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71792194Okay , fags what are some other websites for music ? With the recent spamming of garbage and so vile…[View]
71792688Compromise! Conformity! Assimilation! Submission! Ignorance! Hypocrisy! Brutality! The elite![View]
71791648KPOP GENERAL: winners in our heart if nowhere else edition[View]
71793594Should Juicy M mix in the nude? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnSUM6Wjxc4[View]
71793572>Mfw he unironically likes Pet Sounds[View]
71792264recommend one last album to listen to before you die[View]
71793421KINO: Any of you ever listen to Kino? Essential post-punk, legends in the Russian rock scene. My dad…[View]
71792567ITT: Best/Worst songs from favorite album: Clearly the Best: My Ass in on Fire Worst: Stubb (A Dub)…[View]
71791506New Show Me The Body mixtape: Huh. It's uh Well there's there's[View]
71793016>4/4 drums to a 15/8 guitar[View]
71793013What's so great about this album?[View]
71792947Studies have shown that over 70% of autistic people exhibit what has been called a 'hyper-acute' or …[View]
71790606really makes you think . . .[View]
71793219Anyone else a fan of TBA? Fuckers never tour in my state.[View]
71793202What's their best album?: >pic related it's my favorite and my choice…[View]
71792390>A little wah on the guitar >'Psychedelic rock'…[View]
71791394Make the case for riff rock: Does rock music centered around memorable guitar licks as opposed to de…[View]
71792422>you are not helpless >you are not helpless >you are not helpless >try to beat it >an…[View]
71793059Is this song not playing on spotify for anyone else or am I the only one who's getting jew…[View]
71792992Random Opinions: >Horn should have been the last song on side A of Pink Moon…[View]
71792874It's 03:00 o'clock,post music for it: I'il start http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19…[View]
71787122Is he the next fantano?[View]
71791743Name ONE good rap album released after 1999[View]
71792543https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQTmxPlMDmI What the HECK is this percussion instrument that's …[View]
71789971Times when p4k got it right???[View]
71792883https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UFOrfffGRg Rap songs about metal[View]
71792868Finna: The Album[View]
71786598Kendrick Lamar 2017 Tracklist (confirmed): Purple Hibiscus – 08:45 Counterfeit – 03:26 Trust Everyon…[View]
71791811What are the essential country rock or 'roots rock' or whatever its called albums? Stuff thats like …[View]
71791505My dog just passed away. Music for this feel? >pic related is not my dog…[View]
71789297I suck so royally at mixing. Everything sounds weak and muddy. What were some things you learned tha…[View]
71792315Soulwax - From Deewee: holy shit I just finished listening to this and it's incredible[View]
71791261How's everyone enjoyin' the new Gorillaz stuff? I think I'm in love.[View]
71792365You guys ever hear helplessly hoping by Crosby Stills Nash[View]
71792478>enter random thread >reply saying this song is the shittest thing I've ever heard in my …[View]
71792184How does one find music on their own?[View]
71788777Drugs general, I guess: Alright my dudes, I'm about to do LSD for the second time in my life (f…[View]
71791916Drill/Trap/Chiraq music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8YFwny-N1o[View]
71791500Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VgEEzLvd0[View]
71788165What does /mu/ think of That Poppy?[View]
71791679Bands who never topped their debut: all their albums have been lovely and bop filled but nothing rea…[View]
71791621Please explain the hype around Boards of Canada. I primarily listen to ambient and modern classical …[View]
71787448Antichrist Superstar is better than the Downward Spiral.[View]
71791167Talk about how you feel about Red Hot Chili Peppers.[View]
71792198Was he right?[View]
71787409Pitch an album: Convince other anons to check out an album that you like. Brag all you want[View]
71792427where were you when classical music became the new hipster trend?[View]
71791920That kind of album that doesn't hit hard at first but the more you listen to it, the more it go…[View]
71791879What does /mu/ think of Mac Lethal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfrP4MEXawA https://www.youtube.…[View]
71789345essential LGBTQ+ music? personal favorites/artists welcome[View]
71790706Misophone: Never seen Misophone discussed here as far as I can remember. What are mu's thoughts…[View]
71791542>the song title is the name of a girl[View]
71791613itt: albums that make you smile[View]
71792210>People think this is better than Kid A WTF I hate /mu/ now[View]
71791158ITT: Spring Albums: Well, /mu/fags, Spring is finally here. Post your favorite Spring albums.[View]
71791440Dumb songs: ITT: The dumbest catchiest songs you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q2aZm8BamA…[View]
71791921MY ALBUM: Hey dudes this is a very cringey album I made as a character called cool andy who is a 'wh…[View]
71792134Why do I have to choose, /mu/? Why is is that it's always one or the other? Why is it always ne…[View]
71791674What did he mean by this?[View]
71787949post alternate album covers you use[View]
71790343What's the first song you listened to, /mu/?[View]
71792055What's your favourite Johnny Cash album? It seems like all everyone brings up are the two priso…[View]
71779034chart thread post your top 50, 100, 10000000, whatever you want we're here for a short time fr…[View]
71791147Which band is better the beatles or the flaming lips pic related for comparison[View]
71785500Xiu Xiu vs Perfume Genius: Who makes the best sad gay anthems?[View]
71792004Help Deciphering Lyrics? They are at the bottom of the page http://store.matadorrecords.com/no-shap…[View]
71791929What was the article that killed Pitchfork for you? http://pitchfork.com/features/ok-computer-at-20/…[View]
71791711FAGGOT FRIEND: my friend is a nigger and wont tell me the music he likes so im going to lynch him…[View]
71791305What do y'all think of the new gorillaz tracks?[View]
71791723Thoughts on icelandic artist Bjork?[View]
71791265Why doesn't /mu/ ever talk about Wrekmeister Harmonies?[View]
71791215Flowchart thread.[View]
71791870Obscure Post-Punk: post obscure post-punk deep cuts. like actually obscure, i need some new (old) sh…[View]
71789583Shiteater, Pleb, Contrarian, Music Enthusiast, PATRICIAN: One of these. I'm adding the 3rd opti…[View]
71790037Just had a pretty happy day. Music for this feel?[View]
71791682>do you remember in the summer >back in 1978......…[View]
71791646please post what you would describe as MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD music . . . (nb* no memers)[View]
71791502ITT: Three artists from your country that you love, three you hate Canada >Tegan and Sara >Rus…[View]
71791454Daily Reminder: BACH IS ALWAYS GOAT.[View]
71790922Has anyone played Rocket League, it has one of the greatest electronic soundtracks I have ever heard…[View]
71790935Need to find name to this song: I can't find a particular song, it starts with a a repetitive h…[View]
71791346horse for the 'steak in vest?' horsey where done that hurts? horse that felt das bunker Horse - seve…[View]
71790702ITT: Album art that you really like.[View]
71785420Let's see what you've got![View]
71787194is he right /mu/?[View]
71791121Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds is one of the most emotionally powerful songs of all …[View]
71789172>thinking the best graves album is famous monsters um, think again sweetie…[View]
71788384Is literature superior to music as an art form? I mean, do Infinite Jest, Catcher in the Rye and The…[View]
71789375ITT: Albums that should be /mu/-core[View]
71790692Post the best live concerts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DM8vB7N1Wo[View]
71791047Final Fantasy-core: Post your best final fantasy-core not from the games https://youtu.be/lZBJC1zlzf…[View]
71781586Official Ultra Miami Thread: Yearly Ultra Miami thread. Main Stream set lineup in the image Main St…[View]
71788105What do you guys think of Neurosis? Fav albums, songs? Have you seen them live? What was it like?[View]
71787451Punk/hardcore albums for metalheads?: Trying to expand my tastes. Recommendations?[View]
71790716Chet Faker: What's the opinion on this album?[View]
71790874Is there a name for the genre/whatever you want to call it that is shared by the songs 'ain't n…[View]
71790946Today's sad boy music[View]
71790612*deletes all interludes*[View]
71790887has anyone seen NoFx backstage passport 2? can't find a stream and the dvd won't ship to m…[View]
71789377discuss phish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSGv-yl1tdE[View]
71790829Could someone who likes hip-hop explain me what's considered a 'hard' 'heavy' or 'dark' beat in…[View]
71786697What is lo-fi even supposed to mean or is it just a buzzword with a pretense of a bedroom bedrock ae…[View]
71789346What does /mu/ think of Osamu Kitajima? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c87ARHzyO4k[View]
71790621Are there any other artists/bands that prominently make use of the Fender VI other than Robert Smith…[View]
71790596>listening to joanna newsom, bong in hand while playing minecraft it doesn't get more euphor…[View]
71790636The Call That Saved Vaporwave[View]
71790686What do we think of this?[View]
71789124Ecstasy vibes: Can you guys be my DJ for the night? Tripping alone right now. Tame Impala/Pond playi…[View]
71790652guess the song clipart edition: feel free to include band names and stock photos[View]
71787443What went wrong? Pic related.[View]
71790624Say what you will about the Goofball, this might end up being one of the comfiest albums ever.[View]
71788385KPOP GENERAL[View]
71789323Post songs that just strike a chord with you, reason or not Starting us off, just discovered it and …[View]
71789917/Synth/: sick and tired of there being no place to share Synthpop, EBM, Industrial etc. https://www…[View]
71790544>demo album is better than the release album[View]
71790042*removes the instrumental part on Moonchild*[View]
71787585albums to smoke weed to alone[View]
71789905*deletes Who Dunnit, Man on the Corner, Like It Or Not, and Another Record* *replaces them with Subm…[View]
71790149I've just listened to it. Did I like it?[View]
71789873If you guys haven't already.. please check out Gary Numan.[View]
71790422ITT: The most underrated albums in an artists discography[View]
71790418Post the album that represents your mood right now.[View]
71788619where to find people listening to the music you do[View]
71789623This is my waifu, Loveless. She is like a thousand anime girls singing to you at the same time. Plea…[View]
71790276>EP is over an hour long[View]
71788324Is there a reason that Jeff's vocals are pitchy, the tone of the brass instruments is gross, an…[View]
71788809ITT: Post albums to blast in your car[View]
71789700Fugazi: Thoughts on Fugazi?[View]
71790342You get to force the world to listen to one album in its entirety, what's your pick? Alternate …[View]
71790281ITT: post god tier live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iuy-10Ejck4[View]
71789592ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
71790123>scroll through the catalog >not a single slightly obscure album…[View]
71790140'Weird' Al Yankovic is your god: Jurassic Park is frightening, in the dark! All the dinosaurs are ru…[View]
71785419Does your pet enjoy music?[View]
71776724ITT : Post your all-time favorite album, movie, book and video game and others r8/h8/congratul8.: …[View]
71789519>cute girl I like in my disabled students class >make small talk, friend her on FB >find ou…[View]
71789301Is this a meme or will I actually learn how to decently play the guitar? Any other apps / methods yo…[View]
71789720what did they mean by this: >music fades >vocalist speaks a line slowly >music returns with…[View]
71788405Man is the what?[View]
71789899Top tier hard dropping DUBSTEP: I've been to burning man three times and dubstep is 90% of what…[View]
71788998>2010s, approaching the 2020's >normies are still listening to rap…[View]
71789081Which one?[View]
71788368>tfw found really good band that isn't a /mu/ meme >tfw can't post them on /mu/ or e…[View]
71785817Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of Kendrick's new single /mu/?[View]
71789797Music: https://soundcloud.com/squillergang/chrome-skull[View]
71788594/Vocaroo/: Quality encouraged edition[View]
71786316/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 6 OP Died Edition: Today we'll be voting on the f…[View]
71789738Exciting lyrics: >open up the shades >good god, it's a raid…[View]
71789171Thoughts on pic related?[View]
71789707what i syur favrit musiqué? here is mein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I[View]
71783222ITT: Things that make you instantly disregard someone's opinons on music: If they haven't …[View]
71789661new shit out of the oven https://apaleskinmexican.bandcamp.com/album/be-like-a-firework (noisy plund…[View]
71789647Make it count: Give me your best Metalcore/Whatevercore you can round up in your head. I`m drunk and…[View]
71789579Please explain the hype around Boards of Canada. I primarily listen to ambient and modern classical …[View]
71785727alt shit?: normie hip hop fan here, whats some good alternative hip hop/electronic thats good. i lik…[View]
71788038Ok /mu/, now that the dust has settled we can agree that Demon Days Noodle is best Noodle?[View]
71774206OST general: >What's your favourite OST? >Game OST? >Where do you download? >Are yo…[View]
71788260This album makes me think about the world in a positive view. Any other albums with a feel like this…[View]
71789340I RUN SHIT HERE! FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ! Name a rapper who is more alpha.[View]
71785860why are there no threads about this???[View]
71787740Shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya DRANK[View]
71789320How does /mu/ feel about Marshmellow?[View]
71788721whos the best singer and why is it ariana grande? /mu/ cant refute this https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
71788854Greatest of All Time.[View]
71788344Cool shirt to wear in public or would people think you're an aspie?[View]
71787830itunes user reviews are the polar opposite of /mu/[View]
71778845Albums you knew were gonna be perfect wihin the first song[View]
71788736Leave AOTY to us[View]
71787324Is he the most important/influential artist of modern electronic music?[View]
71786689ITT : Your top 3 all time favorite singers: >1 : King Krule >2 : Jim Morrison >3 : Damo Suz…[View]
71787193>art rock[View]
71789105name their best album hard mode: no Peppers[View]
71784945post rock[View]
71789005I tried listening to this years ago and just couldn't understand it. Since then I've liste…[View]
71788790>ITT: Post review scores for an album, others guess the album This should be an easy one…[View]
71789057Where does that stupid doot-doodle-loot-doo tune come from anyway?[View]
71788924Would Yung Lean change his stamp 'Sad Boy' when he get old? Although I think he will be forever a te…[View]
71780205hip and hop: dadrock fan trying to get into hip hop recommend albums[View]
71788863No longer in contact with material world now with albums[View]
71788899war on drugs whitest fuckin ban i ever heard[View]
71787810Meet the Residents > Not Available > Third Reich n' Roll > Commercial Album >>…[View]
71788951Hello Friends: Yes... it has been much too long... indeed it has. How, should I begin? Well Friend I…[View]
71788941Venus de Mi-uh[View]
71788868whats the joke here[View]
71786738ITT: shit bands /mu/ tricked you to listen[View]
71788695Albums you can escape to when the world gets too cold and unforgiving[View]
71788761more stuff like the first half of the video? also what genre would this fall into? https://www.youtu…[View]
71787775Thoughts on La Vida Boheme? AOTY?: Their last release is in my top 5. And I'm giving it a deep …[View]
71788837>name a better song for this exact time at night slightly drunk (GMT) (( i know its not midnight …[View]
71788481Albums with only one good song[View]
71788618DO YOU HAVE THE TIME[View]
71786614ITT: biggest gimmicks in music[View]
71788240This album is overlooked twice over in its genre and own discography which really sucks because its …[View]
71788497ITT: Albums you knew were gonna be fucking terrible within the first song[View]
71787573*deletes flying*[View]
71788494Does /mu/ like industrial rock?[View]
71787096post god tier solo albums[View]
71788709>song is almost but not quite six minutes[View]
71788683Starting a soundtrack sharing platform. http://soundtrackcollective.xyz/ INVITE CODES: SNDCLL-PMJDZM…[View]
71788292Tropicália thread: say literally anything about the 60s psychdelic movement in Brazil[View]
71786758What does /mu/ think of clipping.?[View]
71785933I have never seen anyone here talk about Iceage[View]
71787746your imaginary girlfriend's favorite album[View]
71783638ITT: The best white rappers.[View]
71775960What is /mu/'s thoughts on Xxxtentacion? I love listening to all of his music, slow or intense,…[View]
71788575interesting documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf0RGikhfMo album: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
717846485x5 ONE MONTH WATCH OUT guess or die rec maybe?? lol[View]
71785386/psy/ - Psychedelic General: Post music you think is great for tripping. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
71787326ITT: post an album and its film equivalent >Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…[View]
717868713x3 thread: You know the drill, rate rec guess etc.[View]
71785329>made a song with a longtime Sam Hyde collaborator Danny L Harle is she alt-right?…[View]
71787811>FALL IS JUST SOMETHING GROWN-UPS INVENTED What did The Hives mean by this?…[View]
71785726KPOP GENERAL[View]
71787153What are some good examples of sad/serious songs or albums by more jokey or lighthearted artists?[View]
71787864Are there any similar pop artists with great production like Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen? I don…[View]
71787713Lmao the way you guys went on about them I thought Autechre were a big deal. so I finally jump on th…[View]
71786780Sulk is literally the best song[View]
71788068Hi, I randomly heard this particular unpopular metal band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8Cbut1eO…[View]
71787552/charts/: 3x3,4x4,5x5's etc. Post them normie here btw[View]
71787674Anyone know where I can download previous Ultra Miami livestreams? Full day live streams.[View]
71783788>Beyonce >Punk LITERALLY HOW?! She's the textbook definition of normie music. http://www.…[View]
71788131/nasheed/: post your favourite nasheeds akhi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL9IxouVXfM https://ww…[View]
71775728soundcloud thread: other one is over a day old post/rate/review[View]
71781270best and worst kanye album: hands down graduation was his best work >inb4 hurr durr everything ka…[View]
71788045Is it wierd that I still like this group?[View]
71787171ITT: We summon tournament OP by posting /mu/mor[View]
71787304Just saw this. It was pretty fucking great but with some shit I didn't like. No big deal. What …[View]
71788022ITT: Best song first song[View]
71787935/mu/s opinion on Tom York?[View]
71787991Classical Music: Looking for any more suggestions of recordings of any piece that you consider top t…[View]
71787953Is anyone doing music in here? http://vocaroo.com/i/s1WeT8oCMjuO >Me, my Yamaha Pcifica, my Boss …[View]
71787964>push me to the edge, all my friends are dead[View]
71787910This is where EDM started[View]
71784288Can we all agree that neither of these bands should have entered the new millennium?[View]
71787545Thoughts on this album?[View]
71786213why is this album so weird? the production almost feels like cookie-cutter lofi ambient but the melo…[View]
71786385Who was in the wrong here?[View]
71786799Where to start with Talk Talk?: Obviously I've heard nothing but good things about them. Should…[View]
71787751This is the best Beach Boys album. Prove me wrong PROTIP: You can't[View]
71787296are there any albums about being a genuine depressed loner? like as in a neet that doesn't talk…[View]
71786109>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the best rapper alive What did he mean by this?…[View]
71786307Post the greatest Beat/Music switch ups: Finally got to hearing the new kendrick track, and the beat…[View]
71777445Meanwhile in Bizarro /mu/...[View]
71787497what happened?[View]
71785603this was a good band[View]
71786507Deathconsciousness: What do you think of the vocals on this album? I can't decide whether I lov…[View]
71787386Kurt Cobain would be 50 fucking years old if he was alive right now. Does that make you feel old?[View]
71779685lines from songs that hit you in the feels: >how can I convince you it's me I don't lik…[View]
71785491/footwork/: Does /mu/ like footwork, juke, etc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bua7QZ70J6Q…[View]
71787622>Song starts with radio recordings of F-16 pilots from the Package Q Strike during the Gulf War t…[View]
71787362>heart >apart[View]
71786053>ywn be Chino Moreno end mi life now please[View]
71786715What's everyone's favourite Springsteen record? Pic for me[View]
71787523ITT: 'So, does /mu/ really think ____ or is that just meme-ing?'[View]
71782803Has anyone taken the U2-pill today?[View]
71780848Post your three favorite genres and others guess things about you.[View]
71787446Help. Tell me some non-/mu/core essentials.[View]
71787309What the fuck is this shit[View]
71787458>Don't you get it?? The genius of the lyrics lies in how trite, meaningless, and repetitive …[View]
71787436ITT guilty pleasures: first track of this still gives me chills[View]
71787422>SHE >WILL >NOT >LOSE What did he mean by this?…[View]
71787354What is the better album? My Bloody Valentine- loveless Slowdive- Slovlaki Vote here- http://www.str…[View]
71786983NAME THAT SONG: Hey /mu/, having trouble naming this song. It's a pop song, the music video has…[View]
71787063I worked really fucking hard on this!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZdaNZqmO3Y&t=15s No …[View]
71783429What's the most autistic genre?: My vote goes for hardcore or underground punk. >playing yo…[View]
71782703new bandcamp thread. last one died be nice. r8 and reccomend8[View]
71786101This is an avarage /mu/ thread say something nice about it[View]
71787308ITT: post scenes of musicians showing up in movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUj1JuXRvgc[View]
71787276the weird frontier between pop and avantgarde are these guys the saviors of music?[View]
71787151>tfw black and my family makes fun of me for liking mount eerie and sun kil moon why is life so c…[View]
71787033really makes you think[View]
71787072i wanna get mad /mu/. give me some angry albums.[View]
71786921What do you think of them?[View]
71787170ITT: Amazing live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbUP-Jo92qE[View]
71786082I want to know: who are the similar artists to Grimes?[View]
71786573ITT: Those albums. You know what I mean.[View]
