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11474783Any good book about general history of Africa?[View]
11485674Worth a read?: Seems like its pretty important to the current nationalism vs globalism divide[View]
11488219Is quality of writing important for fantasy or should I say fuck this shit and publish my shitty boo…[View]
11477296Books to help me get through opiate withdrawal without bitching out and getting high again?[View]
11487949hi /lit/ are any of you well-versed in plays? I have a little theatre troupe of four folks - two men…[View]
11487406Favourite Heaney poem? For me its 'Sweeney Astray'[View]
11488128how hard is to write and publish a light novel if you're not japanese?[View]
11484659the works of Friedrich Nietzsche cannot possibly still be relevant: >It's like... society, m…[View]
11486250Filmmaking /lit/: Suggest some good books on filmmaking.[View]
11487148>Bookend the Sokal affair and science wars by being former semiotics and political science studen…[View]
11485598Any books on how to stop worrying too much about physical appearance?[View]
11481911Dante: Help me /lit/, I've read the chart a hundred times already and I still can't decide…[View]
11484542he's fucking boring[View]
11487103Is Brahman the Tao?[View]
11486669Hi. My friend suggested that I share my collection here. I’ve written 23 novels in the last 6 years,…[View]
11487730what are some books about unjust and tyrannical abuses of power[View]
11487704'Information is antifragile; it feeds more on attempts to harm it than it does on efforts to promote…[View]
11480772>Bloom defendsthe concept of the Western canonby discussing 26 writers whom he sees as central to…[View]
11487866Any use to reading this book?[View]
11487543any of you read pic related? I’m about 80% of the way through and I’m enjoying it, the pre-socratic …[View]
11487246Female authors: I just realized all the books I've read this year are from male writers. Are th…[View]
11486718Reading at Work: Do you read at work? What are you reading at work? Is reading at work immoral?…[View]
11483674Explain to me how Dune is classified as scifi.[View]
11487806Is there a list of books that are necessary to read AND are also entertaining?[View]
11486914new nick land interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDMVYNX9xPw&t=214s what do you think?…[View]
11485917Does learning language get easier after you've already mastered a few? Is it worth getting acqu…[View]
11485098I'm going to read 2666. Is it a good book? Should I read anything before it?[View]
11487544>Franz Weidenreich, 'The Brachycephalization of Recent Mankind', Southwestern Journal of Anthropo…[View]
11484958I really liked ”Crime and Punishment” but I just can’t get through this. 40 pages in and this haphaz…[View]
11485207>'Manchester students deface poem by 'racist' Kipling' >'student leaders erased the …[View]
11487410What are all of your thoughts on pic related? I finished it earlier today and really loved it.[View]
11486376How does one teach,to the blind and deaf,that brown exists?[View]
11485145What's a novel where the main plot is at first glance, very simple and one dimensional; but the…[View]
11485725which book would be the hardest to read in braille?[View]
11484795Books the deal with the origins of humilation fetishs: Can someone recommend a good book that deals …[View]
11479234Traditionalist heresy: In the wake of some recent threads on Traditionalism, I find passage very int…[View]
11484201imagine not reading zhuangzi lol i bet you are all sadcunts learn The Way my nigs. fucking butterfli…[View]
11486448>had had[View]
114851991984 vs Animal Farm: Which book succeeded in terms of pushing a political statement? For me, Animal …[View]
11484853Why didn't Dumbledore thought of Horcruxes before? The bad guy survived unsurvivable killing cu…[View]
11485543Which chapters should i read?[View]
11481621The Game: Why didn't you tell me about this guy? He is literally /ourguy/ >went to Vassar an…[View]
11487047Yes i can't: I live in a big city and i usually buy my books. I don't have any way of orde…[View]
11483155Is it fair to say that the best writers tend to lead eccentric lives?[View]
11485879Which character in literature / genre fiction is his equivalent?[View]
11487001Audiobooks: Is listening to a book 'cheating?'[View]
11485115Where do i start with The Postmodernists and The Frankfurt School?[View]
11485558What’s the best Philip Roth novel?[View]
11486881Reading and you daily routine: Whats your daily routine and is it shaped around getting the most rea…[View]
11484354ITT: Books you never get tired of Started these probably for the 20th time[View]
11486292Hey guys, I've been waiting to hear back from two poetry magazines for a little over a month an…[View]
11486775Research: How do you research for your writing correctly? I always seem to be unable to access sourc…[View]
11482829Are there any Cyberpunk novels that instead of being your typical orwellian dystopian police tales a…[View]
11482894What doth /lit/ think of my man Willy Shakespeare?[View]
11486755Journal Thread: What is the format of your typical entry? What have you written about recently? Do y…[View]
11484994Samurai/Bushido literature: What are some books about samurai and bushido? I am interested in the su…[View]
11480480How do you feel about Les Misérables?[View]
11486247What is the most incel author and why is it Pessoa ?[View]
11486583Concerning the motivation to write: Hi /lit/, I have a bit of a problem. I have been writing for the…[View]
11480870Was he right /lit/ ?[View]
11485787Hello. I've just discovered a book called The Magus. It's apparently well reputed, but not…[View]
11477467the ouroborous is a great symbol it suggests everything, consciousness as recursion, the unity of th…[View]
11484158What can I expect? How much does being unfinished impacts it? First Musil btw[View]
11485010what is the literary equivalent of ravel's miroirs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VdZR3deNd…[View]
11484204Books about anhedonia and being dead inside and not being able to feel pleasure and thus suffering? …[View]
