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75797519How do I know if a FLAC file is true FLAC and not a transcode?[View]
75798171what's the best noise album and why is it this?[View]
75798188Holy FUCK[View]
75798150Message to young mumble- and emo-rapping idiots: How you expect to run with the wolves come night, w…[View]
75795207holy shit[View]
75796991Alex: Now that he came out, what happens next? Can he ever come back from this? What about his relea…[View]
75794336ITT: Artists who would appreciate a good nigger joke.[View]
75787864What are some spooky albums to get me in the Halloween spirit? Pic related[View]
75798043Albums that validate the existence of the otherwise shit genres they hail from: indie rock[View]
75798097Care to explain Laura Nyro's 'Timer' for me?[View]
75795548C A N Y O U T E L L M E W H E R E M Y CO U N T R Y L I E S[View]
75797103Keaton Henson: Is he a fraud?[View]
75797421So we agree that they'll never top this, right?[View]
75795643What would you consider 'masterpiece' albums? Also /mu/ essentials for a humble newfag: Rock, Hip Ho…[View]
75796064ITT: Geniuses[View]
75796049trolling kanye west fans: say 'my beautiful dark twisted fantasy sucks.' that will sure trigger them…[View]
75795803You hear a knock on the door, open it, and these guys are standing there. What do?[View]
75796741modern music is shit now: Why is music now so shit? All the rap is the same, pop music now makes Lim…[View]
75797736this is like xxxtent but better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daxQ2TCrnTM[View]
75797484sad songs ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvv7aGUYm2Q[View]
75796273Any other /drug/core charts? Just made this one for DXM.[View]
75797716new gizz jizz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLP8rFrL1W0[View]
75796177Nostalgiaposting: Music that gets you all nostalgic? Those little (meta) pleasures that get you gidd…[View]
75792653Post some Edits of pic related[View]
75797381ITT: Rappers who are better than open mike eagle[View]
75779316NEW SOUNDCLOUD THREAD bOi: You know what to do Heres mine to start: https://soundcloud.com/fodprod/b…[View]
75796021Thoughts about the new Jojivlogs song and the upcoming EP? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2zXxQHBp…[View]
75797592Describe an album with a King Of The Hill quote.[View]
75797813https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=40&v=xhM-JNh_VRM Please tell me what u think of my b…[View]
75797807Help me feel better than others: Hello I want to become an elitist, but I'm also lazy and only …[View]
75796529KPOP GENERAL[View]
75797767What does /mu/ think about Declan McKenna?[View]
75797669Albums that could definitely be used as a form of torture[View]
75797679>This uh next band asked me not to read this But, goddammit, I'm going to read it anyway Bec…[View]
75796549>jeff mangum in suicide watch[View]
75794354Best live synth performers? Not talking keyboard guys playing synth.[View]
75787297Hippies are out, goth is in. Discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtL5oMyBHPs[View]
75788974IT'S FUCKING INSANE: what do I listen to next?[View]
75796680Is it just me or is this a badass album?[View]
75792313ITT: Post an album and a date: If your birthday appears you listen to the album posted with it. Sept…[View]
75794238what does moo think of my wife, lavren mayberry?[View]
75796198Are riffs like Real Estate's 'Darling' the new 'Sweet Child o' Mine'? That is to ask, when…[View]
75797252Russian Folk: Where can I download some nice Russian folk music? I love balalaika stuff, but I don…[View]
75796188What's post hip hop?[View]
75796699What is the consensus on vaporwave/synthwave/fashwave? I personally like it and it has a unique soun…[View]
75797372Any other groups that sound like them?[View]
75796862Thoughts on Quasimoto?[View]
75795539Post your fav album of theirs[View]
75796744Did they write any songs about Kurt? Is it true Dave wasn't that hung up about it?[View]
75791606how do you go from this[View]
75797283why are they so hated?[View]
75789519Songs that derail albums: I'll start >Money It's an interruption in a musical odyssey. …[View]
75795323Can someone tell what the instrument that sounds like someone is shinning a boot is called https://…[View]
75797250You know if the production of this one wasn't so atrocious maybe the final result was actually …[View]
75796965give me songs to play[View]
75797062Does anyone have high quality images for King Crimson's The Great Deciever 2007 cd 1 and 2?[View]
75796650>Sound is the nigger of the world[View]
75796608Does some music really make you dumb?[View]
75796388why do people like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubR6r2ZQCV4[View]
75793606what is some good music to drown out the sex noises in my uni halls thanks[View]
75796053This album rests the soul.: If u like synthwave check 'New Model' made by Perturbator himself...…[View]
75787370Who is the best female rapper?[View]
75796931This is the ideal rock music. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
75796820Come to think of it, his name was...it was (You)...[View]
75796175What's some music that goes well with this image[View]
75793251What does /mu/ think about Sabaton?[View]
75796004Top 5 rap beats of all time no order >Paul Wall - Sittin Sideways >Craig Mack - Flava in ya Ea…[View]
75794950Converting Images to Sound: Hey /mu/ I'm not an artist or musician or anything, just a bit of a…[View]
75791281Down Colorful Hill, Rollercoaster, or Bridge?[View]
75796395Thoughts on Sweet Trip?[View]
75795246KPOP GENERAL: ooji edition[View]
75795442superb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlKf8WoLyJI[View]
75796363Remember me: Post memes here[View]
75794097Based tv shows with based music[View]
75796381Stop listening to vaporwave[View]
75793878Post rap songs with similar beats like yeezus[View]
75789621White album gave me hope and then rivers goes and fucks it up again....WHY RIVERS?[View]
75796336Where the fuck can I download this[View]
75795902Did pitchfork kinda just fall off the face of the earth? not even getting disagreeing views on a St.…[View]
75795936Why do people say that Led Zeppelin were too loose and lazy during their live performances? This shi…[View]
75793079>Punk song with improv >”Jazz Punk”[View]
75796173I figured out that the point of music is to set anguish to the speed of sound so that you can outpac…[View]
