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/lit/ - Literature

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23515175I just want to say thank you to the anon who recommended Wodehouse to me. Its really helped me enjoy…[View]
23518448Post books that discusses the bureaucracy of war[View]
23517083Where do I start with pic related? I've heard a lot of good things but I'm not sure I want…[View]
23516355post books women will never understand[View]
23518443Name 10 (ten) Literary Critics.[View]
23518376This worked surprisingly well... /lit/ might enjoy it. https://suno.com/song/7369c69e-9ea3-4a67-a3e3…[View]
23515274why does /lit/ hate 'The Alchemist' so much?[View]
23517275Poetic essays: Are poetic essays still relevant in 2024 or have they gone out of fashion? If not, re…[View]
23514512Post your favourite literary criticism books and essays. I want some really thought provoking piece…[View]
23518338>stands to reason[View]
23517064I have a novella that i wrote back in 2018 or something and my agent is sort of unsure of what to do…[View]
23517556tolkien ruined fantasy. If he didn't exist, fantasy genre could've been more like scifi wh…[View]
23518328I overheard my young brother talking in his room the other night, but it sounded as if he was angry …[View]
23515663It’s happening bros! He’s gonna announce Winds soon![View]
23516578judging books by the cover: post kino book covers[View]
23517958ITT: Name a book by a non-white author that you genuinely liked[View]
23516908Is this book worth reading?: If so, please explain why.[View]
23514558Angsty teenage fucking drivel.[View]
23516818why does /lit/ love wagner so much?[View]
23518140searching for Blood Sugar by Nicole Blackman: Where can i find a copy of Blood Sugar by Nicole Black…[View]
23498756Post books that scare the globohomo[View]
23516856what are your thoughts on Mackie’s and Hume’s contribution to meta ethics?: J.L Mackie’s ‘Argument F…[View]
23517987Philosophy of technology fiction: Hey does anyone have any recommendations for fiction that has touc…[View]
23517516You lot got any substacks worth reading to recommend?[View]
23506204Thoughts? I think it's underrated and I seriously love the prose and sentence structure. No ide…[View]
23514932Julius Evola Recommended Reading: order: philosophy -> tradition ->Evola 1&2 -> Evola 3…[View]
23514200what fiction novel should I read?[View]
23517776>Dante in the divine comedy predicts a murder that will actually happen >in purgatory he meets…[View]
23517775Thoughts on machine translated (MTL) literature?[View]
23516027What are some of the longest pieces of literature written by only 1 person? No encyclopedias, for ex…[View]
23515908sexual /lit/: What is some literature that will give me an idea of having sex is like?[View]
23508677Plato: Why haven't you read Plato's entire body of works yet?[View]
23517755Metaphysics of Atheism: As we all know, atheism is the metaphysical position or belief in an uncreat…[View]
23516849Noam Choamsky was a Known Chumpsky.[View]
23515934I bought a book that /lit/ told me: I hope it's good.[View]
23475904/grrm/ - George R. R. Martin General: barristan's new knights edition old: >>23433463…[View]
23517472A long time ago I read about a Latin American writer compared to celine, he was as him racist, hatef…[View]
23515228I dropped out of school at a young age, so I never read any of the books you are forced to read in h…[View]
23515100Bros i just started this one so no spoilers pls. What the actual fuck i was sitting stoned af watchi…[View]
23516080Moorcock is better than Tolkien: If you think otherwise, you're a normie pleb.[View]
23512849Death literature: This is a thread for Death literature and similar reminders >The experience of …[View]
23516499We finally have a way to describe this board in one word.[View]
23513811So is Tolkien just Wagner for children? Didn't get it from the previous thread.[View]
23512221Are there novels or fictional stories about fighter pilots? Not the biographies or historical books,…[View]
23517385There are so many books to read bros. How do you decide which ones are actually worth it? I can only…[View]
23516439which elements give quality to the arts?: Is it the intertextuality of art that defines its artistic…[View]
23516025who has the best taste in my book group? apart from me obviously[View]
23515643Do any of you chaps read Wendell Berry? He's my favourite /out/ author. I like his essays on C…[View]
23515288Slopbooks: Which slopbooks do you see people reading in your country? This series seems to be quite …[View]