11485654I've seen this on other sites recommended to fans of Vonnegut. Why is this? I'm a quarter …[View]
11475091What's some essential atheist-to-christian literature?[View]
11482001Jung vs Freud: Who was right?[View]
11484916disenfranchised men turning to the orthodox church in their lowest, darkest hours is just a meme, ri…[View]
11483765Emily Dickinson: Hey /lit/ Emily Dickinson Post your thoughts, feelings on her, lines you like I fe…[View]
11478059What do you think of Rilke /lit/ I have this feeling he is at bottom an ultrapseud, but language bar…[View]
11485958What are some philosophers that talk about this?[View]
11481929im decently/very familiar with history of philosophy and want to read a sort of re-cap do i want ken…[View]
11485883Surrealism: I just started reading the surrealist manifesto. Opinions on it? Also, opinions on other…[View]
11485980Is this a good book?[View]
11485886labor theory of value BTFO: If a man was in the desert, dying of thirst, which would he prefer? A go…[View]
11485923>watching corporate leadership video >woman is talking about how companies focus on doing over…[View]
11485544Writers being the pathetic fucks that they are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNd5RwjXhjk[View]
11485777Whose prose style is ideal? If you respond with 'mine,' you have to post a selection of your work f…[View]
11484643Is this a good book to give to someone who loves reading fairy stories and all the fantastical stuff…[View]
11485176Someone help me out I am looking for an epub/PDF of pic related. I've looked everywhere, I need…[View]
11485585What did Aristophanes mean by this?[View]
11483500Arabic literature thread: Literature from the Arab world seems to be lacking, I'd like to know …[View]
11485699How is the Threshold series? Is it worth picking up?[View]
11484988Did people actually used to write their correspondence like this, or is it just a literary device?[View]
11483758literature is just genre fiction with pretensions of high art.[View]
11483330>a thrill ride[View]
11485608A rare cover edition of a book that you own. I had to dig deep to find a version of this cover that …[View]
114847821 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;…[View]
11483756Epic Poetry: You HAVE been reading epics, right? >Pic related Just finished Tamar. I'd call …[View]
11483314What: >Girl next to me at work reading a book >'Hey, what's that book about? >'Oh, it…[View]
11482876I've lost so much patience with books. Continental philosophy is distilled charlatanism. No con…[View]
11480482What are some good books about protagonist suffering from existential hollowness and emptiness in li…[View]
11483817Has a book ever shocked you? Which one?[View]
11484525Chad is Nietzsche's Ubermensch: >Lives by his own standards >Doesn't care what other…[View]
11483907Is Rakitin /ourguy/?[View]
11480121Are there any books with confirmed retards as the protagonist?[View]
11481733I typed over 6k words in 5 hours. Is that an acceptable writing speed?[View]
11480682HOLY SHIT ive been reading the book of disquiet and it is literally fucking me like like if I had a …[View]
11484165Reading with music?: I have a problem /lit/. I can't read anything in silence, I always need so…[View]
11479725So do I live according to Reason or Nature?[View]
11484841>Writes a whole novel making fun of Robert Frost >His own poetry is absolute shit-tier, seems …[View]
11484170Is there any point in attending university, especially if you are okay being poor?[View]
11484154/lit/ for this feel?[View]
11479059You can stop pretending it's not shit now.[View]
11480246How the FUCK is someone supposed to figure out what to read when browsing a library? Is this the mos…[View]
11484112Just finished this, did I like it?[View]
11481725The Napoleon of Notting Hill: Halfway through this and it's a real struggle, regardless of how …[View]
11483873Is this just a homosexual parody of traditionalism? It's incoherent as hell for one and just lo…[View]
11481659>read Nietzsche >feel exalted, ready to conquer life with passion who gives you the same feeli…[View]
11483698First time posting, check me out on patreon please. The Absurdist is my username. I am writing prima…[View]
11483732Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
11463925ITT:: Post an image, get book recommendations.[View]
11484508Was he the first NazBol?[View]
11484342Hi /lit/ What do you think of my nonfiction collection and what other works or authors would you rec…[View]
11481691Daily reminder that this is /lit/ canon.[View]
11483802why should i give a shit about kant?[View]
11483848Ulysses by James Joyce. All time favorite. Gravity's rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, V by Thomas Pyn…[View]
11484176Is he a cool guy?[View]
11484315our hips, those thighs, I (love it when you call me, baby) And I can't deny I (love it when I…[View]
11476821What literature focuses on the social lives of the rich?[View]
11481602Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
11483889Let’s read this book. Anyone interested? We would be starting this weekend with something like 20 pa…[View]
11484149What is the likelihood that I can make a living off of writing some stylistic, post-post-modernist p…[View]
11484245>im a neetchean[View]
11484142The Ego and Its Own: What does /lit/ think of The Ego and Its Own? What are your thoughts on Max Sti…[View]
11481813What does /lit/ think of Thomas Carlyle?[View]
11483676Thoughts on the Faust?[View]
11479623How to read it and is it worth of spending time on it?[View]
11481020I have every Harry Potter hard cover first American edition, does /lit/ have any books that are coll…[View]
11483767Can we attribute extension and motion to the things-in-themselves?[View]
11483789I had a pretty good theories roll in this draft. A philosophy is a lens through to which to see th…[View]
11483587Has anyone read it? Looks interesting. I've been reading Saints' prophecies about the Anti…[View]
11482940Pynchon appreciation thread[View]
11475664Authors who started late?: I am 28 years old. I started reading about 8 years ago. I really want to …[View]