75794965ITT: You like it, but /mu/ hates it[View]
75796155So we know all these popular motherfuckers in rap that made it out of the 90s and into parts of mode…[View]
75795009>reading a feminist piece on p4k[View]
75796125How did American ska bands get it so wrong?[View]
75792499when will vaporwave die[View]
75794003>Jim Lahey and Gord Downie die within 48 hours of each other Must suck to be Canadian right now. …[View]
75796036Is this the most atonal music ever made? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0cvwnG0Ik[View]
75778461soundcloud thread: post your stuff, get rec, get rekt, get checked[View]
75795965WHEN I WAS[View]
75795892/mu pls give me feedback on my new track, any feedback helps. https://soundcloud.com/user-224498172-…[View]
75793575If Weird Al Yankovic was a pimp would he be called Weird Al Smackabitch?[View]
75785806How do I get into Jordyn Jones?[View]
75792033Will he make a good album again or are we doomed to more like...this...?[View]
75794056>'top 4 UK bass releases of all time' this is how I know RYM is truly shit…[View]
75795375what does /mu/ think of mac demarco?[View]
7579090768 days[View]
75793451last fm thread! poast fm losers[View]
75795446Hi, I'm Poppy.[View]
75795406historical beats: lets have a thread about music of centuries past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
75794621I just got around to this and it honestly feels like someone doing a half-assed impersonation of My …[View]
75793081A major indie label in my country just emailed me back.[View]
75791574>lil b singlehandedly drops one of the best hiphop projects of the last 5 years and no one believ…[View]
75792999Hip-hop AOTY?[View]
75795349Bandcamp: Post bandcamp music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMBasZMch0o[View]
75795252how do I make good music?[View]
75795286Nu Metal: Can you get any more Nu Metal than The Queen of the Damned soundtrack? https://www.youtube…[View]
75792054>artist goes sober and records their worst, most sellout album Is there any case where this does…[View]
75793562KPOP GENERAL[View]
75789282/HELP/: I have a talent show today and I need something to blow everybody's minds away give me …[View]
75793509we wus kangs? let's find out![View]
75790827>/mu/ doesn't like Pavement anymore what happened?[View]
75794693https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P0wNKbMvgg Any suggestions for a girl learning how to use the Micro…[View]
75793179Music that would suit this soundtrack[View]
75790027>Artist orgasms in your ear[View]
75793715Who is the EatDatPussy445 of music?[View]
75787981Hey, /mu/! What are some jazz songs similar to the Love Theme from the Blade Runner OST? Thanks[View]
75795046Okay I've been listening to some classics from the 80s including are we not men by devo, pere u…[View]
75792526You can bring only one album back to 1910 (when music started) and change the course of music histor…[View]
75794928>pop 'musician'[View]
75791955>earlet can only focus on one instrument at a time during a song[View]
75794992Is this post-modern?[View]
75794054ITT: Forgotten 2017 albums[View]
75794955>that song you listened to so many times you're starting to hate it what is it…[View]
75793475ITT: The most underrated album in a band's discography: Pic related, though Tormato is also und…[View]
75794936Music for feels when your gf breaks up with you, breaks your heart, and you know its all your fault?[View]
75794153Why on Earth did Pitchfork give this a 10/10 rating when it was released? This isn't even music…[View]
75793965>The guitar outro of House Burning Down Holy fuck[View]
75791561more like this?[View]
75794709Green Day have been the biggest loss for my generation. I probably spend about 3-4 hours a week try…[View]
75792037>itt undeniable masterpieces Chicago is an 11/10 song on a 10/10 album[View]
75794728ITT: mix two unconventional genres together. anon's try to find examples. power electronics pun…[View]
75794696>3 bags and a firearm[View]
75794649Weird/Experimental Pop: Do you know some good experimental or weird kind of pop musicians? Like song…[View]
75794314>My wife and kids were gone so I fucked this whore >After I was done, I looked at the time, it…[View]
75792889NOISE ROCK BREAD what do you faggotronics think of gravitar[View]
75793001/noise/ general: where do i find a noise gf edition discussion of noise, power electronics, dark amb…[View]
75793266lil xan[View]
75792233ITT:10/10 albums[View]
75780641/mpg/: /mpg/ - Music Production General. New general, we produce beats and post them on SoundCloud o…[View]
75792709Is prog rock the epitome of subtstance over style?[View]
75794412Which albums will be considered cult classics in 20 years?[View]
75793493Is calling a piece of music pretentious an intellectual copout? Is it possible for a piece of music…[View]
75794389Thoughts on the Incredibow? I want it for playing the saw[View]
75793757ooz: Thoughts?? Link??[View]
75793535Remember when you could put your Scrob-chart in your pocket?[View]
75793627New Nickleback: Thoughts?[View]
75794269which country had the best music in the 80s/has your favorite music from the 80s? https://www.youtub…[View]
75793180Is this the Tim of Husker Du albums?[View]
75791242how to feed/condition/anything my brain into having more musical ideas? im trying to make some songs…[View]
75794063Just found out about Saint Etienne and they are great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4szHXagmryo A…[View]
75786766Gord Downie RIP: Gord Downie is gone, lads.[View]
75793011Worst album in a bands discography[View]
75794140To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Robert Benfer. The humour is extremely sub…[View]
75793507>Youtube comments post the lyrics to the song[View]
75793003Just spent 5 straight hours correcting mistagged files in my library and i'm not even finished …[View]
75794090looking to find a song??: what was that trap song that came out recently which is just a guy laughin…[View]
75791701Is it good?[View]
75792357Siames: I hope they make more albums. This one was good[View]
75793270How do I into this Modern Classical/Avant-Garde, or whatever tf i'ts called[View]
75792707I DON'T WANNA BE!!![View]
75788645>you will never download Muslimgauze's whole discography in FLAC feels حزين man…[View]
75793328Andrew, Jackson, Jihad![View]
75793645songs about blue boys[View]
75791178Woo~~ I'm the ghost of Gordon Downie! I will haunt /mu/ until I get my sticky![View]
