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74647925Beautiful androgynous male voices: Jonas Bjerre (Mew) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdex3qx9330…[View]
74650238the last of my friends has died in gang related violence and I'm feeling like I'm pushed t…[View]
74649559>tfw you really really like an album then find out the artist is a fucking moron…[View]
74648828Is /mu/ still afraid of pop punk/emo pop? I noticed in a Brand New thread the other day that almost …[View]
74648498Besides jazz, what artists do a fair amount of free improvisation during their sets?[View]
74648176>When discussing possible alternatives [to the Revolver title], Starr jokingly suggested After Ge…[View]
74650216APPLE CIROC[View]
74647268i think you guys will like this.: >Sensible Soccers - AFG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRDoknf…[View]
74649027KPOP GENERAL: yuri thread[View]
74650044Did he have good taste?[View]
74649984>tfw listen to an album you used to like years ago >think I'll hate it now >it still h…[View]
74649949Bowie or Dylan?[View]
74648845is there any better ANGRY music out there?: nothing comes close for me[View]
74648306How can someone that is a complete stranger become famous so fast? But what it bugs me the most is t…[View]
74649856Fleetwood Mac's song 'You Make Loving Fun' is perfect. From Christine McVie's beautiful vo…[View]
74649887What does /mu/ think of Jorge Ben? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHXaoonjmfI[View]
74647557If Who's Next was originally released as the double album Lifehouse, it would've been one …[View]
74649852Lil Pump: Is he the king of rap? This is the young's idol. This is his 'throne'[View]
74649853'You got a motor and it's so ready I I got a motive, sorry I don't.' post lyrics that dont…[View]
74649509why the socks?[View]
74647524these are the three best albums made by a black person that will be influential in the coming years.…[View]
74648799Whats some electronic music like Kacey Musgraves? I can't stop fucking listening to her https:/…[View]
74649693Hayley thread[View]
74647242Music Player General: Anybody else still use iTunes? foobar is better for playing but iTunes is stil…[View]
74649367ITT: Branching Out Into The Blues: >Be me >Be Metalhead >Particular fan of Motorhead >H…[View]
74649489creed appreciation thread[View]
74647180Is Paul letting Beatles vids back on youtube? He's got the song rights now so I assume it'…[View]
74649543Now that the dust is settled, thoughts?[View]
74648650man i love north korean music[View]
74649036How on earth does Ghostface come up with his rhymes? I want to write rhymes like he does.[View]
74647929Why do people worship Fantano when based Mark is so much better?[View]
74649552Feels: Post albums and tracks that emotionally wreck you. Or hit you right in the feels. I'll s…[View]
74649568>I wanna fuck you hard on the sink >After that, give you something to drink what did he mean b…[View]
74649486III Points Festival - Miami, FL: http://iiipoints.com/artists.html $190 General Admission What do yo…[View]
74649258new music video: https://youtu.be/RfTQ92woVgM[View]
74631751More like these: Does anyone know any more albums of this kind of weird twitchy fun post punk/new wa…[View]
74649500What's some good wh*te people core?[View]
74647398Sinatra Thread: In this thread, we talk of, and share some of Ol' Blue Eyes' best music. …[View]
74649319>album has 4 awesome tracks and 4 shit ones[View]
74649450ITT: describe an artist's discography with a lyric from each album.: >you piece of shit why …[View]
74649350Does /mu/ have a consensus on where to start/what compilation is decent for someone whose entire kno…[View]
74648900The Gripping Tree: a /mu/ children's classic[View]
74649358I have a G430 Logitech headphone. And it gives me pic related as settings. When I enable this 'surro…[View]
74649073Is this the greatest black metal album ever made?[View]
74649154where do you go when you realize /mu/ is too slow and never talks about things you find interesting?[View]
74647071noise bands thread looking for spastic, free jazz inspired perhaps. boredoms, half japanese, guerri…[View]
74649280is annie the most gangsta musician ever?[View]
74648946Good Live Youtube Any Genre: doesn't matter what kind of music or who it is. here are a few to …[View]
74645315Best music from non-english speaking countries: ITT: just like in the subject Bonus points if it…[View]
74645776Why is everyone on this board so avoidant to having a conversation about music? even on primarily sh…[View]
74649052What station does /mu/ listen to while driving?[View]
74648782>Conscious hip-hop I goddamn hate this label With what other genre do you see people labeling the…[View]
74648903So there's Deaner, and Gener, and they're both in Ween, so I guess they're a couple o…[View]
74649046Is this guy an asshole?[View]
74648790ITT: Times when the label told the band they needed to make a more accessible album and it actually …[View]
74646378What's a good starting point for Gentle Giant? This is some of the most technical prog I'v…[View]
74649029T r a p: Just listened to Maxo, great way to show how good trap can be instead of shouting D Rose. A…[View]
74647276kpop general: umji is a cute little princess[View]
74649008How this make You feel[View]
74649016Opinions of Catfish and the Bottlemen?[View]
74645676So, they fucking lost it or what?[View]
74647767Do you guys ever upload music on Youtube for normies?: I just bought pic related. Helmut Walcha is b…[View]
74648535James Ferraro thread[View]
74648238Vektroid/Macintosh Plus[View]
74648325New Clipping track: It's a tribute to Drexciya. Pretty interesting IMO https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
74647095she sucks now lol[View]
74648898He Is The Greatest Pop Artist To Ever Live[View]
74642770Hey, /mu/. I just downloaded pic related. Which tracks am I supposed to think are the best?[View]
74646949If your guitar was not manufactured in the United States, it's not a real guitar. It's a t…[View]
74648840Suggestions on piano learning: I recently bought a keyboard but i'm struggling on finding somew…[View]
74639309/metal/: /metal/ general: black metal edition pt. 2 Old thread: >>74631647[View]
74647482Self-destructive music artists: pic related >dead at 37 from brain hemorrhage >at that time w…[View]
74648615Post an image and other anons guess what album genre it would be.[View]
74644329Ugliest male artists in your opinion? Or just really bad pics of good looking guys. I really don…[View]
74648253This would be so much better without the fake British accent[View]
74646780FUCK THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT IM SO MAD I gave it a fair try and used it instead of spotify for mo…[View]
74646412how did a rapper end up releasing the best rock album in the past 5 years?[View]
74638740Thoughts on King gizzard and the lizard wizard?[View]
74647638>My bitch she a jew What did he mean by this?[View]
74647754Opeth: Thoughts on this band?[View]
74646883>I'm deep inside your children What did he mean by this?[View]
74647914Hey /mu/, do you think punk rock is dead? I personally dont think this, but given how punk rock is n…[View]
74648105ITT: Worst AOTY: Tell me /mu/, what's the worst release of 2017 so far.[View]
74648161>How to ruin your career with ONE album[View]
74646476If Young Thug was a white hipster from like Seattle and his lyrics were about like, feelings or some…[View]
74642514Does anybody else own multiple records but not a record player? I don't even know why I bought …[View]
74647407Name ONE black rapper without tattoos. I'll wait.[View]
74646996when will the alt-normies leave this board. sick of their shit taste in chart threads[View]
74648216Is he, dare I say it /mu/, /ourguy/?: >Spiritual >Hardly Curses >Does not glorify drugs, se…[View]
74629142Post your all time favorite record: I'll start.[View]
74644808Which would make you more patrician: listening to Scaruffi's top 100 albums or listening to RYM…[View]
74648209Is there any point in browsing /mu/ if you hate both rock and rap?[View]
74647185Spotify Share Thread: Fuck the Haters on /mu/ Edition: Let's get a Spotify share thread going. …[View]
74644591More like Kind of Blew: Everyone seems to love this album and I'm happy for them but aside from…[View]
74648060Is this /ouralbum/, /mu/?: >Made by geeks >Has a song called Brian Wilson >Has a song about…[View]
74648163Who ranks higher in the pantheon of greatness?[View]
74647772LIL B IS FINISHED[View]
74646077Why doesn't scaruffi like Bish Bosch?? Like it is certainly something he should objectively lik…[View]
74633041/chart/: post charts, give recs, rate, discuss, etc i want more noisy goth[View]
74646538*deletes Identikit*[View]
74647883ROASTING 4CHAN DISSTRACK: lyrical spiritual miracle individual yo 4chan is gay fuk out of my way im …[View]
74644650scaruffi score: 1) add scruffy's ratings of your 10 favourite albums to work out your scaruffi …[View]
74647158What would you play at a party?[View]
74648092songs/artists similar to this?[View]
74648058Comfiest Songs: Post them!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvUvTtSU1F8[View]
74648011How do I get into Slipknot?[View]
74647985Post shitty songs that you really enjoy for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh-hQN4F3XY…[View]
74647827this album is complete utter shite, except the title track[View]
74644005ITT: We sing Stairway To Heaven one word at a time[View]
74646260Last.fm 3x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: how's your saturday Rec / rate / etc[View]
74647235>Scott Walker? You mean the politician?[View]
74647854What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
74644427Danny Elfman or Mark Mothersbaugh, who's the superior new wave frontman turned composer?[View]
74647477Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74647695>tfw you were happy when that song finally was played on the radio in the 90s >tfw you can acc…[View]
74645199Fuck, marry, kill?[View]
74645832wtf is this shit?[View]
74647027new order or joy division? (no neither or both, even if you hate/love them. if you had to pick one) …[View]
74647349what does /mu/ think of this album now that the dust has settled[View]
74647560Don't EVER forget it.[View]
74644399PJ Harvey general: What is your favorite Chvrches album?[View]
74645016have you ever heard something greater than Suite No. 1 (or Fantaisie-Tableaux for two pianos), Op. 5…[View]
74646845Should I feel bad for liking this song? Also guilty pleasures thread I guess.[View]
74646963>Hip-Hop album >It's about race in America…[View]
74642001Which of these is the best? Worst? oldfags only[View]
74646531ITT: BAND/BEST ALBUM: pictured.[View]
74646493Do you agree, /mu/?[View]
74647295What's some stuff with guitars that don't even really sound like guitars anymore?[View]
74645923BONES / TEAM SESH: Why didn't Bones career ever take off? He was supposed to be the next Emine…[View]
74645686Ready for lp3 pals? Y'all stayin' hydrated?[View]
74645592KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6cfytnqH84[View]
74646377AOTY: What are some other songs/albums with the same medieval-plus-modern feel as this?[View]
74647150which are some good songs that act like an intro? for me, it's 800 https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
74646106What does /mu/ think of Eminem? Are you looking forward to his next album?[View]
74646122ITT: Guilty Pleasure artists I'll start with Blue October[View]
74646805Who here /can only listen to music while doing a handstand/[View]
74646594>only want to listen to old shit, don't want to explore music anymore it's over for me …[View]
74646916Has anybody in /mu/ listened to this man?: Never see Rodriguez mentioned here, what do people think …[View]
74646626Need music theory suggestions: Hey I'm trying to learn guitar and I can play decently, but I…[View]
74645641Did he just save Emo?[View]
74645353we're gonna play a song[View]
74646710/30 seconds to mars/: new single in a few days, who's excited?[View]
74646339Post each members best song with The Beatles and Solo: >Paul For No One Monkberry Moon Delight/Ba…[View]
74646215so i know godspeed's upcoming 'luciferian towers' album hasn't yet leaked (as fa…[View]
74645599catchy songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLfz2bbxxuM[View]
74644710Pleb here, how2 get into death grips?: Listen to their albums in chronological order? Listen to the …[View]
74641830We describe what each other look like based on our charts.[View]
74646729Is there anything more pathetic than rock musicians thinking they're playing a serious artform?…[View]
74639359Clairo: What do /mu/tants think of Clairo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mngtcfcaVrI[View]
74646591The future of emo[View]
74646644Looking for recs for something similar to Apocalypse Now's ambient: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
74644113/schizophrenic/: ITT: post music that has schizophrenic quality to it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74646050>damn I really enjoy this album >check the band >band has youtube music video with over 10 …[View]
74646344Redpill me on Despacito[View]
74643546Start listening to r&b, funk, soul and disco.[View]
74646486What's your top 3 Beatles songs?: It changes all the time but right now For No One She Said Sh…[View]
74646611Good songs/albums to listen to on acid? Other than obvious ones like dark side of the moon etc...[View]
74637038album of the year, /mu/?[View]
74644489>only 3 singles out >already AOTY[View]
74646273Ladies and Gentlemen, your AOTY[View]
74646552Recent Favorites 3x5 rec and rate[View]
74646061why can't i stop listening to wire[View]
74645345Has there ever been a more alpha musician?: >Gets approached by F Zappa >Turns his back and le…[View]
74645636Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the AOTY.[View]
74645329Who is this Lil Pepe rapper everyone keeps talking about? Is it a 4chan thing?[View]
74645919/dg/ -- Death Grips General: Discuss Favorite song/album Favorite member Favorite MC Ride reaction i…[View]
74646381>trap >music[View]
74642174>Lemmy: 'Why should I do that when it’s not music... There’s nothing creative about doing that [r…[View]
74644774what does /mu/ think of Beck?[View]
74646143Anyone read this? Is it honest, or just Tolhurst exusing himself the way Peter Hook did?[View]
74645196new DOOM album incoming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUBFTMuBoNg&list=FL1mGcjD8cGrym7gFBHFcy…[View]
74645887good guitar solos that make u go that was good: dont need to be super complicated, just make u go wo…[View]
74644852Wow just heard Godspeed for the first time and damn is it emotionally dishonest: The memes are right…[View]
74646165Lets get a traktrain thread going, ITT we link our traktrain accounts and other anons tell us what t…[View]
74645166ITT: Musical product places that really irk you: 'I get miles ahead using Avis®, 'cause go …[View]
74640018Post the album you're listening to right now, no cheating. late nite edition[View]
74639091Sooo I just searched the catalog for a Brand New thread and didn't find one. What gives /mu/? A…[View]
74646096C90's bass tab request: Does anyone know of a bass tab or is willing to make one for the flight…[View]
74645999I posted about listening to Hollywood Undead here like 5 years ago and you fags all made fun of me, …[View]
74642178Why do rock and music critics tend to dislike progressive rock?[View]
74645961Brand New: >Lock me up >Pull the switch >Gas me up >Throw me in a ditch What did he …[View]
74643670Ski Mask The Slump God: https://youtube.com/watch?v=JpIlnaAmiCg Is he Hip Hop's savior?…[View]
74645525daniel johnston: I know it is his last tour, and I can barely, barely afford a ticket I feel like I…[View]
74644851My life is about to start and I don't want it to. Music for this feel[View]
74645333Anyone have this album?[View]
74645622Where can I listen to this? It's not on Spotify. Also, why the fuck is not there?[View]
74645280/caribbean/: You mean caribbean music as in Dub? Dub![View]
74645660Is it possible to explore music without becoming a poseur? Tell me what to do and what to avoid.[View]
74644353What's he listening to?[View]
74639631Which one?[View]
74643303Pleb opinions: >It's a 'In the Basement version fixes TKOL' episode…[View]
74645768Is there any better live performance of rap? Try best this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJwJJbsqO…[View]
74643417Did they just save Rock N' Roll?[View]
74643381>I gotta get better at being me >(being who I am) >I just wanna friend I can hang out with …[View]
74645723share some vaporwave artists to me[View]
74645624name a better album than pic related. >pro tip: you can't[View]
74645197is this song good in your oh so professional opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QTtOMn5aEI…[View]
74645619I'm really digging acid jazz, ambient, blues and psytrance lately. Got any good recs?[View]
74636067Listening to the first track on this and I'm already crying[View]
74643464kpop general: k-pop[View]
74645543You short-minded niggas thoughts is Napoleon My furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goalies in And…[View]
74644486What the fuck is wrong with people?[View]
74645531What makes a good video game soundtrack? I'm in the process of writing a sort of spacey, atmosp…[View]
74645496Daily reminder that if you have used the term 'dadrock' outside a joke making fun of people who say …[View]
74645487>carry on my legacy, my son >yes father[View]
74641427are you a pleb if you use a guitar pick? I don't play so I don't know[View]
74644968Brainiac: Name 1(one) reason why you aren't listening to Brainiac right now. They're not w…[View]
74643499ITT: We write Beefheart-esque lyrics she squirt like tube her woes go down the belly button pharmaci…[View]
74644742Is soundcloud rap the new punk rock?[View]
74644776How do we get rid of the poptimists posting on /mu/?[View]
74645480ITT: artists that perform or used to perform on any kind of substance[View]
74643374What are their best albums OTHER than ItCotCK, Red, or Discipline?[View]
74644787Is rowboat his best country song?[View]
74642221>The Velvet Underground >Velvet Underground, The…[View]
74645064Definitive top 3 of my life. Roast me.[View]
74645326Does Music Theory help me appreciate this album more?[View]
74645277>last track is the title track[View]
74644259ITT: shit /mu/ tricked you into listening what a boring album some pretentious negro '''conscious'''…[View]
74637890collage 5x5 4x4 3x3: hi everyone http://www.tapmusic.net/ :)[View]
74640929Post an outfit, guess what others listen to based on their outfit[View]
74645318I'm a Jerseyfag who is massive Gaslight Anthemfag. Practically lived in this hoodie my freshman…[View]
74645060Where do you start with the Zombies?[View]
74645219ITT: good/underrated psycadelic albums.[View]
74644894Redgum: Any Ausfags here? Also country folk thread I guess.[View]
74644961*mics your drum set to make it sound like it was recorded in a bathroom* *pushes everything way down…[View]
74643660favorite music-related conspiracy theories?[View]
74636274ITT: Rate an artist's discography: 1. Trans Europe Express 2. Kraftwerk 3. Radioactivity 4. Kra…[View]
74643699his 2nd best album besides yeezus. his most sincere lyrics. with his cleanest production of that era…[View]
74643371>album is 40 minutes long >2 tracks[View]
74644304Not Madvillainy 2: What's /mu/'s opinion on this?[View]
74645051will it be good bros?[View]
74639980what does /mu/ think of metalcore?[View]
74643860Where did Kurt Cobain get the breath to scream while performing if he was always fucked up on heroin…[View]
74644652>albums comes with a catalog containing other albums by other bands on the band's label…[View]
74643774Looking for a song: I'm looking to find a old song again. I don't know the lyrics, title o…[View]
74644380How do I differentiate a good jazz from bad jazz? It all sounds the same to me and it's mostly …[View]
74644494THE BEST SONG POP: For you, which is the best POP song that exists?[View]
74644899>Sometimes I can't get it up What did they mean by this?[View]
74638329ITT: /mu/ reaction images: I'll start[View]
74644824Is it good?[View]
74640641>ask for classical >get recs >ask for jazz >get recs >ask for pop >get recs >as…[View]
74644370Madonna - Like a Prayer: Do you think that the song of Like a Prayer is the best POP song written to…[View]
74643241Imagine dragon for hipsters.[View]
74643488Music noob here seeking some expert wisdom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho1LgF8ys-c I need more …[View]
74625439ITT: best albums to sing to[View]
74638995Anything good Hip-Hop/Rap that has come out recently?: Albums or songs I don't really care. Bee…[View]
74643840What does he listen to?[View]
74644735Can we address the elephant in the room - the plague of the musical world - panning? https://www.you…[View]
74638392What was the better overall genre in the 90s, Grunge or britpop[View]
74644708Why are Pink Floyd so based??? How do they do it?[View]
74632643BANDCAMP THREAD /BCG/: Time for a new one[View]
74644558Rate this song on a scale of 1 to 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUdyuKaGQd4&list=RDPUdyuKaG…[View]
74643983Any suggestions for this kind of sound? Doesn't necessarily have to be rap. https://www.yout…[View]
74642158When was the last time music made you cry? Are you still capable of breaking down out of sheer beaut…[View]
74637718music to blaze to[View]
74642690RAT TAT TAT TAT: the best hip hop album ever[View]
74644302Looking for similar artists/albums, and don't say Built to Spill or Beat Happening[View]
74644017Rate his taste: https://youtu.be/Su2P2E7DBbE[View]
74639304ITT: musicians/bands with the worst fanbases[View]
74644080ITT: Retards[View]
74644287Pink Floyd Know it all: Yeah its probably the same guy always doing it. But I'm here again, ask…[View]
74638289Does anyone else listen to Lemon Demon?: Just me? Okay :([View]
74643879>No good progressive metal has come out since Leprous[View]
74591273/classical/ Classical Music General: Recommendation Edition post three pieces you like and other ano…[View]
74644218what kind of music memes do you like[View]
74643995Sorry for Party Rocking: Memes aside, is this a good album?[View]
74637979An artist has to make a decision do I want to be rich and famous or do I want to make good music. pe…[View]
74644134Good morning,Lebanon! Good morning,Lebanon! May you know no more pain Good morning, Lebanon... We…[View]