11481817Books for the living dead: I am not too old but I have had a long life. Storied too perhaps. I have …[View]
11482266Iris Murdoch. Is she any good ? Where to start ?[View]
11480386Literally everything this dude wrote was wrong. Why exactly is he lauded as one of the great philoso…[View]
11483237stop going bald[View]
11483718Y'all horny mofos: https://www.thecut.com/2018/07/the-10-horniest-men-in-literature.html Discus…[View]
11482598If a cute girl whom you like tells you to read Guns, Germs, and Steel, but a super hot girl who is t…[View]
11483111All right /lit/, you tricked me again and I fell for the meme, again. Good job. Anyway, I have other…[View]
11482262Poetry about Poetry?: Been reading a lot of Dickinson recently, and in particular found 'I dwel…[View]
11483636Can reading books be profitable? How?[View]
11483284Serious question: what makes a writer a 'hack' so to speak? I honestly want to know this. …[View]
11483153Should I read the Odyssey before I read Ulysses? Should I read the Iliad before I read the Odyssey?[View]
11482461Musical Philosophers: Music is such a prevalent force in our lives and is the fulcrum of art for mil…[View]
11475525How to experience the oneness of the universe:: Want to have a mystical ecstasy to see reality as it…[View]
11483473Introduction ruin book experience: So I started reading the /lit/ book, Stoner, and now on the page …[View]
11481591anyone else cant stand anglo lit?: Irish lit is pretty based and even some of the stuff from America…[View]
11483329What is the literary equivalent to this?[View]
11483510>dumb deformed slav goes around drinking and doing nothing of interest, he also likes to steal bo…[View]
11481785Pls check this epic story!: https://www.wattpad.com/story/155487872-c%27era-una-volta-peddy…[View]
11481729Do you feel pride for what you have read, /lit/?[View]
11482646What do you think of my idea Creature with newfound divine powers thought to be rouge angel decimate…[View]
11482865who is Rome's foremost prose stylist?[View]
11483032Books to help NEET/Druggie/Nihilist: Hello /lit/, my brother-in-law is going down a bad path. A very…[View]
11483266Okay brain/lits/, I’m experiencing a bit of a dilemma and need your help on my quest. I started wit…[View]
11483406The Godmakers: Has anyone read this book? I just want to know what the process for elevating gods wa…[View]
11483010What is some /lit/ approved LGBT-kino besides Mishima?[View]
11483141>Finnegans Wake[View]
11483001idk: I don't feel like anyone's been happy to see me It's bugging me that smiles neve…[View]
11479991How can I grant myself a solid philosophical education? I'm 20 yo and currently trying to recov…[View]
11483206Mosses Hess: Thoughts on him /lit/?Iam reading his Rome and Jerusalem and I cant say that Iam disapp…[View]
11482669Will you read it?[View]
11482735Warcraft/40K books: Found Picrel in my Amazon Recommended list. Are any of these books actually wort…[View]
11482681has genuine truth ever lost its way harder than this? the earliest biblical texts all feel like genu…[View]
11482043Submitted a manuscript...: And in the statues, it is said its withdrawn.[View]
11482969I've been posting all over the site with BASED posts in order to reach out to like-minded indiv…[View]
11481675I can't make sense of part 3, wft is going on there? help?[View]
11480756is he a hack?[View]
11480691>mfw finished 2-3 books a year Why did I discover porn and vidya anon?[View]
11479650Thoughts?: Don't pretend this isn't /lit/ related given how dominant postcolonial theory i…[View]
11482716Recommended Rumi translation?: From what I've heard Barks should be avoided, Jawid Mojaddedi is…[View]
11482344*crack.....sips* now blood meridian.....THAT was a great novel[View]
11476932HORROR ICEBERG CHART: I do want an iceberg chart on Horror Literature. Can /lit/ make it possible? S…[View]
11482653>be a fat ugly NEET >walk around town and perform mental gymnastics on bypassing people >ge…[View]
11478366Why doesn't it make sense?[View]
11482603Who is that one author that predicted the Big Bang theory basically word for word and was never cred…[View]
11480612Becoming like sade: How do i become more like the marquis de sade? I've read all his books, but…[View]
11478826Hey guys, remember that time a bunch of students got together and tried to convince a drunk cooked c…[View]
11454524/lit/ humour[View]
11481210Books on faith: What are some books for someone who wants to believe in (the Christian) God, but is …[View]
11482355Hi, I'm currently writing a book and was wondering if /lit/ was the right place to do this. I a…[View]
11473717Alright lads, the 2018 Summer Cup is upon us, and /lit/ F.C. has rightfully earned a spot in it. We …[View]
11480039Am I the only one here who's obsessed by the Will? I can't be alone in this case.[View]
11480413Posting Adventure/Expedition novels. Feel free to add First one is is Arabia Felix. An incredible st…[View]
11482350Hello /lit/ I just made my first meme: What do y'all fine people think about it ?[View]
11474333/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Best SFF Short Stories Edition >What is your favori…[View]
11482305Today would've been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday and for no reason I feel like sharing …[View]
11480301Anyone else excited about this?[View]
11480861What are some comfy books that talk about the importance of frens?[View]
11471737Rate my thrift store purchase. Whole stack was under $15.[View]
11479085Is there anyone who could have defeated him in debate?[View]
11481986Anyone here read Sadegh Hedayat? Got this based on a recommendation from someone on here as he has r…[View]
11478901Gore Vidal: what does /lit/ think about vidal? should I start with Julian or Lincoln? I've hear…[View]
11479480how do I get good handwriting?: my handwriting is shit, messy and slow, how can I improve it to high…[View]
11478098anyone read this? I was kind of surprised at how well written (even if a bit simple) the story was. …[View]
11482151The First Law thread: Does anybody else here enjoy the works of Joe Abercrombie? I like his books wr…[View]
11480973how do you deal with noisy neighbors/flatmates or simply any noisy people near you? is pic related …[View]
