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Displaying 44 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7159374PNG only thread. JPG files are heresy.[View]
7156185Post-apocalypse wallpaper thread: Post your best post-apocalypse wallpapers[View]
7160775Las Vegas/Vegas strip papes, any theme.[View]
7150404Nier Automata papes?: show me your best nier automata papes[View]
7160837Dinosaurs: Saw a Jurassic Park thread the other day, but it looks like nobody is posting on it. Can …[View]
7156558I like to think of finding wallpapers like collecting digital art. Therefore, imma share my collecti…[View]
7160776Caves: Give me your best caves, I'm struggling to find good wallpapers. Tunnels and cave life a…[View]
7156208Cute girls thread[View]
7151110Paintings of older times.[View]
7089712Low and slow: From this day I'll post one pape every day until I hit the limit or die. Today wa…[View]
7157447Deep Science: How about a thread with wallpapers that evoke a really deep cathartic response? I…[View]
7154585Old computers: Commencing dump of what i have...[View]
71511734K THREAD[View]
7157798computery vaporwave trash: all you sadbois and trashgoyls get in here and post computery vaporpapes…[View]
7155794Celtic wallpapers. The best you've got.[View]
7160278Hello /wg/, I'm doing a very small dump of the wallpapers I have on my current computer, feel f…[View]
7140074Album cover thread, last one reached image limit.[View]
7147965Frogs: I really like frog backgrounds, but there aren't too many that I can find. You guys got …[View]
71235954chan wallpapers[View]
7119861quotes! books, people, movies I don't care[View]
7159433Hey /wg/ Anyone have wallpapers like this?[View]
7159976Spiritual: Hello! I look for some images of the spiritual theme[View]
7158046Today is my 23rd birthday, post your 23rd pape. Thanks anons :)[View]
71524271440x2560 Papes: Posting what I have to hand, starting with a few staples[View]
7159661Anything High Resolution: 4 years ago I made a wallpaper file for High Resolution wallpapers from /w…[View]
7154946Mecha wallpapers thread.: Show them robots[View]
7159793silhoutte/single character with great background papes[View]
7158673War / battle / individual soldier thread. Any war or battle Any country Any time period Any people[View]
7158933A huge random dump of papes I've collected over the course of a year. Most are 1920x1080, becau…[View]
7154286Hey /wg/, my old computer broke and now I need to get a cracked version of ps. Can anyone help me ou…[View]
7154890Comfy houses[View]
7152661Post Uplifting wallpapers: My friend killed himself today. It was super sudden. Post papes that coul…[View]
7157255Statues: bonus points for women.[View]
7157294Wrestling Papes: I know I'm not the only wrestling fan here.[View]
7157679xtra terrestrial papes: basically the title. Bonus points for not posting the Alien from Alien V. Pr…[View]
7154476Aryanwave: Let's go. Only aesthetics.[View]
7159268Your best 4k wallpapers: Post your best 4k wallpapers.. I'm looking for some[View]
7153031Let's get a dual/multiple monitor thread going. Will contribute what I got. OP in desperate nee…[View]
7151081Mobile wallpapers with Japanese writing: Mobile papers that feature some form of Japanese writing (p…[View]
7157137World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft 1920x1080p minimum. Anything goes![View]
7149098Desktop thread: New one since the last one reached bump limit Windows 10: http://chloechantelle.com/…[View]
7151605Nature Wallpapers General №5: Previous threads: #1 https://archive.nyafuu.org/wg/thread/7121837 #2…[View]
7158270Masquerade stuff: Title says it all.[View]
7155096Jurassic Park: Need me more of this. HD preferred. Actual scenes in the movie or art or behind the s…[View]

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