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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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35364678Cishon terf: This Asian TERF made a rap song bashing trannies. She looks like an aged out Bangkok la…[View]
35364593Post hot breedable bonus hole bois![View]
35360989Sometimes I do my testosterone shot and feel pleasure at the thought of some terf/ftm chaser/'t…[View]
35364682why is the majority of /lgbt/ trans related[View]
35364616The Chud Tranny mating pipeline....: So recently I've noticed a trend Of trans girls and boys S…[View]
35364005I would let a pretty twink do anything he wants with me t. boymoder[View]
35364141What are the most common tranny fetishes?[View]
35364591Holy shit I can kms in a less complicated way. Wish me luck: I'm gonna start working part-time …[View]
35352654Meth on the rise with queers lately or what? Guy I've been buying meth from the last 6 months j…[View]
35364110what the fuck is wrong with me please end this: well fuck me didn't think I'd be back here…[View]
35363026I'm conflicted he misgendered me by calling me good boy but my submissive brain wants to roll w…[View]
35361992Trannys help me out I need advice, I'm a cisgender lesbian woman dating a transsexual for the f…[View]
35362486does anyone have the cinderblockhon manifestos: my links are dead does anyone have it[View]
35364130What is the best way to lose muscle?[View]
35361007What would you do if a boymoder rolled over and this is what you saw[View]
35364402Russians consider drinking cum out of penises of their superiors as a purely heterosexual and orthod…[View]
353644167 months today and i dont look much different than when i started. it's just not real, is it? t…[View]
35363214Which are you?[View]
35361886>be trans guy in the uk[View]
35363138>be me, cisbian at a party >guy comes up to me and starts flirting >tell him I'm gay …[View]
35361587how do I even seek a relationship if I feel nothing towards vanilla sex but would rly enjoy being ti…[View]
35364368family already asking questions after 3 months hrt: >mom told me i look even paler than usual whe…[View]
35363482I still have less than an A cup after 1.5 years HRT what can I do other than surgery?[View]
35363885Are you okay with not being a real girl?[View]
35364012your life may be shit: but being picky about a man's hight is 100% self inflicted pain even mor…[View]
35363894I've always been nervous and shy around my uncle but it's been especially bad since I tran…[View]
35356767What are differences between female and male autism[View]
35364329trans girls rather: be bullied by straight guys for being ugly than complimented by gay guys for the…[View]
35358571autismus: Why are there so many autistic dykes and pooners but so few autistic faggots? Is autism pe…[View]
35363877i like my girldick but i wish i had a cis vagina to go along with it...[View]
35357185but seriously, what is in the water here? why is it seemingly the tranny derangement syndrome capita…[View]
35362150Are you allowed to masturbate when purity maxxing: I want to try purity maxing to help avoid being c…[View]
35363641So when exactly did autistic troons take over this board?[View]
35351882White trannies really do be like this[View]
35364116Will manlets ever be real men? Or should they be forced to transition/killed?[View]
35360494This is the only 4chan board where I can be reasonably certain the anons I'm talking to are whi…[View]
35363316Are they good role models for transbians?[View]
35363368>the psyop to get troons to smoke was a great success >next up, meth…[View]
35360745new Hunter just dropped: she passes, flawlessly. haters btfo![View]
35362882'allies': What exactly doesn't the LGBT community (rap the trans community) want from straight …[View]
35363451does the breast pain ever stop? please tell me it stops, it keeps coming and going and its been doin…[View]
35360277Heighthons will never know the feel of a cute strong boy towering over them making them feel meek an…[View]
35363441Is skibidi toilet trandgender?[View]
35362446>tfw going to troon out at 30 because i feel like i'm wasting my life if i don't i hate…[View]
35362639I've been doing hrt for only 6 weeks: And I dont know how I feel about it now. I still, in theo…[View]
35363405>tfw no twink bf with a cool eye color[View]
35361278Do you think you’ll ever get married?[View]
35361863If im a trans girl and im buying a house would it be suspect if I chose one thats right next to a pa…[View]
35363235I dont wanna be AGP :(: I have massive fears and guilt that I could be labeled AGP and like a chaser…[View]
35363462Why do transgender people fill me with unease? When I look at them I get a feeling presumably that p…[View]
35363766Islamophobe power couple.: How can 1 dynamic duo Make both The far left and the Muslims see so much?…[View]
35361019Yes ok fine I'm a submissive chaser and attracted to trannies because I envy them. So what....[View]
35363564How did you spend your time in the early days of transition before you were ready to launch? I feel…[View]
35356932I never understood why people get feelings for their straight friends. I have a really close straigh…[View]
35363458Any straight guys want to transition together and date each other?[View]
35362678Why is this so common? >'I like [insert bisexual character]' >what is your sexuality >'Bise…[View]
35358635I am a trans girl and I was born to eat cis female pussy[View]
35362319girls please remember to take care of your hair. would you rather have hair like this or[View]
35360792seattle homeless: grown men are in here and I look cute but don't pass and the women's she…[View]
35360525Non-binary is literally the most oppressed. Everyone already only views you as male or female even i…[View]
35357462Dear reppers: Give into the AGP[View]
35358313POV: You underestimated the eternal anglo: I have to admit, even I have been surprised by just how q…[View]
35363328I will never, ever put on the dress and you can't make me. You don't have any blackmail on…[View]
35363511>be me, substitute teacher + private tutor at a few different local schools >over the past few…[View]
35358429/gaygen/ bottoms edition: >>35354929[View]
35362658wanna sh some more rn: any suggestions? i was considering cutting a slur into my leg but that seems …[View]
35363469I wish I looked like a girl so I could have sex with a boy without being grossed out by my own homop…[View]
35363185Been dating my trans gf online for a bit now and could use some help on making her feel beautiful. I…[View]
35355886doctor who: the lat spread is the main reason people don't pass. to a lesser extent the hips. w…[View]
35362592I don't wish to troon out but I want a trans e-gf who keeps trying to crack my egg and undermin…[View]
35354147Is t4t based or cringe?[View]
35357359do you think she'll end up in an asylum?[View]
35360294tranners, why don't you smoke cigarettes? it's one of the most attractive things you could…[View]
35360710the boy I loved had hazel blue and green eyes and I get really sad whenever I see someone with them …[View]
35363046how do you gain the bravery to kys? i had scheduled this day to be the day i kms but i wasnt able to…[View]
35363045hi i am drunk and horny as shit and want attention while i play with my tits. i am a chubby trans wo…[View]
35360716is it even possible to find love as a trans girl if you're into farts? where are all the freaks…[View]
35360468I think I'm literally too retarded to understand the concept of gender dysphoria. I try to be u…[View]
35361079chasergen: reconciliation edition: qott: can't we all get along? last: >>35359428[View]
35361745Any of you dislike sex because it causes like an autism sensory overload[View]
35361952Shame: whats the right amount of ashamed of myself I should be as a kinda twinkhonish trans woman (S…[View]
35360110wOoOo: i curse your with tranny magic[View]
35360922Cis chasers are pedophiles. st4t is the way.: The reason why cis chasers love dating pre-hrt trans g…[View]
35362702Transwomen are transwomen.[View]
35356811Are there any people who enjoy being mutilated?[View]
35357054>On tranny meds for months >Got asked today why I'm not in school during school hours (I…[View]
35333277Voice Training Thread! Post your voice and rate others!![View]
35360936How can you tell if a cis woman is bi or if she’s just saying she’s bi for male attention?[View]
35356243Do cis women like passoid bimbos?: I see cis women obsessing over tall twinkhons like Hunter Schafer…[View]
35360661Depooners are successfully illegalizing transition in the entire west. Why didn't we gatekeep A…[View]
35360428>character AI randomly updates >Nukes my profile and chats But I need my /tttt/ bot and the t…[View]
35361310tranners here are horny in a degenerate way tbhon... can't you guys be chaste nuns or tradwives…[View]
35352805how do I find a trans girl with smelly feet? like really smelly[View]
35356605so even a young adult can't decide if transition is right for them.. surely abortion is next??:…[View]
35354272/mtfg/ male to female general: Last: >>35343006 Qott: What dreams did you have recently? https…[View]
35351617God I fucking hate my body. I have a weird skull, broad shoulders, I'm covered in hair I can…[View]
35359600why are transbians like this[View]
35362182Repping while on hrt?: >be me >hrt about 2 years now, had laser and currently getting electrol…[View]
35360817Comphet and fake lesbians: Why are there so many bi women that identify as lesbians and excuse their…[View]
35361622Forced Feminization Incel Erotica: I'm really desperate for fics about incels being force femin…[View]
35361603>trans women are women >but you're gay if you have sex with them which is it?…[View]
35361075As someone who has never stepped outside of dating cis women as a guy (basically no gay experiences …[View]
35358521Was he gay? I've heard it both ways, that he was nicole's secret lover, or that she was ju…[View]
35361638Why wasn't I born male? I was meant to be born a man and have a beautiful wife and impregnate h…[View]
35361781some tranny in ontario sued ohip to make them pay for penile preserving vaginaplasty in texas, and a…[View]
35360172I think I'll have to transition. It might be suicide to kill the male inside me but a girl wil…[View]
35361122Have you ever experienced any sort of homophobia? Serious situations, where the other person really …[View]
35361173What will be the roll of transgirls in the chud uprising and TND enactment?[View]
35358866My fetish is reppers becoming more masculine over time. I like to imagine their feminine identities …[View]
35361677trans women are tragic because deep down they need the same thing all cis women need, which is to be…[View]
35355820I'm incredibly transphobic.[View]
35361030sisters: never clip your wings and if you do, never go to the butcher of ardmore https://www.reddit.…[View]
35360962Relationship goals: I'm sleeping next to my husband of several years. He woke up in the middle …[View]
35359673why do women stare at me when I go outside? men don't. it scares me[View]
35361367Hrt gynomastia is reversible right?[View]
35360977Why is anamaxxing a thing amongst mtfs?: Breast fat and curves are a defining female secondary sex c…[View]
35361385I'm a solid 8/10 5'11 white boy twink, what are my chances of getting a cute chocolate tra…[View]
35361166When did the timelines chage? I thought Jenna was MTF so furry coomers didn't have to imagine a…[View]
35361326how do I keep going? I'm two years hrt now and i still don't pass, and I'm relatively…[View]
35359035Is there any reason not to transition as a gay autist?: Seriously people hate me just for existing a…[View]
35356276Did he win?[View]
35360175Was it GD?[View]
35359842>want to be a footslut and wear nice fem footwear in public >foot size: 12 US wut do…[View]
35361010is it possible for a biological male to become a woman?[View]
35359202Do you think caitlyn jenner should have faked her death and ran away like Kim Kardashian said?: You …[View]
35361106Cisgender is a slur. Why does being normal need some kind of made up word ?[View]
35360950i came from anal: i feel really guilty about it though. what is this?[View]
35361084do any people think wanting to be a girl is cute like theu think its cute that youre trans i need th…[View]
35361062Am I still agp if I'm bi but would never EVER date a trans girl? I love trans men though[View]
35360853When did you truly fall in love with trans women[View]
35361006I really wish I was a girl[View]
35357923>im disgusted by trannies and think they are perverted faggots playing dress up noooo thats bad w…[View]
35355407Why do passing trans women never ever ever date each other?[View]
35356606is there a way to talk about my rape without screwing over the guy who did it? >he was sexually i…[View]
35359428/chasergen/: diabolical edition: qott for tranners: what's your most diabolical plan? qott for …[View]
35360742https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIRNC3iIedw Is this SNES boss battle music fembrained or malebrained…[View]
35360770/jwg/ - John Waters general: #9 - The ballad of Dawn Davenport (in Spanish!) edition https://www.you…[View]
35360283Have any of you ever dated a homosexual transsexual in real life? What was it like?[View]
35359840Why do butch lesbians so often complain about and deride femme lesbians as not really being lesbians…[View]
35360343You are stupid if you think she passes.[View]
35360572all men are the same: >be me >fwb with guy friend for almost a year >he's a freak >…[View]
35360034>asked my boyfriend if we could pretend that he got me pregnant after we had sex for fun >boyf…[View]