11476796What is the /lit/erally best /lit/ approved ebook reader?[View]
11479791Were Fremen intentionally portrayed as simpleton subhumans prone to violence, neglecting reason in f…[View]
11479111TL;DR: 'Life is shit. Deal with it'[View]
11478280What are some mind blowing nooks, or books that really make you think in abstract terms to their app…[View]
11481864Dear diary, my days as a whiny leftist are over. I am transforming into a try-hard neo-conservative.…[View]
11481740Saint Augustine Post-Confessions: Can any anons help me? I read Confessions and want to read more st…[View]
11481727How did this mad lad do it? what made his poetry so good?[View]
11479808good article here on the usual Into The Void stuff. >The problem of capitalism is not that it wo…[View]
11481229Why was this book so popular?: Eric Segal's Love Story, despite getting mixed reviews by the cr…[View]
11477774Any good books about music, music history, or music theory? Currently reading pic related and enjoyi…[View]
11452734>age >location >current book…[View]
11472206What comes after New Sincerity?[View]
11481160what the fuck was his problem?[View]
11480926*crack* *sip* Aaah...Bukowski, now THAT was poetry[View]
11481055>*ruins Western literature* Psssh nothing personnel, cracker[View]
11479518Books where the protag is a flaneur, especially if he is described as one in the book[View]
11481335wojack thread requesting a Wojack of pessoa[View]
11477650Who would win in a fight? Is Crime and Punishment or War and Peace the greater novel? Doesn’t Dosto…[View]
11480755Essay Collections for Basic Writing Instruction: Hello, /lit/izens. I am trying to isolate some pot…[View]
11477567All right you faggots, I HAVE to attend a Poetry Book Club meeting tomorrow and I want you to link m…[View]
11480204so i finally finished infinite jest after two months (ish) a substantially long book. two months is …[View]
11481116>people who post here who still read fantasy and sci-fi[View]
11475922First line advice: Giving writing a go for the first time and I’d like your opinion on the opening o…[View]
1147195820 year old boomer here. Who can give me a coherent account of aesthetics? Why is it that I know bea…[View]
11476129was it autism?[View]
11479224Moiby Doick: What's the whale supposed to symbolize?[View]
11479674Are there any essay/book why women should stay at the kitchen?[View]
11481037How do i start reading poetry: literally never read any poetry since the scant wordsworth and modern…[View]
11478199Can I get a quick rundown of his theories? Is it true that he supported abolishing age of consent la…[View]
11478989Recommend works that were written under the influence of drugs.[View]
11479955>tfw instinctively want people to recognize what I'm reading in public so that they see me a…[View]
11480873why do niggers love this so much and why is it sub human?[View]
11474168What's wrong with self-help books? Give me actual reasons.[View]
11480915are there any books you have read feel are little appreciated or rare. post them here.[View]
11475059What is the single greatest work of literature to come out of your country?[View]
11479077Gonzo journalism sucks ass, that's why it didnt stay long The only merit of gonzo journalism is…[View]
11480617I've only read a 100 books, will I ever make it?[View]
11479691Recent English Ed. graduate here. What are the best states to teach high school English/Lit in? I wi…[View]
11476220>Finnegans Wake[View]
11480295Who is the most violent poet ? Not the most stylistic perfect but the most intense, the most disturb…[View]
11480683Best book on transhumanism?[View]
11478895what the hell is a language game and how is it different than simply saying 'systems of thought have…[View]
11480702What are some books with this feel ?[View]
11479613Poetry Problems: I'm looking to get ahold of the books 'Moral Essays' and 'An Essay of Man' bot…[View]
11475850Pls suggest me books about traps/fembois No Ulysses pls[View]
11480636Should I cop this?: Should I buy it? Or should I get a cheap $20 one? https://www.biblio.com/book/b…[View]
11480134Tenses in writing: Let's say you're working on a novel set somewhere in the supposed futur…[View]
11480414I want to read about gonzo journalism but I dunno what to read. Help this fella, recommend me some b…[View]
11480104Did he really say that he liked how his stories sounded in the English translations more than his or…[View]
11478051I think Casey at the Bat is the most perfect poem ever written. It's a funny, easy read, but it…[View]
11480344I have consumed almost every Celine's work and I'm in need of another depressing first-per…[View]
11480323Is this Based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DudgWusxQ8[View]
11476248What was this guy's fucking problem?[View]
11469567Books under 200 pages. I need something to read in a day.[View]
114802216 All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field: 7 The grass with…[View]
11479399Is there a /lit/ wiki or recommandation images for seduction category?[View]
11475690Finished Siddhartha a while back and just started reading pic related. What's /lit/'s opin…[View]
11465291ITT: We write a book one sentence at a time.[View]
11479995Thoughts on after the quake by Haruki Murakami?[View]
11479942I really liked this movie, and the story which it was based off of.[View]
11476919Whats he doing? Anyone have any current news on what he is writting or doing? He seems to have stopp…[View]
11478421Do you consider life to be a magical thing? An ongoing miracle that you're at the center of? Th…[View]
11478862Why do people like this bullshit artist?[View]
11479910Sharing this flash fiction to all: https://www.woxpert.com/read_article.php?article_id=2018M14220182…[View]
11479080I will be editing my novel all day today and I will livethread my efforts. It's written in ital…[View]
11478533Poetry no0b: I've begun gettign into poetry. I really like sonnets, thanks to John Keats. ANd C…[View]
11479823Do you guys own a diary and should I own a diary?[View]
11468848Can we ever bring back modernism? Art and academia were so much better when it was dominated by stru…[View]
