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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 145 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
30364472anyone from /lit/ want to discuss anything?: This is mostly me looking for girls to talk to. Girls t…[View]
30363917Bored femboy OC: dubs : i post ass trips : i post dick quads : idk yet[View]
30360169Doing some side-by-side BBC edits, so if you want to see your crush or waifu Blacked then add me on …[View]
30364382Telegram Jerk & Trade: Telegram: Cumblower88 Pussy, trannies, cum, & ass, are the best. HMU…[View]
30359441TN Meetup: I’m looking for someone to fuck my girl with me, she’s 19 I’m 25 We’re in Chattanooga ki…[View]
30364186tranny server https://discord.gg/Mkw8sDg4[View]
30355134How many friends do you have?[View]
30363530post chess links: https://lichess.org/cz5WJXd6[View]
30364054I need a thick big boots black woman to ravage my body not some faggot ass man with gross hairy nipp…[View]
30337459Trap/Trans/CD/Femboi thread: There are a fuck ton of boybutt threads.[View]
30363993Brand new discord server centered around psychology, philosophy, and mental illness.: https://discor…[View]
30363984LGBTQ + server: We are a LGBTQ+ server looking for transgender members https://discord.gg/FWxccUaw …[View]
30346263Official NSFW Discord thread: This is the Official Lewd Thread Don't let anyone else tell you o…[View]
30362998Lonely straight male here. Looking for tranzers or traps: im 21. Part time job. Trying to achieve mo…[View]
30363824Genshin friend?: I'm looking for a friend to play genshin with, particularly to do dailies and …[View]
30363776join for quirky shit convos, etc etc https://discord.gg/dzSfm9TTZc[View]
30342281people of soc: an idea for a new thread. Hope it will flourish.[View]
30363658Kik - sharing my gf: Wanna share my gfs pics and see what you guys think of her. Rate her, tell me w…[View]
30349013Music Friend Finder Thread: Music Friend Finder Thread >A/S/L >Height >Weight >Hobbies …[View]
30362391/tc/ - Tactical's Community: Tactical's Community is an amusing growing community server w…[View]
30363312Fit chubby lover: Fit chubby lover here..if u r black thata a double wall n ;>)[View]
30361756ITT: females that look like pic related. Bonus points if personality like pic related too.[View]
30331613Cock wager thread: Last thread about to hit post limit. Post your contact (kik, sc, etc.) and see wh…[View]
30363083COME PLAY GARTIC PHONE WITH US NOW https://discord.gg/RVhrMmrUzK[View]
30361524Can someone give me a female friendly server? I don't need feminism, simps, communism or whatev…[View]
30362984discord.gg/fg2vMeSE4G join or your mum dies in her sleep tonight[View]
30362056we're an easygoing, comfy discord server with no e-girls/orbiters, SJWs/sensitive types, drama,…[View]
30357658discord.gg/VIXERE: no words needed >discord.gg/vixere >discord.gg/vixere >discord.gg/vixere…[View]
30362618awesome !!! Join awesomesauce and be awesome with us. chill server just trying to make new frens and…[View]
30361692Am I slampig? Looking for rates[View]
30361228Good, afternoon. How have you all been[View]
30339572Male feet thread[View]
30352598Dirty Kik Thread: My Last Thread was Full and Full of Fun.. Kik- LadyCplay 22 F - Active Meet Up, Se…[View]
30362342CBR Meetup: Aus is in lockdown, except Canberra isn't Let's get weird in the capital kik:…[View]
30362294Narcotics Anonymous, a friendly non-toxic Discord server for narcotics users and non-narcotic users.…[View]
30356032/soc/ voice thread https://voca.ro/1P87WHSca52c[View]
30342830Michigan can be a pretty nice place to live. Michigan thread :)[View]
30357780join /tft/ treasures for traps for some entertainment involving femboys https://discord.com/invite/6…[View]
30360744Femboy Contact/Community Thread <3: Thread for feminine men. Dating and talking > QOTD: Are yo…[View]
30361353FEMBOY PARADISE: <3 18+ brand new server dedicated to traps, femboys, and like. it is empty, so y…[View]
30361125best server on soc https://discord.gg/xhAhyRtr[View]
30360352https://discord.gg/CmRex4Du Slavman's land - feel free to join our eastern europe themed discor…[View]
30332397Cuck thread (KIK edition) I'll start: Your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister needs a proper Alpha male…[View]
30361081Who >NYC here?: Anyone down to clown in Manhattan? Looking for reccs for bars and to meet new pe…[View]
30361965https://discord.gg/NJ3tHCbhej Join our /x/ themed paranoid discord for schizoids and alien hunters[View]
30348709Are there any redhead femanons on here?[View]
