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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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36534015>mtf >looking at clothing >randomly see pair of jeans for gregant belly >top always talk…[View]
36530714Every ftm 'chaser' just wants to breed us and make us detransition. There are no real cuntman fetish…[View]
36532232>bf sometimes talks about wanting to be cuter and more feminine >One day while preparing for …[View]
36533675Have therapy in an hour. Brainworm me so I get my money's worth. >t. 22mtf manmoder…[View]
36528235I regret everything: SRS has destroyed me. I was looking forward to it so much. I thought it would b…[View]
36532423Am I delusional?: Does it count if I consider myself a woman but cannot transition due to family and…[View]
36531875Troons Burn in the Fire - Sleep Now in the Fire cover: The troons are an offence Secretly I desire J…[View]
36531794be honest: >would you moar pics of him if U desire[View]
36532285>be me >start hrt at 16 >end up looking like an ugly man with conetits AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
36531588foid btfo[View]
36530195I plan on doing some kind of crash diet to lose a bunch of weight so I can get fat redistribution as…[View]
36532439Do you believe in god[View]
36533601Do men even exist? Or are all of them repping trannies or ftfemboys if ftm? I like men and I want a …[View]
36528741would any tranners watch FMA with me?: I never watched FMA when it was super popular and I like watc…[View]
36533655>I might seem like a drunktard: >I might seem like a broken fool >pitiable lonely and crud…[View]
36530187/mtfg/ - male to female general: qott: how do you distract yourself from it all? prev >>365258…[View]
36533212I want to have sex with men in front of a mirror[View]
36522049/ftmg/: QOTT: What's your favorite junk food? >>36510145[View]
36526720Religious reppers: Reppers or closeted repping out of a desire to be pure and not go down with the f…[View]
36533457how can I stop being cringe to trans women here?: no matter what I do, I'm cringe. Do people he…[View]
36531271do you guys unironically have a bbc fetish[View]
36533292why am I so attracted to cis women that look like trannies >picrel[View]
36529348regenerative homosexuals: A thread for gay men and women who want children or already have children.…[View]
36533204>trans woman x cis woman relationship where she'll let me fuck her but also is willing to gi…[View]
36515460this poor chaser was groomed into being trans: Trans girls who he was attracted to coerced him into …[View]
36533210>tfw no sugar mommy trans gf to pay me $1k a month to play video games and watch anime with her w…[View]
36533045frog appreciation post: >be me in 4th grade >all year long frogs outside my window at night ma…[View]
36528508why did pre-transition taftaj do it bro sisters?! Transitioning would've saved her...[View]
36530829I need money for my perfect life. Any tips? What should useless troons do (other than prostitution)[View]
36530158>be twink sex worker >over 10 years in the industry >looks haven't faded yet but I wan…[View]
36529523I no longer love or even really like my BF of 15 years but I feel completely trapped: Wwyd anons? Fi…[View]
36529867Am I Not Just Lonely?: I’ve been confused for awhile now but just recently I found a girl who I flir…[View]
36530461i want to date a tranny who is cultured in the humanities. bussy is not as sexy without a cultured m…[View]
36528889/cis gaygen/ adoption edition: >>36525870 Would you rather adopt or use a surrogate?[View]
36531438Are nude beaches a trans friendly place?[View]
36526631are you a lesbian?[View]
36531760Im just a soft boi with a big heart and a smol brain, I was not built for this world, I will not sur…[View]
36527616What do you do when you’re hot enough to get swipes and matches from men on dating apps, but none of…[View]
36527297Will hrt save me: 2 months until I start.[View]
36529040>be hopeless romantic loyal autist >get manipulated and cucked >am now a jaded misanthrope…[View]
36532760pls tell me theres hope for me (i NEED to be topped by a trans girl and i hate being a chaser and as…[View]
36532248>start hrt at 20 almost 21 >'oh you look like a pooner omg luckshit you're definitely gon…[View]
36532572>want to create a folder for hons that call themselves boymoders to upload on boymoder threads …[View]
36532333agp or tranny: how to know if ur an agp or a tranny[View]
36532144I like my women how I like my cars: with stick.[View]
36529154Does this guy sound like he has 'gay voice' to you? I think he does - not overwhelmingly, …[View]
36521226>most transbians are just gay men on estrogen >don't mesh with cis lesbians Kinda sucks t…[View]
36532257I think it is high time ftms and theyfabs who didn't get their titties snapped off yet to take …[View]
36530599Is working out bad as a mtf? I want a bigger ass but getting some muscle tone in my core and arms wo…[View]
36531837Is it really that good?[View]
36531710Should I spend a lil bit of money buying fun (but low quality) revealing clothes that I'll neve…[View]
36532126You're at the council of elrond and someone just suggested the hobbits take the ring to mount d…[View]
36532152The more I lurk and read posts here, the less I want to have sex.[View]
36532241Words cannot express what burning hatred I feel towards grindr twinks. They are all duplicitous FAGG…[View]
36530186Are there any gay fems here who have never had tranny thoughts?[View]
36530782why do gay dudes like loose assholes?[View]
36528182It feels weird 4chan became the anti-tranny site when nearly everyone I know who was here in 08-12 t…[View]
36530695>weird chemically castrated eunuch thing, dont identify with anything >women hate me cus male …[View]
36531556I intensely dislike closeted homosexuals.[View]
36531840I'm not gay. I'm not bi. I'm not queer. I'm not a part of the LGBT community. I…[View]
36531379My area is now like 1/3 pajeet and the dating apps are full of them being rapey and ESL should I jus…[View]
36527587Why haven't you gotten FFS?[View]
36532026what does this mean.. how many loads he took? :/[View]
36532309>all I see are cis faces >microaggressions at every level >oppressing me in safe spaces …[View]
36525618what's the point of living if you know that no man will ever love you because you're a tra…[View]
36531228I bet she wishes she never included polyjuice potion in her books at this point, right?[View]
36532169Would you rather be a happily honfident gigahon or a depressed insecure passoid?[View]
36529215What does it actually take to fix male waist while on hrt?: Starving to sub 18 bmi? Just luck? Break…[View]
36531639This weekend my best friend told me that I'm the only person she wants to go home with: Tomorro…[View]
36531279Why do so many lesbians are attracted to me?: I’m a very heteronormative man, but I don’t know why I…[View]
36531814I want to give up on transitioning so badly. It feels like I’m doing all of this for nothing. I’ll n…[View]
36531177Transgender ideology threatens to doom our society to a new Dark Age.[View]
36530517I am now into men... kinda?: Normally I vomitted on sight of penis, barely ever tolerated mine but n…[View]
36527817I am a cis lesbian but women disgust me?: Seriously, I genuinely am disgusted by the attitudes and l…[View]
36531963Do you guys get your cuts at the zesty barber shop?[View]
36530693Why do y'all hate republicans but love dems? We literally beat and cured AIDS for you, made the…[View]
36531822Heighthons aren't real[View]
36531300Why do most gays engage in anal in the first place???: >shit dick half the time >shit on bedsh…[View]
36531676Do bottom chasers go to heaven?[View]
36531017Are cuntboys actually real or is it really just a meme?[View]
36529636once trump gets elected, hes going to remove medicaid funding of gender transition for adults im nev…[View]
36531648How bad is this name (mtf) ?: How bad is the name Eleonora for a troon ? East slavic btw. I've …[View]
36525361doing god’s work: As a top sadist tranny, I believe I have a moral duty to brutally rape every botto…[View]
36530420I went shopping for girl clothes today. I even bought a bra. It was SUPER scary. But people were ni…[View]
36531570The way that other people treat you in life is 100% contingent on what you look like. If this woman …[View]
36530252on the inside i'm a 5'5' ashy blonde french/danish girl with bushy eyebrows who lives in a…[View]
36526032bottoming destroys the soul[View]
36531257>6'2' I should kill myself. There is no surgery. There is no cope. I was selected by God to …[View]
36531148Is that normal? I mostly think about being a celeb, streamer or Egirl. The thought of being them is …[View]
36531445I told my step mum about my pain and said I was a disgusting fucking tranny She said you aren't…[View]
36526339Transgender women are the African-Americans of gender discussion.[View]
36523282>be me >be born in a third world country >minimum wage here is 337 usd >no ffs insura…[View]
36529044Is this a good one?[View]
36527415how to hide autism from tranners?: I'm a tall guy, 6'3', I'm muscular, and have a dec…[View]
36531550if I ahd infinite money iw ould save every tranny and make them smile forever and I would never ask …[View]
36527036soft penis + hard penis = straight[View]
36531299Was she really right all along anons?[View]
36531153What kind of demonic rituals can I do to become a real girl[View]
36528711my transbian ex bought me a plushie but i hate my ex and the plush was only bought to guilt trip me.…[View]
36530139How the fuck can I find a bf to cuddle?: I just want to cuddle, watch anime or a dumb Batman movie, …[View]
36531205I'm going to kill myself: and I'm okay with it. As a tranny, I have a limited amount of ti…[View]
36530553I have concluded that all chasers are evil, including ftm chasers.[View]
36529793Are trans women disproportionately addicted to marijuana?[View]
36527589Is it AGP to want to get impregnated by a cis boy?[View]
36528542>come out to mom at 15 >she basically shoots me down and acts dismissive >dad supports, but…[View]
36526917How do I cope with ffs: I am 1 month post op but I feel like I look worse than before (which is fact…[View]
36529886I want a bf who just has the exact same personality as me. >t. twink[View]
36526383I am not like the other trannies: >hate insects >not good at IT >not autistic >not attra…[View]
36529034My mom died when I was 9, and I cry at least once a week because she'll never get to see me as …[View]
36530327Will i get hiv if i suck off random twinks and trannies?[View]
36530834I'm a pre-hrt, pre-voicetraining, non-dysphoric manmoder. When can I get my transbian gf?[View]
36530362ngl I’m at the point where I might just stop taking the pills and repress as much as possible. I don…[View]
36528961What exactly is the difference between these? Why do we need two separate words for these animals?[View]
36521844transwomen are women: we often hear this slogan, so let's analyse this mathematically >trans…[View]
36530758Are femgays cooked?[View]
36525479is it possible for anemiaic anamoder bpd trannies to get a bf?[View]
36530724>tall >big dick >warrior face >v shape >has a body every man wnvies >troons out Ma…[View]
36525844>want to troon out but work in construction project management >average coworker is a 30-40 ye…[View]
36524881American trans people are disappointing. You'd think that people from the guns and freedom cou…[View]
36527846Do trans women like getting cumsucked by handsome straight chasers?[View]
36530056What do cis women think of AGPs? Give it to me straight.[View]
36523624Any advice for a late transitioner?: I finally stopped repping, at 24 lmao. I will most likely never…[View]
36516347haven't seen one of these in a while post charts and guess letters[View]
36530534I’m so deep into porn addiction that I’m basically gay now. Women are old news, so to speak. I was a…[View]
36530203What does it mean to 'feel male'? Do cis men really feel that in their bones? I feel like I don…[View]
36521667If there was a pill that turned you into a woman with no effort or downsides every man in the world …[View]
36530529I'm a man and I want to look like this. Any tips?[View]
36525700watching the big lebowski should be mandatory for every ftm trying to understand what being a real a…[View]
36530449>don't repress, take hrt now or you'll end up an old ugly sissy! so if I'm okay wi…[View]
36530617Will twink death ever get to me as a ftm, or am I practically immune to it?[View]
36528860Is it possible to get tested for intersex if you have already been on hrt forever?[View]
36527574why cant i starve right? why is it hard?[View]
36526347what happened to all the boyremoval smut? i need more of it for.. um.. reasons >w<[View]
36528033is that a boner?[View]