11478041Do many authors write both Science fiction such as Star Wars, and also Fantasy such as LOTR?[View]
11478607>Meeting somebody IRL who has also read Infinite Jest[View]
11477150lit city: once and for all, what's the most /lit/ city? is it really Mexico City?[View]
11477126Which language has the best literature? My vote is German: Goethe, Nietzsche, Hegel, Kant, Schopenha…[View]
11478961HOW DO I ACTUALLY START WITH THE GREEKS?!??!: On my journey to becoming philosophy autodidact (until…[View]
11478888I cant seem to find any non-linguistic related books by Chomsky that is basically not an interview t…[View]
11477585what books should i read to get my life together?[View]
114794471 I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. 2 He brought me up als…[View]
11475658does anyone really have a critique of epistemological idealism?[View]
11475491I'm really struggling to get through pic related. What do you guys think about it?[View]
11479123More like this?[View]
11479217Almost all literature mirrors the fact that our lives are inevitably without meaning or order >pr…[View]
11478798What do I need to read before reading Nick Land? I really like the way he writes in Fanged Noumena, …[View]
11470879eastern thought general - /etg/: General thread for eastern philosophy/metaphysics/religion and prom…[View]
11479293BLOD SPATTER: I'm in the midst of writing my novel when I got puzzled. Is it possible to tell, …[View]
11475202Say something nice about Neil Gaiman[View]
11476539Is it Illegal for someone to copy a story if the entire thing was written differently, and had the e…[View]
11479073I think I want to start writing to get out my crippling rage and what not, feedback bros? You don…[View]
11479296Just finished this. What did /lit/ think of it? Have you read the sequel?[View]
11477873Does the fact that there are more books than you'll ever be able to read make you anxious, or i…[View]
11478237Are any of Deepak Chopra's books worth a read?[View]
11468095Maximalist Literature: Any good maximalist literature not on pic related?[View]
11478756Can anyone recommend me a good book about samurai? I'm open to historical fiction or non-fictio…[View]
11479086Poetry writing exercise: I saw this and wanted to try it here Write a line of poetry that seems to b…[View]
11479208Any good books to read that will teach me about internet security, the inner workings of a computer,…[View]
11470416Let’s rank the Bloom quartet: If you put all the books from all four in a pool, what the top 5?…[View]
11478287You ever feel that anime as a whole is just a hyperbolization of adolescence, a fantasy-depiction of…[View]
11478785Literature that critiques consumerism, materialism and the debauchery of the bourgeoisie, who have p…[View]
11478869C.S Lewis: Opinions on C.S Lewis? I remember liking The Chronicle of Narnia as a child but I haven…[View]
11475246He was a good man[View]
11447522What type of book are you writing, /lit/? I'm writing a framed Story.[View]
11478404Give me one example of a book written before 1900 that is worth reading. >Protip: you can't.…[View]
11476314>'My writing is bad/My dialogue is bad/My prose is bad' You mean you have nothing to say. It…[View]
11477173New York feels: Hey, could my /lit/ bros recommend me short stories or books that give an accurate f…[View]
11470634/cg/ Conservative General: Welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zk6eXvCiuo As you can see featur…[View]
11478206'Yo Anon, you're a brainy guy, what's the difference between the three Lacanian orders; th…[View]
11472598A guy I know has good humor. Has good vocabulary. Can produce well thought arguments. Had no idea if…[View]
11477224Varieties of Philosophical Spirituality: From Ecclesiastes to Simone Weil: Varieties of Philosophica…[View]
11474920>tfw nowhere to go after Land, Evola and Kaczynski[View]
11478408What am I missing?: ~100 pages in and I give up. The book is extremely boring and just rambles on ab…[View]
11467765Postcolonialism/Orientalism: Does anyone have a flowchart or recommended readings for post-coloniali…[View]
11475174/HMG/ - Haruki Murakami General: Let's have a thread dedicated to the greatest contemporary aut…[View]
11448884What are the best books about philosophy?: What books do you recommend reading to a future lawyer?…[View]
11478715>mid 2016 >I attempt to turn literature into one of my main hobbies >begin to browse /lit/ …[View]
11478799>tfw I'm just getting started into loving reading more and more, trying more complex stuff …[View]
11478471Writing Contest: Who has what it takes to WOW these guys with surreal, absurd, and most importantly …[View]
11468126Have you read it?: Where could one obtain it?[View]
11472383>Unwritten autobiographies you would read[View]
11478146Who are some gnostic thinkers and authors?[View]
11478073Does a word have an objective metre, or is it more based on recitation?[View]
11476595What will it take to surpass him?[View]
11459728>Consciousness Explained >doesn't even explain consciousness >isn't even consciou…[View]
11475018I'm afraid my country will take the book burning to a whole new level in the near future becaus…[View]
11477264how do i come to enjoy poetry?[View]
11476300What is your favorite poem by John Keats, the greatest English language poet? I would have to say hi…[View]
11468346ITT: things that annoy you about /lit/: inb4 posts like this[View]
11477176rare lit general 2: hi i made a thread like this two days ago and it did really well, people posted …[View]
11478765Was he the first non-autistic philosopher?[View]
11477378Explain to me why you like Joyce without mentioning his prose[View]
11472177Moby-dick ASMR: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adNGkw8bFrI&list=PLpIDED35f6wlCtn1kb1Z…[View]
11478592General Poetry Thread: Hit a freestyle on this thread Anything thats in your head Will heed the prop…[View]
11477295currently reading[View]
11466584post what you're reading RIGHT NOW[View]
11475476What does /lit/ think of this book?[View]
11478375Recommend some classic books: I just started reading for the first time since highschool a few month…[View]