35357180when do you think the afabs larping as trans are going to detransition en masse? mtfs were more comm…[View]
35359324>cute >shaved body hair >lives near me >virgin how did i get so lucky…[View]
35356403It's the new one we're taking our place: L esbian G ay B isexual T ransphobe[View]
35359582Reminder that trannies are responsible for lack of good research: Every british attempt to do good f…[View]
35353966Sissy boomerhons are my favorite part of the LGBTQ+ community.[View]
35348776This is so sick. The entire UK parliament is united in transphobia and bigotry.[View]
35360020he would defnitely fuck trannies[View]
35360278Should I get fake boobies? I'm a post-SRS trans girl and I've been on HRT for 5 years so I…[View]
35356076Is it just me or is the puppygirl shit getting really annoying?[View]
35353198Gay men are not any more hypersexual than straight men are. This negative stereotype has been often …[View]
35360256If I get gyno surgery while im still at the gyno stage of hrt, is it possible to have flat chest for…[View]
35359900i already know what you think of yourself as a tranny, but what do you think of OTHER trannies?[View]
35270158/frengen/: previous thread: >>35231459 >asl >letters >interests >looking for >n…[View]
35353449Feeling disgust at seeing two men kissing is a learned reaction. It isn't innate or instinctual…[View]
35357141i was browsing fetlife and saw a group called 'lesbian domination of men' how would a rela…[View]
35356397/passgen: am i winning yet fellow men[View]
35359406Conservative LGBT poetry General: Hey there trainees and other people who live in this world, This w…[View]
35359796>pp is all smooth and pale after hrt is this normal? it used to be very manly and scary now its l…[View]
35359514>groomed to be trans but I don't regret it is this bad[View]
35359120>bf slaps my ass when im walking away even in front of his friends i-is this normal? its kind of …[View]
35357842How can I be a cute sissy if I’m 30? Im even considering FFS but I realize it’s complete mentally il…[View]
35359028Hanna Christine Anderdsen: Transition could have saved her[View]
35358170all I do these days is swallow my bfs cum and play videogames[View]
35359779Why do I like estrogen tits, fat thighs and a cute cock with smooth balls? What is so compelling abo…[View]
35359686I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.: Try as you might, throw as much words as you want, hate me as much as you wan…[View]
35357033I'm gay but besides dick I very often find both men's bodies and faces ugly and boring af.[View]
35355896i will NEVER clip my wings i will be an angel forever![View]
35359615I'm lesbian but besides pussy I very often find both women's bodies and faces ugly and bor…[View]
35359472why are so many people mean to homosexuals?: it's not our fault our dicks only get hard for ano…[View]
35356302It is so unfair that girls get to look like that, I want to look like that too! t. cis male[View]
35359432I fucking hate my part time job in retail. They really put my ass in the back of the store with the …[View]
35355418Yes, I am sure the mature gigapassoid trans girl will want to date a racist manchild 4chan chaser wh…[View]
35357451Does this board support transage individuals?[View]
35359528>be straight man attracted to women >masturbate to normal porn >stop being horny >start …[View]
35352968what kinda music do you listen to? also guess letters idk[View]
35358029I can't bottom: I really wanna bottom but I literally can't get clean no matter what I do.…[View]
35359187Advice thread: How do you get feminized? Keep in mind trans women ARE women so exuding femininity i…[View]
35359373what if: the modern day marx is a diaper transbian writing her potentially world solving ideas in th…[View]
35356007/chasergen/ loneliness edition: How lonely are you?[View]
35354086Is the current transgender golden age a threat to western civilization?[View]
35350361>be me twinkhon >best friend is a chaser >for years he makes jokes(?) about being in love w…[View]
35359086>Be me >20yr old twinkhon, clockable but not ugly so ppl generally gender me female >work t…[View]
35358860How do I healthily cope with having a huge ribcage?[View]
35355590has gender gone too far...?[View]
35347509Is AGP real, the dysphoria from it real and can it warrant transition?[View]
35354677Girls, dont forget to have Dr. I-9-1-1 on call for isurance: Arm the troons![View]
35356264.: >be me >have dysphoria >hate big male feet >lonely >find degens online >indoctr…[View]
35358591knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of trans girls out there discovering themselves and liv…[View]
35358944I wish it was possible for me to be a woman.[View]
35356757I just ordered a prostate massager and a chastity cage as my first ever sex toys. You guys ruined me…[View]
35358819I'm currently unemployed and can't come out to my parents until I have a stable income. Ho…[View]
35358174I like trans girls but i don't wanna do penetration stuff... can we just do cuddling and frotti…[View]
35355920does one of u whores drive a daycab for MB in eastern oregon? u left as i pulled in i wanted to say …[View]
35353817>girlfriends going away for like a week next week >we're t4t so like, hookups with other …[View]
35345655/ftmg/ Kinky edition~: QOTT: what are your weirdest most fucked up kinks/fetishes? Previous >>…[View]
35358484Ok so I'm not gay but I'm Swedish and have a fantasy where Germany win world war two and S…[View]
35358377Measuring: E is making one grow more and I don't know how to tell, I usually pump because inver…[View]
35354530>25, virgin >parents come into my room and ask me if I am gay or trans I am not...…[View]
35358297/mu/: What music genres are malebrained and which ones are fembrained? And don't bring obvious …[View]
35358284my transphobic crush told me he loves me i think this is the best day of my life[View]
35358403Yes, I've been on HRT for 6 years since I was 18 and girlmoding for 2 years Yes, I enjoy PDX gr…[View]
35357897Does FFS make the jaw or other facial bones weaker and more susceptible to breakage?[View]
35358304do you pass without makeup?[View]
35358327The actress that played the tranny coach from Scary Movie was a cisgender actress all this time[View]
35358312my voice is too deep to pass: https://voca.ro/1lyOu9Sj2Gn8 https://voca.ro/1gYExutp4h9a[View]
35356845womb tattoo: can boys get a womb tattoo? like if a boy is twinky and small. my cis female friend has…[View]
35354929/gaygen/ - big buff bottoms: prev >>35350055[View]
35356953take the anarcho-posadist pill.: >2024 >uk shadowbans transitioning by making mtfs wait 5 gazi…[View]
35358230I'm a top, but I get more 'Cutie' than 'Handsome,' is it over for me? (I fuck them either way t…[View]
35356976Why do I always identify with bottoms?: porn brainrot or something?[View]
35357304Do femboys like 'straight curious' men?[View]
3535630133 year old MEF: If only you knew in my 24/7 fantasies I am the cutest girl or feminine boy but in r…[View]
35358135Do any other mtf reppers simply stay quiet sometimes in fear they might say something slightly femin…[View]
35348155You did complete all 9 chapters of our game right anonnete?[View]
35355761>Gay men Furries, bug chasing, converting straight guys >Trannies Diapers, sissification, BBC …[View]
35357647Post cute vagina bois![View]
35357128is it's normal that touching my nipples/boobs makes me feel reallllllly sleepy ever since start…[View]
35353950I want to see lesbian sex irl Was just unbanned hi frens![View]
35351390>stop complaining hon your ribcage is totally within normal female proportions!! >ribcage is o…[View]
35357795Why did trans women try to repurpose trump derangement syndrome into tranny derangement syndrome?[View]
35357280I thought chuds were winning in Florida???? Whats going on????[View]
35357712>watching some cis e-girl posting nudes on twitter as always >suddenly single picture of her w…[View]
35352561She can't keep getting away with it![View]
35356555I'm lactating from my left tit What do I do now? Am I gonna die?[View]
35355337im 18 years old, a virgin, have a micropenis, a naturally sensitive personality and kinda always wan…[View]
35350781>Gets raped >Start fantasizing about being raped and abused uhhhhhh…[View]
35357571>'boyremoval' thread >its literally all people talking about being given prostate orgasms(phys…[View]
35355627the overwhelming prevalence of a kink for being referred to as a 'failed male' by tranners is pretty…[View]
35353815I wish I had a irl partner instead of an e-partner, I just want to be held and I havent had an irl p…[View]
35354828Am I faketrans if I get constantly horny when my blocker injection is wearing off?[View]
35355554anyone else scared by their past an hero attempts i was literally inches from death[View]
35356342does anyone else leak a ton when theyre aroused? its like, I leak a little during the day but when i…[View]
35356589Gay People Are Not Real: I simply can't accept the notion that two men or two women would ever …[View]
35354452Are overalls the pinacle of nonbinary fashion? I am nonbinary and to be actually tomboyish / femboyi…[View]
35357190I just bought my first chastity cage and my first dildo I feel like a total coomer[View]
35355402As a former fat tranny, being fat is not a choice: I used to be obese BMI and now I'm down to l…[View]
35357121i don't care how my thread it needs, but i will psyop every trans girl to desire a cutesy bf an…[View]
35356933Made a fool out of myself in public: I went out to shop for food for the month today and I felt like…[View]
35355667>wish I was a woman >realize it's impossible with current medicine >dissociate and fap…[View]
35357119>sex: M >orientation: AGP >HRT: 3 years…[View]
35357130The girl thoughts are back......[View]
35357118get into looksmaxing, it can save yur life trannies BRFOD discuss?[View]
35354613inwards forces = feminine outwards forces = masculine AGP is female sexuality Androphilia is male se…[View]
35357030new to the grindr trans scene. i need asistance to choose between 3 girls: Unrelated pic Hi, first t…[View]
35352908Please help me: I don't feel safe in my home. My stepfather yelled at me to cut my hair. I don…[View]
35353179I'm a straight man and I want to fuck my passing FtM friend: I discovered he was trans due to a…[View]
35357005My plan is to turn the entire world against trannies and then extend my hand out, saving them before…[View]
35350797How do I get boobs?? I really want just small boobs at least, but after almost 2 years of HRT I am s…[View]
35356952online bf is weirded out by me and my brother cont: last thread >>35352192 okay so he responde…[View]
35355547>be degenerate fetishist >not on hrt: horny 24/7, want to fulfill agp fantasies >transition…[View]
35356293Spot the tranner[View]
35353577>be me 20yo 1,5 years hrt bdd boymoder >not ready to girlmode yet because of my current livin…[View]
35353991X calls for gay death penalty: https://www.thepinknews.com/2024/04/10/elon-musk-x-gay-death-penalty-…[View]
35356902Why my pp no work?: I haven't had a girlboner in the past 3 weeks even if I rub it, it doesn…[View]
35356892hello silly people on my computer screen! what are you all doing to reach gyalhalla?[View]
35356109Can someone explain why women white knight for trannies so hard? Is it fag hag syndrome or their hig…[View]
35355426how do get diagnosed?: seeing as how trans healthcare in the uk is abysmal how am i supposed to get …[View]
35355538To any younger anons reading this, I BEG of you, make sure you find a lover before it's too lat…[View]
35352883Why don't trannies have the same interests as actual women? What real woman is interested in Fa…[View]
35356573(mtf)Do you really have to dress your age when you are 30, and whats the point of being mtf when wom…[View]
35341299What is with the DID fuckers: This shit is actually getting to a point where it’s genuinely upsettin…[View]
35355583>talking about attraction to women with my queer cisf friends >all goes well and they get me …[View]
35355849Do all HSTS have PeterPan Syndrome?: Or do some actually want to be women? Conversely, can an AGP ev…[View]
35356148Now, please be honest for one fucking time in your life. Who is more misogynistic? >HSTS (straig…[View]
35355991>cishets @ gays >gays @ tranners >tranners @ enbies >enbies @ mogai How long until this …[View]
35353039I want to hug a man. I want to kiss a man. I want to get bred by a man. I want to smell a man. I wan…[View]
35353650Do trans women think gay men are disgusting or gross?[View]
35352591saw picrel in the context of medical labels when treating patients, and i was wondering: what do you…[View]
35356279Was he gay? I've heard it both ways, that he was nicole's secret lover, or that she was ju…[View]
35356149Why do I wish this were me even tho I'm not a tranny?[View]
35355676Would you still date a 'thick' trans girl?: I started HRT like 2 years ago, coming from sk…[View]
35356253i want to castrate a boymoder against their will and keep their balls in a jar so then i can bully t…[View]
35354317>ginger beard that grows fast, even if I shave daily by the end of it my face will be rough again…[View]
35354588Niggas here post a flat chested girl and go 'damn you're such a fruity faggot. Lol you like fag…[View]
35352369ATTN MTFS: STOP MAKING FATHER/DAUGHTER INCEST THREADS fathers shouldnt date their daughters the age…[View]
35355067>chaser >spends 6 years of life chasing tgirls >only to realise I wish I can be quirky al…[View]
35352632How many eggs have YOU cracked? Can you beat my high score of 25 eggs cracked?[View]