36529237How do I as a straight man stop having sex with guys?: As the title suggests. I haven't had sex…[View]
36520329I wish I had a woman's refraction period, having a man's sucks. can cum once a day, maybe …[View]
36509457picrew bread: /en/image_maker/457566[View]
36529579Would a leather jacket be masc or fem?: Need to know cause parents got me one randomly and idk it se…[View]
36529252Are there any other NYC + NYC Metro Area trans girls here?[View]
36523718How do we respond to this?[View]
36527505i think i’ll continue to whine about my loneliness without trying to fix it because i’m afraid of ac…[View]
36529817I repress because I fucking hate my face and body ever since I remember myself[View]
36526416i want a bf with a huge penis[View]
36525870/cis gaygen/: Qott: are you overweight? Previous >>36523956[View]
36530084gay people are fucking STUPID: the average homosexual, especially the average homosexual man, is muc…[View]
36529297sometimes my boyfriend will get home from work and force me to take 6-8 seroquel 100mgs and then for…[View]
36528357I don't wanna hurt chasers. I like them. I think[View]
36529738>bisexual people consider monogamy a sacrifice more often than the rest of sexualities And then t…[View]
36529374Im a guy and I've only ever been sexually attracted to women but romantically attracted to men.…[View]
36526617In 549, Totila advanced again against Rome. He attempted to storm the improvised walls and overpower…[View]
36528268>mhmm your dick fucking my asshole feels so good >yeah? do you like the squelching sound as my…[View]
36519226Should incels be included in the LGBTQIA+ community? I mean incels/manlets are heavily oppressed in …[View]
36526978Why are so many chasers also foot fetishists? What's the connection?[View]
36525744Pfffffffttttttttt hahahahahahhahahahahahahaaahhahahahah[View]
36524345Does kissing a tranny feels more like kissing a man or a woman?[View]
36527568/Chasergen/ - Stranded Edition: QOTT: Chasergen has been stranded on a deserted Island, what's …[View]
36528800Labeling yourself non-binary is an attention seeking cop-out: Societally, I don't see any healt…[View]
36529477what are their letters?[View]
36527463How is it possible to live with AGP?[View]
36529512Me and my trans neanderthal gf[View]
36507639/repgen/: previous >>36474486[View]
36529448>Bullied for liking boys >So no friends, only close with parents (homophobic until Obergefell)…[View]
36526687am i just gonna turn into a ghoul with gyno if i stop repping and start HRT at 25 years old or shoul…[View]
36527326>be MTF >get high >start feeling dysphoric >start acting like a man What does this mean?…[View]
36526280i wonder what 14 year old me would think about how i turned out[View]
36526957Is it worth getting fake boobies to appeal to men if I'm a flat-chested trans girl?[View]
36522924Fat tgirl here, how do I find a hot man who will force me to diet and exercise and every time I get …[View]
36529223speed nation lets own these homophobes[View]
36528613I'm fembrained bpd incel: should I troon out or would a 6'2+ man with 7.6incher be a bit o…[View]
36528872>mfw midface iwn have cute boymoder bangs its over[View]
36528571say gex: What does it mean if I love reading and watching yaoi and the idea of men loving each other…[View]
36526656Anyone else planning on being a permavirgin cuz dysphoria. I will not have sex as a man cuz dysphori…[View]
36525182I'm gay and I will tell you why us gays dislike bi dudes... >do you prefer women? We are not…[View]
36528365I want a cis girl to hurt me: I dream of having a cruel cis gf to abuse me >im tied up in a dark…[View]
36528328I'm just gay. I'm not a femboy, a crossdresser, a repper, a dysphoric manmoder, a boymoder…[View]
36529026I can't stand looking like a man at all.[View]
36523941If you aren willing to honmode to reduce dysphoria you are NOT trans: You are just a trender larping…[View]
36527091I'm a chud but I secretly fantasize about being raped by a big and hung hon, is this normal?[View]
36525807mtfg: magic transsexual female general last time >>36519198 qott: are u drinking tn[View]
36528892Gonna need to make some money to troon. My job doesn't give me enough shifts to really have exc…[View]
36524312I want to impregnate a FTM: I want to poke a hole in my condom and cum in his stinky, hairy pussy I …[View]
36528376Need a New Shaver: Need new body shaver, currently using the one in the pic with shaver head. >H…[View]
36528667Trying hair removal cream tonight after shaving legs for the first time. Wish this tiny soldier luck…[View]
36528321Maybe i could like men if i didn't see them as threatening? I feel like many of my social inter…[View]
36528535Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine cover: Huh! Yeah, we’re comin’ back here with another tro…[View]
36527911Can I start HRT for a few months then stop?: I want boobs but love my femboy body.[View]
36528259kitty girls or puppy girls. make your case.[View]
36519531its over i want to die: even the centrists are turning against us turns out being trans just isn…[View]
36526431dating men as a tranny is abuse btw. no matter how much they say they love you, there is some part o…[View]
36527532Are there any scientific theories as to why some transitions completely fail even after 5+ years whi…[View]
36528176Rate My Life (RML): itehexael[View]
36525237beers with a boymoder: a boymoder comes over with a sixpack of beer. will you hang out with her?…[View]
36526227should i become closeted twink/femboy to cope?: I've been on e for 1.5 year now and its basical…[View]
36522476Trans women (hookers), are you filing your 1040-ES and paying your estimated taxes on your not-a-hoo…[View]
36522826boymoder masturbation: are boymoders allowed to masturbate anally or do they have to masturbate like…[View]
36526178god i fucking love dick[View]
36525631FTM is a joke!: It's like monkey see monkey do. Some girls look at guys who transition and thin…[View]
36500087/wouldgen/: an alternative take on passgen last thread got archived: >>36479715[View]
36526251Why can't straight people have sex?[View]
36522216Does DXM cause brain damage: I've heard varying things about this but I kind of want to try it …[View]
36525097I don't think I am really trans. I just can't fucking stop wanting to wear womens clothes.…[View]
36527225GAY ASYLUM SEEKERS: >russian gay chad (picrel) >has a russian bottom bf >move to USA togeth…[View]
36524656reppers, this is your fate: daily reminder the sands of time are precipitously slipping by your wear…[View]
36526135STOP SIMPING TO CISFOIDS: I truly believe that the dolls (us) will be the women of the future. I am …[View]
36527794Gay here. So I was sucking my boyfriend's dick while we were watching Stargate SG:1. After he c…[View]
36526835I have urges to get a boyfriend who wants to make me feel tiny and cute and loved. I never had these…[View]
36527666>listening to the screams of tortured boymoders on my lunch break[View]
36527141Need to come out: To keep things short, I am out to my dad and he's not happy about me being a …[View]
36526935>Be out to parents >In kitchen, cooking with mom >Mom tells me about everyone she's ou…[View]
36527396what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was in a padded cell, in a straight jacket, cli…[View]
36527268any southern balkan (bulgarian, albanian, greek, macedonian etc...) trannies on this board?...need b…[View]
36526429Closet Tranny for Trump: He'll keep the number of tranny's down by passing laws against tr…[View]
36522212For those that came out in school, how did people react? t.permaboymoder since freshman year of hs[View]
36526544im really hurt please help: >spent my childhood getting beat and raped by my father >i come ou…[View]
36526180Where do i find a bf who gives me free estrogen and weed and food and lets me leech off him and be n…[View]
36525368The pain of being a 30yo virgin is equal to the pain of being a 30yo virgin.[View]
36523709/fbg/ femboy general: HRT forever war general: goodness me it falls to me again to make a general. i…[View]
36524241What if knowledge of boy/manmoders become mainstream, would there be more tolerance for trannies or …[View]
36526607Being woman is inherently biological. Not more, not less, not a dress or mannerism. ONLY biological.…[View]
36521016People mistakenly think that I'm a good person because I'm superficially pleasant and outw…[View]
36526401being short is such bullshit. you get to anglefraud irl[View]
36526119Homo is not you tranny!: A gay man gets a nice hard dick for another gay man. t Tranny's never …[View]
36524001i have a guy coming over tomorrow give me an indepth food tutorial of what to eat and when so i dont…[View]
36525620how do you fix fridgebody?[View]
36524800omfg im a tranny!! whaaat the fuuuuckk??!!! >it just hit me so hard while staring at myself in th…[View]
36524190A good friend of mine came out as a transgender girl. She is very sweet, I'm interested in her …[View]
36524797does estrogen and spiro make anyone else alot more emotional? i have borderline personality disorder…[View]
36524082how does one cope with being 6'0 mtf: hi, ive always had bad dysphoria about my height which ma…[View]
36526455do latina girls like when white girls learn spanish for them!??[View]
36525392I blocked a tranny because she was an AGP bisexual with offspring and also a druggie.[View]
36519289why does it always happen too late?[View]
36526181How long should you wait after FFS before deciding whether it turned out fine or not? It's been…[View]
36526475My nipples are starting to show through my shirt + hoodie. Is it over? What can I do[View]
36526506Monarcho-troonism: How common are monarchist/pro-social hierarchy trannies? I personally think a mer…[View]
36523143You are planning to get SRS, Right?[View]
36525706>be me >plan shitty 'date' with some 36 year old tranner who apparently 'just got out of an LT…[View]
36526018any trans weird gender experiences growing up?: i feel like my experience was super weird and i don’…[View]
36521819I want to be a stealth trans woman: But I am 6'2 and I will never be stealth for this reason on…[View]
36521803>go outside >get gendered female >look in mirror >see obvious hon society has become too…[View]
36524140Types of nonbinary: Help me think of more[View]
36524798>started hrt after puberty why not kill myself[View]
36525610I solved transbianism: Everyone complains there’s too many transbians and not enough hussies so I go…[View]
36526090idk were to post this but harry dubois gives off the vibe that he would cry after bottoming for the …[View]
36525412do midshits and lateshits age like men? The bone structure is already in place after all[View]
36523280me after 5 years hrt[View]
36522425>Say anything at all on other boards >'How many years on E, sis?' >'How does it feel like …[View]
36525906should boymoders or shy transfems partake in ghetto hood culture? twerking, fighting, fake long lash…[View]
36524039I love brown princesses[View]
36525681I've decided to only come out as trans fem to my mum/friend group whenever Schaffrillas puts ou…[View]
36525171whats your first gay experience?: my irl first one was like at 13 and internet one at like 11[View]
36525648My idiotic story because im bored at 2 am: I was always told that I look like a fcking girl. People …[View]
36524127why are twinks so mean?[View]
36522815How do I know injection was done correctly: I’m not 100% sure I did correctly I pulled the liquid ju…[View]
36523956/gaygen/ this general will stay bad edition: prev >>36522064[View]
36525707Most straight men would do gay stuff to please a fujo girlfriend, if they had one[View]
36523531anal positions help v2: saw another girl have the same problem last week but the replies had 0 help …[View]
36525089AFAB bois > trans 'women'[View]
36519001/mmg/ - Manmoder General: Fat and gay edition. QOTT: How many dicks been in yo' mouth? >Remi…[View]
36522902Happy Sunday[View]
36524636How do you get over trauma from your past related to trannyness? I tried to come out early at 12 or …[View]
36525341>be me, 18, straight male> >have friend, 18, trans girl> >develop crush on her> …[View]
36517924Is Katy Perry AGP? This urinal scene in the woman world video really stuck out to me - no real woman…[View]
36524695i'm so dumb :c: i recently met a guy online who was super nice to me. he was kind of getting me…[View]
36524651how do i get prog in eurocuck land[View]
36484281/clg/ Cis Lesbian General: Dead edition. QOTT: Why did you let the thread die, you fat incel dyke? …[View]
36524015>trans women will dump you if you aren't nice enough to them (understandable obviously) …[View]
36525423Is it realistic to believe I can get a top trans gf if I get srs: basically title, I want to get srs…[View]
36523821I transitioned into a middle aged single woman. Why did i do this.[View]
36525283Does anyone know how to participate in studies?: I think im one of the few trans people who has valu…[View]