11476426Novels about Japanese Culture: I’m looking for 20th century novels, preferably by Japanese authors, …[View]
11478215Why do so many tween chicklit like the 'fae'?[View]
11477143I'm burned out on my current crop of books that I've been working through. I can only list…[View]
11477689what is /lit/'s take on Orwell's 'Politics and the English Language'? http://www.orwell.ru…[View]
11477967I want to write poetry but I feel at a creative dead slump. What should I read to inspire me? >pi…[View]
11478128The: When do you pronounce 'the' as 'thee'? When do you pronounce 'the' as 'thuh'? How do I teach my…[View]
11477099What are your thoughts on 'optimistic nihilism?' The idea that since there is no meaning to life you…[View]
11477781im decently/very familiar with history of philosophy and want to read a sort of re-cap do i want ken…[View]
11475274Searle vs Dennett: I'm too stupid to get this on my own, /lit/. Tell me, which one is right and…[View]
11462828The book closest to you becomes the Bible for a post-apocalyptic civilization. What happens?[View]
11476142I'm thinking about writing a long essay on the relationship between Americans and guns as expre…[View]
11475902Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Anyone read? Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert O…[View]
11475543>seeing as how[View]
11477776Songs of a dead dreamer: Opinions on this book and Ligotti as an author?[View]
11473318Post your favorite short poem, /lit/[View]
11476350da greeks: >Start with the Greeks Ok /lit/, I want to start with the Greeks, subsequently I have …[View]
11477712What are some good entrepreneurial narratives?: Anyone come across a non-moralizing account of a bus…[View]
11471170/CRITIQUE/ THREAD, POST YOUR SHIT EDITION: Hey /lit/, it's time to get critiqued. Post your wor…[View]
11476454currently in the middle of reading Anna Karenina Vronsky is supposed to be in his early twenties and…[View]
11477559Does anybody know where Spengler talks about his idea of a 'renaissance of the Medieval'? I know he…[View]
11476490I'm looking for some high-quality literary manga on gay or trap love stories. Someone on here r…[View]
11476958No comprende mi amigos[View]
11472380Jokes: What are some good jokes you know? Where'd you find them? Here's one from the Phi…[View]
11475487What should I read next? I only started properly reading in around 2016 in preparation for my own no…[View]
11477490what do you think about evelyn waugh: decline and fall is his best, n'est-ce pas?[View]
11477454tl;dr how to make helium feasible in heavy-cargo airships Hey y'all, so I'm writing a stor…[View]
11473703How would you improve it?[View]
11477087Is there some relatively affordable /lit/ degree that I can get (being an oldfag) without attending …[View]
11476725Where do I find a good dictionary of Latin and Greek, the kind that will let me see the antonyms and…[View]
11477157Is there a place for indie literature that is t written by someone rich and famous in 2018? I'm…[View]
11473099Just read 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room' in Dubliners. I've been really liking these stories u…[View]
11473889Based Cyrenaics: After plunging full-on into Epicureanism (picked up copies of Epicurus' letter…[View]
11476320Philosophy: Hello, Remember this, there will be more, https://philosophomimi.000webhostapp.com/…[View]
11477103Is this any good? Is it psuedoscience? From what I've read the author's argument is based…[View]
11475498What are some good books that take place in university and focus on growing up?[View]
11472343Currently suffering of gerd. I’m looking for books on diet and nutrition facts, which ingredients to…[View]
11476542how can there be 48 laws of power? didn't Newton make 3?[View]
11476966What's your favourite non-English dictionary?[View]
11470000If you could let a book of your choice be rewritten by an author of your choice (i.e. he takes the s…[View]
11474468What are some books about not caring about knowledge?: I'm majoring in philosophy but I'm …[View]
11476141What am I to expect from this book[View]
11477004Worth reading? I only read classic literature and want to start reading more current novels. Is this…[View]
11475586Hey /lit/, write a blurb for something you are working on, then critique others![View]
11475278On amazon atm buying books that I'm gonna run as business expenses, suggest me some to buy[View]
11475557Non-fiction book recommendations?: Hello /lit/. I'm new to this board and would like some sugge…[View]
11474241I read a lot of ancient poetry and was bored out of my skull, reading this now and I'm having t…[View]
11474582Post the greatest western work of literature[View]
11474782Any interpretations for Franz Kafkas The judgement? Why is it so abstract[View]
11476484why was mayakovsky such a complete commee HACK[View]
11469992Historical Fiction: Anybody have some good historical fiction recommendations? Like pic related or B…[View]
11476509How can one man be so brilliant and so stupid at the same time? Half the time, he takes something ve…[View]
11476719>The Greek Pausinias >The Roman Virgil[View]
11475068What's the edgiest, transgressive book?: I'm looking for something unique[View]
11475041How did this fucking goober become one of the most important modern philosophers?[View]
11476692How the fuck am I supposed to make sense of this shit when they have a comma after every second word…[View]
11476419I thought this was supposed to be a difficult read. 15 pages in and so far it's just DUDE BANAN…[View]
11471592/lit/ writes a serious critique of Jordan Peterson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p764TYnG32Uu…[View]
11476621best order to read mishima? is pic related acceptable?[View]
11475341I'm three stories in and, wow, this is difficult. Does it get better? I don't know what I …[View]
11475187Is there any fiction with the theme of taking pity on ugly people?[View]
11472280is George Orwell the greatest writer of all time?[View]
11475490Pseudoscience for fun: Is it strange for me to read pseudoscience books for fun? I somehow always ge…[View]
