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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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34824765Whats your fetish?: Bimbo passoid here. My fetish is taking married or divorced men like this and gi…[View]
34824719What do you call this thing she's doing with her make-up contouring her cheeks? It looks absolu…[View]
34822889>be outwardly friendly toward women >come off as predator amab freak >be reclusive from wom…[View]
34823536Why do gay men always have these weird “relationships” where they continue to fuck everyone else and…[View]
34824462Am I a 'true bi' or a impostor if I'm with a man I won't miss women and if I'm with a…[View]
34823450How do i find an older husband around his late 40s to 50s?: As a gay male in my early 20s? I simply…[View]
34824179I don't want to be a fucking faggot. I hate that I have the urge to dress like a girl. I hate t…[View]
34822606it's fun to see other boards argue about trannies[View]
34824123What do y'all think of the new black disabled pooner Lara Croft?: Wish they didn't make he…[View]
34823572I saw a fucking TRANNY yesterday. Appologize.[View]
34824472>you have to honor, respect, and obey my idiosyncratic blend of ancient semitic shit, Italian pol…[View]
34823837>reddit account of the anarchist LGBT guy who self-immolated was found >full of anti-white com…[View]
34824331What is /lgbt/ into? More specifically, what are your letters and your fetishes? How did you discove…[View]
34824316Hey kid....: are your parents home?[View]
34822461I don't deserve a bf if someone asked me on a date right now, it wouldn't make any sense. …[View]
34820446Christian /tttt/: Non-larping Christian tranners, I want to hear your perspective. How do you recon…[View]
34823068i want to cut off my balls like right now[View]
34820009/gaygen/ Gay general: Qott: Can you play any instruments Previous thread >>34817595[View]
34822645What are they most malebrained and fembrained tv shows?[View]
34822024Trannies be respectful of actual women and lesbians challenge[View]
34822542How do HSTS mtfs feel about gaydens?: Does it make you think that if you were born a girl you'd…[View]
34822304who is your biggest crush rn /tttt/? mine is vinny vinesauce[View]
34823926>pre-hrt, pre-everything >reminded my mom thinks of me as her handsome son…[View]
34822650Mission start:: Objectives: >Get dressed >Go outside to gym >Ignore endless normie stares …[View]
34810771post ur best pair and highest % match >48% sarah silverman lol https://starbyface.com/…[View]
34823124why’s not eating ice cream so hard:([View]
34821285>mtf >drinking with guy I like >came out to him 2 weeks ago and he still wanted to hang out…[View]
34823561New chapter: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Sissy%20Ben%20Tennyson/works https://cartoon.adult-fan…[View]
34823929and you may find yourself CRAVING CHASER COCK[View]
34823470so, um, any tips on how to do rectal administration of progesterone? i tried raw dogging it but it…[View]
34823529The latest chapter of my story deals with the reality a trans chaser has to face when a cisgirl (Vid…[View]
34820497Subby pooner vocab drives me insane: >cuntboy >boyhole >twink boi Stop stop stop stop stop!…[View]
34823559puppygirls: does anybody know if picrel is real? because i really really really really really really…[View]
34815834Being AGP is the worst existence. >straight man but not really into straight sex >trans but no…[View]
34819514question: do i have to do the stuff tops wants like no matter what? i have a fwb that makes me let h…[View]
34823267Anonymous imageboards/forums that are trans friendly besides this one suggestions: Its trash that I …[View]
34823624omgg so guys i totally snailfailed at work todayy :( >be me >working at McDonalds >hungry s…[View]
34823528Is this a troon?[View]
34822430>dad hates me and disowned me >only men I'm interested in are just like him why? i just w…[View]
34820806No one likes submissive transbians :([View]
34822426What does Amee tweet about? I miss her takes on things. We would have such an interesting discussion…[View]
34823472anyone else feel like they dont even exist in the world anymore i have no idea what is going on or w…[View]
34823525based or cringe?: my friend had a pretty nasty breakup with his gf and i tried to make him feel bett…[View]
34823504Would it be weird if I asked my dad to help give me my estrogen injection? I don't like needles…[View]
34823241fucking kill me i feel such an inescapable metaphysical block to doing literally anything productive…[View]
34820488Why do people hate transbians so much? I don't like being called a faketrans AGP pornsick loser…[View]
34823191is there any benefit whatsoever to me boofing my prog if i've been on hrt for 12 yrs? there…[View]
34822424is the 'senile makes you revert to a man' thing real or what: I'm not detransing either way but…[View]
34823399>Theyfab blogs about gender dysphoria[View]
34821174Should bottoms lick tops’ assholes?[View]
34819489The reason why you look so fucking awful in every picture you take is because you have the facial ex…[View]
3482160912.5mg cypro daily, 4mg oral E 8pm, 4mg sublingual 11-12 am. Should I masculinize on this dose? Hope…[View]
34819991liking your penis is non-binary[View]
34820397do boys like latina trans girls[View]
34819527/chasergen/ confessions edtion: qott: when is the right time to confess your love? how soon is too s…[View]
34823022Where can I find a boyfriend[View]
34822873A proposition[View]
34822832>see cute girl >pepee gets hard as a result What's so difficult about it? I don't u…[View]
34820970Should I kill myself?: Is there a way to get over the feeling that whether I transition or not I sti…[View]
34822337Anyone else still use the male bathroom in full girlmode just because urinals are more convenient?[View]
34822709Literally in bed snuggling my boyfriend while he does his Asian studies homework and his friend is c…[View]
34822371How much would u need to e-date a pathetic loser, ugly demi shit person etc manmoder? I want to know…[View]
34819833Bichasers are kinda weird: Do bisexuals really like the idea of doing the before and after of a tran…[View]
34822617voicetraining advise c:: 6 or 7 months into vt, just looking for advise because it doesnt really pas…[View]
34822761Why are they gay?[View]
34818788how long into your transition did you start using the women's restroom, sis? me: 4 months[View]
34822908nighttime tranny activities: i ate a weed brownie, half a little caesars pizza, and its like 10pm wh…[View]
34822413I'm a black. therefore, I am a disappointment[View]
34821300Why is attention so intoxicating?: I'm a transbian and I just cannot get enough of random peopl…[View]
34822701Thoughts on swole trannies?[View]
34808684im so fucking tired of being a virgin incel piece of shit im so fucking pathetic i deserve to die. i…[View]
34822663how many months on T before a pooners poon becomes rotten? t. straight on grindr[View]
34822952Anyone else attracted to 'early' trans: so i know this sounds like chaser behavior, but what i mean …[View]
34820706convince me to not smoke weed right now. i've been totally sober for 3 months now and my life i…[View]
34822364WE ALL FALL DDDDOOOWWWNNNN WE ALL FALL DOWN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKad09s6n2g[View]
34818654Trans Men jerking off?: It really bugs me when trans men say 'jerking off'. What the fuck do you eve…[View]
34822586I have nothing left. My family has boycott me (even before I came out), I have little to no friends …[View]
34822562I want to jerk camo maid off[View]
34820917going outside advice: i am ftm. i feel disgusting because im trans. i look like a deformed woman, an…[View]
34822105Lol no[View]
34818647I hate being like that. I don't like men but cocks are really fucking hot and their bodies bein…[View]
34793970/mmg/ manmoder general: there's no escape[View]
34818202im a trans girl and my partner is incapable of comforting me. every time i get upset and spiral it j…[View]
34821481FFS Scares me: I'm about to have an FFS consultation, and it's scaring me. What if I get …[View]
34820954what should you do if you see another boymoder boymoding in your boymoder territory?[View]
34821084being a mexican agp is suffering[View]
34822117any cigna-ppo-network heads know what's up w/keo being considered in-network? their staff keep…[View]
34817565/NameGen/ - help your fellow trains pick suitable names: I’m not satisfied with Jamie be because it …[View]
34820959Pooners in a nutshell[View]
34819587is it possible to pass at 6’2: my body is slightly feminine pre-hrt so hopefully it’ll get more femi…[View]
34819660you catch this tranny sneaking into you room what do you do?[View]
34820166>Get an ED >That's heckin fembrained anon >Consider killing myself with pills >'fem…[View]
34822191>according to his Doctors notes, Hitler was taking both Estradiol and Testosterone Was he an enb…[View]
34821638So fucking based. What more do we need to add to the list?[View]
34820028how many hours of electrolysis should it take to get a clean face (no grey and clear hairs left)? I…[View]
34819160Any good media to figure out if you are trans that aren't just websites that explain it to you …[View]
34822084thought I was autistic or something but im literally just retarded: i was fine with being autistic b…[View]
34821347should i give up on sexually pleasing my mtf gf?: she's extremely bottom dysphoric so that has …[View]
34821808>Anon my boy! When are you getting us a nice girlfriend? How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
34821954am i making a mistake?: >19 mtf >got a job offer in a city over 1000 miles away from home >…[View]
34816319>heighthons dont exi-[View]
34821556Strapons are actually quite great desu. I bought this fake cum stuff (gay I know) and used that with…[View]
34821097state your gender and sexuality and explain if you'd rather bone: A) blottom twink B) post-op b…[View]
34811463Faketrans Human Failure BINGO[View]
34818091How much happier and better has your life become since you've transitioned?[View]
34821778Pooners be like >This gay man will totally be into my atrophied pussy, chopped tits and helium af…[View]
34819535>be me >like touhou, old videogames, computers, old manga, figure collecting, history, anthrop…[View]
34820865does it really get better when you move out? had abad argument and a mental breakdown yesterday and …[View]
34820731Rust trannies it’s our time to shine[View]
34820967>contains shenuts >contains rapeseed is this candy trans coded??????…[View]
34820125How do I seduce MEN?[View]
34818369Androphilic trans women of /ttttt/, have you ever dated a guy you thought was straight who ended up …[View]
34820625homosexual t4t and straight t4c = based 'homosexual' t4c = rapehon fantasy[View]
34821396Do cis boys dislike obsessive trans girls?[View]
34819648If HSTS were a cheese, what cheese would they be? If AGPs were a cheese, what cheese would they be?[View]
34815970do meds really help: do psych meds rly work? lets say your a boymoder but out of depression not lac…[View]
34817938/mtfg/ - Allison Reynolds Fanclub Edition: Previous Episode: >>34811115 QOTT: How would you fe…[View]
34820219How can I possibly find worth in my life if I am not capable of becoming a beautiful girl twink with…[View]
34821262Full body cam of the tranny psychopath that went into a Houston church with the intent of murdering …[View]
34819618DGN Stalker where are you[View]
34821188how do i get testicular torsion on purpose[View]
34820682Is it worth it trying to sissify my mind and body? Makes my peeped hard.[View]
34808589Is the reason chuds are more sympathetic to FTMs literally because they just want to bang tomboys?[View]
34820119i wanna please a trans woman[View]
34821243okay, which one of you did this?: it's right up your alley[View]
34818284do cis lesbians also have constant fantasies about men?: Hi, I'm a 19 year old trans lesbian an…[View]
34819663Are transbians real?: Are transbians even real? I swear I keep seeing trans girls identifying as les…[View]
34816922us passing pretty trans goddesses deserve to have our own special exclusive general where we get to …[View]
34821073When a passoid posts on passgen[View]
34813066Real talk, why is pedophilia so common with gays and transgirls? Most of them aren't even hidin…[View]
34818949at what level of ugliness does life stop being worth living?[View]
34819162how to cope with knowing i'll never be loved?: most due to being a tranny, but also due to quit…[View]
34820757I'm straight and attracted cis women and trannies with a dick. Why is it that I wouldn't g…[View]
34820070you catch this fat transbian sneaking into your room what do you do?[View]
34748217/hrtgen/ - HRT General - #642: Previous Thread: >>34696624 • Help, advice, guidance on meds an…[View]
34818757Suicide general: Can I please just fucking kill myself. I don't want to keep struggling I don…[View]
34819939how do you gender trans people who don't pass as their percieved gender but neither resemble th…[View]
34820655she's my transition goals.[View]
34820546What is it like to be a bottom and taller than 6'3'/195 cm? How can you feel dominated if most …[View]
34819149i miss hornygen....[View]
34820256Feminist pegging femboy: Would you let a feminist peg your boipucci, while she calls you misogynist …[View]
34820274>live in a progressive state >state has self ID >trans women are legally allowed to go into…[View]
34818615Does this also apply to trans women?[View]
34818494Does lgbt enjoy video games? What kinds do you play?[View]
34820074Its pretty incredible watching libs of tiktok (Chaya Raichik) utterly fail to justify any of her bel…[View]
34817695I hate this cunt like you wouldn't believe. She actually looks like a middle-aged manjawed tran…[View]
34820233>long day of shitposting on /tttt/ >close my computer and try to not think of trans stuff anym…[View]
34819971She's spiralling into the TDS event horizon trannysisters Can anything be done before she turns…[View]