36512373Does tucking your pp hurt?[View]
36525187Should the government provide state-assigned boyfriends to gay & trans individuals in order to r…[View]
36508899uppity bottoms: what to do with dumb cute bottoms who are obviously bottoms but too embarrassed to a…[View]
36523862As soon as 'transbians' started popping up is when it was over before trans acceptance even began. N…[View]
36524790should i be weight cycling on pio?: i've been on pio for 3 months, finally hit 145 pounds. now …[View]
36525034Is hrt really needed to avoid twinkdeath? What if I just got laser hair removal? Wouldnt that keep m…[View]
36524036>never had a gay experience before >have dated a few women (XX chromosome) before >only att…[View]
36524658why is eating so hard? i need to gain weight for hrt to work but i fucking cant. i spend hundreds of…[View]
36525016Hey Man Nice Shot -Relief of the Transgender Ver.-: I'm glad you were a white dude You didn…[View]
36521799Let's all love Lain. And sweet trip.[View]
36524527When and how much prog?: Two months on HRT, C cup breasts, love them so far and very proud. When sho…[View]
36524748anal is so gross. if only trans girls had vaginas they would be the perfect girlfriends[View]
36524645Someone posted this tran on /pol/ who is it?[View]
36524012Would you make trans girl (ftm) pregnant?[View]
36523159Tips for girl bish moding?: >MtF >So true trans I became a bishounen sexual fujo > really …[View]
36522446Anyone else is MTF and wants to be a bride? Post pictures of your self in your wedding dress[View]
36524644>BPD ex boyfriend is out of the psych ward >send him a DM on Instagram >It's been 48 …[View]
36524283How I cured my body dysmorphia: Wasn't sure what board to write this on, so hello /lgbt/. Over …[View]
36524035Detransition stories: I find that these stories usually come in the form of 'My transition was an at…[View]
36515693new chewb dropped: controids seething rn[View]
36518576/lgbt/ memes: Post em[View]
36519198/mtfg/: qott: have you ever wanted to be a sniper? last >>36515238[View]
36509785i had to put an animal out of its misery and its making me really sad thinking about it :([View]
36524167not a lart: >be me >20, semipassing ftm, neet, hentai addict >have a good friend who is 25 …[View]
36522866it's too hot and my back hurts from slouching. i can't take it anymore. I've just bee…[View]
36524077How do we stop porn addicted bisexual men from trooning out[View]
36522080I love my bf. I love him very much. I hope he nev er leaves me[View]
36520072/chasergen/ ideal chaser edition: Qott: tranners post what your ideal chaser would look like, picrel…[View]
36522423How hard was coming out for you?[View]
36521405i am going to kill myself during a major event that will be televised worldwide in the next few week…[View]
36514240I hate most MTFS: Im ftm and I have been for two years now but I genuinely hate being trans because …[View]
36522906Being a tranny is awful enough Being a tranny rejected by even other tyrannies fir being old ugly an…[View]
36523737Will masks become realistic enough someday that they can substitute ffs for us, poorfags?[View]
36522064/gaygen/ twink4twink edition: prev >>36520790[View]
36523638Feeling left behind: Feel like I'm slowly but surely being left behind by my peers as a 22 year…[View]
36521596>becoming so transphobic that it is stronger than my dysphoria >trying to detransition back to…[View]
36523111>i love my hips and how fat accumulates on my thighs and stomach >i love my tits >i love my…[View]
36518959is there a hotline # for gender dysphoria: im an aging man having horrible gender dysphoria and i ne…[View]
36521930Anyone else still want to kill themselves even though their lives are objectively good and their tra…[View]
36523208Let's say, hypothetically, you just got out of prison. In one car the gang is waiting for you, …[View]
36520920Family: >trans girl >have bf >can’t gift him children >boobs produce milk for a child th…[View]
36523530I hate trannies so much that I'm thinking about trooning out to be able to speak out about the …[View]
36513249What is sleeping with a black guy like?[View]
36517419Bi trans girl here. I made a collage of boys that I’m attracted to. Am I actually bisexual or just a…[View]
36522188I don’t like him, but he’s right[View]
36522666how to twink to femboy: ok I need like actual help. im 5'4, a twink and my main question is, is…[View]
36500502/lesgen/ is the lesbian general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis or trans, to discuss lesbian…[View]
36522844Is this what peak repression looks like?[View]
36523394Male and female bisexuality are very different. Bisexuality in men 99% of the time just means situat…[View]
36523070mtf 1.5 years hrt here. my levels are fine but i can still get hard and my dick isn't atrophyin…[View]
36523045>be me >want to be cute girl >want to be cute wife >pray every night >wake up each mo…[View]
36521250i think i have no choice but to detransition and it sucks and breaks my heart but that's life. …[View]
36517981> be boymoder > last measured tits a year years ago, B/C cups > measure again recently, DD/…[View]
36522998Transition would've saved her[View]
36522341Coming out (again) and dating advice: I came out once when I was 17, my parents tried to tell me I w…[View]
36522719I tried a prostate vibrator. Kinda liked it but couldn't cum. Does it get better, or is it alwa…[View]
36522401did you become more or less of a stuck-up cunty bitch after transitioning?[View]
36523121is chloroform an effective method to rope? in the past it was used for anesthesia but patients would…[View]
36519585You will never be this perfect[View]
36523074What does /lgbt/ think of Gender Wikia?: archive ph/https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/* /tzH7U /uXpGN /Fe…[View]
36523007Who here?: Only four types >gay men >gay women >trans men >trans women…[View]
36522158There was a post about Ms Universe’s skirt accidentally falling down on stage and someone said her a…[View]
36522795The guy on Tinder who called me cute hasn't talked to me in 2 days[View]
36521681little slut: i got drunk with my friend and he grabbed my butt and told i was a little slut. i am a…[View]
36522574I hate trannies so much, you are ugly MANLY disgusting rapists who rape kids and destroy western civ…[View]
36522008I hate being trans[View]
36521433Do they make you sissy?[View]
36522707I have no desire to fuck a woman with my dick, but I would consider eating pussy.[View]
36522115>anon when are you gonna start going to the gym again you look sickly Fuck you dad…[View]
36522230Are GB manga mostly aimed at trannies as a form of escapism? I can't imagine it would interest …[View]
36522552Should i kill myself?[View]
36520654why is it that if a cis woman has a severe porn addiction and jerks off all the time, billions of me…[View]
36521323>train myself to only get off anally >go crazy as soon as i can't use my toys for a few d…[View]
36522470Don’t let them revise history: In 50 years when we look back at this time of right wingers calling f…[View]
36522262are other mtfs also jealous of women with fit bodies who still look feminine? i obviously can'…[View]
36521734Need terf girlfriend: Wanna be with a transphobic terf woman, who's not like 100% transphobic, …[View]
36520947Dis BBC turn Sketch into a tard? He looked pretty normal during his OF phase[View]
36520280kitty boymoder's litter box: do kitty boymoders use the litter box?[View]
36522059Transgirls who's entire personality is being sad and unpleasent to be around be like 'Why does …[View]
36521261Any other MtFs noticed how emotionally dull most men are after being on HRT for some time? I find it…[View]
36522141should I tell my whole friend group gc that I'm trans or tell my mum Being genuine about this,…[View]
36522443Is it agp that I want to be called a good girl[View]
36517163why are most ftm ugly manlets?: desu one of the reasons i'm not trooning is because i'm a …[View]
36522460>188cm tall >52cm shoulders >masculine face This is my life. From now on till the day I die…[View]
36520349KHHV lgbt people need more representation in the community.[View]
36522356I want to be my dad's wife and I don't care who knows![View]
36521479I want a t-gf so bad: > 25 > Hyperfixation for retro games > Spain (Not into NTR or cuckold…[View]
36522314/passgen/ v3: Passion Generator Edition: old thread was autosaging. >>36502202 Post yourselves…[View]
36517418My neovagina smells like a landfill. I want a refund but I don't speak Thai and they stopped an…[View]
36520548chxds, the trancel revolution is approaching[View]
36522082worried my breast development is really bad but unsure what's fucking it up >about a year an…[View]
36520252ideal st4t dynamic[View]
36519939Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm not gay anymore. But thank you for all the won…[View]
36521929Clocky want Boing Boing[View]
36510145/ftmg/ - female to mammal edition: QOTT: what animal would you be, if you were one? Prev: >>3…[View]
36522186Why yes I am a beautiful woman and you will be respecting my pronouns[View]
36520860Being AGP is based if you don’t have BIONICLE proportions.[View]
36522156she boymode she happy look at how happy she is[View]
36522100If you store a vial wrong (eg upside down or on its side) after you've already drawn from it, i…[View]
36522102I knew a dude who unironically looked like this yet considered himself a 'twink' because 'classifyin…[View]
36514818Evidence of me being trans: >i masturbate to kpop videos imagining the girly aesthetic is feminiz…[View]
36521079Really cute guy asked me out, doesnt know im trans.: I work at a Starbucks and was just chilling at …[View]
36519342which should I start first, progesterone or pioglitazone. also how long for progesterone btw[View]
36522028Does /ttt/ actually watch porn? It just feels kind of disgusting to me[View]
36518429is there anyone here (mtf) that will do this to me[View]
36520999>open /lgbt/ >see tourist >day ruined…[View]
36520790/gaygen/ football edition: old >>36516236[View]
36521152snoot girl[View]
36520895Nobody talks about how fun it is to transition as a gay ftm if you actually pass. My body looks more…[View]
36516662What's the appeal of bears? Is it just about the size and hair?[View]
36517520It's Friday night and passoids are out on the town living their best female lives while we…[View]
36516603will anyone come to save me or will i kill myself alone in my room within a couple years[View]
36521425It was over before it even began[View]
36521926I’m transphobic but I’m not homophobic. I think most transgenderism is motivated by internalized hom…[View]
36520499Trannies and arab nationalism, is there a more kino pairing?[View]
36521083does simply wanting to be a woman and pursuing that by taking estrogen and voice training and surger…[View]
36521927I make 3300€ per month: after taxes & health ensurance. also my job rocksolid. is this enough to…[View]
36521277would transitioning have saved her?[View]
36521909Sudyore fucking blocked me on telegram Damn sudyore is as old as me but I'm a repper[View]
36517864When do I get used to people looking at me weird or their eyes getting all wide or smirking or looki…[View]
36521088What does it feel like to be assfucked[View]
36521240Cis straight white male gamers should be included in LGBTQ+ They are literally the most oppressed mi…[View]
36520924over: i love my hips and how my fat accumulates on my thighs and stomach. i love my soft facial feat…[View]
36521808How do we fix the casual transphobia in videogames?[View]
36521124>only males have ever been interested in me >only those with no other options (catcallers, inc…[View]
36521546i am a cis straight men,: but hear me out. i have a gf she's bi. she's also dating two gir…[View]
36520966can someone say something that'll snap me out of being trans I don't wanna be trans even t…[View]
36519848urgent diy hrt in europe help: I want to help my mtf friend who lives in Poland with diy hrt She fea…[View]
36521351Is this a normal cis male build? Like does it look like he has a womb?[View]
36521544Memed myself into taking HRT as a cis guy: >10 months HRT >don't pass >cis guy >not…[View]
36521626Does your feet pass?[View]
36520473why do androhilic people like this mustache so much?: straight women and gay men seem to love this m…[View]
36521238it's Sunday again! i hope you have an excellent day, whether you're Christian or not. toda…[View]
36520640Do trans girls really like virgin chasers from Spain who are +25? Asking for a friend (not cuckoldin…[View]
36520983Why do straight cis women want to be oppressed and discriminated against so badly?[View]
36505708post topsters guess letters: my chart is monthly and 8x8, but you guys can post whatever. the bot i …[View]
