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12111299what should i read before deleuze?[View]
12113767I've recently started reading philosophy (don't worry, I'm starting with the Greeks).…[View]
12111935No Country or All the Pretty Horses?: >>>inb4 anything else…[View]
12112335harry potter: How come Harry was a hatstall between Slytherin and Griffindor? He has no Slytherin tr…[View]
12113396Why is this guy such a big deal when most of what we know about him comes from a fictional account b…[View]
12110377If while your adolescence you weren't a nihilist rightwing pseudintellectual probably you are d…[View]
12113648Dwight MacDonald: Where can I read this guy's books?[View]
12110150Walter Moers: Do you guys like him or what?[View]
12112039Anyone read books about the letters themselves?: I’m reading pic—idea came from Heidegger, that lang…[View]
12110919How can free will and God coexist if God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent? That means God …[View]
12113601I've got a metaphysics project due tomorrow, dump your memes about the topic so that I could ad…[View]
12102937/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: Romantic Edition What's your favorite fantasy o…[View]
12109957Enlighten me: I used to be a stupid kid (now 20) who didn't want to read, study or to do anythi…[View]
12113190Just to clarify, through the last chapter of The Two Towers, “The Choices of Master Samwise”, Sam is…[View]
12110737Hey /lit/, I have law courses to take as a computer scientist, and I'm currently learning about…[View]
12112024Anyone read this? What do you make of it?[View]
12113106Martin Eden By Jack London: Fellas I require your help How would you answer this question What is th…[View]
12113069>It is only due to a predominance of influences that are not only entirely morally indifferent, b…[View]
12113056>The character structure of modern man, who reproduces a six-thousand-year-old patriarchal author…[View]
12108572You can put a person in a room. Door doesn't even need to be locked. You don't need to yel…[View]
12113326Looking for books that are the subject of debate as to whether they are literal or allegorical. Holy…[View]
12113269Cato’s Letters: Has anyone read this? I read in The Glorious Cause (history of the US Revolution) th…[View]
12108981Origins of Totalitarianism: What a fucking slog. Is this even worth finishing?[View]
12110954whats bothering him in this picture?[View]
12112250Only for Luxemburg's readers: What works/writtings of this marxist beast are the best ones? Her…[View]
12107911College majors attractiveness/intelligence-scale: This has to be a meme r-right? >tfw when philos…[View]
12113180Books on the Kantian Revolution ?[View]
12111350>Typee / Moby Dick >The Cossacks / Youth >A Farewell to Arms >The Bell Jar >This Side…[View]
12112761Any good books about Vietnam War? Not seeking history books as such maybe more personal accounts or …[View]
12109446>walk into the library >YOU DON'T GOTTA GO TO WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK,…[View]
12107010What do you guys think of organising a Bhagavad Gita reading group? Most reading groups peter out he…[View]
12112686Should I buy Gravity's rainbow or No longer human? I've seen both of them recommended here…[View]
12108168>One copy of Being and Time please[View]
12110695Why didn’t he go Travis Bickle and start gunning for the filth of the world?[View]
12111004Why do people who read non-fiction think that they are better than everyone else?[View]
12112757antinatalism BTFO'D[View]
12112807stop reading science fiction and fantasy[View]
12112883look at me, I'm feeling guilt: so a polyphony in philosophy results in scitzo life, but dostoye…[View]
12104261Is there any real reason to read the bible if you're not a person of faith?[View]
12112109I want to read V. Woolf, but I have to say I'm intimidated by the modernist style. This is the …[View]
12109864what are some poems with strong imagery? i want to be able to imagine im somewhere. nothing too obtu…[View]
12112572https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/11/19/books/review/100-notable-books.html Which of these ha…[View]
12109350a schizophrenic root vegetable is the highest form of becoming[View]
12100269What are some must read books for an American?[View]
12112541>be me >hanging out in the woods >my best friend George comes over >we start talking ab…[View]
12112021>le syphilitic gibberish dublin man! is there a more overrated writer in the canon?…[View]
12112496/lit/, I'm a regular here and I know some people occasionally dole out publishing advice, so he…[View]
12110197/jewlit/: Where my fellow Jews at? What do you think about Rambamists?[View]
12108796More like this pls.[View]
12109295Best opening lines/paragraphs? Me first: Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my sou…[View]
12110780>Am I educated? Why yes, I hold a doctorate in philosophy. >Now, will that be a grande or a ve…[View]
12105541Start with the Romanians.[View]
12108359>paganism bad[View]
12108426what did the less succesful zuckerface mean by this?[View]
12110897I want to read Plath's The Bell Jar on Kindle, but I can't find a single option on Amazon …[View]
12109993Easy to Read authors: What are some other authors that are extremely easy and satisfying to read? I…[View]
12108410How to find an agent so my 'friend' will shut up: Hi. I'm a video game and /tg/ writer. I'…[View]
12110063What are some book cover arts or variants of the same book with different cover art that you enjoy, …[View]
12112018Conan: Am I stupid for enjoying this ? It's much more entertaining than The Lord Of The Ring, t…[View]
12110779What's a good noted version of War and Peace? It's the first time I'm reading it and …[View]
12111984Has anybody here ever read soviet poet Yevgeny Kharitonov? Is he any good?[View]
12109079Gospels: What are some good books on the early church? Also: on the historicity of Jesus, the apostl…[View]
12111475>deleuzian whiteheadian piercian nietzschean panpyschist vegan taoist[View]
12097889Cosmotechnics/Acceleration: >Meltdown has a place for you as an unemployed schizophrenic NEET on …[View]
12111599>Look I'm really sorry about all this--tying you two fags to the back of my truck and all, b…[View]
12105747WAR.. HUH. GOOD GOD: What are some amazing War books? Could be strategy, diary entries, and even jus…[View]
12111560Common law vs civil law: Why is the civil law system considered to be superior to the common law sys…[View]
12106043Are there any books with pic related as the main character?[View]
12111232The best way to ruin poetry is to read it aloud.[View]
12110934Give me one (1) good reason to believe in God.[View]
12111366Thoughts on this? More on characterization and less on prose which, I know, sucks.[View]
12108121The Handmaid’s Tale: Is this actually worth reading? Or is it just unrealistic drivel?[View]