34819152Biden: take your estrogen and learn rust: Where were you when programmers were lined up against the …[View]
34818544>bigger, stronger, white male coworker locks himself in a supply closet with me >he says “fina…[View]
34810846>Oaklahoma senator in response to brutal beating of a child says in response that he doesn't…[View]
34820054God I wish I was a retarded AGP tranny who knew how to fish for attention. Imagine the dopamine hit …[View]
34819850>meet ftm >looks like a girl >big boobs >talk/chat like a girl >no photos on ig, just…[View]
34819505>man isn't having sex with me >be sad >man is having sex with me >be happy >man …[View]
34817595/gaygen/ - robo husbando edition: previous: >>34815070[View]
34819717Electrolysis hate thread: Not being able to shave a few days before and after is one thing I really …[View]
34819766Is 32 years old too old to transition? Don't bullshit me. I'm not interested in being a no…[View]
34810007/lesgen/ - Lesbian General: /lesgen/ is an inclusive general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis…[View]
34818429I love trans men that are actually malebrained but unfortunately they are extremely rare.[View]
34818637Haha!: You can't make this up. Someone claiming to be a cis lesbian who prefers girldick on r/a…[View]
34818805Am I the only one who likes tranner singers? After properly voice training a lot of trans women have…[View]
34818718Do straight trans women still jerk off regularly after taking hrt? If so, do you jerk off to gay por…[View]
34819630>be poly >start dating chad transbian >she abuses me physically, emotionally, and financial…[View]
34818322is using the mens room as a visible tranny based or does it come across as deranged[View]
34819322If you admitted you transitioned for a sexual fetish, would it make you look bad?[View]
34813722can someone give me 40€ in bitcoin please[View]
34818176tourist here, was this board always 99% troons or did there used to be more lgb people here?[View]
34817731Being a tranny is against the holy bible... I like my post-transition body, but it's immoral...…[View]
34819017A magical sex changing genie appears and offers to make you a real woman for good BUT you will be af…[View]
34817923someone play Helldivers 2 with me: quick play system sucks butt im not doing voice chat cause that’d…[View]
34817433What should I do for my birthday next weekend? >t. bi 30 yo boomer[View]
34817360I miss the boys: I am really fucking sad that I will never be one of the boys anymore. I'm alwa…[View]
34808835/futagen/ /futamaxxing/: New thread, try to keep it alive. No Discord at the moment, but feel free t…[View]
34817511>take estrogen >want to be raped >take testosterone >want to rape someone people are …[View]
34809830/chasergen/ - Need Ass Edition: QOTT: What is the worst thing you would do for an ass/dick pic?…[View]
34818138tell me about ur day anon was it nice ? did you do something that made you feel nice ?[View]
34819374chaser selfie thread: im proud to be a chaser. any tranners in lincoln or england hmu.[View]
34816512boymoders, give us your wisdom[View]
34814558Ughhh i really dont wanna become a diaper tranny just because Im a spirohon :([View]
34819051lesbians(if any of you actually exist on here): are gay women into inexperienced pathetic barely-use…[View]
34818455Holding yourself hostage is evil: It's a pretty disgusting tactic to say you need to transition…[View]
34819243TERF notes: Why does it matter if she is a trans woman or cis? I keep seeing this pointed out all th…[View]
34818433help: i cannot feel anything from imagining myself as cis woman getting fucked it feels like someone…[View]
34817285If someone as woke as Rowling is against trannies, then you know your movement is doomed[View]
34818056i am a straight guy: but i kinda wanna be a cute housewife who gets her butt grabbed by her husband …[View]
34817366When is the dysphoria coming?: >notice hair loss >immediately jump on HRT So far I've bee…[View]
34817369Real Life Forced-Transition Debacle Hits Hardore Scene: Ayo I didn't think this type of shit ha…[View]
34817713Whaaaat ? She cant really believe this right ?: Did taking so much E at young age rotten her brain ?…[View]
34818199what if my pp is very small?: like it is barely 2 inches. i am already kinda petite guy so it doesnt…[View]
34816350>hear for years about le mythical evil rapey transbian (and occasional bi tranner) hardcore goone…[View]
34812609If trans women are women, why do they not experience menstrual cycles?[View]
34816867How many of you own a WAH-WAH because of him?[View]
34809413the solely reason why I would be gay is for a gay girly delicate boy like pic related, but the avera…[View]
34818069any fsu twinks/tranners?: see subject. i have been looking around this city for gay/trans people and…[View]
34817586question: would you join a group discord call where a tranner is showing off her body and playing wi…[View]
34813508Has she said what she thinks should be done with all the trans people already living as women?[View]
34818520why shouldn’t i bimbomaxx: I’ve always wanted to be a pornstar since i discovered it. i started watc…[View]
34812394Holy shit this place is filled with hatred for cis women even trannies whose entire shtick is to lar…[View]
34810226>'Trans identifying male' in Canada accused of exposing himself to teen girls in locker room Come…[View]
34811191Post your past journal entries. Make them sad.: Post your past journal entries. Make them sad.…[View]
34817484What do lgbt community think of Kenneth Carson[View]
34818488I am a straight male but I respect and appreciate male on male relationships. The fact that theyre t…[View]
34818413What does it mean if I think that twinks are really attractive but I have absolutely zero interest i…[View]
34818422i want to suck a bottoms dick to make her feel good then fuck her in the ass its better if its 4 inc…[View]
34816775can I start hrt even if I'm chubby? people keep telling me I need to be super skinny so hrt wor…[View]
34817495When you choose to transition into a woman, nobody will laugh at your jokes anymore and you lose the…[View]
34815687how many transbians out there would prefer a cis gf? it seems like most transbians are t4t, are tran…[View]
34818068can society handle scene tranners: i luuuvvvv the scenemo aesthetic but i don’t wanna get publicallt…[View]
34818148Just saw a tranny, day ruined[View]
34814100How many % of murdered peoole are LGBT?: So the US has a murder rate that's sky high. Almost as…[View]
34813669marrying a boy: could you marry a cute feminine boy and make him your boywife?[View]
34816592Mr Garrison was a cis gay man. Then he became a straight woman or HSTS. He then became a lesbian AGP…[View]
34815193Another tranny jailed for doing depraved shit: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/feb/26/cat-k…[View]
34812595Is the solution to being a tall (above 5'10) to just lean into alternative/goth fashion and be …[View]
34818124How to make cisf friends: 1. Pass. Do whatever is required to get there. Take hormones, lose weight,…[View]
34815249Working up nerve to girlmode: >always wanted to be the wife when I played house as a kid >play…[View]
34814233Boymodercon 2022: Were you in the Boymodercon 2022? Did you have a good time? Did you partake in the…[View]
34818101i want to thank my daddy for making me the woman i am today! had it not been for the many long years…[View]
34817998How do I alleviate the muscle tension and acid reflux that strains my voice? It really distresses me…[View]
34817514What is a man?[View]
34806164/ftmg/ autosexual edition: qott: What is it about being in a male on male relationship that is so ap…[View]
34817688im fucking giving up i wanna be one of those suicidal trans girls addicted to ketamine. how do i get…[View]
34817567>me openly lusting after a bimbomaxxed tranny infront of my cis gf no wonder she is a transphobic…[View]
34817790Would cis boys find it weird if their trans gf asked them if she can call him big brother and have h…[View]
34816865>be me >new semester at uni >taking a compsci class >get there early just to be safe …[View]
34817920so i've found myself watching speedruns lately, like i'd never put the time and effort on …[View]
34817056Why do so many trannies put little to no effort into passing? I've been doing a thing whenever …[View]
34815894fellas is the joy of creation gay?: >be me >ftm & gay >too poor for binders >finish …[View]
34814402is it over?: yeah it should be obvious, but my WHR is 0.99 if i measured everything correctly, i wan…[View]
34775607/fbg/ - Femboy General: Boykisser general again Question of the day: How do you approach body hair r…[View]
34813131pls help: 9 months on e. any hope of passing? be honest.[View]
34817757I'm not gay: I would not date a mans[View]
34811303why is finding a boyfriend so hard?[View]
34815382>be me >femboy twink >really like trans friend who is older than me >would do anything …[View]
34805976What is the highest megaton lgbt-specific trvth nvke you are capable of launching?[View]
34813945No tranny has ever been able to explain this to me[View]
34817154>mean lesbian in bio This is the #1 signifier you're dealing with some BPD cunt who either b…[View]
34816389How do I get a mtf gf who is heavily AAP and likes being a gay petite bottom boi in bed, preferably …[View]
34817181how do i fuck a cis girl tonight im really horny what is the fastest way to find a chaser what apps …[View]
34815567I spent my youth being a self hating repressing chud in denial rather than just being honest with my…[View]
34817431When im nervous I have this weird thing of blinking many times and my bf laughs when I do it He says…[View]
34815070/gaygen/ Gay general: Qott: Do you think about Ancient Rome? Previous thread >>34813888[View]
34814345Im a 6'1 62kg femboy with a 20cm dick. Should I bottom or top? Pic unrelated im phoneposting[View]
34817211dinner is served[View]
34817126I’m ftm but I want to wear a sailor schoolgirl uniform sometimes. I think they’re cute. Is this AGP?[View]
34816199>be ftm >started out as some gay yaoi princemoder type >zero female attention >stopped w…[View]
34816984I want to be an OF girl, but without the social media engagement bs: Basically I want to be sponsore…[View]
34816876Do I mog you?[View]
34815577Can you guys post some screenshots exemplifying the current state of being trans? I have a friend wh…[View]
34817172Question for cis lesbians who avoid trans lesbians: Is it actually a strict distate for trans lesbia…[View]
3480856495 IQ top x 180 IQ bottom[View]
34813757Is it appropriate to wear a Japanese seifuku for your RLE? Will your doctor think your a fetishist?[View]
34816747important reminder!: straight trans women are women. transbians are non-binary women.[View]
34809547Can I get a 4chan femcel goth bi gf if I'm a weak submissive twink?[View]
34813581ncr troons were made to be enslaved and raped by chaser legion chads[View]
34813996its not fair how mtfs can look like morbidly obese fat cows and they are still considering fuckable …[View]
34814151think i'm a trans man?: im 25 afab. how the fuck am i just coming to this realization and how c…[View]
34803682why don't tranners voice train: i was watching the barbie movie and pic related's deep mal…[View]
34813198why cant i find a boyfriend? t. blonde, blue eyed, rich, passoid, 3 years recovered hikikomori, only…[View]
34816424>NOOOOO not the heckin' non-binaries >They're ALWAYS been such a good representation…[View]
34814846Femboy Tips????: Hey >..< I was wondering if I (a 30 yr old guy' is too old for me to become a…[View]
34816565daily reminder: you need not be nice to fuck trans girls. you must offer them options to self insert…[View]
34811296How much do you value your life?: How much do you value your life, anonette? Do you believe your exi…[View]
34815170>hate disgusting gay men who speak in a lisp and crossdress without worry >even though I go to…[View]
34814932I started crossdressing and cosplaying female characters because I thought I was surely just a confu…[View]
34813535How do I stop wanting to kill myself every day?: I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER afford FFS. Never. It w…[View]
34807121Would you guys stop equating 'wants to be a loli' with 'wants to wear diapers' I wanna be a trad dau…[View]
34816451Lying about my age: What’s wrong with lying about my age if I say I’m 18 or whatever when I’m actual…[View]
34804833predicting the next 'tuber trooning: some big-ish youtubers/ecelebs who transitioned in the pas…[View]
34815608what's the process of getting an orchiectomy in thailand?[View]
34816435i need a gf (trans): as a side chick. picrel[View]
34808375What are some fashion tips for just, complete body hons, like tall, broad shoulders, wide ribs, no h…[View]
34799383the height psyop: why so many trannies here complain about their heigh ? i love dominating tall tgir…[View]
34815836I love my white wife: she treats me like a girl and she’s also not even a little bit racist!!!…[View]
34812814how come: /ftmg/ always talks about trannies but /mtfg/ never talks about pooners?[View]
34816399>Straights will always look better than queers simply because there are a hundred times more of t…[View]
34811115/mtfg/ male to female general: >>34806336 Qott: where are all the European posters? https://y…[View]
34815962Would you?: Would you be a gigapassoid if: >you would have to be a petgirl to someone who loves y…[View]
34814379transbians are straight men[View]
34816329Reply with chud memes pls they make me laugh[View]
34816221she knows[View]
34816152I am an autoandrophile and a moeshit autoanimephile[View]
34816243I was planning on replying to this but life got in the way. I’m sorry you’re suffering from it. I un…[View]
34814667Girls belong with girls.[View]
34815464what is this board’s opinion on picrel?[View]
34814799whats a good hairstyle for a manmoder who has been tying it up for 5 years? something that keeps hai…[View]