36515718>be me >transbian >my girlfriend thinks it counts as cheating that I ERP/have cyber sex wit…[View]
36520950MtF transformations are very common in media nowadays, but not all of them are the same, it's v…[View]
36500177/twinkhongen/: Death to passoids[View]
36502202/passgen/ v2 - Wait that isn't an Altered States screenshot Edition: Old thread hit bump limit.…[View]
36521129>dysphoric about genitals >HRT did nothing to shrink my genitals >testicles are still basic…[View]
36519716why does a lot of women's fashion have to be revealing, skimpy, sexual, cutesy (infantalizing),…[View]
36519814There has STILL been no logical counter to this post.[View]
36520942im considering fucking some grandfather now that milfs and grannies are hard to get and I'm so …[View]
36520685is there a straight way to transition mtf? i don't want to be a faggot.[View]
36520395What features make me look mannish? My philtrums small My brow/orbital rims dont protrude My lips a…[View]
36520774So um I got a vial of EEN but like how do I put a needle into the cap it's just like metal um s…[View]
36520558How it feels to edge with a mint bar inside your urethra slowly melting. (Don't try at home)[View]
36519662Discord Fren Thread: >Discord >Age >Location >What you are looking for >About you …[View]
36518148I’m still extremely deppressed this didn’t really help much[View]
36517820I have never touched a girl cock I hate being a femcel[View]
36519610The best thing about being trans is now I know how to get almost any medication from third world cou…[View]
36514872my dad called me a 'little princess': i swear this is not incest bait but my dad doesn't know i…[View]
36516341now that America is a goner, what's going to happen to Canada? Trudeau was a retard who destroy…[View]
36520462getting old: >just turned 21 >still no husband and children >mfw how do i find a man who wa…[View]
36510720facial hair removal thread: >people from US keep offering for me to move in with them >no one …[View]
36520174What makes trans girls (ftms) so breedable?[View]
36510116Favorite place to buy clothes online?: I have a Pinterest board with fashion inspiration and stuff b…[View]
36516236/cis gaygen/ Be sexy edition: previous crap >>36516025[View]
36520413She was trans, wasn’t she?[View]
36519805I'm almost certain [s]he was a tranny[View]
36519593/oldgen/ old LGBTs gen: 25+ gen. QOTT: When did you start feeling old? I downloaded news readers bec…[View]
36514635>mfw Canadian ready to be future trannie haven[View]
36519678Your deepest, truest thoughts on 'fagmoding', please.[View]
36519790If this guy attempted to rape you , would you resist ? Honest question[View]
36519320I'd only date the absolute hottest (8.5 and up) of trannies whereas I'd date cis girls 5.5…[View]
36516836How can i prove to others I'm trutrans? Or like, idk trick them into thinking I'm trutrans…[View]
36520338Have you ever had a tantrum as big as you did when you were a child during your adult life? Whether …[View]
36518169>most men actually enjoy having hair in their face, with some even loving having full beards and …[View]
36517267why did this board become so overwhelmingly trans[View]
36520097>laying in bed >thinking about how being trans has gone so far and asking myself why I keep fi…[View]
36518485I'm a cis boy whose favorite character was Vriska and every girl I've dated has had intens…[View]
36515867have you ever emotionally hurt someone and regretted it. did the person recover[View]
36519940Can someone conclusively answer this: Why is AGP meta-attraction considered a not valid fetish? If …[View]
36519927>makes three hour video on why Steven Universe is problematic and bad trans representation >r…[View]
36515656do you shave your girl balls[View]
36519208is it true that lupron makes you retarded or is it just a hon cope?[View]
36513598/chasergen/ Albania homo sex acceptance edition: Albania 35% and estimated to catch up to serbia in …[View]
36519571Periacetabular osteotomy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rkCXOu482w Why don't trannies ever t…[View]
36519205help: im a trans girl with a boyfriend i live with i really like him and we've done sexual thin…[View]
36517133HSTS TRANSBIAN: It's slow homosexuality where you become attracted to yourself as a transgender…[View]
36519731Will I still turn into a girl if I crush up and snort my HRT? I think it might be kind of hot to do,…[View]
36519602Would you watch a play about a queer mountain lion that uses they/them pronouns? As far as I can fig…[View]
36514273I'm going to take contraceptives to make my butt fat[View]
36519500one button must be pushed: the red button turns all trans women, regardless of prior androphilia or …[View]
36519147I have never been more happy with my decision to manmode and never honmode than now.[View]
36517014Androphilic hons should be (forcibly) given the largest breast implants that will fit in their chest…[View]
36519492>want a boyfriend >hate everyone i talk to because they aren't like my ex what do I do? I…[View]
36515222every tranny who read this fantasized about being in bum's situation btw. tfw no hot crazy guy …[View]
36516454Need twink bf nao[View]
36517812FTM Pacinomaxxing: Transgender men who are short, have you considered that Al Pacino is 5’5” and you…[View]
36518765Dear transphobes If you ban my HRT I will wear big poofy adult diapers out in public, shit in them, …[View]
36518299I’m a worthless tranny failure with no hope of passing in the near future. Do I just download Grindr…[View]
36518797Old clothes no longer fit: Found some old clothes from when I was 13 and my shoulders no longer fit.…[View]
36518233I support the LGBTQIA community. Also is it offensive to call you guys 'the Alphabet People'?[View]
36519278Trans women are feminine men.[View]
36511689LGB...... T?: >people who are same sex attracted >and, castration fetishists those seem unrela…[View]
36509558Spot the flaws.[View]
36516724Which straight trans woman here has the biggest dick?[View]
36517570vocaroo time: Thing to read (do it if you want me to rate your voice): 'Oh well you see - when I was…[View]
36517843If trans women are women why can't I suck their cocks without it being gay?[View]
36517995Do you not like flamers?[View]
36519155Need terf girlfriend: Wanna be with a transphobic terf woman, who's not like 100% transphobic, …[View]
36516584My girlfriend is post op and we dont really have p in the v sex often. I just eat her ass and lick h…[View]
36518444being trans is so humiliating i can't even pass as a boy anymore but i definitely don't lo…[View]
36519027Help me figure out his sexuality: So I am dating a guy and I think we’re both in love with each othe…[View]
36513914you know trans women are women because they're fucking retarded[View]
36518954Transgender ideology is a cognitohazard.[View]
36518340transbian breast implant dilemma: hi everyone, i am a transbian who has been on hrt for 4 years, tec…[View]
36519007are you prepared to dress like this[View]
36512042When I cum in a tranny, I am cumming in a woman's anus. I am straight. I am not attracted to me…[View]
36517482Post the hottest trannies you can find anons[View]
36518798Midshitapprentice looking for a master: >started hrt 1 month ago >constantly worry and stress …[View]
36518670>transmasc bichad >post in all gens because some aspect of my psyche is at home in each of the…[View]
36518314Can anyone else relate?[View]
36516861How does a penis FEEL in a neovagina?: How does a penis FEEL in a post-op vagina? I put FEEL in cap…[View]
36486457Is it more important to look like a woman in carefully angled, posted, staged, and edited photos onl…[View]
36510416you didn't actually believe people were born gay did you?[View]
36513754Chaser Hate: >be gay male attracted to trans women >trans women unanimously disgusted by anyon…[View]
36518432This is me utilizing every brain cell to refer to the big-butted, big-booba, long-haired, painfully …[View]
36499882/fbg/ - Femboy General: Peak performance edition Question of the day: Are you happy with your figure…[View]
36517008Last night I posted >>36505895 about how I want to detransition and today I wanted it to be th…[View]
36513491The biggest gay celebrity has passed away[View]
36515566WHAT IF: a transbian bottom flat out REFUSED to wear her diaper and act like a baby for her top and …[View]
36513559>be me, sexually confused tranner >date another transgirl >constantly berated, dehumanized,…[View]
36514908When did /lgbt/ become /trash/? I thought mef coomers were bullied the fuck out?[View]
36518413Reminder that depressed people are 7x more likely to cheat in relationships than non-depressed peopl…[View]
36514437I'm Still Truly Confused: After looking at the MTF people that usually get media coverage, and …[View]
36515238/mtfg/: >>36508088 last qott: which other god are you worshipping?[View]
36518039What happens if you take steroids and estrogen?[View]
36516232Bottom Virginity: What do bottoms mean when they say they're virgins? Like do blowjobs count? J…[View]
36517312Is this a good one?[View]
36511840Why are MTFs all self-identifying as 'puppygirls' now? It's creepy.[View]
36517656/Foot Gen/: To the trans girls on this server who’ve received a foot massage, please tell me what it…[View]
36509006Trans women (prostiutes), how many stupid gullible moids do you typically need to misrepresent yours…[View]
36518161did we make the right call my brothers in rep?[View]
36511074Guys I'm a cis girl that love electronic: I love old tech and EDM and I'm cis I swear....…[View]
36513379I make trans women jealous because I voice pass better and I'm not even trans[View]
36513643how did you learn and master your makeup skills?? asking for a friend.[View]
36514658Rate my sissification plan. I am 30 and wasted my life but I have enough money to pay a college degr…[View]
36516734>mtf >hump and jerk off in my sleep its over, how am i gonna find a partner who is fine with t…[View]
36513771Do you own 14 pairs of nearly identical shoes or are you malebrained?[View]
36517789I made friends with two other trans girls: and now I am happy because I have real friends. All my ma…[View]
36510962>when you don't want to be a pooner but want to be a man but don't want to be pooner wh…[View]
36517036>Boy im sure glad I wasnt groomed into taking estrogen at 15! Those trannies sure are mentally il…[View]
36514688Australian chasers needed: I will marry you very little questions yet if I can marry for citizenship…[View]
36512402Stop hurting my mental health[View]
36510959Anyone ever met or seen a 'passoid' and 'youngshit' in real life? I have this feeling that they look…[View]
36512446/cis gaygen/: >>36509458[View]
36517385she boymode she happy be smart and boymode[View]
36517342How do you tell if a girl is into other girls? Is colored hair a good sign they're at least bi?…[View]
36515177u ready to dress like this?[View]
36515758should i put in my resume that im a tranny? I dont pass and boymode most times but am obviously tran…[View]
36517147me when another trans woman >omg the women are womening she's so beautiful when she's s…[View]
36517250Incestuous abuse made me gay?: I'm not sure if I am in denial about what has happened to me whe…[View]
36515212For me, it's sexually ambiguous/androgynous human beings[View]
36516254Would you use a website where they give you experience, rank and funny currency or even items for wa…[View]
36514007do lesbians go on /u/ are is it all just straight guys?[View]
36516628Best way to die before we get thrown into the camps: I know that it’s AGP, but I’m a 5’3 twinkhon an…[View]
36508809hurt boymoder: a boymoder has been hurt pretty badly. she was beaten up because she 'looked f***gy'.…[View]
36508960what's up with DIY fearmongering: no one has ever went to jail or got fined for DIY, even as a …[View]
36516661I'm cisf but fit almost every transbian stereotype down to the rectangular body and frizzy hair…[View]
36511389Hi, I'm probably going to a dark room tonight. Any advice? I'm new at this.[View]
36516128I love clocky twinkhons (FtM)[View]
36515683Manmoders/girlmoders from countries where its illegal, how do you operate? Particularly in regard to…[View]
36503528Where do I find boys who not only crave the strap, but also crave to be the love of my life? I want …[View]
36514918Now that HRT is about to be banned in America things are going to be a lot harder for a lot of peopl…[View]
36516213>Youngshit >Still can only date pseudoheterosexual guys at best It's not fair…[View]
36516632the best srs pussy is just ok, but not even close to as good as a slightly above average cis pussy, …[View]
36513162injection leakage: my e keeps leaking out after an injection, i leave it in for like 10 minutes, i p…[View]
36509882isnt it interesting how ftms will cling to the fact that they used to be women or that they are stil…[View]
36516217How many trans girls have this body type?[View]
