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73564235What makes this album so good?[View]
73564614Does /muu/ like Princess Nokia ?[View]
73562687*deletes All Neon Like*[View]
73564205Rarity Market: ITT post rare items you have/want, any anons who happen to be willing to sell them of…[View]
73558034ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
73565473>tfw my mom likes and raps along to humble Has Kendrick finally breached the normiesphere lads?…[View]
73565327>long skit at the start of a song, not a separate track >skit is sounds of people having sex …[View]
73565704What do you think about The Offspring?[View]
73565714Beach House - B-Sides & Rarities: I just started listening to it and some of the alternate takes…[View]
73565262opinions on The Frogs?[View]
73562787Got MIDI Keyboard What program do I get for it that's not shit so it can make some noise[View]
73564402KPOP GENERAL[View]
73562259why didn't they collab yet?[View]
73562805Bands Only You Listen To[View]
73565360lazy or uninterested?[View]
73562227reminder that this happened[View]
73564847Molly Rankin: Why is she better than your favourite female artist?[View]
73564635>aphex twin will not release a single exclusively to your local record store which you will organ…[View]
73565429/TR/ General - Yes, Everyone Seems To Be Asleep edition: All things Reznor related are welcome. All …[View]
73564274i want listen some good albums post some good albums[View]
73564091Cake: What does /mu/ think of Cake?[View]
73561943/mu\tants is Ernie ball even the best strings?[View]
73565029>daydreaming all day about playing in front of a huge crowd help[View]
73564266/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
73565043> 2017 > he doesn't listen to christian lightcore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjc7Hh…[View]
73538745/prod/ general - ywn be Madlib edition: old thread: >>73499942 Talk about music production, co…[View]
73562976Literally what's the appeal of revolution 9 and why did it make the album?[View]
73563488best xiu xiu review: http://thepampsblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/a-review-of-xiu-xius-album-promise.…[View]
73556543Is it possible for an album to have more than 30 tracks and be a true 10/10 album?[View]
73563882What do you think of latin music?: What do you think of music like this https://youtu.be/aTepWULhdck…[View]
73564907uhh hey bros, my dad just committed suicide after a lot of problems e.g. abusing mom, can i please g…[View]
73565071overnight plug dj thread: https://plug.dj/howboardru[View]
73563970know any good symphonic pop/rock bands?[View]
73564977Why do some of the backup vocals on this album sound like George Costanza's mom?[View]
73558796meanwhile in Bizarro /mu/...[View]
73555639He's literally saving rock'n'roll[View]
73564858Is this legal? This rapper is a lawsuit waiting to happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUaxspLdpC…[View]
73563849Why don't more people realize that he's a compulsive liar?[View]
73559053Name an industrial rap album that is actually good...[View]
73563620how do i make experimental music that doesn't suck?[View]
73561700What does /mu/ think of Journey?[View]
73564579What is le secret?[View]
73564792ITT: Criminally underrated albums[View]
73564790Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
73561126Can /mu/ sing? Any moron can learn how to play a guitar, but it takes real talent to use your voice …[View]
73564708Rebe; Rebel Demo?: Anybody know where I can find the demo to Dead or Alive's cover of 'Rebel Re…[View]
73561681Name a better modern recording artist[View]
73563039What have they done to my waifu?[View]
73563326how do I get qt girls to listen to degenerate music? pic related[View]
73563042Essential Dadrock + General Flowchart Thread: I know you guys think it's pleb, but some of it h…[View]
73539511ITT: Post your favorite Kate Bush song[View]
73564224Wait prodigy died?! where was the sticky[View]
73564372Albums that make you want to kill yourself in a good way[View]
73564236ITT: albums that are the best in their respective genres[View]
73564009Please I just need that pic of Kanye screaming of happiness[View]
73563913Daily reminder that Ian Curtis is still waiting for a guide to come and take him by the hand.[View]
73563783Hey /mu/, can you help me with my taste? Not sure where to go from here and need some recs.[View]
73564096where do I go now that ive listened to perfection? excluding faith no more[View]
73562056Is he a God?[View]
73561087What are you working on /mu/ ?[View]
73564094oh shit Did we like it?[View]
73496646/shugazi/ - Shoegaze & Dreampop General: 'Post your favorites from the 2000's' Edition…[View]
73563168/mu/, i need to find the motivation to start working on my album[View]
73563808>see Grimes (aka Claire) on Tinder >holyshitweactuallymatch >meeting tomorrow holy shit, im…[View]
73563768/ambient/ - Ambient General:: What do you think Brian Eno smells like?[View]
73563792Where the FUCK are Revolutions 2-8??[View]
73562948what are some good drone music albums?[View]
73562537It's better.[View]
73563625Why isn't this /mu/core? Literally the best thing I've ever heard.[View]
73554607/prog/ general: Pseudo-deep lyrics, technical wankery, and all around pretentiousness, come to this …[View]
73562154Imagine Dragons: This new album I'm listening to now is actually pretty good for what it is. A …[View]
73563536TCD > MBDTF > LR > Y > 808s > G > TLOP[View]
73563106hey /mu/, do I like this album or not?[View]
73562383KPOP GENERAL: our hapa edition[View]
73561282Should I get a Bass VI?: I'm a bass player and have only been a bass player who only knows TAB …[View]
73563063Wow. Anything else like this?[View]
73562801twin peaks: list your favorite songs that remind you of the show twin peaks below my my personal pi…[View]
73562793This shit sounds like Backstreet Boys thought they were way tougher than they were.[View]
73560884ITT post 10/10 albums nobody talks about[View]
73563199I feel like I'm dying I'm never gonna live again You just ain't been trying It's…[View]
73563192Any Anons wanna collaborate on a Kanye diss track: Kanye Diss Track Eco: Mista Gay Fish I'ma se…[View]
73560886What the fuck is this and why do I like it so much?[View]
73562639gettin kinda manic gettin kinda frantic leave out the back put the keys in the matic[View]
73563149>has Reggie on their chart[View]
73559175Whirr were the saviors of rock and roll and fuckers like YOU abandoned them when we needed them the …[View]
73562921This is the only good modest mouse album[View]
73562900I've got an acoustic guitar and my buddy can play drums, what kind of music should we make?[View]
73546599/Grimes/: Indie squad edition Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ec6dzraS4o Previous thr…[View]
73524420'Hehe, anon, thanks for sending me your track.' 'I liked, uh, ... what was the name of it again?'[View]
73562510This is underrated This has influenced space rock and psych rock so much more than piper at the gate…[View]
73562674giving out free itunes giftcard XHCQZ7MFD9VQJ4RN pic mildly related[View]
73562867/robbie/: What does /mu/ think of Robbie Williams?[View]
73562939Dark ambient: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmiBRxOoTWo[View]
73559564I don't get the hype..[View]
73562811is third Stream a meme[View]
73562480>tfw suicidally overwhelmed over how awful i act socially music for this feel…[View]
73562466He's accomplished more than you'll ever accomplish.[View]
73562755Volumes: >Gus still hasn't improved >pouya >left for dead is meant to be the heaviest…[View]
73560659Does anyone happen to know of any high energy Japanese psych/acid folk with punky vibes and a lot of…[View]
73562734Trance top 5 Thread - >Be born in 89-90 to post: Least fav first - #5 J&R Project - Keep it …[View]
73551763It's time for /mu/ to stop ignoring Despacito.[View]
73562092What are some good conspiracy themed albums?[View]
73560022Was I the only one who thought this was shite? Good God[View]
73562195>I go on too many dates What did she mean by this?[View]
73561791i have bought tickets to see death grips, what should i expect.[View]
73557640>mfw listening to the beatles in mono for the first time[View]
73561264O H M Y G O O D N E S S: O H H M Y Y G O O D N E S S O O D N E S S[View]
73562445Bill Clinton swag.: Favorite albums edition, guess personality, hate rate, etc.[View]
73562534Anyone have a musician that's been in a Disney movie. https://youtu.be/X9Hrq9dzNSs[View]
73544250Is anyone else enjoying the fuck out of this album? I love the direction hip-hop is headed, this is …[View]
73562197Ween Reddit: Why does Reddit keep making Ween threads here now?[View]
73561998Why is Feist so underrated? She has a great discography.[View]
73562500Quick, post good music from before the 20th century https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ItNxpwChE[View]
73561652Desiigner >>>>> Future message me when Future when Future will made something as good…[View]
73560246>rapper repeats the first verse but with more intensity[View]
73562019I have been depressed for years now, and one of my closest friends fucked me over on my birthday a c…[View]
73562176>Final chorus has added blastbeats[View]
73560035Who are your favorite 5 female musicians?[View]
73558612give me a single example of a time this man has been wrong[View]
73561564How's my music taste /mu/?[View]
73560670KPOP GENERAL[View]
73562181I didn't see some kind of general or i'd ask them but I've been playing keys for almo…[View]
73562172This is the modern equivalent of Pet Sounds. Anybody else a fan of Geographer?[View]
73561565Any /mu/tants about to watch King Crimson in Denver?[View]
73561940Post songs currently stuck on your mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RXRHmIFB_c&list=PL5dX1k…[View]
73561622>Tried to make 50 albums chart. >Can only name 13 albums that I like.…[View]
73561957>Satin instruments[View]
73559712ITT: albums with god-tier production. Any genre goes. Looking to test out my new stereo system.[View]
73562008So this is the hot new shitpost meme[View]
73557473What's her problem?[View]
73558060What is the appeal of Rap? Listening to Rap is liking being cucked, because you're listening to…[View]
73561853When you think of this what version are you actually thinking of? The U.K. version or the U.S. versi…[View]
73560217screamo recs?: actually looking for newer stuff despite pic, i generally know all the classics…[View]
73560259Songs to dab to?[View]
73560177why is this never talked about here[View]
73559689Who is the female Tom Waits?[View]
73561398Favorite Frank Zappa Album?: I like We're Only in It for the Money.[View]
735533633x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread: Guess occupations and appearance[View]
735612211. Eminem 2. Aesop rock 3. Machine gun Kelly 4. Post Malone 5. Hopsin 6. G-eazy 7. Lil dicky 8. Act…[View]
73561787Oasis fans are all micro-cocked balding virgin manlets[View]
73558620Wtf I hate Ween now[View]
73561788Started a YouTube channel, just want to get some subs and some views, Help a brother out[View]
73561556What the hell does Danny Brown yell at the beginning of his songs? he always says that 'check'/'chur…[View]
73561309*Unironically deletes love you to*[View]
73561656is there an album that sounds like this movie ?[View]
73561684DATING: ITT: Musicians and who theyre dating/married to[View]
73558102ITT: 'bands' that are basically just one person[View]
73558519OBAMA SAY WHAT IT DO[View]
73557653>at concert >singer introduces song 'this one is about having sex with animals'…[View]
73561526I'm trying to find something I listened to on /mu/ once. I've been looking through the arc…[View]
73559351Radiohead: Only true Radiohead fans know that Thom died 301 years ago[View]
73560495New Denzel Curry EP. Where da leak at?[View]
73559958What are mu's opinions on this? It reminds me of Sunbather, but I like this better.[View]
73561439creative depressing love song about romeo and juliet shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGxhNvHEv…[View]
73521431/daily/ - OK hand Edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and int…[View]
73561086What's your opinion on this band?[View]
73554908Post a pleb band and a patrician equivalent >pleb The National >patrician Tindersticks…[View]
73559696>lour reed doing a gay voice[View]
73561402I have the tools I need to make music, but I currently live with my family. (Mother, Grandmother, et…[View]
73560255this song is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTIB10eQnA0[View]
73559773Hi /mu/! I just made a cover of one of the songs of the legendaries Soul Coughing! I want to you guy…[View]
73558524Post songs that make you feel euphoric for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTPLcst4OL8…[View]
73560737>when you realize that Despacito will be at least 5 billions of views at the end of the decade…[View]
73560181>You know I got bread like a croissant, son Damn...[View]
73556296Is this true, /mu/?[View]
73556759Ready To Die: The remastered one has less samples? What's with that? I get it's legal issu…[View]
73557095Almost five years later, what are your thoughts on this album? Is it kino?[View]
73560651honestly what's so great about this album[View]
73560896Is there any reason to ever listen to any music made before 1965?[View]
73552120/metal/: Jimmy Nu-Male ripping a bong edition. Old thread: >>>73543140[View]
73560361Is there any other album that perfectly encapsulates depression? Deathconsciousness is a monster. th…[View]
73556578ITT: Times Pitchfork were very wrong[View]
73558273Album time: Time to see what the summer boys got. First dubs decide theme and the rest track titles.…[View]
73558959is it the perfect soundtrack?[View]
73559634Can we have a thread dedicated to Dreampop? You can share music, discuss the genre, recount some exp…[View]
73560942Post a prog band better than this. >protip: u can´t[View]
73558468>tfw Long Season Part 3[View]
73557279What am I in for?[View]
73560906Emery is actually a bretty underrated band[View]
73544467/BCG/ Bandcamp General: Couldn't find a Bandcamp thread in the catalog, so here's a new on…[View]
73557550>Drug dealer buy Jordan, crackhead buy crack And the white man get paid off of all of that >VE…[View]
73560851>teenager near me implies rap is music[View]
73558455What do you all honestly think about Marilyn Manson? >Personally, I Love the nigga, but he's…[View]
73560778Her worst album[View]
73560713Who the hell did this lmao[View]
73559230Is this the patrician Miles Davis Modal album?[View]
73559403Hey fellow /mu/tants >be me >have lot of earwax probably due to prolonged headphone wear anyo…[View]
73560698Opinions on Juana Molina's work? What are your favorite works from her? Rate her ppl[View]
73560224Honest thoughts on johnny cash's rendition of hurt? I personally think it comes off as more sin…[View]
73559886So listened to the jimi hendrix experience albums a bunch of times and my dick wants more. Which of …[View]
73560647Underrated/unrecognized songwriters Rod Temperton[View]
73559966Is 'Helpless Child - Animus - The Sound' the best song trio in existence?[View]
735602811. NOTM 2. Exmilitary 3. NLDW 4. BP 5. TMS 6. Jenny Death 7. GP[View]
73559914>I'm gonna be bold, behold: my bars are so sick you're gonna catch a cold Am i a lyrica…[View]
73559802>I used to be into rock and roll, now I'm into racism. What did he mean by this?…[View]
73560018Is it kino?[View]
73555059I'm looking for some instrumental-only rock. I know, I know, 'listen to post-rock' but the thin…[View]
73559493*Deletes Rain Come Down*[View]
73560219Hardcore/Boom Bap Hip Hop: I'm looking for more music that sounds like these tracks, gritty, me…[View]
73560262Why is this album so criminally underrated on /mu/? It is the definition of fun hip hop with songs a…[View]
73557703Lo-fi thread? Lo-fi thread.: I'll start with my own work, critique is welcome. https://www.yout…[View]
73559067KPOP GENERAL[View]
73550462Soundcloud: New Soundcloud Thread https://soundcloud.com/samuelcfaria/confortavelmente-anestesiado…[View]
73559199Which was better?[View]
73556417Soulseek general: What is with people on slsk whose files show up in the results but lock them? Are …[View]
73559716Hey everybody, Mark Agnesi here here in the backroom of Norman's Rare Guitars and welcome back …[View]
73556733/noise/: Post Your Gear Edition: Here are the essentials Also of note: >The Rita - Thousands of D…[View]
73559225this is actually one of the best albums of the decade[View]
73560046>nerd rap[View]
73559633Face it /mu/ MC Ride has shit voice, only thing that makes Death Grips good is their lyrics and inst…[View]
73555196/jazz/ general: Chet Baker edition. I finished But Beautiful (which is a really great book, and I re…[View]
73551909Why is Temporary Secretary a meme? It's actually a pretty good song. Discuss[View]
73549556Why do so many people hate him? His music is genuinely good[View]
73559629What's the name of that record again?[View]
73559833>black exploitation[View]
73559769Is he genuinely good or are people just hyping him up because of that Last of Us trailer?[View]
73559446ITT: things millennials say: >Black Sabbath isn't metal[View]
73556956What does /mu/ think about this line-up?[View]
73558349Who was the real talent behind OpIvy?[View]
73558376Best bands with bad singers?[View]
73559573Artificial amateurs aren't at all amazing.[View]
73557494What's the name of the album whose cover art is some scientists in a lab?[View]
73558275do normies even listen to metal anymore?[View]
73559043Boards of Canada invented the signature dubstep sound 10 years before Burial did https://youtu.be/1C…[View]
73558985*removes Le Petit Chevalier*[View]
73559059What genre of music does this fall into? I thought it was under lo-fi but apparently not and I'…[View]
73557500Who is the Syd Barrett of our generation?[View]
73558008WTF do you call this music: What are some 'violin type' genres & bands. i.e: middle age war musi…[View]
73559291What's the name of genre that Boards of Canada, Clams Casino and Lorn do? It's electronic…[View]
73559196Anyone have a rip of the Pet Sounds stereo vinyl remaster? This is from a guy on YouTube.[View]
73554039It's his worst album.[View]
73559025What does DAMN. stand for? I'll start: >Darn >Americans >Marry >Newborns…[View]
73558372>I always skip Green Calx[View]
73558980Taking Back Sunday or Brand New?[View]
73554658Holy shit this is so fucking good[View]
73553926This is The Mollusk by Ween and today is its 20th birthday. Say something nice about it.[View]
73555919KPOP GENERAL: kpop and chill edition[View]
73558698is skrillex dubstep or brostep and what is brostep[View]
73557308describe /mu/ in one picture[View]
73556835Is Desiigner LITERALLY retarded?[View]
73551274Can we all agree that this is better than Illmatic?[View]
73551711GLASTONBURY 2017: Anyone watching? RTJ about to start on pyramid stage[View]
73557443FUCK YOU[View]
73557615KPOP GENERAL: Luda's comfy bed edition[View]
73558658ew why is he so nice[View]
73558563Requesting song name, plz. http://picosong.com/WRwT[View]
73558656Post ur top 3 of rappers. Mine are: 1.Viper the Rapper 2. Lil B 3. R.A.E.D 4. Hopsin[View]
73558834What does /mu/ think of Rezz?[View]
73558072>washing car outside >pour some sugar on me starts playing anyone else hate when this happens?…[View]
73558777/zolo/: Post your favorite zolo jams, anon[View]
73556590>it's another overwrought radiohead thinkpiece[View]
73547522*Pulls you over* Post whatever you're listening to right now, no matter how embarrassing, or yo…[View]
73558678today is my birthday /mu/ I'm gonna eat some edibles, and smoke a couple pre-rolled joints any …[View]
73557377Looking for good grind/noisecore like pic related, something with some slow, crushing breakdowns.[View]
73557648Every song is the same[View]
73555645How are we not talking about this?[View]
73557477Help understanding black gospel music: I've posted this to piano in the past, but the answers I…[View]
73558587https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKGUN56JM_Y Does anyone else think this oddly very charming in a Dan…[View]
73557526Air is the superior duo from France that's from the 90s[View]
73557316Is 'Synthgaze' a thing? It should be[View]
73558421Not only is Let Down the best track on OK Computer but it's the best track Radiohead has ever w…[View]
73557724Let's not kid ourselves here, the production on this is generally weak, and it does detract fro…[View]
73557763Is Ben Folds /mu/ approved?[View]
73558284>Well I was never young, nothing has transpired >When I look in the mirror, I feel dead, I fee…[View]
73557736What music do NEETs listen to?[View]
73557845Best place to buy music? got tired of looking for music only to find some Russian sites with yt rips…[View]
73557967What does /mu/ think of PVRIS?[View]
73557941hol' up[View]
73558223ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
73557313Anyone going to the Santa Ana show tonight? Should I go even though I'm not a massive fan? Is i…[View]
73539059ITT: We attribute an album with a cause of death. Pic related, freezing to death inside a log cabin …[View]
73557908Fav album and choice from the pic? Endtroducing and Nakama (best choice).[View]
73556679Let's have a shuffle thread. Post the first 10 songs that come up, others rate/rec/hate.[View]
73557722What is the appeal of this fucking dude. Am I just not angsty hipster white girl enough for it?[View]
73557970Why isn't this /mu/core?[View]
73558076ITT: you post songs on youtube that you think sound better when the speed is at .75. https://www.you…[View]
73557039is this the best psych rock album of the last 5 years?[View]
73557902Daily reminder that this will knock Loveless off the all-time top ten.[View]
73557319Heart is unironically a fantastic band[View]
73555728Are they good?[View]
73557227there is a light that never goes out > cemetry gates > big mouth strikes again > frankly mr…[View]
73556642Bon Iver: Do we like him?[View]
