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122412275>How the fuck can I be white? I don't even exist. What does this mean? It's from Brain …[View]
122411357what are some music videos u think everyone on /mu/ should see[View]
122411824KPOP GENERAL: hbdrin[View]
122411645post songs that sound like when the guitar picks up during Never Meant after the intro, after the we…[View]
122412212any other albums for this feel?[View]
122412208LIL' MAGA FT. MR. WAYNE - THE PROMISED LAND: [intro] awwww yeah the west is avenging and i…[View]
122412098This guy is super based[View]
122405403BREAKING: Legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan found alive at 83.[View]
122411843ITT: Zoomer filters[View]
122412013Unironically better than Pet Sounds[View]
122397922Who's your favourite fat guy in music?[View]
122412003Is there any other atmospheric moody psych rock like Pink Floyd from Saucerful of Secrets to Obscure…[View]
122411345Boards of Canada - Geogaddi:: Rate it[View]
122411932Music with this aesthetic[View]
122411334Between this and doing YouTube ads for a guitar app why is Metallica desperate for money? I knew the…[View]
122405970>juh juh juh juh juh juh juh[View]
122411167KPOP GENERAL[View]
122401967itt: WOAT album covers[View]
122411214snotty swift needs a tissue![View]
122411477Chappell Roan: What’s her problem?[View]
122410732for me, it's 311 https://youtu.be/mjfT2joaJxs?si=mUcrv_Q3yh_5qiqm[View]
122409999>ugly >annoying voice >gimmicky >autistic Enough about David Bowie, what's Numan…[View]
122410294based peepmeister[View]
122411330is it classist to hate scenecore?[View]
122410634Good As I Been to You [Columbia, 1992] Dylan's last cover album confused his followers mightily…[View]
122410098How much has rap music changed over the past 25 years? What have been the biggest developments over …[View]
122411242Which one do you prefer?[View]
122411121It clicked[View]
122405030is pop dead?[View]
122410536>two transgender artists who finally break into the mainstream >they both work with dr luke, a…[View]
122410562KPOP GENERAL: happy arin day[View]
1224089942024... I am forgotten: The hype died up quickly.[View]
122411096I found cover art that looks like a pepe and I wanted to share it with you guys[View]
122407377Katy bros....[View]
122411012ruben slikk is one of the best internet rappers ever: yet he is never talked about as much as lil b,…[View]
122411003One of these threads[View]
122407895Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
122410184/crabcore general/: >post crabcore/scenecore/screamo reccs >discuss crabcore https://www.youtu…[View]
122409649Rock music is inherently hypersexual and leftist.[View]
122402661Any Sammy Davis jr Fans?: I enjoy his songs, how about you?[View]
122405372/hpop/ general: talentless hack pop general, the hacks with no talent in a general thread[View]
122410820Rate my bluepilled YouTube shorts music playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLpUm8W9JyUpr1aI…[View]
122405995me & you know... this is love (and i'm alright... and i'm alright...)[View]
122409319We are so back, Aphexbros[View]
122410060Taylor Swift's most well-known song is plagiarism: The lyrics, the melody, hell even the video.…[View]
122404166Does a good pair of headphones or a decent audio system make a (significant) difference?: In referen…[View]
122410527>Only does cover songs. >Never gets the lyrics right. Why does this retard have any fans?…[View]
1224078773x3 for recent listens guess something recommend something else https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
122395385>dismiss buttrock as gay and/or cringe >play this album >It's fucking kino Recc me sim…[View]
122410392Other than Madonna How many female musicians are confirmed to have eaten ass[View]
122407008Lisa Gerrard and Klaus Schulze linked up. Need it or keep it?[View]
122410588HIT IT BABY OoOoOHHHHOoOoOHH!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW2zZj6gglc[View]
122409914KPOP GENERAL[View]
122410516So, is online music discussion just a constant loop of which artist mogs who?[View]
122406091>Writes 'Music Is Worth Living For'. >Meets big titty Jewess. >Gives up music.…[View]
122410127It's kind of wild he musicians can now make millions from tik tok while being completely unknow…[View]
122410354So Shittify definitely do astroturfing here right?[View]
122405679Black Sabbath: Actually good or boomer trash?[View]
122406669Who the hell is listening to this garbage?[View]
122407362Biffy Clyro: Thoughts?[View]
122409869can any anon rec some bands that sound like this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5BqyluKkk0 a …[View]
122406149who the fuck is this guy and why are people calling him on of the greatest living guitarists?[View]
122402421Paul sisters....[View]
122404567I never paid attention to AI image-generation and found the outcry laughable. But now that the music…[View]
122403834>Brit pop >it's actually rock[View]
122409000Silver mt Zion - 13 Angels: This might be my favorite song[View]
122409646can i kick it?[View]
122404463>tfw no Françoise Hardy gf Her song 'Tous les Garçons et les Filles / All The Boys and Girls' (1…[View]
122404694Is Coldplay our generation's Judas Priest?[View]
122409933itt: experimental psych blues masterpieces that paris hilton likes: starting out with the obvious Tr…[View]
122409919Any SiriusXM bros here?: tfw idc about the artist stations cause it's nothing but bloat but its…[View]
122409316KPOP GENERAL[View]
122405854What happened to the heart: Is a shame this album is kind of going under the radar, it is probably A…[View]
122406100>every zoomer suddenly wants to play $UICIDEBOY$ at the gym >look them up >they're old…[View]
122409760>Singer tells me I don't want to mess with them[View]
122409835uhh?? sploinky?[View]
122406767Peak Shania Twin is still unbeatable: Now this is a woman. No other female singer ever came close. A…[View]
122399101itt: albums with one good song[View]
122409421Modest Mouse is Emo desu[View]
122409525the Puff Daddy of rock: Discuss.[View]
122409371>ends rock sorry Timmy![View]
122406002Why does this faggot keep on trying the Elvis hairstyle It ages him 30 years If I could look 25 fo…[View]
122405846>Democratic Kampuchea is le bad.[View]
122408348Vultures 2: It's never coming out, is it?[View]
122404844Taylor Swift is the best popstar of all time: >winner of 4 Grammy AOTY - the ONLY artist ever to …[View]
122405597Doors vs pink floyd: Which psychodelic boomer rock band bops harder?[View]
122402909this dude literally made a career off of Michael Jackson and has created zero original work. why is …[View]
122407055Plantasia by Mort Garson.: Its summer, so its time to buy new plants and play Plantasia on your reco…[View]
122408386>My God's will >Becomes me >When he speaks >He speaks through me >He has needs …[View]
122408829KPOP GENERAL[View]
122408251The car's on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel[View]
122407164>man sings about oppression[View]
122408243Lateralus [Volcano, 2001] What am I supposed to say about the latest in meaning-mongering for the fa…[View]
122407033I don't know if it 100% holds up today, but I can definitely understand why they got big.[View]
122407981I don’t get them[View]
122409219THIS DON’T FEEL LIKE HOME ANYMORE It’s just walls doors and floorssss[View]
122407750Unironically, what the fuck happened to hip hop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOZEC5JV5r4 This c…[View]
122399854ITT: Albums that have a completely unique sound. Where it's nearly impossible to offer a recomm…[View]
122407600To clarify: Just letting you know, I am NOT P. Diddy. I am not P. Diddy. I'm only browsing 4cha…[View]
122408550/mu/ filename thread: keep on topic[View]
122402305>We tend to think of genres as distinct land masses, with oceans of taste separating them. Yet, a…[View]
122408471If I make a playlist based on videogame and anime music will Spotify eventually recommend me actual …[View]
122408828Boy, you'll be a woman, soon[View]
122406499Holy shit: Holy shit[View]
122397585Need Noise Rock recs: I listened to Yank Crime and Atomizer for the first time today, then revisited…[View]
122405208I love Music![View]
122408530holy fucking sovl[View]
122408494Their best album[View]
122405007https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arHdOFutc-0 >have catchy Eurodance toon will enjoyable female voc…[View]
122402516Childhood is thinking this guy influenced rap or music for the worst, adulthood is realizing he save…[View]
122407958Do we like SZA?[View]
122407788KPOP GENERAL[View]
122358978/mu/stalgia: Oldfags get in here. How long have you been on /mu/? Care to share memories or stories …[View]
122402859>Oh, so you're listening to [musician]? >You do know that he was cancelled, right?…[View]
122406884This is a zoomers shoegaze meme. Observe.[View]
122407698Fellas, I have 3,000 words to say: Quit screaming and start singing from your hearts, huh?[View]
122408069What is /mu/'s consensus on her body of work?: Does Gezebelle Gaburgably still hold up as a mus…[View]
