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/lit/ - Literature

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23292933Books with similiar humor to gta?[View]
23289682This is just another generic white savior story. >Muh white chosen one who will save the browns…[View]
23294606George R R Monks, you are all stupid Suckers... I think you are waiting on WINDS OF WINTER , I'…[View]
23293367Which one is the best? The Iliad or the Odyssey??[View]
23291822Flashman's other known adventures which didn't get made into novels: >American Civil Wa…[View]
23294926Are there any books like Captain Fantastic?: Where its whole theme is about educating your children …[View]
23294864What do you all think of web serials?: Web serials. It's a relatively popular medium nowadays, …[View]
23294596Any books about two ambitious CEOs operating in the same small(ish) town and eventually having to on…[View]
23291519What’s your estimate for the Winds of Winter release date?[View]
23285914/wg/ Writing General: 'Poo world' edition Previous: >>23275770 /wg/ AUTHORS & FLASH FICTIO…[View]
23288924what are some good books that justify slavery seriously? I know Engels talks favorably about slavery…[View]
23294671What are some good books on cuckoldry, promiscuity, and open-relationships? I specifically am lookin…[View]
23293381I'm a writer with an idea for a series. The first book is about a guy who is a recent graduate …[View]
23294614Best Anti-Racist Literature: >'She doesn't think we behave pleasantly towards the India…[View]
23294335Can anyone recommend books on the Depression, what led to it and how it was overcome?[View]
23294603This book uses the word hitherto alot[View]
23289826Books about the Cartel and how they operate? How they smuggle? Their 'Business Culture'?[View]
23291589Anti-Gay Literature: Recommend some interesting books that make a (preferably non-religious) case ag…[View]
23292748What are some fantasy novels that are the most similar to Tolkien in terms of prose and storytelling…[View]
23289155Novels that have an eerie atmosphere?: I'm looking for something that isn't just gore or t…[View]
23293056Is even possible to write a very generic idea, like a pokemon isekai harem fanfiction garbarge with …[View]
23293303>Books to understand the central banking cartel[View]
23292934Jesus fucking Christ Michel...[View]
23293160what the fuck was his problem?[View]
23294283Are dungeon and dragons rulebooks considered literature?[View]
23289364I still don't understand what 'Death of the Author' is. Every time I say 'This doesn't mak…[View]
23289561/x/ books general: Man.Body.Kali.Yuga.[View]
23283228>Oswald Spengler: “A man like Kant must always feel himself as superior to a Beethoven as the adu…[View]
23292175ASOIAF ended right here, this is the real end of the series. It was never worth reading what followe…[View]
23293138Hymn of the Pearl: I need more gnostic tales. Not dry academic papers about it, but books that are a…[View]
23293344Post writers who embody true masculinity instead of that shallow shit of Hemingway's. Truly he …[View]
23293249After Aenea and A. Bettik end up on Hebron, don't you think the Doctors at the Hospital might h…[View]
23284018>'Confucius regarded music as the ultimate moral guidance system for humanity.' I don't get …[View]
23290701Wagner on Dante: >It seems to me that Dante, especially in the 'Paradise,' has not succeeded in […[View]
23293254Is he right about psychiatry?[View]
23290633What are some of /lit/'s /biz/ ideas? I'll start: One day I would love to own a bed and b…[View]
23293877Dominique Venner thread to celebrate his birthday. Not someone I see discussed here much but I think…[View]
23291790Any books I can read while I wait for my Quarter Pounder with Cheese?[View]
23293576In the De Anima Aristotle conceives of abstract thought as operating in a way analogous to that of p…[View]
23293881Can Pechorin from Hero of our time be considered a 'cultured thug'?[View]
23288771I know so many people that gave up trying to read picrel. Why can't full grown, college educate…[View]
23292495Whenever I'm asked to make a case for the survival of literature in a world with film and telev…[View]
23291370/wwoym/ - Write What's On Your Mind: prev >>23288209[View]
23293263>falls in love with a man she hardly knows and only interacted with two or three times >remain…[View]
23293466Which author can you randomly pick up a book of and just be in awe of the beautiful writing they hav…[View]
23292328Siddhartha: What makes it so good?[View]
23293371what a disappointment i want my 5 dollars back[View]