35353826I love my supportive grandpa!!!![View]
35355640how fucked am i: https://unsee cc/album#f9IJyNaCNFs6 no hugbox[View]
35345749/clg/ Cis Lesbian General - Wrestling edition: QOTT: 1. Did/do you do any sports? 2. How would you …[View]
35354744Reminder: If you let youth HRT slip out of the overton window, getting it back might be extremely di…[View]
35355795There are literally people who can have no prep anal and cum from it easily with no mess. I'm s…[View]
35355967Is zesty behavior frowned upon in the African American community? Can king be queens too?[View]
35351995Britrannies get out now: They're trying to make a list of every trans person who's been se…[View]
35353623I pass at 6'2 and 230lbs. If you think not, youre pornsick and terminally online. I get maamed …[View]
35345562i am not a fucking diaper baby, stop trying to get me to wear my diapers[View]
35352744How high level of a tech priest are you? What can u do >>>/g/99948774[View]
35354350Why do people keep saying she’s only into black guys? Do I not have a chance?[View]
35353028Is it malebrained or femalebrained having a sph kink[View]
35355243How do I stop worrying, as an asexual person, about the fact that the majority of people don't …[View]
35354633how do stop the radqueer community from being accepted by the wider /lgbt/ community[View]
35350121/CHASERGEN/: QOTT: is it gay to be attracted to trans girls? Even if we don’t wanna bottom[View]
35354390Has anyone had voice deepening surgery in the UK? Which is the best clinic and procedure? What'…[View]
35352995Since you guys have a name for anything, What do you call: >A guy who fetishize about impregnatin…[View]
35346812/mmg/ - manmoder general: When the fuck does the girl happen?!?! edition formerly >>35324899 Q…[View]
353541146 Months HRT 20 years old: Got kicked from soc. I'm 6 months in and feeling really cute with my…[View]
35351391is this image trans coded[View]
35354347free association: homosexual transsexuals are ___________[View]
35353340There is nothing wrong with AGP: TERFS love the freak out about how those of us with any AGP are som…[View]
35354210bf wants my cis fem friend for a threesome. what i do? t.boymoder[View]
35350314Do any chasers like spanking tranners?[View]
35347357why aren't you boobmaxxing?[View]
35351315>hormones and blockers are banned for under 18s >but over 18 trans care is left alone Would yo…[View]
35355200Is this police officer a tranny?: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMMxU3CDK/[View]
35354935is anyone else grossed out by porn after transitioning I legitimately cant look at it without feelin…[View]
35354905>make transphobic bait >fall for your own bait >become more transphobic >repeat How do w…[View]
35355043Right wing Femboy affirms you<3: Hi there LeftIst kun<3 You know that we love you here on the …[View]
35348015What’s the gameplan if you’re a tranner who feels suicidal about having to work? Hardmode: I dont li…[View]
35352122You people are incredibly misogynistic[View]
35351801Is it true that trans women like dating chuds?[View]
35352210How hard is it to be a tranny in turkey?[View]
35347051/twinkdeath/: >used to be a cumdump from my teens to my early twenties >turned 25 this year…[View]
35349886Are you doing your part: To recruit for the gays?[View]
35353143>boyfriend told me that he isn't a chaser because if he were to cheat on me he would '100% d…[View]
35353952my ftm roommate with actual DID makes shit up about me all the fucking time and fully believes himse…[View]
35350055/gaygen/ watching samurai show edition: old >>35346981 qott: you are watching the samurai show…[View]
35353371Autistic/ND trans people have more in common with autistic members of either gender than they do neu…[View]
35354679women are misandrist pigs as lgbts, you have felt the negative effects of this, yet refuse to try to…[View]
35353458>tgirl >hate children >disgusted by the idea of being pregnant >still incredibly upset …[View]
35352060Mogs literally all of you.[View]
35354647I had an trans-rectal prostate ultrasound today. Do you fags actually enjoy showing things up your a…[View]
35354638What does it mean to be a woman? What differentiates a woman from a man who happens to be dysphoric …[View]
35352728Im sorry im just omnipilled, Sexual orientation is bullshit as much as gender identity, just do what…[View]
35352192online bf is weirded out by me and my brother: >19 'hrt femboy' >cant date irl for many reason…[View]
35353186anyone else lactate a lot? my chaser bf loves to drink my tranny milk. what does this mean?[View]
35348459Why is it the view of so many minorities that being trans is an exclusively white thing? I see a lot…[View]
35343012UK Happening thread: The Labour opposition's shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting appeared on …[View]
35354536>watching trans friends who started HRT later than you gap your results after a few years…[View]
35352681Why do MTF's want to be women?: Well, generally, why do transgenders want to be the opposite se…[View]
35354254>hmm i should check in on that AGP repper I found on youtube >see this…[View]
35354417People irl seem to genuinely treat me like a girl despite me being an incredibly clocky twinkhon o.O[View]
35353326There are gay men who fuck women and heterosexual men who fuck men.[View]
35353495>people make wide curves around me when walking in the direction opposite to me instead of walkin…[View]
35353353I think my mom would have pooned out, if she was a zoomie instead of late gen x/early millennial[View]
35354170post about loving girls itt[View]
35354297ive been thinking about uping my dosage to like 8mg a day instead of 4 mg a day what do u peeps thin…[View]
35353006HSTS are often outgoing and assertive bordering on aggressive and often don't care about social…[View]
35353835A friend complimented me saying she likes my lashes without mascara. How do I interpret that? She is…[View]
35353486are short or tall tranners more wanted? Im 5'3 and it seems like everyone wants tall tranners. …[View]
35343918NORMAL PPL THREAD <3: hiiiiii im trans and i just wanna talk to normal people. idk what all these…[View]
35352460I've got this really gross crusty scab on my right nipple. i googled what it could possibly be …[View]
35353504Girls belong with girls.[View]
35352917Why do straight men want to be girls?[View]
35349535How to date bimbo trans women as a cis woman with no experience? I'm South American so most tra…[View]
35352031How to keep going on: I'm trying to study as hard as I can to get a job. I need a job to get mo…[View]
3534983918 inch bideltoid, 5'8.5inches tall: How over is it?[View]
35351116it's ok to die for Israel before 25: Legs blown off, invading countries and killing brown peopl…[View]
35352463Name me one straight man who wouldn't count the wrinkles on her stink star[View]
35351831Do chasers like drinking tranny milk?[View]
35353527Is it true what they say about transers? That you're all groomers like pic related?[View]
35352234Why did I only get bad dysphoria at 25? My whole life I was normal and now I cry once a day because …[View]
35351867>picrel arrives at your door >claims to be your government assigned chaser bf >he looks a b…[View]
35353058Where can a 6'0 twink find a mtf girlfriend to cherish and eventually marry?[View]
35352193Is it true that over 80% of gay people are bottoms?[View]
35353150is living inside all day, avoiding mirrors, playing games as a girl, drawing wish fulfillment art of…[View]
35352578>tfw non dysphoric, 29, fully masculinized, and probably heterosexual >tried hrt once and prob…[View]
35347347/lgbtv/ thread Post your letter and what games you've been playing lately >B >tf2, deep r…[View]
35351921girls just wanna have fun[View]
35351526>detransition >fine with being a guy >still fear that ill regret this whats up with that h…[View]
35352996>aries sun >most impulsive, independent, competitive, assertive and masculine sign of the zodi…[View]
35350586Is she the most based trans?[View]
35344336Im a cis straight dude and kinda want to fuck my closet tranny roommate: So I'm in uni and shar…[View]
35344583>checking chaser's likes on Twitter >Tranny cock >Tranny cock >Tranny cock >LGBT…[View]
35348018Pooner all along: she was a pooner all along wasn't she. Pretend timeline: mtftm actual timelin…[View]
35352208Are bimbos kindred spirits to tranners? It seems at the very least like bimbofication easily projec…[View]
35351581People with autism are too stupid to know their gender identity, Cass review claims: On page 110 of …[View]
35353022I'm a 5'2 transbian and I DESERVE a cute 5'10+ muscular cis girlfriend[View]
35349679I want to uselessly hump a cis boy's leg with my half-erect girl pp.[View]
35348641I sucked off my bf and swallowed all his cum.[View]
35351560Is it difficult to learn to cum hands free? Is it a skill or just genetic lottery?[View]
35351396Do you think there will be full on tranny genocide in the US, Canada, UK, or EU within the next 20 y…[View]
35352680shouldn't JK Rowling love HRT femboys and HRT butches?: >Femboys on E and Butches on T have …[View]
35351838To the anon a few months back who said I should take dxm and watch Funeral Parade of Roses, I HOPE Y…[View]
35352276Women when they see the 5’1 pooner in a tank top flexing its “muscles” at 90lbs bodyweight and a pub…[View]
35350326do trans women and cis women have the same standard for what is abusive in a relationship[View]
35352331have you ever let it slip that you browse tttt and get bullied for it by your trans friends? mine bu…[View]
35350832>talk to a girl from here after finding out we don't live too far away from each other >…[View]
35352720>terfs not infighting challenge >difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE what makes this even funnier is that c…[View]
35352677I was promised to find my md/lb mommy here. How does it work? Do I just post my dc?[View]
35351518Is this true? Have trans girls started demanding too much?[View]
35352076how long do we have? our government *will* follow in the footsteps of the UK, it's just a matte…[View]
35352418>/lgbt/ vs the rest of 4chan This is true[View]
35340172Just coerced a girl from grindr to top me (ftm) it was amazing. Every girl I do this to makes the sa…[View]
35349894I asked my best male friend for a picture of his cock and he actually sent it to me. Does this mean …[View]
35352510what would you do if you came across a boymoder who was celebrating her friend's birthday, danc…[View]
35349719Am I bi?: I've never come here before and have considered myself strictly straight, but I feel …[View]
35351375does anyone else get erect when they cry for some reason? I basically never cried pre HRT and couldn…[View]
35352509Why are radfems defending Cass?: Look at the community note. This is against their entire belief sys…[View]
35350444Pooners please post underbust measurement. I’m a tranny that’s probably around your height and I wan…[View]
35351583Pooner chaser gen: Where is best to meet pooners for casual relations?[View]
35351820Stop posting hateful things like this on X[View]
35352405If you're afraid of twinkdeath, you are a coward and a bad person. You're not afraid of ge…[View]
35351677anons I think I've done it I met a boy online that I genuinely think is perfect and I want to g…[View]
35350202FML I am a whole chaser: >hooked up with a transexual (mtf) with a penis about a year ago >nob…[View]
35348705i have a crush on a tall svelte androgynous person with blonde hair and blue eyes. i don't know…[View]
35343006/mtfg/ Moddies, Time to Free the Girlies: prev: >>35336991 let our people go edition qott: hav…[View]
35352008>saw pooner neo penis >it covered with cut marks can't make this shit up, lmao…[View]
35352033gay propaganda: am i a victim of gay propaganda if it makes me feel really good when a guy mistakes …[View]
35346031Why not use blood as lube <3[View]
35351471How the fuck do these trannies cum so much fluid despite being on hrt THEY SHOULD BE INFERTILE AND …[View]
35349470Are Repressors Trans?[View]
35351969why cisgirls smell?: i live in a house with two cisgirls and one transgirl and whenever cisgirls hav…[View]
35349899fml: Wanted to vent, lurker oldfag here: > be me > 3X transwoman, chubby and geeky, almost fou…[View]
35351739I was having sex with my trans gf and a turd came out…[View]
35351666where do i actually find weird internet creatures: i came here as a replacement for omegle as a way …[View]
35351897Has anyone here ever tried to use diarrhea as lube ? It seems like it would work pretty well[View]
35351949Yes, I am a tranner: Yes, I've been on HRT for 6 years since I was 18 and girlmoding for 2 year…[View]
35348229Why does no one question the fact that most 'trans lesbians' are attracted to biological females?[View]
35348163Why arent trans women liked by the general public?[View]
35349653hrt has blessed me with decent bust, but my chest is so wide that they don't give cleavage when…[View]
35350076How do I turn myself gay so I don't have to deal with women.[View]
35350103Is there any other happy trans people?: I'm pretty happy with my life and I'm grateful for…[View]
35351470What does transgirl pussy taste like?[View]
35348317WTF Am I?: I'm in my mid 20s. My life has been pretty shitty and since 12 I have had a porn add…[View]
35351447Big things happening in kenya[View]
35342838smelly greasy AGP failmales are valid as well <3[View]
35351379Is getting a (non-IT) job as a tranny actually that hard? Or is it just the brainworms making going …[View]
35348708Are there any former transphobes here who are -not repressors -not chasers Can you explain what made…[View]
