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72439145I hate radiohead[View]
72438282Meaningful Music: Share the songs that have an intimate meaning to you and explain why. I want to he…[View]
72438537Lodger or Diamond Dogs?: I can't decide which is better /mu/ I'm voting Diamond Dogs. Both…[View]
72438843Need help finding good reggae/dancehall/dub albums: Need help finding good reggae/dancehall/dub albu…[View]
72437147punk, hxc, all that stuff: where do I go from here?[View]
72439061Which Beach Boys albums should i listen to Ive Listened to Pet Sounds, Surfs Up (My Fav), and im li…[View]
72437310U2 is wavy as fuck, I mean as far as experimental music goes they're the fucking plug, but I su…[View]
72439157Looking for a song.: It was a nineties era country song. Unfortunately I can't recall specific …[View]
72439168itt: albums you wish were longer: Low should have been a double album with twice as many pop-rock so…[View]
72435410/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: These threads will never die, but you will edition.[View]
72438974These guys are on some real shit. There is something unique here, and astonishing upon close listen.[View]
72438831What did Pitchfork mean by this?[View]
72437770Objective rankings of 5 decades, opinions/post yours, I think we can all agree on the 5 #1s. >60s…[View]
72436725ITT: Things people say about music that pisses you off: >it's not real music if they're…[View]
72438945>tfw can't remember the name of a band I used to listen to >They had only like 2 albums …[View]
72439039Marks the infamous turning point where U2 went from unspeakably terrible to the worst band of all ti…[View]
72438937On the state of things: Now that UK Vogue is getting a new editor do you think that the UK may now g…[View]
72437961Let's stan for the queen, RihRih![View]
72438660What happen to this edition of /mu/ makes an album?[View]
72437392KPOP GENERAL[View]
72433531/chart/: new chart thread use last fm or spotify if you don't have anything to rec people lazyp…[View]
72438477There are no good Irish ba...[View]
72438001Does /mu/ know Bane's World? Girlfriend just showed me this guy the other day. Pretty fucking …[View]
72417889Can we have a slowcore thread? Easily one of the best things to come out of the 90s. What are some o…[View]
72437801Starting a vinyl collection.: Finally got a record player, and my current record album lineup consis…[View]
72435096I'm in love with the score of Hannibal, and the really creepy moments where the wendigo is popp…[View]
72438632Mono No Aware - Various Artists: /mu/ this album is amazing and I need more like it please help.…[View]
72438606Thanks for being a fan[View]
72438292Can somebody tell me why this album has this album art? Is it supposed to be bad on purpose?[View]
72437600>band's best song is called #1[View]
72436990What do the posters mean, /mu/?: http://pitchfork.com/news/73106-radiohead-ok-computer-anniversary-s…[View]
72438063Why are you not listening to doja cat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppIjmR6WRHA ITT: your favorit…[View]
72438326Why didn't anyone tell me about this? This is like Death Cab except good.[View]
72435412>ask Siri/Cortana what the best album from an artist is >post results…[View]
72434861ITT: albums where the best song is a bonus track[View]
72437799Help: So I listened to this shit as a meme, and after laughing and smiling each time more and more b…[View]
72438175ITT: Funny reviews[View]
72434694unironically good vaporwave albums[View]
72438219This just came out. What does /mu/ think of it?[View]
72438378>scratch head >sniff finger >smells like poo poo music for this feel…[View]
72432419>multiple free ways of getting your music out there >thanks to laptops and audio interfaces, y…[View]
72437998>Your favorite song will never sound as good to you as it once did >Your favorite album will n…[View]
72438108By the power of grayskull, I summon the 57 year old /mu/tant!!![View]
72436974Should I listen to MMM?: It's long, critics hate it, but is it worth it?[View]
72438086Yearly Picks So Far!: Favorite albums from the last year... Choose wisely.[View]
72437548any thougths on this guy?[View]
72435767Hey I'm looking for a music-related cap, any recs?[View]
72437987ITT: edgelords[View]
72433837who's your favorite popstar?[View]
72437490Midwest emo thread. Post your favorites or shit you're listening to now. Here's a few of m…[View]
72429243/daily/ - Dark and Stormy edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new…[View]
72437725ITT: albums where the best song is so obvious you don't need to say it.[View]
72436015Were the 60s or the 70s the golden age of British Rock music?[View]
72435751Essential Youtube-Core: Post em'. I'll start.[View]
72437874There There is their greatest song. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
72436491What did they mean by this? No, seriously[View]
72437379does anyone have this album's original art, where it's like on a film strip or something? …[View]
72435408I need some good jazz recommendations: Ive always been meaning to get into jazz but haven't got…[View]
72432089one of these: Best >Sunday Runner Up >Hive Worst >Molasses Overrated >Pre Underrated…[View]
72434950https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZlNt05dCX8&t=1339s How do more people not talk about this? This…[View]
72435907ITT: What you listened to, What you expected, And what you got[View]
72431109Which of these artists are actually good?: Merzbow, Boredoms, Gerogerigegege, Coil, Throbbing Gristl…[View]
72436984>literally just implements jazz guitar techniques on distorted guitar >hailed as the greatest …[View]
72437126I don't lurk here enough to know what /mu/ thinks of her.[View]
72434347More like the second half?[View]
72437699What's you're favorite danzig song /moo/?[View]
72434286What went wrong?[View]
72429571>dude im so chill and retro n indie !!!!!!!!! LOL[View]
72437599Sneaking into the GA standing area at a stadium concert.: Ticket scalpers got me fucked up guys, cou…[View]
72433791ITT: Ways you've discovered an artist or band: I discovered Radiohead when I was 10. I was play…[View]
72436050Late to the party but this is a great song.[View]
72437412Fell in love with a girl is their best song.[View]
72435971What's /mu/'s thoughts on the supposedly worst song ever and supposedly best song ever?: S…[View]
72437397Benji is the best Sun Kil Moon alb-[View]
72434966Happy Hardcore: When did it die? What killed it? How do we bring it back?[View]
72436983Hello, fellow children! I'm wondering what is your preferred method of downloading digital audi…[View]
72435457Why did he turn into such a dick? Why did he cheat on Kim?[View]
72436078KPOP GENERAL[View]
72436471help me find new music: I'm so tired of all the music on my phone. I love all the music but I…[View]
72433990Hi, it's Thom Yorke, singer from the band Radiohead. I'd like to tell our fans that TKOL w…[View]
72435194Friendly reminder that this will be AOTY and FJM will go into hiding when it drops.[View]
72434806p4k - 9.0. allmusic - 4.5 out of 5. CoS - 'classic'. scaruffi - 8.: Why haven'y you listened to…[View]
72432240musicians: being regular human beings[View]
72434790seinfeld theme song fan thread[View]
72434353Lesbian music thread: lesbian music thread https://youtu.be/ao4o-XRU_KM?list=PLMqgXT_n2OCn6jZWQ-ldef…[View]
72431393Fuck, marry, kill[View]
72436456Tom Van Der Geld - Path - ECM Records I need a DL for this album I can't find it anywhere to bu…[View]
72435598What's his best track?[View]
72437067HELLO THERE[View]
72433466We need leave a mark in Pixel Canvas (a remade version of /r/place, but in this version you can pain…[View]
72435263https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY4YWpZq088 Is this guy totally right about Bob Weir?[View]
72435616Serious question jazz fans of /mu/, is Buddy Rich actually that well respected within jazz circles, …[View]
72437007Anybody know any good psychedelic or electronic music?: Preferably something synthy and upbeat.…[View]
72436885>I'm a rap man, rap rap rapity-rap Fucking really?[View]
72432767plug.dj: plug.dj thread why don't we have these anymore? https://plug.dj/fac51[View]
72434746ITT: 6.8/10s[View]
72435050just got done with this funk jam. the beats are pretty damn lit, laid back. The rapping is straight …[View]
72436642>Song is named after money/wealth/riches/certain monetary item >Song is actually about being p…[View]
72436206*blocks path*[View]
72434056Uneducated shit people say that flip your wig Thread: >'Grime is a sub-genre of hip-hop' just dro…[View]
72434620/psy/ - Psychedelic General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LSCoBk8hgU[View]
72435576I just found out Mount Eerie is a thing, have listened to the microphones a lot over the last few ye…[View]
72435209Songs about heartbreak? Going strong for a 1 year and 3 months now... I can't handle this anymo…[View]
72435261What did Katy Perry mean by this?[View]
72435323/mu/ made an album: >>72419992 never delivered so here https://suicideisanoptionrecordsc2016.b…[View]
72434141Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72436760Where's the best place to download music albums?[View]
7242331710/10 AOTY 2017[View]
72434507just how out of ideas is this guy? everything after salad days has literally been the same song done…[View]
72434303>girl has david bowie t shirt >ask her if she listened to low >she askes me what's tha…[View]
724301183x3 4x4 5x5 thread: discuss and rate and give recs and guess random things and stuff[View]
72435313ITT:: Best album from each decade. Tell us what you did today. Guess personalities.[View]
72436665Mathrock/Noise rockish?: Anyone know some music they can send my way relating to these two genres of…[View]
72436629Hi, it's Radiohead, singer from the band Thom Yorke. I'd like to tell our fans that OK Com…[View]
72432271ITT: Nu-Metal Masterpieces[View]
72433382Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72435536>When all the songs on the album are 20+ minutes long[View]
72436469I'm looking for this one punk band that plays reggae in their interludes. I know this isn'…[View]
72434463I hate this ugly bastard and his stupid fucking voice. Why do you people like him. Stop liking him.[View]
72436541/patrician/: What are you listening to?[View]
72436324how do you guys generally listen to an album when you're wanting to focus on it entirely? sit …[View]
72434178Guilty Pleasures: It may be cheesy but fuck it, I can't help singing along. As a kid I also tho…[View]
72435962Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72432542ITT we share and discuss the most essential /mu/ artists and albums that we've never bothered/h…[View]
72435583More like this, please: I know it's typical /mu/core, but it's honestly my favorite album…[View]
72426024/BlackMetal/: I noticed there's no black metal thread, and /metal/ is a fucking shit show as al…[View]
72435625Go see Jamaica motherfucker[View]
72436172https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N22ZUwHnfJ4 this was the first time you heard 99 luftballoons[View]
72436035So what does /mu/ think about Florence + The Machine?[View]
72435578Ok lads. I need some help coming up with a name for my album. I'm basically gonna be ripping of…[View]
72432623ITT:Albums that you learned to like: >pic related[View]
72435983More like this ?[View]
72429517Does anyone here even listen to these guys' new albums?[View]
72435777OST: post your favourite (also kind of random) old games OST songs. anything from snes to ps1. even …[View]
72430649Where can I find a source of music knowledge in the top right?[View]
72434494KPOP GENERAL[View]
72435110music for the longing of death, currently listening to pic related[View]
72431595does it deserve the praise?[View]
72435560when will metal & long hair make a mainstream comeback?[View]
72435817What does /mu/ think?[View]
72435763ITT: Albums that would be godly if you took out the main vocalist[View]
72435713/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 3: https://www.strawpoll.me/12828758 Chainsmokers smoked in s…[View]
72433244Artists that invented a genre: Is there any composer, musicians, bands, whatever. Who actually inven…[View]
72435207ITT: /ourguys/[View]
72432388Streaming Live: /mu/tant radio is offline edition Playlist is down until we can find a new host /mu/…[View]
72433998devin ruben perez[View]
72435589Did anyone else listen to this? What'd you think?[View]
72435432ITT: shits that get you mad >When does he start singing?/This would be so good with lyrics…[View]
72434097Zeal & Ardor: https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/zeal-and-ardor-interview Has he ever posted …[View]
72435029we do pigfuck[View]
72433270NEW FAUST ALBUM ANNOUNCED:: NEW FAUST ALBUM ANNOUNCED ON MAY 5: https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/faus…[View]
72433476Animal Collective hate thread[View]
72432571How the fuck do you create a band name tho >pic unrelated for lack of relevant pic…[View]
72435379What makes one post-rock/ambient album better than another?[View]
72432715/DnB/ general- edituon: Welcome back to the drum and bass general. As always, all genres of drum and…[View]
72435296Official Glam Genre Power Ranking Glam Punk>Glam Rock>>>>Glam Metal We can all agree,…[View]
72433597ITT: Patrician singles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=papuvlVeZg8[View]
72435176Hey guys! I'm new here and I started listening to /mu/core! I must say, this album was great![View]
72435224Johnny Cash: Hey /mu/, what are your thoughts on this man?[View]
72435152Can Ye west?[View]
72435160>adding reverb to Metal Please cut this hipster faggotry out.[View]
72434871Hi, i'm the best album of 2013.[View]
72435032ITT: Remind /mu/ of artists that died last year[View]
72435100holly shit did Ninja just bite GG hard?[View]
72430792SURVEY for my school report: I will also be posting this to /b/ but i'm not expecting much from…[View]
72434668/metal/: i just got into sludge/doom/stoner metal and the only band i'm really interested in is…[View]
72434567Why haven't you listened to this yet?[View]
72434831Albums about mental illnesses: This is about bipolar I guess. Are there any albums out there about o…[View]
72434784>Jangle Pop[View]
72434987Best, Worst, Overrated, Underrated: I'll start: Best: >Made of Stone Worst: >Don't S…[View]
72434893Good time[View]
72433924What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
72434750Albums to listen to high: What are some of your favorite albums to listen to stoned? Pic related to …[View]
72434884Do u liek math rocke? https://youtu.be/FOKbcSuCzYk[View]
72426913Who is your favourite jazz pianist? Evans? Monk? Ellington? Hancock? Tatum? Or someone else?[View]
72434699Plug DJ: come play music or don't https://plug.dj/the-sound-of[View]
72434695Pet Sounds Multitrack Project Part 2 (No Dicks Edition): Help extract some parts! https://mega.nz/#F…[View]
72434670Mixing Vocals: I need help with some vocals. What are good compression settings for singers?[View]
72432782Thoughts on Lauren and the Chvrches?[View]
72433343What is this?[View]
72433596Good songs with wah-wah pedals? Voodo Chile rocks[View]
72434486What are some good sites for music related shirts? I've only ever used hellomerch and rochabili…[View]
72431934KPOP GENERAL[View]
72432711how do you into inspiration? the only thing that's helped me even get close is psychedelic dru…[View]
72409120Soundcloud thread[View]
72434375Grimes milsurp: When did Grimes go all /k/ like?[View]
72432716Why couldn't more Grunge sound like this? Also, rec me similar stuff[View]
72433141what would you consider to be the best BoC release?[View]
72433954Best concept albums thread? Best concept albums thread.[View]
72433826Sacrificial Cake: This is really solid, like on par with any Swans proper at least in terms of atmos…[View]
72433688>le 'experimental rock lad' look how contrived. sad![View]
72434252Can someone with more ability than me make a Danny brown/ unkle adams mash up[View]
72433579Underground Hip Hop: I found a underrated gem guys[View]
72434206Name a nu metal album more underrated than this.[View]
72432912Kendrick Lamar = Black Hebrew Israelite?: >We are the Israelites according to the bible Damn / FE…[View]
72432736In all honestly how the fuck should TurboGrafx 16 (tentative title) sound?[View]
72434186What is so great about Eminem? AT BEST he has 1 great album, and MAYBE 2 good albums if you consider…[View]
72434154>And the sign said 'The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls,…[View]
72433368do death grips like her?[View]
72433445Any good turntables that can output through bluetooth?[View]
72432929Why do I cry for Yeezus: Hello /mu/. My favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, and Queens…[View]
72433315Airplane Music: I'm going on a long flight soon and I need some god tier airplane music. Help m…[View]
72434057What's his fucking problem?[View]
72434021The last 40 seconds of this album are pure beauty, one of the most glorious segments of music ever r…[View]
72430914autism: does he have autism?[View]
72432792which do u prefer - the ORB or ORBital? show your working[View]
72431484Cringy lyrics: I was going through my old songbook and found some lyrics I'd written that made …[View]
72434037>artist makes bilingual music[View]
72433147>6.2 from Pitchfork Is Visuals Mew's 'Painting With'?[View]
72429891Somebody recced this album to me the other day. I listened to the whole thing and all I can say is, …[View]
72433989Post shit you love from genres you hate. I know Camera Obscura are kind of twee but I have a very sp…[View]
72433838I'm surprised it took this long for this joke to play out irl[View]
72433552>when it finally clicks How did I not see it earlier? This album is amazing.…[View]
72431042Fuck it, it's a 5[View]
72432734Best Ween album?[View]
72433920whatever happened to real vaporwave? and im not talking about that faggotry shit that is dream catal…[View]
72433675Recommended bass boost songs for my shitty car. No dubstep bull shit[View]
72432774What is the best band and why is it Bauhaus?[View]
72433266Let's all talk about Clutch cos they're pretty good. Someone argue that the self titled is…[View]
72433818ITT: Post some funny music-related videos: Ones that don't usually get posted here are even bet…[View]
72431265Is pretending to like U2 some kind of new ironic meme here?[View]
72433797Thanks for being a fan[View]
72433686>you will never meet and get a picture with him[View]
72430662How do we save last.fm lads?[View]
72433639Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72433619Who is this guy and why is Pitchfork shilling him so hard?[View]
72433482Bruce Springsteen is an overrated pretty boy hack. He can't sing or play guitar worth a damn an…[View]
72433681I get it's about his wife or some shit but am I the only one who found this kinda cringy. I res…[View]
72433185ITT: Sexy Album Covers[View]
72419992/mu/ makes a new album: Allright that last thread was a clusterfuck. So, I'm gonna try to chang…[View]
72428745what are some good punk albums?[View]
72433419Would Nebraska have been better or worse if he had released 'final' versions of the tracks on this a…[View]
72433039working-class music: what are some songs with working-class lyrical content something along the lin…[View]
72433650Thoughts? Has anyone heard this and what do you think if you have? Is it worth the listen[View]
72432838Post albums atheists will never understand[View]
72433503Thanks for being a fan: A Hahahahaha Aha haha Ahahahahaha[View]
72433025Samples: Where can I find samples like oliver francis uses??? Or samples in general[View]
72431175Remember me?[View]
72432226>Hail Mary, Jesus and Joseph >The great American flag >Is wrapped and dragged with explosiv…[View]
72431615am i the only person on /mu/ who actually makes music. if u do share: https://soundcloud.com/aurrora…[View]
72432913Thoughts on Snarky Puppy /mu/?[View]
72431163holy fuck, this is actually really good it's like Campfire Songs meets Sleep Cycle do you think…[View]
72433394DNB: Anybody else like dnb? Comment if you do.[View]
72423375/shugazi/ - Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Noise Pop / ????: best general <3[View]
72430023Is listening to Radiohead while on shrooms a good idea /mu/? What other bands/musicans have music th…[View]
72411228ITT: actually talented waifus (NO grimes)[View]
72433237Can /mu/ know anything that sounds like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyAkgfw11sY This sort …[View]
72428228Pet Sounds Multitrack Project: Hello anons, I recently got a hold of some of the Unsurpassed Masters…[View]
72431365Anything similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI2oS2hoL0k[View]
72432103VIRAL MARKETING: I've noticed a lot of people on here get triggered when an album is viral mark…[View]
72433108Is Suburban Lawns the only good american post-punk band?[View]
72432220Is vinyl a meme?[View]
72430896I've been going through the 2Pac discog. and going from Strictly for my niggas and 2pacalypse t…[View]
72424592/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Zoot Horn Rollo version How do I start learning guitar? >justingu…[View]
72432081Is nine inch nails good?[View]
72433022choose one[View]
72430612>all these 90s shoegaze artists releasing comeback albums >still no Catherine wheel reunion in…[View]
72431930Desert Island Discs: What would be your Desert Island Discs? >Music Shine on You Crazy Diamond -…[View]
72428235Best produced hip hop album[View]
72413931Do you have any irl friends who share your music interests? If so, do you plan activities around you…[View]
72432693What drugs does /mu/ like to take when listening to music?[View]
72430728What was your first experience listening to harsh noise like? How did you rate your first album at t…[View]
72432819>Listening to the album instead of parroting the contrarians and memeing it every chance you get …[View]
72426671>artist's best album is a live album[View]
72429138Aenima: What do you think of this album /mu/?[View]
72429172/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: Based Ploymath Site Like Rate 'Your' Music (Sonemic is a literal embr…[View]
72431960How does /mu/ feel about Sufjan's work with Planetarium?: https://youtu.be/49Jwh5CC_J4 https://…[View]
72430607In terms of being a complete unit were they the greatest band of all time?[View]
72426868RIP Jonathan Demme[View]
72431678Is Free Bird the first /mu/ meme?[View]
72431469I'm looking for some albums with serious EDGE. Pic related is one of my favorites and an obviou…[View]
72432601The Who Concert: Hey, /mu/! The Who are coming to my 3rd world country for the first time with their…[View]
72427039What do we think about artists like Thurston Moore, Tunde Adebimpe, Robert Wyatt et al. chastising R…[View]
72431965How'd you get so rude and reckless /mu/?[View]
72432559Is the Butthole Surfer's 'my brothers wife' inspired by Hellraiser?[View]
72430603Positive examples of it 'all sounding the same' Formulas that worked[View]
72432517Revolutionary Music - The Primordial Negroid: https://soundcloud.com/nabuddah/negroid-thug-prod-nabu…[View]
72431199ITT:/mu/ core shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXNS5BYfnkU[View]
72432473what are other albums made using tracker software?[View]
72432297ITT: Post your favorite: >Album >Split Album >EP >Single >Split Single >Mixtape …[View]
72424682Why are white people so weirdly obsessed with old black music?: That blacks moved on from decades ag…[View]
72432075Why was he always wearing sweaters and long pants? He lived in Georgia.[View]
72432068Thoughts?: https://youtu.be/nI8S5Rgnvpo[View]
72431479Just listening to some Neil Young. Whats /mu/'s opinion on him? https://youtu.be/Eh44QPT1mPE?t=…[View]
72431969The Top 100 Hip Hop Albums of All Time This is objectively true.[View]
72428053Anyone here like Massive Attack?[View]