75789129Why do people pretend Bach was the most complex musician?[View]
75793630where can I find his emo rap mixtape?[View]
75791256Hello /mu/, Response to the roster change seemed to be pretty poorly received (>>75773651) Wi…[View]
75789481This is the most beautiful electronic song ever crafted. Prove me wrong. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
75792421>I mostly listen to country music. >What do you listen to anon? What do I listen to /mu/?…[View]
75793555Anyone listening to this guy MORE since the allegations?: Didn't bat an eyelid when Jersey Devi…[View]
75792326KPOP GENERAL[View]
75793319shill thread: GOTH ROCK REVIVAL unfinished, still needs a proper bass line and vocals >the cure w…[View]
75789538What are /mu/'s favourite short songs? Like less than one minute long.[View]
75793443Record label: i have a record label, post your best tracks[View]
75790806Just found MF Doom a few months ago and started listening to MM Food and Doomsday on repeat. Any rec…[View]
75793141>it just clicked Holy fuck guys, I need some more Black Metal like this cold, raw, mind blowing r…[View]
75793326Neutral Milk Hotel discord server https://discord.gg/572xwZJ[View]
75793256How old were you when you outgrew your edgy/experimental phase and acknowledged The Bends as the pea…[View]
75791526Why does anyone give a shit what critics say? Just some guy with an opinion on an inherently subjec…[View]
75791870gimme some of that real hippie shit[View]
75787996>A grime artist has been charged with 29 counts of rape after new witnesses came forward, police …[View]
75792206>Nine Inch Nails and Ministry early material was influenced by Killing Joke and Gary Numan >th…[View]
75793189Overcast! 20th Anniversary: https://fifthelementonline.com/collections/atmosphere/products/atmospher…[View]
75793169this fucking shit right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Negy5uvtXQA[View]
75790678Post BrUTal shit[View]
75792989Goth versus Metal: Which genre is superior /mu/?[View]
75793073ITT: albums full of great songs that all got competely overshadowed by the 'hit single'[View]
75790959Hype shit: What music you listen to and get fucking hyped.[View]
75792455So called 'patricians' or 'avant teens' are the rick and morty fans of /mu/, I swear. They think th…[View]
75791342>its a banger[View]
75790571frontman thread: for those who stand by the microphone >are there any techniques you use to keep …[View]
75786748>he likes rock[View]
75790694>he is orange that was the moment where i delete all my eminem albums,that was the corniest line …[View]
75777374/BCG/ Bandcamp General: Last one died so here's a new thread. Rec, review, and support these am…[View]
75792175He'll be fine[View]
75792520How make good A E S T H E T I C music?[View]
75791524/Ghostemane/: >All tatted up; scary dude, vegan devil worshiper Never forget. Ghoste is love man…[View]
75790755Jenny on the Moon: Is this 2 albums?[View]
75792794Server for early and/or early experimental music: https://discord.gg/uvCSFbS[View]
75792323For me, it's Burial.[View]
75792199Is his music lofi hiphop?[View]
75788943What does /mu/ think of Robert Christgau?[View]
75791288Lauren is very talented.[View]
75792676CA EXEMPT NIGGAS: The REAL double album.[View]
75790330ITT: Most underrated albums of 2017: This album is at least in the top 10 albums of the year[View]
75792616>he listens to Retards Attempting Poetry[View]
75792601Released a couple tracks to raise money for National Alliance to End Homelessness. https://evangeesm…[View]
75792570What was your favorite song that was popular on the internet during the late 90s/2000s? https://www.…[View]
75789914Nightcore general: Does /mu/ like Nightcore? what are some of your favorite nightcore tunes? These a…[View]
75792503Childhood is hating Beatles Teenagehood is liking only Post-Rubber Soul Beatles Adulthood is realizi…[View]
75790964>Real rappers is hard to find, like a remote >*10 seconds of silence*…[View]
75792494Why do you guys never discuss obscure cult icons? Instead of your meme manufactured musicians. Pic r…[View]
75791649Just found out that the unique sounding soundtracks of Katamari Damacy and Jet Set Radio feature a g…[View]
75787932Fall Albums: Imo this album is great for the fall season. What are some albums you'd rec for th…[View]
75789161Post obvious DUDE WEED LMAO albums[View]
75792401itt: music made specifically to get into tumblr girls panties[View]
75791718La Monte Young: Genius, troll, or hack?[View]
75790972KPOP GENERAL[View]
75788431This was Ultimate Classic Rock's ranking of solo Paul McCartney. Agreed? 1. Band on the Run 2. …[View]
75787136This is still their best, right?[View]
75791912Been listening to pic related all week, any other fans of these guys?[View]
75792170hey ya fuckin' bitch[View]
75792120Are there any bands that are like The Brian Jonestown Massacre but not shit?[View]
75789882This album has only two good songs: Can you guess what they are?[View]
75792050More like this?[View]
75789324/taytay/ thread: Can we talk about this goddess? What do you think of her body of work?[View]
75791834The record that saved heavy metal[View]
75791907Are there any documentaries about the band The Replacements?[View]
75791883/halloween/: what are your favourite halloween themed songs/albums? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
75791197>hey anon, don't you wanna listen to my playlists with me?[View]
75789401How do you go from this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY77zDzNmYw[View]
75790130Hey this girl is okay[View]
75791780What are his best 5 albums?[View]
75791676ITT: Music nu-males will never understand.[View]
75790733CALDER'S RESPONSE: I would like to preface this statement by being transparent about what my pr…[View]
75770759are the rumours true ?[View]
75790245>you {white people} dna is an abomination >my {black people} dna is good what did he mean by t…[View]
75791249Whatsername is the best song on American Idiot and anyone who says otherwise is wrong[View]
75787876is he the most reddit artist to ever exist?[View]
75788534Why does /mu/ hate the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Queen? In contrast, the Beach Boys, the Be…[View]
75789000This shit is so overrated.[View]
75791482What are some school shooting core?[View]
75789691this shit is fucking ridiculous[View]
75790685WTF i love guitars now[View]
