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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 148 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
30597506Faceapp: So I genderswapped myself on faceapp and the result looks like a fucking model, wtf? Does t…[View]
30580788hello soc, i invite you to a chill server for making frens https://discord.gg/qpZDu3WBe4 https://dis…[View]
30596901I am looking for MtFs and women and I guess fem guys too, any of who have large, long feet and extre…[View]
30595917Anyone into omegle these dys? I like to cd on omegle and ride toys with other females.[View]
30591878https://discord.gg/mN3akeXfqS sfw tech and programming server[View]
30594952I want a friend who doesnt have any other friends. Post discord if interested.[View]
30597214Just want to be bred by a cute guy: I haven’t bottomed in awhile but I’m here doing butt stuff and g…[View]
30594537Cavemen dating thread: > Are you a grug or a grugette? > How old are you? > Which tribe are…[View]
30595333https://discord.gg/qH5dm8SgyD join skaycord join skaycord join skaycord[View]
30597019Secretly or openly a homosexual? Into cute femboys or are one? If you're a cutie or chill af, t…[View]
30595474i'm 20 but look 13-15 are any women into that or not at all[View]
30596956AUTISM: I have autism. I want a girlfriend who has autism. I don't want to write a big 'about m…[View]
30596889Kinda Homo tendencies: I quit the whole lewd stuff awhile back but recently I’ve noticed my body has…[View]
30596747Hiya, just made a discord server with me and my friends but anyone is welcome. :) We play destiny, o…[View]
30592999am i hot or not /soc/[View]
30596385Rate my tinder profile?: What do y'all think? What sort of impression do I give off? Are the pi…[View]
30596297Tinder Feels: >have tickets to some event next week, decide to try and find a date for it >cre…[View]
30596397tfw being born asian: Im a based Asian Egirl and i dont want to bring hapas or gooks into this world…[View]
30595921SMALL NEW SERVER Get in on the ground floor and you might become a blood-red mod. the pink room. onl…[View]
30593395Panty/ booty rate[View]
30593133Ask A Black Tranny Anything.: I'm really bored and I want to talk to some people. I think that …[View]
30595775hidden neet village: hello everyone, come join our fun server discord gg/e9ZQ9CQZ[View]
30592577Minnesota thread. There will potentially be a 4chan Minnesota meetup this week with possibly 3 peopl…[View]
30593814Discord Hookup Thread? >Tag >Age >Gender/Pronouns I'll start: >Grand#2004 >19 …[View]
30595801Ghost thread: It's October so you know what that means it's time for us spooky ghosts to s…[View]
30595537Join Bloomers Bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQQB65QV4eg&ab_channel=bloom Server for findi…[View]
30594916Exactly of much of /soc/ is addicted to sissy hypno? Just curious because some of my flings on here …[View]
30595606Sub Male: Hi /soc/. I'm a 24M in the UK, I'm a decent looking guy and I keep in shape. I…[View]
30595267Group sex: My wife keeps hinting that she wants to be group fucked. Should I let her try?[View]
30566600Breeding Thread: Get a bun in the oven. Talk about your love for round bellies and full breasts. Pla…[View]
3059549220 m looking for based Europeans to play TTRPG set in ancient Greece: Just want to get together some…[View]
30550461/cgt/ - Chubby Girls Thread: Read the site and board rules: https://www.4chan.org/rules#soc >>…[View]
30592783Am I just fucked for the foreseeable future? Should I just never attempt to smile? Do I just not eve…[View]
30593872https://discord.gg/6QNCQBJjCw Join. We aren't special, but join anyways. Pic unrelated, it…[View]
30595389https://discord.gg/YZSNYZQZ Server for hosting movies and playing video games. You can set a date an…[View]
30595156i just had a new shower experience: i asked myself how a vibrazor egg and a buttplug would feel like…[View]
30572442I want an autistic fembot gf and I will keep posting this until I get one. I'm a robot in my ea…[View]
30585864Lonely discord for people who don't have friends in the real world and want to make friends onl…[View]
30595288Looking for fems: Cis women, femboys,traps, mtf, sissies just looking to meet and talk with new peop…[View]
30595213NSFW Discord Server: Join our server where we have hentai, anime, and other people to talk to! It…[View]
30593681Flip tomboy seeking: Once more, with feeling Daily until Kristiane adds me back Otherwise, general …[View]
30595193discord.gg/Qj66Ybt2Zd comfy server with many women. too many as a matter of fact. join.[View]
30593253https://discord.gg/vQMMP66f Comfy free speech server. We're also looking for mods, so cum join …[View]
30595082Tribute/Trade Kik Thread: Post for tributes/trades or chats. Looking for anyone wanting to chat dir…[View]
