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30129086Any trans/traps in south Alabama/northern Florida?[View]
30133083Just tie the rope neet, meeting love online won't really offer what you seek. come succumb in d…[View]
30132303Body rate kik dick_teen_throwaway1[View]
30127868Which era(s) here do you remember most from your childhood?[View]
30133018social pictures discord sharing thread Migol#9241[View]
30128993Femboy DM Please: Hewwo. Um. Got a lewd request here. Would any femboys with huge cocks shoot me a m…[View]
30128927are there any /pol/acks who like interracial? leave kiks if interested[View]
30126441How do I improve my apperance? Am I cursed to being ugly from being a hapa[View]
30034906/fft/ - Female Feet Thread >females only >timestamp if new >NO contactfagging >Nudity en…[View]
30132947Need A Burly Dude: Need a burly dude to ream out my tailpipe. Midnight is my favorite time to get be…[View]
30129813Comfy server. https://discord.gg/Zb9TGwQPa6[View]
30132315Any girls in the DC area? Just graduated college and looking to get to know a girl since I suddenly …[View]
30131260Become...comfy. https://discord.gg/6tW88dnm[View]
30128640/r9k/ Support Group is a small and comfy /r9k/ server for robots and other outcasts, losers and auti…[View]
30128397Adopt a Neet - /aan/: Welcome to /aan/ - Adopt a Neet This is a thread for poorly housed and cared f…[View]
301310964chan's finest programmers DISCORD: A new-ish server for programmers and people into tech, look…[View]
30132566Feet fantasy: what do you wish with this feet? Write your comment/fantasy[View]
30130643Am I ugly?[View]
30094793Discord friend thread: Make friends here >ASL >About me >job >interests and hobby >Lo…[View]
30131154What's wrong with my face?: I am not fat and tall, but I am not popular with women. How can I m…[View]
30126075Saturday rate and assumption thread[View]
30117453Hey erry1! Im still looking for simps.. Add me or join my server w/ da link: https://discord.gg/hxsR…[View]
30127530/erpg/ - Erotic Roleplaying General.: back from permavore edition >What is this thread? This thre…[View]
30132325Traps welcome, femboys welcome: Welcome one and welcome all to the world of trampoline experiences f…[View]
30131964I am looking for MtF’s with big feet and extremely long toes like in the pic. The bigger and longer,…[View]
30130846autistic rate thread autistic only[View]
30132233Hey looking for girls to hang with and maybe a long term friendship ASL is 22/m/usa i'm into we…[View]
30132223Want to kill yourself? Ahaha pls dont, my server is already dead https://discord.gg/v8RssfqmuU Tryi…[View]
30129681Indiana social: Disc Fud3#6626 25/m/812/straight[View]
30132109Nebraska?: Howdy, I just got in Nebraska and want to see how many lads are in the state of Nebraska?…[View]
30131572Need honest body rate: 43, 5’6”, 155lb[View]
30130786new incel discord: hey guys, this is a new incel discord to talk about inceldom/related topics. join…[View]
30131682Broke and horney male here, looking for freebies: Kik: cartoonishperson Preferably women or shemale …[View]
30130894Does long hair suit me?[View]
30130275Spanish thread ------------------- kik buitonni 23 bi spain Open 4 everything. HMU y haz que me corr…[View]
30128897I'm a 25m in Sacramento, CA with hardly any friends in the area. Should I go to the bar by myse…[View]
30131751Hey looking for friends to hang with and maybe a long term friendship ASL is 22/f/usa i'm into …[View]
30131382Rate my Body: Please tell me what you think.[View]
30130051My body: Can some girl rate my body from 0 to 10 please?[View]
30124792Looking for Friends: Florida: >Age >M/F >County…[View]
30105407New gay kik thread: Post your age, a/s/l and what gay shenanigans you're here for.[View]
30131301I'm lovin' it.: https://discord.gg/zujkjxdpJG[View]
30123765https://discord.gg/zf5hQWtuP6 Fun 18+ server full of nice people. A lot of artists and gamers are in…[View]
30130978/MN/ - Minnesota thread: For all things related to Minnesota such as meetups or just general discuss…[View]
30131147how does one stop caring that they’re below average[View]
30123354Come be a customer at the cafe of comfy and hangout with us at Daydream Cafe! https://discord.gg/Gvs…[View]
30122721what can I do to look better? I feel ugly and fat as fuck[View]
30109100Bulls and Cucks Thread: 20M Wannabe Cuck looking to make a Bull cum to pics of girls I know, also Bi…[View]
30111295Foid advice with SkinnySlut: We all know you have trouble with the ladies. Get based advice from a h…[View]