23517311saintporn.io: Source Code[View]
23515850Can People Read in Your Country?: In Germany we do not.[View]
23516259Marx and metaphysics: I understand that Marx doesn't care much about metaphysics or many abstra…[View]
23517105incest: >Arthurian >greek >norse >indian >japanese >chinese >tolkien >Moorco…[View]
23508427Do you memorize books?: I was reading The Count of Monte-Cristo and at some point the Abbé Faria say…[View]
23516666Finished The Wise Man’s Fear… what now?: so i’ve finished the wise man’s fear, really fun series to …[View]
23517185ITT: Writers with lives more interesting than their works[View]
23514037So I've never been much of a reader, a sin on /lit/ I'm sure. One day on a hear about Bran…[View]
23516028Samuel Johnson on Rousseau: >If you mean to be serious, I think him one of the worst men; a rasca…[View]
23516791Later Wittgenstein trashed the Tractatus, was he correct in doing so?[View]
23515795Any books with useful secret knowledge?[View]
23514308>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Memoirs_of_U._S._Grant If Ulysses S Grant, a drunk from r…[View]
23511588kinda zesty[View]
23516866Books on Wompanoag, Massachusett, and Nipmuck history/culture: What are some books that really focus…[View]
23510038Right-wing homosexual writers: Exhibit 1: Evelyn Waugh >traditionalist Catholic who supported Fra…[View]
23516802How I look at my small town librarian after handing her a list of a dozen of the most autistic books…[View]
23509822>I AM WHAT I AM Uh, apophaticbros? Were we too cocky?[View]
23516905Why does this board shill David Benatar so much? Julio Cabrera is the OG king antinatalist.[View]
23514078Has anyone here read this[View]
23515114Just finished picrel, what did i think of it?[View]
23516746Why do all fantasy writers insist on making maps of their settings, all they do is box the setting i…[View]
235141022024 I'm forgotten[View]
23516680Reading list for Spanish: I'm fluent in French and can understand bad street Spanish and read b…[View]
23513238Why did he do it?[View]
23516471Talking about fantasy stoned and some motherfucker drinking flavored beer just said Harry Potter is …[View]
23516060>Nature, in its multiplicity of individual beings, is in this respect the struggle of a will divi…[View]
23515825How to improve written English?: I would like to write a Novel, but frankly, my English and grammar …[View]
23516596I primarily read translated books: Even if it's a language I know. I only don't tend to ca…[View]
23515282When did JP jump the shark?[View]
23515339Starting to think making a magazine about hot anime bitches using AI, would be a more profitable end…[View]
23512295When did you realize the Pharisees were the good guys? For me it was when I read Guenon and realized…[View]
23512451Are you team Humbert Humbert or team Quilty?[View]
23515689History of New York: Any books on the history of the greatest city in existence?[View]
23514881World War 1: Does anybody have that guide to reading about World War 1? It was fairly extensive and …[View]
23514625I'm very new to poetry and I'm wondering where I should start? I don't care about dec…[View]
23515848Count of Monte Cristo: Anyone else bored as hell by this book? I really blazed through the first 300…[View]
23510945so globohomo is the result of Luther and Calvin?[View]
23513490What are you reading?: What are you reading and what are your thoughts on it? Give me hope, /lit/. P…[View]
23515915Who's the better writer?[View]
23514869I want to convert to Nichiren Buddhism and practice the Mystic Law, Lotus Sutra..But I can't ch…[View]
23515392I've been reading a .pdf of pic-related for a while now, and there have been a large amount of …[View]
23516258How to wake up from the American dream:: If everyone only did work that they “loved and believed in”…[View]
23514642How does Calvinism deal with the existence of other religions and denominations in the grand scheme …[View]
23515342/lit/'s choice? i think its easily Eliot, his poems are of actual quality whilst Pound is pure …[View]
23512587So he was raped right?[View]
23513212On the connection of text and reader: Hey /lit/ crazy person here. I post every now and then but i…[View]
23513477>The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science ... Gradually the myths …[View]
23515972https://perchance.org/ai-text-to-image-generator >write a poem >stick it into this thing >p…[View]
23515258which novels are 'deep'[View]
23514130What are the top three books to read to improve your intellect in fluid situations and every day lif…[View]
