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Displaying 222 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
29873810New Mexico Meet Up: You know the drill. Post asl, a pic of tits/pussy or cock, contact.[View]
29877208The Bomb Shelter, a coalition of frens making good posts, c. 2018 Frequent user topics include our h…[View]
29873118Way too bad boy for you to handle.: 33/M/Seattle If you think I look like a vampire or wizard save …[View]
29869666Anyone wanna watch me play with my toys? Reply with your kik.[View]
29876909join frens https://discord.gg/MgZEbQH6Sa[View]
29876510all I want is a cute gamer NEET gf to spoil and play games with after work ;_;[View]
29876491new server looking for some chill people to talk with us and maybe flirt a bit https://discord.gg/D8…[View]
29876663all I want is a cute NEET gf who will walk outside barefoot and have dirty soles[View]
29862481Been awhile since I posted here.: Interested in younger guys who can't control their hormones.…[View]
29876506Cum town discord: https://discord.gg/tmAazSeKUX[View]
29869055>tfw hardcore straight Protestant who hates Catholics >tfw end up having degenerate fetishisti…[View]
29814289United Kingdom Thread - Lockdown Edition: UK/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/Brit Thread Post for al…[View]
29867329How many people have you known on a true personal level throughout your life.[View]
29875888Guess interests and personality thread[View]
29876167Join this Discord server if you are 18+ and got sexy OC. We like to video and voice chat. Women from…[View]
29826580Discord find friends thread #1: >Age >Nation >Wagie, NEET or Student >White, black, asia…[View]
29874850Advertise your discord: https://discord.gg/uN7ZzKHx Join my advertisement discord we allow any sort…[View]
29861603Fuck it, roast me, rate me, say whatever you think I want honest opinions Male, 22, somewhere in Lat…[View]
29872671Taken men General: I got engaged couple weeks ago. Suddenly all the thots I've previously raile…[View]
29869797why are ppl so worried about balding lol grow some nuts[View]
29875660Don't join if you are normal. https://discord.gg/y8EqMBTB[View]
29874083Mn: Any women folk down to meet in MN?[View]
29875637iscord.gg/FaKSAaKFhs We are a genuine Christian server We try to convert people to christianism, arg…[View]
29870787Omegle thread.: No omegle thread so I figured I'd make one use tags 4chan r9k /soc/[View]
29875519Bored: Kik: Mateo98 Looking for girls to talk to.[View]
29875478iscord.gg/FaKSAaKFhs We are a genuine Christian server We try to convert people to christianism, arg…[View]
29875418Join if you like big floppa/ the caracal cat https://discord.gg/QZ4qvbJuTe[View]
29873777any utah femboys/traps?: provo/orem area preferred[View]
29873092Ladies, do you miss squishing boobs in this covid world?[View]
29874223Is this outfit okay?: Idk, I’d like to dress like this in public, but I’m worried it screams mental …[View]
29875141HELP! I had sex with my transgender dog! Join server so we can talk about trans rights!: https://dis…[View]
29875067cum talk to me SIMP DADDY SIMP DADDY SIMP DADDY: https://discord.gg/Yw9fKu6a3P[View]
29866583Extreme kink Thread: Post and chat about your extreme kinks / fantasies[View]
29875096Frens server. Stop us from hemorrhaging members please. https://discord.gg/S2uAdbm742[View]
29871331Lonely discord for people who don't have friends in the real world and want to make friends onl…[View]
29874999Join this 18+ ONLY Discord server if you like to share your own nudes. Women from /ass/, /boob/, /cg…[View]
29870025I invite you to Octopus's Garden We're a tightknit group of friends always happy to meet n…[View]
29870999Hello join my based egirl discord community https://discord.gg/GUR769vA8B https://discord.gg/GUR769v…[View]
29874802Nice server, non-lewd.: Brand new extra nice & extra comfy server! Feel free to join. https://di…[View]
29874923https://discord.gg/CYqHarR5VN: Join etc https://discord.gg/CYqHarR5VN[View]
29874522Hello, We are a fairly young Discord server and we are hashing out all our rules and regulations. Ma…[View]
