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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 196 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
28978077if you think you're ugly now at least you don't have face tattoos blocking you from lookin…[View]
28976589https://discord.gg/gbxu78 join fun, autism and hot girls![View]
28977392https://discord.gg/2Wyw3xt /r9k/ official server join now lads[View]
28975988Manly man thread[View]
28977973>6 3/4 inch >still feel like it's small Is it over for me? Pic Unrelated…[View]
28979929Yall follow us on IG for sexy pics of my girl. IG: Va4love757 Thank you[View]
28979909Shampoo challenge thred,Guys post yourselfs doing it,contact info optional :3[View]
28979833bra thread i'll start[View]
28978806>meet a cute shy awkward weeb girl on soc >get to know her intimately and start feeling things…[View]
28979839Kik me dilaola010[View]
28963020New Chart Thread You all know the drill. Fill out the template, rate/hate/discuss other's char…[View]
28959344Face rate thread Please don't be nervous, I'll go first[View]
28976158/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread >Females only >Timestamp if new >No contactfag…[View]
28953122MALE SEXY AUDIO (MSA) Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans. Be as tame, funny,…[View]
28978981https://discord.gg/8tjayB4 Casey here, Come join my trap discord server.[View]
28979722Recently came out, anyone in SW Ont looking to chat?? - Tyler Debie[View]
28961751Kik sexting thread - post asl and what you’re looking for. I’m 18/male/usa looking for women. My Kik…[View]
28950566New Kik game thread!! Post your username and send a fresh nude to the 3 people above you! Don't…[View]
28974676Ladies would you ever fuck a guy with less than 5 inches? Or big dick chads only?[View]
28956139Gay Kik. Drop yours and send to others who post. Buzzed but horny. Send me pics. Torso and dick pre…[View]
28979355fayetteville NC, looking for a girl to be friends with who would do joi's for me. I'm an a…[View]
28965405Wheres my Hoosiers?[View]
28979199discord.gg/gbxu78 milfs, lolis and mentally unwell girls as well as everything inbetween[View]
28978836Join us in the Milky Way with active chat and VCs filled with cute e-girls and traps and lots of fri…[View]
28967678Post your cock next to common household items[View]
28979067Anon, wanna join to a chat? There is just a few people and isnt super active but you can shitpost wi…[View]
28979049I want to fuck your girlfriend every now and then. We can do gay shit if you like but I want to fuck…[View]
28978715Small and comfy /a/ discord server. Anyone can join as long as you at least remain somewhat active. …[View]
28978595How can I improve my looks?[View]
28978801Comfy Animal Crossing EGIRL Discord --Comfy community of AC fans --active voice chat --tons of egirl…[View]
28974659Comfy Anime/Gaming Dating Discord --Active and friendly community --Interesting discussion --Tons of…[View]
28970496/kot/ We have: anime memes party games (jackbox, among us) hentai gulag kot emotes kot emotes https:…[View]
28952376Georgia Meet Up Thread You know the drill by now, post what you’re looking for and how you can be c…[View]
28978716Over at Synthesis (https://discord.gg/FFwRXKq), we're looking to find new members, including yo…[View]
28954369Kik dickpic thread /kdp/ It's about time. Drop your kik and get flooded by dicks. individualdet…[View]
28976924Frens welcome https://discord.gg/fVdVjyu[View]
28972049Eye rate thread[View]
28974398Sick of the deluge on NSFW content on the internet these days? I made a server that's both 18+ …[View]
28976442I'm searching for serious video gamers that want to be my friend https://steamcommunity.com/id/…[View]
28975981if i was blonde what rate you would give me/10[View]
28978386It's fucking silly time guys N7BwJY[View]
28972868A comfy thread for /soc/ialisng How's life treating you anons? Got any plans for the future? …[View]
28977244It Doesn't Have To Be Like This https://discord.gg/GYCkZ4C[View]
28977391Tribute/KIK thread Post a pic of your tribute set up, Kik details and what you’re looking to tribut…[View]
28978245Drawthread: draw anything edition. All artists welcome!!!![View]
28978233Any folks from Idaho on here?[View]
28977917phone thread? phone thread. m/21/bi 6475769728 looking for 18+ nudes of preferably fem, but im open …[View]
28976784Tired thread Post ITT if you're tired of existing I'm a big introvert and never thought I …[View]