23515644Has he ever been refuted?[View]
23513907Is Emilie Kip Baker a real person? She’s apparently the only female author I’ve ever enjoyed and sou…[View]
23515794What’s the latest with F Gardner?[View]
23515375Reddit: The Philosopher[View]
23513815>Protestantism was actually a Pagan/Gnostic revival (and that's a good thing!) Any writers t…[View]
23510359>Alan Moore tells Screen Rant that, while he had grown up reading Tolkien’s books in the ‘60s cou…[View]
23513035>book has literally 'loli' written on the cover people act surprised when they realize its about …[View]
23515676Who's the literary equivalent? I mean just pure, unrepentant, misanthropic, angsty edgeslop for…[View]
23511860How is slotedidjk or any of the POMOs Gnostic?[View]
23514616TS Eliot - The Hollow Men: >Mistah Kurtz-he dead > A penny for the Old Guy I We are the holl…[View]
23512421Why do people downplay the seriousness of plagiarism so much?: I asked my friends whether plagiarism…[View]
23514672(((Jünger))) was a shabbos goyim: and the so-called (((Konservative Revolution))) was a kabbalistic …[View]
23503639Literary education in the UK (at least at the high school level) operates under a spiteful hermeneut…[View]
23512122What's the best e-reader for pirated books? I heard some of them makes it a pain if you don…[View]
23513871Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Is it worth reading? I don't read that much but wa…[View]
23508515Where do you guys download audiobooks? I used to be a huge reader as a teenager, but have since frie…[View]
23515239What will be the last book ever written?[View]
23515327Italian Bible I came across: I bought this Bible on eBay and don’t have it in my hands yet but wante…[View]
23515376Where do i find it online?[View]
23514560what book accurately portray picrel?[View]
23515311Cambridge Tripos suggested reading lists: Hello, In honor of St. John Fisher, here are some of the s…[View]
23514734>Havent read a book in years >Forgot what all the Russian books I read were about…[View]
23514781do you ever make your writing slow to read?[View]
23514801What are some good books about chess players or the game in general?[View]
23512444>be specific[View]
23513994>read Gawain and the Green Knight >Get to this passage Many a cliff did he climb in that unkno…[View]
23515091I recently reached 15,000,000 power in Rise of Kingdoms and realized Taoism is the ultimate redpill.…[View]
23504430>takes 10+ years to write a single book The game of thrones TV show began, aired, and finished be…[View]
23514681>Historical fanfiction >120 chapter epic spanning 96 years of Chinese history >Regarded as …[View]
23488242the age of surveillance capitalism: oh no no no techsisters not like this[View]
23515040Authors who were groomers (remove them from the canon): >Socrates married a woman 40 years younge…[View]
23514866>kino flaming sword and morning star >kino back story >looks cooler than Sauron >sick f…[View]
23514736Thoughts on authors who just write the same book over over and over again? >Beneath the Wheel Han…[View]
23513052Deism: Literature on Deism? Are there any? Given that God is unfalsifiable, deism and atheism should…[View]
23512301Why would Anglos do this?: >The play begins with Bolloxinion, King of Sodom, authorising same-sex…[View]
23510211/wwoym/ write what's on your mind: /wwoym/ write what's on your mind better times edition …[View]
23514865Do I need to read Deskantes to understand Schopenhegel?[View]
23508243chellenberg's Hiddenness conclusively refutes theism: In response to the pathetic Christcuck fa…[View]
23513685Dark fantasy: Is it an overlooked genre? Most mainstream dark fantasy I could think of would be the …[View]
23510832Any more books like this?[View]
23507738Are there any decent books on the influence of israel on 21st century right-wing politics and populi…[View]
23511292Starting to read this kino. What will I think of it, /lit/?[View]
23513138>Cormac McCarthy >John Barth >Paul Auster They are all fucking dead…[View]
23503373Why do modern fantasy books have such dogshit covers? Just vague items like crowns, daggers, feather…[View]
23514117Clash of titans: >who is the better writer?[View]
23514438Orbital War One: [Here is a short story, heavily inspired by Maurice Dantec sequel to Babylon Babies…[View]
23510199What if Raskolnikov accepted his crime?: What if Raskolnikov just shrugged his sin off his shoulders…[View]
23514096does anyone have any recommendations for books about the Soviet people during WW2? war history is al…[View]
