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/sci/ - Science & Math

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16240307What Causes Obesity?[View]
16245940Why were mostly novel genetic vaccines used in the pandemic?: Can someone explain to me why weren…[View]
16247319Just a friendly reminder that math is free. You can download any textbook you want for free and enjo…[View]
16245813Prefrontal cortex training: How do you develop the prefrontal cortex? There's research that sho…[View]
16247227No aviation thread?: How come nothing about airplanes and their amazing engineering?[View]
16228997/esg/ - Environmentalism and Sustainability General: 'What are YOU doing to preserve nature?' editio…[View]
16246527How to think easily?: What is the second most important reason thinking is hard after that the brain…[View]
16233891>Correlation does not imply causation! This stock midwit phrase has corrupted the collective angl…[View]
16243200Does non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?[View]
16245850peculiar gene map: a gene map: how would an organism show up on a map if it shows distances towards …[View]
16247035Can we caluclate teh watt and joule spent: on building the pyramids to get more facts on who tha fuc…[View]
16244169Where are all the Aliens !?[View]
16247034Are there any scientific articles that compare the size of the prefrontal cortex of black people wit…[View]
16245674>its just natural selection chud >males arent needed after mating and having a bunch of males …[View]
16246398why can't we make math gpt and ask it if P is NP.[View]
16246639A mire of useless garbage.: All I need to know is how to find one fucking measurement of a triangle …[View]
16246649>Be me >Sign up as a Comp Sci major fresh out of highschool. >Have 2 years of pre reqs bef…[View]
16244383I have a theory about dreams which nobody else seems to have ever mentioned. I submit that dreams ar…[View]
16245916What a strange coincidence that this is what also happens to television screens[View]
16244463He spent so much time, effort and money you'd think he'd end up looking like a 20 at the e…[View]
16238832How impactful is body odor for sexual attraction? Maybe they play a big role on wheter the 'vibes' a…[View]
16244974Recycling plastic is a dangerous waste of time? Sauce: https://quillette.com/2024/06/17/recycling-pl…[View]
16242944my dna is gone!: My dna has disapeared! I do not know what happened! This morning I was playing lol …[View]
16243901What are the pros and cons of replacing humanity with ai robots?[View]
16243800Is LGBT caused by biological or environmental factors?[View]
16245562scientist (medical doctor) imprisoned in Germany: he did actual science by not vaccinating people wi…[View]
16246347Why does it feel good to drink alcohol when I have a cold?[View]
16228759/scg/ - STEM career general: 'Get a real job, pinko' edition Last thread: >>16177031 This thr…[View]
16246313Simple question: How to degrade graphene oxide lipid nanoparticles in the body or enhance the degrad…[View]
16245162How?: What theory can you come up with for the origin of this rocks? Any geologist around with an ex…[View]
16233519/nt/ - Nanotechnology general: Thread for the discussion of implementing actual nanotechnology. Nano…[View]
16245815A male orangutan will not develop prominent male secondary sex characteristics, like facial flanges,…[View]
16245048the actual killswitch: he jab. what is so special about it? you think you guys know? u know nuffing…[View]
16243891What is the evolutionary purpose of feeling really shit all of the time?[View]
162455013rd place is equal to 7th place, or even 10th place. As 1 is to 2, and 3 is to 2 and 1.[View]
16244487Does someone know how to solve this puzzle: I received following puzzle from a Dutch intelligence or…[View]
16244897/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Shartliner Stranded Edition Previous - >>16242376[View]
16245751How long should schizophrenics take antipsychotics?[View]
16245733Discipline only increases the more you understand, you can find yourself in a position where all you…[View]
16245710Can Chancey be real somewhere genetically? Can you get abstract atoms?[View]
16245462Suppose I have two different functions [math]f,g[/math] defined on a sphere and want to compare thei…[View]
16244976Is this real?: What is the actual scientific basis for this post? Pop Or is this an agenda to normal…[View]
16243493how bullshit is modern psychology?: No /pol/ stuff about Jews, please/'hard science' condescension/f…[View]
16242291What's the formula you've seen the most in your life?: The one you've seen many times…[View]
16244548Hypothesis: Dreams are just local minimum finding through simulated annealing Thinking is hard - tha…[View]
16243505why in the hell does this goofy ass dinosaur trigger you sciencetards so goddamn much?[View]
16239647Increased CO2 emissions (industrial revolution onwards) causes gradual acidification of the ocean, n…[View]
16243553Infinite & eternal fractal universe: No beginning no end. Time is a human construct derived fro…[View]
16243937Science discovers a new type of cat: https://yle.fi/a/74-20094789 Researchers have found a new type …[View]
16202901how come europeans don't invent anything anymore? back in the old days they were inventing eve…[View]
16240366whats your favorite metamorphic rock[View]
16234198Why does bismuth have a half life that's 10 billion times longer than the age of the universe?[View]
16245008>no you fucking retard, that won't work[View]
16172743How does science justify this?[View]
16242858One of the better papers I've read in a while. '... when ChatGPT and the like produce false cla…[View]
16240779Chang-et-al Khaganate does it again, the mad men.[View]
16243495How many publications do you have? Whats ur highest impact factor?[View]
