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No. Excerpt
10596664>Walk to work >Get mugged >Use my bike to avoid walking >Fucking tires got stolen I hate…[View]
10596760yoooo its me, the only good, pure, nice, non normalfag person alive, here on the evil normalfag boar…[View]
10596249i only shop at binco[View]
10597057Come to me inside out from the inside I'll get a car for you after midnight I do a street fight…[View]
10595478فَأَتۡبَعَ سَبَبًا[View]
10596111okay Mr. NSA agent, you are doing it again, i told you STOP listening to the bullshit complaints of …[View]
10595576drink now[View]
10595803are you smarter than a 5th grader?[View]
10596660get some sleep[View]
10596656wife's birthday today[View]
10580836Hi !!!![View]
10597000Love the wife. Hug the wife. Kiss the wife. Protect the wife. Feed the wife. Warm the wife. Cool the…[View]
10596850I'm coughing up some phlegm.[View]
10594968top text: this is ebil normalfag bear :kek: <this user was invited to dinner :kek: Your fortune: …[View]
10595666top lel[View]
10593261angelixa says hi Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10596853Like why wouldn't you fuck a girl while wearing her clothes? Like how is that wrong?[View]
10596813REMINDER: this is a reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8EvnM2XUTI[View]
10594654i am still being abused by s4s[View]
10593857>mom thinks I'm a pedophile because she caught me looking at loli >wont listen to my argu…[View]
10596690I will refrain from masturbating throughout the entire month of February.[View]
10596600fortune: Work in 9 hours. Your fortune: You'll get good sleep, I promise.[View]
10595327bro look at this dude uhju uhju wait till you see the f- uhhujuJUJUJUUU NO NO NO NO ohhhHOHOo ohh uh…[View]
10595359(Not really though)[View]
10595363reality is often quite dissapointing[View]
10596195what does esfores think of holo the wise wolf?[View]
10596399i fart extremely. Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
10596721The forehead girl[View]
10596392Bleeehhh :P[View]
10596642bury nice 64[View]
10596590>'ug think you're handsome' >'ug think you're pretty' >'ug want to smash'…[View]
10596312tonight i wil make a burger with roasted jalepeno for dinner Your fortune: Good news will come to yo…[View]
10596218Love the wife. Hug the wife. Kiss the wife. Protect the wife. Feed the wife. Warm the wife. Cool the…[View]
10596075pile ups of extreme ordinaires: heaps of luggage strewn in disarray. this is a mess. the luggage unp…[View]
10596560holy shit[View]
10596559>two same numbers[View]
10596542My friend was just mean to me, make me happy again esfores[View]
10596364jack ruselel[View]
10594911The classic that started it all.[View]
10596505tHaNk u fReNd....I WiShE I CoUdL TlElL U HoW MuCh iT MeAnEs tO Me. EbEn iF SoMe tImS ThIgNs fElL StR…[View]
10596149like escargot? Like caviar? Well boy oh boy the French have something for you Your fortune: Good new…[View]
10596345French bruschetta Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
10595964lole could you imagine if the discord >>>/lgbt/ people were corralled there and were banned…[View]
10595616'Y'all be killin mah plant, mah feetur and sheeit'. Greeta Taneeshaba[View]
10595738Post ‘jak post ‘pe society[View]
10596378Pin this thread or every armadillo dies instantly[View]
10596343Lain loves you.[View]
10595340What is preferred [s4s]'s age range?: JD - Joshi daigakusei - College girl JK - Joshi kousei - …[View]
10594948I made you guys a song: https://files.catbox.moe/qmmv2f.wav[View]
10596273i failed life lole[View]
10596077taking my whiskey in a plastic jug for a month and i want to tell everybody Your fortune: Very Bad L…[View]
10595560my blog: wweed Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
10593890An Aiko a day[View]
10596239But sir, am I kawaii, uguu~? That doesn't seem logical, captain. Your fortune: Better not tell …[View]
10593690reality is dissolving in front of my very eyes[View]
10595443goodbite [s4s][View]
10595304Look at this young cheerful beautiful princess[View]
10595915Ok so statistically speaking how often you have at least one thought reminiscing ''FUCK, I…[View]
10596005Life is a pendulum that swings between boredom and suffering.[View]
10595631This gal is pretty and 10/10[View]
10595995le pelican has arrived[View]
10596139I shitteru[View]
10595493I know it's disgusting but last night in bed, I was looking at pictures of Lucy Loud on my phon…[View]
10595303This is a nice board.[View]
10596037Legalize nuclear bombs Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again…[View]
10596045walk out: see this Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
10596087where the bags are lost...: areas where the luggage pools when it is lost are areas of where luggage…[View]
10593272the puppy girl[View]
10593132when can i be happy............... i am sade...... ...........[View]