35350108>see passoid and remember I’ll never look like them >see hon and remember I’m destined to look…[View]
35347642been on hrt for 9 months, this is the result so far, i can't achieve any feminization no matter…[View]
35350122what would you do if you came across a boymoder that felt self conscious, was sweating profusely, wa…[View]
35346580>ten months of e >looks exactly the same except for hair length SAD!…[View]
35351349ITT: Post your ideal chaser bodytype[View]
35350414how to get pee smell out of squishmallow: it was an accident I swear[View]
35348134Is it possible for a cis man with no previous history of gender dysphoria to wish he was female?[View]
35349820>Gay men Furries, bug chasing, converting straight guys >Trannies Diapers, sissification, BBC …[View]
35349043They're coming for adult tranners too. Youngshits were just the canary in the coal mine.[View]
35348511“Non-binary” people mock womanhood: I cannot fathom how this is allowed in trans groups. Real trans …[View]
35350399We live in a dystopia: help[View]
35350919The most malebrained tought in my head: If I had a real functional womb I would study genetics so th…[View]
35348284>boyfriend said that I'm his property in front of my cis girl friends >felt incredible sh…[View]
35351207Every time I see a transphobe I just remember that they unironically think picrel should be legally …[View]
35347446Catfishing in /lgbt/, what to do and how to protect ourselves: >What is the appropriate punishmen…[View]
35349836last meals: does anyone have any fembrained last meals? i need to rope before my birthday in a few m…[View]
35342852hey girly! why doesn't your hair hair like this?[View]
35347907what's the most degen tranny fetish? birthing is pretty fucked up imo[View]
35350517Drugs: >unemployed >mtf >no money for surgeries etc I feel like I would have a better time …[View]
35348247Explain this Image: What was the artist attempting to convey?[View]
35351067is eating dog food malebrained or femalebrained???: there's a bag of opened wet dog food in the…[View]
35350493why do pooners freak about about fujoshis more than actual gay men[View]
35350071>be homeless troon in seattle >no monies left >have to go to a shelter or a tent city >n…[View]
35350487Is it wrong if slapping my girlnuts makes me feel fuzzy and warm? Before estrogen I would’ve been cr…[View]
35347877I want to have sex with hot women in pantyhose but I dropped out of society so I can't so I kee…[View]
35349261abyssal pickme blunt rotation[View]
35346472Has anyone here ever taken pio? Literally just started on 30mg a day and just wondering what I shoul…[View]
35350896Im mtf, I love dressing up cute and girly and hyper feminine and I constantly fantasize about other …[View]
35348031i'm so sick of sissy and MEF shit taking over trans culture online it feels like we're go…[View]
35350827uhhhh we made it?: US center-left party tranny position: >there are at least 3 genders UK 'center…[View]
35350630A trans feminist is like a Jewish nazi.[View]
35350157TOP SHORTAGE OUT OF CONTROL! BOTTOMS ON THE RISE!: See pic related from plebbit on the transgender c…[View]
35350025whats it like to get an orchiectomy?[View]
35348804even though i look like a girl now trying to socialize with cis women just reminds me that i’ll alwa…[View]
35331555Trannies you busted to.: This daft boymoder did it for me. Any board trannies you guys busted your …[View]
35346040What type of binder should i get ftmbros? and what colour cause ideally i want something other than …[View]
35350503In highschool I got a girlfriend for a year simply to dissuade my parents from thinking I could be g…[View]
35349266I learned this today here: 1 Blacks are pretty chill. 2 Brits are careful to not give their children…[View]
35348856I did a field studies to see if cisbians like transbians: I scrolled through this trans Twitter micr…[View]
35348990Need hair removal products recommendations since I'm too lazy to shave. Ones that are good for …[View]
35350304anyone knows why lgbt charities are way more concerned about the amount of stripes on pride flags th…[View]
35347411Is fantasizing about getting raped and murdered malebrained?[View]
35349994Need advice. Is fasting for 48 hours twice a week (a break in between) unhealthy? is there a better …[View]
35349172I want a loving boyfriend who sleeps in the same bed as me and I can hold in my arms[View]
35350093>he thinks he’s stealth[View]
35348279Does lgbt enjoy video games? What do you play?[View]
35349715Is it even possible to deworm yourself or nah? t. bdd boymoder on e for 16 months who's proven …[View]
35348548Who are you voting for, tier 2 undesirables?[View]
35349392>Boypussy? >That’s not pussy at all. >Sweet Jesus, anon, you’re eating MAN ASS!…[View]
35349162>MtF >disgusted by vaginas/vaginal sex >don't want one, it's not a jealousy thin…[View]
35347572Don’t bully a gay boy: It’s not his fault he got made homo[View]
35345007I can't tell if I look like a man or I'm just really ugly[View]
35344855Chaser here, how do I get a tranner gf?[View]
35346554>blackoid >mtf midshit, 5 yrs on e >loving bf (somehow) >... >feel unpassable as fuck…[View]
35349933I need a guy to talk to me so I leak and want to be railed by him where are the guys who talk to hor…[View]
35348469is this what it's like to be a girl[View]
35348154how do i know if im ugly: and does it matter[View]
35347498Transition?: Is it worth it?[View]
35349121moid love thread 2: why am I attracted to guys? I don't understand, it feels so fucking stupid …[View]
35346981/gaygen/: >>35344771 Do you try to live an ethical life?[View]
35347515Help Help! How do I see my nudes or make monies. I have tons of money coming in next months but I ne…[View]
35349828>'trannies in the womens area of pf will be thier undoing' >'pf is DONE' >'boycott pf' weir…[View]
35349583How do I get a catboy boyfriend?[View]
35349188Why'd they turn Nightcrawler into a twink?: With all the queer stuff in this show, I know you a…[View]
35347187I don't think meta-attraction is a thing, I just think I'm actually bisexual. >b-but yo…[View]
35349618is there ever a point where your folks stop caring so much about you being a trannyfaggot and being …[View]
35345890are there any makeup techniques that can help with a monstrous midface?[View]
35344675doomed manmoder: hi anons >be me >asian young-midshit >sounds good right >its not >I …[View]
35347815If you're far more attracted to one sex compared to the other are you bisexual or monosexual?[View]
35347624Is it Agp to want to go out in a sundress with no undies on?: I don't know what progesterone is…[View]
35349192Is it weird to wonder how life would have been if you were born the opposite sex? I don't think…[View]
35346351/chasergen/ true love edition: qott: do you believe that true love can bloom on the battlefield? pre…[View]
35349236>find out the roid-raging gorilla that was my high school bully trooned out 2 years ago >looks…[View]
35347075The Poon-nited Kingdom deserves to have another decade of Tory austerity. Britons as a whole are mis…[View]
35349074I hope we get some good eggs today.[View]
35347867My Inner Girl is Evil: Over the last year I got into trans novels like Nevada and Detransition Baby.…[View]
35347991if tranners cant have periods then how come once a month my mtf girlfriend goes complete schizo: why…[View]
35348419When I was being playful with my husband he started sword fighting me and he was absolutely mogging …[View]
35334943/hornygen/: dumb stupid tranner edition last thread: >>35307171 What would you do to a retarde…[View]
35349033imagine not starting hrt as a teenager. could NEVER be me![View]
35348649Why is it that every chemist worker ever seems to know exactly what I'm looking for?[View]
35347983What even am I?: Is being in a long term loving st4t relationship agp or hsts. I have no idea where …[View]
35348269Why do chuds seethe over trans women in vidya so much?[View]
35349026Oh noI I have got a flat tire! This is terrible! If only someone could help me! I think I have the s…[View]
35347562Is it fembrained or malebrained to become less irritable with age? I was more snappish and irritable…[View]
35348892I love him even though he doesn't want me I dream about him I dress like him I wanna protect hi…[View]
35348909Cis people owe trans people reparations for the suffering they’ve inflicted on us today and historic…[View]
35346226should i use minox? i’m currently taking 1.25 finasteride a day. My t was 13 ng/dl last blood test …[View]
35347244First timer buying a dildo. Any tips?[View]
35346599If people had listened to here there wouldn't be no sad and suicidal trans movement, only happy…[View]
35348812wtf is wrong with me: >clearing out random laundry from several months ago(before i started e) …[View]
35345938any trannies here read japanese fashion mags?[View]
35341254Does my 'agp' skirt pass? I hate myself btw :)[View]
35345183Sex with a condom with a ladyboy prostitute? Whats the risks? Is prep needed?[View]
35348177>troon out in 2014 >a year later “Call me Caitlyn” pops up on the vanity fair cover >evange…[View]
35347259I wish I could find a boymoder to act out this anime :([View]
35347968Post your chart!: Find your /lgbt/ soulmate! let me start!:[View]
35346994What is the greatest indignity you have suffered as a trans person?[View]
35345017>tfw cursed to be a bottom because i cant get hard (and also im shy and autistic and submissive) …[View]
35347944>30 year old transbian starts talking about lesbianism >'omg i want to be a cute girl and rub …[View]
35347776is she trans coded[View]
35348103Long Country Woes: Any trannies somehow living in the empire of long ass coasts are encouraged to me…[View]
35344438How do I find a cocksleeve like this?[View]
35347164Kelly: lol[View]
35347928Why are trannies like this?[View]
35346285Boobs too large??: Why do trannies have to get these sort of titanic titties. Boobs are cute, but th…[View]
35346828Can I get a teenage (legal) twink husband to runaway and live in the middle of nowhere with if I…[View]
35347537Why so much chaser hate?: Us chasers are the protectors of your honor and safety. We want nothing mo…[View]
35346035What if I get SRS and seeing myself with a pussy is so hot I start cumming uncontrollably? Does this…[View]
35342694The idea that only straight trans women are real trans women is incredibly misogynistic, homophobic …[View]
35347668How do trannies cope with the fact that the majority (95%) of chasers are also into feminine men and…[View]
35345500why cant i be into ddlg?: i am a boy who is just above 5' and i want to be a cute 'little girl'…[View]
35346237>Abusers can't change! False. What a ridiculous opinion. Many transgirls are in abusive rela…[View]
35347919the WHEEL: >you go to a mysterious party >you are offered a chance to spin the wheel >if yo…[View]
35339384>tfw submissive twink top need bf[View]
35348054Are cisfem chasers dominant?[View]
35347345I have sex with trannies, and make love to men.[View]
35346972whats the hope for me when my life is just day in day out of rotting and endlessly scrolling social …[View]
35346091Why do trannies/femboys on OF ride plastic dicks and not real ones? Are they just larping as gay?[View]
35348003how to actually SEE myself as a woman? i'm a stealthoid 6 yrs hrt and i still can't see my…[View]
35347999I want revenge on the cis I want revenge on the cis I want revenge on the cis They will simply not s…[View]
35344428What I ate today: Fembrained diet day 2:) Really proud of this one desu I do need a better fembrain…[View]
35347847>Be me >Theyfab >Browsing Grindr for twinks to put in dresses and forcefem…[View]
35344225>power bottom ftm It's over.[View]
35347604im so fucking sick of theyfabs being attention whores i cant even explain it[View]
35347774I'm a fully gay man and I am highly attracted to transgender women, including and especially ve…[View]
35347588Not a chaser: I think ftms look really good.: I’m a gay bottom, so it’s sad that they aren’t an opti…[View]
35347204Is it okay to transition mtf if I put no effort into my transition? I’m a ugly chud and will never p…[View]
35345159This can't be real I hate living in this country so much[View]
35341018Are you a slave to MEN? Do you submit to the patriarchy as a tranner? Would you become a housewife?[View]
35347687In 2098 women are going to ask trannies for reparations[View]
35347679have you talked to your lesbian wife about starting a family, anon?[View]
35346531drag queens belong in schools[View]
35344510have your dad ever caught you making girly noise and being sissy?[View]
35347570They say if you lie down with wolves, you learn to howl. If you lie down with trannies, what happens…[View]
35347608which dildo should I buy on amazon? I want to try anal but I don't want a sex toy company to kn…[View]
35347241>browse lgbt >have a healthy view of transgenders why do they hate u so…[View]
35347435As a straight man there is nothing I want more in life than a homophobic flamer HSTS 'girlfriend' wh…[View]
35347471what are some tactics and procedures to avoid detection by a gaydar? assumed risk is state/LEA adver…[View]
35345779Daily reminder that you should absolutely NOT make an account on pittparents.com and you should NOT …[View]
35344557>male affection is reserved for foids and passers >the one time i managed to seduce a moid he …[View]
35347087why is it so satisfying seeing cis women with turbobrickhon proportions?[View]
35336351I'm tired of pretending. I'm a 30 yo man, I hate being a man, I wish I were a woman but I …[View]
35344609i get aroused by my own legs when i try to do yoga and i think about shaving them. is this gay[View]