11476403Poetry feels so absolutely foreign to me as a person living in a society in 2018. I just have no des…[View]
11473084>I just love helping people find themselves, I guess that's why they say I'm pro-found …[View]
11475742Are there writers like Houellebecq but angrier?: What are some writers that make you experience a ca…[View]
11476327non-shitpost The Stranger thread: >absurdism is just a centrist position on nihilist vs existenti…[View]
11470531How many poems can you recite from memory?[View]
11475194What are some really Jewish books? Just saw and loved Crimes and Misdemeanors and would like someth…[View]
11475118What are some long story children's book with colorful sensible pictures?[View]
11476346Did I enjoy this book?: What did I think of it?[View]
11473875I'm thinking about investing in a proper home library. It'll be a significant expenditure …[View]
11475946what are books that totally changed your opinion of an author's writing? for the worse[View]
11475046>'fresh conversation about a very old divide is back on the political agenda. Robert Verkaik’s bo…[View]
11475846Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
11475996I have read only Shakespeare in the past six months and I believe will continue so for the rest of m…[View]
11474317you can only post ITT if you read today[View]
11475748What is your preferred narrative perspective to read?[View]
11475679story: >read a chapter or two in a book >start feeling readers fatigue, procced to ‘’mark’’ th…[View]
11476023Nobel Prize basically dead: http://archive.is/6kmLg I know it's easy to bag on any institution …[View]
11474386I just finished the first book of My Struggle and it was really great. The whole theme of the book r…[View]
11472710Any good comprehensive books on all of Christianities denominations and how they came to be? What th…[View]
11473928Hey, /lit. I want to know if anyone despises women more than updike?[View]
11475899Urban literature recs[View]
11470232What are some good chess books?[View]
11471480What are the most popular books on /lit/?[View]
11475824Does anyone else get a boner while writing, no matter what the subject is? By the way, how is your n…[View]
11473803I want to write, but I crushed the tips of my fingers in a pulley at work today, and it hurts to typ…[View]
11475778What am I in for?[View]
11475386>he reads books with less than 800 pages[View]
114747091 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as soundin…[View]
11474763>ITT: We post the best Modernist[View]
11473235*ruins your beautiful Russian novel*[View]
11468947As the decade comes to a close, what were the best books of the 2010s?[View]
11475533Where do I start with this guy? His serious works like The Sublime Object of Ideology are a bit too …[View]
11472999Egoism: Any good egoist writers other than Stirner?[View]
11473575Are there any good /lit/ things to do in Melbourne? Book markets, festivals, meetups etc?[View]
11475534So I just started reading this and it seems pretty good so far but why is every female character lit…[View]
11473744Can anyone name one (1) self help book that isn't a meme?[View]
11472377kindle paperwhite is $80 right now for prime members, thinking of getting one. Do you fellas like e…[View]
11472522Günter Grass: Opinions on this guy? I'm currently reading (my first book i read from him) 'My c…[View]
11475251Libraries: What's your local library like /lit/? How often do you use it? for me: >all publ…[View]
11471412Writing Prompt: See and Write.[View]
11473270What is the best essay /lit/ has read?: I think essays are not discussed enough here.[View]
11468039What is his sheer ability to connect to low IQ members of society. He seems to speak the exact langu…[View]
11463831ITT:: Write what is on your mind.[View]
11475345The Flood: Reaching back I realize the allusions, Existence is just a dying illusion, Death is the s…[View]
11475307Pls help a brainlet out lit I want to start reading about existentialism because I like Dostoyevsky,…[View]
11475282NO DISCERNABLE TALENT: >Nice Nobel Prize I guess. Oh, what's that? You know math? What are s…[View]
11474886>tfw too poor to afford books >tfw have to resort to ebooks on a screen…[View]
11467614What the fuck?[View]
11473046>come to /lit/ >nobody even mention the books you are currently reading >don't want to…[View]
11473529HORROR AND DISTURBING LIT: Give me your best books to shock and scare me, fiction and non-fiction in…[View]
11474971Faces of /lit/[View]
11475167>read long paragraphs on the screen >attention doesnt drift >attempt to read a book >min…[View]
11474491What does /lit/ think of Walt Whitman's work? What is his best?[View]
11474674Seeing as it never coming out, what would be good alternatives for his style of fantasy? Only comple…[View]
11475079Unknown Pleasures: This shit is based. Like a redbulled Nietzsche. Highly recommend.[View]
11475117This is such a frat bro book prove me wrong[View]
11474152Orson Scott Card: >openly speak against homosexuality >he's most famous book is full of h…[View]
11471772Are there any books of philosophy for atrocious little toads? It seems to me most philosophy is inev…[View]
11469403Is there an iceberg tier list for horror books? I know stephan king is baby tier but i need a list o…[View]
11473071How do I into poetry?[View]
11474231Let me just leave this here...[View]
11465036Any philosophy books on the morality of having children?[View]
11472744Was Plotinus's perception of what man (or what other life is) similar to the Jacob's ladde…[View]
11473098if you could recommend only one book for a person to read in their entire lifetime, what would it be…[View]
11474596anyone else ever read this /lit/kino?[View]
11470374I'd like a full rundown of Pynchon as an author. It it a worthy investment to read his books, m…[View]
11474185>my diary desu So how do I actually write a diary without it being the same existential droning a…[View]
11470676*ends philosophy*[View]
11473641>Want to kill myself >Can't write a decent note >Keep putting off suicide My mediocre …[View]
11474379is his bibliography just the ramblings of an educated Irishman gradually descending into schizophren…[View]