28971491ITT: we guess each other’s nationality I’ll start[View]
28977868PENNSYLVANIA PA PHILADELPHIA Here is our wholesome non-nudes discord: https://discord.gg/tndhemt We …[View]
28977791Hey there birds it's time to come back to the nest. Don't worry anon we will keep you safe…[View]
28977368DRUNK THREAD BITE ME. Come one come all to anyone who is enthralled by the things in life that don…[View]
28977332Anyone from or living in hawaii? What island? post kik or snap with ASL[View]
28975033Welcome to the official /soc/ female thread. This thread is for women only to post their contact inf…[View]
28965809Roast me :)[View]
28977113join our bigbrain chad server https://discord.gg/HEsPmre[View]
28976973Thread about sissies who are also gamers. I've been interested in finding a fwb who's cool…[View]
28976898LGBT allies / Anti pridefall discord https://discord.gg/nbE3a2F[View]
28969696Anyone else here into body modification? I managed to get what I've been calling my nipple rem…[View]
28976247Im bored i want to sexually role play >pick a fetish > role play with in that fetish > be f…[View]
28975802Face rate thread[View]
28975526https://discord.gg/qMywUe Small group, drug friendly, kinda edgy, laid back and we need more memes.[View]
28976753Server for hot trans/femboys/sissies Meetups and roleplaying allowed. Furries welcome. https://disco…[View]
28973636Talking with this little tomboy slut on tinder that I will probably destroy anally l. What do I repl…[View]
28973763does anyone have an xhamster account and would like to be friends? post user names![View]
28976024Let's bangarang https://discord.gg/Jt6nsG4[View]
28976712(Clown) Carnival for all your clown world needs now with gothic tunes https://discord.gg/epUsFyY[View]
28974698Any TN bro’s on kik?[View]
28976441Hi I'm male 25 looking for transgender with big boobs Kik hossienx[View]
28944736Are there guys who would date an onlyfans content creator? I can't stop sleeping with random ti…[View]
2897509418/M/USA I'm posting my kik because I'm bored and kind of lonely. I'm interested in g…[View]
28976162Colorado thread A new Colorado discord[View]
28884830Clean kik thread Post ASL and what you are/aren’t looking for[View]
28974621Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some opinions. I'd like to cut my hair for the Summer b…[View]
28970561/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread >Females only >Timestamp if new >No contactfag…[View]
28975997Dirty Sexting with domination, love it 21 F I am looking for a few guys, to help them cum. Send me a…[View]
28975700I’m an 18 year old latino with a more than decent body/face combo. Looking to get that bread and I’m…[View]
28957521kik truth or dare thread[View]
28973550Rate me, I guess. First post on /soc/.[View]
28975723Australia thread?[View]
28971217How did /uni/ go for you guys? Link incase thread goes away: https://discord.gg/Qw8zxf[View]
28975718does anyone have scum net link please DM me at castles gray fallen#4113[View]
28974417PinkMirror Portrait Analytics Thread - This part of the website uses multiple photos of yourself and…[View]
28975660Girls say I'm 11 out of 10. Guys say I'm -100000/10. Why the difference?[View]
28961520Specific kik thread. Post what you want and if you have what someone else wants, YOU MUST REPLY OR Y…[View]
28973432Join us in the Milky Way with active chat and VCs filled with cute e-girls and traps and many friend…[View]
28975570Preg thread? Looking for a pregnant femanon thats down for whatever. Im located in the pnw, but mess…[View]
28973079Femboy/Twink thread. Twink lovers too. I'll start[View]
28964428Arizona thread Post your >Age >Sex >Location >What you're looking for >Contact I…[View]
28973596Omegle anyone?[View]
28971744Personality Heaven is back baby, and more autistic than ever! Soup's on faggots, this time in T…[View]
28975338Over at Synthesis (https://discord.gg/FFwRXKq), we're looking to find new members, including yo…[View]
28974136This is fucking ridiculous, 3 of the top 10 threads currently are ' femboy ' threads and one is a ra…[View]
28966643EUROPEAN FEMBOY/TRAP DISCORD SERVER https://discord.gg/wNrSaSW Join Yurobois, the new European fembo…[View]
28975058My cousin grace mills Michigan[View]
28973402I'm a cop, would you let me detain you?[View]
28975012english shitposting server. gore/lewds permitted discord: . gg /3zxG2PM[View]
28971925Female Panties Thread[View]