74644084*deletes Brandon Boyd*[View]
74642191why does he fake a mexican accent throughout this album[View]
74644075Underrated/overlooked Rap Albums of 2017: Here's mine, had never heard of these guys until yest…[View]
74642602The superior version of Beatles for Sale[View]
74643436Bands you could never get into[View]
74644054ITT: underrated songs by underrated rappers NEVER: J.I.D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eFcSesrP6A…[View]
74640358Holy shit this rocks, why did /mu/ tell me otherwise?[View]
74640626Does /mu/ like David Bowie?[View]
74642537Is this the best vaporwave album of all time?[View]
74643851Hm, where did my legacy carrying sons go?[View]
74642673What does /mu/ think of Vampire Weekend?[View]
74643890Songs about being optimistic about love desu[View]
74638936cLOUDDEAD: WTF did i just listen to ?[View]
74643806Musicians who got away with crimes: >drive over to the liquor store with a blood alcohol level of…[View]
74643458when you take the autechrepill and realize that everything in the universe is just math but you…[View]
74637090/mu/ in 2095.[View]
74642881What is wrong with Burial fans?[View]
74642102>he hasn't taken the blurpill yet What is it with /mu/ and it's irrational hatred for b…[View]
74643743Does /mu/ still care about Mark Kozelek? I just listened to Benji for the first time and loved it, a…[View]
7464356200beets n citrus cocktail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCvQPEIC4y8[View]
74643763Can you rec me the most obscure and experimental stuff you ever heard?: I feel empty and bored, I ne…[View]
74643713what's the music equivalent of trying to eat food with a severely blocked nose?[View]
74643684This masterpiece is now 10 years old.[View]
74633921What's your honest opinion on Lil Peep?[View]
74643620ITT: favorite albums before coming to /mu/: this was mine[View]
74643636KanyeToThe is calling: you're giving your nigga head when this guys pulls up to your front hous…[View]
74638142Who is the literal GOAT of music?[View]
74642803HEY THERE[View]
74643518BLACK METAL: What have you been enjoying lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfp8nureA3c https:/…[View]
74643412Have you listened to AOTY yet?[View]
74634661If your guitar was not manufactured in the United States, it's not a real guitar. It's a t…[View]
74643472What does he listen to?[View]
74642709KPOP GENERAL[View]
74642311What exactly is r and b?[View]
74642894What the fuck was he a pedphile?? Song name is: Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes don't make it[View]
74641627>nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga >sustained repetitive bass >music Pick one…[View]
74640621God-Tier Music for the Alt. Left: Don't be shy[View]
74642751guys if you take any genre and make it 'atmospheric' you will have an acclaimed album[View]
74638807is this /mu/core?[View]
74641665>'likes' music >thinks he can have an opinion on it >doesn't even play an instrument o…[View]
74640310Positive music thoughts thread: I think it's really nice that To Pimp a Butterfly continues to …[View]
74643042Trap music: What's like the 'Underground Vol.1' of trap music? I'm new to this shit, give …[View]
74640899>Only has one good song >Not even on her own album…[View]
74638700Is good music made anymore?: What is an album made in the past year or two that I NEED to hear? Keep…[View]
74636873What's some music I can play around my deeply religious parents? pic unrelated[View]
74643135ONLY STRICT ABSOLUTE GOLDEN 10 OUT OF 10 TRACKS ALLOWED IN THIS THREAD >but anon, I am not sure a…[View]
74643069I honestly don't understand what genre this is supposed to be. It's not /trying/ to be any…[View]
74638925HOLY FUCK[View]
74640390Albums that would be 10s if it weren't for one flaw: >Mother's Lament…[View]
74642893I liked being a savage: Music for this...[View]
74642872ITT: breakup-core[View]
74642868Someone give me some sad boys material, like this all time classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
74642297Is there anywhere a neo-psychedelia essentials chart?[View]
74641098>download album >only ever listen to one track what's her name, /mu/?…[View]
74642583The world is listening reggaeton latino after despacito?: I'm a tonto latino and i see how…[View]
74642465Is he selling out?[View]
74641539who's doing sing/rap trap the best as of late best for hooks? verses?[View]
74641282Where do I start with The Gerogerigegege? Pic slightly related.[View]
74641906KPOP GENERAL: no bullying allowed edition[View]
74642212Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74641446Why aren't you going to concerts and supporting your fav artist?[View]
74634851You guys southpilled yet?[View]
74639823Whoa that hot chick who sings the sad songs? Need her tonight.[View]
74642424the new HKE album is out.: it's great.[View]
74639545>search for 'country' in the catalog >0 results Does /mu/ hate country music or something?…[View]
74639193Reminder this is LPs 3rd best album[View]
74640586post your favorite bassist[View]
74640046Am I the only one that hears the 'fuck' in the background of Guys Eyes after each line[View]
74642410https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbHNg_11-sA this was released in 2011 wtf? i've literally never…[View]
74641552Why are jazz fans so lame?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCalkGgumTo Those guys are playing with …[View]
74636448can u spoonfeed me some good power metal plox. I am pleb.[View]
74638760Hiro approved meta thread: I know this board gets shitty during the summer but goddamn, this is a ne…[View]
74642267What's the greatest band of all time?[View]
74642162What music videos gave you feels?[View]
74642147Which version do you like better? Iggy Pop's https://youtu.be/9BBAEUOOFKQ David Bowie's ht…[View]
74641353why is it that every male artist that is better looking than Billy Corgan makes shittier music than …[View]
74636616ITT: Boring albums[View]
74625169GUESSTHATALBUM.COM IN PURSUIT OF FUN: guessthatalbum.com Draw your favorite album covers and have ot…[View]
74641119Please tell me that I'm not the only person on this board: who gets really annoyed when some pe…[View]
74642005>death grips thread >Bruno mars thread >multiple lil peep threads >grimes thread >Tyl…[View]
74641733I fuckin' love these guys but I'm also an airforce fag so I'm probably biased. What a…[View]
74640917KPOP GENERAL: arin edition[View]
74641897Earworms: Post'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTIIMJ9tUc8[View]
74640862.mu/ i am drunk; what is good drunk music[View]
74641600https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eab_beh07HU Why do normalfags always spout the meme that Beatles wer…[View]
74637712How do non jazz musicians enjoy jazz music?: I was never really interested in jazz music until I act…[View]
74641717Hands down best ELP album.[View]
74640742Hi /mu/! Does anyone know of any songs/genres that have stuff like the first 20 seconds of 24k Magic…[View]
74638788ITT: Frontloaded albums Pic related, it's good throughout but it definitely drops off a bit aft…[View]
74639666>uhhh, This album, Come over when your sober >*breathe* >is not good >*boom*…[View]
74638227ITT: Songs or sounds you wish would get sampled in your favorite artist's music[View]
74636829Seriously? This is a /mu/ essential? I finally got around to listening to it after seeing all the hy…[View]
74559963/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dreampop, Blackgaze, Noise Rock, Noise Pop, etc: Always have to make these edi…[View]
74640731It's been a few days since this came out. What's /mu/'s thoughts? I think it's t…[View]
74641544Can't Find This Fucking Song: I've got this god damn song stuck in my head and I can'…[View]
74641001>I been kissin limousines since 2000 and 4 What did Jesse mean by this?…[View]
74639457The greatest live band of all time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYlcxBE5dh0[View]
74639402do i have to like this album? its so boring ugh[View]
74641337Hi! so i want to buy an audiorecorder to do some field recording.I wanted to get the Tescam DR-05 fo…[View]
74641072Does /m/ believe in the truth of de-evolution?[View]
74639782What can I even say about Godspeed You Black Emperor? Their music is obviously reverse engineered to…[View]
74638836Hipster AC/DC[View]
74641167>tfw no qt idm gf[View]
74640971Help me find a song /mu/!: Can anyone help me with identifying the sample on this song?It was from a…[View]
74635264PLEASE GUYS I need a link to THAT album. You know the one[View]
74640803Death Grips songs that make good first listens: hey /mu/, I'm a meme. dis girl likes grime and …[View]
74641056someone here has After Dark 2? the v/a compilation from Italians Do It Better. it's fucking imp…[View]
74638149sing to me[View]
74640097y not[View]
74638686I need John Lennon memes. Please post.[View]
74639731He'll be fine[View]
74637530Tell me about math rock: Listening to June of 44 right now. What are the major math rock bands I…[View]
74640550Indie, alt, core, etc. all allowed[View]
74638113What is the proof hip hop is the world's most popular genre again?: I understand that rap recor…[View]
74640783What's the whitest album you know? >inb4 the white album, although that's unironically …[View]
74636830More like 'Kind of Blew': Everyone seems to love this album and I'm happy for them but aside fr…[View]
74640303So whats the general public sentiment on this? It's his most popular on rym but I never see it …[View]
74636756What are some good/great pop rock albums?[View]
74639964kpop general[View]
74640744How can you enjoy listening to Nine Inch Nails without listening to Chemlab, Die Krupps, Sister Mach…[View]
74636209What is the most underrated Oasis song and why is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj9OWJ27uTc…[View]
74639895/mu/ on Poptimism: Let's make a tier list where we rank mainstream pop artists, to see who isn…[View]
74640075tracker music: Does anyone listen to tracker music here or do only the /g/ fags listen to it http://…[View]
74640539He's next[View]
74640338What does /mu/ think about Killing Joke?[View]
74639108Did /mu/ like this album when it came out?[View]
74639124I've been getting into SOAD a lot lately. I have always liked them decently enough but now I…[View]
74640057Where is thisss?!?!?!: I can't believe this hasn't surfaced anywhere yet. :([View]
74638385What is Tom Waiting for to release a new album?[View]
74638143Is Shut Up And Dance With Me a good song?[View]
74633590The only good thing Zappa did for his whole career was providing that one sample on Madvillain[View]
74639070Personally, I actually like this in a way. Sure its messy and kind of ill conceived. Its definitely …[View]
74635513ITT: /mu/ in 1982[View]
74639957comfy music: i just want some music for when you fall in love[View]
74639966This really isn't that good. Really only the first four tracks are great[View]
74640263>self depreciating >suicidal >synth pop >quirky, sexual, and weird >saxophone and …[View]
74640027What the fuck is going on?: So apparently KMD is a thing again? I'm sorry MF DOOM but KMD fucki…[View]
74637072Vinyl records vs. Digital: What's with the sudden jacking off over records the past few years? …[View]
74640226P.O.D. Sound Boy Killa: Where you at P.O.D. fans? www.youtube.com/watch?v=if2xaFsddUg[View]
74640187SOMETIMES LIFE GETS FUCKED UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pGbGjSD9kA&start=124 THAT'S…[View]
74636265Strings: What are some of your guys' favourite artists/movements/songs with strings? I personal…[View]
74639778Hello? Is it me you're looking for?[View]
74637550Why do I like this??[View]
74612803/prod/ - Music Production General: OLD THREAD: >>74556071 For real this time edition. Post sni…[View]
74639095KPOP GENERAL[View]
74636207Hip Hop Only White People Listen To[View]
74638580Essential dad rock[View]
74637953/swg/ - Songwriting General: post your shit and get it critiqued or lambast others for their attempt…[View]
746375809 - 20 - 3 - 12 - 9 - 13 - 2 - 19[View]
74630329Anyone else going to the Dead Cross show in Tucson tonight?[View]
74639114Jeff Mills General: This dude is seriously underrated. He's a live DJ techno wizard, i mean loo…[View]
74626475>age >5 favorite bands >other anons r8 you…[View]
74639837Kitty my foot and I wanna touch it[View]
74639774Do they have any other good albums than Vovin?[View]
74639747Songs you can't get enough of: for 4 weeks now I've been fucking hooked on Revenge by Mini…[View]
74639259Did you know A Love Supreme is the Illmatic of records?[View]
74638619what color was this song about again?[View]
74639648>Pop artists can't perform li- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX5QDHWjBAM…[View]
74638668Who was in the wrong?[View]
74639605Black and Tans: Why does celtic music make me want to join the ira?[View]
74637311post-punk > punk Discuss[View]
74639588normie music > obscure japanese harsh-ambient-noise-drone-nu-metal-core[View]
74637194Good Music: Is it rare?[View]
74639048How did this song got soo popular?[View]
74639471best music related shirts: post band/music related shirts/clothes that aren't terrible[View]
74631647/metal/: /metal/ general: black metal edition Old thread: >>74624614[View]
74634564why can't ppl separate the artist from the art they make?[View]
74638038People who left last.fm after lots of use, how did it effect your listening? I'm debating leavi…[View]
74639164Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this... I'll try to keep it brief. A few years …[View]
74638965Hip hop general: What'd you think of the new KMD track? >http://www.adultswim.com/music/doom…[View]
74638887I like Radiohead but they shouldn't talk shit about Pink Floyd. Echoes is better than anything …[View]
74639117GOAT discussion: I know that many of you like to be contrarian but is time we answer the question. I…[View]
74638068What does /mu/ think of Ho99o9: I've been kinda digging this lately, missed out on the Death Gr…[View]
74636224Remember that time when /mu/ made a good album that wasn't meme garbage?[View]
74638545Is this an album?: is this an album or just a random image, I think it was some japanese jazz or fun…[View]
74636675Is he the Zappa of our generation? I've never seen one man dedicated to deconstructing and reco…[View]
74638132KPOP GENERAL[View]
74638872It's early in the morning, I'm wasted. What are y'all listening to at this lonely tim…[View]
74637721>A deer that a hunter shot in the heart >Some dogs that got hit by cars >All came to spill …[View]
74634431Is there a more comfy album in existence than this?[View]
74637679Is lil peep the future of crunkcore?[View]
74638434musical genius: why is he so good?[View]
74630624I love Pornography. Any other albums like it?[View]
74638023/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74638739>Never Coming Home >I'm going home What did he mean by this?…[View]
74638465Has /mu/ ever started a band? I mean have member of /mu/ ever gotten together and actually collabora…[View]
74636762Sparklehorse is better than Elliott Smith /thread[View]
74635733Songs to drink to: Getting fucking wasted like a reasonable adult, give me song suggestions, mostly …[View]
74636214ITT: the weirdest albums you've ever listen to: I'm really looking to go down a rabbit hol…[View]
74638615is this cool https://www.facebook com/489681821078888/videos/1308305645883164/[View]
74638164How did one man do absolutely nothing but wank on his guitar for his whole career?[View]
74638576Why does this song give me so many feels :'( youtube.com/watch?v=DK_0jXPuIr0[View]
74637744ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
74638451Vulnicura [One Little Indian, 2015] I always thought she was too lifelike for him anyway ('Stonemilk…[View]
74637517Are there some more good early electronic advertising music? Like Raymond Scott and Suzanne Ciani. h…[View]
74638162Pinata VS Madvillainy: What's the better Madlib-produced collaboration album and why?[View]
74638473FUCK RENO[View]
74638323ITT guess an album by their RYM descriptors[View]
74634427Why do people pretend that Grimes isn't good just because she's such a gorgeous artist? Wh…[View]
74637869Is music about being depressed or unhappy with your life boring?[View]
74636266Long drive tomorrow . . . Looking for music similar to Miles in the 70's.: I've been groov…[View]
74638338Trent Reznor[View]
74638309ITT: 10/10 albums from shitty genres >nu-metal[View]
74635207why does he wear the hat?[View]
74637906Thoughts on him?: He's That Poppy's (no name) director in case you were wondering, Titanic…[View]
74637838This is the logical end of hip hop, everything has been done, in the end hip hop trangresses it…[View]
74637612Jesus Christ this board makes me hate music[View]
74637145kpop general: ice girl[View]
74637474Lourdes Hernandez: Why is she so perfect?[View]
74626831Neofolk thread: :Doch du hast gewählt den Gang in den Wald: If you're new to this type of music…[View]
746356541st metal best metal: Why was the first ever metal band the best one ? You'd think that after 4…[View]
74637261Who is the current Beatles?[View]
74634231Anyone had a listen? Thoughts?[View]
74635162Fucking: Shit[View]
746378593x3 5x5 WEEK guess lifestyle guess deathstyle talk about music[View]
74636060what the fuck is that title track[View]
74634453Blatant hate thread.: When did you grow up and stop listening to metal /mu/?[View]
74636650Brian Eno is good[View]
74637654The fact that so many books still name Scaruffi as 'the greatest or most significant or most influen…[View]
74634907Does anyone know when this might leak?[View]
74637676(NINE INCH NAILS) THREAD: TRENT REZNOR COVERS SMASH MOUTH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DzFyysERh…[View]
74637241/mu/ I need your help remembering the name of a song. Most of the lyrics are just: (blank) and (blan…[View]
74636133I love Jesus Christ: What is the best music for this specific feel? >inb4 that one shoegaze album…[View]
74634328How do you guys feel about joji?[View]
74637625/mu/mor thread[View]
74637562New thread idea: post and r8 screenshots you can get on your music player. I'll post a few to s…[View]
74624325Post an album, then the best song from it. Other anons respond with what they think the best song on…[View]
74637573Is this already the most influential music video of 2017?[View]
74637603name a better album to come out this century. if you haven't listened to it you cannot post[View]
74628117She's coming to save the music industry again bros.[View]
74637570calling the anon who has this album to leak it: just do it[View]
74637296What's the oldest /mu/core album? Genuine question. The oldest I can think of is Bob Dylan…[View]
74637555Prince Royce: is it ok to think that Prince Royce is PATRICIAN pop music? i mean this song is on ano…[View]
74623425Anyone here who likes Grimes' music unironically? What's your favorite albums of hers?[View]
74635771DMB: Are they comfy or just pleb filter?[View]
74637392post the best member of the band[View]
74637224Now, here are some of your no-name bands. Sonic Youth? Nine Inch Nails?[View]
74633664Hello /mu/, how does it feel knowing that she will never be your gf?[View]
74636819ITT: Audiophiles wet dreams[View]
74636642I figure /mu/ is isn't the biggest fan of Weezer but can you guys help me figure out this leak?…[View]
74633662Good slowcore that isn't Red House Painters, Codeine, or Low.[View]
74636579It leaked.[View]
74637018What was the worst concert you've been to?[View]
74631224leak: when[View]
74635278The most experimental band of all time: Discuss[View]
74636235>Best Well I Wonder >Runner-up Nowhere Fast >Worst What She Said >Overrated That Joke Is…[View]
74633773Where do I start with his music?[View]
74636260KPOP GENERAL[View]
74636985ITT: Bands that you thought were one-hit wonders but they actually aren't: Pic related.[View]
74637006ITT: Post lyrics that you really like/that you relate to/make you feel >They are one person >T…[View]
74636801>makes a song called 'Too Long' >it literally is too fucking long and the listener j…[View]
74636703>'Oasis is the best band on Earth. That's a fact.' Is he right?[View]
74637009What are some of your favorite master tracks /mu/? https://youtu.be/koccHlmvVYU?t=3m24s https://yout…[View]
74635436how does one get into tom waits?[View]
74636976name a better glitch hop album[View]
74636790song like this pls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mngtcfcaVrI[View]
74636177Where do I go from here in terms of Caribbean/Reggae/Jamaican etc. music? I finished all of Bob Marl…[View]
74636384Is there an essentials chart for 20th century classical? If not, does anyone want to make one? inb4 …[View]
74636684>band has 4 guitarists >6 bassists >3 drummers >2 custom percussionists >2 turntablis…[View]
74636775>DAMN. damn...[View]
74610824Soundcloud thread[View]
74636782What do yall think?[View]
74636583Thoughts on Kid Cudi?[View]
74635530Are there any more popkino songs like Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill?[View]
74636614Best song? http://www.strawpoll.me/13738491[View]
74633649Problematic elements in music: >rock song >starts quiet >suddenly gets loud >'YEAAHH!' t…[View]
74636416>the third of five (5) albums to be released in 2017. holy shit.[View]
74635369Björk album leaked: Her official forum has been shut down, anyone got links?[View]
74635557Calling metalheads!: need new music! some good melodic death or melodic, open minding to new shit as…[View]
74635414Post what you're listening to. And rate others. Go. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jE-WsWG2o6…[View]
74636267KPOP GENERAL[View]
74635584Hate on iTunes: So has /mu/ listened to anything edgy and controversial today? Here's a list of…[View]
74635020Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
74635300KPOP GENERAL[View]
74635286Everybody and everyone gets feedback. I am an amateur in need of some feedback. Please listen to th…[View]
74634860My dad unironically likes Wakes Me Up Inside[View]
74635999Does /mu/ like pic related?[View]
74628975Post underrated albums: I'll start[View]
74634118ITT: Great Normie Music: I'll start:[View]
74632933Greetings /mu/ I come to you today with a topic of utmost urgency It appears as though /ourgirl/ Tay…[View]
74635191If you don't like every single album on this chart, you are a nu male. No exceptions.[View]
74632127Is this the most important rap album from the past 10 years?[View]
74635492What song is this?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anc5uHpYuD8&t=6m40s I can't find this da…[View]
74633638Post albums that newfags don't know about.[View]