71787057Which one is better? For me, it's Is This Real.[View]
71787064>been listening to the wall for the whole week >Have no pc at the moment, so practice guitar i…[View]
717870047 discs, 7 tracks each. Praise fucking Kek![View]
71785382This is the best metal album ever not fake I swear on Big Macs[View]
71783208What is the appeal, I don't get it I heard everything is embarrassing and its alright but why i…[View]
71786245What are your favorite song covers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPnLMflgrC4[View]
71786535When people say 'no not those beatles' which beatles are they talking about?[View]
71786749>Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract) >Going Up to People and Tinkling >Big Jobs No. 2 (By Poo and Th…[View]
71784183What was the best Motorhead album?[View]
71786672*blocks your path*[View]
71766676ITT: sum up an artist with a screenshot from the simpsons: pic related Earl Sweatshirt[View]
71785087I don't really have a name for this thread, just like to talk about albums I'm listening t…[View]
71781703What did you expected when listening to certain albums? Where those expectations matched?Did it chan…[View]
71784732Thought on this?: http://co.contemporarycasual.com/2017/03/the-elephant-in-marvins-room-analysis.htm…[View]
71785192ITT: Albums you wish you could go back in time so you could listen to them at their time of release.…[View]
71784668Are there any 90s albums better than these? I can't think of any at all. Any genre.[View]
71781693I need something like autechre but slightly more abrasive, violent and upbeat and the percussion mat…[View]
71786533[FREE]Post Malone ft. Quavo type Beat-'Time to Chill': your opinions plz ^^ https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
71780919ITT: /mu/ in 1967[View]
71786041I want to become a rapper, what advice do you hipsters have?[View]
71785782which is better[View]
71786410What does /mu/ think of modern music ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ2xtWgBlzk[View]
71785059More like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS6dBmaBxuI[View]
71786318>Seat back and watch you play yourself What did Method Man mean by this?…[View]
71786304So this is pretty good.[View]
71785018Holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuck This is sooooooooooooo boriiiiiiiiiiing This is like a whispercore drone rock s…[View]
71785849less than jake: what are /mu/'s thoughts on this band? I used to listen to them a lot in 9th gr…[View]
71786288Is there something in this world that sounds like this album's b sides? Specially in the vein o…[View]
71786269Discrete - livin' At Manboo [Trap]: Hey guys! I just released my first single ever. I just want…[View]
71785017What are more albums like this? It's just so great and I can't find anything else like it.[View]
71786233ITT:Awesome Metal songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjZxiHWPrZ4[View]
71784567I have pic related and it was working fine for a few years until I accidentally got rid of the power…[View]
71782509itt: post a youtube comment, guess the band being commented on[View]
71786130this is p good[View]
71786067Are they a meme?[View]
71785878who else should I listen to if I like the 'alternative' parts of Wilco more than the country parts[View]
71784676Post your guilty pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx3s99FNXzI[View]
71786030They all say them gringos be superior but then I listen to this album and I'm like 'How can the…[View]
71785333https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3kZnoOFx3A Nardwuar is a fucking king.[View]
71785983'I don't wanna be an old man anymore. It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor…[View]
71783922ITT:: Post you're Top 10 albums for every year that you have been on /Mu/. Rate each other, rec…[View]
71785803The Thin White Duke? More like the Thin Brown Duke! Because his music sounds like the poop![View]
71785471/mu/ whats the album where the cover is looking up at a persons silhouette against the sun, with ray…[View]
71785818better than pet sounds[View]
71781377Ummm.....? Huh wow[View]
71776433Opinions on Trent ?[View]
71784943Indie music is cancer: >Song sung in the perspective of an abusive husband >Song unironically …[View]
71763649ITT: Pleb bands and their patrician counterparts: Pleb: The 1975 Patrician: New Order[View]
71785741>Yfw Radiohead was a better band before they were Radiohead[View]
71784791Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
71785763Sonemic will NEVER lunch[View]
71782062Kaytranada Boiler Room Montreal DJ Set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5EQIiabJvk[View]
71785746Unique Songs: SHARE AND RATE perfect songs that not everyone knows. Les gusta el español? https://ww…[View]
71784526KPOP GENERAL[View]
71785525Is he on the autistic spectrum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPGWL4770Yg[View]
71785375Is this the OK Computer of electronic music?[View]
71785328Does anyone know any similar songs to these Hounds of Love tracks? >Watching You Without Me http…[View]
71782242Minimal music: Found this little gem last night and actually found it really nice. https://www.yout…[View]
71785621/metal/ thread: power edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj5JSYiNrcc[View]
71785269BOO BOO[View]
71785495ITT: Irrefutable proof that /mu/ is a contrarian shithole Tame Impala was arguable one of the most b…[View]
71784667Am I stupid for wanting to sell my setup (at least my PL-518) and get a more modern setup instead (A…[View]
71784066Comfy music thread? Comfy music thread.[View]
71778152There has never been a good /fit/ musician.[View]
71785387Any other good modern R&B albums like this one?[View]
71785373ITT: the patrician of the band.[View]
71782383>be told pic related sounds dated and totally the opposite of it's title >it's actua…[View]
71785351Why is this so perfect, /mu/?[View]
71783471ITT: The best transitions of songs on albums: >When Summer's Cauldron transitions into Grass…[View]
71785016>Gonna get me a plate of melon and prosciutto and grilled sardines, a cup of coffee, and a bowl o…[View]
71785188crabs from her blue cake[View]
71783013Stop using equal temperament[View]
71779165/sg/ - Synth General: Synth General Thread Post your setup, post your financial woes. Patch recreati…[View]
71783367Hello fellow /mu/tants, I recently listened to Blue Album and Pinkerton by Weezer, where do I go nex…[View]
71783705IM GNOT A GNELF IM GNOT A GNOBLIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ_Wbjz8JTc[View]
71785202>1, 2, 3 and t-[View]
71785119Post your own remixes I want to hear some good stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1JsA-eyy7w…[View]
71782853/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 6 (Part 2): Today we'll be voting on the fifth ro…[View]
71784986Is it just me feeling that pop era Genesis is more mature than Gabriel era in terms of craftsmanship…[View]
71784110*deletes every single song except Silent Sun*[View]
71784313>'When you were young you were the king of shit, piss, and poop' >'I LOOOOOOVE TO SHIT AND PIS…[View]
71783355>rap music video >this guy comes in that's a good feel why is Timbaland so based?…[View]
71784334Post your top 3 bands, and no one rate recommend or guess personalities I'll start I guess. Wee…[View]
71784680Does /mu/ like folk music?[View]
71784348california *crowd erupts* California, california, californiaaaaaaa *still standing, massive cheers, …[View]
717745103x3 4x4 5x5 collage thread: give recs rate and guess personalities[View]
71783385ITT: Underappreciated guitarists[View]
71784262Reccomendation by song.: I want you to post a song and people reccomend artists or releases that sou…[View]
71784387What are /mu/'s thoughts on Jessy Lanza and her music?[View]
71784592>DUDE, I just learned about microtones: The Album[View]
71784820/altmetal/ thread[View]
71766258Christ this is going to be fucking trash[View]
71784760pop SOTY https://soundcloud.com/liluzivert/15-xo-tour-llif3 post better produced pop tracks from thi…[View]
71784543Holy shit...: Where has this been all my life. I thought Benji was great but this is omg I could cry…[View]
71784733>percussion is just the artist tapping their phone's touchscreen[View]
71782951ITT: no-nonsense musicians[View]
71780565/prg/ punk rock general: this thread is dedicated to the discussion of punk rock and any offshoots(p…[View]
71784182>tfw can't relate to The Beatles discography[View]
71784555Music piracy: Hey /mu/ I'm not really from here, im usually on /b/ but i had a thought that per…[View]
71775958Now that the dust has settled.... How do you feel about the degree in which reddit has taken over /m…[View]
71783746were that hair go senpai?[View]
71782314KPOP GENERAL[View]
71784316Is there any other good ramble-core albums or is this it?[View]
71783132Bends > OK Computer = Kid A > A Moon Shaped Pool > Amnesiac > In Rainbows = I Might Be W…[View]
71784419Back after a few years: Let's see how your taste has developed /mu/[View]
71784388>tfw making noise music >tfw being aggressive as shit >tfw being too aggressive >tfw I t…[View]
71782541Are these worth it? I'm looking for a music player under $120 and these seem to be pretty nice.[View]
71783925Who's your favorite bluesman, /mu/?[View]
71782931The great debate.[View]
71782283ITT: Everything dark-electro related Anybody up to some obscure cybergoth / industrial stuff? https…[View]
71784327Let's have one of these threads[View]
71784293ITT Good music. I'll start. https://youtu.be/xR0DKOGco_o[View]
71782745/last.fm/: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.go…[View]
71783558why do normies eat this shit up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVpv8-5XWOI[View]
71779306kpop? more like porn general[View]
71784105you don't love me you just love my doggystyle[View]
71783743Albums you love to improvise to[View]
71783920*skips Firth of Fifth*[View]
71783342Thoughts on Dirk Hamlet? I like Dave Mustang and everything but after he left metallica he went down…[View]
71782840/aotysf/: 11. Your Old Droog - PACKS - 8 12. Jesca Hoop - Memories Are Now - 8 13. IDLES - Brutalism…[View]
71784045DUDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iErjaKTX_3w[View]
71782258Met a girl, she likes Blink-182, Alessia Cara, Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Twenty One P…[View]
71784054Any singer here? Why my chest voice breaks at b4? I can only reach it with head voice or falsetto.[View]
71776648>an artist's sell-out album gets spammed on /mu/ the most just a reminder that you're s…[View]
71783523What went so fucking right?[View]
71781445KILL YOUR IPOD[View]
71782975Music theory: I don't know how to make these but this is the thread to talk about all things mu…[View]
71783754I would like to apologise on behalf of the UK rap scene for how bad we are, but I promise we are try…[View]
71783996Rap: What rap is this boiiis?[View]
71783031What is the best rammstein album and why is it herzeleid?[View]
71783832How do I into Klaus Schulze? There's a trillion albums and I don't know where to start.[View]
71783300>A Tear for Eddie starts playing[View]
71782053Is ultra music fest good?[View]
71782986What is your favorite record label/mu/?[View]
71783820Everyone watch this Pitchfork video about OK Computer and laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMLU…[View]
71779472Early Green Day was so good, what happened?[View]
71780825ITT: things you do in concerts: i start >try to push women as hard as possible to hurt them durin…[View]
71783668eurobeats might be the only field of arts where the aesthetics of europe and japan sorta come togeth…[View]
71783752Make your own version of this with your fav album[View]
71783276This is The Hard Truth[View]
71777630/mu/mor thread: post em[View]
71783622are there any rock bands that are forward thinking in anyway.: like bands experimenting with new sou…[View]
71783609What's /mu/ think of this? Pretty normie tier pop on the surface with an expensive looking vide…[View]
71782520Trey Songz - Tremaine: This is miles better than it has any right to be. R&B AOTY and it still w…[View]
71782558What is some depressing music that has nothing to do with relationship?[View]
71783526old school death metal thread: What are some of your favorite albums?[View]
71783308Which do you prefer[View]
71782628>progressive rock >post-progressive >heavy metal >prog metal >jazz fusion >jazz-ro…[View]
71783460LYRICS THAT GET YOU: >(I'm not a child anymore) >I'm not a child, oh no >(I'…[View]
71782090>the state of hip hop lmao[View]
71782903this is the new music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBQ7ciHFVWw&feature=youtu.be[View]
71781572Can you recommend me some good long albums? By 'long' i mean 2 hours or more[View]
71783384Joe Hisaishi is a hack. 90% of his Ghibli-soundtracks are just rehashes of Holst's Jupiter. htt…[View]
71782232alice glass: NEW ALBUM FUCKING WHEN!!!! what has she even been doing for the last year or so[View]
71782642ITT: cringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZRvyvsMWG4 cringe aside I would legit hang out with thi…[View]
71782573Holy shit[View]
71781650Whats the comfiest album ever and why is it pic related[View]
71781749What's the best Brazilian album of this century and why is it pic related?[View]
71782835ITT: Best Album in their Genre[View]
71783176Who the actual fuck are the plebs on here that haven't drunk cough syrup, listened to tmr, and …[View]
71782415Hey /mu/tants. How do you get a drummer in your band if you live in a small town? Is there any actua…[View]
71783148Grendel- End of Ages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9Qdt7v6QT0 Good synths, screeching vocals, an…[View]
71782421What does moo think of Ratatat?[View]
71783033noise drone aka talentless super slow jams for white people on drugs: preddy much self-explanatory…[View]
71780399frank ocean loves him why doesn't /mu/?[View]
71783063Sup /mu/, I made this app so that we can sit around in a room and talk shit about each other's …[View]
71782083what's the most vulgar album artwork?[View]
71780894How does he keep doing it[View]
71782379As far as metal bands go, are they any good? I like them personally[View]
71782756Pls help: Why am I such a pleb that I can't find pic related anywhere?[View]
71782910>Just know, the next game played I might slap the shit out you >Technical foul, I'm flagr…[View]
71780921Give me one reason why I shouldn't just tag my shoegaze artists as post-rock.[View]
71779826dude dead wife lmao[View]
71781216Is gabber music really dead?: I did some research and i can't find anything recent.It seems tha…[View]
71782897Behold: The only 4 Vaporwave albums you should EVER consider hearing[View]
71782171Remove tracks to make an album 10/10: lets have one of these again >remove Stay Gold >remove P…[View]
71782552>british singer >pronounces words as the american english pronunciation…[View]
71774187/jfg/ James Ferraro general: >rare ferraros edition Complete discography here: http://sebaldsfoll…[View]
71778685Reminder flac is just placebo[View]
71782834looking for some goat underground rappers starting off with the goat london lad https://www.youtube.…[View]
71780056What does /mu/ think of my setup? P-please n0h8[View]
71780790/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 6: Today we'll be voting on the fifth round. For…[View]
71780672lemons: this album would have been a lot better if Mother wasn't on it discuss[View]
71782670Anyone else like this? Been listening to it for years and its one of the only albums I can put on re…[View]
71781005what does /mu/ think about Lizzy Grant?[View]
71782645H-hey /mu I h-heard this board likes St Vincent: I am new here but I have been listening to St Vince…[View]
71782417post rock[View]
71781021I've been trying to get into black/death metal but it just doesn't do it for me. It's…[View]
71780014NEW ARCA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaLmizblY4g NEW ARCA[View]
71782036How many layers of post-punk are you on right now?[View]
71782111HOLY SHIT: This took me by surprise Thoughts?[View]
71782243What does /mu/ think of this guy?[View]
71780632Now that spring is here, what's /mu/'s favorite springtime album?[View]
71774531/rym/: red flags edition[View]
71779693What music do Mac guys listen to?[View]
71781970how does her albums compare to her collaboration with Byrne?[View]
71782286I fucking love Train[View]
71782275>'Not to be overly draaaaaamatic'[View]
71782239What do cute, socially conservative Mormon girls listen to?[View]
71780131KPOP GENERAL[View]
71776440hey /mu/, pls help me name my band. we mostly play rock and blues stuff, looking for a catchy one-wo…[View]
71782277Foliage is turning into eggman.[View]
71782229what does /mu/ think of the grunge/emo type rap becoming more popular?[View]
71779502When did you realize this is the best pop album of the 10's?[View]
71782190Is he worshiping nazo? ironically or unironically?[View]
71782157*turns on space echo* *draws Cm chord* Time to make some dub techno[View]
71782136Younglets, will they ever learn https://www.wsj.com/articles/twilight-of-the-rock-gods-1490439609 …[View]
71781265Most underrated band of our time?[View]
71777315Kendrick Lamar: http://pastebin.com/ZTwJ8UCD Here's something[View]
71782063who /shpongle/ here[View]
71781811ITT:Your favorite 60ths album: >pic related[View]
71779553finally marathoned this. but new dawn fades is only one i liked. can you rec me some albums like thi…[View]
71779238ITT: Music you listen to with your gf[View]
71781940alright listen up mush-face[View]
71781619Phil Elverum General - /phil/: In March 2017, I was out in the yard. Come philpost.[View]
71781938was 90's east coast the true golden age of rap?[View]
71777209If Weezer didn't take a hiatus after Pinkerton and were gearing up to a release an album in 199…[View]
71781868How do you people like this shit?[View]
71778599Amanda Shires here. Ask me anything.[View]
71776114If this was released in 2011 it would be /mu/core now.[View]
71781799What are some other deluxe editions that vastly improve the quality of the standard?[View]
71779083I'll keep your vocals low in the mix.[View]
71777991there are people on this board who don't think ariel pink is the greatest artist of our generat…[View]
71781702What's your advice to someone who started to make music little while ago ?[View]
71776456ITT: Your girlfriend's favourite album[View]
71781740Anthony fantano talking about pol https://youtu.be/vhhhIykGjRU[View]
71781679What does /mu/ think of Wire?[View]
71781396Is the Wu-Tang video for Triumph supposed to be a serious attempt or were they memeing? https://www.…[View]
71779956Why is he such an asshole?[View]
71773416/metal/ thread: /metal/ -- pure fucking hatred edition old: >>71766036[View]
71775779Ghost is for edgy middle class teenagers: Lets be honest though, his vocals sound more like that Bea…[View]
71776977Possibly my first guitar. Thoughts?[View]
71781438We all know rappers like to brag about drinking Cristal, Remi Martin, Alize, Dom Perignon, and Henne…[View]
71779077>what kind of music do you like? >anything…[View]
71781439ITT: albums that are so bad they barely even count as music: This is kinda like someone narrated a t…[View]
71781234Is St.Anger any good? Is it worth listening to at all?[View]
71781144What happens when you burn out on listening to music? It doesn't bring me the joy it used to wh…[View]
71759936The new residents album came out today. Thoughts?[View]
71776853Why does /mu/ have such shit tastes im bleep music?[View]
71780422New Anathema album The Optimist was just announced Will it be future AOTY?[View]
71781289Isaiah Rashad: Introducing Walmart brand Isaiah Rashad beats, for when you want to sound like him bu…[View]
71779937https://youtu.be/vEdgSFJExdQ I'm looking for music with 'female pop vocals' that's >Not…[View]
71781067ITT: We create the tracklist for the new sun kil moon record: the album will contain 22 songs includ…[View]
71779920songs that reflect your current life situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uslaqYlXAbo i'm…[View]
71780248Why is Japanese shoegaze so good? Do any English-language bands even come close?[View]
71781250ITT: Albums only millennials will understand.[View]
71780543Brown Sides: ITT: Super rare Ween songs that are better than most of their released stuff[View]
71780551I cant stop listening to pic related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUFr4SK1-l4 recommend me some …[View]
71781146*blocks your path*[View]
71781110Need recommendations. Throwing a party and my regular DJ is out of town. Need something upbeat obvio…[View]
71779900when will they release a new album?[View]
71780134How to get into Madlib: I really like instrumental hip hop, how do I get into that part of Madlibs d…[View]
71775823/BC/ ? bandcamp thread.: put ur shiz, give feedback, don't even bother with recs they're j…[View]
71780166Ween: Speak[View]
71780347>Music is a lot like love, it's all a feeling >And it fills the room, from the floor to t…[View]
71778720Best Anime Ending Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9cLuRVJbGY[View]
71777648>tfw when you teach your friend how to play a few chords and do a cover of one song and he ends u…[View]
71779060Which albums are you anticipating this year, /mu/?[View]
71780936I didn't really come to appreciate frustration over the Loudness War until I listened to psych …[View]
71780679hey I'm looking for something similar to the nuggets album but for new wave or synth pop. got a…[View]
71779519Give me a QUICK RUNDOWN on Brian Warner[View]
71779324Artist you're fanboying Pic related[View]
71780046Cringe Thread[View]
71777271When did you realize that p4k is objectively useless?[View]
71780777/EDM/ general: >The third track, 'Flutter', was programmed to have non-repetitive beats and there…[View]
71778582Holy shit No way I expected this album to be so good Might be their best since 'ticket crystals' and…[View]
71779369Who the fuck would buy an album sleeve just to have the sleeve and not the record? Especially for su…[View]
71780683Rare recording: Does anyone here have a working torrent or a recording of Lars Winnerbäcks concert i…[View]
71779340>notice how this song doesn't have autotune like in today's music…[View]
71780592i'm doing a blues album whats your thoughts on this idea me jamming with myself on bass and gui…[View]
71778621Would you let R Kelly urinate on you? Apparently it's his fetish, and the man's a great mu…[View]
71780178stop what ever youre doing and listen! please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdTEzi3UGQg[View]
71769150/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 5 (Part 3) - Montie tries to derail the thread edition…[View]
71768240/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Sweet Saturated Tube Toan Edition How do I start learning guitar? …[View]
71779669>last song on album >repeats, multiple times, the line 'I know how it all ends'…[View]
71761391ITT: silly things you've heard normies say abt music most common i hear: >this is what they …[View]
71780460post more like like this[View]
71780303holy shit[View]
71780092More like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js_0RW2d0u4[View]
