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120708464>EXCUSE ME WHILE I WRITE NO GOOD SONGS >*the music stops abruptly* >But seriously folks, as…[View]
1207177572023 might have been the best year for music since 1991[View]
120713570have to hear the radio at work and man this song really sucks the energy out of the room. there…[View]
120717293KPOP GENERAL[View]
120717570Why did it flop? Is his time over?[View]
120717040Why no 100gecs threads anymore, were you all posers?[View]
120704400Is he aware of /mu/?[View]
120715889Jack Antonoff Appreciation Thread: This is Grammy Producer of the Year Jack 'The White Woman Whisper…[View]
120717627Spotify playlist share: > jazz > drone > ambient https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1aiBqCzH…[View]
120710773Trip albums: Hey /mu/, probably going to trip soon with some friends and looking for some interesing…[View]
120709694what is /mu/'s opinion on rick rubin? especially people who make music or study/practice that k…[View]
120717487walk on home boy[View]
120717097ITT: bands that /mu/ turned you onto For me it's Grails. I love these guys like you would not b…[View]
120717437so tell me /mu/, exactly how long have you been a juggalo, and are your parents aware of it?[View]
120717455So who's the Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki and a singer who performed at the super bowl[View]
120717469Why didn't ya'll tell me this is one of the best prog albums?[View]
120708432/metal/: Brutalizing manlets edition old >>120704563 faq https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt[View]
120712785BEST PEDAL FOR GREEN DAY INSOMNIAC SOUND?: Boss Ds1 or Sd1? What's is better for Green Day Inso…[View]
120717254Did you know that once upon a time you could grow up in a trailer park in the Central Valley and mak…[View]
120717302yes, his favorite movie was about a weird-looking creature hanging around children[View]
120716572ITT: mad talented instrumentalist who somehow is known more for his/her vocal skill: anyone else lik…[View]
120717281Help me find classical music: I'm making a little videogame for a school project and need some …[View]
120716711KPOP GENERAL[View]
120716973Did these two fuck?[View]
120715403/mgmt/: Now that the dust has settled: What’s the verdict? Let’s see those rankings.[View]
120711110Am I being a Mandela effected?: I watch Todd In The Shadows video about Frankie Goes to Hollywood…[View]
120716598>Open your ass >I see~ >your ass is open! what did he mean by this?…[View]
120717000>imdekindamadafakathaddongoowsside >pelskinboiwideropetiedtite >gadalightupdabluntjustochok…[View]
120715013>release a pretty standard debut record, nothing special >contains an OK song that becomes a s…[View]
120703714>tfw stealing beats from old bands and artists is so hard you retire early FEELS BAD MAN!…[View]
120716304Thoughts on Aaliyah? She was hidden gem taken from us too soon[View]
120698532Let Me Eat[View]
120687797Get fucked CDfags[View]
120715212Albums as beautiful as Mishima by Philip Glass?: Wow. What an album, absolutely my favourite of all …[View]
120702812What are your top 10 most played artists of 2024 so far?: r8, h8, recommend8[View]
120716119KPOP GENERAL[View]
120715532Imagine not taking your turntable outside[View]
120711331Did he save metal?[View]
120716333oh look zoomers have revived scene, is there anything they wont rip off from millennials? https://ww…[View]
120714745Damon Albarn Is 'Pissed Off' With The Rolling Stones: “This really annoyed me” he said, “because my …[View]
120715461Artists that you consider mid except for that one song: So I decided to give Utada Hikaru a try. I a…[View]
120712213Did she/him/zer already fell off? Is it time for Jianyi Wang type life decisions now?[View]
120714056I cannot stand the fact the way zoomers talk about this album.[View]
120716296Fuck it. 19 minutes long 70s afrobeat song.: https://youtu.be/zL4DdctTkQc?si=_jXzO9wB44cjfLV-…[View]
120715026I judge people's character on the music they listen to[View]
120715588KPOP GENERAL[View]
120716072/mu/ is the secret laboratory of the music industry for making the music trends of tomorrow[View]
120713388Better than the original[View]
120714345she's hot: there i said it and i know all of you think that too and it doesn't make me gay…[View]
120715942MJ bros...: >Jackson planned to duet on 'Bad' with Prince, but Prince declined the invitation;[3]…[View]
120708578Post songs with lyrics that reveal esoteric knowledge about the true nature of reality: I'll st…[View]
120715945Is There A Better Michael Jackson Album?: This broke time and space.[View]
120714583what the fuck is wrong with ye? why hes exposing his wife to the world everyday? this nigga needs ba…[View]
120715875When I'm at the mall security just can:t right 'em all And when I'm at the beach I…[View]
120715840Only about 10% people, the intellectual minority, knows that Megadeath is the best metal band.[View]
120715766I miss this witchy junkie.[View]
120715747How can one Axelado be so Bassado >The Argentinian TV news went to the hotel where Guns N Roses w…[View]
120712323Buck status?[View]
120713095Jacob Collier vs Domi JD Beck vs Jesus Molina vs Joey Alexander vs Justin Lee Schultz[View]
120715320Incel Music Thread: (Post only the kind that makes you wander or drive forever, no modern garbage) h…[View]
120714902KPOP GENERAL[View]
120715549how do you listen to so much music? I tend to tune music out a lot. unless a song is famous for bein…[View]
120714349Who else into Russel Crowe and The Ordinary Fear of God? https://youtu.be/eDI9hCDOX7c?si=4pXH52klTYZ…[View]
120715536What was ur favorite song from the 2006 - 2011 youtube era?[View]
120715404Hit me with something Fresh or I'm going to crash this board with no survivors[View]
120715494>you're playing minecraft in a cave looking for diamonds, that's funny. im same cave lo…[View]
120714748post your favorite indie musicians[View]
120714754ITT: one album wonders[View]
120706395has anyone else been getting funkpilled lately?[View]
120715083I identify with, physically resemble, and thoroughly enjoy the music and lyrics of, Ian Curtis.[View]
120712895What do we think of Battles?[View]
120692824ITT: Albums that are secretly their band's best[View]
120714672What did Roger mean by this? https://youtu.be/U-Pu3JfGQDU?si=VAGZCHCQjE2C24O9[View]
120712244>Mogs Hendrix in every way imaginable[View]
120712744Is there a reason why James Brown had to scream and yell over the music like that? I really wish he …[View]
120712413Western weeb electronic rapper: There's this popular western electronic rapper who lives in Jap…[View]
120715279Listening to this song, it s a good story. Someone wrote in the comments, 'It'd make a coo…[View]
120709018Post music that is good to listen to when you have been awake for 48 hours[View]
120711360the greatest diss track ever recorded[View]
120707037it's friday friday gonna get down on friday[View]
120714495this album is unbelievably boring. do people only like it because the singer killed himself?[View]
120712705They were so preoccupied as to whether or not he could shut up and play his guitar that they didn…[View]
120712353It clicked[View]
120712741MGMT: why did nobody tell me the best album of 2024 dropped last week?[View]
120714984why are they so catchy?[View]
120714671What are we thinking about the new MGK: https://youtu.be/6nSyhGxOI0c?si=E6Pc2zq7QBG0lL7A he’s droppi…[View]
120714647The worst albums you can think of: Post genuinely unlistenable shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
120703197Big day for middle aged dads[View]
120712464Feels: the album. Btw could you reccomend me albums that are like this one[View]
120714374KPOP GENERAL[View]
120708149Lowbrow: rap/hip hop, metal, country, dance, new age, pop, R&B, regional music, ska, blues Midbr…[View]
120714595you're an asshole[View]
120713754>if i saw you on the street would i have you in my dreams tonite?[View]
120714564Was it down syndrome?[View]
120714630>Bring Me The Horizon >Evanescence >Three Days Grace >Linkin Park >Breaking Benjamin …[View]
120714611New qt song when bros?[View]
120714629This is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life https://youtu.be/TzJnt8pivc4?si=7a-HCIoQa…[View]
120711124>band u like releases an album and it's not as good as the previous one IT'S OVER…[View]
120706921What exactly do musicians like Gucci Mane do all day? They can't work on music all day long, wh…[View]
120714485I just listened to “Everything Dies” by Type O Negative for the first time[View]
120704904>Moid sings about being in love >He looks like Quasimodo lol…[View]
120714311Noel Gallagher looks at you.[View]
120713904KPOP GENERAL[View]
120636508/classical/: Hindemith Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_w2CC3xIFQ >How do I get into cla…[View]
120709597>woman sings about depression[View]
120683564Post cool/wholesome pictures with musicians together[View]
120709319Music to put in a sex playlist: Hard mode: it can’t be about sex or reference it.[View]
120713174I care about Hayley Williams.[View]
120713458KPOP GENERAL[View]
120710748just took a 50mg delta 8 edible: what is good music to listen to while faded[View]
120708840>the Smiths as women Would they have been as popular as they are now?[View]
120713579Was Nirvana simply a version of Pixies that burned twice as bright for half as long?[View]
120687467>hear song you've never heard on the radio >oh shit, is that an actually good modern pop …[View]
120713088has there ever been a sharper drop in quality between two albums?[View]
120710350AI music: How fucked are we? https://files.catbox.moe/mfy6ar.wav[View]
120712952KPOP GENERAL[View]
120713247Is there anyone here from Portland (OR) that wants to go see PTV?: Basically I bought tickets for me…[View]
120704259uh oh...[View]
120713312Vidya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX6GmN4usKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqq-8uQbg58 https…[View]
120710215ITT: Bands that are overhated for no good reason: I'll start with Idles[View]
120708416ITT: highly regarded musical acts that you just don't get: I don't understand what's …[View]
120687811ITT /mu/ anons you recognize: >that guy in every taylor shit thread who desperately tries to conv…[View]
