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Displaying 107 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
31041436/LGBT/ DISCORD. TRANS PPL & FEMBOYS WELCOME. NO COOMERS. SOME BULLSHIT. https://discord.gg/mtf h…[View]
31211580New Jersey Thread: 24/M/Central Jersey (609)/Bi Looking for friends to chat with about anything real…[View]
31226577Oh hi mark: Anyone want to get drunk or high with a loser like me? i need friends as i am a lonely a…[View]
31224178EGIRL DISCORD SERVER: Server full of autists, e-girls, and retards. join if you're interested. …[View]
31204563New discord thread: Post yourself or discord sluts you know! > ASL F US > Looking for Dick pi…[View]
31226408looking for a nice guy to be a semi bf (just pretend, nothing real or romantic nothing serious) idm …[View]
31209103Keep scrolling.: I don't suppose there are any Polish femanons here? Well, on the odd chance yo…[View]
31217942ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA f/k/a/ ATOGA a/k/a/ SQTDDTOT): LAST: >>31209018 /ad…[View]
31226157No life? No friends? No bitches?: Well we got all that also we got: 1- NSFW 2- VC 3- No Liberals 4- …[View]
31220248any trans girl wanna be a camwhore in my server? post tags[View]
31222735New dirty kik thread: New dirty kik thread Hi, 4chan. I really liked feeling the gradual moral decli…[View]
31226058https://skribbl.io/?PafYPFy61jlq we r playing amongus come joi and no trolling or else so pls donut…[View]
31212139Sharing Humiliating Stories: I have some embarrassing stories from my life that I've written ou…[View]
31225970>29 years old >a very friendly person >have some nice friends, but never had a gf >all w…[View]
31225911I'm on a call on this Discord server with friends and some strangers. Come join us if you'…[View]
31220008Someone talk to me[View]
31225717trap server: >traps >femboys >sissies >gurls https://discord.me/trap…[View]
31219453Iris box got deleted but don't worry there is a new one! https://discord.gg/9CbnTNmKw7[View]
31176281Nude Kik Game Thread: Last one's about to die, so Drop your kik below, send a nude (preferably …[View]
31210502The loneliness is taking its toll. You need a friend but it seems impossible to even make friends on…[View]
31213866IRC Thread: Post your favorite IRC servers/channels![View]
31219786Would only people with a fetish find this attractive?[View]
31225052OK HERE'S THE DEAL Friday night I planned a trivia night with the discord homies and as a 4fun …[View]
31225160trap posting server: https://discord.me/fem[View]
31205509Gay Snapchat thread for boys/twinks looking for doms. And daddies looking for femboys[View]
31224978Romania thread: O postare normala pentru romani lucrurile normale și sexuale sunt bine venite A gen…[View]
31223683Welcome to the Friend Corner! We’re a cozy, mature community and would like to offer you a break fro…[View]
31224934GOYIMS' GUILD GENERAL (GGG): No abusive mods. Say almost anything you want. DM a mod to gain ac…[View]
31217174I am a 31 year old virgin. Ask me anything.[View]
31205318Lonely discord for people who don't have friends in the real world and want to make friends onl…[View]
31224744ARE YOU LONELY???: Well don't worry I GOT YOU! in TenAcity there is all kinds of people who wou…[View]
31224540https://discord.gg/NPkjnX5T Come socialize and/or enjoy our porndump.[View]
31221793There aren’t any good 4chan discord servers, change my opinion It’s one thing for a shithole like Re…[View]
31194430Maledom Thread: ITT: Those looking for a maledom sexual relationship—dominant man, submissive woman.…[View]
31221734Join our friendly server! https://discord.gg/NPkjnX5T[View]
31219890join OUR server for CUTE egirls - ACTIVE voicechat, diverse community, HOT babe !!! https://discord.…[View]
31224494Take control of someone's wallpaper using WallClaimer[View]
31216757Spiritual guidance: You. Yes, I'm talking to you. I know your life is garbage. How do I know? E…[View]
31223317le funny server! >active >autism >schizopilled >evil join!!! discord.gg/PXgvbSuBcC or di…[View]
31224314Pennsylvania: PA Thread. Post you contact info! Share links to your shitty servers! Shew us yer tits…[View]
31220069Popolo d'Italia, uniti!: Italiani ed italiane, unitevi! Raccontate cioè che volete, scrivete ci…[View]
31220160Cuck on telegram: Let me share my wife on a group on telegram... https://t.me/+Vb1k27L0NiU2ODEx…[View]
31156174Female Sexy Audio FSA: FSA #475 Female Sexy Audio Be as tame, as romantic, as sensual or as filthy a…[View]
31217226ALL WOMEN GET ADMIN https://discord.gg/n2SA3qzGjK[View]
31221015calling all robots https://discord.gg/FYKQWEQ[View]
31223981Epic twitter celebrity server https://discord.gg/kMrV3aBc[View]
31189154Better than the best server on discord: https://discord.gg/P4mZFSNKTD it's server about media o…[View]
31223993emo artsy / discussion server no edgelords, simps, bbcposters funny people welcomed https://discor…[View]
31223984discord.gg/autism: this server is absolute shit but I shill for that janny paycheck. discord.gg/aut…[View]
31220577Colorado Thread: on the tin. >ASL >Interests >Contact…[View]
31219919why is no one actually socializing[View]
31218768Need to find thots or femboys: Where are you guys[View]
31220485Welcome to the Friend Corner! We’re a cozy, mature community and would like to offer you a break fro…[View]