72431926What are some bands like Radiohead?[View]
72428993ITT: Post god-tier brazilian music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRpt8Asm9Z0[View]
72431917/v/ here recommend me more like this[View]
72432197Name LITERALLY ONE reason why anyone pays attention to this mediocre group?[View]
72432289I'm so sick and tired of normie time signatures like 4:4, 3:4, 12:8 and even 7:4. Any recommend…[View]
72431202p4k - 9.0. allmusic - 4.5 out of 5. CoS - 'classic'. scaruffi - 8.: Why haven'y you listened to…[View]
72431759Why haven't you heard the 2017 jazz AOTY yet?[View]
72429185Music that makes you happy ITT[View]
72432098what does /moo/ think about him[View]
72432135YOU DON'T ENJOY ABBA The fuck /mu/![View]
72429043/mu/ If they attached you to a polygraph machine: And they asked you the types of artists and music …[View]
72429623my taste in music > yours[View]
72430312>what kind of album u want senpai? >the first track is amazing on each disc but the rest of th…[View]
72414906Post your favourite artist and Hitler will decide if you go to the gas chamber[View]
72431716Prove to me that hip hop isn't degenerate. It's literally built just for people chasing th…[View]
72429592Look what i bought[View]
72430715AESTHETIC PROG TRANCE: Needs to have a female vocal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwpj9UANXo4…[View]
72431607what is /mu/ expecting of this collaboration?[View]
72430320Is he this generations Lennon?[View]
72431800Who /ambient/ here?[View]
72431490GY!BE - Infinity: Why are there 2 versions and which one should I listen to?[View]
72431757I'm goin' back: Of course I am As if I ever had a choice Back to what I always knew I was …[View]
72429299KPOP GENERAL[View]
72431752Post bands/songs you wish were more popular Or anything that doesn't get enough love. https://…[View]
72431644I've been playing guitar for 7 months. Suggest a song for me to learn.[View]
72429852fillmore jive is the greatest closing track ever[View]
72431660Stop Making Sense: Are you watching this tonight in tribute to Jonathon Demme, /mu/?[View]
72428206This album gives the feels man :([View]
72424932/metal/ general: waifus edition prev: >>72410393[View]
72430967thoughts in the stylistic change in Paramore's new song/upcoming album?[View]
72427003Musicians with the worst fanbase?[View]
72431666>LAURA SE TE VE LA TANGA![View]
72426338when did you realize all the new trendy 'idm' producers like Arca and OPN don't reall…[View]
72429828So, which of these guys is the real mastermind?[View]
72431472Lets have an early rock and roll thread (pre-1962) Here's an 'essential' chart I made.[View]
72427133Lyrics from albums that everyone recognises >THIS BOAT IS DEFINITELY CRASHING!…[View]
72430544Post rare Bono's[View]
72431572>i love the gerogerigegege what do?[View]
72431432OLD KUNG FU KENNY !![View]
72431305Am I wrong in thinking this album is perfect?[View]
72431318Jazz: Recommend me some jazz /mu/. >but anon there's like 1 milion styles of jazz I know. Ju…[View]
72431550Do you know this song??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKsbHRAEMIM i really want to find this song…[View]
72429467ONE (1) THING[View]
72428424check this out guys. it's one of us[View]
72425399I was digging through my old cassettes and found this old tape in it. It's one of my dad's…[View]
72422034>reads Infinite Jest once[View]
72428107Does ANYONE exist who unironically likes this? I'm desperate to have someone explain why, if so…[View]
72430199It's not good, has painfully generic hooks and offers nothing different than any top 40 album a…[View]
72431349Music is like being outside in a lightning storm: avoid metal[View]
72431372Best music videos of this decade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ttGgIQpAUc[View]
72431289ITT: Overrated albums.[View]
72431309/mu/tants who make music; what service do you use to make CDs? Do you do them yourself or do you ord…[View]
72430975Good white trash albums: As we all know, white trash are responsible for making terrible music. This…[View]
72430891Is this a more fitting cover?[View]
72429193/playlist/: /playlist/ What would music would you put on a playlist for your alternative gf? Post yo…[View]
72430542Am i a pleb ?[View]
72431124Found this guide to get into dir en grey which I've been looking into for a while but this guid…[View]
72411661which female artist has the best voice?[View]
72431088my name is quik: but you can call me daddy[View]
72425096Fuck it, it's a 5[View]
72429298Give me some of the harshest music ever made /mu/. Preferably noise. I need it for...purposes[View]
72429977AOTY: Post the best albums of 2017 and shortly describe it. >pic unrelated…[View]
72430969Tell me the song that defines your life and sums up yourself. Pic related.[View]
72430370yo la fuckin tengo[View]
72430889sister waize: what do you think of this? pretty interesting find for me https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72426316Gonna shoot heroin for the first time today. What should i listen to when doing it?[View]
72429771*deletes Red Carpet, Brockwell Park, and Drop*[View]
72430005>can't get into pic related and all their contemporaries music for this feel? Will I die a v…[View]
72430001Itt: who is the true mastermind behind radiohead? >mastermind Thom and Johnny >underrated Ed …[View]
72430505Meanwhile, Henry Rollins penned a heartfelt tribute to Iggy Pop last weekend[View]
72429007Gorenoise: Gorenoise is a fusion genre of goregrind and noisegrind. It's also a branch of noise…[View]
72426960ITT: Albums people love but you absolutely despise: Both pic related[View]
72430695Hip-Hop Style Track: https://odjmusic.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
72430683I always upload videos on youtube but nobody sees them, please check some of it... Love, Tyler Cetu…[View]
72430678Am I the only one who likes it?[View]
72430068The Microphones: best Microphones album coming through[View]
72429567ITT: Albums where people don't talk about the artist: >sad that ian curtis killed himself to…[View]
72430655what do you think of the growlers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYzjQL1ZNUQ[View]
72430650jazzmaster general: I am the general of jazzmasters. I am considering buying either vintage modified…[View]
72430314I've been listening to this album alot recently. What are some other acts that sound simular?[View]
72430231*Plays a scale*[View]
72427737Name a worse modern pop musician than Zara Larsson. She ain't even that hot.[View]
72428820>mfw Toto is actually a good band[View]
72425455>favourite album >favourite film[View]
72411229this album complements the feeling of being very stoned really well![View]
72416003Blur is better than Oasis and Radiohead: Blur only had one bad album and it was their debut; every o…[View]
72429781ITT: Post what you're listening to right now: https://soundcloud.com/beyond-reason903729256/mr-…[View]
72427973best hip-hop album of the 2000s incoming pic related[View]
72430241What are the most /out/ albums/artists?[View]
72430257Can you give me some songs about drowning or being poisoned? Preferably by female singers. Thank you[View]
72430268patrician rock n roll ONLY[View]
72428604ITT:: Only perfect/flawless albums allowed in this thread[View]
72430195Effects Pedals: Hey /mu/, newfag here. Looking into getting my first effects pedal for guitar and ho…[View]
72429727Roky is king[View]
72427678NEW RIDE TRACK: All I Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vFHPdbHrMQ[View]
72429473Is Kendrick gangster rap?[View]
72427362Thoughts on this album?: I really like it. Don't think it does anything too fantastic though. 7…[View]
72429945does /mu/ even like music: Kendrick's Damn is a masterpiece because: >OMG DAMN IS AMAZING TH…[View]
72428538Psychedelic music thread: Just discovered pic related is one man project. That's amazing. I alw…[View]
72429747/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 3: https://www.strawpoll.me/12828758 Chainsmokers smoked in s…[View]
72428885What are some albums that make you feel like shit and consider suicide?[View]
72428847What's some synth essentials?[View]
72429457yeah big up to walthamstow weeeeeeekk massiv breeeeeE[View]
72429933why don't you like this?[View]
72428302One of these threads: >Best Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt 3 >Runner Up Dig Me >Worst Nua…[View]
72429779>female beater >jail dweller >2edgy4u attitude >subjectively garbage '''music''' What…[View]
72428814>an artist u love >an artist u hate[View]
72425331Xavier Wulf is the best Soundcloud rapper. Prove me wrong pls[View]
72427810Noise music: What do y'all think of noise music?[View]
72429396Who is the best drummer ever and why is it Brian Chippendale/Black Pus of Lightning Bolt?[View]
72429773LSD, ACID Albums: dicussion and sharing of albums relating to the 60s haight ashbury period, talk ab…[View]
72428919Thinking of picking up a cheap electric bass guitar but I don't have money for an amp. Is it fe…[View]
72423925ITT: We post the best album from an artists discography[View]
72428396Best Love Songs?: https://youtu.be/HxfE6PJmGS8[View]
72428833I need to make a gym playlist consisting of hyphy songs along the lines of: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
72429372Why is the 80s Aussie proto-Grunge Noise Rock scene so underrated? >The Scientists >Lubricated…[View]
72418850Top nine and rate: Post your top 9 albums of all time and rate other's selections. I'll st…[View]
72422574whats the consensus on /mu/?[View]
72427653There has never been a good band starting with 'the' Prove me wrong.[View]
72426108What's this guy's name again?[View]
72429309how does /mu/ feel about higher brothers and asian hip hop in general?[View]
72423964ITT: 'All the songs sound the same'-core[View]
72426136Is he reddit or a genuinely good artist?[View]
72429263what are good albums for stimulants or uppers? Pic related has some but I'm looking for more[View]
72419128>best track fear >worst track love TPAB > GKMC > DAMN > O.D = U.U > SEC.80…[View]
72429370What are some bands/albums/songs that remind you of a piece of 'art' in another artform or are the e…[View]
72429271New video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyUSfuL9dxY Who here hyped for new Forest Swords?[View]
72427662How do you all feel about this nigga?[View]
72429437Albums that only you listen to[View]
72427709What should my milestone be guys?: >Inb4 Get to one thousand then we will talk xD It may not be a…[View]
72428153The poor man's Bill Bruford.[View]
72426900KPOP GENERAL[View]
72429054what do you even call this genre?: much appreciated! also share any similar sounding soungs/bands he…[View]
72429245What do you think of Infected Mushroom? Best album? Best songs?[View]
72418010Has there ever been a good Canadian musician? I don't think I'm gonna make it lads. Americ…[View]
72428492I thought hating on this was just another memetrain but now that i've actually listened to it, …[View]
72427180What are some good hiphop albums, completely without skits (this is important)?[View]
72429205What would you do....[View]
72425936Can someone explain to me why everyone thinks this is their best work?: SOYCD and the title track ar…[View]
72429145Let's list some wack rappers /mu/ >gaiboy farti >ab-lol >nigos >gay the bowels …[View]
72429106Kool AD's Grandma was CIA (Das Racist): I exposed the links and had Kool AD record a song about…[View]
72428907Is this the greatest song of all time?[View]
72425558Is Vektroid a trap or just ugly gril?[View]
72425517Name a worst song. Pro tip: You can't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8[View]
72424319most underrated rappers thread? who remembers Tommy Wright III? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe-K…[View]
72428693ITT: fuck you I liked it[View]
72428372what does /mu/ think of Joe Satriani?[View]
72428918Thoughts /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8[View]
72426823Unlucky Morpheus: Why are you not supporting Fuki (a.k.a. japan's best female metal vocalist) a…[View]
72426915Who's the contemporary GG Allin?[View]
72428826check deez out: https://soundcloud.com/xronfordx/sets/show-these-some-love-3[View]
72428791las vegas is the worst city on earth. this is worst album ever made. how fitting[View]
72423154when will /mu/ realize that Chiastic Slide is the best autechre album?[View]
72428574Who's the Biggest Fuckboy Musician?: Who's the biggest fuck boy musician? > my pick is …[View]
72426058Remember me?[View]
72427182ITT: Albums that boards.4chan.org/mu/ has largely forgotten in recent months.: Pic related[View]
72428689Freddy is king[View]
72427142ITT: albums that changed your perspective on life: This made me realize how precious life is and I w…[View]
72427335Why is it that when bands are forced to conform to the system in order to spread their message they…[View]
72428198Favorite exotica or lounge album?[View]
72425445Royal Trux[View]
72427184/NEOFOLK/: I listened to this occasionally for a year or so, always thought it was boring and overly…[View]
72427223Who's the most talented?[View]
72427306Anyone know of a good site for samples? Im looking for stock samples that domt need attributioms cre…[View]
72425994No one in their 30s should look like this.[View]
72425381Lana del Rey: Lust for Life is aproaching and the it's going to be Honeymeme MK. II, mark my fu…[View]
72428333Post the albums that made you realize that Rap/Hip Hop is the best genre of music.[View]
724265043x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread Rate, rec, do whatever[View]
72428554Mono No Aware isn't very good: >hippies at it again[View]
72426629ITT: shit that you love but nobody else likes...[View]
72428351>what do?[View]
72412160/daily/ - no thread edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and i…[View]
72428060>Come on yeah >Fuck, fuck >Fuck fuck, fuck, fuck >Come on baby, fuck me baby yeah >Fu…[View]
72427396why do you faggot respect melons opinion? he's a fucking vegan his opinion is dismissed[View]
72426686Exactly when did he peak?[View]
72425167no alarms and no surprises no alarms and no surprises no alarms and no surprises please[View]
72426503Death country: Is there any band/artist that can even hold a candle to Those Poor Bastards? Nothing …[View]
72425793Do you have a personal 'style guide' or set of rules when it comes to tagging your digital files? If…[View]
72428224ITT: bands you don't understand the acclaim for Pic related have never struck me as anything mo…[View]
72415798>Pitchfork likes him for his politics and won't say a bad thing about him >Fantano used t…[View]
72427611I made a miscalculation with my shopping this week and now have no food or Money for the next 30 hou…[View]
72428169has there been any good noise records this year?[View]
72427338delete frankly mr shankly[View]
72428114>So I was takin' a walk the other day, and I seen a woman—a blind woman—pacin' up and d…[View]
72427120>Suzy and the banshees[View]
72428079/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 3: /mu/ displayed patrician taste in the first round, voting …[View]
72426739>cost $250,000 to record >sounds like it was recorded in a shoebox…[View]
72428019Check out my first DJ set and let me know what you think? https://www.mixcloud.com/GlenDJ/glen-pract…[View]
72427996Sorry I'm late to all of this, but is it me or does pic relateds main claim to fame (kyoto) sou…[View]
72424950Bill Clinton thread Recent faves, all-time greats, or new stuff you like. Rate, hate, debate, mate, …[View]
72427498Is she done? Will she ever release a new album?[View]
72420176Where did he come from? Can he be stopped? Is the age of Fantano over?[View]
72425620Poast drum kits, fellow drummers of 4chinz[View]
72427894Clean Guitar + Chorus Pedal + Little bit of reverb = The best.: I'm sorry faggots, but you cann…[View]
72427891Hip-hop Style Srack: https://odjmusic.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
72427751ITT: Beatles sound alike core: Post albums that sounds like The Beatles[View]
72427063What was the name of the thing you fags used to do on here, it was called 'deep internet' wave or so…[View]
72426567Thoughts on minimal music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkJKxILTG5A such as this not too many inst…[View]
72427794Took me a bit to realize it, but I took the time to listen to Don't Stop Belivin' by Journ…[View]
72425470Rock is the worst genre.: Rock is actually the single worst genre in music. I know fags like to say …[View]
72427526Who else wants to join me in my quest to not read a single review for an album until I've decid…[View]
72426965ITT: backloaded albums[View]
72427677MFW everyone on /mu/ seems to already have their top 50 AsOTYSF sorted out but I've only heard …[View]
72424132TeamSESH: What about new Bones album UNRENDERED? I THINK IS GREAT, I LISTEN TO THAT ALBUM MORE THAN …[View]
72427591>1975: 'I still remember going to the CD World and buying Sgt. Pepper when I was sixteen. And the…[View]
72426520can someone tell me who the fuck this is and why travis scott has tweeted his music before? is it ev…[View]
72427539Did Kanye forget about good ass job?[View]
72426321>tfw cant understand french[View]
72427577TEDS CARROT CLARINET!: Damn ted how'd you do that?[View]
72424322> I never forget, like elephants on 4chan[View]
72427298>2014: 'I still remember going to the CD World and buying Unknown Pleasures when I was sixteen. A…[View]
72427475how come this nigga doesn't get more props?[View]
72427037albums where every song is a masterpiece[View]
72427364Did you ever listen to this? Did you like it? I was hooked on it for a few months and would sing it …[View]
72425659Their new album is coming out soon!: HEY! I heard Distorted Cancer are releasing a new album soon! O…[View]
72426496Is there a worse instrument?[View]
72427284alright lads, bear with me... is a 24 bit 192 khz flac converted to 320 kbps different from a 16 bit…[View]
72425441Can someone recommend some drone that isn't drone metal or ambient drone?[View]
72427085Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72426917trim a double album down to a much-improved single album: 1. Jynweythek 2. Vordhosbn 3. Kladfgbung M…[View]
72426708hi guys i made a song can u tell me if u like it? i mean i know that quality is shit but i have no …[View]
72426966fuck it, its a 5[View]
72426985vocaroo / clyp thread - write an awful earnest song about ur crush edition: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1p…[View]
72424746Slowdive thread: who's pumped for their new album?[View]
72423498post ur artist charts get recs rec me more spacey dub please[View]
72426740What album is your holy grail? Something you'd kill a man to own/listen to.[View]
72422904>Almost 20 years into the 2000s and there's been no major achievements in classical music…[View]
72426908Which Beatle had the best moves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAY8QYYnCXE >instead of botherin…[View]
72426500The only reason you guys cum over this album is because all of you were still Fantano dickriders whe…[View]
72426550thoughts on the new Arca album? I'm not really feeling it and the cover looks like it should be…[View]
72425742Last 5 RYM Ratings Thread: dismantling /mu/ memes edition post em, hate em, rec em, ask questions ab…[View]
72420796Am I the only person who doesn't like this album? It's just boring.[View]
72425224KPOP GENERAL[View]
72424885heavily drug inspired and weird psych music videos thread ?[View]
72425847It doesn't bang[View]
72426727Hey everyone. Well today, gonna be talking about war by U2. A classic 80 staple. A cornerstone of 80…[View]
72426077Remember me?[View]
72408322Humanz: Thoughts?[View]
72422618Literal garbage music[View]
72426707rank them[View]
72425668Who are the smartest musicians in interviews?: For example in all the Steven Wilson interviews'…[View]
72426590Gaussian Curve: Has anyone else listened to the new Gausisian Curve album, or even their first album…[View]
72419920NOT a subtle rec thread ;^): How can one country be so devoid of talent?[View]
72426461*watches a Chris Cunningham video once*[View]
72426440>be me >finally leave my parents' basement and go to an engagement party >the DJ plays…[View]
72424973How can you call yourself a fan of music if you listen with plebeian speakers?[View]
72425716Quick rundown. I've been missing EVERYTHING this year. Quick rundown of albums I should not mis…[View]
72424803Anyone else glad this turned out to be a colossal failure? Maybe now the Redditors can clear out of …[View]
72425192Indie/Alternative Bands: What are good Indie bands that I can get into? Preferably similar to Phanto…[View]
72419033>(Bonus Track) >(Bonus Track) >(Bonus Track)…[View]
72426340p4k - 9.0. allmusic - 4.5 out of 5. CoS - 'classic': Why haven't you listened to the best At Th…[View]
72426314Hey /mu/. Today my mother asked me if I knew 'a song that a dog sings along, howling, something like…[View]
72423947Deleting everything in my library except for this Rec me things like this pls[View]
72423594/prod/ based ripatti edition >Production Resources: >Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles…[View]
72424545ITT the only song you like on a large album is: 'Too Good (Feat. Rihanna)' from Views. too long an a…[View]
72424140Opinions on Slowdive? I never really got into them because at one point I viewed them as a bargain-b…[View]
72425864What is the best Ween album and why is it La Cucaracha?[View]
72426044OK Computer 20th Anniversary: New tour? Super deluxe edition? What could it be?[View]
72424917I started studying music theory a few days ago and it's pretty simple for now. But I glanced a …[View]
72425172>i am not afraid to die >push me to the edge >all my friends are dead Is XO Tour Lif3 the m…[View]
72423562New Joji Track - 'I Don't Wanna Waste My Time': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY3mAoqQh0k…[View]
72424174Kung Fu Kenny sampled Animal Crossing. Thoughts? https://mobile.twitter.com/hateshaliek/status/85699…[View]
72424988Drum Corps Thread. Don't know what Drum Corps is? https://youtu.be/5axJ4NLH_Xw https://youtu.be…[View]
72425635ITT: talentless hacks[View]
72425019How do you get into Dean Blunt, it's confusing where to start.[View]
72425783The best livestreams and radio stations.: If you were unaware, there's a lo-fi hip hop livetsre…[View]
72422583Which is better[View]
7242542810/10 album with a 10/10 artwork?[View]
72423292What is their best album?[View]
72421493/last.fm/: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.go…[View]
72423029>new album came out >literally no one talked about it What went wrong?…[View]
72425198Thoughts on Sevdaliza?[View]
72425142Will he make AOTY again?[View]
72425516what happened to viper?: I lost track of him for a while and now it looks like he's not releasi…[View]
72424811/POWERPOP/: rough guide edition[View]
72419150ITT: Albums from awkward teenage years that you still listen to.[View]
72425046ITT albums you want to plow to.[View]
72425434Do you feel disconnected from your local music? Are you mostly unaware of the music that comes not t…[View]
72425433His best movie was a concert film, so RIP Jonathan Demme[View]
72425431>metro-ko was a thing[View]
72424686What did he mean by this?[View]
72425147/mu/ I need help, I had an ambient album rec'd to me on here years ago and I lost my library no…[View]
72425386One Dimensional Band - Plastic Age: What are your thoughts on this, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72425174WOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpWOq73YVu0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF9VdEORP4s&lis…[View]
72423061Discredit the god of /mu/: >good luck[View]
72423481Why is hip hop on vinyl considered bad?[View]
72423588what's /mu/'s opinion on Black Kray?[View]
72425253Top Tier recent releases: My pick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znV9KDsNtXY Grace and Bluecid are…[View]