30577266Snapchat game: Snap a nude to the post above yours, and OP JenBarr3226[View]
30594962I want to talk to someone who enjoys being sad as much as I do and doesn’t have any friends. Post di…[View]
30587886is this board actually good for making friends?: i have not had any friends in a long time. this is …[View]
30589558Georgia Meet Ups/ Friends: Just state your business what you want, what you want to do, age, orienta…[View]
30590031Mtf transgender here how do I pass better as a woman? Pic related[View]
305948169 inch BWC looking for a hookup in Ohio: Hung, attractive Dom looking for a hookup in central Ohio. …[View]
30594764Can anyone explain how the import phone contacts function on kik actually works?: I've been goo…[View]
30594734anyone got any sluts on snap that love sending stuff. thought it wouldnt hurt to ask[View]
30594726hot latina brunette home alone ready for your pleasures slim body sexting nudes videos call photos f…[View]
30594091https://discord.gg/A3wb7uED Looking for people willing to do some nude modeling for art references. …[View]
30593501Was soc always this raunchy? Sorry for off topic discussion but I’m pretty sure it was more Chads an…[View]
30592828Cool server for cool people https://discord.gg/xjZbNyCT[View]
30591006new info thread[View]
30593559Get the comfy get the nuggets get comfy get the nuggets https://discord.gg/maximumcomfy[View]
30593375Sleep Server: https://discord.gg/xGxK99KEsH A server for lonely people to meet and voice chat togeth…[View]
30590404BEST LGBT DATING/SEXTING SERVER (STRAIGHTS WELCOME): https://discord.gg/AQgtXsd7Fh https://discord.g…[View]
30594340North Dakota meet up thread: 20F Heeeey, my name is Nicole! I live in the Grand Forks area and I…[View]
30588552Anyone here from Utah?[View]
30588564why be responsible when u can be cat[View]
30593801I reach out to the Gruntz of 'Chan: Wade P. is back on the prowl ;0 I figured I'd give you…[View]
30573478Gay Kik Thread: old one is full looking for any dominant or sadistic guys who like fucking throat an…[View]
30592070Maryland Meetup Thread: >What your looking for >Age >Sex >Location >contact info…[View]
30593618Mississippi Thread: >A/S/L 19/M/Hattiesburg >Details 5'11', brown hair/eyes, skater, game…[View]
30594123Long shot, but looking for East TN Swingers: Knoxville, TN meet up first get to know each other go f…[View]
30590822NEW SERVER the pink room. Pink Pink Pink Pink. https://discord.gg/sK3trMSES8 schizo-friendly[View]
30578823DIY Server: https://discord.gg/dxHG3kT9 Make your own roles, MODS ALWAYS OFFLINE, lots of egirls (ow…[View]
30593915robot zeemap: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=4237802 guess this counts as a meet up thread kek. d…[View]
30593721Trying to get this server public. Name - Femboy Hooters Fan Club https://discord.gg/C6AyKWWHVe[View]
30593890Matching Thread: Hello /soc/ Here you post yourself and the anon who goes next has to post a picture…[View]
30593433Tea Thread! How are you anon? What have you been up to lately? Anything you need to talk about? Lis…[View]
30584381Join Irony today: Irony is a comfy discord community based around free speech. The only rules are di…[View]
30582708Amazing discord server: Hello /soc/. What if I told you there was a discord filled with younger memb…[View]
30590125Do I have an okay body for an adult? I feel like I don't have a 'manly' body[View]
30538190Chastity Thread: Who's getting ready for #locktober? Share your experiences and contact details…[View]
30591320Normal and well adjusted people of /soc/, are you out there? What's been your experience on thi…[View]
30593355please rate me > is it small? > what do you think my sexuality is? > what are my kinks/fet…[View]
30593337Femboy here to fulfill desires: 21 year old Femboy in the US Feel free to send an email about all th…[View]
30593270ITT: You post your youtube feed and people judge u[View]
30593229Monday Rate Thread[View]
30593147Looking for actual, interesting people, weird people accepted here https://discord.gg/G3k94TS2[View]
30592693rheahutchinsonn I'm bored, tired and lonely.[View]
30592976Comfyworks Discord Server: https://discord.gg/8fpMYqdSuH Incels, Freaks, E-Chads all welcome. Egirls…[View]
30592892How do I look?[View]
30592664anyone wanna masturbate together on discord?[View]
30588764Nevada meet up thread: 21/m/Las Vegas Asl? Kik-kyonokodo[View]
30592754small and comfy server https://discord.gg/h52YgfTKyD[View]
30592568Join us pretty please We are funny and have women Join today https://discord.gg/mb9b9hX9[View]
30592663Huge Cock Thread: Thread for guys with huge cocks and their admirers! 31/m/straight Pic is my cock. …[View]
30590669It's a night on the town, so how come you are feeling down?..: A thread for people who don…[View]
30592572looking for new frens pls >.< https://discord.gg/XrkFjfb9[View]