23510014Well? What would you do?[View]
23514414Crime and Punishment: Rereading this for the first time in 15 years or so. It's a lot funnier t…[View]
23514397What are some unlikely books which actually HAVE been made into feature films?[View]
23512363Looking for book recommendations on early Israelite religious practice, Canaanite religion, the deve…[View]
23512523>Oh yeah read philosopher X but you wont truly understand him unless you read the complete works …[View]
23513621Any /lit/ guides to ontology? I would like to become well versed in the question of being.[View]
23512242>Taking everything into consideration, I could never have survived my youth without Wagnerian mus…[View]
23511014Post quotes from writers about writing.[View]
23512345Is it worth reading philosophy?[View]
23483385Reading his speech makes me think the greks were superhumans with a mean IQ of 130.[View]
23512599Want a good overview of WW2, is this worth it?[View]
23499568how the fuck people read more than a hundred pages in one fucking sitting, granted it's not a t…[View]
23512448Why does 19th century English seem so odd yet fully intelligible?: Whenever i read any sort of text …[View]
23514007I want to support my local writers and local artists at large, but by god do I only feel contempt an…[View]
2351190901?: I found this and other similar images on X's profile. I couldn't get information from…[View]
23513802I read your pieces on vocaroo: until I get bored or pass out https://voca.ro/1hCGFVUPBvIt[View]
23507002Who has the ACTUAL (((Banned))) books chart?: I remeber seeing sometime ago, some RElALLY ILLEGAL MA…[View]
23513975What is the literary equivalent of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's reviews?[View]
23512879My favorite writers are Cormac McCarthy, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Douglas Hofstadter. I love Roman…[View]
23512788Longest novel from your country: What's the longest novel published in your country? Mine is 'T…[View]
23504019/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: >Recommended reading charts (Look here before ask…[View]
23510967Philosophy books as gifts: I want to gift someone a philosophy book. They are well educated but not …[View]
23513723>proves that conscience and morals are a social construct Moral philosophers could never…[View]
23509065books on not being a coward: I recently realized that essentially all of my problems in life stem fr…[View]
23503152What should I read to become like him?[View]
23511978The Atlantic spray wets my face as its waves break and crash upon the rocky shore. In the distance b…[View]
23510978>step 1. create a strong centralized government to convert society into a socialist one >step …[View]
23509398Does anyone have any good books or courses on homeschooling?[View]
23513385>One can trace a direct line from Muhammad to Luther to Lenin. -Heinrich von Westfalen, Der Kampf…[View]
23512989Your opinion of Hemingway? I think he was a bum. 'Moveable Feast' was nothing but descriptions of bo…[View]
23510554Harvey Pekar: After years of stagnation, my passion for art has been rekindled by Harvey Pekar How …[View]
23501876>tfw you realize you're one of probably a dozen on this board who actually finished the enti…[View]
23511167The Protestant Reformation and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race. t. no…[View]
23512266Post Celibate Heroes of /lit/: This site is too harsh on the so called 'incels'. The world is, rathe…[View]
23495472/clg/ - Classical Languages General: Actual learning and posting edition >τὸ πρότερον νῆμα· >…[View]
23510136Reviews thread: Why does /lit/ never review the books they’ve read? It’s like a basic part of becomi…[View]
23512613Mainlander's philosophy: What exactly does his philosophy try to imply rather than just nhilism…[View]
23511935Based Pyrrhonists >Nothing can be proven >Nothing can be known >Everything is indeterminate…[View]
23509716Does anyone else do this? I've been praying to God every day to increase GK Chesterton's t…[View]
23510508Does nothing exist?[View]
23512686Can’t believe I didn’t get to this one earlier, it’s the best book I’ve ever read[View]
23509329So I just read Mere Christianity and basically his entire argument for God rests on the premise that…[View]
23510086Arthur Schopenhauer - the only German philosopher worth reading, the only German philosopher worth a…[View]
23512081>humanity lives in universe full of otherworldly monsters and gods, blasphemous, ungodly things w…[View]