30113576Clean kik thread M 30 Drunk and want to talk[View]
30118508Trans/females kik/snapchat: Looking for trans or females Kik: tigbitties951 Snap: Kylesnap2021…[View]
30097892Ideal bf/gf: Post your ideal man/woman and drop your contact, on the off-chance they're somewhe…[View]
30126080New rate me thread Pic related is me rate me[View]
30129495Where do I find manly friends? Always got along with them better compared to with you faggot dorks, …[View]
30113110rate / assumption thread: you know what to do![View]
30130370Feet: /r9k/ incel server for footfags /ufA9V6EJ[View]
30130590switzerland meetup: are there any swiss people around?[View]
30130403https://discord.gg/UW4fhSre Slavman's land - everyone feel welcome to this new eastern european…[View]
30123523Horror Stories of /soc/: Give me your worst experiences with people you have met here. Could be peop…[View]
30128924Tribs: Idk why it's so hot to me but there's something that makes me so wet seeing a guy s…[View]
30128537Diapers: Just everything diaper related[View]
30125620how come i am a tall 5/10 face but masculine guy and i get nothing from mass swiping on tinder but t…[View]
30130077Comfiest Weeb Dating Discord --comfy community --active text and voice chat --anime and vidya fans -…[View]
3012940228 Hung / Fit Dom, looking for a nasty slut ongoing fwb in Ohio: Hung Dom / sadist looking for a pis…[View]
30127493server 4 frens: fren server, looking for frens to talk together. we need more frens. maybe come post…[View]
30129795New skitzo server just dropped: Come to get groomed? https://discord.gg/F5ysEPC[View]
30127938Any cute trans girls in Mass want a blowjob? Yes I’m serious and no I won’t kill you.[View]
30128452I just want to suck a dick...if you're in NWI maybe we can meet up?[View]
30129605Any women in the DC area want to take my virginity? This isn't a troll post. I recently gradua…[View]
30129483Lehigh Valley PA Meetup?: 42M drunk and horny - looking for F to meet ASAP my place...[View]
30129394Any sissies or crossdressers wanna tell me how much better they are compared to my GF? My kik is - A…[View]
30124042New Dirty Kik F 18 bored looking to have fun and make some Kik jessfray7[View]
30120483We got boys with big butts, nice legs, cute dicks, and a comfy attitude, so join our comfy server wi…[View]
30129114https://discord.gg/zftSQSh • Say anything you want, your speech won't be deleted or censored • …[View]
30128067anyone in maui i lost a sandal and need to find it or another similar one[View]
30128665Another trap server, sfw: Welcome one and welcome all to the world of trampoline experiences for tra…[View]
30128807Dirty Omegle: Any femanon's wanna hook up on video?[View]
30125888yes another discord thread: https://discord.gg/9zKp8FDg everyone is asleep come pay rick a visit in …[View]
30128771https://discord.gg/nH7XQW9a8m No breaking TOS. 18+. No retard chat or brain-dead trolling k thx[View]
30116647Starting a TX thread cause I saw none. We need more traps in the DFW area that are cute and want a m…[View]
30128700No breaking Discord TOS. 18+[View]
30126422Welcome to the Mind Palace!!! Come here to reinvent yourself with a new positive group of people! Or…[View]
30122507Where my 702 bois and girls at?[View]
30128366normalfags of /adv/ how do i convince this little redhead slut i met online to show me her fat fucki…[View]
30127543GENERAL CITY 18+: general city with femboys and egirls join now!! https://discord.gg/7cKa7DaFhk http…[View]
30127791Anyone wanna draw right now? Leave your discord[View]
30128322Do I look ugly/retarded? Honesty is the best policy. Mods please don't smite me again[View]
30126462E-penpal thread: >ASL >About me >Looking for >Not looking for >Email I'll go fir…[View]
30128290https://discord.gg/2tqUWj9 Join Iconoclasm, an 18+ server mostly oriented towards gay dudes! We…[View]
30128213join this server for my jackoff session ;) https://discord.gg/WghUueqVW5[View]
30127611What haircut should I get?: Come on guys, I really need your help on this one. When barbers open up …[View]
30126679Do you think me or my older bro looks better in this outfit?[View]
30123791Lips thread: Post lips[View]
30127875Romania Thread: Milsugi[View]
30127869U7SJU8t2AK: hello please join we are racist and hate trannies and will be playing jackbox soon disco…[View]
30064037/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Girl Thread: https://www.4chan.org/rules#soc >No bullying, …[View]
30123522Body rate thread: Age preferred[View]