73557540Does /mu/ have an opinion on astronauts etc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r3OgmPN4Ic[View]
73556102BOOTS - Aquaria: So, what is everyone's thoughts about this album? Personally, this is one of m…[View]
73556018The Beatles and Radiohead work up well just like Kendrick and Radiohead like people have mentioned P…[View]
73556666do you think there will ever be a 2000s revival?[View]
73557299ITT:Songs that you like by bands that you don't give a fuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l…[View]
73556336>audience starts cheering during the album[View]
73557103Bands you used to like that dipped in quality so hard. I've never seen Fitz & the Tantrums …[View]
73554078ITT: the greatest diss tracks ever written https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3x3-22Gi3g[View]
73557570Has anyone heard Ornatos Violeta? Give me your thoughts[View]
73557561Cheesy Italian love songs Gimme the best[View]
73556718post some misheard lyrics from any song on Deep Web, I thought that the lyric was >show you why I…[View]
73556772>guitarist plays structured, cohesive solo[View]
73557466Underrated albums[View]
73540516/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Semi-Hollow Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar…[View]
73556458The Current State of Hip Hop 2017: I'm coming to the realization that rap these days is going t…[View]
73557247ITT post songs you can sing perfectly despite not understanding the lyrics https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
73556312I'm looking for good music featuring church organ, or rather, church-organ centric music. Any r…[View]
73554107>cyborg creates a vomiting machine so it can feel physiologicaly like a human again then merges w…[View]
73557177reminder music peaked in 2002[View]
73557284Greatest song of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hzrDeceEKc[View]
73557005I'm not usually into shoegazy music but this was pretty good[View]
73556629Holy shit: The truth is revealed[View]
73557287https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRaBn_7JR1U Name a better mashup album (you can't)[View]
73557277feels thread: >maybe after he's gone, she'll come back, love me again >maybe after h…[View]
73557223This is the best rock song of this decade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kliM_vfuO1c[View]
73553180OH I GET IT NOW[View]
73556316I want taste like an adult, not any of that R.A.P. shit for KIDS! What can I listen to to prove my s…[View]
73553929man daytrotter is shit[View]
73556755musical equivalent?[View]
73555782What's the best song from the 80s?[View]
73555701Why do people even bother with hip hop when there are other forms of electronic music much much more…[View]
73549450Why doesn't this album get any love on /mu/?[View]
73556009ITT: Lead vocalist who can't really sing[View]
73557116https://youtu.be/CeqiGg7hMAQ: [spoiler];__;[/spoiler][View]
73556706Is it really usual that you get suicidal after a breakup?[View]
73557109PLEASE HELP!!!: This is my boyfriend's band. Yes they are new and yes they sound good and they …[View]
73556769Hey this Britpop stuff isn't so bad[View]
73557077Are you ready, Steve?[View]
73554935This is Richard D James better known as Aphex Twin. Say something nice about him![View]
73556959>Run, darling, run >I'll stall them if I can…[View]
73556966Spotify playlist is the new Payola: https://watt.cashmusic.org/writing/thesecretlivesofplaylists?cur…[View]
73556973>Artist makes a reference to being confused about their gender in a song title via a childish vid…[View]
73555854>90's Bjork will never be your gf just fucking kill me already, no other girl will ever meet…[View]
73556945>Kodak Black (still on rape charges) gets banned from working with criminals >Today he has a s…[View]
73555773Favorite song(s?)[View]
73555283feelin' hot hot hot[View]
73552283Post worst genre you can think of: >'muh 80's' >'muh dated dull synths…[View]
73555929I love this.: Don't you?[View]
73555007ITT: albums that are so good that they make the artist's other albums look like shit by compari…[View]
73556739What kind of tunes would a jellyfish listen to on his radio?[View]
73556715Drums: Any drummers here? I made this black metal track but without any drums I'm playing the g…[View]
73547184Post your music and we'll comment on it/ critique it/ tell you if we like it. Don't forget…[View]
73555613Dos /mu/ like art pop?[View]
73554672Help!: I was noodling around on a guitar and accidentaly played this, does anybody know what song is…[View]
73556432How do we stop them?[View]
73555489>Blurryface isnt a masterpiec- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhPwrp2xmI0…[View]
73556403Grimes is the budget Allie X.[View]
73556634What do you think of Norwegian artists singing in English that never made it outside Norway? 1. http…[View]
73551269GREATEST ROCK GUITARISTS: find a flaw desu[View]
73556610Music That Brings The Tears: ITT: Music that gets you emotional. Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Ch…[View]
73556037one of these threads: >best Mr. Me Too >runner up Wamp Wamp >worst Chinese New Year >ove…[View]
73556491Music Production Discussion: there are allot of music producers on /mu/ this thread is for all of th…[View]
73552650>tfw trying to be a UK rapper >been rapping for years >write really good bars to a beat …[View]
73550507>tfw you realise Molly is better than your favorite female artist in every way…[View]
73556482Duke Dumont x Gorgon City NEW 2017 SONG !: Cmon guys go youtube and listen this new song !!!! https:…[View]
73552050I need to find this guy's last.fm account: I mean I know you probably wouldn't help me but…[View]
73555052What's the string section at 3.25 from? https://youtu.be/p0rBAQnQc4c[View]
73554795>all reggae sounds the same[View]
73554626If John Fahey could've sung I think he would've topped Dylan and Nick Drake easily.[View]
73554970thoughts on this? how does it rank within REM's discography?[View]
73543200/mu/mor thread[View]
73553411What are Birdmans best songs?[View]
73543612/chart/: Old one is dead Rec, rate, guess personalities.[View]
73555238Are we living in the golden age of music? Everything pre 2000 sounds super dated. I threw away all m…[View]
73556263the worst KING GIZZARD meme :#) https://kinggizzardandtheshitpostwizard.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
73555710Come on, /mu/, admit it. This is fucking epic and takes massive balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
73556248Why don't more people realize that he is a compulsive liar?[View]
73555832ok i need help with soulseek as i'm completely lost. i did upload a folder and now i've wa…[View]
73556000can someone explain this frog meme to me[View]
73555897Currently planning to dive into Deerhunter's discography. What albums should I skip?[View]
73553416Which one of y'all did this?[View]
73556168Radiohead - OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017: I herd this leaked, how does /mu/ think the new songs and…[View]
73553868/last.fm/: >SCRUBBLER https://github.com/coczero/Last.fm-Scrubbler-WPF/releases/tag/B1.13 >P…[View]
73556118Scaruffi liked this[View]
73514100Post AOTYSF[View]
73556025anyone else hate music thats associated with 'depressed' teens?[View]
73553624Can /mu/ name a single god-tier female artist?[View]
73555909Could you guys help me try to find an album cover? I remember seeing a album cover for some random b…[View]
73555765You're laying on your deathbed, about to die. You have just one album to suggest to a friend or…[View]
73554463kpop general[View]
73553292Looking for Rocksmith 2014 tips, tricks, and stories. I just got the game last night and so far it h…[View]
73553642Wow, i can't believe it's been two years since Carly Rae Jepsen invented synthpop! Happy b…[View]
73550205Who's the worst female artist of this generation?: pic related[View]
73555483Who would win: Who would win in a fight? Alesana or Dance Gavin Dance? DGD has some members that lo…[View]
73555755Yo why does the start of this sound like something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDpJTAZD25Q That…[View]
73537989Post the greatest guitarists from this current generation I'll start[View]
73554197>bitches brew is the trout mask replica of the 70s >Mr Bungle is the trout mask replica of the…[View]
73555492Give respect to the greatest pop star of all time[View]
73555377>listening to emo album >good instrumentals >solid lyrics >singer suddenly starts scream…[View]
73552482why are Radiohead fans so fucking stupid[View]
73555334>those shitty claps on Altogether How did I never notice that before?[View]
73553901Starless is the greatest song of all time[View]
73555314Wow, this is pretty good, are his other albums good? Also more like this?[View]
73555571ITT: Albums that make you want to be a lumberjack.[View]
73554179Who is absolutely, no questions asked, THE most autistic musician?[View]
73554295Am I being memed? Why is this album praised on here?[View]
73553047Can you guys give me any new bands or artists similar to Brian eno, David Bowie or John Martynn?. An…[View]
73555505Reminder that music is entirely subjective and is based off personal feelings, so arguing over it is…[View]
73555485ITT: We post an artists best project[View]
73552571Us + Them: Going to see Roger Waters live tonight Any advice /mu/?[View]
73554038Whats the best track on this?[View]
73554341YOUR NAME IS FUCK[View]
73555449ITT: Unpopular/Contrarian Confession Booth: Personally, I really didn't like Funeral, and found…[View]
73552967Extremely underrated albums[View]
73547113ITT: Your favourite artist's worst album[View]
73551443Thoughts on $uicideboy$?[View]
73555247Who's telling the truth?[View]
73553863NU-/MU/CORE: Post albums that would be /mu/core if more people heard them I'll start[View]
73538571/dark/ General: Dark alternative music. ITT we discuss: Post-Punk Goth Rock Deathrock Dark Wave Eth…[View]
73555221More spaghetti western post rock like this? I also like Friends of Dean Martinez and The Sadies.[View]
73554724I'm on a plane I can't complain[View]
73552554>'if you want your babies to develop perfect pitch play them complicated music' >'like bach'…[View]
73554460Talented female artist[View]
73554756How to get into music as a creative hobby? Instrument? DJing? Reviewing?[View]
73553231thoughts on Owl City?[View]
73554869ITT: Songs you want to be played at your funeral i'll start >Gorillaz - On melancholy hill…[View]
73554546They should rename this shit to 'Revolutionary Sleeping Aid' Holy fuck what a snoozefest. Literally …[View]
73554457what else is like this and really good?[View]
73554248ITT: Only the Best Music Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJWJE0x7T4Q Name me a music video b…[View]
73554565>BLAME IT ON THE BLACKSTAR (STYLIZED AS ) Wow, fucking really?[View]
73552123/metal/: You Just Know edition old: >>73543140[View]
73554816Pitchfork did not invent the term 'dad-rock'[View]
73553250itt: post the opposite of an album/song title and anons guess it. use synonyms for nouns ill start: …[View]
73554318HEY NOW[View]
73553922So the beep at the start of Paranoid Android its actually the end of airbag Fascinating.[View]
73554500Can somebody listen to this song and give me their opinion on it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL…[View]
73549907This isn't even good other than the first two songs. What the fuck?[View]
73554307Why are gay nazis so good at making music?[View]
73552596Fucking CRINGE le random https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFXq8OU1dNQ[View]
73554419Wanna get into industrial / noise because I found out a lot of new wave I like (devo, gary numan) ex…[View]
73553603how does /mu/ feels about the future place of reaggaeton in US top 40 music?[View]
73536209ITT: Underappreciated albums of 2017[View]
73553236ITT: the album that just clicked for you[View]
73552902What are /mu/s thoughts on the DX7 or just electric pianos in general? I personally like them more t…[View]
73554431Please recommend me music that evokes the same feelings as a Borzoi[View]
73553361KPOP GENERAL[View]
73553612name a better psych rock album[View]
73553878I've been listening to Swans non-stop. Holy fuck, how can one band be so varied in style and ye…[View]
73553965Is anyone else disappointed with the latter part of Elastic?[View]
73554389WARP COMPILATIONS: Any thoughts on WARP 20, any tracks you think should have been included? What do …[View]
73553503Kendrick is Hip Hop's Radiohead: /mu/ will nitpick this because they're faggots like that.…[View]
73550802KPOP GENERAL[View]
73544371So, can we agree this is the best Beatles album?[View]
73554164>played myself Music for this feel?[View]
73553374>I have a penis for your vagina hole[View]
73553855does /mu/ like elbow?[View]
73544905Album War[View]
73547625ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each other: ITT: we support, foll…[View]
73551604Why aren't the Smiths more popular?[View]
73551814Let's have a plagiarism thread. Which ones are more blatant? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU…[View]
73553059normie thread ~~chill vibes only~~: what's your pop soundtrack of the summer?[View]
73553473Why are you guys so retarded?[View]
73553889Thoughts on Denzel Curry? Do you think he's underrated or overrated?[View]
73553650playing my first gig tonight. any tips, /mu/?[View]
73552602The second summer of love in '88 was the most important era in modern European music culture as…[View]
73548780Radiohead disappointed: kek[View]
73553856ITT: Jazz Music: Reccomend me some jazz artists /mu/. Any and all subgenres welcome[View]
73553807Please: Give my lethargic and despondent ass some new albums to listen to.[View]
73552391Does /mu/ like Sun City Girls?[View]
73552203How is it that on a music board only a small general community listens to music?[View]
73549623Are The National The best modern indie rock band? All other bands have faded into irrelevance after…[View]
73553128What are your favorite albums to listen to while you're tripping balls? I generally enjoy mostl…[View]
73546288who is the most influential musician of all-time ?[View]
73553571U2 was never post-punk.[View]
73544007Depressive shit: Hello /mu/, anyone down to feel some feels with me? Depressive songs thread I'…[View]
73552316Also if it wasn't for their itunes rape and somehow getting on a track with Kendrick no one wou…[View]
73547641What did /mu/ think of Radiohead's Glastonbury performance?[View]
73547118/mu/ help me This is considered one of the best punk album of all time. I'm a huge punk listene…[View]
73552842Worst lyrics from your favorite artist: >You're so pretty when you're on your knees …[View]
73553104just finished listening to this. Almost put me to sleep[View]
73553371Thoughts on the new Drake joint? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg1nTnLMwps[View]
73553359Last.fm 3x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: Old one's about to die Rec / rate / etc[View]
73553274What are your favorite Michael Gira lyrics?: >Pathetic benign accept it undermine >Your opinio…[View]
73553322What is /mu/'s honest opinion on Rocket From The Crypt?[View]
73551838KPOP GENERAL[View]
73553247zeuhl? more like tool[View]
73553110The Greatest Album You've Never Heard[View]
73553222'They're still playing finger style xD'[View]
73552604What's the first thing you listen to while you're having your cup of coffee in the morning…[View]
73552343>band members gf starts talking during the album[View]
73552609why does /mu/ hate this goofy motherfucker so much?[View]
73553141b e e p beep BEEP B E E P[View]
73549380>teen years: listening to metal and thinking it's the best shit ever >early 20's: gr…[View]
73552903|city pop general|: >the slide guitar on the first track *melts* https://youtu.be/zLrCjC0b43A…[View]
73553050is this album /mu/ approved?[View]
73551134What do you think of the new Actress?[View]
73550916http://thepampsblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/a-review-of-here-comes-indian-by-animal.html >Clearly…[View]
73553009holy shit[View]
73552992ITT: Musicians that died at the wrong time: First that comes to my mind now[View]
73552674http://vocaroo.com/i/s07a3m7UJ3HF Im composing a song. Is there too much chord progression on this o…[View]
73552368Is he Banksy?[View]
73552233ITT:Ways to identify music hipsters: >They don't like 2Pac[View]
73552398Holy shit I thought britpop bands were terrible. Why is this so slept on[View]
73552228What does the instrument of choice a person plays say about them? I'm a white boy who enjoys pl…[View]
73552791Michael is such a great writer[View]
73552078If Urban Outfitters sells your favorite album on vinyl congrats on the shit taste in music[View]
73552730>deletes Recordare, Jesu pie now it's perfect[View]
73551532Drone recs: Alright, i'm looking for some pure drone that sounds like a diesel engine or a micr…[View]
73552226What is /mu/'s opinion on PilotRedSun/Bittertooth? I think his stuff is fucking great, it feels…[View]
73548184How old is the average /mu/tant? I would say about 14-20 judging from the post style and overall tas…[View]
73552579/shouldbeillegalwhiledriving/core: Individual songs or whole albums, doesn't matter https://www…[View]
73549705How do I get better at getting creative when I go to create? Like I'll know I need to sit down …[View]
73548779Name a better song than Sussudio. Pro tip: it will be difficult[View]
73548420If lyrics aren't important then why are rappers rich and famous?[View]
73552372new song produced by Daft Punk: wtf is this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTdBc2Ba8ts…[View]
73551202Not content with ripping off the Jesus and Mary Chain's sound, they even stole their cover art.…[View]
73552389So is this guy retarded or addicted to drugs or something? Why does he act like John Frusciante afte…[View]
73546457wtf I hate Brockhampton now[View]
73550960Death In June > Current 93 > Fire+Ice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
73552031/metalcore/: let's have a nostalgic metalcore thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAYbRHCF…[View]
73552114Can someone explain the hype around Khalid??? He's not even good, I don't get it.[View]
73552235I'm tired of normies and how fucking disgusting they are. Pic related.[View]
73552237hi /mu/ i'm on a low dose of amphetamines and feel a bit sad and have been watching interviews …[View]
73552107/noise/: https://thedarkthursday.bandcamp.com/album/sexy-crocodile-for-dinner-jacob-levesque-my-neig…[View]
73550153Explain this: >Norwegian black metal lyrics:blood, death, Satan >Nigerian rock lyrics: love, f…[View]
73537999ITT: Your favorite album when you were a 14-year-old punk. Go on, don't be ashamed.[View]
735502551. Eminem 2. Aesop rock 3. Machine gun Kelly 4. Post Malone 5. Hopsin 6. G-eazy 7. Lil dicky 8. Act…[View]
73550177Opinions on Dance Gavin Dance, /mu/?[View]
73549777The Top 50 Rap Songs of All Time 1. Kendrick Lamar - DNA. 2. Future - Thought It Was a Drought 3. Gh…[View]
73547323Marina & The Diamonds are no more: She officially changed her stage name to just 'Marina'. Was a…[View]
73543140/metal/: nu-male holocaust edition old: >>73538543[View]
73548682have a nice day :^)[View]
73548376ITT: Times when Pipita Scaruffi was right[View]
73551344>I want this to be played at my funeral[View]
73551894SUN GLASS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94V-XCSQNGQ What artistic beauty[View]
73551875What went wrong? [spoiler]hard mode: don't mention danger mouse[/spoiler][View]
73549981Does this really not have any kind of bonus system where get points of some sort for just seeding a …[View]
73550727r8 singing: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1DmXTTCNp9Q[View]
73551021Hey faggots Anything similar to 50 Words For Snow? I'm looking for some new albums with a simil…[View]
73550183What does /mu/ think of GnR? Fave songs?[View]
73551632What are some essential folk albums?[View]
73551600>So we cruise for minutes, my nigga fuck the limit seriously, HOW did he get away with this?…[View]
735462925x5 thread[View]
73544632What music does your boyfriend or girlfriend listen to, /mu/? What would you guess their top 10 albu…[View]
73551484>lyrical themes: instrumental[View]
73551066>listening to music with headphones/earbuds >person I know sees me and comes over to say hi an…[View]
73551462Anyone know where can I find Fl studio 12 themes/skins? There's plenty for 10 and 11 but I can…[View]
73549986Ugh, what went wrong? It sounds lazy and half-hearted especially if you compare it to Abbey Road. Wh…[View]
73551316I have a friend who likes Hopsin and Nerd Core I thought I would introduce them to Danny Brown Speci…[View]
73551335bob botanist (me) - FER SHUR.: https://soundcloud.com/bob-botanist/fer-shur?in=bob-botanist/sets/opa…[View]
73549531Anyone a fan of KT Tunstall?: Been listening to her since Eye to the Telescope. 13 years.. fucking h…[View]
73551288>song called breaking the girl >it's not about the act of manipulating a girl before pimp…[View]
73551059What does /mu/ think of One Direction?[View]
73551239How is it, /mu/?[View]
73550464anyone listened to this yet? maybe my favorite electronic thingy so far this year, even if it's…[View]
73551237What Genre is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwosvieIm14[View]
73549665King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: I'm really confused about the last third of the album. And …[View]
73550174whats /mu/ fav psych rock album? pic related for me[View]
73550814A Japanese man invented the Roland 808, therefore the Japanese invented hip hop[View]
73550711Red house painters: To who ever posted this band last night, thank you sir. they are fucking fantast…[View]
73549131Daily reminder that the voice ISN'T actually an instrument. The meme that the voice is an instr…[View]
73550704>I like their new stuff more[View]
73549928Have you prepared for the future album of the year?[View]