75790826This is the greatest album of all time[View]
75791391Complete fucking guitar plebeian question, how difficult is it to play/jam something in the style of…[View]
75791369the fuck is this[View]
75790071Why didn't you save him, /mu/?[View]
75790878Why haven't you sent Piero an email yet?[View]
75791254Help 50 mexican children watching this video, If we have 1500 views, they get 1000 dollars https://…[View]
75790496/dark/: Share the most gloomy, depressing and gothic albums[View]
75788623/r/ opinions, been singin for an year now https://55chan.org/mu/src/1508341540981.ogg[View]
75790785Coming to Portland today for the first time. Any good small shows I should go to? Leaving Saturday[View]
75790122ITT: Parodies that are better than the original Starting off with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G…[View]
75791001>album goes from heaviest song to quietest song[View]
75789871KPOP GENERAL: gugudan edition[View]
75790926GWAR - The Blood of God's: GWAR's first album since Dave Brockie died leaked today https:/…[View]
75788209>his favourite album has interludes[View]
75790047Any music similar to pic related?[View]
75790473Any updates on this album ?[View]
75789377Artists that nobody dislikes[View]
75790507Legitimately a good band on everything up to and including Nothing Personal. Nothing after that has …[View]
75789009Excluding Person Pitch, what's the best solo work from the members of AnCo?[View]
75789669Another one's gone. Thanks for everything, Gord[View]
75790730track title is >untitled > >- >? or any variation of it…[View]
75790229London is dead[View]
75789973anyone know what song this is from? am7 dm gsus4 cadd9 f dm f g[View]
75769921AOTYSF Thread: Just over 2 months left in the year, what are some of your AOTY contendors Here are m…[View]
75790652Best music to play Mario Kart to?[View]
75788484albums you haven't heard yet because you're afraid of listening to it[View]
75775406/mu/, What was the last live show you went to? How was it?[View]
75790589Why don't English people sound English when they sing?[View]
75789317I need solo acoustic music of any genre. No Pink Moon. What else is there?[View]
75790624One Artist/Band, One Video: I and you want to learn about new musicians, artists and bands. Show me …[View]
75790583What do you think about Mellon Collie? I honestly love it, probably my favourite from them. I agree …[View]
75790459Everything after Drain You is forgettable and pointless[View]
75790342Led Zeppelin? More like the four losers.[View]
75790052What are some albums that really use or take advantage of Negative space in the production?[View]
75790111https://www.serjtankianchallenge.com Are you gonna take the challenge, /mu/?[View]
75788804Thoughts on Beck's new album.: I enjoyed every song on this album except for Wow.[View]
75790300ITT: Young artist accomplishment: Thread dedicated for artists who made good music at a young age. …[View]
75783042Never heard any of his stuff b4 but this is a 9/10[View]
75790477Holy shit this is amazing[View]
75790314Did they?[View]
75790460can anything even compare?[View]
75788606did we ever learn if annie was okay?[View]
75788745What does /mu/ think of this album, and where can I get more like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
75790194Would you buy this?[View]
75783616ITT: Truly unpopular opinions: Josh Homme is the only reason anyone ever gave two shits about Kyuss.…[View]
75789727Bill Clinton Swag thread: http://billclintonswag.com/ rate and hate on other Bills[View]
75790095Hey /mu/, what are your favorite country anthems? Pic unrelated[View]
75789800What are some of the most mathy midwest emo albums? I want an album that sounds like this but more m…[View]
75790148>tfw abusive mother killed herself in 2015 and no one told me about this album what gives?…[View]
75790064this is some of the most beautiful instrumental music ive ever heard: http://le-fou.bandcamp.com/[View]
75789958let's talk about the cutest boy lil xan[View]
75790011What are you listening to rn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHRV-KhGDRk[View]
75787967Western Country/Classic Country Music: Hey /mu/, can someone recommend me some good Western country …[View]
75789994Saint Corbin: God bless Saint Corbin. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=zDCrpVrCeMU[View]
75789936is this gonna be the Blackstar of 2017?[View]
75789549The realest shit. You can't handle how real it is. It's too real. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
75786845Why and how does one listen to an album like this?[View]
75788200ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
75789257Create your own musical from 10 songs and tie them in with a story.[View]
75789876Is 'Broken Machine' NBT's 'The Bends'?: Bets are open: are they gonna drop a classic next?…[View]
75788696KPOP GENERAL[View]
75786945Autechre>>>>>>>>>>Aphex twin[View]
75789102What genre even is this? Honestly..[View]
75789842I need music that is similar to this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exLxJBLHNoM I don't…[View]
75787038I want to cuddle with his beard.[View]
75788993BABY'S GOT THE BENDS[View]
75788868Don't diminish the accomplishments of Death Grips by treating their masterwork as two albums wh…[View]
75788915ost the worst 90s underground hip hop album covers[View]
75789413Are there any legitimate reasons why he isn’t the GOAT all I ever see is muh nasal autistic voice[View]
75789579https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rXRG-WWDk7w Are you a 90s kid anon[View]
75788909Want to get into the cure, what do I start with?[View]
757885874x4 Past Week: Post recs, tell me how much of a pleb I am. You know the drill.[View]
75788773eatin dominos[View]
75789357*Saves music[View]
75787335Do you have any idea how much you owe to this man /mu/? Apologize right now[View]
75788799i need a new genre to explore help pls here's my 5x5. i keep getting bored and listen to mumble…[View]
75789329Help: Rec me some industrial punk[View]
75789315What is the one song that always makes you cry, without fail? Pic related for me.[View]
75780038What are some prog rock albums that are actually fun to listen to instead of being wanky and pretent…[View]
75789186Is progressive pop/folk/rock/metal dead?[View]
75787194thoughts on lil xan?[View]
75789255MGMT: Who's the new qt? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtL5oMyBHPs…[View]