72425255https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdKAqAofDP0 have a nice day :)[View]
72424285Best Album Ever Made: I can't find a song that sounds like On Sight except on the same album. A…[View]
72423099KPOP GENERAL[View]
72420510Youtube: Post any music vids, or songs that you have on your YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
72423631Why is there no filter for modern black music? Everyone knows shit like Chainsmokers and Ed Sheeran…[View]
72425083ITT: Post artists who released a one-hit wonder before becoming enigmas. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72418063/rym/ Rateyourmusic / Sonemic (Just kidding about the Sonemic part): Bitch You Know It's Still …[View]
72425130The greatest lyric video of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrk9m9nRxlY[View]
72423353how can people enjoy this crap????[View]
72425125>Came out in 2016 you cheating bastard[View]
72422682my opinion on life of the pablo >utlralight beam was awesome (even the sample) >father stretc…[View]
72421374Name a better 70s rock album. >protip you cant[View]
72425065Fuck it, its a 5[View]
72425089Fuck it, it's a 5.[View]
72422669ITT:: >Rappers that the music industry is shoving down our throats. Pic definitely related***…[View]
72424834I'm looking for headphone advice. I own a pair of B&W P5s (see image). I really like them, …[View]
72424733>The vocals and on Pure Comedy are mixed in such a way that feels like FJM is confronting the lis…[View]
72424971Fuck it, its a 5.[View]
72423628Pretty Lights: How does he do it this well, /mu/?[View]
72424968Hardtrance: This thread is for celebrating a late 90s early 2000s European phenomenon called Hardtra…[View]
72424647C R I N G E R I N G E[View]
72422864ITT: One hit wonders that never amounted to anything[View]
72422473I met Bono once at a film festival. I asked him to sign a piece of paper for my mother (she loves hi…[View]
72424747Looking for a song from yt video: I tried Shazam and also went through all yt comments using comment…[View]
72424027So what is your final opinion on this? People who liked it, does your favorite songs still the same?…[View]
72423847March 16th, 2017 – Austin Texas at Hotel Vegas March 17th, 2017 – Austin Texas at Hotel Vegas May 13…[View]
72420472popos: where do i start with these niggas?[View]
72424415First listen and love this. Is there album similar to this but bit angrier than this?[View]
72420915Grimes spam Kendrick spam Cuckgau/Scaruffi spam The pervasive idea that the more obscure and undergr…[View]
72420979What should I expect, /mu/?[View]
72423791Jonathan Demme, director of IMO the greatest live concert film of all time Stop Making Sense, and ot…[View]
72404297best albums of 2017[View]
72424503What are the best of breakbeat?[View]
72423771How do I meet /mu/core people irl? Pic unrelated.[View]
72423890>dude im so chill and retro n indie !!!!!!!!! LOL[View]
72422942Songs about adoption https://youtu.be/0nXDETMYLCU[View]
72423849What does /mu/ think of pic related?[View]
72424297Hey /mu/ my friends and I have always enjoyed muting planet earth and playing an album while we watc…[View]
72424324Why is Jackson Browne important? (Is Jackson Browne important)[View]
72390095/mu/ makes an album: well that last one sucked so let's just forget that ever happened THIS IS …[View]
72421472What went wrong?: I just listened to the full album of Humanz and I have to say I'm disappointe…[View]
72423069>we're at a greater distance from 1990 than 1990 was from 1967, the greatest year for music…[View]
72413078havent been on mu in years, and stopped listening to DG after money store. just listened to pic rela…[View]
72420130How did this album not start a whole new genre? It dosent really fit into any existing genres and no…[View]
72421278Hello Anons, Here I am again, the Frenchy looking for a song from his childhood in the late 90s-200…[View]
72422713Sleep.: Is there anything else like these guys? I love that crunchy, monolithic, jammed-out sound th…[View]
72404782ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
72424216*deletes the boys are back in town*[View]
72423877>album has a song called the end >there is a song after it…[View]
72421896So what's the story of this album already ? Was anyone in the same thread as the guy ?[View]
72420637ITT: terrible singers associated with amazing artists[View]
72423825ITT: Help me record a weed related version of All Star by Smash Mouth. Go here (https://docs.google.…[View]
72421581normies are disgusting[View]
72420978>Ask someone why he posts With Teeth instead of The Downward Spiral in a rec thread >he tells …[View]
72423156ITT: Musicians who beat their missus[View]
72419221Old one 404'd Post your tunes, find new music, give feedback, and just have a good time.[View]
72423920Why did none of you tell me that Chumbawamba is actually a satirical anarcho-folk-punk band These ar…[View]
72423981xtoyourmilkyhair: >but this is awful, it's all screechy. I don't like it. There's …[View]
72422996God you'd need to be on drugs wouldn't you to get through this[View]
72423816Hmm: Who should I believe?[View]
72423755ITT prolific artists with large catalogs. >lil b 10,000 tracks[View]
72423669Does anyone have that 'renard queenston is the biggest hack in the music industry' screencap? Also …[View]
72423681This would be /mu/core if more people knew about it.[View]
72418408Anything else like this in the world?[View]
72407857/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Cool Jojo Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.c…[View]
72422709Linkin Park: What is your favorite Linkin Park album, /mu/? Mine is A Thousand Suns.[View]
72416945/jazz/: 'Pls don't let the thread die this time' Edition >What are you listening to? >Wha…[View]
72423073/nin general/: Will Tronk release a new album this year? In the Beats interview from Christmas he sa…[View]
72420391What is the appeal of Mac Demarco?[View]
72423600Society: Remember when U2 gave people their new album on iTunes for free and everyone got pissed off…[View]
72423205Best Roadtrip/Travel Albums?: Goin on a month long trip tomorrow with planes trains and automobiles.…[View]
72423430More like this?[View]
72423508/mu/s opinion on this album?[View]
72423491How strange[View]
72423374Is ska dead?[View]
72409176lets play a game,its simple,i say the name of a band and the next person have to say the name of ano…[View]
72423177Suggest me some high energy pop music like these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5qICl3Fr3w https:/…[View]
72422751WAR! HUH[View]
72423298How does /mu/ feel about the genre that has been blowing up in the underground since late 2015? The …[View]
72422106What's the Music equivalent to this ? >inb4 metal Thing outside the box…[View]
72423230ITT: Bands that did nothing wrong.[View]
72422302can someone explain to me >producing >mixing >mastering >engineering what are the differ…[View]
72423264/mu/sicians with Carpal Tunnel: Have any /mu/sicians ever dealt with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Anon ha…[View]
72421810the national anthem was a far more ambitious adventure into jazz than life in a glasshouse[View]
72422298>the money store is 5 years old[View]
72418793/paramore/: is she punk? is her 80's revival song a meme?[View]
72423107What did he mean by this?[View]
72423083Any music that sounds like this? I find it calming and it has this nice old feeling. https://youtu.b…[View]
72419570so there is a song in ssbm that i can't seem to find on youtube. it was a pretty slow song (orc…[View]
72421961KPOP GENERAL[View]
72423063TOP 5 FOURTHONY CHANTANO REVIEWS: I'll start 1. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly ALBUM REVI…[View]
72422710Try and name someone with collaboration picks that are better than Damon Albarn's. >Grace Jo…[View]
72421949When you really think about it music is just waves: Also stoner music thread[View]
724208865x5/Collage thread: r8 h8 masturb8 whatever http://www.tapmusic.net/lastfm/ rip paddez[View]
72422933This is superior to Ys in every way[View]
72422858Quando perco fé[View]
72419954*deletes Humble[View]
72422911Which one is better and funkier? Also funk/R&B general thread.[View]
72416824>choir of children sing the chorus[View]
72421526Does /mu/ like SonReal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNVtM9P-yLM[View]
72422815Pushing: New music from Rob Time! this shit is good for real! https://soundcloud.com/robtime/rob-tim…[View]
72422296Can someone post the original picture that this came from? I drew this and I lost the original photo…[View]
72422792Copero: Dalhe Grêmio Copero[View]
72421625Anyone know where the humming at the start of this mashup is from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n…[View]
72422750>I wanted to write a song about sexuality in the classroom. I'd done teaching practice at se…[View]
72421049some bitch tried to convince me that this animated band was better than Gorillaz: https://www.youtub…[View]
72418962Let's talk about Marina, /mu/: Let's talk about the worst fucking female artist to ever ex…[View]
72422757Please name the song.: Guys, I don't normally do this but please can anybody identify the tune/…[View]
72421689SOTY? Biking is amazing, really enjoying the slew of new singles from Frank this year.[View]
72421546/goodmorning/: What do you listen to in the mornings?[View]
72422181underrated music thread: Post up some underrated albums from underrated artists/bands and /mu/ decid…[View]
72420790why is this allowed?[View]
72422066feelin kinda free: Hey guys. I really like this album, I think it's one of my favorites of all …[View]
72421981Are there any music fans more insufferable than those people who listen to nothing more than classic…[View]
72421938*deletes Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)*[View]
72421817fite me[View]
72417986ITT POST VIABLE WAYS TO FIX THIS BOARD: How do we salvage /mu/? Please take this request seriously b…[View]
72420265Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables: Best track?[View]
72421781>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p5lXJkGqYc So apparently this is how John Williams is scoring t…[View]
72420423>tfw too depressed to make music anymore >just open up ableton and play the same shitty chords…[View]
72422447Name a more embarrassing musician interview.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvz3cAYnppk Highlights…[View]
72422324Royal Trux[View]
72415255What speakers does /mu/ listen to?[View]
72420232Fake Rapper Thread: Fuck you, Lil Pump. You fake asf. >Drinking Activis...2K17…[View]
72421572this is /mu/core[View]
72422356Bully me[View]
72420289>250 bucks S-should I do it? It would be enough music to last a lifetime. I could buy a Switch in…[View]
72419353What is this?[View]
72414138Hip-hop for virgins? No white rappers, please.[View]
72422245Why the fuck is this based song so short[View]
72420642Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T68lEeFZs04[View]
72421321What's your chill/jazzy/comfy favorite song ? Mine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dFd83Z7Kt…[View]
72422250Chart: Rate my chart out of ten, /mu/![View]
72422219if you like musik, you ll love this. https://youtu.be/CdEfjKsAYRU[View]
72418632To all Math Rock guitarists of /mu/, How do you achieve your preferred sound? I've been trying …[View]
72422109Who else enjoys Miki Matsubara?[View]
72422080New Shabazz Palaces: https://www.google.com/amp/s/consequenceofsound.net/2017/04/shabazz-palaces-ann…[View]
72418439i appreciate it, but i dont get it WL/WH is better, but still not as mindblowing as people make this…[View]
72415430/blackmetal/: Black metal general. Be kind to one another.[View]
72422027Lift the Cobweb Veil - whachu think /mu/?[View]
72419176I dont know this song: I dont know ths song that i heard resently. It sounded like coldplay but it w…[View]
72421877Reminder these are NOT the same genre.[View]
72420234Does /mu/ like folk music?[View]
72421035KPOP GENERAL[View]
72420020How do I delete an artist from my scrobbles?[View]
72421879how old were you when you realised 'kvlt' wasn't pronounced 'ka-velt' and it was just…[View]
72421870Best pop albums?[View]
72418535Minor things that bug you about your favorite albums: >Thom's vocals on Morning Bell…[View]
72385531/shugazi/ - Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Noise Pop / ????: hey pals[View]
72421811plug dj: filthy wobs https://plug.dj/tastycat[View]
72419475Thoughts on PilotRedSun?: His first album, Achievement, was a favorite of mine last year. Unfortunat…[View]
72421796Miniskirt finally released their EP, Taste, on Spotify: sah local punk band from my hometown called …[View]
72421005SOTD: name a more innovative single than from this decade >utlilise a sample from drive seamlessl…[View]
72421744Is this song good at all? I can't tell if this song is actually good or if I fell for the meme.…[View]
72421745This is a disease in our society[View]
72420058Why is her philtrum so long?[View]
72401624/Chart/: Post your all-time/recent favourites and see if your tastes gets validated or get reccd…[View]
72419761My band which is in dire need of help: Hey guys, first time poster on /mu. My band is struggling to …[View]
72421494Eminem's back at it again with the white rap?[View]
72420318If you don't like this you're a boring loser[View]
72421394put some respek to my name, /mu/[View]
72418973Can anyone tell me how to get a cracked version of FL studios 11/12 or Ableton. Or give me some free…[View]
72420784Why isn't this still posted in 2017? The Talking Heads are truly great.[View]
72419824Albums that make you horny in a homosexual way.: I'm straight, but this album gives me a weird …[View]
72414160I've never listened to The Beatles, AMA[View]
72421313Post your favourite songs for working/studing Or just your favourite songs[View]
72420639Russian grunge: Pure diamond in the piece of shit of modern music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
72420086Tip of my Tongue: Can someone please help me identify a song? All I can remember is the guitar riff …[View]
72421037Follow up when?[View]
72419251Will it ever the recognition it truly deserves?[View]
72420857Look at my interesting and unique taste in music.: what would be a similar album to these to fit int…[View]
72419504Give me the angriest Hip-Hop album you know.[View]
72419784KPOP GENERAL[View]
72421008soty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vo-XgqPNxU&t[View]
72419877what does /mu/ think of our lord and savior?[View]
72420962Thoughts on Cat Power /mu/?[View]
72419336Holy shit[View]
72419636I was at a recent U2 concert. In the middle of a set,Bono stopped playing and asked the audience for…[View]
72420548Roosevelt by Roosevelt: ...well?[View]
72419933Post a well known album, then post a similar, lesser known album that people might also like: This i…[View]
72420522FAR AWAY[View]
72420148Why is /mu/ still sleeping on PJ Harvey?[View]
72420229itt talented smiles :*)[View]
72420667Oi guys I need your help I'm trying to find a song that sounds like the singing at the start of…[View]
72420368Impressive Instrumental Albums: Recommend some good instrumental albums? What's good as backgro…[View]
72420608Who was sexier?[View]
72419846>says new album will contain more serious and socially aware/political topics >ages 20 years i…[View]
72420156CRACK CLOUD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM7-RXWp3Q8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy-RdU088to…[View]
72419591UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: I'll go first. >Animal Collective is unbearable garbage, and if you say …[View]
72420197What is the The Velvet Underground & Nico of the 21st century?[View]
72420326How do I get into Frank Zappa? What albums should I start with?[View]
72420081Do you think DG is gonna keep going in this direction, or back to more shitty raps?[View]
72420035WHEN I WAS[View]
72419333can i join your club?[View]
72420275>his favorite U2 song isn't A Sort of Homecoming[View]
72420308/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 3: 'Closer' absolutely demolished with 48 percent of the vote…[View]
72420152What is this?[View]
72416436Thoughts? I really liked. Separated itself from the dying genre of vaporwave and created a whole new…[View]
72418350What are the bands worth seeing out of here? I live in Atlanta. Don't want to miss something g…[View]
72420199Pretty curious, what do American /mu/ shitters think of this guy?[View]
72420073U2 sucks[View]
72420161Playing live soon[View]
72419260Radiohead is putting up posters in random cities across the world referring to OK Computer ahead of …[View]
72418452i listen to whatever dubs posts[View]
72419232the worst song of 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsnuSV1S2TA[View]
72419773recs to get into French Cabaret?[View]
7241966425 years later and nothing has come close to it. Incredible.[View]
72418179Hey /mu/ I'm going on a Bob Dylan binge, and I was wondering if there was a certain order I sho…[View]
72419536YOU ARE ALL IN DENIAL: Music is in decline and everyone secretly knows it. you can argue that pop mu…[View]
72420010Anyone hate how lead singers are always the most famous person in a band even though they do the lea…[View]
72419388If racism isn't real, why do the people who unironically like Bladee and this faggot hate ''''m…[View]
72419858DESTROY MAN WE'RE MARCHING DESTRUCTOS MARCHING ON (destructos! destructos! destructos!) MMMMMMM…[View]
72416777> All you pussies is losers, all my niggas is winners > Goddamn I got bitches, damn I got bitc…[View]
72416119ANOTHER ONE OF THESE: >Best Start From Scratch >Runner Up Dreams >Worst Special >Overrat…[View]
72419345Skin Yard: Thoughts on this album? imo it's one of the first great grunge albums. https://www.y…[View]
72419915I hate how how music fans treat artists/bands like brands instead of a source of creativity. Music s…[View]
72419303why this is /mu/core and i never see it discussed here?[View]
72418865BREAKDOWN BABY[View]
72419555Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on PC Music?[View]
72419844Post bands/artists whose albums need to be remastered because the original recordings sound like shi…[View]
72419599>Mark Kozelek said he got a big house in country and a nice apartment in the city now see who is …[View]
72418853why did I hate to learn about the new /mu/ album from pitchfork instead of you guys, what happened s…[View]
72417521KPOP GENERAL[View]
72412446Rank the albums.[View]
72419382Percocet: Molly percocet[View]
72419606give me super chill music with no crescendos/loud noises/little dynamics something you can fall asle…[View]
72418803Sister Ray fucking sucks[View]
72419608ITT: great albums titles[View]
72408366Somebody help me find a way to shoot down and correct anybody that thinks Kendrick is the second com…[View]
72419240best dex / rich song?[View]
72418298Redpill me on Lou Reed[View]
72419171>band releases 2 different self-titled albums in the same year[View]
72419112who is the saddest musician? I used faceapp to try and make Jamie smile and he just looks sad and in…[View]
72419512How are Hammock so consistently wonderful?[View]
72411102Americana: What's some essential Americana? Don't post Halsley. Pic related.[View]
72419018Say something nice about these fine young men[View]
72419384Outlaw country: Post your favorite essential Outlaw country songs. My top 3: 1.Willie, Waylon and M…[View]
72419087Thoughts about this intelligent duo?[View]
72419050Anyone remember Cage?: I'm surprised his debut isn't /mu/core. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72418685what do we think of the bonus material and 'emotion side b' material? bc the original track listing…[View]
72419048[adult swim]: Thoughts on the bumps/links to more like it[View]
72419265album covers: I'm painting original abstract album covers, any requests?[View]
72413158Why does /mu/ hate 808s and Heartbreak?[View]
72416850I don't listen to music. I don't know anything about music. I don't know where to sta…[View]
72417453Why do successful rappers who live in rich White neighborhoods wanna act like they still hood? Pic r…[View]
72418944Why do the Commoners subject themselves to Type 0? What is the allure?[View]
72417929This is good[View]
72417653>tfw Kendrick is about to pass Kanye for the 2010s[View]
72419030What happened to them?: It's like they fell of the face of the earth after 2011, there's l…[View]
72414211Rate their albums I'll start 1. Quebec 2. The Mollusk 3. Chocolate and Cheese 4. Shinola Vol.1 …[View]
72419131Good muzik: Keldamuzik is good muzik[View]
72415841Hey /mu/, I'm looking for information on the 70s underground music scene. What was happening? I…[View]
72410629SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
72419056Nicolas Jaar - The Network: what does /mu/ think about this? >i think it's the best release …[View]
72413881Sufjy is finally starting to look his age.: And it isn't going well for him.[View]
72417916Love it!: Recommend me stuff similar[View]
72418585what do ya'll think of mr. oizo?[View]
72418887Holy shit[View]
72418393ITT: Albums that took more then a few listens to click: Took a few listens for pic related to click,…[View]
72418960FLEET FOXES BTFO[View]
72418966https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugo6ASPVu9g You have 50 listens to find a flaw[View]
72418910QOTSA: Wow, it's literally fucking nothing![View]
72418863I read that charlie parker loved edgar varese's works, and even he wanted to be his pupil... i …[View]
72417488ITT: Artists that make you instantly dislike somebody upon finding out they like them[View]
72417727Is post-ironic rap a thing? https://youtu.be/iq_d8VSM0nw[View]
72418206Hey mu help me out, what is this instrument[View]
72416752>favourite album Turn on the bright lights-Interpol >worst board on 4chan Easily /tv/…[View]
72415525Psychedelic general[View]
72418857Why does Project Pat not get any love on here True OG[View]
72415779About to listen to this for the first time hopefully you didn't lie about this being so great /…[View]
72418834how come this nigga doesn't get more props?[View]
72418824*cuts the last four-and-a-half minutes of the title track*[View]
72418697>i called her on the phone and she touched herself, i laughed myself to sleep…[View]
724169825x5, 4x4, 3x3, any size collage thread any time chequed the catalogue and there wasn't one so h…[View]
724172079-10/10 albums that /mu/ never talks about[View]
72418417Pop open a third bottle of bubbly Yeah, and I take that bottle of champagne Go into the kitchen, sta…[View]
72415652This is terribly mixed and hurt my ears, Kill V Maim is literally unlistanable with an m40x's[View]
72418642*deletes Blank Frank*[View]
72418637Does anybody know anything about cdbaby? Are the uploaded files from CDs or from digital files?[View]
72418094brostep ep's: i want to get back into brostep, anyone got any ep's i should i listen to?…[View]
72418195>play ambient music in one tab >play tribal drumbeats in another >play spoken word with the…[View]
72418512ITT: One hit wonders that never amounted to anything[View]
72418576What are some good uplifting rap songs[View]
72408512name an animal collective song and i will cover it maybe im bored >inb4 Untitled…[View]
72417416can someone recommend me some music similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy-v-FgiUD8…[View]
72417664Do people actually like this music or is it a cult of personality around Jerry Garcia? I try but I c…[View]
72417890What's some good white pride music? Currently I only have RaHoWa, Saga, and Skrewdriver. Plea…[View]
72418338new song: https://soundcloud.com/metagalacta/sinner-x-g-mo-the-sicko-true-to-this-prod-station666 th…[View]
72415922Are they /ourguys/?[View]
72418252hey moo can you help me to recall the name of this song? and if the double backer class clashes into…[View]
72413979>japanese singer singing in english[View]