122400563Do normies know you're a /mu/tant?: If people in your day-to-day life ask you about the music y…[View]
122406517Believe it or not, the straightest music genre ever.[View]
122407941Liminal: Music for Spaces, Vol. 5: Ambient music inspired by liminal spaces. https://open.spotify.co…[View]
122405615People act like this is the best thing ever, but it's literally just guitar, drums, bass, and v…[View]
122407786>be friends with cute and flirty girl a long time ago in high school >one day she wears circle…[View]
122407193KPOP GENERAL[View]
122407767Yurpie (Money) We takin' it world wide What it is? What up, John? Ha 'Bout to show these b…[View]
122407738old sertanejo music: I am an American from Texas who is interested in very old Brazilian sertanejo m…[View]
122390621Does anyone else feel like picrel loses all its heat every time you remember they're british? '…[View]
122406519I need help finding this lost ep: There is this kid I used to listen to as a joke a few years ago ca…[View]
122407677>Everybody's talking 'bout the new sound >Funny, but it's still rock and roll t…[View]
122407697SIRS: Can we do the needful and get a Indian Classical Music thread going? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
122407592Glen Campbell: >five octave range >High tenor >Barely used falsetto Does anyone even sing …[View]
122407470>new charli xcx is a 10/10 lol[View]
122405812You think the end of the world is coming?[View]
122392316>Squid >Fontaines D.C. >Yard Act >Dry Cleaning >Wet Leg >Shame >Courting >Jo…[View]
122402893Worst cover art of the year just dropped: So their last album is going to be pop with horrible featu…[View]
122402749>Noooo! They are becoming famous and mainstream and being rich! Nooo! They are not underground an…[View]
122406643KPOP GENERAL[View]
122387228Song Reviews & Recommendations: Share a song if you want. Rate and review a previously posted so…[View]
122404773>saves hardstyle music: His death saved hard-dance music. Hardstyle, hardcore, trance had all bee…[View]
122406088Burning World is Swans’ best album.[View]
122404376*mogs your favorite album*[View]
122403927>It takes strength to be gentle and kind What is that supposed to mean?…[View]
122406087KPOP GENERAL[View]
122398738I like Phonk but Brazilian phonk is super annoying[View]
122406210Albums for based aryan chads[View]
122404635>Mogs Pat Boone[View]
122406388When will it be album time again?[View]
122398163/metal/: Pissed off Italians edition ancient: >>122391694 faq: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt…[View]
122404682What kind of music does he listen to?[View]
122402452Any songs like Fast Car, that gives this feeling of a woman being very faithful to a guy and the fut…[View]
122404378What are some of your favorite full album covers? This was my dad's favorite album growing up[View]
122406308lol i don't have specific genre i just love them all the problem is im moody person[View]
122403749How is this genre called?: https://youtu.be/DusJOnotMIg?t=35 And is there something similar to this?…[View]
122402486any albums with this feel?[View]
122397373>browse RYM >same albums/albums by same artists are always given 5 stars: Loveless, Beatles sh…[View]
122395315I'm on the search for more acoustic, fingerpicked music like John Fahey. Doesn't have to b…[View]
122397897/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Only a Gibson™ is good enough edition[View]
122403683I chose not to be a slave[View]
122405523KPOP GENERAL[View]
122406057Holy shit[View]
122405862*mogs the original Ronettes version of Be My Baby*[View]
122404052Has anyone read about what recently happened with Wu-Tang Clan's 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' …[View]
122395295I love BABYMETAL so much[View]
122403869Hell fucking yeah[View]
122405521Hayley Williams eating food[View]
122402171I am genuinely so fucking tired of hearing this song. It has the worst flow ever and Kendrick Lamar …[View]
122405796>Gilmour keeps releasing new music >stays out of politics, knows his place >family man >…[View]
122405320>Conservatism rocks![View]
122397289when did you realize that Bloodhound Gang was no joke but actually one of the greatest bands of the …[View]
122403596Dizzy Up The Girl [Warner Bros., 1998] *bomb*[View]
122403453>Axl felt compelled to point out that the picture in and of itself wasn't indecent, it'…[View]
122399734runescape-core: post runescape-core[View]
122405041>Hinge match’s prompt: green flags-good music taste Why do women do this? What does this mean to…[View]
122396360Reformation: Post TLC [Narnack, 2007] This does get weird, quiet and slack second half, although, re…[View]
122405036KPOP GENERAL[View]
122405362Something is off about /mu/ today, the posts feel extra low effort and baity today[View]
122398915JPOP GENERAL[View]
122404830Why does people like Scaruffi think that covering a song means stealing it? Isn't that somethin…[View]
122396955Rock N' Roll is inherently hypersexual and leftist.[View]
122403427Doodoo fart[View]
122405042>'oh I'm a musician too!' >only thing they can do is sing and/or play keys…[View]
122404791genius, fraud, or psychopath?[View]
122405235>musician tries to act relatable in interview[View]
122398617/jazz/: It's a Wayne Shorter kind of night[View]
122403436https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTvnKbAnQR0&t=225 More music like this exact part? The jazz part…[View]
122401648jungle is massive[View]
122402218What's the best site to upload sound clips in your opinion? I want to offload several thousand …[View]
122405082Now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh Is it that sweet? I guess so Say you can…[View]
122405031but ya fuck ONE goat...[View]
122404502kpop general[View]
122404745Funny how Black man became a masculine role model for white boys Stay out of the hood, kids, y'…[View]
122402908For /mu/ it's The Warning.: and you?[View]
122404261A true guitar legend!: https://youtu.be/_82isMpp0Kk[View]
122404363>Uh, you can't seriously be listening to Christmas music in June my guy…[View]
122403782Rec some cute, wholesome, quirky, twee music[View]
122402625Anyone here know that song that goes duuuuu-du-duuuuu duuu-duuu?[View]
122404700I like listening to songs by women when I am alone because my friends give me weird looks when I pla…[View]
122404035Why is Swancore so hated on here and RYM?[View]
122404362Namoi > every Song on ITAOTS: [https://youtu.be/fm8yRR8ASTA?si=JjZaErhCYc6GUeN5][View]
122404667for me it's Supergrass[View]
122403625Best songwriter of the 90s.[View]
122403719i have to thank fortnite for showing me this[View]
122404013KPOP GENERAL[View]
122404355Diary of a grandpa[View]
122404403Bio [Chess, 1973] You know how Willie Mays was the greatest baseball player ever but just can't…[View]
122402391Fred Again..: >be a literal member of the British aristocracy >take predominantly black and qu…[View]
122404310how does this album compare to the entire rest of their discography?[View]
122402925what artists are seen as red flags in women?[View]
122404057Why do some genres require 'legitimacy' or 'street cred' from the artist in order to be considered a…[View]
122396846Rock officially died with these shitty 2000s indie bands that were just cosplaying as 60s-70s groups…[View]
122398435albums that sold less than 'Devil without a Cause' by Kid Rock: (Devil without a Cause sold 11 milli…[View]
122401117I just came to 4chan after many years away and I remember how the board was spammed with shill threa…[View]
122399996The best posthardcore album of all time. Son I love you at your darkest by as cities burn.[View]
122403494KPOP GENERAL[View]
122401196Fans notice Kendrick Lamar’s fiance did not wish him a happy Father’s Day She previously wished her…[View]
122391935>half the band kill themselves[View]
122400462/shill/: Post yours and listen to others https://on.soundcloud.com/PZbLZZcx1yL6dPLJA >north Korea…[View]
122402670i have no idea who microwave is but i walked out of their set the music was so fucking lame. origami…[View]
122403797>check out rock youtubers >Either Blues Dads >Djent loving former scene kids >Or indi…[View]
122396325/mu/'s thoughts on Devo?[View]
122393109What is being a zoomer Cure fan like?[View]
122403210Can a keyboardist look cool on stage? The keyboard has this perpetual nerd energy to it.[View]
122400720High school bands: I was in a punk band in high school. We played Flipper, The Stooges, Nirvana and …[View]
122402455She mogs Olivia[View]
122393734ITT: Music players! share your preferred music player.[View]
122403531>slacking off at work >working on personal projects >listening to Orbital all day >count…[View]
122390926>I'm so ugly[View]
122401680The sound/ oasis and the cure/blur/old arctic monkeys sound almost the same, same style and everythi…[View]
122402980KPOP GENERAL[View]
122399945>song is called 'millstone' >'a milestone around my neck'…[View]
122386808>I'm not too thrilled about black music that doesn't sound like their heritage and beco…[View]