120713241What's the consensus so far?[View]
120709472>Anon, look, I brought a disc! >We can copy this, and we can play it on my brother's comp…[View]
120707412Favorite '70s albums thread[View]
120711345>That same spring he finally won his Academy Award. He had never pretended it didn’t matter. In f…[View]
120712455KPOP GENERAL[View]
120712914>removes Headstrong, which is the 3rd worst song ever recorded by any band…[View]
120712331Arca: I don't get this dudes music, its sounds as if Guillermo Del Toro made reggaeton beats in…[View]
120712488He can write funk like stevie wonder https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=mhRj1b8hVMc And rick james? ht…[View]
120712733Hey peter Yeah adam 4chan fucking sucks balls bu treddit will ban you for everthing Its all general …[View]
120708385I'm cranky with a headache, give soothing music recommendations[View]
120712555Pink Floyd but from Germany and are 10x better than Pink Floyd.[View]
120712537So the zenith of music this century is 100 gecs breakbeat glitch eclectic core music before it all g…[View]
120712453need it or keep it?[View]
120712125Why do you guys hate EDM?[View]
120712373big man hoooooh[View]
120711867Where do you guys find music?[View]
120711883KPOP GENERAL[View]
120712421Damn, this shit is FIRE[View]
120712372Hi /mu/ I am listening to Seal and drawing cartoons I hope you're having a good evening, lovel…[View]
120710536it finally clicked.[View]
120711948The Brave Little Abacus Appreciation Thread: Zoomzoom here: Going back in the archives you can find …[View]
120711721What is with the contrarianism surrounding Eric Clapton on this board?[View]
120708641>A look at the 1954 Billboard wouldn't have given much reason to suppose the bland status qu…[View]
120710202Are the rumors about Diddy (formerly know as Puffy Daddy, Sean Combs, and P. Diddy) true?[View]
120711418KPOP GENERAL[View]
120706971what music does he listen to?[View]
120711702tfw will still be a bitter piece of shit even if the music career does take off[View]
120711267Corey Taylor is dying[View]
120708788are they meme-status or not I can never tell[View]
120711405Most of the music I listen to is indie bands that no one has seem to heard of. Will people think my …[View]
120708452What are some music to massage your Mates?[View]
120710907KPOP GENERAL[View]
120711358by a country mile: their best++[View]
120703405Thirst trap metal: Any other bands doing this? Only thing I can think of is Steel Panther but they…[View]
120688892are industry plants real or is just /mu/ being schizos?[View]
120711251Still a masterpiece[View]
120711207pitchfork crowbar clawhammer hot tar s[View]
120706666Siouxsie: God damn are these two albums are absolutely brilliant. Some of the most well-crafted rock…[View]
120710788all ii do to promote my music is upload a movie maker mp4. and the audio track, along with it, is t…[View]
120710859Nicki Minaj Thread: Where my Barbz at?[View]
120710549What is some music related clothing you would wear?[View]
120710411KPOP GENERAL[View]
120704696ˢʰᵉ ᵇᵉˡᵒnᵍˢ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ˡᵉᶠᵗ ʷᶦᵗʰ ʰᵉʳ ˡᶦᵇᵉʳᵗʸ ᴺᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵏnᵒʷn ᵃˢ ᵃ nᵒn-ᵇᵉˡᶦᵉᵛᵉʳ ˢʰᵉ ˡᵃᵘᵍʰˢ ᵃnᵈ ˢᵗᵃʸˢ ᶦn ʰᵉʳ ʷᵒ…[View]
120710623Hayley sucks if you all post more pictures of her I'll be so peeved[View]
1207086985x5 WEEK for recent listens guess favorite something https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
120709121why are womemes coopting synth culture? this needs to stop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiqhM-bNB…[View]
120710711For the life of me I can't find a download or a stream of this album anywhere. My good friend d…[View]
120708979>some random guy just made this by himself on an eight track in 1981[View]
120706518How many songs do you usually take on your dedicated music player? ok, in my case no more than 50,00…[View]
120709893KPOP GENERAL[View]
120709926rank your spices gentlemen: back then >1. sporty spice >2. baby spice >3. ??? (probably gin…[View]
120709076Was Brendon Urie the reason Panic! At the Disco failed?[View]
120710268It insists upon itself[View]
120709645Isaac Wood eats corn the long way[View]
120707496Slayer, oh Slayer, a metal monstrosity they claim, yet their musicianship's as wild as a tame. …[View]
120710122Juat heard a record called LashtaL/Salt, and now I may never sleep again. Everyone please listen and…[View]
120708807The Real Thing [Slash/Reprise, 1990] With rap, funk, hardcore, and falafel-joint rai seasoning their…[View]
120705004I'm unironically in love with her[View]
120710041I listen to this song slowed when I wanna feel calm. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw0OS…[View]
120709936I am not opening this album[View]
120706867Musicians with skeletons in the closet[View]
120708337Dubs and Bryonposter dies before Brian Wilson[View]
120709275KPOP GENERAL[View]
120707856I Lover[View]
120707378Olivia Rodrigo: Her music sucks but she is pure sex[View]
120708479Bob Dylan or Neil Young and why?[View]
120702438This board sucks Fuck YOU[View]
120683506What do we think of picrel in 2024, chat?[View]
120705842What did I think of it?[View]
120703376What Disney movie has the best musical numbers? Fuck my wife if you must but I loved the music in En…[View]
120706647This is what zoomers consider to be peak music. And I agree.[View]
120709009Is Newscore a genre I can make? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l8bdt6q1tG8&pp=[View]
120707040baldtechre: baldtechre[View]
120702042music youtube thread: new shillthread except you post your youtube ONLY[View]
120708889Trying to figure out how to set the EQ for black metal listening be like[View]
120695873sorry, but this is better than strangeaways also, vini reilly deserved song-writing credits. margare…[View]
120703272This sounds like shit. Had a bunch of Brits tell me this is better than the strokes but this sounds …[View]
120707112Why is it so disliked? I loved kiss them 4 me and found it overall enjoyable in the background, why …[View]
120709380GPOP GENERAL: GET IN HERE GUYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izHB2EdMngg https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
120705801'Flea in all seriousness isn't that good. I mean, come on. RHCP were vaguely interesting in the…[View]
120709357Streaming fred: >ctrl-f stream >no results I cancelled Spotify due to it's shitty UI and …[View]
120708489A friend told me Britney doesn't even sing live at her concerts and she only lip syncs. Please …[View]
120708639KPOP GENERAL: >>120708617[View]
120706817I think Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence is one of the most underrated singers of all time[View]
120701898How come women are SO good at electronic music? Any theories?[View]
120708650>LET'S GO BROS[View]
120709030why doesn't the radio play anything cool besides the college station[View]
120708415Zappa: Was he too smart for rock music?[View]
120707027remember all the fake outrage? remember all the talk about being a satanic sacrifice? i remember[View]
120706032Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /A day late, a buck short/ edition[View]
120705156>enslaved improvisation[View]
120708728let's post objectively good albums that're borderline impossible to hate.[View]
120708517IT WON'T BE LONG: yea[View]
120708660>Album was recorded with session musicians[View]
120708057KPOP GENERAL[View]
120708632Guys I need help to understand what genre of music is this, I need to find more like this please htt…[View]
120708629(i don’t use youtube shits, this was posted in a discord server) https://youtube.com/shorts/YGkyOIS3…[View]
120705752build a new kind of song...: ... with these elements only. you don't have to use all of them …[View]
120708220>Poor man’s Miles Davis[View]
120708509>'Hey bitch boy Billy, write me a hit single right now for my album.' >'Y-y-yes Courntey anyth…[View]
120707919so do we like her or not?: sounds like michael jackson and christina aguilera but has something spec…[View]
120704563/metal/: punkthrone edition FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt Old: >>120693990[View]
120708376Bardo Pond new album: They did it again[View]
120708032Top 5 rappers: >Eminem >Slim Shady >Marshall Mathers >Limp Bizkit >Fred Durst…[View]
120708345holy shit[View]
120708159Dylan v Marley: Who’s the best Bob and why is it Dylan?[View]
120701421/Key Pilled/: >the instrument you play doesn’t have keys Oh, I’m terribly, terribly sorry for you…[View]
120683328itt: musicians who are proud beneficiaries of trust funds: musicians who never hide the fact that th…[View]
120705187>Check out the latest critically acclaimed 'indie' album >It's just a stale imitation of …[View]
120708268tuyu instrumentals go hard i fear[View]
120707207/blueboy/: Anyone here with a more substantial/extensive level of knowledge pertaining to this band …[View]
120708044Where are Kanye's biggest fans?: Carnival's peaks on Spotify: Iceland #1 Latvia #1 Slovaki…[View]
120707511KPOP GENERAL[View]
120703780Lana: Where can you find all of Lana's unreleased songs now? There used to be a google drive li…[View]
120707998I am white And I've got everything I need No one clutches their purses when they're in a r…[View]
120707969Behold... The Redditpus!: >*solves music*[View]
120705318If you can't play an instrument then your opinion on music is worthless[View]
120707546vultures 1: the kanye tourists are gone its time to admit it sucked phew didnt that feel good to say…[View]
120703483A sinkhole of music that befit a sinkhole of a year when the global economy was collapsing.[View]
120703792ITT: Post an album, and the firist lyrics that come to mind for the albums above[View]
120703687Robert Christgau's favorite 2023 album was Olivia Rodrigo's Guts: I don't get it. Thi…[View]
120707700You can't name a catchier metal album.[View]
120677456Was he the best 70’ and 80’s rock artist ???: >networth of $200 million…[View]
120706453Mac milar[View]
120702315Best album of the 2000's and it's not even close[View]
120707589*steel drums start playing*[View]
120706060>I was about to produce Guns n Rose's first album but then Slash called me a F*ggot and I st…[View]