73550920>RESPECT TO THE MAN IN THE ICE CREAM VAN Is there some hidden meaning in what he said?…[View]
73548570Rap music sux[View]
73537441What is your favorite Cocteau Twins song?[View]
73550666Name some albums I absolutely have to listen too no matter what genre, date of release etc... Basica…[View]
73550181Kendrick vs Kanye: http://www.strawpoll.me/13273036[View]
73550810FLUNK NEW RELEASE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvWrdmtkI9c[View]
73549192How is this album so fucking incredible?: This has to be one of my all-time favourites. Definetly on…[View]
73550731Melody Of Hidden Hope ... give me your opinions: https://belangerdave87.wixsite.com/3rddimensionbeat…[View]
73550696>poptimists will say this garbage is anything better than a 5/10[View]
73550460Post albums that you've never known anyone else to have heard but that you believe should be he…[View]
73549820EDMfags and Ravecucks anally BTFO when they see this guy.[View]
73550560What is the appeal of Rap? Listening to Rap is liking being cucked, because you're listening to…[View]
73549112KPOP GENERAL[View]
73549837how am i singing? how i can improve? http://vocaroo.com/i/s0HBWm5SxjqJ[View]
73545334ITT: Albums whose B-side is better than their A-side[View]
73550103What does /mu/ actually think about Insane Clown Posse and their music?[View]
73550527itt we post non-english language rap songs and others guess what they're about based on how the…[View]
73547601Recreate an Album from pictures on google or paint.[View]
73550468Can one of you /mu/-geniuses identify this track? Been looking for the name for weeks now... Thanks …[View]
73550509Hi I'm Dino Cazares and you're watching FPE-TV[View]
73546620>And one day I hope you'll be with me >Sitting here under The Joshua Tree Jesus Christ, w…[View]
73550180good overlooked indie from the early 00s?[View]
73550414>Say fuck X person a lot of times >Become a millionaire >Dude le music lmao XD. This shit c…[View]
73549413How do you organise your music?[View]
73550259Where da fuck is this niggas reviews at?[View]
73542117Album covers that are your aesthetic.[View]
73549878Post an album and greentext your favourite moments thread >when at war i insist on a slaughter …[View]
73548123I'm kind of getting the sense it's actually more the white rap fans who 'criticize' Eminem…[View]
73510132>coworkers start talking about music[View]
73549136One thing this party could use is more...[View]
73548161I don't get frank sinatra. I gave this album a serious chance but it just won't click for …[View]
73550033Why are all the odd-numbered symphonies the best ones? Not just for Ludwig, but across the board. Th…[View]
73548621>Enjoying the album so far? You wouldn't mind if we threw a couple filler tracks in your way…[View]
73548687Guys this album is amazing[View]
73549897>first word of the song is 'And'[View]
73549905Thinking about stopping being a metalhead: Hello /mu/ I'm a metalhead but holy crap this just …[View]
73549955Thought about this instrumental?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOfviApmqOQ[View]
73549802>Artists name starts with 'lil'[View]
73548163Has anyone gone through a music phase? I'm ashamed to admit that I was a metalfag in high schoo…[View]
73543589Does Weed improve Creativity/Songwriting? If my music sounds like shit when sober will I make good s…[View]
73549769>artist is a part of 138 user lists >it's all 'Bands I've seen live' lists…[View]
73547485Is this good, /mu/? About to try this.[View]
73548846Need more crazy psych rock gems. The kookier the better.[View]
73545520Top 50 Radiohead Songs of All Time: 1. Idioteque 2. The Tourist 3. Creep 4. Fog 5. Little By Little …[View]
73549681AOTY thread[View]
73535271Hiphop AOTY so far?[View]
73549614Deep cuts: Post really deep cuts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqVq3vm2a2k >inb4 it turns into …[View]
73549575Is there a /mu/ essential chart for prog: If so it should be added to this[View]
73549162>the bees, the bees, the bees, the bees, reugh reugh roouh roooooouh...........…[View]
73549549Now you bitches can suck my cock. Ive told all of you, that shes not shit. besides the fact that he…[View]
73548499I want to cum on her face[View]
73549001New Daughters album by the end of 2017 >http://beatroute.ca/2017/06/14/daughters-grind-noise-art-…[View]
73548326Mosaik: what do you guys think of the new album?[View]
73547079>pop music is bad[View]
73549472Need help remembering a song was by some black nigger dude had the word 'bang' in there or…[View]
73547129I heard that Soulseek is the best way to obtain obscure and unknown music. Isn't it also the be…[View]
73549416Is it just me or does 90s RnB fucking suck?[View]
73549226On Another Ocean is the only good song[View]
73548623>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that think they have good opinions on music when they c…[View]
73548084How /tv/ think about Nicki Minaj: You think is she a good female rapper?[View]
73549129Is Edgar Wright Patrician?: His favourite albums are: Lalo Schifrin - Mission: Impossible... And Mor…[View]
73547589At this point, should XXL just make their entire list votable instead of just the 10th spot? Every y…[View]
73549344Name me some supermammoth prog rock of the last 10 years.[View]
73549328ITT: Albums everyone says are overrated but you don't think are.[View]
73549320/bleep/: lo-fi house edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKI6EUIhLuo&t=310s[View]
73549296bowed guitar question: Bowed guitar (and violin, etc.) folks: what do you find is the best way to cl…[View]
73548807best rock song of 21st century: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urEeUMqRhA4 >inb4 no replies, pro…[View]
73547438What does /mu/ think of Grace VanderWaal?[View]
73545913itt: post an album and the first lyric that comes to mind when you think of it >THIS >DICK …[View]
73548873Kendrick fucking dethroned Kanye (and all other rapper). Not even MBDTF can top one of the greatest …[View]
73548674Gorillaz are pleb?: >Be relatively older >Get into Blur, I love XTC and Happy Mondays so they …[View]
73548369GP Greatest rapper ever?: >GP aka Gosho ot Pochivka Greatest rapper ever? >Ovchi daradonki ht…[View]
73549171Anyone know the name of the track in this video? Supposedly Dan Mason, but cannot find the name of t…[View]
73548925Frank ocean stole his sound from bieber: Dude is a piece of shit. Justin innovated blondes sound 4 y…[View]
73547224foobar help thread: How do I make my foobar look swanky as fuck? I've already got columns ui in…[View]
73547950Someone please explain the hype with this dude?? I don't get it.[View]
73549062Biggest fag in music[View]
73547890KPOP GENERAL[View]
73546290ITT: We post an album and the 3 best moments from said album: >Let's play the blame game, I …[View]
73549029anybody got ambient ukulele rock? i feel in the mood for ambient ukulele rock but don't know an…[View]
73549011Why doesn't /mu/ like real emo and skramz anymore?[View]
73548270What are some great rappers out there that aren't all just hype, auto tune and meaningless lyri…[View]
73548596What do you guys get from arguing over music? Is it not an utterly and inherently futile pursuit? Ar…[View]
73544972collaborations you want[View]
73546982oh hes doing skepta lmao[View]
73547130why did we let him get popular, /mu/?[View]
73548748Great lyrics: >I wish I could savor in some sort of thyme machine Never realized Jeff was a cooki…[View]
73510437RYM/Sonemic Thread: lunch confirmed edition[View]
73547175Extreme Metal Top 10: Post your top 10 favorite extreme metal bands 1. Death 2. Meshuggah 3. Obituar…[View]
73548683The fact that so many comments and replies still name Time Machine Modulus as 'the most pretty good …[View]
73545578itt: great album covers[View]
73548150Numa Numa Hey: Whatdoes /mu/ think of the CLASSIC song, Numa Numa?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
73543262it's been 20 years since this album has been released. has it aged well? btw i'm drunk :)[View]
73548448what is the most patrician kiss album and why is it unmasked?[View]
73548524Who knew that the sim city 4 soundtrack could get so hardcore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDJzf…[View]
73546461How does it feel knowing Lars Ulrich has better taste in music than the rest of u? http://loudwire.c…[View]
73548202Is this a christian record? Or is it a satanic record? I'm catholic and I love this record but …[View]
73548378>Let me get my hands on your mammary glands What did he mean by this?[View]
73548173>tfw attend Kraftwerk concert >tfw you're one of the few non-nu-males there >tfw you r…[View]
73544871A fucking junkie with his junkie wife... Axl was right, they should've both gone to prison[View]
73548302Do you prefer the electronic tracks or the rock songs?[View]
73548351ITT: post your favourite female artists: Pic related, how does so much lyrical, musical and vocal ta…[View]
73547590>he doesn't stay at home, playing with his pleasure zone[View]
73548284/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho4bG8BVedo[View]
73546954How good is this, /mu/?[View]
73547852I'm going to explore the universe on my spaceship. What heavy metal albums should I take with m…[View]
73548195thoughts on LANY? album drops in 6 days![View]
73547467they mad[View]
73544470>I ain't really nothin' like a hero >I just wanna get my dick sucked and multiply th…[View]
73548115Fuck dirty beaches is good why havent you faggots posted about him before. Listening to his music m…[View]
73548034Only GOAT live albums allowed ITT[View]
73546736Would any EDM composers know how to replicate this kind of hardcore shit? https://youtu.be/JIE94pn4i…[View]
73541723>and a one a two a one two three four[View]
73546627What does /mu/ think about this upcoming Chris Brown documentary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt…[View]
73547999Sample Hunt Thread: Trying something new. I've been trying to find the sample for this song for…[View]
73545505Is this the song of the century? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5GCn1BKkxg[View]
73547519What are the best pre 2000's J-Pop albums? Early 2000's shit is fine too [spoiler]please r…[View]
73546920God Tier Solo Albums: Pic related[View]
73546435Christian Music: Could music like Bruce Springsteen be considered Christian since he glorifies God…[View]
73547025Is this the comfiest album ever recorded ?[View]
73546251What does /mu/ think of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ98gUGVYh0 Is /pol/core music li…[View]
73547847Is it just me, or is the Vocal Jazz genre boring and sterile?[View]
73547667That ain't workin. That's the way you do it.[View]
73547020Why is /mu/ so slow around this time? Does nobody else shitpost after midnight? And what about other…[View]
73545430/mu/ this is wankery where the songwriting?[View]
73545557>'Will anyone remember U2 in 20 years, I doubt it. And the Spice Girls? I doubt it.' - George Har…[View]
73547248What 2017 albums should I listen to if my favorite albums from last year were:: William Tyler - Mode…[View]
73545636ITT: Songs that are actually great but people will hate on for illegitimate reasons https://www.yout…[View]
73546349What is your mom's favorite album, /mu/?[View]
73546462KPOP GENERAL: Twice nugu? http://www.vlive.tv/video/33840[View]
73547257good news everyone it is time for an occasional musical self-check thread remember if any of these a…[View]
73545191Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah[View]
73545090Post songs that you find unironically good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poZLiypLJzQ[View]
73547459>music video of a song has slightly different lyrics than the version on the album…[View]
73547410GOAT band shirts ITT please.[View]
73546403What do we think of this?[View]
73545091/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
73544582is lorde, dare i say it, good?[View]
73544109WTF this is like 70s Japanese Grimes!!!!!!![View]
73545969The beatles are superior to the beach boys in virtually every aspect. Don't get me wrong, I too…[View]
73547310ITT: The worst album you ever heard[View]
73544888ITT random music you hear in the grocery store that is actually dope >https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
73546566>Jesus, I need you, be near me, come shield me from fossils that fall on my head…[View]
73547097KURT ROCK IS FUCKING BAE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JsV8MPnEX04[View]
73544057A lot of people make fun of rhythm guitar players but lets be honest here.. Being the rhythm guitari…[View]
73544883Honestly ive seen you guys like, herald and encourage rap. this is your last chance to repent. Admit…[View]
73546818Wow... it kinda makes you think...[View]
73547037Listening to albums when you are drusnks late at night remains the best what to listent tos albums. …[View]
73547034>artist uses the word 'shorty' in lyrics >its < 6′ 0″…[View]
73546881No good albums have been released this year: REC me something to change my mind on that[View]
73547009Is this the best forgotten song of the decade? Prove me wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QxDAX…[View]
73546780Post cozy music that you haven't seen posted on /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBKrFsdMD…[View]
73546905What's your favorite Daniel Johnston song? I'm partial to I Am a Baby[View]
73546917/mu/'s opinion on Izabo? i don't think i've ever seen them discussed on here.[View]
73546059does playing music really get you girls? does /mu/ actually have any experience with this?[View]
73545924Kanye lite[View]
73546814the electric piano is the best instrument to know how to play[View]
73546676He's so fucking cool.[View]
73546773Where were you when the best song of the decade dropped https://www.redtube.com/2230165[View]
73546726oi how shit is monstercat >pic unrelated[View]
73545980does any kind anon have a link to any performance from the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour? Prefera…[View]
73544291What is The Beatles' most underrated song? I gotta say it's either Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da or B…[View]
73546276I saw Tool in San Jose this week.: Fucking rad concert.[View]
73542157I'm at 2992 albums lads and I want to make it 3k so post some albums and I'll download wha…[View]
73545239WOKE DONT CHOKE: This is the third inaugural thread of The 28 Club, a society of concerned citizens …[View]
73545517Was there ever a worse period of music than the 80s?[View]
73543863Learning to play the piano: No idea if anyone on this board plays instruments. I have played cello f…[View]
73546481An Awesome Wave >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
73546215Dave Grohl's a foggot[View]
73542488Brian a cute. CUTE!!![View]
73544925KPOP GENERAL[View]
73546172Music you want to be played at your funeral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZYP8SzlN8[View]
7354616220 years ago today we were blessed with this gem, how do you feel about it now that it's been 2…[View]
73545047ITT: Ask stupid music-related questions you normally wouldn't bother asking: If a person plays …[View]
73543949My gf said I have the greatest music taste in the world. I am inclined to agree but wanted to ask if…[View]
73546185ITT: albums where all songs are good[View]
73545164Post patrician music: Post patrician music https://youtu.be/9hhilNPwx-M[View]
73544511Hey everybody, Mark Agnesi here here in the backroom of Norman's Rare Guitars and welcome back …[View]
73544714>that Beach Boys album where Bruce wrote the best song[View]
73545698Songs you can't shazam, backtrack, or find the samples used. I'll start with this song. …[View]
73545792What is the deal with this horse shit band? How did they become so popular with mouth breathing reta…[View]
73507530/Grimes/: The Triumvirate edition Thread theme:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsfCrVsk_qA&list=…[View]
73546068Music peaked in 1964. Even classical music can't compare to the masterpieces of this era.[View]
73545664Post a prog band better than this. >protip: u can't[View]
73546056'I' ......................AM NOTHING[View]
73545927>yfw the first rap song ever was about cucking superman[View]
73539748Just listened for the first time. Some really interesting music from a great band. The second half i…[View]
73543991Over the course of all modern music which age bracket has made the best music? teens/20s/30s/40s etc[View]
73545815dubs and The Rolling Stones>The Beatles[View]
73541089Miss me yet?[View]
73544792did anyone of you hear this album and did you like it?[View]
73544287ITT: Post patrician as FUCK albums >pic related[View]
73542042So we've already disputed the myth that you need to know your musical theory in order to be a s…[View]
73545826Post your favorite album to listen to on drugs.[View]
73540992Why was post-punk so much better than punk?[View]
73545787Mobile Wallpapers thread[View]
73545741i HATE YOUR FESTIVAL AND WOULD go out of my way to close it down FOREVERRRRRRRRReeerrrr :)[View]
73545485Is there a name for the accent metal/hard rock singers tend to use? Most prevalent sounding of the a…[View]
73543119The Kinks general. Arthur is a fucking perfect album.[View]
73545438what do you think their music was like?[View]
73545321Where do you download music for free /mu/ ?: Wondering[View]
73543138We can all agree that Carl had the best voice in the group.[View]
73545643Finally listening OK so you slap on some pro-tools, play some Rush for your bandmates and read A Tho…[View]
73545629Does 'Rude' by the up and coming new outfit 'MAGIC!' have, dare I say it, the greatest guitar solo i…[View]
73535477ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
73545586They are willing to call anything 'experimental' hip hop nowadays Should be called 'H…[View]
73544294>tfw Thug will never top Barter 6 music for this feel?[View]
73540934Bill clinton swag thread Go to billclintonswag.com and pick 4 albums R8 h8 db8 or just guess somethi…[View]
73543712>inb4 Now that the dust is settled meme Can we say that Never Gonna Give You Up is a great song a…[View]
73544749How to get into X: alright boys, let's play a game post a band/artist and other anons tell you …[View]
73543870What are some bands where the gap between the quality of the lyrics and musicianship is bigger than …[View]
73545280Is this fat asshole ever going to make good on his promises? Where's Madvilliany 2? Where'…[View]
73542028What's your absolute favorite rap/hip-hop song? After careful consideration, I believe mine wou…[View]
73545242>title track is the worst track What's her name, /mu/?[View]
73545155it's a suitcase[View]
73539956I don't get. I am just not cut out to enjoy jazz? It just does nothing for me.[View]
73545170Post your favorite lyrics: >we were born to conquer the stars >this freedom will conquer the g…[View]
73541720What's some essential JApcore?[View]
73544864What does /mu/ listen to when /mu/ gets the itis?[View]
73545124pic unrelated: What's some good 80s style synth rock I could listen to, something like new orde…[View]
73542207ITT: Albums that only people with god-tier taste know about[View]
73544588Were The Velvets proto-post-punk?[View]
73543633KPOP GENERAL[View]
73521927Katy JUST Perry: https://youtu.be/3ujWVbjKBCo holy shit, this interview a DISASTER the scientists fr…[View]
73544779yer fucking killin me here boris[View]
73542855ITT: we post albums with great openers >pic related[View]
73539830what is the difference between art rock and experimental rock ?[View]
73543930Comfy Bands thread: You start.[View]
73544096>2003-2008 era[View]
73543280KIDZ BOP THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfyNnUgK8qE[View]
73542707There's literally no album that sounds like this.[View]
73544737This is the best SiriusXM station to drive to at night. Garage rock, girl groups, and punk. It'…[View]
73544723>Epic Reggae Set >Alternative Rock Music[View]
73538442Acid Mothers Temple: What do you guys think of them? I'm just getting into them, checking out A…[View]
73544680Thoughts on sales? Recs to similar artists are much appreciated too.[View]
73544652The Pepsi Man theme is alright and all, but I feel like /mu/ could give it an update. The Theme: htt…[View]
73536690Post weekly 5x5s and rate rec and guess the personality and appearance of the person above you if yo…[View]
73541117Does anyone come close to Charles Cohen when it comes to live modular? It's pretty mind blowing…[View]
73544592Protip if you say you're really into music but don't play an instrument, know musical theo…[View]
73544612What do you feel about Samantha Fox's body: of work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXAfEqC82D…[View]
73544598Is it finally dead?[View]
73544286ttcmf?: What does TTCMF stand for? Someone called Big Thief a TTCMF ripoff. can't think of what…[View]
73543504Why is happy music always shit?[View]
73519364Well /mu/?: What song will it be?[View]
73544128G.O.A.T.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k9XQqi9kLs[View]
73544476Favorite Synthwave Album/EP: Post your favorite Synthwave album and also general Synthwave thread. I…[View]
73544404Are they worth listening to?[View]
73544034Neeeed to find this song: Really this track I've been searching all day long is giving me a bad…[View]
73540605What do Americans listen to?[View]
73544105https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RMcFqXcCu8(pretty old track,was released in 2015) https://www.youtu…[View]
73544393HELP!: Help me, please, /mu/! Trying to find a live performance video of something like zimbabwe sho…[View]
73542751more albums that are like the ambient/quiet parts of this? they are so perfect[View]
73543266When did you realize Ringo is the best Beatle?[View]
73531357GUESSTHATALBUM.COM BETTER THAN ITAOTS: guessthatalbum.com Draw crappy versions of your favorite albu…[View]
73541787What genre is this?[View]
73544247describe that cool and unique concept album that you always wanted to make but couldn't because…[View]