122402732Why did the concept of a fake band die when social media could take the immersion to a whole new lev…[View]
122396205For me, its 360, Von Dutch and Spring Breakers[View]
122402838Wet Leg: Holy shit, and I do mean SHIT! Why do people like them? I've heard better music on BAN…[View]
122393837Post an album you like and the most underrated song on it. For Amnesiac, it's Like Spinning Pla…[View]
122400727NEW PEGGY SINGLE: How does he do it every fucking time?[View]
122398765itt: albums that filtered millions: albums that kept the plebs awake at night[View]
122402477What's the point of arguing about music? What can actually be gained from somebody saying 'this…[View]
122402467KPOP GENERAL[View]
122398005>oh we hate our most popular song what is this level of pretentiousness called…[View]
122402786List of good albums >Korn - Korn >Deftones - Adrenaline >Mushroomhead - Mushroomhead >…[View]
122402907Anyone like any bands/acts local to them?: I'll start with some songs from punk bands I like in…[View]
122401774>it's a cover of We Didn't Start The Fire but with updated lyrics…[View]
122402831yikes... umm crescendo much??[View]
122402714Post songs that should NEVER be sung by the opposite sex of the singer. https://m.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122392596>listen to brat >first song is generic garbage…[View]
122392283Mac Demarco: what happened?[View]
122398577Top 5 moments thread 1. Piano melody + drum machine at beginning of Beautiful 2. didgeridoo synth dr…[View]
122400817>not even gecsshills liked it[View]
122397461St. Vincent: why did she fall off so hard?[View]
122390279Music is on a vinyl loop scratch, Coldplay asked to headline Glastonbury for the millionth time, Mus…[View]
122402671>Oh I think to myself what a wonderful world >WHEN THE SAINTS MARCH IN THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE …[View]
122397414in what fucking universe is brat a 10 but hit me hard and soft is a 'light 7'? like seriously, it…[View]
122401634Theres's no competition in music anymore quite sad[View]
122399133she should have died after 2015, halfaxa is a masterpiece[View]
122376999depression albums[View]
122396624good old times P.o.d , korn ,limp bizkit, linkin park , Deftones ,Cold, Sevendust, System of a down,…[View]
122398290>mogs Prince >mogs MJ Agreed? This pimp muthafucka is the real deal for real men…[View]
122397460what’s the best song on Loaded[View]
122402347what happened?[View]
122401998KPOP GENERAL: If you post in this thread, this means you love IVE.[View]
122402037Disco is the Classical of Pop[View]
122398690why the fuck have so many classic albums gone out of print recently? Many of those albums used to se…[View]
122393406/mu/ is a metal board If you don't like metal get the fuck out There is no place for commie sos…[View]
122402056Do you think the novelty and influence of post-punk in the late 80s and early 90s is overlooked in f…[View]
122402045Why he couldn't just be the lead singer?[View]
122398248What's your personal favorite Melvins album? They seem to have a lot of material. A lot of meh,…[View]
122401463KPOP GENERAL[View]
122394201>52 years old[View]
122401932Stuff you've not seen anywhere else: I found this song randomly on youtube and fell in love wit…[View]
122398023What music do sickos listen to?[View]
122390952what are the most authentic musical artists?[View]
122386825Which company makes the best earbuds?[View]
122401584I really love the way guitar was done on this album. I love the type of melodies the guitars do and …[View]
122401347Well...: Was he right?[View]
122400028holy SHIT[View]
122382231Paramore: fav song by her?[View]
122397818I miss acorn[View]
122400967KPOP GENERAL[View]
122399491Holy shit.[View]
122400779Any Burmese punk bands?[View]
122400683Indecipherable Aussie Death: How do you rank... >Grave Upheaval >Portal >Impetuous Ritual…[View]
122400894>here-come-the-buhhh--ket--heead >his-name-is-jo-or-daaaan >here-come-the-buhhh--ket--heead…[View]
122399789>dude... rich people are... LE BAD Wow, very insightful and original message, Ray. I'm so gl…[View]
122399345ITT: Sporkcore[View]
122398537Yeah, they try to send for me Envy and jealousy is everything I wish upon my enemies[View]
122400931There is new Kaytranada out and you hacks arent even talking about it.[View]
122400484KPOP GENERAL[View]
122400898BEST Lolcow: >I love this guy. >I love him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwAgm1Wrzgk…[View]
122396224System of a Down: What's their best album?[View]
122400246radio.garden thread Where are the vibes tonight bros?[View]
122400312Going to a hookah party with my bro. What music should I put on to impress people? Usually we listen…[View]
122394085REM: What went so right(wrong)? They are the prototypical example of a band getting along too well. …[View]
122399612Any more shit like this?[View]
122400487El Sonidito: it's honest[View]
122400026KPOP GENERAL[View]
122395740What's his best post-70s song?[View]
122399414>successfully reclaims country as a Black genre this will go down in the annals of musical histor…[View]
122399554KPOP GENERAL[View]
122396911Changes to the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list[View]
122377244Any Dark Ambient Anons? Whats your favorite artist/song?[View]
122398681meh, Astral Disaster or The Remote Viewer are better[View]
122397653You guys ever watch people just do nothing about some chav garage rappers that run a pirate radio st…[View]
122399888Holy shit[View]
122393343HELLLO HELLOOO[View]
122395909Favourite Britney Spears song? Mine's Sometimes. Very melancholic one, that.[View]
122393475'New' Arthur Russell EP this August: The ~1996 white label 12'' of Arthur Russell's …[View]
122397099>Rock/Rap artists >They need to be experimental or Political or they suck >Pop girls >…[View]
122399005KPOP GENERAL: Ningselle edition.[View]
122397354>no southern music anymore >even counry is cityfagged welp, looks like the yanks won after all…[View]
122398712>*is too busy suckin on a ding dong*[View]
122399150So Classical advanced music in Stravinsky era, it took a while for pop to catch up But even in most …[View]
122397527Elizabeth Fraser is the most underrated singer of all times[View]
122399004ITT: Post indie from your country. This are las Fin del Mundo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpXIt…[View]
122398632weyes blood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTNB_2sOTEA >weyes blood >minions >linda ronds…[View]
122394431Do Make Say Think: Pretty underrated Post-Rock band[View]
122399103>le snares are le.... BAD. why are united statians like this?[View]
122390828You guys did listen to the new Kill Everyone, right?[View]
1223949643x3 4x4 5x5 last.fm collage: grape edition rate,rec, etc[View]
122398853>thoughts on Robin Thicke?[View]
122398354KPOP GENERAL: >>122398144[View]
122395380I'm blue, da ba dee da ba di Da ba dee da ba di, da ba dee da ba di Da ba dee da ba di, da ba d…[View]
122398949Do you have infographs for making music? Give pls give[View]
122386994Is HEALTH a good Industrial Metal band?: Their style changed quite a lot from their first album but …[View]
122392895/fit/ thread: Post gym music. Casual set: https://youtu.be/1nq9qQUc4ac?si=fExmrjfcQzA8FH_e PR: htt…[View]
122397704Angela Bofill (1954-2024): My dad used to like her music and she had a voice that can never be repli…[View]
122396203Why didn't she keep this look?[View]
122398267What do we think about Anthony Green?: Great artist, or just a pretty face?[View]
122398516YOU WANT SANDWICH[View]
122398295>science is LE BAD[View]
122397592for me, it's 311 while smoking a fat blunt https://youtu.be/mjfT2joaJxs?si=NpxJSfNEw7Jw68hx…[View]
122396692The day they broke up is the day music was finally taken off life support[View]
122396517>He skips tracks[View]
122398498Grindcore /powerviolence album of the year. Calling it right now. Groin is so fucking good[View]
122391217What's some more based christian music? https://youtu.be/mLEgo0vgoxA?si=HuuWbH6fQmrM1Wvo[View]
122398444Pyramid Song masterpiece: I don't care what you guys think of this song but it's literally…[View]
122395678Why is this album so eerie[View]
122398379LMFAO: >be trust fund kids >create the greatest pop song of the decade >break up less than …[View]
122396658Is This It [RCA, 2001]: Do these guys always get to the top of 'cool charts' because their music lea…[View]
122397791KPOP GENERAL: /a/ edition[View]
122391258RONNIE RADKE: the last real rockstar alive[View]
122396606The Thrills: So Much For The City [Virgin, 2004] If an American--a disaffected suburban boy from the…[View]
122389927Is it just me or this album is really not good? Everything is screamed is falsetto, guitar tone is a…[View]
122398110Afrocentric rap is openly anti-semitic. Truth be told, that's a good thing. 5%[View]
122397947What are some rock albums that get right to the fucking point and never let up? Something with this …[View]
122396069megallica: megallica[View]