71780407https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZOT714EdZo What does /mu/ think of the trend of sample-focused come…[View]
71777654Y'all ever been so overwhelmed by an album's lyrical imagery? pic very related, chuck us s…[View]
71773513Stop what you're doing and post your music player[View]
71778144So what's the best track from this album?[View]
71777888For my job, I work alone and basically walk around. Recommend some albums to pass the time[View]
71779500https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojYK6CW8gdw ITT: post cringeworthy music[View]
71769335Culturally speaking, is his following the more modern/evolved scenesters of the 10s? Seems like a mo…[View]
71779947Rec me something like this but good[View]
71778491Kendrick Lamar - Black 2 Life 4 (2017) (320) >Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Free Jazz, Neo-Soul, Industrial…[View]
71778886KPOP GENERAL[View]
71780107here come dat boi[View]
71780018Are his other albums this good? Is literally any other neo-soul album this fucking good?[View]
71777723Cringe thread: Cringe thread[View]
71779621Zach Hill ruined math rock and now he's ruining hip hop.[View]
71779949ITT: Influential genres that suck Synthpop too[View]
71777389>album has track listing on cover[View]
71779973recommend by 5x5[View]
71779664Who here instrumental metal? More like this? No vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eBroYj_Qv0…[View]
71774050Post your favourite psychedelic albums, /mu/: I need more stuff to listen to[View]
71779130What are some depressing classical pieces made like Henryk Gorecki's Symphony No. 3?[View]
71779857The only Ides Of March I know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFMhTLF-4tY[View]
71779834I love jazz piano. But I don't have any idea of classic piano. Can you recommend some essential…[View]
71779589This will go down as Scandinavia's best band, wait and see.[View]
71778651Music for premature graying at 21?[View]
71779704Phil is god: I know we're not even one-quarter of the way through 2017 but holy shit could A Cr…[View]
71779690Can we all agree Gyalchester and Glow are the only songs with some thought put in their production u…[View]
71779680What genre is this? https://clyp.it/jzv04t0l[View]
71763890This honestly makes no sense[View]
71779631amateur music vids??: why music video? sometimes musicians add video to their music to extend the ar…[View]
71778335Is Dave Mustaine the greatest riffer of all time?[View]
71778962Post what /mu/ listening to: So Pitted - neo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bPBxadLZMw https://sop…[View]
71779520Thoughts on these bois ? Similar recommendations ?[View]
71779277what does /mu/ think of this album? more like this? >inb4 aeroplane[View]
71778609Is there anything more cringe than white ppl casually listening to gangsta rap music?[View]
71771923I've been listening to this album every day for the past three weeks. Help me.[View]
71779418Heisenberg Song.: https://youtu.be/6roDXzfUqss[View]
71762286Find a better pop album in last 20 years. ps: you can't[View]
71779348Is this the next step for music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY6h3pKqYI0[View]
71778022/breakcore general/: is there a less shitty version of this around? Im trying to pinpoint the optima…[View]
71776359Is it safe to say Pavement are now buttrock?[View]
71779150/lyg/ Luciano do YouTube General Let's talk about the Brian Wilson of the brazilian funk >La…[View]
71779137pop SOTY https://soundcloud.com/liluzivert/15-xo-tour-llif3 post pop anthems with better production…[View]
71779062All wrapped up in a bottle o'wine.[View]
71778854Wtf I'm crying now[View]
71778883ITT: websites & blogs that specialize in out-of-print releases http://goutroy.blogspot.com >…[View]
71778477Albums for reading: Album recommendations for listening to while reading Metamorphosis by Frank Kafk…[View]
71777702https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHbLuIxw3y4 why do they look like such pieces of shit? they are lite…[View]
71778901ITT: bands that were gone too soon[View]
71774798Why aren't you spending your Saturday night at a concert, /mu/?[View]
71778643Literally name a better album[View]
71777693KPOP GENERAL[View]
71775198night night thom. have (nice dreams)[View]
71774850What's the best piece this guy has ever done? (The Little House I Used to Live In excluded)[View]
71778470Towa Tei - EMO: Where the fuck is it?[View]
7177848010/10 Closing tracks: I'll start[View]
71778406BEVERLY HILLS[View]
71778251Anyone think It would be cool if he added 'Solar system (reprise)' as a hidden song after seconds of…[View]
71776418I do not understand why everyone says this guy is so great. Ignoring his politics, I think his rappi…[View]
71778421massively underrated[View]
71778009Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
717781665x5: Spring edition how's the weather /mu/?[View]
71772919I don't get it[View]
71776487Spring / Summer Albums: Winter is over, and the time for depressing bullshit has passed. What are yo…[View]
71777194Itt: Albums that could've been patrician if they were shorter.[View]
71778120>mfw I realize black people created techno[View]
71778310ska thread[View]
717778964x4 Last 7 Days: r8, h8, give recs, guess personalities, whatever, just try to keep the lazy posting…[View]
71776914>tfw Humanz is probably the last Gorillaz album[View]
71775708This wasn't as good as I expected Why did he have to completely ruin it with guilt trip and bou…[View]
71776068This honestly makes so much sense[View]
7177682599% of hip-hop hasn't evolved beyond the formula set by Gil Scott-Heron, which is layering poet…[View]
71776320What does /mu/ think of Katzenjammer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kbdCDeKSoI[View]
71775929Phil's really been taking the markposting to a whole new level.[View]
71776892Animal Collective live at 930: >Brother Sport live >The Purple Bottle live These might be the …[View]
71776861Did they really on the sink?[View]
71776381Anyone know what synth makes the flute-like sounds here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLCY2ZuIWNA…[View]
71777426*holds up viceroy* come on down to mac demarco's lane of chill musicccccc so chill bros whats …[View]
71777642what does /mu/ think of riverside?[View]
71777797Anyone have that gloom-core chart? Still couldn't find it.[View]
71777691thoughts on the AOTY?[View]
71776365Can anyone recommend me good headphones that don't need FLAC and won't make my MP3 sound b…[View]
71776774KPOP GENERAL[View]
71777633I listened to Mozart once and now popular music has been ruined for me. Please help.[View]
71772522/paul/ general get in here what is his best song and why is it Eleanor Rigby?[View]
71776044Music preparation: We like ours boiled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE_y81Ydwk8[View]
71773743what does it mean?[View]
71776713Hey /mu/. First time posting here. Was driving around with my mates the other day and we were passin…[View]
71777542Damn,grimes looks like THAT ?[View]
71776311How do I get into Bowie? Should I start with Station to Station like everyone else?[View]
71776544Have you honored your queen Jay Som today, /mu/?[View]
71777447I GET KNOCKED DOWN[View]
71777446What is this band. Never heard of them really except they had a song in Shrek 2 I think. They have s…[View]
71772880Weezer Red Album: What is Weezer's best album and why is it The Red Album? Post your fav songs …[View]
71777149Recommend me some good and comfy, preferably rock records that are not trash. Any genres are OK.[View]
71775081Adult Contemprary General: Anyone else like Adult contemporary from the 80s and 90s? Stuff like Simp…[View]
71775093thoughts on new iggy?[View]
71777334I took this new photograph of Liam and messed about with it to see if I could get any more informati…[View]
71775527I believe David Byrne is the only musician that everyone likes/loves. Am i right /mu/?[View]
71775597Now that the dust has settled, can we all admit this was a legitimate interesting work of Avant-Gard…[View]
71776189What's the point of FLAC when so much music is mastered for cheap earbuds and car speakers?[View]
71773502this is still the best hip hop album to come out in the past 5 years[View]
71775580Does anyone have something like this but darker? The only really dark track is Sanje. The others hav…[View]
71769229>Found out my girlfriend I thought I was going to marry cheated on me 9 months ago >Claims sh…[View]
71775149Music Room: Come listen to music together /mu/, it's not like you've got anything better t…[View]
71773559MY CRINGEY RAP ALBUM: Hey guys, this is a very very cringey rap album I made on as a character calle…[View]
71775333Who is the greatest musician of all-time from your country that is a perfect representation of your …[View]
71776998Who likes Kickball? Favorite album and song? How did you find out about them?[View]
71776995Craig Finn - We all want the same things: I like it. But why isn't his solo work as good as The…[View]
71776867Show Love Some Love: Does anyone else feel sorry for this guy? >Be lead singer who can't sin…[View]
71770714so is this good or nah?[View]
71776744Tell me Coldplay isn't the greatest band in the world. This song will prove you otherwise if yo…[View]
71776876more like this?[View]
71775025Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VgEEzLvd0[View]
71768881>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the best rapper alive I really do fucking HOPE TO GOD you all aren't…[View]
71771168Punk/hardcore: Is there any reason I never see any threads about punk/hardcore music on mu? Am I jus…[View]
71754204/chart/ - shit on everyone's taste edition: please don't lazypost I'll rec tomorrow i…[View]
71771801what are your thougnherinos on this colllaboration, /mu?[View]
71775588kpop general: eunwoo thread[View]
71772041ITT: the best song is clearly the third[View]
71775356Rap & Hiphop - Please Unexist: Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and yet monotone…[View]
71770083Why is Lorde all of a sudden hot now? She's looking pretty nice in the green light video.[View]
71774747Give me 3 good reasons to believe he isn't the next Kanye, without the egomaniac persona.[View]
71776572Help Plz: OK. So my friend and I really like Pink Floyd. But here lies the problem: he's fuckin…[View]
71776118https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAQ3gG51Aa0 anything like this out there?[View]
71776567MINECRAFT PARODY COVER THREAD: post your favorite songs, I guess? mine: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
71774725What happened to the /jazz/ generals? Post your favorite post-2000 jazz album.[View]
71773963post music that make you say 'Hell yeah!'[View]
71776563Electronic Music / Experimental / Noise / Techno: STURQEN - Vakio #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
71776548[FREE]Post Malone ft. Quavo type Beat-'Time to Chill': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXStZlEcya0…[View]
71776533What do ya'll've'd'th negros think of Knife Party?[View]
71776494ITT: your boyfriend's favorite album[View]
71774105All the cool kids know the 80's were the best decade for music, but what was the single best ye…[View]
71776413>70s Doom feel[View]
71776301It's getting warm where I'm at, walking outside in t-shirt atm. What's your go to alb…[View]
71776304Thoughts on new Jesus and Mary Chain album?[View]
71776319let's grind a bit more[View]
71774700Need some help /mu/ Which Residents records should I listen to seeing as they have like 300 of them?…[View]
71776275You just know[View]
71771780ITT your girlfriend's favorite artist[View]
71762778What are /mu/'s best rap/hip hop albums of the last two to three years?[View]
71776246Left or Right?[View]
71768515>first date >she grabs your phone and plugs it into the aux >presses shuffle How prepared a…[View]
71774101Post an album that represents your mood right now.[View]
71776039Looking for somerthing similar to this or Fionn Regan pls Something thought provoking and nice to li…[View]
71773351Why do you guys like the Beach Boys?: They have 1 FINISHED good album and almost all of their other …[View]
71775179Is it okay to admit there are some black artists who suck?[View]
71776174I'm looking for minimal music similar to the ones featured in the recent MUJI adverts: https://…[View]
71776156Elliptic: bup bup di bup bup bup[View]
71775620Dutch and belgian music: Recommend some good artists from Netherlands or Belgium. Classical, modern,…[View]
71776137Can I get some more overproduced-core?[View]
71776123Rate my chiptunes!!! Also post soundcloud links and r8 each others. https://soundcloud.com/rebornnsf[View]
71775973Ex-Yu essential chart making: It's time to make the definitive chart for /ex-yu/ countries musi…[View]
71773402I've hit a very scary point in what people want to reach in a /mu/sic career. Recently, I final…[View]
71771891This was the worst year of the 80s for music. Try and dispute this.[View]
71776035Tropic of Cancer[View]
71775847She's terrible right? I'm not just a contrarian, like obviously she naturally has a great …[View]
71773287What's the difference between this and any other Phil Elverum project? Is pitchfork only giving…[View]
71774691Hurley is Weezer's best post-Pinkerton album[View]
71774316/altmetal/ thread[View]
71775843Has there been any good albums that have came out this year? I haven't really been paying atten…[View]
71771271DO YOU HAVE THE TIME[View]
71775641Greatest Band Of All Time[View]
71774264I think this might be the best folk song I've ever heard... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AqyAm…[View]
71772865Iggy Pop > David Bowie[View]
71775552I'm looking for more really earthy, meditative folk music, like tenhi, vali, ulver, empyrium, n…[View]
71771672Politically charged music: Do you think we will see an influx in music that has strong political inf…[View]
71775577SHOOT ME[View]
71775505I had no idea this came out[View]
71774298>song fades out Why do musicians do this? Imagine if you were eating a delicious meal, and instea…[View]
71772632What does /mu/ think of Discogs? New to the board and I would love to hear users opinions on the sit…[View]
71775438*deletes Moonchild*[View]
71765267Does /mu/ like lil peep ?[View]
71752464New night thread post y'all dope shit: New sc thread post y'all music check eachother out …[View]
71772325What annoys me the most about oasis more than them being a Beatles rehash was they refused to ever b…[View]
71775226So I started listening to Death Grips with Get Got and Fever and I realised I preferred to just list…[View]
71772634Gonna see Slowdive soon. What should I expect? Are they as loud as MBV?[View]
71773984KPOP GENERAL[View]
71774526Post an artist's name and how a regular hater of that artist looks like I'll start: >Be…[View]
71775421New The Jesus and Mary Chain: So what do you think /mu/ ? It's pretty good imo, it reminds me a…[View]
71772670>AOTY in March Damn...[View]
71774119Anyone love Florida rap?[View]
71773620>band has two drummers[View]
71774215>front page is littered with threads about hip hop what a shitty board[View]
71774463Thoughts? I am really feeling this shit. All tracks except maybe two are superb. Production quality …[View]
71775277IT'S BEEN EIGHT YEARS-[View]
71772089post comfy music for sleepy sleepy times[View]
71775105>when an album has 6 interludes[View]
71775100Looking for some hiphop with ambient sounds and deep bass.[View]
71775077what is the most patrician christmas song? no sufjan edition[View]
71773602more like this, songs that almost make you want to commit a crime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw…[View]
71774355Roky Erickson appreciation thread. Got any aliens or elevators stories?[View]
71774678Post albums/artists that got you through tough times.[View]
71773837What have you been enjoying recently or really feel the need to share? Pic related. This behemoth we…[View]
71774651Why do people still listen to black people rapping when white people have already adapted the style …[View]
71774254Any bands like CryWank?[View]
71774697HEY NOW[View]
71773476Did we ever fucking get it?[View]
71774892*blocks your path*[View]
71773153What is the worst song?[View]
71774490Alright, is there ANY information on this album cover? I've looked everywhere and I've bee…[View]
71774699This album is really good.[View]
71774750Question: Should I regret about listening to mp3? Should I switch to FLAC, like, balls deep FLAC, FL…[View]
71773775Find a flaw[View]
71773288Howdy /mu/ I am drunk, now what should I listen to???[View]
71773861What's Ariel Pink's best album and why is it House Arrest?[View]
71767235What is real mu-core?: What are the real mu-core albums? The ones everyone agrees on[View]
71773012The actual best hip hop album of the decade[View]
71772203Is Hanging Dong Kill?: Someone heard something from Dong? It's been weeks since the last time h…[View]
71774507is this good https://clyp.it/ni2cylqd[View]
71774723>But now I started... WINNING![View]
71774631/groove/: The thread for the same 4 people to post funk, soul, bleeps, old or new to post in vain fo…[View]
71774437>Makes a terrible song with political lyrics >Autists believe people only hate it because it…[View]
71770026Is There Any Good Rock Today?: or was 2006 the last good year for rock?[View]
71773463I like to find really bizarre music to challenge myself to listen to and I found this genre called '…[View]
71762783This is the best version of the artwork. Prove me wrong.[View]
71774098Geidi Primes > any Ariel Pink album[View]
71774382Are those who wanted to fuck NSYNC generally straight women, or faggots?[View]
71774318What are some music videos with great moves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otna9Pe3jWg[View]
71774361This is the type of person that participates in the metal general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP…[View]
71774240ITT:: Post a lyric from each album in an artists discography, and have everyone try to guess what ar…[View]
71774294ELO is too catchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H75ivqdjgCg[View]
71774323What emotion is Mick's facial expression trying to convey?[View]
71774293>tfw you'll never win an award for best music taste[View]
71774230Dark Hip Hop Beats: Dark Grimy Beats https://soundcloud.com/stealthisbeat[View]
71772121ITT: Best albums to smoke to >inb4 DUDE[View]
71771482Are you guys as anxious as I am waiting for Black Ken?[View]
71772487https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof not q…[View]
71773625I think I found something. https://clyp.it/b3t4lobh[View]
71773137Good rock/post-hardcore bands?[View]
71772399Post yfw[View]
71772095what do you think of Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers? is it their best album[View]
71757858Bandcamp Thread. Rate, recommend, and be polite.[View]
71774063cake me, i'm not cucked[View]
71773950If you knew Thom Yorke but you didn't know he was a musician, would you kiss him?[View]
71773636Old Timey Music Thread: Welcoming both old songs and newer songs with an old timey flavor. Blues, Co…[View]
71771902>Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys developed a fervent obsession with the song,[17] leading Spector …[View]
71772636KPOP GENERAL[View]
71773742https://soundcloud.com/kanelowlife09/lost: https://soundcloud.com/kanelowlife09/lost[View]
71773754>Be Mike Stavrou >Publish book called 'Mixing With Your Mind' >Chapter 20 'T…[View]
71772894Left or right?[View]
71772114Can someone recommend beautiful and melodic Spring albums that have the perfect amount of melancholy…[View]
71772083Is there a better, more accomplished living singer-songwriter than Bob Dylan?[View]
71773376THEY'RE BACK[View]
71772509Post essential night-core[View]
71773085ITT: Post your favourite dubstep album I'll start[View]
71773542songs to enjoy in autumn?[View]
71772602>all my friends are sick of me and now I have no one Music for this feel?…[View]
71773622Anyone know these guys? https://youtu.be/FHVyR8YNBmk[View]
71765665Yea or nay?[View]
71773610My first song: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a73_1490422158[View]
71772048Any reccomendations on slow and sad rap? The other kind of shit ive liked besides pic related is Ear…[View]
71773548>You were thinking ahead to a future you must have known deep down would not include you >Thou…[View]
71773472>WE GOT BITCHES IN MIND What did they mean by this?[View]
71772270find me a song like this: https://www.pond5.com/stock-music/32327403/emotional-opera-soundtrack-dram…[View]
71769164PLAYLIST THREAD: Share and rate your best playlists. https://open.spotify.com/user/luke.oliver94/pla…[View]
71766036/metal/: Metal General: This kills the glamfag edition Old thread: >>71755058[View]
71773233Why does /mu/ hate this album?[View]
71771192Wtf were they thinking with this cover?.........[View]
71770074Name a more iconic album[View]
71772953Have you guys heard of Khalid, and if so what's your thoughts on his first real album?[View]
71773352maxwell thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-4qv6n0MAg put on ur jail outfit boys[View]
71772003fav albums thread[View]
71767541>69 años >cancer de pancreas Va a estar bien o no...amigos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf…[View]
71772893albums I enjoy: Any recommendations of what else I should listen to? I pretty much am going to know …[View]
71772709Is this good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S9YtRnlPMk[View]
71773210>My nephew died in the car I bought >So I'm under the belief it's partly my fault …[View]
71771203artists like fever ray? I like the neo punk / ambient vibes[View]
71773095Who are your favorite artists in their prime? Mine are Animal Collective, Death Grips, and Frank Oce…[View]
71765950Will you cry when he dies?[View]
71771409RAP? More like BRAP[View]
71772199Broken>the downward spiral Im prepared to discuss this[View]
71770423Is /mu/ dead?[View]
71772035ITT: missed opprotunities: missed a 1 woman show of mitski, my fuking waifu. due to lack of gas. :(…[View]
71770661How does /mu/ feel about this band?[View]
71773056Anyone else reaching Blank Banshee in Toronto? Wondering if I'm too late for this meme genre. A…[View]
71773048Hip Hop/Rap: https://soundcloud.com/khemydioxin/tripla-chief-t[View]
71770470Is this the ultimate pleb filter of Bowie's discography?[View]
71772609Can anyone identify what the faint beeping noise heard from 1:10 to 1:30 is? I always hear it but ca…[View]
71769090Was 2014 the most forgettable year for music in the 2010s so far? Pic tangentially related.[View]
71771611Why does Varg Vikernes get so much shit? I've never truly understood it. I haven't researc…[View]
717588323x3,4x4,5x5,week,month,3months,5months,whateverthefuckyouwant: No gen chart thread? guess stuff, rec…[View]
71770226>album ends with a cover[View]
71772421Kanye's magnum opus?: Objectively Kanye's greatest work. thoughts?[View]
71767129My iPod classic finally fuckin died, what're some alternatives you guys use[View]
71763484I think we can all agree with this.[View]
71772784Henry Rollins sucks![View]
71772778ITT we make up genres and someone else proves they exist. I'll start: >Technical ambient …[View]
71772776This song, kino or bino?[View]
71772284>he admits that he enjoys female '''artists'''[View]