34815917I'm a (mostly) straight dude who hit 25, and since then my skin is rough and shitty now. Would …[View]
34815809Hey I found a really funny meme about Dillon Seth. If you don't know who he is. He actively sup…[View]
34814993Where is he: Where is zimmers he vanished into thin air where is he[View]
34812200Board game: Troons ruined another franchise.[View]
34814080I feel like a weenie when I have to tell my bf he's hurting me. Like I can tell in those situat…[View]
34815833Where do you meet chasers ?: I am from Eastern Europe is there anyway to meet chasers here or just o…[View]
34815825I love Kass![View]
34815006Eyebrow hons: Passing for at least ugly girls would be easier if you hons did something to fix your …[View]
34810451How can you not be transbian?[View]
34812879thoughts on Maya Henry? she's a trans YouTuber that transitioned around 19 years old, she seems…[View]
34815035>big brother comes out as trans >he demands that we call him 'Madeline' >has to live as a w…[View]
34813495do things rly get better w ffs? for boymoders that malefail but cant girlmode without it[View]
34815514if i keep repping until i'm 60 will technology let me turn into a 20 year old woman[View]
34815234>Anime boys are not real: How to cope?[View]
34815026do surgeons put less effort in if youre a hon or ugly, or just even using insurance?[View]
34811616this is the final boss of twinks[View]
34815096Post hot ftm twinks/femboys![View]
34813409Is going bi when I'm really horny normal for a straight guy?[View]
34811172''transbians'' be like >yea this cis lesbian is totally gonna be into my dick, my jaw and my deep…[View]
34806074Would you date a tradwife transgirl who wears a diaper, doesnt shower for weeks or wash her hands, e…[View]
34810415how many of you in here are nationalists? fags, trannies, chasers, whoever[View]
34799859South park in the 00's: Zoomer tranny here. Was public opinion of trannies so shit that dysphor…[View]
34811525Currently weight cycling and I've been fasting all weekend and can't sleep because my brai…[View]
34812089Chaser doubts: How can I tell if I really am a valid chaser or if it is really all just a desire to …[View]
34813912>tfw misogynist >tfw find most women annoying >tfw want to be a woman so i can be like the …[View]
34813319how to find a sadistic nero bf to castrate and marry me?? is discord or grindr better to find sociop…[View]
34814127i just wanna be a boywife: is it normal to a boy to dream about being a bride?[View]
34813326Anyone in that state where they feel awful living as a male but don't really want to transition…[View]
34813888/gaygen/ drugs edition: >>34812530 gays are often stereotyped as taking lots of drugs, are you…[View]
34813156would it be malebrained to write songs about being trans?? I'm working on an EP and I can'…[View]
34814911Why does homosexuality enrage the straight brain?[View]
34812480is there any benefit to SRS as opposed to just going full eunuch? I have fears about surgery to begi…[View]
34810530Lanklet hons: Do you value any aspects of your height?[View]
34814785trutransbians?: how come only a tiny portion of tranbians actually act like real lesbians, while the…[View]
34812709Is it over for me?: My face looks like this and I have this exact body type. What do I do? How can I…[View]
34810512I wish trans girls could get pregnant: I am a chaser but I wish trans girls could get pregnant. That…[View]
34814642joe biden exposed: > biden walks onto the stage > he stutters > piss running down his leg …[View]
34813589How do you find NORMAL older men as attractive in shape 25 year old male? Every time I try grindr an…[View]
34814247>97th percentile for height >94th percentile for shoulder bidelt >92nd percentile for skull…[View]
34814526>go outside to an for the first time lgbt friendly msuic venue >enjoy live jungle and punk mus…[View]
34812715Reminder: 98% of 'chasers' have never experienced the physical reality of: a troon. They're bas…[View]
34808548Never forget the Great Dysmorphia-ing[View]
34814389>the twitch account of the soldier who self-immolated for palestine was 'LillyAnarKitty' Did he(s…[View]
34814335how to cope with shame from being masochistic + hypersexual in the past as a reaction to trauma and …[View]
34812634How do i avoid getting discouraged when i order a bunch of women's clothes for the fifth time i…[View]
34814196In their corporate drivel press release about the SoraAI, CEO Sam Altman basically said the reason A…[View]
34811645Honestly, AMAB troons are nothing more than autogynephilic incels. Plus in 99% of cases they are ugl…[View]
34811513Is it weird if I'm 19 and a chaser? I was on puberty blockers at 14 but decided not to troon ou…[View]
34807822unironic cure for homosexual thoughts?: need to stop thinking about men before I snap, tempted to tr…[View]
34813990a reminder we made this for all of you <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cS9_7pEDdA[View]
34812276>Oh hey, son >My manly son >My broad shouldered, square-jawed, tall as a tree son >My hy…[View]
34813898If all trannies want to wear diapers and diaper fetish comes from child abuse bros I think I figur…[View]
34812114What's the next thing you think they'll add to the nu-pride flag?[View]
34813472should i get ffs?: i am just a cis guy but i kinda wanna look more like a girl.[View]
34812691Is ejaculation a uniquely male experience?[View]
34813710I lost with 499 to 1 odds: >post self on here >anon says I might Klinefelters Syndrome >re…[View]
34812530/gaygen/ -dating a model edition: >>34811138 which one would you?[View]
34809046Hows life going. May have to kill myself tonight do to suicide pact :#[View]
34813199is 140-220hz a good starting point for voice training? im describe as having a lispy andro voice rn,…[View]
34812073Why do I still feel tired all the time? At first I thought it was spiro, I was on 100mg spiro until…[View]
34810505Gays of /lgbt/, would you still love your boyfriend if he became fat?[View]
34812903my ex bf texted me after 3 months of us breaking up i wonder what he wants from me no seriously like…[View]
348004981. Your letters 2. Your ideal partner >MtF tranny My dream bf >nerdy >nice >has a job…[View]
34809508what does it mean for something to be 'trans coded': i see this around often now. people c…[View]
34810486>What is it like to 'feel like a woman' beyond adhering to sex stereotypes I saw someone ask this…[View]
34813297How do gay male or mtf spontaneous hookups work? Anal sex requires prep and cleanliness and they don…[View]
34811963boymaxxing??? BoyMaxxing = trying to look as young/youthful as possible and conducting yourself like…[View]
34812629putin be like: gays don't go after children, LGBT propaganda bad: meanwhile russia is like http…[View]
34813446Is it weird if I tell him that its hot that he looks like my father?: Im having sex with a 55 year o…[View]
34811739people keep telling me to voice train, but how are you supposed to approach it if youve tried and fa…[View]
34813134It's weird how mtfs just throw their dicks away but for ftms having a dick is like a peak life …[View]
34807176My husband is transitioning, I think they have always been pretty feminine and cute looking. I don…[View]
34812196where are all the boycrazy tranners????: im not a chaser or anything im just an autistic tranny who …[View]
34813288anyone else was like this as a teenager? glad i grew out of it, you did too, right?[View]
34813282I wish I have real dick and balls But I don't And I feel like am going crazy And there is no …[View]
34812199>imagine being born before 2003 >Imagine not starting hrt by 16 >Imagine not passing after …[View]
34811926>shower once a week >failed every degree I ever did by sheer laziness >barely groom myself …[View]
34811821Do actual, normal, first world country straight men under age 40 still wear underwear of this style?…[View]
34808086cheat on me cis girl: if a cis girl were to date me on the condition that i'd let her bang with…[View]
34807395How many of these symptoms do you have?: CYP21A2 gene mutation might be responsible for creating tra…[View]
34812296Being lean with some muscle definition is the ultimate body type.[View]
34812688>staying in boymode: hell >girlmoding: impossible >chances of a minimally successful outcom…[View]
34812156how would you feel if someone trans'd you without you knowing? picrel[View]
34807712can't decide if I want to date guys or girls: being bisexual is suffering[View]
34810176My bf is a saint for dating me!!! I'm not supposed to be happy and with a bf as a tranny!!! He …[View]
34811845i like having sex with other trans girls and licking their armpits :3[View]
34810458I'm a tranny secretly in love with my bpd theyfab friend, what should i do? They're unstab…[View]
34811138/gaygen/: owain glyndwr edish previous >>34807162[View]
34812042im incredibly paranoid that im still losing hair despite being on hrt for two years, is there anythi…[View]
34809084There should be a site where tranners post the costs of all the surgeries they want and then chasers…[View]
34812406Do HSTS like Indian guys?[View]
34812046Asian tranners: Do they like tall white guys I came in a Korean youngshit once and I legit can'…[View]
34811054Why don't more trannies lean into mommy play? There's a lot of attractive young men who ar…[View]
34810049>meet real women >ultra social conformists. like 90% of them are literal archetypes of a parti…[View]
34811329how to dress for a fat chest and no boobs: i have the trannybod problem of a big ribcage and tiny ti…[View]
34808272It bothers me that people automatically clock me as a bottom. I -am- a bottom, but I don't like…[View]
34811785Is it true that gay men don't love each other and just spend their lives in partnerships of con…[View]
34812335/nbg/ - Non-binary General: Previous thread: >>34807869 QOTT: If you were playing a video game…[View]
34812169I looked at the trans tag on pornhub and 90% of it was with white tops. Were the bbc spammers lying?[View]
34812233brigham morris young: Would transition have saved him?[View]
34811611>Now that I'm back from giving babies cancer, I can create a human again >Maybe I should …[View]
34812214>semi-attractive chad face (bad because I can't afford FFS) >feminine body What causes th…[View]
34808078Why are cisf chasers disprortionately ex-mormon? It's definitely a thing. Was Joseph Smith a r…[View]
34812135It’s completely rational to be afraid of trannies. Think about it. If a man is willing to chop off h…[View]
34809840Are most straight men attracted to twinks? You know the cis males who are young and could pass as th…[View]
34811196Bf is the sweetest boy imaginable but I can't stop physically abusing him knowing he won't…[View]
34811185Gigapoon x manmoder relationship: The way God intended Anyone into something like this? t. chad look…[View]
34811710wish I had a repper bf: Is it possible to date an ultra-masculine repressor who for whatever reason,…[View]
34804269How do I achieve this astatic?[View]
34811644Is it possible to catch a nerdy dude before he troons out, much like a catcher in the rye?[View]
34812085ive had two boyfriends, the first left me because he wanted to mess around after 4 years being toget…[View]
34811232How do I become another girls pet?[View]
34811476i want a tranny gf that STINKS[View]
34807468>I'm a straight man with a cock fetish[View]
34811051WTF: A gay guy talked me into letting him suck my dick.. long story short I was quite drunk and had …[View]
34811270how do i get a daughterwife who is occasionally also the family dog? (i will fuck her while she fill…[View]
34811807can I get a tranny gf (bottom) with a huge penis she never uses[View]
34808317I think I might be a closeted trans woman but I don’t know for sure. How can I tell if I am truly a …[View]
34808431neck circumference: how do i reduce the size of my giant muscular neck? will hrt and anamoding fix t…[View]
34808804>heighthons don't exist[View]
34810893I only have 35k usd in cash, a broken nose and I need ffs or at least to be able to fix my nose, my …[View]
34811146if 0.01% of the population is transgender around the world, then there'd be more than a million…[View]
34807951I will troon out sooner or later. I feel like it's an inevitability for me. It's either th…[View]
34807082adhd med weight loss: is this viable? i tried dieting multiple times within the past few years and h…[View]
34809705A certain cis woman I know doesn’t seem very thrilled about me leaning toward a more feminine presen…[View]
34809713I was cuddling with my gf and she wanted me to put my peepee in her butt but I couldn't get har…[View]
34810703>boyfriend normally calls my voice 'cute' and 'feminine' >both of us get intoxicated one eveni…[View]
34802344trans women post your icks lists: i’ll start[View]
34811499Puppyboys belong to tgirls[View]
34809899Chasers are unironically vile: I eat human flesh in real life and consume my own blood for giggles, …[View]
34802766were you trannies good at standardized testing?[View]
34811163>Cis male >Lurk here when I get really bored >been doing this for months >have started c…[View]
34807697>ftm >failed at being a woman >failed at being a man too What the hell do i do now…[View]
34811053Tony soprano boymoder gf hnnng[View]
34810675Where's the evidence that Eggs Benedict was actually a tranny? Her own mother refers to her wit…[View]
34810681I am a transexual I am bisexual I am a versatile I am a switch I am valid I am Spartacus I am whate…[View]
34805688what is it like to hold a trans girl in your arms[View]
34806556Her IG stories have already expired now but it looks like Lyon Stipsen's crim family pulled som…[View]
34802829/voicegen/: old one is dying so post vocaroos and rate each other + give advice!! https://voca.ro/1o…[View]
34809230anamax or fatmax: >6’2 btw I feel like rn I look like a wendigo but I feel like it’d be better i…[View]
34810865what does it mean if the dream girl offers you the dog water bowl: I had a dream that I was in a gir…[View]