75789243shit threads: mods delete spammed plebbit threads like: >Is progressive pop/folk/rock/metal dead?…[View]
75785691*Saves MBDTF*[View]
75789223Metal Urbain: I've got their Anthologie in FLAC, where I should upload it?[View]
75788348This sucks!: I am a connoisseur of all kinds of experimental music: Radiohead, AnCo, DG, Kanye, Pink…[View]
75787575Radiohead is the Neutral Milk Hotel of Animal Collective[View]
75788849i really really like machine girl and vaperror (and his side-project dj camgirl), especially when th…[View]
75787465Post rap songs with industrial beat pls[View]
75770140Record Store Day: Black Friday 2017: Preliminary list leaked, anything catch your eye? https://www.r…[View]
75769891What is your favorite Death Grips album? Pic related[View]
75789106Name 1 (one) better album than this.[View]
75789142ITT: Metalet repellent.[View]
75789103>I hope that you like it in your little motel, and I hope that the suite sleeps and suits you wel…[View]
75789069I've been trying to find this song for like 2 years now. It played on my local ''''indie'''' st…[View]
75788657What's the sweet spot for album art resolution?[View]
75789050rec me albums like this[View]
75788971i love lil xan[View]
75789019Unusual versions of albums: Speakerbrain Praise The Stealy Boy[View]
75788545Nicki Minaj had the best verse of the whole album[View]
75788937Djent is terrible: >get 7 string guitar >Tune it down real low >Play some off beat 16th p…[View]
75787049The rockist takes solace in the fact they believe that the popular artists of today will be forgotte…[View]
75788975Post the greatest music videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uznTHSEgx4U[View]
75788860Trump sings New Rules by Dua Lipa: How does someone even do one of these? Serious question. It'…[View]
75748654/blackmetal/: trve weapons edition[View]
75788586can we have a proper Autechre thread for once and not a thread arguing if Aphex is better (he's…[View]
75788688crunk bagpipes is the greatest genre prove me wrong[View]
75788573Anyone ever notice how your morning goes something simple like >get up - go eat breakfast - get r…[View]
75787746First time listening, should I listen to the original or the 2006 remaster?[View]
75786474Jazz is the best genre[View]
75788329Is this the first 10/10 of 2017? https://le-fou.bandcamp.com/album/hanover-deicide-1973-and-the-blac…[View]
75788617Just want to thank all the random people on here who tuned into the tragically hips last concert las…[View]
75788769This singing style is eerily familiar, where have I heard this before? Anyone knows similar bands? h…[View]
75788315JUST fuck my Canada right up flimflam http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2017/10/18/statement-prime-minister-c…[View]
75787735All I can say is my life is pretty gay..[View]
75787486kpop general[View]
75788581how pleb is my defenses playlist?[View]
75788673Invasion: Soo many breadditors asking if anie is ok, posting epic booger maymays and gaffing all of …[View]
75780655Who's the mastermind behind DG's music?[View]
75788511What do we think about Iggy Pop's body of work?[View]
75785365Never listened to Kate Bush before. FUCK. How does she do it? She was like 18 at that time and the a…[View]
75788498What is Death Grips' best work in your opinion? >pic related, exmil is my fav…[View]
757859457 days 3x3 4x4 5x5 etc thread: rec, rate, guess futures etc hows it going[View]
75787795ITT really cool illustrated album covers[View]
75787557What’s some essential nūmale core so I can listen to all of it?[View]
75788446I have to analyze a song for an assignment, I want to do one from Pet Sounds. Which one would be goo…[View]
75788572This is cool n' all: But where's the bass?[View]
75787106*deletes everything except Windsor Hum and Half Sister*[View]
75788393>True Love Will Find You in the End >Love didn't find him in the end W-what did he mean b…[View]
75788513SYBYR/SYRINGE DOCUMENTARY VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCkEvaJNqdk&t=412s[View]
75788265Hi /ck/ just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to prepare liver and onions?[View]
75788323Gave this a chance today after holding it off, because, you know, Tyler the Creator. Turns out it…[View]
75784920What's the verdict, /mu/?[View]
75788396how did /ourgirl/ do? what's her best album?[View]
75788377hai i liek this album very gud 10/10 :--DDD[View]
75787895More like Stitches? Mostly his aggressive songs not the lame slower ones![View]
75787460Albums: Post any anti police/government metal albums[View]
75788320>you will never have taste this good why even live?[View]
75783699ITT: Albums that have aged flawlessly[View]
75788061Is this board going to be flooded with New Album threads when it finally comes out?[View]
75780265/chart/: U already kno[View]
75787445>song is about sex[View]
75788171Please help.[View]
75783969Did he, in the end, ruin all the kids' academic futures?[View]
75787833Carrie and Lowell Live is the #1 album of 2017: According to RYM. What are your thoughts?[View]
75786623Choose carefully.[View]
75787114which is better mommy Strange Mercy or sexual MASSEDUCTION?[View]
75787662>his favorite artist doesn't have a 4chan banner[View]
75787915wtf why do i like this so much?[View]
75783578Say all you want about this era of music. You can't really deny it has some of the most heartfe…[View]
75769552ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
75786595>plays granny shit >starts turning into a granny pottery…[View]
75786520Skinhead Oi!: What do /mu/tants think of skinhead Oi!? It's such an underdiscussed genre, so I…[View]
75787851Does any one have an essential chart fro classical music?[View]
75787451Hey /mu/, what happened to this site and what's a good replacement for free music? Thanks[View]
75787563/earphones/: What earphones do you own? Do you like them? Do they sound noticeably different to appl…[View]
75785610oh shit! new eminem verse just dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fSW3vmRpV0[View]
75787267Would anyone want to buy a cassette copy of the best of album here: https://abandanonthespeakers.ban…[View]
75787840so what's up with ringo's huge dick though?[View]
75785093I want to binge-listen to all of Swans discography over the course of the next few days. What order …[View]
75786825Quit pretending that U.K. rap is anything but cringe.[View]
75787361What the fuck? Where do I find this? I never had any problems finding/downloading an album somewhere…[View]