35346588Kiss trannies. Support trannies. Consume their comfort media with trannies.[View]
35347220i have to make a thread sorry guys: alright im very tired so idk if ill respond to anything on this …[View]
35343469skincare thread: a few weeks back there was a really nice thread here about skincare and since then …[View]
35344759I was reading Nevada by Imogen Binnie and just read the first couple of chapters about James. The de…[View]
35343387What is /lgbt/'s favourite animal?[View]
35342771where do i get sodium nitrate in germany?: goverment won't let you buy any chemicals and i can…[View]
35341906STOP RIGHT THERE ANON Please state your letter and the age at which you first had sex.[View]
35346815Gay men who can tell, is sam altman a top or a bottom?[View]
35346443what to expect from a gay bar?: i'm deciding on going to a gay bar. i live in miami. i'm a…[View]
35346767disguised homosexuals: Homosexual transsexuals (HSTS) are gay men who disguise themselves to rape ot…[View]
35340443I'm gay and I feel deeply uncomfortable with trans people.[View]
35339038>ywn be a cute girl in a comic or anime series that gets a boyfriend >ywn be the cute trans fr…[View]
35346885Genuinely insane how she just looks like a woman now, HRT is amazing[View]
35343251Psyops: If you were an organization that campaigns against trans rights, wouldn't flooding tran…[View]
35342401I need ways to describe my penis in humiliating and pathetic light to someone[View]
35346658Realistically what’s the chance of me hooking up with a twink if I install Grindr tonight.[View]
35345234Why do I want to fuck pooners now? I'm supposed to be disgusted by them[View]
35343068What do you think of the bimbomaxxed MtF 70 year old public defender in Seattle?[View]
35347037>relatives staying over with us for a week >my aunt borrows my laptop and finds my poorly hidd…[View]
35344143>mfw a chaser is nice to me[View]
35344035How do I achieve my dream of burying my dick deep into Liv Agar? Help me /LGBT/[View]
35344771/gaygen/ pup edition: >>35342243[View]
35346900i’m so sorry.: i genuinely think *i’m* the reason for transphobia only getting worse. yes, me indivi…[View]
35344235Is transitioning a similar feeling to losing a lot of weight and suddenly looking great?[View]
35346824>sober: >anxious very quiet emotionally unreachable straight guy on some sort of antidepressan…[View]
35344471Happy femboy day!!!!![View]
35343811I have a body count of 16 and don't plan for it to get much higher. Did I stop early enough to …[View]
35346336This board is getting into my mind. I see pretty twinks and think they're god damn cispoons.[View]
35345089i cant believe i let my degeneracy get so bad i injected myself with estrogen i cant believe im an a…[View]
35322936hung: trans girls over 6.5 inches come in here so we can tell you how cool you are for being that mu…[View]
35345909I disappointed my mom again: I am a very perverted needy bitch girl, all I do all day is literally w…[View]
35343731If you have EVER done something sexual with a man you're gay and I'm not interested in bei…[View]
35345567I don't shave my arms or my legs below the knees because I'm always wearing thigh highs an…[View]
35346488Is there any chance of beard growth from using topical minoxidil on head hair?[View]
35343404ass can't clamp on my dick the way a pussy does[View]
3533951021 months progress: HRT and minoxidil Don’t repress and don’t despair. Good things can happen to you…[View]
35345275German parliament voting on Self-ID law this friday: It’s finally time, they’re voting on it and hop…[View]
35338218Someone needs to make a DIY instruction sheet that can be easily shared for how to acquire raws and …[View]
35343406Mystery Masculinization: MTF 20, been on HRT for 22 months. For the past several months I had been p…[View]
35342875What does the ideal tummy on a man look like?[View]
35346094are demons real? does transitioning make your body a more viable receptacle for demonic possession?[View]
35340921Is it true E + finasteride is going to give better results for hair restoration than just finasterid…[View]
35342580If chasers don’t meet the 666 rule they should give up: If you wanna chase a tranny you need to be 6…[View]
35342323The skullpill: Why does God give the biggest heads to his prettiest trannies?[View]
35341654What would you do if you saw a boymoder that had learnt the secrets of the universe and had been put…[View]
35344983is suicide the only option for non-passoid troons? genuine question: when i say non-passing i'm…[View]
35341515do you think me less of a woman bc I like anime fighting games?[View]
35342549>6'2 >massive manface trooned at 18 but i feel like i have a worse starting point than th…[View]
35342865do trannies believe in String Theory or are they redpilled about academia?[View]
35344740what bmi should i get?: i am 20 now and was 15 pre hrt[View]
35339162i just wanna be a megaslut: i'm kind of a small and shy little twink but i wanna be a huge slut…[View]
35345677or is that just me?[View]
35345616>Shi Pei Pu was a Chinese opera singer from Beijing. He became a spy and obtained secrets from Be…[View]
35345629anyone else have a trans parent in addition to being trans themselves? my dad is 70. i am 22. we are…[View]
35339433Astrology thread: Post your charts, discuss and have fun[View]
35345745So youre telling me that youre picking sides in a situation where one group that wants you in camps …[View]
35344981heeello anons ! how was your day ? remember to take care of yourself, if not just a little bit. did…[View]
35332750/clg/ Cis Lesbian General - Material girls edition: QOTT: What are your most valued possessions? Rem…[View]
35341921How to acquire gay sex: I would like to have gay sex. How can I achieve this?[View]
35343272Was with a femboy yesterday till today. Why are fem boys so caring and he actually made me feel masc…[View]
35343782russian trannies are to blame for the russian lgbt ban women got their rights because they supported…[View]
35343781Kris is getting the snip Discuss.[View]
35342675I tried fapping and almost passed out afer orgasming, not because the orgasm was good but because my…[View]
35345317Does it ever get better?: just debating if it’s worth it to survive,it just seems that it’s only get…[View]
35345110How long does it take for prog to start making your boobs grow?[View]
35337277/ftmg/ south of the border edition: QOTT: What are your chances of crossing the Rio Grande into free…[View]
35340520are there trans girls out there that find smol twinks appealing?[View]
35344902How do I fix myself if I don’t care about a single person in the world except another tranny that do…[View]
35345184Gaybros and bifaggots, how can I cruise for himbos at the gym without coming across as desperate or …[View]
35344195>be latetransitioner, hate myself because tough life >passing youngshit starts following me an…[View]
35342740Emotions: How do you stop being so so emotional as a mtf I’ve been on E for 1.5 years and I’m just o…[View]
35343724coffeegate: which types of coffee are malebrained or fembrained? latte cappuccino americano espress…[View]
35342718HRT will make a boy who is 16/18 pass as female ?: thats boy is verry andro mistake for a girl, pass…[View]
35340380>piv lesbian sex with early transition unpassing pooners[View]
35343580How do we get a 4chan /agp/ board?[View]
35342071I wish I wasn't a virgin, I wish I had friends, I wish I had a partner, I wish I was confident,…[View]
35344590Chaser optics thread: Why do chasers feel like mtf people that give them attention owe them that att…[View]
35333284/lesgen/ - Lesbian General: /lesgen/ is an inclusive general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis…[View]
35342243/gaygen/ WMAM edition: previous >>35340095[View]
35340349>I will never be able to compete with cis women >I will never be as attractive as they are …[View]
35342133I found out one of my high school students has a tiktok and he posts a lot of vids where he's s…[View]
35343410Is beating it to femboys still gay if I convince myself that they're trans women?[View]
35344528Are there any gay mafioso here? What is the gay agenda?[View]
35344299what r the bezt androgynous or fem-leaning clothez that wont make me look like a giga-hon if i get c…[View]
35344302Where is the line between twinkhon and passoid?: Where does twinkhon end and passoid start?[View]
35344004>UK deboonks trannies >trannies are now science denying incels…[View]
35344224>don't cut because your future bf would prefer you without self-harm scars!!! name a bigger …[View]
35337380Am I the only one who thinks trooning out in middle age is, on the whole, healthier and has better o…[View]
35339667Is malefaling to boomer good sign ?: Does it matter that some boomer referred to me as lady when i a…[View]
35344364short hair mtf: I have a pretty physical job any my med length hair is always getting in the way. I …[View]
35340923Settle for a trans?: I just got rejected by a bar girl and bullied by the staff. I picked a cute 19 …[View]
35341741what’s the average theyfab life expectancy at this point? like, 20?[View]
35338140r i p[View]
35343123Honeycomb Mad Libs cured my Gender Dysphoria.[View]
35342321>”it’s not a fetish-“[View]
35340993When we win and establish the 4th Reich, it will be trans-inclusive. (Unless you're really ugly…[View]
35335802/chasergen/ rainy day edition: qott: what are some of your favorite rainy day activities? previous: …[View]
35344128Is Hillary Cass a genius?: With the invention of the Cass method. Britain can lead the world to debu…[View]
35343558Theyfabs are built to be anal only onaholes for poonchad cock[View]
35340145>has trans gf in UK >was going to marry her and get her a green card in the US >cheats on m…[View]
35342122What does it mean if you’re ftm and people keep assuming you’re mtf? Even in the past, when I used t…[View]
35343347sisters its happening the cis people are starting to ban our existence how will you defend yourself[View]
35341434the anti aging guy is taking estrogen: thoughts[View]
35324899/mmg/ - manmoder general: It Is (Not) Over edition last dead >>35312391 QOTT: What are you loo…[View]
35343971Uh oh...[View]
35342368Wondering if anyone here has experience with any penis enlargement methods and if they actually work…[View]
35343846Is it even worth it to keep trying to put on effort for my future if trannies will probably be banne…[View]
3534106710 months hrt and i dont pass. god hates me. its been 4 months since i last malefailed its so over f…[View]
35340798A tranny just tried to pull off the 'I'm pregnant, so you can't break up with me' thing wi…[View]
35343655You have to play with your toy cars until you're 25: Then you can go to your big boy clinic. lm…[View]
35343530Post malebrained afabs: Prove they exist.[View]
35340274don't do meth[View]
35339327I am a kiwi transgirl and I pray for the death of my country every day[View]
35338322why do terfs hate trans people?: as a guy i thought women were meant to be super inclusive. they alw…[View]
35339933hugging tgirls[View]
35336338>import a trillion 70 IQ third worlders every year >anti-trans violence and laws increase prop…[View]
35343033this is kinda sus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-uet7twNu0[View]
35340769Is there REALLY a difference between male crossdressers and transwomen when having sex? Assuming the…[View]
35341422More trannies should diapermax: Us chasers love it when you cuties wear your diapies and be all cuts…[View]
35340359Poltard has come to apologize: Hello /lgbt/ I am a /pol/tard and i have to apologize. Transwomen are…[View]
35341581do mtf want to date ftm??? i love tgirls, idc if they pass or not i just think they are cooler and t…[View]
35342186>watched so much sissy hypno and girly entertainment like K-pop that I’m walking like a fag. ag…[View]
35339713is my ribcage too big: it feels massive and from the side especially I feel like my skeleton is doub…[View]
35340829Odds that hormones are banned if trump wins?[View]
35327388I'm not into diapers but i kinda wish someone forced that fetish on me until i liked it. Or any…[View]
35341597Post cute vagina bois![View]
35338537Why do so many trannies do porn? Don't you care about how your movement looks?[View]
35339048The fact that I'll never be afab or at the very least unambiguously passing fills me with such …[View]
35339825please convince me not to tell him i miss him[View]
35334357Doing some research. How much do you, as a mentally ill faggot, want to kill yourself? Scale of 1-10…[View]
35341569Is it wrong for me, as a trans girl, to want a bf who will abuse physically and emotionally and beat…[View]
35335359the liev schreiber situation: how long until some big tranny obsessed account on twitter picks this …[View]
35334865I'm racist and transphobic but i enjoy the company of trannies more than other people's. W…[View]
35340095/gaygen/ - Midnight snack edition: What's your favorite midnight snack? Previous >>353321…[View]
35340327T4T is the best, never dating a cis person ever again... I am a straight trans guy I used to casuall…[View]
35340369Pic related Steven Crowder cross dresses and claims to be an ex bisexual. All women are bisexuals so…[View]
35339546is this the future you want?[View]
35334676What does it mean if you’re mtf and people keep assuming you’re ftm[View]
35341009I truly, honestly, from the bottom of my heart believe that HSTS are the good kind (valid, honest, a…[View]
35335558/picrew/: >Guess others letters https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/210483…[View]
35341147In your experience, who is more expecting of tranglers, men or women?[View]