30110130Soft Cock Rate Thread: Because all my hard pics are at home on my NAS All sizes welcome[View]
30118063Body rate thread. Honest one and offer advice to fellow anons[View]
301271124chan's finest programmers DISCORD: A new-ish server for programmers and people learning to pro…[View]
30127056new member: hello since i was a young girl my parents forbade me from the internet. I am noticing mo…[View]
30126975>no discord >no steam >no social media whatsoever >only presence on the internet is this…[View]
30125556Meetup: Any females in south ga around 912 area code wanting to meet up and fuck? 7” dick[View]
30082133Extreme roll thread! 6-7 = post just your exposed genitals 8-9 = post a full nude Dubs = include you…[View]
30112212SOUTH CAROLINA: Hey this is an SC thread. 23m in Columbia SC, looking for just about anyone in the s…[View]
30119831First adjective that comes you to mind?[View]
30125874i turned myself into a tranny because im scared of erect penis's. somebody recommend what i sho…[View]
30125198https://discord.gg/vYQFzeXs: would you like to be friends? do you like touhou, or hate the gays? joi…[View]
30124746It's just me or /soc/ is starting slowly to get flooded by Turkish nationalists? I didn't …[View]
30096686Taboo/fucked up fetish thread: post discord / kik / snapchat, asl and info what you're looking …[View]
30126291Kik is byropes. Send me whatever you want :)[View]
30126271/MN/ - Minnesota Meetups and Chat: Your thread for everything minnesota. Close neighboring states we…[View]
30124765Does anyone know of a telegram or matrix /g/ server?[View]
30126221Any t or d? Johnapple24680 to play.[View]
30125205BBW: Choose A hole: Choose A hole[View]
30125526https://discord.gg/qFRZ4f66Sf: If you join I guarantee you'll meet some1 you like https://disco…[View]
30124480we do a little bit of advertising here: sup cuties, come and join this discord server to hang out an…[View]
30124399Cafe Alpha is a yokohama kaidashi kikou (ykk) themed server which encourages positivity, clean growt…[View]
30066668Post YOURSELF Dont have the template? Let me help you out there. Save this pic and crop out the gend…[View]
30120667What can I do to look better because I feel ugly as fuck[View]
30124453Rate it losers[View]
30125711/Omegle Chads/: /Omegle/ Tags : Soc, R9k , Incel , Blackpill See you there folks need some women…[View]
30125727KIK THREAD: Kik: vanessalmerim Age: 29 Country: Canada bored, looking for fun and members[View]
30125822We are Looking for Servants!: https://discord.gg/h522ADZQ To those of you wishing to give up your fr…[View]
30114935Girls who like possums: this thread is for possum girl club, no guys are allowed.[View]
30125749trans mtf boymoder just looking to rp :3 discord tag: mickle#2859[View]
30125647trades: f4f nl nudes trade dm me on kik amogtr[View]
30124769Who's tryna vc? 22 f Leave a contact! :)[View]
30049486Small cock thread: Heres my baby cut cock[View]
30125571Anydesk thread hmu if you wanna do whatever you want with my gfs nudes. Kik Lxkor[View]
30125544Kik: Give me your kik and lets group chat me you and my gf, looking for someone to dominate humiliat…[View]
30123929Dressing as a woman for the first time . Also I know. I'm fat lol[View]
30125169How attractive of a woman do you have to be to find a paypig? Do you think a 6/10 could pull it off …[View]
30125419Oral creampies: I kinda like it when a guy sits on my face and finishes in me I know it’s weird but …[View]
30125399Snapchat demand anything you want from him complete control.: Snapchat horny submissive dare him dem…[View]
30122985Sup fellers, new qt butt thread, let's do better than last time. Dont be afraid to post yoursel…[View]
30124567Oregon Area A/S/L, no fighting: Last Oregon thread got a little weird before I found it, so let’s tr…[View]
30124301FEMBOY CITY 18+: join vc and talk https://discord.gg/7cKa7DaFhk https://discord.gg/7cKa7DaFhk https:…[View]
30119760Meetups and nudes: I’m looking for someone to cheat on my girlfriend with me as revenge for her chea…[View]
30125277Size Queen: girl or boy, post a pic of the biggest thing you've taken or something roughly that…[View]
30124588Bought this, does anyone want to play tonight?: Bought this, does anyone want to play tonight?…[View]
30123475Join Floppa Republic today, a based but chill shitposting server with a theme of caracals. https://d…[View]
30123067New lewd/chill discord server. trying to create a calm/relaxed and lewd environment we got a few cut…[View]