120702099Do not talk to me do you like any of the following genres >alternative >blues >classical …[View]
120702779Did Godflesh peak in their early days?[View]
120702566'I'm glad I could be here tonight on the MTV Awards to make a stand for alternative music and a…[View]
120707028KPOP GENERAL[View]
120702803is this the most popular work in classical music history? (let's disregard 'classical crossover…[View]
120706496KPOP GENERAL[View]
120700943Best witch house album?[View]
120700491In Utero: I hate this album. I mean, it makes me wanna kill myself. Now, the only comforting thing t…[View]
120705176>1950s rockabilly star transitions to country in the 60s/70s Name a more kino trope…[View]
120695220do /mu/tants use DAPs? I'm interested in them so I don't fill my subpar chinkslop phone wi…[View]
120705144>open spotify page of a band from the 90s >banner image of their old wrinkled mugs please sto…[View]
120705635what is their legacy?: where does onyx slot into the classic hip hop pantheon? seems like nobody tal…[View]
120701969What went wrong?[View]
120705599These are the only 10/10 albums in popular music.[View]
120706752I dislike most music I should technically like[View]
120706098holy kino[View]
120691611Tool - Lateralus: >After two years of legal fights, Tool returned with Lateralus (Volcano Enterta…[View]
120696981Good morning sirs. What do you call this sort of music? From 2:34 onward until the end. The progress…[View]
120706489Sounds like the only power pop band you know[View]
120706535COUNTRY MUSIC THREAD: What are you listening to right now? I'm listening to some Jerry Lee Lew…[View]
120702983Bands like nirvana: Hello, I am a big fan of Nirvana, and I love each of their songs. I have been fi…[View]
120706490>start album >start enjoying it >it's too compressed >ears hurt >quit listening …[View]
120705956KPOP GENERAL[View]
120705942I don't get it[View]
120700194Is there a band better than brand new at writing densely worded hooks that are extremely catchy? Too…[View]
120706202>I think it was the first time I realized that I could change the world >Or at least change th…[View]
120705206Heavy gauge guitar strings especially DR pure blues: If you play anything less that 12-52 are you ev…[View]
120702586shittiest music you listen to[View]
120702587AI Music: Are you ok with 'artists' who will use AI to make their music? Will you pay for AI music? …[View]
120699412itt: musicians who need to be taught a lesson: musicians who stepped over a red line[View]
120700975*deep breathe in* ... *long exhale* ... ...... guys.[View]
120693494ITT: pic rel: I want music that'll make me want to self destruct entirely, fucking, killing, an…[View]
120705352KPOP GENERAL[View]
120703013How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
120702362drain gang: These guys are nice, in spite of all the memes. They mean well, and they're trying.…[View]
120705322>we used to be hot shit, you know[View]
120705483I don't get the hate[View]
120705716Did Steve Winwood mean that being back in the high life again is back to having gay sex again?[View]
120705601>announces solo record >immediately reunites Slayer…[View]
120701489>puts every nu metal band into a trash bin and takes a shit on them[View]
120704738KPOP GENERAL[View]
120703547HOLY SHIT: This is the literally the best album ever made. It's like fine wine only better when…[View]
120690802Shout At The Devil [Elektra, 1984] It should come as no surprise that this platinum product is utter…[View]
120701923/emo/: I like 90s and Emo Revival stuff but you guys can post whatever. https://youtu.be/taYisyO_MRE…[View]
120703621Are any concerts worth going to this year?[View]
120705168>Oracle of Vinyl, looking for the secret of life inside the groove. You move slowly but savor the…[View]
120694673Imagine being a metal musician and then having a jazz drummer dress up like a clown and then shit ou…[View]
120701024Post Musicians at their most dimes looks[View]
120701648Name your 5 favorite Beatles and Daft Punk songs: Right now since this is the only good thread on /m…[View]
120698662>all the gay nu-metal shit you liked when you were 13 has reaction videos now…[View]
120704013Thoughts on this album? I finally got around to checking it out after being told it's supposedl…[View]
120700942best rock album in recent times[View]
120704222KPOP GENERAL[View]
120704170What are some songs like Anitina? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywHullAukqI[View]
120704432Why aren't you going to EDC?[View]
120704567Accordion: Anybody have any good resources on how to learn to play the accordion? I can't figur…[View]
120699204Was it good? Was it shit? Were we filtered?[View]
120704343cant believe this is so underrated[View]
120687281\m/ WHERE THE GODDAMN SMACKERS AT \m/[View]
120703615The Beach Boys had a song called 'The Girls on The Beach'. That'd be like if Black Sabbath had …[View]
120704260Someone on Reddit said there's a Kanye West Pet Sounds-has any one ever heard of this? Is it re…[View]
120698060>be lainey wilson >cumbrains for around the world find out about your fat ass >go viral …[View]
120693990/metal/: WHERE WERE YOU edition FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt Old: >>120685644[View]
120694711*eats bean burrito while staring in front of you*[View]
120703725KPOP GENERAL[View]
120700195>weed makes music listening much more enjoyable This is objective fact. Agreed?…[View]
120703110last.fm thread Post yours, rate others https://www.last.fm/user/baneglanton[View]
120703474The true heart and soul of Pink Floyd[View]
120701003Should we embrace the career and work of Creed?[View]
120698442ITT - albums that are 10/10 when you remove the vocal tracks: Exactly what it says on the tin.…[View]
120703673>is it my fault Ive got good vagin-er >Why the fuck was you humping on a minor What did she me…[View]
120703176KPOP GENERAL[View]
12070172215 year old me >Whoa! He's an incel too! He gets it! 25 year old me >He wrote these songs…[View]
120697588now that all the dust has settled, what was their best album[View]
120702904WTF is this? Shoegaze, dream pop? I can't stop playing it. Need more recommendations. https://w…[View]
120700462>Hurt? You mean the Johnny Cash song?[View]
120701243... AND FUCK TOM BRADY![View]
120701295>its actually good Wtf?[View]
120701907do you think this lineup is worth a visit?[View]
120702087you can only pick one[View]
120694372King of /mu/: >In 2019, Cox confirmed that he was still a virgin.…[View]
120699931*creates the post-hardcore emo formula*[View]
120702590>assumed this was normie youtube-core trash for years >finally check it out >it's chil…[View]
120701520Today, I remind them: The best MC was a white kid from Minnesota.[View]
120696318Really sad that this is now the popslop simping board.[View]
120702917Re: Sex Dwarf: https://youtu.be/lrRmgbchiGY?si=VgPzA75YYvV_EgJ7 What exactly were they thinking?…[View]
120702540KPOP GENERAL[View]
120702387favourite album? pic related[View]
120703007is this the ultimate autism flytrap[View]
120696787/beer/core: Anymore beer metal like this?[View]
120702869If I lay here, if I just lay here would (You) lie with me and just forget the board?[View]
120699007Heavy music that ISN'T metal or punk: Post heavy music that isn't metal or punk music. I…[View]
120702870the girl I like started dating a guy who has everything that highlights my own insecurities post alb…[View]
120699406>3 years later >still hasn't been topped how?…[View]
120694894Is this the best AM album?[View]
120702185Can’t wait for this faggot to finally kick the bucket[View]
120700251itt: talentless hacks: talentless small town hacks edition[View]
120701148What does /mu/ think of Matt Uelmen? https://youtu.be/Uxg5W5wKvLE[View]
120699975Kurt Cobain would still be alive if he'd never met Courtney Love.[View]
120701311how can you hate clairo with some of these golden early songs; she claerly has great talent, even if…[View]
120701965KPOP GENERAL[View]
120700053I found a new wave band who was using basedjaks in their album art back in 1983 https://www.youtube.…[View]
120702374You know those remix memes that were popular for a while? Where they remix and vocoder some dude and…[View]
120702363I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
120691541>woman sings about depression[View]
120700777ambient recs pls: anything thats not just eno or hecker, need to transcend while working[View]
120696212black people music: thread for all black people music EXCEPT the stereotypical types like RAP, RNB, …[View]
1206980823x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread: WEEKLY recommend stuff guess favorite cartoon tapmusic.net[View]
120702147Help finding song: Was in an old soap opera my mom used to watch, not sure if its a real song. Was i…[View]
120697730why is this bitch everywhere again?[View]
120699342ITT: Bands that peaked with the first song on their debut album[View]
120701488KPOP GENERAL[View]
120692138At what point do you start to enjoy making music? Been going through tutorials on Ableton and it sti…[View]
120700972KPOP GENERAL[View]
120693619So true lol[View]
120701329Inverse hi hat: https://youtu.be/Y1-_EwL3I3M?si=QIxL71LXONovgdLW How come you can't buy this an…[View]
120699967What's the psychological purpose of Taylor playing both the dorky, plucky underdog and the snob…[View]
120693339ITT post the worst album you used to consider good[View]
120690711Does anyone else notice that random normie pop albums from the 1980's have extremely good produ…[View]
120701266Wonder if anyone will write a book about 2010s music in 40 years? Nah probably not.[View]
120699302Rank the albums: 1. The Mollusk 2. Shinola (Vol. 1) 3. The Pod 4. Quebec 5. White Pepper 6. Pure Gua…[View]
120697735This album is incredibly well-made and just aged really well. Kinda sad they only made this one albu…[View]
120693123Gene and Paul are corporate “Rock Stars: Ace was the real thing,They even confessed that it nothing …[View]
120699521I live in Houston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZAYzLjQAd4 I live in Houston and I am 37…[View]
120691582Why all females play bass: I literally know a girl who plays bass also Literally in every fucking In…[View]
120701057>I was Obama's nation of Obama's Nation what did he mean by this?…[View]