10592741How can I get a gf like this?[View]
10596070got one of my favourite banners twice in a row and it feels like a dubs of sorts, thanks for reading…[View]
10596072s4gay lole[View]
10596029soon it will be febuary Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
10596044the sun is too bright[View]
10596031I smonk the wead[View]
10596024skummet melk[View]
10595761i have a cute friend on discord but i don’t want to erp with him i want him to rail me in the back o…[View]
10595607le shig pig[View]
10595630*nword* *nword* *nword**nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* *nword* I hat…[View]
10594395galileo aquarius bismillah Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again…[View]
10595855420SWAGSCOPE: kek[View]
10595802>be me >not u phew[View]
10595825huehuehue: https://files.catbox.moe/w893j1.mp4[View]
10595893i will[View]
10595341I wouldn't lose even one minute of sleep if you dropped dead right fucking now.[View]
10594188You've been granted what you asked for.[View]
10595788I can sense the fact that somebody on another board got some really epic dubs bit I'm not sure …[View]
10595024Nice wet 'gina[View]
10594446Pic rel my own….: Hello this is anon speaking please tell me I am not the only one with c*m tshirt u…[View]
10593837I just realized that I have never once made a funny post on [s4s] before. I haven't made even …[View]
10595747god im so fuckin cool[View]
10595735Fear not. Indeed, it is you who are superior.[View]
10594875mommy bought me chicken mcnuggets french fry and coke. i don’t drink the faucet soda spit though.[View]
10594852I WILL KILL MYSELF!!! FUCKIGN RTARD!! AAAAAAAA!!!! Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
10594136my face when seuss thread[View]
10593141>27 >no education >never had a job >no gf >in debt >no skills >might be autisti…[View]
10595686We love exploration computer games![View]
10595662So tell me anon, what is the Sh*t 4chan Says?[View]
10595625Have you ever played Clash of Clans and used 'Skeleton Bomber' like how did they even come up with a…[View]
10593452>*walks towards you* >*breathe heavily* >*smile* >'you got games on your phone?'…[View]
10595600Ok I'm gonna say it I think some people opinions are not good but others I agree with Your fort…[View]
10595326And do not obey every worthless habitual swearer Backbiter, walker with slander Preventer of good, t…[View]
10595525happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
10595209my gay friend has a crush on me and i have a crush on my lesbian friend why did it have to be this w…[View]
10595276Is this the birth of an epic new meme?[View]
10594861Everybody Hate Me, Even My Parents.[View]
10594335Come on girls! We can get through this![View]
10595309you pissed me off[View]
10595523the school shoe room[View]
10594579I'm a hardcore Reicist[View]
10595172Love the wife. Hug the wife. Kiss the wife. Protect the wife. Feed the wife. Warm the wife. Cool the…[View]
10595355my mind's filled with torture my body's in pain[View]
10595460Goodnight semen4socks!![View]
10595452if a director casts all the female characters as guys would he be praised for leaving the hard work …[View]
10594143XTREME SPORTS DOLLS Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
10595077Eat up anon[View]
10594168How much we have to wait to Elonk Musk /ultra-advanced AI to create her in real life??: >olive-sk…[View]
10593995goth rei: goth rei[View]
10594416Ha ha HA HA HA HA HA!! Your fortune: Very Bad Luck…[View]
10594517you're doing it wrong[View]
10594936imagine the smelle Your fortune: Godly Luck…[View]
10594266oops i accidentally cut an atery last night with the help of my stalker dylan/julia/grendel michael …[View]
10592536cats get so much credit for landing on their feet but birds do that shit too and they have half as m…[View]
10594501uhhh the uhmm uh the ehh ummm[View]
10594594The Shell in Ghost Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
10593698I control sand[View]
10594666uh oh...[View]
10593713The black mist is coming. Run.[View]
10594518Wow anon, it smells like up-dog in here![View]
10595319don't shout at me[View]
10594247I'm sure we all have it. That one file, that one immaterial thing that we can't seem to fi…[View]
10593625Holy SHIT do I hate niggers!!!!!1[View]
10595157omg!!!! I want to bounce on a big cock and moan like a girl![View]
10595151XD: XD Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
10594913hoooooh mama!!!!!!!!!!! Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
10591864cum laude Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
10595277i just lost the game[View]
10594286why do girls do this[View]
10594836I love the 4chan collective. Non collective enjoyers btfo[View]
10595009goodnight [s4s] thank you for being my friend[View]
105923424on1 wrestling: 4 clothed college girls team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky nake…[View]
