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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 154 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
29583547Please.: How often do you think about it? Do you hate them? It’s not your fault. We deserve to be ha…[View]
29573298Sup /soc/ 24 year old trans girl who still lives at home. Tell me why I'll never be passable an…[View]
29568590Come be a customer at the cafe of comfy, come join Daydream cafe! discord.gg/KATzyMw[View]
29583521new here~: >Sex: M >Height: 6'2 >Weight: 243 lbs >In Atlanta, GA >Unsure about s…[View]
29566094Georgia Thread[View]
29583492drunk thread.: drink drank drunk thread. post your potion and why you're drinking. cheers.…[View]
29583483Are there any emo boys in redmond?[View]
29577933What are you up to night ask my anything that not small talk stuff.[View]
29583063Massachusetts General: 19/M/Straight/Northeast Just looking for people to talk to and hang with, mal…[View]
29577700looking for e-daddies: discord, would vc if interested[View]
29580052New Dirty Kik Thread[View]
29583045rape: anarchy server no rules // discord.gg/KbYedvbgBG[View]
29583025Looking for a MILF in NYC: 24 year old male in NYC looking to meetup with a local MILF. I've al…[View]
29569117CRING ALERT: i know this is kinda cringe, but WHOOO CARESSS hi soc i've never had a gf, so im l…[View]
29582925This is a discord shill.: I've been shilling here since day one. Now that the server has grown …[View]
29580963Ideal bf/gf thread drop yourself as an ideal[View]
29582847Latin America thread >edad y sexo / age and sex >país / country >intereses y pasatiempos / …[View]
29581526UK kik/meet up: Didn't see one in the catalogue. You know what to do. 30/m/straight Edinburgh L…[View]
29581371Friends: Hi! I’m Jim and I’m looking for people to talk to! Bottom![View]
29581879Discord is temporary, Congo is eternal: Join https://discord.gg/W3fx65mwqc[View]
29582551Colorado femboys: looking for femboy traps in co hmu Klee_sauce2#2620[View]
29577542Oregon...?: 39 bi top male in Oregon, hmu down4anything wickr maxpnw[View]
29576042Full body rate thread: Face and body required. Come as you are – it's fun and nobody gives much…[View]
29582254NC friends thread: age sex interests/hobbies what you're looking for location discord/kik I…[View]
29582217Discord for sociopaths/psychopaths: https://discord.gg/39hCptTVfN Or those curious about the disorde…[View]
29578058LOW MOD CHILL COMMUNITY BASED SERVER: There's a home for everyone, welcome to Degens. >https…[View]
29581499https://discord.gg/gPmVYCRVRa Come in here and get raped in the official rape channel! We got plenty…[View]
29582005join the funzone!!!: egirls, traps, gamers https://discord.gg/yrtxgjKEM4[View]
29579589looking for a natsoc gf: Don't be older than 25, US preferred. If you have questions message me…[View]
29580462Rate thread/Discord: hi pls rate face x/10 and help me be cute i am aspiring orbited boy but first n…[View]
29581793Morajora: Hey Morajora, it's Max, I lost contact and I was hoping you could message me again. I…[View]
29579745I hit a low point a few weeks ago and it's bothering me enough that I'm posting about it n…[View]
29581159Lovense: 28/M/NY GF is asleep and I am horny as fuck. someone come and control my toy and help me cu…[View]
29581430Ass rate: Ass rate please - is mine something girls like?[View]
29579905Be honest with me: Do I have gyno? Should I rope?[View]
29581286Looking for wholesome friends from Serbia: Must be okay with vc I use discord[View]
29574079Masturbating: Show me your toys Boys and girls[View]
29569626Chart Thread[View]
29581191Meetups: Houston Meetups and surrounding areas! Texas is a big state. Let's narrow it down for …[View]
29570958What should I put in my tight little cunt?[View]
29581215Street racing: Street race threads What's your area, what's the road, the car, and the tim…[View]
29533266Dating Thread: If you are struggling finding a partner compatible with you in real life or on dating…[View]
29575216Diaper girl looking for public humilation I'm going out into the world in 3 hours, I want ever…[View]
29579865I just want a bf or gf at this point I don’t even want to coom Tfw more attractive than any of my f…[View]
29578344lookin for vore gf sorry I don't have much pictures[View]
29560809New Discord Thread: Last one 400+ so a fresh start to kick off Thanksgiving weekend >ASL >Inte…[View]
29580783Lets talk about ur issues. Lets talk about the girl/boy That u like. Lets talk about self improvemen…[View]
29527630FSA #442 The 'Even a broken clock is right twice a day.' Edition Dirty talk, audio masturbation, v…[View]
29575498opinions? currently working on getting rid of my twink physique[View]
29577849Any girls in Southern California Irvine area. My sc is Localboys19[View]
29577616Spirit Pokemon: Let’s do something different, /soc/. Pick your Pokemon, any Pokemon. There’s over a …[View]