30357495Remote vibe controlling: I'm a femboy and I've got a remote vibe in me rn and you can cont…[View]
30359938discord artist thread. find someone interesting to share art with? someone to critique what you…[View]
30358036You are invited to join Arcadia, our smol and comfy community. It's the unspoken truth of human…[View]
30361222north and south carolina >a/s/l >what you're looking for >what you're not looking…[View]
30361725Join the official /soc/ discord anon! gg/67GvMUS4Yx[View]
30361387bdsmtest thread: You know how it goes. Post a/s/l and contact with your results. 29/M/SE US, straig…[View]
30361557https://discord.gg/p9ZfzHX8 ANIME SERVER https://discord.gg/p9ZfzHX8 JOIN OUR ANIME SERVER WE STREAM…[View]
30356023Hook up stories: Anyone know a good place to find hook up stories? Love to read about 2 strangers me…[View]
30361460Give me a mommy dom gf Hosty#1699[View]
30361475Join a not shit discord server: The Discord servers on here have been lackluster lately. Here, we tr…[View]
30349541Dating burnout thread: This thread is for people who feel completely burnt out on dating. Feel free …[View]
30359766Pet thread let's go[View]
30361224Belgian KIK thread: kik: gertverkest looking for meetups, chats, ...[View]
30361185This Discord server is 18+ only with many SFW and NSFW channels full of sexy pics and vids shared by…[View]
30361123https://discord.gg/EpyNMUCt: https://discord.gg/EpyNMUCt slow paced new server for crazy people who …[View]
30356652Yet another rate thread.: I'm bored and I have a 12 hour shift ahead of me. Rate and judge me. …[View]
30346999New Ohio Thread: >ASL >Interests >What You're Looking For >Contact Yet another Ohio…[View]
30356504New Dirty Kik Thread F 18 looking to have fun and make some Kik - wettdream17[View]
30357850/eye-thread/ - Anomaly Edition: Post eyes , rate others , asume stuff about them based on their eyes…[View]
30360737Estoy aceptable para una sola noche?[View]
30350517Rate & assume thread: I know there are a bunch of these up right now, but starting your own is t…[View]
30345770https://discord.gg/z4F2yTVhan friendly comfy server :) (RUN BY FEMALES) https://discord.gg/z4F2yTVha…[View]
30359375Looking for a third: We are a black female and a white male im a serious loving, real and authentic …[View]
30359888welcome mentally ill non normies, cringy losers, ugly egirls, etc etc looking for cool ppl to join o…[View]
30360543Should I shave or should I let it grow?[View]
30349814Soc in motion: https://streamable.com/17ulbz[View]
30360600LOLI DATING (18+): https://discord.gg/x4vVYXvdCJ https://discord.gg/x4vVYXvdCJ https://discord.gg/x4…[View]
30358980How do I look?: Amateur CD here. Was wondering what other people thought & for me to show off a …[View]
30346848Can we do a Fuck marry kill: no other options edition!! :)[View]
30360089OH EM GEE! There is a rat *amonggg usss*, and we need to reveal (((eject))) it! Add my tag to play t…[View]
30356645Got a new haircut, thursday rate thread I'll rate people when I wake up tomorrow[View]
30358902does anybody have a link to a discord server called Degens? my account got banned and I can't f…[View]
30360433Anybody in the Virginia area? I like to go clubbing, I go in Hampton, Norfolk and Virginia Beach are…[View]
30357079Feet: /r9k/ incel server for footfags /5PvKuxW8[View]
30360295/tc/ - Tactical's Community: Tactical's Community is an amusing growing community server w…[View]
30359778mineycraft server with custom map, dungeons, mcmmo, towny, tweaks to difficulty etc https://discord.…[View]
30340209RATE THREAD: RATE THREAD because i need to know whether or not to change my profile picture to this …[View]
30359351Post a Pic & Your Favorite Steven Seagal Film: Glimmer Man for me, can't beat it.[View]
30356170DISCORD PET THREAD: DISCORD THREAD WITH A TWIST! Post a pic of your pet along side your info! >AS…[View]
30358028https://discord.gg/AAaUqyn9 small comfy discord, cozy fun times with frens here come join =)[View]
30355582self-rate thread How pretty do you think you are? I consider myself 9/10[View]
30358986Cock-only pictures are boring... I'd rather google 'cock'. So let's do this: 1. Post a pic…[View]
30359402i want you guys to send me your dick pics the smaller the better[View]
30312603New body rate thread[View]
30359278omegle thread put 'soc' in the interest field[View]
30359201Horny RollerCoaster Enthusiast Thread: You people are weird af but let's meet at a park and be …[View]
30359126Comfy server https://discord.gg/Zb9TGwQPa6[View]
30300232FEMALE SEXY AUDIO: FSA #459 Female Sexy Audio The 'Stop thinking about 'Golden Ages'' Edit…[View]