30587417Nyc emo: Any emo girls in nyc wanna go out with me? I am also emo. About me: I make music. I make po…[View]
30590229Join or die We are funny and have women So join today https://discord.gg/tzYpFpR8[View]
30591140Discord Server General DSG #3 - Neon Edition: You know the drill: >Server Name >Server Descrip…[View]
30585231ERP Discord: Hey anon! Come roleplay on my discord server! :)[View]
30590161the pink room.: Tired of unfashionable servers full of total dweebs? Join the pink room. https://d…[View]
30590391hello would you like to make some new frens https://discord.gg/XrkFjfb9 https://discord.gg/XrkFjfb9…[View]
30589725ive been feeling suicidal for the first time in 10 years. i planned to die at 30 and now im 32 the n…[View]
30589799Milk Club: https://discord.gg/5kMFuvKn Join the server you fool[View]
30587053discord server shill: Post your discord servers. I'll start Come join the comfiest discord serv…[View]
30581357How can I make myself look better?[View]
30582356Comfy low mod server: https://discord.gg/6pXDdJhC i wish i was a monkey… do you? well you can be wha…[View]
30582396sleepover: https://discord.gg/3CHyBF3nHn come hang out w us come hang out w us come hang out w us co…[View]
30588754Am I cute?[View]
30583851I want to fuck a femboy and eat some pussy i don't care anymore that's the truth[View]
30579414antiracist server: hi ^^ I run a discord server and we need more BIPOC and antiracists in our little…[View]
30591294Hey uglies I’ve been pumped how’re we feeling about the face and are nose jobs the only way to perfe…[View]
30590373Discord: Can someone invite me to a discord server[View]
30591290Help me out.: Within the last year or so I've just completely lost my ability to have sex, anyt…[View]
30589277Comfiest Weeb Dating Discord --comfy community --active text and voice chat --anime and vidya fans -…[View]
30552790A thread for those interested in finding femdom/gfd/mommy domme relationships. Friendly reminders: -…[View]
30589612Are my eyes hazel?[View]
30589170How do I look?[View]
30592263Looking for a transsexual: I’m married so I’m trying to do this secretly. I am 23, relatively fit, …[View]
30588958British thread: simpul as[View]
30590147Just want a 21st century schizoid gf[View]
30586721Kik friend: Kik: River_Fenix 24M UK. I am interested in sexual fantasies and would like to discuss t…[View]
30590854kik roll game 1. post censored image and state winning numbers 2. drop kik when rolling 3. winners g…[View]
30580223new rate because they're dead[View]
30569012Body rate thread[View]
30589605Welcome to the shut in thread!!! >Old thread >>23504221 Last thread >>30575855 >St…[View]
30590386Fujo psychology sucks: I'm a stinky fujo who spends all day shipping anime boys while not being…[View]
30577580lgbt & soc server: Hey ppl of 4-Chan. Some of you might know me some of you dont, Yuna here. I m…[View]
30591188Sleep Server: https://discord.gg/xGxK99KEsH A server for lonely people to meet and voice chat togeth…[View]
30589877Does anyone ever ever see a girl with big tits and wonder what the dick size equivalent would be? Or…[View]
30591888Discord Asylum: https://discord.gg/PfnfMBUy Girls in vc I guess[View]
30589397Sissy personal thread: Im a black sissy into extreme humiliation and racial humiliation. I like my p…[View]
30591116WA state meetup thread: Anyone who lives in western wa wanna talk/hookup? Im a 30 year old dude. Fem…[View]
30589857Only BBC can please women https://discord.gg/utnKWJfcwE[View]
30590602Looking for actual interesting people, weird people accepted here https://discord.gg/G3k94TS2[View]
30589093Dirty kik thread: Tinfoil54 Looking for someone to play as a woman in a long term rp, hit me up for …[View]
30591515Short hair girls thread[View]
30591183join for a good time ;) discord.gg/pokeprotos[View]
30583996Virginia meetup: 29m434 deadliftdoctor@protonmail.com Straight guy looking for a bro to lift with or…[View]
30579932WA state meetup thread: 28 M whos single looking to go out with a woman in the western WA area speci…[View]
30452319TEXAS THREAD: >A/S/L >Details >Seeking >Contact Info Last thread >>30424089 These …[View]
30590849hey are you tired of big servers with discord dramas and other dumb shit,join this new server and we…[View]
30590681Rating cocks in my Instagram dm's: just send it to alexisfem4you and ill rate your anything rea…[View]
30590217Epic awesome cool server that's cool and epic https://discord.gg/xjZbNyCT[View]
30571577Boooooored heeelp! Wickr: greatcast2[View]
30589629Gangrape: Anyone in turkey want to gangrape my Gf with me? Leave kik[View]
30568734Boy Butt Thread: butts from boys, that's it[View]
30589869I met this girl through online gaming, we went out on a couple of dates and we hit it off, still pla…[View]

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