine on a GPU?[View]
57644130Guys I plan on buying an plot of land that includes an old graveyard. How lucrative could this be? H…[View]
57647294going to spend all my savings on nvidia stocks millionaire by 2025[View]
57645055What's the easiest way to avoid crypto tax as EU Citizen?[View]
57647237https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdnzBNMfZfo BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE[View]
57647046Have a tardfi friend. Makes $650K/yr. Feels priced out of global agriculture markets (not that he ca…[View]
57647039Hardhat: How are we doing bros[View]
57647011Why do you tards even try?[View]
57645371WLD: >Buy this at 2.1 >watch it craping between +10% -10% >decide i wont sell decpite this …[View]
57641466Why is the media suddenly attacking space mining?: We could use space mining to pay off the national…[View]
57646970how sidelined are you?[View]
57646312What's a worse financial situation a divorce with no kids or straight up child support?: One of…[View]
57646684Can I just this screenshot to apply for a job at a hedge fund?[View]
57645816Why do bitniggers insist on shilling bitfuck prehalving? There hasn’t been a single moment where bit…[View]
57646649Moonbeam, Fantom: I have been using moonbeam for a few days now and this is really a smooth blockcha…[View]
57643370How the fuck do you raise Kids to actually value money and hard work, so that way they can appreciat…[View]
57638191We're hitting at least 3$ this month, if not 4.5$ >digital manure >0 users >AI & D…[View]
57646252Good morning sirs, I live in Egypt where inflation was like 100% last year in the real world! And I …[View]
57644085price prediction EO 2024?[View]
57646013what bank should i utilize as american citizen? i live in midwest currently.[View]
57646359I have $10K spreak over various shitcoins. I want to have one million USD. What’s the best strategy …[View]
57644704what is a business you can start with 20k? I don't care if I have to put 90 hours a week into i…[View]
57646113>took a trade >Over 1:10 RR >Didn't feel shit. Am I depressed ?…[View]
57644544There was this big pile of Bitcoins. It was shaped like a giant Bitcoin and walked around on two leg…[View]
57645127this seems great, what's the catch?[View]
57646570We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! …[View]
57644726Technical Analysis: Lines on a chart, support and resistance, is it a meme or does it actually work?…[View]
57645556>be me >watch BJ Cowen religiously >still don't know what 'looser monetary policy', 'r…[View]
57646454Is there an app like tokensniffer for solana?[View]
57646540Anyone on here have exp with starting a DAO? What protocol did you use, aragon i think is what most …[View]
57640520Rlc pump: /biz/ literally warns you everytime its about to pump. The rlc threads start appearing a c…[View]
57645711A crucial moment for your shitcoins: A crucial moment for your shitcoins[View]
57644340country roads, take me home, to the place, where I belong, west virginia, mountain mommmaaaa take me…[View]
57646472Bullish tk recross: This is gigabullish. Bitcoin going to 150k asap. Awaiting upcoming kijun bounce …[View]
57645967It feels weird to call Ethereum an alternative cryptocurrency. It's been consistently the secon…[View]
57646418Last chance to buy Bitcoin under $52,000. Don't be left behind :)[View]
57646337This is the stock market of a country currently in full official recession: Markets are never coming…[View]
57643410We're gonna get a dip right??: I fucking JUST went into stables and now shit keeps pumping. Mak…[View]
57643339>/biz/ asks for the next 100x >i post the next 100x >thread gets less than 10 replys >re…[View]
57642072Icp pee pee clown: Can someone post the different levels of coin amounts you need to have to make it…[View]
57645612Fellow IOTX holders...: How we feelin'?[View]
57640864BAT BAT BAT BAT: BAT GENERAL. Get in here boyos. Turtle rises again (and all that).[View]
57644548What's this chart called[View]