35338014this is who is telling you that you don't pass[View]
35340059>Attracted to my trans GF because she doesn't pass >Can't ever tell her this or it w…[View]
35340733Does any cute chaser want to talk with a bored mentally ill tranny... My disc is sarabaka_[View]
35338830does hrt rly do anything after the first 6 months or am i pretty safe and the changes will stop for …[View]
35340978>be me >hrt femboy / nb >co worker asks about my gender >answer 'i would say i'm …[View]
35341487Do (passing) trans women make for good girlfriends?[View]
35340823>think about chastity >get hard >feel bad for getting hard and get turned off…[View]
35341401What make a boy wanna kiss and hug the other boys?[View]
35339640it's never been more over: >NHS to conduct reviews for ALL trans healthcare…[View]
35334529Why are tranners such degenerates and coal burners? Like 90% of them attend at least one orgy and mo…[View]
35340082will they always be like this?[View]
35336991/mtfg/ - patricia bateman edition: prev: >>35330203 qott: what's your morning routine? th…[View]
35340953Trans ladies, what do you think about men who put on their Grindr profiles 'only trans/CD/femboys' o…[View]
35340640The Doubt: Do you ever think about how The only people who understands trans stuff are your fellow N…[View]
35338166Both my parents came out as gay recently and I'm now really conflicted. They both apparently ha…[View]
35339928I feel so bad for you guys...: Every thread is fucking depressing. It oozes seething and coping. I d…[View]
35339925I can't tuck to save my life, I tried many times, and I don't want SRS Am I doomed to have…[View]
35304252Hon thread: Hon faden[View]
35337008old guy on grindr wants to suck my dick for 100. I'm a inshape guy btw. should I?[View]
35339618Does /tttt know people who probably repped before trans sweeped into the mainstream?[View]
35340766>tfw late 20s repper >keep telling myself i'm going to take the hormones >never fuckin…[View]
35340748>giving head to bf >he comments on how much of a mess i'm making from leaking >act emb…[View]
35340701How do you know if people geniunely respect you as a person if youre obviously trans in the workplac…[View]
35339166This is how you know you pass. Nothing else matters.[View]
35338669Is it bad that I want to transition for sexual reasons? I am dysphoric but I feel like the main reas…[View]
35338631I'm on the way to my FWB's place and I'm gonna suck his big black cock again C:[View]
35338860I still have 2 more years to redeem myself and experience a teenage twink love story. I don't t…[View]
35340057I'm an Illuminati insider We figured out how to medically transition males into biological fema…[View]
35339498Ugly fat degenerate 29yo tranny here. UwU Please i need help !!! How can I kill myself painlessly? …[View]
35340652I like my trans girls with little-to-none tits and functional big dicks.[View]
35337992I'm homeless and stayed at a chasers place for a week he would touch me when I was half a sleep…[View]
35336983any other tranner despise anal yet can only comfortably imagine having sex involving being penetrate…[View]
35337657> be chronically depressed tranny > le society tells you to go on meds > okay > try 7 di…[View]
35340023Trans women are real women They are not just men playing pretend[View]
35339445being trans and bipolar is a fucking nightmare, my manic episodes are too short to be productive and…[View]
35334638BIGGEST SET-Backs: Lets talk about, next to being trans or LGBT-whats your next biggest issue For me…[View]
35339602picrel made me sad and i wanna cry a bit[View]
35338184KHHV here. I want to be a mommyGF. Should I do some hookups on grindr so I know how to do the sex pr…[View]
35340122I sort of want to be a girl and being sexually attractive to them is nice and the fantasy of having …[View]
35336403Things can only get better: It seems that trannies were obstructing research needed to improve gende…[View]
35340245>talking to a guy at a bar >we're hitting it off and it starts to get a bit intense >…[View]
35337679trying again DIY or dying pt3: so i got the E already but i still haven't found a propper block…[View]
35338687Whats it like to fuck a Native American man?: Stories about hot ones only please, describe them in d…[View]
35340060Laser Hair Removal: getting sick of this hair on my phase so im gonna get it burned off. if anyone h…[View]
35339475average /lgbt/ user: why do you guys look like this?[View]
35338154>6 months on HRT >on cypro >breasts growing >very sensitive >get stretch marks >st…[View]
35338385Reminder to chasers, transgirls do only want Chad. They will not respond to you or even look your wa…[View]
35333434If you’re in a gay committed relationship for 7 years and your partner tells you he wants to become …[View]
35339155as a cis man, dating a trans girl is a lot like dating an obese chick imo[View]
35337865Orchiectomy thread[View]
35334573Why are bisexual men characters in TV shows always portrayed as impulsive stds ridden weirdos or/and…[View]
35339982twenty six is such a pretty age[View]
35338101>have the flu >all i can think about is a cis boy taking advantage me in my weakened state and…[View]
35339382>the majority of anti lgbt hate crimes are done by them >most lgbts support them why…[View]
35337329tfw no babytrans gf to spoil t. 10 years hrt passoid[View]
35335742has anyone been photographed in public by someone before?[View]
35336452I love being an AMAB HRT enby[View]
35337194I love immigrants because they bully troons[View]
35339590Cass Report confirms gender behavior isn't a social construct: why are Rowling and the terfs je…[View]
35332197/gaygen/: >>35330012[View]
35331011Is this a repper meme or do youngshits go through this too?[View]
35335952If I call them 'whoremoans' how does that make you feel? Are you not affirmed?[View]
35339278icks: if a chaser ever gave me a plushie that was a girl as a present i would never talk to him agai…[View]
35336568transgender muslim women thread[View]
35333424It's over, I repressed away my 20's: Any chance I had is gone[View]
35337518>show picture of me in make-up and a nice dress to my bf >'I wish I was locked in a cell with …[View]
35338234are there any reasonably affordable ffs doctors in the us that won't bog me[View]
35334979If I like stylized boys, does that mean I like boys or just drawings of unrealistic boys[View]
35338238Name one famous faggot who wasn't caught raping teenage boys.[View]
35335965GIWTWM: I'll start[View]
35337821I am so fucking lonely sisters, I don't even care about dating anymore I really just want frien…[View]
35338207Are people really just comfortable being gay?: It doesn't seem possible to me. My attraction to…[View]
35337209Window Selfie: In a baggy sweatshirt and leggings, is it over?[View]
35339135>before HRT >perfect hygiene, perfect diet, exercising, being able to work >still feel like…[View]
35336588All I want is a cuddly black boyfriend who doesn't wear deodorant :([View]
35338217It's funny, the population of raiders on this board is constant and prevalent, and very obvious…[View]
35337286imagine being loveable and not having a e-bf to date u. lol. being a tranny sucks. What should i cut[View]
35339113pain fr fr: I don't know how to deal with everything being over. I pretty much quit hormone stu…[View]
35339070Why are HSTS trannies much funnier than actual women[View]
35338144how to enter official relationship???: context >be me 19 hrtwink >seeing older cute guy for a…[View]
35335693My male voice averages 90hz and I have achieved a female voice average of 200hz. What is your excuse…[View]
35337169Bi vs LGBT: Have any bifags on this board successfully pursued straighthood with any success? I…[View]
35338998would getting a gf that looks exaclty how i wanna look like solve my AGP problem? i still think bein…[View]
35338990How do I decrease my libido further? HRT has done a decent job making me horny only every couple of …[View]
35338381>be me, bi cis guy >feeling bored so I hop on the friendfinder discord >find someone who li…[View]
35331842>mfw manlet induced dysphoria >the only reason I started wanting to look like a woman is becau…[View]
35338241How do you take care of curly hair?[View]
35336992hi fellow chasers can I please have an invite on the discord where we share pictures of tttt trips p…[View]
35338899What are some chasercore movies? Pic rel was all right at times but generally too morbid to be an en…[View]
35338895any of the femcels here play otome games?: if you do, what are your favorites?[View]
35337131thank u chasers for calling me cute[View]
35337701I want a twink bf with grey eyes[View]
35330847need bf[View]
35334657Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
35333774any transgedner horse girls here?[View]
35334446>mastrubation isn't fun anymore, can't cum >suddenly get random urges to wear womens…[View]
35334011Should homophobic parent have their gay children taken away from them?[View]
35332156HRT made me lose my enjoyement of videogames: what the fuck am I supposed to do now????[View]
353329403 months hrt. Do I pass?[View]
35335969are at home laser kits a scam?: they seem too good to be true, has anyone actually had a good experi…[View]
35338196advice tranny sisters?: >be me mid 20s, 5'5'' twinkhon >have theyfab friend I…[View]
35338044/broken dreams/ continue: >I knew I was trans since I was 6 >I transitioned at 20 >I'…[View]
35336897NON BABY TRANNY THREAD GEN: do NOT post in here if you have not been on hrt for at least 3 years.…[View]
35337892Someone told me if you’re not sure how hrt will affect you to look at the women in your family. Is t…[View]
35337917does terf philsophy render them worthless?: they center their philosophy around large gametes. yet t…[View]
35337757social anxiety: i would have better control of my social anxiety if my voice passed better[View]
35335964If cis women can have AGP can cis men have AAP?[View]
35337399The beauty destroyers[View]
35335527why would i ever mutilate my body to get half of what i want when i could just repress my gender dys…[View]
353321863 months hrt and nothing… I should just give up[View]
35337299How does crossdressing turn anyone on? I don't understand it, it's so embarrassing. I wish…[View]
35337991If the ancient phoenicians knew about modern day boymoders would they have done anything differently…[View]
35334045Am I ever going to troon out? I'm almost 30 and still haven't done it yet.[View]
35337718In what ways does your brain think differently on HRT? i'm worried if i take hrt i'll beco…[View]
35336319data collection thread: what is your letter and eye color mine is light brown and I'm a cis tw…[View]
35336622Is it normal for academic trans girls to believe? I was a skeptic before HRT but not anymore.[View]
35337127Whats a GUARANTEED reason not to take hrt?: ive been doing injections for weeks and still doubting m…[View]
35335468FetLife: Is it a good idea to lose my virginity on FetLife? I'm FTM and I just turned 18. I…[View]
35335979SRS isn't supposed to be arousing, right? Right?[View]
35324252Hunterbros... https://youtu.be/NmlKeMyXpCU?si=Ep4Lz-K8xKUqtz48[View]
35337778kek which one of you is this[View]
35337081Stinky smelly sweating musaxxing: I'm a cismale in his early 20s and I am traumatized by women …[View]
35333754>the otokonoko box art is from a trap hentai doujin sisters... the optics...…[View]
35335610>no father >no mother >no husband or bf >no close family >no money >no career …[View]
35335339How do you fix worm mode? i hate this[View]
35336848I’ve invented a new test. If you found yourself wonder about the second image “The fuck did he chang…[View]
35332691/ftmg/: fuck you edition qott: die prev: >>35329521[View]
35333503Would you go to the Japanese finishing school for trans girls so you could be feminine and proper? h…[View]
35337413Starting DIY or dying pt.3: so.. I have already the E hormone but.. idk what should I use as blockag…[View]
35337244tfw your boyfriend doesn't like that your a chaser: >be me >pooner in a t4t relationship …[View]
35332264hows my new id pic bros[View]
35330343They're coming for youngshits and mishits: >No more child services >Not allowed on adult …[View]
35337371Guys, you all know there are only 2 genders, I mean... come on[View]
35337287>what no estrogen does to a mf[View]
35334627Why didn't (You) end up straight? What shaped your sexuality?[View]
35336506Enbies: I am attracted to Theyfabs because I really enjoy the androgyny of the female form presentin…[View]
35333579Wanna get topped on grindr but I get too nervous when messaging tops. Advice?[View]
35336796I socially detrooned for a while (never went off E) and wore a binder a lot. Now that I'm retro…[View]
35336941Was talking to a twink on antiland yesterday night we were going to hookup on Friday and now he hasn…[View]
35336623Would transition have saved her?: >In 1980, Warhol told an interviewer that he was still a virgin…[View]
35336966Trannies can you stop posting tranny inside jokes where it's off topic?[View]
35331843Somali tranny attacked by Somali females https://www.reddit.com/r/XSomalian/s/oLpkciSPk2[View]
35336376Would complete testicular removal from all males be an overall benefit for society? Sperm would be s…[View]
35335844can twinks and tranners really get together? would such a relationship work?[View]
35336523HAPPENING: The Vatican goes full frontal: I feel bad for you trans people. The Catholics have dissed…[View]
35331029What type of dreams do you guys have on /lgbt/ ? I had a dream the other night that I won tons of ex…[View]