23293529Do you think that Literary Criticism may be foundational to our own understanding of the books we re…[View]
23293422vintage books: do you own any? post your beautiful collection[View]
23291432Steerpike: literally acted too cocky[View]
23293172The Age of Discovery is one of the most beautiful times that people can go through. And it goes in p…[View]
23290634Did the greeks really believe in their myths?[View]
23292026This pic is so wrong its unreal. Probably made by someone who only read the wiki articles. It should…[View]
23291602Start with the Egyptians[View]
23292505>story released in 1895 about a gay black navy guy having sex with a white underaged navy twink …[View]
23293143Do you readplay text adventures?[View]
23289642Young Earth Creationism: What are the best YEC books? I don't want this thread to turn into a c…[View]
23293207Demian: Emil is literally me What to do about this[View]
23292949This is just shit?[View]
23291315What's your favourite book of literary criticisim?[View]
23291406My Jewish nigga freud was based asf fr. Listen to my nigga Evola speak on this > Like in magnetis…[View]
23291478People who read Infinite Jest get infected with a mind virus that makes you a loser. Why subject you…[View]
23292238how can one not find philip endearing?[View]
23290927Is Hypatia the only female philosopher who wasn't a meme?[View]
23293088What are some books, to you, that reignited your passion for literature?[View]
23293082Damn, elf pussy must be amazing if this dude was willing to die for it.[View]
23292885Rationality and reason is not only a waste of time, it is a symptom of a declining society. Wisdom c…[View]
23292890How do you handle a priori knowledge when reading a book?[View]
23290966until which book is dune worth reading?[View]
23292971What does narco-batonic mean?[View]
23291583recommend fantasy series that are good all the way through.[View]
23284931I am exceptionally good at seducing women with my words. How do I turn this into a literary career?[View]
23292634What are some of the biggest KWAB moments in history of literature and authorship?[View]
23290702Why isn't Henry Rider Haggard considered part of the western canon? Graham Greene certainly tho…[View]
23292486My biggest feat is that materialism is the truth...[View]
23291707Anyone have any spring time book recs?[View]
23292904>A Farewell to Arms[View]
23291625>look into buddhist literature and attend buddhist ceremony to learn more about it >feel a pro…[View]
23289173La Cousine Bette: Who's read it? It's only my second Ballsack, after Pere Goriot, and thou…[View]
23289848Is it a red flag if a girl hates Lolita?[View]
23289221>i cheated on my wife but i swear its the anima that made me do it. >yes i made it up but i sw…[View]
23285553What are you reading?: Tell me about it. It’s pathetic one of these threads isn’t up at all times an…[View]
23292512Is this worth buying? It's expensive to get the paperback editions shipped to my country and s…[View]
23292755Favourite childhood book?[View]
23285830I wrote this short story: https://pastebin.com/h9NAmtAq am I delusional to think that it's wort…[View]
23292503Writes communist utopia in space: His books are loved by anti-communist lolbertarian billionaires li…[View]
23291123I'm halfway through: It's fantastic)[View]
23289373Is there any point to being an author today, especially if you’re a man?[View]
23290413If any anons here have read romance or erotica targeted towards women, is there much emphasis on how…[View]
23292183Psychological novels that are like the Nightcrawler?[View]
23292025Why have they produced more world-class literature than other developing nations?[View]
23291121Any thoughts on Intensity?: Great book that Israel Keyes recommended in an interview and if you anal…[View]
23291507thoughts on the big book? Not planning on quitting but thinking about reading it[View]
23291174>>'He didn't kill them himself, Stil. He killed the way I kill, by sending out his legion…[View]
23290880The Godfather by Mario Puzo: Just saw the movies and fell in love, now I want to read the book, but …[View]
23288691Such a good book. Is there anything else like it? Scientific and cultural explorations of alien worl…[View]
23289042Books to know what women TRULY think of men?[View]
23292035What literature is like picrel?[View]
23292273Why do people believe that an illiterate man who owned no books and for which there is no documentar…[View]
23292033it’s kino time[View]
23292184The Gospel According to Tony Soprano: I'm on the chapter where it advocates getting rid of anyb…[View]