74635990>Hypnotize starts playing >NotoriousKKK lyrics pop up in my head…[View]
74634832Post Break Up Music: Hey fellas Got broken up with recently, feeling super down Post some music for …[View]
74635843SHAKE MY HEAD[View]
74635650What do roasties listen to?[View]
74635571Piano Music Thread Pls: Yes. we also accept classical works on this thread. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
74634267So what does /mu/ think about /ourguy/?[View]
74631546I have just been Kanyepilled. >MBDTF 10/10 >Graduation 9.5/10 >Late Registration 9/10 >…[View]
74635910ITT:Give a note to the last album you've heard and aons says if is accurate or not: >pic rel…[View]
74635812>2017 >Paramore came out with a good album >Ke$ha came out with a good album Why is 2017 su…[View]
74635849/mu/'s thoughts on this album?[View]
74632416Yall suggest me some post-punk and punk bands that doesn't sound like pop punk? Like joy divisi…[View]
74634342This is a fucking nu-metal album.[View]
74634170What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
74632989>The return of the Thin White Duke >It's too late to be grateful, It's too late to b…[View]
74634356Did they do it?[View]
74633815Why does The Shame just cut off like that instead of having an actual ending? It's such a disap…[View]
74635757Music one note at a time: Have yet to see one of these so here[View]
74635542Are their songs really about necrophilia?[View]
74633578ITT great musical covers: ITT we share musical covers that add some spice to the original song https…[View]
74635139>5 +9/10 albums this decade Is Lana, dare I say it, the most important artist of the 2010's?…[View]
74628501/mu/ BTFO[View]
74635404Did you forget about me /mu/?[View]
74635620why does music with a lot of reverb age like shit?[View]
74629928/hiphop/ general I guess: >You rolling like Trump, you get your meat lumped!…[View]
74634285>He hasn't taken the gripspill Life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
74635034Is he patrician?: I like AC/DC and ZZ Top Bocephus, Beasties and the kings of rock Skynyrd, Segar, L…[View]
74632320>the quality of music discussion would improve if hip hop was given its own containment board Y/N…[View]
74635261>ywn listen to all the musics[View]
74635007wtf why didn't you guys tell me this was so good?[View]
74635294>Band has a logo >people tattoo a fucking logo on themselves ironically What. The. Fuck?…[View]
74633385ITT: Albums that grew on you[View]
74635030wake up people this album is GOAT[View]
74635307Single-Disc White Album: ITT: Whittle the white album down to a solid single disc LP I personally li…[View]
74635304>I should’ve let you know, that you’re my only one I know you're feeling numb, I’ll fuck you…[View]
74634276KPOP GENERAL: Arin edition.[View]
74632844>band is called Animals As Leaders >is conformed by humans >band is called Man With A Missi…[View]
74635237Is the Fall a 'the good band'?: I kinda don't get them. They sound OK but their songs are so dr…[View]
74634187>he hasn't taken the skapill yet Why does ska scare /mu/ so much?[View]
74634866post rock albums from this decade that are good, and are not just more generic indie bullshit[View]
74633985Future Funk suggestions: Lately I've been listening to a lot of Future Funk and Vaporwave to he…[View]
74631458'The reason why I can safely say that Radiohead are The Beatles of our generation is because, much l…[View]
74635171Is Are We Here? the best techno from the 90s?[View]
74627789Post you're IQ and favorite band: >74 >Godspeed You Black Emperor…[View]
74634675Me and Metro don't need help Mail a pint to myself Flew a pornstar to ATL Louis Goyard belt 5 s…[View]
74634965Is this old fuck the only one keeping rock music interesting and innovative in this decade?[View]
74620155bc / sc / yt: No one of these?[View]
74633844Art Angels unequivocally BTFO[View]
74635035Underrated as fuck[View]
74632377anyone there a guide to music from Africa?[View]
74633579Like how 'Turn On The Bright Lights' is the best Joy Division album: This is the best Wipers album. …[View]
74635005ITT every track sounds the same-core.[View]
74631077>band has more than 5 members >half of them are actually playing…[View]
74632240Weekly 5x5 thread. Rate each other, and rec albums if possible. Please.[View]
74634502Will their new album be out Friday, October 13th?[View]
74631264does someone have the '1910- music begins' pic[View]
74631594New Eminem Album: Would you enjoy it, /mu/?[View]
74633343Let's be honest, this is their best album[View]
74634572Say something nice about our godess[View]
74634121LSD & music thread[View]
74633971This is really good somehow.[View]
74631109lil b is over[View]
74632701Anyone else think this is their best?[View]
74632425Is this the closest a Hip Hop album has ever come to being flawless?[View]
74633791What are we gonna do when her birthday comes /mu/?[View]
74634626My opinion on Logic's new music video.[View]
74632609New king gizzard/mild high club album: What is your thoughts /mu/? aoty contender?[View]
74634550T H I C C https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYh-n7EOtMA[View]
74634252ITT: We post albums suitable for fall[View]
74634087I can't even begin to imagine what's going on inside his head.[View]
74634320Who's hyped for the new album?[View]
74624985Brand New Albums Rankings: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me>Science Fiction>Daisy>…[View]
74634330Who else is a big ol' orgcore dork? The Gaslight Anthem, The Menzingers, The Smith Street Band…[View]
74631315About to listen to this, what am I in for?[View]
7463432490'sC0RE: is there such thing as 90'score? i mean music like this https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
74634275Does /mu/ like Esben and the Witch? Any more modern gothic-sounding bands to check out?[View]
74633992Anyone know music similar to Biosphere? Listened to Substrata, The Petrified Forest and Cirque by hi…[View]
74633523>Listening to Outrun by Kavinsky >Out of nowhere a nigger starts rapping Into the trash you go…[View]
74633349/mu/ cringe thread[View]
74632671do you know any obscure bands with surreal or weird lyrics that really stands out?[View]
74634175roasting 4chan: lyrical spritual individual yo 4chan is gay fuk out 0f my way im a rap god and a fap…[View]
74634154Today is still RDJ's birthday - in Burgerland time, at least. It is also the birthday of collea…[View]
74633072KPOP GENERAL[View]
74633153what do you guys think of this lineup?[View]
74632338ITT: albums you knew were good just from seeing the cover[View]
74634053ITT we rank neutral milk hotel albums[View]
74634020Bumping this whilst drinking, really enjoying it.[View]
74631333Essential anti nu male core[View]
74633239her green plastic watering can[View]
74631544Three Rings remains the best track, but it's a solid effort.[View]
74632836So the few Godspeed fans on this board hit a new low: They, or he, is now spamming threads calling e…[View]
74631137>10 minutes of Stephen Hawking talking about vomit What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
74631118Holy Shit[View]
74629872Never felt so depressed and alone in my life please reccomend album for this feel[View]
74633538Old school sampling is shit: >Take two samples >Put them together >BOOM new song Fuck. The…[View]
74631891Miles Davis: Go out and continue my legacy, my sons. King Gizzard: We will. Thank you, father.[View]
74633274ITT: Bass players who were better than Charles Mingus[View]
74631125if there were only four electronic music genres what would they be[View]
74633128VILLAINS LEAK WHO GOT IT: pleaseeee[View]
74633557>masterpiece in the 19th century >Das Rheingold >masterpiece in the 21st century >To Pim…[View]
74632200One of these threads. >Best Endless Bummer >Runner-up Jacked Up >Worst (Girl We Got A) Go…[View]
74632882What are some good Tinder anthems was thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp8VR3ataJg But idk i…[View]
74631799i wish he didn't[View]
74633552What is the last physical media you purchased? Pic related for me, bought the CD shortly after it ca…[View]
74631919Why doesn't /mu/ like pic related? It's his best work in years. >inb4 pleb…[View]
74632408I haven't practiced piano seriously in about 3 years, and I never got past the intermediate lev…[View]
74633340Leave music to us[View]
74633146Original songs are almost always better than remixes?[View]
74626865Spotify Thread: Share your playlist[View]
74628524Why doesn't Pitchfork review his music?[View]
74631874>tfw Time Machine Modulus will never release their EP worst timeline[View]
74633337Anyone in the Houston area want a ticket to see jcole at 8pm tonight? Lost my date so I don't w…[View]
74630985My parents are getting a divorce because my scumbag dad had an affair /mu/. Can you suggest some mus…[View]
74632356/mother/: /vgm/ mother series: mother 1+2+3 edition first post ever on >>>/mu/ . i don…[View]
74632417What do you think is the best track on this album? For me, it's Bring the Sun, no question. I m…[View]
74613286Can you spot the difference between the two rappers in this image? One is a talented, authentic, and…[View]
74631834>when you listen to old music and realize the songs that's playin was sampled in a iconic ra…[View]
74631097AC/DC: What do you think of them anons? I haven't listened to them for a year and a half, i…[View]
74632304>ask for classical >get recs >ask for jazz >get recs >ask for r&b/soul >get re…[View]
74631335>Hello my fellow drone metal fans![View]
74632894please post you're charts[View]
74629772>mfw it was and still is literally the best experience of my life >mfw absolutely NOTHING has …[View]
74633111/LCD/: With a new album coming out September first, and the recent release of Tonite (https://youtu.…[View]
74629916What's the appeal?[View]
74633079>Feat. Damian Marley[View]
74633076What do you guys think of this album?[View]
74619650Thoughts on the new Everything Everything album?[View]
74633034Not really sure is this is where i should put this but I'll give it a shot. So, around 3:19 int…[View]
74623635Why was Yugoslavia the only Communist country with a rich and good music scene? Alternatively, why w…[View]
74631833KPOP GENERAL: seohyun edition[View]
74632944YOUTUBE MIXES: I'm thinking of making a youtube music mix channel, just made a mix and uploaded…[View]
74628019Anybody else unironically still think OKC is the greatest album of all time? Radiohead gets a lot of…[View]
74630415It's finally out. What's the verdict?[View]
74632048What's your favorite Skrewdriver album /mu/?[View]
74632276>I want your floppy disk to be my hard drive What did she mean by this?…[View]
74627314/jazz/ general: man, I've been waiting for like two days for a decent jazz thread to ask a ques…[View]
74632632ITT: shit albums from good artists[View]
74622270ITT your favorite album of the 2010s[View]
74628633Will rock music ever be this culturally relevant again?[View]
74632690It leaked: AOTY[View]
74631754Tyler the Creator: >I'm a motherfucking walking paradox Anyone else notice how genius it is…[View]
74632403/Britpop/: Britpop general, post everything and anything britpop related, Albarnfags fug off[View]
74630475https://youtu.be/mJ_bLA4okvo?t=7846 Name of 2:10:44? Sadly I have no Romanian friend to find the lyr…[View]
74630200>album has 10 minutes of silence for a 2 minute long hidden track[View]
74631500Ask a guy which just finished listening to his 20th obscure Viper album anything.[View]
74632373/DBD/ David Bowie Daily: What is your favorite David Bowie album and why? What do you think of black…[View]
74632543/comp/: >General theory - http://www.dolmetsch.com/index.htm >Basic Theory and exercises http…[View]
74631493Is grime the sound of Britain in the 2010s?[View]
74632513Donald Mustaine: The orange ones combine[View]
74632110>uploads thousands of videos every month >literally re-uploads full video from Mojo TV ( https…[View]
74631227why does /mu/ swing back and forth between gushing over mainstream music (kpop, grimes, kanye) and t…[View]
74631539How did your first concert ever go? Did you enjoy it? I'll soon lose my concert virginity and I…[View]
74632035Is funk/soul/r&b dead?[View]
74630739Is post malone a jew?[View]
74631025The way /mu/ fucked up was when it started looking to music reviews for: >objective rubrics for a…[View]
74632370Which headphones would you recommend?: I'm buying my first headphones, I've cut it down to…[View]
74632330>dundundundendenden - dundundundendendin SAIL[View]
74632177New cake when?[View]
74631899>buy $150 headphones >download music in flac >nothing sounds different: hahaha good joke gu…[View]
74629435Why do nu-males hate him so much? Is it because he's an attractive white male suceeding in a ge…[View]
74630810What was that other rave throwback album? It was green with 3 teens on the front I think. Also, more…[View]
74632272EMA - Exile in the Outer Ring: Damn, did anyone else already listen to the new EMA album? It's …[View]
74632230South American Music: haha time for tango fusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5F73VPdUQo https:/…[View]
74631583What do you think?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqq3BtGrpU8[View]
74616153ITT: Poorly describe the discography of a band, and others try to guess it: >Nearly everything wa…[View]
74625013Does this board hate this album now? (I hope so because it would confirm I have better taste than a…[View]
74632046ITT: Songs that won you over in liking the album: Jocko Homo[View]
74629929>Disney Girls >Followed up by Student Demonstration time What are other notable cases of a bri…[View]
74632042Found /mu/'s new queen: Only 264 subs. Wtf. >Tfw she'll never sing this about you. ht…[View]
74632034Continue my legacy, my son.[View]
74632008>Well, rap is not music for one thing. I mean, it isn't music, you know, it's talking. …[View]
74631842Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74623102Say something nice to Richard. It's his birthday after all.[View]
74631925*deletes Life in the Vivid Dream*[View]
74631897More music for the nuclear apocalpyse like pic related?[View]
74609730ITT: post your favourite female artists[View]
74630913KPOP GENERAL[View]
74631789Jazz artists playing post-hardcore[View]
74628759hey this is actually pretty good[View]
74631021Sup, /mu/, Justin Long here. Anybody else a fan of the band Chvrches?[View]
74626402what do you think about alice glass's new ep?[View]
74624614/metal/ general: legitimate AOTY edition previous edition: >>74618619[View]
74631600Could you guys give me some honest feedback on my track so far? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rPmVymkOCB[View]
74630791Verdict on this album. Really like what C&S tried to do with this one[View]
74631375Has hip hop gotten better or worse over the decades?[View]
74620985i've heard so little discussion about this so i figured i should take it to /mu/ and see what e…[View]
74631160garden of delete: This blew my fucking mind. Where do I go from here?[View]
74630321It's like Stockhausen with talent.[View]
74631035One of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. This might just be nostalgia talking but the Kingd…[View]
74629792>band has two drummers[View]
74627256Do the 2010s have a defining sound? Think of 80s music for example, you can easily tell when a song …[View]
74629449How does /mu/ organize their classical music? Do you prioritize composers, performers or conductors…[View]
74629583describe this album in 2 words[View]
74629984weekly 4x4 thread: i mean you can post 3x3 5x5 10x10 if you want to i don't mind i want you to …[View]
74631162If this album were released this year, how would it be received?[View]
74631303ITT: Creepy bands that incites people to commit suicide: i'll go with Dessert[View]
74630762NOISE HEADS ARE AS CANCEROUS AS METAL HEADS: fuck y'all https://apaleskinmexican.bandcamp.com/a…[View]
74626481Re: GY!BE: What can I even say about Godspeed You Black Emperor? Their music is obviously reverse en…[View]
74629844More like pic-related?[View]
74614402/gg/ guitar general: Fuck Roman How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Suggested Pract…[View]
74630958Andrea Pirlo[View]
74630018you have 30 seconds to name a better 21st century prog album >you can't…[View]
74631106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsJh-BhXtF8 only 10/10s please[View]
74630638When will /mu/ accept that Steven is and has been the best musician of the last 20 years?[View]
74631062ITT: Unpopular opinions Riverside is better than both Porcupine tree and Tool[View]
74626896guys im crying....im actually fucking crying they did it again[View]
74631023Does anyone know the name of the first band/song in this frag vid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y…[View]
74631014ITT: post a fake album cover and others guess the genre[View]
74626847ITT: /Flight/Core: Post good albums to listen to whilst on a plane[View]
74630665>recording includes an unintended ambulance siren off in the distance[View]
74618517Bandcamp Thread: Share your music[View]
74613194/chart/: you can do what you want to whenever you want top 50 100 etc idk why i even have to say the…[View]
74630859any new emo bands I should be listening to? pic related, Jank has been impressing me a lot recently.[View]
74630663I need a place to find high quality audio. arrrrrr[View]
74630699LOCAL SCENE THREAD: Local scene thread! Post music from your local scene, discuss strategies for you…[View]
74630922Name a band that gets more undeserved hate.[View]
74629557KPOP GENERAL: t-ara blow your mind edition[View]
74627515HOLY shit[View]
74630413Discredit an artist or album without using a single buzzword or meme-image. Bet no one can.[View]
74619565ITT: Limewire nostalgia[View]
74628372Dies /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74630754Thoughts on the KMD reunion?[View]
74630092Why do people consider this as Godspeed's worst album? The first 10 minutes of Motherfucker=Red…[View]
74629925>John Lennon gets shot >dies >Ray Davies gets shot >lives The Kinks > The Beatles…[View]
74610515Name a band and use a single image from sponge bob to summarise it. I'll start: Slayer[View]
74630653If anybody cares, this is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVRy3RZq5dY[View]
74629981Opinions on Sgt. Pepper: Give your opinions on Sgt Pepper and it's impact on popular music.…[View]
74630637>Lil >Yung >A$AP…[View]
74630556advice or whatever: https://soundcloud.com/user-933654085/beautiful-because First couple of tracks. …[View]
74628751Continue my legacy, my sons.[View]
74629880ITT: We post All Time GOATS I'll Start[View]
74630158Please tell me that I'm not the only person on this board: who gets really annoyed when some pe…[View]
74630401Dog Thread: GOAT songs about dogs? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzJz9TIbjv8…[View]
74628334>singer has an 'alter ego'[View]
74598411/daily/ - 'thoughts of suicide' edition: We're all doing it tonight, no more warnings. The poin…[View]
74630419ESKETIT BITCH[View]
74630373these two are the most important female musicians of all time. prove me wrong protip: you can't[View]
74625088This is rapper Lil Pump. He just turned 17. Say something nice about him![View]
74620336Who's the best special ed rapper?: Please give me someone that sounds even more retarded than L…[View]
74630320eae /mu/ just released my first album. i'm an independent brazilian rapper and producer. i rapp…[View]
74630057we share songs that spoke to us on a deep deep level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cycUHgg0zzU…[View]
74629001Am I allowed to own property and listen to GY!BE?[View]
74629878where the hell are all the metal-heads and punx /mu/?[View]
74629558>unironically liking an album or a band It's like you actually want your fee-fees hurt.…[View]
74620858It was released a few hours ago, so what's the veredict /mu/?[View]
74630214.: .[View]
74628429Fuck this guy and his music, he was a psycho and complete asshole, he was very rude to his bandmates…[View]
74626706ITT: you love it or you hate it core Starting with the obvious[View]
74630118Why most of /mu/core is sadcore, low test, virgin shit? I wish more people would value upbeat, happy…[View]
74628919What is a money store, anyway? Isn't that like a bank?[View]
74630110GABBA/SPLITTERCORE: Where can i 'buy' splittercore/gabba music? I am in tears right now be…[View]
74629115What famous albums done from start to finish in ableton live 9?: Hello guys, I'm curious. What …[View]
74616363Cringe thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0B7Z3JERdk[View]
74624587Why don't we like this again?[View]
74629134/mu/ btfo: https://youtu.be/6q7UpIFY6xg[View]
74628343Which Sufjan are you?[View]
74628220if I listen to this album while I jerk off to Jewish girls does that upset Varg? also what music do …[View]
74629790Pretty good album IMO[View]
74629572Why aren't you listening to the AOTY?[View]
74629813>Kurt Cobain >Layne Staley >Chris Cornell >Scott Weiland >Kristen Pfaff why is grunge…[View]
74629893does anyone have the meme/graph where it rates sad albums on pain or sadness or something i know ske…[View]
74629827ITT: Moments where Anthony was objectively wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q7UpIFY6xg[View]
74628544Do you like Joy Division or New Order better?[View]
74626450What does /mu/ think of band clothing? Do you wear any music-related shit?[View]
74629299what are some down-to-earth, cool rockstars?[View]
74629176What's /mu/'s opinion on Robert Allen Zimmerman?[View]
74629067Villains: I expected more from this album. 8/10 Most of the tracks are very forgetful and lacks the …[View]
74625590What is the least emotionally honest post rock?[View]
74628824Thoughts on the new Gizzard album?[View]
74621903>Dun Da Do >AH[View]
74626442>it's a george got mad that someone confused genesis with solo phil collins episode…[View]
74629670whassup h tine?[View]
74628568Post good sound collages[View]
74629627Artists that got better when they sold out: Go![View]
74629575>mfw im toiling in the undergrowth >mfw haunted by a friendly ghost…[View]
74628455KPOP GENERAL: we are clc[View]
74629090Japanese Vangelis sound alike thingy: Hey cunts, Looking for an artist from Japan that did this real…[View]
74629382Why do womemes think of music as a platform to market image through inclusivity?[View]
74623948Are Dinosaur Jr. any good?[View]
74629427Feel thread: Songs that make you emotional every time you listen to them. Played this song at our we…[View]
74628228>album with a Nicki Minaj feature is widely regarded as a 10/10[View]