23511833I see a lot of leftists on here saying 'Jesus was a proto socialist' but Jesus would not agree with …[View]
23512602I only read books about business, leadership, and biographies. What do you picture?[View]
23507478In this book plato simps for Socrates.: Foundational books of the west? Is this supposed to be it? W…[View]
23511012Based Southey.: Just for a handful of silver he left us, Just for a riband to stick in his coat— Fou…[View]
23512810What are the best books revolving around a loner/socially isolated protagonist who doesn't real…[View]
23512534I made a tear in the paper cover (dust jacket) of a book[View]
23505059Are you going to publish your novels with r/TrueLit’s highbrow publisher: Considering they’re the le…[View]
23512170what are the best novels about marriage?[View]
23510653charles bukowski: yo, what are your thoughts about charles bukowski?[View]
23512653Are LSE experts right when they say that socialism is liberalism without capitalism?[View]
23507551The amount of work to get a degree is minimal and having gotten a degree I can easily simulate and '…[View]
23511110So jealous of women because they can read and write erotic literature in public. I get a boner and I…[View]
23509664>be me >read Kant and realized reality is a human construct >read Nietzsche and realized mo…[View]
23510446Just like how one can 'speak' sign language, one can 'read' an audiobook.[View]
23481876/Historical Fiction/: Post books based in any historical period, be it pulpy schlock or more verbose…[View]
23508882Actually underrated[View]
23512447The Bloody Shamrock: It’s the 80s. It’s New York City. And life in the Big Apple is one mean and dan…[View]
23510844Literature makes other art forms (especially films) look childish by comparison: The best of movies …[View]
23508130kant sex kiss heidegger or hate maybe?: the present-at-hand reveals the a priori structures of reali…[View]
23510761about bullying and reputation: Stumbled over some algoritms of Peterson, about female anti-social ta…[View]
23512035can ideology be erotic and sexual in nature? or it already is?[View]
23508767The Ring is fundamentally a Faustian element in LOTR. It is a deal with the Devil, for those who are…[View]
23510998ok girls... how do i start reading house of leaves? im thinking of using a notebook just for it... w…[View]
23512063Reading with visual snow: 3 weeks ago I developed a rare condition known as visual snow. It's r…[View]
23510868>Be /lit/, the Highest IQ board: >It's spammed daily with the same incel shit, except wit…[View]
23512004Greetings dear gentlemen... I just gifted my sons a used 10-inch Android tablet, with Android, for t…[View]
23500371Which author's works have been the most prophetic?[View]
23510956Hippocrates, Galen, and other books of classical medicine: >Broke: There are two sexes (seventeen…[View]
23502610/wg/ Writing General: 'Friendly neighborhood execution squad' edition Previous: >>23495576 /wg…[View]
23511971>books this >books that >heyhey did you read the BOOKS I'm so sick and tired of people…[View]
23510885I’m writing all my poetry directed at women. I’m changing all the genders to she/her. What else can …[View]
23510066Lord Dunsany is not talked about enough on /lit/. It makes me sick.[View]
23507894What's the other word for 'reality'?: I completely forgot the word, I tried googling for synony…[View]
23508830Bend Sinister: What does /lit/ think about it?[View]
23510612anyone else enjoyed this book?[View]
23511783Favorite books of letters?[View]
23507371Books to understand why America is divided in 2 blocks that won't talk to each other?[View]
23511169I like this place but: This board fucking sucks for discussing anything literature related. It'…[View]
23511679> go out for a walk > see your crush > she's wearing a hot af dress revealing part of…[View]
23511610I type quickly, being moved[View]
23511138>writes books in every category of the dewey decimal system except philosophy >never mentions …[View]
23507386Taking Notes: I'm someone who takes a lot of notes while reading, but I never go back to them a…[View]
23506744When are the new aristocracies and hierarchies going to step into existence? They're taking a l…[View]
23508637How to get into writing: I often see complete retards writing books, why is it so impossible for me?…[View]
23510784>read 1 page >spend 3 hours talking to myself…[View]
23511404Thriller Picture Library Storytime XIV: Westward Ho!, Sabre and Spurs https://archived.moe/lit/threa…[View]
23508390Which is the best Bronte sister?: Is it Emily? I just read Wuthering Heights and it was brilliant.…[View]