23288764Has anyone on /lit/ read The Turner Diaries? I found the concept interesting but the prose was lacki…[View]
23288846Does he deserve the hype or is he just reddit tier? What's his best collection?[View]
23291043Is Seven Pillars of Wisdom worth a read?: was wondering if it is worth picking up or just skipping…[View]
23285299These are free, right? what's stopping me from just going around my local neighborhoods at nigh…[View]
23291204Salman Rushdie seems to be turning into Miguel de Cervantes. Both were persecuted by religious funda…[View]
23291124What /lit/ podcasts do you listen to?: Lecture series on yt are also welcome[View]
23289761which one do you prefer ? i must go with Clark Ashton Smith personally,i really like his style and i…[View]
23289432If the Will is outside of space, time, and causality, then how can the world as representation arise…[View]
23289152Incel Book Theory: Did Tisserand commit suicide. I feel like the narrator wants his death to be an a…[View]
232917542 Samuel 22:2-22: >2 And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; >3 T…[View]
23291397/bsg/ - Bible Study General: Read a chapter of the bible today, anon, and tell us what you notice. D…[View]
23290469Where do I start with Marshall McLuhan?[View]
23291338smut in lit: just saw someone say that smut doesn't belong in literature. any anons would like …[View]
23290750Times you were /lit/ as fuck >Read the Bell Jar >she gets to the part where she describes ta…[View]
23291872I had a dream the other day in which I read a book which seemed to be a noir detective story, involv…[View]
2328736330 years ago this masterpiece was brought into the world. Give me your hardest of sci-fi lit.[View]
23291879Been an interesting book.[View]
23291665Post-modernism: What is post-modernism, and how can I understand it? Post post-modern literature, pl…[View]
23291349I've written three books. They're not good, but they're 125,000 words each. I want to…[View]
23291532Haven't read a book since I was 12yrs old. What are some shorter books to get me started with r…[View]
23291690The Event: Epoch is an open source multimedia world building project that aims to create a collectio…[View]
23290977Ingmar Bergman: Would he be considered a great playwright if he simply had chosen to write for the s…[View]
23290765Book or fanfic about a man or an older teenage boy who falls in love with a toddler.[View]
23291642So what was pre-electronic age espionage like? Given how complex intelligence gathering is in the mo…[View]
23290705>You read books for the plot? How pedestrian[View]
23291330Best literature on Diplomacy: I have only ever interacted with anons on 4chan, and now I'm goin…[View]
23291395EPICURUS GENERAL: Are you Epicurusmaxxing? >have a frugal diet and lifestyle >avoid sex in mos…[View]
23280093>On his deathbed, unable to speak owing to advanced laryngeal cancer, Huxley made a written reque…[View]
23290289Books to help me quit boozing: Tired of being a drunk and getting into trouble and derailing my heal…[View]
23291449sight and sound magazine downloads: does anyone know where i can find all back issues of sight and s…[View]
23291386LITERARY COPES: Post some hardcore LITERARY COPES that you saw around here.[View]
23291317The late David Foster wallace: In what way would you describe this dude’s writing?[View]
23287978Be honest anon, did it click for you?[View]
23290064I would like to read The True Intellectual System of the Universe by Ralph Cudworth: Which edition i…[View]
23289989Essential books to uuhhh make me smarter? Notice and understand more things I guess? Expand my think…[View]
23287026Why are these three frequently placed on the left side of politics? Even a cursory reading of them w…[View]
23290793>mfw book has no proper 3 act structure[View]
23287854opinions on booktok?[View]
23288209Write What's On Your Mind - wwoym: quiétude de l'âme edition previous >>23284285…[View]
23290461Ive read that the divine comedy is the sort of work that is best read alongside a commentary. Can an…[View]
23290570Literature of Antiquity without Plato: I love Homer. I love the Greek playwrights. But I deeply desp…[View]
23291151retro horror vibes: rec me a book that gives “vhs found footage horror” stay punchy, no tombs[View]
23290704Love this IQ-draining sloppa.[View]
23290557What're the best water-based literary kinos?[View]
23286301How do I read faster?: So many books, so little time…[View]
23289261Dan Brown's Robert Langdon is as good as Plato's Socrates. Douglas Adams' Guide is as…[View]
23290736>Author's wife openly admits she doesn't read his books[View]