16244290Kugelblitz's Are Impossible: It's OVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07ZCFm5jYMM https:/…[View]
16244825Are most mathematicians platonists? Was Galileo a platonist when he said: >[The universe] cannot …[View]
16242581>makes you confident and pleasant to be around >increases libido and builds lean muscle mass W…[View]
16244341>b-but a mathematical theory of everything is impossible!!! Godel proved it!!! Nope. 0+1=1, 1+1=2…[View]
16244360without access to fast travel or the gravity well of a black hole is there any other way to slow agi…[View]
16244374Why are Physicists so arrogant?[View]
16244632Blood cancer test is here: the medical field is going to be transformed https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
16242695Why is the universe black? The background of the universe. Is there up high something - do stars sym…[View]
16237791Avid debunker: >be me, Kyle Hill >famous science YouTuber 'debunker' >masters in science 'c…[View]
16242934any cool scientific advancements lately or is it just doom-tech that makes our lives worse ?[View]
16244950Is it a good idea to take laxatives to choose the day i want to take a shit? I hate shitting every t…[View]
16243085That's it?: It doesn't look all that scary. Why all the fuss?[View]
16242112This shit doesn't clean well you unhygienic retards[View]
16243607What are the implications of decreasing oxygen?[View]
16243504Science confirms Dylan Mulvaney is female: The science party (facts-based) was right again.[View]
16242450Olfactory science: >“Did you ever try to measure a smell?” Alexander Graham Bell once asked an au…[View]
16244174Is there an advantage to much of human memory being so fleeting? Is there a disadvantage of having m…[View]
16243920Does I.Q. predict stuff like sports performance in soccer or heavy machinery operating as well?[View]
16243593Autism as the Kolmogorov Complexity Phenotype: Hypothesis: Autism evolved to find Kolmogorov Complex…[View]
16243585The Yellowstone Bunker: With how fast AI is advancing a rogue AI could create airborne prions that d…[View]
16243875D3 “Vitamin”: Is it a hormone or a vitamin what’s the verdict? Too much contradictions and badly wri…[View]
16243999freak, removed, sudden-death study: man abruptly removes Lancet study after it was downloaded 100 00…[View]
16238949How do I develop a more efficient mental model and change the way I think? Self studying math and ph…[View]
16241648Why do smart people (STEM) tend to be so cultureless? Nowadays at least. You'd think your intel…[View]
16242516Joining STEM college after prison: >enter STEM college at the age of 20 ( 2 years late) >Start…[View]
16240562Prompting an LLM to simulate a character that is self-aware of its own fictional nature...: ...creat…[View]
16243651If you look at a spiders markings to check if it has any signs of being poisonous, and then you chec…[View]
16242189My heart rate just hit 49bpm on my 25mg of metoprolol wtf? Am i going to die? I read under 50 is dan…[View]
16242258the idea that if you removed everything like stars, atoms, and radiation from empty space then there…[View]
16242684Predictions of Anthropogenic Climate Change: What unique and falsifiable predictions does anthropoge…[View]
16243300Hello, everyone! I just bought my first CRISPR DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering Kit for $179. My goal …[View]
16242376/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: India-US cooperation edition previous >>16239590[View]
16243108https://www.academia.edu/121245757/artificial_intelligence_malware i just uploaded a paper on academ…[View]
16241331Wich one do you use for studying?: I wanted to buy an e-reader for university. I'd like one bec…[View]
16242136>zero Nobel prizes[View]
16235183>Convolutional neural networks were invented 60 years ago What makes the AI field so new and exci…[View]
16242893hi is this a real loop?: AI says it's real, but I wanted to hear opinions from mathematicians O…[View]
16242167basado, beyond belief. well in all honesty, astronomers and paleontologists are fucktards like that.[View]
16240343will the sofa constant ever yield multitude deeper applications as many suspect it conceals, like pr…[View]
16241503IQ science: What is the science behind IQ test? This seems like an arbitrary set of parameters that …[View]
16242606Homo sapiens is the animal species with the highest biomass on Earth. Yes higher than krill or any o…[View]
16242712Is there a roadmap that I can follow to learn how to do genetic engineering?: Specifically what book…[View]
16243130CS->Mechatronics->Physics?????: I did my undergrad in Computer Science, focussing on Computati…[View]
16242392Look at him go, frimmin' on the frim fram! Godspeed little fellah![View]
16242650I thought there was no up down left right forward and forward back in space. Why does the funnel li…[View]
16242241What time will display one third?: A typical clock has 12 subdivisions, one for each hour. There are…[View]
16242001Earth and science: As a earth scientist and a geologist I have come up with a interesting theory, th…[View]
16242484There's no Weismann barrier i.e. evolution not only happens through natural selection of inform…[View]
16239426Is it over?[View]
16239702What type of people is chemistry for?[View]
16241442I've seen a lot of philosophy threads here. Philosophy fags pretend their field has a lot to do…[View]
16242036It would be so good if we didn't poop.[View]
16242057The state of scientific *paper* in 2024[View]
16239769Scientifically speaking could there be life after death?[View]
16242255If the warping of spacetime can exceed the speed of light, then this means that gravitational forces…[View]

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