12111074How many contemporary philosophers said 'I don't give a shit' long time ago and are just milkin…[View]
12102075This little cuckboy fucked up all of western thought. Locke hate thread.[View]
12110871ITT: overrated shit.[View]
12108653which author in antiquity was the biggest chad?[View]
12104490Lovecraft writes about the '''fear of the unknown''': But all his monsters are semi-humanoid creatur…[View]
12110704Is a shit post in verse still a shitpost Or the inverse?[View]
12110629Allusions in Fahrenheit 451: Googling random quotes (which in my opinion don't come off as natu…[View]
12110626>, though[View]
12106404What are some books that will make me want to drop everything and just head out to live in the count…[View]
12108632How would the story have changed if Stoner fought in the war?[View]
12108725MacIntyre: Can we have a MacIntyre thread? Is he's work being used in legislation at all?…[View]
12110739Hey guys Its the newfag who made a thread about what to get for his gf. >Nobody cares about who …[View]
12110716Lost In The Fray: A poem from a psych. survivor.[View]
12110671What book has put you off reading for a time?: I didn't read for a month after Road to Serfdom.…[View]
12108905Stack thread: Time for a new stack thread! Show us what you've got[View]
12110160>So, a couple copies of the more obscure classics, and that brings your total to... oh, I forgot …[View]
12110241Well, who won, /lit/? https://youtu.be/0N_RO-jL-90[View]
12106864WOOO HOOO!!!!! its International Men's Day: Recommend books where the protagonist is an Alpha M…[View]
12102215Religious books: Which religion/philosophy has the most sofisticated and rich literature? >Hindu…[View]
12109041hyperreal: How to escape hyperreality?[View]
12109243*blocks your path*[View]
12110518Leave and never return[View]
12110484I want to write a good thriller drama that would garner a devout fanbase and wouldn't get trash…[View]
12110525Thoughts on Witold Grombowitz?[View]
12110178How to forget language: >Am obligated by nature to understand words of my language nearly instant…[View]
12109899A Brand New Interview with David Foster Wallace: https://electricliterature.com/a-brand-new-intervie…[View]
12109299Good books in spanish: What are some /lit/ approved books originally in Spanish or have a Spanish tr…[View]
12108165>J.K. Rowling isn't a hac- Screenplay/Written by: J. K. Rowling[View]
12110237any1 else prefer his comedies[View]
12102054our guy pewdipie reviewed some books again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoRlp3--ckU[View]
12101679Should I join the local literature club? I need to meet some friends[View]
12110340PDF to book: Have any of you made your own bookcasings?(Bookcover?, sorry non-native speaker.) I tho…[View]
12107351Is the teaching of Latin in schools justified, or should it be reserved for special educative circle…[View]
12100826I was just diagnosed with Autism: What's the best literature pertinent to autism, either fictio…[View]
12101219What translation of Bhagavad Gita should I read? Also what should I read after it?[View]
12105235How to get this basedboy's work ethic?[View]
12110273Falstaff vs Fat Tony: Who is the greater character?[View]
12109650What are /lit/'s thoughts on Paulo Coelho?[View]
12111514Define pseud for me /lit/[View]
12108998Lensman: Is it just me? Or did the Eddorians really shit the bed as villains? It took 2 billion year…[View]
12109281What should I do?: I've been thinking of writing a book that on its story includes real militar…[View]
12095106LCRU General #00000: Language is light coming coming from the image of the sun's disk edition …[View]
12108293help write this poem pls: Hey /lit/, I need some quick help. Can you guys collectively help me write…[View]
12107430>Accordingly, the principal counter-strategy of re-civilization, then, must be a return to ‘norma…[View]
12110073rank them: Butcher's Crossing Warlock Blood Meridian[View]
12109990What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
12105937Is there anything I should read before 'the ego and its own'?[View]
12107532What are some good books to read while using the toilet?[View]
12109904Map-making software?: What is a good free map-making software that allow me to: - Create custom terr…[View]
12109857Recommendations: I just got into reading again so I want some recommendations of what books I should…[View]
12109151Can you recommend me something similar? Something about persistent, relentless, undying love, but pu…[View]
12103250Who is the foremost thinker of the 21st century thus far?[View]
12109042BoJack Horseman and Infinite Jest Are Basically The Same Story: Has anybody else thought this? http…[View]
12107557I was literally fucking shaking at the end of this novel.[View]
12107898How tragic is the play really? At least Romeo got to fuck Juliet before they died.[View]
12102154i challenge you to write a short story about this imagine[View]
12108378How I keep myself motivated to write everyday is a retrofitted version of a sign like this, where th…[View]
12105078Everything is Subjective: 'The world is filtered by our senses and thus even the most rigid structur…[View]
12104612What the most disgusting insult given by a writer?[View]
12103591What are the best American Civil War books? The most historically accurate ones. Can be about the st…[View]
12109635>'...I should have liked to live near a young giantess, >Like a voluptuous cat at the feet of …[View]
12108332Harry, did I ever tell you about my secret brother Aurelius? He was traveling across the Atlantic Oc…[View]
12109591Favorite spook? also: >In his opus magnum Joël writes: 'The Ego' is the 'most rampant…[View]
12109391What does Kierkegaard have to offer secular readers? Are older Christian writings required reading b…[View]
12106515Remember when books were beautiful?[View]
12109392The cave: Hello I am no one to be exact. I did not accomplish anything to help any human on this ear…[View]
12109040Critique Thread: Critique Thread: post your shit I wrote a poem today that i really want to share ev…[View]
12109280Is using first person perspective past tense a crutch? Asking for a friend.[View]
12105359Why isn't everyone spending every spare second they have trying to understand philosophy?[View]
12108801Which books or authors to reinforce my hate, reinforce my lust, reinforce my insanity?: My mother re…[View]
12099698Upon completing Dan Dennett's The Mind's I, Nick Land's Fanged Noumena and The Katha …[View]
12109310Das Kapital: Is the Ernest Mandel introduction to this book worth reading?[View]
12109152Call me Ishmael[View]
12104341Is he the greatest prose writer in literature?[View]
12109257Hemingway: I have read the old man and the sea, what should I read next?[View]
12108931>tfw if deleuze was alive today he would have wrote about how tao lin transversed the BwO makes y…[View]
12108207in search of lost time? more like in search of the guy who wrote that piece of shit so i can get my …[View]