23288816I can only read (5, 10, …) books my entire life, what am I reading?: Hypothetical question. I’m a br…[View]
23287082why isn't psychiatry/psychology shat on more? its a trillion dollar industry that evidently on…[View]
23289483The Passenger: Is this good?[View]
23256227Shelf thread: Post your book-babies[View]
23290482Reading charts to understand the foundations of law and governing?[View]
23290707How many of you can relate to this?[View]
23290660So I've started reading armor and I want another Sci Fi military book about bug genocide, and I…[View]
23289339100 Years of Solitude: >ANY YEARS LATER as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía w…[View]
23287317Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49: For such a witty novel, it's a really poignant one. Think …[View]
23290098Are there any well written fiction about Hitmen, or is it all cheap pulpy airport novels?[View]
23287961Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy: You've all added this to your Western canon col…[View]
23247089John Barth is dead: >John Barth, who, believing that the old literary conventions were exhausted,…[View]
23290516The Martians from The War of the Worlds have invaded your favorite story, they've also had thei…[View]
23290108High IQ gay men of /lit/: What are the life changing books that allowed you to better navigate the w…[View]
23286566>The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. ITT: Post KINO open…[View]
23289183Anyone else feel like nicotine gives a nice boost to reading? I feel more compelled to read and I…[View]
23289956I hate Kant: What should I read?[View]
23287381Fighting Terms by Thom Gunn: Anyone have any thoughts on pic related, or on Thom Gunn's earlier…[View]
23284147What do you think of him?: What's your favourite work or poem? Was he based or cringe?[View]
23290105Which book would you recommend for starting in philosophy?: I have been wanting to start studying ph…[View]
23289853I got a $25 gift card for Audible for my birthday. What audiobook should I buy with it?[View]
23286468I want to write a great vampire novel but I find myself falling into tropes and cliches that have be…[View]
23288683Some cyberpunk books recommendations?[View]
23285182sci-fi: I want to write a 'humans are space orcs' story that's actually decent. I really like t…[View]
23289856Historical revisionism: I was recently reading Runciman's 'A History of the First Bulgarian Emp…[View]
23289404What am I in for?[View]
23274146David Hume: I've noticed the even the most incorrigible shitposters are afraid to shit on him. …[View]
23272431He's right you know[View]
23288972some old reading list from a norwegian literature faggot: back when omegle was around i had a chat w…[View]
23288317Reading Spaces: You Do have a comfy place to read right /lit/ ? Why not post it in this thread ?…[View]
23287970Remember when right-wingers tried to appropriate Deleuze? Yeah, that was pretty embarassing.[View]
23289007Still the GOAT. Will never be surpassed. Incredibly based. Makes Incels seethe. These are the writin…[View]
23289520Tertullian: 'We have the most important reason for praying for the emperor, even for the entire stru…[View]
23287502It has never been more prescient. He must have had a time machine or something.[View]
23289101I just finished reading Project Hail Mary and I have to say, the tens of thousands of reviews are ac…[View]
23287361I am the ghost of /lit/. I plug every medium-to-long post I stumble upon into an IQ Estimator so I c…[View]
23287872being a fairly set in way monarchist every year i make a point of reading a normie liberal book. Las…[View]
23288724Wagner's Programme for Beethoven's 'Heroic' Symphony: >The characteristic of the great …[View]
23289767>it's the X of Y >he's the [national author] of [foreign country] >[old author/bo…[View]
23289205Was Proust right about love? Is it just an obsession born from fear that the object of our desire wi…[View]
23287447What constitutes a 'bad book' in your opinion? Personally, I think a book with too much filler and …[View]
23287512What are some good books written by children? I read O Ye Jigs And Juleps by Virginia Cary Hudson an…[View]
23286482>Flannery O’Connor the queen of Southern Gothic[View]
23282123Tom Buchanan did nothing wrong.[View]
23284196NEETdom, life on welfare, living on NEETbux books: Does anyone has written a story about a NEET, NEE…[View]
23287449FREE PDF LIBRARIES: I need some useful PDF sites where i can just download books with one simple cli…[View]
23281058ITT: Cases in which the movie is superior to the book[View]