75785084What is the best Beatles solo album, /mu/?[View]
75786725would u bang ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrlhLaNClgw[View]
75784962How will Vegas change him as an artist?[View]
75786178Do you even like Ladytron?[View]
75786674good golly didn't know what to expect from this but its pretty ddecent[View]
75787360i actually enjoy music lol[View]
75786612ITT: Ultimate displays of teenage talent[View]
75785528Double albums where the second disc is the best[View]
75787631I need help, I'm looking for some edm/pop mash up/ remix I heard on a pop radio station, assumi…[View]
75787630To all you fans of sludge metal: I don't know very much about this genre. I really like the voc…[View]
75784727does /mu/ like pogo?[View]
75787533What are some beautiful songs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdHGX-AMYvs[View]
75784507what haappened?: deathgripsisonline.com[View]
75783128Holy fuck, this is fucking awesome. What does /mu/ think of these guys?[View]
75786333KPOP GENERAL[View]
75786679Will they manage to put out another 10/10 album?[View]
75787193>feat. rapper[View]
75786337>you can enjoy literally any /mu/core album if you give it enough listens Do you agree with this…[View]
75787419/mu pls rate my new song, need feedback. Any criticism bad or good is cool. https://soundcloud.com/u…[View]
75783563Bilinda Butcher is the most beautiful woman in the world. I would date her despite her being 35 year…[View]
75787326Is this the best debut album of the past five years?[View]
75786669Rate my friend's song please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYG5k2NuGug&list=RDMMPYG5k2Nu…[View]
75784775ITT: Favourite album and story of the best day of your life: > Radiohead - OK Computer > long-…[View]
75785119*Blocks your path for 63 minutes*[View]
75787274where do you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism? If I take a basic riff from a song an…[View]
75784837We are only here to suffer. Music for this realization?[View]
75783814>Killer Mike retweeted this Is it right?[View]
75787231Wasabi Boiz - Quidditch Season: Found this on internet radio the other day and thought yall would be…[View]
75786541are consumers now less caring of actual vocal talent in this current era of music?[View]
75781310ITT: Albums that get a lot of shit on /mu/: ITT: Albums that get a lot of shit on /mu/ but are actua…[View]
75786738Albums that make you enjoy your loneliness ?[View]
75787191Albums that surprised you: Just downloaded this album after listening to Still Of The Night. Why did…[View]
75787141okay yeah he's a creepy weirdo. but we can admit how good this is? reminds me of a couple yrs a…[View]
75786994ITT : Retarded pronunciation of music related words: I used to pronounce MC as MK as in McDonalds , …[View]
75787131/mu/ what's your thought on my bands album? Wasn't my cup of tea but I got into it because…[View]
75779210What is the blade runner 2049 of music ?[View]
75781571ITT: Post your last 5 rates and discuss music Yes I said it, actually talk about music. Otherwise wh…[View]
75785150They call him ranch cus he be dressing[View]
75764465ITT: post that popular song everybody seems to love but makes you violently ill when it comes on[View]
75787030itt: same title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxFOo7dxZTM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9nkzaO…[View]
75787013Curse my mind: Long shot here but trying to find a metal artist that had a album cover I think from …[View]
75786542The thinking man’s Aphex Twin[View]
75786937Musics with yet: ITT:send songs with yet,for a school vhomework[View]
75786927erris is a fucking normie kek[View]
75786902/mu/ will say this is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq82YXcQWzk but say this is bad https://w…[View]
75782695ITT: only the comfiest album covers[View]
75786837/mU, wHAT was the last live show?[View]
75783274What is this? Punk? Emo? Hardcore? Whatever I wanna hear more like this, like music that's mayb…[View]
75785250*sequenced bitcrushed riff* >SQUEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAK >COME ON! >COME ON! *UNTZ UNTZ UNT UNTZ…[View]
75784844What do your genre's on RYM look like gentlemen? Post 'em and judge[View]
75783942What is the closest thing to Vangelis Blade Runner Soundtrack?: some neo-noir cyberpunk atmosphere l…[View]
75783530Post proper country/alt-country: And don't give me some shitty ass people like Chris Stapleton …[View]
75786677Why doesn't Radiohead do an anti drumpf song? are they actually nazis?[View]
75784862>Rock band with a black member >He is unquestionably the worst member of the group…[View]
75783091what does /mu/ think of failure?[View]
75783298What went wrong?[View]
75786291Archy m8 you're a fuckin genius[View]
75786552what would Bedroom-Rap or Bedroom-Trap sound like?: would it just be lofi hip hop?[View]
75779625ITT: 10/10 opening tracks[View]
75781084Pick a side[View]
75774841Who's going to save 2017 with AOTY in the next two months?[View]
75783277Why is music sometimes more expensive on bandcamp than on some other digital platform like bleep or …[View]
75786511Anyone heard this? One of my AOTYs rn. https://le-fou.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
75786211Can any music theory anons plz confirm Endtroducing is shit. Like how none of the samples got tonali…[View]
75782078Holy Shit: Jazz can actually be fun and interesting. More like this please? I always felt plebby for…[View]
75786316>STILL can't tag multiple genres per album[View]
75785131Who was the Jannetty?[View]
75786311>proceeds to yell 'i'm the shit' for 9 solid minutes[View]
75786375I'm looking for music similar to Gowan. Anyone's a fan? Also, I can't find crowder…[View]
75785108KPOP GENERAL[View]
75785939Good german language music? Preferably from the 80s/90s, rock/post punk/cold wave[View]
75782722Thoughts on Bill Wurtz?[View]
75784929What if Björk sang Sparks' songs?[View]
75783949Any jazz grindcore out there? I know their is John Zorn but its a bit too avant-garde for me. Im loo…[View]
75786295Feels Thread: Post songs which make you instantly sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmnDXRJ7btE Pe…[View]
75778633*sexually harrasses your waifu*[View]
75783727NO DYNAMIC RANGE[View]
75780086Thoughts on Banks? I think she's severely underrated.[View]
75786262What genre is this?: Hello, I recently took some extasy and I heard this music. I'd like make m…[View]