34810964what day of the week do trannies post pictures of themselves on this board?[View]
34807162/gaygen/ Howdy edition: Previous: >>34804673[View]
34808141reverse misgendering?: what is it called when i get gendered as a girl when im boymoding?[View]
34810667How to come out?: How do I come out to family when I basically don't have balls even before cyp…[View]
34805224the fucking nerve of this lad, i swear...[View]
34808280forced marriage: should dumb and indecisive bottoms be forced to become submissive wives? i mean, if…[View]
34753939/clg/ Cis Lesbian General: QOTT: 1. Do you like to travel? 2. What's some of your best travel m…[View]
34810731Should I put my instagram on frengen: What's stopping me from putting my instagram on frengen? …[View]
34808454>be ftm >have mtf irl friend >have known her since school days >she recently transitione…[View]
34806822can racism save me: >be me >6’2 black troon if you saw a gargantuan black woman would you attr…[View]
34810813how do i get an instagram reels brainrotmaxxed tranny gf?[View]
34810753Why are a lot of trannies chuds or ex chuds? Why are trannies attracted to hate filled ideologies?[View]
34810394Tops, how would you feel about dating a bottom who had SRS? This would be a non trans regular cis gu…[View]
34810501Happy: I like my gay friend. He likes calling me cute, I like calling him handsome, and I feel comfo…[View]
34806153Would any female/lesbian mtf want a volunteer secretary/online servant: I like being bossed around a…[View]
34810352im too scared to marry my tranny gf[View]
34810197I’m cis, but I like being misgendered?: >be me cis man >hop on discord >start talking to pe…[View]
34809340My dad grabbed my ass when I wasn't looking and I liked it. Oh no...[View]
34808395Its not 'transsexual' and I'm not just transgender. I'm taking fucking estrogen and its no…[View]
34807277brazilian trannies, why is it being such a fucking pain in the ass to import estrogen rn??? god ive …[View]
34810291How do I stop viewing myself as an AGP pervert transmaxxing incel? None of my friends or family thin…[View]
34810213are women with shaved heads ftms? asking cuz one person at my school[View]
34805385Boymoding in Guatemala: I'm a boymoder studying in university and I'm planning on going to…[View]
34809704We all know the gay and tranny games, but what are the typical LESBIAN games? Classic Tomb Raider is…[View]
34804981Why do pooners hate lesbians so much? Whats up with that?[View]
34809992>go to forum for lesbians >Active thread goes 'I'm a troon, would you suck lesbian cock? …[View]
34809130Serious question: Why did God make me male, 5'4', with gender dysphoria, super submissive, and …[View]
34807785Who owns the sky?[View]
34810078Is it worth meeting someone for a cheap hookup just to gain any sort of relationship experience[View]
34807406where can i find a tranny gf who likes plushies? t. likes plushies[View]
34809138i believe in aristocratic androgyny: im a cis girl. but sometimes i feel like a handsome boy. how do…[View]
34809834is a mohawk too clocky for a ftm?: I'm not going for a dyed mohawk or a short mohawk. I want a …[View]
34769745Voice Training Thread! Post your voice and rate others![View]
34807869/nbg/ - Non-binary General: QOTT: What month should Dumb Bitch Month be on?[View]
34809849>work retail >cis women compliment my long hair >cis women compliment my skin why, despite …[View]
34809077A few question for dudes who hookup with crossdressers 1 How picky are you, just how important is i…[View]
34806976how much more of a perfect example of hsts vs agp could you need?[View]
34804799When did this board become tttt? I remember back in 2013 it was filled with gay men.[View]
34809839my fwb says it’s weird i like the taste of prec*m. is it really that weird?? i just like it[View]
34808258is this fembrained or malebrained: discuss[View]
34807796Why are the cutest moders always anon?[View]
34809475advice for trans women: be yourself always!! please dont buy hormones! i am nonbinary and amab and i…[View]
34809656Trans women cannot handle being in positions of power and they should content themselves with servin…[View]
34807167advice on helping my fren: I never wanted to come back to this hell hole website, after the shit it…[View]
34808832I'm gonna give my daughter my old Barbies. How about you?[View]
34808601>my guy friends found my thigh highs The fuck do I do? Is it over for me? Do I need to cut them a…[View]
34808963Do men refuse to ride elevators with you?[View]
34808345Being a chaser in the south is so hard, why are there no cute trans girls in Tennessee :([View]
34808211why does heterosexual sex look so fucking gross and demonic[View]
34801608After how many nights of dreaming about having a bf does it begin to manifest into reality?[View]
34806909I feel like I psyopped myself into being trans via porn addiction, no hobbies, no goals and being a …[View]
34800507>go on a real date with a trans girl I've been talking to for a few weeks online >First t…[View]
34807806What are the implications of trannies causing the apocalypse when woke AI decides to start a nuclear…[View]
34805250I have never been attracted to women: When I was 15, I was trying so hard to be straight and I kisse…[View]
34806693I just milked my boyfriend so good t. Ftm[View]
34806708>cishet white upper class terf talking to a black trans woman 'Yeah so basically we need female-o…[View]
34809120How do you deal with being trans ? I've known I've been trans for a while but I hate it. I…[View]
34808563Why do cis women like ugly people? And why do they attempt to gaslight them into thinking they'…[View]
34803617/chasergen/ happiness edition: qott: how do you keep yourself happy? previous: >>34795055…[View]
34807677Is it malebrained to be turned on by the thought of being raped? I don't like regular porn but …[View]
34805899Reminder that straight cis women love pooners[View]
34808352How do hons ever hope to compete with rich youngshits?[View]
34808618All I want is to be a skittish cat whose owner is a 26 year old tgirl who is attractive but loves he…[View]
34806336/mtfg/ - Male to Female General: /mtfg/ OP: https://rentry.org/mtfg Previous Episode: >>347974…[View]
34808098How does dyed hair actually work? I think my trans gf might look cute with dyed hair but I know it o…[View]
34807974>5 months of being a cis male on estrogen >i am still fine and no reverse dysphoria…[View]
34808390Is this accurate?[View]
34808694what would you do if you came across a boymoder who had Kaposi Sarcoma, had difficulty breathing, ha…[View]
34807643I feel ashamed about being a transbian. I feel bad about not being a real girl. I feel bad for only …[View]
34799572vocaroo time!: please record yourself saying the following: 'Dr. Blanchard, I'm a hoose toose. …[View]
34808094How do you cope with infertility?: I'm in my mid 20's and have been with my bf for 5 years…[View]
34806965Why can't gay men just transition? Especially the effeminate ones with that weird gay voice. Ju…[View]
34805142>look and sound exactly like a girl >makes no effort to change this >'erm... actually... i…[View]
34807904i transitioned at 18 and i'm still ngmi: it's actually crazy to me. yes i could have diy…[View]
34807322>your letter(s) >biggest L you’ve taken for me it was when i dated a guy who looked like the o…[View]
34808123Insanity: >Be me, tranny college student >Have curly hair >My hair is my biggest insecurity…[View]
34805682the person who has been constantly harrassing me to kill myself have went offlike for about 3 weeks …[View]
34808112Is This Unrealistic?: I am a manmoder and i keep a pinterest board of outfits i’d like to wear one d…[View]
34800691/lesgen/ - coffee edition: lesgen is an inclusive general for all women who love women - lesbian, bi…[View]
34802745I want to have a real dick so bad. I want to cum on and in somebody. I fucking hate having a vag. Bo…[View]
34808185girly boys: what do you think about cute boys who look like girls?[View]
34805826Forgive the sketchy pic, but I am MtF and my tummy looks just like this, and I hate it. Why does it …[View]
34808003Transgender constipation: >have something pike constipation for 3 days >only difference to whe…[View]
34801661Can a transwoman look like this?[View]
34806895porn addiction: has porn addiction ever affected your relationship with gender identity? are you sti…[View]
34805603>no big gocked goth mommy top gf just fucking shoot me already[View]
34807447Girls belong with girls.[View]
34801672today i am 3 years hrt :)[View]
34800508Is it the kind of profile gay want?[View]
34803574What's the appeal? I'm asking here instead of /mu/ because gays seem obsess with her. I we…[View]
34805205i've just noticed that, a lot of rhetoric from right wingers centers around the survival of cer…[View]
34807412I’m such a dumb subby Mtf tranner please degrade me[View]
34806811i feed on people hating me this is why i trip on this board[View]
34807669>the face that belongs to the person who's talking about sex with your child online yikes Th…[View]
34805029Why is every MTF over 30 and every FTM under 30 here?[View]
34807489How can I get my tummy to look like this when I wear dresses? Im 34.[View]
34805616do i pass if old men make nasty comments to me? i was at the pharmacy waiting and an old guy and his…[View]
34807465whats the best jeans for a trans woman ?: i am like 130lb and 5.9[View]
34806609>be ftm >parents don't support me, had to diy in secret, had my T taken away a few times,…[View]
34807408Transgirls, how would you feel if your boyfriend wouldn't let you brap in their presence?[View]
34803528why are men nice to me but women look at me like im disgusting? lesbians are nice to me but straight…[View]
34806149>rejected by gamahon It's over bros, I'm just going to quit the chaser game. I can…[View]
34803108how i do end with my crippling loneliness? i have tried to make friends my whole life, i never manag…[View]
34805331Am I a cis guy with late-onset dysphoria or a non-binary HRT AMAB? >was quiet, anxious and shy as…[View]
34803239How do you deal with erections when wearing a skirt?[View]
34805082>inject hormones for the rest of your life >have a doctor literally peel back your skull skin…[View]
34806792CAUSE IT’S RAINING MEN fat bitches.[View]
34806883Why do chasers rabidly sexualise the parts we hate so much about ourselves? For mtfs it's the p…[View]
34802528She slips estrogen into his food, right?[View]
34804673/gaygen/: are you a sensitive gay? p: >>34800773[View]
34806748can hrt + ffs save me: i feel like my biggest issues are: >braod chin >laugh wrinkles >deep…[View]
34805982When was the best time to troon out?[View]
34800348How do I repress?: I’m 19yo and 6 months HRT. Every time I look at myself I feel more and more disgu…[View]
34804818Reppers that ended up transitioning, what triggered you to finally make the move?[View]
34803872>look at pictures of myself at 14 >already have a browbone and a strong jaw (big chin too) It…[View]
34806952I am taking psychiatric treatment and was recently diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 18. …[View]
34806723help me poonbros: i don't really go here and don't know how to post so be nice to me desu.…[View]
34797258Chasers, i hope you like us a little bit more... androgynous[View]
34805217>My favorite mentally ill /int/ twink is trooning In the future, how do I detect if a twink is a …[View]
34793928>you’re at a straight club >go to the bathroom >this thug calls you a faggot how do you …[View]
34805665>start hrt mono >Joint pain everywhere >Followed by muscle ache in legs >Followed by con…[View]
34806810transgender bitches[View]
34804262whats more fembrained, anorexia or cutting urself?[View]
34804420Am I gay: Yesterday I downloaded Grindr as a joke, and had a decently long conversation with this gu…[View]
34806204Will I ever pass without FFS?: https://unseeDcc/album#ZS6Vde8BH3Wx Sorry for the attention seeking t…[View]
34780113Why aren’t you fatmaxxing yet anonette? You know men love tummy right?[View]
34805480>grow out hair >go on hrt everything else is too hard, too expensive, or too embarrassing. let…[View]
34806646is DRAMAtical murder actually good? i need faggot media , it seems almost all of it is total dogshit…[View]
34806639sometimes i feel like i look cute and then i look at the bad pics i made and feel like the ugliest t…[View]
34803593ill be honest, if i could flip a switch and have a pussy i would, but i think there's something…[View]
34805802Are you promoting gender essentialism with your own behavior?[View]
34802223Is it ok to be gay?[View]
34802210I accidentally regressed my mental identity to that of a teenage girl: >autogynephile >30 NEET…[View]
34780296you fuckers lied to me: i thought hrt was going to make me a woman and instead it made me look, act,…[View]
34805696I WANT TO BE A GAY MAN[View]
34804433>be mtf tranner, 1.5 years on hrt >Live with sister and her boyfriend in bumfuck Texas >The…[View]
34802389how come most of the women with non-mainstream music taste i see are trans? i've tried dating a…[View]
34806049what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was saying you were a fucking asshole, telling …[View]
34806306Is this a male or female skull?[View]
34805372You don’t want a girlfriend You just want a doll Buy her pretty dresses Take her to the mall Got a p…[View]
34805935>typing up a super hateful and schizo adjacent post to send to some random trans woman on twitter…[View]
34801953the great die off: What percentage of the LGBTQ community got murdered by AIDS in the late 70 throug…[View]
34806330Gay Latinos of /lgbt/, do you prefer the term Latino or Latinx?[View]
34804662Predator/prey fetish: I enjoy sexually hunting people down and fantasize about being a big strong mo…[View]
34805456my older sister came to visit and shes been acting a bit strange and something inside my brain tells…[View]
34806169FTMbros, as we have seen it appears terfs are beginning to switch tack from 'trans men are sad confu…[View]