72417128Can someone link me to the hiv-core stuff. It's like a bunch of viruses like hiv converted to s…[View]
72416073Can i get top tier albums from each genre? I've only really explored psychedelic rock and house…[View]
72413582What are some of /mu/'s favorite Steely Dan records? So far mine is Aja. https://youtu.be/v_Z8U…[View]
72416891What never-to-be-released record are you waiting for?[View]
72417996Anyone know the status on the remaster? Love the album, but it could definitely benefit from a bit o…[View]
72418285Okay hey: I’m just gonna be spitballing here. What if you made an album, and then got someone to do…[View]
72414289So, how good I'd the new QOTSA album going to be?[View]
72410411ITT: Things people say about music that pisses you off: >it's not real music if they're…[View]
72418238Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
72418227>iiiiiiiimmmmm waiting for my man[View]
72417964What was his problem?[View]
72416513Rank your favorite album's songs The Argus>Tride and True>Chocolate Town>Transdermal …[View]
72418055Help /mu/. There's this edgy hard rock (don't know the exact term) band which has a music …[View]
72416102>Igorrr >I:gor >Igor…[View]
72418127Anyone one else liked Hyperview than Title Fight's other shit?: A lot of people shit on HV caus…[View]
72411405How big was his cultural impact?[View]
72417273/mu/'s Best Devo: It's gonna be 3 with all the votes, but let's get some data. Vote h…[View]
72415961What does /mu/ think of Mudhoney?[View]
72414588This Album >>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything 2Pac, K-Dot, Death Grips an…[View]
72417745I think this is better than MBDTF.[View]
72417332I GOT I GOT I GOT I GOT[View]
72416691What's your favorite track from Karuki Samen Kuri no Hana ?[View]
72417465post more music like this right now or i'll fricking shoot you nerds https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72417923Why doesn't my version of XXX have the gun control line?[View]
72396796Worst song on your favorite album: the thread >Getchoo[View]
72413570KENDRICK SO GOOD HE MADE U2 TOP 40 AGAIN: U2's highest charting song since Vertigo (which went …[View]
72412442bandcamp thread, if you don't give feedback I'll chop your balls off[View]
72416887One of These Threads: I'll start.[View]
72412544what the fuck?[View]
72416737>Funk >Soul >R&B give me your favourite record from any of these genre, preferably it c…[View]
72417530What's /mu/'s opinion on this upstanding young gentleman?[View]
72417836How badly do they need John back?[View]
72415483What is the significance of this album to Shoegaze and beyond? Fantano briefly mentions it his MBV …[View]
72415598Bowie: So which one's better: David Live or Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74)? I lean t…[View]
72415434No clark thread? For shame New albums just dropped not long ago thoughts?[View]
72417073Ringo Thread?: >Ringo Thread.[View]
72417449ITT: songs that sound good when played on top of one another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g71NHA…[View]
72416832ITT Music you loved in Junior High, but now fucking hate[View]
72417681What are your favorite songs/albums about unrequited love? Stuff to get drunk and wallow in misery t…[View]
72413757aspergers affects music taste significantly discuss[View]
72416358MAROON 5: Was the old Maroon 5 good, Sunday Morning, She Will be Loved, This Love etc.[View]
72414931It makes me mad that normies like this![View]
72416890>Genre: Dungeon Synth[View]
72417298Name a better country artist[View]
7240171710/10 album openers itt[View]
72416676Alex G thread: Does /mu/ like Alex G? <3 https://sandy.bandcamp.com/album/dsu He's one of t…[View]
72416644ITT: Artists that never get mentioned here anymore.[View]
72414767Mark Kozelek: I am absolutely obsessed with Mark Kozelek. The Newest Sun Kil Moon / Jesu album broug…[View]
72415834KPOP GENERAL[View]
72415085So I just just buyed an electric guitar,i dont know how to play a thing,rec me some songs,exercises …[View]
72414865Rec me some similar albums[View]
72416502Is there a single person on this earth that truly and unironically hates the Beatles?[View]
72417192Youtube Covers: What are some cover artists /mu/ recommends?[View]
72417125lmao how high were these guys to put noses with bodies on their album cover?[View]
72416988>I Felt Your Shape ends >Samurai Sword begins…[View]
72417144Best album art thread?[View]
72417103Anyone else absolutely in love with this EP since it came out ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq1e…[View]
72414998what's it's name again?[View]
72414659Sremmthread: So what does /mu/ think of these two young bulls living like old geezers? https://www.…[View]
72415548https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnD72g8urKI&spfreload=10 It's like I know it's shit bu…[View]
72416339Anybody heard Chris Potter's new album yet? Thoughts? Any other good jazz releases this year?[View]
72415259Listen to the song posted before yours and review it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKh31vKbQig…[View]
72409635LAST.FM 4x4 7 Days: New chart thread Rate, recommend[View]
72416800this is krautrock[View]
72416874ITT Album cover revelations: >it's a guitar[View]
72415321Theory: Does anyone here actually talk about music theory (real music)?[View]
72411240ITT: Post your favorite album and anons guess your personality[View]
72416377best album for a self diagnosed sociopath[View]
72416781Songs written from the perspective of a dying man[View]
72416790Is there a band with whiny pop punk/emo vocals but pentatonic dad rock type riffs? (That sounds dece…[View]
72416773i know im probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but does anyone else feel that most metal/ha…[View]
72408485Covers better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPI3b9iPSN0[View]
72415500Are there any albums that sound like the desert? Like Arizona or Palm Springs[View]
72415625D RU N K B O Y S - 7 I S M A G I C: Welcome to the dystopian future that we live in lads and lasses,…[View]
72416524Recommend me albums similar to this it's genuinely my favorite album at the moment >inb4 Nic…[View]
72416678Reminder that if you think Kid A is better than OKC, remove yourself from the gene pool.[View]
72415238Will ODB's final album ever be officially released?[View]
72412673What are some bands with noisy and/or heavy arrangements, but well-written pop songwriting underneat…[View]
72415071hey this is pretty great[View]
72416213Who is the girl on this cover, /mu/? I'm in love[View]
72415411He is, hands down, the absolute most overrated drummer to exist. Discuss.[View]
72416638Why isn't this talked about?[View]
72413338Holy shit[View]
72413893Rapists have always claimed that RAP stands for Rhythm And Poetry but it ACTUALLY stands for Retards…[View]
72416561Does /mu/ like noise rock/rock in opposition?[View]
72407156favorirte male voices ITT[View]
72415701Haven't heard any of this alleged fsgget. What's his best record?[View]
72414242what do you guys think of the new Sun Kil Moon X Jesu project? Does anyone have a link? The archive …[View]
72416403ween tbh: Whats with the influx of Ween threads? Also Ween thread.[View]
72413974STOP RIGHT HERE OR I WILL SHOOT YOU: Post what you're listening to sonny. >Miles Davis - Bit…[View]
72415931Hendrix Appreciation Thread: Lets all appreciate what Jimi did for music history. He saw Bob Dylan…[View]
72411922Defend this album[View]
72415438In-Ear Headphones General: Have a pair of RHA MA750i but they're starting to break down. What e…[View]
72416157Songs that you've cried to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDHY1D0tKRA shed tears revisiting t…[View]
72416127Rich man's TPAB.[View]
72416108>WHYYYYyyyyyYYYYYyyyyYYYYYyyyYYYYY >CAN'T I TOUCH IT!…[View]
72416094I Com Truise the only worthwhile synthwave artist or are there others? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
72416086Need help getting link from http://forums.ffshrine.org: I signed up for the site and still can'…[View]
72413739Somebody rec me a good tape deck please I used to just play them in my car but I traded it in recent…[View]
72413872First-Timer Reccomendations: Hi /mu/. I never really cared about music, until recently a friend of m…[View]
72415605>visual album[View]
72415485*deletes Good Morning, Captain* *deletes Nosferatu Man* *deletes Don, Aman* phew, much better.[View]
72415450OK COMPUTER 20TH ANNIVERSARY CONSPIRACY: Alright, so a bunch of 'More Fear' posters have been showin…[View]
72415765Best Italian Song? (Mambo Italiano etc...)[View]
72413573I need recs for turning your life around. I need songs/albums that'll motivate me to hold on a…[View]
72413982KPOP GENERAL: vote binnie[View]
72414327Hey, old folks!; member´ when music was made with actual instruments? Member´ when they used to sing…[View]
72414197>six o'clock already i was just in the middle of a dream[View]
72406052ITT: Le right generation-core: Music that makes you proud you were born the right generation.[View]
72415630This is the purest shoegaze album ever made. Prove me wrong. >Loveless I swear to god that whiny …[View]
72415699>The only thing you done was yesterday But wasn't Paul the better musician of the group? Wha…[View]
7241569010/10 albums /mu/ hasn't heard of[View]
72414709ITT: Microtonal music that you're aware of. Other than King Gizzard.[View]
72415333ITT: Albums with better B-sides or double albums where C and D are better than A and B[View]
72413603Trap Top 5: 1. Nostalgic 64 2. DS2 3. Rodeo 4. FUTURE 5. Slime Season 2[View]
72414182Bad Canada: What does everyone think of the new Bad Canada EP, Mary? Bandcamp link : https://badcana…[View]
72411685Making a thread just for this cause theres no /prod/ going on I'm making this track https://cly…[View]
72412527Major Lazer vs Gorillaz: Which semi-fictional band is better and why is it Major Lazer?[View]
72415484>it bumps in the whip[View]
72415286post 'sad' music: I don't want something truly brilliant and poignant. Give me something mastur…[View]
72415470a new legend: a new death grips has arisen fantano... https://soundcloud.com/cancer_wave/sets/projec…[View]
72414916What's some bands\artists whose music evoke an air of bisexuality/androgynous energy intentiona…[View]
72414815Rec me some funk disco, can't stop listening to pic related[View]
72375497/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: These threads: The most patrician threads of all time.[View]
72414444Favorite album cover and what you think of the album: actually has some great tracks, although sound…[View]
72415339I grew up in 2000-2010 and i watched what was considered normal (current) tv shows those days (besid…[View]
72415079Is it fair to say Mike is to the beach boys as Paul is to the beatles?[View]
72411662So anyone here still listen to Memphis rap? Or did you all faggots just listened to the genre becaus…[View]
72411044Hello /mu/. Lets talk about this album please.[View]
72414937>song has a chorus >it's repeated more than once…[View]
72415236is it just circus music?[View]
72414551Glass Animals: What does /mu/ think of them? Recently started listening to their songs and I'm …[View]
72413904FKA Twigs: Whatever happened to this bitch?[View]
72415072*blocks your path*[View]
72414966ITT: labels that plebs don't mind[View]
72413967You all realize that this album will be AOTD right? This will be the best album to come out since Me…[View]
72409604Surf rock: What does /mu/ think of surf rock? I'm not talking Beach Boys, I'm talking more…[View]
72411104Tigers Jaw: So apperently they have a new album coming out in May. The first single was meh but this…[View]
72414867What's a good album to listen to with my wife's son?[View]
72414673my ex invited a new girl to his discord server. (please dont laugh at me im as fragile as a poptart)…[View]
72414494I FUCK THE MUSIC[View]
72409678If you had to describe RAP in three words, what would those words be?[View]
72414634can anyone rec me stuff similar to this?[View]
72414460Are there any musicians that actually run their own Twitter accounts?: I'm sick of all the fake…[View]
72414267Smash, Ixnay on the Hombre, Americana are unironically some of the best albums to come out of the 90…[View]
72413771/mu/ Dubtrack: Hello, would you like to listen to music with me? Please be kind and mindful. Let…[View]
72413962Dream bands thread.[View]
72414564why /mu/ hate this?[View]
72413318Can I get some good electro recommendations?[View]
72414572best mp3 player for under $100: I am considering the Fiio X1, but the reviews say it has many flaws.…[View]
72413684what musical knowledge do i need to have beats and rap: I have zero understanding of music theory an…[View]
72413699Goths: Lets talk about this upcoming album Rain in Soho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anS6bcPpvoQ…[View]
72413543Why is she so perfect? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTZvZ4DThoc[View]
72412828Give me a good reason why you hate The Fall I'll tell you why i like it: it features great guit…[View]
72414177what are some actually good punk bands that aren't completely cringe? i've been trying to …[View]
72414490Who's ordering on Amazon and playing russian roulette for the cover? I hope I get either 2D or …[View]
72413431ITT: overrated record labels[View]
72414405opinions on album/anything that sounds similar? >pic related[View]
72414417Please for the love of god someone tell me Conduit Closing's Missteps III has been leaked. http…[View]
72414367anyone else really really really like the TIHC lineup this year?[View]
72414312Nick Drake or Nick Cave?[View]
72413851What lineup would it take for you to go on a musical cruise?[View]
72413135anybody here been to a /paramore/ concert? what's the showwomanship like?[View]
72413139one of these threads: >Best song: Killing in the Name Of >Worst song: Settle for Nothing >M…[View]
72413742Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday: How have you been honoring the greatest singers of all time…[View]
72414229Are U gonna look after his boiz?[View]
72405002/last.fm/: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.googl…[View]
72414180ITT: pleb music that you don't get[View]
72410316Who's good in house these days?[View]
72406190I gonna listen this album for the first time today: Any advice?[View]
72414171shitty soundcloud music: https://soundcloud.com/wild_storm/thrown[View]
72407900Make a list of the top 5 most overrated artists of the 2010s.[View]
72412692>he doesn't believe that music nowadays is terrible It's like telling the world you…[View]
72414006So this is the greatest album of all time, right?[View]
72413689ITT: GOAT TV Appearances by Bands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4qIK5PiSyk Even for Aussies thes…[View]
72412321Nina Simone: Where should I start with her? She has so many albums.[View]
72413963https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfuswtauo3k thoughts?[View]
72411884KPOP GENERAL[View]
72413827QUICK! Rec me some great vaporwave released after 2015[View]
72412888I haven`t cried this much with an album, since Twin Fantasy More albums this sad?[View]
72412056Is there any other comparably influential guitarists?[View]
72413875electronic albums similar to this?[View]
72413382ITT: YHYP - You hear it, you're patrician: Post obscurer songs and other anons win if they hear…[View]
72412824What does /mu/ think of Best ever albums?[View]
72413327hey /mu/. come join our discord. we have a bot that let us play music and listen together come discu…[View]
72413798Any0ne listen to Atmosphere?[View]
72412278good techno to listen to on e? already done it before and know some good music already just want som…[View]
72413754How would it make you feel when you're son makes his dying wish and you realize he's a ple…[View]
72409023Post the most patrician artist/band of your country >The Netherlands >Jett Rebel…[View]
72413740Does anyone know what happened to the archive?[View]
72410848This feels like the epitome of music to me. Are there any other albums that provide such a vibrant a…[View]
72412744ITT: why led zeppelin is best dad rock ever >no quarter is masterpiece >jimmy page nuff said …[View]
72413111iunno what the fuck this even is but I'm fucking jamming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaXDhd…[View]
72412975I am from the year 2067.: This album has received critical acclaim as being one of the greatest albu…[View]
72413563Listen Along - Meeting of the Waters: I'm curious to hear what others thoughts are on the new A…[View]
72413591Listening to Radiohead gives me the same feeling as a black guy fucking my wife, but instead of kill…[View]
72413618siamsese dream: favorite album ever thread[View]
72413480Sorry for upside down. On phone in store. These are 199 CAD, good deal or no? Ty.[View]
72413577feels lyrics thread: >all i want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away…[View]
72412186Does anyone on /mu/ like Phish?: Anyone seeing them this summer?[View]
72412803Is it possible for human ears to tell the difference between 320kbps mp3 and FLAC?[View]
72413545rap sux[View]
72413247ITT: Musicians in the past 50 years who have class.[View]
72413253Kendrick is the best musician alive: He writes amazing lyrics... oh wait never mind... Well at least…[View]
72411410YES!!!!!!! IT FLOPPED: Hahahahahaha, this is what this dumb botox fuck face gets for trying to sell …[View]
72413551How long did it take to you to realize that Carti Season>Damn[View]
72413292requesting that 'today I think I'll listen to boards of canada' meme[View]
72412461How come they landed the AOTY so effortlessly?[View]
72412421I finally get it.: This album is fucking amazing. Still not as good as STGSTV, but I finally underst…[View]
72410047Eurovision 2017: What's /mu/'s favorite for this year's eurovision? I feel like 99% o…[View]
72412538Help : ' (: /mu/ a partner of mine of almost 6 years just broke up with me. i'm fuckin dyi…[View]
72413387Seeing Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective in July: Anyone see either of them live? What to expect? Di…[View]
72408106What makes Two Headed Boy Pt. 2 related to Two Headed Boy aside from the end where he explicitly ret…[View]
72411373Recently re listened to this, I have absolutely no idea why /mu/ shits on this album so much, this a…[View]
72411808>mocks Geraldo at the beginning of the album because he said hip hop is worse for the black commu…[View]
72413321what does rym mean by this?[View]
72413347ITT albums most people don't even know exist[View]
72410429Hardware, Synths, Audio Mastery: At ground zero, where does one even start to get an understanding o…[View]
72413205Is there any more japanese music like Lamp? Also general /comfy/ thread[View]
72413234Does /mu/ listen to heavy metal?[View]
72408619La Cucaracha General: Discuss this masterpiece of an album. What are your favorite songs from it? My…[View]
72413207>I dare you to name a better group. /mu/ you damn sure can't![View]
72413208Arab on Radar: I don't see this band talked about on here a whole bunch. I just bought my first…[View]
72413077/mutwitter/: share your twitter i wanna follow you[View]
72411163Did you guys like our new album?![View]
72412674r8 my taste: How cancer am I /mu/? Muse Wilco Radiohead Weezer Foo Fighters Pink Floyd TMBG December…[View]
72411701>listening to jazz album >saxophone is dominant in one ear why the fuck do they do this to me?…[View]
72409697Rate Album Thread: one of these things again[View]
72413107>tfw going to see Zakir Hussain >tfw going to see world-famous musician in 72 hours >tfw go…[View]
72407670Albums men will never understand[View]
72413045ITT: We find Madlib on album covers: It's actually Madlib behind the mask.[View]
72412972Sometimes when I'm really hungry and tired, I get a medium deep dish pizza from Larosa's, …[View]
72409959ITT: post the best Swans album and other people reply with the best swans album[View]
72412589Someone tell me artists like or influenced by this[View]
72412434muh dead wife: Come on guys it's not that bad, give Phil a break.[View]
72410348>band has multiple releases with the same title this shit should be illegal in the digital age…[View]
72408586>tfw 23 and can't grow out of System of a Down >I'm talking Mezmerize/Hypnotize SOAD…[View]
72412799https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYCshHt65ew need similar music to this please[View]
72407521He's got some good songs[View]
72412432let's have a Royal Trux thread[View]
72412723What's the song you love and that no one would have ever guessed? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
72409601Alternate cover arts you use[View]
72410052ITT:: Post top 3 jazz artists and give other anons ratings, recs and personalities 1. Pharoah Sander…[View]
72409658>FLEX ON SWOLE LIKE AAAAHA Remind me how this kike nigga is the best rapper of the current genera…[View]
72412634americAN CONSPIRACY RAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfkftNkpjC0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
72411068Patrician instruments: Hard mode: >ones you actually play[View]
72412141>feel my semen cry What the fuck did she mean by this[View]
72409853>She blow that dick like a cello What did he mean by this?[View]
72410357I didn't think I would like this.: I did. Please give good recs[View]
72411307>Who's the GOAT? Left or Right?[View]
72391021SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: time for a new thread, same rules, but! >bonuspoints for tracks with a musicvi…[View]
72411625Best dubstep drops you've ever heard? GO[View]
72409186If I gotta ____ Imma make it look sexy.[View]
72411851What's the best album of this decade so far?[View]
72411825Jackson C. Frank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0va3F2PWBJc&t=28s&ab_channel=atravesdelrio…[View]
72412414ITT: artists that fully deserve their praise and recognition[View]
72412430TOP 10 FAVORITE BILLBOARD HOT 100 HIT SONGS OF THE 21ST CENTURY: List your Top 10 (or 5) Favorite so…[View]
72410661I actually think it's a pretty good song[View]
72412346Hey /mu/ after about two years I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm fucking s…[View]
72412264Is goth making a comeback?[View]
72409895ITT albums where the best song is I Talk to the Wind[View]
72399653Does anyone have experimental hip hop recs besides death grips? Much appreciated desu[View]
72412124devin ruben perez[View]
72411915Aura Blaze - Aura Blaze [FULL ALBUM w/ vintage '70s footage] — 2015 psychedelic rock: https://w…[View]
72412055Anyone else disappointed with how they ended up?[View]
72412193Nothing lasts forever Nothing lasts for Nothing lasts Nothing last Nothing For nothing For nothing l…[View]
72409461What song do you have playing while you torture someone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlKaVFqxERk…[View]
72410792Post your favourites EP's[View]
72408653ITT we remove and/or rearrange songs on an album to create a superior tracklist >Angry Hour >N…[View]
72410587Post television-advertisement-core https://youtu.be/PilVAqMMSnc[View]
72406712how do i get into punk? ive tried a lot of babby's firsts like ramones, sex pistols, etc. but w…[View]
72410159Can you please recommend me some good industrial/experimental + holy sounds like pic related.[View]
72411498new full of hell next week: who hype also powerviolence general ig[View]
72411680Favorite musicians that od'd on herion[View]
72411254idiot trying to make music: any tips on making two complementary melodies? (a melody that comes aft…[View]
72411875Bjorks best album?: What is Bjork's best album?[View]
72401615/metal/: /metal/ thread : djentgaze editon Old >>72386049[View]
72411539>mom asks for music recs >tell her to check the rym general all time chart >picks Black Sai…[View]
72410380KPOP GENERAL: strictly bropop[View]
72411739Is it bad if I gain more respect for a band or artist if they or a member died an unnatural death, e…[View]