122396944Need Recommendations: Girlfriend broke up with me then tried to get back but just ended up sexually …[View]
122394632New Bladee MV dropped: Sad Meal #ColdVisions: https://youtu.be/qEyQHvvbfnU?si=0MdpUn7bjy0ibdnM…[View]
122393321Trap music peaked here[View]
122385817/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Only a Gibson™ is good enough edition[View]
122397155KPOP GENERAL[View]
122395532Is Trent Reznor a good musician?[View]
122397741>Saves music for a second time[View]
122396824''Dogs'' is a life changing experience[View]
122395257How I'm Feeling Now[View]
122397362John Rzeznik was objectively the best songwriter of the 90s.[View]
122391694/metal/: Romantic dissonance edition old >>122388808 faq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJLIi…[View]
122394021Friendly reminder that the official mascot of Fleetwood Mac is a fucking penguin with a tophat and t…[View]
122396411>band is called the Humans they're actually animals[View]
122396286Here in the Southtown, hey you know that kids don't play Put it down in the streets, will I see…[View]
122394381Best selling album of the decade in america is a country album lmao[View]
122397239it finally clicked[View]
122397095When I first heard Found Out About You by Goo Goo Dolls I thought they were saying 'Oksana Baiul'[View]
122393442Do you prefer trap Bowie or bishounen Bowie?[View]
122396563KPOP GENERAL[View]
122395818Bambie Thug: Fuck me Bambie Thug is so good. The next big thing. Just played the main stage at Downl…[View]
122339487Looking to get started into drum n bass, what are some essential listens?[View]
122394344“improg” bands: how many of you here like “progressive” jam bands like dopapod, umphrey’s mcgee, etc…[View]
122383457/mu/chella summer '24: let's start this shit up guys. let's fucking go.[View]
122394901which nena cd has the original english version of 99 luftballons?? i just bought this one and it has…[View]
122396935Holy shit[View]
122378334Best metalcore album ever made. Literally unsurpassable. They were 5 years ahead of every other band…[View]
122396854>Heh, bet you can't name three urdu jazzwave songs you poser[View]
122389963What is you're favorite emo band?[View]
122393912>In 1976, at the age of 40, Evans was shot and killed by police at his home in Los Angeles, when …[View]
122396528nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga I'm 100% nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga ni…[View]
122395422>Mom walked in on me singing 2000s emo pop punk[View]
122396433Who is your favorite pedal steel player?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idOugNngVdc[View]
122381944So I was takin' a WALK the other day and I seen a woman, a BLIND woman, pacin up and down the s…[View]
122394450Will his website be kept alive after his physical death?: He's an AI guru, isn't he? I thi…[View]
122396424Why does /mu/ have no respect for early-2000s PS2/Xbox era EA Sports burnout radio Le 'lets larp the…[View]
122395853>Artists entire discography uses the vinyl disc center sticker for album covers Yep it's kin…[View]
122395957KPOP GENERAL[View]
122394599>band gets rid of long-time producer >immediately turns to shit…[View]
122396158So is he the main protagonist of music? What is his best arc?[View]
122393088Alan Jackson: Drive [Arista, 2001] when did he become human? I missed it--and I heard his roots albu…[View]
122391812>trusty ipod 32GB sitting in the drawer >breaking news the nukes are coming >dust of old fa…[View]
122396011what is the best one though?[View]
122386234[Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Shill THREAD][View]
122396226The Guess Who is better than the Beatles That's a fact.[View]
122361235itt: simply the best, most underrated experimental albums: albums for intellectuals[View]
122396222Listen to real music[View]
122396175this gets too much hate from self-loathing millenials. would any fellow zoomers like to back me up?[View]
122395174Why did post-punk of all rock genres have a significant revival but not metal or punk?[View]
122391563Was Lindsey Buckingham doing coke in the 90s too or was this just how it was back then?[View]
122390064In The Aeroplane Over The Sea [Merge, 1998] :([View]
122388913Why are used guitars so fucking expensive?: Holy shit and even the condition is horrible (fret wear,…[View]
12237451545 years ago the greatest album ever was released[View]
122392048Is the most talented musician of the past century? Who else can measure up?[View]
122395420KPOP GENERAL[View]
122386286do we still have to pretend this boring piece of shit is good?[View]
122392845>best tracks are the ones that got left off the album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVE4aOUX2iM…[View]
122393453*elevates pop music*[View]
122391973promote ur music here. i'll start: my new song >greentext (i know its corny just listen) …[View]
122394856KPOP GENERAL[View]
122393512what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
122395190What’s the difference between a mixtape and an album?: I’m a huge music fan and have been most of my…[View]
122395052thoughts on what I made in Ableton ? need feedback pls be honest https://voca.ro/1odC2Lhj62v3[View]
122395225What do you think of AI in music?: For example, this Beach Boys creation? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
122391734>the best musical artist of all time How did he achieve? Pure natural talent?…[View]
122394918https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTvnKbAnQR0&t=225 Music like this moment?[View]
122390142For me? It's Latto. The best musical artist[View]
122391405BEST ANIME OPENINGS THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_LJdBw4SZo Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother…[View]
122395236I think the 'Now that /mu/ has moved on from Radiohead' sperg secretly likes /mu/, but it's too…[View]
122374419/jazz/ -[View]
122395204This shit be bangin[View]
122369100Japanese Music Thread[View]
122384999It pisses me off so fucking much that The Cardigans (or their label, I don't care to find out w…[View]
122392507This has to be the most hipster metal album I've ever heard[View]
122387585Any Cowboy songs[View]
122383942*makes the best and most unique music in the 2010's* No need to say thanks /mu/.[View]
122393484Why are her album names so fucking stupid?[View]
122393473My life is a lot like breakdancing. Except there's no dancing and my entire life is just broken…[View]
122394329KPOP GENERAL[View]
122394675Best songs for the oh-la-la moment. The ones that pop up in my mind are Just Like A Baby by Sly sto…[View]
122390261>almost three decades and there hasn't been a better album in metal What's taking you g…[View]
122379790This is Taylor Swift's childhood home.[View]
122387097/classical/: Beethoven edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7mztDe8MOQ How do I get into classic…[View]
122378978Why can't they into music?[View]
122380544In Bloom is the Giant Steps of rock music.: this is your brain on reddit. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
122391746If John Lennon had stayed alive, would his music have transitioned in a way that complimented the sy…[View]
122393775What do you guys want to see from kessoku band going forward?[View]
122393556Whats the better song off of this amazing album, Toad or Cat's Squriell: Can A.I please make an…[View]
122394397Millennials and Zoomers killed the dominant (V-I): The plagal (IV-I) is now the official generic sto…[View]
122390895Who is your favorite Black artist?[View]
122390156What kind of music do male models listen to?[View]
122391586Dealing with reality: How am I supposed to deal with the crushing fact that I will never succeed or …[View]
122394076ITT artists who were better when they were fat[View]
122392431Pawns in the Game [Skyywalker, 1990] Of course he's serious; who could doubt it? Griff's p…[View]
122391187Does it deserve the hate?[View]
122392907Good country songs?: I WANNA TELL YOU ALL A STORY BOUT A HARPER VALLEY WIDOWED WIFE https://youtu.be…[View]
122390486I never got the praise for this album: Huge Bowie fan here, I've tried very hard to give Outsid…[View]
122393139>Now, what you hear is not a test, I'm rapping to the beat >And me, the groove, and my fr…[View]
122388362How do I get my gf into steely dan? my ex learned to love em, and saw me through the prism of steely…[View]
122394075If I wasn't lazy I would have made an album, and gotten all my discord bros to make threads abo…[View]
122393538KPOP GENERAL[View]
122389103are there languages that are objectively bad for singing?: I can't stand songs from Southeast A…[View]
122389870I've never heard an actual valid complaint on why we're supposed to hate Kenny G[View]
122393587Literally torture[View]
122392942KPOP GENERAL[View]
122385939so whats the best track here by far?[View]
122393470What's the name of this song? I'm pretty sure that it had female vocals, but I don't …[View]
122393123When did albums start to overtake singles, was it 1966?[View]
122391357what was the point[View]