28974939I'm new to this board and looking to get into the swing of things but I have a question. Is the…[View]
28975038Beautiful mature blonde always in the mood for trade!. K!k - quinluv4[View]
28975021U.K. kik thread, any and all welcome. Post asl/ kik/ and what you’re after. HMU if female or mtf fem…[View]
28970304Hello, are you looking to join a server with active general and VC? Cool mods and other really cool …[View]
28936648/fft/ - Female Feet Thread - >Female Only >Timestamp if new >No contactfagging >Nudity …[View]
28974903AIM thread! Post your AIM screen names and make new friends! 18+ only, please be courteous[View]
28970073we got everything. https://discord.gg/GYCkZ4C we think up new shit before you could even land the ol…[View]
28969209Michigan Meetup thread 25m 313. Trenton, Taylor, Dearborn Kik: GreeleyBaby[View]
28972581I'm tired of all the man cock and man ass cluttering up this page. Why don't we create a s…[View]
28974842looking for some 20+ newfrends to join our small comfy server with no degeneracy, we like to chat ab…[View]
28972860I'll rate your cock, ass, or even face![View]
28974689Is there anything to do in North Carolina? There's nothing but trees and mediocre girls.[View]
28972312Hi I kinda want to watch this anime called Fairy Tail. It's long, like 200 episodes or somethin…[View]
28974356I'm practicing my drawing.. Kik/discord me your hottest lewd/nude and in exchange, I'll d…[View]
28969414Haven't seen one of these in a while. Who would you fuck/marry/kill/befriend/etc?[View]
28973190https://discord.gg/2Wyw3xt /r9k/ official discord. let's go bois[View]
28969182I’m looking for someone to obsess over or someone to obsess over me It can be mutual also[View]
28974483~Minnesota Thread~ A thread for the people of The Great Canadian Republic Of Minnesota. Complain abo…[View]
28973601Join my interracial porn https://discord.gg/btW7MXN[View]
28974368Kik: bicurioguy Looking for a femanon towatch me jerk off. Must share pics/vids.[View]
28971851Is there a girl here willing to watch me jerk off A few days I asked a girl on here to do this with …[View]
28963487New KIK thread!! Add me Mingyingtwoplonk 19m with a 8 inch cock. I want you to make me cum with ur s…[View]
28970440Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/Lrh5sxsNWqzSHkZC77MuPw[View]
28974077New gaming, streaming and art server! We are looking for new NA and EU friends! 18 plus btw! https:/…[View]
28966664New /pol/ dating discord FA https://discord.gg/D9VPqTx Join frens :)[View]
28967455/BOBA/ is BACK! The classic discord server is back and still comfy. small scale and tight knit, we s…[View]
2897209018 f gmt+8 looking for mentally ill female friends who are willing to invest in a long term friendsh…[View]
28962927Florida thread, June edition! Please post: >age >sex >location >contact information For …[View]
28973714Happy birthday. I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re healing.[View]
28969566I need friends - so yeah add me on steam / Instagram if you want to get to know me more... from Aust…[View]
28971200Looking for an anon to simp after. Im bored and noone interests me irl. I think i know yt'bers …[View]
28932531Hello late 20s/early 30s oldfags. The weekend is now only two days aqway. Why not join us to discuss…[View]
28948527Body rate thread. Don't fancy posting my dick in the other one.[View]
28973250Any Wisconsin Discord?[View]
28971858--TRAP NATION-- https://discord.gg/8tjayB4 Join our Trap discord server. It's a server dedicate…[View]
28973132Looking for frens https://discord.gg/fVdVjyu[View]
28973010London thread? UK London not amerifag versions[View]
28966932Be honest please. Is it physically possible for me to find a gf. Pic related[View]
28954531Fresh Cock rate thread! You know the drill. Post ya willy and rate the one above ya (or multiple). …[View]
28972877anti pridefall discord https://discord.gg/Kp6xp6t[View]
28959181IQ thread, take this test and post your results along with your asl https://test.mensa.no/ > 21/…[View]
28969767I still miss her guys. What do you all use instead of Craigslist Personals these days? I use Tinder…[View]
28972692Alright anyone else with an allergy to seeds? Nuts? Post proof[View]
28956768Rate thread 10/10 = give your contact edition[View]
28969678https://discord.gg/faA93gP 18+ New left leaning server for posting funny or nice pictures. We are lg…[View]