72409843/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 2: /mu/ displayed patrician taste in the first round, voting …[View]
72411706Why does this sound like Parliament-Funkadelic if George Clinton was a redditor?[View]
72407904Music fest thread What are the best line ups this year? What are the worst? Pic related. Terrible l…[View]
72410591Chillwave: What do u think about chillwave/ chill hip-hop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFazaDuMO…[View]
72411208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdXo8uJ9NSk Can this video be seen as commentary on avant garde musi…[View]
72409837>he's a talentless ha- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OsxhM2g1JRg…[View]
72407936Amazing album[View]
72410182what do you think about chillwave/chill hip hop?[View]
72411691Was RATM formed because of this song?: Shame they never made a cover of it, the guitar reminds me a …[View]
72410134Why isnt this /mu/core?[View]
72411659Grimes: Grimes[View]
72411648ITT: Post songs that give you the feels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNdBLBleO90[View]
72409683Who ready?[View]
72411474Is this was true happiness feels like?[View]
72410351Thoughts on the new Myth & Roid album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8rRvgkedcI&t=125s in…[View]
72410259Hey /mu/, do you also /lit/? and if so, what music do you read to? any recommendations for your ol…[View]
72410852Strap yourselves in - This is gonna be odd: I am trying to rediscover a band I listened to as a kid.…[View]
72403087ITT: Albums that women will never understand[View]
72409467led zeppelin is a fraud: ITT: Why Led Zeppelin is worst dadrock band ever? -because they stole music…[View]
72410324Thoughts on this? It's personally one of my favourite albums ever[View]
72411063Boundary pushing 10's: Post your cutting edge 10's, albums that don't get the recogni…[View]
72410496ITT: Strange musician cameos: Buzz Osborne in Sunset Overdrive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca-C…[View]
72403146Rappers with high IQ: Who`s got the best lyrics in terms of meaning, phonetics, references combined?…[View]
72410907Play me sum pimpin mane[View]
72407430>Oh, it's another kick snare kick-kick snareroll episode.[View]
72411115Unicorn Drink Song - wtf is this????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puSzUb4I1Is[View]
72411086Why aren't you listening to U2 right now?[View]
72410980Blond unpopular opinion: 1. Nikes 2. Solo 3. Pink + White 4. Skyline To 5. Self Control 6. Nights 7.…[View]
72409950ITT: Bands with only one good song[View]
72410010Songs to be a hero too.: If you faggots were going to choose a song to end on, what would it be ? I …[View]
72409793Last.fm thread top8, last 7[View]
72410849You guys hadn't told me how great this album is[View]
72406832Vince Staples: Who is the most overrated p4k meme rapper in history and why is it this race baitin…[View]
72405169CHIMP OUT[View]
72410008That new Frank Ocean[View]
72410175How will this trap music trend be viewed in retrospect? Think around 2030 or so.[View]
72410808Can we have a thread about short black and white movies from the 20s/30s? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72410652ITT: Musicians who are probably on the autism spectrum.[View]
72407863Help me find musics like this!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYtaPQz6AnQ Could someone suggest …[View]
72410675okay who used whose song first do you think? or is it just the same beats... >this shit got me r…[View]
72410623ITT: Songs that make you unreasonably mad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y66j_BUCBMY[View]
72387604/daily/ thread - generic edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new …[View]
72407013Worst music opinions of all time Starting with this absolute SHIT I've just seen on RYM >pic…[View]
72410426death grapes[View]
72392919New Jesu / Sun Kil Moon album streaming: http://www.sunkilmoon.com/30seconds/ Get in here lads…[View]
72410516Can we talk about Outsider House? Is it a passing fad or legit genre? Who are your favorite artists?…[View]
72410515GKMC TPAB DAMN What does DAMN stand for? It can't just be the word. It means something and it…[View]
72410504Perfect rappers don't exi-[View]
72409300Literally their best album, prove me wrong. Protip: you can't[View]
72409431Runaway: >Never was much of a romantic I could never take the intimacy…[View]
72410456Bankroll Fresh is the modern equivalent of Big L. Prove me wrong.[View]
72409756metal guys like metal girls?: What do you think? Some say they're hot, others say they're …[View]
724037533x3 4x4 5x5: 1 month edition: ok[View]
72409651Post a public figure and others will post music[View]
72409164songs that give you goosebumps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u_EWKVRoxc[View]
72408110KPOP GENERAL[View]
72410317Are there any bands that sound like the soundtrack to Hyper Light Drifter? That shit is beautiful[View]
72409410/mu/ can women appreciate the smiths the same way men do?[View]
72410242Is nobody going to talk about the fact that this invented Math Rock and Post-Hardcore before Hardcor…[View]
72410277No love for this album? The lyrics are the emo anthems of the Fifth Virtual Reich, https://shaelrile…[View]
72409412Liars: More like this?[View]
72407633New Mount Eerie song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2adq0ozNGIA Any of you people heard this one y…[View]
72409320>grabs record by the grooves >owns a urban outfitters turntable >is part of a 'record club'…[View]
72409620ITT: Albums that cisgenders will never understand[View]
72407841>band is just a front for 1 person[View]
72410067ITT: Post albums where the actual best song isn't one of the more obvious songs: Best song is B…[View]
72408911New Royal Trux thread[View]
72410075>it's not an album genre What does this evening mean?[View]
72409993> I'm bangin' green like the lizard in Geico. What did he mean by this?…[View]
72410035Post your shitty music here: https://discord.gg/QfxqYta[View]
72406751What kind of music would aliens enjoy if they ever came to earth? ***PS I'm not an alien***[View]
72410024Check out my new EP on Bandcamp: My new EP 'Stay For A Steamer is finally done, and is available for…[View]
72410020Sad Rock: ITT: Classics that makes you feel sad >classic rock, not classical music https://www.y…[View]
72409598Exactly how talented was Mr. West? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdyyNJcNavw Also, do rappers make…[View]
72409602music with emotional screaming: Post music with emotional screaming pls For example the song 'T…[View]
72409565Post a song others will give you recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPI3b9iPSN0…[View]
72407259Wow, this is just nirvana with synths and drum machines. Thanks for bringing me on to this stuff /mu…[View]
72406574ITT: Comedy bands/artists we unironically enjoy[View]
72409858youtube-core thread?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSdYPkgCvtE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT…[View]
72409753Humanz Bonus Tracks: https://mega.nz/#F!SNJEmZgK!6kla-utuYmKdj5suSte1_A They're pretty good in …[View]
72408725The Cure discussion thread: /mu/ can we stop for a second to talk about pic related and the band its…[View]
72408269post try-hards[View]
72403876BANDCAMP THREAD: Bandcamp General The last one is a burren wasteland and nobody cares about it You k…[View]
72409649ITT Collabs you want to see happen[View]
72407586Music > Sexual Stimulation. I would rather live without sex than living without music.[View]
72409694Sonemic will NEVER lunch[View]
72395637ITT: Embarrassing moments for respected artists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0si0fB0lnow https:/…[View]
72409136best guitarists oat 1. Derek Bailey 2. Fred Frith 3. Henry Kaiser 4. Eugene Chadbourne 5. James Bloo…[View]
72407443Reminder these are NOT the same genre.[View]
72405907What the fUCK[View]
72408588ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
72409402ITT We remember John Lennon \./: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RqXkOTYoys8[View]
72404370What happened?[View]
72407634ITT: remember us?[View]
72408577ALL MY LOIFE[View]
72408924albums that are going to be better than DAMN[View]
72408261did you like it?[View]
72407363>liam gallagher will never be your dad[View]
72409418Is melodic hardcore the most fedora sub-genre?[View]
72408868*deletes Love You To*[View]
72408763Are Neofolk and Darkwave making a comeback? I was walking down Boston the other day and saw two dud…[View]
72409170Post recs.[View]
72396657the last two artists you listened to are making a collaboration: other people rate it >Ariel Pink…[View]
72408823Playing saxophone: I have been playing tenor saxophone for 3 years and now I'm bored a bit. I a…[View]
72363605SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
72408654Which album from your country should everybody hear? >Italy[View]
72408660*Deletes On the Run*[View]
72408966Do you listen to music from many genres or just stick to a couple? I do the former.[View]
72408084I actually think this is better than Amnesiac[View]
72407977In my opinion, 60s psychedelic pop/rock is way over appreciated today while actual progressive rock …[View]
72407325what's his end game?[View]
72409099GIVE ME FEEDBACK IMA SOUNDCLOUD RAP NIGGA FROM THE BAY: https://soundcloud.com/ginotheboy/money-mach…[View]
72408955shoutout 2 myself: hey whaddaya think of my music im also songwriting contact me i know quality is c…[View]
72407433https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92XVwY54h5k Do people actually like this shit or am I being memed? I…[View]
72408845What are /mu/'s thoughts on The Human Condition[View]
72408392Where were you when Sericomyrmex radioheadi was discovered?[View]
72408902What's the verdict on these guys?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192[View]
72407245>when I was five I came home from kindergarten crying cause they sat me next to an albino…[View]
72408042Do you know them? Do you like them? Do you listen to them? Best song in ur opinion?[View]
72407682Your Favorite Bowie Albums?: Here's my Top 10: 1. Scary Monsters 2. Hunky Dory 3. Low 4. Rise…[View]
72407734Stop making sense.[View]
724087882017 might be the shittiest year for music so far it might be even worse than 2014[View]
72401690Was he a misunderstood genius? If not, how did he get so big?[View]
72406932Why this song isn't a classic?[View]
72407749ITT: albums that you think /mu/ would love, but they don't for some reason[View]
72408700I'm searching for this music video I saw, the music is kind of dance music, two black dancers, …[View]
72408689Franz Schubert thread[View]
72407624FEEL MY HAND[View]
72407148What are some good books related to musicians? They can be biographies/autobiographies, like pic rel…[View]
72408610Claricon Record Player: Hey /mu/, looking for anyone who has experience in vintage turntables. I rec…[View]
72408633Is it possible for music to be dead on arrival just based on genre? Psychobilly is percussive bass o…[View]
72408617Floyd Rose Tremelo: Hi all, any guitar players who use a Floyd rose bridge ever experienced trouble …[View]
72407980Post good albums. Any genre, any year, popular or obscure, they just have to be albums you enjoy.[View]
72407675>he cares about the lyrics[View]
72408504What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
72408212Post comfy albums[View]
72408578Sonemic will never lau...[View]
72406854LADS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-qKazzSTPc[View]
72407625I read that charlie parker loved edgar varese's works, and even he wanted to be his pupil... i …[View]
72407683>Holy shit, anon actually listens to Grimes, Lana del Rey, Lauren, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, …[View]
72408467Does /mu/ like conscious hip-hop?[View]
72407862ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
72408448Is Grunge Dead?: .[View]
724067882017 Gorillaz are garbage that are trying to appeal to a divided generation that doesn't even k…[View]
72408292Hey this is pretty good[View]
72408134what is the most fun memory you have had with music?[View]
72408181Was my dad's music any good /mu/? Tried for years to make it in music, got pretty close back in…[View]
72407458So i started practicing with my violin. I didn't practice much, kinda difficult, but I can pla…[View]
72407577roast my music taste[View]
72407869ITT: rec music based on images[View]
72407478What do you think this country's gonna look like in the year 2003?[View]
72408196Is Lobo smiling or frowning?[View]
72407179You really do need to get into the mindset of a Redditor to understand why this band is so popular. …[View]
72407208This holds up well.[View]
72407242Name the first song that came on shuffle >KAYTRANADA - WEIGHT OFF[View]
72408097I don't get it...: How can you make someone a men in seven days without situps? https://www.you…[View]
72407324>ITT: we rank the tracks on an album from best to worst I'll start >She Wanted to Leave …[View]
72406679/random bangers/: post your choon of the <time variable> in this thread choon of the day for m…[View]
72406140Kpop general[View]
72408013Can anyone point me towards more music like the second half of 'Show No Regret', i've heard stu…[View]
72408009X Ambassadors - Renegades (Cover): https://youtu.be/e6lotVLT9-Q[View]
72406691>album is longer than 50min[View]
72407467PIZZA CORE: Give me some music to enjoy while I eat pizza[View]
72407416What are some other bands that have a similar almost spoken word style to Listener? I see some simil…[View]
72407915What did he mean by this?[View]
72405159How would you spell the noise Danny Brown makes in every one of his songs?[View]
72405918I figured it out for white people: 'I ain't saying she's a PRUDE, but she ain't messi…[View]
72406658Why is untitled 08 God tier?[View]
72404975Name our band[View]
72406121Ben Folds Five is at least in top 5 bands to come out the the 90s: IMO they're the best alt. ro…[View]
72407537This is the greatest power pop album of all time. Anyone who disagrees is lying.[View]
72407719itt: albums to come out as gay with[View]
72404878Björk is cute: Prove me wrong[View]
72407731*deletes alone tonight*[View]
72406330let's have a post-punk thread but one that isn't 90% Joy Division[View]
72406321Daily reminder that a white cis male pushing 69 recorded an album on his deathbed influence by Kendr…[View]
72407669>meeting of the waters (2017) >meetings of the waters (2017)…[View]
72405818ITT: post the part of an album that sounds the most like its cover >the first few seconds of How …[View]
72407185Which artist is the most overrated in /mu/: barzumple[View]
72404630thats me in the corner[View]
72406348I don't get it, is this supposed to be deliberately shit? is just genre shit music with lo-fi p…[View]
72406707Jesus Christ, what happened here? Floridada...[View]
72407219Daily reminder to always put numbers on art.[View]
72407588thoughts on the new descendents song?[View]
72407573Am I the only one excited for this new Tiny Vipers album? Its her first in 8 years. I think the sing…[View]
72406482spotify sucks and is for plebs[View]
72407508ITT we discuss why Tiny Mix Tapes is the best review site.[View]
72395611/gg/ - guitar and bass General: Amp edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Sug…[View]
72407501Beyonce is fucking trash and anyone who thinks she is actually good needs pls go[View]
72407449*switches untitled 07 with mortal man* >'Oh wow, to pimp a butterfly is an ACTUAL 10 now'…[View]
72407479Should I go see Little Dragon Live? Are they any good?[View]
72404530does /mu/ got the funk?[View]
72407348The only time the high pitched noises hurt my ears was on the first listen when I had the volume sup…[View]
72407354unknown artists: unknown artists who should have more views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SIUpKNC…[View]
72407207Where do I start with Dean Blunt? I can't seem to find too much info on him and I know he relea…[View]
72407309ITT: albums you thought they were silly/goofy/fun and ended up making you feel[View]
72407308>listen to offical release of a song on spotify or itunes or something >listen to the same son…[View]
72406992Music to drop L to: What's your favorite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smpn6dQGQx8…[View]
72403290Here she comes Fresh upon the ground Come gentle spring Come at winter's end[View]
72407153Does this album deserve to be on the 'best albums of the 2000s' lists?[View]
72406796What if it's good tho[View]
72407162Soul/Blues: I've been listening to No Sinner, John the Conqueror, K. Flay, Rival Sons recently.…[View]
72407085Why did every singer in every notable Grunge band seem to have a drug problem?[View]
72398813so we don't like them anymore right?[View]
72406886Do you like Kanye West?[View]
72395787is this what deaner was talking about[View]
72404710I hate his fucking voice. Am I the only one?[View]
72404396Why do people even like King Gizzard? They're literally babies first psyc rock band[View]
72401719What is David Bowie's best song, and why is it 'Rock 'n' Roll Suicide'?[View]
72407003science shows us that as we get older our perception of time goes faster, and the only way to slow d…[View]
72406518Where were you during Crouch-wave?[View]
72406292ETERNAL WAR, AGAINST THE DICKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFVaXBWlxeA[View]
72404209/bored/: So you've been listening to same shit for awhile and you're looking for a change.…[View]
72405701Key of Awesome: How come these guys aren't talked about here? They're like the next Weird …[View]
72405177Street Lights, Low Lights, Highlights, Ultralights, Flashing Lights All of the Lights, All of the Li…[View]
72406774Good morning, Dave. What are you listening to?[View]
72406624My budgie died today: My little budgie died today, he became six years old before finally passing aw…[View]
72406288Are there any other popular music single-person critics like Fantano/Christgau/Scaruffi I should be …[View]
72388664/grimes/: Does /mu/ still like Grimes? Thoughts on her discography so far? What do your expect from …[View]
72406789'Here we go again, I feel the chemicals kicking in' what did he mean by this?[View]
72403994Recommend me some creepy music, /mu/[View]
72405575Babymetal fans here?[View]
72406642ITT: Talented not Hacks[View]
72405787Sample: >I feel the rhythm more and more >I'd like to jump right on the floor >I feel …[View]
72406116Remixes that are just better versions of the original song. https://soundcloud.com/keadz-fever_2/ano…[View]
72406051Favourite album: Favourite Canterbury Tale:[View]
72406458in the name of crushing all rockists and their outdated ideals, post your favourite NON-STUDIO ALBUM…[View]
72406528hello /mu/ i wanna master the art of playing the piano so im going to buy a midi keyboard, but do an…[View]
72405034Anyone fucking with this? Barely see any talk about them here[View]
72405237ITT: Artist dies, DUDE 4/5 RYM LMAO: Post other examples.[View]
72404141BC/SC/YT: Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube General Thread Post your stuff. check others out. If somebody …[View]
72405066>this is a ted talk no it's not it's an album[View]
72404552What's wrong with 2015?[View]
72406440I need some help /mu/ I've listened to each of kendricks releases and tried my hardest to under…[View]
72406474Sing Weed Star: ITT: Help me record a weed related version of All Star by Smash Mouth. Click this li…[View]
72406444New Sufjan Single: This is way better than the first single Very hyped for this album https://youtu.…[View]
72405927Penguin day: Post penguins and other animal field recordings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRpPCd…[View]
72402655are they better than Sonic Youth: Sonic Youth were eventually a disappointment but listening to RT t…[View]
72405140ITT: post music you love and others recommend based on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moOamKxW84…[View]
72404706Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
72389375Is Humanz The Biggest Let Down Of The Year So Far?: Is Humanz the biggest let down so far during the…[View]
72399417Things idiots say >playing black metal is like so easy. tremolo picking and double kick blasts? t…[View]
72406379Can we have a serious thread about live performance disasters? >The Station nightclub fire occurr…[View]
72406263ITT: Improve an album: >Turn it into an EP >Remove all tracks but the first three songs, Birds…[View]
72404576Is there any other music with the same level of intensity and deep anger as death grips? Stuff that …[View]
72406152Can anyone explain what this shit means? This whole album was a just a big wtf to me.[View]
72406294Ski Mask The Slump God is the next best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxa-RHeOc0w[View]
72388227ITT: Post an album and others say their favorite track off it. >Lost In The World…[View]
72403534What does /mu/ think of Aerosmith?[View]
72406173What was the meme album that was released on Youtube last year?[View]
72405294Underrated albums[View]
72403140ITT: New Jersey 'Scene(s)': I have an idea of what the basic local music 'scene' is in Nj; I'm …[View]
72405740hey guys whats your opinion on this? also i am also the same guy who reviewed that clipping album c…[View]
72405725Finding a song stuck in my head: My dudes I have a song stuck in my head but I don't remember w…[View]
72400137ITT: /mu/ in 2025[View]
72404900Tidal or Spotify?[View]
72406208What did he mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lul-Y8vSr0I[View]
72403865What is her end game? Excited for the new album fav song?[View]
72405127*deletes the last 3 songs* Wew lads, here ya go, a good album[View]
72396084/jazz/ general: Duke Ellington edition For how important Ellington is to the history of jazz he does…[View]
72400542billclintonswag.com Give me your Bills 4 most recent listens[View]
72405705Name a bigger banger than 'System Blower'[View]
72406058Will the world ever appreciate them like we do?[View]
72404621KPOP GENERAL[View]
72404843hey guys i want to know, whats your guys favourite song from mobb deeps The infamous album is?[View]
72405970/mu/ Ibe been looking for this song for ten years, I saw it on vh1 classic , it is a guy that has a …[View]
72405648I only listen to japanese music[View]
72403494You only like Spint Spiderland because you're trying to fit in with the rest of the people on t…[View]
72400960Favourite Genre Of Metal: >Not Thinking Its Thrash Metal[View]
72405729ITT: Best albums of each decade: Starting in 60's.[View]
72404818Do you try to keep every music file with a cover picture attached?[View]
72405415Does grime have any future in music, or is it destined to die out/be condemned to eternal mediocrity…[View]
72405715what does /mu/ think of Spongehead?[View]
72404260Was he the greatest?[View]
72403094Stop making sense.[View]
72400806>'i'm in a band' >'oh cool, what do you play?' >'bass'…[View]
72404693ITT: 'classic' albums nobody actually listens to[View]
72405639>it's a can't listen to music and browse 4chan on my phone at the same time episode…[View]
72405594Worth a fortune apparently[View]
72403734post paramore's 5 best songs[View]
72402479Would you honestly say these 4 albums are the same genre if you weren't told they were all the …[View]
72403066I wanna hear hip-hop albums about breaking-up. Does it exist?[View]
72404039I have found my true calling...[View]
72403667when /mu/tants get let on facebook...[View]
72405387>tfw no pork roll egg and cheese[View]
72404403( ・ω・) DJ Clonepa Discography ( ・ω・): Hello, /mu/. I have a gift for you. A discography of DJ Clonep…[View]
72404938New Shabazz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TWNaMRlNj8[View]
72404639ITT: Musicians with foot fetishes[View]
72404932What bands are like Zeromancer? Ever heard of them? You'd be the second I ever met. For that ma…[View]
