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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 194 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
31594239Demiurgusss trade 19ygf pics and spy sex sister[View]
31593263/soc/ date experiences thread: post /soc/ dating experiences you've had >fellow anon I know …[View]
31589787>Add femcel off here or other sites based on mutual interests, enter a relationship >Offer to …[View]
31594005Hi play league of legends with me: i'm on north america, ign: silsol i used to be rank 1 pic re…[View]
31591325https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.…[View]
31594004DADDY needs a girl in TIJUANA[View]
31592470So my friend has an e-girl server where she is looking for friends It’s 18+ she only posts pics whe…[View]
31593974this cave is your grave https://discord.gg/aZwgqYF5wu[View]
31592519Fun nsfw telegram group: Hey here’s a fun nsfw telegram group Come join post nudes vids and stuff!!…[View]
31589072Discord Cuck Thread: Discord Cuck Thread[View]
31593864come join! we vc nightly https://discord.gg/MqfzRZVDnJ[View]
31593529Do I look cute? I have low self esteem.[View]
31590100autumns melancholy actually feels so good![View]
31578211Discord Kitten Server: For girls that like meowing https://discord.gg/Bgd3BrbTsp[View]
31593348/his/tory and humanities, come and learn about our shared past! https://discord.gg/5eUqKcCcKV https:…[View]
31590210Server de habla hispana para toda la gente de soc que habla español. Si estas aprendiendo español ta…[View]
31593256https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.gg/shutin https://discord.gg/shu…[View]
31593776Ayo, young blood. Join this server if you're a REAL ass street nigga! Real ass niggas (NO CLASS…[View]
31593723join chill server clown themed no control freak sjws thanks https://discord.gg/yZhNUqja[View]
31593718Shitpost discord: send shitpost https://discord.gg/2NtbjPqh[View]
31590845Poll: Poll: does my belt and belt buckle look too big? Should I take off the belt and keep the outfi…[View]
31593676discord.gg/dorito: Rule 1. Don't talk about :^) :^) Maintains the theme of simple, uncensored f…[View]
31593662looking for a high elo league player to carry me in normals.... im an egirl and im happy 2 vc just w…[View]
31593660I am a bored stay at home housewife immigrant woman who is married to a typical shy white nerdy weak…[View]
31593609Tenjiku The Promised Neverland Link https://discord.gg/P2FQ7MQEUX[View]
31551638Body Rate threat[View]
31593489Drawfag chat?: Can I get an invite for a drawfag group pl0x? Looking to commission for a good price…[View]
31589037Small and comfy server Lurkers and people looking to e-date not welcomed https://discord.gg/MMNGrHvP…[View]
31593405add me on discord if you want memes and sexting: C.A.J#6039[View]
31588225UK Dating/Meetup Thread...: Let's try and keep this classy... YOU: >Age/Sex/Region(where in …[View]
31590928hello 4chan!!! i am in the middle of an awesome schizoaffective episode after ingesting some horse t…[View]
31583931Post age, wickr, and what u looking for M19, I need a pervy Daddy to kidnap and rape me til I'm…[View]
31571845NE Thread: Alright let's hear it for New England. General New England thread- hookups, hangouts…[View]
31588364New BBC Kik thread My Kik is hadeoasaya Looking for BBC to trib stolen nudes of white woman Messag…[View]
31593010Music Thread. Post a Selfie Post some Song Links. Rate Taste Discuss.[View]
31592901Hippy Meetup PORTSMOUTH, UK: Anyone from the UK, Portsmouth (or near) fancy meeting up at Milton Com…[View]
31593019No porn, just light racism and talking to new frens. https://chat.whatsapp.com/D9xSMNhIZ81AGh0ZvBYfQ…[View]
31591064Can a European girl please marry me? I want to get out of here and see the romantic landscapes of eu…[View]