73539335>band has a '/' in their name[View]
73542540>Rock guitarist list Bach as one of his musical inspirations[View]
73543594/mu/'s thoughts on Electric Six?: Never see them talked about too much, not much substance but …[View]
73543621AOTY WHO CARES?: I don't. It's not my conversation to have anyway. It's not even rel…[View]
73543115rate my music taste ppl not 0/10 normie/10 faggot;gay/10 allowed thx[View]
73542819Where do I start with Sun Kil Moon?[View]
73544027Fitter Happier: >tfw Fitter Happier hits your soul harder every year https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
73488199/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJeZzeRVX0k[View]
73542517Ten seconds into Sheena Was a Punk Rocker, The Ramones have already pronounced 'go,' a wor…[View]
73542741KPOP GENERAL: http://www.vlive.tv/video/33818 http://www.vlive.tv/video/33818 http://www.vlive.tv/vi…[View]
73543463Kate Bush and Bjork in shook[View]
73542264what is the best drunk music, currently listeing to kanye wast but idk[View]
73537223Guitarist = plumber Pianist = doctor The guitarist thinks he's all that and a bag of chips beca…[View]
73540419>tfw finally finding the correct tabs[View]
73543782Why is Badu so based?[View]
73524799Was Kate Bush the Grimes of the 80s?[View]
73543464Whats your favorite normie band? Mine is Florence and the Machine[View]
73543422*high pitched laugh*[View]
73543711What does /mu think of the early November. There first 3 albums in particular.[View]
73541505i don't understand the hype for this? out of all the acclaimed dream pop/slowcore albums this o…[View]
73541400What are some albums similar to Utena's duel themes?[View]
73541928Can the 'great' jazz 'masters' even play at a level required to perform the aver…[View]
73543596Is 'Banger' a Genre?: Is a banger just a good song or is it a specific genre of music? Is my friend …[View]
73543087Got any more bands like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OMda91q20c what bands you guys got?…[View]
73541926Who are some good post-hop artists?: Here are some that I can name off the top of my head. >pic r…[View]
73540897MC Bushpig - Eat my rotten meat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pJdd_gm9Mk[View]
73543492ITT post shit genres/scenes: i'll start >alternative rock literally watered-down punk or wa…[View]
73543321>album is over an hour long[View]
73543105>mfw I realise listening to Loveless is the closest feeling I'll ever get to having an innoc…[View]
73543473Rock Bottom: Can we talk about how this is the absolute greatest song ever made? https://www.youtube…[View]
73543532This is a thread about Pirates by Bullets and Octane.[View]
73537082>'Will anyone remember U2 in 20 years, I doubt it. And the Spice Girls? I doubt it.' - George Har…[View]
73541764I just got into collecting LPs/vinyl records What's the safest cheap method for storing them? S…[View]
73542564Pick an artist or band, then pick the most 4chan and most reddit song in their discography. I'l…[View]
73542953Post pop songs / albums that you legit dig. Popular music that is/was played on radio, TV, etc. . I…[View]
73540972is this the turning point in trap?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NowWM0-3_U this song really str…[View]
73543013my new indie-girl crush is the girl from the cover of Big Thief's album 'Masterpiece' also, big…[View]
73537321THINK OF LONDON[View]
73543334best twitch raid song?[View]
73543317>all these great new songs Who hyped for future AOTY here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igQxhG…[View]
73541070Are there any UK rappers/artists that match the alernative hip-hop trend in America of artists like …[View]
73543047Hum Karma Police to me again, anon..[View]
73542414What are some good songs about political/social issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6E98ZRaU1s…[View]
73543258Im tired of western music What has the rest of the world been up to for the past thousands of years …[View]
73538583Is this the Atrocity Exhibition of 2017?[View]
73540152How did he remain so humble?[View]
73529115half of 2017 is almost over. whats your AOTY so far? pic possibly related[View]
73538543/metal/: Kek edition >>73536042[View]
73492037/jazz/ general: What have you been listening to recently? How did you get into jazz? What are your f…[View]
73500455sharethread - meme edition: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, yea…[View]
73538277why is this album so much fucking better than everything else they've released[View]
73542755Jay-Z, Vince Staples, which other rappers are fake gangsters?[View]
73541706is he the GOAT?[View]
73542146What is some good Serbian music?[View]
73542946Post a song and rate the one above you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Orvj6i2Xg[View]
73541170Going camping alone for a week, I'm gathering 25-30 albums to listen to in the forest. Gimme so…[View]
73542633does anyone have (or is anyone willing to make) a chart of modern classics?[View]
73541949BEST POP ALBUMS OF THE 2010'S?[View]
73541445So now that it's out what did you think of it? Most of the songs were good, but that's pro…[View]
73542043KPOP GENERAL[View]
73542229C-C-Combo album thread: Kid Amnesiac (this one might seem weird at first but it actually works) 1. E…[View]
73540531Pick an album and its beverage equivalent. >strong black coffee[View]
73542524hmmmm https://youtu.be/2-OWjM-zQbc[View]
73542516Who would win Alt-J vs Tame Impala[View]
73531894/chart/: POST CHARTS[View]
73542347rec some quality horrorcore. i am in a bad place mentally and i want to double down on the negativit…[View]
73541041I'm going to see King Crimson next week. They're playing a really really nice venue. Would…[View]
73540388Recommend me some metal: I'm into entry level shit like Metallica, System Of A Down and Tool. A…[View]
73542397More songs cover like this one!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0hix_ZIqAo[View]
73540831When did you grow out of altrock and into Metalkino?[View]
73542277Is there any other artist who captures the wageslave way of life like he does?[View]
73541812*blocks your path*[View]
73540166/SwansGira/: Favorite era? Favorite album? Favorite song? Favorite Gira's side project?[View]
73542196Old groups/singers you like more/at least as much now: Are there any groups or solo artists you like…[View]
73541744guess the song[View]
73541952>regular album has a remix in it[View]
73542073Thoughts on this?[View]
73542127What's some essential AMErcore?[View]
73541478White people can't ra- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B56QbGq29fY[View]
73535958This right here is a screenshot from the future: Mark my words[View]
73541226KPOP GENERAL[View]
73541915Young Thug is officially the new Tupac: https://twitter.com/youngthug/status/876313862412304384…[View]
73537939What does /mu/ think about this record? A true hidden gem, in my opinion.[View]
73538219what other psych rock albums do i need to checkout?[View]
73541860>band has Axl Rose in it[View]
73539515Fuck you Michael, why do you always insist on making me feel like shit?[View]
73541867Do I need to be gay or a black woman to understand this?[View]
73541806https://ffhks.bandcamp.com/album/hermit-3-by-hermits What you guys think of this hot new band?[View]
73525483underrated albums in the realm of 8.5-10/10 that don't get posted much here or talked about els…[View]
73540721U2 is and always has been terrible corporate pop shit. They were never post-punk.[View]
73541740his palms are sweaty[View]
73541709Post your favorite movies. Others post albums recommended on them.[View]
73541489>you will never listen to the beach boys in pre 9/11 america again[View]
73541451Send Me on my Way by Rusted Root is one of the best songs ever recorded[View]
73541146Now that the dust has settled, what's /mu/'s opinion on this?[View]
73541412Name a more iconic duo[View]
73539688>Band is called Women >No women What gives?…[View]
73541535This is like proto-Britpop.[View]
73541197>You're so effing special![View]
73540751How do you guys feel about Kendrick Lamar? Discuss[View]
73538920>deletes Old Man Ah, the perfect album.[View]
73541471ITT: Perfect Albums tfw 2001 was 16 years ago[View]
73541468Does 'Rude' by the up and coming new outfit 'MAGIC!' have, dare I say it, the greatest guitar solo i…[View]
73540083Why does A$AP Rocky always get bundled into the memerap category? Mainstream rap fans like him and h…[View]
73538229>tfw you listen to all of music including classical and 3rd wave ska punk and you realize that On…[View]
735393141. Eminem 2. Post Malone 3. Macklemore 4. Aesop rock 5. Iggy Azealia 6. G-eazy 7. Vanilla ice 8. Lil…[View]
73540169Literally the best producer in the earth,this little genius is making beats with Jay Z and Timbaland…[View]
73533010BANDCAMP THREAD: Because the last one is practically dead. Hop on! QofT: Why you haven't stoppe…[View]
73540315KPOP GENERAL: Bona bon appétit baby[View]
73540341Discographies where the best album is sandwiched between the two worst[View]
73540737Why no Glastonbury thread?: Did you not enjoy us? I'm glad I come here less often now.[View]
73541026'I hope this world fuckin burns and you all fuckin die I fuckin hate it oh God why are you still ali…[View]
73540692rec a nigga: More 'jazz' like this??? The atmosphere in this piece is indescribable, and the sax jus…[View]
73540504>Radiohead is not overrated[View]
73539981>write song in 11/4 time >'lol, but anon, we've always played in 4/4 time'…[View]
73540937So, what do you think about lou reed's body of work?[View]
73540927hey there lads, I'm looking for other qt female artists that make ambient, bedroom, chamber mus…[View]
73539037What's some slacker/life sucks skapunk core like pic related but doesn't suck? Hard mode:…[View]
73540802good god this album is terrible. where did he go wrong?[View]
73538798>2014-2017 era[View]
73539512so how long until this universally considered a classic?[View]
73538512Anyone else watching Glastonbury main stage, what do you think of the setlist do far?[View]
73539607is 'art-' as a genre prefix just a shorthand for 'ugly, mildly disgusting and overall ridiculous' ? …[View]
73540597What do you predict about his list?[View]
73540127>4-minute song >15-minute music video[View]
73540673and nobody ever says anything about it[View]
73540410wtf i hate lauren 'let the refugees in' mayberry now[View]
73536121Will her next album be the album that saves pop music? I think it will be[View]
73536310>1997-2002 era[View]
73540430Why didn't they play National Anthem /mu/? Is it because of his dead wife?[View]
73539948What does -core really mean? Seems it's pretty much down to taking a genre and remove everythin…[View]
73540168Can someone please explain the CHVRCHES, Lauren Mayberry, Brandon controversy? I don't understa…[View]
73540206What is she staring at?[View]
73540160Ever heard of MadGenius? Probably not. Hip hop group from Texas new to the game looking for some one…[View]
73540246>band plays boring guitar riff >drones for 4 bars >bass and drums kick in accompanying same…[View]
73540336Was Ville Valo the last decent metal vocalist?[View]
73537384Going drumming tomorrow. Got some solid tracks to play along? (Hip hop, electronic music preferably)[View]
73538488Midsummer Thread: >do you celebrate midsummer >post midsummer albums >discuss about them…[View]
73532727>tfw there hasnt been a truly standout album this year[View]
73539146KPOP GENERAL[View]
73539521Tallentless hacks?[View]
73540250>you catch my girl legs open better smash that Is he a literal cuck?[View]
73540174So what do we think[View]
73538477What are some 80s albums that have that ''80s'' sound with fuck ton of synths an…[View]
73539529>tfw no rap/hip-hop gf[View]
73540106I can't stop listening to Man O' War lads[View]
73540104Connect Your Music: Join the Home of Music Collaboration and Networking. where you can search for Ar…[View]
73532153Who ruled the psych rock scene each decade?: 60's: Beatles 70's: Pink Floyd 80's: ? 9…[View]
73527281Lorde is really cute[View]
73536649Weezer General: How do you /mu/tants feel about them?[View]
73540003Underrated/Underground Hip-Hop/Rap artists: Any not well known artists. Pic is Seattle rapper, Port…[View]
73539560old southern hip hop album covers are beautiful art.[View]
73537884Does backpack trap exist?[View]
73538133>the guitarist has a left handed guitar strung right handed[View]
73538193music and drugs: Last year, I did get my first experience with extasy pill. My roommate had one pill…[View]
73538707new Olivia Tremor Control looks like it's pretty much confirmed that Mangum's drawings wer…[View]
73537745his best work?[View]
73538276ITT: Talentless hacks.[View]
73537924Why aren't there any singles for the new Avey Tare project? Is it going to be trash like Slashe…[View]
73537342Well, /mu/?[View]
73539541Show me a better six (6) lines of rap. I'll wait. Realest nigga born california When I talk I…[View]
73538158The Mars Volta will never release an album again[View]
73538232Who unironically watching /ata kak/? Best glastonbury act yet.[View]
73532506Why does he like Hopsin and Eminem so much?[View]
73521360Who is the Jimi Hendrix of our generation?[View]
73538936What is the difference between experimental and bad music?[View]
73539524Holy shit[View]
73538328>listen to an 'experimental rock' band >they're actually an art rock band…[View]
73539477What did everyone think of the new Young Thug album? I've attached my thoughts[View]
73539369>this was 10 years ago damn...[View]
73530852>One of the best blues guitarists ever and probably THE best slide player >A pale goblin-like…[View]
73537403Mosaik: Is this the magnum opus of drum and bass?[View]
73538305What 2016 albums should I listen to if my favorite albums from last year were:: William Tyler - Mode…[View]
73538095>What do you see when you turn out the light? >I can't tell you, but I know it's min…[View]
73539220Bass Lessons: Where can I find the best bass lessons online for free? Just started to get into bass …[View]
73537974kpop general[View]
73537802Music? More like POOSIC[View]
73538976why is she so amazing, lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF1rxMAAugY https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
73536468is this the best psych rock album of the 10s?[View]
73536454I'm going to a gay art exhibition with gay friends tomorrow, and I need gay music to prepare my…[View]
73536555Kid Amnesiac 1. Everything in Its Right Place 2. Idioteque 3. Life in a Glasshouse 4. Optimistic 5. …[View]
73539060Fugg I actually liked it[View]
73537915What's the official /mu/ stance on Giggs?[View]
73536260What will go wrong?[View]
73538913Digitally Imported: Does anyone else use digitally imported? Space Dreams is a super comfy channel f…[View]
73537179I can't believe it's been 7 years since Danny Brown died. Rest in peace, still miss you bi…[View]
73537537What compelled 2 million British people to try to purchase tickets to a 250,000 capacity Oasis conce…[View]
73538244https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HimvFbossU8 Fitter, happier More productive Comfortable Not drinking…[View]
73537953>tfw you are literally incapable of learning from your mistakes Music for this feel?…[View]
73538663ITT: Musicians you could beat in a fight[View]
73538607chart thread: post charts itt[View]
73534465Rap battles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKKxPtP6XjQ Now that the dust has settled, who won?…[View]
73536042/metal/: *BRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP* edition Old >>73530903[View]
73538632NU-/MU/CORE: Post albums that would be /mu/core if more people heard them I'll start[View]
73538570ITT: best freestyles: >2 Chainz can't spit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHm6L_5zF40 Joey …[View]
73537836Just downloaded the Redd plugins. Does anyone know which Beatles albums used the Redd 37 and which u…[View]
73537918Thoughts on Thom Yorke wearing a U2 shirt?[View]
73537534Hi I'm the best rock alubm of all time[View]
73538437How much do the lyrics in a song/album matter to your opinion of its quality?: And I'm not talk…[View]
73535767/GLASTONBURY/: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage Radiohead - 9:30…[View]
73537551Shitty Brazilian DJ: Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the place to post asking for this, but I…[View]
73538322What are some songs?[View]
73536767Fun instrumental albums like pic related?[View]
73535535San Diego post-hardcore is the best post-hardcore scene that ever existed. Prove me wrong (protip: y…[View]
73533583Glastonbury 2017: Anybody else watching? Angel Olsen & Ride are currently on[View]
73537758ITT: Bass-Heavy songs: A friend lent me a pair of top notch headphones, rec me some songs/albums wit…[View]
73538180'This is not the album either, these are just the throwaways' >tfw 'throwaway' verse with lil yac…[View]
73535138Is /mu/ even ready for new St. Vincent? https://youtu.be/eFXq8OU1dNQ[View]
73538149More like this?: Just watching Dredd for the n-th time and it reminded me of this https://www.youtub…[View]
73538130;_;: Thommy Yorke & The Radioheads dedicated OkNotOk to Rachel Owen[View]
73534702CAN: Just discovered these beautiful motherfuckers. What are a few good starting points in their dis…[View]
73535393explain this albums popularity to me[View]
73536056Give me some catchy part-time job core for working dock at the Goodwill[View]
73537337>decided to listen to 'This Old Dog' on the way home >gets my appetite going >decide to lis…[View]
73535212>$3 to see Ramones and Talking Heads I think I was born in the wrong generation.…[View]
73537439ITT: Pleb filters Jeezy's verse on Amazing[View]
73537713> You have been stuck in a lift > we've been trying to bleach your, hole WTF when did Rad…[View]
73537832Album covers that look better in black and white: And with a slight change in levels[View]
73535631Post /our guys/[View]
73537848PRECIOUS ART OUT RIGHT NOW: Also Rozwell Kid thread.[View]
73537370Does /mu/ listen to Politi-core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFJtPU2XBDk This guy was a congress…[View]
73537244>record 3 songs in a day >only one of them is album worthy…[View]
73535950kpop general: free somebody edition aka it flopped but it was good edition https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
73537769Are Steel guitars the most underrated instrument?[View]
73535344they're not that bad[View]
73537696>muh anne frank[View]
73537633Bought a ticket last minute. Going alone. Will I have fun?[View]
73533333Is this the greatest pop album of all time?[View]
73537012Is Nookie by Limp Bizkit the greatest song of the early 2000s?[View]
73534648ITT: decent to strong 7 albums[View]
73537518>Minding my own business. >Ice cream truck passes by. >Realize it's playing Prokofiev.…[View]
73537419Any fellow patricians here ?[View]
73537145Animals - cd covers-[View]
73535903Help me out here. What's the big deal. I don't get it.[View]
73536531Could anyone please explain Xiu Xiu to me?: No, I am not trying to bait or say that they suck. I was…[View]
73532490Not trying to racebait, just understand a nuance of American culture. In the last 15 years there pro…[View]
73536459holy shit[View]
73537241>if I'm wrong then I don't wanna be right[View]
73530075Is it any different than the original version? Should I listen to anything else than the 3 new songs…[View]
73535527Mashup Albums: I found this mashup album when it was tweeted out by Fantano, and GOD DAMN, this mash…[View]
73536681Why did they move the track order around? With the original order it's a 9.5[View]
73536254her green plastic watering can[View]
73537073small small: show me good bands that have max 2k plays on spotify https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F…[View]
73536282Who is the best rapper in this picture?[View]
73536573AOTY. anyone else love this album?[View]
73537052why has noone told me about this earlier? best album I heard in years. absolutely addicted. cant eve…[View]
73537048Looking forward to the day this will knock Loveless out of the all-time top ten.[View]
73513378Physical acquisitions: What did you buy today, /mu/?[View]
73535784Hey, /mu/. Anyone going to Sled Island this year? Wanna hang with a famous band?[View]
73536960Where do I find information about new EP releases?[View]
73523738>Mozart would play metal[View]
73536857*Deletes everything except The Louvre and Hard Feelings*[View]
73536669how old is too old to become a dj?[View]
73534483This is what you need. https://soundcloud.com/machine-of-the-absurd[View]
735314743x3 last 7 days POST EM[View]
73533653the last good psych rock album tbqh[View]
73536778Post the album you most recently listened to for the first time and what you thought about it. Pic r…[View]
73536280>his or her favorite artist hasn't commited suicide[View]
73536545ITT : Jazz Only: Jazz was the last artful form of music, even though many disregarded it during it…[View]
73536561Bands with 1 good release, but their one good release is amazing.[View]
73531564Post your recent Spotify artists and rate each other's last two days. Also, you can recommend s…[View]
73534455what are /mu/s thoughts on hamilton? (pic unrelated)[View]
73535786Just bought Lincoln Park on vinyl and it sounds so much better its like listening to it for the firs…[View]
73536036Stop this.[View]
73535911NEW HOTNESS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqWiX-ZuG1I[View]
73535743OKNOTOK is now fully available at Deezer[View]
73536487Best mix IMHO of Ladytron DEUT: >is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwIXjb8g62g You utter fags …[View]
73521773/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Mayones Is An Instrument Edition How do I start learning guitar? …[View]
73534971Best synth for effect pedals?: I know probably any synth could do this, but I was thinking of buying…[View]