120697549Cmon admit it you know it was kino[View]
120701080Post more Power Kino[View]
120699202that's the last time you motherfuckers made fun of me[View]
120697461>Ah yes, THIS will certainly sell our album.[View]
120700485KPOP GENERAL[View]
120696970A Neet listens to hip hop. Real gangster life you have there.[View]
120700713>Hey you fucking music dorks, dropping another song about fucking some bitches later are you gonn…[View]
120700879E_GIRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt2M7Mgz6pc For all the incels[View]
120700416BOB THE BUILDER[View]
120692510Do you guys ever listen to praise breaks?[View]
120699571>Jew me, sue me Everybody, do me >Kick me, kike me Don't you black or white me what did h…[View]
120697826This is why JPEGMAFIA is always angry[View]
120694005What is Jimi Hendrix's greatest song?[View]
120700585>As Elvis became the biggest pop star in America during 1956, rock-and-roll acts quicky flooded t…[View]
120684688Olivia: Queen of Pop![View]
120700673time to throw rocks at cars[View]
120700551>album that solved grunge It doesn't get better than this[View]
120699305isn't it weird that over time the perception of what is fast or heavy music changed so drastica…[View]
120687159Is there any happy/upbeat post-punk?[View]
120699558Best CD player for windows? Must be able to download metadata from cd and get album art and etc from…[View]
120700052KPOP GENERAL[View]
120691138shoegaze peaked here: >inb4 loveless no[View]
120696140>my favorite singer is Meghan Trainor What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
120700285that album is shit[View]
120700242can i get some shit similar to this? I'm having a real hard time right now and want some stuff …[View]
120700034jesus is king? more like JESUS,THIS AGED LIKE MILK[View]
120698719I like how Mary’s voice both harmonizes with and contrasts against Peter and Paul’s voice. I think t…[View]
120698600>Hey, it's me, Versace! Whoops, somebody shot me! >And I was just checkin' the mail,…[View]
1206934772016 /mu/ would've found this already[View]
120699516KPOP GENERAL[View]
120697394https://www.scaruffi.com/ .[View]
120698121Is there a documentary on why all these 90s/2000s rock singers hang themselves? What happens to the …[View]
120697411holy shit /mu/, why didn't you tell me about this?[View]
120699596You don't like it? I think it's pretty good[View]
120698893this is the greatest album of the 21st century and i'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
120699320Why do we hate EDM/dubstep?[View]
120699637I know this board like Eureka a lot, but man, Uzu ni Naru is just the superior album in every way[View]
120698614Oasis + The Stone Roses > any 90s american band. Simple as[View]
120699013KPOP GENERAL[View]
120699485>the next big thing[View]
120691568There’s kerosene around SET ME ON FIRE[View]
120698007You have 15 seconds to name the best emo and alternative bands.[View]
120699405Early Mercury Rev mogged the entire Flaming Lips discog without trying: https://youtu.be/xUi4FbysSAA…[View]
120694742post albums you've lost friendships over[View]
120697877>bad bitch she like six foot >I call her big foot >The bitch fell off >I said get up on …[View]
120682957I know more about music than you[View]
120691077Which Apple record is not Beatles related?[View]
120698425A fun new game: Post lyrics to any AI and share the interesting/fun replies. Seems like it works bet…[View]
120695366Why haven't you learned music theory?[View]
120698056>tfw no gypsy gf to take me in and make me breakfast[View]
120698586KPOP GENERAL[View]
120698829Why do mainstream media and NPC drones love Bo Burnham so much? I listened to a few songs and he jus…[View]
120693769strange music: Has anyone already heard of Miracle Musical? It was formed by a guy called Joe Hawley…[View]
120698408DG/GTBSG: Can this group create anything good anymore? Their recent releases have been mid if not te…[View]
120688393>Moid tries to sing >He has a funny stutter lol…[View]
120698115KPOP GENERAL[View]
120682237Electronic music is the center of music now, if you're not making electronics and experimenting…[View]
120698201albums that are kino for having hot gay sex to: for me its beat by bowery electric[View]
120698465It clicked[View]
120698184what does /mu/ think of Michael Bolton?[View]
120683471Average day in a Hardcore band[View]
120698146Kurtains: Is this guy zoomer mozart? Does anybody remember 2019/2020? Slowsilver03, kurtains, pitfal…[View]
120694697Greatest album of all time: There's a reason practically every respected rock critic rates this…[View]
120692566Original copy of Elvis Golden records from 1958[View]
120697644KPOP GENERAL[View]
120697681Holy shit. What’s next?[View]
120693837Post images that could be Kanye albums[View]
120693206NUJABES - GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: today, february 26th 2024, marks 14 years since his tragic passing…[View]
120683973>people are paying hundreds of dollars for this shitshow https://twitter.com/jasnfr/status/176117…[View]
120681675This is one of the best bands of all time. Their run from 80s to 90s is one of the best in music…[View]
120691273Now that the dust has settled and Fender is quite clearly the greatest electric guitar maker in the …[View]
120697766This is the average haunted mound connoisseur.[View]
120697104Hidden Gem: Pretty good for being found on Internet Archive. couldn't find any info on these gu…[View]
120697232KPOP GENERAL[View]
120690803Favourite Lineups: CAN (1970-1973) Mercury Rev (1990-1993) Pink Floyd (1967-1968) Soft Machine (1970…[View]
120697390Vulture bros... We won.[View]
120696669Nu Metal Thread: >favourite band? >most interesning take Post them here…[View]
120691959All music made after 2019 could be erased from existence and I wouldn't be too sad about it.[View]
120692767Hell yea bro phonk is the fucking shit this the future of music rite here https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
120696961would you rather Numb by Linkin Park or Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin stuck in your head? i would t…[View]
120696844KPOP GENERAL[View]
120695913>defines your summer jams[View]
120692754KATE BUSH GENERAL[View]
120694009ITT: You like their music but you hate them personally[View]
120692110Worst album I ever listened to. I lost a bet and was forced to listen to this entire thing with no s…[View]
120696452KPOP GENERAL[View]
120684333Is she the last rock star?[View]
120683915KNOCK KNOCK[View]
120695990What is relevant about the party specifically being in the USA: what did miles mean by this[View]
120693589HELP: I'm trying to find a japanese music video, I BELIEVe its black and white but that could b…[View]
120692899Yikes: the album[View]
120696576I need your help finding a song /mu/: Over a year ago some Anon on either /mu/ or /b/ (i forgot as i…[View]
120696196Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence is a really underrated singer. There, I said it.[View]
120696016KPOP GENERAL[View]
120695253Name a bigger industry plant[View]
120696265wait, Pat Smear isn’t gay?[View]
120694413Creepy Songs: One of you mfs posted this on a thread a while back and it’s honestly one of the creep…[View]
120690962My my, what could this be?[View]
120695611KPOP GENERAL[View]
120692457Lives up to the hype[View]
120689457holy shit[View]
120695884Finally got the number of the girl I've liked for the last 4 months Music for this feel?[View]
120688499Is this the best prog album ever made?[View]
120691065King Kunta, Alright, How Much A Dollar Cost and The Blacker The Berry are 10/10 songs. Why do you re…[View]
120694615why does he make pseuds seethe so much?[View]
120695193KPOP GENERAL[View]
120676287What are the heaviest, complex metal bands? I guess 'technical' or 'progressive' death metal is what…[View]
120693829>'if you don't apologize to your mom in 24 hours I'll say all the things you've li…[View]
120695062SKIBIDI I'm Inside Your Toilet ~ Rucka Rucka Ali: >'Chaos in the streets of Detroit! >We …[View]
120688362>opening act is some screamo bullshit[View]
120694743KPOP GENERAL[View]
120691601What are your favorite music-related movies/biographical films, /mu/?[View]
120693156Bitter and sad is how I'm feeling like I'm celery :-([View]
120694733Anyone ever been to Burning Man?[View]
120694113You are practicing your dance moves, right anon?[View]
120694296KPOP GENERAL[View]
120690969Have they made anything worth listening to yet?[View]
120691938and they say moo-core isn't good[View]
120694440Outrageous [Imperial, 1969] Fowley is such a gargantuan shuck that he ought to be preserved in a tim…[View]
120688723Ummm... can we talk about how she literally made music for 4chan neo-nazis please?[View]
120693201>perfect sound forev-ACK![View]
120693778KPOP GENERAL[View]
120687277Dreamed I was an eskimo[View]
120694105The tabloids were kino when Britney was on the scene ngl modern pop girls dont know how to serve lik…[View]
120690361Secretly their best[View]
120693662>kings of leon relevant again in 2024 neat[View]
120684721Is QOTSA the most respected butt rock band?[View]
120667333/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Made in America edition[View]
120693907music for this feel?[View]
120693812Babushka babushka babushkaaaaaa![View]
120685644/metal/: Alien-core goblina gf edition Old: >>120677751 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt…[View]
120693792Great3 DESERVES RECOGNITION: This band is amazing and I love them but they removed their best album …[View]
120681299For me, it's Bloody Kisses[View]
120693317KPOP GENERAL[View]
120689864mfw deftones or smashing pumpkins comes on the playlist[View]
120693571For Collectors Only [Murray Hill, 1985] The first bird group bridged jump blues and doowop, neither …[View]
120693659>Me like a bow-wow, very good chow-chow >Me like-a little girl, she like-a me >Me come from…[View]
120688856doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing[View]
120693611Sitting at the beach takin' a nap Didn't notice my bowels, now I've taken a crap Sitt…[View]
120688745Best gambling-related songs?[View]
120686597bandcamp shill thread: FUCK SOUNDCLOUD CHUDS EDITION[View]
120668707>English singer-songwriter Jacob Collier debuted with In My Room (2016), entirely performed and p…[View]