29874685>asl 18/f/ro >strange little fetishes uwu being someone little e-girl/cat girl or bunny gir…[View]
29868077Trap stories: First time I'll fuck a trap, share stories. First time I'll try because I…[View]
29874440Say something nice about my skinnyfat body[View]
29866991Wanna join a cult?: https://discord.gg/hh7T2tHzM6 We're a group of discordian anarchowizards. I…[View]
29873117Hello 4Chan![View]
29844256/sma/ - Skinny, Medium & Average Girls Post ITT females only! No nevernudes Are you new? Timesta…[View]
29872365fat thread kik: jaaayyy9156 21/M/bi/Netherlands I'm hairy and fat with a small cock. Wanna fap…[View]
29871145new dirty kik[View]
29870570Music Taste Matchup thread: Another one of my dumb ideas, hopefully, it'll attract a few more p…[View]
29873486i'm a skinny femboy sub. i like to send nudes to strangers on kik and have them spread around a…[View]
29847599Have any of you actually met up with someone from here? If so how was it?[View]
29874025Describe your ideal partner: What does your ideal partner look like ? This isn’t a match up thread I…[View]
298739094chan.fm Support your local /mu/ fags![View]
29873902Dirty snaps: 25/m Any one wana dirty snap that isn't gonna ask to join onlyfans[View]
29871892Tinder.com Lag/Shadowban: Just discovered tinder.com on pc and it has changed my life. I probably ju…[View]
29873801Join or you’re a faggot 16+ server https://discord.gg/Bmjuspte[View]
29846007~Pure Love Thread~: Single and looking for you half? Come here and try your luck to find that specia…[View]
29859625/kdp/ kik dick pic: Post your kik if you want to receive cocks or if you want to show your cock.…[View]
29873712discord.gg/QgzHyRnsy7 this server will make you cum in 5 seconds[View]
29870784Big Dick Rate Thread: would love to hear what you guys think[View]
29870524Last Telegram For Nudes: Send Nudes, im looking sexting w/ girls[View]
29870069Would you/have you ever had sex in the same room with your sibling? (each with your own partner)[View]
29868013Pennsylvania Meetup Thread: People who are actually willing to meetup post your contacts and what yo…[View]
29848528Drinking Thread: small some what active drinking discord https://discord.gg/vJRJfqQBND come get drun…[View]
29851421Bulls and cucks: Last cuck thread is about to die Looking for a pathetic cuck that will show me the…[View]
29873369FRENS is a temporal mind simulator, cult shill in which all of the leadership think they are enlight…[View]
29873388handsome men: yes[View]
29873095Would rate my different pics?: Rate which ones are awful and which ones are okay If you hate them al…[View]
29873332yk what to do https://discord.gg/MgZEbQH6Sa[View]
29873318SFW accounts only: If you are not a SFW account, I will block you. My discord id/tag is Cringe on th…[View]
29873301Group for jacky: Hello... Big cuck here wants to share my gf's nudes and last cuckold experienc…[View]
29868364Maryland thread! you know what to do[View]
29831282Florida Kik/meetup thread. Post asl and what you’re looking for. 25/m/386 looking for F to take to t…[View]
29866064literally almost everyone ghosts me after a few days or weeks, even the ones who i have really good …[View]
29872977Hey! If you are looking for a server to talk in, maybe make friends or get bullied in.. (not by me)…[View]
29872654new server looking for some chill people to talk with us and maybe flirt a bit https://discord.gg/D8…[View]
29872971rate me: r8[View]
29872615Bumble: Is it normal for women on bumble to take hours yo reply to a msg? >get a match >they s…[View]
29873050https://discord.gg/PvvPJHtf: https://discord.gg/PvvPJHtf Come to the LEATHER CLUB discord server We …[View]
29872862cool server, we got bants ^^ https://discord.gg/aH85Nwfywk[View]
29864963Gay snap thread: Time for a gay snap thread Rainyguy3755 23/m Looking to live jerk off together…[View]
29871189Tulsa: Oklahoma thread! M30 tulsa dtf Dtf, kik, of ....[View]
29872570Non Lewd Discord Servers: Got any non lewd discord friend servers? Too many coomers on this board…[View]
29872432Discord/Vocaroo thread (pilot) i got the idea after thinking about those weird phone sex services th…[View]