74628912Post an album and the first lyric you tik of when you see it, I'll start. SON I'M THIRTY I…[View]
74622145Hold on a minute.... AOTY?: Wow This is great, way better than anything else put out by Brand New, I…[View]
7461463010s.: Try to be as objectively universal as possible, don't push it. If its far fetched, give r…[View]
74629185Honesty is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I n…[View]
74629292Everything everything's 'A fever dream': New EVRYTHING EVERYTHING album just dropped (listenabl…[View]
74629272Yes - Obama[View]
74629221anime site: Name my band /mu/[View]
74624337ITT: The best and worst of pop punk ballads. One of the worst things about living in a post Good Ri…[View]
74625835okay /mu/ question time. Thee Oh Sees or King Gizzard?[View]
74616283What's your favorite punk album /mu/?[View]
74626887PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES: Oh boy /mu/ it's time for another David Bowie Thread…[View]
74627832Gimme some bands that go well with opiates.[View]
74628513More like this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61LLjdbJtJo[View]
74627696>Third Wave Post-Rock what an absolutely worthless and boring genre[View]
74628135>/mu/ is filled with people who unironically listen to and like memerap that has been featured on…[View]
74628707Who is the Hegel of music?[View]
74627777If you like Death Grips get off this board right now. This board is NOT for plebs[View]
74618063NEW LIL PEEP MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zOujzvtwZ6M IT'S OUT SENPAI[View]
74628743it is anywhere i can find all instrumental version of kamelot song?[View]
74627404>He prefers the Syd era of pink floyd[View]
74626332What makes the music in this game sound so eerie and uncomfortable?[View]
74628669>Album: The Sequel >It's their debut record…[View]
74628241Stop listening to antiquated American guitar-based music.[View]
74628591This is really good music Really good[View]
74628413>tfw no gf to listen to comfy midwest emo with does anyone else know this feel?…[View]
74628565dsbc general: fuuck you this is a legendary band https://demonspawnblackcauldron.bandcamp.com/album/…[View]
74626822Hey guys where do I start with jazz?[View]
74626125Why do nu males hate prog so much?[View]
74626334Artists who are even better than Kanye West thinks he is[View]
74626565Is this elaborate b8 or is 'electronic music' really more varied and expansive than '…[View]
74627382We Bare Bears theme song: More songs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oylc8TMGgso…[View]
74627613KPOP GENERAL[View]
74621069Chvrches: Prove to me that Lauren Mayberry is musically talented and not just a creamy legged semen …[View]
74625665How do you write lyrics? How do you know if they're good?[View]
74628276Can /mew/ recommend an entry level ukelele?[View]
74628001RYM: 'It is often forgotten that (music rating websites) are artificial repositories, put together …[View]
74626561DUDE NIGGA HUMBLE HUMBLE LMAO: 'Wow, greatest rapper of all time'[View]
74627082The US President is a dipshit. Has there been any good punk rock out about it? That was the one upsh…[View]
74628037>the profile pic: What song /mu/?[View]
74626881/mu/ related books: Pic obviously related, looking for any suggestions[View]
74622500I never made it past the first song, am I missing out? the drums annoy me[View]
74627046ITT: 10/10 3+ album streaks Lets start with a really obvious one: Movement Power, Corruption, and Li…[View]
74627794Why did post-rock get so boring in the 2000's?[View]
74627710What are your favorite music podcasts?[View]
74624428Pitchfork: What the fuck is their problem?[View]
74628043ITT: Albums with GOAT bonus tracks/deluxe editions[View]
74626596Why did he do it?[View]
74626295More like this?[View]
74627955What's the best Echo & the Bunnymen album?[View]
74626070Is it great, amazing or excellent? (Let's ignore French Montana) https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74625833help! what is this?: anyone know the name of this cable wire?[View]
74627891f e e l i n g i t: Heard this today and it really caught me off guard. This track is so fucking good…[View]
74626278>I wouldn't mind stomping out a white baby >Maybe have time to arrive and to pimp a butte…[View]
74626738>There'll be the breaking of the ancient western code >Your private life will suddenly e…[View]
74625684What does /mu/ think about lulu? I think it's pretty good a 7/10. I never see anyone on here ta…[View]
74624896Italian /mu/ Thread: Since everytime Italy is mentioned in a conversation a ton of italians appears …[View]
74627350She's kissing another boy /mu/ ITT Best music to wallow with a broken heart[View]
74626497KPOP GENERAL[View]
74627590what are some good /mu/ related biographies / memoirs / histories? I've read Please Kill Me an…[View]
74626264thoughts on new clipping?: >[View]
74625138One song to define Rock 'n' Roll. Go.[View]
74621987What happened to white indie music[View]
74623925Embarrassing or guilty pleasure.: Ok /mu/ post song or bands you are fucking ashamed of loving and w…[View]
74626020Would you say that there could ever be any threat to music piracy as a whole? It's obviously ho…[View]
74626889Hey /mu/, why is it that primarily made are used for music production? Are there really no good prog…[View]
74625116>listen to 60's/70's Soul and Funk music >it's actually pretty good what the fu…[View]
74627339Who did it better?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32udqal_lyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it6e…[View]
74627271Who /NewYork/ here?[View]
74627166What band is this?: So I use to listen to a band, yet have since forgotten their name. The album art…[View]
74627089>rock >hlp-hop >pop Is that all you kids listen to?…[View]
74625852This is so fucking bad[View]
74620997Kendrick Lamar is a hack.[View]
74624299starving for beats: https://youtu.be/_fbGNAJUy9Q ~10:18[View]
74626857This shit is literally Ed Edd n Eddy music wtf[View]
74625950http://onlinesequencer.net/569033 What song is this? Some two-syllable word is sung over and over du…[View]
74626861I like post-rock, can we have a post-rock thread? Favorite albums? Are you looking forward to any re…[View]
74625846Is the girls on this cover gonna be ok? looks like a bad fall.[View]
74625256Any here listen to Machine Girl?: and whats your favourite album from them?[View]
74625511SPLC's Official Shitlist of Hate Bands: Someone had asked whether or not any of these bands are…[View]
74622522IT'S SHIT[View]
74626643I can not fucking stop listening to this, not a joke i thing i am going crazy. I came to the point w…[View]
74626685Sorry for stupid thread: But what song is playing at 0:07? https://youtu.be/Od-HKerUpjI Sorry again …[View]
74607510All time favotite album cover thread, HD / wallpaper preferred. Ill start[View]
74626635Guilty pleasures: I want the artists and songs you like that you know you shouldn't like. I mea…[View]
74626537Ayy anyone well versed in rap? Can you identify a song for me? Only lyrics I remember are 'I get hig…[View]
74625686KPOP GENERAL[View]
74626390'It's a trend clickbait thing'[View]
74626405>bass player is older black guy with dreads that pops the strings like seinfeld music…[View]
74626385New Converge!! 'Under Duress': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFmMswcPPzs Man, I'm loving thos…[View]
74626343How do i get into Morrissey? Is any of his stuff worth listening to?[View]
74623953I'm about to listen PJ Harvey's 'Dry'. What should I expect?[View]
74623836>one of the most ambitious and progressive indie pop bands in recent years >only gets a 7.1 Co…[View]
74618481Name a band/artist and use a single image from Jimmy Neutron to summarise it. I'll start: Danie…[View]
74626128Making a hair/glam metal playlist Give me some good additions, bands, etc.[View]
74626066>Who would have known a train of pearls, cabin by cabin, is shot precisely across an ocean from t…[View]
74623924Bowie: My music library got deleted, what music from David Bowie should I download?[View]
74625893Why this album got so much low ratings ?[View]
74603425What are some good albums about being lonely?[View]
74610301/collage/ 3x3 4x4 5x5: Guess personalities, give recs, give hate, give positive comments etc.[View]
74626086oh my god[View]
74624414ITT: albums where every song flows nicely with each other hard mode - no one song albums[View]
74623210>Mama, I just killed a man[View]
74624743Eddie Vedder[View]
74626039ITT Good songs people are embarrassed to like: https://youtu.be/kqr4ouQ3Uf8[View]
74624053What does /mu/ think of Arctic Monkeys?[View]
74625929it came[View]
74625911>album is lyric focused fuck off with this shit i want to hear music instead of some half assed p…[View]
74625777Are they GOAT?[View]
74625873how do you guys organize your playlists?: so i just broke the 5k mark on my edgy playlist called 'ra…[View]
74611760Get in here: New King Gizzard album is out https://kinggizzard.bandcamp.com/album/sketches-of-brunsw…[View]
74625711pedals: Hey guys. what order would you chain these pedals in. They'd be going into either a sm…[View]
74625685Jazz is important music!: Umm no sweetie, jazz is culturally irrelevant and has been almost since it…[View]
74624536kpop general[View]
74624932What was the last show you went to? How was it?[View]
74625614top hiphop producers oat ?? ? ???????[View]
74624253Is there a single objective metric by which jazz is superior to classical? Just by longevity of publ…[View]
74625342King Crimson is a Disappointment: I'm currently going through King Crimson's discography a…[View]
74625491Bruce Stringbean[View]
74625259Is pic related plausible? Could storing digital models of vinyls be a future form of lossless music …[View]
74623627>Indie Rock >Indie Pop >Indietronica only numales listen to this…[View]
74625285It's like something you would hear on the radio stations in Vice City.[View]
74624807Labels matter: Is grindcore music a subgenre of metal or punk? I can't decide.[View]
74625330Can you fucks shut the fuck up about race in music, you people are obsessed with it and it's un…[View]
74625039NIN btfo[View]
74624653Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74624418looking to buy a keyboard and wanted t oknow which of these is better. Casio CTK-6250 or Yamaha PSR-…[View]
74624196RYM Sonemic Thread: why aren't you listening to Detroid Techno edition[View]
74625233>Becker and Fagen met in 1968 at Bard College. As Fagen passed by a café, he heard Becker practic…[View]
74622833Anyone genuinely like The Death Grips? Ever found any bands remotely similar to them yet? (Except m…[View]
74623636>mfw someone 0.5 stars my favourite album on rym[View]
74623796>Listens to The Stooges once[View]
74622210I want to play some weird songs when I'm with my friends so they think I'm all weird Help …[View]
74622692ITT: Overrated, edgelord garbage: Fight me on my pick.[View]
74616996'You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)' - The Beatles: Why don't we talk more about that song o…[View]
74623291Feminist music: What's some good feminist music like pic related?[View]
74623450Painted Ruins: AOTY so far by far[View]
74624944>tfw no young michelle philips gf[View]
74621487Post 'em[View]
74624851>download a Jazz album >genre tag - Jazz[View]
74620765>We all want to hold in the everlasting gaze >Enchanted in the rapture of his sentimental swa…[View]
74624436ITT: Post blessed images only: Keep them music related[View]
74623967Anyone else listen to That's Not Metal here?[View]
74618619/metal/: Bands that aren't metal but people call metal for some reason edition. previous >…[View]
74619330Why does /mu/ never talk about this amazing album?[View]
74624364Will it be as good as their 1st album?[View]
74624573Genre autism rankings: Neurotypical: Pop Some autism: Hip-hop, Reggae, Chill, Lo-fi Autism: Electron…[View]
74622376Pharoah Sanders: Continue my legacy, my son. Kamasi Washington: Yes father.[View]
74624405>go to songmeanings and read someones interpretation before listening Music for this feel?…[View]
74623238kpop general[View]
74624184*raises paw*: Why do jazz fans act like there is objective value to their music when virtually the o…[View]
74620927/mu/, let's discuss THAT album.[View]
74623947>2017 house party >PICKLE RICK IS IN THE HOUSSSE TONIIIGHT…[View]
74621037'Everybody Wants to Rule the World', 'Shout', and 'Mothers Talk' fags plz go. /mu/ is a 'Head Over H…[View]
74624326Your AOTY so far?[View]
74624081What's the proper name for Cuba-core? Think kind of light hearted 'tropical' sound like Tropico…[View]
74618525So, I know this is a concept album... but what's the concept?[View]
74623549good hangover music? my head hurts be gentle[View]
74622144>every Arctic Monkeys song from the first two albums. *Power chord slinky riff* *Fast hi hat dru…[View]
74620147Is Death Grips good?[View]
74624187Cranford Nix and punks: Who is your favorite punk and why is Cranny so good?[View]
74623659why is it that Hayley Williams is the only official member of Paramore?[View]
74622623>Band goes from Folk to Psychedelic to Country in 3 years[View]
74624023Thoughts on Leprous and their new track? What are you expecting from the new album? https://www.yout…[View]
74623067Hip Hop, rock and metal are for low-IQ pretentious pricks. Industrial and punk are for enlightened i…[View]
74622316Conscious hip hop > Intelligent Dance Music > Progressive Rock > Post Rock[View]
74623946So, I've listened to everything these guys have put out, the weird dub remix album, Andy's…[View]
74622764So this album is much less popular on /mu/ now compared to 2017. I think it's because our userb…[View]
74623759>I'm so appalled >Spalding ball wow, incredible, a triumph, bravo Kanye! What are some ot…[View]
74623066ITT: Non-English dream pop pic related[View]
74623719>listen to an instrumental >it's actually a beat…[View]
74619539why do people think this is good?[View]
74618963What's /mu/'s opinion on the second album 'In the Wake of Poseidon' ? I heard it for the f…[View]
74616397ITT; tracks that you find hypnotic OP pick: Everything In Its Right Place[View]
74622991What does he listen to?[View]
74619511Favorite Metal Album Covers: Favorite metal artwork plz[View]
74595446/emoe/ thread- 'why is there never an emo thread?' edition post emo, r8, h8, talk I'm looking f…[View]
74623660ITT: albums that are forgotten but hold up in 2017[View]
74621685hey /mu/ give me something to listen to while I chill outside[View]
74622457>album starts out strong and goes to shit halfway through Why not release an ep?…[View]
74623428>that episode where George asked that musician friend of Jerry to prove that there was any actual…[View]
74618215There any more modern metal bands worth a damn that I'm missing out on?[View]
74622611RUSH: What are some hardcore libertarian free market bands? FUCK CENTRAL BANKING[View]
74623524I'm going on a road trip /mu/: Recommend me some great albums to listen to on the way. They don…[View]
74623536I wish they had more tracks like You Stole.[View]
74623535Is the guy who coordinated the 'Folk of /mu/' album trilogy still around? I didn't co…[View]
74623533Is this music? Are these instruments? https://youtu.be/YpUq8KBvtCw https://youtu.be/c3fctmixsKE?t=14[View]
74621964it's good[View]
74623394>long awaited follow-up to one of your favourite albums >it's shit what's her name?…[View]
74623469Are there any other good dungeon crawlers like Unepic, /mu/?: Preferably with a better story. Also w…[View]
74618405Post good jazz albums that don't sound generic as fuck pic related[View]
74621253Why isn't this literal masterpiece not discussed here more often? Its 60s Zappa at his absolute…[View]
74620759Is there anything simmilar to this? >The Drone intro >The delicious bass >The lenght and co…[View]
74614559ITT: hate on shit rappers: how do people like this get famous?? it's all in the beats they don…[View]
74623344Hey guys, I'm desperately trying to find the lyrics and meaning to this song, does anyone here …[View]
74622675why are they even hated when all their albums are unironically good[View]
74621585>he doesn't listen to Beuys and Kippenberger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ1_ALxGbGk htt…[View]
74619576I've been a musicbee user for years, but now that I've switched to linux I can't find…[View]
74620795>find your own taste they said >explore what you like they said >fuck the hivemind they sai…[View]
74620741New Mastodon September 22 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cold-Dark-Place-Mastodon/dp/B074TZZLBD/ref=sr_1_1…[View]
74622486kpop general: jennie![View]
74622922ITT: Timeless lyrical masterpieces[View]
74621555Guilty Pleasures: Clapping with the beat.[View]
74623121MAGIC PEOPLE[View]
74622814Champagne, cocaine, gasoline![View]
74620628What do you racists think about Oddisee's music?[View]
74623031Know how ''Turn On The Bright Lights' is the best Joy Division album?: This is the best Wipers …[View]
74622907Kendrick Lamar is 30 years old?? I dont recall a GOAT being that old[View]
74622647they finally made a solid album[View]
74620285Paul's debut beats John's debut by a long shot.: When will people realize Paul had the bes…[View]
74619530David Bowie was the greatest human to ever live.[View]
74619875Would this duo have worked?[View]
74619846Can we please talk about how objectively good Julien Baker's music is?[View]
74622540is he the rap god?[View]
74621452Leave it and Owner Of A Lonely Heart are pop masterpieces[View]
74620641Is this album to blame for the blandness of 2010s pop?[View]
746222742017's been pretty great to me: what do you think im missing out on?[View]
74621558kpop general[View]
74622174>band has only one constant member >it's not the lead singer…[View]
74621280this place sucks on a new level[View]
74621686Why does Leddit make better music than /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxDP4oCpCeE&index=4…[View]
74620954Will there ever be a better dancing frontman than Ian Curtis?[View]
74622283ITT: Musicians that are past their prime and will never make a comeback. Im calling it now just like…[View]
74602836soundcloud thread: didnt see no dagum soundcloud thread so heres a dagum soundcloud thread bo[View]
74622306Next Up in the Rap Game: Who do you think is going to be next up in the rap game? I think 6 dogs is …[View]
74621886Does /mu/ like imagine dragons? >SAIL[View]
74622056ITT: Favorite Shitpost Album[View]
74622269drain gang general - /D&G/: talk and post about drain gang[View]
74621529j mascis: Is he the Hendrix of indie rock? >never learned how to play properly >unique chord v…[View]
74620736Weezer - Mexican Fender: What do we think of Weezer's new song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
74622235thoughts on james franco's band 'daddy'? bretty good album desu[View]
74615825Lil peeperino: Verdict on the new album?[View]
74621249Is 'Turn Into Something' the magnum opus of Animal Collective? I believe it is[View]
74622023what are some good song about smashing fascists and racist dicks? Here's my favourite song by m…[View]
74621071Brand New - Science Fiction: >Best Can't Get It Out >Runner-up Same Logic/Teeth >Worst…[View]
74621675>A coma might feel better then this[View]
74621968I thought this was shit until I realized shuffle was on. Fucking great to be honest.[View]
74621948holy shit this album is fire!!!!![View]
74620002The Peace and the Panic: First thoughts boys?[View]
74621841Just listen to Mac Demarco you fucking faggot[View]
74620395Recomendations: So I recently fell in love with this album is there anything remotely similar out th…[View]
74620000/hhg/ - Hip-Hop General: let's bring this shit from the grave. no more shill lil peep threads. …[View]
74621837No bs: C H A R T T H R E A D: Come on lads[View]
74621620>Get annoyed and pissed at a popular artist getting tons of praise on YouTube comments >That s…[View]
74621636/ambient/ - Ambient General: No /ambient/! Disgrace! Ambient is just freaking cool. So let's ce…[View]
74619674This album is flawless from start to finish, prove it's not: protip you can't[View]
74621793What does /mu/ think about The Struts?[View]
74621688This dude is amazing: https://soundcloud.com/pipships/sounds-from-friday-evening[View]
74621687JAM OF A LIFETIME[View]
74619791How often do you listen to your favorite album? My favorite is pic related and I probably listen to …[View]
74621639Does anyone knows the lyrics for this? Have been trying to finding them online for ages, but no one …[View]
74619354Why do a ton of shitty metalcore bands have nonsensical three word names?[View]
74618105Why is this album so underrated?[View]
74618514Post mom's reactions to /mu/sic: My friend today told me that she showed her mom the Twin Peaks…[View]
74620448KPOP GENERAL[View]
74621304http://dopefile.pk/zt64x50xcu8l that's all i really needed rn. thoughts? so far, i like the X f…[View]
74620044>tfw ive become such a misanthrope that i try to distance myself from other people by listening t…[View]
74620567Guess whose birthday it is today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCsn_MUHTOs[View]
74621234>band renowned for experimentation and innovation despite not really doing those things >actua…[View]
74619243Steven Wilson - To The Bone: Any first impressions on the new SW solo album?[View]
74621404Recommend me some alternative songs. No kpop, trap. Try to avoid rock.[View]
74599232It’s good[View]
74616555what jazz/funk/soul albums do i listen to if I really liked 'OKAGA ,CA'? I want to move out of Rap m…[View]
74620513STILL STRIVING Just dropped: Anyone listening?[View]
74621066The >i fucking love the doors.Thread[View]
74620565>rock >hlp-hop >pop Is that all you kids listen to?…[View]
74621032uhhhhhh new everything everything?[View]
74619377For those of you saying that this music is , and i quote 'shit, worthless , making people sad'…[View]
74619057Anyone else here get paid to shill bands? It's pretty comfy as a NEET[View]
74621159SiriusXM just added a new station called Indie 1.0 I think it's to replace that college rock st…[View]
74620914Make a Perfect Album: Mine is Yeezus and MBDTF just delete All of the Lights and So Appalled.[View]
74609969Which rock band was the biggest in the world in the summer of 1996? Like this time 21 years ago. I…[View]
74619768Alright mu, I need your help. I'm joining the big brother/sister program and I would like some …[View]
74616185Isn't this thing a fucking masterpiece?[View]
74618347so many people in the neighborhood *crash* *crash*[View]
74619911What are some great albums from this year?[View]