36511524ITT: dimorphically unfortunate physiques[View]
36513811>meet gigatwink with bangs at work >insanely cute >has obviously had ffs >acts like his …[View]
36510081>15 months on e >don't look like a girl should i kill myself?…[View]
36510739What would you do if your male abuser trooned out and ended up being hotter then you?[View]
36504721/mmg/ - manmoder general[View]
36515274I don't think that I am trans. I just can't stop thinking about my fucking dresses. I have…[View]
36513000Girls belong with girls.[View]
36510660Queer Muslims are valid Any queer Muslims on this board[View]
36515652I’m a slightly feminine man, why do I only attract extremely liberal alternative women? I’m not tryi…[View]
36514246/cis gaygen/: >>36512446[View]
36514932Instead of being trans socially, I’m going dive deep in the manosphere. I’m going live my life as ma…[View]
36513815Why do trannies love sharks?[View]
36515117Me and my bf went on a date to McDonald's today. We got 4 free large fries because it's na…[View]
36510512>the trans girl I've had feelings for for years says she might date me because otherwise she…[View]
36510790Chasers, try /r9k/: I met my adorable trans gf there and she's the cutest sweetest angel ever…[View]
36515502>6 months on hrt >foot went from a size 12 wide to a size 11 medium ?…[View]
36510555Can you become a bi bottom after a traumatic breakup/chronic inceldom/trauma?[View]
36514183Today I went outside and saw a tranny and called him a faggot because I can.[View]
36512693There are trannies that support terrorist organizations that would kill them Why ? Why do u hate Isr…[View]
36514475In an America without the Christian right...: ...how normie-core would trans attraction be? Would we…[View]
36512949I like it when my bf flops his dick against my underdeveloped genitals[View]
36512655has anyone discovered if there's a way to do mewing/looksmaxxing for trannies like for facial f…[View]
36511144am i a handhon?: does my hand pass as a woman's?[View]
36510846What is a chaser?: Are they transgender? Are they sexually interested in transgender women or men ?W…[View]
36511188MtF Voice Passing Tier List: Passoid: (Don't exist. Theoretically giga youngshits who never we…[View]
36514576Every chud needs a chudded passoid boymoder tranny gf.[View]
36513254/ftmcg/ - ftm chaser: welcome to ftm chaser gen. mtfs get their own, now ftms can have theirs. All c…[View]
36511620one day I will be a post SRS manmoder: sounds funny but it's too real to laugh, i just cry…[View]
36511326So whats the appeal of t4t supposed to be? if you are fucking eachother with your penises is it real…[View]
36514310Inside every incel is a trans girl drowning in a sea of toxic masculinity begging to be saved[View]
36514057Do trans people embody more of the positive traits or more of the negative traits of their gender? M…[View]
36513577How much of a factor would you say internalized misogyny is in women who decide to go ftm? In other …[View]
36513650ftm lesbians: I hate them so much. it's like they're trying to taunt us biological males w…[View]
36509850Easy way for picking up: If you’re looking for hook ups and having trouble, the best place to go is …[View]
36512237How do I end my friendship with a chud without hurting his feelings too badly? He used to be my best…[View]
36509772theyfabs are NOT a part of the lgbt community and i am tried of having to pretend that they are[View]
36513005>pre-hrt i was always the one to help out physically whenever my family did stuff >cousins bir…[View]
36508446I think I finally understand all of the transbian hate t. transbian[View]
36513338Boring NPC Trans: >> Waste two decades of life enduring depression and trauma >> Finish …[View]
36512612idk what I am: just an average 22 middle eastern dude, was feminine at a young age but I repressed (…[View]
36511379this is a cis man on hrt who used to be a younshit, would you date him in his right or left version?…[View]
36513956they just dont make pooners like this anymore https://youtu.be/w5s75-2_eMc[View]
36513965Being a tranny is embarrassing: Being an ugly fat manmoder with beard shadow is even fucking worse H…[View]
36513723You know, sometimes I get the feeling that posting here is not the best for my mental health...[View]
36512225What is transgender ideology?: Transgender ideology is the belief that a man wearing female clothing…[View]
36513719bro from longlegs was AGP right?[View]
36511924Are we a product of wokeism: You remember those corporate ads nowadays. Always filled with diversity…[View]
36511776how do I have a dream about not being a moid/ estrogenized moid lucid dreams are cool or something[View]
36509726I love all lainmoding frutiger aero-loving hikikomorimaxxing NEETing internet angel netizens from th…[View]
36513665Hate my transition!: started taking, my tits got really big. I'm detransitioning into an ftm fe…[View]
36511583How do I stop being so autistic? When I first started transitioning, many of my visible 'tism s…[View]
36513555what does it mean if i only pass to hobos[View]
36512298my mom just apologized to me for raising me bad and making me a tranny[View]
36511734pov: you voice train for like 4 years: https://voca.ro/168fCAPl10CI https://voca.ro/12osENYoSUl8 :(…[View]
36508046Women in muscle suits: I am extremely attracted to women that wear obviously fake musclesuits. I…[View]
36512271Do you hate reddithons?: >stop being transphobic! I transitioned at 40, got FFS, SRS, BBL with th…[View]
36510243HRT is making me look like my mom[View]
36512836Your response?: Are they valid?[View]
36507151How work fat with hrt omg: Hi. 29y, 16 month HRT. 5'10 ( 176cm) 176 lb. 2y pre hrt, i was 242 l…[View]
36512951how much do i or do i not pass?[View]
36511060how does love work for you[View]
36510939tfw no fetishizing cis f chaser gf: t. youngshit[View]
36513290P('being a hooker'|'being trans') = 5*P('being a hooker'|'being cis') but still most trans women are…[View]
36512983Why are HRT femboys so common but FFS femboys practically non-existent?[View]
36512022fuck you[View]
36510905>it's another remember i'm almost 30 and start to have a breakdown again episode should…[View]
36513247>hanging out with girl friends >somehow end up doing armwrestling >beat all of them another…[View]
36510466are you ready to fight for the trans revolution?[View]
36509744I don't like any of the weird things that are considered to be 'stereotypically trans woman', s…[View]
36511130>family says that it's okay if I were gay/trans/wore dresses >family also says that sitti…[View]
36510906I don't know why but I really don't like this woman >erm this is the lgbt board this is…[View]
36511829I found the one tranny who isn't a hooker.[View]
36512529Sexy trannys send me pics of you[View]
36508072Anyone who tried to take female hrt but wasn’t trans: What’s your story?[View]
36508639/chasergen/: Qott: are you overweight? Last: >>36505338[View]
36508088/mtfg/: qott: are you a drug addict? Last >>36503451[View]
36512726If an absolute madman really did open up a Hooters style restaurant or bar, but with femboys, would …[View]
36511307ITT LGBT can be vaginaphobic to your heart's content: I think full vagina removal should be an …[View]
36512474every day, I see cis women with 'objectively' worse proportions than me - wider waist, broader shoul…[View]
36508914If you call a boymoder 'he': >waah you're misgendering me I'm actually a woman, I don…[View]
36506710I hate living in Australia. It’s such a backwater country and everyone I meet passes better than I d…[View]
36509386/hrtgen/ #680: Previous Thread: >>36439933 • Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages • HRT …[View]
36512299Could good pussy fix me? I don’t want to be gay anymore.[View]
36509011how did you get lucky with your transition?: post the things that you got lucky with i’ll start >…[View]
36507280When I watch porn I am only allowed to look at the girls nails.[View]
36509458/gaygen/ asian bf edition: QOTT: Would you date an asian guy? prev >>36506821[View]
36507588>meet middle eastern repper >kill herself after two months of daily conversations on telegram …[View]
36494658do you actually use your diapers or do you just wear them for comfort?[View]
36512383How do I get over my extreme anxiety and social awkwardness when a cute guy talks to me? It's l…[View]
36510141>Visit my doctor for first time in years >When asked if I'm on any medications I am compl…[View]
36509321How should I go about dying my hair?: Dark brown hair btw. Hoe to not fuck up?[View]
36509152cumming hands free: first things first: i am a boy. i sexual stuff really make me embarrassed but i …[View]
36512188why am i like this why can't i be 'normal'[View]
36512262gnc lesbianism is op: >be me afab privilege >cis lesbian when young >no gf >transition t…[View]
36511125My girlfriend is mad at me because she looked at my laptop's internet history and found out tha…[View]
36509653Is cute twinkhon x fat dyke pooner the most kino pairing?[View]
36502923Why do so many pooners wear overalls? Don't they know it makes them look like preschoolers?[View]
36466580/agpgen/: fembrained edition: A place for AGPs to have positive discussions and to share ideas and e…[View]
36512140>House Republicans vote to reverse new transgender student protections >House Republicans vote…[View]
36511985>read a post on 4chan/Reddit/Twitter/anything >made by a youngshit tranny >ignore and scrol…[View]
36511963Strange... Does T do this?: Couple days back I accepted a T shot from a trans guy I know, just as a …[View]
36508251Does violence work on BPDemons?[View]
36511538>getting baked and reading these posts in tony sopranos voice cus im bored hows your weekend goin…[View]
36482566What is your ideal boyfriend / girlfriend?[View]
36511655i'm on a trip and i didn't take any of my dildos with me i'm going insane[View]
36510376can I just treat twinks like women?: I don't get attention from bio women but lots of twinks an…[View]
36511735SEX IS DISGUSTING: It’s not worth it at all. All the women I match with on tinder bumble and hinge a…[View]
36508314going ice skating as a manmoder is basically self flagellation[View]
36510902stop invading our community troons![View]
36510465/tttt/ trumpist trannies trembling[View]
36511260media tastes: >your letter >your favorite rpg >your favorite shooting game >your favorit…[View]
36507136another oris thread: I dont see trans people as a medical case. I see this as a body mod. I believe …[View]
36511642I hate anti-trans fags so much: They’re always like “I’m comfortable being a feminine gay man why ca…[View]
36507854Best way to satisfy your masochistic emasculation fetish? most of the content out there focuses excl…[View]
36508013congrats you are now legally a girl anon ;b[View]
36511552What does it mean when all my life my attraction to men were boys with medium or long hair and had s…[View]
36510851I am a straight cis male that has no business being here.: Mostly referring to Ts. I have been lurki…[View]
36509374>born 6'2 >tranny It is over.[View]
36510616I'm gay but have this fantasy of a married man falling in love with me and making me his bull i…[View]
36511437I'm newage gay: I'm not at all attracted to men's faces I'm attracted to women…[View]
36508590Question: What percentage of straight men (or even just men in general) watch porn of MTFs? Are ther…[View]
36511262Friendly observation regarding transwomen: when you share intimate stuff about yourselves in a playf…[View]
36509817>passoid pre op with passing voice but xxy makes me tall >old passport picture barely looks li…[View]
36509829What is the deal with this guy?[View]
36511022Remember, this was a sex symbol in the 80s. Remember what they took from you trannies. The reason yo…[View]
36510033How cope with trans based depression: So my life is going pretty good but i still get absolutely ins…[View]
36510018Why are there no dominant femboys?[View]
36510830>run out of hrt >wait 3 weeks for order to arrive >shitty mood swings because no estrogen …[View]
36507351The 'usual suspects' are right.: >erm extending the ban that has already led to 16 suic…[View]
36508695why enbies: >conservative men dont misgender me >mean cisgirls dont misgender me >woke enby…[View]
36506544Why do people get so uncomfortable with it/its pronouns?: I don't feel human. Nobody treats me …[View]
36507795>meet another trans person >I’m bisexual they’re asexual >no problem >somehow discussi…[View]
36508201it's been 3 months without cutting myself. i wanna relapse, but i know that I won't, coz i…[View]
36510136How do I get hormones in bumfuck italy while keeping it a secret and not telling anything to my fami…[View]
36506951Are most MtF’s on /tttt/ passoids, twinkhons or hons?: https://strawpoll.com/NMnQNB8qGg6[View]
36507711you guys do realize that being a gigapassoid isn't going to win you any favor with conservative…[View]