29869236This seems like the most socially well adjusted board, so please help: Where do I go to meet girls? …[View]
2987078226/M kik theaustinbronc Single looking for fun I’m a dom into cucking men femboys sissies and bdsm[View]
29868444So how do you guys flirt? Any tricks of the trade that seem to work for you?[View]
29871202AZ THREAD: These always die super fast. 30 / m / bi 480 602 area. Just broke up with girlfriend, f…[View]
29872128Can someone make a virginia discord?[View]
29872084Join this Discord server if you are 18+ ONLY. Sex, drugs, music movies, games are popular topics. Nu…[View]
29872095Gay cuck: Gay cuck kik thread. Looking for any youngish guys who will tell me how they are going to …[View]
29869992New Server, non-lewd.: Brand new extra nice & comf server! Feel free to join. https://discord.gg…[View]
29870444JOIN NOW JOIN NOW JOIN NOW JOIN NOW https://discord.gg/Qcy2w4Su[View]
29869041The Bomb Shelter, a coalition of frens making good posts, c. 2018 Frequent user topics include our h…[View]
29870890Best discord server with celebrity nudes! 18+ https://discord.gg/Bm6MuGdY[View]
29869985c.C;;: >What are we? A band of miscreants that have amassed over a series of decades. >What ar…[View]
29866793Dating cute sissy / femboy germany: Looking for meetups around north Germany. Im 26 yr. Old sissy l…[View]
29861561Comfy Weekend Rate Thread[View]
29871713Fwen Fun: New server with a few gamer egirls ;-; Looking for more people to join https://discord.gg/…[View]
29870905How ugly am I on a scale of 1-10[View]
29870760Hey, ladies. Who wants to watch me play Zelda Breath if the Wild?[View]
29866207Snapchat porn: Looking to trade porn, nudes, gifs, webms all that good stuff. Add my snap Danny.axel…[View]
29860974NY Meetup Thread: Haven’t seen one of these in a while[View]
29870816I’m a 25 year old black male with a BBC from Toronto, I enjoy posting videos of my sex work and me j…[View]
29871091Everyone add my snap “ blackknightx7” I wanna show u something :)[View]
29862910Married Mental Health: A thread for married anons to vent problems, share stories, etc. Sometimes yo…[View]
29869907want to talk dirty call me all cocks big and small: Looking for someone to role play with need some …[View]
29856751anons why are there no men like this? all the guys with small dicks are morbildy obese, i just want …[View]
29868778french oceania thread new caledonia, french polynesia, and wallis and futuna chads unite >asl 18/…[View]
29867528There's this dude called gauthist and he's obsesed with me ugh.[View]
29867803Has anyone here ever paid for sex? How did you meet them and how much did you pay?[View]
29854524I really love cum shots, anyone wanna share? webms welcome[View]
29845601Netherlands Thread - Lockdown Edition: For all Dutch people, looking for chats, voice calls, meetups…[View]
29867997>meet a girl here >we hit it off and get along really well >have a ton of stuff in common a…[View]
29794957New England Meetups: More snow soon edition Haven't seen one of these in a while. Post a/s/l, w…[View]
29871269Rate my degenerate ass[View]
29870973Man butt, seams butt threads are all ways femboys and traps, so how about something different.[View]
29870831Snapchat: Looking for a girl to exchange nude photos, i want to film myself jerking and cumming on m…[View]
29839873femboy/sissy: can i be your gf? (TOTALLY NOT GAY)[View]
29870014BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://discord.gg/auxxARcZ JOIN VC HEHE[View]
29855010/write a letter/: Let it out anon. Write a letter to someone who may or may not come across it. Choo…[View]
29871615https://discord.gg/szBePwe Come visit Iconoclasm, an 18+ mostly gay-oriented Discord server! Meet a …[View]
29853834rate thread[View]
29867498New Jersey meet. Ocean county.: 30m looking to host bj. Talk on snap then trade bjs. I host. Comment…[View]
29871529Edged all day so how about you edge me some more kik theaustinbronc bi and open minded into things l…[View]
29850832KIK TRIB THREAD: Looking for people to trib/cum on my friends pics for me! Got creepshots and pics o…[View]
