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Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1723107Iron Storm: Just bought this game. What am I in for? Is it any good? Should I play as America, Japan…[View]
1712575games that filtered you[View]
1720353the series peaked here: been on the downtrend ever since, CA have really fucked it Shogun 2 has soul…[View]
1718592COMMANDOS: Does /vst/ like this series?[View]
1720810new patch for RIS just dropped >illyrians >gorillion settlements >gorillion traits >bat…[View]
1716535Best older strategy games for LAN party? Any ideas ?[View]
1580822X4: About to jump back into the greatest game ever made. Thinking I'm gonna do a custom start i…[View]
1722342XCom: Chimera Squad?: I've been replaying the XCOM series for achievements and am playing Chime…[View]
1702844>MY WIFE FOR HIRE haha[View]
1715095Coh 3 - Free Battlegroups: New patch drops on 2nd on April (Much sooner than expected!) https://www.…[View]
1716129Master of Magic (2022): How did they fuck up so badly? >Trashy unintuitive UI >Odd camera cont…[View]
1715174I know /vst/ are all contrarian manchildren but are you excited for Godsworn like the rest of us? ht…[View]
1721616What was that RTS in development about fighting giant maggots that had the bomber plane from that po…[View]
1688445Realistically, what are our expectations of Civilization 7?[View]
1640813Autism simulator. I can't stop putting hours into this thing. Reminds me of Vicky 2 or Eve Onli…[View]
1721955XCOM - Long War Rebalanced: Anyone else played this mod? Current Version is 1.52 and it's super…[View]
1715363big bro and i are gonna LAN 1v1 tomorrow (for the 1st time ever), but he has a lot more experience t…[View]
1710024Dynastic Strategy Games: Why is this so uncommon? A sandbox game centered on family and succession (…[View]
1692510what the fuck is this guy's problem?[View]
1699795Dawn of War 3: >Dawn of War 3 >Dawn of War Three >Three >Three words >/vst/ hate this…[View]
1719658Of Life and Land: This game just launched in EA on Steam and the devs seem to have put no effort int…[View]
1644652The Campaign Trail: Previous Thread: >>1528106 Last thread hit cap[View]

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