34806070I'm a very clocky twinkhon and basically everyone I interact with at work and in other places i…[View]
34803771I caught AIDS from fucking raw a brazilian tranny prostitute.[View]
34806199Hey /lgbt/, rate my nipples.[View]
34800539Is it better to become a 'bottom' for men than having no sex at all (with women)?[View]
34806157would you let your boyfriend feed you so much food that it looks like you were pregnant, trannies?[View]
34805790Ever since i started hrt, I've had the unquenchable urge to eat my poop. Is that normal?[View]
34799990I think she might be a trans woman!: I really love snakes but I think she has a snake herself (was b…[View]
34805902Why do transwomen and chasers have such a similar sexuality. It seems theyre only attracted to women…[View]
34804355what’s happening femboy and twinks supremacy?[View]
34805742chat i keep thinking about how i wish i could like girls how lesbians like girls and not how straigh…[View]
34803541>Lorenz: how does trans affect you >Chaya: well umm.. trans is lie... so it's bad >Lor…[View]
34803020Pooners, would you let your trans gf put a baby inside you?[View]
34805307Im being ignored why am I so clingy :([View]
34794406/ftmg/: qott: young man there’s no need to feel down qott2: i said young man pick yourself off the g…[View]
34800419I deeply enjoy consuming transsexual pornography, particularly the 'creampie' variant by which a tra…[View]
34801977If I cross dressed every day for some time in the privacy of my home, would I normalize it and it…[View]
34802399I fucking hate theyfabs[View]
34793656Why are so many redheaded trannies into BBC?[View]
34802355has your taste in porn changed on hrt?: what kind of porn/doujins/erotica/hentai/eroge do mtfs enjoy…[View]
34805444>Here’s your trans tomboy gf, bro[View]
34800785dht causing transbian top feelings: I'm a trans girl 22. I've been on hrt for years and I …[View]
34805425Need a trans gf who will let me talk her ear off about the Cambodian genocide t. ftm[View]
34801068How much will I masculinize from age 18 to 28? since I didn't change anything from 15 to 18.[View]
34803249>Errm your stats are invalid, ackshully, because of the number of reddit members. Anti-trans detr…[View]
34802847Can you distract men with your physical beauty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=snI9…[View]
34804676Where are all the puppygirls who need training?[View]
34801336PITT cringe thread: The National Sanitary Foundation and the DoD is transitioning all the autistic g…[View]
34805220How do I get a bf? I'm 27 and I never had one[View]
34805021Trans women are literally made for eating pussy[View]
34801651Why is she still allowed to be on the internet? She is literally financially sourcing trans genocide…[View]
34805213I just want a bf that will hold me down so I can't escape and violate me with his enormous cock…[View]
34802848How are you planning on spending your retirement with your partner?[View]
34798427I wish I could have a handsome ftm bf. They are like twinks, but with a bonus hole to keep your coc…[View]
34800752What would the consequences be of administering regular doses of estrogen to non-dysphoric flamers b…[View]
34805133Magical girls are fembrained or malebraied[View]
34801522I'm only a theymab/HRT femboy because I don't think I will ever pass: It's all a cope…[View]
34801836>transitioning at 25 because i thought the feelings would just go away eventually any tips for th…[View]
34802014This?: This is not ok![View]
34802908Hello lgbt. My trans gf will always grab the skin on my elbow when we are in public, what does this …[View]
34804472I relate to chasers: >Be me, tranny >Kinda weirded out by chasers >Go to a hyperpop rave …[View]
34801737i want to be feminine and not male but also i whenever i look at most women i think to myself i do n…[View]
34802882>Browsing X >Someone is seething at muh oversexualized women in vidya and accusing everyone of…[View]
34804366>gay love is just like straight love >have to take medication daily so your body doesn't …[View]
34802760>This is a reporting option >There is literally a TERF general on the board Pick one and only …[View]
34802832i’m going to a funeral soon, it’ll be the first big family meet up since i started estrogen, i hope …[View]
34728730Boymoder art: post boymoder art and give suggestions for drawfags on what to make :)[View]
34803922futa girlfriend: i want a futa girlfriend, who wants to bottom. give me one, please. ;-;[View]
34800773/gaygen/ - gosh edition: previous >>34797235[View]
34801201Infinite love and happiness with soulmate: I found free unlimited happiness in this life. The only t…[View]
34803212I have a crush on my friend but I'm Muslim: It feels like I'm stuck in a corner because I …[View]
34797449/mtfg/ male to female general: last >>34794834 qott what wqere we talking aboutloel[View]
34801842>gigayoungshit >far left parents who tried to teach me and my sister about lgbt stuff really e…[View]
34803229cute vs sexy modeing for maximum attractiveness: it is with great annoyance and disappointment that …[View]
34802549>'I hated being a man so NOBODY SHOULD GET TO BE MALE!!!!' Mtf trannies, why? Can't I just t…[View]
34802019How do I grow out my hair in a feminine way? I've been boymoding for several years at this poin…[View]
34803831Is Rowling ill??: Her face looks bloated[View]
34804066Where bf :([View]
34802349I don't like poonpoons but I personally find it hilarious when they trap straight men into rela…[View]
34804206How to feel better about abuse at my past job?: I was fired from my job of 3 years due to being depr…[View]
34804168how do i win over trannies that look like this? i want a little chocolate AND vanilla princess and i…[View]
34803049Ever since I’ve started taking Hrt I feel so dumb like I wasn’t exactly the brightest before but now…[View]
34800516>ftm >keep getting mistaken online for a mtf due to my autistic interests and blank personalit…[View]
34804124Chaser semen is the best sunscreen: - All natural - Full of antioxidants for rejuvenating skin healt…[View]
34804095This is the kind of person you faggots want to be? Fucking disgusting. I hope you kill yourselves.[View]
34802156we gotta start gatekeeping babytrans from womens/lesbian communities for at least a year or two at t…[View]
34803473is it valid if i, a tranny, look down on afabs as being genuinely mentally disabled? i can't ta…[View]
34803982to other mtfs: are you guys genuinely having satisfactory sexual experiences on a regular basis? idk…[View]
34803361I fucked up bros: Im tired as fuck so I will see what happens to this thread when I wake up. >be …[View]
34803888I made a pro trans edit of that transphobic toilet sticker.[View]
34803036Are gay men grateful for trannies taking all the heat off them?[View]
34799032Nikki-mondragon just pulled all of her porn videos. She went post op 9 months ago, her chaser husban…[View]
34802816Only real ones remember this Anyone else used this to talk themselves into trooning?[View]
34797511i think i am too fembrained: it is getting dangerous. i've gone from playing call of duty to wa…[View]
34798514Imagine having narrow hips like this[View]
34801732How do you cope with the fact that you’ll never have a husband or an actually meaningful relationshi…[View]
34803798Are you normal sized and do you hang out with five other normal sized people? If not you are a FEMAL…[View]
34803775i want to be biologically female with the androgynous brain of an AGP trans woman this is the optima…[View]
34801322>get SRS >be pussy haver for 3 years now >still always have a dick in my dreams…[View]
34801960Am I abusing the system if I'm taking estrogen without being trans?: I have zero gender dysphor…[View]
34803218diy questions: what are the pros/cons of test enanthate vs cypionate? cypionate is hard to find over…[View]
34801570bottoms, what are your favourite things about tops? tope, what are your favourite things about botto…[View]
34798589ftms, would you rather wake up tomorrow: as your desired height & body type except for genitals …[View]
34801023why do ftm trannys always look like this…, what's going on…[View]
34803350how do i get someone to kill me doesn't matter who[View]
34802703ftms? your response?[View]
34800947should i start repping: my family wants to kick me out for being a tranny and i'm not ready to …[View]
34799618how long until she khs?: how long can a human hate on her own kind, deny herself being more than a c…[View]
34687601/wcg/ - Webcomics General: First prize is a bottle of mershota milt edition Previous thread: >…[View]
34797886where are the maneaters on this board?: Im curious about what drives these types of people. I want t…[View]
34801866in a really bad situation rn. no job, no friends, abusive parents. ive had no luck trying to get a j…[View]
34795055/chasergen/ sweets edition: qott: what’s ur favorite little treat? :3 previous: >>34785445 :3…[View]
34790551Forced detransition in the UK: New policy change in the UK. Even if you've been on hrt for ten …[View]
34798058some day i'll have an army of men and women who will do my bidding so they get the chance to st…[View]
34801588Are there any good transbian/AGP media that are good?[View]
34802687what would you do if you came across a boymoder that kept trying to make you mad, was making fun of …[View]
34802981I want a fellow FTM brother fantasy so bad: On god I wish there were more local trannies where I liv…[View]
34801372Perhaps the worst archetype of transwoman, the AGP 30s/40s/50s PC Nerd/ Gaming troon. You know the t…[View]
34802744What's this guy's deal? Is he a repper? I finally clicked on his site and god damm. This i…[View]
34803034You don’t want a girlfriend You just want a doll Buy her pretty dresses Take her to the mall Got a p…[View]
34801801Any good AGP movie/series?[View]
34803008i hope all youngshits die[View]
34801419did you have your trans period yet?[View]
34800789is ice skating gay? i am a manly manmoder and i dont want the hockey people thinking im a faggot[View]
34802106Do the straight men who date straight trans women wash their assholes?[View]
34800690reminder to not wait until hrt to start taking care of your hair[View]
34792830>cisbian wife keeps bringing home pizza, footlong subs, sushi, etc etc home Im never gonna lose w…[View]
34802271i cried over a movie about stray dogs..... how over is it for me as an mtf..[View]
34800025Soo this is prolly gonna be my last post here I’m happy with my boyfriend so I’m gonna get off 4chan…[View]
34801759Do lesbians gain after marriage or is this just a straight woman thing?[View]
34800876Should I start transitioning at 30?: I am currently a 30 yo guy who looks unbelievably similar to a …[View]
34802561>fap thinking about the most depraved fantasies >cum and think 'man i'm dumb' How do I c…[View]
34801708lain is sleepy[View]
34801128agp horny posting: what's the best word combination to get good agp content?[View]
34802288four pedophile threads made by trannies today[View]
34802495You know what, I don't care that bi/straight women fuck me because they see me as an unthreaten…[View]
34802494if you're here anon how am I even supposed to go about this? everyone always says this but nobo…[View]
34801765>3 years into relationship >not that into boyfriend anymore >don't like sex >don…[View]
34801641why boys wanna put their pps in my boihole? i poop from there! :<[View]
34800056i don't regret going on HRT at all as it allowed me to swerve a lot of masculinisation but i re…[View]
34800126Hello everyone, I'm the father of a trans son (17M), and I could really use some help.: Ever si…[View]
34792886>sit for an hour >stand up >pool of blood and golfball sized clots falls out of my cunt fem…[View]
34801469Aromatase Inhibitors: Any FtMs tried (DIY or prescribed) aromatase inhibitors or any other estrogen …[View]
34801849If you moved to Iran and they force feminized you at their own expense would you then be willing to …[View]
34797066What kind of bodytypes do tranners like out of guys? I would assume it's pretty typical shit bu…[View]
34801566cis guy here: my bf (female) is a lesbian but sometimes she wants to cuddle and we fuck. is she sele…[View]
34801850WMAF Thread: Asian bottoms built for BWC, /pol/cel calling me race traitors, obese western feminists…[View]
34799595Do HSTS have hobbies like obsessive detailed interest in amateur shortwave radio, minute details of …[View]
34801172I can't stand to look at my hon face: Should I start sex work to pay for FFS? I'm desperat…[View]
34800880heh, that'll teach her![View]
34800791/gaygen/ cis guys: no trans discussion edition[View]
34794490so this idea that hrt is a meme in it does nothing... i disagree[View]
34801800Anybody else get like bdd overflow? Sometimes when I get really dysphoric to the point I can't …[View]
34801130how are you supposed to deal with having a big upper ribcage/chest/shoulders and how do you deal wit…[View]
34801102Aaaaa I wanna go get a big mac like the fat piggy I am, please tell this fatty tranny not to eat :([View]
34801754I need a cis lesbian chaser in my life.[View]
34801690chaser isn't a gender or a sexuality and thus doesn't belong on /lgbt/[View]
34799117the toob has no boob[View]
34800867How long is the awkward phase? >start to like how I look and feel way more confident >look at…[View]
34801465dude what the fuck? trannies were made for incel neets[View]
34799924i feel like a gross degenerate perv when i inject hrt. how do i stop that feeling? im not fetishisti…[View]
34799974An asian tranny asked me to bully her and I made fun of her micropp and called her a gook whore unti…[View]
34799750Which hobbies are most popular, respectively among AGPs and HSTSes?[View]
34800961Girls belong with girls.[View]
34801541Why were gay men typically seen as 'sexual inverts' by sexologists at the turn of the 20th century?[View]
34800687if you say boi or bonus hole you should be burned at the stake no trial[View]
34801523>go on lgbt >get mogged >go on r9k >get mogged r9k is literally lgbt but with Lee. Genui…[View]