29569725Clean Kik Thread: Seeing as there's no clean Kik thread once again, I might as well get the bal…[View]
29580668Lets talk: Add me on discord and lets talk about life and all its problems. Who knows maybe it will …[View]
29573481'Straight' Guys on /soc/: So why are so many of you not actually straight but posting about being st…[View]
29580512All I have to offer a woman is my loyalty and love[View]
29578218Lovense Thread: https://c.lovense.com/c/mfddzb Trade usernames, drop a random code, have fun etc…[View]
29580534Hey! I'm looking for a girl without limits to roleplay, chat, dirty talk, pics, or just about a…[View]
29580262Wholesome friend in Serbia: I am looking for a wholesome friend from Serbia, please don't start…[View]
29580351Long Beach CA Locals: Go ahead and post your kik accounts to meet with people near Long Beach Califo…[View]
29570421Gay Femboy Discord: Do you want your very own gay femboy slave??? Then join Futile Anarchist, we hav…[View]
29580190Mt daily ask my anything?[View]
29579653join this server no boys allowed. only egirls. https://discord.gg/gFB57ngCTM[View]
29579770Hello. Pleamse join the longest running autism server (since late 2017) our pepes have christmas hat…[View]
29577454Do I have a weird pussy? If so, how bad is it?[View]
29577241dirty kik thread, others over 500 replies 20F mercymainbtw0[View]
29578801Meet?: ASL: 18/M/248 Interests: skateboarding, smoking, vidya, politics, history. contact: UwUKyle#9…[View]
29578738Join Congo now!: your local tranny is waiting for you to make him end it https://discord.gg/W3fx65mw…[View]
29579663Yandere simulator but it's real life: This thread is a special and a bit different dating threa…[View]
29575662>Be a few years into marriage, age 26 >Start having some thoughts about guys, that came out of…[View]
29579614JOIN THE VOID: https://pastebin.com/R5CwwccB[View]
29578851To the Dutch esoteric NatSoc anon: I wanna talk with you again, I feel bad for having removed you .-…[View]
29579327Omegle thread? How about we use the topic /soc/ Trying to end NNN on something good.[View]
29575874Tears: On a scale of one to a meme of Pepe vomiting how bad is this profile[View]
29575721Any femanons with belly button piercings?[View]
29579214WE ARE RACIST AND AWESOME GET IN NOW https://discord.gg/fZ6TNN86eu[View]
29579038looking for a gf/mtf that i can coom with daily. kik:brandonfraser2020[View]
29578999Titty Tuesday: Its Titty Tuesday!!! Make it a great day and send me your titty Tuesday pics! My kik…[View]
29578960Meet me: Any one want to meet up to suck my cock in lake shore port credit area (must be clean any o…[View]
29574980CENTRAL CONTROL: Bored? Lonely? Perhaps just autistic as shit and trying to find folks like you? CEN…[View]
29564425rate me anon, honest rate[View]
29576135crazy toxic server: hey buckaroo, looking for a unique experience? looking for retards screaming at …[View]
29578861discord.gg/68VqXYQnGF life is what you make it to be[View]
29578686Online BDSM Thread: It's been a long time since last one. I'll start. 39M Europe Dom/Maste…[View]
29578836join the funzone!!!: traps, egirls, gamers looking for more frens! https://discord.gg/yrtxgjKEM4…[View]
29578651small server - DO NOT JOIN IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO TALK >we don't need huge egos or anyo…[View]
29572576I've recently decided to stop isolating myself and would like to have intelligent people to dis…[View]
29554517No cheese head thread? Drop you’re Kik and state what you’re looking for. 24 M bored Af at work fo…[View]
29578162https://discord.gg/9GawpnKMbS Here is the link[View]
29578549not really looking for any meetups or anything just friends anons who live in the 231 / newaygo coun…[View]
29568912NEW BASED SERVER BASED SERVER ALERT: Are you tired of how every “non-normie” server is now infested …[View]
29575822Passable Tranny Rate Thread: Post only if you are a tranny and passable.[View]
29573119Need me a girl like this[View]
29572401Celebrating my bday - Cock rating <3: Hi guys, today is my bday!!!!! How about we celebrate by ra…[View]
29578338Kik..who likes uncut male or female: Kik Uncut3309. Love trading pics of exs or wives. Pretty much a…[View]
29578329Free nude trades w/girls: Looking for girls (18-25) who want to trade or provide nudes on kik and ju…[View]
29578309500 person active 4chan witchcraft server, join if you're schizo or think tarot is aesthetic no…[View]
29578286I want to put a orgy together: This will be my first orgy but i want it to be specifically Bi, big h…[View]
29575505Meetup: Looking for cd/traps/femboys and trans in Oslo for meeting[View]
29570177I look underaged, but I'm 18. Opinions?[View]
29578230discord.gg/xzrRbavZ you'll regret not checking this server out ![View]
29578205Hawaii bread: Post ASL and shit there's too many normies on this shitty islsnd[View]
29578173Anyone in Helena MT?: Anyone in Helena MT who wants to fuck my ass? M22 Kik: billbobbilly406[View]