75786193I'm sorry, the old Lana can't come to the phone right now. Why? Cus' she's FAT![View]
75784480>So many creeps in Hollywood How did they know?[View]
75785138>listen to the same song on repeat for days[View]
75785883Name 1 electronic duo on their level[View]
75785352What is mu's stance on Mike Oldfield?[View]
75784549How do you go from this...[View]
75782770>married his 13 year old cousin >after being married twice before without ever getting divorce…[View]
75774484/noise/ general: First setup edition Thanks to you beautiful faggots who helped me pick my first gea…[View]
75785858What do you think of Saint Vincent's body of work?[View]
75785613Goth rock revival: cure on steroids? pre gish smashing pumpkins? https://soundcloud.com/nifoxipam/po…[View]
75783703DUM SUFFAH[View]
75784663Women seem wicked When your unwanted[View]
75781986rap sucks[View]
75782682/shugazi/: your late night shoegaze, dream pop and noise rock thread Stop sleeping on Everyone But M…[View]
75785527we'd all be dead[View]
75785518ITT: Popular songs that you like but may be not liked by a large number of people on /mu/ >Pompey…[View]
75784999Post Modern Jukebox: Post Modern Jukebox reworks popular modern music into ___________________. http…[View]
75785463Sup my fellas. Any suggestions for some modern prog-rock but with an ancient sound like early Floyd,…[View]
75782968I don't understand rap, hip-hop, whatever you call it. What's the point of it? All I hear …[View]
75785417>three niggas in one room, first time I was tossed wow so this is the genius of kendrick lamar? t…[View]
75785326'I confess to thinking sex was my salvation, but really they just start with the letter 'S…[View]
75785350Did /mu/ know Thom Yorke played Kevin in Home Alone?[View]
75781502I'm at goth night alone. Request songs for me to request.[View]
75780917*deletes I talk to the Wind* Ahhh perfect[View]
75784917>artist uses a sample from an old song into a new one[View]
75785115>album opens with *loads gun* 'Let's kick some ass.'[View]
75782474Midnight Cyberpunk Music: Evening. I'm reading some William Gibson tonight and digging some cyb…[View]
75783975KPOP GENERAL[View]
75780468Album cover artists: Subject says it all, never seen a thread about it Is there anyone better than S…[View]
75784890Little Dark Age: Anyone else notice the homages to Balthus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtL5oMyB…[View]
75783593i'm seriously thinking about dropping out of my computer science course to do a music course. i…[View]
75784858Most fun songs to sing along to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QGMCSCFoKA The sirens are screamin…[View]
75783217It's actually really fucking good[View]
75783852>you {white people} dna an abomination >my {black people} dna is good what did he mean by this…[View]
75784054what the fuck is up with music? The top 100 billboard is 90% garbage. First off, rap/trap is fucking…[View]
75783751A fantasy: Artist: Circuit Rider Album: Burning Bright 2020 Genres: post-rock, space rock, drone doo…[View]
75784207This song will get you pussy: https://soundcloud.com/fatherromeo/silly-puddy-pocket-pussy…[View]
75779568New XXXTentacion song: Woah this sounds like Slint... https://youtu.be/NQ4sKWCWGV8[View]
75784481What's your opinion on Mogwai?[View]
75783704What’s the best sample based album? My moneys on either Since I Left You by The Avalanches and Modal…[View]
75781352what happened??[View]
75774465This is the best AnCo album, right?[View]
75784268Where will you be when new Fever Ray album drops? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=68…[View]
75784349what do you think of throbbing gristle?[View]
75784153What do you guys think of The Garden?[View]
75784303ITT: Post albums that are between 1h:09m:00s and 1h:09m:59s in length[View]
75783774What does /mu/ think of Julian Casablancas? Just another hack?[View]
75784285https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7R9AAx9mOA Do you think Thom Yorke likes/liked U2?[View]
75783817Seven o'clock in the evening watching something stupid on TV.[View]
75777505To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Blond. The lyrics are extremely subtle, an…[View]
75784219Holy shit, Rachel Goswell was a qt[View]
75784177Nine Inch Nails thread You have taken the nailpill right?[View]
75779363Is Blur a one hit wonder?[View]
75784004You may not like it, but this is what peak britrock sounds like Seriously, this is the best record t…[View]
75782079Is it a smart idea to hit on musicians when you meet them?[View]
75782878KPOP GENERAL: dia[View]
75785047fantano general[View]
75783447What are his essentials?[View]
75781991We can all agree that is the best Brand New album, right?[View]
75783677Please help: This song has been stuck in my head for so long and I cant find it anywhere. The only l…[View]
75780990will people think i'm autistic if i bring my nintendo switch to concerts?[View]
75779979Last.fm 3x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: post yr week Rec / rate / etc etc[View]
75783680Name an artist who's hotter in the city[View]
75782432>this is violence now >not cringing how[View]
75782145What happened?[View]
75781423/mu/ please review my song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrqi7ZSWgbE[View]
75780676>Let me get my hands >On your mammary glands >And let me put your head on the conjugal bed …[View]
75783515>I just bite it, it's for the look, I don't light it What did big willie style mean by …[View]
75782618>music video has kids singing the song[View]
75782810ITT: Herbie Hancock, pleb or patrician?: I know some of his 60's shit is great, and even his 70…[View]
75781883Kanye & Carley Rae: Lmao Kanye used the same sample for Wolves as fucking CRJ, confirmed hack…[View]
75782091Alex: Any news on Alex? He deleted his twatter and has been radio silence. Has he finally killed him…[View]
75783232Motherfucking Kaytranada! Opinions?[View]
75783263/mu please review my song. came out with what i believe to be my best song on soundcloud so far, any…[View]
75780337catchy albums[View]
75783127wtf. this is just Mario Kart music lmao[View]
75783136What do you guys really think about GG Allin?[View]
75783157wish we could turn back time... to the good old days[View]
75782964Thoughts on this song?[View]
75781548Brodus Clay has had enough of her shit. https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/10/fox-news-radioheads-m…[View]