30123073SW PA, OH, WV meet up thread: post age, sex, location, contact, interests, what you're looking …[View]
30121582Giving up on females, decided to go the twink/femboy path in life: I have a lot to work on here, but…[View]
30124928M (Femboy) looking for M degrading dom Add me on discord, tag is at the bottom so u have to read eve…[View]
30124872hi hot girls add my discord joyshield#0724 ok[View]
30098017Cock compare / wager thread: Come wager your cock with others, just post your Kik. All welcome…[View]
30118057Dirty Snapchat thread: insert your username in this thread with ASL and who you want to talk to 38M …[View]
30122900Italy General Thread: Haven't seen one of this in a while. General thread for italians: chats, …[View]
30121348Washington General (WA): >ASL >what you looking for >Description >want >don't wa…[View]
30082499Masculine butt/ boy butt thread. Be sure to Post your contact info and whatever else you may be look…[View]
30124110Am I ugly? Please note that if I wanted a fake answer I’d just ask a random person on the street. I …[View]
30120587New Dirty Kik F 18 looking for kinky guys and discussions, thinking of making an of and make some Ki…[View]
30123310HORNY: Do u guys want more[View]
30122004Last.fm frens: >a/s/l >last.fm >discord etc. 21/m/aus https://www.last.fm/user/michaeljell0…[View]
301117490 self esteem ill meet up with any1[View]
30120643Art Hoes: Anyone have experience with them? How was it? How was the sex? How are they generally? Wha…[View]
30124361I know this is a longshot but 18m, femboy looking for a female dom. Preferably around my age but old…[View]
30122594General Vocaroo Thread - /GVT/: Hey there, come on in and have a chat, show us some musical or vocal…[View]
30122804Looking for a master who will force me to edge and will decide when I cum or whether I cum at all. I…[View]
30124143What up[View]
30114326Adopt a NEET thread: >About yourself >What are you looking for >Contact >KEEP IT SHORT A…[View]
30109625North Carolina meet thread: post age, sex, location, contact, interests, what youre looking for, etc…[View]
30121899New eye thread What do my eyes say about me?[View]
30124125You must be 18 or older to join this Discord server. More e-thots needed, come share your selfies, m…[View]
30124112JOIN THE VOID: im banging your mom on stream https://discord.gg/JW2hpW7hZw https://discord.gg/JW2hp…[View]
30123411So I went outside. Now what?[View]
30123974discord server thread: Join cause lots of cool people G77Cxnd226[View]
30121825People shit talk me on this board. Give constructive criticism to me, because nothing I seem to do d…[View]
30119822Telegram thread: Post some group/channels links doods[View]
30123812/CO/: Denver metro - Post your interest, anything else you'd like to identify yourself, preferr…[View]
30122311Hey guys we're just a brand new discord server looking for new active peeps. We like Tarantino …[View]
30123786https://discord.gg/UW4fhSre Slavman's land - all are welcome to join this new eastern european …[View]
30123780Any girls want to write some smut together? I'm straight, fairly vanilla, like fantasy and hist…[View]
30123096join our server frens!: WELCOME TO HIGGELDY PIGGELDY AMIGOS Hello, Discord user! Welcome to our serv…[View]
30123451Lonely echicks and incels looking to join a server? https://discord.gg/jfeDCjhW[View]
30121321steam friends thread: No one adds anyone else edition[View]
30123251Join cool discord server for free cool frens[View]
30121758M 18 La Discord: idon't#0130 Looking for online friends, associates, and people to talk to. I…[View]
30123165Free speech and basically always active. We're all pretty friendly too. https://discord.gg/vcsg…[View]
30123163https://discord.gg/FM78y9vp small population server filled with cool people no attention whore no e-…[View]
30116223Maryland Thread: Maryland Thread I’m just bored and need people to talk to, SFW or NSFW i don’t real…[View]
30123112Rate me. Please be honest and don't hold back. I am 5'7 btw.[View]
30122452Rate my voice https://voca.ro/1oimiwCE5rvw[View]
30120762recipe#4255: Gained a little bit of weight in quarantine this/last year and liked it? If anyone here…[View]
30121931F 23 Us Wickr erika1313 Looking to play a game of truth where you ask me questions and u win if i do…[View]
30117188>want to be a cute femboy >still fucking fat It’s not fair bros.…[View]
30118377The Party Bunker Discord: https://discord.gg/X9ummW9b3P Come join us if you're interested in di…[View]