10592876work in 204 hours[View]
10595227fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
10594711tonight i will have kippers fir dinner Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10595186fun bladee lain server!! >nice chat >free speech >autism friendly! come join for the lolz d…[View]
10594757cool image: i found this cool image of sour patchman on my computer :)[View]
10595123>two same numbers![View]
10595092Go Go Sputnik! Go Go Daughter Of God![View]
10594991texto de arriba: cmon anon do some heroine you deserve it!!!!! get down and have some crack huh yeah…[View]
10594322Its a doggy dog world out their, sempai...[View]
10594347how the FUCK do you bake a pizza https://files.catbox.moe/mwjr0h.mp3 Your fortune: Very Bad Luck…[View]
10595054god i wish i looked like this[View]
10595049I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO changeable!![View]
10594249Ey Ellie! Remember those days in middle school and all the abandoned places?! Gosh I'll miss ya…[View]
10593053ooohh you are getting very sleepy!!!![View]
10595028I just said this thread was cute and you dorks brought up sex out of nowhere[View]
10594695they are girlfriends[View]
10594345IF YOU GET GAY FOR HIM, YOU LOSE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cUNsE6qWSU[View]
10594536you see me now a veteran of 1000 psychic wars[View]
10594173Who would send a precious little thingy like ya to school?! <3[View]
10594892I have a high-IQ (135-140 range) and it frequently causes distress in my life. For example, my advan…[View]
10594541Unfair: I miss my twitter. Why can't I post about my liking of little girls and pedophilia fuel…[View]
10594924they should let you mute posts from namefags this board would be improved[View]
10594915Wish after making everyone fall in love with them[View]
10594087lain's message: https://vocaroo.com/15iqpC6UcGFL[View]
10594029crabs in the cradle with the slimy froge Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
10594633How do I use photoshop?[View]
10594934around my way they used to call me pizza shop joey old joey bo-stick[View]
10594468Let's get drunk, anon.[View]
10594628kind reminder: You will never be a woman[View]
10594921Without video games I probably would have lost my mind Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
10593745why is le sleepy griller on my couch >:/ bit rude innit?[View]
10593828Hey, did you thought asian girls liked white dudes? You are a white dude that likes asian girls? It …[View]
10593813How do you break this thing?[View]
10594812Don't trust that seuss nigger over there Leaving his nigger essence in the air That happy nappy…[View]
10594791jack ruselel[View]
10593946How many Titans did this fucking wall need?[View]
10594175today i am giving out free kisses please form a neat and orderly line to receive you’re free kisses[View]
10594648in France KFC doesn’t sell chicken, they just sell poison fish Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10593647fortune: fortune Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
10594602MADOKANON UNBLOCK ME PLEASE UNBLOCK ME DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE zonz#4526 zonz#4526 zonz#4526[View]
10594449Hey [s4s] this is gonna be my last post on 4chan for the day so can you watch my thread for me till …[View]
10593744haha '65 wat'[View]
10594598fact: it's a fact that my life would be 1 million times better if I was born in Japan. yep…[View]
10593473Lol she is dominating the diamond industry[View]
10594458you are all so ugly[View]
10594075happy morning [s4s] the snow is coming down[View]
10589729Training the AI to do hands makes for some interesting animation. I should make a scene of some sort…[View]
10593957do mods even ever visit this board? I wonder what kind of cool stuff I could get away with posting Y…[View]
10593057when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire[View]
10592792Mikker Monday just started in Japan (where Mikker was born) Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10592480Le sleepy: How are my fellow night creatures doing.[View]
10593834taking my coffee with sugar and cream and i want to tell everybody Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
10594405Why yes, I do piss in the sink. How did you know?[View]
10594375seuss get the bronk Your fortune: Godly Luck…[View]
10594392On God I am done with you shitheads.[View]
10594208Another torch bites the dust, [3] it disappeared quietly somewhere. Reality doesn't change day …[View]
10594111Terrible Stairs: Just when you thou...[View]
10593735'ANON IF YOU DON'T SOCIALIZE YOU WON'T MAKE ANY FRIENDS' Don't care. Don't want …[View]
10593292Mankind was created weak.[View]
10594048BATMAN!!!! Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
10593685micker monday Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