122392798>the last somewhat mainstream trend was the SoundCloud Rappers and Billie nearly a decade ago …[View]
122388277This is literally the only good Eminem album, even with the cringey triumph the insult comic dog voi…[View]
122392888Do people really listen to Kanye West? I thought it was a meme[View]
122392412king of /mu/? king of /mu/.[View]
122388684MTV is suddenly the gatekeepers of music again: how would that affect you, personally speaking?…[View]
122390946albums similar to picrl? even within zappa's discography[View]
122383918Was this “Trilogy” ever explained?: Let me elaborate, I personally stopped listening to Odd Future a…[View]
122389818Why they were so good?[View]
122392361KPOP GENERAL[View]
122386556Wodos, Passassod or Yijdo?[View]
122384904>progressive black metal based or cringe?[View]
122392849hey broskis need help finding song name/artist name: https://imgur.com/AzCGqfw sad[View]
122390172Please share some jazz music that you like[View]
122386652what is dooms best album?[View]
122392184Anyone have any good power pop/pop rock recs? I'm mostly looking for stuff like the pillows or…[View]
122391688FACT : If you're a MAN and you don't like PANTERA you're a FAG.[View]
122392366Whats that whistling sound that starts at around 24:55 called? Sounds like a ghost or something. htt…[View]
122388381Quick! Name an emo band![View]
122391814KPOP GENERAL[View]
122391032How do you write songs?: I play the chord progression on guitar then improvise melody with my vocals…[View]
122389321Bands literally only you know about[View]
122390785How come there are so few examples of teenage artists blowing up into the mainstream and then NOT tu…[View]
122391129ITT: Guilty pleasure album/music: What's your guilty pleasure? mine is Unknown Death 2002 for a…[View]
122381603What exactly is the genre of this album?[View]
122391169>Taking Back Sunday or Brand New? >Why pick between two kings…[View]
122390057I watched the Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam unpluggeds back to back What did I think of the…[View]
122391294KPOP GENERAL[View]
122391652spotify general #1- a place to discuss recent listens, share playlists, make blends, collab playlist…[View]
122388808/metal/: Ching Chong riffs edition old >>122377173 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
122391403What is some essential slagcore?[View]
122391288Siberian Khatru[View]
122390774KPOP GENERAL[View]
122391227laker brady: is he next up?[View]
122375956Through much of the 2000s and early 2010s, we heard louder and louder sounds about how music was dyi…[View]
122387874St. Vincent: so her dad is a wallstreet criminal who went to prison for defrauding working people?…[View]
122391233Post memory holed events in music: >In 2003, a 12-year-old boy was naked on stage at a Foo Fighte…[View]
122386378What are the GOAT love songs?[View]
122383579>best rock frontman Nothing personal, just crackerman things[View]
122389304What does he listen to?[View]
122390419>Sunday morning >neighbor is blasting Bon Jovi at full volume again…[View]
122388554Pick your Favorite !: >tfw David Guetta is still that popular after 25 years…[View]
1223820935x5 WEEK for recent listens guess politics recommend politicians https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
122390217KPOP GENERAL[View]
122390703Jessica Pratt general: Favorite song? I love ''Better Hate''[View]
122382466shitty music for racist asholes cant belive people still listens to him pantera cant sing and makes …[View]
122385184Are you able to separate the art from the artist?[View]
122386592Sabrina Carpenter - Please Please Please: There's just something about this song that doesn…[View]
122390256Controversial opinion Dookie is Alt Rock, just like Weezer and Nirvana It's closer to Husker …[View]
122364579/dkr/ - Drake vs Kendrick general - The Last Thread Until The Concert? Edition: Previous: >>12…[View]
122389056Is there a more manchild genre of music than metal?[View]
122390273>if you have x political beliefs and don't listen to my music! It's not for you! AHAHAH…[View]
122390157So only Paul and Ringo were serious musicians, right?[View]
122386717YOU CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC!: Yesterday in Chicago, in the Pilsen neighborhood, TRAX RECORDS, the …[View]
122389701KPOP GENERAL[View]
122384543What's an album you wish you could have hung out during its recording?[View]
122390112>*clicks fingers* >I remember you was conflicted…[View]
122389333Favorite album + what you eat for breakfast: Rice[View]
122389977Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment Would…[View]
122383535Cruel Summer enters the all-time Spotify top 50: The Weeknd - Blinding Lights 4.3b Ed Sheeran - Shap…[View]
122366769whats some other albums like this?[View]
122389658How do I get my friend to develop better taste in music? He mostly listens to anime and video game s…[View]
122389225>Bassist Bill Wyman claims that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards deliberately arranged the stem of …[View]
122389858>In 2015, in the unofficial biography Notes From The Velvet Underground, biographer Howard Sounes…[View]
122389801Overrated slop: Lil Pump is more musically talented than Freddie Mercury Lil pump songs gets me hype…[View]
122388161What does she listen to?[View]
122364015Why do female 'musicians' like dressing up revealingly on stage? It really undermines their performa…[View]
122389315the sweetness will not be concerned with me[View]
122389111KPOP GENERAL: Unnies[View]
122389572How do I make smooth jazz? I specifically want to evoke the feeling of a ps1 loading screen. BTW I…[View]
122389519The canopy over of the main doorway of the rizz hotel[View]
122389449This image is my only comment[View]
122383572The mexican neighbors have a live mariachi band...again[View]
122383397>same voice since teenage years kek, his balls must be so small[View]
122382158Why do people call Beck a musical genius[View]
122377350What do you think about Smashing Pupkins New guitar player Kiki Wong[View]
122388012>find an amazing track >rest of the album is very clearly not the same worst feeling ever, onl…[View]
122376099Honestly? This is shit.[View]
122388035Swifties on suicide watch[View]
122384157Zolo bros... We're so back.[View]
122388797When did you realise that playing most songs is trivial? I think I was around 18[View]
122388656KPOP GENERAL[View]
122388949Is this the chad clash album?[View]
122379951>no you dont get it, it’s good because it sounds like shit[View]
122388391>the beatles? get that pop slop away from me... heh, ever heard of captain beefheart and the fish…[View]
122383887Incunabula was Autechre's only good album.[View]
122377173/metal/: possessed edition old: >>122364772 faq: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
122385882what went wrong?[View]
122382227>poison. My favorite metal band What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
122388105Alexisonfire: Any fans?[View]
122388155KPOP GENERAL[View]
122388490That reason why Billie Joe Armstrong is a Sashiphilia (look that his face!)[View]
122383810Bob Dylan says early songs 'magically written': In awe of the greatness of his lyrics, he says he do…[View]
122388368>artist's worst album has the best cover art[View]
122388379>if i could just leave my body for the night[View]
122387543Brat: Coming in to this album as a new Charli listener. Now, I like a good pop tune, but this was ju…[View]
122381807If you grew up with white boys Who only look at black and Puerto Rican porno[View]
122387141Banger, 12/10[View]
122380481REQUIRED ALBUMS: i'm starting a heavy metal/hardcore band and i've come to the realization…[View]
122363889What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? She keeps releasing new versions to keep Billie and Charlie …[View]
122387727KPOP GENERAL[View]
122385457MOST INTERESTING DARK/OCCULT ALBUMS?: I'm thinking either musical theming or the actual backsto…[View]
122387866Holy shit[View]
122384249Why is this faggot on the left so popular? His singing is terrible.[View]
122387468Any good albums of blues songs covered by a rock band with a harder sound than the original? Like pi…[View]
122387745He only had one good Album[View]
122337025/wpop/: R.I.P. eternal queen of /wpop/ & /mu/ edition prev: >>122297178 thread theme: http…[View]
122387229KPOP GENERAL[View]
122378376Favorite 2024 releases so far: Post your favorite release(s) of the year so far ITT. The first half …[View]
122387677Ummm, swifties … our response?[View]
122379996Should I listen to this or is it irrelevant bunk? Does it speak to anyone's soul or is it just …[View]
122387279This album is actually a fucking BANGER holy shit[View]
122386954Love Live is more hardcore than black metal: Satanfags...explain[View]
122387481I fell in love with you! We fell in love with you, Guys like us just don't fall out of the fuck…[View]
122378767>generals gathered in their masses >just like witches with fat asses What did Black Sabbath me…[View]