57644986Thoughts on Aethir's Distributed GPU Compute Infrastructure?: Hey Anons, what's your take …[View]
57646107Why does Tucker have such diamond handed Chads? All biz coins usually dump and never recover after $…[View]
57645704i thought the coin was going in a continuous downfall after the Putin interview: What the fuck happe…[View]
57645623You have been warned. I didn't mean for this to happen but now a dump before April is guarantee…[View]
57646082Was SBF Bad For Bitcoin Economy?: He sold Bitcoin he doesn't even have. Surely, this would drop…[View]
57645631best ways to make money online?: I live in a subhuman-filled neighborhood with 0 job opportunities, …[View]
57642468I was buy buying some cool pictures that frens told me to buy on biz, but its the first time that it…[View]
576435411 million dollars is literally nothing[View]
57644540Noone has accounted for the boomers discovering what a coinmarketcap page exists when the ETF came o…[View]
57645960An anon posted last week a thread about 'What's going to be the next Dubai?': the answer i…[View]
57644135Hello /biz intellectuals. The top of the image is the total mortgage I owe on two houses. The bottom…[View]
57645804what went wrong?: It can never break $10m market capitalization...[View]
57645673The journey IS the reward[View]
57645594comfy rates: just sit and relax bobros[View]
57645655Its not fair bros. Years ago I was poor and even with 100% pumps I make fucking nothing. Now that I …[View]
57641160SAY THE LINE, BOBO![View]
57640657ctrl+F No BCH Chan ?: Discuss.. what day of Bitcoin Chan is this now ? Day 8 ? We dumped down to a…[View]
57644235Now there would be something similar, but different. Above all, something similar that you can parti…[View]
57645419Anyone here used to play this shit as kids? I'm surprised I don't have a gambling addictio…[View]
57643950If BTC doesn't break $60k by then end of the month it's going to dump like crazy in March,…[View]
57645525I bought 1273 SOLANA: what im in for?[View]
57645521Should we ever swing trade our stacks?: Hey /biz/ bros, most of us believe that within a year's…[View]
57645152How come MC and VISA trust Solana?: Shouldn't they see it as their arch-nemesis?[View]
57643434House servant is being disobedient: Ever since the market went up it has been nothing but headaches …[View]
57621727I dont get it. Why is no one talking about this or in panic?[View]
57645582This just happened to me I’m sitting in a strip club enjoying a drink. I overhear someone say “Hair…[View]
57643696Just bought some fresh Zeus Dude NFTs: Just bought s a few NFTs of some Zeus Dudes. This token is to…[View]
57645545Day 9 of posting haircomb chan till we're all bald.[View]
57638549How do I afford the carnivore diet? A simple 250g beef steak here costs me €7.5 with an income of ro…[View]
57639325im an autist dev: i shill aptos the new consensus algorithm which they deploy at upcoming next hard …[View]
57641777If the Government would not have retarded regulations building a house would be cheap: But here in E…[View]
57641492Why is /biz/ always crying? >price goes up >/biz/ cries >price goes down >/biz/ cries …[View]
57645303does conjoining my make it impossible to sell my btc?[View]
57644811I’m a far-right leaning socialist Bernie type, but have to rely on /biz/ in order to scrape by for n…[View]
57645411ITT post list of Jewish coins: They seem to be the best performers[View]
57643096What went wrong bros?[View]
57644326Should I sell my INJ for AVAX? Or should I sell my LINK for AVAX? What should I do, /biz/? And why?[View]
57645183Fucking hell: >didnt accumulate as much as i could have >still need a 6x to make it despite be…[View]
57643679BIGMIKE is packing. Get in before s/he start bussin.[View]
57644803Bitcoin: BTC[View]
57642847Octa: AI/DePIN gem. If you missed rndr this is your second chance.[View]
57645324Just stumbled upon Aethir. Interesting to see the focus on ultra-low latency in gaming and AI. Anyon…[View]