31215349misandry: Discord server that caters to misandrist females. That about covers it. Some males tolerat…[View]
31220746Instagram DM thread: 18/M/USA Looking for tomboy, shy, and/or chubby gf (or bbw, ssbbw)[View]
31223571I'm bored Call me (810) 202-6539[View]
31215828Any girls with tattoos on this board?[View]
31223387autistic and delusional shut-in girl!!!! let me ramble to you!!!!! i am obsessd with browsing wikipe…[View]
31222274Come Join Cafe Alpha: https://discord.gg/YQXyuxt We're a long-running community for people who …[View]
31222440How does one achieve an online pseudo gay bro friend that is built well and is totally cool and isn…[View]
31216064True Femboy Discord Server: Other femboy servers have become oversaturated with with trans women and…[View]
31220494Latex Sub/Pet/Slave wanted: I'm a 24 year old experienced dom looking for a a sub/pet/slave int…[View]
31220483Omegle: Omegle tags, wins and general shit-fuckery.[View]
31220325Haven't seen one of these in a while. Clean Kik thread! Post a little about yourself and your i…[View]
31219188https://discord.gg/3BrSHhMfqe We have a discord server with some incredibly lax rules. More or less …[View]
31220240Looking for frens in Michigan: 25M New to metro Detroit area, looking for friends to hang out with, …[View]
31219128new dirty kik thread, last one over 500 21 F mercymainbtw0[View]
31215951Wickr thread: Dom BBC that will cuckold you and tribute your wife,mom,daughter,sister. Also trading …[View]
31204693Psychological/Intellectual Discussion Discord: Übermensch is a server for generalised intellectual/p…[View]
31215315am i ugly? can i have an honest rating?[View]
31221973any person interested in camwhoring for this server? Join https://discord.gg/wkRUSR7C[View]
31221865y do ppl here ask me if i’m male or female i think it is obvious[View]
31221780https://discord.gg/c6rFrVfkdV FUCK AROUND no lurkers plz im beggggggggggginnnnnnnnnnnnnnng[View]
31221862support thread: if anyone is feeling low and needs someone to talk to, feel free to give me a shout …[View]
31194039bump limit reached, new thread > ASL > looking for > not looking for > sexual interests …[View]
31213428Sick of looking through /soc/ to find somewhere you belong to? A whirlwind of posts, the usual cessp…[View]
31217747Anna, where are you?: I'm looking for Anna, 19, from Germany, who loves cars like her father an…[View]
31219245French thread. You know what to do.[View]
31215185mFBQD8U9G3: hey soc come join this server! has all the best egirls this place has to offer! https:/…[View]
31181710discord.gg/eprison: hey come join us here in eprison with all the mentally ill druggie girls and boy…[View]
31201864discord ENEMY making thread: in this thread find ENEMIES and RIVALS instead of friends and lovers …[View]
31221096Faceapp thread: faceapp thread[View]
31089368LGBT Discord Thread: The last one is nowhere to be found edition >ASL >describe yourself >h…[View]
31220812Fill out the template, vote for best feature[View]
31220814Gloryholes: Does anyone know where to find gloryholes or is anyone hosting in 864 area in SC?[View]
31220635Extreme Cope Server For Weirdo Loners and Big Chillers: we vc sometimes and have a pretty tight knit…[View]
31220349The Graveyard 4chan discord plz.: I'm a long time user of the original 4chan/b discord server t…[View]
31216392https://discord.gg/NvdXzNBG: Come hangout and make friends at Daydream! https://discord.gg/NvdXzNBG…[View]
31211697new wickr bread[View]
31198183FEMCEL DATING SERVER join to get raped https://discord.gg/u6AQKxu2[View]
31220040discord server: join https://discord.gg/pvc for actual good interactions with people online. its an …[View]
31209238Alabama thread, fuck yeah 334 here ASL What are you looking for? What's something interesting a…[View]
31215718insane doomer guys wanted! <3 I'm 5'7, 110lbs and from the UK, i met a guy on here who …[View]
31219734Any trans woman here that wants a long term relationship?[View]
31218346Any femboys near NJ/NYC please hit me up! I just want a cute boi wife >.< Hunterkane#7485[View]
31087777Midwest thread: Calling all midwest anons Come chill, say what you're looking for, shoot the sh…[View]
31210390Age Guess Thread[View]
31217827This is probably a weird thing to seek but.. I have a lot of built up stress and anger and I want so…[View]
31219490Foot server: if you want feet join this server https://discord.gg/Cc4UktPr https://discord.gg/Cc4Ukt…[View]
31214526Belgrade meetup: Anyone in Belgrade, ready to meetup soon? Preferably practicing Orthodox Christians…[View]
31211738Kik humiliation thread: Girls post your kik if you want to humiliate a tiny uk cock[View]
31219404I'm 29 and I live with my parents in the country so I got no maidens so I thought I'd go t…[View]
31219341loner / r9k discord thread: Contuing https://archiveofsins.com/soc/thread/31149994/ Discord thread s…[View]
31201168Has anyone ever been murdered by someone they met on /soc/? I've always thought it would be nic…[View]
31218236LA-CALIFORNIA-BASED bottoms looking for hung tops: Post your pics and see who would like to meet! Dr…[View]
31218909Reddit hoes send me pervy messages im ready to cum for you . My kik is finku95[View]

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