30121438Kylie2021x Add kik ^^ Female! Can verify[View]
30122449discord server: we're a server with only two rules: no porn and no animal abuse. everything els…[View]
30108658Arizona Thread: post age, sex, location, contact, interests, what you're looking for, etc. 24/M…[View]
30122111Hi I'm looking for incels/femcels to join my femcel discord server https://discord.gg/UsxfaJjTS…[View]
30115448relationship: 20/female/usa I’m looking for a yandere boy to make me fall in love with them. I’m onl…[View]
30117413FEMBOY CITY 18+: JOIN VC FOR FEMBOY WE HORNY https://discord.gg/u4RDTCH23b https://discord.gg/u4RDTC…[View]
30117102Cosplay Sex: Did you guys ever had sexual experiences on cosplay, or anyone close to you had them?…[View]
30121432Turned 18 last week: (b. May 6, 2003) thoughts?[View]
30122320if you havent used GUILDED its like IF TUMBLR AND DISCORD HAD A BABY Everyones heard of DISCORD but …[View]
301198974ch's finest programmers DISCORD: A newish programming/tech oriented server looking for new act…[View]
30122451omegle for the homies: All the homies come by tags : Incel , blackpill[View]
30098404Wickr thread[View]
30119771Roast me: Give it to me straight[View]
30121526Looking for discord friends: Looking for folks for a platonic relationship, i wanna hear about ur in…[View]
30094361Florida meet up: Anyone in orlando area want to meet up? Looking for woman, meet an fuck obv Snap: a…[View]
30116586new england thread: whos horny in new england[View]
30119044Am I ugly?[View]
30122010Dreadlock.zombie, send me Dick plssss[View]
30119279music thread: Post 1 song that you have recently found and fell in love with. I'll start: http…[View]
30121928Looking for edible experiences, podcast for traps: Welcome one and welcome all to the world of tramp…[View]
30121864You must be 18 or older to join this Discord server. More e-thots needed, come share your pictures a…[View]
30121546Wishing you had a server you could vibe with? Maybe talk about videogames and show off your butt/dic…[View]
30121210Would you fuck this loose pussy or not?: Be brutal for more![View]
30102393Didn't see one so here is one Post: Location What you're looking for Contact Info[View]
30111538rate thread[View]
30121675M 25 straight Horny Like to talk and watch porn with other people Kik hossienx[View]
30120297honest rate[View]
30116661milf looking for a hard fuck.[View]
30119474>>29805548 Why didn't I listen Whoever you are, you unsung hero, I did not listen to you,…[View]
30121619interfacing with ur subconscious ^.^: https://discord.gg/fever[View]
30121616Post pics & soc links to add ppl(:[View]
30110364ASL 18/F/Germany Looking for a serious relationship I'm into Videogames and Japanese Media in …[View]
30121508Cock dump: Bored and need a place to post it so I can save it later. Rate if you want.[View]
30121498Sharing is caring: Porn trade general. Post kik and what you're into sending and receiving. In…[View]
30120832No subject: Take a pic of yourself. Add your favourite filter. Say something nice you like or about …[View]
30112806Truth or dare kik thread ID:mogusss[View]
30121405Im always horny always down to sext and do free meet ups in Houston dm me if any girls are intereste…[View]
30121395kot https://discord gg/AvxGnXYQ[View]
30118920Help me find a haircut: Need help getting rid of this yee yee ass haircut. Any suggestions?[View]
30120779DOMINUM: https://discord.gg/bUeJs8sB To those who wish to give up their free will and serve another,…[View]
30121010Come here if you like to shitpost and have a good time. https://discord.gg/m3DQ7gU6Tt[View]
30121108Discord server if your looking for friends https://discord.gg/BBh3GdmQtM[View]
30121069somebody help me: need the freezer discord server[View]
30117354New Dirty Kik F 18 feeling a bit bored looking to maybe have fun and make some Kik jessfray7[View]
30119482https://discord.gg/CkCXxNbW Let's hang out. 18+[View]
30120300Dont even know if this is allowed on this board but you guys seem to know a thing or two about being…[View]
30114677DISCORD SERVER: we talk about lookism, rate eachother, and try to have a nice place to hang out http…[View]
30120411https://discord.gg/jegsyFtBtb LGBT/Femboy community with location-based matchmaking We have our own …[View]
30120886I Want to blow a bully m27 Pittsburgh pa: Are you bored or stressed? Need a physical outlet to relie…[View]
30120821Georgia Thread: I'll start, taken from one of the Discord Threads >ASL Male, 21, Georgia 229…[View]

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