36507476>parents want me to cut my hair again I NO NO WANNA[View]
36508681I get these like half boner morning wood things every few days but I’m on 400mg of spiro a day and t…[View]
36508863I AM NOT GAY: I have relationships with women. And sex with men.[View]
36509163I love boymoders. Pic heavily related[View]
36510072What are the biggest problems that we currently have within the community?[View]
36504001how tf are you supposed to have sex as a bottom dysphoric tranny who's repulsed by anal? I…[View]
36506548Any of you been to military[View]
36509695I'm a girl. What now?[View]
36509649I'm kind of afraid I'm turning myself into a person I don't have the strength to be.[View]
36508062>disgusted about effeminate guys >attracted to trannies and cis women Why?…[View]
36509976Where can I get a cute twink?: >be me >gymmaxed >handsome >autistic Should I use grindr?…[View]
36509484timeline thread: post your timelines (or not, do whatever you want)[View]
36505081How do I get a bunch of attention as a useless trans girl that rots in my room every day? I’m too u…[View]
36508127how many of you are like this? (or would want to be like this?)[View]
36510023Is this what every gay guy wants?[View]
36508476being ugly should be seen as a disability and should be treated similar to gender dysphoria[View]
36509270I oppose puberty blockers for teens because I’m envious of youngshits[View]
36507744puberty blockers suck and shouldn’t be used: trans kids should just be given full hrt from the get g…[View]
36509638White twinkhon gock BELONGS in latina cissusy[View]
36509562my ftm chaser mystery: i just moved back in with my parents (tryna save up for bottom surgery) and l…[View]
36507869Reddit Brits are arguing that dead trans kids are part and parcel of living in England https://www.…[View]
36509830If you're having trouble passing, come to England, you'll pass instantly. See how their co…[View]
36509760looking for friends pretty.alcoholic[View]
36509696Nothing funnier than women with (straight) husbands pooning out. Even funnier when the husband has t…[View]
36505171Anyone know how I can meet trans women in my city? I've tried going to LGBT centers and it was …[View]
36509754I’m bi but I don’t think I could ever date a pooner or a theyfab on T like it’s literally the one ge…[View]
36507227>be me >have insanely strong internal sense of self as a girl (rn feel cringe even typing this…[View]
36509365So how soon is too soon to ask a new friend if they wanna go on a date with you?[View]
36501940/ftmg/ - fail to male general: qott: what did you dream about last night? prev: >>36486998…[View]
36508623One day I am going to stop taking hormones, stop taking care of my skin, hair, and become a hairy ca…[View]
36508577/lgbt/ favorite animals thread: Whats your favorite animal? I like draft horses, they're so cut…[View]
36509519This is what some of you fuckers look like >t. passoid[View]
36508397agony: being a straight switch tranny is the most cursed fate[View]
36507399How would I go about bringing my estrogen and needles to college?: I'm still not on official HR…[View]
36508006Is it true that fags and dykes hate each other? Why?[View]
36506800Is it true twinkhons inevitable hit twinkdeath and become regular hons?: I really don’t want to age …[View]
36500712timelines make you feel dread? nauseous?: i don’t understand how a person could do this, the whole t…[View]
36505999>be mtf repper >wanna buy some new jeans >see this what did levi's mean by this…[View]
36509373What sort of attire would you recommend to a twinkhon aspiring to work at a local marketing company?…[View]
36505533You know if there was a god I wouldn't be afflicted with this curse. I love my mom but I resent…[View]
36508519I'm gonna make my cis chaser gf get a Queen of Hearts tattoo so everyone knows that she's …[View]
36508975I cut my hair now I look like a man time to rope anons[View]
36509162Remember girls u can't ever trust cisoid skum they are not ur friends (unless ur a giga passoid…[View]
36509325how do you take life more seriously as an unhinged bisexual?: everyone seems so fucking uptight thes…[View]
36507690post poon repfuel: ill start. low hanging fruit[View]
36509266anyone done laser and electro at the same time? I started with electro and with the time it takes it…[View]
36504151im turning 25 and im still a neet stuck with the brain of a retarded child...why does life have to b…[View]
36507574I’ll never be trans: I’ll never be authentic my trans It’s all fake My dysphoria is fake I’m just a …[View]
36509248I'm an ftm trapped in a man's body.[View]
36508458the fact that I know atleast 2 people who browse here scares me stop trying to clock my posts[View]
36507186Chaserbros, why don't you have a tranner gf to hold tight and breed every night?[View]
36508513im a tranny who hasent showered in a week any chaser want me[View]
36509179I am a human deepfake My existence is contrived and I want to die https://voca.ro/16uXLriaXHFd[View]
36502577>straight men prefer dogs >gay men prefer cats >straight women prefer cats >lesbian wome…[View]
36506821/gaygen/ - Spaghett edition: Do you prefer red or white sauce? Previous: >>36503298[View]
36503994Why have you done this?[View]
36503280Im not sure if its okay to ask this on this board but should i convince my sister to get a abortion?[View]
36507233How tf do I make the transition from soft girl mode to actual girl mode? I need honfidence but weari…[View]
36509008what happened when you told, or let it slip, to your online, discord, friends that you browse this p…[View]
36507601Do your sleeping noises pass?: https://voca.ro/12YFry8d50F4[View]
36508724Struggle session thread: Does anyone else have this issue where you're pretty much fine except …[View]
36508157there's no such thing as AGP and HSTS: the need to differ between deranged and well-adjusted tr…[View]
36508041How do I go about giving a HSTS twinkhon AGP as an AGP passoid?: Specifically Marie. I need to make …[View]
36508921How many trannies killed themselves during lockdown?[View]
36506676Watched scary YT vids and I'm scared: Just want someone to talk to cause I have no friends. Als…[View]
36508378This could be us but you playing[View]
36507877>that one poster who insists all trans women are whores for money >mfw paid for almost all dat…[View]
365076845 years hrt she is my idol and goat[View]
36508672Le blog post: >be me 10 years ago, 15yr old FTM youngshit >Used to larp as a cismale in Tumblr…[View]
36508346istg hrt just made me even more of a freaking degen I was never horny this often before and now it f…[View]
36507657My bottom bf is riding me cowgirl and he's claiming he's the top now because he's on …[View]
36508329I hate trannies and fags and I hope you would stop destroying our civilization. YWNBAW[View]
36508433What do lesbians think of sweaty neet gir: What do lesbians think of fat NEET girls who barely leave…[View]
36508223i fucked up: so i take spiro every 12 hours at 9am and 9pm but few minutes ago i took spiro WITH the…[View]
36508243new, better trans pride flag: what do you guys think about my idea for a better trans pride flag? i …[View]
36508391could this work?: i am having a friend over who i have kinda had a crush on for a while. he is a bit…[View]
36505524>spot boymoder irl >find out shes 17 I fucking hate my life…[View]
36508552aging repper in seattle. need advice please: i'm in my mid 20s and i can't take it anymore…[View]
36508173is it alright to give up my independence? i swear ive tried so hard to be independent and live up to…[View]
36505338/chasergen/ - Club Edition: QOTT: Do you go to clubs? How often? Last Song >>36494834[View]
36507211binding on e: does it make sense binding to hide breast growth from family? i was on e for a month o…[View]
36508031Would you date/fuck a plus-sized man, gays?[View]
36503005Dating bi women as a straight man: I apologize if this doesn’t belong here, but I need somewhere to …[View]
36508399I wish they forced gincel to transition He is probably upset as an effeminate bisexual that he can g…[View]
36506601How does one fix streach marks sisters[View]
36501281Why the fuck people always pretend that only AMABs are evil, psychos, abusers etc but AFABs somehow …[View]
36506740Can we start making anti-transphobic memes?: Is there anyone who is good at creating memes or comics…[View]
36503394How to know if I’m getting hondosed?[View]
36506378Why do you all love Lain so much?[View]
36507768What does it mean if I'm a girlmoder who passes decently enough that most normies don't re…[View]
36505715>this is the best troons have LOL[View]
36508029>tfw i got hrt just to look at the vial but not take it[View]
36499508Who are Tranners voting for in 2024? For me it's Trump. Tired of being treated like shit on the…[View]
36506377would anyone here know about a yaoi tf2 thread...please I'm desperate call me all the slurs you…[View]
36507925I want to be a high IQ AGP stacy but also a dumb bitch at the same time Instead I'm just dumb a…[View]
36506799>tfw no new yorker bf[View]
36507365Are trans women here against the racist fetishization of black men?[View]
36507935transmasc: transmasc people are cringe. girls that are like 'not like everyone else'…[View]
36508005I love being an enby and not caring about being malebrained or femalebrained :)[View]
36507142Been throwing up on myself listening to weezer in the shower disassociating I don't know what t…[View]
36507698>women and enbies[View]
36506626How do you find love as a generally unpleasant, unkind sperg ftm?[View]
36506668I need a chaser bf who resents me for not being a real woman pleaseeeeee[View]
36507067Currently repping MTF sis here who discovered her true identity very recently. Any tips for exercisi…[View]
36504772Instead of protesting for Palestine why don’t troons care about actual queer issues You just hate J…[View]
36506918I thought this was a hon. Fuck you faggots for giving me brain worms. https://x.com/xgigglypuff/stat…[View]
36502613I had laser hair removal years ago and I no longer have a beard, but I have a small black spot on my…[View]
36507924:o (: what you doin on this board on a thursday? posting selfies makin everybody thirstay, seeing yo…[View]
36507391Why are anime boys so hot but IRL boys are so ugly and gross? Picrel is literally so hot but guys ir…[View]
36505629I wish I had a dad so I could have sex with him[View]
36507863do better, LGBT: I am not trans so I will avoid participating in the trans discourse unless it affec…[View]
36506728trannies owe me sex[View]
36506006Is this a good one?[View]
36507455I like to assert my dominance over INFPs. This one has a crush on me. He isn’t out but it’s really o…[View]
36505335i cant believe how good growing breasts feels. the ache turned into almost maddening constant pleasu…[View]
36506890If you are trans and voting for Trump, you are a complete cuck. (If you're not trans and voting…[View]
36505163>many, many trans women, particularly those on 4chan, are stuck in a male prideful mindset. theyr…[View]
36497381What's the overlap between /LGBT/ and antinatalism?: I'm curious. Many LGBT people underst…[View]
36507294>live with parent >I'm a mtf tranny >nobody knows >anon you look like you've…[View]
36504817Why is women wearing shorts with a very short inseam seen as common and insignificant but men doing …[View]
36505895I think I'm done. I'm detransitioning. I'm a post op mtf. Six years. Something like t…[View]
36504523omg morgins new video: ok so i was subscribed to her a long time ago and i just saw this today she c…[View]
36502153how did your egg break?: tell me your story of how you cracked[View]
36507152>Be on HRT for two months >Still afraid to shave beard Theories?…[View]
36503451mtfg: monitor to female general last time >>36498444 qott: are u an alcoholic[View]
36506708Is there a guide to growing out your hair?: Im a twink who wants to transition but I dont want my ha…[View]
36506925Do people who offer to buy you a ticket and a hotel stay OR who offer they'll fly over and stay…[View]
36507116passoid x bdd twinkhon is the most kino pairing[View]
36506859The repping is ongoing: I still rep on hrt I avoid makeup, clothes, hair stuff. Do those make a woma…[View]
36506595MTF Makeup Advice: Someone please help me. I'm white ginger mtf tranny who is 3 months HRT. Can…[View]
36506776how do i fina a place to belong?: i need to find a community of other trans people that isn't h…[View]
36506048>You WILL have XY chromozones >You WILL have crippling gender dysphoria >You WILL accept al…[View]
36502948Were any other MtFs 'momma's boys' growing up? I was basically attached at the hip to my mother…[View]
36501293Can you tell if a cat is a boy or a girl without flipping it over?[View]
36507008I am god: >Be me >Huge fan of games >But not just any games, oh no >My favourite game is…[View]