74618448This is the best Beatles albumn[View]
74614976What are some good psychedelic funk bands? I'm specifically looking for bands that have a lot o…[View]
74620199>curses out Imagine Dragons >now he sounds like Imagine Dragons kek…[View]
74618137Covers of songs that are so bad that you kind of like them.[View]
74620010ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
74612138What do you think about this album? I, personally, can't listen to it too often cuz shit is rea…[View]
74620255How did you react when he died?[View]
74620495What the hell happened to these guys? Their early stuff was the perfect fusion of goth and garage, t…[View]
74619452Your favorite band BTFO[View]
74619669How do you guys keep up with new releases? I'm not into a ton of bands but I do like to try and…[View]
74619808Who is the Mark Rothko of music?[View]
74620664i goofed guys, so maybe you can help me out i know this is SUPER vague but i heard it at work for th…[View]
74619954Is it pronounced closer or closer?[View]
74620661can anyone help me find this song?: it was some sort of Russian electronic/rap song I saw posted on …[View]
74620493songs about the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq0H-1IuaY8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74620625>band has Spotify session[View]
74607455Brand New Album: Brand New has sent 500 CD copies of their new album Science Fiction out.[View]
74620180ITT:: post your favourite album, others guess things about you[View]
74619784Is it worth dropping dollars to 'professionally' record a mixtape? I've written 25 songs that I…[View]
74620538Plebs: lil peep Patricians: trippie redd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eixJgD0OLU The true king o…[View]
74620027ITT:: Bands whose last album is their best.[View]
74620470I mean he’s not wrong[View]
74617445If you don't like every single album on this chart, you are a nu male.[View]
74619445kpop general: comfy edition[View]
74620297>Buy an album 7 years ago >Only bought it because you liked one song from band/artist >Don…[View]
74616416Right Wing Music general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c3d7QgZr7g[View]
74619618ITT: Musicians that will probably die this year: pic obviously related[View]
74619705What is some good children's music? I want to make my kids have patrician taste if its the righ…[View]
74618907After listening to this a few times i've come to the conclusion it is the 70's greatest po…[View]
74618918I loved this when I was a little kid[View]
74619370>listens to pink floyd once[View]
74620133is this vaporwave?[View]
74618749Brian Eno is good[View]
74617991/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74613853Jerry Garcia on Rap: Well, rap is not music for one thing. I mean, it isn't music, you know, it…[View]
74617369Is Troy Ave the GOAT? Dat nigga the new Tupac.[View]
74617982what is the world coming to when an album this good gets panned by all the critics?[View]
74619541Seriously how normie can one be until it becomes unusual[View]
74614878Grimes: What the fuck is this shit, so Grimes was about to get her pussy filled with penises of men …[View]
74616511>be girl >make mcdonalds commercial music on expensive synths >nerds fawn all over it…[View]
74619446GRIZZLY BEAR B T F O: is indie rock dead?[View]
74619817People Who Died: >Teddy sniffing glue, he was 12 years old[View]
74618459One of these threads: >Best Chocolate Matter >Worst Design: I >Overrated Dsco >Underrate…[View]
74619247>mfw humble indie rock is better than pretentious alternative rock[View]
74619701Hendrix Thread: Hey, newfag here. Since the Hendrix 'family' is so god damn jewish with unreleased h…[View]
74618149>charles mingus >captain beefheart >can >chairmen of the board…[View]
74618489ITT: Covers of Radiohead songs by other bands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXfNCm6zTvk https://w…[View]
74617491What is the most raging, savage, barbaric, depraved album in your music library?[View]
74618256ITT: Album covers that look alike[View]
74618433What do you guys think of Pulp?[View]
74618193What's your favorite Skrewdriver song?[View]
74615846Is instrumental hip hop the 'ambient' musicfor millenials? My roommate listens to this shit non-stop…[View]
746191443TEETH: Why aren't they 'a thing' on /mu/?[View]
74619108It's good. Really good >tfw comfy indie is back.[View]
74618254KPOP GENERAL[View]
74619176What do attention whores listen to?[View]
74619239ITT: Perfect examples of punk rock[View]
74619335It clicked[View]
74618944Thoughts on ELO as a whole?[View]
74613665we have threads about dadrock and dadcore a lot, but what would be momcore?[View]
74619115Was Pitchfork right?[View]
74619100When this man dies the mainstream media will go crazy over him.. what a shame people don't real…[View]
74619092This is a playlist I made for a party I'm having on Saturday. Any suggestions? It's mostly…[View]
74617890>Featuring Dave Grohl How can anyone defend this pleb shit album[View]
74619163Anal Cunt Songs: What would be some Anal Cunt song titles if the band were still around today? - Any…[View]
74616472Alice Glass EP leaked.: She didnt even announce it yet lmao https://www.xclusivejams.xyz/alice-glass…[View]
74618678>'Oasis is the best band in the world. That's a fact.' Is he right?…[View]
74618590So guys I play football and we usually have like an hour or so to get pumped before it, can u give m…[View]
74619136hey looking for more indian pop/filmi music comps. This one is from tamil films[View]
74617163Why is he such a little bitch? Can't he keep it together just once without bawling like a baby?[View]
74619123Hey, I'm looking for a Bandcamp album, it was something like indie rock I think? released somew…[View]
74618992PLEASE HELP!: What are some albums with ZERO guitars in them?[View]
74619047>put on a record >it's actually an album…[View]
7461869610/10 albums I'll start[View]
74618840can somebody find an uncorrupted version of this album. i've wanted to find it for months. this…[View]
74610986Is it possible to make Avant Garde and ground breaking music and have it be accessible to a general …[View]
74617123Music for hiking through the wilderness? Going backpacking this weekend and want some tunes for a hi…[View]
74618364ITT: underrated 2017 albums[View]
74618160Name a better bassist in rock. Pro-tip: You cannot[View]
74618098This is actually really fucking good. wow.[View]
74613762If your mom told you you were actually the child of a musician she slept with when she was younger w…[View]
74618401Not sure if this should go in here or in /toy/ since it's technically both a 'toy' and an 'inst…[View]
74617454'Rock is dead now...the only people saying things that matter are the rappers.' Is he right?[View]
74618570I love her but I don't like the way her voice changed :/[View]
74618588I thought Foals were supposed to be pleb shit? This album is fantastic. Are the rest of their album…[View]
74616228>Brand New release album out of nowhere >Mastodon announce a 2nd album for this year >King …[View]
74617196What would you have done /mu/?[View]
74616908The unbearable whiteness of indie[View]
74617411ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
74618523Brand New is shit: King Gizzard is shit[View]
74615335Anyone help me? What's that 80s sounding song which lists a load of cities at one point, tokyo …[View]
74615569Will this ever be topped?[View]
74617851>rapper namedrops biggie or 2pac in a song[View]
74616574Source Tags and Codes: This recently got reissued on vinyl, they added an intro, interlude and outro…[View]
74617258It's a guitar[View]
74618023>dumb mothafucka >I'm a goddamn autist What did he mean by this…[View]
74618268>If you a pussy, you get popped, you a groupie, you a opp What did she mean by this?…[View]
74618104>listening to Piñata again Dude this production is fucking GOD TIER. >The build up on Thuggin…[View]
74614418What's your favorite song from this masterpiece?[View]
74616322is she mom-rock?[View]
74618212Ok then[View]
74616236What does she listen to[View]
74613066Mark Ronson was a mistake[View]
74618201Does it hold up? Or is it one of those 'had to be there' records?[View]
74618221I need your help /mu/. My client watches Dora the Explorer all the time, and I can't get the th…[View]
74616588It's really good! Isn't it?[View]
74618226How's the leak? is it a transcode?[View]
74617357KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbeuXW8Nko[View]
74618182Mastodon thread: I'll start the discussion You excited for Cold Dark Place? What do you want to…[View]
74615055Their best album[View]
74617159the greatest album you've never heard (of): https://gringorecords.bandcamp.com/album/forward re…[View]
74617941This is great[View]
74618110>mfw Brand New+Trap Bears=Lil Peep[View]
74618099Wedding song: I /mu/ long time /b/tard looking for your help. I'm getting married next may hoor…[View]
74617448>that bass solo on I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles[View]
74617534Could someone send a link to an archive (zip or rar or whatever) of all (or most of) pink floyd…[View]
74615088Music to chill/relax: Folk very appreciated, slow beats too. Preferably long songs or full albums if…[View]
74616405what music do you like?[View]
74616888AND IT'S[View]
74617492>album with a Nicki Minaj feature is widely regarded as a 10/10[View]
74617898Looking for some female fronted country pop. Not even looking for it to be amazing or anything, I ju…[View]
74616997Best Brand New album?[View]
74617572Which musician is literally you? For me it's John Lennon - intelligent, nihilistic, and with a …[View]
74617714Why does everyone hate this album?[View]
74617216/female 80s artists/: Can I get more like this? https://youtu.be/x7QPBzAJ_io https://youtu.be/uejh-b…[View]
74616757ITT: Albums with the same cover: Does /mu/ likes Risk it All by Slow Dance?[View]
74613135What are some other underrated albums?[View]
74612284Who is the best classical composer of all time and why is it Wagner?[View]
74617719SHES A GOOD GIRL[View]
74587569/rym/ - RYM/Sonemic general: bitch xDDD waffles xDDD riceshoes xDDD redpill me on xDDD embryo xDDD …[View]
74614836>When the first song is the best why bother listening to the rest of the album? post albums like …[View]
74615743Today is a just a damn good day for music.: >Brand new >King gizzard and the lizard wizard …[View]
74616399Is this SOTY?[View]
74617499The Worst Piece of Music Ever: Old thread reached it's bump limit.[View]
74611219'In the field of labour, precarity is the cancellation of the rules governing the relations between …[View]
74617397WHO CAN IT BE NOW???[View]
74616811Hey /mu/ ITT: songs about loosing a friend or your best friend[View]
74613234This is Eminem's best album.[View]
74616412KPOP GENERAL[View]
74616521*deletes dreams*[View]
74616891Wow it's like Animal Collective but good[View]
74615184WOW my friend got a copy of this and just played it us. It's incredible, better than their debu…[View]
74616205Rate my record collection[View]
74608769)))/metal/(((: white power edition old thread >>74594993[View]
74596334What is, in your opinion, the absolute worst piece of music ever recorded?[View]
74617242'Metal is a world of its own, and even listeners who grew up hearing Led Zeppelin or Quiet Riot on A…[View]
74617186PATRICIAN GENRES: What are the most and least patrician genres?[View]
74615034/bbg/ - Beach Boys General: What is your favorite Beach Boys album? What are your favorite Beach Boy…[View]
74615289ITT: fun albums: I'll go first[View]
74617077Blessed be the Lord, who believe any mess they read up on a message board.[View]
74617063Anyone fuck with Raggedy Angry? recently fell in love with this album on youtube, but I can't s…[View]
74614773ITT: Favorite Tracks This Year: Post some of em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV68EM9kCD4…[View]
74617003'Hybrid Trap'/EDM Rant: I was (and still am) a big fan of the initial sounds of dubstep, and the ini…[View]
74616083Predict what Nirvana would be if Kurt Cobain didn't get murdered.[View]
74616877aboriginal music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN-542IYoE0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
74615976Brand New is shit: King Gizzard is shit[View]
74615263ITT:Post an album and anons says the first line that comes to mind: OP first just to start >RUN F…[View]
74616346Salute the king of hip-hop[View]
74608378Bandcamp Thread: Post your music and give feedback.[View]
74615839what a boring fucking turd you'd think with his wife dying, he'd actually make some melodi…[View]
74609578/jazz/: What's the best jazz album of the 80's? 90's? 00's? 20's? (so far)…[View]
74581292/chart/ bread: post your chart, give recs/r8s, discuss and make fun of each other try not to be lazy…[View]
74616629ITT: sons about holidays that aren't Christmas songs or the Monster Mash https://youtu.be/DWKwq…[View]
74616601driving music: Fa/tg/uy seeking help in building a library I'm getting around to converting an …[View]
74613798How accurate is this /mu/[View]
74614926You decide to go to Antartica to explore. What albums do you bring with you? For me, it would be Sub…[View]
74616509Immaculate tier film soundtracks, I'll start.[View]
74616446You guys hear of the band The XXs?[View]
74611058Wtf, no one told me this was 10/10: holy shit[View]
7460479010/10 music moments: >Les Claypool scatting in To Defy the Laws of Tradition…[View]
74615438Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
74613996Sup bros /fit/ here can you rec me some good rap music. Pic related: my favorite albums right now.[View]
74613837post your favourite album[View]
74616275>People shouldn’t be so snobby. It’s just not that simple, it’s like saying filet mignon is brill…[View]
74615128KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbeuXW8Nko[View]
74609682Now that the dust has settled: Thoughts?[View]
74616306What do you think of the new weezer song /mu/?[View]
74603162what does moo think of the queen of moo, lavren mayberry[View]
74616100What does /mu/ think of the best musicians since Hendrix?[View]
74616072ITT: Covers better than the originals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcQyFtHMfbs[View]
74615153oh shit it finally clicked[View]
74616212Help Cannot Find: I'm only coming here out of desperation. I've scoured the internet and c…[View]
74614302>musical duo consisting of cute female w/bobcut on vocals and bearded nu-male playing a synth…[View]
74615178What is the best of Bruce's albums?[View]
74614894Now that the dust has settled how good is this album?[View]
74610779Who are the best Greek composers?[View]
74616050/GUNTHER GENERAL GG/ IM NOT JUSTIN BIEBER BITCH EDITION: Post your best Gunther tunes I'll sta…[View]
74607740ITT: Musicians who hold a PhD[View]
74616034So is there any site that's stepped in to fill the void since last.fm is fucked now?[View]
74614551What does /mu/ think of plan b?[View]
74615968How old were you when you realized that Wings are better than the Beatles?[View]
74609502>kill yourself >everyone forgets about you in a week…[View]
74615800Name a more innovative and versatile modern rock band than Enter Shikari.Pro Tip: You can't[View]
74613877Where the fuck do you get your music from?: Any good sites you use that you get your music from? I…[View]
74614933You guys didn't tell me this was actually good. Wtf? I guess it's not a meme after all. Fl…[View]
74613181OK Computer BTFO[View]
74607267ITT: Awesome vidya soundtracks[View]
74606113Neofolk thread: :The trees are all dying, saluting your passing: If you're new to this type of …[View]
74614712Everything Everything - A Fever Dream: The album has just been released. Thoughts?[View]
74613828Is folk-hop a genre? If so can someone rec me some?[View]
74614491This is just what I was waiting for. I'm so happy. I never really liked fjm. But this is the al…[View]
74615319This album is goat metalcore[View]
74613106Is it ever possible to convert someone out of the 'electronic music/sampling is fake music' mindset?…[View]
74614977>Every time when I look in the mirror All these lines on my face getting clearer >The past is…[View]
74615659I feel guilty...[View]
74614881What are /mu/'s thoughts on the Youtube diss track trend? Is this the beginning of the end for …[View]
74614610Huh, turns out whit indie can still be good in 2017. Who knew?[View]
74615630I hold every g sign i no upside down nigga wut[View]
74615629Hi anons anyone know the tabs of this cover https://soundcloud.com/jackieoates/girl-from-the-north-…[View]
74614556Thoughts on Camila Cabello's body of work?[View]
74613377post your least favorite genre, other anons try to prove you wrong >indie folk…[View]
74615182help me finish this fuckin chart boys, oldfags only[View]
74611578Any good music to study to? Preferably before the 2000s if possible. Also study thread I guess.[View]
74615085You guys said this was supposed to be their best. This is on-par with White Pepper. You lied to me.[View]
74612563What would you recommend to someone who has never listened to classical music?[View]
74614207This album is a 2/10 anyone who likes it are brainlets[View]
74615173Who are some other guys who play in a pop band but also make 'underground' shit?[View]
74611672Post your fav album and your significant others fav album, other people guess something about the re…[View]
74613022what does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
74614701Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it[View]
74611644bands better than Brand New: in this thread we'll post pictures of bands that are better than B…[View]
74613109>Run the Jewels by Run the Jewels on the album Run the Jewels[View]
74609717Your 0.5 star albums in RYM Post them[View]
74612543itt: underrated albums i'll >pic related[View]
74615056revolutionary songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJiL5siOqqw[View]
74615007I like Honeycut do I have shit music taste?[View]
74615037Can anyone ID this music genre for me?: https://youtu.be/nnhVrTJiRR4 Where do I find more instrument…[View]
746149612017's New Gay Bullying Anthem: Who knew Def Jam Recordings was doing anti-gay bullying collabo…[View]
74614096KPOP GENERAL: protect edition[View]
74613708Jedi Mind Tricks: Holy fuck I can't believe I forgot how amazing this album was. Gr8! My favori…[View]
74607374ITT: The greatest album from the year you were born[View]
74614885>tfw no qt gay twee gf[View]
74598224What's the saddest song you know of? For me its hurt by Johnny cash.[View]
74614636Underrated or what?[View]
74613273The Lonesome Crowded West: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE0FGqkq8AU The first time I listened to …[View]
74614575Post some sexy albums[View]
74614822Why is this song so fucking good?: And are there any others like it that ARENT by Beach House? http…[View]
74612930leak w h e n[View]
74614597What to listen to when coming off cocaine and still breathing funny after 5 days?[View]
74614688Wow! These threads are really interesting and not self absorbed at all! I'm sure there's s…[View]
74581225/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtRjfYZjOL0[View]
74613243NIGGAS LEAVE TRAP THREADS AND GET IN HERE: someone knows the full lyrics of this song? https://www.y…[View]
74614531where do you get your music from?[View]
74614137IIT: I Love You,Honeybear is better than Pure Comedy: What do you guys think?[View]
74614482>so, anon, what kind of music do you listen to?[View]
74570605how's your band going /mu/?[View]
74614393physical thread: show everyone what you wasted your precious monies on[View]
74614341What VSTs should I use to accurately make Gameboy music?[View]
74613549do we respect lil peep now ?[View]
74614289Essential Synthwave: Help me out, please.[View]
74614022Eminem keeps doing this weird anal screeching thing and unpredictable flows. The song 'Best Friend' …[View]
74592703/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Suggested Pract…[View]
74613680Has this leaked or what?[View]
74605215im genuinely and sincerely curious as to the appeal to grimes? ive tried listening and i want to see…[View]
74600021ITT: poorly describe an artist's discography album by album and other's guess who it is. s…[View]
74614084Cause if you were a girl *wooooahhhhhhhhh* Nothing would seem to matter[View]
74612718KPOP GENERAL[View]
74611341/bleep/: just post some good honest techno and house lads none of yer jungle shite none of that drum…[View]
74614028What does /mu/ hate Pop so much?[View]
74613983Turn up (Till You Can't) is SOTY 2K17 THANK YOU BASEDGOD![View]
74612968What's their secret?[View]
74612859>liking a song for it's 'message' >liking music for it's lyrics >liking a song be…[View]
74613748it's good[View]
74612750Please tell me that I'm not the only person on this board: who gets really annoyed when some pe…[View]
74613850This album sounds really good at 2x speed.[View]
74596007/ambient/ - Ambient General: Previous archived threads: https://rbt.asia/mu/thread/74530844/ https:/…[View]
74613835Why are you listening to some pop trash when you could be listening to Carlo Gesualdo?[View]
74613460What's his favorite album?[View]
74613187ITT: Bands whose best song is significantly better than everything else they ever made https://www.y…[View]
74611767I need the absolute trippiest psych you've got from the 60s and 70s Huge fan of this album in p…[View]
74612251When did you grow up and realise Blur and Oasis are both great and that the whole 'rivalry' was at i…[View]
74611116What does /mu/ think of Yuki Saito?[View]
74610828Trip music: Can you recommend me some albums or songs, to play on my first acid trip?[View]
74613644Huh. I always just thought it was just some shitty meme album, but it's actually really good. W…[View]
74611226ITT: Bandcamp-core artist names like Elvis Depressedly I'll start: Captain Griefheart and The T…[View]
74612932her green plastic watering can[View]
74613684>Email a link to my free download to:[View]
74613669Holy shit, this is actually good.[View]
74612148music to sleep to?[View]
74612782Is this Katy Goodman's phone number?[View]
74613372Albums that are named after the number of songs on it[View]
74613566What music puts you in a Romatic mood?[View]
74613040Just picked up Tom Waits's discography: What album is the best to start with?[View]
74611117Anyone know where I can download Queen's discography at 320? I couldn't find anything in t…[View]
74606257are non-english speakers officially musical plebs because they cannot recognize and understand lyri…[View]
74613432we wuz kangs? let's find out![View]
74613400Does he still do his album review show on SiriusXM?[View]