71765747Hip Hop General: Holy fuck this album was terrible. Recent listens?[View]
71769671Hey there, Justin here![View]
71770466KPOP GENERAL[View]
71772204RIGHT HERE[View]
71772520well my team just lost and now my favorite sport has been ruined for the remainder of the season. dr…[View]
71772082The original drummer for the Velvet Underground, Angus Maclise: >Manager and music journalist Al …[View]
71772470Death is fucking real.[View]
71771980What are some of the greatest live albums ever made?[View]
71772291What are some of your favorite EPs? This one is the shit[View]
71772408Is there an album that you'd call equal to 'rust in peace', i'm trying to catch up on grea…[View]
71749308Can we all agree Popcaan the autotuned Jamaican ruined an otherwise excellent song?[View]
71772365Freeform music makes a lot more since once you realize that it is much more fun to play than to list…[View]
71772357rate my first music vid?: i did everything myself (and it shows) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1s…[View]
71772355coverfu general: https://youtu.be/NYe0D8FM1ZA[View]
71766876Spit a verse, /mu/.[View]
71768219Metal By Year: The 2000s: 'I finally know some this time' edition. Post some kino 2000s metal album…[View]
71770828ITT: Artists so normie that they're patrician[View]
71763872John Maus thread. Favorite song? Favorite album? Did the Sam Hyde thing ruin his career?[View]
71769359>Loch Raven >Banshee Beat >Purple Bottle Is this their best album bros? Or at least most em…[View]
71772178Is Towa Tei not nearly as popular as I thought he was? Emo comes out and the internet is practicall…[View]
71761995So what exactly led to the disappearance of guitar music (outside country) after the mid-2000s?[View]
71768582So now they're back, are we going to pretend we hate them or what?[View]
71772065>AND THE ONLYYYY COLOR IS WHITE wtf i love real estate now[View]
71772058>tfw don't need to sync songs to my phone because I can play them inside my head…[View]
71770003/mu/'s definitive list of best live bands: Hey /mu/, which currently active bands fall into thi…[View]
71771084You say Britney, I say Joan Jett You say Lady Gaga, I say The Doors You say Hannah Montana, I say …[View]
71770954What's some good music to feel when you're feeling really fucking lonely. Like 'only ever …[View]
71769849doing doing doing DOING DOING DOING DOING[View]
71771702Anyone have that Gloom-core chart? Can't find it anywhere.[View]
71771889this is pretty chill[View]
71769375/Ultra/ - Ultra Music Festival 2017: Martin Garrix on right now Major Lazer in an hour Recent update…[View]
71769504What are some good jazz albums outside of the normal /mu/core sphere of jazz artists?[View]
71757909GUESSTHATALBUM.COM FUN TIMES START NOW: guessthatalbum.com Draw album covers so other nerds can gue…[View]
71771383Who is the Beatles of our time? Each band in pic related is for their respective decade, 80s, 90s, 0…[View]
71768489>Same shit for 40 minutes It's pretty good though[View]
71771501Holy Fuck[View]
71771338Just heard this for the first: Put it off for a while cause I fell for the 'it's just a bad mem…[View]
71768418>tfw you find out one of your favorite artists is bluepilled[View]
71771446Albums that should have been commercial successes----but failed[View]
71769525The Future of Music?: What do you guys think is going to happen with music? I'm not looking for…[View]
71770269Why does no one ever talk about the New York Dolls? >inb4 Robert Christgau is a faggot >Robert…[View]
71769417*Cshhh* the representative from california has the floor[View]
71769171What are some good IEMs? My Etymotic MC5s were lost today and I'm wanting to replace them with …[View]
71771087Is brostep now merely just a bizzare relic of the early 2010s?[View]
71771289hot chicks dancing and ripping off their skin to transform into werewolves[View]
71765775ITT: Album covers that make you uncomfortable[View]
71768762Boing. Boom Tschak[View]
71770319I'm looking for more really earthy, meditative folk music, like tenhi, vali, ulver, empyrium, n…[View]
71768660honest opinions on this album: hey guys im just making this post on /mu/ just looking for an honest …[View]
71771189Party Pump Trap/Future Bass/Chip Tune Recomendation: I like them but a lot of songs take too long to…[View]
71771097What do you guys think of Tom Delonges new tone? https://youtu.be/Arl5XVexJ8s[View]
71768994Best Ska band?: so mu, what's the best ska band? I have my vote for Reel Big Fish.[View]
71771155Arcade Fire Thread: Anyone excited for new material? Anyone going to lollapalooza? I got 2 Sunday ti…[View]
71770952The development of Coldplay: wtf happened[View]
71769191dilla or madlib?[View]
71770289>tfw I listened to almost every good classic rock song[View]
71769927>tfw the drums on Real Death make me shake my head to it[View]
71771040look at my horse, but every horse is a dab: of 'look at my horse, my horse is amazing' ...…[View]
71768975why do you listen to music?[View]
71768074I will not stop bumping this until someone finds it >>71462303 >Hey can anyone find the lin…[View]
71767313how many /mu/tants are neet?[View]
71770994Two gallants could have changed everything. What happened?[View]
71770922Help me /mu/, I've got a song stuck in my head and I don't know what it is and can't …[View]
71770877>Tfw the new MJ is here[View]
71770906I'm hungarian and I want to know how this song sounds to non hungarians https://www.youtube.com…[View]
71770105Does /mu/ have an essential field recordings guide? Couldn't find one anywhere. Looking for fie…[View]
71769401Is there any country that has had more of an impact on music than Germany? >gave birth to Mozart …[View]
71770622is /mu/ patrician?: lessfindoute post your AOTYSF[View]
71768914ITT: It's 2017[View]
71770104Coolest musicians: Post your personal favorite[View]
71767839that album is awesome, the song The Dance of Eternity is the most complex song i've ever heard.[View]
71770727More folk punk like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0dUnoecoZ0[View]
71770717Yo La Tengo: Been really into pic related and 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out'.…[View]
71764873Kill edm 2017: When will this disgrace of a genre finally FUCKING DIE. There is no 'music' on this …[View]
71766711What's the best Crystal Castles song?[View]
71768131Discord: Is there already a /mu/ specific discord or should we make one?[View]
71770530Obviously AOTY. Prove me wrong. >PROTIP You can't.[View]
71758099/rym/: R 'Y' M Edition[View]
71769255http://vocaroo.com/i/s0gRmTOixJGa: Thoughts?[View]
71768992Give me your best rare Brians[View]
71766191Can somebody help me understand this band? I like a few of their songs but I don't understand t…[View]
71770312Does /mu/ like folk music?[View]
71764989Well /mu/ I have a question for you. I've been asked to do an acoustic set in a pub on Sunday …[View]
71770305Marty or Kiko?: Everybody knows marty is a legendary guitarist by every meaning, but how does kiko f…[View]
71768190KPOP GENERAL[View]
71770037What song do you listen to almost every day, /mu/? >Pray for Newtown[View]
71768684ITT: Only one good song-core[View]
71767953thinking of seeing these queers live in New Haven CT anyone see their headlining concerts recently w…[View]
71763692alice glass: so what is she doing now?[View]
71764562the best post-punk band ever[View]
71769782Can we all agree that this music is fucking great?[View]
71758762His last few albums weren't as succesful as gkmc. Even though he was going downhill in tpab, it…[View]
71770100Guitar-based music is the only good music[View]
71766129Hows your band going /mu/?[View]
71770039>Merowitz, Berowitz, Handelman, Schandelman >Sperber and Gerber and Steiner and Stone >Bosk…[View]
71769438I would have to say that most of Ben Jordan's body of work is ignorable, but this album... wow.…[View]
71769974When did you grow out of your 'pop music sucks' phase?[View]
71769998New Future Islands: >he's pointing at us[View]
71769761I've been into hiphop for years now but I never really gave this a listen. I just finished it …[View]
71769946*removes The Fucked Jam*[View]
71769902Is Ghost just Mercyful Fate lite?[View]
71751352New Release Friday: What are you starting with?[View]
71768314ITT: total bros in the music industry[View]
71767949Hip-Hop AOTY[View]
71769260What's their best album?[View]
71769053I like Animal Collective, Daft Punk, Electric Light Orchestra, and The Killers (mostly just Mr. Brig…[View]
71769741My friends are making this shitty album for soundcloud called B.I.G., Scary, and Pink. It consists e…[View]
71767760>singer talks to producer during song[View]
71769307is there any kind of metal thats less about loud, grating noise and more about heavy, oppressive atm…[View]
71767831favourite moments in music?[View]
71769345>tfw hear Longtime Sunshine for the first time[View]
71767414Your top 5 songs?[View]
71769069Like Swans or not, one must admit they have some Cannibal Corpse tier lyrics in some cases.[View]
71768348Is there any advantage that Foobar has over Musicbee? I'm satisfied with Musicbee but maybe i…[View]
71768039You've been in a coma for years. You thought you had died in the incident but you slowly regain…[View]
71767696I have trouble listening to Drake's music knowing that he's the type of guy who would get …[View]
71769127>mfw drop vinyl because it got too popular/normie[View]
71769029wanna see how many times i remake the same song and still get praised by normies? its a great magic …[View]
71760866Holy shit[View]
71769130Igorrr - Savage Sinusoid: Coming out soon™ Tracklist: 01 - Viande 02 - ieuD 03 - Houmous 04 - Opus B…[View]
71764707/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 5 (Part 2): Today we'll be voting on the fourth r…[View]
71760342Electronic AOTYSF. Agree?[View]
71768140Is it more likely he fucked Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen? Serious answers please no meme.[View]
71769083CRINGEY RAP ALBUM: Hey guys this is a very very cringey rap album I worked kinda hard on hahah Yes I…[View]
71761508/classical/ music: autism central: ( Two|| stones.| .| .| . with_( one| bird\/*>) )_edition >G…[View]
71759887/ULTRA/: Its fucking Ultra weekend https://ultramusicfestival.com/[View]
71768509Are you sure this isn't a great album? I think it is, but then again I know nothing about elect…[View]
71768802I think I'm in love with Celtic Punk /mu/ Tell me about your newly discovered subgenres[View]
71765127Big K.R.I.T.: Why did he fall off so hard?[View]
71768488ITT: Essential countrycore[View]
71768033Laibach: Opinions on Laibach? Example: https://youtu.be/ZZAD7W3M4zc[View]
71768725>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the greatest rapper alive…[View]
71768600is this guy trying to be some sort of pundit now? he barely knows anything about music, why should a…[View]
71768805>that radiohead song about being afraid of everything[View]
71768630>Girl invites me to hang out tonight >Tells me to bring over some of my favorite albums to pla…[View]
71768796Does /mu/ like Chastity Belt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAHuJZwJo0o https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
71768092Looking for a certain sad violin instrumental: I've heard it many times in the past. It's …[View]
71768779Why do people do this?[View]
71768723RMX: https://soundcloud.com/segual/segualplayemlikeatrari[View]
71765563Is this the end?[View]
71767705Alright /mu/ i know this is a long shot but..: I doubt any of you actually play music but its worth …[View]
71768639What happened to the Norwegian Black Metal? Why did it all go so homo?[View]
71768674/DnB/ general-Travel the galaxy edition: Welcome back to the drum and bass general. As always, post …[View]
71767919music for this feel?[View]
71768623What is the greatest showtune of all time and why is it I'll Make a Man Out of You?[View]
71768236Underrated Albums: This album is objectively just as great as Motor Booty Affair.[View]
71768078Context anyone?[View]
71767956yo dude can you pass me some of your vinyll's?[View]
71767877Indie/ Indie rock: Why does /mu/ hate indie genres? There are some good bands like last dinosaurs.…[View]
71766858The fourth track is ALWAYS the best track Protip: you can't[View]
71765915Blood Meridian: What album is the soundtrack to this Southern/Western Gothic masterpiece?[View]
71768189Gorillaz Radio Stations?: Are there any radio stations in the states that play Gorillaz, preferable …[View]
71768193do you prefer Les Paul or Stratocasters[View]
71766224What's the big joke with them again?[View]
71766498KPOP GENERAL[View]
71767296You're a touring musician in your favorite genre, what do you request on your rider?[View]
71767029is this what killed him?[View]
71767511gifs that describe an album: Tim Buckley - Starsailor[View]
71768137Top 10 albums thread?: Just in case you can't read the shitty pic the albums are Marty Robbins…[View]
71763806NEW I.L.Y's SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_YHHOHBfTI[View]
71768084Going to see Panic at the Disco tonight :D Just thought I should tell you.[View]
71767981T O O L: hey /mu/ i just wanted to say that TOOL is the best band.[View]
71767218when will you realize that blur > gorillaz?[View]
71766071Really makes you think...[View]
71766846A dark wind blows.[View]
71753793ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
71761601What kind of people enjoy this album?[View]
71755242/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: No one cares about the links edition No one cares about the old thre…[View]
71764948T-Shirts Thread: Happy Friday /mu/! Post music related shirts/ clothing that you like so we can all …[View]
71767940Does anyone know this song? https://youtu.be/GcGf4dtTEDE?t=2m1s[View]
71767153Classical or orchestral that resonates deep in you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYYXjpORpKw[View]
71765318>tfw the verses are as good as the chorus post such songs[View]
71766607anybody here like the B-52's?[View]
71766353>Be me >Decided to play a prank on my friend >When he left the room to go to the bathroom, …[View]
71765546I hate the fuckin Eagles man[View]
71767802fun fact: Mr. Roboto is the only good styx song[View]
71762333>mfw dumb Murrican normies think Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Supergrass and Radiohead were one hit wo…[View]
71766879What is it about Prog Rock that makes the genre inherently shit? Not saying that King Crimson are sh…[View]
71766995What do I do if I wanna make trap beats but they all suck? If I keep doing it will I eventually get …[View]
71766571/ae/ general: lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HtLury91nk[View]
71767710E N G L I S H: Hottest track of 2016?[View]
71764416>tfw Kid A was already done in 1999 and was better made by some dude from Argentina Why the fuck …[View]
71767427lel: lel[View]
71764969Move over Grimes, there's a new QUEEN in town![View]
71766466>tfw some non-infp thinks he can understand in the aeroplane over the sea…[View]
71766481Favourite death metal band?[View]
71767199/lyg/ Luciano do YouTube General Let's talk about the Brian Wilson of the brazilian funk >La…[View]
71767516http://www.thefader.com/2017/03/24/badbadnotgood-denzel-curry-ultimate-sick-and-tired-remix How…[View]
71767504Piano Original: https://youtu.be/Aqp92HGC1Cs[View]
71743936/daily/ - return of the hamp edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for …[View]
71766207Why isnt this considered metal?[View]
71764827STOP and post what you're listening to RIGHT NOW[View]
71766391ITT: best Drake songs My picks: 1. Pound Cake 2. Star67 3. Worst Behavior 4. Know Yourself 5. 9[View]
71766887Top Artist's of the week: Post your top artists of the week and hate on other people's top…[View]
71765892What are the best Led Zeppelin songs that aren't Thefts or Covers ?[View]
71767412is this god ?[View]
71767375dragonforce: this is actually really impressive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK_d5g3pBb8…[View]
71767401Playing some deep house on /mu/tant radio. Tune in: http://mutantradio.org/listen.m3u[View]
71760979So what is your favorite Beatles album? Mine is pic related[View]
71766417The music on this is pretty generic indie sounding synthpop, but the lyrics are FUCKED UP. Any other…[View]
71765589What is their best work? Are they irrelevant now? Were they ever relevant?[View]
71767240Anyone who thinks this album will be anything but the summer jam of the year has no soul and/or is i…[View]
71766685Albums with other albums as prerequisites pic related >MF Doom - Mm Food >Burial - Untrue…[View]
71767155Non English Music Thread: ITT: Post music that you like that's on any language except English. …[View]
71764876Early College Rock: What does /mu/ know about early college rock like R.E.M. or The Connells or Mira…[View]
71765040What does /mu/ think about the best hip hop album of all times?[View]
71767255>Cheer up, honey, I hope you can >There is something wrong with me…[View]
71766747How was he such a genius?[View]
71766704in ITT thread: albums in where the first half is better than the 2st half[View]
71767065What is the best instrument and why is it bagpipes?[View]
71766670What are you listening to right now?: I need some suggestions. I'm listening to pic related.…[View]
71766998What if Eminem was sexy girl?[View]
71766591>'Anon, this isn't music! It's just noise.'[View]
71763916all my lyef[View]
71763419Daily friendly reminder that obscure albums nowadays are simply shit because in this decade it'…[View]
71764238>/mu/ suddenly hates gorillaz For what purpose? The new tracks are dope.…[View]
71766729dl links?[View]
71766766>slow, edgy cover of a famous pop/rock song in a movie trailer https://youtu.be/4d9AWUCpRr0 STOP …[View]
71766415RAP: Can you give me more rap songs with sick droggy tracks to drive around/ or while high as fuck? …[View]
71765210Does anyone else like death grips? I like death grips. Support death grips by joining my death grips…[View]
71763601Chino Moreno[View]
71765636>Perfect albums don't exi-[View]
71766667Quality Opera: I've been listening to The Three Tenors for many years as part of my work backgr…[View]
71764083Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
71758657Hey /mu/, how come pretty much everyone I meet who want to show me how great Death Grips are always …[View]
717528693x3 last month: lets see 'em boys[View]
71765807name a better female musician[View]
71764312KPOP GENERAL[View]
71766463So was this the best King Gordy album since Entity? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAA72OeHikw&…[View]
71766456I haven't played my keyboard in 7 years, but I've decided to try again. I still remember p…[View]
71766373Is this the best idm album /mu/?[View]
71762517Post favorite album from the year you were born[View]
71761774Reasons why Megadeth is better than Metallica?: Lets be real, megadeth is better than Metallica on v…[View]
71765750so can we already that this is a great song and that it decided who's going to release AOTY 201…[View]
71764691Death Angel - Act III: Is this the biggest forgotten thrash metal gem? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
71766295https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR3Vdo5etCQ The best song of all time, no doubt[View]
71764729Is there anything else that comes close to the fluidity and power of mania this album embodies so we…[View]
71765297>gorrilaz live show >only playing the 4 new tracks they've released from humanz and a few…[View]
71763398Reminder that Grimes, Death Grips and Swans > Mozart, Beethoven and Bach[View]
71766179Music streams: What is /mu/'s opinion on these streams? Do they come up on your recommended too…[View]
71764491vampire weekend: new album mitsubishi macchiato 26th april screenshot this[View]
71765845fuuuck: I need $500 for a good seat for the Us and Them Tour. Fuuuuc[View]
71764692Who currently has the most Gorillaz threads? Reddit or /mu/?[View]
71764102what do you think? suggest?[View]
71765962ITT: Artists you wish you could undo[View]
71766109>tracklist isn't an even number[View]
71764696ITT: Overrated albums[View]
71765451Why is every Oasis song really long and boring?[View]
71763341>When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful >A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magic…[View]
71762443Tool: I have not listened to Tool since high school so I was unsure of whether it would hold up. But…[View]
71765834I unironically think Metallic 'And Justice For All' is the best metal album of all time: Though…[View]
71765565Great album or just a self-indulgent mess?[View]
71765840Is Luxury Strangers a meme?[View]
71765233Is this even music?[View]
71765833The 'oasis was huge back in the day' meme needs to die. they never had more than one hit song in Ame…[View]
71765709Feeling pretty tired of Grimes and Lana and Ultra Fest shit threads, let's have some good dubte…[View]
71765671thoughts on this album?[View]
71764010Based on what I've gathered Kendricks next album will be more experimental than any of his prev…[View]
71763852Humanz LIVE STREAM: Albums streaming on fb page, discussion here?[View]
71762248WHY: is he so popular and being shilled everywhere lately[View]
71765588rec me good pop albums: more music or singer/songwriters like this beside todd's work?[View]
71764572Random youtube rarities: Posting full albums on youtube with less than 500 views EQUINOX - The Cry O…[View]
71759790BLACKED But seriously why is there an abundance of black culture influence in everything these guys …[View]
71765583Does /mu/ like bluegrass?[View]
71765582wtf i love ohio and wanna move 2 portugal now. but i also hate technology[View]
71761798Is this punk?[View]
71765505Why are Elbow , Sleaford mods, strOtherbands fast tracked to bbc and media world? Because they fit i…[View]
71765450When did this all go to trash: I rmeber when it use to be really good and a lot of the community was…[View]
71758082AOTYSF Thread: Top 5? Top 10?[View]
71762761Kendrick >muh dick >i'm a fuck the Eiffel Tower >I'm the best rapper alive >…[View]
71763189ALL MY LIFE[View]
71765296>mfw alt-normie who gets treated like the second coming of christ whenever I mention my music tas…[View]
71764807Best Music to Cook To: What is it /mu/?[View]
71762476I have never tried so hard to stay awake while listening to an album. I've heard drone albums m…[View]
71755058/metal/: Metal General: There is no edition, fuck you Old thread: >>71747611[View]
71764560European music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb-SBd3-y3s D'you guys know any good european m…[View]
71764705It doesn't make sense that the gorillaz are so good but blur is so bad can anyone explain how t…[View]
71758323/kg/ - Keyboard General: I'm looking to buy my first real polysynth for shits and giggles, talk…[View]
71765064John Lennon = Reddit Paul McCartney = 4chan George Harrison = Tumblr Ringo = 9gag[View]
71762270I like Death Grips and clipping. What other experimental bands are out there.[View]
71760811>name of the song is in the lyrics[View]
71759014Why the fuck do you all think Remain in Light is better than this? Have you just not listened to it?[View]
71763209Dope new Kendick track niggas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kga2soqvMF0[View]
