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/sci/ - Science & Math

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16132257suggest a career: 24 yo 3 yoe working at amazon for 2 and 1 year at a startup. HATE soul sucking tec…[View]
16131311this worth anything to you guys?: I asked chatgtp to create a new mathematical concept https://sl.b…[View]
16131652What if we all farted? Would that be too much of a fart syntax?[View]
16129188How likely is it that there are multiple universes with different laws of physics?[View]
16131752What if there is a pretender particle? Hidden in plain sight running the cosmos[View]
16130873NEW POLYNOMIAL COMPOSITION ALGORITHM: Apparently a couple of days ago some very smart asians (I beli…[View]
16113803/mg/ maths general: [math]/\mathfrak{mg}/[/math] Lecture edition Talk maths, formerly >>160891…[View]
16130417A charged particle in electric field experiences Lorentz force which determines it's trajectory…[View]
16129614Clouds: What are these weird blurry clouds I saw while camping? They looked just as blurry, if not M…[View]
16129787What makes belief in String Theory more alluring over the belief in Quantum Field Theory? Does one o…[View]
16131208What do you autists know about mass spectrometry engineering as a field?[View]
16117647/scg/ - STEM career general: 'Trades pay more' edition Last Thread: >>16100215 This thread exi…[View]
16131373Intellectual Functioning and Personality Traits Higher scores on Wechsler scales are generally assoc…[View]
16131407Scientists have developed a new solar-powered system to convert saltwater into fresh drinking water …[View]
16130448There are two things that will forever be impossible for us to understand: the speed of light and qu…[View]
16129469Can someone explain the law of identity to me? It is claimed that for all subjects x, x = x. But I c…[View]
16130085/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: 20 reuses edition previous >>16127678[View]
16128735If something is 100% beneficent to begin with, what's the chances it will become maleficent lat…[View]
16131281insects and humans share some genes: due to sharing an ancestor that lived on the sea 660 million ye…[View]
16127708What books are the cognitive elite reading, past and present? What books that theorize on creating t…[View]
16130566Is gimbal locking sharks animal cruelty. It's kinda fun...[View]
16130149How is this not a valid argument?: ...It's modus tollens, right? If A, then B; B; therefore A.…[View]
16004180College students dumber than ever: The average IQ of a college student has fallen by 17 points over …[View]
16130267So basically, as entropy increases, the universe gets more retarded. And it has been increasing a LO…[View]
16130579I am from an Italian family, I look like an anglo-celt, Italians and other wogs get really angry whe…[View]
16129201daily reminder: if you can't get sex by the time you reach 25 your life is over.[View]
16130801proofs for the pythagorean theorem: that's the only proof i could come up with on my own , i…[View]
16130771>impossibly challenging questions >no answer key online >$100 >(((physics education))) r…[View]
16130428Can some one explain this to me (like) I'm retarded: Person A lists ten cards and selects one; …[View]
16130474Found the origins of covid 19: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-017-07766-9 detective hunt acr…[View]
16130678>Penny: So it's your rebound science? >Sheldon: What's that? >Penny: Well, not th…[View]
16127939Why and how is the speed. of light constant? Where does it get extra kinetic energy from? And how d…[View]
16129935Psychological Model: For the past years I've worked on my own psychological model. The purpose …[View]
16130511>tfw I got filtered by Hodge-Arakelov theory again My IQ is too low for math. What do?…[View]
16127808>A perpetual motion machine can't exis-[View]
16129228Why is time dilation a thing? Why can't we live in a universe where all events happen in equal …[View]
16127148Explain the theory of relativity to a retard: From what I understand the faster an object moves the …[View]
16127333Why don't americucks use the superior metric system?[View]
16130083So if winters are record cold now because of the heat melting ice and stalling out the streams of wa…[View]
16129910is it mathematically possible to construct a uniform em field such that a region of space has the sa…[View]
16129607Chod: Would a Cod-Chicken hybrid be semi aquatic or fully aquatic?[View]
16130054Hurry causes diabetes.[View]
16127012Why do normalfags don’t see children as literally an organism that’s keeping their own genes alive? …[View]
16129662What are /sci/'s thoughts on aliens? Do you think there's an advanced civilization out the…[View]
16128602>the exception that proves the rule[View]
16129872How does it feel being made irrelevant: By computer science chads AHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
16109209/sqt/ - stupid questions thread (aka /qtddtot/): Previous thread: >>16085923 >what is /sq…[View]
16128289How to learn Math and Physics: Is this guide any good? https://sheafification.com/the-fast-track/…[View]
16128113So if raising my IQ might be impossible then how can I just sound smarter then?[View]
16128474DARK MATTER DE-BUNKED: It's over /sci/ https://www.earth.com/news/dark-matter-does-not-exist-un…[View]
16129585Why is that /sci/?[View]
16129363Science can't explain why time speeds up on the weekends and slows down during the work week[View]
16127955Is Dopamine Fasting scientifically accurate?: Does it really work according to science? Are there an…[View]
