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9951890When I run out of cigarettes, I take the old cigarette butts and stub them out. I call that bum ciga…[View]
9951425i only get horny like once a week and it’s so underwhelming when i cum[View]
9952158>be me >go to my pc >sit in my chair >put my headphones on >open keygen >tracker m…[View]
9951638Sorry s4s i have to puke..........[View]
9952081My god I am such a retarded asshole please call me a retarded asshole I am begging you to call me a …[View]
9951608humiliate me. taking orders mache alles[View]
9951172Kassandra is my cade. Today at 96 days.old I finally got a really nice picture of her. She is.hard t…[View]
9951592no fuking waye could it be true???? Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9952037japanese love their seafood so much but they won’t put the shrimps on their philly cheesesteaks Your…[View]
9950721How to kill someone without going to jail[View]
9952094convenience is not ease Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン …[View]
9948671everything is falling apart[View]
9952057*ding* peetzer's done[View]
9951950Le Kek[View]
9950159futasandra drawe thread?[View]
9950987FUCK GOYIM: Jewish Lives Matter.[View]
9947000fortune: im nice and not a pink grile send[View]
9951818i already got a free pass from army in 2015 due to asthma and lightweight why am i still here[View]
9950417I went into Chick-fil-A tonight without a mask and this libturd employee asked me to mask up and I t…[View]
9951843im getting my horse dildo delivered to my house tomorrow Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン …[View]
9951605Ate 30 Resses' cups[View]
9951914she knows it too[View]
9950401**Blocks Your Path**[View]
9950098mods are asleep, post big ducky[View]
9950229Kassandra is my cade today she is 95 days old. This girl purrs everytime I go near her, I think she …[View]
9950025i made my cute teen korean bf cum all over his bed 5 times today, also he showed me his anuse which …[View]
9951869Should I make a thread ?[View]
9951746Rate my angel[View]
9951492people who go insane get better Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
9951841Me over right...sadly[View]
9951473Well would you?[View]
9951517happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
9951783>be a potentially cool dude >life is shit >open [s4s] >fantasize about fucking an autist…[View]
9950779:p Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again[View]
9949448[s4s] meetup[View]
9950117Yeah, I can take on 4 guys at once[View]
9951096goodnight [s4s] thank you for being my friend[View]
9951687it just has to be 'another day', doesn't it hours upon hours you do the same stuff, hoping for …[View]
9950718you'll get you're just desserts (lol)[View]
9951633These screenshots look good[View]
9951189Hi !!![View]
9951640>be a mentally ill autistic whore >literally begging for people to take advantage of you >c…[View]
9948776FIGHT my CHAMPION[View]
9951627You ever just stop whatever you're doing and think about Yukiho? Sometimes I wonder what she…[View]
9949955i hope i get a decent job one day[View]
9950857Me center minecraft shiros[View]
9951598Remember when OP used to mean 'original poster' instead of 'man who eats bowls of dicks for breakfas…[View]
9951392what do u think of my beautiful song esforce?: I wanna f*g you I don't even care If your male f…[View]
9950698el bearo gordo[View]
9951302An asian gorl[View]
9950847What board is unironically nicest board? Where can I go to see optimism, hope and fun or 4chan? Even…[View]
9951499You're hot. Let's smash.[View]
9951310Yuji Sakai is a quasi-sentient collective Yuji Sakai from London reporting in...[View]
9950228El perro stretchy[View]
9951032in japan they eat fish testicles. why? just go to mcdonald's and pick up a burger and fries you…[View]
9951148H: howw dang first dem chicken see they egg they chicken they egg. Nowatmsayyin? Who became first lu…[View]
9950575Thank all of you right now. Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
9949714jack ruselel[View]
9951459the army studied my farts[View]
9951463Walk in see this[View]
9950207Do you like this picture[View]
9951228fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
9951335dust,cobwebs and dread[View]
9951139This Your fortune: Better not tell you now[View]
9951371sperm on behalf of the dick[View]
9951100lol keikaku[View]