29565263Come join discord's best server. Don't be a sperg. Don't shitpost. Don't larp, …[View]
29577642Join this gay ass trap server https://discord.gg/h9Agn3m[View]
29566265tennessee thread? 901 couple here looking for guys or girls to join us kik: dixnips email: duxerwher…[View]
29574383qt infograph thread: another one[View]
29508238Lonely Kik Thread: Post your kik if you're lonely and just want people to talk to I'll sta…[View]
29573427Confess boot: Tell me my son/daughter what sin have you commit.[View]
29486803Hey all, making another fat thread Send over your girls if you wanna see em get used by a fat, greas…[View]
29573612inb4 'you don't want a yandere' I do, and I know the mental strain and what they do, I want it …[View]
29544243Where the ausfags at?: Now we only have to worry about two viruses[View]
29576893Unique or uncommon looks and styles thread!: Share and rate interesting wardrobe choices. Show me wh…[View]
29574304Any blonde femanons on /soc/? Please post pics.[View]
29577292AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH: Sick of all the degenerate shit you see IRL and on this shitty Taiwanese basket…[View]
29577526we post lovely porn here https://discord.gg/9bXCU7PF[View]
29539092newest qt butt thread for all femboys/traps/girls last thread went well, lets see if this one will d…[View]
29574352server >https://discord.gg/zMqHSHuqxP[View]
29577308im lonely im 22 im bi and im naked add me for a show on snapchat cameronthur2020[View]
29577191yes discord now: https://discord.gg/U6nedW9T Based epic cringe zoomer doomer boomer gloomer chad vir…[View]
29549095Illinois meetup thread: Illinois[View]
29556636wickr thread: old one was getting full >post your wickr >get messaged by people >????…[View]
29574373Dirty kik thread: Old one hit 500 You know what to do[View]
29574077Upper body rate thread[View]
29576044Self-improvement server (Discord): If you're looking to improve yourself, join our self-improve…[View]
29576729Females here rated me 7/10. But they don't know my height and you will never know. Shrodinger…[View]
29557545Honest rate thread[View]
29572492https://discord.gg/jKekGmw Fun 18+ social server. It has a liberal arts theme so we welcome people i…[View]
29575472Its time, if youre a creative person or a fan of art, music or creative writing, then come join Axol…[View]
29576327Wisconsin Meetups Thread:: Post ASL, what you're looking for, etc. You know how these threads w…[View]
29575478Gib BF Now!!: 18/F/Cali I need a bf who will love me and only me forever. I'm into ageplay but…[View]
29573708are you seriously not doing anything on a sunday night, you sad sack of shit? gotta wake up and nice…[View]
29551024Hopeless Romantic General: For those who think of love as something different than the norm. Do you …[View]
29575812JOIN THE VOID: https://discord.gg/CZkqR43j[View]
29570993Dirty Kik Thread Hey, it’s my birthday weekend! Send boobs to dabluv26 (18+)[View]
29573461>Male >Shy >Sub >Khhv I'll never get a gf will I?…[View]
29573395Confidence is key?: How do i become more confident /soc/?[View]
29570132I want to be a camgirl. I want people to give me attention and money for my whoring. I have been sup…[View]
29574190Incel rate thread. Only post if youre an incel. Ppl that had sex dont post or else[View]
29574493I'm done trying to please women with my little dick. I'm obviously born to wear girly clot…[View]
29573794Trope Finder Thread: This is a bit different. Go on https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Trop…[View]
29575411join the funzone!!!: traps, egirls, gamers :) https://discord.gg/yrtxgjKEM4[View]
29573695looking for a man to stalk me over a longish period of time, leave messages on my phone telling me w…[View]
29567479https://discord.gg/8Ywpdwy Few rules and a lot of fun. Come join.[View]
29570419Public bulge thread: Any tips on how to show off a nice bulge in public? I like to pull my the leg h…[View]
29546043Gay kik thread, you know the drill Bored and looking to chat about anything, my kik os Halfie9[View]
29557018/cgt/ - Chubby Girls Thread: https://www.4chan.org/rules#soc >Females only >Timestamp if new o…[View]
29574989Please rate a few people before uploading a picture. It's just good manners. Have a good week e…[View]
29574547Jerking Video Chat: Rub one out with us in our Discord video chat https://discord.gg/nGenhRv9dY…[View]
29572628i while back my close female friend who i've been best friend's with along with her brothe…[View]
29567757NOT COMFY looking for punching bags, friends, shared interest(see below), cuteposters yae • /vr/ • r…[View]
29574701Look alike: Do you have friends or family that look like a celebrity? I've been told before tha…[View]
29574626Discord for sociopaths/psychopaths: https://discord.gg/39hCptTVfN Others are also welcome to join.…[View]

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