74611414Kendrick > Kanye[View]
74612104The Best: Are these albums the best hip hop has to offer?[View]
74613221does /mu/ enjoy gregorian chants? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWdSi0Xw4u0[View]
74613283FOQUE AH TURBLE[View]
74612659>The ego, more precisely, its incarnation in various lifestyles has become an id&eacuatae; fi…[View]
74613132we had a pretty good doo wop thread yesterday[View]
74613057new alvvays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXZx19uN4MQ[View]
74612481What does he listen to?[View]
74611064Is Empire of Sand any good?[View]
74612392talk to other mutants on omegle and post results. put 'music' or 'mu' in the sea…[View]
74613078>spend the whole day calling people shit taste on /mu/ while listen to soundcloud garbage…[View]
74611206ITT: when RYM got it wrong[View]
74613048New A$AP Ferg: Will he be /ourguy/ again? Traplord was literally a 9/10 and the follow up was a 2/10…[View]
74613012Yanni or Vangelis: Who is the better Greek New Age musician?[View]
74612623Yanni: Why haven't you accepted Yanni as your Lord and Savior yet ? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
74607584recent purchases: what did you waste money on today?[View]
74610926>band has 4 guitarists >6 bassists >3 drummers >2 custom percussionists >2 turntablis…[View]
74609800>tfw born right in time for the great hip hop reinassance[View]
74605606Princess nokia: Why is it with females these days that they get immense praise for doing shitty musi…[View]
74608850RYM recommended genres rate, rec, etc[View]
74612836any more like this?[View]
74611374any /sadboys/ in here?[View]
74612368Top five 60s albums. No rock.[View]
74612239where would it place on your AOTY list as of today?[View]
74609317fapping music: What music do you put on when you masturbate? I usually go for doom metal, or stuff l…[View]
74612706lightning bolt is my favorite DnB band[View]
74611589KPOP GENERAL[View]
74608070Is /mu/ the most autistic media board?[View]
74612173ITT: Albums you listen to when you don't want to exist anymore.[View]
74612591Ok moo I'm going to move to Lisbon for work, suggest me local groups. Very few international st…[View]
74612552Fuck the world right now... Long dick style: https://soundcloud.com/saltmac/snuff-said-alt-mac-prod-…[View]
74601944hey bubs, post your stuff. I'm at work, imaging about 400 computers, so I will be using the tim…[View]
74611609rank them, /mu/[View]
74611978What is essential listening for Elvis? How does /mu/ feel about Elvis?[View]
74610575http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/7905175/spotify-removes-hate-band-music-streaming Let…[View]
74612086Indie is dea-: Wild Nothing Frankie Cosmos Alex G Julien Baker Mild High Club Homeshake Jerry Paper…[View]
74612400wtf nobody told me this was 10/10[View]
74611706What do you interpret from this album? I get a bunch messages advocating socialism and some themes a…[View]
74611990THE LEADER[View]
74605164/br/ general: Brazil general This one's captured my attention lately...lesser known Milton Nasi…[View]
74610871Thoughts on my boy Trippie Redd? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUNYcwDkBPc[View]
74611579How can grimey even compete?[View]
74611326Can someone explain the appeal of this band to me?: Obviously pic related is a great album, and I li…[View]
74610120ITT albums where the penultimate track is objectively the best[View]
74611596Man, it feels good to exclusively listen to what I personally consider the greatest popular music ar…[View]
74612096Gramatik: Anyone here into Gramatik? https://youtu.be/RHyFFHa3eIk?list=PLykXJ5Ow9j3ALn-DmyfWD_rjIq6…[View]
74611900What makes Kendrick Lamar a good musician? He doesn't write his own lyrics. He doesn't pro…[View]
74612016Artists you enjoy, but would never wanna see in concert.[View]
74609861What kinda mental training does one do to listen to death metal on the regular? Does it hurt?[View]
74611795Post true pleb filters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6j4f8cHBIM[View]
74611843Why are they so underrated?[View]
74606092Good alternatives to IPod classic?: My IPod 160GB broke and now I need a new MP3 player, any suggest…[View]
74611121ITT: /mu/ in 900[View]
74605655help me find a better black metal album[View]
74611726Make me dance. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4JkIs37a2JE[View]
74606742Pink Floyd[View]
74611777I still miss left-eye. Yes I'm totally a straight white boy but god damn were TLC the best.[View]
74610492Brand New - Science Fiction: New Brand New album has leaked.[View]
74611743ITT: albums that make you PUMPED[View]
74611529I hate my fucking life: What's your favorite Pod song? Awesome Sound for me[View]
74610698>You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit …[View]
74611080>I'm living the future so the presence is my past. >My presence is a present kiss my ass …[View]
74610884>listening to anything besides classical music and jazz[View]
74611629Anybody else hyped for the recently announced KMD album, Crack in Time? As long as some original Sub…[View]
74611344Music about self loathing: Or general angst.[View]
74611590This is the only good My Chemical Romance album. Three Cheers would be great as an EP, but Bullets i…[View]
74610651KPOP GENERAL[View]
7460895060s Who > 70s Who[View]
74611542wtf I love Spanish music now[View]
74611498Is it just me, or does this youtube video have exceptional sound quality? https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
74611319King Gizzard is streaming their's new album on Facebook right now[View]
74610060I'm kinda sad: I'm feeling kind of down right now, and I want to listen to some music to t…[View]
74611346i need power pop albums with lyrics about cute boys and stuff[View]
74588690post albums only you know[View]
74610783>Name of the song is a question[View]
74611132>that one album you regret sleeping on for so long What was it, /mu/? For me, it's this. I r…[View]
74594042ITT: Pictures of music history[View]
74611071This was the last thing of worth produced by Brian Wilson and you know it.[View]
74609518FINALLY: .[View]
74610182what is some music for pain?[View]
74610630Post-2009 Burzum: /pol/ memes aside, is post-prison Burzum worth listening to? Is it as Patrician as…[View]
74609593Turns out whit people can still make amazing music, who knew?[View]
74611009https://soundcloud.com/wondeezy/sets/wonderboy please listen to it and give me some feedback[View]
74610242which was more influential?[View]
74610333guys im high and im trippin balls with Karma by Pharao sanders. what are you listening to?[View]
74610265Can someone please explain this to me? Why do rock keyboardist do this?[View]
74609051If your entire music collection is available to stream on Spotify, please go back to /r/indie and /r…[View]
74605801Best turntablism albums?[View]
74605537https://open.spotify.com/album/5Rci9BnnP9nz7oInSOpQiZ Weezer's new single /discuss[View]
74608959Guess the Artist/Band: ITT: Describe an artist/band's influences or who they sound like with 3 …[View]
74609756ITT: /mu/ in 1850[View]
74610415Can you imagine a /mu/ so glorious that /rock/ was contained in a general like /bleep/ for all of it…[View]
74610723Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
74606537Does good metalcore or deathcore exist?: I'm a metalhead that cannot stand metalcore and deathc…[View]
74609362KPOP GENERAL: sistar edition[View]
74610544When making an album, would you put your best single song at the beginning , the middle or the end?[View]
74610572ITT: Albums you've jerked it to.: Pic very related.[View]
74608509Revisiting Soundgarden.: Holy fuck they're pretty good. I haven't actually sat down and li…[View]
74605394Albums that Didn't Last: ITT: Post albums that you liked when the first came out but have lost …[View]
74607257Im brazy for you, girl[View]
74609316Post your highest ranked albums from your state on sonemic[View]
74608917this is my friend's band. can you guys give me your opinion on them? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
74609669why does pic related have such a maternal feel to her music? does she want children?[View]
74609067So is it as good as the last one?[View]
74607049M-music to impress a black girl? She said specifically she can't stand Beyonce.[View]
74609702What does /mu/ think of Rammstein? You may not recognize it at first, but Till Lindemann is a poet.[View]
74610440heavy psych: The album cover looks like shit, but this album is extremely well mastered, a very thic…[View]
74608453Who is /mu/ incarnate?: Maybe him?[View]
74610360Metalcore thread No judgment please, I am a simple man, I like shouting, breakdowns and that one dru…[View]
74610207How's my 'musical collection', /mu/?[View]
74610151Am I the only one: who thinks that Hans Zimmer's score for Dunkirk resembles B side of pic rela…[View]
74609562What's their worst review? Are they better or worse than Pitchfork?[View]
74608258Was Varg justified?[View]
74610287Post those songs that make you feel like you're wandering the wasteland /mu/therfuckers[View]
74609099>rock >hip hop >pop is that all you kids listen to?…[View]
74556071/prod/ Production General: Welcome to /prod/, a place to discuss music production, sound design, eng…[View]
74609118What's the deal with those related artists?[View]
74607214All these albums are great. Why does /mu/ have such great taste?[View]
74608993name a more comfy album >waiting[View]
74603474>ITT: We post our top 5 genres others rate >Rock >Jangle Pop >Folk >Country >New W…[View]
74608694ITT - Last thing you ate, last album you listened to, what you thought of it Meatloaf sandwich The B…[View]
74608991This album literally have 2 good songs and many of you claim this as AOTY. It's not even top 5 …[View]
74609938what's some good Hawaiian music[View]
74608091ITT: Songs/Albums about the suffering of african-americans[View]
74610074hmmmmm I miss ... evermid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF4MkVkm-oI[View]
74609745Where do I start with world music?[View]
74608588Why do chicks hate Rush? The have best bassist to ever pick up the instrument, the best drummer to e…[View]
74607069It's a 6.[View]
74609975ITT: God tier V/A albums[View]
74598400ITT:: Post an album and its best track >To The Blade[View]
74603652Still Ill [Hatful] > Still Ill [s/t][View]
74606169ITT: Your favorite RHCP lyrics[View]
746046614x4 last 7 days thread: rate, rec, guess favorite beverages, etc. you know the drill >tapmusic.ne…[View]
74609467What is /mu/'s thoughts on Laura Marano? I'm looking forward to her debut album next month…[View]
74609760They did it again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBqFoyXXs3E[View]
74606718How would /mu/ have rated it? I've seen many people consider Government Plates the best Death G…[View]
74607444Will there ever be another power metal album that comes close to this?[View]
74608085I'm looking for an old electronic song, a bit like Popcorn. It had a similar atmosphere. https:…[View]
74594708Bandcamp thread: don't post your shit and leave edition Post your bandcamp page, leave comments…[View]
74606925I have a melody stuck in my head and i cant figure out the song pls help[View]
74609200What's your favorite Skrewdriver album /mu/?[View]
74609275Does anyone else on /mu/ have a separate playlist with basic songs for others so you don't get …[View]
74608534>he uses wikipedia to learn about bands and music: Tbh I used allmusic about 10 years ago before …[View]
74609402Your favorite album to listen to in the shower: Post your favorite album to listen to while showerin…[View]
74608584Do we have any NOFX fans on this board? Rank albums, favorite songs, etc. Nofx thread for once.[View]
74609103flow chart thread: will these ever make coherent sense?[View]
74608341KPOP GENERAL[View]
74609245>WESTERN STANDAAAAAARDDDS What did she mean by this?[View]
74608808This is my current most underrated release this year from the world of rock and metal. It's dam…[View]
74607293>Imagine the bang--not just fucking (which is about as severe a sensation as most people get), bu…[View]
746088659 - 20 - 3 - 12 - 9 - 13 - 2 - 19[View]
74607813What's the point of listening to French chanson if you don't understand french? The music …[View]
74605459>be me >metal fan >annoyed at people on /mu/ saying all metal fans are plebs and metal suck…[View]
74605452ITT: your favourite picture of a musician[View]
74609001This is a good album. Stop being a snobbish elitist and admit it.[View]
74599093ITT: Post >the year you first started coming to mu >the first album you listened to because of…[View]
74608170If you could bring one artist back to life , who would it be, and why is it 3pac[View]
74608859Is this the peak of Disneycore?[View]
74607314There is nothing done on Death Grips - The Powers that B that wasn't done here[View]
74603392Sci-fi core: What else should go in the chart?[View]
74608880New King Krule Album? What does mu think?[View]
74607946This is legitimately my favorite album of all time. Roast me, /mu/[View]
74608796> tfw it's 2017 and /mu/ is still talking about grimes and not Poppy…[View]
74578951ITT: The 'I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST' of an album: Starting with an obvious one >XBOX IS A GOD TO ME…[View]
74608173please: fix my absolute garbage music taste pic related is the last 5 albums i loved, help![View]
74607971When will Apes Ma learn that his cage is TOO FUCKING SMALL for him to be doing that shit anymore?[View]
74608452why do musicans hate this record? Just started college and talked to a bunch of musicians yesterday…[View]
74606471what does /mu/ think of Beck?[View]
74594993/metal/: /metal/ general: Death/Doom edition old thread: >>74587896[View]
74606444Trap: Am i the only one here that likes this kinda stuff? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw8tktgQwN…[View]
74608639Recent pickups: post that shit lads[View]
74606787What are the best earphones one can get? I already have headphones for home but I need earphones for…[View]
74608607post music that makes you feel like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JOmRWnBTg8[View]
74608596>music will never top this what now?[View]
74604916Is there a genre more autustic than ambient music?[View]
74607809you know that music is going to shit when an AOTY is from a 50 year old genre[View]
74604138>listening to classic 'flawless 10/10' Beatles album >sitar starts…[View]
74607846is the music industry a scam[View]
74599592Praise Lil Peep[View]
74607796if you havent listened to this album on acid then why[View]
74605589Ive really only ever listened to music that my friends and family have liked and shown me. Ive liste…[View]
74608473is this site a legit place to get tickets?[View]
74608145Every jazz piece >band plays main melody >each player does a solo >return to main melody …[View]
74604098More like this?[View]
74606789Is it gonna suck /mu/?[View]
74607081KPOP GENERAL[View]
74606414>song references another song/album by the same band[View]
74608073Justin Guitar xD[View]
74604616Anti Soundcloud Thread: Seriously guys what are we going to do about all this boring trash music bei…[View]
74607406ITT: Musical Moments That Make You Cum: *mumbles something in German* *door opens* *massive wave of …[View]
74606345Prove that jazz musicians actually improvise on their albums: Couldn't do it, could you? This i…[View]
74606841ITT: Artwork-core: What albums have the most iconic artwork?[View]
74607730music is shitty[View]
74606638tfw this is the best kendrick album: reddit will say some shit like gkmc or tpab[View]
74607076Any of you fucks at the Death Grips gig tonight?[View]
74605716ITT:Post your favorite song of all time...: And anons guess shits about you Me first https://www.you…[View]
74606351'Entry-Level/Hipster Garbage': 'Entry-Level/Hipster Garbage' I see this accusation thrown around, so…[View]
74607921Various Artists: ITT: Post your favourite compilation albums[View]
74607804GZA has the second largest vocabulary in Hip Hop. Yet I barely see him actually use unique words.[View]
74607578whats some good instrumental music to read to? no lofi chill beats live stream garbage[View]
74607788Hi all, Is there a breakup album where the mood is more of : >sigh, well this sucks more so than…[View]
74607242Did we ever find out what their kink was?[View]
74607660What went wrong?[View]
74607384Is there a program where you can start listening to an album, pause whenever, start listening to ano…[View]
74605824Usk mi unytheng ubout thi masec en 2077: E'm u temi truvillir[View]
74606562Biggie Cheese[View]
74607346ITT: good shoegaze: ITT: good shoegaze i need more (i already know love loveless ok)[View]
74606635this changed my life. I highly rec this to anyone on shrooms[View]
74605424When I was younger I dissected Weird Al lyrics so I could be funny too: Just discovered an old text …[View]
74606612How much shit am I going to get for this?[View]
74607428What are some albums like this with a lot of effects pedals?[View]
74607418Rec me some stuff that has bass tone as delicious as Unwound's[View]
74604788Unpopular opinions: from 1995 to 2016 was the greatest David Bowie era. Proof >The Loneliest Guy …[View]
74606981They can't stop me, even if they stopped me.[View]
74605396Spotify To Remove “Hate Music” In Collaboration With Southern Poverty Law Center: Amid the ongoing f…[View]
74607260I'm wasting me and my time: I have a serious lack of musical culture, even if I like other genr…[View]
74606974>listen to an album with low expectations thinking it's going to be shit >it's actua…[View]
74607183It's her best and that's non-negotiable[View]
74607138INB4 >Fantano gives it a 6 or lower >someone posts a screencaps with '/mu/ BTFO' >the hype …[View]
74606500>2017 >taking rym seriously roflmao[View]
74605974Claim your ebony music waifu. Dibs on Mya; I love her voice and petite figure.[View]
74604397>listen to an album with high expectations thinking it's going to be good >it's abso…[View]
74605465KPOP GENERAL[View]
74603163Is it bad that I think this is the best Radiohead album?[View]
74606993Britney Spears General #2: BRITNEY SPEARS https://www.britneyspears.com/ https://twitter.com/britney…[View]
74606202what's his best work?[View]
74605597Why do numale cuckbois listen to Grizzly Bear so much?[View]
74606855Why do you hate Striborg?[View]
74605303Post the best moment in an album >MURDERER >MURDER OF CALM…[View]
74606807Gym essentials: Anyone got a nice playlist on mega or something?[View]
74605080Explr.fm: http://explr.fm/ ITT we rec each other things from countries we haven't been exposed …[View]
74606821emoe: This is actually a pretty good album. A bit whiney, but there's just something about it…[View]
74606304You can only pick one....[View]
74603349It's just chopped and screwed for white people.[View]
74606392Looking for electronic based downtempo / chillout / trip hop like this. Suggestions?[View]
74605690>tfw you have headphones on, and are obviously trying to listen to music, and people keep trying …[View]
74606759/Metal/ - General: Im only two songs in this album (pic related) and I already love it. What do you …[View]
74606468BROCKHAMPTON SATURATION II HYPE THREAD: Favorite release so far is definitely Swamp. Matt Champion …[View]
74606251Best driving albums: Post only the greatest albums for all types of vehicular travel. I'll star…[View]
74606566>Kay, dis' ones fo Gabby[View]
74606666What will Radiohead do for Pablo Honey's 25th anniversary? Will they pretend it doesn't ex…[View]
74604967So this is the GOAT pop punk album, right?[View]
74606527Rivers is such a fucking weeb[View]
74606614obscure/rare/underrated shoegaze: let's show each other under rated shoegaze, or shoegaze we pr…[View]
74605298Wow. First time listen. Superb[View]
74606137>current month >realize AOTY came out in January s m h t b h f a m…[View]
74606561Have I found the worst song ever?[View]
74603807is it bad that every jazz song i hear sounds the exact same[View]
74606505>Covering trance/techno melodies as an indie rock artist Is this permitted?…[View]
74606154Thoughts on this album?[View]
74606383>there are people who unironically think Joy Division ia good on a technical level…[View]
74601649Is this elaborate b8 or is electronic music really more varied and expansive than guitar music?[View]
74605921WASSUP JOJO?[View]
74606164Small town Canadian music: Okay so this goon has never heard of 4chan and wants me to post him a lit…[View]
74606073Holy Shit: This is actually really good.[View]
74602727>spend years listening to music, developing my taste by listening to various genres and artists …[View]
74603976>2017 >Still listens to rock music Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but it…[View]
74606085https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFZjqVnWBhc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVVfZAZdIUs Why are Daft…[View]
74606046Maggie Mae: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmMkV-cc5cs&ab_channel=tobyluvva Does anyone know th…[View]
74604482Was 2009 the golden age of /mu/?[View]
74605971How is this quite literally anything other than the greatest year for music ever?[View]
74604902What's the point of practicing and getting good at guitar when you could spend your time buying…[View]
74605870ITT: Albums where every song sounds like the last one[View]
74604914ITT: Good songs by shit artists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwYX52BP2Sk Pink Floyd - Time https…[View]
74605066Sup /mu/ I have been trying to remember the name of an electronic artist all morning and can't.…[View]
74604594is it bad that every metal song i hear sounds the exact same[View]
74605333Is there a genre more shittier than IDM?[View]
74603173Why is this particular album THE /mu/core album above all others? Not that I dislike it, just why th…[View]
74605398Dungeon Synth: Who was able to snag the tape of this? Apparently it sold out in 20 minutes. Got my c…[View]
74605467Why does the singer of this band sound like he has a learning disability?[View]
74605579Who else doesn't really have a favorite song but picked one kind of arbitrarily and kept it as …[View]
74605240Has this leaked? does anyone have a link to download it? (a torrent or reasonable speed download if…[View]
74605621I'm just gonna drop this here: https://youtu.be/ZjMSgSTSIog[View]
74603513holy fuck[View]
74605441I've got 3 terabytes of 60's pre-ambient 800 gigs of live recordings of this local band ca…[View]
74605514What are some tasty albums, like pic related? Especially with instruments.[View]