9949028lole wait wat did you just do[View]
9950472nothing goes with strawberries quite as well as gobs of mayonnaise Your fortune: Good news will come…[View]
9947898i am digging the archive for memes[View]
9950858Oops, Kirby swallowed (you) , what mental illness does he get?[View]
9950827what would u do if the girl from the ring cursed you and after 7 days, showed up in your room?[View]
9951292Mfw when I found a nice anine who i really like but I can't ask her to be my waifu because she …[View]
9951196tar jay[View]
9949764r gliteratt peopl iluminatti cattle? Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
9950959if u had $1k usd, what would you psend it on?[View]
9950621is it normal to have a mental breakdown and cry on the floor every other day or so or is that just a…[View]
9950839roll. Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
9950859lab rat[View]
9950772we need to stop them Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
9950572Frogs: Give me frogs[View]
9950918nightly 'i wish i was high' thread: fuck,[View]
9947955rupert update! hes 1 year and 1 month old and hes still a cade. he likes to sleep in this small cat …[View]
9950057The forehead girl[View]
9950431thank god I'm a procrastinator If I weren't I'd have killed myself forever ago[View]
9950960in this ITT thread; we post things japanese will NEVER have Your fortune: You will meet a dark hands…[View]
9950446hello friends have not visited this nice board in many years this little catpcha made me think of yo…[View]
9950967i hope you guys aren't a fucking retard like this girl[View]
9950893i want to fuck an anime girl[View]
9950505Imagine being able to sit crosslegged without your b*lls getting in the way and getting twisted pain…[View]
9950813i want to go to disneyland again have u ever been to disneyland[View]
9949775Asian girls look like their buttholes stink. Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン …[View]
9950917i feel so free all of a sudden. i feel so tao[View]
9950568Fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9950153HELP ME!!!: Lured to s4s meetup then ambushed Then banned for no reason fuck you munch back stabbin…[View]
9950883>orange with rare cheese flavor Japanese people be putting cheese in dey orange juice now AHAHAHA…[View]
9950905Yes, I really do.[View]
9950854Did I epically own this person or what?[View]
9950200I don't know what to do or think at this point. All I can do is believe. Your fortune: Good Luc…[View]
9950855secret santa for you[View]
9949142le windows soda le windows gumme Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
9950843grr grr Your fortune: Very Bad Luck[View]
9949014ITT we try to summon moot[View]
9950032>fiddle with $150 headphones for 16 hours >still sound like shit [s4s] is the best board Your …[View]
9950457What the fuck is wrong with me: >be me >highschool fuking sucks and i want to kms >about to…[View]
9950551 Your fortune: Very Bad Luck[View]
9948100his course costs one hundred and 50 dollars. should i truust him to teach me jazz guitar?[View]
9950746I keep on seeing this bunny character, but I can't remember his/her name. Who is this character…[View]
9950735he is the best x-boyfren he is x-man... first class... Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9950712>post on 4chan >get this message ok wholesome anons how fucked am i and is it permanent?…[View]
9950155covfefe tim Your fortune: Excellent Luck[View]
9950651>mfw sea turtles are smarter than flat earthers EVEN SEA TURTLES KNOW THE EARTH IS A GLOBE THEY T…[View]
9950332test thread[View]
9950670I've finally come to a realization. Did you think the same as me?: I've eaten healthy my w…[View]
9950402i quit smoking lel Your fortune: Bad Luck[View]
9950588I flag posts on /pol/ that have the word 'mutt' in them, then I post a screenshot to them as a respo…[View]
9950613What should I do with this[View]
9948358The secrets of the government are keeping you dumb.[View]
9949781where were you when 2 planes flew into the twin towers in new york city on the 11th of september, 20…[View]
9950506i literally cannot see the long term benefit in being here as an autistic sissy what the fuck do you…[View]
9950557i'm bored out of my mind[View]
9949561glue is healthy and tasty[View]
9950232hit or miss Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger…[View]
9950527what in the unholy name of fuck is this[View]