34801481so alone: no tranners on mexican land, so sad so sad[View]
34800446I'm looking for the trans girl crewmate ඞ to my imposter. ඞ You might think I'm venting ඞ …[View]
34800956Why is chaserism applauded when a woman does it but scorned on when a man does it? Are male chasers …[View]
34799526>Got the letter for the army conscription Anons, what the fuck do I do? I am 8 months on hrt but …[View]
34800812why do breasts of trans women and cis women look different, what makes them differ? I cant really pu…[View]
34799424>be me, 6mo HRT boymoder >get tons of stares, assume it’s because my breasts are visible >…[View]
34800645>Anonette.... you don't believe in a free unregulated marketplace for DIY HRT? I can love a …[View]
34801307what i hate about trannies is that the anus doesn't have lips, so i can't actually 'kiss' …[View]
34800678Should AFAB fujoshis be allowed to transition to male?[View]
34801052don't you hate being mistaken for cis? baka[View]
34801254So how long can i expect skin gains to continue on hrt?[View]
34800039I really want a bf but I don't know how to get one I'm a 29 year old twinkhon with extreme…[View]
34799179It’s over[View]
34799650Fr fr[View]
34801009What’s the point in dating a slut?[View]
34800781Can I still exercise while trooning?: 3 months HRT, I used to run in the past and now I want to get …[View]
34800871What drugs do I need to take to become straight? t. straight cis male struggling with sexual confusi…[View]
34799481I fantasise about killing myself every day because I don't have the physique of a cis female ru…[View]
34800625I can't see trans women as women. I am just a mentally ill failed male that needs to dress like…[View]
34798549Anyone here live in Iran? I think it might be the perfect country for me. I have decided upon 3 thin…[View]
34799460i'm a tranny and a stoner, i'm like double useless give me attention the only thing i want…[View]
34800632what if i go from looking like a man to looking like a hon after ffs or i look neither like a man or…[View]
34799784I want to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL trans woman the world has EVER seen: I want to become the most beaut…[View]
34800943how do i get over self-hatred: I’m a boymoder, i’m a student, i have some good friends that i like a…[View]
34800026I hope I can have a boyfriend one day: I’ve never really been that close to anyone but the fact that…[View]
34793657Supreme Court justice attacks gay/lesbian rights and gay marriage: https://lawandcrime.com/high-prof…[View]
34800760/gaygen/: previous >>34797235[View]
34797719how do you cope being a faggot on hrt?[View]
34800197I'm too scared to get a haircut because I'm in my 30s and I'm a hon of hons so I…[View]
34798563do u guys think he’s hinting that he knows i’m trans lol[View]
34800468do chuds actually think that spamming “YWNBAW/YWNBAM ROPE KYS COMMIT SUICIDE ACCCKKKK *troonjak/poon…[View]
34800192why don't bnwofags just spam the chud threads?: seems like a good compromise? >inb4 they…[View]
34800331T4T incest is the superior form of incest.[View]
34797235/gaygen/ fuck you edition: last thread was trash >>smd[View]
34790046post unhinged things you were told on here[View]
34794107picrew bread?: use the template, guess each other's letters, nationality, etc.. picrew. me/en/i…[View]
34799840Why are alt-tech spaces full of tankie trannies?: The USSR literally put gay and trans people in psy…[View]
34800300To like girly things you have to be female.[View]
34800565One very cool thing about MFAIR is you can use it to jimmy your way into other areas of inquiry. If …[View]
34800563How to overcome my jealousy of females and tendency to compare: >Go out to the outside world >…[View]
34800234Would I be a bad little sister if I sabotaged my older brother's relationship with his harpy br…[View]
34793119>girl I've been dating 3 months gives me her twitter account to follow >go through the li…[View]
34797134Why do I find men who remind me of my brother attractive?[View]
34799842>be me, boymoder >on holiday w dad and brothers >not enough space to sleep separately so I…[View]
34800280>read about normies getting boyfriends >realise this will never be me as I will always be a tr…[View]
34797196What’s the point in calling yourself a femboy when you’re well into your 30s?[View]
34800081>we just want to protect the children[View]
34799170the central proposition of masculinity is that you have to get dosed with a schedule 3 substance sta…[View]
34800345Is sitting on your ass all day shoving garbage in your hole a good way to resist fascism?[View]
34799795FUCK YOU for making me a schizo that now suspects every woman with slightly male interests is a tran…[View]
34793673>hon:”transitioning is hard especially after the effects of puberty” >passoid:”actually shut …[View]
34796973Is Chaya Raichik a closet fag: Conspiracy theory after the recent interview drop, bear with me: Chay…[View]
34800130It's been like 2 years on HRT and I still look like human Shrek. big manly frame, bulky torso, …[View]
34799788Schizo Post of the Night: Transgender acceptance is an inherent step to the singularity and inherent…[View]
34796661I think I’ve discovered my full potential as a sub.: >Be me >20 years old, gay, lonely and aut…[View]
34799722I make a point of deliberately refusing to hold doors open for women to show my contempt for gender …[View]
34800097>born male >Yumejoshit >Still dysphoric Why did god do this. I could have been the most und…[View]
34800022>16 inch bideltoid >anorexic bmi Is it over?…[View]
34793178Anyone know any /lgbt/ discords, specifically ones for trannies? I'm getting lonely :([View]
34798795Mtf here. I cheated on my bf again. I'm just too hypersexual, and can't control myself wh…[View]
34799720Am i done?: >be me, 'cis het' dude >lurk on /lgbt/ and r/egg_irl >still cis tho >realise…[View]
34795048Are bi men who bottom and transwomen different stages of the same thing? https://www.rodfleming.com/…[View]
34799933Bulging in public: Yay or Neigh[View]
34798647I like hot big dick tgirls who will dominate me and don't have much interest in anything else. …[View]
34799508girl boy boy girl cope: mtf here. grew up liking racing and typically more masculine things but want…[View]
34795510Trans guys, how do I get one of you to violate me?? How should a boy like me act and dress to make y…[View]
34797108How inconsistent can I be with testosterone and still get results?: I started using testogel months …[View]
34797043need cisfem chaser.... (Must be dominant) OMG I'll do anything. I'll worship the ground yo…[View]
34798173It happened again: I had a 6 hour femgooning session to solo male BBC porn again[View]
34797075I decided to make a new rule for myself. Every day I don't go outside the house I don't ge…[View]
34796965Monogamy is hard as a lgbt. Are you monogamous. What do you think of monogamy/polyamory?[View]
34797081repbeard: How many of you troons grew out a repper beard before you trooned? How long did you grow i…[View]
34797923Is being a cuckold a queer sexual identity?[View]
34799448>nice feminine body, slender but soft, 0.7 WHR >face of a handsome young man to a point where …[View]
34792822how do i date: a girl just because i want to fuck a neovag? i dont want to come across like a fetish…[View]
34797198Tfw raped by chaser friend[View]
34799092i need a mtf(male to faggot [thinks he is female]) girlfriend. give me one, please. ;-;[View]
34798784How well conditioned is your core? If I were to punch you in the stomach wearing 16 oz gloves what w…[View]
34782383/lesgen/ - Lesbian General: /lesgen/ is an inclusive general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis…[View]
34798082Has anyone here gotten electrolysis? How much did it cost and how many sessions did it take?[View]
34799151do any other tranners think 'oh i wouldn't want to be a mother, and even if i did i think id pr…[View]
34799592Can I sue my psychiatrists and parents for not letting me transition when I was 15?[View]
34799020>when you slowly turn the conversation lewd and the tranner gets horny and sends nudes It's…[View]
34799587sex with jew okay? But i am anti jewish she can see posts i make? how do then find out she is nice t…[View]
34798456>42b bra size[View]
34797997What's your favorite manga?: For me it's mid/high schl boys love manga about a guy who slo…[View]
34798127What now?[View]
34799533Thoughts on Elle Palmer?[View]
34799516how to fix my skin: Anyone got brown spots + facial veins on their face after taking HRT? Pic rel is…[View]
34798912hair: how the hell do i actually take proper care of my hair >t. ugly boymoder with curly hair…[View]
34798945Is it worth it to go to a gay bar? I wanna meet someone my age that's cute[View]
34790193Racism > Transphobia apparently: Started a new job a week ago. There’s this girl who’s trans who …[View]
34796198>be me, 20 yo stealth ftm in college >never had a relationship because i rarely ever like anyo…[View]
34799348help me clock[View]
34797276are there any mtfs who actually like ftms?[View]
34791359do we think the ftm cheater is actually ftm or someone posing as a ftm to deliberately divide everyo…[View]
34797639So this is the lgbt community of the infamous far right neo nazi website[View]
34799052brother's love: is anything more pure than the love between a cis older brother and a trans you…[View]
34797143are you a sgt peppers tranny or a pet sounds tranny[View]
34798986Bottoms need at least two tops at a time to sexually satisfy them. But selfish tops want to monopoli…[View]
34798074>tfw FtM >tfw even little girls are mogging me…[View]
34790954Workout Routines: Does anyone have any good ass building workouts for mtfs, or have any experiences …[View]
34798462FtM question for MtFs:: Why the hell do you want to be one of these 'people'?[View]
34790947Why aren't you doing this?[View]
34794911How are trans men doing?: I almost never see anything about transmen in the news (other than Page), …[View]
34797346Donald Glover just comes out as gay today![View]
34789750Went out with my cishet friends last night looking like this. First time they've seen me in per…[View]
34796585do boys or mean butch girls like trans girls with weak bladders who are super prone to crying, blush…[View]
34798748Normally I don't feel very strong but I just beat Sifu and I could probably like beat up a chas…[View]
34795974Can you people please tone it down a bit? Stop having pride parades and transitioning kids. At least…[View]
34797628Join my server it'll be fun https://discord.com/invite/zXVB6NWJ[View]
34797302are you a kiki tranny or are you a bouba tranny[View]
34792533I have unironically got more pussy since beginning to roachmode than ever before. I don't know …[View]
34798133I am bi and I recently have had an increasingly strong desire to have sex with a man. I have never h…[View]
34797911i need to stop napping or it's gonna be bad for my transition[View]
34788797Question for chasers (and everyone else): How do you feel about bottom surgery? Does getting bottom …[View]
34798136where do i find big hairy men my dad’s age who also want to fuck trannies[View]
34796230Does wearing women clothes as a fetish makes me trans?[View]
34791269this libsoftiktok bitch is so dumb >> = LoTT > = Taylor Lorenz > If you eradicate transg…[View]
34798421if facial bone growth stops after 18 why does it matter if you start at 18 or 28 or 38[View]
34793898It isn't possible to be truly beautiful without having at least a little bit of anorexia.[View]
34796381male moment: Remember, when people say ywnbaw, this is what they think you are like.[View]
34797028what does autololicon mean?[View]
34796887Can YOU spot the transwoman in this picture?: No, you can't. Because transwomen are women just …[View]
34785141Well guys. My girlfriend is now in a mental ward. See picrel for context. >gf wakes up crying and…[View]
34798326shoulders hips ribcage wingspan skull circumference browridge jawline hairline mouth lips voice gait…[View]
34794764Where are all the degenerate coombrain trannies?[View]
34793737Where do I find a gf (cis or trans) as a straight ftm? Which apps? I'm too autistic to tell if …[View]
34792540>out with friends, play my fave music >'Lol, that's tranny music' It's not even that…[View]
34795482Can you clock reppers?[View]
34796928Miss Benny had the cutest moustache why'd he shave it off?[View]
34796645given that bdd is apparently equally common between men and women, who do you think is more bdd, poo…[View]
34797677Tfw someone said my hair looks like a wig so i cut half of it off with scissors[View]
34794141Technicmaxxing: How can I Technicmaxx? Are bodies like this attainable?[View]
34796583am i ftm now?: i wish i was a cute dog boi like gorou and had a big strong itto bf to tower over me …[View]
34794670>epilate face due to BDD >now have hyperpigmentation on upper lip, have had it for 4 months …[View]
34794422>update: boyfriend has started calling me mommy is this a win?[View]
34797282There are billions of trannies sitting on my lap[View]
34797202are you an oreo tranny or a chips ahoy tranny[View]
34724966/repgen/ - Stimulant Abuse Tuesday Edition: qott: is stimulant gooning the answer we’ve been searchi…[View]
34794550>tfw no cute chaser bf to suck my gock under my desk while i play videogames :( sad…[View]
34784636/Passgen/passingedition: This is passing country Previous >>34771968[View]
34797743How do you even find a long term bf/husband?: Dating apps are the worst and I've been married t…[View]
34797589My jealousy of females and tendency to compare: How do I overcome my envy of women? Hrt isn’t the so…[View]
34796949bf bought me shamrock shake I made dr pepper shamrock float with it what bf do for u????? :DDDDDDD[View]
34796825my trans gf told me to rape her, she just broke up with me and is now still comfortable with her wif…[View]
34796351no trannies on mexican soil, so alone so alone[View]
34797420is soph really that big? the myths are kinda hard to believe....[View]