71764476Would schizophrenia be heavenly for people who love musique concrète?[View]
71763870ITT Post Scaruffi 8+ tier albums (album does not have to be rated 8+ by Scaruffi, be subjective)[View]
71752672A normie at a party walks up to you and says 'Yo anon, here's the aux cord, play whatever': Wha…[View]
71764085Where were you when Pitchfork thought that this album was musically better than Microphones Mount Ee…[View]
71764630Why is there no really heavy death core shit like what was coming out in the early 2000's? Pic …[View]
71763764Where does /mu/ get their sheet music from?: looking for some scores for a symphonic band but musesc…[View]
71764391wtf i hate 4/4 now[View]
71762191Can we talk about how Varg is the cutest ever?[View]
71763059What does /mu/ think?[View]
71760383/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 5: Today we'll be voting on the fourth round. Fo…[View]
71763977name ONE song[View]
71764316Favorite Movie Composers: ITT: Your favorite composer mainly known for his movie scores. I'll s…[View]
71762474KPOP GENERAL: Geeing on a Friday[View]
71763701Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree this is the best rap album of the 2000s?[View]
71764213Whats the beef between this guy and kendrick?[View]
71763958What the fuck this is fantastic[View]
71764235It's >This and you know it is[View]
71763979this sucks lol[View]
71764227Anyone listen to[View]
71763018Does /mu/ like disco?[View]
71764017seems like steetlights glowing[View]
71763448Hell be fine.[View]
71763239What is the general consensus on him around these parts?[View]
71759421ITT: you feel you lose: >I'm still flesh >I hold on to awful feeeelings >I'm nooo…[View]
71763377Can /mu stop being contrarians and recognize Kendrick as a great artist?: Who cares if he is into BL…[View]
71763804What does /mu/ think of Bjork?[View]
71763517Opinion on new Gorillaz tracks?[View]
71763857>has a parental advisory sticker on the cover[View]
71763936/FRG/ - Fenriz General Thread: First edition Last episode: https://soundcloud.com/heavytassen/radio…[View]
71763838>really into album >have to shit >don't want to miss anything >shit pants…[View]
71763727When are we getting the 3031th installment with Viper, MC Ride, Earl Sweatshirt and the other new me…[View]
71763835I don't get it: I don't get it.[View]
717637471 2 3 4 5 I AM THE GREATEST RAPPER A-LIVE[View]
71763617Saturnz Barz is a great song, and final feels like a return to the 'old' Gorillaz[View]
71763792You guys like Mica? What do you think of her work with the shapes and her recent film scores?[View]
71762271EBM General EBM Industrial Noise Synthpop Etc. Post it.[View]
71762733Is 311 a good band /my/?[View]
71762777You're enjoyment of this solely relies on whether or not you believe the man in the album cover…[View]
71751386whats your favorite heavy metal album right now?[View]
71758930ITT: albums with god tier drum/bass[View]
71760725GRIMES & KPOP FANS, I'VE FOUND YOUR NEW WAIFU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3GiDF0tV94…[View]
71761378Anyone else enjoying the outrage that emo/pop punk kids are having over warped tour not being entire…[View]
71750376*deletes every album but Humanz*[View]
71762574About to give some music to a girl. She likes The Beatles and American '50-60's music' (Frankie…[View]
71763492#6 Random piano 90 BPM: https://youtu.be/M5XkakEYW9w[View]
71763372What's Ariel Pink's best album, and why is it House Arrest?[View]
71762996Has anyone taken the U2-pill today ?[View]
71763470ITT: Good albums that sound terrible on paper: Texan punks sing satirical karaoke over 80s pop hits…[View]
71754472ITT: Post albums you like that aren't posted all the time >try to add a bit of info as a hea…[View]
71763434/hardcore general/: We disscuss the music of hardcore, and if anyone here attends shows or listens t…[View]
71763432when /mu will recognize the genius of grimes??[View]
71759897/bleep/: ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL[View]
71763418Is this band and album /mu/-approved?[View]
71763406better than astral weeks[View]
71762179How old were you when you realized Classical > Electronic > Rock > Hip-Hop?[View]
71761306/last.fm/: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.go…[View]
71763260>song is 3 minutes long >feels like 6 minutes…[View]
71762424Anybody know what all the garbled talking is? https://youtu.be/TTAU7lLDZYU?t=4m27s[View]
71762231*opens audacity* *cuts all Killah Priest features*[View]
71763114ITT: Covers you're surprised to find exist: The Fall did a version of Lost in Music by Sister S…[View]
71757739Whats the best music out of the UK in the 2010s?[View]
71758745W-who's the most Chad/alpha musician? I'll start[View]
71763161https://soundcloud.com/lancet3000 dis is mee folks[View]
71762163>But Corgan is exceptionally driven, and the Zwan era has marked one of his periodic bursts of in…[View]
71761720old good music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imYJpr09IgQ[View]
71761341Record stores in nyc: Im im nyc for the weekend.. anyone know any good record stores? Around soho an…[View]
71756542/prod/ - Music Production General: Twoism edition Post the tracks you're working on, discuss ge…[View]
71758819What an utter piece of garbage[View]
71762312New Gorillaz Album: Thoughts on the new premiere tracks?[View]
71762916https://www.last.fm/music/Faust/Born+in+1951 does anyone have any information about this album? It…[View]
71761895Find a genre: Anons describe a genre that they're looking for, and other anons recommend music …[View]
71760750ITT : We rate artists discographies: JD=ExM>NOTM>GP>TMS=NLDW>>BP>FW[View]
71757573I'm looking for more really earthy, meditative folk music, like tenhi, vali, ulver, empyrium, n…[View]
71759903The word 'hype' wasn't enough to describe the media assault on the sprawling 80-minute To Pimp …[View]
71762006Why do Avenged Sevenfold fans eat dirt?[View]
71762660how can other rappers even compete with drizzy? mans got so many different flows[View]
71761990David Albarn is such an overlooked musician[View]
71761250Why is everyone so mad at Pitchfork for ignoring 'white indie' when modern indie rock is so unorigin…[View]
71762645Anyone have any good links to learning basic Jazz dance steps for guys? All the videos and websites …[View]
71758756ITT: Great albums with laughably bad cover art[View]
71759893You guys seen this new BT bundle? https://now.bt.co/bundles/bribery001 It's got new Miami Night…[View]
71762007ITT: Post your favourite album and let anons judge you: Go[View]
71762615so when did you realize that Tay is literally the best rapper? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl00E…[View]
71762610Anybody /Neofolk/ here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14qQlhQJeiA[View]
71762493Why does he always sound so off beat? Or why does he always sound so low in the mixing? I thought /m…[View]
71758379Best Music Player: What is the best music player? What do you use and why? I want something that loo…[View]
71762480>KILL ALL WHITEY What did he mean by that?[View]
71761267i havent been on this board since last year. did i miss any great pop/electronica albums besides pic…[View]
71760920KPOP GENERAL[View]
71761675>shorthens Us & Them *ahh perfect*[View]
71759363ITT: Post the worst songs of this decade.: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RnPB76mj…[View]
71761585>YOU DONT WANNA CLASH NIGGA I KNOW Drake's hook nose permanently btfo and it feels good…[View]
71760729dis nigga aint looking gud bruh[View]
71760179There's no difference between /bleep/ and Ultra Music Festival music[View]
71760604Electronic music > Rock music If you don't agree, you're the literal embodiment of muh …[View]
71712816/shugazi/ Shoegaze, Blackgaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop General: >FUCK MY EARS EDITION…[View]
71760516Post artists you're in love with[View]
71760735I get the feeling that this won't be as good as Plastic Beach or Demon Days but much better tha…[View]
71762327new track dedicated to Michio Kaku [free]: copy and paste the following for a new experimental music…[View]
71762343I don't get them.[View]
71759362>god-tier album >it's not in english DROPPED…[View]
71759659any Anthony Green fans on /mu/?[View]
71761590What are non-prog artist that made a prog(ish) album? >pic related[View]
71760663This is one of the best Black Sabbath songs and there's nothing you can do about it https://www…[View]
71762274music similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUdiq0ZHsjw[View]
71749121What is the best Weezer song this isn't from The Blue Album or Pinkerton?[View]
71762250>sib hashian, drummer in dadrock band boston >literally dad of the rock Well, father in law an…[View]
71761361This is Weens REAL best album: Back To Basom and Flutes of The Chi are flawless. Every track is 10/1…[View]
71759967Who are the best current female artists? I'm trying to find more. I like Julia Holter Julianna …[View]
71760684>think pic related is just an ebin /mu/ meme >actually listen to it a few weeks ago >it…[View]
71761610Is Bowling for Soup the cringiest band to exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K38xNqZvBJI[View]
71761827DID YOU SEE THE[View]
71761212could we talk about the bee gees for a second? i feel they're so underrated[View]
71759110Which musician performed the best as an actor in the film industry?[View]
71759128Atmospheric Detective Noir: Imagine you are a detective, any decade. What music would want to soundt…[View]
71761055'Long albums are a more rewarding exper-'[View]
71761046ITT: Albums that are good but nothing extraordinary[View]
71758401ITT: cold hard facts about musicians you find almost impossible to live through i'll start >…[View]
71760484/mu/ makes an album: I'm miserable and want to die, so let's make some art sounds. dubs=tr…[View]
71761837Any suggestions to something similar to pic related or leads to the artists' discographies? I …[View]
71756795What is Best Coast's best song?[View]
71761319Is Blu the best-worst rapper?: He has tier-1 flow, lyricism, and good production, but he shits all o…[View]
71761805need moar like this https://youtu.be/8G32hS635uE[View]
71761100Wow! It's fucking nothing![View]
71760755childhood is idolizing Aphex Twin, adulthood is realizing Venetian Snares makes more sense[View]
71759769Fave AnCo song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q9j7vzv5Bg[View]
71761556ITT: Milk Core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_X7mMU6Gb0[View]
71758855How does this still give me chills all these years later[View]
71761330When I download an old album, should I download it in mono or stereo? And Why?[View]
71750313/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 4 (Part 3): Today we'll be voting on the third ro…[View]
71734740/classical/: Purging Previous Prejudices edition: Anyone have recommendations for the order in which…[View]
71761176Bands with big and perfect discographies.: I'll start with Yo La Tengo and Stereolab[View]
71761209Smashmouth has an EP of Schoolhouse Rock Covers: I found this CD at a local thrift store. I looked u…[View]
71755386Worth it? I'm a beginner .[View]
71761139>make a thread asking people's opinions of an album >30 replies >only like 5 actually …[View]
71746127What are some bands and genres 4chan ruined for you? For me it's Death in June and neofolk in g…[View]
71758928You know remember when dubstep was relevant.[View]
71756472/stitches/: Stitches general. Discuss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ5PllGgEEE https://www.youtu…[View]
71757557NEW ARCA: Well, this is weird. What did he mean by this? https://soundcloud.com/arca1000000/saunter…[View]
71757659Show me the Body - Corpus I: Thoughts? Just started listening and love it so far. https://soundcloud…[View]
71760551Discuss: https://www.reddit.com/r/indieheads/wiki/essentials[View]
71751598>Poor mixing >Dull bars >Tries to cover that up with annoying beat switches. Kendrick, plea…[View]
71756742ITT: albums that are so bad they genuinely set back your development as a listener If someone had ju…[View]
71760865Who else here bertboys ?: This album is actually really fuckin good tho, you should give it a listen…[View]
71760631I have different opinions from all of you, I have a completely polarized taste in music compared to …[View]
71760917childhood is idolizing EDM, puberty is idolizing IDM, adulthood is realizing /bleep/ makes more sens…[View]
71759059KPOP GENERAL[View]
71760099What is your favourite song on this masterpiece? Also, what are some 10/10 country songs?[View]
71758491/DnB/ general-Pulujarvi edition: Welcome back to the drum and bass general. As always, all types of …[View]
71757710Just listened to this. Was I memed on? It's not bad or anything, it's kinda good but I did…[View]
71758451What does everybody thing of this album?[View]
71760334This record is a lot of fun. Pleasantly surprised.[View]
71758597ITT: Starving Artists[View]
71759505They did it again. Fucking great album![View]
71760664Fuzz Any stoner bands that play in E? Pic unrelated[View]
71759667ITT: It is 2016: panda..............[View]
71756736>best metal album of 2017 comes out today >0 threads and you call yourselves a fucking music b…[View]
71758900Does /mu/ like this man?[View]
71760601paisley underground: favorite albums with this unique sound?[View]
71760386I'm afraid it's shit, gentlemen.[View]
71759664Name a catchier album[View]
71759666>someone has a different taste in movies than you >can still be friends and have engaging disc…[View]
71760580smoke weed[View]
71753705/psych/ general: Post neo-psych, psych pop, psych rock, acid rock. Have been enjoying pic related re…[View]
71760380>tfw you realize Phil Anselmo was a major player in Dime Bag's death If Phil wasn't suc…[View]
71758659What do you think Archie listens to?[View]
71760232What is the song that if I don't like I don't need to check out the whole thing?[View]
71757763Alternative Metal: What's Deftones' best album?[View]
71760363Thank God, Djent is dying somewhat: >purchases expensive custom 98-string guitar from x small lut…[View]
71759484Indie rock is the EDM of guitar music[View]
71759310Whats the best song on this album and why is it leather jacket?[View]
71759224Find me something more fun and addictive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AczeObkJDAM[View]
71759536Why are Kendrick fanboys so cringey?[View]
71759290>I'm in love with the shape of you >Write songs better than a 75-year-old Jew Damn, Ed…[View]
71759708ITT: your favourite music videos!! :D: Post 'em, gang! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N9yhRlN…[View]
71760187What's their end game?[View]
71758730Is Dave Grohl the Billie Mays of music?[View]
71759935wtf I love jpop?[View]
71755310JAZZ: Post 10/10 jazz album. Maybe this gerne is still not killed by mu/core[View]
71759902So was Zargothrax actually a good guy? >My ancestral demon army >Will ride a cosmic sphere …[View]
71757046why this close minded board don't appreciate female artists?[View]
71758106>song opens with singer screaming fuck constantly[View]
71759099new album fucking when![View]
71757394Sunny morning soundtrack: Imagine that you've just woke. It's a late sunny Saturday mornin…[View]
71757863*Cow Noises Intensifies*[View]
71755147Second Albums: Post second albums that are actually their best work. Pic Very Related[View]
71758606Plebeian filters.[View]
71759734What is the musical equivalent of 'kino'? Because this is it.[View]
71757735Is there a better album closer than Turn Into Something?[View]
717576142009: chillwave 2010: witch house 2012: vaporwave what's the next big thing?[View]
71757675I haven't been here in a whole. Is anyone else spending today crying?[View]
71759462He shouldn't worry considering he'll be with them soon.[View]
71757045Thoughts on this album[View]
71759629Is it easy to learn how to use a sampler? I came across a cheap akai mpc 2500 (300$, is it a good pr…[View]
71759031ITT: Fuck you I like it: Pic Related[View]
71758570>member of Blur >puts picture of Liam Gallagher on album by other band What did he mean by thi…[View]
71757891Why the fuck did I not listen to this sooner? It's a 10/10[View]
71756953does everybody agree this was a lackluster send-off? should have just left it at blackstar[View]
71759468Question for Musicians and Artists: How much do you hate successful pop stars who do nothing but mak…[View]
71759019What is this genre ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA3oPpH7KVg Also more like this ?[View]
71759404Excellent album, yet extremely underrated. The songs are catchy, they display a fine understanding o…[View]
71758514Identify the piece: Hi, watched this today an just love the music being used in the background. Can …[View]
71758883/last.fm/: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.go…[View]
71758116Anyone here still record on a 4-track? I find it so addicting. I love just sitting in my closet with…[View]
71757174listening to this album is like watching finding some weirdo's YouTube channel where he has lik…[View]
71756132What was the last meme album you fell for?[View]
71759192Do you CIA niggers even understand what God wants in music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozt2d8t8…[View]
71758385The Beach Boys - Landlocked (The superior surf's up) 1. Don't Go Near The Water 2. Long Pr…[View]
71758368I light my torch and Burnett. Mfw.[View]
71757133We all know these guys are hated universally except for their braindead fanbase, but what are your t…[View]
71756176Music for Sleeping: Do you ever listen to music when you're going to sleep? Post your best sle…[View]
71757473What did Action Bronson mean when he said 'I blowed my motherfucking high, holy shit' How do you 'bl…[View]
71757047you honestly have to be a virgin to think kendrick is better than drake. who gets the party hype? Dr…[View]
71757813KPOP GENERAL[View]
71757846Haven't been on /mu/ in 2 years just came back to tell you fuck bois Kendrick>drake[View]
71758204Sup /mu/, What is the song sampled in Hodgy's 'Glory'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZOXyS_G…[View]
71757538Rap & Hiphop - Please Unexist: Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and yet monotone…[View]
71756100ITT: We create a mark kozelek song: Will play this whenever hits enough replies[View]
71757999name a better rapper who can take on any style he pleases. pro tip you can't[View]
71758377anyone else dislike death vocals?: I just started listening to Death. I enjoy they earlier stuff, bu…[View]
71755232which album is better?[View]
71757229ITT: Post your favorite female artist: pic related No waifufagging, if you don't like their mu…[View]
71758720I see you've washed your hands again.[View]
71758631Anything like this?: I love this album and I can't really find anything like it, the closest I …[View]
71751432Post a fake cover: Other people guess the artist or genre[View]
71756368>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the best rapper alive It was at this very moment that I realized that mem…[View]
71756525*lights up viceroy* *takes puff* heyyyyyyyyyyy dudes cooldaddy mac here. heard my fans don't li…[View]
71755226ITT the bands best song is on their worst album[View]
71757947ITT: best moments of album >Storm 13:56[View]
71758398albums that are good to listen to at night when your on your own. pic related.[View]
71750818ITT: Dream collabs you want to see[View]
71758361Sure their music wasn't the greatest of all time or anything, but no one was ever as cool as Yo…[View]
71758235ITT: Songs you'd wish other musicians would cover >pic related >https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
71758307Who are your favorite hip-hop lyricists /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPcR5RVXHMg[View]
71746839Sell me an album I don't know: Alright, there are thousands of great albums out there. Let…[View]
71756756tfw no qt paulie bf[View]
71757825Post setups[View]
71758212Post good songs from your country.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDUyHb-9cnI[View]
71757793In dire need of more oceancore, help a brother out[View]
71758178Secret Chiefs 3: What is /mu/ opinion of this band?[View]
71757596how do you get this job?[View]
71757242Songs to get high to? (Ambient Vibes Thread): Few of my favorites, post yours https://www.youtube.c…[View]
71745535YHIYL: ITT: You hear it, you lose >Can you get to that?[View]
71754797EACH DAEHHHHH[View]
71757887We stole from other (black) artists and got rich from it: The Band.[View]
71757892>MY FANS CAN'T WAIT FOR ME YOUR TO SON YO PUNK ASS Literal goosebumps, can't remember t…[View]
71754943Was Michael Jackson the greatest artist of all time?[View]
71755032>I listen to everything Post two albums you love that could not be more different from each othe…[View]
71757900Who's your least favorite hip-hop producer, /mu/? Mine is Just Blaze. He tries so hard to make …[View]
71757082Progressive rock is just the fucking best. If you don't like to hear this Bruford and Squire ma…[View]
71757453Best song from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack?[View]
71754592>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the best rapper alive I really do fucking HOPE TO GOD you all aren't…[View]
71757708*deletes Howlin' For You*[View]
71757792>tfw can't listen to Kendrick Lamar without feeling like a cuck fantano drone…[View]
71756234KPOP GENERAL[View]
71757778Do you guys realize that old farts have a lot more fun with music than millenials? Millenials are li…[View]
71755841What albums do you think have the best concept?: Operation: mindcrime is such a solid album[View]
71757676Slipknot.: What does /mu/ think of Slipknot the band? They're a Dadrock band that take on many…[View]
71754793Saw this at the Papa John's I cleaned last night. Why would they possibly have this? It was sit…[View]
71753416>song samples fairies from oot[View]
71756822ITT: Cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nQoBAKZy9Q Cringiest fucking /mu/ related thing I…[View]
71754591Has there been any good albums that have been released this year? Doesn't seem like anything go…[View]
71755504Gorrilazzs are nothing. Nothing but a absolute cash cow sell out with 0 relevance or reason to exis…[View]
71756028shit music that makes you question why you like music?[View]
71757358Why is icelandic hip-hop the best in Europe?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H8HthXMWQg…[View]
71749311Can we have one of these threads? Saw one a few days back but I couldn't contribute as I was b…[View]
71757576*scat autotunes your song*[View]
71755250WE WUZ WAVING STICKS N SHIEET http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/24/this-11-year-old-conductor-is-set-to-bec…[View]
71757539new Maximo Park single: Reminder that Maximo Park are the only band from the 00s post-punk revival w…[View]
71753165All these songs released today have been good and all (especially saturnz barz -- which is trending …[View]
71757476cringe thread https://www.last.fm/user/radioheadisgood[View]
71756252Relient K[View]
71752842How do I become better at talking to the crowd between songs?[View]
71757474Let's play a game /mu/: post a song from your country that's trending right now and let…[View]