73533382I think Rob and Sean are androids from the future. In their time the world was a soulless technocrac…[View]
73535707Post your favorite album, and post your favorite Beatles related song (solo careers, side projects a…[View]
73534840KPOP GENERAL: NICE PANTS Edition[View]
73530461I need music from 2001, any rec?[View]
73534114So, /mu/. Why don't you listen to the harder dance music any more? Music like hardstyle or gabb…[View]
73536211Hey, this is pretty good![View]
73535637Redpill me on harmonicas. Where do I start?[View]
73536138NEW DYING FETUS IS FUCKING SICK BOY https://youtube.com/watch?list=PLq6NULtuhFumNjxySnbWrAxPf_GzCsHi…[View]
73535651AOTY: Will King Gizzard ever top this?[View]
73535533Hey! We're waitin on this faggot...: Everybody say: 'OP, You're a faggot!'.[View]
73530903/metal/: QUELLING THE SIMIAN SURGE edition OLD >>73519684[View]
73534947Music Clips: Any music clips that scared you when you were younger?[View]
73533563KPOP GENERAL[View]
73505203OKNOTOK Waiting Leak Thread -- #ReleaseParty #BothCDsInFLAC: FOR THE SAKE OF POSTERITY: Chano Anon…[View]
73534708Is neo psych dead?[View]
73534401Uplifting punk songs: suggest uplifiting punk songs like 'hope' from pepe related. thanks.[View]
73535946How does /mu/ feel about compilation albums?: Give me some quick advice /mu/. Do you consider a comp…[View]
73535943Summarize an artist with a wikihow drawing pic related is Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree[View]
73534960Post artists who are only hated due to their fanbase >pic very related[View]
73532946>yfw you realized happy birthday is in 7/4[View]
73533766>Beethoven is resurrected >comes to your house to pick you up with his car >hands you the a…[View]
73533597Who is the best MC right now in your opinion?[View]
73535875'For you were in my song'. I legit broke down crying listening to this.[View]
73529610What is the easiest and quickest instrument to learn?[View]
73525231Music Players: ITT we post pictures of our music player and rate each others/give tips on how to mak…[View]
73535871ITT: One album wonders[View]
73535253>17/18 year olds wrote this album. Damn...[View]
73535747So what are the differences between the remastered and original versions?[View]
73533571Why doesnt he show up to his own tours /mu/?[View]
73535746Anyone got the download link for this? I've been looking for for years.[View]
73535604https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXjQnFLg-DE&feature=youtu.be when will it end?[View]
73535413Any poet-musicians worth listening to? Don't answer if you don't read poetry Pic not relat…[View]
73527578Post your top 10 and others guess your appearance based on it: The Smiths The Dead Milkmen Ramleh Mi…[View]
73534944/mu/sicians: Hello /mu/tants, are you musicians? Do you play any instrument in particular? Your favo…[View]
73535491Good threads https://justinguitarcommunity.com/index.php?topic=41826.0[View]
73534305Whats the problem: Why does everyone hate them they sound pretty good in my opinion[View]
73535402Looking for some futuristic music with religious themes. Think book of the new sun but for music. Do…[View]
73535338>Two Hearts In 3/4 Time >is in 6/8[View]
73532399What earbuds do you use? I need something to make being a janitor tolerable. (I use a stereo at hom…[View]
73535133Thougths on this? Personally, I like it a lot, favourite 2017 album so far. Most, if not all, songs…[View]
73535244How is this not considered one of the best albums of all time?[View]
73531387Post ur last month, give recs, guess shit about people use this!! : http://tapmusic.net/[View]
73533729>Frankie is so desperate >He's gonna kill his wife and kids >Frankie's gonna kill…[View]
73535254>buying a ticket for your show but you hste me .7 ales fried chicken headph9ones aren't loud…[View]
73534135/clyp/thread: Post your own Clyps, and help each other. Always give feedback. No Soundcloud. I…[View]
73534863Is this peak Madonna?[View]
73534837What is 'new wave' in your native language? Norwegian: 'Nyveiv'[View]
73534860>listen to Stockton while driving through stockton >have the time of my life…[View]
73533142Brian says his favorite album is Friends. Haters BTFO[View]
73534533>album is one minute long[View]
73534666Looking to buy some headphones in the $50-$100 range, any recs?[View]
73534691Why did vaporwave have to turn into a joke for normies who call more popular normies normies to put …[View]
73532206Latin American music discussion: Favorite albums? Underrated artists? Why is Spinetta so fucking bas…[View]
73533140ITT: An musician's most underrated work[View]
73534484why is pitchfork so obsessed with black music?[View]
73534641This band is pretty great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Da9sc6YDBo[View]
73534946/pag/ Patrician Music Generals: Post 'em Educate the plebs I'll start: https://www.youtube…[View]
73534928does mu like pill friends?[View]
73534739Is Max Martin destroying music?[View]
73533924Albums that would improve if the vocals were removed.[View]
73533720Let's have another thread about the new google music thing: Last one was pretty comfy. Play aro…[View]
73533062When did you realize that Fixing a Hole was the best track?[View]
73499942/prod/ general: Last thread hit bump limit. Talk about music production, composition, and audio engi…[View]
73534323How did they manage to get those general midi esq sounds in 1984? I always figured this was late 80s…[View]
73532583Interesting Steven Wilson Q&A: >despite recent Facebook memeing, Steven Wilson has actually e…[View]
73534099This is their worst album.[View]
73531587Thoughts on Paramore?[View]
73533737hardcore punk > thrash metal[View]
73529505Do we like this?[View]
73534679Would you like to see more artists implement homemade instruments like the Apprehension Engine? http…[View]
73533105This is their best album[View]
73534657I've been out of the loop for the entire year, /mu/. What are your top 3 releases so far?[View]
73530786I've had it when you Kanye yee yee ass fanboys who don't actually like real music (Metalli…[View]
73526620Post favorite albums, guess personality[View]
73534060Nick Cave: >this faggot has not made an album with electric guitar in 7 years so is that it? just…[View]
73530837>2011 >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT What does /mu/ think of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO? …[View]
73530950>tfw youre too autistic for normie music but come to /mu/ and realize youre way out of your leagu…[View]
73534434>The thinking man's MC Ride[View]
73534227whats /mu/ fav psych rock albums? pic related for me[View]
73534366Check out my new YouTube channel. I cover rap and rock classics (better than the original version, i…[View]
73534422Saint-Saens Symphony 3: Name a better piece by a romantic composer than this. You can't.[View]
73530474Rank these hip hop acts please. >OutKast >Geto Boys >UGK >Goodie Mob >3 6 Mafia >…[View]
73533710/mu/, i need a bit of help i have to put together a 5 song playlist for a project. we have a party s…[View]
73533999better than gkmc and tpab.[View]
73533686when did hip hop get so ...... BORING? like fuck Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, ect. sound like …[View]
73534205who is the best artist of this decade and why?[View]
73534178This is my favorite Beatles release[View]
73532182I strongly dislike Mr. Bungle[View]
73531341What are the White Albums of other artists?[View]
73531267The boys have done it again: How can one band continue to be so based?[View]
73534149Is the Nuge an asshole IRL? This hippie homeless project normally fund raises by selling cheap event…[View]
73533761how to write sheet music: How diddily ding dong do i listen to a song and identify what key it is in…[View]
73534006Has anyone made a chart or list of the most essential or groundbreaking albums of 1967?[View]
73532146eminem: eminem[View]
73533933Itt: Best Albums of the 80s[View]
73533981New Marina & The Diamonds single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SslDCqlydFw Better than any po…[View]
73533449Music video ideas needed: Ok,me and my band need to do a music video in 7 days. Any ideas ? We play …[View]
73533227is this the final boss of music?[View]
73533639Lil Peep: How do you go from this...[View]
73533386artists or albums that sound like this but more anxious?[View]
73528843kek: http://www.factmag.com/2017/06/23/goldie-may-outed-massive-attacks-robert-del-naja-banksy/…[View]
73531666ITT: we post band names and add the word SUCK at the end I'll start: Nine Inch SUCK[View]
73509208LEAKED: Big Fish Theory leaked. Thoughts?[View]
73533263Why didn't classical composers release albums?[View]
73533757You guys think this will be good? I'm actually really looking forward to hearing it.[View]
73533470This is the best indie album of the 00's[View]
73533706Jowee Omicil: Just discovered this cool artist, feel free to share other unknown great musicians. ht…[View]
73527763>All my friends are dead >Push me to the edge…[View]
73533624>make a hip-hop album with ukg production: >the producers are actually all shit at making ukg…[View]
73528106what happened to them?[View]
73532701Devin Townsend what is his best album and why is it Terria?[View]
73517134ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
73532554KPOP GENERAL[View]
73533452NEW PANDA BEAR OUT SOON: http://www.stereogum.com/1948736/panda-bear-discusses-skeletal-new-solo-mat…[View]
73533423KYLE!: Ladies and Gentlemen... The next Tupac.[View]
73533253hey shitheads why is this legit the best album?![View]
73533151Honestly, these are not as bad as people make them out to be.[View]
73533160>So go fetch a bottle of rum dear friends >And fill up my glass to the rim >For I'm no…[View]
73533041Smokepurrp 2018 XXL Freshman[View]
73533120how about that new foo fighters song[View]
73532376I believe that appreciation of a work of art depends on knowledge. Two people whose knowledge is wil…[View]
73529343bands who are only known for one album even though they have better albums in their discography[View]
73533076How is the rest of the album? I've only listened to the singles, liked them all.[View]
73532790Dumble Ghrol: Dumble ghrol commands you to steal a hipsters vape pen[View]
73531292Was here two days ago: The same threads...not even new versions of those threads. The exact same thr…[View]
73528241they finally handed me the aux cord and I fucked up. I played eccojams (the superior 56 minute versi…[View]
73524357>says he likes music >can't play an instrument…[View]
73529087Wtf, Slowdive is ambient techno now?[View]
73531069Does /mu/ listen to death metal?[View]
73531091>fire >pyre[View]
73532472Favorite Aphex Twin track off of the Field Day LP? B3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYnjWZxnF8w…[View]
73530126I liked it[View]
73531441KPOP GENERAL[View]
73532442Psych rock is over rated. What is so great about it? I don't get it.[View]
73529451>God loves his children >God loves his children, yeah What did he mean by this?…[View]
73530041post a GOOD rap song that doesn't have swearing in it[View]
73527530Is it okay to listen to MCR in 2017?[View]
73530931Kino/Viktor Tsoi: I recently discovered the Russian band Kino. Only caught my interest because the l…[View]
73532180Unless it's an acronym or the like, an artist does not deserve to have their name written in al…[View]
73531932How did pop go from melodic synth + violin + blown instruments, to generic copy pasted beat with wub…[View]
73531996Do you prefer McCartney's 'Here Today', or George's 'All Those Years Ago'?[View]
73532403Grimes thread[View]
73532108All rappers go bed, Mach Hommy is here[View]
73531240King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe is out baby!!![View]
73530076You have 5 seconds to tell me why you don't listen to the greatest artist of our generation.[View]
73531931ESKIbeat/grime beats in america: What does mu make of the creeping of both grime music (mostly) and …[View]
73531802ITT: We describe an album's tracks with one sentence, others try to guess: Starting with an eas…[View]
73532310>Go to a record store >everyone is either over 60 or a hipster who only looks at /mu/core and …[View]
73531025Math Rock/Post Rock/¿Post-Prog Rock? Thread: post your favourite album or the one you being listenin…[View]
73532186Cool Kingdom Hearts 3 Fan-made Final Boss Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgJfD1BmNPI&lc=…[View]
73528159Music to go on a killing spree to? Pic related[View]
73531085GOOD NIGHT SWEET PRINCE: No fucking RIP thread for one of the hardest?! Progidy passed away due to h…[View]
73531812The National Leak Incoming: Anyone's got a link for the new National album? People are posting …[View]
73530908Hard Feelings/Loveless Love the production on this track. I need help identifying some effects/sound…[View]
73531770Can anyone give me some constructive feedback on how to improve myself? Heres some of the mashups iv…[View]
73532061Rainbow: Do you like cacth the rainbow?[View]
73531783Eminem's new look: next album classic confirmed[View]
73524151What is the best Beach Boys song?[View]
73531738https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebShKgjBGKk >SEXY BOY >SEXY BOY >DICK IN YOUR MOUTH! Wait w…[View]
73530516Is this the pinnacle of halloweeny music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ2oXzrnti4[View]
73531890Expand my playlist: Give your best, give me your worst, i need songs for a playlist at work.[View]
73531055really enjoying this new album, such empowering music, I am so grateful thoughts /mu/?[View]
73531011Why do many people insist that she's talented? Her verse on monster was great but that's a…[View]
73530663Does /mu/ like iwrestledabearonce? What's your favourite album?[View]
73531846you're mom: >EEEEEHHHEHEHEHEHEHEHE[View]
73531562is liking new order more than joy division pleb or patrish? my vote goes to pleb[View]
73530227>mfw hearing Vespertine is the closest I'll ever feel to intimacy with a woman…[View]
73530504Hey /mu/ what do you all think about this?[View]
73531347Name a better song[View]
73531439KPOP General: waifu tier edition[View]
73530077>One of the trademarks of Swans' early period was playing at painfully loud volumes during c…[View]
73531539Is it actually possible to properly appreciate noise music without suffering from tinnitus or hearin…[View]
73528906ITT: Pretty good normie-core: I'll start >If you're reading this, it's too late by…[View]
73529583Rock music really started being great when bands removed the blues influences[View]
73531526is there a single punk rock band that hasn't recorded a cover of 'i fought the law'?[View]
73529764Anything else like the first track on this? Also why isn't this talked about anywhere[View]
73529902DON AMAN ALTERNATE VERSION: I can't find this anywhere. A couple of years back I heard this ver…[View]
73531177Does /mu/ listen to hardcore crust punk metal?[View]
73528473Which countries made the best A) Rock Music B) Electronic Music C) Classical Music[View]
73519609Bandcamp Thread: The other one is dying, so here's a new thread Post your shit and rec https://…[View]
73529960KPOP GENERAL[View]
73530683So im edgy as fuck and i like punk music, as well as alot of crossover, but im running out of good b…[View]
73531340Are they the nu Deftones? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9sTQ0QdkN3Q[View]
73530990Favorite Lil Peep song?: Mine is 'Witchcrafts'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1jVeD49WnM…[View]
73529989Hey /mu/, Can you recommend me some albums based on this chart please: Hey anons, What albums would …[View]
73531291/prod/ help me please: Need help recreating the drums from the song Endless Spring off of this album…[View]
73530765Good Pleb Rock General: /GPRG/ - Pilot Edition Staring a new general, we'll see if it catches o…[View]
73528706Moments in music that make you pic related: >the opening 45 seconds of Where the Streets Have No …[View]
73527593How do I get big in Japan?[View]
73526732DON STEPPED OUTSIDE: more albums like this? ik it's one of a kind but still[View]
73531095>I cant feel my face when I'm with /mu/, but I love it! What are some other songs that named…[View]
73527761I can't stop listening to this album. It is perfect.[View]
73530421How was this, /mu/?[View]
73530969Why did this nigga never release this song? https://youtube.com/watch?v=g5FOEduoW0E[View]
73530916Worst Bass 'Solo' EVER!: This is NOT a bass solo... just hammer-ons and a boring, repetitive riff by…[View]
73530838aright /mu imma need the the best good basic emo, screamo, heavy metal, goth suggests pls[View]
73530920One of my favorite albums[View]
73530876This record's probably gonna blow: But this is actually pretty damn funny https://www.youtube.c…[View]
73519684/meal/: Metal General: Chile Is Shit And Nu-Males Are The Future edition old >>73512120[View]
73523071John during his weight loss / transition drug phase :([View]
73530770>randomly pick album from backlog like i do every morning >it's a masterpiece post the la…[View]
73530715>a couple of my roommates constantly listen to Humble >I like Damn and Humble, but it's g…[View]
73530161last.fm thread all shapes and sizes welcome: long dick style only[View]
73530671Anyone know where I can find more music like this http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/590622 Im a…[View]
73530183ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
73526026Given the state of female artists that debuted since roughly 2005, 15 years from now will people mak…[View]
73529462ITT: Musicians that are as musically talented as they are sexually attractive[View]
73530408is there a synthwave chart? carpenter brut, perturbator, the hotline miami, far cry 3 and drive osts…[View]
73530602What song was at the top of the charts on the day you were born? http://playback.fm/birthday-song I…[View]
73527265Closet Discussion: Favorite characters, chapters, moments etc.[View]
73530526It's a person[View]
73530243tylo be chillin so he be[View]
73530493Any other lads here secretly like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKFuaExJ-EI[View]
73530386headphones: I bought a audio techinica mx 40.. how good did I do.. $115aud delivered[View]
73530393More like this?[View]
73530360What Glastonbury live performances are you looking forward to lads?[View]
73530290>Industrial Interests me From experience this is the average death grips fan boy/grill/it…[View]
73530115name your top five hendrix songs >little wing >valleys of neptune >bleeding heart (valleys …[View]
73529124Gimme your existential rap.[View]
73530157What is the /e/ of dream trance?[View]
73526787Post road trip albums[View]
73530024Hi /mu/. It's been a while since I've been on here (7 years ago, probably), and I know at …[View]
73530134The Neofolk Thread: Do you want to get into neofolk? Join me and my kangaroo kommando and we'll…[View]
73530071Who is the Charli XCX of music?[View]
73527816If this isn't in your top 10 you can pretty much be labeled as a metal hipster[View]
73529997i dont see a difference[View]
73529678I see this posted everywhere and decided to give it a go. It is the worst shit i have ever heard - h…[View]
73529966Does /mu/ like this album? Or is it overrated[View]
73529969just found this in my library, don't even know how it got there but it's pretty good. Does…[View]
73529968Press F to pay respects The F stands for Faggot F[View]
73529963I just made this redbone mix, what do you think?: https://youtu.be/T6Aqepw9mas[View]
73529224KPOP GENERAL[View]
73529921DON ORDERED FRIES: Would this have been better if Steve Albini recorded it?[View]
73529687>Go to Youtube >Type in Aphex Twin Full Album >I Care Because You Do is No.11 >Doesn…[View]
73528677Kid Amnesiac 1. Everything in Its Right Place 2. Idioteque 3. Life in a Glasshouse 4. Optimistic 5. …[View]
73526372>mfw I realise listening to Loveless is the closest feeling I'll ever get to having an innoc…[View]
73529874https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=534Zz_FZYvw best 90's song thread[View]
73527073This whole album is amazing. The production on all the tracks sounds so futuristic and electronic. A…[View]
73523405Help me lads[View]
73524346ITT: 10/10 albums where the B sides are just as good.[View]
73529444>tfw your creativity is increased 8-11 times[View]
73526394was music discovered or invented?[View]
73529724>Shop security tags still on 2nd hand CD[View]
73528862Would you bang??[View]
735296932:33 to 2:53 of Iceblink Luck[View]
73525615Ex Eye: Colin Stetson's new project is some black-jazz fusion shit. Thoughts?[View]
73529634Literally don't listen to any bands that still exist[View]
73527413System of a down: How are they? Where should i start?[View]
73511020ITT: Dissapointments of the year: pic related[View]
73523219What changed sometime between 1965 and 1970 that led to progressive rock?[View]
73527634And a lipsticked Kleenex hung on a pointed forked twig[View]
73529208you're butt is mine[View]
73516471>otherwise 10/10 album has 20 minutes of ear rape noise filler[View]
73529347I think this album is fucking awesome[View]
73527501>start to write a post defending a musician >realize you will never change the other anons min…[View]
73528220pic related has 15 kids: don't worried about securing an existence or homeland for your people.…[View]
73524196One of these threads: >Best Kids on Holiday >Runner Up Visiting Friends >Overrated Leaf Hou…[View]
73528569What's the point of getting decent headphones/speakers when so much music is brickwalled and ha…[View]
73528781what are the best albums for when you wanna feel sleepy? im having trouble getting in the mood for s…[View]
73522140>Smash Mouth Retweeted an Anime Porn Nazi http://gizmodo.com/smash-mouth-retweeted-an-anime-porn-…[View]
73527454I noticed something about Mother of the World.: That primitive riff at the beginning of the track re…[View]
73528116kpop general[View]
73528339>That horrible song with DJ Khaled >Apologising to Dr Dre and friends for dissing their record…[View]
73529154best of 2017: post your favourited album from 2017[View]