10594122every time i eat a chocolate donut i need a full hose down. what is the point, who invented this pie…[View]
10593835this one goes out to all the beautiful posters here at [s4s]! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWPo5S…[View]
10593097I am a Katina from the YouTube channel Katina Eats Kilos. Please comment, like and subscribe while I…[View]
10594064We are in a cube Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10594124Going Commando: All my boxers were dirty so i wore nothing under my pants all day. pic related is …[View]
10594147Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku …[View]
10594139>be u >'uh oh stinky' haha[View]
10593758We have not sent down to you The Book that you be distressed.[View]
10593854I love mexican mouthpussy[View]
10593361nice thread that i just made: can i please have my thread as a sticky :)[View]
10593902bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk …[View]
10594074There is a devious smile emanating from this Asian gorl! What is she planning?[View]
10593961A cockroach can't spend much time away from the sewers.[View]
10593901*click* I did it! I got evidence of anon being a pedo! This is the biggest scoop ever! *runs away*[View]
10588622fortune: GREENPOSTING THREADE proove 2 me u can into le greenposting lole![View]
10587600come to us we luv >anime >lain >autism :D https://discord.gg/toplolz…[View]
10593268Chinese pastries are better than french Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again…[View]
10592794grits Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
10594012> For most of its existence Korea was tributary state of superior China. This subservient history…[View]
10594010Metalstep thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8keiCNXo4I[View]
10579875What time is it?[View]
10593256ssees unbere fren? i liek it so much therable pusty nifecshow all liek 2 i liek they cool liek 2 in…[View]
10593932a thread: sigh... Your fortune: Godly Luck…[View]
10592688spatsbulge sunday[View]
10593803how do i become an legend?[View]
10593915NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I hate NOOOOOOOO [b]ccc[/b] spoiler [code][b][i][u][s]u[/s][/u][/i][/b][/code]…[View]
10593463i haven't been hugged since i was 7, i crave even just a simple tap on the shoulder[View]
10593897The forehead girl[View]
10592535When prayer becomes your habit, miracles become your lifestyle.[View]
10592174just got killed by the wall of flesh in Terraria. Feeling really depressed, donate money to my patre…[View]
10593818plz help i cant find my ass[View]
10591663toast popped Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
10593799[s4s] meetup: [s4s] meetup Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger…[View]
10593801Imma tell yall a story.: Many years ago I was hookin up with a chick in my car, about midnight, in a…[View]
10593219itt we start every sentence 'methinks'[View]
10593543sadistic characterization[View]
10592675New GigaChad: Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10592501imagine your whole life ytouve been usin your old ps4 to watch things in bed tv movies etc. and for …[View]
10593465I'm not jacking off today, also here's a bird.[View]
10593732/a/non has challenged us: can [s4s] draw frens claim the title to be the best at drawing nanachi…[View]
10590054tfw no gf who has feet[View]
10593675Tooth girl[View]
10587956what if we adopt keksandra and her frens and start a happy family[View]
10593700>two same numbers![View]
10593197I have a high-IQ (135-150 range) and it is more of a curse than a blessing. People say 'You need to …[View]
10593651Are you truly a human being or just another creature in disguise? Even a cat can use a computer and …[View]
10592988The cheetos cade[View]
10593669Kinda feel sad coz I'll be alone forever I'm boy but some girls Say you look like girl It…[View]
10593117>Bocchi >the Rock Haha, get it?[View]
10592950>rupert's thread still not stickied REVOLT! Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
10593642this is the kiriko[View]
10593289taco kid's gup slots Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
10593484tonight i will have salad and appetizers for dinner Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stra…[View]
10592627the reb dull girl[View]
10593589i love homu homu #fortune[View]
10592683I got no rizz: A girl in my work was scrolling through my photos to find something and she found a g…[View]
10592215google sex big boob[View]
10593599woo: >gets back broken from impacting on asteroid >use force to heal myself >my back gets b…[View]
10592338goodnight [s4s] thank you for being my friend[View]
10593530Why does this turn me on?[View]
10592958What about the mountains, kind guy Applewhite?! My Lord will pulverize them, utterly! And reduce the…[View]
10593536I just ate Burger King for the first time in years and now I feel like crap, Burger King is garbage.…[View]