72402531Is Varg Vikerens the most redpilled musician?[View]
72405236Music genre essentials and suggested: Do you guys agree with the chart here? http://4chanmusic.wiki…[View]
72400059Who's the GOAT, if not Kendrick?[View]
72404442So someone recommended this album to me last night in a thread I made. I didn't get a chance to…[View]
72405118All these monkeys with michrophones and no /techno/ thread https://youtu.be/N5JWjTytyw0[View]
72402662>Names album 'greatest hits' >Fills it with misses What did they mean by this?…[View]
72404124I've played one of the greatest re-workings of 'as time goes by' to absolutely nobody…[View]
72404024Anyone seen Gas/Wolfgang Voigt live? How was it?[View]
72403651Who got the aoty for me[View]
72402174This is the ideal black metal body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks lik…[View]
72401182>The Seer >To Be Kind >The Glowing Man Which one is the best?…[View]
72404987wat do u guys think about Kreng?[View]
72402971what does /mu/ think about Sky Ferreira and her Pop-rock master piece NTMT? Her next album is going …[View]
72404327Why don't you like me Anon?[View]
72402625Is Varg?[View]
72403477Suffy: Wow, he has aged...[View]
72403976Why are Kanye fans so defensive? They're the most defensive fan base in rap but why?[View]
72404982How is 'really doh really doh' not a lifetime classic? Kendrick seems pretty safe, a lot o…[View]
72378993Music for depression and/or self loathing. Help me over the edge, /mu/[View]
72404836torture-core general: Post some albums that feel like they're skinning you alive.[View]
72396076What garage/punk bands with female vocals do you guys like? pic related, i discovered chastity belt/…[View]
72404824Song In the beginning of this vlog: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=pKFfmDWzKWI…[View]
72404461Adam Richman is Paul McCartney[View]
72403581Number 9: Could someone explain revolution 9 to me? Pic unrelated[View]
72404528New song https://youtu.be/0nXDETMYLCU Samples from Tori Amos. Rhythm & Doom.[View]
72404416Wow, this is boring.[View]
72404535>i won't eat meat unless it's his meat What did he meat by this?…[View]
72403408He's finally releasing an LP. What are your expectations?[View]
72403448Underground hip hop is garbage. It's all stupid wiki wiki scratch turntable noises and people t…[View]
72399959Ctrl F: No flawless album thread: Albums with no flaws[View]
72404590guys can you tell me whats is this thing in doris?[View]
72403201KPOP GENERAL[View]
72404104how do you go from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPyOhP1GTRQ[View]
72403100*deletes Vicar In A Tutu*[View]
72404458>chief keef will die in your lifetime[View]
72402718Ween ''Pure Guava': Is Weens ''Pure Guava' shit or genius?[View]
72404012Dead memes[View]
72404246Is he really the best frontman of all time?[View]
72403885*deletes Impossible Soul*[View]
72403696what genre is the band 'Tokyo Shoegazer'?[View]
72404350This has been out for a couple of weeks now. What are your thoughts on the Album? How do you think…[View]
72400042What is the original metal band?[View]
72404056The Gerogerigegege: Ever heard of them ?[View]
72403768Les Discrets: This came out, what's your thougts? I liked it, it's growing in me the more …[View]
72404258Holy shit this is better than both their s/t and Common As Light.[View]
72403495>sex better than music[View]
72403252>I like music[View]
72403095Classic Heavy metal/rock thread: Bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, The Eagles,…[View]
72404008do you guys love your cars? would you choose them over a girl?[View]
72404028Are these the best country albums? Recc me some similar albums[View]
72387393who is the worst female artist of all time?[View]
72403979politically incorrect metal/punk: I don't mean white power/RAC shit, I mean like the funny stuf…[View]
72402137What does /mu/ think of this new Mac Demarco track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpinkWvlieM…[View]
72403311Is there a scale with the chords F# Major and A Major?[View]
72403878DOOMstarks: Will they finally release it this year? Or will it be another year of doing nothing and …[View]
72387603/BCG/ - Bandcamp General --- Be cool to your dudes goldenhymns.bandcamp.com >>Post-Rock Not Me…[View]
72402264Fidelly Riddle! Did you ask for an AOTY? Yes, Yes I will be realising it this year! Memes aside, why…[View]
72402970What is best DG album and why it is this?[View]
72403803What's /mu/'s opinion on Fat Nick?[View]
72403833*deletes Delete Me*[View]
72402816ITT: god-tier albums[View]
72403347Explain to me why you don't like The Beatles anon?[View]
72403711Give me some of dat indie pop, now.[View]
72401078Better than anything the Sex Pistols ever did[View]
72402471Has anyone got a code for Paramores' European presales tomorrow?[View]
72403733MAGIC FOR ME[View]
72403504does anyone have the album Synthesized Landscapes From Future by Aquadrop? Can't seem to find i…[View]
72401558What time is it where you are in the world? What's the last thing you ate? What's the last…[View]
72401425What subgenres are these albums from?[View]
72403634Okay /mu/ here is my question: im trying since 1 year to find a music: its a electro song with guita…[View]
72403631Discord: Welcome to poachcord https://discord.gg/792qf[View]
72402836I NEED TO BE MYSELF[View]
72402477Damn, really makes me think[View]
72398742>an album's lyrics has at least one 'yo' in it >unironically considered a masterpiece and…[View]
72403478DO YOU HAVE THE TIME[View]
72402090Would you honestly say these 4 albums are the same genre if you weren't told they were all the …[View]
723936285x5: guess!!!!!!!!![View]
72403183Albums with a clear, crisp sound[View]
72403429WHEN I WAS[View]
72397974ITT: Describe an album with a SpongeBob quote: >Just do what I do when I have problems! SCREAM!…[View]
72401809Good album: This is a good album[View]
72402233>He fell for the Vinyl meme[View]
72402618Is Varg a cuck?[View]
72403242>tfw patrician[View]
72402257KPOP GENERAL[View]
72394435I need more shit like this in my life similar artists?[View]
72399048What's his best song /mu/?[View]
72401273Should I pre-order it?[View]
72400222https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 Is Bill Nye, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
72402266Why aren't you listening to Dean Blunt? https://youtu.be/lt9nuV6NMus[View]
72402677ITT guilty pleasures. I don't know if i'm getting older or lamer but I can't help but…[View]
72401986Did ever post on this board?: Im curious what his musical opinion is[View]
72401919/aoty/: What's good in 2017? What are you looking forward to and what's been disappointing…[View]
72403016Which one is going to die next, /mu/? >inb4 paul is already dead[View]
72398221/prog/: Prog is dead edition[View]
72402754this is going on[View]
72402081Step aside k.dot, leave AOTY to me![View]
72399707experimental ambient / new age / call it what you want: Title says it all. Post some 'experimental a…[View]
72401148ITT: listen to the album above and below your post[View]
72402737what the fuck is his problem? Lately he's releasing the most self pitying music I've ever …[View]
72402685i finally did it. i listened to the entirety of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea for the first time. it…[View]
72402546Oya Festival 2017: Ok, so this summer there is going to be this huge festival in Norway during 8 unt…[View]
72399794this shit gotta leak already[View]
72399432ITT: Overrated and talentless hacks.[View]
72402711I'M AN ALIEN[View]
72402668>Jonny Greenwood's Bodysong (Capitol, 2004) is an ambitious and difficult ethnic-jazz-ambien…[View]
72402643G.O.A.T: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-iepu3EtyE&index=40&list=LLIZD8arYXbDp8xYed_kEFyQ…[View]
72399194ITT: Musicians who you suspect have autism or Asperger's.[View]
72402367What's the best self-titled release?[View]
72401739does anyone still fuck with this band?[View]
72402384ITT: Albums where the song that is 6.93 minutues long is the best[View]
72402223Covers Thread: Post a cover or few, instrumental or with vocals. http://vocaroo.com/i/s06xg5t0IPdN…[View]
72402414ITT: talentless hacks[View]
72402368What did he mean by this?[View]
72395455Best ska punk bands?[View]
72402329Tremolo > Glider > You Made Me Realise > Feed Me With Your Kiss[View]
72400408Rank their Discography.[View]
72401965Great moments that obsess you: Suddenly got a desire to listen again to You Make Loving Fun by Fleet…[View]
72395430Why do people make fun of me for loving Led Zeppelin?[View]
72400845Kpop general[View]
72401294Music for when you feel like such a horrible disgusting failure that you don't even know how to…[View]
72402074Why cant i get into these guys?[View]
72401334Spicy Dough Music Thread: Do you have a favorite song about garlic bread /mu/? https://m.youtube.com…[View]
72400192Okay I am officially going to say it this is the most retarded board on 4chan. Humanz was a great al…[View]
72401902EVERYBODY: Who is confused about society and where we are going in life... needs to hear this https:…[View]
72401199>make my way to the refrigeratah >one dry potaytah inside no lie WTF!? Do people in Birmingham…[View]
72397380*deletes European Son*[View]
72401253If you think artists arent self aware of their shit music kys: Eminem is actually god tier if you re…[View]
72401013/MU/ # 1 SINGLES SURVIVOR: 2016: ROUND 1: Gonna try something here This is a billboard number 1 sing…[View]
72401695everything good I do gets stolen off me then ruined. What's a sad song ?[View]
72401716Label Spotting: I'm trying to help out my friend by looking for potential labels his music coul…[View]
72401666seriously fuck you i love this song: SCHU SCHAH I WON'T BE COMING HOME TONIGHT SCCHUH SCHAH MY …[View]
72398301ITT: GOAT double albums I'll begin[View]
72400003Will Mac die this year?[View]
72401426Unpopular Opinion: For whatever reason I really love the song Love. So everyone can fuck off and shu…[View]
72401574I am working on a female alter ego for my mixtape. How do I pitch up my voice(slightly) while still…[View]
72401580Why are you guitarfags so delusional?: >tone wood >true bypass >muh valve amplifier >boi…[View]
72400378>liking post-808s kanye[View]
72401577The best song here is the Black Angel's Death Song Prove me wrong[View]
72401556>all i want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away[View]
72400559was he the ultimate chad?[View]
72399335ITT: Albums that didn't live up to the hype: >see all the four and five star reviews for thi…[View]
72397698Sloop John B is seriously my favorite song off this album[View]
72401242Iggy Fucking Pop: This is really good for Iggy music.[View]
72400258https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFr8RgAxMeA Supreme Gangster Shit[View]
72390705Post Flawless Albums: Other anons point out the flaws.[View]
72400658what's your favourite Annie Clark aka St. Vincent album / song, /mu/?[View]
72401430Opinions on this album?: Pic is album cover.[View]
72400522What does /mu/ think about Boy Harsher? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_-QrcbU5zs[View]
72401370Royal Trux[View]
72396889Is he the best lyricist in hip-hop?[View]
72388056ITT: Albums with 10/10 opening tracks[View]
72386049/metal/ general: Tips hat edtion old thread>>72368350[View]
72400016>he tunes his guitar in drop-D[View]
72399798Hey i've just started a progressive/djent band and need some inspiration for a band name[View]
72400411WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN[View]
72399553Is this the KareKano of Warp? If not, which is it?[View]
72401262Hey /mu/, as I was strolling by a filthy Abercrombie while reading my favorite selection of writings…[View]
72400803Shuffle Thread: Put whatever music player you use on shuffle. Post first 10 songs. Judge other peop…[View]
72400203>exclusively listening to only one genre why do people do this? ive seen metalheads and hip hop h…[View]
72401071Liam is Peng[View]
72389883/chart/ recommendations and ratings: Post 'em folks. Also, why not mention what you've cha…[View]
72399740ITS 3 AM AND U ARE CALLING[View]
72400566help me /mu/: looking for an album experimental rock, 2000s cover art had blurry christmas lights in…[View]
72400254Fa/tv/irgin here, looking for tunes similar to the MST3k theme song(s). https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72401012Can't help but feel like this would have been better if he waited a little longer before writin…[View]
72399817I'M TIRED[View]
72400461What the fuck is this album cover? It's driving me insane. Every time I think I've got it …[View]
72399730th truth comes out...[View]
72400630Cover art depicting Houses[View]
72399145Looking for new headphones: Hey /mu. I'm looking for new headphones. The last one I got was whe…[View]
72398350>lou reed has taught his child how to use the toilet >'you're a-peein' son!'…[View]
72400820Stop listening to rap[View]
72400085Albums that make you feel throughout[View]
72400838Foobar thread? Foobar thread. Post configs, skins, plugins, or whatever else you use.[View]
72400682do you think this little kid would enjoy Death Grips if he's already enjoyed #ImSippinTeaInYoHo…[View]
72400738Why you gotta be so rude?[View]
72399435The undeniable truth: Xxxtentacion is extremely overhyped and overrated, and is the new bandwagon fo…[View]
72399855Have you guys seen this dude? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx5XeeHHO9k https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
72399584Why pamper life's complexity, when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?[View]
72400568>Gorrilaz >2005 >Hip hop influenced Indie Rock >Gorrilaz >2017 >All around fucking…[View]
72400526I'm looking for some minimal wave/coldwave albums. Especially looking for the spookier shit lik…[View]
72400549Blast! Musical Soundtrack anywhere?: Hi, I can't really find footage of the acts in 'Blast!', a…[View]
72400439how could one man possess such genius?[View]
72396953Thoughts on KMD?[View]
72397847Where would rock music be without Jimi Hendrix?[View]
72390141Which Thom Is Best Thom?: Which era of Thom Yorke is best?[View]
72398385>go to youtube >search 'neutral milk hotel cover' or similar >choose your qt indie waifu he…[View]
72398953KPOP GENERAL[View]
72397633ITT: We trigger edgy teenagers: 21 pilots is shit[View]
72397697sufjan stevens planetarium nico muhly bryce dessner james mcalister: Anyone else hyped? I've be…[View]
72400102Elton John 1947-2017: >be gay his entire life >not a problem >travel to south america >i…[View]
72400230Darkwave: What's some good darkwave. Thanks.[View]
72400179This is good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzLt-11Glzg[View]
72395484ITT: Albums where the longest song is the worst[View]
72399929Pitchfork Nightly: New reviews in 1 minute[View]
72398136What was he thinking?[View]
72399047tfw no qt goth cowboy bf[View]
72398937Nightcore: What's the connection between sped-up pop music and anime tits?[View]
72399907Best Australian Artist?[View]
72395748Am I the only one who: >*deletes money* >shorthens Us & Them…[View]
72399467ABBA: What does /mu/ think of ABBA? I really like most songs ive heard, but have not listened to ful…[View]
72398552Essentials Thread: Let's get one going in this cunt.[View]
72399621Is the only reason /mu/ hates this because Anthony Fantano gave it a bad review? I honestly think it…[View]
72399924>music >good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJzjAXz6VNA…[View]
72398456Is there such a thing as a worthwhile review site?: Whether it's a big website like P4K or an i…[View]
72395907ITT:: favorite album, favorite artist. what you did today. judge, guess personalities[View]
72392872Thoughts?: https://youtu.be/WnrrJjtraas[View]
72399791Acknowledge the modern day Bob Dylan /mu/.[View]
72393736Anyone else hate this guy and his fans to an irrational level?[View]
72399727I don't get it[View]
72399701HEY NOW[View]
72399733>gf is probably clinically depressed and is in deep denial and you I just want to help her pull o…[View]
72399737https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbNg5_Jtd8k >tfw no gf[View]
72399055how do people hear music without perfect pitch? how can you hear different notes? wouldn't ever…[View]
72399209How do i make emo/skramz when i have no guitarist?[View]
72398147How can someone have such shit opinions?[View]
72398033What song makes you cry[View]
72394744devin ruben perez[View]
72399317Whenever someone says, 'There's lots of good music today, you just have to look for it' I hear …[View]
72394458All of you fuckers who kept telling me this was better than Loveless should be shot. I just heard th…[View]
72395725>Artist releases album >Artist then uses that album's name for their new band that releas…[View]
72399269>this is five years old[View]
72392640Best Comeback Album?: This is fantastic (8/10)[View]
72396423how can the first tracks of this be absolute god tier and the rest be absolute shit?[View]
72394534Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album ?[View]
72398874this is the most retarded thing i've ever read i would consider it and the ''''''''''''music'''…[View]
72398671Can someone give me a quick rundown?[View]
72397099Did I fall for the meme? Wtf is this.[View]
72399183Someone recommended to me that I should listened to this. Listened to Had ten Dollaz and it was pret…[View]
72396521>his top 5 albums are all post 2000 why are you even here?[View]
72399179I really like effects pedals.[View]
72399173What does /mu/ think about Coheed and Cambria?[View]
72398984This guy really needs to lighten up, learn to have a laugh. Life is pretty funny :)[View]
72399016>listens to Mogwai once[View]
72377615UNI BREAD: itt post you are favorite album and college >UCLA[View]
72397596Thoughts on Radiohead Spectre?: >Tfw song was rejected because it was 'too dark' >They ruined …[View]
72398209ITT Times Scaruffi was right[View]
72398803country appreciation thread: RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZliX5mP7ATA[View]
72395729How come I never hear about music from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc,?[View]
72398307AOTY: you're welcome[View]
72399062*blocks your path*[View]
72398756Thoughts on Vangelis?[View]
72391982Recent purchases/rate thread: Spinnin up Gnosis now.[View]
72398877Albums you love that others absolutely hate[View]
72397385KPOP GENERAL[View]
72392230Ween - Ween (1994): Anyone like the non-singles from this album the most? The World Has Turned and S…[View]
72396488Help: I've been listening the soundtrack of Drakengard and i really enjoyed that weird negative…[View]
72398297https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4N4sCVbRdM Can someone help a pleb identify what genre this is?…[View]
72392138Brown Chart Expansion: Additions I have made to the existing brown chart.[View]
72398845Why is his work so underrated?[View]
72394484what you respond?[View]
72398133I just booked tickets to see Bob Dylan in June...: How much do I need to temper my expectations in t…[View]
72394952What would you say is an album that sounds nostalgic?[View]
72398785i wish they would tour this album with full orchestra or maybe a string quartet[View]
72398179CD collections: CD collection thread. record and vinyl collections later but I want to see people…[View]
72398649Pleasant sounding german music: What are some German songs that manage not to sound so utilitarian a…[View]
72395119/ourguy/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnrrJjtraas[View]
72398507HEY MARK[View]
72396772Instrument building thread: Hey guys any new projects you have in the pipelines or anything similar?…[View]
72398009any fans of the white stripes here? if so, whats your favorite album of theirs and why?[View]
72391802post 4x4, people tell you what type of person you are: do it[View]
72395518Anyone else here sometimes wonder if music even existed before the '60s?[View]
72398145Here's something I've been struggling with: Whether it's a band's whole discogra…[View]
72397169Okay hey: I’m just gonna be spitballing here. What if you made an album, and then got someone to do…[View]
72398466Favorite Locals: Share your favorite band/singer that is from your city/state. Here's mine. Bla…[View]
72396975>tfw literally every single person in your life is an insufferable asshole music for this feel?…[View]
72398375How do you listen to your music? Vinyl only? CD Only? I personally torrent most of my stuff while us…[View]
72394457Fuck, Marry, Kill, Start a Band With[View]
72397572How was the first season so good? Other than the few parts they descend into melodrama (though it…[View]
72398199>conceptual emptiness was cool to talk about before I knew my way around these hospitals Do you f…[View]
72397500Scaruffi on 'Medulla': >it is an insult to all the experimental musicians in the world to claim t…[View]
72395474Oooohhh here she come[View]
72393957/DnB/ general-BACK ONCE MORE: Welcome back to the to the drum and bass general. All forms of drum an…[View]
72397260Can somebody help me out with who's on this girls shirt? Tryna holler at this girl, i'd re…[View]
72394541Where do I go from here if this is the most amazing classical album I've ever heard?[View]
72397878How can I get my gf into this album?[View]
72396308Hip-Hop: >Homophobic/Transaphobic >Misogynistic >Materialistic >Promotes gang lifestyle …[View]
72392747Is he right?[View]
72397904Something's gotta happen today.[View]
72397223Which era of Kanye West is best?[View]
72397710Anyone have a link for this?[View]
72397744flowchart thread: Been a good minute since I've seen a decent flowchart thread, let's get …[View]
72396959There was a thread the other day about analog/digital instrumental electronic music. Is there a list…[View]
72396753Rank an artist's entire discography >pic related Remain in Light Stop Making Sense Speaking …[View]
72396809Is 2017 the year of ramblecore?[View]
72397694*deletes Glass Onion, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Wild Honey Pie, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, Mart…[View]
72395137What's some good music?[View]
72397612whats with all the tumblr faggots on /mu/ ? where did we go wrong?[View]
72397544Well, i'm doing it lads. I'm gonna start in 1960 and listen to every album made up until t…[View]
72396973LSD, ACID Albums: share and discuss Psychedelic albums starting with Grateful Dead https://www.youtu…[View]
72397336ITT: Album wars[View]
72396563p4k - 9.0, allmusic - 4.5 out of 5 stars, CoS - 'classic': Best At The Drive-In album by far. https:…[View]
72394868What is the /mu/ consensus on Journey? Let's look past the obvious hits everyone always talks a…[View]
72396051>he unironically worships Radiohead but claims to hate U2[View]
72395512>Head of a trick in a bucket >Body of a trick in a bag >And thrown in the fire like fuck it…[View]
72397034What kinds of music sound similar to this? https://youtu.be/_xDAytB8gHg[View]
72397371Damn, what a deep and meaningful song... Jon Anderson is the greatest lyricist and songwriter of our…[View]
72395662KPOP GENERAL: oh my girl #1[View]
72391323Stop whatever you are doing right now and post what you're listening to. Pic related.[View]
72396210What did he mean by this?[View]
72397338https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jhxWw8lghc&t=307s beatdown and slam are objectively the best ge…[View]
72395486*Deletes California*[View]
72397135Thoughts on Mark Kozelek?[View]
72396630Why isn't this considered Dylan's best album?[View]
72393921Can someone explain to me what 'backpambient' is and why Gas would be considered such?[View]
72395492Does /mu/ like to go clubbing? If not, then why not?[View]
72397209Would you let him entertain you, /mu/?[View]
72396280ITT: greatest hits bands[View]
72397073Is he the next mozart?[View]
7239414340 Years of Music: ITT post your AOTY for every year from 1977 - 2017 Then rate/judge each other. …[View]
72397042Jesus christ, that's a pretty face.[View]