9950028Oops I dropped my security clearance clumsy haha[View]
9950415There's a run down bar across the railroad track I have a table for 2 way I'm the back Whe…[View]
9950434Fefe thread: Fefe thread[View]
9947826I REALLY LIKE THIS PICTURE Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9950277the awoo girle Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail…[View]
9950363i can't fucking take it anymore[View]
9949460On this reservation I am the law.[View]
9950377https://youtu.be/f7P5Q2IIT4U Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9941887can someone with photoshop put sunglasses on him![View]
9950351 Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
9950349Blue Kane appreciation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZfbL6WT0C8[View]
9950196happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
9949483would you let your 11 year old daughter go to school dressed like this???[View]
9950268my 1 month ban ended Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
9950306it's happening[View]
9950311Just found out my bf got me preggers. I'm gonna have an aids baby![View]
9949830i took benadryl i feel it kicking in wish me luck Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again…[View]
9950281le Snek Guy: This spikeman dade, snekk guye. Spikeman and yosho fite but spikeman changed so still f…[View]
9949777I'm gonna fuck u up. Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!…[View]
9948638Yuji Sakai is a quasi-sentient collective Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
9950250okay then watch what you say then if you like champagne swing my way then[View]
9950199super silly[View]
9948433Kassandra is my cade at 94 days old she learned how to take selfies[View]
9949058She's all prettied up for a night out with you, anon. What are you going to do?[View]
9950017dubs man on the ophone???!! LOL!!!!! :j :j :j :j[View]
9948456*forces you to drink cum*[View]
9949661how would you describe [s4s] for me if, theoretically you were you and I were me?[View]
9949504ARE WE READY /S4S/????[View]
9948720behold, a man.[View]
9950060Hello friends, I'm sick. Should I watch demon slayer? I have time today[View]
9946528le cubic pig Your fortune: Average Luck[View]
9949581The problem is, OP, that you probably aren't seeing all the Captchas. If you are just viewing […[View]
9949498japanese cupcakes Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger…[View]
9948614deep existential dread.[View]
9948227Buy something Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン [View]
9949652You know what life is so fucking hard and I'm just so fucking frustrated fu k fuc k fuck. FUCK …[View]
9950100E Pluribus Anus[View]
9948396le drum gorl Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger…[View]
9948487what makes u panic?[View]
9947131https://files.catbox.moe/w99nte.mp4 there lived a dog with spikes, on nice board long ago he was rou…[View]
9950059Tfw no alcohol[View]
9949934La Ruse Mouse[View]
9949840goodnight [s4s] thank you for being my friend[View]
9949982fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
9949996who wants the first piece of the grill[View]
9949937Someone have the link to enter to kekgma.net?[View]
9949838someone have the link dont enter to kekgma.net??[View]
9947290pata pata[View]
9949672FUN FACT OF THE DAY: It's completely legal to mow your lawn at 3 in the morning.[View]
9949690Oops Anon, seem like you dropped this[View]
9949800>reveals big bennis[View]
9949607Time to get a tad personal for a bit. My wife and I are having a baby. This is partially expected, b…[View]
9949726japanese only eat one steak at a time Your fortune: Godly Luck…[View]
9949675FUCK YOU[View]
9948246i will NEVER run out of bullets[View]
9949715I love cranberry juice[View]
9949707HAHAHA IM THE TRUE ONE: Your fortune: Outlook good…[View]
9947368>you got banned for these reaso.... don't care[View]
9949329I just saw a reddit post where someone asks if they're an asshole for deleting wedding photos i…[View]
9949072>You love me[View]
9949558Reminder that this is a very long, overly verbose post that spans the length of a master thesis. Tha…[View]
9949546Phony’s: >in sec 3 at high school >reading “The Catcher In The Rye” >books talks about ever…[View]
9946531today i cut my neck my wrist and my eye Your fortune: Godly Luck…[View]
9949044what went wrong?[View]