73525911This is the look of a powerful, independent, grown-up, intelligent woman who knows exactly what she …[View]
73529092For some reason this specific guitar sound stuck with me in Tool's schism. It sounds like a tub…[View]
73527493Algiers - The Underside of Power: I liked this Album. Opinions ?[View]
73528556Is Guillotine the Smells Like Teen Spirit of today's generation?[View]
73528079I'm trying to start my rap music career. What do I do to become famous like logic and g-eazy?[View]
73525860Post your rare McCartneys /mu/[View]
73527003This is boring and generic[View]
73528953Is B.o.B right? Is the earth flat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCA8HofWsxc[View]
73525530Swans Live?: Hey anons. I was curious as to whether anyone here has seen the band Swans live. It can…[View]
73528883Turnover: What's up with kicking Eric out of the band? Is he legit an abusive person or is it j…[View]
73524181rap has gone full circle: more and more, popular rap has become gibberish words that are melodic whe…[View]
73527858whats the music equivalent of this?[View]
73528500what did artic monkeys mean by this music video?[View]
73524318Lemme tell you I have NO idea what the fuck I'm listening to but I think I like it. I have no i…[View]
73526998what are some meme bands?[View]
73523513Was there ever a better duo in basketball? Or sports for that matter?[View]
73521036post your doodle /mu/ http://g.co/doodle/nwa4zz[View]
73528623I would kill someone for a blackened death version of this. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-a…[View]
73528631This whole album is amazing. The production on all the tracks sounds so futuristic and electronic. A…[View]
73527572Melon on No Jumper: Is his career over?[View]
73528571Why are most people on /mu/ fine with costantly listening to the same 4 chords as long as they can r…[View]
73523590uhh guys... what the hell happened to fiona apple???[View]
7352809110/10 albums[View]
73527422UNKLE The Road Part 1 - Album: >UNKLE The Road Part 1 What's your opinion anon? Did you like…[View]
73528364What is the comfiest SiriusXM station?[View]
73524331Grateful: Look I understand nobody should've had expectations for this, because DJ khaled is a …[View]
73528413Think of you with hesitation Think of you too hard Come on back to me But don't make me sorry[View]
73526330post bills, get recs[View]
73528400The song got me really hyped, anything similar to that?[View]
73523196this faggot is literally your average /mu/tant[View]
73525616What's so bad about it? >cheap >fun >easier to learn than many other instruments >c…[View]
73525513Weekly Release General: Weekly Release General: Here is a thread to discuss any of the plentiful alb…[View]
73527891>you wake up in 'nam What's the first tune that plays?[View]
73527868Prog Rock General /PRG/: Anyone else think Queen's best work was on their last album? Songs lik…[View]
73526816Best albums ever missed: Here we post the most complete masterpieces of albums that nobody's ev…[View]
73528087swish swish bish[View]
73528154DISCO Appreciation Thread. Share your favorites. I can't stop watching Silver Convention, so el…[View]
73527181KPOP GENERAL: KBS Music Bank 5:00 - 6:30 PM KST Hwang Chi Yeul 9muses Monsta X Mamamoo FT Island Mom…[View]
73526554>on Zoloft >can't tell good music from shit music anymore tell me what to listen to (good…[View]
73528094Is there anything instrumentally similar to this? Particularly Empty Room and Half Light I?[View]
73528064Do you think major labels would have bandcamp and SoundCloud shut down if they could legally do it?[View]
73528019Hey guys my friend is a practicing and up and coming musician and a lot of her friends don't be…[View]
73525528ITT: The best album from your birth year[View]
73525064Prom's tonight and I just saw a picture of my crush with her date, music for this feel?[View]
73524813Music to listen to while on DXM?[View]
73527611>invent a genre >others give a song in said genre I'll start: post-Arabicana…[View]
73526256HOLY SHIT[View]
73513547Dungeon Synth General: Join my cult or get fucked edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1c7UrP3HX…[View]
73527478Guilty Pleasures: Live 'em, post 'em, love 'em. https://youtu.be/RCdneDxFRYQ[View]
73525174Was this the pinnacle of music?[View]
73524761WEEN: I don't get this band. What am I missing?[View]
73509234>when the cover is better than the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmJ_hGOVebs…[View]
73527491I've been waiting so long To be where I'm goin Cream GOAT?[View]
73526163Ever put your earbuds or a small speaker against/in your mouth and yawn while your lips are sealed a…[View]
73525348Why doesn't /mu/ do any of these '/mu/ sings' videos anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
73521827>Tfw we've been in the 21st century for 17 years and Kanye is still the only Hip Hop artist …[View]
73525073quick, name 3 songs better than Tubthumping by Chambawamba[View]
73527552Essential Blur/Gorillaz/Albarn?: >Always enjoyed Gorillaz and Blur's singles. >Start to …[View]
73526021The wheels on the bus go round and round! Round and round! Round and round! The wheels on the bus …[View]
735261683x3,4x4,5x5 weekly collage: All the other collage threads are dead. Do the normal things. Be good.…[View]
73524913Hey Anon I always hear you listening to that weirdo music... why don't you share it with us? …[View]
73527133Does /mu/ like Sinatra? This album is great btw.[View]
73520977Fuck this is really good[View]
73525449post albums /mu/, i need something to listen to[View]
73526493anyone else seriously feel like aphex twin right now? Lads I think I'm about to make the next D…[View]
73526069Can someone give some other songs that have piano and violin mixed as well as Blame It On The Tetons…[View]
73522126Why isn't she the /mu/ queen? >Unique voice >Flawless yet diverse discog >Actually act…[View]
73526818>Walk into a Starbucks in downtown la >Helped by typical hipster looking barista, tatted up, m…[View]
73525903KPOP GENERAL[View]
7352428210/10 Moments Thread: >BABY LOVE ME[View]
73526117For me it's The Way You Make Me Feel, the best McMichael Jackson song. What is your favorite Mi…[View]
73525899so do we like it now?[View]
73527020ITT: Misheard lyrics: >ELBOW TEACH THE TUNA[View]
73526510Why do you still listen to rock music?[View]
73526826Ok /mu/, I've heard a lot of talking about how hard it is to pick up an instrument in your 20…[View]
73525084When does disliking a band you previously liked become cool/acceptable within a group?[View]
73526531AOTY easily. King Gizzard best band rn and they're still releasing 3 albums god damn[View]
73526813How to write decent hip hop lyrics?[View]
73526566This is the best album of the 80s[View]
73526301Best Deep Purple album? Best Deep Purple song?[View]
73526655Ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy I wanna, I wanna, I wanna Yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy I wanna, I wanna Ayyy…[View]
73524928Top 10 Bands of all time: What would you consider to be the top ten rock bands of history, instrumen…[View]
73526720Probably my favorite release this year. Phil took the reset button and fucked it and let his cum st…[View]
73526360Blaenavon: Can you lads recommend anything related to this?[View]
73525292In what order should I listen to Tyler, The Creator's albums? Chronologically?[View]
73524534what a pretentious piece of doody. I don't think I'll make it through the whole thing senp…[View]
73521585What does /mu/ think of this album? Plebs need not reply.[View]
73520430Why do people call this his best work?[View]
73526552Any of you host a campus radio?: whats it like? Do you host a alone or with someone? Why do you do i…[View]
73525808'God gave you the shoes That fit you, so put em on and wear 'em And be yourself man, be proud o…[View]
73526481Where were you when you realized Soulja Boy still made music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaPhpg…[View]
73524023it's shit[View]
73525325What male musician would you have sex with?[View]
73525597Hey this is pretty good[View]
73525944any music with a reviewbrah kinda vibe?[View]
73526369Daft Punk New Album: Did someone else still have some hope about this happening? P.D. This video it…[View]
73524695/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
73523350Recs for a friend: Trying to get a normie friend into more 'underground' music. He mostly listens to…[View]
73526206How do I find good music on SoundCloud?[View]
73524074>tfw too jaded to enjoy music anymore music for this feel? everything I listen to either sounds l…[View]
73524876>actual Pop AOTY not mentioned here even once meanwhile /mu/ will keep reppin normie trash like L…[View]
73523347Is Foobar2000 supposed to look like shit?[View]
73526066What went wrong /mu/?[View]
73525835jesus fuck christ i swear the moment i leave /mu/ kendrick lamar becomes the GOAT because wtffffffff…[View]
73519811ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
73524281Spoopy fun music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sxFyu_U2go You guys know any spooky music like this? Will…[View]
73524908KPOP GENERAL: Our girls[View]
73525747ITT: Pleb Filters[View]
73523728Ok this goofball makes nice music that pleases my ears so what's some artists or bands that sou…[View]
73525700Her new album will slay[View]
73525509I'm making a playlist of some pretty entry level noise rock and pop songs for a friend on Spoti…[View]
73521654>complains that metal is just macho posturing with no actual content >gives As and Bs to funk/…[View]
73525442Most of this albums criticism from what I can tell is about Kanyes use of autotune, and those that a…[View]
73525380who are all these people i only recognize >sonic youth >billy corgan >robert smith >dave…[View]
73524873E.T. ON THE HANDLES[View]
73524419Best movie soundtracks? I'm a fan of pic related, the Armenian Psycho soundtrack is classic[View]
73525266New meets old: Do you guysblike when nee music meets classical instruments? Post you favorite videos…[View]
73525587>'I swear I don't have a gun'[View]
73525026Is the average female brain capable of appreciating music? They always seem to like what their frien…[View]
73525503music for pic related?[View]
73524330https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGeLYl3kkmg is this his only non-trash review?[View]
73524572Hid a what?[View]
73525589Damn, Childish Gambino sounds like *THAT*? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezbsbkqoRrs[View]
73525153I found that rock listeners are quite often chained to the past, a great number of then only rock th…[View]
73523542>It is also the first film of Ringo Starr as the Beatles drummer, Pete Best having been sacked th…[View]
73521416More Bands Like These Guys: >Them Crooked Vultures >The Germs >Foo Fighters >Eagles of …[View]
73523996/mu/ opinion on Marilyn Manson: pleb shit? Praised by /mu/? Actually worth a listen?[View]
73524699Stolen Ideas: Alright, /mu/, I need some help/advice, and I'll be posting specifics if this thr…[View]
73524001>No physical release I really hope this doesn't become the standard…[View]
73525262>when you remember that revolver was the superior pop album of 1966[View]
73525297>get get get get >got got got got[View]
73522463First you take a step and you point your toe![View]
73520327Are there any bands like Lighting Bolt you'd recommend /mu/?[View]
73520017Last.fm thread Let's see your last 90 days[View]
73514464chart thread, here's what i've been digging lately rate, rec, be polite[View]
73525123So, I'm reading the sticky trying to find some decent private trackers for music, and it has no…[View]
73522665Vaporwave: Vaporwave is essentially meme music, another way for people to feed their egos with their…[View]
73523522Does prog rap exist?[View]
73518077Is this the best summer album?[View]
73524609Hi I'll probably get banned for this, but can someone post that gif/webm of an old guy wearing …[View]
73523974KPOP GENERAL[View]
73524842Is it acceptable to walk around with a double cup?[View]
73523001Do these weekly stats qualify me as a patrician?[View]
73523351You have five minutes to name a song more perfect than Bridge Over Troubled Water. I'll wait.[View]
73523618Which decade was the best?[View]
73521054>why is it measured in hours >you should make your own time >you're welcomed in mine c…[View]
73520624ITT: Albums where the best and worst tracks are so obvious. You don't even need to say em.[View]
73522162Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink: Holy shit, this album is one of the best albums i've ev…[View]
73524698When was the last time you listened to Smash Mouth?[View]
73524472Well? Can you /mu/?[View]
73524650Is Rammstein what Nine Inch Nails would have been like if Trent continued in the direction that he w…[View]
73523622Post songs that remind you of your mom driving you to Church when you were a kid https://www.youtube…[View]
73524302aoty blast from this past 5 years ago she created AND sang on the 1 of the best electrnic albums ov …[View]
73524507Worst SoundCloud rappers thread: Post the shittiest rap you've come across on SoundCloud To sta…[View]
73524069ITT: GOAT drummers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1HQMJU3zes[View]
73523266Im trying to impress a QT goth girl who loves david bowie with my collection of rare bowie pictures…[View]
73524453Replace a word in a song with the word 'normie': Normie Idiot - American Idiot Hit the Normies - Hit…[View]
73524143What's that genre?: Posts obscure songs and others guess the genre, either to be helpful or pro…[View]
73524374Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some recommendations. I'm away from home and have …[View]
73524210I get the message but why is it called 'buyer's market'?[View]
73522169Rock Against Communism: Memes aside, what do you think of Rock Against Communism? Pic related: a goo…[View]
73515457Black & White: Post albums with black and white covers[View]
73524277So...this is a pretty infamous cover and it turns out it has an almost just as bad backstory. Just n…[View]
73521033Alternate album covers you use[View]
73524260What other album is going to make me feel this way?: Similar albums to The Downward Spiral[View]
73524173Can we have a meme/ironic rap thread? I need to add more to my library.[View]
73524158Clinton albums thread?: Clinton albums thread. http://billclintonswag.com/[View]
73524157Is this the Nevermind of 2017?[View]
73523203Why the FUCK were most 60's bands named after animals?[View]
73523820Black Sabbath's first 6: Rank them from best to worst (and explain your reasoning behind the ra…[View]
73523982>tfw no Lavren[View]
73522247Do you have a good website where to download music? im poor, sorry[View]
73520872What's the best album from each country?[View]
73523517Strange Moments in Popular Music You Remember Fondly: >1999 >2nd grade >whole world around …[View]
73519756>standard tuning[View]
73523479Do you miss it /mu?[View]
73520732one week tapmusic.net 3x3 5x5[View]
73519770do we like it now[View]
73522295Fucking underrated punk album right here[View]
73518766>match with girl on Tinder >her profile song is Kendrick Lamar or Drake…[View]
73521825stop listening to jazz[View]
7351519410/10 interludes or standalone instrumental songs: Objectively the greatest https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
73523582Silly things your favorite musician has done: Pat The Bunny makes a hip-hop album https://www.youtub…[View]
73517523Songs about dicks written by girls?[View]
73522743KPOP GENERAL: Lideral Goddess[View]
73520452Why didn't he become a music critic? Clearly he has more of the look of someone born to be a cr…[View]
73523494Can anyone find an actual copy of this song? Shave it (501 remix) vs Rusko & cypress hill lez go…[View]
73518065best IDM / dark electronic albums of 2017 so far[View]
73523427Post the first album you can remember listening to and loving. My dad bought me Master of Puppets ba…[View]
73523384Do you remember the first time your face melted off, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15JCb6P60…[View]
73523386Maggie lindemann - What's her ancestry?: She's got a German surname but kinda looks latina…[View]
73519285Kendrick Lamar is the future of Hip Hop: Fuck Xxxtentacion, he's garbage and all he does is scr…[View]
73523218Most of my favourite musicians are dead[View]
73523139ID please: Can anyone ID these cans? for sale for 40 bucks but hasn't listed model number and t…[View]
73521779Favorite Devin Townsend song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZF3qmGfDws RECYCLE E C Y C L E[View]
73523271Ironically Good Album Covers[View]
73520326What is the last music related normie encounter that pissed you off?[View]
73522625Who is the Napoleon of Music?[View]
73521370Danse Manatee is unironically Animal Collective's best album, on certain days.[View]
73522592ITT: 10/10 Band Shirts[View]
73522807What is the B emoji of music?[View]
73522364who is the new bjork?[View]
73521817What do cyberpunks listen to?[View]
73522668Burzum: Are there any differences between the original releases and the Byelobog releases?[View]
73523011I need feel good happy oldies, /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QCZ_bv9aLc[View]
73522954is there any decent chinese /mu/sic or is it all normie crap[View]
73519360Ambient Music Videos: Anybody have any more like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7sDKi1F0Ws…[View]
73520551>the people of /mu/ unironically believe this[View]
73522898Is this the greatest rap song of the decade? https://youtu.be/UpmIj0uX8rU[View]
73518481Is 'Stressed Out' the most patrician song with over a billion views?[View]
73517320>guitar '''solo''' >the band keep playing underneath at least drum solos are actual solos, get…[View]
73520410Which Manson album is your favorite? Mine is The Pale Emperor.[View]
73522492Name a more real band than Smash Mouth. Pro-tip: it will be very difficult for you, pussy punk bitch…[View]
73521391What are your opinions on prirating music? I've been thinking about pirating only the good song…[View]
73521951If you want to hear something strange and interesting, pick up the self-titled album that Smash Mout…[View]
73514206Road Trip Albums: Looking for albums that are great for a long car ride.[View]
73520007Why did I only find this now?[View]
73522730tfw someone on /mu/ calls your taste /mu/core[View]
73521803KPOP GENERAL: Gimme a little bit of that[View]
73522654dj screw = patrish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1rqYjprBBI&index=2&list=FLvZF6vXG8sUuty…[View]
73522523Metro Boomin wants some more, nigger[View]
73521627https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RymhzC238YI brazilian funk why so good?[View]
73520640Now the dust has settled, what was the best thing to come out of Odd Future?[View]
73522344what's the gayest song you like right now pic unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TBCqAw…[View]
73512976ITT: Bands with flawless discographies[View]
73522423Where the fuck is Brandon[View]
73520251>lou reed doing a gay voice[View]
73520798What does /mu/ think about pop-punk in general?[View]
73522454anybody want to work together to make a compilation of every time the skinhead says 'visceral'[View]
73520153Why does this board favours minimalism over maximalism in music so much, to the point the latter is …[View]
73521040at what age did you grow out of metaI, /mu/?[View]
73519805Who else is excited for a 47 year old nigga's new album?[View]
73519346Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
73519140holy shit why is this so slept on? arguable one of the best hip hop releases of the 10s. its a class…[View]
73520008Post the whitest album you know.[View]
73522007buttindie cucklemore[View]
73522096Im high as fuck and listening to 'desperado' on loop, its such a beautiful song i cant stop. Gimme s…[View]
73521819>GG Allin made a country album[View]
73520233Big Fish Theory: half the album go hard and then the other sounds like if DAMN. and Yeezus had a bab…[View]
73520221What's the GOAT of neo-psychedelia?: Pic related?[View]
73521932This is pop rock[View]
73520707What have you got against lad rock?: Out of all the music types it's probably the comfiest. I…[View]
73520466>Each day my wallet weighs less and less >Soon I'll be money-less Explain to me how peopl…[View]
73521631I don't get it[View]
73521279What are some good music players for windows that dont require a fuck ton of customization to make u…[View]
73520761kpop general[View]
73521038>summer is finally here what will /mu/ be jamming to this summer?[View]
73519812>Frankie is so desperate >He's gonna kill his wife and kids >Frankie's gonna kill…[View]
73508408BANDCAMP THREAD: 'I think it's time to make a new one' edition. You know what to do.[View]
73521684What made you realize that /mu/ is full of pleb faggots?: The obsession with Radiohead is the proof …[View]
73517772I'm really enjoying pic related. Can someone rec me more warm drone albums, please?[View]
73520093SERIOUS QUESTION: What is music?[View]
73521319How do people enjoy him?: How do people actually praise his music? Is this just a joke or something …[View]
73521392GAVE MY MOM TWO GLOCKS. Well, /mu/?[View]
73521590Wtf i forgive Rob Schneider for The Hot Chick now[View]
73518595St. Vincent - A Very Special Announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFXq8OU1dNQ Annie's …[View]
73521395Nostalgia kino.[View]
73521267will they ever top this?[View]
73517682What are your thoughts on Kero Kero Bonito? Is it really music for emasculated nu-male faggots? Shou…[View]
73505383/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Homo Shredders Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justingui…[View]
73521361Pilotredsun: Any thoughts on his music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrwowDPXLlw https://pilotred…[View]
73521199I can listen to California by Mr. Bungle all day. Have you heard California by Mr. Bungle yet?[View]