23510903Do you listen to music while reading?[View]
23503512I've never seen the word 'remiss' used in a novel before. Why? What gives? Doesn't occur e…[View]
23511040Classics Illustrated Storytime XXV: Gulliver's Travels, The Last Days of Pompeii https://archiv…[View]
23511041What am I in for?[View]
23507363please answer!: why does jesus alwaays say father this father that, why is he not saying yahweh this…[View]
23510990Hey /lit/, did you know rupi Kaur is anagram for rape car? Just thought you'd like to know that…[View]
23508901Any books that will tell me there's nothing after death and every religion and mysticism is com…[View]
23507876>summer arrives >no longer depressed >no no longer anti-natalist Anybody relate?…[View]
23506251>Ezra Pound's reaction to reading the third episode of Ulysses (Proteus) Kek. Kind of reassu…[View]
23509105What are some books that capture the Bush era? Imagine some fat Texan Evangelical watching Fox news…[View]
23509569I have no arms and i must hug[View]
23505490>https://germanidealism.wordpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/schelling-fs-english.pdf So let …[View]
23500587Fuck Stoicism: The path to living a good life is not shying away from the outside world. You have to…[View]
23506478Post a fake novel title and write a plot summary for the title posted above yours >The Shade of B…[View]
23503604HOW TO BECOME A VICTORIAN ROMANTIC?: Zoomer here. I want to de-modernize myself, I want to be able t…[View]
23508298are you intellectualy honest?[View]
23507851Why is it so slept on anon?: I swear it is the best book of the 1700s[View]
23500546> be sir lancelot > a hero > unmatched swordsman, jouster > give it all up simping for h…[View]
23510144Why does he so desperately want Sancho to believe him about the cave?[View]
23508626>I felt that pressure of time that is perhaps the surest indication we have left childhood behind…[View]
23510693Books for this feel?: >DOUGLAS: I think you're wrong. I think censorship is essentially …[View]
23510200What's his best book aside from his biography? Also, which translation (I know) should I get?[View]
23510631Books that will make me a better boyfriend?: Can anyone recommend books that will improve how I rela…[View]
23505394Wagner's Explanatory Programme for Beethoven's 'Heroic' Symphony: >The characteristic o…[View]
23510119Yaldabaoth Vs Satan: Who would win? >Yaldabaoth (Gnostic text) A malevolent demiurge that created…[View]
23510323A riddle: A deer will break it's own neck to try to escape a pen, a cow will resign itself to b…[View]
23501776Why are there so few straight shota books?[View]
23507999ive started 5 books this year and havent finished any of them[View]
23506811What are the most quintessential summer novels? Trying to make a list that I can crank through in th…[View]
23509032For me, it's The Border Trilogy[View]
23510242And the moral here is that if a book goes out of print there's probably a good reason for it.[View]
23503355Best book of all time: This is the most underrated book of all time. The writing is clear, well writ…[View]
23508943Books about isolation: Recommendations for books about isolation? Bonus points if it's scientis…[View]
23508296What are some books to understand board games?: And help me design one.[View]
23509945Who is buying a $1500 reprint of a very average book? The folio society must have lost their minds.[View]
23509603Modern and Early Modern English writing style: Whenever i read anything from even the 19th century i…[View]
23509987I just bought this because after getting back into reading fiction I figured I’d capitalize on my mo…[View]
23508639Does anyone have any good resources to Germanic paganism? I wish to worship my ancestral Gods and ne…[View]
23506505How do I cope with not being the world spirit?: I was robbed of my destiny of being a three kingdoms…[View]
23509127>ask anon about a book >faggot spoils it[View]
23485693Why are Chinese novels so unhinged[View]
23504425When I was a teenager, I had a Buddhism phase for 2-3 years. One day at the mall, it seemed to 'clic…[View]
23509801What was the thing that made you develop a moral worldview? I'm reading this section right now …[View]
23507434How the FUCK do you get over the feeling that you are unprepared to write fiction because you haven…[View]
23500468I just finished reading American Psycho and rather liked it. It was a lot better than I expected. Th…[View]
23505358/wwoym/ - Write What's on Your Mind: prev: >>23501309[View]