31592940fren discord :3 . this server is pro choice and pro lgbtq and we HATE PEDOPHILES!!!!!! https://disco…[View]
31592934join https://discord.gg/FrVGcKNM[View]
31587876wickr thread go wild post age, sex, location and what you want[View]
31592628A server for anons to play video games and talk about video game or video game related things togeth…[View]
31592479Comfy Tech Co - discord server: hi, new and small discord for comfy people interested in discussing …[View]
31590564Real nigga server, femoids get muted omm: https://discord.gg/2kSpNhYe[View]
31592145Thiccawk I need a f or catfish ti chat to and have some fun with. Or share ur irls with me for chat …[View]
31589853Are there any femcoomers still around who love hentai? It would just be nice to share some doujins a…[View]
31590646Great discord server, plenty of e-girls and faggots: https://discord.gg/nQ8nS9bXkS[View]
31590667Email/Penpal Thread: Thought I'd start a thread for those of us who prefer email to discord/kik…[View]
31592161Skype Thread: Post em if you got em skype group: https://join.skype.com/RIfULkGz5Vo7[View]
31592044Doing CockTributes now: Cocking girls you know on kik Rheagar1993 Nude gets first[View]
31472559Ideal BF/GF thread: Post YOURSELF Dont have the template? Let me help you out there. Save this pic a…[View]
31580594Want a small server you can hang out and chill in? Play video games and watch movies? Come check us …[View]
3159107821/cisM/NA/straight Am very toxic at times so don’t message me if you can’t handle toxicity looking…[View]
31589334https://discord.gg/d39E74mA Looking for artists that enjoy y2k motifs, if you aren't an artist,…[View]
31586983Dutch thread. 25m open for anything, as long as you’re from NL Kik Milo24NL[View]
31588514Other one is deader than disco.: Kik: tensnak3 Send me your ex, sis, gf, stolen nudes, whatever. If …[View]
31591675this is very strange but it would be nice to have people to watch stuff with? so with that being sai…[View]
31591804Bubble butt in Sweden needs BBC: Göteborg. Any bbc close by that wants to breed me? kik: Lepetitebon…[View]
31591794Harem lit .: Just a server I made to talk to people in this genra. Web novels . Harem lit novels . P…[View]
31591317Am I hot?: Am I attractive? Could I land a cute femboy or trap bf? I can post my Discord if anyone i…[View]
31590916slut farm: a completely new server for sluts owned by sluts every girl gets her own channel to post …[View]
31530926A thread for cocksuckers and cocks looking to get sucked. Not just for trading pics, there's ot…[View]
31588994Change my wallpaper and I'll post it.: Change it using wallclaimer app. Username its_william200…[View]
31582978The Secret Bunker! We are a 25+ server focus on the oldfags of the internet. The ideal for our serve…[View]
31584862Happy birthday 4chan!! :) /his/tory and humanities server, learn something about your past!! https:/…[View]
31591490Hairy girls thread: It is finally time to appreciate the natural beauty of girls. KIK: parvib7…[View]
31574514Pure Dating Thread: This thread is for people looking for long term relationships, NOT hookups or le…[View]
31591318Wallclaimer thread.: Come post your wallclamer Id and see what you get[View]
31586613MENTALLY ILL THINSPO / E GIRL SERVER JOIN NOW https://discord.gg/xRapGwsR[View]
31574833/discgen/ — general Discord thread: Provide the following info: >ASL >who you are >looking …[View]
31585017Guess ethnicity thread![View]
31587355We talk about all types of shit, time travel, NWO, illuminati, CERN, cryptozoology, etc., we're…[View]
31590774hi: https://discord.gg/H2x4V25zTD https://discord.gg/H2x4V25zTD https://discord.gg/H2x4V25zTD hi…[View]
31590648discord.gg/dorito: Rule 1. Don't talk about :^) :^) Maintains the theme of simple, uncensored f…[View]
31588642Why do I like trans girls much more than cis girls? I used to like cis girls. Does it have anything …[View]