10591788relatable lol[View]
10592594Muwah~! Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
10590246in a single week i have hit my head with the mop 3 times and once today with the vacuum cleaner plug…[View]
10593529fortune: my live reaction to that information Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
10593273... and this is where your poop is stored.[View]
10590686gonna take magic mushrooms again hopefully this time it won't be a horrifying experience[View]
10592967Why do people dislike seuss for his atheism? I'm not a bad person, really! https://youtu.be/02l…[View]
10588693when i watched this anime i am so sad. my dress up darling. /a/ said it was one of best animu and u …[View]
10592706Uhhhhhh.... I think I've got staphilococcus infection..............................[View]
10592090The neural pathways that constitute the female orgasm are in full force![View]
10592642im a big fan[View]
10592568Princess Wish[View]
10591266The punk footy![View]
10593017A little backstory basically me and my friends made a server and it was going so good we had made a …[View]
10592374i hate my dad i should beat him with a pipe Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
10591970wut le fug is this tkmiz? I hate u now.[View]
10592176WHAT! why are soo many threads sticky!!![View]
10593338I wanna smell her and taste her skin[View]
10592550PALMEIRAS 4X3 FLAMENGO: Palmeiras is the FATHER of Flamengo[View]
10592236Am I degenerate for buying an onahole[View]
10592761happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
10593325post must-watch anines itt Your fortune: Very Bad Luck…[View]
10592217i did not get any doublels todey ?[View]
10593269SXE: REAL SXE Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン …[View]
10593293Fuck the police[View]
10591749I am for the the unequivocal legalization of all controlled substances. Furthermore, I advocate that…[View]
10593284!وين الزينة تقيل وين الزينة تنام؟ <3 !تحت فيء الظليلة فوق ريش النعام[View]
10592767Once every 1000 years a tree fruits even further beyond.[View]
10592587need Lexi[View]
10592916To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is on the earth and what is between them and what is …[View]
10593027Lole its not halloween idiot what's with the costume retard[View]
10593179I challenge you to a duel, nigger.[View]
10593001[s4s] meetup[View]
10590953Well /s4s/?[View]
10592287I failed life lole. I suck.[View]
10593165My dad told me to do the dishes: i am such a beautiful precious angel being abused by the whole worl…[View]
10593081brown girl[View]
10592156built for rgb[View]
10592822I know what you did.[View]
10593114we drive to store Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again…[View]
10592272just found out i'm british[View]
10590592Only Oldfigs remember[View]
10593043Just in time to witness yet another stickening[View]
10591265cowe ruselel on frontpage[View]
10592310fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
10591518think my brain is broken..... i cant possibly feel this sad about absolutely nothing..... i cant be …[View]
10592572Four hote grillers stacked: Four stacker griller cheeswich mountain woah so many griller cheesewich …[View]
10592379I do not enjoy being alive most of the time[View]
10592969/vp/ vs [s4s]: match coming up in a lel bit vs our pokeman frens of /vp/ in the 2nd edition of the c…[View]
10591683thiccer Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
10592597gorl: the robot gorl[View]
10592612live in your world. troll in ours Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
10592834First three words thread, I'll start Cute bright happiness[View]
10592841TO MANY STICKY ]=< Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
10592849We were painting pictures! Pictures of young boys, young beautiful joyful boys! So happy, as there b…[View]
10592666this is bad board[View]
105927279 stickies wow can i be #10?[View]
10591826Am contemplating suicide: Don't missunderstand me. I don't have depression. I'd love …[View]
10591515niko is cutie: if they were 16 or older i would date them omg <33 theyre so cute i would feed the…[View]
10592749im goey tto b da queen ob da witches! Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger…[View]
10592714tomfooler's misdirection Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
10591200I was born just to suffer, really. Crippled.[View]
10591865jack ruselel[View]
10590997The boy girl[View]
10590503who is this character on the right?[View]
10592531>fall for the trap meme >1 minute into anal and my crotch is covered in shit…[View]
10592628I am a person But what is a person?[View]
10591910dont mind me, just killing a thread lole Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
10591229whate the fug is this reall?[View]

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