120691104>ice spice still reigns supreme Y'all white boys should check out Ice Spice music, she is so…[View]
120693186ITT: post music your mother listens to: My mom is into Christian music that praises Jesus but this i…[View]
120692861KPOP GENERAL[View]
120693280Trying to remember the name of a song/artist but all I can distinctly recall is the music video. Th…[View]
120662148what is your favorite song of all time?[View]
120693210Cyberwarmachine by Scorngrain: this is really good industrial/cyber metal. my favorites are Killing …[View]
120688510WE WON[View]
120690129itt: times an artist lost you as a fan forever because of one ignorant comment: times an artist cros…[View]
120693033Someone was shilling Angels and Airwaves- the War yesterday and I really enjoyed it. What are the ot…[View]
120690177lol this shit fucking sucks[View]
120692396KPOP GENERAL[View]
120692852Born This Way [Streamline/Interscope/KonLive, 2011] First of all, avoid the 'Special Edition.' Of th…[View]
120692831im going to the gas station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erR6ZQV5i8E&list=RDWlorhn2rnUc&…[View]
120692816Greatest Hits Volume 3 [Columbia, 1978] In 1968, his marriage to June Carter and his Folsom Prison a…[View]
120687030>McCartney called Nirvana's album 'Nevermind' a 'massive achievement' and said that he was a…[View]
120692373Sunflower and Wild Honey are better than Pet Sounds, Surface Up, and Smile. Stop gaslighting me.[View]
120687193VARUGU VIKENISU???[View]
120686710'women can't make good musi-'[View]
120692551Another triumph[View]
120688114Joe Bonermaster pedalboard: Let me guess, you need more[View]
120688943>beneath these velvet gloves i hide the shameful crooked hands of a money lender…[View]
120691920KPOP GENERAL[View]
120691906vanilla: this shit was a sleeper people didn't realize it hit till later: https://vanillabeats.…[View]
120692121>I LOVE YOU[View]
120691399KPOP GENERAL[View]
120685040it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?[View]
120691609Thoughts on Lizzy Mercier Descloux?[View]
120681142Do you guys like Tyler the Creator? I think his recent stuff is really good. Since Flower Boy.[View]
120691600>'I don't think that [Sam Phillips] was looking for white sales or sensed that he might get …[View]
120691047songs with a very similar bassline/chord structure, but sound totally different https://www.youtube.…[View]
120691550CIGARETTE DAYDREAM You were only seventeen![View]
120691513>dad’s playing wonderwall on the acoustic again[View]
120689360/Campfire/ -- Singin' Thread: Post your acoustic guitar covers or originals, share thoughts, ha…[View]
120691462Why have you forgotten the Greats and why?: First of all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oXvEbtx4L…[View]
120685157At what age did you realize Beethoven sucks?: For me it was 12[View]
120688611Zendaya is the debut studio album by American singer and actress Zendaya, released on September 17, …[View]
120684886When will the beautiful and angelic Kerri Mclellan from Alvvays release a solo new-age synth ambient…[View]
120685481What the fuck was her problem[View]
120690793KPOP GENERAL[View]
120689279I only listen to Electronic music[View]
120690154>The Smiths performed “I Want A Boy For My Birthday” at their debut concert on october 4, 1982 at…[View]
120690240I'm planning to get a 14 strings electric guitar.[View]
120686183>EXCUSE ME[View]
120683841Digits and whatever artist you post dies INSTANTLY.[View]
120690596The Shroud Of: Does anyone know about the backstory of this album and Minimal Man? Such a elusive re…[View]
120689617>when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire they knew…[View]
120689673Let's get some rappers in here: I hold weight, this rock's my soulmate, I smoke a whole ei…[View]
120686997I fell in love with you, we fell in love with you Guys like us just don't fall out of the fucki…[View]
120690840I love this bitch so fucking much[View]
120690230>bassist and drummer are the most popular members of the band[View]
120690247You HAVE seen this classic, right?[View]
120681709What bands/albums should you listen to if you never had a GF, have no job, have no friends, failed c…[View]
120690690>listen to a bop >it's actually a jam…[View]
120690167KPOP GENERAL[View]
120688601LCD Soundsystem: Does /mu/ like LCD Soundsystem, they don't seem to get talked about much here…[View]
120690238>FREE PALESTINE[View]
120690629Peggy Lee is dope: Aretha Franklin is lame[View]
120687687https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOf6CMbHPuA >AI can now ruin music instead of just ruining movies…[View]
120688693post that one album you never get to talk about and i'll ask you about it[View]
120686510Will you be seeing the inevitable wave of hologram concerts? I will, because I like loud noises and …[View]
120688755just noticed a pattern, most dungeon synth artists are nazis, or at least a huge corellation between…[View]
120686196>froooooom the one you left behind >from the one you left behind…[View]
120688102Sly Stone is better than Tupac: What happened? He went crazy?[View]
1206883593x3 WEEK for recent listens guess what is recommend what isn't https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
120689658KPOP GENERAL[View]
120686546vent post so im writing here because i dont have the balls to tell anyone >Be me >A year ago o…[View]
120690076Alpines: They released three albums. Their last one was published around 6 years ago. What happened?…[View]
120689930A lot of modern country music just straight up sounds like 2000s post-grunge[View]
120689628Post syd floyd is one of the most overrated bands What a disgrace https://youtu.be/jMOynjuAPvM?si=eT…[View]
120689365I will never listen to hotel california again![View]
120689891i dont get it[View]
120689929>album starts >girl moaning >a mother opens her daughters room >mother screams 'OMG sh…[View]
120689042This is the best death metal album ever recorded. Vocals are perfect, no retarded edgy gore lyrics. …[View]
120687494Holy shit. So much fucking SOVL[View]
120635958/prod/: Best DAW edition Previous thread: >>120532594 Previous Vocaroos: https://pastebin.com/…[View]
120687058Barefoot buttons = weak nu-males: Anyone else agree that barefoot buttons are cringe and unnecessary…[View]
120689669>the harsh noise wall scene fixated on pornography >but not extreme BDSM type porn like you…[View]
120689119KPOP GENERAL[View]
120684493post more every time times[View]
120684920what is your favorite DUDE WEED album?[View]
120689192what the hell happened to maggie rogers? looks like she got hit not with a wall but with a full spee…[View]
120688584KPOP GENERAL[View]
120686612I really like CCR[View]
120688074KPOP GENERAL[View]
120686767When did people stop hating limp bizkit?[View]
120688511I want to make music but I'm worried and concerned that realistically speaking, I have no talen…[View]
120688535>2024 >I am forgotten[View]
120683835/live/ - Ableton Live 12: Is it gonna be good?[View]
120688445Best 80s synthpop album. Period.[View]
120682707is sabrina carpenter just another scuffed taylor swift?[View]
120687032>Struck by being ashamed of your old space, just wanting that mean heat >You bleached your hai…[View]
120678166ITT: We name bands that have surpassed the success of picrel. Honorable mentions allowed.[View]
120688310I usually use spotify to listen to stuff unless I care enough to torrent it, but tidal seems nice si…[View]
120685678how about a nice old fashioned late 70s-80s indie pop thread? https://youtu.be/fxS3SZmzyVk?si=kvEl9q…[View]
120684977Now that the dust has settled. What did you think of it?[View]
120684949Sean x Colson: >U need Ur panties ripped off and 3 BIG BLACK DICKS in ALL 3 holes at the same tim…[View]
120666087He's just too OP[View]
120686868Name a more timeless and majestic musician. I'll wait...[View]
120684457America Eats Its Young [Westbound, 1972] Their racial hostility is preferable to the brotherly bromi…[View]
120687587KPOP GENERAL[View]
120688029Help me to find a song please: I listened a band on youtube years ago one song is called 'lawn' (i t…[View]
120647174/jam/ — Jam general: Itt we talk jambands and pulled-out classic rock, the longer and more extended …[View]
120684023Moriah Rose Poppy[View]
120684551Nazibros... Kanye already outstreamed by Drake just 2 weeks after Vultures came out :( Taylor Swift …[View]
120685214I'm thinking about doing it[View]
120686230Why is early beatles so dog shit but late beatles so kino?[View]
120685515*tells you the story of how he wrote yesterday and let it be for the millionth time*[View]
120687150>2024 >I am forgotten[View]
120687244Why do people listen to Playboi Carti?[View]
120686076Y'all fuck with Doja? She for real the coolest artist rn Imo she moggs swift, k pop and other s…[View]
120683527Is she beyond repair at this point?: Will she stay retired or will she reinvent herself and make a s…[View]
120678948Thoughts on Cryalot?[View]
120687061KPOP GENERAL[View]
120683332Why are neofolk artists obsessed with putting roman statues and 'RETVRN' style shit in their music/a…[View]
120684371Is this the simp anthem?: Cum m'lady Cum cum m'lady You're my butterfly Sugarbaby htt…[View]
120687478I want Rihanna ro make a comeback.: It's time.[View]
120687428this is my favorite album of all time, but no one has heard of it[View]
120687394Music for this feel?[View]
120684628How come there exists zero evidence for a /mu/ meetup despite this board's long-lasting reputat…[View]
120680387holy shit[View]
120687060Motley Crue sucks without Mick Mars[View]
120682860This is the biggest naked emperor in the history of rock music.[View]
120686518KPOP GENERAL[View]
120686905Cause Anthony is your boyfriend Anthony is your god Anthony is the breeze in your hair on the weeken…[View]
120684577>Cool jazz, as pioneered by figures such as Lester Young and Miles Davis, emerged as a reaction t…[View]
120685948KPOP GENERAL[View]
120686550Creed hits harder and heavier than today's metal: 30 year old boomer that spent high school lov…[View]
120683298Tay Tay: >Taylor Swift officially becomes the artist with most cumulative weeks in the Top 10 in …[View]
120682597How long should I practice to reach this level of guitar playing?: https://youtu.be/fCrGmlDkc3Q?si=W…[View]