57644158my irl frens all save and invest in mainstream bank products and i am here holding my bags of some i…[View]
57644755Would /biz/ buy this chart?[View]
57644678SOLANA WAS HACKED AGAIN BUT NOONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS: first of all, you can look it up on blockch…[View]
57645235fuck LINK[View]
57644700If you want a bunch of extra coins (or more sats) for free, sell now.[View]
57643673/biz/ is missing out again[View]
57645173What altcoins gems are you holding that will make you buy your dream car?: >AVAX >ZEC >XRP…[View]
57644962Singularity is upon us: Finally after 7 years of holding we're finally moving in the right dire…[View]
57638714>financially ruins you I finally sold at a loss because I don't want to miss the bull run.…[View]
57644440what's the deal with fiat? it's not fake and it's not real.[View]
57645083you need to sell now: this is financial advice. im saying this because i love you and want the best …[View]
57644460The coming BTC dump will be between 12k to 16k in size (so, to 39k-35k). Maybe more, but a dump by a…[View]
57645041problems of all sorts: I AM PROUD TO BE A WAGIE I usually work extremely hard, and i describe the qu…[View]
57638566Has there been any word on when Chainlink will expand the pool? I’ve got about 1,000 staked but I wa…[View]
57644937Mist Coin: Gm, faggots, any thoughts on this coin? Worth to buy a few?[View]
57644847PulsePot is the best gem ever. Its chart just goes up forever. PLSP[View]
57644950It looks like the original snek coin is blasting off again: what do you think?[View]
57644913SCOLLOP: I’m financially SCOLLOPED[View]
57643021Since we don't even have a duly elected President, can't we just cancel President's D…[View]
57643887>PNK baggies waited 3 extra years just for V2 to be canceled Uh oh baggies...…[View]
57643888That's how the cookie crumbles[View]
57636340/SHITCOIN CASINO/: Ok boys, shill me your finest microcaps preferably SOL, ETH, or BNB[View]
57644784Is anyone waiting for cookies to get cooked?[View]
57644765>Usain Bolt signed as an ambassador >some metaverse shit with nice graphics in the work >ap…[View]
57642838SELL: SELL[View]
57644723When next moon?[View]
57642968Howdy folks: Fellas... I'm afraid I've got some bad news for ya. Some real crazy stuff is…[View]
57644575i dare you to become a pandora whole-coiner[View]
57643023WLD: worldcoin. that is all[View]
57641921So this is it? We all about to get rich? It cant be this easy.[View]
57642068so when did you find out that 12 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are AI generated?[View]
57639254This little nigger will make me rich[View]
57635903Sam Bankman-fried: If crypto's white knight tried to kill ICP, what does that make Dominic Will…[View]
57644102Has it begun yet?[View]
57644162If you see this post, you are early[View]
57644347This board has been telling me this and Kenis is a scam whenever I post about it since January. So f…[View]
57641139I'm a BSV holder. I have always dreamed of getting fucked in the ass. I was born on the interne…[View]
57643284Gold doesn't make goods or services. Gold doesn't produce humans willing to work. Gold doe…[View]
57621011/xsg/ XRP Schizo General #2233: Previous: >>57602062 >Why hold XRP? https://youtu.be/5urrOW…[View]
57641440My fellow Litecoin holders, here is information that I would like to share. Rejoice in this copium …[View]
57641068What is the next 5x?[View]
57644250ohhh señor brave sisters[View]
57640275The middle finger was for (You).[View]
57641507What are the best /biz/ films?[View]
57642881Alts: If Btc only does a 5x from this cycles low and eth does a 9x does that mean that on average mo…[View]
57644122I am pathetic: Insignificant sand and lonely man. This was my real life that never changed for the b…[View]
57643749Hi, I'm Leslie from WorkVantage Recruitment Agency we have a Remote Job offer you, Could I sent…[View]
57643550>pay off car loan 1 year early >credit score drops 10 points…[View]
57643700>AGRS goes up >I sell, making money >AGRS goes down >I buy the discount and wait for the…[View]