72396095>anon, me and becca think your music is gay. Is that why you never talk to us?…[View]
72396319DECIDE: I've got 22 dollars of credit from gift cards I found for Itunes, what should I get…[View]
72396474Just bought this album, I love the swingy tracks like Caravan but I have no idea of where to start w…[View]
72395053Trap: Can trap be an 'Intelligent' genre? How does one bring their selves to appreciate it more?…[View]
72396250ITT: Post albums that everyone should like[View]
72396937YUJI OHNO - Space Kid request: been looking for this album for over a month. Its time to see if 4cha…[View]
72396931https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 Is Bill Nye, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
72396885Why do critics hate these guys again? Aside from the filler in Tarkus and everything after Works Vol…[View]
72396219Am I wrong? Just got around to listening to both, for some reason had never listened to either. What…[View]
72396343Alessia Cara: Is she the perfect girlfriend?? >the cutest girl alive >sings like an angel >…[View]
72394572/tool/ general: This album is incredible regardless of the fanbase[View]
72396591Damn, I forgot this existed. :,)[View]
72393009>Go on iTunes to buy a song >It's album only…[View]
72391331Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
72393994I really liked Even if it Kills Me, but this isn't all that great. Are any of their other album…[View]
72390543>makes the most annoying shit known to man >considered influential just because she's le …[View]
72395981Jethro Tull is better than Genesis.[View]
72396364Japanese Music General: What new releases have you been listening to this year? https://pastebin.co…[View]
723931844chan showed me this EP and it opened up my eyes to a whole new area of music. I come back to ask if…[View]
72370516ITT: Albums that changed your life[View]
72396415I need your help /mu/ I was sitting in class today talking to this girl I like. She was talking abo…[View]
72393430Favorite Coltrane album? (Hard mode: no pic related)[View]
72396297ITT: Artists non-Americans will never truly understand[View]
72396296Why do you all listen to such faggy shit? I avoid this board like the plague because all you listen …[View]
72394786What do you think David Byrne is doing, right now? Where is he and what is he wearing?[View]
72396270festivals/concerts thread: Thinkin of going if they aren't sold out of the current tier when I …[View]
72396232What does /mu/ think of the Plantman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQiSgWGAc24[View]
72374036ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
72394043Get out all your convictions that you hide from /mu/: ill start: NIN is just an angstier depeche mod…[View]
72395526ITT: The Better Buckley: Jeff or Tim? and why?[View]
72392714ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
72393350/mu/'s Best Kanye, voting pt2: Just so you workfags can get your vote in. Vote here: http://www…[View]
72395914Listening to this now and I think it's decent so far. What do y'all think about it? Fav so…[View]
72392320I KNOW[View]
72387310new Gorillaz single: The Apprentice (feat. Rag'n'Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK) https…[View]
72389122What does /mu/ think of System of a Down?[View]
72395536Why do people look for mono versions of albums? Shouldn't there be no difference between an iss…[View]
72387278this ape yelling ruins death grips. why does anyone find his vocals pleasing?[View]
72394984Well /mu/?[View]
72389580What's /mu/'s take on synthesizers? Are they hip or are they 'old man' instruments?[View]
72395808What would be the ideal year to be reborn in to experience the absolute bests in music? Hard mode: E…[View]
72395192ITT: albums with 10/10 names/artwork. Regardless of musical quality.[View]
72391238ITT: Current artists with GOAT potential[View]
72394923Look at these women, ain't nothing like 'em nowhere![View]
72395626Can I like this if I'm straight?[View]
72393526KPOP GENERAL[View]
72393308his best album?[View]
72395555Do we like him[View]
72393815I just discovered the band Galaxie 500 and I can't stop listening to them. Are you guys famili…[View]
72384913Don't argue[View]
72393587Despite all the shit she gets today: I still think this is one of the best albums of the 80s. Jerusa…[View]
72395509So they decided to ditch their old better sound and just become another Vampire Weekend/Foals rip of…[View]
72395507ITT: 11/10 Music: Music that you would be proud to show to aliens when they invade.[View]
72392681The fact that a lot of people listened to the album and thematically concluded that there was a seco…[View]
72395129Dark, Deep, Heavy Techno: Looking for more music like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8mbca9h…[View]
72395479What are the best teen angst albums? >pic unrelated[View]
72395469Albums that are so aggressive that you can feel yourself grinding your teeth when you listen to it[View]
72379695/gg/ stands for fa/gg/ot = Guitarfa/gg/ and Bassfa/gg/ General: DON'T MAKE MY AUTISM TELL YOU A…[View]
72392918Why are there no good lyricists anymore?[View]
72394922Stevie Wonder v. Ray Charles: Who is the best blind black man?[View]
72394023>family thanksgiving party or something >whole family loves metallica >try to be edgy >g…[View]
72395330I think I found a way united /pol/ and /mu/ and laugh at the same thing https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72390390What does /mu/ think of this album? And why does the cover art make me hard?[View]
72395338Cracked Actor?: Anybody get this on record store day? How's the audio quality? Can it top Reali…[View]
72394342I feel like I just don't enjoy music anymore and I have no idea what to listen to anymore. Can …[View]
72392089Tell me about Mike, why does he wear the hat?[View]
72393829Any other albums with such a visceral blend of despair and anger? It's uniquely cathartic and e…[View]
72384998So what do we know about him so far? >he has an alias as a rapper >deleted a bunch of stuff he…[View]
72395057Muse: Remind me again why I hate these guys? Something about a discount Radiohead?[View]
72395174what should I listen to?[View]
72394040Hey /mu/ I think I just stumbled into something. I was listening to Histoire De Melody Nelson and ma…[View]
72394331Would you spend $800 (Canadian) to see him? I'll have to fly to BC and get a hotel, dunno if he…[View]
72393355Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden & Pearl Jam Rank them[View]
72392781Who /paul/ here?[View]
72392965ITT: try to weed out and trigger redditors: Ringo > George > Paul > John Death grips is nu …[View]
72394934This reminds me a little of Lonerism.[View]
72392911You have one reason to explain why Selection of a Place isn't your favorite song off of Meeting…[View]
72381277Let's do this[View]
72394862Which ’90s Alt-Rock Dude Are You?: buzzfeed com/perpetua/which-90s-alt-rock-dude-are-you[View]
72393524>all references to politics in the released singles are censored What did he mean by this? Is Dam…[View]
72394830GOAT Songwriters:: Who are the best/crucial songwriters of music history? Who are your favorite? Wha…[View]
72394765Lookin for more like this[View]
72394735ITT Post a song that you describes/described a particular circumstance of your life: I'll start…[View]
72394661Holy.: Shit.[View]
72391821The Kinks: Any love gor the Kinks here ? I think they were as good than the Beatles/Stones/Who…[View]
72394670fantanto did it again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnrrJjtraas[View]
72386389Your current 10/10 album thread.[View]
72394638ITT: Absolute dog shit album covers >pic related[View]
72393667This album is so damn good!!![View]
72394523This album brings me back to the era of frosted tips, portable CD players, and the first iPods.[View]
72394144help me find this shit: I always browse media youtube,reddit,wshh, liveleak etc through kodi. theref…[View]
72394516ITT: Post >Your favorite album >Album currently listening to >How you're feeling/How …[View]
72389476name a better album by a female: go. bonus round: no joni mitchell or kate bush[View]
72394286I'm searching music like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqzpYZMB1X8 Is there something s…[View]
72394016Show me a shittier lineup, I'll wait.[View]
72392703I hate all the music I've been hearing lately... post something I'll like[View]
72394398I'm about go hike solo thru some farmland/forest for around 8 hours, what are some essential wi…[View]
72391209West West: just got into west coast rap because of straight outta compton and damn it's by far …[View]
72394355literally kino[View]
72390754Somebody pls recommend more artists like TV on the Radio[View]
72394337What's /mu/'s favourite single?[View]
72389833well yes, I do actually believe that the new Sky Ferreira album is going to be trash, NTMT is as goo…[View]
72394327More like this, please.[View]
72390994>*deletes last 10 minutes of moonchild*[View]
72393951Albums /mu/ Should Talk About: ITT: Albums that you wished /mu/ talked about more often.[View]
72391745Does anyone have any good /carcore/? I'm gonna go out later and want some sweet recs[View]
72373302SOUNCLOUD THREAD: Post your Soundclout reemxs, traks, and albumes! RECKS AND CONSTROOCTIVE CRITICISA…[View]
72392605How did they do it?: New Year's Day - #41 (1983) Pride (In the Name of Love) - #33 (1984) With …[View]
72392608From someone who's only used earbuds their whole life, are headphones actually a step up or is …[View]
72393799depressing albums hours: post'em BUT IT WASNT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU I CANT TAKE NO MORE TEARS FRO…[View]
72387589What went wrong?[View]
72392943What does /mu/ REALLY think about U2? Be straight up.: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192[View]
72341343What the fuck was his problem?[View]
72389701What makes Spiderland so appealing and unique? It's one of my favorite albums and I can't …[View]
72393504Sex Junk: Is this /mu/core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8[View]
72393839post your favorite genre or subgenre of music and post your favorite album in that genre my favorite…[View]
72391645Recently I stumbled upon a group called Kero Kero Bonito and thought some of their stuff was pretty …[View]
72393831The Beatles - Pepperland 1. Breadcrumb Lane 2. Nowheresferatu Man 3. Don't Let Me Don, Aman 4. …[View]
72387349>people over 20 who unironically likes metal can anyone explain this?[View]
72383772Black Sabbath and Ozzy: Talk about anything you want for this lad[View]
72388366OASIS: Favourite Oasis song /mu/? No Americans please, I know you'll say Wonderwall.[View]
72393450>someone asks you why you like an album >can't think of anything original to say beyond '…[View]
72393273The Melon has become self-aware...[View]
72391374ITT: Albums so good they make the rest of the band's discography look like shit: Seriously, whe…[View]
72393494What other hip-hop albums can /mu/ recommend which convey as much emotion as this?[View]
72392156Pixies: What do you think of them What are some of your favorite Pixies songs? Favorite Pixies album…[View]
72392548https://twitter.com/kathleenhanna/status/856581295731650560 What does she mean by this?[View]
72388898Electro Swing: Opinions on electro swing? One of my fav genres.[View]
72393469ITT: God-tier singles.[View]
72392723Thoughts on Johnny Cash?[View]
72390967KPOP GENERAL[View]
72380613ITT: Opinions that would get you fucking SLAUGHTERED on this board[View]
72390163Your name is mentioned, listen to the album. This is for Ben/Benjamin.[View]
72391601It's a 'Damon writes another Donald Trump song' episode: Except this one is pretty slick tbqh h…[View]
72393330/bleep/: /edm/ edition[View]
72390852Why aren't you listening to U2 right now?[View]
72393262what beat is this? i know i've heard it from something. is it dilla? https://lushlifemedia.band…[View]
72391700Favorite album covers[View]
72388995If you don't enjoy jazz, except as background music, are you: >a total pleb >normal >…[View]
72392319Coldplay: YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE A GHOST[View]
72391154HE'LL BE FINE...: https://www.relix.com/news/detail/gregg_allman_reportedly_enters_hospice…[View]
72392816ITT: Reccomendations Not /mu/core: Bonus Points if its like this White Drugs - Harlem[View]
72389175yoko ono is the fifth beatle >prove me wrong >inb4 the chuck berry video…[View]
72392847I am a '90s kid' and I FUCKING HATE IT.: I listen to Korn, Nirvana, Huey Lewis and the News, Tears f…[View]
72391249How do I start listening to Pink Floyd? Do I just go in chronological order? I know Syd Barret was w…[View]
72393016What is your dankest Mac meme, lads?[View]
72393021what does /mu/ think of my lo-fi depression playlist: its like 95.67% suicidal weebcore lo-fi trash,…[View]
72390025>we change the course of history, ordinary people like you and me >ordinary people >like yo…[View]
72391584Panda by designer: What's is the song Panda actually about? I think it is about white people wh…[View]
72389676remember when gorillaz were good? me neither[View]
72390742Thee Oh Sees: Hey /mu/, where do I start with Thee Oh Sees? Known about them for a while but heard a…[View]
72392773Sigur Ros: How many of you are going to see them this summer?[View]
72391364reminder that ALL electronic based music post-1960 is EDM[View]
72377661chart thread let's be nice and guess personalities[View]
72392771do you and your GF wear protection[View]
72389744He gave Ok Computer a B-[View]
72387244Good name for a garage rock band?[View]
72388632ITT: albums that aged like milk[View]
72392507new funk please: please /mu/ i need some help , i'm a great fan of funk 70s-80s ... i found thi…[View]
72392118>September 9, 2001, Gary and I were skating at a hospital on top of a huge hill overlooking a val…[View]
72392552thoughts on hayley and her band paramore? do you like the new song, hard times?[View]
72392561i love how this album sounds, i need more like it please recommend me some good shit[View]
72390529This is so fucking good, one of the 5 best albums of all time desu[View]
72390280Why are Serbian propaganda songs so good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4sqMNHZxjI https://www.yo…[View]
72390665ITT: Guilty Pleasures: I will defend this album until the day I die, but I feel bad actually enjoyin…[View]
72391907What is your favorite Kozelek?: Mines Ghosts of the Great Highway[View]
72392425Damon Albarn you aren't even a fucking American why do you care so much about this shit? Fuck e…[View]
72392337>he exclusively listens to one genre are there really people that do this?…[View]
72391151This was gay but it still made me sad.[View]
72391530Are there any other albums as perfect as this for LSD + MDMA + Nitrous ?[View]
72392351wont see my friend for several years from now, just said goodbye. music for this feel?[View]
72388202ITT: God-tier album titles[View]
72392157I've yet to see one person make a complaint against this album that isn't 'hurr durr why a…[View]
72391555Why come someone hasn't fused pop music with field recordings yet?[View]
72390949>King Crimson >Agent Orange >Yellow Swans >Green Day >Blue Öyster Cult >Deep Purpl…[View]
72392303>Don woke up >And looked at the night before >He knew what he had to do >He was responsi…[View]
72392298My Boat is Sinking v The Sniper: which is the better album finish?[View]
72388467What compares to these albums?[View]
72386402ITT: Change one letter of a band name, make a new band: Raga Against the Machine Sitar-based politic…[View]
72392137Is this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaMZloH5e-8) objectively the worst piece of music ever crea…[View]
72385375Why do I get an underwater like vibe from this album?: I have absolutely no idea[View]
72390620pic very related[View]
72392120Hey guys lets try to flip this sample and vote on whose is the best Earth,Wind & Fire-Mom[View]
72391932This is photoshopped, right?[View]
72391251do you people use music to cope with negativity? if so, how? i personally use dsbm to numb the feeli…[View]
72389634Prog rock: What are the best examples of prog rock songs? I remember as a kid I stumbled across the …[View]
72389648Name a better rock vocalist Protip: You can't[View]
72391804I recognize only one of these album covers. what record's are these, memes aside I actually wan…[View]
72391756NAME CALLING THREAD: If your name is called, you gotta listen to the album. I'll start with Jo…[View]
72391274Remember 2006-2008 when My Chemical Romance were the most hated band in the world, and people legiti…[View]
72391753>Top 5 East Coast Hip Hop Albums 1. Nas - Illmatic (1994) 2. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca an…[View]
72390245What does /mu/ think of my vape-hop Should i finish it? https://instaud.io/TRv[View]
72389667I am in a dark place right now. help me out /mu/: Been listening to this on repeat. https://www.you…[View]
72389664HMU to drop a verse/SC Rapper Thread: Hate to sound like a pussyhole 'hmu senpai' type of person BUT…[View]
72389976ITT: Criminally underrated albums[View]
72390419What are the best chords for meme music?[View]
72391498/alexjones/core: What are everyone's thoughts on The Alex Jones Prison Planet? https://www.yout…[View]
72389415What does /mu/ think of MSI? What is their best song?[View]
72391442/pcg/ - Phil Collins General[View]
72390359What does /mu/ think of Dark Cabaret? Personally, I think the genre is genius.[View]
72388368choose wisely >91-95 albums >96-2000 albums…[View]
72387061'Yes I can play guitar'[View]
72378166Which one is the actual queen of art-pop?[View]
72389324Is there a more obvious case of 'IT'S POPULAR THEREFORE IT'S BAD' than U2?[View]
72388699What's their best song?: Me:Civil War[View]
72389837The greatest jazz of 2010s[View]
72390964What genre does /mu/ consider this album? Is it hip hop?[View]
72390818ARE YOU READY?[View]
72389272Pet Sounds is the greatest thing Brian Wilson ever ma-[View]
72389465Does he have the worst fanbase of all time?[View]
72385475Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
72389910What /mu/ thinks of The Shins?[View]
72387602Hip-Hop EDM hybrid thread? I'll post what I know Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck https://www.youtub…[View]
72389624ITT:: god-like live albums[View]
72391175>She said tetch my bonnet, tetch my shawl, >Do not not tetch my waterfall. >Oh, how long do…[View]
72390798So Spotify is the absolute fucking worse for classical music. They have all these modern hipster sou…[View]
72389202ITT: Post The Last 5 Albums You Listened To And The Best Song From Each Of Those Albums: Post the la…[View]
72390440What did they mean by this?[View]
72389144KPOP GENERAL[View]
72389646ITT: Live Experiences: Post your worst, best, funniest etc. live music experiences. I'll start.…[View]
72389437I, I WILL BE KING[View]
72390040Allright since i dont see one ill start a soundcloud share thread. LETS TAKE TIME AND GET TO KNOW ON…[View]
72390001Will her next album top this, bros?[View]
72388925music is garbage: post your most listened tracks ever pic related[View]
72388006Mac DeMarco wants to hire someone with experience with 'dank memes'. What are your thoughts? His lat…[View]
723883954x4 thread: rec, rate, feel good etc[View]
72390679Hey Faggots, My name is Thom, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
72390687Hiroshima Hate Project: spreading this amazing and weird music to new ears. https://hiroshimahatepro…[View]
72385875What /mu/core albums do well-adjusted white college girls who are pretty but not too slutty listen t…[View]
72389251Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
72390247What is the worst /mu/ meme? My vote goes to >Oasis only has one song[View]
72389830Where is she ;_;[View]
72390404What music do you listen to when you read? Generally I prefer instrumental music for obvious reasons…[View]
72390190ive tried listening to some of his shit, but i dont get how this can be appealing unless you're…[View]
72387132what's your favourite /paramore/ song, /mu/? mine's Hello Cold World https://www.youtube.c…[View]
72390218ITT: Albums to listen to while driving around on a summer night[View]
72390444Underated Albums[View]
72390162I'm not feeling well: >Currently sick today >What genre/Album does /Mu/ recommend to fit …[View]
72388194I need to get some headphones for production because i can't always blast stuff through my moni…[View]
72375991>praise Gorillaz for constantly evolving/changing their musical style >get pissed when they tr…[View]
72388906ITT: talented hacks[View]
72388716*Deletes Treefingers*[View]
72388560What's been the deal with fucking U2 recently? /mu/ doesn't like them now do they???[View]
72389666Damn. Rap really did destroy humanity.: Damn. Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and y…[View]
72390159>most of 4chan thinks they are smart yet misunderstood >all they post about on /mu/ is brainde…[View]
72390173This nigga Kendrick goes out of his way to make ' singles '. u can tell cause the shits be mad corny…[View]
72390115Whats the best Slade songs[View]
72370165ITT: albums with superb drumming[View]
72387424/anti-prod/ Lets have another: ITT: Make the absolute worst music you can and post a clyp.it of it i…[View]
72388737ITT: We argue about which is the best Lou Reed solo/post-VU colab album: This or Blue Mask for me.…[View]
72390072Album 6 when?[View]
72386955Is there any good Christian prog rock besides pic related?[View]
72388161Best album intro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnGjydbFMz8[View]
72389990Artists that /mu/ never talks about: >Pic Related Seriously though. David Sylvian has done everyt…[View]
72389462This is objectively their best[View]
72385238What are /mu/'s thoughts on Buckley?[View]
72388668Am i not catching something? Where is the difference in playing the re winded songs in reverse? It…[View]
72389731Kendrick Lamar has the first number 1 song of his career now. #1 Song. #1 Album 610k 1st week 96 Avg…[View]
72388973meeting of the water leak? Where? I've asked for so little in my life /mu pls[View]
72389317Ambient: What's your favorite ambient / ''psybient'' album/artist? current fave is Carbon Based…[View]
72388503ITT: your fave Annnie lyrics >You showed up with a black eye looking to go start a fight >Pain…[View]
72389006Tonetta: How do I get into Tonetta? Where to find albums, etc?[View]
72389670This Old Dog > 2 > Another One > Salad Days > Rock & Roll Night Club This Old Dog i…[View]
72389516Breadcrumb Trail > Good Morning, Captain > Nosferatu Man > Don, Aman > For Dinner... …[View]
72388568guys i want to listen to a album give me one guys >please[View]
72389366Is there any American album that can compete with this?[View]
72389441Music is actually trash.: I don't understand any of you dumb fucks. Music is actually the dryes…[View]
72389539kanye: kanye[View]
72389503What does /mu/ think about Tone Soul Evolution?[View]
72375929Write your name and post one of your favorite artists for each letter Al Green Love Earth, Wind …[View]
72389344BIGQUINT INDEED: What /mu/ thinks of him? Is this the proper way to review hip-hop albums?[View]
72388328Who are these guys with Lil Wayne?? His management? I swear i keep seeing them everywhere[View]
72389128ITT: IDM/Electronic recommendations.: Hey /mu/ so I would like to hear your suggestions for music si…[View]
72388801You wouldn't call him Tom York to his face[View]
72387810Underrated or Overrated?: Overrated in mainstream underrated on this board right? this albums is a s…[View]
72386887You haven't forgotten about me yet, have you /mu/?[View]
72388636AOTY 2010: Fight me Kanye Faggots[View]
72388815What does /mu/ think of Al Jarreau? Imo, one of the greatest jazz vocalists of all time, but I haven…[View]
72389305What is the best cover you ever heard ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gkg88Mw5xJw[View]