120681457what is the motivation of buying CDs in 2024 almost 2025 on the road to 2026 also taylor releases al…[View]
120684698look at this and tell me it's not good: you can't https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v62Kjgxk…[View]
120685004If Room on Fire was produced by the Radiohead guy, what would it have sounded like? Hail to the Thie…[View]
120685432>listen to anticonsumerist music >hear ad afterwards When are musicians gonna find a way to st…[View]
120682470>My favorite musician is Bruno Mars What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
120685183The Death Grips EP was a little too 'experimental' for my taste, but when Exmilitary came …[View]
120684048According to this musical savant genius you don't need to understand music theory or compositio…[View]
1206816791985 oldfag here. Never was a Nirvana fan and by the time he was dead I was already sick of hearing …[View]
120685781I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback girl[View]
120686535Anthony won: ChudYe lost[View]
120686419>Rihanna explained her interest in developing new soundscapes, 'I love experimenting and I love w…[View]
120685887wtf is this ? Hardcore punk? You got anything sounds as nasty as this? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
120685831all his music sounds the same house and dub fried this man's brain[View]
120686262i am so lonely but too shy and dont want to go out so post bands in your local scene(please dont shi…[View]
120685370Whats been your latest vinile purchases, /mu/? For me, its been a bunch of old music and classical t…[View]
120686075>when you turn 30 and suddenly radio rock sounds really fucking good[View]
120685413I've noticed that in blind tests people tend to rate vbr mp3 higher than 320 cbr and even flac.…[View]
120686025holy shit: It keeps clicking over and over, getting exponentially better each time[View]
120683548Today [RCA Victor, 1975] Just when you were starting to suspect there's no such thing as eterna…[View]
120683704>as a teenager, i cared most about the genre of the music i was listening to. >as an adult I c…[View]
120683690Was skate culture the worst meme of the 90's?[View]
120676055ITT: Best music videos to coom to[View]
120658219National Review's 50 greatest conservative rock songs: https://web.archive.org/web/201503111606…[View]
120685401KPOP GENERAL[View]
120685282>my neck hurts from headbanging[View]
120683946the Kill em All royalites, Lars[View]
120684658female-lead metal bands can't be go-[View]
120682229how someone becomes a pop giant like taylor swift? is just constant money burning in shilling,is luc…[View]
120684615So I'm searching for a particular style or sound of music. And what I'm seeking is not a s…[View]
120685739>mfw angels deserve to die[View]
120679382if i hear this song one more time im going to fucking lose it[View]
120677751/metal/: '/meal/ going to bed after a long day of venting about women and calling all other subgenre…[View]
120671453the only music i listen to is sonic music what your favourite sonic song?[View]
120684850kpop general[View]
120685105EYE EYE EYE[View]
120685046Everything Everything: You’re gonna listen to my new album right?[View]
120676985>Tfw you will never have a 1970s synth-waifu[View]
120668248>people of color Were people even talking like this in the early 90s?[View]
120678619>woman sings about depression[View]
120681294What do we think about the current state of the hardcore scene?: https://twitter.com/infinitegaze/st…[View]
120684170KPOP GENERAL: Empress Kot[View]
120681288this album has like 2 good songs (the 2nd and the closer)[View]
120681923I've cracked ALVVAYS. I was very confused by this band because I never listen to music like thi…[View]
120680978>mogs synthpop Kraftwerk[View]
120656004Jpegmafia is having a meltdown: Jpeg feuding with Freddie Gibbs in italy, during the vultures tour. …[View]
120683938the original stomp clap hey[View]
120683514Punk sisters were so back https://youtu.be/V1rn6GwlKNk?si=LTHsyenktpk8ysDN[View]
120684179On repeat:: let’s see what you’ve been listening lately[View]
120678484no last.fm weekly chart?: 3x3 4x4 5x5 post em[View]
120682171Who is better? Jay-Z or Kanye?[View]
120676469How are they all alive: Just how the fuck is every single one of them alive[View]
120684640Time is running out for you to figure out who you really are. https://youtube.com/shorts/OEqhS80_MCI…[View]
120678823Why do we pretend Daniel Johnston is good? His story is endearing but he’s genuinely not that much o…[View]
120684559>writes a bunch of pretty good songs >ruins them all with godawful 80s production Is this albu…[View]
120684523https://youtube.com/shorts/OEqhS80_MCI Fuck Muse! This is the shit.[View]
120682102Experimental General: thread for the discussion of experimental stuff. can be as abstract and 'not m…[View]
120677048*The best pop album of the last 14 years blocks your path*[View]
120682080>i smoke two joints in the morning >i smoke two joints at night What's your favourite son…[View]
120683545>we now have technology essentially unavailable to previous generations that can turn you into a …[View]
120684225>band best song is a single B side[View]
12068118910/10 Do other albums like this exist?[View]
120683530KPOP GENERAL[View]
120682926Its OK to like 90s hip-hop only? 90s shit is raw and atmospheric. It's like black metal but wit…[View]
120661586Hey food[View]
120682507>song repeats the chorus but an octave up.[View]
120683943I am the eye in sky , looking at you. I can read your mind[View]
120670421Grey Matter is a masterpiece of a track https://youtu.be/ibZdil-Kbjw?si=cyICTmV2LFBRShXY[View]
120673709>politicians are all a bunch of pedos How the FUCK did he know it in 1967??? 52 years before Epst…[View]
120681665>animal collective >has zero animals in it…[View]
120683756>colleague recommends me tool >tells me if I like pink Floyd I'll like tool, despite what…[View]
120683787Ween: I just think they're neat also the pod is underrated[View]
120683774I don't give a SHIT who was behind the music; this shit MOGS (as does Gorgoroth's whole di…[View]
120678739itt: albums that changed the world: albums that made history[View]
120682278Post a song that matches its Album cover the most.: Let's play a game. You have to post a song,…[View]
120683286after all these years, nyan cat hasn't been topped tough pill to swallow, but its a timeles, ge…[View]
120683012KPOP GENERAL[View]
120681982>ye on joe rogan podcast >'is like the marvel universe,if the avengers are together they win l…[View]
120679059It clicked[View]
120682974goat album and will be seen as a CLASSIC in a few years[View]
120682954>DUDE AGING SUCKS Do millenials really?[View]
120683202>i want to my band to sound like a shitty 90s band,im sure this would sell our album!! what cause…[View]
120679653Holy shit these are terrible, you actually like this?[View]
120643141Shill Thread[View]
120680246Neither metal nor rap are music.[View]
120683266who's this generation's blink?[View]
120681692>picks a scale >plays the notes in order somewhat quickly Here's your legendary composer …[View]
120678239How come all the 2023 remixes sound great, but when it comes to their first single in 50 years they …[View]
120683087her voice was pure sex on this record, wtf?[View]
120682511KPOP GENERAL[View]
120682177>BECAUSE I'M A CREEP[View]
120681866>'Stop being a man!'[View]
120675114Have you broken something today, /mu/?[View]
120681530>'Guns N' Roses is death metal, right? Sounds super heavy yeah!!'[View]
120681445Why were we programmed to hate this band again?[View]
120679323Based or cringe?[View]
120682344Muzak: ITT we write a soft muzak song one line at a time, the kind of shit you'd hear played ov…[View]
120682024why did he do it?[View]
120679488>ALWAYS support local music[View]
120681292Normcore or art rock masterpiece?[View]
120682041KPOP GENERAL[View]
120682415Do Asians like classical music or is it to look rich in front of others?[View]
120682368when will /mu/ become a This Town Needs Guns board?[View]
120677294Why in the ass would they ever end this with Butterfly instead of Longtime Sunshine?[View]
120681784What happened to Deerhunter? They seem to have quietly disappeared.[View]
120681980Why nerds hate Limp Bizkit so much? Fred made heavy metal cool again. Before him it was sausage part…[View]
120678288i dont get it[View]
120678903wait dj shadow is WHITE??[View]
120678432>when the saxophone kicks in[View]
120680775ITT: Real Nigga songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5tjWupbqD4[View]
120681510KPOP GENERAL[View]
120679032How is her voice so beautiful? Hate to use the tired 'like an angel' cliche, but she really does. ht…[View]
120680564WHERE IS MY FRY?[View]
120681787Most underrated albums of all time[View]
120681765what did I think of it?[View]
120681400name the shittiest song to ever enter your ears[View]
120680255All his best songs are unreleased leaks[View]
120681641music for this feeling[View]
120679818Kitsch Music: I've been getting a kick out of kitsch-y music recently, and I'd like to fin…[View]
120681586Why doesn't anybody talk about these guys? They're amazing[View]
120680984KPOP GENERAL[View]
120674648I just sold my first track for $2[View]
120679974Pardon me while I burst Pardon me while I burst A decade ago, I never thought I would be At 23, on t…[View]
120677480>Spyro has a rich community of fake level composers >Mario has nothing because the music isn…[View]
120676031What's the deal with atonal music? https://vocaroo.com/1kmf8PBsdf4q[View]
120681295https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-PQd16irhw thoughts?[View]
120681206HOLY FUCK: This shit is straight up fire. Y'all fuck with Roxy Music? They remind me of David B…[View]
120679650Took a nap listening to these niggas earlier, think this might just become my sleep music standard. …[View]
120679184Post rappers better than Kanye[View]
120680206What is your favorite Taylor Swift song from every album? Yes, even the ones you didn’t like.[View]
120681088>Papa made me eat my peas again Song for this feel?[View]
120674732Why are they so goddamn annoying looking? I can't be the only one[View]