30359129Sigma server for sigmas made by sigmas https://discord.gg/sDFgj5Pn8P[View]
30359041https://discord.gg/Mkw8sDg4 tranny server[View]
30358825Looking for friends on kik: I’m 23/f/us looking for just friends to play vidya with and watch anime …[View]
30358872Rave Watch Party Edge and Goon fest: This is a thread for us real edgers and gooners that use Rave W…[View]
30326386New texas thread. post what you want. 24/m 6'3 good looking white dude. just want to degrade/hu…[View]
30355346I want a FEMBOT gf and I will keep posting this until I get one. I'm a robot in my 30s located …[View]
30345859NC Meetup Thread: 28/m/bi 336 Kik: Pokemon2077[View]
30353547New Dirty Kik Thread F 18 looking to have fun and make some Kik - wettdream17[View]
30348373it's the AZ/arizona thread 20s/m/Tucson here looking for femme people to date or anyone to be f…[View]
30357878Hello, I'm a chubby virgin robot who showers and works hard but also sweats very easily because…[View]
30358233https://discord.gg/3tS5VUwMwj https://discord.gg/3tS5VUwMwj https://discord.gg/3tS5VUwMwj Yes. We do…[View]
30358110Need friends: Ayo i got no friends on discord add me >>859245282 (OP)#8010[View]
30357616Join The Cult: I'm starting a cult (not really it's a kink server but-) come join bois htt…[View]
30356608CIA honey pot server: https://discord.gg/yRKkB46 Join today and be guaranteed to be groomed into com…[View]
30357532Join this empty discord server and fill it out Or dont I dont care discord.gg/fg2vMeSE4GT2VYS[View]
30357791am i ugly?: What do you think? honky[View]
30355479most mileage if you enjoy /ck/ • /tv/ • /vr/ • /biz/ • /pw/ • /g/ least mileage if you enjoy /pol/ •…[View]
30357375milky way reboot https://discord.gg/xhAhyRtr[View]
30356681made new kik. need frens: add if you’re a trap, a girl, trans, want to share your gf, if you love bb…[View]
30355843Looking For Subby Servants!: https://discord.gg/5Hpb2mc6 Master looking for obedient twinks and femb…[View]
30355888Cock Rate server https://discord.gg/Na2kDewrn5 everyone join to uh rate cocks.[View]
30357169Trading ass pic for porn <3: Hi, 20F here I will send you a pic of my butt if you dm me on discor…[View]
30334120https://discord.gg/WU5HAGVTY7 What's up stoners. You like getting high or enjoying psychedelics…[View]
30357073KIK THREAD X: Let's start a new kik thread ;) Kik Gender And what you're looking for. Kik:…[View]
30349591Sciencers: Post face age and bodycount this is for scienctine purpose >21 >1…[View]
30353052BBC worship kik thread: 29 5 ft 7 115 lbs long blonde hair and smooth. Kik is tdoul33 Please reply w…[View]
30357339/tc/ - Tactical's Community: Tactical's Community is an amusing growing community server w…[View]
30352285bored anons, post yourself as a family guy character and rate, ill start http://www.familyguyyoursel…[View]
30357236dm me on discord: >20 M Norway >Looking for either a dominant person (male or female) to domin…[View]
30357126I'm curious about trans women and femboys I just wanna find out :) I'm quite big there and…[View]
30355685anyone with good vibes in Munich atm?: hallo to my future frens in Munich, my Kik username is '…[View]
30354148Would I look better with straight hair?: ???[View]
30357050Looking for something specific: 20 y/o male in west coast Canada wanting to be dominated. ME: 5…[View]
30355849Am I ugly? I genuinely don't know[View]
30338198I only see Wickr general, and that isn't what all of us are looking for. So, post your wickr na…[View]
30356905Polish discord thread: Kurwa Lets try this one out >Asl >Hobbies >Looking for >NOT looki…[View]
30349655mineycraft server with custom map and other tweaks to difficulty and etc https://discord.gg/aDhMZNxW…[View]
30356381Bottoms and femboys who want a bf add me cleanroom#0955[View]
30356327https://discord.gg/yrf3NQD5py we're a cozy chat for cozy people. join us. server for people wit…[View]
30356321omegle thread interest 'animorphs'[View]
30356272Cool server for cool people made by a cool person https://discord.gg/ubbAAZqdvd[View]
30355990Are there any women from new jersey that browse this board? I need to make some friends[View]
30356040Kentucky sluts tri state edition henderson Evansville Owensboro[View]
30350263Idaho general: where are my bitches and brothers at? Kik: notthatfunnie snap: realonionslayer asl? …[View]
30291608chart thread. Post yours AND RATE others[View]
30355867join for trans rights: https://discord.gg/F3QyudfFzY https://discord.gg/F3QyudfFzY https://discord.g…[View]
30354472looksmaxxing progress thread: Results of 11 months of looksmaxxing. Any tips on what else I should d…[View]

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