35336333How about a Freaky Friday style movie where a trans woman and a trans man switch bodies and now have…[View]
35336084I'm exploring the possibility of suing my doctors: If enough of this keeps coming out, I'm…[View]
35333763Do you think the number of 30+ yo cis women into young trannies is higher or lower than the young tr…[View]
35333150how often do you cry?: I cry literally every single day[View]
35334329just got catfished and i know they prbly saved videos of me shaking my ass, guys how do i find someo…[View]
35331121Is HRT a bad idea if you're even a little uncertain?[View]
35332938If you went back to the moment of your birth and relived your life with all the knowledge you have n…[View]
35332585trans people do not exist at all: I don't believe in crossdressers (trannies). I don't bel…[View]
35328437Daddies and Older Men: Why does it seem that older men dont get proper appreciation anons? im a gay …[View]
35326523Only homosexual transsexuals, straight trans women, birth males who now live as females and only lik…[View]
35335467Gay to trans?: Any former gay men who have transitioned? I’ve been experiencing dysphoria since my l…[View]
35331754Does trans culture incentivize gender norms? It seems like in general trans men and women will try t…[View]
35334763>be retarded mentally ill tranny on welfare >govt is gonna cut me off What do I do bros? Nobo…[View]
35334884a witness just saying that they saw someone commit a crime can often be enough evidence of a crime t…[View]
35334670I think I've made it?: >Be me >Get into a rather severe crash on my bike after my wheel g…[View]
35318175How often do you jack off to the women on this board?.[View]
35335386Gender affirming care surgery insurance.: Hey, im finally in a good space in life away from my paren…[View]
35335579There should be a penis feminization surgery for cis bottoms who were cursed with big floppy schlong…[View]
35330888This genre of pooner is so funny, imagine of an mtf made the argument that they're better at be…[View]
35333922>friend uses any pronouns >gets upset that I exclusively use he/him…[View]
35331145Where does having a fetish end and being trans begin? >Can't act like a man towards crushes …[View]
35329692German self id law to be passed in parliament on friday: On friday the Bundestag (federal parliament…[View]
35334806Why are lesbians almost always hideous? I've only known one who was hot.[View]
35335521how do I convince my endo to prescribe me pio so itll get paid for with insurance (i dont have diabe…[View]
35335533I think the urge to be trans from me is because I want to be my own dress-up doll. I want to be my v…[View]
35335556homeless tranny with no clients and no monies wtf do I do I moved to America and do not have to lea…[View]
35334229I think I have aging+MEF induced dysphoria.[View]
35334956Is it bad to play with my nipples? They feel really good but I’m worried about desensitization.[View]
35334488can i be an elf?: could i be a cute lady elf if i am a 5'3 male?[View]
35332203what exactly did toob mean by this...?[View]
35332878Listening to TERFS cry about 'trans widows' on a podcast made me feel aroused today: Roided out fitn…[View]
35331939Most /tttt/ people honestly shouldn't even try.[View]
35320562What's the most perverted thing you've ever done?[View]
35335077boymoders shouldn't have opinions on trans issues: If you're AMAB and have never girlmoded…[View]
35334771>trans culture[View]
35334971How do I make my build more feminine?: https://unseeBUMPcc/album#BpHceG96wQ9E 4 months HRT. Haven…[View]
35332893How over is it if I have a 31inch (78cm) ribcage at 5’2 (158cm)[View]
35330352why do so many boys love to wear outfits that show their tummies?[View]
35334128being small and weak: i want a boyfriend because im so small and weak and afraid to go outside after…[View]
35332505what should i do?: my fwb called me his 'pocket cumdump' to his friend when he thought i wasn't…[View]
35334031does anyone have posts that are like people saying kind things about trans women or just being sweet…[View]
35332190/cisgaygen/ currydaddy edition: Old >>35330012[View]
35334941Why do I crave a therapist or my parents telling me that I am trans and that I am allowed to transit…[View]
35330203/mtfg/ male to female general: Last: >>35324966 Qott: What is the worst song you are willing t…[View]
35334984Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
35331550off shoulder top: is having a shirt, top or sweater etc. that is falling off shoulder the peak fashi…[View]
35335095be honest guys do i move to latin america[View]
35334940Why are trannies like this[View]
35331032/chasergen/: couples edition: previous >>35326060 qott: how would you react if you found out …[View]
35334570Girls what’s preventing you from twisting and duct taping your itty bitty estrogenized nuts right no…[View]
35330657The fact that this comic is made to be a funny joke and not a romantic fantasy is the reason I trans…[View]
35332694Conceptualizing myself as a paraphilic straight man who's taking estrogen to cope with his AGP …[View]
35329626Am I transphobic: i hear a lot of 'trans women are women/trans men are men' rhetoric and while i res…[View]
35334711Can /lgbt/ DIY hormones innawoods when peak oil comes?[View]
35334173I hate being 6 feet tall I hate being 6 feet tall I hate being 6 feet tall I hate being 6 feet tall …[View]
35331524is there a way to not be miserable in an 'ethically non monogamous' relationship or is it always jus…[View]
35333453>dating another trans girl because I don't want to be alone even though I'm not really …[View]
35333546This game made me realize I'm a transbian.[View]
35332772I love bottoms so much it's unreal[View]
35333685This is how tunapoona and twinkhon look next to each other. They make a cute couple.[View]
35334223In what ways does your brain think differently on HRT?[View]
35332428dont passing at all at 7 months: is its over ?[View]
35330503Would transition have saved him?[View]
35333814does being '''pretty''' really balance out not passing??? like if you’re a twinkhon at best but put …[View]
35328407I want to be a sissy and suck cock.[View]
35331921How does an MtF with an innie penis survive in this economy? Pic unrelated[View]
35331568Trans women are looking for a unicorn: Trans women don’t pass. You pass at first glance, at best, bu…[View]
35326369no one will ever love me. no one will ever want me. even if i lose weight, it doesnt change the acne…[View]
35330873Left is me cuddling my future trans wife from this site, perhaps she's reading this <3[View]
35321372why does /tttt/ not want this: it's 100x easier to penetrate women when you present as male. yo…[View]
35333813can I get some fashion advice for a 3 yr hrt tranny who passes but dresses like a grandma[View]
35333982The best part about trans girls is that they'll always look like the left even when they'r…[View]
35334136It is far more gay to fuck a 'trans woman' in the 'neo vagina' than to just fuck…[View]
35330361What’s something you don’t understand about straight people?[View]
35326189Why do so many more women identify as bisexual than men? Who’s lying here?[View]
35331559Remember that if you identify with either of Blanchard's labels you are incurably retarded. Dou…[View]
35333470loneliness is driving me insane: i'm so desperately fxcking touchstarved. got home from work an…[View]
35329095Gassy trans girls, which is like all of you I know, how do you feel about a guy who is into your far…[View]
35331418Dear reppers: Look at how pretty you can be![View]
35328282>my five year relationship with my boyfriend is probably going to end soon how do I cope with thi…[View]
35329491Why is being feminine around people you used to be masculine around so uniquely humiliating? (Don…[View]
35333059I want to start a conversion therapy camp, but its for gynephilic sissies under age 50 and the goal …[View]
35332102pursuing a dominatrix to make me more fembrained?: i think it would be a good idea to get a dominatr…[View]
35326748It’s over: 38 inch under bust 19.25 inch bideltoid 5’10” tall Fml I’m built like a boxer why’d I hav…[View]
35328081I sometimes larp as mtf on here even though I self ID as an AMAB enby on HRT. I just hate being the …[View]
35332567Should I detransition and kms if I can't pass: I knew I would never pass before I trooned out. …[View]
35332513Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
35328482>be AGP >transition >get a cushy office job >yfw you now get paid to fulfill your office…[View]
35332921CHASERS AND CHASERS ONLY: please do this strawpoll :) answer honestly, it is anonymous https://straw…[View]
35333436Is there a point in trooning out if i live in this shithole? seems like repressing is more viable un…[View]
35332311girls with short hair are boys boys with long hair are girls https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment…[View]
35324731Rowling's Britain: RIP Britbongs[View]
35333234HOW DO I STOP BEING HORNY: Or at least kill the gynephillic part of me I'm on fucking HRT why a…[View]
35332610Was your transition worth it in the end? Did the benefits outweigh the costs in your experience? If …[View]
35332953Is this an appropriate way to flirt with transgirls?[View]
35332749I hate the HSTS sex worker stereotype. It's so degrading and dehumanizing.[View]
35312545/lesgen/ - eclipse edition: /lesgen/ is an inclusive general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis…[View]
35323459To anyone planning on transitioning during or after 18 through 23 year old man growth You will not p…[View]
35331938LGBT in the big 3: So out of the big 3 we can all agree it’s: Canada > USA > UK right? And n…[View]
35332819You're falsely imprisoned by Straight Inc. What do you do?[View]
35331704HSTS= based hyperfem cunty doll AGP= evil devil rapehon ogre jerking off into their wife's pan…[View]
35332529I can just cheer on lesbians from the sidelines. No need to transition. I can just enjoy them being …[View]
35329120We often talk about malefailing, but what are some examples of girlfailing that trans men are happy …[View]
35329431>got haircare advice from a pretty girl in a dream >wake up >forget the advice Aaaaah…[View]
35322268/clg/ Cis lesbian general - Real edition: Qott: Are you interested in science? Reminder: This gen is…[View]
35332586jezus fucking christ i wanna fucking kill myself. why the fuck do i want to kill myself because i do…[View]
35331860Mental Illness took another life: Your delusions and your mind virus kill Stop spreading it like a d…[View]
35331242i feel like being drunk should earn me free clout on herre in terms of attention that i receive[View]
35329521/ftmg/ dog edition part 2: QOTT: do you like going on walkies? :3 previous: >>35319378[View]
35332454i gotta make a cardboard cutout of him: ive been considering making a life size cardboard cutout of …[View]
35332487>brother says that I'm cute everyday since i started hrt w-why is he doing this? i might get…[View]
35330727Does Your Dancing Pass?: You know that even if you look the part, you probably can't simulate h…[View]
35328670>transbian gf caught me masturbating to BNWO porn she wont talk to me now wtf do i do…[View]
35329014what do tranners do when experiencing a dead bedroom/bed death[View]
35326930Post signs/charts, guess letters and assumptions https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php[View]
35328028Does your birth month pass?[View]
35329805Right's derangement with trans athletes continues: https://www.npr.org/2024/04/08/1243548261/na…[View]
35332031I used to be a chuddy comfy /pol/poster before the Jewish space lasers shot tranny thoughts into my …[View]
35330012/cisgaygen/ otters in socks edition: old>>35325327[View]
35331184When will prog make my boobs grow?[View]
35331961I’m trans mtf but I’m realizing I like women and am agp so I’m detransing so I don’t become a transb…[View]
35329526>big cock >big tits >big ass >kinky nice face expression Is Mia Isabella the GOAT for us…[View]
35324828I want so terribly to be small and dainty. I would love to be thrown around, but the women I sleep w…[View]
35327787what every queer 'debate' looks like: >Are these queers disgusting degenerates? >To find out, …[View]
35321321/clg/ - Motherhood edition: New rule: in order to reduce trolling trannies and bishits may post only…[View]
35328512What are lgbts thought on Elon being a repressed trannny[View]
35323184>girlmoding from day 1 based or cringe?[View]
35328784I wish I was a nerdy autistic artsy girl but alas I'm just a stupid normie gamer in cs major (i…[View]
35331039>be me >tranner >very calm person, hyper non-confrentational >periodically break down in…[View]
35330930How am i supposed to get a bf that wont just dump me when i grow older and go date some 17 year old …[View]
35331340Is it retardedly and overly mentally ill or delusional to take HRT to look younger? I’m also AGP.[View]
35330853why does so many feminists become nazis once they start interacting with trans women?[View]
35331774>want to buy makeup >Go to mirror >remind myself im just an old balding longhaired skullet …[View]
35325616Post cute vagina bois![View]
35330341but being troon is really-really disgusting? Why you do this?: How you really can come out to your f…[View]
35331642Why are trannies so anti ableist? If you cant provide value yo society as any type of person you don…[View]
35326816Dylan Mulvaney is a troll, but so are all trannies: Liberty isn't cheap and it ain't free.…[View]
35326627If gender dysphoria is real, that means magic is real because the only way to explain gender dysphor…[View]
35331237Went on a date with a fem guy and my eyes have seen the light. He was so caring and understanding he…[View]