74591557You wanna know how i know you are mentally cucked, /mu/? You let a person who doesn't even play…[View]
74605264I need some more over the top progressive stuff! The weirder the rhythms the better. Math rock is al…[View]
74605324Anyone know what the electronic music scene in Leeds, UK is like?[View]
74605059>tfw unironically listen to Kenny G[View]
74604501Thoughts on this album?[View]
74602709>I can dig the Ramones and the Birthday Party and the Stooges and SPK and Minor Threat and Whiteh…[View]
74603932kpop general[View]
74604880When is mumble rap going to fucking die? I literally can't go anywhere in public without hearin…[View]
74603388>Only 2 members of the Doors are still alive[View]
74605185The great big Icelandic music thread: ITT i'd like to share some well known songs in Iceland. I…[View]
74603273THE STROKES: what are /mu/'s thoughts on them?[View]
74604669itt we post juvenile music pic related: omgg so sad and depressing.. SO DARK.. gloomy.. im so depres…[View]
74604374holy shit[View]
74605307Can someone link me to a rip of the white cassette that came with the deluxe edition of OKNOTOK? I c…[View]
74603922Alvvays: Only 3 singles out so far but AOTY[View]
74602730Psychocandy: Why is this album so underrated? Nobody talks about this gem which was arguably respon…[View]
74603288Name one English-speaking pop artist/band that has never used the word 'baby'. Hard mode: 'pop' as i…[View]
74604350Is Lil Peep the Kurt Cobain of our generation?[View]
74605184moo: Generals killed discussion outside of them for anything but overrated overhyped p4k/fantano Fot…[View]
74604307Who is the Tom Brady of music[View]
74601147ITT: We post images and others recommend music based on those images[View]
74605197More stuff like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_LX-m74uw[View]
74605196Buckethead shreds: Does anybody know of some of BH's lesser known shreds within his pikes? Mor…[View]
74605171HOW TO FUCK DO YOU NOT BE SHY?: How the fuck can I get over myself and just jam on stage? MC Ride, F…[View]
74604795Ambient/atmospheric/dark ambient/drone songs prominently featuring acoustic guitar and other acousti…[View]
74603421https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9sRyBMjtjo Thoughts? (pic unrelated)[View]
74600150FUCK: I just remembered that Lou Reed is dead[View]
74605021Depressed / lonely music?: /mu/ can you give me some depressed / lonely music like this one ? ---…[View]
74604440ITT:Songs that ambushed you: >16:10 of Plague of Lighthouse Keepers Pants were shat.…[View]
74600304Does /mu/ like Bjork?[View]
74602450Does math rock is the popular genre in Japan? Most of the Math Rock music I got came from them, Exc…[View]
74602622Where is a good place to start in Bones' discography? Considering he's released so much, i…[View]
74604904Does /mu/ like Wayne King?[View]
74604316So we're not getting a new Neutral Milk Hotel album and Jeff tricked us to sell his artwork?[View]
74601924Rank them objectively.[View]
74604777>enjoy an album >it's literally 10/10 for me >can't tell people I enjoy it becaus…[View]
74604427kys tunes: post music I can contemplate suicide to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI8Vjm6VVcg…[View]
74603858Is there such a thing as prune rap? I mean rap music that samples prune rock, is structurally simila…[View]
74599749post your SOTYSF[View]
74603112What does /mu think of Annie and Claire? Would you like a collab between them?[View]
74604772>style: string >genre: rock >sub-genre: punk rock >sub-sub-genre: hardcore punk rock …[View]
74603939>watching a documentary about [x] musician >someone claims [x] musician invented [y] genre…[View]
74601464This album is v v v good anything else like it, that is not Husker Du or Bob Mould solo work?[View]
74604176Stuff similar to Everything's Beautiful by Robert Glasper? Really dug this project and looking …[View]
74604713post exquisite DJ screw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YSkR_fB6jE&list=FLvZF6vXG8sUutyCraNL49T…[View]
74604683Any music editors out there?: I know it's a long shot, but I'm trying to get the vocals re…[View]
74600130https://www.instagram.com/p/BX4W_dzFCJD/ What did he mean by this?[View]
74597821According to Scaruffi this is the greatest hip hop album of all time: >It Takes a Nation of Milli…[View]
74562515Sharethread: INFO -Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover a…[View]
74604597is he /mu/core now ?[View]
74601358Whats so good about this album?: I just don't get it[View]
74602742ITT: Post your last 5 rates and shit talk Including, but not limited to, recommending others some go…[View]
74603440Holy shit, this is amazing! I think I found it on some thread around here months ago, finally had a …[View]
74604578what does /mu/ think about bjorks early days like KUKL and the sugarcubes?[View]
74604567So ive got a problem. I cant remember the artist or song name of a hip-hop performer who lathes his …[View]
74601724What songs/bands will help me in pretending that Kurt Cobain never died ?[View]
74600141What was that one band that was made up of all transwomen?[View]
74604037WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU[View]
74604514Fuck A Beat I Was Tryna Beat A Case!~~[View]
74604051Name a more edgy fuckhead. >Pro tip: You cant...[View]
74604446How would you describe his production style?[View]
74602279Breakup/Love songs All genres[View]
74603636cause the players gonna play play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate[View]
74603816LITERALLY WHO???????: Why did the music industry sperg when this man died? Literally who the fuck wa…[View]
74604249Album of a masterpiece. The decade.[View]
74604244baby boomers were clearly trolling us with their disco sucks thing[View]
74603254one of your favorite albums and your age: 19[View]
74604185>listen to a new album in the background >it's a solid 3.5/5 >actually listen to a new…[View]
74602756Will indie ever top this?[View]
74603623Which one will be prog pop AOTY?[View]
74600536/our girl/ thread[View]
74603584What's the best degen-tier music? https://youtu.be/GNb4FBawH_U[View]
74602869I'm seeing these guys live in Copenhagen next month. What am I in for? They're my favorit…[View]
74603582You now remember 'it.'[View]
74603704In Bloom: So, what, he doesn't like that gun owners listen to his music? He's upset that n…[View]
74603402Why do you think Kevin Abstract hasn't blown up hugely? Seems to have a sound that would really…[View]
74602946This guy deserves to become a meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFy-VAZcmQo Bold For Jesus…[View]
74602847kpop general: dead edition[View]
74603836Headset recommendation thread: I'm looking for some wireless earbuds with the following propert…[View]
74602244How to get the most out of Spotify?: I've used spotify before but commited to a long premium fo…[View]
74603317I cannot find music in this world that sounds like this album.: only this album. my days will be sad…[View]
74602685What some more drum machine punk like Big Black?[View]
74603364You have FIVE seconds to explain why you're listening to some pleb shit and not Carlo Gesualdo.[View]
74603018Anyone know where I can get a guitar like this? Friend said it was Japanese or something but that…[View]
74603207is this dickhead going to be the next grimes on this board[View]
74602044>tfw rock music's fate is in my hands and if I don't create something as game changing …[View]
74601506Is this album when QOTSA became patrician or pleb?[View]
74603506Aylamaos and Airwaves: Genuine thoughts on Tom DeLonge? I think his peak was 2003/2004. https://yout…[View]
74603408You Laugh You Lose: /mu/ edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xui06jwWaAM[View]
74601869It doesn't get better than this[View]
74598836I fucking hate imagine dragons[View]
74601152Post your parents favorite band we rate their taste >Dad: ACDC >Mom: INXS…[View]
74602850Just dropped my first song on SoundCloud: Was wanting to hear some opinions, constructive criticism,…[View]
74602089Hey /mu/, how do I get into punk? I don't even know where to get started.[View]
74603159I have an idea. Post an album from your library you're tired of hearing and others tell you wha…[View]
74603147Post a statement you'd like to get veri- oder falsified. I'll start: 'Empire Ants' seems t…[View]
74602941Reminder that this is jewish propaganda[View]
74603070Does yatch rap exist? I am talking about hip hop music with smooth yatch rock oriented samples and l…[View]
74602585SoundCloud trap: https://soundcloud.com/yunggreygang/thesethottie-prod-tetra[View]
74601682Do we want him to die ironically or unironically?[View]
74601324Whats the status on outkast? will they ever release more? or have they officially ended things[View]
74600812Please tell I'm not the only person on this board: that gets really annoyed when some people th…[View]
74603065delete all your music and post results[View]
74603055Goofy wacky alien computer concept album[View]
74597841ITT: We post our music players and others rate[View]
74603038Post some really upbeat, gay-feeling songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CiOWcUVGJM[View]
74602692Albums you only like while high?[View]
74601393>no good albums have been released this year[View]
74602443Opinions on Will Holland? >William Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Wo…[View]
74600430what music can i turn on in say a starbucks or a barnes and noble that will make girls think im inte…[View]
74602801Why is no one talking about this?[View]
74602132>I keep it 300 like the Romans[View]
74602332Okay be honest. Who read this? What were the highlights?[View]
74602310trap meme rap: yo check out this new wave trap shit. fuckin lit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wH…[View]
74602776What do you think of the album Come Over When You're Sober by the musician Lil Peep?[View]
74598811Band names that turn you off: >Neutral Milk Hotel >My Bloody Valentine…[View]
74602238NENA: Thoughts on this one?[View]
74601852Give me some good fashwave, /mu/[View]
74597034What's your honest opinion of this guy?[View]
74596764Post good punk: I don't know shit about punk. Post/discuss good punk.[View]
74601668How many children was did he earn with Thriller?[View]
74596123https://youtube.com/watch?v=wX_YMxL9jaI Is this the greatest rap performance of all time?[View]
74600289>A band member besides the front man sings lead vocals for a song: Is there a worse hell than thi…[View]
74583053What's the best music to have sex to?[View]
74599730Like I needed any other reasons to reinforce my conclusion that these types of artists are all hacks…[View]
74602480for real. is this the best music video created?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wHHZ4BGxSg[View]
74601535>he doesn't own a DAMN. record signed by Kendrick Lamar a.k.a the greatest rapper of all tim…[View]
74602418Right now, right now... Right, now... IT IS TIME TO KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHER FUUUUUUCKER[View]
74592114>Aesop Rock >ASAP Rocky[View]
74602436>Slow to bleed, fair son What did he mean by this?[View]
74602225Alright my dudes so I'm looking for a song that I can't remember the name of; it's fr…[View]
74601366Funny tour stories thread[View]
74601012What >$100 music players and earbuds do you guys recommend?[View]
74591923/IDM/ Thread: Post your favorite IDM albums, post charts, give recs, etc.[View]
74602184You snap out of your coked-up bender for a minute and look around and realize where you are. You…[View]
74602185Got any album/song that talks about paranormal/spoopy/weird shit? Pic is an example[View]
74602205Is that an average Lana Del Rey fan?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF32bYdZny8[View]
74595735ITT: Things you did in the past that make you cringe: >have a family christmas party (only immedi…[View]
74594418last.fm 3x3 4x4 5x5 last 7 days collage thread |tapmusic.net|: drain gang edition[View]
74601241If you had to make a new genre, what would it be?[View]
74598942I Want to learn how to play piano, specifically jazz piano. Where Should I start? I have a 61-key di…[View]
74591696ITT: /mu/ in 1987[View]
74601209kpop general[View]
74589376sharetime. post/rate/share/support[View]
74600295/phg/ - Post-Hardcore General: Extreme disappointment addition.[View]
74599538Nine Inch Nails All Star cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DzFyysERhc[View]
74598030Who's the better rapper/vocalist? Who's the better lyricist? Who's the edgiest?[View]
74599966Jap music thread? Recently found out about Bloodthirsty Butchers Looking for similar stuff. https://…[View]
74597232ITT: Lyrics that hit the feels: >WHERE WILL IT ENNNNNNNNNNNNND?[View]
74601736what's your favorite music video, /mu/?[View]
74596780I just listened to this album, and really enjoyed it. What does /mu/ think of this album ? Also, why…[View]
74601839Why the fuck isn't this /mu/core?[View]
74601020Who's better, Sza or Kendrick?[View]
74600039When I was younger I dissected Weird Al lyrics so I could be funny too: Just discovered an old text …[View]
74601815Jessica Hart - In the Dark (REGON Remix) [Latest and TOPEDM track of 2017 august]: https://www.youtu…[View]
74600753ITT: your least favorite album by your favorite artist and why >too tonally inconsistent, never m…[View]
74599818What were they thinking with this cover art?[View]
74601659ITT: those songs when you hear the opening you feel >Took a boat Sunday lads…[View]
74600589ITT: most overrated band/artist of all time I'll start[View]
74601451I'm completely new to the genre, got anything similar to this? I fucking loved it[View]
74601259ITT: post your most underrated band/artist I'll start The Amazons Their album is fucking amazin…[View]
74601109I'm trying to find a particular song. I heard it at the gym earlier. The only bit I remember is…[View]
74601576Danse Manatee: Is Their Best[View]
74596219/vinyl/: Recent picks[View]
74600019What's the electronic equivalent of shoegaze?[View]
74600737ITT: we post great albums that get unnecessary hate[View]
74595318leak when[View]
74599197Anybody else here fucking hate Tyler?: This dude honestly has no album or songs of musical value. Th…[View]
74600306Lmao. It's already dated corny trash. Literally The Wall of Hip Hop. Why did everybody go fucki…[View]
74601319>usually hate listening to 'long ass song is the entire album' albums like prog or ambient >c…[View]
74601065Bands/groups/artists you like and can't explain why: I don't even remember how I got into …[View]
74598650is he one of the most underappreciated of all time?[View]
74600784/mu/ confessions: >favourite genre is metal, especially fast and loud versions like thrash and gr…[View]
74600512I don't feel get the lyrics and the fantano review sucks. Does Born Under Punches reprisernt li…[View]
74597724Who /rubber band cartel/ here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEqN53AM1BQ[View]
74601043Hey /mu/, Metalhead here, but I can't really find the appeal to blast beats in metal, is that w…[View]
74599743Hey /mu/ just wanna say I appreciate all of you. You guys rec some great music every single day. lov…[View]
74601117Is that how an average /mu/tant acts around girls?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJklhM3_6-E…[View]
74594978Why are they the only talented country in Asia? All other Asian music hurts my ears[View]
74601014What the fuck is this? RapCaviar, Genius and Billboard seem to be shilling for this terrible song. A…[View]
74600250KPOP GENERAL[View]
74596983cringe thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0B7Z3JERdk[View]
74599385Is big pun the fattest musician?[View]
74598827Vinyl collections of one band/artist: My Microphones/Mount Eerie collection I do have some very rar…[View]
74593715/dbd/ David Bowie daily: What is your favorite David Bowie album? What are your favorite David Bowie…[View]
74597572What is the patrician version of ISIS? I can't listen to them anymore because of their name.[View]
74600921It's been so long.[View]
74600968ITT: artists you like that barely have any songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yALNzyJ9tQE[View]
74600828As much as 'Iceblink Luck' is an amazing song, what the fuck does 'iceblink' mean? It makes no sense…[View]
74600849band shirts[View]
74600908who also thinks that imagine dragons and thier fans should be banned from earth[View]
74597348WAKE UP[View]
74600892give me some songs to fantasize about killing myself to https://open.spotify.com/user/lawsonwwww/pla…[View]
74584262SoundCLOUD THREAD: Other thread is old and dead and from yesterday[View]
74596294ITT: we write a Zappa song one line at a time: *distorted animal snarls*[View]
74596996We can all agree than Merlyn is the worst member, right?[View]
74600649I'm a piece of shit and hate myself music for this feel?[View]
74597131AC/DC is nu-male repellent. if you don't like AC/DC, you're a numale[View]
74596509Southern Music Thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pukKZIlTEDo Yankfags can leave.[View]
74597482Why did none of you fucks tell me this was so good?: This is easily the second or third greatest Swa…[View]
74600266Come at me bro.[View]
74599504>tfw failed my driver's test today >tfw accidentally called the instructor mrs. puff afte…[View]
74600509Shouldn't someone love me for liking this heroin addict performance? https://www.bing.com/video…[View]
74599539>tries to start a new movement among rappers where they dont wear designer dont flash chains and …[View]
74600371I've listened to plenty of early to mid 80's hardcore, I want to move on, where do I go fr…[View]
74600521Why do you hate Striborg?[View]
74600510>Not even the best bassist in the Beatles[View]
74593099/mu/mour thread, get the fuck in here lads[View]
74600370Instrumental thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pdfn4KmPk4&list=PL9hYR5qRkc2wP28I6vk73QP_G…[View]
74597709Holy Shit: anything similar to pic related? >inb4 ITAOTS[View]
74599089KPOP GENERAL[View]
74600109Can anyone suggest similar songs?: https://youtu.be/U6r2vJJYX6U[View]
74599423Remember the episode where Kramer lost his job because he got drunk at an office party and played Go…[View]
74599291Hey jerkoffs, I want you idiots to listen to these two songs. Do it, now. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
74600009post your favourite album, others rate /10[View]
74597692Atari Teenage Riot: Why are they so angry?[View]
74599352Need help finding the background instrumental. Thanks https://youtu.be/AYGSCIRtJYQ pic for attention[View]
74599795Am I nuts?: is mc ride in an almond commercial? at 1:27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik60MkqmkYY…[View]
74599138she's too good for this world[View]
74596052DEVO: Why some people say only Devo's first LP is good? This album right here is one of their b…[View]
74599877It clicked[View]
74599896Can somebody explain this kid? I kinda missed the 1 or 2 period where he was relevant before he tota…[View]
74598113What's his best song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GiDPWqo7Ko[View]
74599876GOAT Synth-Pop Song: So much shit wouldn't exist today with out this song. https://www.youtube.…[View]
74599806BABY MAKING MUSIC: Send in your top tunes for love-making Here's something you get you started …[View]
74599766do you think kate has a bush?[View]
74583388ITT : favourite album and your age: 24[View]
74599813tuxedosebastiann: Come join my singing younow broadcast.[View]
74599628This thread goes out to them boys Lazare and big_luigi_fan man, i just found out that my niggas dead…[View]
74598674is this the future of hip-hop[View]
74598701One of these[View]
74599453Post good, obscure music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCXdGK1lrX0[View]
74594671Unironically rate the tracks from best to worst.[View]
74598623Is 'Cold blows the wind' about a lady wanting to fuck her husbands corpse?[View]
74598830reminder that 'art rock' is a term plebs invented to make themselves feel better about listening to …[View]
74587308Stop. The song you are currently listening to is now the only track your allowed to listen to for th…[View]
74597616What is your favorite album?: What is your favorite album and why? Selected Ambient Works Vol. II (S…[View]
74599193>tfw you realize one of the former tigers jaw vocalists is a member of gothboiclique >tfw tig…[View]
74599217Post rare Cuomos[View]
74598798>tfw I actually am really starting to like some modern country Aaron Watson, Thomas Rhett, Cole S…[View]
74597212I dont know what the critics in the 80s were smoking but this song is actually not that bad[View]
74595062>album starts with outro and ends with intro[View]
74599397What's your go-to music for a summertime barbecue?[View]
74599282https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ZwhMNAzyc opinions[View]
74599004What genre is this?: For all you musicologists out there, what genre is this? Is it Punk? Hard Rock?…[View]
74598354RUSH IS FUCKING LIVE IN EDMONTON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kPO_m1j52k[View]
74597444Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Can we all agree this is the most overrated album of all …[View]
74596810Keyboard-centric prog: What are some prog rock albums/artists that feature the keyboard as a leading…[View]
74599168>We’re just a parody of ourselves >I’m wasting all my time >I’ll go to Morrissey to answer …[View]
74597653Folk Beatles = Best Beatles[View]
74598822Synthi AKS or Easel?[View]
74599103BIG WALNUTS YONDER?: anyone got a linkedin for this?[View]
74598794What's some of your go-to music to listen to while reading?[View]
74599064halp: Songs that gives a menancing and brooding feeling, while still giving a peaceful mood. Closest…[View]
74593637Weird Samples: Post and/or discuss songs that use weird samples. Like when Death Grips sampled a kod…[View]
74585343post an album you love, other anons say why it's bad[View]
74598061Why pitchfork should just reitre: Post more atrocities they have commited[View]
74597882kpop general[View]
74598891dan john: can't believe i am going to see this angel live. what do you lot think of daniel joh…[View]
74596930>mfw George gets his stupid Indian music on the album[View]
74598608What really happened to him /mu/?[View]
74598817Dillinger Escape Plan's Final Show[View]
74598147Metalcore thread There's got to be some other faggots out there that enjoy the simple pleasures…[View]
74598759What was your summer album, /mu/?[View]
74598193>Album ends with trains and baking dogs[View]