29865531Kik group chat: Kik group chat looking for trans or anyone who likes trans Kik gc: trans4chatorfun I…[View]
29871321Purgatory discord server: Discord server for people with psychological dysfunctions. Free speech ori…[View]
29867748Welcome to the shut-in network discord! >last thread >>29801629 >We're primarily a …[View]
29866917>be trans girl >be super fucking ugly >only attracted to women >somewhat dommy but no co…[View]
29869445post your kik group codes here[View]
29871134come and join the higgeldy piggeldy amigos!! small but active server! post selfies post memes have f…[View]
29868031New Dirty Kik: Old one is hitting limit 18 f usa I'm looking for a long term online fwb. My onl…[View]
29863258discord: JOIN NOW https://discord.gg/Pw4NR2tj[View]
29870637heckin cute and valid trans server: https://discord.gg/aUp5d4fy5b join us fellow traps we promise to…[View]
29870474cum town discord: https://discord.gg/Az6xtQH8[View]
29870171https://discord.gg/MXC7BRxBVB: https://discord.gg/MXC7BRxBVB[View]
29868966https://discord.gg/qFRZ4f66Sf: Join for melons. https://discord.gg/qFRZ4f66Sf[View]
29870351Join this Discord server if you are 18+ ONLY and want to video and/or voice chat. Sex is a popular t…[View]
29870280KIK: Trans or M or F welcome to trade pics. KIK: dic pic trade M21[View]
29870266JOIN THE VOID: https://discord.gg/JW2hpW7hZw https://discord.gg/JW2hpW7hZw https://discord.gg/JW2hpW…[View]
29870002discord.gg/QgzHyRnsy7 server for BIG BRAINS ONLY no trolls[View]
29869987https://discord.gg/BeCR7QyNrm: https://discord.gg/BeCR7QyNrm[View]
29869838Degenerate Thread:: What’s the most degenerate thing you’ve ever done? Greentext that shit or join o…[View]
29869313Kik jppoopoo need cumtribute[View]
29866855NC meetup: North Carolina meetup thread. Post ASL, what you're looking for, and some of your in…[View]
29869824Online fuckbuddy: Since the whole plague thing keeps going and my long distance gf is to prude to he…[View]
29869774Babygirl2021x Add my kik Female 24 year old[View]
29864732>talk to girl on tinder >she can't hold a conversation at all >asks me very little abo…[View]
29869727I've been thinking about growing my hair to let it cover my ears (which are really weird) Would…[View]
29866774>be me >hard working guy >different hobbies like working on cars, building tables, cooking …[View]
29869509North Carolina Thread: >ASL >Interests >What you are looking for >Contact…[View]
29869498https://discord.gg/PvvPJHtf: Come to the LEATHER CLUB https://discord.gg/PvvPJHtf We got: >VC …[View]
29869485Add me NOW on snapchat I’m so horny: sc: sexysissywhore Let’s go baby[View]
29869483come hangout with us https://discord.gg/MgZEbQH6Sa[View]
29869433discord: come to us https://discord.gg/Pw4NR2tj[View]
29850179Aus thread: Aus thread / Smoke more meth edition[View]
29869335The only thing I like more than sucking cock is being degraded while I do Kik awohl231[View]
29869333i am a badass man looking for friends[View]
29868907Fuck it: >be me >24 >No gf >No friends >Shut in neet outside of online college >5…[View]
29735158/fft/ - Female Feet Thread >Female Only >Timestamp if new >No contactfagging >Nudity al…[View]
29852017Brutally honest rate/assumption: In this thread we reply and rate and assume off our photos what you…[View]
29865181need gf: can i get a girlfriend of soc?[View]
29865100https://discord.gg/2KHCmsGadb Come hang.[View]
29869079Chubby boy: Im 26y, from spain, chubby boy on kik --> Thrilla89 Add for play a little while im at…[View]
29859362Ass rate thread M/F: Post some of those big old dumptrucks and have them rated[View]
29867065Rate me.: Hey. What do you guys think of me. Btw I've got a 12 inch dick.[View]
29866738Hello /soc/, I am an 18 years old chubby virgin boy and I m looking for a mommy or a daddy that can…[View]
29868967West Virginia Thread: West Virginia Thread, anything goes in the mountain state, bonus for the Kanaw…[View]
29868917Discord server for people who like plants and animals. It's alright for shitposts and we have a…[View]
29868799I’m a 25 year old black male with a huge cock from Toronto, I enjoy posting videos of my sex work an…[View]