12109144What if Nazi soldiers reading Nietzsche and others felt encouraged to commit horrific crimes?[View]
12107642If I don't work hard, I have wasted my potential and opportunity to maximise success. If I work…[View]
12103440How is it possible that pic related and similar publications (i.e. Harper's, The Atlantic etc) …[View]
12109145tell me /lit/, why do the heathen rage?[View]
12109066>'If you doubt that, go to a hot stove and put your hand on it, that is a powerful philosophical …[View]
12107085Hey /Lit/ Eng. Prof here. Been teaching Comp/Rhet for a few years and am finally getting to teach Am…[View]
12107940Is he any good?[View]
12108829Cringe: The Dedication[View]
12104169WHAT A HORRIBLE BOOK !!!! I'm on page 50 and its the biggest info dump I've read in my 'pu…[View]
12107545Underrated novels: Seems like we're only discussing classics lately. Here are some questions fo…[View]
12108195Which seed are you, anon? I am the seed that falls on rocks and inbetween thorns.[View]
12102366Has there ever been a true 'full stack' writer? Somone who wrote poems, short stories, essays, and n…[View]
12106879Tell me a cooler book dedication. Pro tip: you can't. The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell[View]
12108311What philosopher(s) should an anti-social, autistic, friendless, kissless, hand-holdless virgin read…[View]
12108570Borges vs. García Márquez. Who wins?[View]
12108442cool air -hp lovebraft's cat, niggerman[View]
12108151Best Symbolist/Decadent authors and poets, /lit/? I nominate Baudelaire, Lautreamont, Hugo von Hofma…[View]
12108371Hello Newfag here, be kind pls Can I ask your favourite lovecraft's work? Just one of his comp…[View]
12108619Is there a good edition of The Canterbury Tales with the original English in one page and the 'trans…[View]
12102716is this any good? from the way ive heard it described it sounds like a thomas bernhard book. is it w…[View]
12107137Romance and love: ITT we discuss the concept of love recommend the best of romantic /lit/. and how d…[View]
12093813/lit/ humour thread needed[View]
12108523>Background is a lazy pattern >Author name is bigger and shinier than title >'A Novel' So w…[View]
12096766I'm not a leftist but Kaczynskis writings on the psychology of leftists has confirmed a lot: …[View]
12108401how do you get the attention span to read more than 1 page without drifting off[View]
12103201Do zoomers have any active interest on literature, or is it too soon for that yet?[View]
12097928who is the greatest poet of the 20th century? if anyone says eliot or pound I'm going to lol.[View]
12106227starting with Peirce: So I'm a sciencefag and Peirce was my first serious adventure in philsoph…[View]
12103533Any other books like No Country that have two characters after one another, outwitting each other st…[View]
12107330What are some good books about people starting off sane and then going more and more insane througho…[View]
12107008Ah, a novelist? Surely you must have read: >William Langland >Rhyw Hoyw >Sèks masisi >…[View]
12107847I'm reading this book for the second time and for the second time I'm almost certainly goi…[View]
12104379What does /lit/ think about the digital humanities?[View]
12107714Are there people who subvocalise everything they read? Are people subvocalising this post? Must suck…[View]
12108089>style over substance[View]
12106579How big do you like your books to be?[View]
12107051Let's have a Tolkien thread[View]
12106429Books to learn ancient Greek and latin. Please give tips and trips(check em)[View]
12106246So why do i need god to ground morality? Inb4: muh axioms[View]
12106312thoughts on Joseph Campbell?[View]
12107952How do I get started on him?[View]
12106471is guattari's solo stuff worth reading?[View]
12107848What do lit thinks about the heroine's journey?[View]
12106522Books: HI... Suggest me books, easy to read for a english student. Thanks[View]
12107679ATTENTION Where do I go after SPENGLER?[View]
12103141So, was the ending that Rick had been telling a story the entire time, revealed like a camera pullin…[View]
12107738are you ready for the revolution on how we ready physical books?[View]
12102611Is she /lit/?[View]
12107742Settings: I find describing settings very hard, any tips?[View]
12107722what's your favorite calvino /lit/?[View]
12085899The most important book of the decade.[View]
12106300Commonly Misunderstood Writers: Who are some of the most misunderstood artists in literature in your…[View]
12104618Well I just went on a huge aventure: Finished the Hobbit and Fellowship, what lies ahead anons?…[View]
12105901im trying to learn japanese what are some good japanese books[View]
12086291>7 Nihilistic Quotes That Only Brilliant, Misunderstood Young Males On The Internet Will Apprecia…[View]
12107530Can you guys reccomend me something to read that will help me cope with the fact that humanity will …[View]
12106383What are some good books on cultural hegemony, media manipulation, propaganda, and other sorts of me…[View]
12106359Any novel that exceeds 300 pages is ultimately wasting my time.[View]
12107345If you're currently in school, what's your field of study? I'm majoring in mass commu…[View]
12107442Books for Ideology: Hello /lit/, why don't we play a game? Choose 4 to 5 books on with you woul…[View]
12107440what was his problem? was it autism?[View]
12105820Madness: a form of love: A gambit not to anesthetize and sedate our 'dangerous gifts', but…[View]
12103153Does Borges being a shut-in with no real life experience have an impact on how you view his work? Do…[View]
12107410Kino honestly[View]
12105800>lacanian analysis[View]
12104101>The ultimate law of language is, dare we say, that nothing can ever reside in a single term. Thi…[View]
12105159Holy shit, this is great[View]
12107252holy shit[View]
12107149Thoughts on Paul Auster?[View]
12107217Well, how'd I do, /lit/?[View]
12107124Russian literature: Hi guys, do you have any recommendations for books by russian writers? I've…[View]
12106567Where were you when the spookiest even in /lit/ history happened?[View]
12106871What's a good historical book to read as a companion to the Bible? Something that would give a …[View]
12100934Favorite Creature From Mythology?: Bulgasari, Korean monster that grows from eating metal. Funny Nor…[View]
12107043>Joyce spent 16 years writing the Wake Worth the time spent?[View]
12104929Been feeling lonely lately. Any good books for this?[View]
12106977@PillPuppetPoet: Follow me on Twitter.[View]
12106756Can I still read spooky books in November?[View]
12102853Ah, a poet? I'm sure you're familiar with these guys: >Quevedo >Fregadero >John …[View]
12106270Tfw you realize most Pynchon books are just more sophisticated versions of pic related- books which …[View]
12105273The Eternal Debate: Let's solve this once and for all[View]
12106908bought this what am i in for?[View]