28972462Hey yall, Im male 20, open to most things, lemme know if yall wanna meet up online[View]
28966008https://discord.gg/kcaswcV Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, which has the best…[View]
28966441Let's have a Discord posting thread Come check out the small server of Ice Box - discord.gg/s…[View]
28971957SKYPE ANYONE?[View]
28967862Discord server invite 18+ https://discord.gg/Qu6CeH9[View]
28971035When did you realize you were a manlet? I'm 6'0' and I've been lying to myself my who…[View]
28972239LGBT: LGBTQ discord server Invite link; Discord.gg/tzcHTzJ[View]
28963944LIMITED DELUXE DISCORD SERVER INVITE!!! JOIN NOW !!!! https://discord.gg/MCb7ZSv >THA ADMIN >W…[View]
28970946drink drank drunk thread. post your poison and why you're drinking tonight.[View]
28971168Hi /soc/ feeling bored !!! If you post in this thread I might record whatever you posted in a cute a…[View]
28935515new femboy/trap/girl/boybutt thread :3 pass the time in quarantine by sharing your cutest pics and t…[View]
28971615join for nudes of femboys and women[View]
28970851/chat/ - chat thread >Who you want to meet in person, what will you guys together (regardless of…[View]
28971817Its been too long since last thread[View]
28971250/soc/ am I ugly?[View]
28971695In theory, if someone were a physically attractive white virgin dude in his early 20's, how wou…[View]
28967190>create tinder in january >many qt matches >delete it last month and create a new account t…[View]
28966237Am I ugly? When I was younger I was told I was just going to be a late bloomer but I just look worse…[View]
28845371/cgt/ - Chubby Girl Thread Quarantine Edition >Females only >Timestamp if new or haven't …[View]
28965832Illinois meet up thread for whatever M24/Waukegan/Looking for traps/femboys/females to chill/fuck[View]
28971061Discord thread Join https://discord.gg/nQVuFj[View]
28971428Guess my size[View]
28951450New dirty kik thread Post asl and what you're looking for I'm a fat lesbian looking to t…[View]
28948644Lets get a Canada meetup thread going post area code 29/m/705[View]
28971196New PA meetup thread. For anyone in Pennsylvania looking for new friends, hook ups, relationships or…[View]
28966623Join server loser https://discord.gg/wVfPFdj[View]
28971062bull here who is interested in chatting in a group chat with a cuck and the cuck's gf, fiance, …[View]
28970818Smile rate thread[View]
28969672JOIN MY INTERRACIAL PORN SERVER B N W O https://discord.gg/btW7MXN[View]
28970597Question, how do you feel about LARPers? Do you think they're the scum of the earth ruining thi…[View]
28952460I'm a 19 year old female yet I look like a prepubescent 12 year old boy (pic rel). I have no ti…[View]
28970877Join. DfTfZC[View]
28966372balding thread[View]
28967664do my teeth ruin my face?[View]
28970740https://discord.gg/zMWhEC4 LGBT/Femboy community with location-based matchmaking We have our own Tin…[View]
28959424Feeling peachy today what do y’all think?[View]
28968843this is the pic I usually use when I post on here because its my all time favorite picture in my fav…[View]
28961822/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread >Females only >Timestamp if new >No contactfag…[View]
28967488I wanna have a jerk off race! First to cum loses. No stopping I have a metronome to keep rhythm[View]
28969612Hand thread[View]
28969856Looking for big dudes. Guy's that like the gym[View]
28970117Washed out circus, we are in search of new members, only join if you are somewhat interesting and do…[View]
28969779SE hit alla svenskar ! ny Age gap server ! för tjejer och killar 15+ https://discord.gg/mQc5EH[View]
28970001Ireland meet up any girls wanna meet up and break social distancing (; perfect weather for some outd…[View]
28964154Okay faggots, it's time to face the truth stop fishing for attention and let science tell you …[View]
28969211looking for art friends that are willing to spend hours a day to improve as fast as possible. Hg7rth…[View]
28965968Comfy Anime/Gaming Dating Discord --Active and friendly community --Interesting discussion --Tons of…[View]
28935886New cock rate thread, guess the size and give it a rate, and don’t forget to post yours! Here’s my …[View]
28969021qt pink pill trap server come join us frens UwU https://discord.gg/93B3wk[View]
28960646>meet a cute shy awkward weeb girl on soc >get to know her intimately and start feeling things…[View]

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