9949485i love s4s my beloved friends[View]
9948989Have you ever made a friend here /s4s/?[View]
9948959Time to operate[View]
9948527it's micker monday Your fortune: Very Bad Luck…[View]
9949471Shiros minecraft: Walk in see this[View]
9948376? Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!![View]
9949391>nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger fuck, FUCK please stop, you stupid niggerz get out of …[View]
9949447How to eat chicken[View]
9918243suck my cock lole[View]
9949430The raspberry king of painted roses Makes stone bloom at night[View]
9948873I want my [s4s] boyfriend to kiss me~ Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
9947909help! my cream factory needs to sell more types of cream or we'll go out of businses. this is t…[View]
9948346You want some eggy rice, don't you? Well, TOO BAD! It's MY eggy raisu and YOU can't h…[View]
9949116WATCH my DAUGHTER: Going up north Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
9949353either subscribe donate or get the fuck out[View]
9949343Took 90mg of Truxal and one beer hope i am going to die[View]
9948402Me over right[View]
9947301++( . ͜ . )++[View]
9949325whydontthejapanesedeepfrytheircheesecakelikenormalinteligenthumans Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9949309i don't really have a good idea for a thread so here's a bug Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
9949205It's nine o'clock on this cursed site And shitposts are making me ill There's an oldf…[View]
9949305fuck off[View]
9946327four S, 4SSSS, ess times four, ess four ess![View]
9948204yo yo yo bussin squad no cap im bored fr fr fr like sheeeeessshhh i- on god on god[View]
9949272Niggers Your fortune: Outlook good[View]
9944877u wan[View]
9949216unlike her, I evolve faster than you could possibly imagine[View]
9949204ITT: [s4s] posters you want to dropkick off a roof[View]
9949099Post your most favouritest memes, the bestest of bestest and most goodest of the goodest.[View]
9949193I wishe a fishe[View]
9949114we'll do it your way for now[View]
9948568Born fuck-up, only purpose is to wash dishes and peel potatoes, every day starting at 5 am just to g…[View]
9948814Lebend uh Zebla, supr Maro Brovers: Lebend uh Zebla, supr Maro Brovers Your fortune: Excellent Luck…[View]
9948395Oh no[View]
9949102mothe: mothe...[View]
9949049I want to understand this board but I never can[View]
9948967the crying girl[View]
9949580i made my own soyjak[View]
9948416I have a crap ton of dandruff on my eyebrows but none anywhere else, what does it mean[View]
9948769happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
9948844starting a cult[View]
9948854Caption this image[View]
9948971My glass shower door shattered and now I have glass in my feet and I'm bleeding a lot and I fee…[View]
9946339give me your email and itll explain itself[View]
9947669me and 5 little snails im the big one[View]
9948990stay hydrated.[View]
9948907today i ate buffalo wings porridge cookies /blog[View]
9946398It Begins: drunking for my birthday a few days early and i want to tell everybody[View]
9948894B.A.V.I Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
9948069I want to have a thin and flat daughter like this[View]
9948826Putting stuff up your butt feels funney[View]
9948549If socialism was a beer[View]
9948665I read up to chapter 35 in Blame last night while stoned and listening to ambient post-apocalyptic m…[View]
9948610God damn mandatory health exam. If war brakes out i will be first to fllee. I hate military so much[View]
9947975a leopard never changes its spots[View]
9948229 Your fortune: Excellent Luck[View]
9948805fortune: I got a hug this morning![View]
9945140I cannot believe this thread got stickied too, what a coincidence.[View]
9948802what exactly is this called[View]
9947238You shouldn't be allowed to cosplay characters outside of your race tee bee eich desu Your fort…[View]
9947770Namefig fight club when? I wanna see my favorite [s4s] celebrities do some ZANY STUFF like PUNCH EAC…[View]
9948574hop in bro![View]
9939965El perro stretchy[View]
9948327Does your wife do this?[View]
9946159BLOCKS your PATH[View]
9948114How would you describe their relationship?[View]
9946818well well well how the tablels have turned[View]
9948439Is four beers every night too much? It's hard on my wallet but god it sure is fun. I can actual…[View]