12106876Anyone develop a strange delight in the fantasy of living in a 19th century Siberian work camp after…[View]
12105505Nuremberg trials: Going to Nuremberg with school in a few weeks, looking to read up on anything conc…[View]
12103493What am I in for?[View]
12105445What do you guys think about reading philosophy in translation? Is it worth learning other languages…[View]
12106380What’s the most /lit/ state in the North-Eastern United States? Vermont seems pretty quiet without b…[View]
12106061The Lord is my Shepherd: I shall not want I lack do not[View]
12105427Why couldn't it work?[View]
12102758is this /lit/? the title is a Shakespeare reference so i am just wondering.[View]
12104780Any recommendations for fiction with transhumanist themes?I've read Neuromancer and Do androids…[View]
12089450Nick Land: Could you explain his philosophy to me? Is it worth thinking about?[View]
12106576anyone know any writer or thinker that talks about dreams like the way pessoa does?[View]
12106678>He made a mental note of it, and then filed it away for later[View]
12103322>secular mysticism[View]
12105386What's the purpose of fiction? Like what was the point of writting 'Crime and Punishment'. Jesu…[View]
12105809are any of the Leatherstocking Tales other than Last of the Mohicans any good?[View]
12097357I've been thinking about reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. What's the /lit/ consens…[View]
12104345>Book received four reviews. >Two are five stars and didn't leave a review >Two receiv…[View]
12106198Was Genghis Khan Glanton Gang? He was pretty Glanton Gang on my book. He is probably unmatched in ra…[View]
12106432This enrages and upsets a utilitarian[View]
12106354>he doesn't read to be enriched[View]
12105406Starting this thread again. What are some good secondary and supplementary texts on philosophical to…[View]
12105534How do I take notes about things I read efficiently without having to make a mess or write on the pa…[View]
12103384wtf did I just read[View]
12104800Random story thread Don't roll here, go to random.org to roll[View]
12099999ITT:books that you couldnt put down after you started reading, or stayed up late just to keep going …[View]
12105284村上春樹: Willing to buy/read my first book of him, where should i start and what's your favorite b…[View]
12104980Serbo-Croatian Literature: Hello friends, I know from goodreads that there's a fair amount of S…[View]
12100891It's all over for the male writer... https://quillette.com/2018/11/15/a-glimpse-into-the-ideolo…[View]
12105698Tell me about this man and why I should read him[View]
12100216What is the difference between religion and fantasy?[View]
12105070Whats some redpill ways to get really really good at writing?[View]
12105734Freelance Writing: When was the last time you tried submitting something to make a buck? Fiction or …[View]
12101008>age >last three books >current book >23 >Ficciones >Also Sprach Zaratustra >Ni…[View]
12099040What is the absolute scariest word in the english language?[View]
12106102The Time I didn't Understand the French Language: In my old French Language class at High Schoo…[View]
12106115Any books about a prodagonist who discovers they are gay out of the blue? >it would be cool if he…[View]
12103744how do I become smart enough to read and understand this?[View]
12100951>run-on sentences are ungrammatical[View]
12105958Horror is the best genre for representing the social and cultural conditions around you, fight me.[View]
12105720What are some countries you can think of whose literary tradition is so inherent to their national i…[View]
12105847What poets with original works in English have the most elegant linguistic expressions? What poets d…[View]
12105947What are the most advanced secondary resources on Kant?[View]
12105678>learning language >learned grammar, now need real practice >try reading real texts >hav…[View]
12105946Community Nurse: Not the worst aspect of being a psych patient is the way one sees the naturally …[View]
12105286Sincere question about existentialism, as I'm still reading up on it. From what I understand, e…[View]
12104962>He felt all at once like an ineffectual moth, fluttering at the windowpane of reality, dimly see…[View]
12105335Stack thread: Because it has been a while since we have had one of those! Got this Pessoa collection…[View]
12105382It's perfect[View]
12103063Thoughts on this important book?[View]
12105321How to make a good conflict: especially make them interesting so people don't get bored reading…[View]
12105827ITT: caption an album/song[View]
12104557the nyt vs houellebecq: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/12/books/review/michael-houellebecqs-sexual-…[View]
12099104Refute this.[View]
12105671tortured writer I am not: My conflict is behind me, I got a second lease on life and a newfound free…[View]
12104992Is it still possible to practice and study psychoanalysis in this day and age[View]
12103881https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5B4tbk3U40S4q_3Qt-cVgQ thoughts on the john david ebert channel?…[View]
12105106Have you heard of this book? 17 Moments of Spring by Julian Semyonov. Tell me your thoughts! (tv ser…[View]
12103010can't find a pdf for a man asleep by perec anyone have it?[View]
12102896Can u write a short story like a fucking script, but try to write it like if it were literary? Like …[View]
12104713>peer reviewing other undergrad papers >they use an ellipse to start a paragraph >in a tech…[View]
12105545Yesterday was the 33rd Sunday in ordinary time, and the readings discussed the end times. 33 is a pr…[View]
12102631Best e-reader?: Kindle? Kobo? Which is best? Will i have any problem using files from libgen and b-o…[View]
12105026Language: This seems like a good place to ask this I'm about to start my final year of high sch…[View]
12105023Sup /lit/, I plan to read Siddhartha, Storm of Steel and Metamorphosis in German, even though I don…[View]
12104650How would you defend your boys at Duffer's Drift, /lit/?[View]
12105319>hear about the worst book ever written >think 'it can't be that bad' >libgen > …[View]
12104845Can /lit/ help? I'm looking for a book that I loved as a child but I haven't been able to …[View]
12103498You could be writing right now.[View]
12102798seeking co-creator: Bros! I have an idea for an epic story, though I need help, and am seeking a co-…[View]
12105252bruh, look at this dood[View]
12104809Read Robinson Jeffers.[View]
12104132Who here has read this one? What am I in for[View]
12102317Christfag Hate /Anti-Christian literature recommendations?: Fiction or Non-Fiction, anything that de…[View]
12103810Books for research paper on the degradation of society due to decline in religion?: I'm writing…[View]
12102864>Title: A Novel[View]
12103351What is a good book for understanding the occult, particularly western occultism? It's history,…[View]