31590581OMG WHATS THAT? Discord.gg/orphanage ? EGIRLS... retards... funny poster? I NEED TO JOIN THAT RN! an…[View]
31590111Hey Anon stop wasting ur time here on soc. and find your friends... and your love... in here... Disc…[View]
31585704Get your sigma neetset on and get in here: https://discord.gg/xTE5bja2zt New fucking server Tired of…[View]
31589330Your Masturbation Places: Post places where you like to jerk off or maturbate![View]
31590498https://discord.gg/7mth62mp WELCOME TO THE SHITSHOW[View]
31589775European Sexting and Hookups: 1.) Post your A/S/L 2.) Post your KIK/SNAP/... 3.) Short description o…[View]
31590583bingso/solarisrun: if you see this you know who i am and i wanted to chat again so if you see this a…[View]
31585370New gaming server, freshly made.: Brand new server, around a dozen members atm. Mostly sane and cent…[View]
31586146I want a lesbian fren do any lesbians browse here? imma guy btw[View]
31590054best discord server you'll find on soc in a lifetime mk5: why best: yes https://discord.gg/r7Rv…[View]
31564124Toxic Relationship Finder: You already know what it is Post your Disc, Kik, or Telegram.[View]
31589733crazy esoteric gore server! https://discord.gg/5m6hrNReqp https://discord.gg/5m6hrNReqp https://disc…[View]
31590250Telegram Thread: I'll start . I'm a female, I'm 23 and im doing tribs, rates, ect. @ …[View]
31589899Discord server: Join us and have a good time and be chill we game and all sorts of stuff including p…[View]
31586226https://discord.gg/MxFupaBV2T We have a discord server with some incredibly lax rules. More or less …[View]
31585001/VGA/ Video Gamers Anonymous: A server for anons to play video games and talk about video game or vi…[View]
31589830Lonely discord for people who don't have friends in the real world and want to make friends onl…[View]
31589804SoFlo late 20sF looking for friends: Hey, I’m new to the USA, married and looking to make some plato…[View]
31558845European Kik Thread: Post your age, country and what you’re looking for. Other contacts welcomed.…[View]
31589039https://discord.gg/VsFNsmBY owner horny[View]
31589667TRASH CAN server. Looking for other cuties to hang out~ IF you're chill, want frens, and like c…[View]
31589628Tenjiku The Promised Neverland Link https://discord.gg/P2FQ7MQEUX[View]
3158961221/cisM/NA/straight Am very toxic at times so don’t message me if you can’t handle toxicity looking…[View]
31585207Session Thread: Post your session ID and some basic info itt.[View]
31580219How should female prisoners be punished and used?: Should female prisoners convicted of a crime be m…[View]
31588717HEY YOU! YES YOU! Did you want to join a cute discord that has nice chats and plays games together a…[View]
3158923921/cisF/NA/straight Am very toxic at times so don’t message me if you can’t handle toxicity looking…[View]
31584153Hey /soc/, it's survey time! >Sex >Age >Sexual orientation >In a relationship? >…[View]
31589268Height Guess thread: Hehehe[View]
31579331Looking to adopt some more /ausNEETs/ into the server again, any around? <3 https://discord.gg/kE…[View]
31563000Gooner Dating - Discord Only: Do you want to Goon to porn fed to you ? Do you want to feed others po…[View]
31573247New York thread >Post your asl >Post your 3 best attributes >Post your top 3 favorite thing…[View]
31589140Join the official Mark Rober Server! https://discord.gg/markrober[View]
31588512Goyims' Guild Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bvT58XsT Come and chat with the guild, goy. ht…[View]
31584869Hi, I'm 22 Female, I'm from Europe and my orientation is straight Please read the whole po…[View]
31565442Trap/Trans/CD/Femboy thread: Unleash your slutty nature[View]
31586046Idk man im losing it i just reached out and called the 988 line and i got a fucking automated messag…[View]