57643540>Decentralized huh? Then explain why [INSERT ANY EXCHANGE HERE] has a lot of it?…[View]
57642972>be my grandfather, born 1946 >get internship right after college >'Brenda over there is go…[View]
57635316BREAKING: Ari Juels featured in Bloomberg: >Terrorist financing. Money laundering. Ransomware. Mu…[View]
57642320There are four areas in my small town that could do well with a strip mall. I have a small business …[View]
57643903gov wagie bros: >stuck in dead end trash jobs >can barely make more then $1200 a month >sti…[View]
57643715ICP swinging: Is swinging this easy?[View]
57642645Selling in 2024: Is it a good moment to sell my house (900k equity) or should I stave it off?[View]
57643529Those who foolishly took The Vaxx™ will no longer be with us by the year 2030. If you dun goof'…[View]
57643485Is now a good time to buy? Im afraid of a crash. I only have 19k left. If it crashes i will 100% pan…[View]
57643723If it's not Proof of Work, it is a scam.[View]
57641712Do you really expect to get hired for a high-paying job if you don't even include color and a m…[View]
57643402Is starting your own gang a profitable venture?[View]
57642457>4 Year Cycle[View]
57640362>MUH ETF[View]
576435223 biggest concerns about ICP's value in trying to create a decentralised internet[View]
57643598Bitcoin mega pumps on: Sunday That’s what I’m thinking. Plan for it NFA DYOR[View]
57641963Most Generational wealth is lost within 3 gens.... How do I cope with this fact?[View]
57637629TYBG: WTF happened?: Brian tweeted tybg, wtf? This shit was shilled here few days ago. Man, truly un…[View]
57642569SIRS EMERGENCY NOW!!!![View]
57631004LUNC bros: I’m starting to believe that we are actually going to make it.[View]
57641455ok so i missed two x4 shitcoins now where i was aware that it would probably happen i never invested…[View]
57637713Ready for cex pump?[View]
57641977>AI videos have finally been refined to the point were you can't distinguish it from real li…[View]
57641409>largest holder of Bitcoin >didn't buy a single sat >only dumps US government is very …[View]
57640353How is btc ever going to have another 80% correction if every single boomer has 5% of their portfoli…[View]
57643477im feeling good clown bros[View]
57642614altcoin usecase: alright level with me cryptobros as a newfag to this entire sphere, the fuck are al…[View]
57642717CUBE404NFT: t dot me CUBE404NFT[View]
57642715$20 rejected again: Linkies... you were home free. You could've exited right there. Why didn…[View]
57635007do people actually listen to this quack? I'm convinced all the callers on his show are actors[View]
57642319>12 words is more secure than gold in my sock drawer Gold in my sock drawer is protected by MY GU…[View]
57643060>rock not needed[View]
57642194based crypto lark[View]
57642398Chainlink: anyone else think: it’s a little weird the team is taking a victory lap despite no produc…[View]
57639144What Is It With These People: Their initial inquiry was about my 0.11 btc that was on their wallet .…[View]
57639565Portfolio rate thread: I prob need more shitcoins but I'm sort of a maxi[View]
57621698There LITERALLY aren't any jobs left[View]
57638759BTC is jumping off a cliff as we speak[View]
57642730RLC: >$3 ACCEPTED 1000$ EOY[View]
57640147Is 200k a lot for a 37 year old? How do I turn it into 10 million?[View]
57639663Why didn't you guys tell me this guy was so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwk_l-U-0D4…[View]
57643102Crab kings where you at![View]
57639807I don't know, until when I need to say 'It is okay' to my all dumb surrounding people. My brot…[View]
57642833>Every retail is euphoric and making money and buying calls >Stock markets ATH >Credit mark…[View]
57637641Hodlcaust Remembrance: 3 years ago, 6 billion dollars were liquidated when an innocent hedge fund wa…[View]
57640949I bought[View]
57642979It's not much but I'm between an Octopus and a Barracuda What are you?[View]