9948682Exodia Killer????: |%,!]*,=\’-$,.,!-&;$;@-!^¥¥]!,*=\[#\+,’[View]
9948105every day i ask why[View]
9948645Be nice to your computer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbN-U8haO3o&t=1s[View]
9948274reminder that[View]
9945014artflow.ai thread: https://artflow.ai/ Very nice website that generates images based on words! The w…[View]
9946990sniffing a girl's laundry is bad manners[View]
9948026why dont i have a cute mtf gf to be awkwardly gay with!!! Your fortune: Average Luck…[View]
9948528fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
9948573le perro strechy cuh[View]
9947861Pls bring back skeleposting this year[View]
9946649I cut myself and now i think i have an infection please help[View]
9948459goodnight [s4s] thank you for being my friend[View]
9948194Its all yours bro[View]
9947269here comes the skeletrain woowoo[View]
9948465Redditors: >i know they are watching us >they think we are clueless don’t they? >this post …[View]
9948369go vegan[View]
9948477Abraham Goldstein: Is it OK to punch a japanazi??[View]
9947660just waiting for something to believe in[View]
9947415Post evil: ‘Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.[View]
9948411fried tofu, that's basically just fried in other tofu who comes up with this shit?[View]
9948117is it true that you aren’t allowed to throw peanuts on the floor in japanese restaurants? Your fortu…[View]
9948320This is my cat, say something nice about her[View]
9948373jack ruselel[View]
9948338A girl just took a shit in my toilet. I repeat, a GIRL took a SHIT in my TOILET! This is not a drill…[View]
9948300Why is magik back? I thought he had killed himself[View]
9948155I'm thinking about going to mcdonalds to get some mcchickens because they sound really good but…[View]
9947920Kassandra is 93 days old today. She got a new bed and thinks it's a toy. She is too funny, she …[View]
9947808Read your Bible and do what it say[View]
9948273Charles Manson Superstar: Redux: 666 is just dhe dollar bill. Dhat/s dhe body ov dhe money. Dhe body…[View]
9947300The hand that reaches up from the grave and grabs you by the neck is the one you want on the wheel[View]
9946229My cat died he was the best[View]
994660365 wat (i will post this until you think it's funny)[View]
9947987dull,distant ,demented[View]
9948024This says so much about society[View]
9948138dont loike trannies, dont loike commies, dont loike mods, dont loike jannies, not part of your shite…[View]
9948179 Your fortune: Excellent Luck[View]
9948115catgirls deserve all your love and attention and cuddles but only if they feel like it[View]
9947688Guess the sentence:: Moot is a ------ https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm39463795 https://www.nicovide…[View]
9948087I think 2022 will be better.[View]
9947596the onion girl[View]
9947371Dear [s4s], so many figs have come and gone over the past years. Instead of quitting, I thought I ma…[View]
9948704What would you do if you came across a boymoder who ate a whole pizza in one sitting and was bending…[View]
9947148i think i might have an eating disorder.[View]
9946841Is it fair that we get a vtuber board but no eceleb board: I feel like it!s bullshit. We wanted an e…[View]
9947254Hat contest[View]
9947344Watching horror films at dinner[View]
9948039ssssshhhh nice is asleep[View]
9947176fuck all of you right now Your fortune: Good Luck…[View]
9947655my friend told me I could find funny memes here wtf is this place[View]
9947477Stupid fucking baby[View]
9947748Girlfriend clitoris bigger benis: My girlfriend clitoris is bigger than my benis. What do?[View]
9947492happy morning [s4s]! the sun is coming up[View]
9947829Procrastination Your fortune: Very Bad Luck…[View]
9946682praying in the lagrangian space https://files.catbox.moe/iwts4o.mp3 Your fortune: Bad Luck…[View]
9947945my brain feels weird today like the code is slightly off and my soul isn't interfacing properly…[View]
9947942need sex pic not related[View]
9947187Open your ass, and your heart and mind will follow. Your fortune: Better not tell you now…[View]
9947929Transgender is a mental illnis: Trannies actually need psychiatric help and medication to heal their…[View]
9946036Keksandra is my cade, today she is 92 days old. She is getting less and less scared of my dogs and m…[View]
9947159Jimmy, Answer me!! Please![View]

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