74598426Pic related are four albums that have been ranked #1 by different publications as the greatest album…[View]
74594766Why is he blowing up? The Race is the least interesting rap song I've heard in a while. Are peo…[View]
74598703/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74597489Was there ever a better album in the 90s to compete with this masterpiece?[View]
74597895post em bois: last 7 days[View]
74597978What's the best comedic song made by a non-comic musician? I vote this one https://www.youtube.…[View]
74598519Almighty Chief Keef thread, what are Turbo's best tapes[View]
74594371What's the best Beach Boys song and why is it surfin' USA?[View]
74598451why is this album rarely mentioned? the only other C86 band to put out something this good was the …[View]
74597682>Mfw listening to 24/192[View]
74592824ITT: Name the last two artists you listened to, others tell you bands that sound like a combination …[View]
74598169What's your favorite Death Cab record?[View]
74595754is there anything worse than when a song contains burping sounds, or other gross mouth sounds?[View]
74595848Where did it all go wrong, /mu/?[View]
74596883Is he the most important musician of the 21st century?[View]
74596255Hey guys Generally this is the last place I want to bring the harshness of the outside world to, but…[View]
74597643What are some example of dad rock albums?[View]
74593080tfw prog-hop already happened and no one cared the punk phase is happening right now[View]
74597772'The history of capitalism is continuously producing effects of deterritorialization. At the outset,…[View]
74598069Rec me something like the Mr. Wrench & Mr. Numbers theme from Fargo S1, with similar drumming. T…[View]
74593292I don't know anything about this man. Tell me about this man.[View]
74596105>played some music for my normie friends and they all bullied me for being weird…[View]
74597602Grimes is too sexual. Almost obsene like.[View]
74555900/daily/ - still on the spectrum edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look f…[View]
74590503ITT post albums where the artists turned pop, but it actually turned out pretty well[View]
74595061i miss mid to late 2000s indie man, it's probably just my nostalgia talking but I loved Dr Dog,…[View]
74597669Let's talk about the Alan Parsons Project[View]
74597872anyone got a link for this? links in archive are dead[View]
74594981do you like doo wop? post your favorite[View]
74593193>Only person with a rare album on slsk >Abort downloads every time someone is halfway done wit…[View]
74597850Where I can find the black holes OST??[View]
74596765KPOP GENERAL[View]
74595580Is this the best rap album of the year? It feels like the only thing unique and fun thats comeout th…[View]
74592778Are you ready for LP5?[View]
74597574How do I sing like him?[View]
74596048What is the best album of the 90's?: And why is it The Downward Spiral? >production like no …[View]
74597201bossa nova: https://soundcloud.com/bruno-nada/th-90-nada[View]
74597679made a meme remix of would you ever: https://soundcloud.com/analogsampleroperator/would-you-ever-asa…[View]
74594195Daily Zappa thread: Say something about Zappa[View]
74597310Who here is feeling the Hype for SATURATION 2?[View]
74597022>Holy Diver >You've been down too long in the midnight sea >Oh what's becoming of…[View]
74597589What are your opinions on Magni Animi Viri?[View]
74597410How many hours or less do you usually spend listening to music each day?[View]
74596549Artists who you'd totally believe any story about them being an asshole[View]
74597497ITT: criminally underrated albums[View]
74595443post genres you don't think exist and other anons will post examples of said genre I'll st…[View]
74597213>listens to Venus in Furs once[View]
74597430*deletes Ashtray Wasp*[View]
74591819CD-Rip of the new Grizzly Bear: Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins (2017) [MP3: 320 -- CD Rip] >indie r…[View]
74591026ITT post shitty albums that people think they like because they're sheep that can't form t…[View]
74597221Who likes Larry?[View]
74594783ITT: We sing Purple Haze one word at a time[View]
74596470It's been 40 years. Press F.[View]
74597051Is Siouxsie the most underrated music waifu?[View]
74596980>The fact that so many books still name the Beatles as 'the greatest or most significant or most …[View]
74597124Please suscribe to this girl's channel. She makes awesome music: https://www.youtube.com/channe…[View]
74597135Can we get a thread for the best concert movies you've ever seen? I'm on a concert movie k…[View]
74596547Hip hop is the objectively best genre: Hip-hop as a genre evolves/changes faster than any other genr…[View]
74594734Please, I need a link for this album. mp3 320 or m4a itunes[View]
74593389Holy fuck[View]
74596782Is Iron Maiden's adaptation of the epic poem 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' technically a cover?[View]
74595107What happened to the idea of a 'jazz listening club' that people were talking about in /jazz/ at one…[View]
74596987Post dreamy music for broken hearts please[View]
74597001What does /mu/ think of Glass Animals?[View]
74596872your opinion on British new wave band the the?[View]
74590392Why is pic related so big amongst childless women, and teenage boys with mommy issues?[View]
74596962Where should I start if I want to mix vinyl with no experience or equipment, pretty daunting looking…[View]
74596900If Pixies/Modest Mouse made a posthardcore album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xahvg7-iJ4…[View]
74595638Albums like this?: I'm talking cool/artsy singer-songwriters albums from the 60s-80s (could it …[View]
74591597The final Beatle-pill is realizing this is their best album, and that none of the songs are filler.[View]
74595374Are we ever going to see another album or EP from them again?[View]
74595642Is this the final boss of music?[View]
74592805>Linkin Park once did a song with Rakim[View]
74596176Unpopular opinions: All Day and All of the Night is better than You Really Got Me[View]
74595440coming here drains all enjoyment out of music[View]
74585987We write a blues song one line at a time: WOKE UP THIS MORNIN[View]
74595049Just decided to stop practincing my guitar: I see no point in this. He must have started when he was…[View]
74593297Will there ever be a hiphop album that surpasses MBDTF?[View]
74595913Is he the only good non-classical musician to come out of the Soviet Union?[View]
74596099ITT: the absolute worst lyrics: >Hey pig >Yeah you >Hey pig piggy pig pig pig >All of my…[View]
74595903Name an album with more cringe-worthy lyrics. >pt:yc[View]
74595067Literally on the bus on the way to seem them live. What's /mu/'s opinion[View]
74594786Sound cloud general (chill): I'm looking for chill/chill hop song similar to this. Feel free to…[View]
74594752what's the longest it's taken for you to get into an album? when I was in HS, this was one…[View]
74596382Why the FUCK does this video only have 68,000 views? Do people not have GOOD FUCKING taste in music?…[View]
74593110ITT musicians that suffer heavy autism[View]
74596467Queercore thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfyd-mIFlaM[View]
74592016ITT: artists when they were young[View]
74595409kpop general: good game edition[View]
74592531Where the FUCK did this guy go?: He had so much potential[View]
74596240> implying any album that isn't about suicide or death is good[View]
74596154>the end of the first track is just another song on the album but pitched down and reversed…[View]
74593519Is it worth it to go back and listen to 'classics' that I've missed when normal music doesn…[View]
74595740>he listens to metal What a fucking faggot.[View]
74595311Who here unironically adores this?[View]
74595140Can we expect the new album for this year?[View]
74588778'The history of capitalism is continuously producing effects of deterritorialization. At the outset,…[View]
74596082Post sleeper amazing 80's music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_D7PPUf7jA[View]
74595589>They tell me its the white man I should fear but its my own kind doing all the killing here Whoa…[View]
74595104These are the best solo female albums according to RYM: Rate, rank them, etc.[View]
74596033>“but really, one of the main motivators in our sound was an intense lack of traditional musical …[View]
74590092Why is he so fucking cute and perfect?[View]
74596001ITT: God-tier V/A compilation albums[View]
74594704Is Synthwave Dead?[View]
74590839Name one (1) band[View]
74592761I'm going to buy this synth, the Korg MS20 mini. It's 500 usd but I wanted to ask /mu/ fir…[View]
74595826>Oi anon I heard you were talking shit about my music and my looks. What do?…[View]
74589901>He hasn't taken the gripspill Life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
74594463Can music be objectively good?[View]
74595656wut is dis?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNVguvNE7qc What. The. Ever. Loving. Fuck?[View]
74595664can someone point me towards some good non-western music? i know that's broad and confusing, bu…[View]
74593939Who is this generation's GG Allin?[View]
74594206I NEED SOME SLEEP[View]
74595489How long does it take for you guys to have an album almost completely memorized? I find that even af…[View]
74566420the biggest album discovery you've found this year.[View]
745933412017 AOTY charts/lists: post your favorites of the year! also welcome are rym lists or other sources…[View]
74595376>rhodes piano[View]
74595503>Genre: [Name of Publisher][View]
74592392How big is your backlog /mu/?[View]
74590843What's your favorite Skrewdriver album /mu/?[View]
74595176>he doesn't enjoy music from every single genre[View]
74595394Does anybody know of any good Pavement-esque bands? I've listened to Pavement's discograph…[View]
74595353Thoughts? Possibly my favourite band personally. Surf punk sounds like a weird mix on paper.[View]
74595043>tfw grew out of metal, hip hop, electronic and jazz.[View]
74586674New LCD Soundsystem track 'Tonite': http://pitchfork.com/news/listen-to-lcd-soundsystems-new-song-to…[View]
74594468kpop general: being nice to each other edition[View]
74595333There was a boy I used to be I guess that he was cold[View]
74594498music video request: im going to preface by saying im a black teen so this should not register as ra…[View]
74594987In Flames come back[View]
74595185>live album >crowd constantly screaming in the background every 10 seconds…[View]
74594017>speak to me/breathe[View]
74595110Camel are such an underrated live act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNwyVLljxr0[View]
74594442>demo version is better than album version[View]
74594829New undiscovered artists you're digging.: Post new artists that are relatively unknown that you…[View]
74594119>In 2002, Cuomo infamously stated on the Rivers Correspondence Board that 'Only In Dreams' was 'G…[View]
74591567thoughts on Paramore's 'Hard Times' era?[View]
74594275They had two extra orange slices. Why didn't they put one over the O in Stone, /mu/?[View]
74587896/metal/: Papyrus edition Old thread >>74576774[View]
74573927ITT /mu/'s confessions: >I have never listened to Death Grips…[View]
74594713Is pic related the TMR of the 21-st century?[View]
74594098>albums that were ahead of their time[View]
74593721Noughties pop punk bands aged weird. How have Blink aged the most gracefully when they got their ass…[View]
74594662Is this still the saddest album?: Title[View]
74587829average kpop fan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFKl22j1RY[View]
74593960Why are the 1975 so poorly rated, I find almost all their singles really enjoyable and a bunch of th…[View]
74594634Holy shit...my mind...fucking blown. I'm not even into reggae but this shit is fuggin otherWORL…[View]
74594478I want to get into Disco music what are the essential artists/albums?[View]
74593068Black Sabbath did not invent Heavy Metal: This is the first actual heavy emtal song, Plastic Thunder…[View]
74589927Is Toxicity the only actually good Nu Metal album?[View]
74594521Looking for proto-rock?: I want to get into good, old-fashioned (preferably electric guitar-driven) …[View]
74594421That Splatoon 2 soundtrack though. Favourite music in a game for a while.[View]
74591752Ready for lp3 pals?![View]
74589464He's next...[View]
74593442kpop general: pretty girls edition[View]
74586377Did you guys like the new Vsauce on Godspeed You Black Emperor?: Hey, Vsauce, Michael here. Music ca…[View]
74591751When was the last time you listened to music[View]
74588163ITT: Dumb opinions your friends have. >Chelsea Wolfe is like Evanescence if Evanescence sucked.…[View]
74593761i actually like it[View]
74594310fuck you mu, her voice is nice[View]
74587846Fucking hell p4k: This has to be the final straw... any credibility they ever had surely is lost now…[View]
7459412124/7 City pop & J-funk livestream: Hey guys, as the title says I made a 24/7 livestream of over …[View]
74591233ITT: Use neutral adjectives (i.e. not ones like 'good' or 'catchy') to describe music you want to he…[View]
74594231now that the dust has settled, what's your opinion on this thing?[View]
74592185Madchester: Which Madchester classic is better, The Stone Roses or Pills 'n' Thrills And B…[View]
74592762anything else like pic related? its so comfy[View]
74593353ITT: /mu/ writes a song[View]
74593993reddit gang get ITT >favorite redditcore albums >most anticipated redditcore my favs: Kendrick…[View]
74593020Muse. How can one band be so interesting and so boring at the same time?[View]
74593392Only concepts: What's /mu/'s thoughts. Personally just got to put this one on, and I'…[View]
74593849THANK FUCKING GOD.[View]
74592413the pinnacle of electronic musical instrument progress[View]
74593798/doomgeneral/: Have any other great doom albums come out this year besides picrelated?[View]
74592630What's best album?[View]
74593799How did they become the greatest rock band on earth? What's their secret?[View]
74592650We post an album and scream the first lyrics that we think of from said album. >LIL BO PEEP WITH …[View]
74591833Are Ariel Pink fans really like this? Also Bobby Jameson is shit.[View]
74593774What's /mu/'s take on Heat Dust?[View]
74592700>Fantasy Covers Thread We all have one of these. I'm personally very disappointed that Motor…[View]
74593466Bowie's Best: Most underrated tracks in my opinion: 1. Absolute Beginners 2. Miracle Goodnight …[View]
74593624Anon, did you just call me 'mommy'?[View]
74592265>bonus track is the first song on the album fuck this meme[View]
74591334It's perfectly simple, really: If I hear a 4/4 time signature, I throw the album into the garba…[View]
74591573Favorite Evans /mu/?[View]
74593427A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y AND Z. NOW I KNOW MY ABC'S[View]
74593407hell be fine[View]
74592323kpop general: girl of the year edition[View]
74591088I want some more really heavy, slow, drawn out, trippy shit like this. I've already listened to…[View]
74593373ambient j-field dub techno[View]
74593187tremendous album[View]
74591671More like this? i think it's the perfect blend of cheesiness and good craftsmanship, which is m…[View]
74593127How the fuck do you write a song that doesn't suck? Please help /mu/.[View]
74593278>album has different names in different languages[View]
74592458ITT: talk about music: you wont[View]
74571388/bbg/ - Beach Boys General: What is your favorite Beach Boys album? What are your favorite Beach Boy…[View]
74591317Artistic name: I am a musician, i need an artistic name, somethig related with space.[View]
74593177Gimme some fun music to listen to with my friends.[View]
74593149This is not music.[View]
74590677Albums with fantastic drumming from start to finish[View]
74590348Ok, i already listened to all of these. what's next?[View]
74592218ITT: We fix albums!: You can do it subtractively or additively, so ling as you explain why you did w…[View]
74593128ITT: We post great songs that /mu/ will find fault with, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
74591308*blocks your path* >'hey anon, I heard you were listening to some electronic stuff, what was it?'…[View]
74592841This would be a 10/10 drone/neofolk album if it was purely instrumental.[View]
74592925Whose side are you on, /mu/?[View]
74591037Name the best fucking music to listen to when high[View]
74592625Post overrated albums.[View]
74593036ITT: we trigger /mu/ https://youtu.be/BFe8TBhLeQQ[View]
74592920My favorite album[View]
74592953/mu/ why are these guys the best rock band to ever exists? Once you listen to everything they came o…[View]
74592439Rank these[View]
74588468Blur or Oasis? And why do you think Blur/Oasis is better?[View]
74588472what's the most boring band in the world and why is it real estate?[View]
74589161Definitive Pink Floyd album ranking: >Meddle >Dark Side of the Moon >Piper at the Gates of …[View]
74592817Where did the meme of calling an artist's upcoming album as LPx come from?[View]
74592901Why don't you kids like the '2?[View]
74589127Hes next...[View]
74592809Have 8 strings superceded the double neck bass guitar[View]
74590073Rappers name starts with 'lil'[View]
74592672what music does your mom listen to mine >carpenters >10cc >neil diamond >billy joel >…[View]
74592028>made the best dnb album of all time >banged Bjork Is there anything else this man can't …[View]
74589389Not even a dead one in the catalogue! You know the drill. Rec, give feedback, complain about the sta…[View]
74589943Opinions on Celldweller?: Don't really see Celldweller get mentioned all that much... Well, any…[View]
74592677PAMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKgxyNVzmoo[View]
74591683ITT: Times when the most popular album choice might actually legitimately be the best one Sadly, I t…[View]
74592337Ween: Best band ever, or best of all the bands?[View]
74589329Nu Krautrock?: More stuffs like this https://youtu.be/IqxyOcqVIRU[View]
74590139John Cale > Lou Reed[View]
74590275lmao they made an album out of a tshirt logo[View]
74592535ITT: Great albums that /mu/ never talks about by artists /mu/ talks about all the time[View]
74592037what music sounds like the Lost Highway jazz scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhU1F7t6pp4[View]
74588487hey this is pretty good[View]
74592472Covers that are better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4[View]
74592453BEZ APPRECIATION THREAD: Get ffffffuckin' in here[View]
74592427>deletes We Will Fall[View]
74577273/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Suggested Pract…[View]
74579435i still dont get it: ITT: albums that haven't clicked[View]
74586395Which one was more disappointing?[View]
74592389Listen to the first song and tell me this isn't rap! I'm not trying to be funny, just list…[View]
74592045More like this? Slowly becoming one of my favourites and desperate to find more like it. What are yo…[View]
74588818Why are contrarian numales bashing this album? It's a fucking banger, you faggots. >reeeee…[View]
74590769Aphex twin: post ur fav afx songz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izhjGNucGeE https://www.youtube.co…[View]
74588661Bluenote ranked it's 50 best albums. What do you think? I'm glad to see Unit Structures ma…[View]
74592006This album is better than all the /mu/core albums honestly[View]
74589413>when you accidentally hit pause so you have to restart the whole album…[View]
74590991kpop general: uggoposting ends here edition[View]
74592175Hey faggots give me some good music to listen to[View]
74590827what is your genuine opinion of this album, /mu/?[View]
74592102How come every hard rock singer is a tenor that makes himself sound like he's taking a shit to …[View]
74592068What's the best 'social justice anthem' and why is it Bruce Hornsby's 'The Way It Is'? ht…[View]
74591645Hey /mu/, I have been on this board for 1-2 months now, and even though I'm slowly becoming a b…[View]
74588695What happens to me if I liked this album?[View]
74591366Is this music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7pvVQwf-rM[View]
74589775What went wrong?[View]
74589683>Dear Prudence >One of best songs the Beatles have ever recorded from every aspect >Ringo…[View]
74585424/collage/ 3x3 4x4 5x5: Guess personalities, give recs, give hate, give positive comments etc. I have…[View]
74587485How to listen?: I am interested in giving MBDTF a try bc many people put it as Kanye's best alb…[View]
74587342Adding Songs To Albums: I've seen a lot of threads of people taking OUT songs to make albums pe…[View]
74590187I don't get it. I don't think it's a bad album, but it seems like a step backwards. R…[View]
74590327brockhampton: thoughts about my boys here[View]
74589023Painted Ruins: Is /mu/ hyped for the release of the presumed best album of the year?[View]
74585802Neofolk thread: :Our ghosts are gathering: If you're new to this type of music, download the in…[View]
74591681Will grime ever make it big in the states?[View]
74589314>57 years old >wears a septum piercing[View]
74591176unpopular opinion: Meteora was way better then hybrid theory, prove me wrong[View]
74586304Is there any Reggaeton worth getting into? Like wise, what music do latin american people listen to?[View]
74591281Who are some other artists that raped a genre for pop appeal[View]
74591282Ey: Ey[View]
74591193Why does /mu/ as a community have biases against certain types (such as easy-listening) and genres o…[View]
74589036Why do musicians who kill themselves make the best music? What are they trying to tell us?[View]
74591177I would genuinely enjoy this band much more with a different less whiny vocalist, all those falsetto…[View]
74589033GRIMES THREAD: I want grimes to tie me up in a closet and feed me dog food[View]
74591340What's /mu/'s opinion on grime?: Is it better/ worse in general than Hip Hop? Worse or bet…[View]
74590616Post a book you like and suggest to other people albums that they might enjoy given their literature…[View]
74591149How do I into Bob Dylan?[View]
74589529Sgt Pepper of Hip Hop: Anybody else agree?[View]
74590489>/mu/ on UKGarage Burial, James Blake, the list goes on... >/mu/ on Grime Dizzee, Stormzy, the…[View]
74589402What are some albums like this[View]
74591152>artist declares he's gay in his lyrics[View]
74589482Is it bad that I like his music?[View]
74586796>album ends with artist putting down guitar and walking out of the studio…[View]
74591205tfw when you hear a neat tune in a TV show and are disappointed to find out that it was specifically…[View]

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