122377541Post your favourite pedal.[View]
122377606This album SUCKS! Fantano was right to give it a 2/10. Can't believe she went from Born to Die …[View]
122387335>And in my dreams you're alive and you're crying[View]
122387164Dreams of Fucking a Cartoon Bitch Thirstin Howl III: This dick'll have Wonder Women pawnin…[View]
122386938Kurt Cobain vs. Jesse Lacey: Who screamed better?[View]
122386729KPOP GENERAL[View]
122384446Is this the biggest fraud in hop hop?[View]
122381401>search for album artwork image >first result is Pitchfork this album is so fucking boring. i …[View]
122384486one piece music thread: post one piece music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU26yt2fU0c…[View]
122379460Are blacks given too much credit for how integral they were for rock?[View]
122385179Best a7x album yet[View]
122386753Best music to listen to high?[View]
122382649I need music about overcoming obstacles and making it through tough times. Any suggestions? https://…[View]
122386627>*clicks fingers* >I remember you was conflicted…[View]
122378186Are there still bands that do actual Pop Punk? Not Alt Rock Pop Punk Hybrids like Green Day or Scene…[View]
122386232KPOP GENERAL[View]
122384718Do Do do da do doo doo Da doo da do da DEE DA DOO DA DOO Do da DOO DA DOO DA DOO DO DO DA DO DA DO[View]
122386610how does this sound?: Just started experimenting in Ableton with this, how does it sound? I really l…[View]
122381263>check out this Boards of Canada-loving faggot[View]
122385144What is your opinions about Beck, the musical genius[View]
122377840Barre chords: literally impossible.[View]
122382062If you could erase a band from music history which one would it be and why?[View]
122386226Why are psych babes so cute?: Post best psychadelic rock waifus. Pic related is Bardo Pond girl…[View]
122385760KPOP GENERAL[View]
122385692Scaruffi is right, sister ray is based[View]
122385499>I! >Will witness! >WITNESS! >The fall! >Of! >EFRAFAAAAAAAAAAAA!…[View]
122386101Im never buying prepaid concert tix again: Ever. You fucked up vaxxie bionazis. You will never get m…[View]
122381642*solves music*[View]
122386056>1989 released 10 years ago[View]
122384164>be lutist >play contemporary sounds >the only other lutists on the scene are folklore LARP…[View]
122384330Why stadium pop-rock stopped from being popular in the 2020's??[View]
122385912cocksucker blues[View]
122385833Its Time to RISE Its Time to RISE: Your news is old news. It's time to spread the word. Let the…[View]
122376669/gg/ guitar & bass: girl bass[View]
122385297KPOP GENERAL[View]
122382305Was Bowie a pedophile?[View]
122383669>sign on album cover says K. West >First track called 'Five Years' >Almost exactly 5 years …[View]
122385491Meshuggah is actually hip hop not metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_C5nK_p8lk&list=OLAK5uy…[View]
122377627So we're all just going to sit here and let Les Claypool get away with it huh?[View]
122380165What song should I make my anthem on Tinder? Something I actually like or something normie?[View]
122381749I'm not saying it was the 2010s Sgt. Pepper, but...[View]
122384824KPOP GENERAL[View]
122382997What's supposedly so special about Björk?: I always thought her singing was kinda awkward…[View]
122382365February 20th Los Angeles, California.: I’m in the studio with Death Grips… They’re working on their…[View]
122382043this is trash https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=apBWI6xrbLY[View]
122384545You are looking at The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Say something nice about it.[View]
122378473Neo-Nazi core[View]
122385077Sleeper Albums: Name a sleeper album that's fantastic front to back.[View]
122381090Hey guys. Do you like sucking dick?[View]
122378138Lou Reed enjoying an ice cream in New York City: Lou Reed enjoying an ice cream in New York City…[View]
122370653I've finally accepted that it's their best album.[View]
122384717I don't even understand how humans are capable of coming up with chord progressions like this.[View]
122384784Black Metal: Is inherently anti-cisheteronormative...[View]
122382016HEY YOU: Who is your favorite soul singer?[View]
122384232KPOP GENERAL[View]
122384801PolitikZ: >a-ha >its ur buoy >im a spiritual lyrical miracle individual spiritual lyrical i…[View]
122381764>white pony before white pony Such a vibe What's y'all favorite horny metal?…[View]
122376400/classical/: Raff edition https://youtu.be/eOzFnjO4GyU >How do I get into classical? This link ha…[View]
122384459itt: headlines that ended a career: headlines that when you saw them, that artist lost you as a fan …[View]
122381158I'l never undestand how he cites The Beatles as one of his main influences[View]
122380528Does /mu/ know how to do the twist[View]
122384448Todd is Godd[View]
122379687HASAMI group: Does anybody know anything about this musical group, I found them through YouTube thei…[View]
122384439Smooth 70's thread? Are there any modern bands like Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, or is t…[View]
122376798Nu-metal was the last white popular music.[View]
122377232>song just fades out without any deescalation or epic outro >chorus repeats again but with a h…[View]
122380735Music that you only listen to.[View]
122382433What the actual fucking fuck is this timeline.[View]
12238342890 percent of drum beats are the same[View]
122383732KPOP GENERAL[View]
122384217>Least fuckable dude in existence >Makes an album called sex…[View]
122383889Got any favourite chudcore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBl9PTNNFfI[View]
122378804what are you currently listening to?[View]
122383727>Animalize is the 13th studio album made by American rock group KISS. It was released on Mercury …[View]
122380300Listening to this album for the first time and really like it. What do ya'll think of this one?…[View]
122383152KPOP GENERAL: TripleS[View]
122336200soundcloud / bandcamp / shill thread: .[View]
122380872Particularly, the section of Birdland from 4:23 until the end I believe to be the of the most happy,…[View]
122377635>Spit some bars, white boi[View]
122383627Yah I’m thinkin Kino[View]
1223835538675309: 8675309[View]
122383621How well does it hold up 15 years later, /mu/? Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wauIGha…[View]
122383602>cause when I call >I hope you pick up your phone >I'd like to talk to you >I hope …[View]
122383508The greatest to ever play.[View]
122383455Just so we're clear, Justine Beaver is NOT in fact a biological female?[View]
122379933Sample hunting thread: I need help finding a sample from the Phantom's Revenge. https://youtu.b…[View]
122378510The Great Debate.[View]
122380150Amercian Life : Madonna: I'm really torn on this album cut it has some songs that are just SO C…[View]
122382580KPOP GENERAL[View]
122382481Why was it poorly received?[View]
122376580/spot/ #1: spotify general #1- a place to discuss recent listens, share playlists, make blends, coll…[View]
122373299Why did electroclash music vanish after the 00's?[View]
122381408Does /mu/ respect Super Cat?[View]
122382833God I miss Chrissy Amphlette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUiQxUvPrsU[View]
122382615Tough Cookies: Best of the Quarantine Broadcasts [Contender, 2021] Even during lockdown I remained a…[View]
122382304*mogs your favorite album*[View]
122382764Be Chew To Your Food[View]
122379949What is your favorite all-female band?[View]
122376065Why does /mu/ have such contempt for music? It's like you douchebags don't even enjoy anyt…[View]
122382107https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykCvTcOvcOY Melvins fucking rule, just found this song from Stoner W…[View]
122381945KPOP GENERAL[View]
122379205>got made fun of for wearing earplugs at a concert again[View]
122372327There's nothing on Brat that Farrah Abraham wasn't doing better over a decade ago. This is…[View]
122382095Why did the quality drop off so hard after Echoes?[View]
122374911for me, it's greg Isaacs. the best reggae artist[View]
122381355KPOP GENERAL[View]
122381886>saves rock music in your path BASED[View]
122381543>take this razor and sign your name across my wrist so everyone knows who left me like this…[View]
122375997yeah,,, i wonder why male performers are not like this,,, at all!!!![View]
122371496Up My Sleeves made me cry for the first time in 4 years: hey /mu/, haven't cried in about 4 yea…[View]
122381685the lou raven reed: the lou raven reed[View]
122378460What if 2002 Eminem time traveled to 2024?[View]
122379956KORN deserves all of the hate that Nickelback got.[View]
122378114is the sexiest musician to have ever lived? my sister and mom obsesses over him[View]
122381396Was(Is?) the deathcore hate justified?[View]
122381472>I'm aware of my perception as being like 'heavy, weight-of-the-world guy who sings about hi…[View]
122381009'Hey Little Tomboy' Hey, little tomboy. Sit here on my lap I got things that I gotta tell you No mor…[View]
122376565\m/ WHERE THE GODDAMN SMACKERS AT \m/[View]