12104993Any good books on Art criticism?[View]
12100693You can't derive an 'ought' from an 'is' - prove me wrong.[View]
12103795>tfw you realize kierkegaard predicted the mass takeover of social media and the rise of NPCs…[View]
12089478/lit/'s opinion of this? I read the first few pages yesterday evening and there were some inter…[View]
12104624What are the best action fantasy novels?[View]
12104062Recommend me a book where bad guy wins or gives the feel to root for a bad guy or something like bad…[View]
12104659Poetry: The cowards of Broward County Dance as they count their bounty. They smile and prance as the…[View]
12097983>spend all afternoon building crappy Ikea bookshelves >No shelf thread Let's see those sh…[View]
12102825Is ok to suck with your first writings? Is there any top tier writer in history who sucked at the be…[View]
12104870Literary Workshops: Sup /lit/. Has anyone ever been to a writer's workshop? Has anyone ever fac…[View]
12104473/lit/'s opinion on Bob Dylan?[View]
12104803Who the fuck was the 'wizened youth'?[View]
12104622>surreptitiously and systematically performing the 'dabbing' dance move in the general direction …[View]
12091516Should I start a Goodreads account?: Is it actually useful to find new books?[View]
12102501I think Animal Farm SUCKS!: why does animal farm suck?[View]
12104035WHAT A HORRIBLE BOOK !!!! I'm on page 50 and its the biggest info dump I've read in my 'pu…[View]
12102949I got a copy for my birthday so it looks like I'm going to have to properly think about reading…[View]
12103327Harry Potter is turning into the Middle Earth universe, what's it going to take for J.K. to wri…[View]
12103892Does most science fiction just not age well? Pic related.[View]
12101133What does /lit/ think about House of Leaves?[View]
12098602I actually like HP Lovecraft unironically, not even shitposting at this point.[View]
12102353i am, quite literally, walking circles around my apartment in attempt to avoid sitting down and read…[View]
12100032What even is postmodernism /lit/? I know this sounds like a very stupid thing to ask but I just don…[View]
12104306What's /lit/'s opinion of Overly Sarcastic Productions? My kids introduced me to it and I …[View]
12103133>Handmaid's Tale is good[View]
12102372Flannery O'Connor - Wise Blood: What am I supposed to take away from this novel? That everyone …[View]
12083366philosophy of technology & weyland corporation: from the alien series, any recc books on technol…[View]
12103916anons does this sound weird? what should I do to make this paragraph sound better? Despite his job …[View]
12104073How frustrating And so degrading As time we're wasting As time will fly by and the sky will cry…[View]
12104007Can anyone else recommend me some other melancholic novels like Never Let Me Go? I've read Rema…[View]
12091571Seriously, what the fuck was Glanton's problem?[View]
12102233Have you read it? Do you feel like you gordoned your life?[View]
12103196What book has made you go 'I didn't know you could write like this'?[View]
12103632Does science destroy culture?[View]
12103053>There's a shitton of fiction that uses Greek/Roman mythology >There's a shitton of …[View]
12103039Any books, fiction or non-fiction, about religious experiences and the breakdown of the ego? E.g. a …[View]
12103940im looking for traditional zombie books simalar to the walking dead any sugestions[View]
12103594The Unclassified Truth Geoscaling Satelights: Look at any video of space on YouTube. The dome is vis…[View]
12103684ok this shit slaps[View]
12103709NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND: Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky 1993 >I am a sick man . . . I am a…[View]
12103598Why don't you faggots ever talk about books? Every thread I make that actually seeks to discuss…[View]
12103734Reading YA is worse than not reading at all[View]
12101935How do I get myself to the point of comprehending Nietzschefully? Background: I am planning my readi…[View]
12103382I want to read the biggest memes of /lit/: Pynchon, Faulkner, and David Foster Wallace. I don't…[View]
12103267books that replace having friends?: books that replace having friends? Preferably books about visual…[View]
12103239Intersections of gender, class, and literature: Use this thread to discuss the intersections of gend…[View]
12100488why did 'harry potter' get big and not 'redwall' or something[View]
12103315What are some good secondary and supplementary texts on philosophical topics? I believe this would b…[View]
12069978/NaNo18/ - NaNoWriMo General: No-one-made-another-thread-so-I-guess-I-will Edition What is your curr…[View]
12103365>He claims to have absorbed knowledge from one of the three major noncanonical Buddhist texts (Ma…[View]
12103408What's his best work?[View]
12096690Depression: What are some books I can read that will make me not want to die so much?[View]
12103346He brought back book review :)[View]
12103075Has there been any literature written by persons with Downs Syndrome?[View]
12098695What do you think about all these journalists and authors piling on Franzen on Twitter for his 10 ru…[View]
12100628>be agnostic >devise plan to BTFO priest with my intellectual prowess >read up heavily on c…[View]
12103328Has anyone ever used a plot generator before? This actually came out pretty good. https://www.plot-g…[View]
12103111Yap, yap, yap. Part of this generation that is proud of its shallowness. The sincere performance is …[View]
12101745I open discussion about this fella. Which one of his novels have you read? Do you consider Mann wort…[View]
12102556Hey lit I got this book for free at a yard sale, how much is it worth? 'The Time Of Man'[View]
12103064>Kafka was a secular mystic[View]
12102877What are the best ones? I read the ITAOTS one and there was interesting stuff but overall I was disa…[View]
12102892Post your fancy pens, /lit/[View]
12102148I don't understand. Why is existence bad? Maybe I'm a brainlet but Ligotti doesn't re…[View]
12098211>caught reading a book at work during my break >now I'm officially the 'guy who reads' an…[View]
12102965Ah, a complete fucking idiot? I'm sure you've heard of: >Kevin Macdonald >Goedsche …[View]
12101259Philosophize This: Has anybody listened to this? Verdict? I'm on episode 3 so far and to me it …[View]
12101524>'Alright! Time to write my magnum opus.' >Realize that English, the language I've been u…[View]
12102928Gateway books: Books that had mentions of other authors, artists, and ideas that you followed I…[View]
12102859On one central issue, nearly all philosophy and human thought seems to be in agreement, that the mos…[View]
12101947What topics/themes would you like to see Thomas Pynchon handle in his next book?[View]
12094262/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: Because new thread ain't gonna create itself. …[View]