73521138Norwegian music is sh-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbtkGVuLiTo[View]
73520274Why did I only just find this?[View]
73521353/lyrics/ that get you? /feels/ thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tULwXYKVkTs[View]
73521162It was a perfect discography until this POS came along.[View]
73500817/daily/ - Prodigal Fish edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new a…[View]
73519480*deletes California, SCREAM and Kill V. Maim*[View]
73520561Skrillex - Recess: What was the reaction like when this first dropped? It's such a big departur…[View]
73520155Funniest moments on /mu/?[View]
73514868How global is your music? Paste your world map (explr.fm) and rec others music from countries they h…[View]
73519856big blood+ freakfolk general: https://dontrustheruin.bandcamp.com/album/the-daughters-union https://…[View]
73521009This is going to leak soon, right?[View]
73513044Am I the only Stone Roses fan on /mu/?: You always see topics about The Smiths, Oasis and Joy Divisi…[View]
73520954Thougts?: Looking through youtubea and i found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQs5hk5cwNA…[View]
73520142What are the best cheap headphones I can buy? Looking for something light and comfy that sits in ear…[View]
73520185ITT: Hip Hop artists who actually know music thoery: Why is this such a rare thing for Hip Hop?…[View]
73518015Everytime I come here I get disgusted by how plebish you people are, still disccussing the same Kany…[View]
73519318so this girl told me that I was a 'big influence' in her music tastes. I sent her some me/mu/core sh…[View]
73519555Does /mu/ like trip hop?[View]
73517684I listened to this for the first time maybe 2 weeks ago and have been listening to it non-stop since…[View]
73520492>Starts playing album >First track is ok >Second also ok >Third one really good >Four…[View]
73512120/metal/: *burp~ edition old: >>73501991[View]
73505914google made a music maker because of some dude's birthday try making the most avant garde symph…[View]
73520574/mu/ makes a record label: If /mu/ made a record label, what would it's name be? What genres wo…[View]
73519567KPOP GENERAL: Black Pink in our area[View]
73505744Wallpaper/Desktop Thread! Share what you got.[View]
73520239Dumble Fuckery: For guitar players who know, what is Alex Dumble's deal? His amps are atrocious…[View]
73502529You are dying. You only get to listen to one song. What would it be mu, pic is mine.[View]
73515049Name my band, /mu/[View]
73516666What the hell this is actually really good... I've always avoided Manson like the plague, but t…[View]
73520169How much did he get paid for this?[View]
73520277Teaching myself the tin whistle. How can I keep from squeaking, namely while playing F, E, and D?[View]
73518260AOTY: Post your AOTY so far[View]
73517184The holy trinity of modern Hip Hop.[View]
73516017Albums that fall off incredibly after the first track[View]
73520256Is it hard to get into college radio? I live in Boston and wanted to start a pirate radio with good …[View]
73507857alternative history general: Imagine the Beatles figure out their differences and are able to free t…[View]
73520106This isn't that great.[View]
73519645where do I start with bowie? I've heard nothing but great things about his music and thought I …[View]
73517700>He hasn't taken the gripspill Life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
73519435YOUR NAME IS FUCK[View]
73519967>mfw listening to the Albini version of In Color[View]
73519936Am I the only one who has taken Bo Burnham's 'New Math' lyrics seriously?: I was listening to '…[View]
73514042Victoria 2 - Music Mod Suggestion Thread - 2: Music suggestion thread for a Victoria 2 mod. Victoria…[View]
73519854>act superior to people who listen to popular music >literally compare amongst each other whos…[View]
73515546it's crazy how quickly an album became so irrelevant what a pile of shit[View]
73519290Picture this I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips[View]
73518902Thoughts on this album?[View]
73518996what would you do if lil peep fucked lavren[View]
73518096This is my personal thread. I will keep posting songs as I listen to them. Feel free to do whatever …[View]
73518468This is good shit: https://youtu.be/LEoGQU_k78k (pic unrelated)[View]
73519412Thoughts on these two boys ? are they /mu/core ?[View]
73515491I listened to To Be Kind and thought it was really good, listening to The Seer right now and I'…[View]
73519414>my mom was humpty dumpty My dad was dracula what did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
73519726Music for misanthropes? I just want to live in a cottage far away from civilisation[View]
73519630BURZUM HABBENING.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg3cFOCdSNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qzdvl…[View]
73519688>tfw not living, I'm just wasting time[View]
73519440Arcade Fire release Creature Comfort 'Official Official Video': Well memed Arcade Fire, well memed. …[View]
73519647>when an album has to hold you at gunpoint to make you listen to it[View]
73519607The song you always listen to when you are happy to be alive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6l8lgZ…[View]
73517876two weeks after 9/11, Grace Slick appears on stage and roasts Islam with appearance in a burqa i…[View]
73518569What is the best site/program/whatever for listenning to music: I mean in terms of variety.[View]
73519593>woah-oh punk[View]
73519539Seeing them in concert next month. What to expect?[View]
73519038>last song of the album has no chorus >the title is not said in the song…[View]
73518535KPOP GENERAL[View]
73519104>rock album >has a guitar in the cover >album is about love >cover is pink…[View]
73513762Say something bad about this album.[View]
73519358Stupid question, but what exactly is this kind of music? Is it just orchestral? Is shit like this st…[View]
73514169It was a perfect discography until this POS came along.[View]
73518673Was U2 really a post-punk band or is that just a meme?[View]
73517790Who is this on the cover of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn?[View]
73519058Is there any metal band on the same level as Windir? If so please challenge this.[View]
73519374Why do some bands act weird for the sake of acting weird?[View]
73517056Does this album remind anyone else of Acid Rap? I listened to it for the first time today and the si…[View]
73514616autumn/winter albums: let's say no to summer[View]
73519164Name a better album cover: You literally cant[View]
73518553someone leak this album right fucking now[View]
73519101ITT pit two musicians against each other, other anons pick the winner >Viper vs. Tonetta…[View]
73519157Imagine Dragons: Thoughts on this band? New Album drops tomorrow. Lead single has been #1 alternativ…[View]
73518951Is Mackie a good brand for audio equipment? I'm in the market for a cheap, compact mixer, ideal…[View]
73518839>I want you to need me, not to feed me What does this even mean?[View]
73518526Consider this: Mike Love sang on the two best tracks on Pet Sounds.[View]
73517114Post an album that you've been listening to a lot lately, others guess something about you. For…[View]
735139265x5 thread: tapmusic.net rec, rate, guess meaningless things etc[View]
73513371>Ask me I won't say no, how could I? What would you ask him?[View]
73515959how will kanye ever recover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwN6dPNXklg[View]
73519036Is .wav or .aiff a better format? Also whats a lossless media i can store music on indefinitely? I…[View]
73514898*deletes the mid-section of Echoes*[View]
73507666Anyone know any good Techno / Electronica like Daft Punk? They're really my style![View]
73518982who here likes postmodern music[View]
73512384It's official now. Radiohead > U2 I always knew it desu[View]
73516070You could make great trance/house etc. sampling the beginning of this 0:10-0:40 https://youtube.com/…[View]
73518910When will the hype wear off and /mu/ will realize how mediocre this album is[View]
73505893Stop streaming music and STOP staring at my ass[View]
73507537Post your fav albums, and guess personalities![View]
73518618Who won this?[View]
73518060https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2EL-6oU0Wg any other shit that sounds like the beginning of this?…[View]
73517042What does /mu/ think of Mastodon?[View]
73518157QUick! Post what you're listening to right now! No cheating[View]
73518275post the album you're really into right now and anon's rec/guess personalities[View]
73515892This shit was beautiful. Albums like pic related?[View]
73514908ITT: Post pretentious artist(s) and their obnoxious fans. >also rating any of their albums higher…[View]
73517556KPOP GENERAL[View]
73518494Pauly's Work: Anyone got any opinions on Paul Simon's most recent album. Finally got aroun…[View]
73518223post your favourite music videos https://youtu.be/Orlbo9WkZ2E[View]
73518372Does anybody out there like this album as much as I do?[View]
73518083>doesn't actually write the songs Is there a bigger fraud in music?…[View]
73516609What does/mu/ think of lofi hip hop?[View]
73518300>play an industrial >it's actually a digital…[View]
73516291HOW DID WE GO FROM THIS........[View]
73518256>he hasn't taken the ferraropill yet everything in life is art. so just take what it…[View]
73517998Were hidden tracks the worst idea in the history of music mediums? What fucking purpose does it serv…[View]
73518211>'I'll only listen to the first track.' >accidentally end up listening to the whole album…[View]
73517128Queen has 90 good songs. No more, no less.[View]
73518003Name a more iconic early 2010s duo. I'll wait.[View]
73517958anyone here like nickleback??[View]
73517991I don't understand. What is Rockism?[View]
73517934Which song has the most cancerous comments on YouTube? I pick this obne https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
73515131https://twitter.com/tylerthecreator/status/877950596950638594 Tyler is making a comeback?[View]
73517365Stop buying music.[View]
73513967Who do you want to see at Woodstock 2019? What drugs will you be doing?[View]
73517975Google Doodle: Share compositions with the doodle. http://g.co/doodle/83fhcg[View]
73514314/mu/ made an album: from yesterday https://suicideisanoptionrecordsc2016.bandcamp.com/album/summer-a…[View]
73513584psychedelic rock: I need your help /mu/ Im going to the beach with some friends, and lot of acid. We…[View]
73517848https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6o6PdUGXrM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZjVt3Tw63s https://www.…[View]
73510067Why are these guys shit on so hard for being the best metal band of the 21st century by far?[View]
73517548what is wrong with this album? fucking strident sound.[View]
73516860Does /mu/ like nu-metal?[View]
73515853ITT: Artists whose cup matches the clothes[View]
73517658worst masturbation experiences: >jacking off >about to cum >mom knocks on door and starts t…[View]
73516303ITT: anti-pleb labels[View]
73516065hey, this is a solid album[View]
73516894Makoto Matsushita: Looking for more artists like this, not necessarily Japanese. Pristine funk.…[View]
73517445ITT: great music that's not rock or hlp-hop[View]
73517628what's the most disappointing album of the year so far for you? pic related is mine.[View]
73516642KPOP GENERAL[View]
73515470MEANWHILE...: ...on Portuguese /mu/![View]
73516915Is rock really dead?[View]
73517399It doesn't get any better than this.[View]
73517279*deletes the opening monologue of 'Sleep' * album just went from an eight out of ten to a nine out o…[View]
73510235SoundCloud Thread: last one was DED ITT: post soundcloud tracks and listen to other posters and retu…[View]
73515641i don't have the attention span to sit through a full album what do[View]
73516233>lyric ends in 'stop' >all instruments stop for a second…[View]
73510818Jesus Christ 99 luft ballons is perfect[View]
73512070Is this album kino?[View]
73516992anyone else really dislike Thom Yorke's voice/delivery? it makes me feel nauseous desu[View]
73515670>the best rapper of all time is white really makes you think[View]
73514358>track is called title track[View]
73514747David Bowie has Blackstar J.Dilla has Donuts Lou Reed has Lulu[View]
73513940Summer: Post your summer album(s) of choice[View]
73516190Can I have some artists that have a lyrical style and musical style(not literally or completely) lik…[View]
73515826What went wrong?[View]
73516357ITT: The superior member of a band[View]
73516413ONE THING[View]
73516561Why haven't I seen this anywhere the past month? This is fucking awesome.[View]
73516799Nobody can properly explain why this is bad, so it's good and simply too inaccessible for plebs[View]
73516349Led Zeppelin is the best band of all time.: debate me faggots, no other band has the number of hit s…[View]
73516658https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuNBLjJzRoo This nigga really is good huh?[View]
73516539What album was this on?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCtzkaL2t_Y[View]
73515378Bands that have enlightened you / your life. Pic related[View]
73515727What was his most experimental album? Not counting Metal Machine Music.[View]
73512506>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think.[View]
73516243Name a better drummer. I'll wait.[View]
73516635underappreciated musicians thread: post musicians you think are underappreciated either on their own…[View]
73516604ITT: Very gay bad songs you shouldn't like but you like anyways >Beatles - Hello, Goodbye…[View]
73514170Favorite Songs from the Eighties: >Maneater >Who Can It Be Now >Any ELO song whatsoever I k…[View]
73515003XXL Freshman Class of 2018: Top Row: Trapo, Kur, SahBabii, Kevin Abstract, Lil Pump Bottom Row: Smin…[View]
73515380kpop general: it's over edition[View]
73516531anon what do you think of soulection and the music he's been putting up?[View]
73516452MAH LYFESTYLE[View]
73503655ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
73512572test2: test3[View]
73513418What are some essential hip-hop albums you must've listened to?[View]
73516292I'm on absolute awe by Raujika's 'Bamboo'. His other music sadly deviates from t…[View]
73513754Suggest something like pic related. Not Ween stuff, but stuff thats slow, sluggish/sludgy, and outsi…[View]
73514644>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think.[View]
73504286Lil Pump: Thoughts on him? Will he be relevant in the future?[View]
73511079>'michelle ma belle, these are words that go together well, my michelle' Wow! Best band of all ti…[View]
73513273Google Thing: Post your best http://g.co/doodle/xv83y6[View]
73515128If your RYM ratings don't resemble this hierarchy then you're a simpleton.[View]
73516128NEW FFHKS ALERT!!: https://ffhks.bandcamp.com/album/hermit-3-by-hermits What do you guys think of it…[View]
73502935>Determined to form his own conclusions, Greenwood listened to the likes of Genesis, King Crimson…[View]
73515659>The best rock artist of all time is black Makes you think[View]
73511615Is she as mean as her songs seem to indicate?[View]
73514706Is Jenny Ondioline the best song ever recorded?[View]
73512762albums that are full of crimsonesque solos? I love fripp's work Besides The Mars Volta, there…[View]
73515185Something about these dark, subdued colors and the faded feeling they all seem to have is really evo…[View]
73515595Y'all mind if I...[View]
73515390>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think...[View]
73514295opinions? i really like it its fun and nice music nice sangs[View]
73515067how will kanye ever recover?[View]
73512967/blackmetal/ and /cloudrap/ general: sieg heil everybody. how come there is so much black metal imag…[View]
73515589more like this? been listening to this, duster, and carissas wierd a lot.[View]
73515588How 'bout some U WOT METAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XMN5tpVKxM[View]
73515267How many songs by the band U2 can you name? Fanboys need not post[View]
73508473god tier albums: any genre[View]
73514704What does the guitar say on 6:17 in High Hopes, I think she says ''Farewell'', b…[View]
73515130Catch me on some other shit Catch me on a week night Looking like I'm getting beamed up to the …[View]
73515437ITT: Songs that are impossible to masturbate while listening to >I've Just Seen a Face…[View]
73515414>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think.[View]
73514414kpop general: kokoro no disuplay edition[View]
73514575Which is the better emo rap song? Tiimmy Turner or XO Tour Life?[View]
73511561Shit like this is why nobody takes Pitchfork seriously. How the fuck are you gonna sit there and tel…[View]
73515180Still AOTY by the way[View]
73513184Disc 2 is AOTY. I miss guitar Radiohead.[View]
73507715Sound Cloud Thread: Last one 2 hunna[View]
73515046We need to talk about Gucci Mane[View]
73515169What does /mu/ think about LMFAO?[View]
73511970Why is blackie so mad?[View]
73510118>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think[View]
73513961>Dear Prudence >While My Guitar Gently Weeps >Norweigen Wood >A Day in the Life >Happ…[View]
73514775>The best rapper of all time is white Really makes you think.[View]
73513428I don't get it.[View]
73514428Pls give me 90s dance tracks with this orchestral-stabby kind of sound: https://youtu.be/EAwWPadFsOA…[View]
73514761So this is how it was supposed to sound all along... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4iPVCLwvKQ…[View]
73512593Any good quality download source?[View]
73514839i'm just a deadboy![View]
73514738Gorillaz - Dirty Harry: What do you think about it?[View]
73514764Anyone going to Dominator this year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTdCk5jNKqg[View]
73513207This decade: What year was the strongest so far? What about weakest? IMO 2016>2011>2012>201…[View]
73514737>hi-hat panned to the right >cymbals panned to the left >drummer is lefthanded…[View]
73513955*deletes How Do You, Stop Whispering, Thinking About You, Anyone Can Play Guitar, Vegetable and Prov…[View]
73505485cant believe theres not a single post about this album. yall are some lames[View]
73514642Happy music: Post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vrEljMfXYo[View]
73513025New albums, give: give me some good. supply me with albums that dropped the past month or so. dont g…[View]
73514472Thoughts on Jay-Z's recent album tease/glorified Tidal advertisement? Do you think 4:44 will be…[View]
73511952>Rapper isn't white[View]
73511481Now that the dust has finally settled, what is /mu/'s consensus on XXXTentacion?[View]
73514578Lost Song: shave it (501 remix) vs rusko & cypress hill lez go This is the name of a soundcloud …[View]
73514574total bullshitter, musical genius or both[View]
73514381Memes aside, what DID you think of Hopsin?[View]
73512348AS YOU WERE[View]
73513290/noise/: Last /noise/ was too late at night to get any traction, here's an afternoon noise thre…[View]
73514149How do you think people will view the mid to late 2010's years from now, like how we view the m…[View]
73502905*deletes Don, Aman and Washer* Fixed desu senpai[View]
73513385KPOP GENERAL: Our Nose edition[View]
73514377Rolling Stone likes Death meatl: #99 http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/the-100-greatest-metal-…[View]
73512709Hit the plane down. THERE'S NO SURVIVORS![View]
73514308Is pic related the musical equivalent to a Jackson Pollock painting?[View]
73513659>1997-2002 era[View]
73512326you guys like Oneohtrix Point Never?[View]
73514227black people make good musi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Prfg3vyZkA[View]
73514088this is fucking great[View]
73512907>the best album of 2017 came from Paramore Why is this year so shit for music?…[View]
73514075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZuYS-9qaw what are some music videos from the 80s that make you se…[View]
73481329>Alright punk what was the last album you listened to start to finish? Don't lie or I'l…[View]
73510074Why is Dad rock seeing a resurgence on TV shows/Movies?: >Just recently watched 3 long TV promos …[View]
73513443what is the red thing supposed to be[View]
73514009Rappers who were talented vocalists but have wasted their talent[View]
73501198Anyone got a Behringer Deepmind 12? Going to buy my first hardware synth for my birthday and really …[View]
73513472>the best rapper of all time is white Its things like this that really make you think huh?…[View]
73513396I get it now.[View]
73503825Why is this so comfy? new single is also amazing[View]
73509709ITT: We over-simplify albums >Autistic melancholic weeabo gets dumped by his girlfriend >Think…[View]
73513147post your all time most listened tracks on last.fm and guess shit about others[View]
73513611Music you pretend you don't like: HIM is pretty faggy, am i too?[View]
73512989What the hell is this shit supposed to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytm4E7tCgXU[View]
73513607https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6PpLn_6Sa4 Verdict lads?[View]
73512849I'm with Akademiks here. Akademiks isn't fucking Keemstar, he's not a cancer. Plus Vi…[View]
73510930Psychedelic Rock: Just found out about Brainticket. Does someone know anymore bands that sound as tr…[View]
73513453Is Last.fm the best site for looking up music of all genres? Or should I know about some other sites…[View]
73510900How do I use rutracker without getting sued?[View]
73513341>Modern music, most notably the Gallagher kind, is apparently a source of disappointment for form…[View]
73513421>And so then I'm like, I guess it's kind of catchy, Troy, but don't you think it n…[View]
73512566KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZVB_zCBlCU[View]
73511764What album covers scream out 'SUBCULTURE!' to you?[View]
73513160>live show in America >crowd won't shut the fuck up…[View]