72389072Having a big party in a dark mansion and need some heavy, danceable EDM or otherwise music Right now…[View]
72388124*blocks your path*[View]
72389226Worst Instrument: Can we all agree that this is the most annoying bullshit instrument in the world? …[View]
72386812Been visiting /mu/ for 3 weeks. May you explain why /mu/core is basically albums that got praised b…[View]
72389153Albums with a sentimental-melancholic sound[View]
72387676KPOP GENERAL[View]
72382852Bonobo: what is Bonobo's best release and why is it 'Animal Magic'? also, any similar recs?…[View]
72389120wise words indeed[View]
72387546Is he the savior of hip hop?[View]
72388476Why have you not listened to Bob Dylan's greatest album yet?[View]
72387772It's time for you to be redpilled on Portuguese Music, /mu/ Here is our greatest singer: Quim B…[View]
72389033more like this? blue hawaii - try to be[View]
72380097Joanna Newsom: How do you feel about her? I was in love with her music for a while, now I listen to …[View]
72388976MS Paint songs: Draw a song in MS Paint and see if anyone can guess its title.[View]
72388965>can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all[View]
72388954Streaming Monday Good Vibes Radio: Also taking requests in comments https://www.youtube.com/user/sa…[View]
72388871>Give peace a chance >proceeds to beat wife What did he mean by this?…[View]
72388934Are they /ourguys/?[View]
72388921https://digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_guitar-all.html seems pretty airtight. i would probably add …[View]
72388862Offset > Quavo: Prove me wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYt8RRozB-s https://www.youtube.c…[View]
72388915Good rap albums <: Dr. Dre < 2001[View]
72388913Here's your AOTY, ladies and gentlemen.[View]
72382985>this is the 'best' your generation could produce Disgusting[View]
72388711Anyone on here like these guys?[View]
72388115What does /mu/ think of John Lennon?[View]
72387608>album is so highly praised you can't listen to it because you might not be in the perfect m…[View]
72387834What is their best album, /mu/?[View]
72388295ITT: Post an album you like, from a genre you usually don't like. Get recs. >pic related…[View]
72387303Would any of you guys be interested in doing some crywank covers in more of a rock style? I could si…[View]
72387860*Deletes meledy Octopuses Garden and Maxwell's silver hammer* Now you have a 10/10 album[View]
72388426What is best album?[View]
72388421ITT: albums with god tier first 3 tracks[View]
7238846325 internets to the anon who can tell me what the second track is on this compilation https://www.yo…[View]
72377959What caused this board's massive decrease in popularity?[View]
72388432Music-that-makes-you-laugh-and-feel-bad thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYG2S-MlR_E[View]
72388590Fake Blood - I think I Like it (WAV): I THINK I LIKE IT (WAV) https://uploadocean.com/w59jbyaj4fqm …[View]
72384996Mew has a new album you guys[View]
72388529My grandpa is dying in the hospital due to heart failure and there only a 50/50 change he will survi…[View]
72388521music talk discord: https://discord.gg/bYA9NK3 https://discord.gg/bYA9NK3 Discord for patricians onl…[View]
72388401Use your Illusion II: We can all agree that USYI2 is their best album?[View]
72388341How the fuck can you rate one jazz album differently from pretty much any other, in the same sub-gen…[View]
72387870/NOISE/: I'm on the first track of this and I'm in tears. You Americans should really trea…[View]
72387984Which is better?[View]
72388355Is this shoegaze or postrock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4OSxc9XYRc[View]
72385441/mu/'s Best Kanye: Let's settle this Vote Here http://www.strawpoll.me/12816780[View]
72387500Life Changing songs: >Be me >sad >collecting records one of the only things that makes me g…[View]
72387658happy albums[View]
72388304what does listening to jazz feel like?[View]
72385684What is the best kiss album /mu/?[View]
72385401/Classical/: Don't fuck with Copland edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCRjbDO9F94 The on…[View]
72382226Recent merch cops thread[View]
72315448/jazz/ general: jtg on the front page of RYM edition[View]
72386725This album > DAMN. Prove me wrong retards, you cant[View]
72386259Thoughts on The Sound of Animals Fighting?[View]
72387193Her music's fairly catchy by Power Electronics standards, and she doesn't come off as any …[View]
723662955x5 thread: blood on my dagger from enemies throats[View]
72386313talentless hack[View]
72387723Watsky, Kendrick?: https://youtu.be/NzY831Ubwbg Watsky is literally a 10/10 rapper yet /mu/ doesnt f…[View]
72387988WHATS. UP. WITH. THAT.[View]
72388016similar artists to little feat?: looking for more music like little feat i.e. southern rock with a s…[View]
72386315What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
72387240Post-rock is glorified pop music for people who think they have good taste[View]
72387963who's that viral soundcloud meme girl who looks exactly like sarah from kero kero bonito but ma…[View]
72387415Kanye West is not good. Anyone agree?[View]
72387906Is tupac overrated?[View]
72387090Do you have any alternative playlists for any albums? Be it your own ideas or ideas by the musicians…[View]
72386941Can Uncanny Valley be applied to music?[View]
72383998Is /mu/ a big fan of Jim Morrison? Thoughts as him as a singer and a poet?[View]
72382019ITT: Essential normie-core[View]
72387245obscure memes: thraed[View]
72386638If Art Metal were a genre who would you say fits in it? >inb4 >implying metal can be art…[View]
72387793Songs with very high Bass/Distortion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouIXBtl13eA[View]
72381015Does /mu/ like Lil Peep?[View]
72387689>his favorite beatle isn't george harrison[View]
72387670Can someone explain why is this album so overrated[View]
72386976*blocks your path*[View]
72387682Let's make an essentials chart of albums with minimal cover art. I couldn't get the names …[View]
72387390This is a better album than DAMN.[View]
72387730i hope richie got a lot of money for this[View]
72386338Why is this so fucking good?[View]
72368350/metal/ general: Big hair edition Prev >>72359792[View]
72385916kpop general[View]
72386471a last 5 rym ratings bread[View]
72387649>generally dude reverb lmao album features no-reverb minimal guitar ballad at the end…[View]
72387543You may not like it but this is the most exciting band in the industry right now.[View]
723832532000s nostalgia thread: is this the greatest buttrock song of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
72386311Hi /mu/ sorry for being a newfag, but I want to make a chart, but i dont know what website to use, i…[View]
72387605Tried this a few days back to little success, hopefully it can go better now. Pick an album, and rea…[View]
72387229ITT: Godtier Albums by Shittier Artists[View]
72387527Help name this song: https://youtu.be/Wdkw78_ezmM id= you get to name my first kid[View]
72387085Why do people like Frankie Cosmos? I don't get her acclaim.[View]
72384698guys whats your opinion on this? my opinion >dominoes sample really good >cocc pistol cree par…[View]
72387445I'm going to check out a pair of used Yamaha HS8 speakers today from craiglist. Guy claims they…[View]
72387389Best place to share music online?: Where are the cool, happening kids uploading and sharing their mu…[View]
72381048>no i don't have a gun what did he mean by this?[View]
72380078ITT: Post shit that went over your head completely. shit that was literally too deep for you, or you…[View]
72387371What is the best way to emulate the sounds of a piano on FL Studio 12?[View]
72387365How can Seusses improve in the guitar?[View]
72385628Is Like Spinning Plates the most avant-garde Radiohead song?[View]
72387228Which genre has the least music theory?[View]
72387046Would you rather have to listen to the entirely of this or get kicked really, really hard in the bol…[View]
72387307ITT: merch that you never gonna wear[View]
72387297rock is like scissors it always loses to rap[View]
72385263Apparently RYM thinks this review is frontpage material. What terrible moderators RYM has...[View]
72383775>it's a the drummer was convinced to compose something by his bandmates and it turned out co…[View]
72385752Does /mu/ like RHCP?[View]
72370101/U2/ general: 19 Days Till Vancouver Edition The 2017 mix of Red Hill Mining Town is on Spotify now …[View]
72386213VSTi: I don't browse this board, so forgive me if this is out of place. Looking for VST recomme…[View]
72385937just attempted suicide thanks to this album[View]
72385946ITT: good music-ed resources: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6DY3I6m2_i8B3Wb3rxPNxXEPavny4Q…[View]
72386520Is it that bad?[View]
72385553Kings of Leon: Friend told me to listen to King of Leons and tell her what I think. I am INCREDIBLY …[View]
72387140recommend miku-core[View]
72385664Lets settle this once and for all, which version is better, my vote goes to the demo version http://…[View]
72386150is it the best song ever made?[View]
72386406Vinyl rec thread: Hello folks. I'm heading downtown this week to grab some records but I'd…[View]
72385958What was food supposed to symbolize?[View]
72386897What's their best song? Imo its lonesome hunter or woman[View]
72385952Is this really the GREATEST album of all time?: >inb4 NME[View]
723866075 months ago I didn't like shoegaze at all, couldn't stand it no matter what album I liste…[View]
72385088>in the elevator >girl say this to you wat do?…[View]
72385483Help me for find my song plz.: What i can remember on music video. Some1 start a little size vinyl r…[View]
72385869ITT: Post albums that clicked on the first listen[View]
72384323which are you?[View]
72385168Are these brave Japanese girls saving metal?[View]
72386511I'm looking for a song it goes like skibbiidubee dudang bidudan dandinguhdon dundudd ludda dind…[View]
72386707Check this video: Check this video https://youtu.be/R-Z1XX4t6zo[View]
72386286One Very Important Thought: Now that the show is over, and we have jointly exercised our constitutio…[View]
72384991WAKE UP[View]
72386575Does /mu/ believe that /mu/ is the best place for musical opinions even if they are good or bad?[View]
72386618/mu/ thoughts on that album?[View]
72381390ITT: Musicians we've seen naked[View]
72384663It's getting pretty cold in the south hemisphere, what are some good fall/winter albums?[View]
72386558>Rapper adds shitty rap vocals over instrumental hip hop track I'm looking at you ghostface…[View]
72385991my friend wants to get me into underground east coast hip hop opinions on company flow?[View]
72370507/daily/ - Owl Screech Covers Edition: SCREEEEEEEEEEE SCREEEEEEEEEEEE SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The point of…[View]
72386449I DON'T WANNA DANCE[View]
72386225>mfw rockists get butthurt that their favourite kind of music is dead[View]
72386428Where do I start with Sting?[View]
72385910>tfw doggo Music for this feel[View]
72385961The Caretaker: okay how the fuck did i miss this new release, and why is no one talking about it? do…[View]
72384308There's a song that plays in either a trailer, a spot, or maybe even the movies themselves, it…[View]
72384029post your favourite female artists[View]
72385707I'M AN ALIEN[View]
72385392This is quite good[View]
72386378Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/btheartist/my-fucked-up-head[View]
72386339Hi /mu/, so ive a question.Since like 1year im looking for a specificly famous musics i cant find:It…[View]
72385135What is the universal appeal to Pet Sounds?: I've tried giving this album a fair chance, but wh…[View]
72386317>just because you're nobody doesn't mean you're no good[View]
72386084Were they ever good?[View]
72360621Starterpack Thread: Starterpack thread[View]
72386258MAMA I'M COMING HOME[View]
72386219all i wanna do gunshot cash register noise[View]
72385645What's the appeal?[View]
72386149Hey /mu/ I want to try good hip-hop/rap music but I have all these gangsta and trashy rap appriories…[View]
72379524You ever realize that the lyrics in this song aren't very good[View]
72386105Jazz: I know almost nothing about Jazz, could I get some recommendations for the style of jazz in th…[View]
72384254ITT: We scream the first lyric that comes in our minds when we see a certain album cover >Because…[View]
72384967So what resources does /mu/ use in order to delve deeper in genres? Is there something that can help…[View]
72385087you hear you lose: >Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me…[View]
72386063Crusties Are Scum: Is there a bigger audience of obnoxious degenerates than Crust Punks? For those b…[View]
72384622ladz, post some amazing live albums[View]
72385996recommend me some techno minimal[View]
72386034Where were you when you finally understood that Bilinda was the true genius behind Loveless?[View]
72386029I've listened to the entire Ween back-catalogue and need more artists like them Who should I ch…[View]
72375461albums that get old fast[View]
72384153>don't mind me, just pirating music[View]
72385717ITT: Artists that don't need to prove themselves with a full project[View]
72385459Why aren't you listening to this right now, /mu/?[View]
72385921kk: kk[View]
72385620SOFT AND SWEET[View]
72382489political ideology and musical taste: Does a person's political ideology play a role in their t…[View]
72385097What does /mu/ think of Regina Spektor?[View]
72385835name a better all round string instrumentalist than Jan Akkerman (protip: you can't)[View]
72384736Oya Festival 2017: Ok so, how many people at /mu/ is going to the Oya Festival in Norway this summer…[View]
72384765What artist is this album from: Who is this again?[View]
72382682last.fm 2x3 only: anyone here listen 2 music? post ur collage or ur mother dies in her sleep tonigh…[View]
72384744daily reminder that if you don't play a superstrat you're a little bitch and a loser[View]
72384965ITT: HipHop beats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PICY5yml9eE[View]
72385552Sooooooooooooo.......: Where is SAY10?[View]
72384436kpop general: : ^ )[View]
72385477no hip hop album can top this one discuss[View]
72385123Does anyone have that new Gorillaz song they just dropped? It's from the deluxe edition so it w…[View]
72384066when did you realize that-: Seasons in the abyss is the best slayer album?[View]
72384918Hippity Hop: To those whose favourite genre is hip hop, why is it that you like it? Not looking to s…[View]
72383661What does /mu/ think of The Rolling Stones?[View]
72382522Music to do callisthenics to?[View]
72384129Are they a meme band?[View]
72385236molly nilsson[View]
72362104ITT: Female Artists that are better than Marina: pic scientifically related How does she do it lads?…[View]
72381122BANDCAMP THREAD: Post your stuff, download other people, give feedback, get feedback, talk music, ju…[View]
72382451ITT: biggest dlop of the year[View]
72379525Could this be the gratest math rock record? If not it gets pretty fucking close[View]
72384466*deletes tracks 2 & 4*[View]
72385305Opinions on the new Digibro song? CRINGE WARNING https://youtu.be/kvmwedHzP4g[View]
72385269https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLRpSHSC3tI Can anyone tell me the name of this Swell Maps song? The…[View]
72385214Bill Nye the DJ guy: How do I become a good DJ like Bill Nye? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5g…[View]
72385078Spotify alternatives?: Hi everyone, My Spotify died on me (don't ask) and so I need to find a r…[View]
72380474Holy shit[View]
72382589Hello, /mu/. My name is anon, and I'm here to tell you the following: To the left of this text…[View]
72371284>watery synths[View]
72381550This is a bit of an odd request. Can anyone recommend some music that sounds like it's coming f…[View]
72381810>claims Beatles aren't influential >Listen to faust - s/t >one of his top 3 rock albu…[View]
72384952Are there any new music genres out there? Like how vaporwave was a thing years ago?[View]
72361798Flawless Albums: Albums with zero faults, beyond god tier[View]
72383848deathcore/metalcore/ . . . -core: Will I find here someone who listen to those? I need some good sit…[View]
72381268>Mongolian polyrhythms with a 17/16 time signature[View]
72384757SHOOOO DOO doo do doooooo dooow SHOOO DOOo dooo doooooooo doooow[View]
72383187where do I start with her?[View]
72383869Which is the superior album /mu/?[View]
72384912i like this... who else make music like such https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuFMkvoRNqM[View]
72381589what are some good albums to listen to for thinking about the future i just had a doobie for the fir…[View]
72380882The Money Store turns 5 years old today. Has it aged well? What memories do you have attached to it?…[View]
72384794Is Aurora good Bjork?[View]
72383273blonded Radio 005 is on now. Frank's about to do it again, bois.[View]
72384721>Well, it's track 26, the final song >We hope you enjoyed this album Tonemenomicon ARE Y…[View]
72381599People said Kendrick Lamar was great, thought I'd check him out, so I did. He sounds like Mayor…[View]
72383309Learn an instrument: What's the best way to learn to play the piano? Tips for other instruments…[View]
72381635ITT: Post your top 5 artists and your favorite album by them and guess personalities 1. Kanye West -…[View]
72384317Fugg this album is actually really good why did I listen to /mu/ https://youtu.be/s_7jJ0sO0Yg[View]
72381877What is your favorite Aesop Rock song?[View]
72383257my job leaves me too tired to work on music. How am I supposed to retain the will to live?[View]
72380415Post comfy albums for late night feels[View]
72384582Write a rap line to rhyme to the previous: Lets go. I'll start: Yo yo this a 4chan rap yo…[View]
72383442>US only tour Are you fucking kidding me.[View]
72384550RE-FRESH WITH VAPORWAVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VvZvk3tUi8[View]
72384537JROCK FEMALE BANDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnvrOLeRt-I[View]
72384287Is this guy even relevant? Last time I checked he had that song 'Talk Dirty' which was super popula…[View]
72384522Recs h8 r8: Top 42 edition[View]
72384022>the best thing about my girlfriend is her boyfriend What did he mean by this?…[View]
72382690Make me happy Make me dance[View]
72383283>tfw gyno Music for this excess of estrogen?[View]
72383568How many gigabytes is your music library? Is it flac or mp3?[View]
72383426KPOP GENERAL[View]
72383557Combining album covers thread[View]
72382083Listen 5 Bossa Nova, Samba, Tropicália or MPB albums. I dare you.[View]
72383254Unpopular Opinions Thread: ITT post your unpopular musical opinions >The Gift is the best song on…[View]
72383303>female artist covers an upbeat pop classic and turns it into a minimalistic ballad…[View]
72384227Various Attempts: <div style='position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%'><iframe src…[View]
72383234Balanceless Backs[View]
72384014when did you realize radiohead was fedoracore?[View]
72382597If anyone is into the MIDI vibe or something similar this dude is awesome.. https://druaga.bandcamp.…[View]
72380796OH NO POP IS DEAD[View]
72382342>Balding Donald Drumpf taking dollars from y'all Wow...Kanye's so woke…[View]
72375351whats your all time favorite kung fu kenny song? Im goin with Cartoons n Cereal.[View]
72383952>our sound is a mix of rock, reggae, rumba, bolero and freestyle jazz[View]
72380897What's his secret? How do you be fat AND black and manage to live so long?[View]
72382890What went so wrong bros?[View]
72383721What did he mean by this?[View]
72383128Driving music: what are your favourite songs to drive to[View]
72383614Does /mu/ like funk music? Post some of your favourite funk songs and/or albums here.[View]
72379082Hey anon, becca just listened to your music[View]
72380066One of those: Turn a decent album into a 5/5 EP 1. DNA 2. PRIDE 3. XXX 4. FEAR 5. DUCKWORTH[View]
72383473The 70s were the ONLY good decade for rock.[View]
72382357Nasheed thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_htST4J5uQs[View]
72382119What does /mu/ think of Pearl Jam?[View]
72381882KPOP GENERAL[View]
72383293You're a fag[View]
72383280Who /residents/ here?[View]
72381105I hate all other Radiohead albums, but I really like pic related, where do I go from here[View]
72383209Where's the normal version?[View]
72383093Indie Rock is saved https://vimeo.com/213900454[View]
72383177https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UO0v5ESUo Can't you tell genius when you see it?[View]
72378657ITT: greatest albums to be miserable to[View]
72382823Are There Any Conservative Rappers?[View]
72381220*doesnt delete honey pie and savoy truffle*[View]
72380870ITT: Bands with ungoogleable names Underage Pedophile[View]
72381139The Beatles - Pepperland 1. Breadcrumb Lane 2. Nowheresferatu Man 3. Don't Let Me Don, Aman 4. …[View]
72382549More like this?[View]
72382530What's some music that (lyrically) embodies/describes the stupidity, close-mindedness, negativi…[View]
72383063post yfw you realize TDEP existed for 20 years.[View]
72383048>releases an ep >its 15 tracks and 72:38 long…[View]
72382666ITT: Let's pretend this one doesn't exist[View]
72382910I haven't actively listened to music in over 3 years. I don't have a Spotify account or li…[View]
72380704ITT we write an Anthony Fantano review, one sentence at a time. I'll start: Antwon Fantwon here…[View]
72380862Turntable music EAI Onkyo Glitch Lowercase Electroacoustic Free Improvisation You like?[View]
72381954>love the song but hate the artist anyone else know this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp…[View]
72381251'What's the deal with Radiohead? When I'm having a party with the guys and we invite some …[View]
72382917Come up with an '''original''' rap/hip-hop album art cover.[View]
72381532Band Name Thread: Describe a band, get names. >indie folk/pop, dreampop, slowcore >female vox …[View]
72378308this is not good music[View]
72382679Pete Voss general[View]
72377269Any Dr. John fans ?[View]
72382876What does /mu/ think of Plasticzooms? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko8lmHf6NRU[View]
72368730/anti-prod/: ITT: Make the absolute worst music you can and post a clyp of it in this thread[View]
72351660post your AOTYSF[View]
72381411ITT: God-tier doo wop. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT4LJxBBaF0[View]
72380670>country roooooooads, take me home to the place i beloooonng[View]
72382744ITT: God-Tier 2010s Indie Pop: I'll start us off[View]
72382683>Chaim Witz[View]
72382205this is actual pretentious garbage along the with multitude of modern classical at least trout mask …[View]
72382595>the not started 300 word essay in for tomorrow Music for this feel??[View]
72381961how come this nigga doesn't get more props?[View]
72380128Remember the Lil B meme?[View]
72380744Best Quest Album: ITT post your favorite ATCQ album and why.[View]
72380716*replaces Sulk with The Trickster*[View]
72381317He is the only worthy artist to perform with Queen after Freddie.[View]
72379298Pitchfork Nightly: Why did these threads stop getting made? Did that OP get bored making a thread th…[View]
72382364What's the best by the Royal Trux[View]
72381178I really want to get into like the Vaporwave music genre; 'a e s t h e t i c' music becaus…[View]
72382345AHOY MUSIC LOVERS HEREIN LIES THE ULTIMATE RED PILL: I break the usual mu programming to bring you t…[View]
72378639/bleep/: When it rains, it pours edition[View]
72373357ITT: If your name gets called, you must listen to the album posted. Oliver[View]
72382143How do I differentiate between music genres?[View]
72381680I unironically love this album. Surely I can't be alone. Will it ever be released on vinyl? Als…[View]
72382068New Lost Salt Blood Purges: https://lostsaltbloodpurges.bandcamp.com/album/haunted-arrow-arc…[View]

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