23289330I read your pieces on vocaroo: until I get bored or pass out https://voca.ro/1kE2q8wxj4kM[View]
23288537He saw the truth. Why haven't you?[View]
23280539Do you like female writers, /lit/? What was the last book you read?[View]
23289595What do people mean when they say 'Faustian spirit'? It's usually used as a positive to mean a …[View]
23285594Did Robert E. Howard invent the concept of absolutely rad shit? His stories contained the following:…[View]
23289608Fantasy Trope Twists: What are some more weirder twists to common fantasy/sci-fi creatures that you …[View]
23288375L. Sprague de Camp: Redpill me on this lil nigga. I always see his name mentioned in conjunction wit…[View]
23289167is he an écrivain?: EXT. RUSTY OASIS - DAY A hidden digital oasis surrounded by rusty ruins of outda…[View]
23287549what would /lit/ do to escape the sand hole?[View]
23286455I want to start a small collection of physical books. Who are the best publishers around in terms of…[View]
23286115Culture of Conspiracy: How much of Chan culture is the result of actual untreated mental illness, an…[View]
23285192>what if Kafka but... Italian![View]
23288210Iconic book cover images[View]
23287715What exactly was the *point* of the Kenosha Kid chapter?[View]
23289151Special things in a universe so ordinary: The things we see are ordinary. Like a flower, it's o…[View]
23281732Maps: What does /lit/ think about the inclusion of maps in fictional stories? Are they always a welc…[View]
23288994How hard was Sauron seething at this moment?: >And far away, as Frodo put on the Ring and claimed…[View]
23288810does modern science have anything at all to offer metaphysics?[View]
23283339What is your favorite literary work by this winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature?[View]
23287924>the iliad >boar/lion analogy[View]
23288142৳੭౹⧝𝟃⧜ ⧝𝟃⧜: you guys keeping up with the most cutting edge literature? straight from the future-appr…[View]
23289015Should a person be ashamed of writing Young Adult books?[View]
23288623After 5 weeks of reading, I have finally finished Middlemarch. What did I think of it?[View]
23288804I'm starting the final volume![View]
23280126Sex-havers can't be great authors: All the greatest authors have been neurotic incels and perma…[View]
23288827What are the best books about leadership, particularly military leadership as I aspire to be a naval…[View]
23284514Analthicc philosophy?: I am a midwit, I prefer the storytelling method of ancient philosophers, or e…[View]
23288748Good books on the Rockefellers: Other than the books in the pic, are there any more worth reading?…[View]
23287732>trying to read with a song stuck in my head[View]
23288429How can everything be true when looked at from the right perspective. Basically you can justify ever…[View]
23288607Exposition of cosmic horror: I'm going to make an exposition of Lovecraftian horror, focusing o…[View]
23283159Anybody else disturbed by atheist normies' moral nihilism? For some reason when a normie discov…[View]
23288266why the fuck did god even put that tree there[View]
23288769there is an esoteric hermeneutics of Kant which was obvious to many from Fichte to Hegel and beyond,…[View]
23288316*Breaks You*[View]
23282522Who deserves the laurel?[View]
23284539Good esoteric books: Anyone know the most arcane books filled with special knowledge? Tao te Ching …[View]
23288690Heinlein>Herbert Heinlein>Tolkien Heinlein>Smith[View]
23288636Ultimate Story Writing Framework: I wrote this framework studying my favorite story arcs of all time…[View]
23288493>tired of being a brainlet >decide to start reading more >pick up a short ~250 page a5 boo…[View]
23280952Jung and Buddism: So while reading Jung I feel like I'm getting gaslit on what is buddhism >…[View]
23288167Diet Poe[View]
23285695Isak Dinesen: Are her books good or is she just another morally bankrupt white European aristocrat?…[View]
23287185What separates great literature from classics that will be remembered and studied for generations?[View]
23288480Any lit similar to The Master?: There’s something so ungraspable about it, affects me on a almost my…[View]
23284871The thing in itself, which because it being what it really is is logically prior to our conceptualiz…[View]
23284208What's the point of process philosophy?[View]
23256805/clg/ - Classical Languages General: Sleipnir edition >τὸ πρότερον νῆμα· >>23213007 NOTE: r…[View]
23286690>noo guys you can't have lightspeed ships they are le bad >oh by the way I will use my li…[View]
23288369What did he mean by this?[View]
23286034I started a new job today...: and within an hour or two of having met my new coworkers, I was asked,…[View]