29867344Post your Instagram[View]
29868762Online boyfriend: 30 chubby submissive m I’m just extremely lonely and horny. I’d like to find someo…[View]
29863082Friend Making Thread: Let's try to make some friends. Feel free to be as vague or precise as yo…[View]
29868157Minnesota Thread[View]
29867244Accountabilabuddy: I always postpone shit cause I get anxious when I have stuff to do Can someone mo…[View]
29862762https://discord.gg/HFCX6nQhfS Join this nice social server for all kinds of people. We especially we…[View]
29867772how are you tonight[View]
29867363Femboy looking for love: Add me bitchesss[View]
29864658Interesting Thread: Ight so I've been checking in periodically for like 4 days now and literall…[View]
29865120New dirty kik: Old one hit limit. You know the drill[View]
29862259Illinois meetup thread: Reviving the Illinois thread, saw it today but it disappeared. Post your age…[View]
29867336864 thread: South Carolina get your ass in here. 26 M straight looking for new friends, let me teac…[View]
29868023I'm looking for cumtributes and cock tributes of me Hmu on kik: Itsyadkgurl2 I'll post th…[View]
29868108Join this Discord server if you are over 18 and want to talk about your life, dating, love, anime, g…[View]
29865641https://discord.gg/Tyvxwhs2j8 - Join the Hentai Central discord, previously known as the Hentai Rese…[View]
29867411Mum pics chat.: 28 m uk. This is my mum. My Snapchat/ kik username is luvnoob Would love to be messa…[View]
29863471Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.[View]
29855086Are there any girls on here who want to talk to other girls? Sometimes I’ll leave out my sex and gir…[View]
29866495Alabama thread. Looking for a girl to snuggle and maybe spoil. 205/m/Birmingham/not fat kik: snuggl…[View]
29867916discord server!: we ᴀRe HuꜱtMeRꜱ, ᴀɴ ᴀduMt ꜱeRveR ꜰJMMed wJtH ʏouɴGꜱteRꜱ wJtH uɴJQue, ꜱmᴀRt ᴀɴd powe…[View]
29861389Oklahoma thread 27m looking for friends only. Tulsa area[View]
29858604Come join the discord cafe of comfy and hangout in a comfy place at Daydream Cafe! discord.gg/dbqPd…[View]
29867571/MRk76AJ7h9 Left hand path server[View]
29867621Is it a compliment when someone says they would snap you like a toothpick?[View]
29866624kik feet: Post your kik if you’re looking to receive or show off feet pics[View]
29867636Horny, 19yo: Dm me if you would hit this and why, discord: lolhentai#4688[View]
29862739We made a Discord server for people who get turned on by inanimate objects. https://discord.gg/Dqh6p…[View]
29867673Dont often get much chat on twitch, come past for a chilled chat! Looking to network so feel free to…[View]
29867663Kik Codes[View]
29865167'Feet U Know' Discord Server: wy7KCR9J7D ^ New Discord for sharing feet of girls (or anyone else) yo…[View]
29867581DONT join this server: It's only for pedo trannies. They groom EVERYONE who joins and try to ma…[View]
29862428KIK Group - Beta Whites: New KiK group for whiteboysex - Tributes to IR Porn #whyteb[View]
29817647New kik game thread Last one died. Post kik and send a nude to me and three people before you Kik: …[View]
29867578Horny and bored: Dm me what you think of my ass, im 19 discord: lolhentai#4688[View]
29867441Discord: https://discord.gg/TzJ9GWsZjoin please[View]
29864241KY Meet Up Thread?: I'm a guy who just wants to be used and degraded by real men. I'll cle…[View]
29867367drop your tag if you post on wizchan.org[View]
29854431Come join one of the comfiest servers in town. Just don't be a bloody dickhead and you get to s…[View]
29867353discord.gg/QgzHyRnsy7 join comfy[View]
29861534Drama Whores LF Psychotic Cunts.: >What are we? A band of miscreants that have amassed over a ser…[View]
29867173Based Shizo Server: Medication takers need not apply! Cringe and unbased not welcome. https://discor…[View]
29867061My Name is Dvir. I am a Transabled Queer Grey-Asexual Jewish Lesbian Furry Radical Feminist Transwom…[View]
29867011Welcome neets, shut ins, introverts to shut in network reduxx! Need new members to revive this dying…[View]

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