31588693You know the drill everybody, time to get that shit off your chest[View]
31588830kik me for honest rating: hello. kik me your pics, nude or not, any gender welcome. I'll give y…[View]
31588652Creepy || paranormal || HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE Discord: https://discord.gg/DCdBne9j This is where the game…[View]
31567791Looking for male pig who wants to be slave to a MTF DOM: To be my plaything, to let me degrade him a…[View]
31586620NEGRESSES WANTED FOR A 21+ ALL BLACK SERVER: Blk women, Queens of /soc/. Please join our server. Inv…[View]
31588805Ask me anything: 4 chan is probably the only place I can be truthful and honest about how I want/liv…[View]
31584886https://discord.gg/x4y7gXYk: Come hangout and make friends at Daydream! https://discord.gg/x4y7gXYk…[View]
31587090I know here are druggies on here, so let me ask you a question. Why do folks do drugs out in their d…[View]
31585860Which dating app is the one where flannel lesbians and preop trans men pick up autistic soft boys?[View]
31588191Telegram/kik hard porn groups?: Any real blackmails or grope etc groups?[View]
31573001I miss those vibes I had with that type of quirky asocial and clingy gf so here I'm trying my l…[View]
31580831I NEED FRIENDS!! AND A BOYFRIEND!!: 18/f/canda crazy fun silly anorexic girl super duper bored!! has…[View]
31588602Balkan perv meet: Any balkan people on this thread? Let's get in touch for some pervy shit Pref…[View]
31586929I look like this, DNA test says I'm 100% scandinavian. How do I breed a 10/10 stacy and save th…[View]
31588527Hung BWC looking for obedient bitch boy subs: Huge cock Dom looking for obedient cuck / bitch boys t…[View]
31588582is there anyone on here that has borderline personality disorder and self harm?[View]
31586971Strongest lookism psych ward warriors JB party clubhouse dark looks prophets wanted lil jabronies st…[View]
31580562Having halted the twilight of the golden order, the fumos march on. Join for movie nights, games, a…[View]
31588430Sever for indie game devs: Come and join, we have some talented people here. Please try to progress …[View]
31587340I have a Fetlife account. Does anyone here use Fet anymore? Is kik better?[View]
31588388tight slutty femboy, please rape/abuse me!: no limits, extreme taboos/fetishes are welcome! kik: jaw…[View]
31581813Where is the best place to chat with/find Filipino guys? Like 25-40, no kids, not married, fluent in…[View]
31587129Hewwos friends its that time of the day again. how about u make some friends? how about u get comfy …[View]
31577621Come Hangout: Are you a right wing trap or trap lover? Then this is the place for you! We're lo…[View]
31588237TRANS FEMMES IN NORTHERN LOUISIANA DISCORD SHARING THREAD: im desperate to make other trans femme fr…[View]
31514305man ass thread: post your man ass and rate[View]
31588152Some girl on here, sit on one of these dolls with the caption 'i cant breathe'[View]
31585353Big Dick Thread: Big Dick Thread for all the anons here. Don't forget to post if you are lookin…[View]
31588101kik thread: You all know the score looking to trade/tribs for my ex nwuk000[View]
31572411London /soc/ party #2: We are holding the second /soc/ party in London on 8th October. It will prob…[View]
31583169mentally ill. depraved, daddy issues and bpd. https://discord.gg/epstein[View]
31576563best discord server you'll find on soc in a lifetime mk5: please no egirls we have too many htt…[View]
31584038Lost connections thread: For anyone whos lost a friend or connection. i dont have the original image…[View]
31587388Channeling misanthropic lurker gf: >A/S/L 24/Male (XY)/Latvia >Physical Description Brown eyes…[View]
31586035Join for hot girls. https://discord.gg/ZhUcWthggP[View]
31578866alien server no pedofilia https://discord.gg/xVKVMU8mZA[View]