34797116>be cis male >want cute trans gf to travel around the world with and spend money on >is a m…[View]
34790558How to get a bf?: 30 yrs old autist femboy here, how do I find a boyfriend to touch me and kiss me w…[View]
34797394im 19 male and really gay but family is against it i tried tinder and got like 50 matches how do i m…[View]
34797050I want to see melanies boobs :3[View]
34791729is it fembrained or malebrained to be into traps. i don't really want to jerk off to them or be…[View]
34792713Am I the only One who doesn’t! Want a man who knows I am trans?: I don’t want acceptance. Fuck that …[View]
34797239I don't remember how or when I realized I was trans.[View]
34796621There seems to be a divide on girls, particularly trans girls, farting on this board. One side claim…[View]
34795870am i ngmi for not knowing what this means[View]
34795627Is it possible to just pluck facial hair over and over until the follicle dies? I only have 5-10 fac…[View]
34795458Why Must He Do This: >Be god >Make OP a faggot tranny >Make her a heighthon Most of all …[View]
34793415what is this 'cute boymoder' fetish about: either you pass and woman-mod 100% 24/7 or you arent even…[View]
34796917>be me, bi MTF, 27, twinkhonish and not really passing >hanging out at a bar with one of my ho…[View]
34797003Why is taking steps toward getting on HRT so scary to me despite wanting it so much and fantasizing …[View]
34794658Are you a hematocrit (percentage of red blood cells in blood) hon?[View]
34795493'my political opponent is a rapist or pedophile' how can we stop all politics from arriving at this …[View]
34795570Freak: genuinely how do you get by if you think you're never gonna be a passoid. Self harm does…[View]
34795476passoids look the same: Literally every attractive cis passing trans woman I've seen had a shar…[View]
34796782it’s over: 6’2 pre-hrt troon n I wanna stop looking like a wendigo before I go on hrt what do I do……[View]
34795043/gaygen/ - handshaking edition: previous >>34791005[View]
34794407Someone made a free Red Alert game on Ubuntu store. But they have a female name. 'Lucy Llewellyn.' I…[View]
34791231>Truscum unironically believe rapehon Jessica Yaniv is more of a heckin valid transsexual wombyn …[View]
34796547/transition goals/: post how you would like to look when you turn 50[View]
34796542How do I find someone with the same fetish as me?: Fetlife is horrible for this but I'm not sur…[View]
34792350>man on estrogen beautiful tall elf like being, pale and has male bonestructure and features. …[View]
34795533>Brazilian twinkchad creates Men's Wellness, a bodybuilding division for bird chested guys w…[View]
34794555if i was a cis woman i would be a tgirl chaser: if i was a cis woman i would be a tgirl chaser…[View]
34793786Dating older men. How much of an age difference is acceptable? 19 year old mtf tranny, would dating …[View]
34791158lesbianism sexuality = phobia towards sex and men gay male sexuality = real sexuality lesbians are d…[View]
34796027Why are trans women so insistent on being a part of gay male spaces? Is it because they were gay boy…[View]
34792596Why did you stop chasing, ex-chasers?[View]
34796136i just took a dump and it felt sooooo good im glad god blessed me with a prostate :3[View]
34784093/passgen/ lanky girl edition: Last one is nearing bump limit[View]
34795631I want to dwarfmode but...: I'm too mentally ill and poor to go to a gym. Can I just exercise a…[View]
34795815Is anyone else dysphoric in the way that nothing feels real? There are other factors in my life con…[View]
34794661tf goin on in britain????: >90% of mainstream online transphobia comes from there >allegedly, …[View]
34795300I'm in my mid 20s, super busy with school (I'm in med school), will be super busy with wor…[View]
34795426I'm in love with my boyfriend to an unhealthy degree. Any time I'm not talking to him, Im…[View]
34795197Why do trannies call chasers gay for being attracted to them but at the same time think that they…[View]
34794774wtf no one told me Olive used to have a fem body?? Wtf I don't hate her anymore I just want her…[View]
34795695Hunter linked up with Kojimbo and Mads! Need it or keep it?[View]
34793788How come that trans women and gay men have no problem calling themselves femboy or faggot when they …[View]
34791147Hold on! We're approaching levels of TDS that shouldn't be possible![View]
34793234How to find FTM BF: I am a trans woman who has been searching for the elusive st t4t relationship. B…[View]
34795585>91810 message from me >79568 message from him >talking for more than a year >'anon, ju…[View]
34795466Kill all passoids[View]
34795414Is it really gay to be attracted to trans girls when they're this beautiful[View]
34791968Is there even a point in painting my nails if they look like this even after 2 years of HRT? It woul…[View]
34794877>Gays claim to be afraid of homophobic backlash >Starve themselves to the point where they can…[View]
34795238Happens to you?[View]
34794745i might be aap: i am a pooner but im butchmoding rn bc im only a few months on t. i might be autoand…[View]
34794725smoking cigarettes is more dangerous for your health than being depressed, anxious, and transgender,…[View]
34793866What do legbutts think about cis twinkhons?[View]
34787283Okay, now that we all agree Blanchards typology isn't true, can we discuss why MtF trannies see…[View]
34794719Why doesn't she delete delete bbc and /pol/ threads anymore? Is she protesting her wages?[View]
34789135chaserbros, how do I cope with gf being infertile?: I love my gf very much. We are both autistic as …[View]
34795051is breathing agp or hsts?[View]
34791777Why is it such a bad thing for a trans woman to have a preference for black men? Why cant yall stop …[View]
34790231Is this real?[View]
34792361hello to my fellow hons: we cutting ourselves today?[View]
34795019Are trans people the chosen ones?[View]
34794529>mtf >bf came over to my place for the first time >planned to doordash us some food in, but…[View]
34794779Is the key to passing just to cowmaxx? Take domp and start pumping to get large milky breasts, and t…[View]
34794699How the heck do I cure brainworms?: I've been boymoding for like 2 and a half years now. I legi…[View]
34792582Need anti agp propaganda: I personally blame Anne Lawrence and her stupid fucking book for psyopping…[View]
34791005/gaygen/ - homophobia edition: previous >>34789097[View]
34792548The pharma industry makes 30 billion dollars a year from the trans industrial complex.[View]
34793451When can I actovate my PO Box?: I went to the post office to activate my PO Box, but there was no co…[View]
34794102Dietmaxxing: I'm going to start hrt (mtf) soon and I want to maximize the effects of fat redist…[View]
34792817>repper femboy >really slutty bottom, also poly >see daily tttt posts about other trans gir…[View]
34794721how to fix my son?: i dont want my son to be any gayer than he already is. i had my suspicions but i…[View]
34793886>command bottom to post bussy >he doesnt who do they think they are? useless twinks…[View]
34793329lgbt guys do you wanna role reversal thread? Femboys dating tomboys? Its my favorite thing yes yes y…[View]
34793707How to make friends as a racist and classist jewish boymoder living in a country where the majority …[View]
34791434Any religious trannies here? How did you come to terms with your faith and transition? I simply can…[View]
34793862>closeted mtf but outed femboy >watching movie at home with dad >ass starts to hurt after s…[View]
34792064I'm a submissive chaser...[View]
34793873girls neck/jawline or man ?[View]
34792749is it possible around gay guys ...: to be transgender and not face rampant non-stop rapey sexual shi…[View]
34791933I dont like the feminizing effects of HRT like breast growth and skin texture but I'm so scared…[View]
34793927what do u say when u live with cis girls and they keep leaving piss and period blood on and under th…[View]
34794409I don’t want to be human. I just want to be something like a trans minecraft bee. Just something sma…[View]
34766346Tranny chasers: How would you describe yourself? Gay, straight or bi or repper?[View]
34791033How do I pick a new name?: Hello, boymoder here, 2 years on HRT. How do I pick a girl name? That see…[View]
34791114Nex bros…: Are we the bad guys? They/them apparently started the conflict by physically assaulting t…[View]
34794238Is depersonalisation normal? I kinda just feel 'floaty', and care about nothing.[View]
34792320Any other poor trannies or other lgbt folks here? I literally have less than $1000 in savings[View]
34793693What's more sad, cringe and shameful?? A tranny chaser or someone who likes fat girls?[View]
34792268why is the trans community like this?[View]
34788992'Wait for 2 years of hrt' is the biggest scam: Just wanted to share because I was told this exact sa…[View]
34794025why is /tttt/ so fembrained today[View]
34787348How has HRT affected you mentally?: Asking both MTFs and FTMs. Also do you know your blood work resu…[View]
34791029What does it mean if I'm ftm and I'm ticklish?[View]
34793910I dont wanna get old. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!![View]
34790770When talking to trans women in public, I call them 'hon'. They can't make a scene because then …[View]
34793580>bullied in high school >trooned out at 20 >neet for 2 years >online college >hardl…[View]
34793773>life is going great now >still just want to transition wtf you guys said it would go away :(…[View]
34791975I cooked my gf hamburger helper for lunch. What have you made for you hubby today[View]
34791602I broke up with my bf this morning and Im stealth and my ex bf is telling everyone I know that I…[View]
34792768All you people care about is sex!: All anyone on this board thinks about is sex! Sex with others, se…[View]
34785131My cute pea came to cuddle with me[View]
34793506how do u actually do bottom prep properly?? i can never get the water to run clean even after like a…[View]
34784448/ftmg/ - bald edition: QOTT: Are you balding? Pastabin: https://pastebin.com/Nb4pZYi4 Previous: >…[View]
34793503>Ellie >Lillith These names are the equivalent of getting a goldfish as a kid and calling it B…[View]
34787401What is the counter to this?[View]
34785445/chasergen/ - life skills edition: QOTT: What life skills are you working on anon? What life skills …[View]
34791072How long can you realistically boymode?: I'm a tranny in eastern Europe with social anxiety. I …[View]
34788726I will be neutered in 3 weeks, my appointment is already made >.<[View]
34792272Why do submissive chasers make trannies seethe?[View]
34789677how do you make friends online as a tranny?[View]
34793356trans women are male[View]
34793276when does a man officially become a woman?[View]
34790610/mtfg/ male to female general: last >>34783411 qott doggy or missionary? i.e. if you had to be…[View]
34792515Defiantly chasing: I’ve been dating my trans gf for over 3 years and now we both want to get married…[View]
34793237Why is literally every other tranny a footslut? Seriously[View]
34791507what would you do if you came across a boymoder, that was shitting on the board, that was making end…[View]
34792853boymoder in a box: somebody abandoned a box outside. inside the box is a boymoder. what would you do…[View]
34793108Do bottoms have souls?[View]
34790072I hate being a nigger faggot tranny cuck[View]
34793105do hot trannies shut down arguments with other trannies by mogging? like replying 'post physique the…[View]
34791300I blame this tranny for turning me curious, especially for white girly weak trannies, I would eat he…[View]
34789287what mode is this[View]
34791998I sat on my brother's lap and he got a boner.[View]
34792960Can trans women be raped into submission?[View]
34792393Why are people mean to homos when we don’t do anything to them?[View]
34792934I'm literally a faggot for latino men: Why am I like this. I wageslave at a fast food place tha…[View]
34791478What's your excuse, /LGBT/?[View]
34791626>bottom bf forgets to buy mayo from the store today >he suddenly breaks down sobbing and cryin…[View]
34792182Why are most real trannies I see here generally shorter than the men in their family meanwhile I…[View]
34792746Help me lie about being intersex: My family would accept me trooning out if I were intersex, but not…[View]
34790756Boys who like and date transgirls are chad (except bottom chasers)[View]
34792078i'd date a girl like her: and i am 100% straight and (s)he isnt even a trans female. in fact, i…[View]
34792466the average remaining European ML party believes in 'are women bourgeois?' but for the gays whilst a…[View]
34790658why do people depict ftms as this[View]
34785623Where are all the puppygirls who need training?[View]
34790840Chasers what is the biggest gock you have taken or think you can take?[View]
34786414Do cis femcels even exist? Lots of pretty trannies from here are celibate due to turboautism but eve…[View]
34791600Bisexuality = porn/sex addiction?[View]
34791880the weirdo emo nerdy guy i went to high school with transitioned and has an onlyfans has this ever …[View]
34780751Bi top anons, how different is sex with a woman compared to sex with a bottom?[View]
34792414Actual straight men do not have sexual fantasies of 'dominating a failed male'. If a man is hard eno…[View]
34791952i will never fall for the tranny mind virus: i refuse to give in to the tranny thoughts. i was born …[View]
34773979Somebody's doing the hate crimes![View]
34790683Do fags like this use dating apps?: I can't imagine being a 10/10 and going to grindr to meet s…[View]
34792188Can a man be unknowingly gay or bi while being a Womanizer?: I've started dating a man who…[View]
34791452You Know I’m Right: Transbians are straight men but not in an AGP way unless they are AGP it’s not m…[View]
34788520It's cruel for cis women and transbian tops to refuse basic human rights to bottom transbians!!…[View]
34791138Why am I attracted to men who look like this but not women[View]