36501127chasers literally do not exist in south america.[View]
36503026What are queer folks' favorite nuts? For me, it's cashews.[View]
36504542I want a tria 4x for my body hair, but I don't live in america so it's hard to find and re…[View]
36504927I need a boyfriend before I hit twinkdeath.[View]
36506852Is leading on lonely guys and making them obsessed with you a valid strategy for dealing with loneli…[View]
36502173Why are so many religions anti queer? Why does god hate us if he made us this way Im trying to be a …[View]
36506840Brazilian trannies, is there a chance HRT will be banned here, influenced by all the things that are…[View]
36506745Why can't I shake the feeling that everyone everywhere knows I'm trying to transition and …[View]
36503298/cis gaygen/ - taking our speedos: >>36500647 bros they are trying to steal the one thing gays…[View]
36487565/fat tranner general/: FAT TRANNIES: >Soft and curvy, like a woman >Naturally higher estrogen …[View]
36504495Anyone else transitioning to punish themselves? I'm a failed male who could never get a girlfri…[View]
36505087I'm a jewish twink and want an aryan twink bf[View]
36506629I love this superchatter lmao[View]
36504729Should I be concerned about this? Also she used to call me a “femboy” before I cut my hair.[View]
36506624I can accept pretty much everything else but...: If before transitioning your name is Michael so now…[View]
36500377This is a goat.[View]
36506575to the trans girl that was a flight attendant on my virgin australia flight , you were so beautiful …[View]
36502718I don't feel safe around transbians: I hate that people think I'm a transbian just because…[View]
36501162I think my eldest daughter might be hooking. She came out to us as transgender at the start of high …[View]
36505680Crazy isn’t it?: >daydream >my imaginary figure is a man >dream at night >male again Wow…[View]
36503666What's her problem?[View]
36503596TRIGGER WARNING: J.K Rowling Wins Again!: She is coming for your meds & there is nothing you can…[View]
36505064Why is everyone on right wing twitter a massive faggot?[View]
36505135it's over: been on hrt for a bit over 2 years now and i still just look like a normal guy. ffs …[View]
36506451Average theyfab vs average theymab[View]
36504903I'm grilling food for my chaser bf right now what do you do for your bf to keep him happy?[View]
36505005>my friend group generally treats me well, but just poorly enough to make me insecure - certainly…[View]
36505437i wish i was a failed male: a lot of my trans friends consider themselves as failed males, before tr…[View]
36504945simping, from both sides: chasers, would you ever allow a tranny you consider a friend to call you a…[View]
36492248Why do most transbians just sit at home in their diaps and edate instead of doing romantic gestures …[View]
36506149What's a good way to out yourself at work? For context, I've been on testosterone for ove…[View]
36499270How do I kill all sexual/romantic desire? I’m sick of being gay, it’s gross. Women are too insuffera…[View]
36505557Does your family accept you?[View]
36505328Women are the cause of homophobia. They sow distrust and hatred of gay people to prevent competition…[View]
36505976Does your thighs pasd?[View]
36503129i kinda understand him now[View]
36505144be me 26-year-old Roman repressionist wake up before sunrise, another day of soldier duty tell mysel…[View]
36504975if rivers cuomo can have his unevenly long legs fixed why can't I have mine shortened and have …[View]
36505397I've barely eaten all day because of my BF. We're 90 miles away from eachother so we can…[View]
36502903Men are presumed guilty of rape until proven innocent. This is why so many men are transitioning now…[View]
36505943is knowing first aid an attractive trait? yknow, since so many girls here cut I'd prefer if the…[View]
36499051Simply wearing the traditional costume of the opposite sex transforms you internally into that sex.[View]
36485397Men are not any more likely to rape women then women are to rape men, instead, women simply are able…[View]
36504987could hrt save her?: i sometimes fear he'd pull a chris chan move[View]
36505751Am I the only one here who simply doesn't believe in trans people?[View]
36503893>the weird girl on my high school who openly loved shota yaoi and was hated by everyone is now a …[View]
36505366no bf ever life is suffering every day i wake up disappointed[View]
36499254Does no one realize just how disturbing gender dysphoria really is?: I mean you quite literally have…[View]
36498334I'm in love with chasers. You don't understand how much I love you. I'll do anything …[View]
36499791/hornygen/: snake-kun edition QOTT: What is the ideal amount of pubic hair?[View]
36496682don't question it goy..[View]
36504329>so horny made a thread on fetlife looking for 2-3 chasers with big cocks >looking to have men…[View]
36504894I need a chaser bf so bad. I'm a bit of a twinkhon but I look cute. Please I need a chaser bf u…[View]
36502716Ftm's, do you know what you are letting yourselves in for? Pic related is 26 years old.[View]
36505189i wanna do a hookup because im desperate to get fucked and i have the house to myself for a while bu…[View]
36497941Strengthhon?: Ive been doing some light research on male and female strength. It only recently occur…[View]
36502677There are only four (4) genders: >man >woman >fag (homosexual/bisexual/trans/non-binary) …[View]
36503261I broke up with my bf, so there's no reason for me to stay healthy and fit anymore. I can look …[View]
36501797Is it normal for your sexual interests to get a lot 'softer' post transition. Like I was a…[View]
36494610>sex is your chromosomes >uhh wait I mean it's having a uterus >uh I mean it's th…[View]
36501316grindrcoping: >feel like shit abt how I look >decide I need male validation >open Grindr so…[View]
36502456How can I stop using 4chan (and /lgbt/ especially)? I feel like I'm wasting my time and filling…[View]
36505090On the inside I think I’m better and more trutrans for being a straight top rather than a gayden but…[View]
36502284Age Gap: What is an acceptable age gap. I ended a loose relationship mainly because of this. He is 1…[View]
36503174what did dylan mean by this?[View]
36504913>chase after trans girl >finally get her alone for some sexy time >mfw she didnt keep her g…[View]
36503885Western gays are narcissistic autoandrophiles. The only TRUE male homosexuals are MtF trannies who l…[View]
36496293The only tranny I’ve seen with a plausibly female body is taftaj. Every other tranny has a twink bui…[View]
36500708/chasergen/: Qott: What are you doing tonight? LAST >>36494834[View]
36504397The feeling of cuddling another trans girl is such a tender and innocent feeling. I feel so comforta…[View]
36504374would transitioning have saved her?[View]
36502922when did you realize trans women are your last hope?: For the average /tttt/ user I'm quite old…[View]
36504625What’s the ideal amount of hair on a man, /lgbt/?[View]
36502810What are the side effects of pioglitazone? I've been having some cardiovascular POTS-like issue…[View]
36503732>be me >boymoder (hikkikomori) >join looksmaxxing server and ask how to look more masculine…[View]
36484847/vtg/: WHY ISN'T VTG MORE POPULAR seriously there should be a vtg up at all times Anyway post …[View]
36499323Would trans women (prostitutes) ever give up the profession if they were paid enough? How much is ho…[View]
36503845hi guys its friday get back in this thread while we search for a sadist gf and maybe have a public c…[View]
36504428>chatting with guy friend >unknowingly tells me to do something >it turns me on God. Fuckin…[View]
36497479agp pov: >be me >22, 7m hrt manmoder >28' waist, 39' hip, 17' shoulders, and 6' tall …[View]
36504512why do i feel inadequate whenever any other transfem does anything better than I do, i don't wa…[View]
36502104Why do some Trannies never voice train.: I've noticed a lot of tranny retards dont even try to …[View]
36495895No more youngshits in terf island[View]
36501519Guess my gender: impossible edition[View]
36502832post hormone levels[View]
36504268>clocky troon that looks like a dude but malefails can no longer manmode. what are all the things…[View]
36502867genuinely curious of what the point of aroace relationships are ??? they just seem like glorified be…[View]
36504272are you in trans-safe communities?[View]
36502473Why aren't you trying to lose weight?[View]
36484100/mmg/ - manmoder general: There Can Be Only One edition previous: >>36462084 QOTT: Would you l…[View]
36500650What do you wear to cover your back if your dress reveals it? I don't have tits since I am pre-…[View]
36481822FtM love thread: I just love ftms. When I first learned about them it was just the most beautiful th…[View]
36496099should I be scared of project 2025? Should we be getting out of here? captcha: AGP00P[View]
36503981Is my GD real or am I just a loser: I've been experiencing things that align with GD recently …[View]
3650149525yo repper: this was me when i was 19 or 20, would i have passed well as fem if i had taken HRT the…[View]
36500258How do I lose belly fat? I'm 6'1' and 211 lbs. (was 250lbs.) If I anamode to 125 lbs., wil…[View]
36501631what the hell do I do about my hair? I should not have gotten these fuck ass bangs.[View]
36499929Could I pass if I burned-face-victim-maxxed and wore a mask?: My body proportions are all decent, I’…[View]
36474950How many posters here are obese? I like to imagine im talking to hot thin tranners but i bet it…[View]
36503654>have a craving to be cuddled by a man who can make me feel safe >go on dating app >every m…[View]
36483510I want to give a shy submissive tranny a slow edging handjob[View]
36502048Why are most trannies obsessed with lolis[View]
36500647/cis gaygen/ - homo animals edition: Do you have any pets? >>36498704[View]
36502438Is it true that trans women are into rich older men who will misgender them in public?[View]
36488975/cipg/ - could i pass general: This thread is for tranners prehrt to <18months hrt to get reasona…[View]
36501947How to get a bigger butt[View]
36491482Height pill: It's mostly about height and proportions if you have an average face not extremely…[View]
36503091I'm mtf in the early stages of hrt, but I'd really like to avoid testicular atrophy. In NY…[View]
36503568Do you ever look at a hon who has it worse than you and think that cisoids view you the same way you…[View]
36503286I know it aint my birthday, so what the fuck are you doin walking around with all that cake for?[View]
36503055it's really annoying when someone uses a really hot/cute/interesting pic for their post and mak…[View]
36501505> too much of a fag to be left alone by 'edgy homophobic' colleagues with glass closets > not …[View]
36502618Do you find black people attractive?[View]
36502182>it's notmal for a straight girl to watch lesbian porn >it isn't creepy and she can …[View]
36502967Pranked by puberty: >Puberty hits >Develop sexual interests >Bottom >Wanna be a femboy …[View]
36502785Why haven't you tried alcoholism troonon?[View]
36503117Tranny caricatures: >>36486457 How do trannies feel about cutesy caricatures. Willing to take …[View]
36501916would tops die for their bottoms? would bottoms die for their tops? whats more likely?[View]
36501578>get a boner imagining holding hands with cis boy how do i stop this[View]
36502797reminder for you all: daily reminder that luckshits dont deserve love if they dont acknowledge how f…[View]
36498260How can I become more aesthetically straight: >Be me >Post on this board asking how to look st…[View]
36502474>uuh, before we meet up, I think I should tell you: I'm trans >oh, yeah, I realized that …[View]
36501036Thoughts on the pivotal “William’s Doll”?: > William's Doll is a 1972 picture book by Charlo…[View]
36498479/incelgbt/ incelgbt general: Cis women rejected us ex-straight cis men countless times. But we final…[View]
36501022Why are black femboys so undervalued by the top community in comparison to white and Asian ones?[View]
36501938there is an (understandable) stigma in the trans community of trans people who use 4chan's /ttt…[View]
36498245Give me a cute girl: Transitioned five years ago. I'm only into other trans women who look cute…[View]
36502603that explains a lot[View]
36502657would you?[View]
36501268how do i have a hot girl summer as a 20 year old malefailing boymoder with severe social anxiety[View]
36495343how does this make you feel?[View]
36502213>try to voice train for the first time in 2 years >instantly be reminded of the great 7-person…[View]
36500701i wish i could die of a weed od, but sadly its just gna make me more retarded with the time so i hav…[View]
36500266are the any discord server for european trannies? I feel like only americans post on this board and …[View]