57636064when is this going to flip doge and take its rightful place as the memecoin of all memecoins[View]
57642784Yea… he actually BASED. Continue the bull market.[View]
57638019You are not prepared for what is to come.[View]
57642465This crypto is a sleeping giant, conservative predictions put its value to 2000. Those who don'…[View]
57642100Ethereum is harder to attack then Bitcoin: Your Cope maxipads? Coin Metrics analysts have calculated…[View]
57642619Maverick of Wall Street b& from youtube: Fs in the chat lads, I know at least some of you on her…[View]
57640316Bros why am I so lazy? I am currently working on a book project that I'm planning to sell. The …[View]
57640581what went wrong?: and what does $SDL can do differently?[View]
57640283Did you get dealt a good hand in the game of life?: Some are born into a rich family, others are bor…[View]
57641137Bless you[View]
57638639i'm up all night to get comfy: Anyone here comfy atm?[View]
57642748should I just fire myself?[View]
57641438So uhhh about that 'Bull run' anon...[View]
57639556/smg/ - Stock Market General: SWOT analysis edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.…[View]
57641589Vitalik Buterin: post your best[View]
57642539WTF is happening with RLC?[View]
57642388This piece of shit has been crabbing for two months now[View]
57642135Monthly Bitcoin RSI is at the highest level since April 2021[View]
57640730how will tens of millions of creatives becoming jobless worldwide affect the price of Bitcoin?[View]
57639698AI will the winning narrative of the next bull run: It's wont be even close.[View]
57642441When buying a total shitcoin, what do you look for?: >locked liquidity >contract not ownable (…[View]
57640167Social Media Grifting: Alright /biz/, we all know there is a lot of money to be made in social media…[View]
57637375you need $10 million dollars to be comfortable in the USA these days[View]
57641417Trifecta Method: >have three homes in 3 developing/tax-friendly countries >split time between …[View]
57640343I greatly enjoyed the friday after work drinks yesterday with my multiracial, multinational work mat…[View]
57642307Portfolio thread: Post what you got: >1 BTC >20 ETH >11,000 LINK >3300 FIL Is this enoug…[View]
57638661Financially speaking what is a good language to learn, to benefit me financially ? if you catch my d…[View]
57637478Share with me your process: Some of you guys are swing traders and like to trade whatever coin curre…[View]
57638447Can’t cuck the tuck[View]
57641127Hello, melaninous individual I own DOT[View]
57640688Linkies give me one reason this isn't just another dead cat bounce.[View]
57641764Tens of thousands of dollars of governance power in UniSwap, Aave, Etc…for free…: Do what you will…[View]
57630959Why are altcoins crashing for no fucking reason?[View]
57641983Dorian is the real Satoshi.[View]
57642031Yes I'm sidelined Yes, I'm waiting for a global financial collapse You got a problem with…[View]
57641532this isn't organic: there must be a -60% correction to this[View]
57641836Rate my portfolio as a 20 year old broke bitch, any suggestions for my USDT. Also I want to invest a…[View]
57640716Solidus Ai Tech: 36M[View]
57641105>Bitchuds: no you see uh it's not like that basically uh bitcoin is the future of finance an…[View]
57641822My UNI be doin' somethin'?[View]
57641082Hows the short going lil bro. ?:[View]
57639030Remember my prediction niggers?: You would have made money if you had listened to me. You were warne…[View]
57641929apparently it is not over[View]
57640510Normies would have made millions if they had hustled like /biz: instead of wasting their money on tr…[View]
57638757A blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials and decentralized …[View]
57638591Falling consumer prices are……. LE BAD!! https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/08/business/china-deflation.…[View]
57641755We just got an Ichimoku crossover: For the first time since October 1st. Time to short this market, …[View]