71748838ITT: albums that are unremarkable past the first track[View]
71755939Why was the 90's so perfect?[View]
71754846albums the straight-edge will never understand[View]
71757373Song Imitations: ITT improvise a song in the style of a famous indiecore/mucore artist. I'll st…[View]
71753260Has anyone taken the U2-pill today ?[View]
71748605ITT: Musicians who are romanticized because they died young.[View]
71753883Convinced that this may be the greatest album of all time. Great story for a concept album, amazing …[View]
71756949>Hi, I'm Colin and I'm MIKE!...We're from Behold The Arctopus.....we're going…[View]
71754659Music for feminists: Check out my new debut hit single, 'Power to the Pussy' perfect for all you fem…[View]
71756426Learning how to sing: Is there a sticky or a general about singing ? Where do I start to learn how t…[View]
71753318Why aren't you filling your long ears with bees, anon?[View]
71752499Hurt: Personally I think the NIN version of this song is far better, but all my friends seem to disa…[View]
71756855Find random pictures of shit and make a Smiths album/single cover out of it.[View]
71756297new arca honestly all my hype is dead for this. seems like he still hasn't learned that his son…[View]
71754713GENERAL RAPCORE THREAD: Yo /mu/, I wanna talk favourite underground soundcloud artists, and I'm…[View]
71753849This album makes Hospice sound like a standup routine[View]
71756713I'm not sure if I told you, anon. Did you know that I'm from Compton?[View]
71756424So, about them Remo Drive boys.: I think this is pretty solid, would like to hear your opinion on it…[View]
71753105>band has two drummers[View]
71756040This literally happened an hour ago. Earlier this week I got my hands on the new Ed Sheeran album (D…[View]
71756080NOODLE IS A JAGUAR SPONSOR: /o/ here What the FUCK is going on here. What have you faggots done!?!?!…[View]
71753867pwr bttm sucks: i feel like a dipshit for getting suckered into buying these two dickhead's…[View]
71756364>be me >at municipal waste show >see 10/10 thrash girl with thighs and ass the size of satu…[View]
71754953>1 2 3 4 5 >I'm the best rapper alive What was he trying to say here?…[View]
71756101>plebs from the rest of 4chan think this is a 'good' music creator kek *woo hoos in the…[View]
71748058Best OutKast album right?[View]
71755101New order >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> joy division[View]
71755115KPOP GENERAL: happy minaday http://www.vlive.tv/video/25881[View]
71756195Turns out deathgrips is a real big blur fan[View]
71755236What's your opinion on 'Outsider House' ?[View]
71756117I'm looking for a folk album I once read about here. Its cover is a simple, yellow-blue drawing…[View]
71756071Goodnight, sweet prince.[View]
71755899this beef was faked to promote pom pom[View]
71755902How do you guys record your music? Need to connect a mic (sm58) to my PC, gotta decide what kinda co…[View]
71750401NEW KENRICK https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-heart-part-4-single/id1219120815?ls=1&app=itun…[View]
71755855Guilty Pleasure Thread: I gotta admit, theres just something about the near incomprehensible lyrics …[View]
71755776theguardian: I'm a mockney Cockkernee reject! OK![View]
71755751Post your favorite City-Pop albums itt[View]
71755161>SOMEBODY KILL ME! >... >SOMEBODY KILLED ME! I really do fucking HOPE TO GOD you all aren…[View]
71755661In case there was any confusion.[View]
71755022>The Cosmic Jokers was never an ensemble, per se; its members did not play together as Cosmic Jok…[View]
71755652a similarity i noticed between nmh and the microphones: >on avery island ends with a creepy ambie…[View]
71754808I have 15 album on my mp3 player I have to listen since a month, plus a solid 50 album in my downloa…[View]
71755477anyone else miss the days when it took at least a 130 IQ+ to make music? anyone who dies that music …[View]
71750106What rap will I like if I like Kendrick?[View]
71753958who are some good devout christian female musicians, /mu/? I really like pica relateda[View]
71749767Albums where the best song is so obvious you don't need to say it[View]
71750157Bandcamp Thread: idirei.bandcamp.com Newest Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Uywxuv5q…[View]
71755450Ariel pinks delusional misogyny is emblematic of the kind of bullshit everyone woman in this industr…[View]
71753932describe how a song makes you feel and others guess it[View]
71753880ITT: your favorite album of the decade so far[View]
71755047>Pi equals 3.14 what did he mean by this[View]
71755273This is Boards of Canada's best album.: Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
71752722Pitchfork Claims OKC Predicted Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMLUwj8wCEk DRUMPF BTFO. THIS …[View]
71755152this is one of the better ambient releases this decade[View]
71755216The music videos: Look, whatever about the songs, but can we talk about this cheesey cgi?[View]
71737036Favourite guitar solos: Mine would be Guthrie Govan's solo on Drive Home desu[View]
71755081At what age was your musical taste acquired? Mine was at around mid school, I like what I liked then…[View]
71751475Why do people keep listening to this? TMV is 100x better than this crap[View]
71752929Why does music sound 100000x better at night? Like I can listen to the a song at night and really lo…[View]
71750845Has anyone so comprehensively btfo the haters before? The term haters gets thrown around a ton, but…[View]
71754155>there is a whole world of music out there not /mu/core, normie or obscure shit, but /mu/ will ne…[View]
71754167Bob Dylan (USA) vs Ed Sheeran (UK): Who's the better lyricist? singer-songwriter?[View]
71753939You're lying to yourself if you don't think this was his best album[View]
71753074KPOP GENERAL[View]
71755044Push it along[View]
71755025I like John Frusciante solo works. What toher artists /mu/ can recommend me that are similar to him?[View]
71755005How does /mu/ feel about country music?[View]
71750419What music did 00s kids(born 1995-1999) grow up on?[View]
71739327soundcloud thread: post ur soundcloud links, bois[View]
71748107Metal by Year: the 90s: I don't kno nothin bout dis her genre, senpai. Gimme some 90s metal (w…[View]
71754662>Gangster Crip >Admits gangs are stupid >Admits he's part of the urban violence probl…[View]
71740249ITT: Post albums you like that aren't posted all the time[View]
71754874>Got to sell all these records to virgins at NYU >Because I'm rich as Rome >All those …[View]
71754457Give me one good reason why this song isn't a 10/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdAj-dBNCi4…[View]
71754838top 5 guitar tricks for beginners: >https://youtu.be/RavWqMT2VGE hey everyone hope you this video…[View]
71754749>Boards From Canada >they're not from Canada…[View]
71754786* Deletes Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Pledging My Time, Visions of Johanna, One of Us Must Know (S…[View]
71754551>Deerhunter, The Dear Hunter[View]
71754769Excited for the third Chvrches album?[View]
71754761alright who has this[View]
71753493Has anyone so comprehensively btfo the haters before? The term haters gets thrown around a ton, but…[View]
71754693meme: Why did Will Too Lee Dough try to hide this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSW0_BBYShY…[View]
71754532>tfw found a normie who likes death grips[View]
71754548Who is Bob Dylan's 21st Century Counterpart/Successor?: Ed Sheeran[View]
71752268ITT: The least talented member of the band[View]
71753221Holy fuck this album was so much fun. Any other music like Bonito Generation? Seriously the producti…[View]
71754105idearinos on thiss colllabiration?[View]
71754634Surf's Up by The Beach Boys: Why is it considered great by so many people?[View]
71754566>It feels good to say what I want >It feels good to suck my own dick What in the ever-living F…[View]
71754276anyone writing their owns songs struggle with breaking away from a certain influence? example I was…[View]
71754297Ramblin Man VS Ramble On: Which song is better Ramblin Man by the Allman Brothers or Ramble On by Le…[View]
71752579>girlfriend asks if i have any babby making music[View]
71753925according to RYM, this is better than any other album by/with Phil Elverum[View]
71754528Lesser known 60s pop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJBi5cn7CEM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73…[View]
71754288Hey, /mu/. Can you recommend any albums for a Crystal Castles fan? I mainly listen to metal so I don…[View]
71753651You have 30 seconds to argue against this being one of the greatest albums of all time.[View]
71754448Somebody needs to do to his videos what dinoflask did to Jeff Kaplan's Overwatch videos.[View]
71751668Does he have any good songs besides 3005, sweatpants, and sober?[View]
71754391>tfw all my favorite metal albums from when I was a teenager have no effect on me anymore What we…[View]
71752608Were you bullied for your patriciandon?[View]
71753974Are they crazy?: That sound fucking brutal Crazy or not... I like it... https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
71753160Do you like Dominican music? I really like this low brow Dominican party music, it gets me in the mo…[View]
71753432What's your favorite track Blue Calx here[View]
71743020GOAT Dad Rock: Need more dad rock that doesn't suck[View]
71754251Does anyone actually dislike this song?: Would liking it be considered a guilty pleasure? https://ww…[View]
71750437Album review thread: Lets do this bois[View]
71749776Just watched Straight Outta Compton. Anyone want to tell me what the FUCK happened since then? We us…[View]
71754099Can you guys help me identify this guitar from Full House? My buddy says it's a Gunslinger but …[View]
71753525ITT: We turn album titles into porno titles: I'll start: Fear of a Black Penis[View]
71753691What are some good recent-ish ambient albums? I like artists such as Tycho, Aphex Twin, Helios and …[View]
71753846steve vai guitar cover: hey everyone hope you can check out my video of me covering steve vai's…[View]
71753276*Blocks your path*[View]
71752691did they rip-off Blackie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgVlyrupu34[View]
71754081>listening to anything but rock or edm[View]
71749370>mfw the pu$$y to good: ITT albums for this feel[View]
71753810>hear a sad line in a song >instead of feeling it look up the keywords on the archive and read…[View]
71753818I can't tell if I think this is good or not. Thoughts?[View]
71735682/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: The best damn music discussion board online edition.[View]
71751930ITT: We think of ridiculously long potential names for future Fall Out Boy songs[View]
71751794I really want to like this, guys. when did pallbearer turn into dragonforce[View]
71753737Thoughts of Frank Ocean's Chanel and his other works?: How does this compare to his past works?…[View]
71753022*blocks your path*[View]
71746432Why does /mu/ hate him?: He's knowledgable and passionate, and seems a nice guy too.[View]
71747611/metal/: aotysf edition old thread >>71739055[View]
71747812Is this his best work?[View]
71753428Holy crap this is some good psych. Soft Bulletin tier and way better than Tame Impala[View]
71742917/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Ace Frehley Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar…[View]
71750948What is it about early Death Cab for Cutie that captures the early 2000s indie rock sound so well?[View]
71751034What's it like majoring in music?[View]
71753652I was there and I saw what you did. I saw it with my own two eyes.[View]
71752845does /mu/ like Little Dragon?[View]
71752861Which one's worse?[View]
71752201What are some other albums that have an overuse of effects pedals hard Mode: No Loveless or Innerspe…[View]
71752471hi /mu/. You have a chance to recommend your opinion on a godtier song. I'll listen to it with …[View]
71753585'Tommy' is a great album and all, but I've always preferred 'Chuckie'.[View]
71753553Music For the Advancement of Hip Hop: What's /mu/'s opinion? A shitty comp by a bunch of w…[View]
71739351What happened to Weezer?[View]
71753308What does /mu/ think of The Cars?[View]
71752966if you want a taste of the 90s: Mary Timony will be touring and playing Helium songs, in advance of …[View]
71752304What's the best music to eat pizza too?[View]
71753215Post some skeletal beats[View]
71752774>tfw one of my favorite musicians releases an album about his wife dying on my birthday t-thanks …[View]
717515216.9 core: I'm feeling extra autistic tonight so let's make a chart for Pitchfork's mo…[View]
71752043Whatever you people think of this publication. They are tastemakers.[View]
71753227Is there anybody that doesn't skip the first 10 minutes?[View]
71753282Blink 182: Thoughts on California? These guys are my all time favorite band, been listening to them …[View]
71752116Fantano is either gonna give it a 6 a 10 or will do some bullshit where he decides to not give it a …[View]
71753279Post favourite album art: :^)[View]
71750512Favorite ska album?: I'll start[View]
71752348>And Russia need a replay button, y'all up to somethin' Great, another idiot trying to …[View]
71752811>song lifts its melody from Pachelbel's Canon[View]
71752072Some shit happened. I really need depressing music to vibe with[View]
71753018daytripper fm: so this is my first ever proper attempt at running live music and live visuals at the…[View]
71750789This album is equivalent to dressing in drag and playing ddr in an arcade.[View]
717511991 2 3 4 5 I AM THE GREA-TEST RAP-PER A-LIVE[View]
71750480KPOP GENERAL[View]
71753038Nostalgia: Whatever makes you feel nostalgic, I don't give a shit on genre >tfw never able t…[View]
71752858doh doh doh doh doh doh doh: DO THE HOMER SHAKE[View]
71750420Learning Piano: Sup mu, I've been wanting to learn piano for a while now. Should I just get a t…[View]
71752328QotSA thread: Best album edition[View]
71752560Songs you like but too embarrassed to tell others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H5I6y1Qvz0[View]
71751035Hey this is very very good not expected for it to be sooooo gud go on give it a listen 10/10 ;)[View]
71752850>self-titled album[View]
71750572As an Albarn fan, what is so good about Damon Albarn and almost everything he touches?[View]
71752797This sucked.[View]
71751293.: Explain to me why Brian Wilson is patrician?[View]
71752732Was /mu/ ready for the saddest album of all time?[View]
71741893Is Paul really dead?[View]
71752742What did you guys think of it?[View]
71751832Holy shit[View]
71751543Some of you guys are alright. Don't go down to Panera tomorrow.[View]
71752151So this is the best album of all time, right?[View]
71752080Coheed and Cambria General: I can't figure out where the fuck I should begin with this band. Th…[View]
7175237512345 I AM THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE: He truly is! What a legend. Who ready for that third classic? …[View]
71752514EUROBEAT: mufuckin eurobeat thread get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbk5xdG8V4g…[View]
71751751Do you like this album? Do you think it sounds like The Beatles?[View]
71750226>rhymes gonna with wanna Seriously??[View]
71751306*deletes Please Don't Ask and replaces it with Like It Or Not off Abacab, which is like a more …[View]
71746929What is the best The Smiths song? My vote is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPKgaKHII-Y[View]
71743425>bonus tracks[View]
71747807why do people hate them so much? i haven't actually checked this out but the singles seem prett…[View]
71751982What went wrong?[View]
71752135what are his best deep cuts?[View]
71750503What is everyone's favorite granny song by Paul? Mine is Your Mother Should Know[View]
71751634Can I get some recs for 50s/60s country like say johnny cash?[View]
71738768I know it's not cool anymore, but what are some of the best songs of the synthpop revival era? …[View]
71751678Post your favourite artist from each of the following categories >Mediaeval >Renaissance >B…[View]
71750872Name a better rock and roll lyricist, I dare you. This man was a unique talent, not only could he wa…[View]
71749461TFW fiancé died: My fiancé passed away a few months ago and I would really like some songs or albums…[View]
71749198What's /mu's/ opinion of LIL PEEP? Is he the future of emo-rap?[View]
71751820>Greatest musician of all time is Protestant Shameful desu Will Catholics ever reclaim the title?…[View]
71751466i don't listen to much besides rock music with occasional hip hop but ive been really wanting t…[View]
71751270Which is the best album?[View]
71750713IT CLICKED: i get it now[View]
71751752Bands You Used To Always Get Mixed-Up: For me it was Smashmouth and Smashing Pumpkins. I mean they b…[View]
71750808Thoughts on Hamilton? Best track? /pol/ need not apply[View]
71751614ITT: nearly perfect songs ruined by a small section For example: Paul McCartney's shitty bridge…[View]
71751576Post comfy minimal albums. >76:14 - Global Communication[View]
71751786THE BANGERS & THE MASH, THE NIGGA NEEDS SOME CASH: what did he mean by this?[View]
71748739Iggy Azalea's new single Mo Bounce came out today: I'm so glad, it seemed like she wouldn…[View]
71750615>fell in love with a girl i dont even know >the odds of a relationship are so small >it wi…[View]
717439353x3 / 4x4 / 5x5 guess personalities, bully, r8, but most importantly rec![View]
71745613*Deletes because*[View]
71751679'Real Emo' only consists of the dc Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene. Wh…[View]
71747335Any thicc artists?[View]
71751558C'mon smile you cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXyizmsYpag[View]
71751289VICIOUS bangers: post bangers pic related, specifically 'Man (Gang)'[View]
71747995Death Grips hate: Meme, real, or both?: It feels like 4chan is just so postmodern. Take for instance…[View]
71751399I just realized that Death Grips is my fav rapper any simillar artists?[View]
71742990is Hayley Williams the best front woman in recent history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtUvWFTwv…[View]
71750942Treefort Music Festival General: Anyone been attending Treefort the last couple days? Fav acts so fa…[View]
71749467Anon, tell me about your favourite album of all time, and what it means to you.[View]
71738487Fuck this is exciting[View]
71750992Don't tell a lie on you[View]
71751230What did they mean by this?[View]
71749586ideas on this much awaited colaboration?[View]
71748692Which one is better? I personally prefer Perfect From Now On.[View]
71751162Oh shit son[View]
71751087DOWNLOAD THE HEART PART 4 HERE : https://nippyspace.com/v/58d48d[View]
71750941hey, this is pretty good[View]
71749666What did he mean by this?[View]
71750674NEW KENDRICK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-heart-part-4-single/id1219120815?ls=1 'The Heart…[View]
71750913Soundtracks for the Blind vs Songs for the Deaf What's the best sensorarily impaired album? GO …[View]
71694524/prod/ - Music Production General: >Be a nice guy and give feedback edition Post the tracks you…[View]
71750752What is the name of this album again?[View]
71750749The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea: Discuss[View]
71750365/mu/rant radio: Playing City Pop and other nipponese music. Stream: http://mutantradio.org/listen.m3…[View]
71749565Is it just me or is the Global Top 50 charts over-rigged lately. Last week it was full of Ed Sheeran…[View]
71750627Where do you look for new music[View]
71750761>at a school choir concert >they sing Seize the day from Newsies…[View]
71749392Daily reminder: If you let other people inform your taste in music you are NOT a patrician.[View]
71750765Post breakup-core ITT[View]
71750743Are there any big message boards that just focus on music? /mu/ is really the only place i go to fo…[View]
71746865whats the worst thing you have done? do you regret it? what is your favorite album and why? i'v…[View]
71750363*deletes Movie Never Made*[View]
71749873Funk Thread: Post funky music in this thread, old or new doesn't matter. https://youtu.be/D3Zd…[View]
71749233I don't get it[View]
71750190Whats the best GY!BE album in /mu/'s opinion?[View]
71750223Did they?[View]
71746196ITT name genres you want to hear and other anons recommend stuff >bluegaze (blues + shoegaze) …[View]
71748943what do they listen to?[View]
71750050https://youtu.be/CtnXnWpC9GE?t=36s >Pop music is the classical music of now what did he mean by t…[View]
71749055What are some rappers with insightful lyrics like Hopsin's?[View]
71749424THIS IS THE END...[View]
71748232Dubstep and related genres thread: All things dubstep, garage, grime, etc. related welcome![View]
71750447absolute go? absolute ego? ab sue low tee go?[View]
71738924chart thread: topsters.net neverendingchartrendering.org rate, rec, guess etc how's your day be…[View]
71747914Roommates: >be me >be unironically enjoying Death grips >roommate catches me listening to s…[View]
71743778*deletes great gig in the sky*[View]
71750331Post youtube covers: https://youtu.be/eIGVCzibuAE[View]
71746055Today marks the 13th aniversery of this masterpiece, thoughts on it?[View]
71749874What are /mu/ thoughts on this? I find it like some kind of heavenly pop. Any recs like this?[View]
71750318Scared to attend FYF: I'm excited as hell to attend FYF this year for the 4th year, I'm ju…[View]
71750315What are his best works?[View]
71748242KPOP GENERAL[View]
71750121If I want to make trap/hiphop, what do I need to get started? Would a hardware synth and drum machin…[View]
71746570Does anyone have a band, or at least an album that was so good that it almost ruined music for you? …[View]
71749971Are they, dare I say, /ourguyz/?[View]
71746067*deletes everything except 4422, Skepta Interlude and Glow*[View]
71750268Post throwbacks[View]
71748187I know it can be hard to pick out a favourite song of all time, /mu/, BUT name me THREE of your favo…[View]
71740057ITT: Post your all-time favorite album, movie and video game and others r8/h8/masturb8 >Album Pic…[View]
71747624Are Any Of These Worth Listening To?: Been running through the albums I missed from 2014, I've …[View]
71744781this guy is the only punk musician left on this earth. does what he wants while not giving a fuck.[View]
71746655itt: post your favorite sunday school songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krlp5Tan4dU[View]
71748135What the fuck was that, /mu/?[View]
71748661>ONE DAY I AM GONNA GROW WINGS >GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREEEEEEEN >we hope... that you choke....…[View]
71748226How does /mu/ feel about this album? I love every song on here. The Growlers are a great band.[View]
71749967what are some of melon's goofiest review intros, ones where he makes goofy faces and sounds the…[View]
71749112What does /mu/ think of him? Is he better than fantano?[View]
71749750Where does he rank in all time rappers?[View]
71748539THE WALL IS NOT A GOOD ALBUM: the movie is okay, but the wall is not a good album, about 75% of it i…[View]
71748407>get new oven >cooking one of those chicken kievs with juicy garlic butter juice inside >dr…[View]
71749669What does /mu/ thinks about Crim3s?[View]