36501802my bf: is my boyfi kyut[View]
36498440Facts about heterosexuals: Nongonococcal urethritis, herpes and genital warts are far more common am…[View]
36497973Is he valid ?[View]
36502143starting to hate this faggot[View]
36500608>cant yell at my mom because my voice is still clocky that bitch is gonna get it soon…[View]
36500438Correct Boymoder Pronouns?: What pronouns should boymoders be referred to as? Considering they go to…[View]
36498444mtfg: malicious treasonous femcel general last time >>36493942 qott: how do u make it stop…[View]
36500970Only prison fags fuck femboys and crossdressers.[View]
36500741does hrt really make you more attracted to men? I'm already really androphilic, I used to be ab…[View]
36501196kinlist: anons, post your kinlist and guess the letters of the people above you.[View]
36499992I'm rich because I'm a fucking attractive.: My BF bought me a condo in meguro city and a m…[View]
36497151We should fight mercilessly: Trans women turn the other cheek. Transphobia is only gonna get worse b…[View]
36502181Are hoodies inherently more masculine?: I swear, every time I put a hoodie on, I get gendered as mal…[View]
36501853im thinking if we do not actively police our community, our community is going to see a reckoning at…[View]
36501828Is being transgender a Forerunner of Homicidal or Suicidal Behavior?[View]
36500944ftm appreciation thread: What sexual act will you be performing on your ftm bf tonight to stop him f…[View]
36501611I tripped acid with my trans gf for the first time, it was one of the best experience's ever. i…[View]
36498098My heart and cock make me want men, but my AAP makes me want to be with women because its seen as mo…[View]
36485840Transwomen (aka prostitutes), are you taking Potion of Womanhood (restores 70% sex appeal) to repair…[View]
36496835>Tried coming out to my sister. >Easiest way I thought of was to just let her see my HRT in my…[View]
36474486/repgen/ girlfriend coping edition: or boyfriend coping for aaps btw, please guess: >>3647415…[View]
36500321ya'll are covering yourselves in lotion every night, right? one of the best ways to get clocked…[View]
36496169boymoder cat: what if there was a cat boymoder and she would go meow meow meow meow meow meow?…[View]
36501632>Gays are okay I guess... But le government shouldn't be involved in marriage THOUGH! I onl…[View]
36501868Really makes you think: >Transvestites used to be gay men who thought it was fun to dress and mak…[View]
36501096I've never once met a passing mtf that plays this game, why is that?[View]
36497355>be me, 4 months on T >have self proclaimed mega terf aunt, she loves JK/blair white/buck ange…[View]
36501459I wish a chaser would rip off one of my eyes as punishment, making me dependent on him[View]
36501245I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my transition. I’m going to socially detransition and…[View]
36500924I made a hon friend how do I break her[View]
36494997Post bf wins: >he sniffs my undies God it was so sexy and euphoric. Nothing could've validat…[View]
36500419/fashiongen/ asking advice: I like this shirt it’s color suits my skin but I don’t know what bottom …[View]
36501600>Love is allowing your husband to destroy his body by becoming overly obese What did he mean by t…[View]
36500373Would you fuck/date a ginger, /lgbt/?[View]
36501370microceleb: Do I (nicheceleb) pass?[View]
36498612I’m stupid and crazy now: > passoid mtf pre op > people say I could model or assume I do alrea…[View]
36500754What kind of straight am I if id fuck fem cis men and masc ftms[View]
36500792>bottom wants me to suck his dick[View]
36499248what does it mean when your ftm bf won't stop hitting you[View]
36498814So we all kinda stopped caring about this when we realized they were becoming FtM twinks, right?[View]
36498443How do i find a chaser bf when i go to college in the fall: >be me >currently boymoding, 7 mon…[View]
36501070The solution to most ftm brainworms is to just stop caring[View]
36500371>reps til 37 >wow[View]
36500228What happened to Olive? Is he still alive?[View]
36498074hrt made me gay: i wasnt really attracted to men before transitioning, yet now (especially since sta…[View]
36498477HSTS or AGP?: >be me > Crossdress when I was a >sexual fantasy is about being a cunt and ha…[View]
36486998ftmg - female to (cute)male general: QOTT: What is your most embarrassing moment? Previous thread - …[View]
36500943i didn't realize it was a thing for cis girls to long to look like the men they are attracted t…[View]
36500580Why does every transgirl seem so frail and dainty: I mean I get that's the point but theres a d…[View]
36499251i caught my friend sniffing my panties: i am a hrtfemboy and i use women's underwear just becau…[View]
36500254whore: >moving into a new apartment >dont know two of the other guys moving in >one of the…[View]
36500011echoes: Like if you look relatively passable you will start acting different because people will exp…[View]
36499019I (6'2) hate being a heighthon (6'+): I can get FFS but I will never blend in no matter wh…[View]
36500625Why is twink x thick-cocked fat guy the most kino pairing?[View]
36498704/cis gaygen/ - explicitly cisgendered only edition: no trans, no bi >>36496168 qott: How old w…[View]
36499486how do you get over the shame and guilt following post nut clarity? I'll be in my sexy lingerie…[View]
36499659question to tops and receiving sides or others open to getting sucked: If I can't host or botto…[View]
36500610How and where do I find a transgirl to crack my egg? I'm in the UK[View]
36498124Ye: Sure you’re really trans. But we have to admit, zero (0) testosterone does make your brain a li…[View]
36492277the hospital gave me stitches and let me go home[View]
36500174ants get stopped by drawn lines.. just my 'toss[View]
36488766/passgen: brutal honest crits pls im getting hugboxxed too much unless i need to go into treatment a…[View]
36499321im a top until someone spanks me and puts me in my place and tells me im their bottom.. is this norm…[View]
36499549I have a hard time enjoying any sort of wlw/Yuri/lesbian rep without thinking it's only made as…[View]
36498852If terfs are always complaining that lesbian spaces are full of rapehon transbians who want to fill …[View]
36500435Why don't we make cis women not make videos like this? Very transphobic as some trans women get…[View]
36499202do other trannies ever find that after a few years of transition you kinda start to, forget why you …[View]
36499586American civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal is proudly and openly bisexual and has had relationshi…[View]
36481022/lesgen/ - Lesbian General: /lesgen/ is the lesbian general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis …[View]
36498871Finally managed to find a shampoo that doesn't just destroy my hair/frizz it up. Now all I have…[View]
36497467The whole Pauly Likens thing convinced me I was never truly trans/queer: When I saw the news I had w…[View]
36498539>wants to be woman >takes hormones to be woman >wont eat enough fat to become woman shaped …[View]
36498164How do I stop feeling like a useless sack of shit all the time. I can't even be happy when I sh…[View]
36494732i wanna be a top but i only have a tiny penis and nobody will respect me as the top[View]
36499695>ask my loving boyfriend of 2 years if he would still date me if i was 6 foot clockable and had v…[View]
36499141After numerous failed star wars series they finally put a nail in the coffin or how we professionall…[View]
36499741>hate them >want to be them[View]
36494834/chasergen/: QOTT: What do you do to chill out? Last: >>36492234[View]
36499617anyone here have any experience with finasteride?: im a 18yo mtf that's still pre-everything du…[View]
36492114Is it wrong to be bi but still kind of find flagrant and unabashed displays of homosexuality to be k…[View]
36499771You WILL be trying Sardine Garrah's Exclusive Sardine Meal from McDonald's, right anon?[View]
36499763>hate romantic comedies >love taxi driver, oppenheimer, 2001: a space odyssey, Blade Runner It…[View]
36499404id date a guy if he was a cute twink and he promised to take hrt to stay young forever. VVV Applica…[View]
36499728Gay Cookies: I saw someone post this Recipe in /pol/ I optimized it and added in the missing informa…[View]
36499024i am getting fat: i have weighted myself and found out i am 54 kilograms. i was at ~50 kg for like 3…[View]
36497576are trannies a special type of woman or a special type of man?[View]
36498745What is my sexuality if my only sex identity is intersex, gender equals sex for myself personally an…[View]
36498657How do transowmen REALLY feel about cis guys who want to kiss your feet?: Do you like having your fe…[View]
36497103how r u lgbt: >got a job offer >start too soon to fulfil their requirement of providing clean…[View]
36497077worship trans bodies[View]
36499423any reppers/manmoders tried eren yeager-maxxing?[View]
36495893So did BBC turned him into a retard? He seem pretty normal during his of phase[View]
36496558Is lesbian bed death really a thing?[View]
36497703How did they manage to contain the spread of the left-handedness social contagion before it got too …[View]
36496333trans in 2000s: What was trans life like in the early 2000s? especially for those who made the trans…[View]
36497954>troon out: mtf >everyone in extended family is cool with it >except one uncle, who's …[View]
36495767I'm a early transitioner trans chick (blockers at 11, hrt at 15, post srs) that passes well and…[View]
36496480So I finally fucked a twink. And realized it's basically the same as fucking a trans girl minus…[View]
36497418It clicked: I’m only transitioning because of my fetishes but now that I have no libido I only trans…[View]
36499329i always get my best workouts on my exercise bike when im arguing with twitter terfs[View]
36495653If gaming (besides fad games that you see streamers play) aren't a male-only thing... Then how …[View]
36498980Have you ever wanted to be a bride?: Ever daydream or play at it as a kid? Ever fantasize about it a…[View]
36498248Femboy pass: Why is it that cis men who put on thigh high socks get invited to the polycule? All tha…[View]
36499163is going out dancing or staying in gaming more /tttt/?: please be as verbose as you like as long as …[View]
36499084You guys REALLY want one?[View]
36497970holy fuck i actually have ffs in 4 days holy shit its actually happening[View]
36499078/ourgirl/ made it, sisters: thoughts on abigail thorn's appearance in the latest episode of tha…[View]
36493357I am fake. My friends lie to me and tell me I can be a woman but I know its false I deserve to be ha…[View]
36495042Any trannies rocking the (colostomy) bag? Isn't your sex life so massively improved by your bf …[View]
36498815What would the most HSTS order be?: poorfag and may be going on fast food dates. don't wanna g…[View]
36492405i can't last a minute: i can't even last a minute when i am being railed in my boihole. i …[View]
36464157/st4tgen/: >qott: Are you a khhv? /st4t/ is a general for trans people attracted to trans people …[View]
36498853Do lesbians have an equivalent of the power bottom dynamic? Like a very femme girlie girl being comp…[View]
36498818What does it mean if I want to transition to a femboy pooner and self-identify as a clitoris jerk-of…[View]
36497688Ngl I'm super proud of everything I've managed to do in the past year. Like I got a job I …[View]
36493040Why do so many trans women love this man?[View]
36498609Trannies - Cover of - Peaches - Presidents Of The United States Of America: Movin' down to Port…[View]
36497327Can I still get SRS in the future if I use a string to kill my testicles to stop test production? P…[View]
36492312I cuddled with another trans girl and she could feel my boner and I could feel hers.[View]
36498281ITT post uncontroversial LGBT opinions.: I support t4t and c4c.[View]
36497630Autism -> transgenderism + gut problems -> diapers.[View]
36496651When did you realize tranners were significatively worse than cis women and then stopped being a cha…[View]
36498285I'm a bisexual top. And I admit cute twinks are my preference. I really love dicks and small ti…[View]
36496168/gaygen/ boyfriends edition: no trans content, cis gay dudes only previously >>36489646[View]
36498065>parents are liberal, didn't raise me christian >don't accept me being trans >g…[View]
36495298How dangerous are dating apps I've heard of a lot of mtfs getting raped, but usually its by som…[View]
36498510Got these prescribed. The diazepam to taper down from benzos in 15-20 days after abusing bromazolam …[View]
36493749Dojnt troon out at 28: Dont do it Dont just get 4mg a day and AA and call it a day when your levels …[View]
36496856Cis female chasers with abs > male chasers[View]

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