57641085JASMY bros are you accumulating? https://www.tradingview.com/chart/JASMYUSDT/yVD8FEeu-Jasmyusdt-Buy-…[View]
57641600POORFOLIO RATE THREAD!!!!: Yes i was to lazy to check if another thread was up already.[View]
57641695On the 8th day till tax return Patel shilled this coin to me: 8 BigMikes a-milkin 7 black swans pend…[View]
57641264Guys, I’m starting to think: think the tether FUD is real. They’re going to bring tether down. What …[View]
57640643/biz/ remains full of retards: > be me, triple cycle /biz/ veteran > watch euphoric newfags fl…[View]
57641330DAOs could benefit from being more like Reddit, idea men should be given the platform to give an ide…[View]
57640661This should be mandatory: Seriously, why don't more companies add this to their job postings? I…[View]
57630558>There are LITERALLY no jobs left >NOOOOOOOOO I'm not doing that job, that's beneath…[View]
57638887Any big brained bois here able to calculate what the price of link would be right now if the fat man…[View]
57641432Thanks for playing: कोई अपराध नहीं बोबो यह ऐसा ही है चाकलेट का रंग[View]
57641454No refunds https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/trudeaus-welcome-mat-immigrants-wears-thin-amid-ca…[View]
57606202/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining, and Macro General: Apu in Low Coal Edition Commodities include >Preci…[View]
57639963Is anyone bullish on Osmosis? I'm staking a shitton for airdrops this year[View]
57641126>holiday weekend in US >volume dumping like a rhino with diarrhea I have a sinking suspicion t…[View]
57641114> 'How do the AI agents from Tau ( $AGRS ) differ from those at Autonolis ( $OLAS )?' >Well th…[View]
57638692uhm, cheesed to meet you[View]
57639707Why is Chainlink moving aginst the market again?[View]
57634514I put 200 ETH into this piece of shit: I thought this was a guaranteed lifetime of income? Holy fuck…[View]
57641177Post your /biz/ certified Poobisses and Lovelies.[View]
57641242Why do they want me to work in customer service so much when literally every 2nd young person is per…[View]
57638375AVAX is the next LINK: A coin with extensive utility and institutional adoption, but that can’t pump…[View]
57640828Index funds - too good to be true: So I just put all my money in a broadly diversified index fund an…[View]
57641203FEES TO TRANSFER DIGITAL FUNDS TO AND FROM BANK: wait a second...if ACH transfers take 3-5 business …[View]
57641202Share Your Experiences With Work/Job Market: How grim is it? Have you been laid off? Fired? How is l…[View]
57639646Day 940 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
57641123What’s the story with these coins: My mother, who is a senior (70+), rents out rooms in her house to…[View]
57639937Just another 8x and my real life will begin[View]
57631135should I sell my 200 GME?: wanna sell gamestop to buy dividend stocks[View]
57638845haha so it's going back up right? it was just an overreaction right?[View]
57640694Ramsey bros... they're coming after us... https://www.wsj.com/personal-finance/dave-ramsey-tell…[View]
57639542>LINK pumping >BTC dumps Like clockwerk[View]
57637795What does dumping on a weekend mean?[View]
57641083I posted earlier about how to best on ramp for optimism. Coinbase lets you do layer 2 withdrawals I …[View]
57641071can you give me the idiots guide to wholesaling a house[View]
57641010>Jeet = didja eat/ja'eat? Since they're always readily taking no or zero profit, perhap…[View]
57641049>BTC dumps >LINK pumps[View]
57639107It doesn't matter how much money you have if you're old and don't have any friends. E…[View]
57640687I sold at $51,750[View]
57626140The New Luddites: They are absolutely terrified by ChatGPT’s Sora video generator. Why is that? ht…[View]
57640842STIFF: as a BSV holder I am STIFF because I have passed away, and been buried into the Earth waiting…[View]
57640753>time to lay down and die fiat niggers.[View]

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