11473243What's your writing ritual /lit/? Here's mine: >drink till I'm angry >write You…[View]
11474536'Pessoa is almost always alone, smoking his way through three or four packets of cigarettes a day.' …[View]
11471515Is there a word or phrase that captures the following: >when your baby boomer parents tell you to…[View]
11474294What do you consider to be the most emotional literature piece?[View]
11471985>need book for university >dont have money to pay for it >cant find book in a normal google…[View]
11474242If he were alive today he would browse Reddit and make posts about 'sonder.'[View]
11473811Worst Character Names: >Achilles >A-Kill-Ease >Named so for the ease with which he kills …[View]
11474277What is your preferred book type? For me, its trade-paperbacks. Nothing comes close to the matrix of…[View]
11473305how do I stop being a writelet? I can't even imagine how people write books. I can barely write…[View]
11472366>Dostoevsky >Tolstoy >Bulgakov >Goncharov >Vasily Grossman >Gogol >Turgenev …[View]
11471555DIY Audio Books ?: Do you enjoy listening to others read literature? Do you record your own readings…[View]
11474255It feels really comfy to write casually with my own tone. It's actually much better than the al…[View]
11463801What are some of the most beautiful passages in literature?[View]
11474011>Heh, they don't make em like Dostoevsky anymore[View]
11468042>The Ripped Bodice is the only exclusively romance bookstore in the United States. Sisters and ow…[View]
11471782What are some good books that describe ancient european gods and the meanings of myths, along with h…[View]
11474051Short Stories / Novella: Hey /lit/ just after some recommendations for good short stories & nove…[View]
11473079Is he right /lit/? Is Bob Dylan comparable to Homer and Virgil?[View]
11464580/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: No Bloat 300 pages or less Edition >last sub-300 p…[View]
11473125Does sex have any place in literature? If so what are some good examples of it done right, and if no…[View]
11473032Are there so many American psuedo-buddhists because there's no Buddhist equivalent of the Bible…[View]
11468553If a mobius strip was a book, what book would it be?[View]
11473768Pls /lit/, I need comfy book suggestions. The closest I've gotten are these clichel mangos, bu…[View]
11473767Do do do do do do do do do subscribe https://youtu.be/PG2w6N6GCsU[View]
11472134Best Contemporary Dialogue Writers: Since this can undergo changes in style due to time. Is DFW a go…[View]
11473674Ayy, ayy, plug walk I don't even know how the fuck my plug talk[View]
11473675Post some quick writing prompts here. Philosophy, fiction, criticism, whatever[View]
11472612What philosophy book has had the biggest impact on your life/thinking?[View]
11472230>DUDE SODOMY LMAO What a hack, truly only mid-wits think McCarthy is anything note than a glorifi…[View]
11472945>For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn. liek if u cri errytime :'([View]
11473638This will make you Smarter: Did anyone have any favorite insights?[View]
11471276Why Did Aeneas Bonk a Nog?: > Reading The Aeneid > Dido appears and things get steamy > won…[View]
11473538What are some good books that will convince me that Hard-Determinism and Materialism are incorrect?[View]
11473015Duns Scotus: 'The Univocity of Being': Scotus elaborates a distinct view on hylomorphism, …[View]
11473519>Finnegans Wake[View]
11468847So what the fuck is this retard trying to say in a nutshell? l have better things to do than to actu…[View]
11472284Kerouac: Discuss.[View]
11473430Books for dealing with self-hatred and suicidal thoughts?[View]
11473474What is the best version of Schopenhauers “The World as Will and Representation” for price? How badl…[View]
11472195recent pickups[View]
11470972Metamorphosis: Constantly mentioned by /lit/ never discussed: I am having issues slugging through Ov…[View]
11471686good or chink memes?[View]
11473398Can we start a book club? >Post a book that can be easily torrented so everyone can read it. >…[View]
11472994>tfw been reading all my life >tfw it has been my primary source of joy for years >tfw i am…[View]
11473366/ya/ - Young Adult lit: ... does anyone read ... young adult stuff? The book that got me introduced …[View]
11473348Aside from the memes is he worth reading?[View]
11472427You know, i don't think they're too bad. i often see people calling them terrible publishe…[View]
11464027The Wizard Knight[View]
11473085Oh yes I'm a reader. I like The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Book Thief.[View]
11473168just got mocked for revealing i share hegel's views on the concept of freedom as the result of …[View]
11472747Just finished this. Not sure if it was worth the read. I give it a 3.5/5 for the time being Thoughts…[View]
11473062Let's write a novel. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YGri7AKwJYE7CMu87-fABVJwR95S1R3dMD-PXw…[View]
11473037How to I get my edits under control? Every time I fix something, three more things come into questio…[View]
11472591Where can I download a PDF for these books?: So, I need a site to download these for free. Complete …[View]
11470542I just want to study narrative. Who does everyone keep bullying me? It's okay if you like prose…[View]
11467737What are the best books on self-discipline? Not memerson bed-making advice though.[View]
11472909>tfw I will never study literature at an esteemed east coast university like Yale. >tfw I stud…[View]
11472818Favourite part from any of the /lit/ writing projects?: Or just general highlights? I dont wan'…[View]
11472931>haven't read a book in 7 months >scared if I go back I'll have to build my aptitude…[View]
11472707Society doesn't function without Skin in the Game[View]
11472806Let’s do one of these[View]
11470574rare /lit: what are some books you have read that you feel are underappreciated or wrongfully little…[View]
11472846Are there any books written about getting over this fact of life?[View]
11472491Does anyone here have an easier time writing or speaking their thoughts when drunk? It all feels so …[View]

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