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Displaying 70 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6881162Misty Cities: Focus on misty or dark cityscapes. I'll post what I have[View]
6879490TRIANGLES BITCHES: My favorite shape is a triangle. show me your best![View]
6878445Self Made: Working on IASIP wallpapers. I need some ideas to help out this WIP[View]
6877201stuff like this please[View]
6881618REQUEST: looking for wallpaper in pic related I cannot find it on google Anyone of you have it ?…[View]
6881154Audrey Hepburn Thread: Audrey Hepburn Thread Unload.[View]
6875838Ultrawidescreen: 3440x1440p 21:9 ultrawidescreen papes OC, i have tried my best - feel free to make …[View]
6859414Just broke up with my GF. Need some sad papes.[View]
6880072Spooky Wallpapers: animals preffered[View]
6879638Vietnam war thread: Post your vietnam background's here[View]
6877667Slightly depressing wallpapers: I just like em better than most normie backgrounds pic example…[View]
6881325Messing with friends: So I'm loaning my computer to a not so tech-savvy friend and I keep chang…[View]
6878876destory fascism!: now![View]
6873851The most badass Skyrim Papes: More like this?[View]
6880896This has been on my desktop for a while now.[View]
6880752solo people: looking for papes that have someone by themselves, no porn extra points for grill…[View]
6878667Wallpapers like this?[View]
6865110Hitler: Best wallpaper[View]
6873347Mass Effect: In honor of ME:A coming out fairly soon, let's do an all-inclusive Mass Effect thr…[View]
6869548Only the best papes: Only 10/10 wallpapers here[View]
6876945Football thread: Your best football wallpapers thread[View]
6879080https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCXsRoyFRQE fell in love with this music video, so here are some sti…[View]
6880015Dahmp Because Shit Taste: Enjoying the dual screen the S/O gave me after having helped set up his st…[View]
6864792Humorous Wallapers: Need some kek-worthy papes, will dump what I have[View]
6872728MAGA THREAD: you know what to do.[View]
6880639RED THREAD: can we get some red / warm wallpapers? posting what i got[View]
6880627This kind of wallpaper[View]
6874806band papes: looking for cannibal ox papes, also music thread[View]
6877475I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY: Post happy papes.[View]
6879931Lolita/Nymphet: Anything with a Lolita/nymphet feel[View]
6880154H.R. Giger: Phone wallpapers appreciated, but not mandatory.[View]
6880394Grape Phone Papes: My love for grapes is a light that never goes out.[View]
6856347Trump wallpapers and lockscreens: ITT we share our Trump wallpapers and lockscreens If you post a s…[View]
6877765A R T: Hey, can you post things like this? Any. Don't care if don't have any word[View]
6880278visually pleasing countryside wallpapers: took this one from pol[View]
6877683only star wars wallpapers[View]
6879481wallpaper for this music?: https://clyp.it/t052rxyp[View]
6875725Lone Wanderer(s): Beautiful landscapes that include a lone wanderer or a small group of people in it…[View]
6870690This is the desktop ricing thread. Post your riced desktops in this thread. No other grains allowed.…[View]
6870935DevianArt: Post your favourite artist's papes and maybe link to his/her devianart page. I'…[View]
6877929Got a new cellphone. Plz post some nightmare fuel type papes[View]
6879907Like this[View]
6878190Drowning/Underwater: could i get a thread of some drowning and creepy underwater wallpapers goin??…[View]
6879952hey guys, let's post some relaxing purple-ish miami sunset-esque vibe papes. Happy times[View]
6850683Describe your life with a wallpaper: and explain why you chose this wallpaper (or not actually, as y…[View]
6879844How do I word this... Woman looking toward you thread? I'll post what I have but it's not …[View]
68765958BITS Wallpaper?[View]
6877732.: been feeling a bit empty, alone. Post what you're feeling and a pape to match. Post music, g…[View]
6879825Post your favorite 2560x1440 Wallpaper[View]
6879755Vietnam War Era Wallpapers: What's up /wg/. I'm obsessed with the Vietnam War. I need a re…[View]
6879716General iPhone Thread: Cool aesthetic or generally pleasing wps for an iPhone preferably 6 pls…[View]
6877559Feels / Thought Provoking WP's: Anything aesthetically pleasing to the feelings[View]
6866790Comfy Cities / Industrial Areas: Those a bit depressive, yet still comfy. Papes that make your heart…[View]
6879255Female: No Naked Please - Glamour , Aesthetic & /Fa/[View]
6878619Metal Wallpapers: Can we get some metal themed wallpapers?[View]
6879487fire: general fire thread (pits, bon, wild, etc.), mobile or desktop[View]
6874414Love this Pic. By Artem Demura[View]
6879576Hitler? I mean.. yee :): Drop it.[View]
6879560Colonial wallpapers[View]
6879521Vietnam War/US Army Wallpapers (Preferably HD): I need a rally high quality Uncle Sam Wallpaper. Any…[View]
6860327Fallout and some misc. stuff: so while back someone made a wallpaper with this vault girl, fucked up…[View]
6875834Random Papes thread: show me what you got, /wg/[View]
6877142Art & Painting Wallpapers: Historical themes welcome[View]
6879367I just watched True Detective and finished Resident Evil 7 I NEED more Louisiana/satanish horror wal…[View]
6879348To protect: We are anonymous, we are legion, we won't forgive, we won't forget , Expect Us…[View]

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