31587814https://discord.gg/2UjwVxt5Sz: low moderation, toxicity, interesting figures, some literature discus…[View]
31578228Ugly thread[View]
31584748new dirty kik. last one has over 500 replies 21F mercymainbtw0[View]
31578604Was supposed to go on my first date about an hour ago but I came home to them fucking my room mate, …[View]
31585158GAY ASS SERVER: https://discord.gg/Zmq84F3K https://discord.gg/Zmq84F3K https://discord.gg/Zmq84F3K…[View]
31584996jKQ8yyBpJS: https://discord.gg/FrenCrnr Welcome to the Friend Corner! We’re a cozy, mature community…[View]
31586400Hello I am a white man looking for a black friend who is interested in fitness to add on discord. Ei…[View]
31587708Cringe server: crack enthusiasts and homosexuals https://discord.gg/6YcQnPD2WC https://discord.gg/6Y…[View]
31587686https://chat.whatsapp.com/D9xSMNhIZ81AGh0ZvBYfQS Join if you hate women[View]
31584533Aquatic Booth: https://discord.gg/Ar9FtjQP Come aboard the Aquatic Booth! We're a new server of…[View]
31587641A discord server that gets as 4chan as it gets, weebs gamers and mostly europeans join if u want to …[View]
31584516Flashing people you know: Post snaps, kiks, or discord’s below and I’ll send them my dick ;P Also dm…[View]
31586677holy christ this board is pathetic. couldn't even sift through it. I'm in the mid to easte…[View]
31583706Pain: Why is it so hard to find a don tranny to have sex w as a very attractive twink :([View]
31587576Lonely discord for people who don't have friends in the real world and want to make friends onl…[View]
31587309Deutschland / Germany Hookup Deutsch/Englisch Edition: English version at the end for people in germ…[View]
31564201New Zealand meetup thread {red boarder edition}: New Zealand meetup thread {red boarder edition} try…[View]
31587511Small and cozy server: pur·ga·to·ry /ˈpərɡəˌtôrē/ a place or state of suffering inhabited by the sou…[View]
31585882looking for vc and gaming frens: Chickn#3333 >25 f west coast I travel a lot I usually go to Las …[View]
31587367Longshot but does anyone who also has no one in their life want to take a week long vacation with me…[View]
31584930JOIN FOR FEMCEL RAPE https://discord.gg/mktQqAZH[View]
31579411https://discord.gg/d39E74mA Looking for artists that enjoy y2k motifs, if you aren't an artist,…[View]
31587127Join Mandy's room Srs. We need ppl who will chat. https://discord.gg/KqZYNdRZ[View]
31586594Relationship Advice: I’m a young man looking for some relationship advice. Would anybody be interest…[View]
31586854Do I look asian/hapa or am I just that ugly?[View]
31584851What’s everyone drinking[View]
31578227alt guy to obsess over: 22/female/arizona hii i'm looking for a mentally ill alt guy with long…[View]
31586818In search of e-gf: I am looking for a girlfriend. >21/Male/USA >Athletic build >I spend mo…[View]
31586804join vc https://discord.gg/UeBr5Fg7[View]
31449172/cozygen/ - LGBT DISCORD: business as usual, no coomers, /lgbt/ server (let's not fool ourselve…[View]
31586598Gothic culture: Goth Club starts up! Gothic Studies of Gothic and Goth history We are starting up a …[View]
31510340BBC Kik Thread[View]
31586338https://discord.gg/49wbHbCST9 Bedlam. •egirls •schizos •a strict vetting process •femboy thighs • …[View]
31580189https://discord.gg/KcYm87bjDp Esoteric aesthetic 18+ server join now or perish[View]
31582174New Wickr Thread: Old one at bump limit captainclown Open minded perv[View]
31564154New Jersey Meetup Thread: Just the usual. Asl, what you're looking for, contact info, etc. 19, …[View]
31586293Want nazi Trans gf badman1488#0830[View]
31577320my face is fucked, isn’t it[View]
31575211/vp/ - Pokémon discord.gg/xHavXnja8r * /vp/ DISCORD ON DISCORD * OVER 600 USERS! * all other /vp/ Di…[View]
31583701DISCORD: Discord server for everyone, no porn ,16+ be friendly and chill[View]

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