34786312>gigahon complaining on twitter about how it's impossible to pass post-puberty >passoid l…[View]
34787110i couldnt get tix for the eras tour sydney is filled with girls in the street with sparkly dresses a…[View]
34792070say, you're a queer aren't you?[View]
34786858It really pains me that I've spent my whole life a shut in with no friends and no that I'm…[View]
34790251Man I could really go for some dick right now.[View]
34788042I'm a skinnyfat 181cm 63kg 18yo femboy and my dick is 8 inches long. Why am i like this[View]
34790379is it common for a man to pose smiling and laughing on the floor like this?[View]
34787637Sisters, how long do you normally wait before negotiating the amount? Is first date plus three month…[View]
34789185There are only 4 ways to pay for ffs, how will you pay yours?: >have insurance that covers the en…[View]
34790242is getting sexually harrassed / assaulted the most flattering thing that could be done to you to aff…[View]
34788959If you transitioned later in life its probably because you used to be a racist/hate trannies, and th…[View]
34790772should i start calling everyone “son”?[View]
34791146why aren't you injecting estrogen?: Trans girls that want HRT, tell me why you aren't on E…[View]
34791551You are all more annoying and retarded than usual tonight what’s going on[View]
34789368I want to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL trans woman the world has EVER seen: I want to be the most beautiful…[View]
34790147my ballls never dropped[View]
34791498How come even the most attractive of trans women are only seem to date the most ugliest of men that …[View]
34791316I don't like getting pandered like I am a special ed student or something. I just want to be tr…[View]
34790391Trannies and gays need their own nation.[View]
34791465>mtfs after the 1000th trans woman hate post of the day >'lol whatever kys chud' >ftms afte…[View]
34791525Have you gotten electrolysis? If so, how many sessions did it take for your whole face? How much did…[View]
34789300Boymoders, will you give your daughters your old Barbies, or nah?[View]
34791031I want a bf and shower him in kisses. I'm so touch starved I need him I need him inside of me I…[View]
34791374i think i messed up: stupid blogpost incoming >live in a super religious household, known i'…[View]
34787989Any of you greekanons planning to make use of the new law? Are the transbians happy about it? Are yo…[View]
34791349What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Dysphoria”?[View]
34790524I pass at work but i only work with guys, the problem that may be coming up soon is theyre hiring a …[View]
34790703the best feeling in the world is waking next to the bf that loves you and I feel bad for anybody who…[View]
34790404what is it called if i dont wanna be a woman but i just really want to look like one is it still bei…[View]
34790246why are mtfs like this baka[View]
34790814Why do femboys insist on buying tacky Amazon fast fashion skater skirts and thigh highs that fall ap…[View]
34791130how to get hrt in mexico: I have heard you can go to pharmacies n just ask for it. What do you ask f…[View]
34789097/gaygen/ - SATURDAY WOOHOO edition: previous >>34786805[View]
34791000>romantically attracted to transgirls >sexually attracted to men larger and manlier than me th…[View]
34789018is it fembrained or malebrained if i daydream about killing myself in extremely brutal ways every da…[View]
34790113I wonder why I want to be a girl so bad. I don't like men enough to want to be a girl. There is…[View]
34786605Our response, sisters?[View]
34790621Post-nut clarity makes me hate being a chaser[View]
34790737>be cis woman with a trans gf >her sense of humor includes the charming feature that sometimes…[View]
34790148How to stop hating my mother?: >be me >repressor/detrooner with two gay older siblings >m…[View]
34790855Why does everyone on this board hate enbies? I think they're great. Just look at pic related, i…[View]
34788821Is it malebrained to sew fantasy clothing?: Fantasy, historical. Is it malebrained to do that? My pa…[View]
34781349Picrew Thread: Post picrew guess others letters or whatever, >QOTT: favorite album? https://picr…[View]
34790798I became a bi bottom after I got rejected by lots of women.[View]
34789412>be me >realized I was a troon, tried to killself, failed because my boyfriend called the ambu…[View]
34790534if i'm ever killing myself: i'm gonna photodump all my selfies you retards can finally lea…[View]
34784901how do i get neetbux as an 18 year old tranny with no desire to work in any way[View]
34788511Most FTMs would pass if they lost weight and most MTFs would pass if they gained weight.[View]
34787869Post kinks, guess letters and assumptions.[View]
34790478we dont **** politicians like we used to sad https://twitter.com/AriDrennen/status/17612248022229281…[View]
34788521I wish I was an artist tranny: I like how others can use their suffering to create art, music and su…[View]
34790189Why does every waiter at every restaurant ever have the fagcent? Are they all gay or do they just ta…[View]
34790439its so over I think ffs might not be able to save me[View]
34788553Why are cissoids like this?[View]
34790355Mtfs and dick size: What size Dick do you prefer for blow jobs? Assuming you like a dick in the mout…[View]
34781941I feel empty inside and I don't know if I am just an empty husk or just trans.[View]
34787139how do i get into topping cis women as a passing, conventionally attractive but autistic trans woman…[View]
34790329The notorious trip is now my beautiful concubine. AMA[View]
34789960need cute tranner gf to hug and kiss!!! and other stuff!!!: Need to get a boymoder and help her gain…[View]
34790283“Why yes I am a bottom. How could you tell?”[View]
34778278which kind of breasts did hrt give you, /tttt/?[View]
34788222ITT: post lgbt icons/historical figures who are LITERALLY you. no fictional characters.[View]
34789732Trans masc here. ……I hear about the NHS and UK having a long waitlist, but honestly I wish the USA h…[View]
34780195what's a good job for a 25 year old tranny NEET who has no qualifications?[View]
34787870every once in a while a trend will come around where a trans girl who got very lucky will see a tran…[View]
34787046Is it possible for me as a tranner to get a tall bf or will I have to settle for a gross manlet?[View]
34788306How we do deal with the hon menage?[View]
34787632i’m an mtf and my boyfriend is annoying the fuck out of me, giving me the ick because he keeps insis…[View]
34787794I got really drunk and told a theyfab enby they weren't valid and they are a stolen valor larpe…[View]
34785101Am I turned on by cock, or am I turned on by the idea of being turned on by cock?[View]
34785858How many genders are there?: Let's settle this once and for all, /tttt/ https://strawpoll.com/p…[View]
34788550Depression: The british boy (Wales) I met on frengen has deleted his account. We meet a year ago and…[View]
34787488it's not a dick it's a puzzle cunt[View]
34789636would chasers want to frot with a trans girl so you can see theres w big size difference and then ge…[View]
34785964He’s transmaxxing, right?[View]
34789613I'm afraid of women because they will reject me once they discover I had sex with men in the pa…[View]
34781823is it possible with modern medicine (hrt + surgery) to go from looking like a man to pic related?[View]
34788088can ffs fix me eyes?: i feel like my eyes are kind of small and inward and probably one of my clocki…[View]
34745692/mmg/ manmoder general: qott: whatever everything sucks[View]
34787779if i had a mtf girlfriend i simply would love her more than anything and i wouldn't even think …[View]
34789430How do I escape the grasp of autoandrophilia[View]
34789051i'm a bi guy, but i'm not a fag, does this make any sense: i've been on grindr lately…[View]
34787846Being trans is a political statement. And being political in public is rude[View]
34787578Fly from my country for a Trans girl: Hi im 25 male i living in shit holl country with occupation si…[View]
34785727>tfw all the sexy bodybuilder men with amazing bodies all hate trans girls its not fair sisters, …[View]
34788332>ftm tranny >small hands for a guy obviously >however have been told throughout my life tha…[View]
34782433What exactly is the difference between sex and gender? I grew up using the terms interchangeably. Ar…[View]
34786159Does bi4bi exist because bisexual people genuinely vibe better with other bisexuals or because it…[View]
34788618This photo of three french prostitutes was taken before estrogen was synthetized.[View]
34789418is there a worse feeling than knowing a trans woman with the same name as you but she mogs tf out of…[View]
34786536how many of you had/have suicidal thoughts?[View]
34786968I am a bottom: Say something nice about bottoms[View]
34788928>be prospective detranner >try to get another perspective by arguing for detranning on here …[View]
34789077Boymoders, do you get frequent stares from strangers? I’m sick and tired of being stared at when I d…[View]
34788072If you're 'heteroflexible' or a bi man with a preference for women you should NEVER come out of…[View]
34786339>stinky turboautist NEET virgin into retro games and shitty anime How did a cis character manage …[View]
34789122I just found a mature and fit 41 year old top and we really hit it off. We're gonna meet at his…[View]
34786805/gaygen/ - cute twink edition: old >>34783750[View]
34788444Why wouldn't AGP exist? Men get turned on by all kinds of things. It would be strange if no men…[View]
34789065my doctor wont prescribe or refer me for a breast exam (so insurance covers is). im 34 and ive been …[View]
34785702I prosper as a transgender Individual in Australia[View]
34783139is it a good idea to get circumcised for aesthetic reasons as a trans girl: i wont lie i think my di…[View]
34787903Where can an europoor tranny find cute twink-looking feminine bottoms to toy with?[View]
34788684how do you deal with that?: doesn't matter if you're a twink, femboy or a tranny how do yo…[View]
34783411/mtfg/ - McDonalds Drivethru Edition: Prev: >>34779373 QOTT: *KSSSH* W-- hello? Hello! Welcome…[View]
34786938Why do MTF's have such strong blood lust? Stop killing us, its not our fault God didn't ma…[View]
34774454help!: i'm getting hugboxxed by the incel website looksrate2-dev.42web.io[View]
34782795trannies over 6’0… how do you leave the house without wanting to die ? being androgynous was so easy…[View]
34788763my face will never be cute and feminine like pic rel because i have a male skull, long mid face and …[View]
34786948hey /tttt/, i have a question for you since the intersex community online kinda feels like it wont b…[View]
34784255tfw no degen trans gf: Where can I get deranged trans gf with degenerate fetishes? I would unironica…[View]
34785455moving out autism: i have emotionally and psychologically, previously sort of physically and sexuall…[View]
34786872Why do HSTS transition?[View]
34788307Joe Rogan and guest claim AIDS is caused by gay men having sex on poppers: https://futurism.com/neos…[View]
34788617One day there will rise a tranny that understands that men just want a normal girl that goofs around…[View]
34785717>born male >have agp and autism >want nothing more than a buff knight gf that picks me up a…[View]
34788493>do full body hair removal >shave >grow out hair >suddenly transition doesn't seem …[View]
34788208Really craving straight sex: I've been gold star homo my whole life just to end up with this 'n…[View]
34788419It is over. My skull is so big I've never been able to fit a hat on it.[View]
34787481thoughts on vultures: may not be the best board for this but curious what the various fags and troon…[View]
34784141Would you try this?[View]
34788305barrel chest: any tips on how to style/cope with a barrel chest? Im generally pretty feminine but my…[View]
34784540i really actually want to be a woman but im scared of sexism and being weaker than men[View]
34782637Am I too co-dependent or has society become too independent?[View]
34785482There will come a time where society will have to decide if they’re for non-binary (a 3rd gender) or…[View]
34781272Are you a grower or a shower nona?: Please answer my cool poll thanks https://strawpoll com/GJn47N7L…[View]
34786698Zoomer chaser here: My first gf was a 18 year old tranny and I took her virginity when I ball gagged…[View]
34788130Trans topic: Sometimes I forget I’m trans I’ve spent most of my life in sex work but the past year I…[View]
34781729Are there any LGB anime’s that aren’t just romance?: I’m tired of getting queerbaited[View]
34787537my gf is also my cute little sister: >be me, mid 20s straight trans male >have gf, beautiful …[View]
34786716how do I become gay? im not attracted to men in the slightest im just sick and tired of dealing with…[View]
34787670>be Steve Bing >silver spoon from birth >private schools >parents buy you into Stanford …[View]
34787489how do i stop wanting to be dominated and corrupted by trannies....[View]
34787266If I feel like a boy with no desire to be a girl but I’m afraid of twinkdeath and looking masculine …[View]
34783928should I mommy my boyfriend?: So I'm a 5'9' mtf bottom with a 5'8' twink top boyfrien…[View]
34787544how to get voice to stop sounding like I'm from socal. voice training wasn't meant to this…[View]
34786650My dick too big: >be me >tranner at 18 >just start hormones >standard changes, breasts b…[View]
34782500Seeking therapist to help with AGP: I've been suffering from AGP since i've been a child, …[View]
34787149How do I learn to starve myself like trannies do? Is there some tranny magic trick to developing an …[View]
34786795>the first civil partnered gays in history were members of the Waffen-SS…[View]
34787121Is it autism that causes transition?: A straight guy wants a woman. Either Can have a female who clo…[View]
34786268Is this dude a boymoder troon?[View]

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