120673665might wanna do music but i either have no rhythm or no self esteem to find out if if have or not wha…[View]
120680436KPOP GENERAL[View]
120679146Has listening to a certain musician ever got you laid?[View]
120680802i sound like a retard when I sing along to the solo and outro segments of The Nurse Who Loved Me. I …[View]
120680781What about mouthwash? What about huffing paint? You don't need ID to buy it, and you can't…[View]
120677187Why are light gauge strings getting popular again?: Even the King of /mu/ himself Rick Beato has mad…[View]
120678394>Kurt Cobain may be gone, but I'm still standing.[View]
120673784>listening to this bopper of an album high rn What i am in for?[View]
120680274>jimi hendrix, of course...[View]
120672955I don’t get it:[View]
120672608Terrible albums with fantastic art work[View]
120677667Is this the best Collab in 1983?[View]
120678360This band is very underrated.[View]
120672339Tonight's the Night[View]
120680009my favorite band, primus, is coming to NY, about an hour away from me. tickets are $50, do i go?[View]
120680546>tfw spent decades thinking Kenny Loggins and Kenny Rogers were the same person…[View]
120674341Smash Mouth: Dead memes aside, what does /mu/ think of Smash Mouth? Is it kino?[View]
120678058holy shit..[View]
120676897Give me some examples of good and bad songwriting. I feel like I can tell if a song is great or shit…[View]
120678578>my favorite band is The Shins What type of person do you imagine?[View]
120679874KPOP GENERAL[View]
120679644I am tired of eclecticism. I am tired of nods and homage and references. I am tired of retro throwba…[View]
120666997>Artists I've hated the most? Oh God, there's just so many really. I find Stevie Wonder…[View]
120668478What the fuck went wrong?[View]
120676600ITT: obnoxious musicians[View]
120655136why does it feel like there's absolutely no music that could come out that could truly 'change'…[View]
120668495so are we excited about the new tay tay coming out or not?[View]
120675984Is frutiger aero the next aesthetic to take over music?[View]
120670833anyone else really looking forward to Lana's country album?[View]
120676198ITT: post hidden gems. I've always liked 'Cool, Calm and Collected' by the Stones. https://yout…[View]
120672503Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Vultures 1’ Spends Second Week Atop Billboard 200: Why did melon l…[View]
120674601Post “my best friend is dead” core[View]
120673325A magical trust fund fairy has granted you an unlimited budget along with all the music industry con…[View]
120675518Land Yacht Lowrider Cruising Music: Let's make a playlist to make Ice Cube proud[View]
120677731Just discovered Sade, what a lady. What are some similar artists / where can I go from here?[View]
120679869>'heftig! heftig! heftig! Jazz musik!'[View]
120672641there's nothing else quite like him bros[View]
120679090How do you cope knowing your favorite musician doesn't even have a third of Beyonce's hits…[View]
120674833can someone explain how the flats here are used with respect to the circle of fifths?[View]
120676304Al B. Sure! appreciation thread[View]
120678628wtf is this..[View]
120679206KPOP GENERAL[View]
120677312HOLY SHIT[View]
120679384Fantano won: Fantano won.[View]
120679096comfy music listening set up: post um[View]
120679567The funko format[View]
120677248>in store today >they had a station on that was playing a medley of hits from different decade…[View]
120677932Johnny Cash is the greatest cover artist of all time. >of all time[View]
120676529>Few will regard the second half of the 1940s and the first half of the 1950s as anything more th…[View]
120679366Why did nobody tell me about this guy? My favorite band is jamiroquai what the fuck. The bass and dr…[View]
120674792Man why is Northern California so shit: Not one good band or Musician[View]
120675929itt: talentless hacks: the hacks with no talent[View]
120673524big mayan hooooo[View]
120678630KPOP GENERAL[View]
120679154Why did he ruin the song? to own the chuds for associating the song with patrick bateman?[View]
120679143>i'm addicted to this album, even though i'm lefftist and i'm a victim of school b…[View]
120667512>legendary guitarist that revolutionized and changed music forever >not a single person talks …[View]
120674395Now that the dust has settled…: …Did he at least look good in it?[View]
120674801Why is it so fucking kinky[View]
120676282Who did it better and what's the deal with these retrospectives?[View]
120677130Devo: Were a fun band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTNGg0Tj5Aw[View]
120678793SPEED KILLS BUT BEAUTY LIVES FOREVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNtaPrX2gxg[View]
120675779Found a copy of yesterday and today from the Beatles[View]
120677983KPOP GENERAL[View]
120675797Rucka Rucka Ali: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fa_R7R31To When I started making joke records back…[View]
120677260idc how cheesy it is, I love it[View]
120677813Vultures now has 2 straight weeks at #1. First independent album to do back-to-back weeks at #1 sinc…[View]
120678437still ill > reel around the fountain > suffer little children > miserable lie > you…[View]
120673848mfw deftones comes on the playlist[View]
120675487You don't like Poppy? I DISAGREE!!!![View]
120675025Is Depeche mode good?[View]
120674372JUST What happened to 'live fast and die young'?[View]
120675424Rank ‘em[View]
120677005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY61fx3UgJs&list=PL6pqjJSYB2-WyknKCZd24h-zxbJMKz0ch&index=4 …[View]
120676879Anyone know the Midwest Emo/Math Rock tuning for a four string bass? All I ever find is for six stri…[View]
120677342KPOP GENERAL[View]
120673350>brings back complex and rich hamornies melodies back in music holy frickin crap lois…[View]
120677771Was pc music a mistake?[View]
120673790videos for a better tomorrow: this proves why racism is bullshit. whites blacks and asians all work …[View]
120673853Debut is my favorite Bjork album.[View]
120674173/metal/: Daughters of the Firmament edition. Previous: >>120663837 FAQ: burzum.org[View]
1206702535x5 WEEK for recent listens guess something recommend something else https://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
120676690KPOP GENERAL[View]
120673317Holy shit metalcore can be good?[View]
120672763>modern jam starts playing HOLY SHIT[View]
120674721Listen up wh*te bois: Y’all best not be saying n***** at concerts[View]
120668277>chuds can't make good musi-[View]
120676259>my favorite rapper is Offset What type of person do you imagine?[View]
120676878Brimful of Asha on the 45: Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow Everybody needs a bosom[View]
120674075Kanye and Carty get called out: He is right you know[View]
120675927I love Yngwie Malmsteen but I cannot play his songs yet. How do you do it bros?[View]
120676951I could do without the chorus and by this point he just sounded like Oscar the Grouch. You have to l…[View]
120675364Will we all be attending the Hannah Diamon show at the velvet underground in Toronto this March?[View]
120676444>from licking on your prostate: to chokin on your trouser snake[View]
120672420>bought a vinyl because it looks cool >never heard the album >don't even own a turntab…[View]
120661673Remove one[View]
120676720>People are crying >What are we gonna do?…[View]
120675945Why the fuck is country music being shilled so hard by record labels and mainstream outlets?[View]
120674898What genre of woman is this and what genre of music does she listen to?[View]
120676752Were they bigger in the 80s/90s than they were in the 70s?[View]
120676725i don't get it?[View]
120676718>plays Skyrim once >decides to LARP and make completely trash music…[View]
120676578Pop music is a commercial advertisement for itself[View]
120674919The case stemmed from an incident in 1975. Model Jeanne Bellino, who was 17 at the time, claimed tha…[View]
120675423How do i learn to write songs, and i don't mean lyrics, i mean the actual songs, melodies, chor…[View]
120676047KPOP GENERAL[View]
120673290>singlehandedly creates what the entire legacy of george clanton depends on >gets no recogniti…[View]
120666562stop with the fat jokes[View]
120669976Beyoncé en route to have the biggest country hit in Spotify's history: Texas Hold 'Em is s…[View]
120674573>4 albums all released in different decades has any other band done this? I know d'angelo an…[View]
120676456The worst thing Kanye ever did was subject the entire world to Big Sean.[View]
120673833Based or Cringe?[View]
120676419>Post Malone Garbage right off the bat >Tortured Poets Department Joe Alwyn whining >My Boy…[View]
120676391Need this: Anyone knows songs/albums/genres that sounds like this, https://youtu.be/Y6Yds1WkBcU?si=K…[View]
120674511Christine and the Queens: Thoughts on his music?[View]
120675269>haha weird mouth sounds make funny words haha' the band[View]
120675542I got a glock in my 'rari[View]
120674929Black Bulls on parade[View]
120673539>deathcore is ba-[View]
120673684>Hey that coffee pot looks quite hot[View]
120668209this cover is like a warning about the complete ass album you are about to listen[View]
120674105/jazz/ - Jazz General: Death Wish Edition[View]
120675454normal guy listens to metal >ewww! he's so cringe rich guy listens to metal >he's so…[View]
120675441KPOP GENERAL[View]
120674860how did we go from this[View]
120668234I don't get it.: This is just dull jamming[View]
120675594According to Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All the greatest love of all is to love yoursel…[View]
120670137a couple weeks ago I made a thread asking for help identifying these albums and thanks to a few kind…[View]
120669735i like this album Inlet = Downward is Heavenward >> Electra 2000 = In Streams >= You'd…[View]
120674770KPOP GENERAL[View]
120673953Sex drugs and fascism[View]
120647827Last album that made you feel like this?[View]
120674037What's y'all thought on NWA? Hope you at least respect them, white boys. They changed musi…[View]
120675261>track called endless nameless >under 10 minutes >clearly has a name what a hack girth copa…[View]
120670563The 1975 are a very good band and Matty Healy is a god tier frontman.[View]
120659490“Critics have been giving me a hard time since day one,” he said. “Critics say I can’t sing. I croak…[View]