122380058>band makes a sequel to one of their old albums >it fucking sucks…[View]
122380844KPOP GENERAL: Tard edition.[View]
122363259why do jazz elitists dismiss pic related as 'too entry level' or 'overrated'?[View]
122381310>and the Wichita lineman >is still on the LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE…[View]
122381266god bless tally hall[View]
122373694I'm trying to get into electronic music, but besides Chicane, Adam Freeland and Astrix I don…[View]
122374011Definitely one of the greatest debut albums of all time[View]
122380050WEEN: which ween albums should i listen to? i got halfway through the first album and it sucked. Ski…[View]
122367980I like the idea of the Fall a lot more than I actually like the Fall.[View]
122376259The only good tranny album. its also the best albums of the 1980s its chock fulll of bangers. how di…[View]
122380283jesus fucking christ almighty this album is a horrendous lump of dogshit[View]
122380777AI album art in luma labs: has anyone else been trying to upload album art to luma labs? I have a co…[View]
122381051What is everyone's favorite the junior varsity song? For me, it's mad for Medusa.[View]
122380449>Hendrix added: '[S]omeone was filming when we started doing [Voodoo Child]. We did that about th…[View]
122380325KPOP GENERAL[View]
122373725What genre of music is her SA2 level themes and how can I compose it for myself?[View]
122367635What a similar album to this? This went so hard on my first listen and I wanna feel something simila…[View]
122380424*beats her wife*[View]
122365677>dad robbed at gunpoint, only way out was to force son into making music for the man >more tha…[View]
122379725KPOP GENERAL[View]
122377691Post very dense, dynamic, full of content, non-repetitive electronic music.[View]
122369788Fantano writes this off as trash: The fact that he does shows how little his scores mean. to him thi…[View]
122373286Which overplayed pop song do you unironically adore?[View]
122377210Why is Lennon so keyed?[View]
122378701Well /mu/, who's your pick?[View]
122369160qrd on racism in j-pop?: 'The video uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday (June 12) by rock group Mrs Gre…[View]
122379923Horslips: The Man Who Built America [DJM, 1979] In the past these rock pros from the Emerald Isle sp…[View]
122376818Do your parents play / write music?[View]
122372524Name a better band, you literally can't[View]
122379547How do I kickstart a arab alt music scene?[View]
122376829How good was the orchestra at Auschwitz?[View]
122379747wow these guys are playing their asses off this is great stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4QnA…[View]
122379121KPOP GENERAL[View]
122379330>dies at 58[View]
122377931>now up to TWO MILLION monthly listeners on spotify classicalbros... we finally made it back…[View]
122376447Was it kino?[View]
122378147What's a good CV sequencer under £200 with more than 16 steps? Something like the Korg SQ1 but …[View]
122376895my fave album released so far this year has 3 ratings on rym[View]
122369656How big was their Influence on British bands? We always talk about their influence on american band…[View]
122372586The eternal GOAT[View]
122371039What DAW do you use?[View]
122376790>Prog, now that's a genre.[View]
122374594What was his major malfunction?[View]
122377918ITT: Bossa Nova with a electric twist[View]
122357069'Metal is the new classical music': >Play some metal >0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-3-5-7-3-0-0-…[View]
122366581so avril lavigne still hasn't been cancelled: interesting i wonder why that is[View]
122378549KPOP GENERAL[View]
122375560music rec thread: shilling for avalanche kaito >https://youtu.be/MhML0h-Kmno?si=iMv6rNTrg0vfpSIb…[View]
122378499Most representative genres of each decade: 80's: synth-pop 90's: eurodance 00's: firs…[View]
122369824oh brother this guy stinks[View]
122377848unleash the tusic[View]
122377667Nobody has the heart to say it but Kendrick is actually kind of retarded & Drake is kind of a ge…[View]
122370741Is /mu/ a Bowie board?[View]
122377128has music ever SHOCKED you?[View]
1223681394x4 last.fm tapmusic.net collage thread: discuss music, life, etc. guess ideal lovers recommend film…[View]
122377936KPOP GENERAL[View]
122378453>man not only employed but famous for his artistic talent writes about lonliness…[View]
12236145180s college rock was the peak of alternative/ indie rock and modern indie can't even come close…[View]
122377998Land Ho's riff sounds like the SpongeBob intro[View]
122323140>Gives Megadeth 3 >Gives Deftones 3 >Gives BMTH 3 >Gives Sleep Token 2 >Gives A7X NOT…[View]
122378352Poll time: https://strawpoll.com/ajnE1zEeBnW When was the last time /mu/ has actually been to a show…[View]
122377935What went wrong?[View]
122375595Who's your favorite rapist? For me it's MF DOOM, probably the greatest rapist who ever did…[View]
122376220>see this at local show what do[View]
122377833Thoughts on Raymond Scott?[View]
122372866>this made boomers freak out[View]
122377970Turnstile fucking sucks, can someone here explain the appeal? Sounds like hyper generic rock with ar…[View]
122375612The Walliest Time[View]
122377941Will they be remembered like Mozart and Beethoven in the future[View]
122377283KPOP GENERAL[View]
122366402Mono or stereo?[View]
122372748Looking for a track: And I have no fucking clue how to describe it, because the memory is very vague…[View]
122374196ITT: only the most kino Grateful Dead concerts. preferably pre-hiatus era i'll start with a tru…[View]
122375600Why does she sound like a child?[View]
122377491I Was Blind (But Now I See)[View]
122368910>WHO SAID SUGAR GAY?[View]
122377453Charli XCX wishes she was as talented as her[View]
122377340AI MUSIC COVERS: Could I get in trouble if I make AI cover of popular songs (cartoon and anime openi…[View]
122370430>lofi bossa nova[View]
122373083HOLY SHIT[View]
122366066Why don't zoomers like Neutral Milk Hotel[View]
122375698It's sad that TATU split up cause Lena couldn't handle the truth.[View]
122377293a hoe asked me on the spot to play a song on her phone's spotify and I tried to weasel out of i…[View]
122376739KPOP GENERAL[View]
122376190i want to like them, i really do...but all their songs sound the fucking same man.[View]
122373418How did Wet Leg manage to stand out from the crowd? Their album is all bangers. Second album when?[View]
122375752albums with a similar feel? the sea and cake have it slightly just looking for some other recs[View]
122375622$uicideboy$: How are they so good bros?[View]
122364772/metal/: The pointer sisters edition OLD: >>122357571 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt…[View]
12236813330 years later and STILL flawless.[View]
122376996Anyone remember these guys? I feel like no one talks about them even though they seem like a band /m…[View]
122371856Wtf was his problem[View]
122370908Music was better before I knew what a flac was.[View]
122376307>woman sings about depression[View]
122375565holy shit Greenland fucking sucks. Does this country even have any good music?[View]
122372386ITT: post your recent purchases: I finally got Heroes by David Bowie on vinyl.[View]
122375823Dua Lipa absolutely crushes Taylor Swift. I thought she's gonna be the next big thing What happ…[View]
122357738This one is weird as hell. In some ways it fits perfectly into 1988 but other parts are like 5-10 ye…[View]
122376424How do I sing like Chino? I want to achieve that sexy breathy tone. My voice is high baritone or low…[View]
122376163KPOP GENERAL[View]
122368091The Runaways [Mercury, 1976] Don't let misguided feminism, critical convolutions, or the fact t…[View]
122368285Why female musicians do this?[View]
122358693>this repetitive pop album about a woman partying and being sad is a crowning achievement in the …[View]
122370974Ovlov: this is fucking stuck in my head >https://youtu.be/L7Kk0tivFko?si=RhtgCJe0a2foVVsp&t=1…[View]
122347670/classical/: Embarrassing and kitschy Russian music which the community disapproves of edition https…[View]
122371462>Living it up at the Hotel California[View]
122375642holy shit[View]
122370009>times you pushed your creative limits[View]
122375661KPOP GENERAL[View]
122375025Underground: What do you think about this rap album released by suicideboys?[View]
12237594425 years ago, this was considered unbelievably fat[View]
122367056fav st vincent song, /mu/?[View]
122374816>Saturday morning >neighbor is blasting Bon Jovi at full volume again…[View]
122374491is this chernobil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGNK-cOtxSs[View]
122375779I rote a song ya'll: Real Milk (ft. Nicki Menage) Milk (MILK) I drink milk (MILK) I eat milk (M…[View]
122375077Matty Healy: >cum dumps tay tay for several months at her literal peak >marries a supermodel 1…[View]
122375074was he gay?[View]
122375419do you think this image made anyone get out[View]
122375509For me? It's the rap music. The best music[View]
122375965>I’ve been to Georgia on a fast train honey[View]