16128656If there are an infinite number of whole numbers, and an infinite number of decimals in between any …[View]
16129648What's the problem retard?: >not trying to do pure math >translating what I see into the …[View]
16126610Why do you keep making AI whilst saying AI will destroy us? I thought scientists were supposed to sm…[View]
16127359I'm almost done with this, what should I read after[View]
16126485Where are all the Aliens !?[View]
16129653Question about probability: only top 1% can solve this[View]
16127968what was the first technology to be both invented and rendered obsolete within the span of one human…[View]
16129480Wow science finally figured it out[View]
16126947does insect have pre programmed brain: are insects not a 'blank slate' like mammals are? are they in…[View]
16128657Gender Gap: Math: What is the cause of this disparity? Confidence? Are girls distracted by boys? Are…[View]
16128432why no legged fish / amphibians: why there is not a SINGLE ONE well developed fish/amphibian on the …[View]
16128541>split-complex numbers >dual numbers >quaternions >split quaternions >dual quaternion…[View]
16129013Resources on cataclysmology / plate tectonics / solar flares / global flooding / asteroid impacts / …[View]
16127678/sfg/ - Spaceflight General: Airbus Station Edition Previous - >>16125305[View]
16127283Thoughts on plate tectonics?[View]
16125349Is this not proof that animals have free will and souls? Could an insect have a sense of humor? I th…[View]
16128979Give it to me straight Sci. When I'm sitting in my Tesla under acceleration and being pressed i…[View]
16126728How do I accelerate time?[View]
16126318Do psychedelic drugs such as LSD, DMT, and shrooms allow you to experience an immaterial reality?[View]
16127657Ashkenazi Jews genetics: According to recent genetic studies Ashkenazi Jews are genetically closer t…[View]
16128533Computer Science Research: Any undergrad compsci thesis topics / research problems you can suggest? …[View]
16128621Are there any scientifically proven methods of time management? I find I am wasting my time on gooni…[View]
16128648Institutions are really about just pumping out papers and not actual science? no wonder the rate of …[View]
16128150Bending magnet flux synchrotron radiation: I'm trying to get an expression of a bending magnet …[View]
16128760Potassium bananas: To the anonymous yesterday. A. According to USDA, dandelion green serves high amo…[View]
16127774* that we know of. Fucking scientists and their abslute hubris.[View]
16127906What are the odds of a ten percent outcome happening 3 times in a row?[View]
16127836sometimes whan i watch the clock and observe seconds passing some intervals seem to last longer and …[View]
16128356>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjoQdz0nxf4 If your field gets reinvented every 10-20 years with…[View]
16128110I get a falling feeling in the center of my chest like dropping down a roller coaster when standing …[View]
16127586> living in central europe >ticks acting like crazy in january > 27C in the beggining of ap…[View]
16127128any other brainlets?: >childhood dream was to become a scientist >realised that I was ngmi so…[View]
16126476Education system is one big scam: There is literally no need for teachers/professors. Create a pre-r…[View]
16127281So is it bad or not?[View]
16127415Harmonic Oscillation: >Bla bla Energy transfer Bla bla Mkay but WHY does it follow a cosine/sine …[View]
16128099Quantum gibberish?: >the particle is like…. Both here and there, bro! Until you look at its doing…[View]
16127334Why are calculus textbooks so fucking huge!? JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Treat me like a fucking retard…[View]
16127017This is what 'complex number' ideologists call a line. Look at how beautifully linear and 1-dimensio…[View]
16126692What are some other sites like this that are -- either free like Khan or actually worth the small pa…[View]
16125016Eyeball Removal?: Which countries could I get an otherwise healthy eye in extreme pain removed? Pref…[View]
16126196Is this even possible? All those materials together can ignite just using fire?[View]
16126672HOLY SHIT: imagine paying thousands to have your eyes mutilated when a dirt cheap molecule does the …[View]
16126867So...any interesting developments in curing baldness?: Potential for cures outside of expensive hair…[View]
16129491Change major?: I keep failing my chem classes, but every physics class I’ve taken I’ve aced. Should …[View]
16127039Uhm, Thunderf00t bros?[View]
16127614>Admit I don't know anything at all >Suddenly become happy It really is that easy bros.…[View]
16128044Pursuing a career in climate change: I'm debating whether to study a MSc on climate change to w…[View]
16126845>122 IQ[View]
16125884There are seriously people here with no academic background giving out their opinion based on person…[View]
16122564Bad food is making people ugly, sick and stupid: How true is this?[View]
16126946Is there a way to turn pee into pure water?[View]
16126139Does your brain know you are ejaculating through masturbation or through sex?[View]
16126233Why was I never taught this in school?: It all makes sense now.[View]
16127238I don't get the point of calculus. Why spend all that time and effort learning something that y…[View]
16127272>search based on the log, 10 (now 11) results Based >thread died for this >>16126080…[View]
16126007Why do astronauts drink from pussy-shaped cups?[View]
16125958>tfw the medic after whom down syndrome was named married his cousin >tfw his grandson had dow…[View]

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