120672273>I remember I used to compose your dreams, (control your dreams) >and don't be afraid to …[View]
120674837bransleposting: I cant get enough of this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7lsIiKIe2k…[View]
120674984(1) You got one new message: Dear Anon, after a long time of waiting we can finally present you the …[View]
120674358Bad bitch music: New kets4eki track just dropped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2td8zc6E2jY Though…[View]
120674232Is he cringe?[View]
120673959I don't get it[View]
120672578What's your opinion on The Right Stuff by Vanessa Williams?[View]
120674663Why is it so fucking kino?[View]
120674118KPOP GENERAL[View]
120656021>this is the best festival that right wingers can muster From[View]
120674638real nigga song: https://youtu.be/-8bO8e9JxZg?si=ckN4WVH3qolC4KHa[View]
120672474This is actually pretty good, not cringe at all[View]
120672356>be fat fuck at rock show >chilling at the very front against the security barrier >woman b…[View]
120672431https://youtu.be/qMHB0k8-wKg?si=wMmPUeh2fQ5xju9m Has anyone found any good leads about this lost son…[View]
120672906in awe at the size of this lad. absolute unit[View]
120668227Non-English music: you fuckers actually listen to music that's also not in english, right? you …[View]
120674165Turnstile is the Metallica of my generation[View]
120673521KPOP GENERAL[View]
120663837/metal/: Underrated riffs edition ancient: >>120658186 resources: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1B…[View]
120673628what causes this phenomena? is it really that hard to come up with a review without mentioning any o…[View]
120674051How to save a life, /mu/ ? https://youtu.be/cjVQ36NhbMk?si=TW1j_pZGZ_Eh24Yi[View]
120671067>takes a big nasty steaming wet shit all over LDA[View]
120668880recommend autism music[View]
120671222My younger brother called an artist I like a khia. What does that mean?[View]
120672680I just found a pretty cool album from 2009 that i've never seen posted anywhere[View]
120665226algorithm core[View]
120669180>dude starts singing about israel and zionism wtf man I was enjoying that…[View]
120671481who was it for you anon[View]
120671352OK /mu/ lets settle this. Who won?[View]
120672192ITT: Albums that have had a profound effect on your life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C--Gmw4G3YU…[View]
120673112Kanye: Why is he such genius and the best musician to have ever musiced?[View]
120671221any albums that come close to the sound of yeezus? dont say gesaffelstein,i listened the music of th…[View]
120673318Zoomers need to stop trying to imitate my favorite 90s rock bands.[View]
120670560How to mix instruments in DAW? Any guides?: I'm trying to mix some simple 70s-80s esque rock st…[View]
120668378This album doesn't seem to age. I just listened to it again and it's as fresh as it ever w…[View]
120672943KPOP GENERAL[View]
120673373Who is your favorite of the 90's-mid 00's female lead vocalist rock bands? I'm thinki…[View]
120672509when the fuck is the next gizzard album coming out. we haven't had a new one since october.[View]
120673332Anyone wanna start another re/mu/stered album? What are we feeling?[View]
120667551It clicked. Life is Cheap is hilarious.[View]
120671955They've got allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters Trash compactors, ju…[View]
120672922literally the fucking pinnacle of the 90s[View]
120670974>Many hip hop producers have tried to imitate his style but failed How did he do it?…[View]
120672478This album is the closest to Frank Zappa's genius music has ever gotten[View]
120670369Why did he fall from grace so quickly?[View]
120669188what the fuck happened[View]
120672433KPOP GENERAL[View]
120671316>2024 >The dust hasn't settled yet[View]
120667222>Hyperpop >Digicore >Glitchcore >Dariacore >Breakcore >etc What's with these …[View]
120672758Was their beef actually real or was it dramatized to sell records?[View]
12067185550 CENT THREAD [nostalgic]: Unironically one of the best music artists of all time. Nice life story …[View]
120672747Titty gum.[View]
120672357as a broke fella, what is a budget guitar and keyboard you would recommend to someone with little to…[View]
120671339who was better?[View]
120670258>when americans listen to british music (especially punk rock) and think they understand it and s…[View]
120672330isn't it incredibly racist of us to call a music genre originated by black people 'jungle'[View]
120670873Just starting to get into noise rock Anyone good I should listen to?[View]
120671297whats your favorite danzig song[View]
120672383itt: times am artist's one food-related eccentricity prevented you from ever being a fan again:…[View]
120671377Is it possible to record a good song using only a guitar and a cheap mic?[View]
120669573Hindi Classical Movie Music: Preferably pre 1980s when Hindi movies used to be good Starting with th…[View]
120667195>rym review is not in English[View]
120671821KPOP GENERAL[View]
120671842g6: >Poppin' bottles in the ice, like a blizzard[View]
120670172Happy birthday GEORGE HARRISON!! Say something nice about the guy... absolute genius.[View]
120670411why the nigga love his cheetos fritos & doritos so much lmao[View]
120671518>hold on loosely >and don't let go >if you squeeze to tightly >you're gonna lo…[View]
120671437>: >[View]
120669920>Some moid sings about toxic masculinity >He's lanky, balding, wears glasses, watches Mar…[View]
120672002needles in the camel’s eyes sounds almost like something of a loveless, (except you can hear lyrics)…[View]
120666617Thougths about this hidden jem? I just smoked some weed and listening to this kino. It's a mast…[View]
120668647how this nigga performed like this at 38? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOj_xsc-EBM[View]
120671586https://youtu.be/l446hUqQ7GY?si=bl9xAhqDj0WOasUy Is there any songs in English or Spanish with this …[View]
120671850>go to a show >don't know the opener >end up liking them more than the main act >re…[View]
120671557>WAAAAOW!!!!! >I FEEL GOOD[View]
120667447This nigga is the lamest tryhard. >ugly >dated a prostitute who forced him to hold a 'I'M…[View]
120671610Reminder, there is 2 kanyes[View]
120643847Real humanz being: I've been seeing some gorillaz posting lately so let's talk about Albar…[View]
120671132KPOP GENERAL[View]
120671674Please help me finding this song: sounds like Moroder, but I've listened to almost all his song…[View]
120666777NEW ALBUM IS MASTERED: https://instagram.com/p/C3ns6jUvIBi/[View]
120671302What's it like to be a church musician? Do you need to practice their religion to join? Do they…[View]
120668720Did you know that Ringo starr was actually the narrator of a children’s show call Thomas the tank en…[View]
120671601Please rise for President Genevieve[View]
120669115which retro j-rock songs do i have to know to impress goth onee-chan?[View]
120671077rec me some ambient, all i know is this, saw ii and bengalfuel lel. preferably this same kind of syn…[View]
120671546holy shit[View]
120665960They linked up[View]
120670678What is the most 'DUDE I JUST TOOK HECKIN MUSHROOMS!!!' album out there?[View]
120665838Sleaford Mods diss IDLES: >You're not DiY, you're a fucking twat >You look like Fred…[View]
120671456why did it make the libs seethe so much?[View]
120664745How did they get big? I like the Ramones music personally but I can't imagine how such an unski…[View]
120657041>my favourite artist is Rob Zombie What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
120670647Peter Gabriel [Atlantic, 1978] One of those records that is diminished by the printed lyrics that ar…[View]
120670553ok we finna settle this once and for all yo: >best song 90s >best song 00s >best song 10s…[View]
120669357>be me, yesterday >podcast recorded 3 years ago randomly mentions Job for a Cowboy >Hmmmm I…[View]
120668613dan swano: dan swano discuss[View]
120670564KPOP GENERAL[View]
120670791Does it succeed as a gospel album?[View]
120665981>Oh, that music is from a ballet, it's not real music okay and now replace 'ballet' with vid…[View]
120670697>cover recontextualizes the original song's lyrics[View]
120665401Just saying... sound's like he's saying milestone instead of millstone.[View]
120664311Post peak comfy.[View]
120669344I hate when singers make faces.[View]
120669950KPOP GENERAL[View]
120663653>Musically speaking, Tokio Hotel is the fallout from Fall Out Boy. The sound is just as calculate…[View]
120667262anyone here play organ? do you play other instruments? I mainly play guitar but love organ and want …[View]
120656622>thoughts about this art rock masterpiece?[View]
120668879>the outro to PDA Holy fuck. Peak post-punk[View]
120668236Wednesday: Just saw these guys live and they were great. They even joined the crowd to watch Neu! af…[View]
120669784I love DFA: I love DFA[View]
120670269https://youtu.be/gcbSUwPjass?si=xSZrm94BzNt31D5L Does anyone know what the track starting at 14:00 i…[View]
120669014I was wondering if anyone heard of the small band 'The Bleaders'?: In 2020 on Vkontakte I accidental…[View]
120669985>woman sings about depression[View]
120666505Kid A(lien): When Aliens land on Earth, I'll tell them to listen to this album so that they can…[View]
120669891>female popstar's lead single is about loving yourself as a gay person…[View]
120669431KPOP GENERAL[View]
120667781which one is the best?[View]
120667151how the fuck did they get this bad?[View]
120663501Wayne Garf - Dont Trust The Wizard (2023) >Alternative, singer-songwriter >https://www.youtube…[View]
120667243whats the most efficient way to download youtube playlists en masse preferrably with thumbnails[View]
120669816Bob Doylan: I used to work with a 65 year old lady who who, when I mentioned my love of Bob Dylan’s …[View]
120668632You now remember your Eminem phase.[View]
120668766>Sunday morning >neighbor is blasting Bon Jovi at full volume again…[View]
120665619Well this wasn't worth the hype.[View]
120669398Playing Michael Jackson on the record player[View]
120655088Am I the only person in the world who thinks that he wasn't even that good looking? Just looked…[View]

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