23288321Tfw when you find out you've been using a word wrong all this time.[View]
23285614Grabbed these from the local thrift store. Any good or just meme lit?[View]
23287336What are some great works of fiction about Rome? I'm reading the Roman historians at the moment…[View]
23286399Have you ever met your favorite writer? Did they live up to your impressions you had of them?[View]
23287653If you were to write a book for an audience of non-humans, what would you write about?[View]
23284289gib book recs: this is what i read in the last months, ranked from best to worst -great wind up bird…[View]
23287010Why is this shit book something certain people praise? It hasn't and still does nothing to rebu…[View]
23284907Should i try to sell my diary?: So ive been writing my diary from 2019 till today. For mostly ive us…[View]
23287516>just realised he invented all the woke gender identity shit this dude is just a crypto-satanist.…[View]
23287704What did I think about it ?[View]
23287623Another 'He's right you know' Thread: Only this time I really mean it.[View]
23286418recommend me some strange obscure books philosophy, historical, a novel and poetry. I'm looking…[View]
23283312What are your epistemic/metaphysical/ethical views, after reading so many treatises of so many philo…[View]
23284249Shakespeare comedy/Tragedy: I have a lot of free time, so I decided to read a lot of Shakespeare…[View]
23284285/WWOYM/: Write what’s on your mind[View]
23283776jobs with free time: Jobs with a lot of free time? (for having time to write) I became a mailman but…[View]
23283999All my favorite authors are dead[View]
23285892*solves philosophy*: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xaiYXbRa1yU TL;DW is: >All that matters is hea…[View]
23287858Bishop Theophan, in his advice to a young woman who was preparing in the world for monastic life, al…[View]
23287855What books are literary equivalents of a zachtronics game?[View]
23286575How am I supposed to read poetry?[View]
23287702Why are there so many Kant threads on /lit/ these days? Is his work undergoing some sort of resurgen…[View]
23286514What does /lit/ think about Stephen King?[View]
23287724Anna Karenina: Every character is LITERALLY ME and every character is a RETARDED ASSHOLE[View]
23283199>30s/40s >no girlfriend >no friends >no social life >dead-end wage job >all he doe…[View]
23287657Stop trying to argue this stupid literary fanboy war: Why do retards try to compare cervantes with s…[View]
23287681What do you think of it, anon?: Was he right?[View]
23286133if we read more than undergraduates, why dont we just get a literature degree along the way?[View]
23282895Norton anthology: Just got this anthology, bros. What am I in for?[View]
23283229Law thread: Are you a law student or in a legal profession? In what country? What do you like/dislik…[View]
23277677what the fuck is there to write about nowadays? seriously.[View]
23284979One of the best philosophy books ever: An exquisite, thought-provoking, and minutely unraveled exami…[View]
23285654Fully aware I may be kicking a hornet’s nest, does anyone here have recommendations on Orthodox view…[View]
23281813I don't get it, what's the takeaway here? That God is an anarchist?[View]
23282463What's the great Australian novel?[View]
23284439Otto Weininger: What does /lit/ think of Mr. Weininger and his thoughts on women? >'The most infe…[View]
23283861Qutbism: Anyone hear into Jihadist literature? Just for curiosity sake. Qutb writes with quiet passi…[View]
23284751>wrote 30 novels >also a massively prolific critic >even a composer as well >only known …[View]
23287275Post your hoe-scaring books[View]
23283894I wish I could live in Berghof...[View]
23286398Some books to help me understand poetry and write better poetry please.[View]
23280947What did Plato mean by this?: >All who were begotten at the time when their fathers and mothers c…[View]
23283133>How do you know but ev’ry Bird that cuts the airy way, >Is an immense world of delight, clos’…[View]
23282712/Hume/ Hume, the Sould and the Thing in Itself: Previous issue: > https://warosu.org/lit/thread/2…[View]
23286163Brevity is the soul of wit..: ..but also the witless.[View]
23285753Kant hate thread: I've hatred for Kant, the demon of hell A satanist casting the wickedest spel…[View]
23284658Can you partially lose your eyesight if you read too much?[View]
23283289Happy Birthday to Samuel Beckett: Say something nice about him.[View]
23285724settle an argument, is it pronounced 'be|love|ed' or 'be|loved'?[View]