71742743Post your favorite song: Post your favorite song Mine: Holland, 1945[View]
71749288/mellotron/: Sometimes fluffy, sometimes spooky, sometimes ethereal, but always awesome what are you…[View]
71747906Pet Sounds 2[View]
71748515/ae/ general: lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRgTIX4zGk4[View]
71732439Hip-hop general thread[View]
71749667italo disco/high energy thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV675EcT-W4&spfreload=5 got anyt…[View]
71749618ITT: Underrated releases by popular bands.[View]
71746436This generation's Sgt. Pepper.[View]
71749062Thoughts on the Flaming Lips?[View]
71748901Hey /mu/ wtf is this thing?[View]
71749551Stubcore: Stubcore: any band or artist so obscure that their wikipedia page is a stub. I'm star…[View]
71749236/mu/tant Radio: /mu/radio General Show at :00 Official Website: http://www.mutantradio.org Twitter: …[View]
71747937ITT: worst couples in music[View]
71747794Does liking this make me gay?[View]
71747779post your top 3 favorite artists, and rate other people or guess their personalities >Autechre …[View]
71748866>you will never see 1988 era Guns N' Roses live ;_;[View]
71742388/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 4 (Part 2): Today we'll be voting on the third ro…[View]
71749296https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmij7QzMHtc&list=PLoun1hi3hmbpYYiK9y3LHFRMWGNH6tmjh&index=1 …[View]
71748895how does /mu/ feel about late 80s early 90s italo-disco/italodance/eurobeat? ive been listening to M…[View]
71748998anyone can translate lyrics to english for this album?: I remember it was a favorite of mine in high…[View]
71747417Why couldn't he 'break America'?[View]
71742202Who is the Sam Hyde of music ?[View]
71747478what did he mean by this? what went down over here? anybody got any caps before it went down?[View]
71749169ITT: Patrician's corner. Is this worth getting the vinyl[View]
71747841Post the most brutal song you know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rhL0wUX1rs[View]
71744705how did they get away with this album cover? >itt: shit album covers[View]
71749100>I'm waving my dick in the wind What did he mean by this?[View]
71743433Oh have the mighty fucking fallen[View]
71748696Does anyone actually use this ? I only got it to shitpost on cuntano's AMA, but seems like last…[View]
71745468Gorillaz - HUMANZ: four new singles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qJp6xlKEug https://www.youtube…[View]
71748245Just post an album you want to talk about.[View]
71748872>listen to Burial >it's all just simple beats and creepy voices…[View]
71741915ITT: Albums that are more influential than they are good[View]
71748935Hey! Hey! You! You! I want to be your girlfriend[View]
71748871When i was a kid i thought the gorrlliaz were real people and only found out the woo hoo guy was the…[View]
71748623Why havent you taken the oasis pill yet?[View]
71748547Lets fight about music 1 on 1 Put 'mu' in the interest box. Post results.[View]
71742754JUST A BAD PENNY[View]
71746527>he thinks Gorillaz are better than Blur[View]
71746987in less than 2001 characters, explain music[View]
71748640Best Bowie Concert/Tour?: So who's ready for Record (shameless capitalizing on an artist and ja…[View]
71747472music for this feel?[View]
71748616Post favorite contemporary artist[View]
71746413'Indie Label': Adele and Radiohead are my favorite indie artists :^)[View]
71746148Iems General discussion: what is your mobile audio setup ?[View]
71746788What are some essential Snoop Dogg albums?[View]
71747058What do you guys think of sirens in music, or on the radio? I think it should be just as illegal as …[View]
71738857Honestly, how many other bands continually improve with each subsequent release? I mean, Josh Homme …[View]
71747630Remove Kebab: How does /mu/ feel about the war songs made in the yugoslav wars in the 90s? For thos…[View]
71746162KPOP GENERAL[View]
71748210M E S M E R: Hey fuckers, I don't know much about this board, but I know Northlane just dropped…[View]
71739055/metal/: Atomic Clock Edition >>71729555[View]
71747848you might sleep but you will never dream[View]
71748087*Blocks your path*[View]
71748008Best tour of the year. Who's going?[View]
71747924Am I high as fuck or is this actually really really good? Help me /mu/ I'm scared. https://www.…[View]
71745849Just incase you weren't aware, the Reddit Gorillaz fans have arrived[View]
71747978Top 10 Albums: Posts your top 10, rec, r8 and h8[View]
71745314Do people actually enjoy listening to this shit?[View]
71747922https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brann_Dailor >Dailor was also a founding member of mathcore band Le…[View]
717458300 monthly listeners: Feels Bach man...[View]
71747380How can one man be so creative and innovative. You may laugh when he calls himself Walt Disney or St…[View]
71739735Bandcamp Thread: Post your dudes, my dudes[View]
71747459the underrated one[View]
71747842More like this?[View]
71744859Mark Kozelek General - /mark/: I woke up this morning, March 23rd. Down in the Willow Garden EP was …[View]
71746807I'm having to pick a song (instrumental) to be in the background of a store scene in a play. An…[View]
71747339Comfy Noise: I want some nice comfy noise albums, that nice warm fuzz or anything at all relaxing. I…[View]
71747636>Peven Everett >Popcaan >Grace Jones >Mavis Staples >Noel Gallagher >Jamie Princip…[View]
71746913Marxist Musicians: ITT: marxist musicians & music. Starting with the GOAT Robert Wyatt also! Thi…[View]
71747205what are the true 'standards' of rock music? 'the weight' and 'knockin' on heaven's door' …[View]
71743632What are some good songs that feature train noises or are about trains? >inb4 autistic i just lik…[View]
71747693Look guys Tomhet has lyrics now[View]
71747328*Blocks your path*[View]
71744916What is your favorite Tom Waits?[View]
71745537When it all FUCKS UP[View]
71747151>we wuz the rolling stones[View]
71746948SOMETIMES I FEEL VERY SAD: Is Brian Wilson the most INFP musician? >fat, depressed, emotional, au…[View]
71745621>I'm really interested in Regina Spektor's album '11:11' >If you've heard this …[View]
71747526What are some of the best Drill projects?[View]
71746360The Reddit twinks/cucks/ ladybois have arrived >>ITT POST DISTURBING AUDIO TO SEND THEM BACK …[View]
71746277i need to crack max/msp any links?[View]
71747470New Gorillaz Album: I know it hasn't released yet, but from the 4 songs we have, what are your …[View]
71745422/non-english rap/: Continuing from >>71738191 Share non-english rap and add some translations …[View]
71747416https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cXYOSEjRQM Is my nigga King Louie /mu/ approved?[View]
71746520Ween thread: A Tears for Fears for Eddie-tion[View]
71744933Why don't you like thugger mu?[View]
71747312>One of the elements of the beat's structure is a clap D R O P P E D…[View]
71743648is there any hope for this board?[View]
71747330Didn't see one of these. Let's do it, gaylords.[View]
71747198ITT: albums on which you can practically hear how much fun they were to make[View]
71747174>band is from Poland >RYM still classifies it as britpop Bravo…[View]
71740340this album is for people who have given up on the idea of enjoyable sounding music. Their enjoyment …[View]
71747095>mfw i thought /mu/ couldn't become any more shit that it had been last year Also obligatory…[View]
71746250I need... more... baroque pop... New or old, I don't care. I just need more.[View]
71747050*deletes whole discography except Strawberry Fields Forever*[View]
71747147Similar albums to this?[View]
71746983any more albums like this[View]
71737540>sheltered suburban kid who doesn't get the drug references in rap/hip hop…[View]
71744285CupcakKe: Is she going to be the new hottest artist, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzuvfy4jF…[View]
71747013>deletes entire album except i'm only sleeping, she said she said, and your bird can sing an…[View]
71746800*blokes your path*[View]
71746852holy fuck is there a more pleb band than these guys? There's a kind of person that like TV on t…[View]
71746827Whatever happened with Viper?[View]
71746888What're these speakers?[View]
71745276We all probably already misheard song lyrics at any moment in our life, but have you ever misheard a…[View]
71746878This was released 30 minutes ago?Does anyone have a link? For those who don't know Los Planetas…[View]
71746703*blocks your path*[View]
71746437Bands with similar sound.: https://youtu.be/AQpjakqe5VU https://youtu.be/ekccHtWWgAQ https://youtu.b…[View]
71745914Any other great examples of Cluckstep? Igorrr thread.[View]
71745088daily reminder of one thing many people forget we are now used to the fact that good music comes in …[View]
71745573I'm a complete beginner and I made the mistake of buying a shitty guitar and a shittier amplifi…[View]
71746681thoughts? http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5376877[View]
71746410what is their best album?[View]
71746051What is this shit? PET WHAT? where is the SURFING MUSIC?[View]
71743188Since Pitchfork is celebrating this album this week, what are your thoughts on it? Also, are they go…[View]
71746571What's a good drum program to use to get a decently organic sound?[View]
71745447Just asking, what does /mu/ think about The Police? Any favorite songs? Mine has to be either Spirit…[View]
71746467duckposting on the toilet and i want to tell everybody[View]
71743432Hey this isn't so bad.[View]
71746522Wtf this is actually good: I thought it was just another overrated alt rock album Billyboy's v…[View]
71746285The great debate[View]
71746502I heard you kids like features in your music. So I put them in every single track :^)[View]
71746484What if we all disliked all the new Gorillaz videos on Youtube lol[View]
71744017As much as I appreciate musicians who write their own songs, it's the bare minimum. It's l…[View]
71746459chillin to this is good shit. anyone got more like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwgUNwA6vz0…[View]
71746426Which one is more talented: Solange, Grimes or Florence & the Machine?[View]
71744898Jazz Metal: Does anyone know of any Albums where the group really managed to mix Jazz and some more …[View]
71746328Last night it finally clicked. I'm never going back, this is god tier. I'm in bliss[View]
71744802Songs you don't necessarily like, but elicit extremely strong emotional response in you due to …[View]
71745780I very like this album and it's my aoty so far[View]
71744059I need darker mathrock, stuff like Slint-Tweez and Hella. I don't want the kind of twinkly jang…[View]
71746174Cashmere cat - Wild love Discuss? It's unfortunate it's probably not pretty experimental d…[View]
71745054More songs like Messin' With the Kid?: What are some more songs like Messin' with the Kid …[View]
71745152Can someone give me a quick rundown on pic related?[View]
71745891>Download an album from Soulseek >Genre: Oldies…[View]
71742367Damon Albarn turns 49 today[View]
71745176Post unknown and underated albums[View]
71744068KPOP GENERAL[View]
71744158>ITT: We post over-rated albums and explain ourselves Definitely not bad at all but not incredibl…[View]
71742575Unreleased Keiji Haino live material on RB Radio with SOM hosting: If anyone cares https://www.redbu…[View]
71746122>leave AOTY to us[View]
71746094LEAK WHERE[View]
71745883ITT: Musicians/bands that most people on /mu/ like.[View]
71742825How the fuck did any of you dick goblins enjoy pick related?[View]
71745164/o/ and /mu/ merge... RCR and LowFi Hip Hop: So, me and my buds were pretty high one night, and we w…[View]
71745688Who /preorder/ here? Also, post >yfw Phil x Maron on WTF next month[View]
71745961can we talk about this guy[View]
71733637Reminder this actually happened[View]
71745953>hey ho hey ho >ooooo way ooooooo >*clap clap* >ooooooo way ooooo…[View]
71745937Me And That Man - Songs of Love and Death: Album drops tomorrow, there are a few singles out but I s…[View]
71745910Thoughts? I'm a big Spoon fan and I was personally slightly disappointed. It's certainly n…[View]
71745004Does anyone else find aggressive music to be relaxing I have fallen asleep listening to pic related.…[View]
71743842sound like anco, but dress like manic street preachers the perfect combination[View]
71744459Future > Drake: Future is the Bach of modern hip hop Beat producers like Metro Boomin', Mike…[View]
71745850More music like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5brkwzJFaoM[View]
71745796*blocks your path*[View]
71745637Looking for a song. Having a hard time. Hoping you guys know what the fuck I am talking about becaus…[View]
71744436>(skit) >3:33[View]
7174490360's Surf Albums: Can anyone recommend me the very best 60's surf albums, preferably ones …[View]
71745518This is so much better than Kid A[View]
71742959what's the most patrician electronic music genre and why is it drum n bass?[View]
71745175Can I get some 60s band recs that aren't Beatles Stones or Beach Boys?[View]
71743805*deletes Walk of Life*[View]
71745515Recs for these?[View]
71745469Best and worst xiu xiu album[View]
71744312Tendencial suicides: Anons, let's go with music about suicide, madness or depression: Giles Cor…[View]
71742148pick one and only one its time to end this[View]
71745417ITT: new gorillaz tracks, thoughts? also: >john wick 2 >Nintendo Swich isnt fully arse >sam…[View]
71745391>Gorillaz >2017 >XD…[View]
71743655what do brasilian teenagers listen to?[View]
71745367>I was fuckin this bitch, her name was jessica >I fucked her while wearing my Trout Mask Repli…[View]
71745366SHOUTING MATCH: ITT: We post highly quotable albums and we shout at eachother the first lyrics that …[View]
71745357Clyp Thread: Post your unfinished music and give other feedback.[View]
71745104does anybody have that image where an ex-p4k writer talks about how they come up with scores?[View]
71745241>implying Total Eclipse of the Heart is not the greatest ballad of all time Queen of /mu/…[View]
71743255FOUR NEW GORILLAZ SONGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qJp6xlKEug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
71745190King Crimson: Someone in Mexico who has got tickets? Fucking presales...[View]
717429491. MBDTF 2. TCD 3. LR 4. Y 5. G 6. WTT 7. TLOP 8. 808's 9. CS[View]
71736895more like To Pleb A Butterfly Seriously though, this foray into 'jazz' is contrived at best, and of…[View]
71745073More like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX252WBs9Nk[View]
71743114Any good folk metal groups you'd recommend?[View]
71740486House > techno > drum and bass >>>> trance I like all of them but I've never …[View]
71738059/swg/ - songwriting general: post lyrics, melodies, drafts, snippets, finished songs; whatever you m…[View]
71741317>tfw I have to go to a shitty spic festival to see Slowdive live[View]
71744909Kid A: Why does this board like Kid A so much, /mu/? It's going to win the album championship c…[View]
71728770Is this the most fucked up piece of audio ever made? Post some /fuckedup/core[View]
71744825What's the general consensus on this guy on /mu/? Pretentious? Revolutionary? Too much of a fag…[View]
71741411thoughts on this avante guarde musician/waitress, /mu/? very promising tee bee aitch. collab with ha…[View]
71744852Where is the new Gorillaz?: Where is the new Gorillaz?[View]
71744832>Onee-Chance the Rapper >Sugoi Knight >KaNyah West >Mos Nep >Method Kun >. >. …[View]
71744327This is the greatest album ever made Try to prove me wrong, you can't[View]
71739110uh... /mu/???? hello??[View]
71734160ITT: Actually good Christian music: Despite its horrible reputation, it really does exist! https://w…[View]
71742998jUNGLIST MASIVE[View]
71744636What the fuck is this, it's simultaneously autistic and fantastic, I didn't know music cou…[View]
71743175>Artist never swears in their music[View]
71739838I really enjoyed this album, so I decided to listen to their earlier albums... ...Eh. They didn…[View]
71744615Cacophonous music to make you forget the pain in your head: Any other songs that climax in a cacopho…[View]
71744582I've listened to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of soundtracks from shows to movies to ever…[View]
71742688Gorillaz video is uploaded https://youtu.be/5qJp6xlKEug[View]
71744384>that gig where the drummer showed up drunk >that gig where you had to improvise the chorus …[View]
71744122Are there other worthwhile synthwave artists other than Perturbator and Carpenter Brute? Shit that w…[View]
71742788traveling to the UK, mostly Edinburgh, this summer. Is there any cool music scene in the area worth …[View]
71744188street hassle is his best album[View]
71744120The album is going to be about his wife, and his unborn child, and coming to terms with things we de…[View]
71744090*blocks your path*[View]
71742628Right about now (as of 7:30PM GMT) a new song will be heard in BBC Radio 1 Andromeda is currently pl…[View]
71738970/mu/'s thoughts on Rufus Wainwright?[View]
717388595x5 week guess and brb[View]
71744023red hot chilli pipers: what does /mu/ think?[View]
71742670Beautiful comfy album covers.[View]
71742227KPOP GENERAL[View]
71743987/mu/ I need your help quick. Tomorrow I'm having a really long trip and I want mp3 files for th…[View]
71743075How do you go from this...[View]
71743166Nothing Was the Same was Drake's 90's album Take Care was 00's If You're Readin…[View]
71740774Jay Som General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ym6I3qQhM SOM[View]
71735934What the fuck is a Grimes?[View]
71743753Mike Love - Good Vibrations: Is this worth reading?[View]
71743738why do so many brazilians love ghost ?[View]
71741877Post fav album and fav track from that album Untitled (cont.)[View]
71742954>he takes rym ratings seriously[View]
71718581/daily/ - launching our cultural prejudices into space edition: The point of these threads is to cri…[View]
71742783Stop being unhappy.[View]
71740074just shoegazing: hey bros! what is your favorite shoegaze record? or dream pop. I don't discrim…[View]
71743634who is this?[View]
71743757Andromeda one of the best. Hoping for Hot 100.[View]
71740216FESTIVALS: >tfw one of the best and biggest festivals in the country becomes a plebfest that sell…[View]
71741488Is this or telekon the ultimate Numankino?[View]
71741655What does /mu/ think of coil? I've heard they were pedophiles?[View]
71743495Why are /mu/ and /tv/ full of edgelords?[View]
71743530My dad passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. Give me some ideas for music to l…[View]
71743377Which one was truly pink?[View]
71738603What's up with the gorillaz? When is the new track out? Will it suck as much as this? https://m…[View]
71743601>tfw don't know what to listen to[View]
71743591Ok guys im really hyped. Look at his Good line-up http://www.flowfestival.com/artists/[View]
71743561>last song on the album ends with a reprise of the first song[View]
71742834Great album. Kemistry is my fav track, the vocals really hit me. Thoughts?[View]
71743382Am i allowed to say that i like the Beatles?[View]
71740233New Gorillaz album is coming April 28th it's called Humanz.[View]
71743542you know that feeling when you think an album is gonna be /nu/ and it ends up being /nu/? Post here[View]
71740672dudes after we get down shopping at this radical thrift store lets head down to the gas station to p…[View]
71743492blog thread: https://lvbratings.blogspot.com Check his superior taste lads... u could say he's …[View]
71742207What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
71743014Flat Earth in music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Q9pQRz03w[View]
71739656is this worth purchasing?[View]
71743133What would the Beatles have realistically sounded like if they remained a band a few more years? is…[View]
71741080Was Jimi Hendrix actually black?[View]
71740740Boutta blaze up, what should I listen to while I do[View]
71742095If it's shit, why is it so popular?[View]
71743087>this isn't music, there's no drop[View]
71743276New Hip Hop Music Video: Check out Artist Saint C's first music video on youtube now! https://…[View]
71743278>Murda on the beat so it's not nice[View]
71742643Why are people born in the late 70s called Millennials? Didn't they growing up listening to mus…[View]
71742886>tfw people are starting to realize this kanye's masterpiece[View]
71742401What did he mean by this[View]
71742995Our first album sample: Hey guys, listen to our first album sample. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
71742837>Genre: _p2p slsk[View]
71742084ITT: Albums and artists people know a lot of songs from but dont realize[View]
71740019anyone know any artist/bands that make weird bizarre, noise and experimental music?[View]
71742197/depression core/[View]
71742580Hey guys, this is my good friend Brian. Let's make his day, give him some compliments![View]
7174273110/10's only[View]
71737244Why this album was removed from Spotify?[View]
71742527>The Weather (produced by Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker) displays the band’s newfound matur…[View]
71742540MMT: Post your best music related memes here[View]
71742581I liked it March 24, 2017 Warner Nashville[View]
71742253Is this just some bullshit genius put up or no? Where can I find this version of Blonde? https://gen…[View]
71742493/dreamscope/: post em https://dreamscopeapp.com/[View]
71740409Rap god discussion. Best eminem song? Meme? Genuine good rap? Good at all?[View]
71742062>Loveless is a innovative record that created a whole new gen-[View]
71741504whats the kind of music is played in american movies set in these desert truck stops. its like some …[View]
71742177What the fuck happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feI5F0ywjGs[View]
71741230>Girl I loved broke up with me, and I need to get over her in a loving and mature way without let…[View]
71739362I recently fell in love with this album post-meme era. What else will I enjoy that is similar?[View]
71735393most underrated radiohead song: up^ on the ladder[View]
71741617hey /mu/ what do you think of the walkmen?[View]
71740119/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 4: Today we'll be voting on the third round. For…[View]
71716678ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
71740254KPOP GENERAL[View]
71741590'pop music'[View]
71740949Why should people care about Anon? Why should people care?[View]
71741541>why aren't there any downie music-[View]
71741983Post your Top 3 Ween albums[View]
71739516Is Stefan really angry or is it just a facade?[View]
71739445Why add vocals /mu/?[View]
71739111Recent buy thread: What have you acquired during this month so far?[View]
71741926I took this picture of myself earlier today just as this new poor kid in Jazz Band pulled out an (((…[View]
71740805/jazz/: Anyone know if Tony Williams ever played on any outright free albums? Seems like most of the…[View]
71741806ITT: Underrated albums by overrated bands.[View]
71741972>'underground' hip hop song >verses are too long and too dense >'hook' is just a chopped u…[View]
71741906How much do you love music, anons? Do you make an emotional connect with what you listen to? Do you …[View]
71738547ITT: Artists without a single bad album[View]