73511999Albums for Sexual Deviants: Anybody know some albums for sexual deviants?[View]
73513246Your favourite diletantte(s)? Mines Gudrun Gut[View]
73510416>Album named after track >Title track isn't first or last song excluding intro/outro…[View]
73512656>have melody stuck in head >dont know what song its from >start listening through songs to …[View]
73513164R&B: What do you think of R&B any favorites? I checked out Miguel recently and can't te…[View]
73511564Waifu material >Claimed![View]
73512447wow the two SOPHIE produced songs are fucking insane, especially the sophie x kendrick lamar trakck[View]
73512757one more month! are you ready?[View]
73513033ITT: albums that are better when you listen to them half a year later[View]
73513055Post songs that you consider to nearly perfect. Julian Casablancas+The Voidz - Human Sadness: https…[View]
73512710yoga music: what do you listen to while you do yoga?[View]
73512400>Frankie is so desperate >He's gonna kill his wife and kids >Frankie's gonna kill…[View]
73512947>Controversial new album[View]
73511144ITT: We guess songs according to their waveform Starting with an easy one[View]
73512800ITT: Times you knew an artist/band would be going downhill: >Start your very hyped up sophomore a…[View]
73506938last.fm week 3x3 thread[View]
73512686classic acoustic guitar will make a comeback ferraro and dean blunt have been experimenting it with …[View]
73512485post spellbinding live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8Uhf3gM1m0[View]
73511267>/mu/ claims metal and hardcore music is for children >literally listens to anime music non ir…[View]
73511820New Radiohead music video for man o war http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/20170622[View]
73511763KPOP GENERAL: Jennie will be launching her ice cream business[View]
73512184Songwriting Thread: Got any tips for me and my band we could use the help[View]
73511942Is she actually a Bully?[View]
73512479Chill voices: Can someone recommand me some artists doing things like the chill part with the voice …[View]
73510514Oh boy oh boy: https://youtu.be/DXP1KdZX4io[View]
73511473Any other /mu/tants seeing Have A Nice Life in cambridge this saturday?[View]
73511085is this Pantera's best album?[View]
73512350>Len Blvatnik[View]
73509705Can we talk about how underrated this is?: This is great, really surprised it isn't spoken abou…[View]
73512226So all the shitty soundcloud rappers who shill themselves on /mu/ got a NY Times article written abo…[View]
73512067i can't stop listening to her music[View]
73501991/metal/: /metal/ general old thread: >>73495452[View]
73511593How do you personally write songs, /mu/? Explain your song writing process, whatever gets you music …[View]
73510633Would you wear it in public or is it too 'cringey XD'?[View]
73510534>rich private school kids who all sound the same play american hiphop music and then sprinkle som…[View]
73511980Thundercats Samples: In Inferno at about 1:05 do you guys here like the original wiis opening? I can…[View]
73512113Too many filler here. Still 7/10.[View]
73512094>tfw you'll never see elliott smith live[View]
73511326The most famous band in every state: How did your state do? http://www.businessinsider.com/the-most-…[View]
73511565Why are Radiohead fans such losers?: It's well established that from all bands that have enjoye…[View]
73511433Holy shit: I thought people only said this was kanye's best ironically, but daaaannggg. This m…[View]
73506735*deletes the opening monologue of 'Sleep' * album just went from an eight out of ten to a nine out o…[View]
73502598>band name is Dexys Midnight Runners >no one in the band is named Dexy, and supposedly none of…[View]
73509351What do we think? Which one is better and why?[View]
73511523holy SHIT[View]
73510682this is so good its silly nb: i wish i knew how to produce music because i can write and rap well e…[View]
73511931What do you think about mixing Synthwave, with 70s 80s Manga Scifi videos? Stuff like that: https://…[View]
73509864Music Player Thread Screenshot yours[View]
73508836what is the best ear shape for listening to music?[View]
73511598OKNOTOK p4k review: 10/10 wtf I love ok computer now[View]
73510669>people praising Lorde and other garden variety pop music because ex-hipsters still feel guilty f…[View]
73510931Post your favorite female artists and their best song in your opinion >claire boucher >colour …[View]
73503691>genre: >'Riot Grrrl'[View]
73507483minimal techno/house thread what do u think of 8 by prince of denmark? i liked it a lot so i listene…[View]
73510998KPOP GENERAL: Rest In Peace Sweet Princess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amq-qlqbjYA[View]
73510415Bedroom Music: Well-known, and not well-known stuff. Looking for songs and albums for some night tim…[View]
73507170Recommend me something please my taste is terrible[View]
73511614Why are Swans fans such losers?: Honest question: what is the deal with Swans fans? I've listen…[View]
73509794What does /mu/ think of Devin Townsend?[View]
73510103Anyone give this album a listen? For an album by Paul Mccartney's brother, it's pretty goo…[View]
73511562Noel Gallagher hasn't aged well: I heard it was his 50th birthday recently and then I saw this …[View]
73511538Post talented artists from your hometown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSENydVpdXM[View]
73510536Potato or Tambourine?[View]
73508833So she did it, right?[View]
73511466oh my god grimes is such trash does she even know who her father is? hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo[View]
73510605>They got me trapped, can't even walk my way to church >Without a kid harrassing me, talk…[View]
73510556Music Industry Workers: Never seen a thread on /mu/ about working in the industry. Recently started …[View]
73507618does a girl who would answer yes even exist?[View]
73510019Free Music for Game Montages[View]
73510749ITT: Bands who peaked with their debut: I'll start. Ten was a brilliant album, everything they…[View]
73510823Honest question: what is the deal with Death Grips fans? I've listened to some of their albums …[View]
73508315>and here we are fuck am I becoming one of those shoe gaze faggots? or does this album not really…[View]
73510754What did he listen to /mu/?[View]
73508751Honest question: what is the deal with Iggy Pop fans? I've listened to some of their albums and…[View]
73509638ITT: OSTs you wish would get a physical release. Also post other god tier game soundtracks. Really h…[View]
73510542why did Marilyn mason music make Dylan and Eric shoot up Columbine?[View]
73511163I like it Feature artist made a good album[View]
73510079What happened to her? She used to be big in early 00's this is her best song https://www.youtub…[View]
73510215KPOP GENERAL: Goodbye ChoA https://www.instagram.com/p/BVpDw_MFWDS/[View]
73510389Damn, what happened to varg?[View]
73510925'Daredevil' Mystery Song: Looking for an obscure indie pop song I saw on hear yesterday titled 'Dare…[View]
73509698I just want to say that TKOL is criminally underrated. it's actually a fantastic album and fand…[View]
73510954In this thread we talk about music that exists outside of the American music tradition, untainted by…[View]
73508538ITT: Good Music with less than 1000 views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1apv-bIFw0[View]
73510909>mfw metalfags actually think this is music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N1vHuhjLhs…[View]
73510859>I've never heard Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express or The Man Machine…[View]
73508543Why does metal trigger nu-males so fucking bad?[View]
73507869How many nations have you scrobbled artists from?: explr.fm I've scrobbled artists from 49 coun…[View]
73510593*deletes Ava Adore and Perfect*[View]
73509729Talk about artists/videos that you can't believe are famous or trending right now. For me it…[View]
73504757Honest question: what is the deal with Beatles fans? I've listened to some of their albums and …[View]
73510010>I'm the one yeah is made by five people Who is truly the one /mu/?…[View]
73510467> deletes climbing up the walls >adds man of war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXP1KdZX4io…[View]
73509786so did he want to fuck her or not /mu/?[View]
73510511super nintendo sega genesis[View]
73510436How much of a fucking braindead waste of matter do you have to be to listen to kpop unironically ?[View]
73508972Can we get a headphone thread going? What do you use? What do you consider the best? What are bes…[View]
73510356Found it by accident, this channel has a fuck ton of Vaporwave videos. The dude uploads a video almo…[View]
73505736In New York I milly rock[View]
73508923Hey /mu/, what do you think about these guys?: Some songs; https://youtu.be/Utlb3D4YbuI https://yout…[View]
73509556kpop general[View]
73510187>that's a meme[View]
73507846What is this type of haircut called?[View]
73508825Share the musics you created!: Here's mine: https://soundcloud.com/sysiph/city-ave[View]
73508467>2011 radio >PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
73510064Is there a term for when a riff stays the same but the chords around it change, which kind of change…[View]
73507606ITT: Rate a bands discography from best to worst >Alien observer>Ruins>Dream loss>Wide…[View]
73509970RYM: Are these the top 10 songs of all time? https://rateyourmusic.com/charts/top/single/all-time…[View]
73509956Akai MAX25: Does anyone have one of these? How do you like it? Also where did I order it from, I…[View]
73509919Did Australia save Disco? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ5YaApfSdQ[View]
73508528FRENCH TRAP: need some french trap recs, show me what you got i have never listened to anything bes…[View]
73508561what is the trout mask replica of hip hop? some of you might be quick to mention this album, the cLO…[View]
73509917...About google doodle software: Does somebody know software that makes music similar to google dood…[View]
73509202my new album just leaked where's the link string?[View]
73508666Pure music kino[View]
73507867Sun Kil Moon: What did you guys think of this album? Yeah it wasn't like Benji, but I still thi…[View]
73507905What is some explosively good Syrian music?[View]
73508706Do you browse /mu/ while listening to music?[View]
73506992favorite Floyd album? Pic related is mine[View]
73506423Aesop Rock: What's his best album?[View]
73509256ALL MOI LOIFE[View]
73509595Has this leaked?[View]
73507443Why is this album cover so fucking creepy.[View]
73490517Soundcloud thread[View]
73506092Worst Metal Band of All Time: Which is the worst metal band of all time? >pic unrelated…[View]
73509304ITT: God-tier album covers[View]
73509438more like this[View]
73507793whats the oldest music you have? and what is some essential 'old' music or early recordings?[View]
73509545>band rehearsals[View]
73509444>he keeps his Japanese albums' track titles, album titles, and artist names in Japanese >…[View]
73508861KPOP GENERAL[View]
73508638>Listening to Outrun by Kavinsky >Out of nowhere a nigger starts rapping Into the trash you go…[View]
73509532Have you guys heard the new Rancid album? What do you think? Also >rancid general I guess…[View]
73508839Why do the french produce the best DJs?[View]
73508291ITT: amazing songs by shit bands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxb9zJE6QjY[View]
73507584Is Roundabout a meme song?[View]
73507881/rec/ording general: >This is the recording general thread. >Let's talk about home record…[View]
73502478Can we all agree this is the best rap project of the year so far? > inb4 Kendrick stans show up …[View]
73507467Does /mu/ like Switchfoot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXcrEVFZOXs[View]
73491241/mu/ confessions: be sincere[View]
73509248>tfw just graduated Music for this feel?[View]
73485564/classical/: >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classical. Also contains a…[View]
73507462What did the wrench guys represent in Take on Me?[View]
73509157Fl Studio 12 crashing?: recently fl started crashing out of the blue. what I think triggered it is w…[View]
73494508Cannot stand this faggot[View]
73507795I used to be a normal guy- I listened to Mac Demarco and the Beatles and Tame Impala and Led Zeppeli…[View]
735081051 2 3 4[View]
73508747:: Is there any tool on the internet that allows me to look for anything related to a music's n…[View]
73508615what are your thoughts on this album ?[View]
73508911HEY MISS MURDER, CAN I?[View]
73508816>It's that Futurama episode that pretends Beastie Boys and Beck are worth listening to…[View]
73507177her green plastic watering can[View]
73508387Spotify etc. Playlists: ITT: Spotify playlists that you have done Follow, rate, recommend & comm…[View]
73507197Pink Floyd is a great band: My favorite song of theirs is Kokomo off their album Rubber Soul[View]
73508748Post top 10 artists/bands and others guess your relationship with your family (members): Amphibian A…[View]
73507597>be me >See this interesting album cover >Downloads album >Expecting some kind of shoega…[View]
73508713>Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no >Don't masquerade with the guy i…[View]
73507322LA Beat Scene: Are they the most innovative electronic music scene today? Are they still continuing,…[View]
73506955Find a flaw[View]
73508685>When the DEVO cover of Are You Experienced is better than the Hendrix version Why are niggers so…[View]
734881103x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: tapmusic.net collage.topsters.net Rec, r8, h8 and guess personalities[View]
73508562How's it that people actually like this album[View]
73506359Speedcore thread: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedcore My favorite genre of music[View]
73508587who's the baddest boy of them all? pretty boys only[View]
73507838Why isnt this considered to be Slayer's best album?[View]
73498511BANDCAMP THREADO THE SECOND: The last one won't be going for long. Let's do the same shit …[View]
73506680>want to make dungeon synth >open up FL Studio >don't know what the fuck I'm doin…[View]
73508462find the song: hi, i'm in deep trouble since i forgot the name of a song, a mashup precisely, p…[View]
73508327real music: I don't know what to listen to so like any normal person on this rock I will ask 4c…[View]
73506922is he the greatest song writer of this generation?[View]
73508357Let's hear the best you've got, /mu/ http://g.co/doodle/t9jw7z[View]
73506495Why does everyone sleep on Denzel?[View]
73507721Does anyone use this? Is a premium worth it?[View]
73508095give me short albums to serve as RYM-fodder[View]
73506854Rec me some jazz for people with short attention spans /mu/[View]
73508116Am I a basic bitch for mainly listening to critically acclaimed music?[View]
73507519>this album is now 7 months old Feel old yet?[View]
73507412>song is good >black choir comes in[View]
73506536https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPM05dQgdig /mu/, i genuinely enjoy this song, Ive always heard the …[View]
73496680RYM/Sonemic general: stop arguing about gender edition https://rateyourmusic.com/board_message?messa…[View]
73506725KPOP GENERAL[View]
73508083Anybody got the link to the Needledrop/FrankJavCee stream?[View]
73507383Your fave Lofi - Hiphop songs[View]
73506052/chart/: fixing to get up my mushroom tip inside a bitchs sugar walls edition[View]
73506998Jandek: Seriously, where do I start? There seems to be so much music of his, and I'm at a loss.…[View]
73506965Has this thing leaked yet? my friend listens to this meme band pretty much religiously and i want to…[View]
73500491>Rapper talks about black issues[View]
73507927I want this.[View]
73506710My iPod classic 160GB is practically fucked for the second time in a row. Instead of just buying a n…[View]
73507837Any recommendations for artists similar to pic related?[View]
73507072In this thread bands only you remember[View]
73507566What are some of the classics and greatest albums that can be defined as blues? For a genre that has…[View]
73507741How often do musicians get laid across the board? I'm not talking about big names, I'm ref…[View]
73507784>title of album is cleverly hidden and implemented into album cover[View]
73503228MF DOOM Special Herbs & Spices: Which ones are the best, /mu/? Personal Favorites: Agrimony, Fen…[View]
73507235Thoughts on this album? I think with FUGG(DAMN.) Being hot shit right now might have pushed this und…[View]
73506753Analysis/listening guides of canonical pop music albums: Are there any good books or websites that e…[View]
73498655Albums that make you do the face/position shown in their artwork[View]
73507233Los Campesinos!: any of yous ever listened to these guys? theyre pretty fucking good if i must say a…[View]
73507699What does /mu/ think of Korn and Nu metal in general?[View]
73507728Artists you don't see talked about enough.: For me it's Kenichiro Nishihara. I imagine lot…[View]
73503521collage: other thead is kinda dead lol i aint give a fuck guess something about each other or whqtev…[View]
73506479Late 90's early 20's ?: I'm trying to find a song and the best way I can describe it …[View]
73503099Is ¨Babe i´m gonna leave you¨ a good song to off yourself? My top pick right now[View]
73507253How do I become this based?[View]
73507409What is the day equavilent of this album?[View]
73506859What is the Emily is Away of music?[View]
73504426>download decades-spanning discography >meticulously rename all folders and files to fit my ca…[View]
73505968wew lad[View]
73506651What is the comfiest band of all time and why is it Yo La Tengo?[View]
73507403anyone got leak? I just really want to hear the SOPHIE x kendrick track[View]
73503081ITT: Post your fav song to smoke weed too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeyHPAdxuy0[View]
73506436>tfw kim gordon will never ask you to liberate girls from male white corporate oppression just ki…[View]
73501194Grimes: Discuss the artist of the decade, Claire Boucher. You may know her as Grimes. - Grimes won B…[View]
73507191Gonjasufi: I like this album, but isn't pretty much everything interesting done by the producer…[View]
73505989Ew. 9.5??? What the fuck pitchfork.[View]
73502293Absolute Madness V thread: /mu/ makes an album one post at a time as standard With the density of sa…[View]
73506868Gay /mu/tants, do you listen to stereotypical genres?: I mean I listen to jazz, noise rock and shoeg…[View]
73507261It's official now. Radiohead > U2 I always knew it desu[View]
73506427Död Mark: what do you think of Yung Leans punk band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-gY5cbOU48 htt…[View]
73507202Pallbearer and Warning: Why do people always bring up the other when you talk about one?[View]
73506100What's the music equivalent of Begotten?[View]
73507104Which Death album is the best?[View]
73504764*Skips Miserable Lie*[View]
73507064What does /mu/ think of this record?[View]
73506606God Tier Albums: Albums that /mu/ deems 10/10[View]
73507146Check me out /mu/: If you don't like rap you won't like it. https://soundcloud.com/user-13…[View]
73506398Hello /mu/, first time poster here. Do you guys like Glassjaw? also, quality post-hardcore discussio…[View]
73504981Anyone at the King Crimson concert right now? 10/10 desu[View]
73503956Jack and The Ripper are the first DIY VR/AR band discuss /mu/[View]
73506861Thoughts on this single and this whole era of american music?[View]
73506974has anybody got there hands on OKNOTOK yet? are the remasters any good?[View]
73506894Ambient thread: https://soundcloud.com/tobias/sink This isn't necessarily ambient, but close en…[View]
73505719Times Drake Copied Other Artist: Has one man ever been BTFO this hard before? >https://www.youtub…[View]
73507006I've been listening to this band for years and I still can't tell if I hate them or not[View]
73494779So is this one of Queens good albums?[View]
73505957Who the fuck is steve earle[View]
7350613510/10 moments thread you already know what moment i'm referring to[View]
73506284Good shoegaze, or best shoegaze?[View]
73505632What news would cause /mu/ to explode?[View]
73505400Lost my entire music library. Decided to start from scratch. I need some recs. So far I've got …[View]
73506895Just discovered this soundtrack. I like it. What do you think? https://youtu.be/eIyLwtR99vg[View]
73504347When exactly does one have to be born to be considered an 'early 2000s kid'?[View]
73505690Don't fuck with the formula. Or you could end up like me.[View]
73506677ITT: Pleb filter albums[View]
73505096KPOP GENERAL[View]
73506488/noise/: Here are the essentials Also of note: >The Rita - Thousands of Dead Gods >The Gosling…[View]
73502705/mu/ Covers Thread: vv Record here vv vocaroo.com vv Post here vv[View]
73502883Opinions on The Cars?[View]
73506241I'm a little drunk, recommend me some crazy songs /mu/[View]
73505436Pansy Blue Ribbon giving back: To musicians in need. Know what else would help them? A couple hard s…[View]
73503682Reminder to buy the AOTY and support Jon Abbey's southern hip hop fund[View]
73505880I want to like this album but I can't get past the mixing, and the harsh noise in the beginning…[View]
73487606>Each day my baby loves me less and less >Soon I'll be love-less remind me again why this…[View]
73506541this is the best song ever crafted in human history there is not debate[View]
73504794What songs do you play when your normie friends hand you the Aux?[View]
73505236Unpopular Opinions thread: What are your most unpopular opinions? Mine is that pic related is the wo…[View]
73506362What is the appeal of punk: can someone explain?[View]
73506480I know you'd like to think Your shiz don't stank But lean a little bit closer, see Roses r…[View]
73506095Doom Stoner Metal Drone Core? New shit pref.[View]
73492944Recent purchases thread[View]
73503194Poster thread: Any good art on your walls?[View]

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