122365271You think the end of the world is coming?[View]
122373416What music will our new Americans listen to. This seems like an important question for those pursuin…[View]
122375844First noise rock band ever been to: The guy was pretty good. Nothing quite like walking into the arc…[View]
122368334What's the most ohio ass music you've ever heard?[View]
122375768Cutecore: Post cute music, I'll begin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyxuFUiNPPE[View]
122362325What are the greatest punk bands of all time? pic unrelated[View]
122373063her music sucks[View]
122375178KPOP GENERAL[View]
122368888So, what is he up to these days? How can he possibly be retired after only making four albums?[View]
122375423how would you rank this discography[View]
122372696Which artists are the greatest examples of the 60s pop sound?[View]
122375568You said you couldn't stay You've seen it all before, I know And sold you on their way Oh,…[View]
122373701What's her best song?[View]
122374221Shawty is an eenie-meenie-minie-mo lover Shawty is an eenie-meenie-minie-mo lover Shawty is an eenie…[View]
122369939photographs that ended careers[View]
122375274>Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-oo >You can't work in banking unless you…[View]
122373218Hey /mu/, I'm interested in multimedia projects like this, i.e an album or EP with an accompany…[View]
122375161I'm going to go ahead and be completely open and honest, if your artist name isn't your re…[View]
122374689Love To Love You Baby [Casablanca, 1975] Did you come yet? Huh, huh? Did you come yet? B-[View]
122374777KPOP GENERAL: our nugus just went live: https://www.youtube.com/live/TXUZTKgeyXo[View]
122372751What are some bands like heilung that awaken the ayran spirit?[View]
122375147This: https://youtu.be/RXL2RQLP-0k?t=13 Sampled this: https://youtu.be/Kb73u_P3SWk?t=40 Right? Pitch…[View]
122365326there are only two kinds of people in this world. nirvana guys, or guns and roses guys. which one ar…[View]
122374341KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369537itt: talentless hacks[View]
122363001/gg/ - guitar & bass general: God's guitar edition[View]
122372846Old pirate radio stations: I had a phase where i was obsessed with UK pirate radio from the 90s, mos…[View]
122364845Who's your favourite pianist and why?[View]
122370522Anyone heard anything from them[View]
122369076Humiliation ritual[View]
122369899>Creates 4 masterpiece pop albums between 1992-1997 which have all aged fantastically >People…[View]
122373950KPOP GENERAL[View]
122368249>makes maiden, priest, zeppelin look likes clowns Thoughts about the true king of rock n roll?…[View]
122373532KPOP GENERAL[View]
122372972I don't see the appeal of Scaruffi It's just some guy who ripped off the taste from magazi…[View]
122373717ITT: peak soul[View]
122365407A roots rock masterpiece[View]
122369191Is there a way to enter the SF nightlife scene without getting raped as a straight dude?[View]
122373107KPOP GENERAL[View]
122357217It's common for albums to be frontloaded, but what are some of the most backloaded albums ever?…[View]
122367166Is this the best jazz metal album?[View]
122369007Who is the real mastermind behind this band? For years I thought it was James, but now I;m finding o…[View]
122372661have you heard this album? do you like it?[View]
122373169she fucks good[View]
122372691KPOP GENERAL[View]
122372898her career should've ended here[View]
122367000nic cave fucking sucks holy shit[View]
122367104Holy shit: How am I supposed to cope with getting mogged by fucking elementary schoolers?[View]
122369887Man, I'm listening to all these boomer bands like pink floyd, zz top, the ac/dc, deep purple an…[View]
122365347>certified 90s bopper What's y'all thoughts on this masterpiece?…[View]
122372288KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369520I honestly missed the point at which the boom clap girl started being treated as some sort of musica…[View]
122372289Who are the best retarded (developmentally) musicians?[View]
122372539Is he based /ourguy/?[View]
122369684>filters millions https://youtu.be/kfVsfOSbJY0?si=eIk-9dsTkQnch2vp…[View]
122368569>check yourself, white boy[View]
122367746>Blacked is this the best song about being cucked?[View]
1223692882009: please fucking take me back god please FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgSxt357Zs4…[View]
122369098wtf am I listening to? sleep token's visual aesthetic made me expect them to sound brutal this …[View]
122367768I can't wait for her to be mine.[View]
122371874KPOP GENERAL[View]
122372230Is any of the later Pumpkins stuff worth listening to?[View]
122364791the Queen of Zoomers spends a fourth week #1 on spotify but most importantly the Queen of /mu/ debut…[View]
122371924>musicians with patrician taste thread[View]
122366493What are /mu/‘s thoughts on this great band?[View]
122371279We should spend this time praising our greatest living artist while he's still around[View]
122371468KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369581Did he carry the band?[View]
122370494>Modern Post Hardcore Bands took the Aesthetics of Post Punk/Shoegaze >Modern Post Punk/Shoeg…[View]
122371282>6'4 >best songwriter in alternative rock >wrote and recorded nothing but masterpieces…[View]
122371447what's the endgame for poptimism?[View]
122370959KPOP GENERAL[View]
122367801Was this Fantano's greatest and most legitimately entertaining moment?[View]
122371366Woody/Dreamcaster: His shit is top notch but he struggles to break 20k per video. Are the people sim…[View]
122371287Turnstile: Yeah late to the party but are these guys the coolest band in the world right now or what…[View]
122369839What are the most common mental illnesses in music?[View]
122370094The King: next tuesday Drake will reach 100 billion streams on Spotify: Drake 99.8b Taylor Swift 84.…[View]
122371040What went wrong?[View]
122368045L4: mfw Lorde’s next album is the only thing stopping me from killing myself[View]
122359616How can people unironically still be 'metalheads' as adults? I mean, imagine basing your whole image…[View]
122370701Is Jacoby Shaddix(Papa Roach) the modern equivalent of Paul Simon? Paul Simon is a well-known folk s…[View]
122370396KPOP GENERAL[View]
122368099Korn: Yeah, Korn. Now that's a band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSlSirSxhxM[View]
122370559Lou Reed: Why did he look like a monkey?[View]
122368766Who are the most acclaimed female musicians/bands that have absolutely zero male involvement in writ…[View]
122370189>shopping at used record store >comparing the prices with discogs on my phone >clerk notice…[View]
122370410is every single questionable decision on this album the fault of rick ruben? and why does anyone put…[View]
122369866KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369197I think I may be the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain?: >was literally conceived a few days after he …[View]
122365596>entire music video is just gwen pussyfucking the camera[View]
122369095We all know that Diamond Dave is better than that wuss Hagar. But who is better between Bon and Bria…[View]
122369927Check out some original music that isnt shit. Skip to 2:28 and watch him fuck your gfs https://www.y…[View]
122369697>try to jump on every zoom zoom trend including hyper pop, goth and e girl shit >Has collabs w…[View]
122364484>I support Eminem’s free speech […and he’s] very good at what he does, but he’s also a misogynist…[View]
122369900Charli XCX stans think that they’re more sophisticated and cultured than Swifties, which is unironic…[View]
122369431>*is too busy suckin on a ding dong*[View]
122369767millennial CORE - let's go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8ekz_CSBVg[View]
122369401KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369753Why do Redditors love this album so much? It wouldn’t even be in my top 5 Beatles albums, and i’m a …[View]
122366985>Saves music[View]
122366775>mogs youre favorite shoegaze song how did they do it? >songrel https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
122366195>mfw the tusic poster will never overtake gusic[View]
122366015Would you vote for Alice?[View]
122365628*mogs you're favorite album*[View]
122368050how do you develop your own taste and find new things you like? I've listened to the same bands…[View]
122361332>artist releases their best work 30 years into their career any other examples…[View]
122368913David Byrne is the GOAT.[View]
122368815KPOP GENERAL[View]
122369300>is the king of drill in your path[View]
122363798'Keep Away' guitar riff is exactly the same as Filters 'Hey Man Nice Shot' bassline and 'Voodoo' has…[View]
122363094What makes 'good' noise music? What's preventing a distorted recording of my washing machine fr…[View]
122357721what's some other eternal new guys of bands?[View]
122368984Is Endtroducing..... really one of the finest sampledelia albums of all time?[View]

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