23280071Can't find Monster Book: I am trying to find a book from my childhood. It was basically a survi…[View]
23275683Where can I find a COMPLETE Bible and/or Talmud with all 100% of what could be considered apocrypha …[View]
23287198THE PRE-EMPCOE phase will start at different times for everybody but the beginning is getting displa…[View]
23285858Thoughts on the Anita Blake vampire series?[View]
23285771Is it good anons?[View]
23280902journaling thread: discuss the process and benefits of journaling, commonplacing, note-taking, etc p…[View]
23279853>Wtf, no /lit/ girlfriend who gives me in-depth reviews on what she's currently reading that…[View]
23283395Redpill me on John Varley.[View]
23278442>A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . >The man who never reads lives only one…[View]
23285669I am the ONE TRUE KANTPOSTER. Please ignore the poor imitators.[View]
23285150What would you read if it were the end of the world?[View]
23284352I recently read pic related over the last day or so. Robert Beck is a good writer and quite intellig…[View]
23283204>is a manwhore all his life >woman he slept with rejects him because he's too old and no …[View]
23286456Book Review (15/50): The Peregrine - J.A. Baker (1967): 'Wherever he goes, this winter, I will follo…[View]
23285624You aren't combing your hair before bed, right /lit/? You know that slows down seafarers.[View]
23286707All it takes to be a regarded contemporary philosopher is to build yourself and a bunch of bored, dr…[View]
23284472He's Still Right, You Know[View]
23286393Why do you take Spengler this seriously? He's just a less mentally ill version of Guenon[View]
23287052Did Nietzsche successfully overcome Nihilism?: With the concepts such as will to power, creating our…[View]
23286999Henry James thread: What are his most essential works to read? Also why are his sentences so fucking…[View]
23280586>TV is...le BAD >consumerism is....le BAD >the suburbs are...le BAD >ebonics is...le GOO…[View]
23286123Who are some ISFP authors? I only know about him and Bukowski.[View]
23286994What's the word for a leader of women?: I've been pondering archetypal characters and as I…[View]
23286711This just replaced the Bible. Imagine being a gown man and believing in ancient fairy tales and basi…[View]
23286992User i want to read l ron hubbard, not because of scientology, but because i heard he has a very uni…[View]
23280842Why did Stirner trigger Marx so hard?[View]
23283623Why is Chesterton not more wildly celebrated?: Currently reading Orthodoxy. Incredible book. Rich in…[View]
23286023There are no souls. So why do atheists think that their soul will magically go to oblivion after the…[View]
23286960I bought an old book of poetry that has a note in it from 1912. Can anyone decipher the word(s) “hap…[View]
23279161Gimme some fancy words for DSE.: Greetings, I am a student from Hong Kong who's enduring a tria…[View]
23284812What story will convince me to stop being a dilettante[View]
23286731Silent book club: Anyone been to a silent book club? How was it?[View]
23282504The Abode by Max Lawton: thoughts?[View]
23286880Sisyphus type beat[View]
23276650Is it sad that JK Rowling uses the world 'unironically' when it isn't a real word? Isn't s…[View]
23282378Holy shit. The prose is so simple and dogshit.[View]
23286734Why did nobody tell me this is the literary equivalent of Always Sunny in Philadelphia?[View]
23286026>heh no i can't read on this device that i already carry with me at all times despite readin…[View]
232867504chan book[View]
23286470>wojaks on the cover Wtf is wrong with chuds?[View]
23286799I know Gill made some of the most loved statues and typefaces on Xx century Britain. I constantly at…[View]
23286166Do you believe in your own vision, anon? Do you even have a vision for your writing or do you just l…[View]
23286161Is night-shift security the most /lit/ profession there is? I'm literally getting paid to sit i…[View]
23284462MAGNUM magazine vol. one: A bunch of /lit/ writing in a pdf. Everything stolen from >>23248778…[View]
23274913Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - Old and New Testament. Fall 2024. One of the most important bible re…[View]
23286544>Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! >Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! >Tom B…[View]
23286333/Hume/ Panpsychism by Analogy and a endless Circle of Reincarnations: Previous issue: >>232827…[View]
23283480Books about differences between races: Hello /lit/ i was looking for book that talk about how races …[View]

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