71740522*deletes it's not true*[View]
71741651Eminem's legacy: Historically (as in the best 15 years lol) Eminem comes up pretty often when p…[View]
71741580What is good other than GKMC and TPAB?[View]
71739292This is so fucking great.[View]
71733734Name a edgier band[View]
71741579>You are walking down the street and suddenly you fall down a crack in the pavement >You arriv…[View]
71740776Name one (1) good Rock song[View]
71730667>he still uses last.fm[View]
71738618The Negro Album[View]
71740548does anyone remember the 'Blast From the Past' feature that last.fm used to have? I'd love to s…[View]
71741218>chick corea >is a spanish male[View]
71741706>when the song insults you personally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrLequ6dUdM…[View]
71739957Going to see Slowdive soon. Are they too loud like MBV?[View]
71741365>i have been waiting for a guy to come and take my by the hand hmmm..... what did he mean by this…[View]
71739559Lyric feels thread: >A heart that's full up like a landfill >A job that slowly kills you …[View]
71737099Been listening to pic related continuously since the last few days. Recommend something similar. Lis…[View]
71741606Viper: This legend of a man has made a nearly infinite amount of songs, therefore at least one has t…[View]
71740255RTJ thread ?: New music video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWaljXUiCaE[View]
71738690Recommend me something.[View]
71725383Best Oasis song?: Best Oasis song?[View]
71734172post your guilty pleasure: mine is blink, i love those emo faggots.[View]
71741050>tfw ScHoolboy Q got memes[View]
71740621biding my time until the time is right[View]
71740938Best album by them?[View]
71741449Music 4 a sad boi like me?[View]
71737351Post other nationalist/european-core.[View]
71739883Hey fags, 1st time here wondering if general hivemind consensus is eminem being best rapper ever or …[View]
71741131What does he listen to[View]
71737871Serious question: were they originally trying to turn Thom into some sort of rock sex symbol? Early …[View]
71741235I'm a bass player and I wanna learn a new song. Any recommendations? Something fun to play but …[View]
71741221Rap is formulaic and too often serves as a vessel for the aggrandizement of vapid establishment pabl…[View]
71741194Thought's on Shobaleader One?[View]
71741217wtf, I love Painting With now.[View]
71727931/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Guitar And Bass Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justingu…[View]
71740649Are J Cole and the weeknd the same person?[View]
71741039Most weird music: The most weird music. Intrenational ! http://horreursmusicales.over-blog.com/…[View]
71741121Any thoughts on this song ?: Any thoughts ? https://soundcloud.com/yungrockafella/i-cant-even…[View]
71740406OST music: Why is there no OST general? I'm actually surprised with how /mu/ is that you guys d…[View]
71741103the other day, this guy told me to go fuck myself. and you know something? i can. just watch.[View]
71740865Are Daft Punk actually robots?[View]
71740699what is the best iggy pop album[View]
71739013Friendly reminder that rock music was just a fad and that this is the only rock artist that will eve…[View]
71740396You think ya got the Blues in ya, kid? Prove it.[View]
71739842What does /mu/ think of Bliss's music? https://youtu.be/fYgVDnNpJfs?t=16s[View]
71739350jazz fans still here ? whats your favorite jazz record at the moment ?[View]
71739564why /mu/ hate this?[View]
71740470>Final Solution is a song about a fat virgin living in his Mom's house deciding to become a …[View]
71740712Your favorite soundtrack https://youtu.be/WmUpTmJtlnI[View]
71740478Does anarcho-folk exists?: Im looking for folk music with anarchist and social critic themes not fol…[View]
71739715Any Goldfrapp fans here? Thoughts on new album? I for one am so fucking hyped.[View]
71739236What does /mu/ think of death in june?[View]
71740611Summer music thread: It's a summer music thread! Post the light kind of happy music you love wh…[View]
71740674Anyone listened to this?: And can point me to something similar?[View]
71739295Help me finish this chart, /mu/.[View]
71740523>tfw only listen to left-field music that you'll never find or hear on the radio…[View]
71736579What are some other bands which have had completely unchanged lineup for over 30 years?[View]
71740511Big Mama Thornton: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0786477598/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=14881623…[View]
71734161I just got into Swans, and I'm wondering how it's possible for a band which was formed suc…[View]
71738255AOTY thread? AOTY thread (so far)[View]
71739655What did he mean by this?: http://co.contemporarycasual.com/2017/03/depeche-mode-spirit-review.html …[View]
71739747ITT: Patrician rappers[View]
71740261>'there is nothing wrong with basic chords and lyrics repeated over and over in several 10 minute…[View]
71738460Thoughts on The Gag Quartet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mghhLqu31cQ[View]
71740350Push it along[View]
71738726Best Instrumental Albums?: alright /mu/ suggest me some great instrumental albums of all time so far…[View]
71739824>mfw too much music coming out it's become so fucking hard to keep up…[View]
71740268Music Related Dreams: >had a dream last night >was in my house, and The Music Tapes were play…[View]
71739215Fuck me![View]
71738935KPOP GENERAL: happy mina day[View]
71737685wow so this is just modest mouse for hipsters?[View]
71738759Why do you guys like popular music it's so fucking vapid and lacking in creative substance[View]
71740081Give something easy to listen to while I'm cooking /mu/[View]
71738793>Audio isn't working on computer AND Spotify isn't opening[View]
71738780wtf this is actually really good, why does pitchfork and fantano hate it?[View]
71738472ITT: Songs to listen to while high https://youtu.be/7Sk78uP9m-E https://youtu.be/scdNcZeezyo https:/…[View]
71739782What are some albums to put when you're having a girl over? I'm thinking of either this or…[View]
71733689itt: bands with only one good album[View]
71739887what genre does this kind of music fall into?: https://soundcloud.com/steven-universeonsc/adventure-…[View]
71736410NEW KENDRICK ON THE WAY: Kendrick Lamar just deleted all of his Instagram posts & posted this IV…[View]
71732783/mu/s Best Album of All Time Tournament - DAY 3 (Part 4): Today we'll be voting on the second r…[View]
71739115I was listening to Demon Days for the first time today and I thought to myself 'hey it reminds me a …[View]
71738191/non-english rap/: Let's share how different laguanges take on rap as well as seeing the beats …[View]
71739191Poppy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwnoSeiAFSY[View]
71739679Dreamscope Thread: post em https://dreamscopeapp.com[View]
71739355Do you guys like Sales? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8N8ESXNyZc[View]
71738189Are we to expect a second volume later this year?[View]
71739371https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upg5Pj5PW8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkS0lIysivQ https://www.…[View]
71738991Nardwuar vs Death Grips: Right off the bat I got a gift for you, Stefan[View]
71738950NON-MUSICIANS BTFO http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/12/19/460191654/the-neuroscience-of…[View]
71738989Hi, /mu/, recommend me something, please.[View]
71739170Why do Americans listen to so much bad music?[View]
71738939The fuck man. All I wanted to do was listen to a song, not see this shit.[View]
71739185how do you delete the weird lines and things in sheet? it's on Sibelius and I have no idea how …[View]
71737819Travis Barker: I saw blink 182 live last night. Yeah I know they're cheesy and yeah I know they…[View]
71739121New tune from Goldfrapp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFCqp6I2lcs&t=0s 18 years on and they…[View]
71731349Quick, /mu/! Claim your guitar husbando before someone else does! Claiming Johnny Marr.[View]
71737103185 euros for this and they haven't even revealed all the artists yet. Worth it? Also, share yo…[View]
71739086Azedia anyone? What are they doing now ? New album ? Single ?[View]
71738600BILL = 4 WILSON = 6 4+6 = 10 The Dark Knight Rises is the first 10/10 movie on /tv/ JAMES = 5 BLUNT…[View]
71738640Has it leaked yet?[View]
71739076more like this please?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0uO-jKZoHU[View]
71729555/metal/: our boy edition >>71720493[View]
71738385Lyrics were great and music was decent 4/5 or 3.5/5 idk yet[View]
71738676TIL Jimmy Page wore wigs[View]
71738961https://youtu.be/MtMfp2wMW3w >people hate this song[View]
71738960Desperately need to find more songs like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymSgls0Ce24[View]
71737246KPOP GENERAL[View]
71738909>tfw gotta get too drunk to dream >because I only dream of you…[View]
71737450There is no such thing as obscurity. One man's obscure music is another group's cannon.[View]
71735831Is there any space between obnoxious pop music and overrated hipster trash in this board? I find the…[View]
7173764210/10 Moments: Post your absolute favorite album moments, 10/10's only >when the kick finall…[View]
71737035alright, /mu/, can you recommend me a good, free music program for mac? itunes is shite, what apps d…[View]
71731394ITT: Pick an album which you think is flawless and others point out its shortcomings I'll start…[View]
71734594/sg/ - Synth General: Synth General Thread Talk about sound synthesis, share your setup, and shit on…[View]
71738291What does /mu/ think of Arab pop music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgz8ybG6l-U[View]
71735211Post Obscure Hip-hop[View]
71738757Adrel Harc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRbXwgzqYqM[View]
71738747Taiko super kicks: has anyone listen to these japs? I find this video on vimeo months ago. btw i don…[View]
71737082How do I get a qt shoegaze girlfriend?[View]
71738171LCD Soundsystem: What is this asshole up to and where is LP 4?[View]
71738605>he thinks he has a unique and patrician taste >listens to /mu/core and rateyourmusic-core…[View]
71737896What's xiu xius top three albums?[View]
71738161>when you share obscure music that you like with someone thinking they were different and then re…[View]
71736788AOTY coming out on tomorrow GET FUCKING HYPE[View]
71738244There is a fucking Lana del Rey Witch House remix: What's next? Lana del Rey dubstep remix?…[View]
71737797So where do I start with the Beach Boys? Most essential albums? Best best-of compilations? I just he…[View]
71736605how could anyone not find the second half to this album super boring is beyond me[View]
71738678This man was a genius for his time[View]
71736813what the fuck is this hipster shit?[View]
71738588last 5 genres i listened to were: nerdcore rap epic/trailer music dark country electro swing is this…[View]
71738617How does an artist go from this...[View]
71738011That awkward moment when Kendrick left overs are better than any album this year...[View]
71737155Kendrick IG post: /mu/ what do you all think it means??? Discuss[View]
71738188>keep all of my music on a 1tb external hdd >everything is slowly getting corrupted Kill me…[View]
71737808>YOU'LL BE OLDER TOOOOO Woah... So this is the power of the lyricist masterminds known as th…[View]
71737410how do I get into death grips[View]
71737250Good songs/albums about self loathing and depression? >Pic unrelated[View]
71734693This feels like nostalgia: It reminds me of being young and getting lost in the woods or walking thr…[View]
71738495The call that saved Lollapalooza.[View]
71736418what album or song has the atmosphere of a carnival from hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoMgx9…[View]
7172796110/10 Video Game Soundtracks: Post em[View]
71738241Bands like GY!BE are /mu/s version of /tv/s concept of kino right? What's some more /mu/-kino?[View]
71738391How are you all celebrating the 50th anniversary of music? As we all know there was no music before …[View]
71735604NEW GORILLAZ TRACK 3:00 PM EST GET FUCKING HYPE http://pitchfork.com/news/72181-new-gorillaz-song-co…[View]
71735837Happy Anniversary to Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast: Happy 35th anniversary to one of the gr…[View]
71736546Americans are asleep, post reasonable things.and good music.[View]
71737189Aphex twin on Radiohead: 'I don’t like them. I heard maybe five or six tracks and I thought they sou…[View]
71738099who is the scaruffi of jazz?[View]
71737648is /mu/ going to lollapalooza?: i really want to, the lineup is great. yesterday a sunday ticket (c…[View]
71737139gorillaz thread? gorillaz thread.[View]
71737547There are people alive right now who claim to love fantano and are legitimately surprised to hear he…[View]
71737537>has decent taste, even if it's not perfect >knows that his taste isn't perfect >…[View]
71732025ITT:Post your favourite dubstep album pic related[View]
71734429ITT: Albums that would be /mu/-core if the artists hadn't turned to shit afterwards[View]
71738157>mfw you know what I mean[View]
71738017I need your help /mu/ I have been searching for a drum loop for ages but i couldnt find it. Now i he…[View]
71720322ITT - Post a quoteable album and others say the first lyric that comes to mind from it[View]
71738116Vinyl reissue of this fucking WHEN?[View]
71737905The true 1001 albums to hear before die: Ok, I do it: https://www.sendgb.com/2fX1tG60lbj I open on /…[View]
71730479Is punk becoming pc: Iirc punk was not pc but is it now being co-opted by sjws and crybullies and tr…[View]
71738098Trey Songz - TREMAINE THE ALBUM: 1 more day until Trey brings real R&B music back. Is /mu/ ready…[View]
71738055Say what you will about Bible II. Small Red Boy is fucking perfect.[View]
71736539>Radiohead will never perform 'Spectre' live[View]
71733389one of these threads[View]
71738020Thanks Fantano[View]
71734955This is literally taken from an interview: >The first song she wrote, aged 16, was Come, although…[View]
71738039best viper rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQJyBLFuG4c[View]
71737191>36 minutes long >2xLP W H Y H Y[View]
71734890Pinkerton or the blue album[View]
71737518peep this you'll die laughing: releasing his new song at 8k views and i think it'll be fun…[View]
71737899can somebody name the sample used?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vBYfrNB8As&list=LL7J2VEbe52…[View]
71737040Expectations for her new album? I'm feeling like it's going to be a lot more pop based tha…[View]
71737869Albums for when it's raining?[View]
71737712>hating yourself for being a bad person Music for this feel?[View]
71737821Lemon Demon: Can anyone recommend some good synthpop / nerdpop like Spirit Phone? I tried Neil'…[View]
71734005just curious but what does /mu/ think of instrumental hip hop[View]
71716375soundcloud thread lads[View]
71736988What does /mu/ think of Machinedrum?[View]
71737744The Magnetic Fields - 50 Song Memoir: Is Fantano going to review this? It's got 50 songs on it,…[View]
71737682Friendly reminder that if you dismiss singles comps out of hand then you don't actually like mu…[View]
71731930Demon days vinyl: Thats hurting as hell that these things where so limited, people are probably gonn…[View]
71737546the GOAT song: Just try and name a more universally loved song by all ages, sexes, nationalities, ra…[View]
71737607Most satanic song you can think of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUdYqY49xAA[View]
71736974>look up music from the late 2000s/early 2010s >comments like this What do you guys think? I t…[View]
71737545New EP's (Rap, Darkwave, Hip-Hop, R&B): Link some New EP's that you like and we can sh…[View]
71737475ITT: Reddit albums >le clap bitches xD >le RISE FROM THE DEAD xD…[View]
71734010/bandcamp/ thread[View]
71737289Lil B Thread: Rare based Lil B classic hits ITT only Task force report in No fake based https://www.…[View]
71735021>tfw Carnival of Light will be released this year[View]
71734415top artist last 7 days thread rate, give recs and be friendlyyy[View]
71735456Who is your favorite normiecore artist?[View]
71736747Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNB1PtYjJ3w[View]
71731791Why does /mu/ hates Neil Cicierega?: Every Neil Cicierega post I saw here had a lot of hate comments…[View]
71737255>1AM >Lying in bed >Laptop is my only light >Comfy af Music for this feel? Looking for s…[View]
71736302KPOP GENERAL[View]
71737224DONT LET YEEZY LOSE /mu/ MADNESS http://www.strawpoll.me/12584787[View]
71733692Post music to sleep to[View]
717344115x5: let's do it[View]
71734499Can I get a metal thread going? Car Bomb - Meta[View]
71735255>starting with soundtracks in the swans' discography[View]
71710410/mu/ made an album: https://suicideisanoptionrecordsc2016.bandcamp.com/album/wobbly-sausage…[View]
71737024now if I were to...[View]
71736254remember when david guetta's songs weren't shit?[View]
71736953bravo rym[View]
71736159School Shooter Rap: A few hours ago there was a kid that drove through a fraternity house back yard …[View]
71736847>*listens to rap once*[View]
71736874Best album coming through[View]
71736889Why did no one tell he is actually good?[View]
71733844Albums you feel like you have to listen to in whole[View]
71736879Hi /mu/, I need your help. I'm trying to remember a song. I remember it had kind of a guitar pl…[View]
71734002What are you doing: Why are you not building a fanbase and selling products to them like william say…[View]
71736281What do you listen to when you want to get your groove on?[View]
71736497fuckin jamie stewart I want to marry this psycho[View]
71735838This is a pretty great thrash metal record Underrated imo desu[View]
71736045am I misguided? I've been combing through the Cocteau Twins discog and pic related is one of th…[View]
71736204Wtf Spotify?: Pic related was just removed from Spotify. It's my favourite album so I realised …[View]
71734619music that makes you feel hyped as fuck[View]
71732686What does /mu/ think about Nu Metal/Rap Metal?[View]
71736098give me some edgy punk /mew/[View]
71736709Its so refreshing to watch people discuss music without them being a sarcastic meme lord[View]
71736247Album covers: Hey /mu/ i remember that thread where one guy advised us how to make album covers. So …[View]
71729958Has this been the most boring decade for music of the past five decades? There really hasn't b…[View]
71735268>song has a swear word in it[View]
71736606bitch ass bitch u love dat ham so much y dont u fuck it bitch[View]
71733581Lodger, Never let Me Down or Next Day: I noticed all three of these albums were Bowie focusing on so…[View]
71736387Kit Guitars: Hey /mu/. I've played guitar on and off for the past 10 years, and I'm starti…[View]
71729481thoughts on this collab, /mu/?[View]
71723166Pictures of musicians doing non-musical things/with other musicians: Euronymous and cockatoo[View]
71736426I'm looking for more albums like this, more interested in things that in similar conceptually a…[View]
71736366This album is a goddamn masterpiece[View]
71736262Thoughts on this mixtape? I like it[View]
71735602Does /mu like c4c?[View]
71735321Is it still worth it to see him live? Strongly considering going just to be in the presence of one o…[View]
71734814KPOP GENERAL[View]
71732785>RYM reviewer describes album if it were a girl At least there are people out there lonelier stil…[View]
71736185fuckfuckfuckfuck: ... I'm sorry guys, I didn't want to have to be a shit and ask. I can…[View]
71733560Post music to get lit to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI1Xe1sAPgY[View]
71735997Rap & Hiphop - Please Unexist: Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and yet monotone…[View]
71736059Masculine music.: What is considered alpha music? This is the only production that comes to mind.…[View]
71735584Recommend me some post-rock albums[View]
71734155I'm looking for drone or ambient music that uses or features the organ. Pipe organ, Hammond, wh…[View]
71735539What is the worst genre that the world would be a much better place without it?[View]
71735366You think ya got the Blues in ya, kid? Prove it.[View]
71734749What went wrong?[View]
71728714WEEN: The MOST overrated band on /mu/ nowadays Brownouts are sprouting up like cockroaches shilling …[View]
71735666what's some more 'art' pop/minimal synth/ambient pop like pic related? I guess laurel…[View]
71735215Can /mu/ name this music video?[View]
71734937>band has two drummers[View]
71735384Eurobeat: So where the fuck do I download this shit [spoiler]inb4 check archive, I did[/spoiler]…[View]
71734305>you will never be so entrenched in the social politics of music that you forgo listening to thin…[View]
71734844/mu/ BTFO once again[View]
71735807Unofficial channels for music on youtube: So obviously there's been a whole subculture of unoff…[View]
71734265Hey /mu/ quick question. What is the genre of this song? Ruichi Sakamoto - Water's Edge https:…[View]
71735782Listen to Chvrches[View]
71734500What was his endgame?[View]
71735763i like some songs on fifa games but i don't understand how they relate to the sport[View]
71735738konami lyrics: Does anyone know the lyrics of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_VhDG130Ak…[View]
71725288JAY SOM GENERAL: Alright you know what to do. What does our queen have in store for the rest of 2017…[View]
71734940cancon post punk: thread dedicated to the new(ish) strain of post-punk/jangle-pop that's been c…[View]
71733790ITT: We post the best punk lps/eps of the last 10 years[View]
71734269Before David Bowie's death: >who? wasn't that ziggy starman or something After David Bo…[View]
71735193Guess the musician hint: his band is releasing an album soon[View]
71734279I wanna know what's the weirdest songs by Ween. I'm obsessed with pic related[View]
71735260Can anyone make a legitimate case for Radiohead's best album being something other than OK Comp…[View]
71735203Has another album ever dabbled in this many genres, and done them all so well?[View]
71731467So many genres did this album invent?[View]
71733299holy shit[View]
71719612chart thread: http://topsters.net/ https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ how are you guys doing…[View]
71735283Honestly don't get why they're so praised? It's generic sounding ambient music. Can …[View]
71735462Why does no one here ever have threads for The Ordinary Dogs?[View]
71735433>get into modern jazz and free improvisation artists >these people make so much goddamn music …[View]
71729155MBDTF is the greatest Hip Hop album of all time.[View]
71730761Metal by Year: 70s swapouts and starting the 80s chart: I didn't get to finish the 70s one last…[View]
71735245Will it be good?[View]
71733124I've found myself obsessed with this album Call me a faggot but I only just started paying atte…[View]
71734108The best song is either Lost or White Lines. Prove me wrong.[View]
71735062does anyone have an earlier version of this chart?[View]
71734014Hey /mu/ first time posting here, is anyone into post-rock bands here and if so can anyone recommen…[View]
71733724Is Depeche Mode's new album good?[View]

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