12102759Flusser Vilém - anyone knows this kike? He any good? Read his bio on wikipedia, mostly influenced by…[View]
12101643How does it feel to live in either Germany or France /lit/? Or just in Europe in general? I'm f…[View]
12101277There was a book I got around 2007-2008 at five and below. It was a book about mystical/mythological…[View]
12102700why do people write shit in second person when writing fanfiction? further, why do people write fanf…[View]
12102751This is just a bad eroge in written form basically[View]
12101608Why are japs obsessed with cherry blossoms?[View]
12102705Has anyone here read any book by Jan de Hartog? Did you like him?[View]
12101690How to make and use a Commonplace book?[View]
12101777‘Memba Geronimo Stilton?[View]
12101929There's a writing competition and I want to take part in but can't come up with a good top…[View]
12102580Charles Dickens: Does he suck or is he worth reading?[View]
12101239Ah, a poet? I’m sure you’re familiar with these guys: >Becquer? >Quevedo? >John of the Cr…[View]
12101432Is there any good arab literature?[View]
12102452Is mathematics better at describing concepts than language? I mean, mathematics transcends time and …[View]
12102329Just give him the Nobel already[View]
12094071Art: What piece of literature has affected the very core of soul, such that after experiencing it yo…[View]
12102225>Tapped as the first female translator of Ovid's Metamorphoses into English verse, Classics …[View]
12101986>Lolita >Light in August >For Whom the Bell Tolls what do I read next and why?…[View]
12101931What if all those people who larp as 'It'd be cool to live sometime else, 100/200/Xhundred year…[View]
12101600Culture of Critique: Is this book any good or just propaganda?[View]
12102224Peter Singer: >moral philosopher >http://caldronpool.com/princeton-university-professor-says-s…[View]
12101118how to understand it ?[View]
12101903Mathematical Logic: Thread got archived before I could respond. >To the anon who suggested Grundl…[View]
12101811I'm going to read 500 hours and write Will I be a good reader at this point?[View]
12101827who has the best taste in my book group? upcoming is: Kazuo Ishiguro - Never Let Me Go chose by Eliz…[View]
12088610haikus: cold suburban night space music in my earbuds warm cat in winter[View]
12101677how doth one increase retention of what they read?[View]
12094438French Realism/Naturalism: What do you think is the best of the following authors? >Balzac >Fl…[View]
12096870What's so horribly wrong about genuinely trying to help other people?[View]
12098870Where do you sort yourself on this chart?[View]
12102132where do i start with baudrillard?[View]
12101663>he's reading philosophy past the greeks[View]
12100505Requesting a source: Aristotle said something about Dialectic to the effect of: things being both tr…[View]
12101275Which three books by German authors of the 20th century should one have read?[View]
12098749Do the lads of /lit/ scent their books?: Cedar wood, moth balls, agar wood, pic related, or some oth…[View]
12100597What kind of software do you guys use when writing ? Kind of a dumb question but I'm still curi…[View]
12097606Does anyone have a pdf/epub of Jesus In The Eyes of the Sufis? I want to read it, and it's not …[View]
12099359Moldava: Looking for books that will give me a better idea of what it is like to live as the lower c…[View]
12102042Can you guys recommend me writers that were prolific in several forms of the medium? Not poets and n…[View]
12097571Should the N-Word be used in literature?[View]
12101067>Aggresive, dumb, arrogant, narcissistic, controlling father >Weak and ineffective mother Any …[View]
12100787Which book describes amerifats the best?[View]
12101510ok, so I'm writing a sort of novel for some faggots on a general, I wanna see what do u guy thi…[View]
12101955What are must read works for a Brit?[View]
12100899Is Euclid's Elements really that important for understanding western thought?[View]
12100302Anybody have anything to say about this one? Likely the best work of literary fiction I've eve…[View]
12101893I'm having a dilemma. I really want to start with the greeks, but my goal with literature is ju…[View]
12101778Ok so ive pretty much read most of what I could of Pessoa and now I want some other poets to read. P…[View]
12100403Should i just read the Interlinear Bible? It seems to be the most textually critical of the bible ed…[View]
12099809Is Tyler an Übermensch?[View]
12099672Crime novel with a main character who's not a cop/detective/profiler BUT diviner/fortune teller…[View]
12101579 it's up [View]
12101402>character is a detective >he's a divorced alcoholic EVERY FUCKING TIME…[View]
12099459>my favorite book of all time is Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward What type of pers…[View]
12101111NaNoWriMo Abort Thread: Who else /severlybehindwithnoplotandliterallycannotcontinuewriting/? I'…[View]
12084879>I'm putting together a team /lit/ Who's in?[View]
12091066Someone explain this neo-reaction stuff to me, what the fuck do these people want? What sort of gove…[View]
12098224Okay, I'm probably what you could call a STEM-fag who's looking to try literature. For as …[View]
12099421Dostoevsky, Borges, Kafka, and Nietzsche; all huge admirers of his work. Why can’t /lit/ appreciate…[View]
12098667how do you write about true suffering when you have not experienced the same level of suffering your…[View]
12086824About to read this for class. What am I in for?[View]
12101290What is /lit/ daily reading tally?: How many pages a day? How many books a year? I am looking forwar…[View]
12101494Books like all the kremlins men: Hey, just read all the kremlins men by mikhail zygar and it was a p…[View]
12099738Norton Anthology of Poetry: Should I get this as a starting point to poetry? Is it just a massive co…[View]
12099859the question mark: this is probably going to seem like a really strange opinion, but does anyone els…[View]
12101447wtf im a schizoid now[View]
12100319why was he so obsessed with poops and farts?[View]
12099993The girl never lies. We believe her.[View]
12099318when you are old this man will be spoken as highly as Joyce or Hemingway[View]
12095972Left-wing /lit/: So, post here recs for left-wing literature, it doesn't need to be necessarily…[View]
12101282Nature might be stacked against me thus holding me back from being a writer but what's with you…[View]
12094769Stack thread: Give us your best stack Got all these bad boys for seven dollars![View]
12096028What are some books about bisexual nature?[View]
12100156Stop using the internet: >It’s doubtful that anyone with an Internet connection at his workplace …[View]
12094311Game Theory: Any book recommendations about Game Theory? I want to dive in this topic and would appr…[View]
12100203Seriously, what the FUCK was Petrovich Luzhyn's problem?[View]
12101139Do you prefer to read multiple books or just power through one book at a time? I am in book 3 of Lev…[View]