23508611Will the Game of Thrones books ever be finished?[View]
23506029I'm 81 years old, what should I read next?[View]
23507826What are some more recent Gnostic books?[View]
23504811ITT: Books dumb people like because they make them feel smart.[View]
23508924Is new sincerity going to stand the test of time? What is its current state as an art movement?[View]
23505002What phone app are you using to read? Adobe Acrobat reader is absolute garbage but it has a nice fun…[View]
23505153ITT: Useless words: >Pulchritudinous Vocalization sounds like the exact opposite of what this mea…[View]
23509639Life is weird: >I’m hungry I have to eat, don’t worry for me >Not to eat so much, just some c…[View]
23507160'Wage slavery' is a term that gets thrown around a lot in Marxist circles but did Marx himself ever …[View]
23497840Obscure Children's Lit: Any quirky, one-off books you read as a kid that you can still remember…[View]
23509348Barcoded automatons of a future age, greet us with garlands of fish babies. Born not of man, born no…[View]
23509397Okay, incels, why don't you tell me who your favourite female character in literature is? I…[View]
23509252Dance to the Music of Time: 12 novels in 4 volumes What the fuck am i in for?[View]
23504555How will reading philosophy help me if I’m a broke neofeudal slave?[View]
23509278>What did you expect? he asked himself.[View]
23508083MFW have a good story idea but can't write it: One reason I like coming to certain boards on th…[View]
23509224Did Nabokov ruin his reputation as a writer by writing this crap?[View]
23509286What's the best way to think or do philosophy? - Socratic method (Platonic dialogue) - Hegelian…[View]
23508976greek: sack of shit alphabet[View]
23509008Did I get punked by Joyce?[View]
23508670What do we think of this book, /lit/? I kinda liked it except for the last third.[View]
23506118Is this worth the time investment? I hate starting a series like this with 6 giant books to find it …[View]
23507575Pyromania studying: Any good books going over pyromania and specific cases of certain arsonists and …[View]
23504802>Yeah so house Stark has been ruling the North for 8000 years! Unironically what the fuck did he …[View]
23508689What’s his endgame? World domination? Setting of a new zeitgeist? A second copernican revolution?[View]
23508769Anti-american lit: ITT post and discuss quintessential anti-american lit picrel gives a rundown of a…[View]
23505956What is the connection between Martin Luther and Karl Marx?[View]
23506983Dune plot hole: >”do you accept?” >”no im good.” It was literally that simple. Was Duke Leto j…[View]
23508090Reconciling freedom of and the Absolute or something: How do you reconcile your idea of god or truth…[View]
23508735Did he make it all up?[View]
23508726>just because >doesn't mean[View]
23505495>go to bookstore >loiter for hours reading the one good article in every absurdly overpriced …[View]
23507939The Bloody Shamrock: It’s the 80s. It’s New York City. And life in the Big Apple is one mean and dan…[View]
23507993Safe to skip modern lit?: Seems like close to 95 out of 100 books are either grift, larp, delusion o…[View]
23505530If you had to assemble a Bible, a collection of various books by various authors, to become canon fo…[View]
23506803>listening to paradise lost (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GINzUBvQ5nw) >mfw This isn'…[View]
23508533>create incompetent character >call him Borsk Failure Bravo, Zahn Bravo…[View]
23506519Thoughts on the poetry of William Blake?[View]
23506159Fuck you, i would love to live in Berghof[View]
23500702Your country Do you read books from your country? No Finnish literature is shit[View]
23507921Fuck this garbage: No awesome pits of hell descriptions, no comedy, no hellish atmosphere, no intere…[View]
23507469Classics Illustrated Storytime XXIV: Gulliver's Travels, The Last Days of Pompeii https://archi…[View]
23494686Which collection of E.T.A. Hoffmann is the best?: I'm looking to get into Hoffmann, and as far …[View]
23508056Kafka Was a Terrible Boyfriend: >'By the time Kafka met Felice at the home of his friend Max Brod…[View]
23506412Is this book pro-America or anti-America? Hank Morgan seems like a huge asshole and most of his inve…[View]
23507409*destroys the United States in your path* How did one book do so much damage to this country?[View]
23506849Who's the Daniel Larson of literature? Don't say Bukowski or Murakami or any other author …[View]
23502220Top 3 authors?[View]

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