35327152Why are white people forcing Africans to have gay sex? This is sick.[View]
35331414The thought of finding a cute fem guy to cuddle and play vidya with is flooding my mind.[View]
35329645Do Transmasc have it objectively easier?: >All human embryos start life as females >Testostero…[View]
35329481Is it possible for a guy to have a femboy aesthetic while also being a tough independent manly man o…[View]
35329729Yet another UK trans teen suicide that didn't need to happen: Journo fucks talking around the i…[View]
35330273I want more than anything to have this. I am a cis man. What does this mean?[View]
35329745UK Cass Review: Cass Review threw out all available studies stating they were all low quality. and t…[View]
35330210Here's your representation, theybro[View]
35328145boymoding again makes me never want to leave it: so i kinda girlmoded too early into transition i th…[View]
35327845all I want is a smelly trans gf, how do I get a trans gf with poor hygiene?[View]
35330892Genuine discussion about trans!: Hello, sorry for thread number #3289576239857 about this. First and…[View]
35325892Do I pass? I'm getting FFS and a BBL later this year, but I want to know how I look now. Also …[View]
35323288Straight man here Ever since I've heard about the gay allegations towards Diddy I've been …[View]
35331012Dumb bimbo blondes belong to intelligent cunning brunettes!! Also they both have bpd :3[View]
35329687quick question: is it cringe to tease my taller male friends by being all faggy and twinky and calli…[View]
35329514>how I feel when taking a picture next to cis women[View]
35326060/chasergen/: consoomer edition: >qott: what's your favorite piece of media/culture things to…[View]
35330135Girls belong with girls.[View]
35327970FTMs want to be basically femboys with vaginas because it's malebrained to want to be a woman M…[View]
35330816how do i make my gock stop working?: 8 months hrt and i still get hard when im horny sometimes (neve…[View]
35328017>be me, straight man >realize I don't really like seeing vaginas and that I only can cum …[View]
35329172how to be more horny?: so im on mono injections having quite nice progress but my libido almost full…[View]
35329372chuds will smugly call this a man and say they can tell from a mile away what genitals this person h…[View]
35330739currently 1 year on DIY mono E if i could only get one, should i get prog or an anti-andro?[View]
35329793Hehe. People think you have to voice train or even present a certain way to be valid. Trans women ar…[View]
35330673Why do you keep replying to bait? Show your working.[View]
35329853So like, AFAB/AMAB are basically just slurs at this point, right?: I basically never see them used f…[View]
35324735What has your experience with prog been? Did your breasts grow? How long did it take?[View]
35330345i never had a boymoding phase, and i feel like i’ve missed out on a big part of the mtf experience. …[View]
35328154A woman who can’t get pregnant and serve her purpose is worthless[View]
35315644/bmg/ boymoder general: Spring Rabbit Edition: Previously on /bmg/: >>35294258 QOTT 1 Do you h…[View]
35330053>ask bf to be mean to me >he points out all my manly features and tells me i will never be a w…[View]
35330193I have weird brainworms: I basically just view the world as being split into tops/doms and bottoms/s…[View]
35330373wehh: why do all the cool friends gotta go quiet as soon as i drink >:,c[View]
35327104Why am I always getting clocked as a MtF on here? Pic rel are my literally me characters. Fave video…[View]
35330337futamaxxing advice: i have reached the conclusion that the only way for me to not die alone is to be…[View]
35324956>came out as trans to each other with childhood friend at 13 >shortly after, she gets in a car…[View]
35328563>Left is totally comfortable with their lack of gender identity due to a complete rejection of th…[View]
35326206I'm going to be a John, 50: my life is like watching a car wreck in slow motion[View]
35330174The AGP desire to be the autism girl.[View]
35329479Can somebody pinkpill me? I need encouragement to troon out. I can't take it anymore, just turn…[View]
35328430The gay dating scene is just as bad as the straight one[View]
35326574Why is it always the passoids that think they dont pass but 50+ years old hons think theyre hot shit…[View]
35309695how can i cope with autololiphilia? i don't wanna ruin trans optics...[View]
35328653Is this actually what happiness feels like?: I don't really have any memory of before HRT, I ac…[View]
35329933Any trannies here play 2b2t?[View]
35329688Elon just released Elon’s Musk[View]
35329291WYDAG who was...: ... phucked in the head? Comorbid ASPD/BPD and has a history of causing trouble, b…[View]
35327680the motivation for transition is external and completely social[View]
35325327/gaygen/ funky butt-lovin edition: old >>35322180 thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
35326447I only really got dysphoria at 23 when I saw a transgirl in my college classes, they looked like me …[View]
35325518Daily reminder no woman will ever want you if you’re below 6ft, it’s over for manlets. Youre patheti…[View]
35327290Can’t be the only one right: >Year 7 of transition >Intense need to be misgendered >put my…[View]
35329760>therapist wants a year (365 days) of Real Life Experience from me before HRT A FUCKING YEAR?! Ni…[View]
35326764How many of you entitled youngshits would have trooned if you believed your best-case scenario would…[View]
35316966i am disgusted by them. and i am disgusted by this whole 'egg' culture. if you want to bec…[View]
35327615>chaser wants to suck my gock :( :/ :[ >chaser wants to suck my gock under a cherry tree in ja…[View]
35324377never date a bpd. never befriend a bpd. never be roommates with a bpd. no they are not getting bette…[View]
35329067How can I cockmax as a tranner top? I'm only 4.5 inches[View]
35327361i don't wanna be a cuntboy i just wanna be a normal boy[View]
35328173My favorite effect of hrt is that I don't smell like a disgusting sweat demon after 5 minutes i…[View]
35326567You still look like a man and always will. Maybe others play pretend, but they know what you really …[View]
35327937Discuss: This has never happened to me. The 'worst' that ever happened was a rejection and that some…[View]
35327872Imagine a world where all (real) men look like picrel. All men who don't fit the standard will …[View]
35327348I like penetrating men even though I act effeminately.[View]
35327008IWNBA stealth he/him lesbian taking T to pass at an all-male job: >be me, mid-20s butch lesbian …[View]
35326465Making a realistic MTF story in Sim 4 Part II: Update on my previous post, thanks for the feedback e…[View]
35328270Should prison gays go on dates with femboys knowing the moment a real woman seems to be interested i…[View]
35324592So I'm letting this 'dude' suck my dick, whenever I need release... It started because I was ve…[View]
35328877This is a man?[View]
35322525What I ate today: Day one of fembrained diet Did I do good?[View]
35328655I have such conflicting qualities and idk what the fuck to do. Either get on TRT or HRT. >AMAB …[View]
35329082Back dysphoria: I feel like I have decent hips and ok feminine figure when viewed from the front for…[View]
35319378/ftmg/ videogames and cats edition: As per request of gloves, this edition is dedicated to him, also…[View]
35327518Transgender fixations primarily stem from poor self image[View]
35328754I believe bisexual men exist but they always have a preference for one or the other.[View]
35328701AAP Thread: AUTOANDROPHILIA[View]
35324852sneaky from league is on hrt: sneaky is on hrt !! those are breasts!! why is noone talking abt the…[View]
35323854hrt at 19: lateshits cry and scream at you if you dare complain youngshits yell and laugh at you and…[View]
35328000So now if you don't agree that a trans person is a woman, you can get sued and be forced to law…[View]
35323641i miss you...[View]
35324990I just coerced my older brother into having rough sex with me: Ask me anything[View]
35318691>be ftm >destined to look like a weird 18 year old forever how should i feel about this…[View]
35325270One bad bitch and she do what I say so: Two big 40s and a big ass Draco Three more millions when you…[View]
35327640I like trans women because I am a demon in human guise and am aroused by the thought of men humiliat…[View]
35323631what's the best way to hook up with cis girls as a trans girl i never ate someone out before it…[View]
35321876Trans Rights Are Human Rights![View]
35326395A work colleague, technically my superior is going by She pronouns now. I see them tommorow. What do…[View]
35328016If transwomen are women, how come they can drive cars?[View]
35328152I still don't know if I even like trannies... I like how easy they are, chatting one up and hav…[View]
35322725is it worth working towards trap mode aesthetics as a represser/permamanmoder? i know i'll neve…[View]
35324966/mtfg/ male to female general: Last: >>35318813 Qott: What is your job in the autist commune?…[View]
35316777I feel like way more of you would identify as some form of non-binary if it wasn't associated w…[View]
35327811I heard trans women like BBC so I’m trying to Niggermaxx. Are there any tips or preferences you girl…[View]
35327510I'm willing to fuck a tranny but I don't wanna see your dong & bells. SRS is preferabl…[View]
35327739Are you hyped for her new show?[View]
35319251Why are you like this?[View]
35327150What happens when a ciswoman doesn't pass?[View]
35326690I'm a very femmy gay guy *for now*, but ultimately, I want to get fucked as a woman by a straig…[View]
35328369I've been dating a transwoman for about a month. Kissed but that's it. How do I broach the…[View]
35328326Does your transition pass?[View]
35322313ive fucked up my life permanently because I trooned out. i already had a lot of problems and transit…[View]
35324968If you don't charge stones you're not fembrained and you'll never be a woman, I'…[View]
35326575would i be screwed if i, a mostly passing trans woman, got raped by a cis woman or a trans guy? ive …[View]
35318346Where I, a cis guy, find a dom trans mommy that makes me wear cute clothes and diapers for her?[View]
35324185need an autistically sociopathic twink white boy like me who has felt immeasurable pain in his lifet…[View]
35326097Version 14 of the transmaxxing manifesto has been published: https://vintologi.com/threads/transmaxx…[View]
35327909Wait until the chuds realize this is literally small colleges, and this is encompasses under 20% of …[View]
35288400/c4tgen/ volume 22: previously: >>35225081 thread for cis women dating trans women & tran…[View]
35327472Why does this board talk about afabs/cis women like they're monolithic aliens[View]
35327686>be me, gay guy in his early 20s >don't like to bother with other people >sex doesn…[View]
35319905Friendly reminder: Estrogen is POISON[View]
35327442Is working a trade possible for a manmoder or will the work culture eat you alive?[View]
35326993are afabs just naturally more extroverted: >know plenty of shut in men who don't like going …[View]
35326715taking a billion pictures of myself is deluding me into thinking maybe i could pass with ffs if it m…[View]
35326431So if you live in English speaking country or country that speaks language with similar retardations…[View]
35317527why do i feel so awful when i try to quit estrogen now. i keep trying but i fail, its so miserable[View]
35318162which frequent-poster BDD passoid is your favorite? mine is pic related. the replies she gets are al…[View]
35327497A question for cis females: How do you gals feel when people (mostly mtfs) complain about female pri…[View]
35327412Is it an evil thing to incessantly bully and discriminate pooners? Wouldn't that be a good thi…[View]
35311550does your handwriting pass?[View]
35327318Cleaned up my porn folders: No porn No hentai Only allowing myself written smut of the highest quali…[View]
35327072Blogpost because you all subscribe to my blog thx for subscribing: Been like a year since I posted/c…[View]
35320783>be ftm >have cis gf, been together for 3.5 years >I always top her with the strap and thin…[View]
35307171/hornygen/ - dead roman lover twink edition[View]
35326216guys he couldn’t figure out how to penetrate my ass and so we didn’t have sex and he’s sleeping in m…[View]
35326427Waowww. Bf got horny and fingered my ass unprompted yesterday for the first time. Aah I was so nervo…[View]
35324980In a couple of days I'll have been on HRT for a month. This is the first time since middle scho…[View]
35326386hating theyfabs won't make you malebrained[View]
35323729is it possible to have a snatched waist as a midshit?: I am really skinny but my torso just barely a…[View]
35325325trans girls how big of a deal breaker is just me wanting to give you a blowjob if we were dating? I…[View]
35324546I'm looking to finally transition now that I had gained the courage to, but currently am a bit …[View]
35326650Why are there no boymoder criminals? I wanna see a boymoder selling drugs and rockin a glizzy wit da…[View]
35324247fitness for fitless mtf: hiii am mtf, im not fat, got a bit of chub but im still in the BMI region t…[View]
35321065pooner thread[View]
35323783Fat troons make me sick: Despite fat women being the only kind of girls I’m attracted too, I can not…[View]
35325790How can trannies even compete with authentic femininity like this?[View]
35323250any good trans/crossdressing romance mangas? preferably MTF x M[View]

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