12100303What type of rhyming scheme do humans most enjoy listening to? Do we have any scientific evidence? D…[View]
12093205What are the must read short stories? Joyce? Borges? Faulkner? Who else?[View]
12098537>ywn break her virgin zone Who knew Lattimore was so based? Also euphemisms Thread. Post picture/…[View]
12101033how do you dedine good and evil?[View]
12100013Opinions? I think it's a classic.[View]
12101087What does /lit/ think of it?[View]
12100341any podcast y'all can recommend or swear by? Actually Audiobooks aswell Listen to Joe Rogan, Jo…[View]
12098420hey /lit/, dunno if it's the right place to post this, but /sci/ recently died of typhus and i …[View]
12099141What makes a man so heart-warming?[View]
12099748Will humanity, in some form, always read? Will the medium of print, whether literal print or just re…[View]
12100573>Read entire Summa Theologica >Still an atheist…[View]
12097655While /sci/ is leaking, good STEM books?[View]
12099085>how every /lit/fag imagines himself[View]
12100568Correspondence: Have you seen things that correspond to what you immediately just read?[View]
12100278I'd like to get some opinions on an essay from 'Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.' Overall, th…[View]
12093877How's the writing career coming along, /lit/?[View]
12099621contemporary dostos: boyos please give me some names. i want to read dosto but in our times. no pret…[View]
12097837Is Jordan Peterson a Philosophical Psychiatrist?[View]
12100045https://youtu.be/r_-k1lqlrZM?t=3092 What passage is Zizek talking about?[View]
12097419How are some authors amazing at coming up with names? It is a skill you can learn?[View]
12100440thoughts on leonard cohens poetry?[View]
12099830Well written or mastabatory tripe?[View]
12097838ITT: Heartbreaking lines from authors, books, and poems: >One shouldn't speak about silence …[View]
12100312SENECA: a friend of mine is depressed and i talked about stoicism to him. he is very curious and wan…[View]
12100441What is Enlightenment?[View]
12100150Post the last five books you've read, rate the person behind you. I'll start: >The Weal…[View]
12098677is he just jbp for people who think they are too good for jbp?[View]
12099387What is the best edition of Paradise Lost for a first time reader?[View]
12099534False history: >Much of antiquity could have been invented by sects or orders of Christians or ev…[View]
12097475are we in Nova Conditions?[View]
12098169>every shelf thread >everyone has cheap, dwarf bookshelves from IKEA ready to fall apart Can w…[View]
12100164thoughts on this borges quote?[View]
12100288do you think if one subscribes to believing in nietzsche's idea of the 'eternal return' that th…[View]
12100270Why is /lit/ hating on my boi Chinaski?[View]
12096334>Just checked this out at the library What am I in for?[View]
12098572rate plz[View]
12099772ITT post the first and last words of a book and other anons have to guess what it is. If the first w…[View]
12097707if nietzche introduced will to power, are there writers who talked about 'will to will'? I'm ju…[View]
12098523>You will never read your favorite book for the first time again. Books for this feel?…[View]
12099587Would it be sensible to say that introversion was never truly explored in literature simply because …[View]
12095861Mistborn - speeches galore: So I'm halfway through the trilogy, and it took me this long to acc…[View]
12100011What are some good books for synesthetes /lit/?[View]
12098547Books by Saints: Any recommendations on books written by saints? I'm trying to get into Christi…[View]
12091787>Write what’s on your mind.[View]
12099383Books on Mass/Crowd psychology?: I know of >The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind - le Bon >M…[View]
12099978Give me your /rare/ etymologies I'll start gù-làap, the Thai word for rose, comes from the Pers…[View]
12099926>Reading Plato >MFW they start talking about raping little boys.…[View]
12097450Edith is sexually abused by her father, then raped by her husband, who then cheats on her, so she be…[View]
12097424Is there any language worth learning as an Amerimutt for the purpose of education? It seems as thoug…[View]
12099740Looking for English Satirists. Already have a three. Reccomend some, please. Waugh Wyndham Lewis Wod…[View]
12099611are you fucking kidding me[View]
12097292Best Philosophy Collection Out There: https://mega.nz/#F!1cUhgAJR!W-KIRHqpirLxG9C6vqbBFg 12GB of all…[View]
12093606well lit? is she right?[View]
12099613Why haven't you read this? It's actually pretty good. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…[View]
12095602what are some books where some really subtle things happen between the characters that if you'r…[View]
12095693ITT: List a country and its best modernist writer Ireland - Joyce France - Proust England - Woolf Am…[View]
12098309Is anyone else just sitting around and waiting for the next Shakespeare to come along and give meani…[View]
12099680Hi /lit/ I am looking for well-written gritty books about government/police corruption similar to El…[View]
12099365What are some artworks that have inspired works of literature?[View]
12098592How do I get into Schopenhauer.[View]
12099629>he doesn't borrow as many of his books as he can from the library, read them and then buy a…[View]
12099251I had an errand there: gathering water-lilies, green leaves and lilies white to please my pretty lad…[View]
12099588Those Darned Dubuses: Andre Jr and Andre III Dubus. Anyone else read these guys? I find them a lot s…[View]
12099556This book is better than I expected. It really contrasts the way war is fought pre-9/11 and post-9/1…[View]
12099082What does /lit/ think of the writing of Jim Goad?[View]
12095836What is your opinion of Rudolf Steiner? I'm reading his How to Know Higher Worlds right now and…[View]
12099152Read faster: I want to read faster. I did a test online and it figured out I was reading at 397 wpm.…[View]
12099428Why did he fake his death and go to Denmark?[View]
12099228Attractiveness: Hey /lit/, I was wondering the other day, are there any books on the nature of attra…[View]
12099266please do not reshelve your books if you don't know what you are doing, forgot their location, …[View]
12097808>download a pdf of '1000 poems from the Man'yoshu >almost a hundred pages explaining the …[View]
12098965shartre in martre[View]
12094331What book has changed your life the most?[View]
12098993Mathematical Logic: I'm looking to educate myself on key insights in mathematical logic in orde…[View]
12094856What's the best novel taking place in Ireland?: Tell me bhoys.[View]
12099171Prove him wrong please: https://www.google.com/amp/s/mrda.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/ted-bundy-philoso…[View]
12096981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA0yAcfnuuI&t=92s This is the official 'trailer' used for Thomas…[View]
12098915Now that /pol/ is going to leave this board forever thanks to based Hiro, can we talk about African …[View]
12098116Jon Ronson is the best living writer.[View]
12088579ITT Overrated writers: This fuck. He's really not that good and is one of the most pretentious …[View]
12098198>just be yourself Thanks Sun[View]
12098896I'm currently reading So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. What does /lit/ think abou…[View]
12098925Why did he hate himself so much?: Imagine writing multiple guide books on evolving from your Mediter…[View]
12098170Are there any books with wolf or fox girls?[View]
12097901>That was me, that is Alex, and my four droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim, Dim being really d…[View]
12098551How do I get better at reading essays? At the moment I'm forced to read them word-by-word almos…[View]
12098656What can we do to purge philosophy of DEGENERATE SPINOZISM?[View]
12091639Reza bringing heavy artillery on Nick Land on Twitter right now It’s OVER https://mobile.twitter.com…[View]
12097954How did this book change your life?[View]
12095744What's wrong with this book and what is your honest opinion on it, /lit/?[View]
12098450I bought books on Amazon for years. I have absolutely know idea why. Maybe because they're quic…[View]
12095280which postmodernist did it the best?[View]
12098455Hi, if you feel a burning wrath against your parents but you still love them what are some books tha…[View]
12097635Too much Philosophy: Have any of you guys actually read the most of the history of philosophy? It se…[View]
12098220Tropic of Cancer: So I started reading Miller's Tropic of Cancer after Anon recommended it in a…[View]
12095364How did you discover literature? What was your first book?[View]
12090233Was Lovecraft a hack?[View]
12096487Recommendations: I have been looking for a specific genre in books ‘science mistery’ or ‘rikei miste…[View]
12097548I'm still confused as to why we keep blaming the Jews for this ever-approaching cyberpunk night…[View]
12098350What steps are you taking to grow your eccentric or gloomy writer/patrician persona, and how's …[View]
12098182quick, give me an analogue[View]
12098272really makes you think[View]
12097041>endless amounts of free, university level STEM courses online >literally nothing for the huma…[View]
12096880How do you even comfortably read long and thicc books?[View]
12098153why is this fucknut liked?[View]
12096449Is there a reading list for the quadrivium? Also, having complete pic related chart, where do I go?[View]
12096788Pls rate this phrase: The fucking; Hour after day, day after hour, night after week, week after nigh…[View]
12095528I want more books about Christianity that are not the Bible. Fiction or non-fiction.[View]
12091807since korea has established itself as the foremost country with respect to cinema and music, how lon…[View]
12096660Notebooks vs. Google Drive: Hi, /lit/ I'm currently looking to become a writer and I have sever…[View]
12097940What is the literary equivalent of the Parsifal them from Wagner's opera? for reference: https…[View]
12097930Books about getting fired from work and having your gf leave you, just soul crushing literature in g…[View]
12096849Why are people so inconsistent in their approach to art? Why is it that someone who puts effort and …[View]
12097577/lit/ convinced me out of a writing career. However I am reluctant to let go of the idea of putting …[View]
12097326You don’t read to get more pussy or more money. You read to further YOURSELF for yourself and everyt…[View]
12094774So Kaczynskis ideal could never be achieved in the face of the inevitable?[View]
12097622Why isn't the short story more often used for comedy? It feels like a good sketch comedy bit co…[View]
12097262>Stately, plump Buck Mulligan holy shit, intoxicated already by just the first 4 words.…[View]
12097515James Joyce: Is this why you sick fucks love this guy?[View]
12097427are glasses /lit/? what's the best brand to buy? I'm running out of contacts and want to …[View]
12097380Thoughts on Bizarro Fiction?[View]
12097177Hippias minor: Has anyone read Lesser Hippias by Plato? In it Socrates comes to the conclusion that …[View]
12096133Coloane: Found this book in a dumpster, anyone knows if it's worth reading ? I can't remem…[View]
12095904>lacanian analysis[View]
12097611Looking for good journals/diaries chronicling lengthy journeys with day-by-day entries, preferably o…[View]
12095838A short story I wrote: The Moth Boy pushed open the bat wing doors and stepped inside the saloon. He…[View]
12095822Is there a recent book series that tries to out-do The Bible and Greek Mythology without completely …[View]
12088012any jewish literature recommendations? do they have an equivalent to dostoevsky?[View]
12092438When I crack open that old musty book of self-mythology that I keep in my mind, I find a chapter tit…[View]
12095563>Glory, as anyone knows, is bitter stuff. I thought this would be a nice comfy read and Part One …[View]
12095683This book is boring!!!: I'm so freaking bored of this. I'm halfway through the whole thing…[View]
12094249LOLITA: am i the only one who hates the pretentious choice of words in this text? > hello i am vl…[View]
12097016CHARACTER NAMES WORKSHOP: This thread is for the asking and suggestion of names for characters we ar…[View]
12095716What is the Seinfeld of literature?[View]
12097211worth it? my goal isn't necessarily to become a better writer but rather to just find a way to…[View]
12094833Contemporary poetry: Anyone want to do a thread for running exegesis of contemporary poetry? Here is…[View]
12096427Jordan Peterson: 12 rules for life: Thoughts on it? Here's a summary of the book[View]
12095739Anyone here read John Lubbock's Pre-Historic times (1865)? I want to get into prehistory, and I…[View]
12095135They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so write a thousand words about this image[View]
12097082What does lit/ think of it?[View]
12095594>dude just don't get emotional when bad things happen What did he mean by this?…[View]
12096914Just found out he was a pretty hardcore religious guy. For some reason I assumed he was a fedora tie…[View]
12095677when will he /wakeup/ bros?[View]
12096255have i got autism?: >be me >start reading Kafka's 'The Trial' >3 pages in and I don…[View]
12096499Now that the dust has settled, did she deserve to receive those three Hugo awards?[View]
12096708What were to happen if you put the one ring on your cock?[View]
12096355I'm mostly keeping pace with Nano project, but I'm on vacation so I find I want to work on…[View]
12096512What is the DDLC of literature?[View]
12095615Privatio boni[View]
12096291>the assumption everyone had back then, both the adults and the kids, was that comics were for ki…[View]

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