75782545Give me Recommendations: Albums like the first song on Spiderland pls. Anything with a similar level…[View]
75781867Anybody have stories of normies appreciating good shit? Last night I found out a buddy of mine has b…[View]
75783058https://soundcloud.com/physiks/physiks-nothing-dub Listen to physiks if you like hip hop no shill…[View]
75782033>the perfect rap duo does not ex-[View]
75783010So this isn't happening anymore, is it?[View]
75781459How's it aged for you?[View]
75779472Would the history of music be different or the same if this never happened?[View]
75781863what is the best song?[View]
75782721Is this the pinnacle of indie?[View]
75780551ITT: 10/10 moments in albums: >the entirety of Seigfried[View]
75782466Synthrotek #memegate: Modular Addict, Perfect Circuit Dropped him. Any thoughts?[View]
75782899Did anyone else listen to this thoughts? I didn't think it was great, but very good for a debu…[View]
75780621ITT: Stock Images that vaguely correlate to an filename[View]
75782887AWFULLY HOT[View]
75782738https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bgudrFawbk Classic Brian Wilson[View]
75781122Is there an album that captures the feeling of a man going through a break up as perfect as this? Th…[View]
75782200Why don't you own a kino machine yet?[View]
75755252/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Solid Guitar Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguit…[View]
75782784Best lo-fi songs to have a night walk and smoke a cigarette too.[View]
75781638KPOP GENERAL[View]
75782203pls help: i couldn't find any torrent for this i need it pls someone with a magnet[View]
75782369How are they NOT the best rock band of all time?[View]
75782576This is really fucking good[View]
75782661Best viper songs https://youtu.be/56nNnZiPVSI https://youtu.be/us8RmBMDNVQ[View]
75781424ITT: Best Japanese City Pop: Funky, chill, etc. Really just looking for anything.[View]
75782683You guys would like this.[View]
75782303jenny death when[View]
75778581ITT: Post the best album from an artist, and the best track on that album >Debra…[View]
75782495*R&B female vocal samples*[View]
75781796Who /siouxsie/ here?[View]
75782295Is there anything else like this?[View]
75782536Destroy all reefer. Hide your daughters. Curfew for Negros. Big Band is best band. https://www.youtu…[View]
75777199What drugs should I take to see Death Grips? Currently considering 2-cb (which I've never taken…[View]
75782526So I just got an email back from a record label and I have no idea if its a good thing or not cause …[View]
75780918Hi guys, my life is currently falling apart (socially, economically, family, etc) Albums for this fe…[View]
75771278Is it bad that I'm un-ironically liking this new MGMT song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt…[View]
75776943ITT: Albums you think are perfect[View]
75776308Is there any other good album to learn to sing?[View]
75781675/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
75782436Top 10 Anime Betrayals[View]
75782384god damn this album slaps[View]
75781843You guys just listen to music on youtube, right?[View]
75782183Thoughts on this?[View]
75782139I finally figured out 4Chan’s obsession with Nine Inch Nails. Long story short, everyone is more fas…[View]
75781560I made this, did I do good?[View]
75775166what are your favorite female vocalists?[View]
757802361989: Give me your thoughts on this album[View]
75780297What went wrong?[View]
75778928Looking for some medieval sounding albums. All I know is pic related. Any suggestions?[View]
75779465What would this shoegaze be called? Boot-gaze? Snakeskin-scan? Vamp-view?[View]
75781621Was there any good jazz in the 1980's?[View]
75779733it's ok[View]
75778734Going to a show alone: Any of you go to shows alone? is it terrible?[View]
75774926It's 2017 and there's STILL not a single good white rapper. Really makes you think.[View]
75781722we are wasted: @we_are_wasted https://soundcloud.com/we-are-wasted[View]
75780121What is the music equivalent of Adam Sandler starring in Punch-Drunk Love?[View]
75779416I just mashed up 4 random albums I love. Question: If you could only listen to one of these for the …[View]
75774790What did she mean by this cover?[View]
75779983Oh Hi There! Just the best album of all time passing by[View]
75781703Quads schedule Nate Dogg's comeback tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8_ON6l4SXw&t=125…[View]
75777189WOMEN ARE THE NIGGER OF THE WOOORRRLLLLD what did the madman mean by this?[View]
75778162What are some albums that utilize FM synths in a creative way? genre doesn't matter[View]
75781674>if you get tired, of just hanging around >pick up a guitar and spin a web of sound >and th…[View]
75780570>Michael Gira on Start Making Sense with Jehnny Beth Is Beats 1 the patrician radio station?…[View]
75780987A game of chess... ...is like a sword fight... ...You must think first... ...BEFORE you move![View]
75780733KPOP GENERAL[View]
75779400HEY RADIO HEAD[View]
75771980How do i avoid being a genre tourist?[View]
75781523Free Fallin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV6yy0ClQDo[View]
75780943How does it hold up seven years after its release?[View]
75777906who is the andy kaufman of music?[View]
75781417shit that makes you lose your shit >put on funkallero >lose shit…[View]
75781106ITT: casual filters[View]
75780367What does /mu/ think of Andy Morin[View]
75768738/chart/: Hot dog[View]
75778181why is there no bleep? that was the only reason i came here.[View]
75781295Album of the century[View]
75780702TR-8 and Microkorg S: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz46auYYeK4&feature=youtu.be My first time…[View]
75780657wanna ask a girl out but need confidence, music for this? >pic semi-related…[View]
75779964ITT: Albums with a shitton of over-production like reverb, echoes, phasing, double tracked vocals, e…[View]
75780934Death Grips X Ministry post show thread Terminal 5 tonight in NYC what'd you think?[View]
75776999ITT: God-tier avant-garde jazz[View]
75781112Finding an Old Music Video: Hey /mu/, I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in about 2006 or 2007. While I was…[View]
75780392what are some songs about rape/sexual abuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmhVN6xsZVw[View]
75778838I need music for flying through space. Thanks in advance[View]
75781054Share your best music memes, extra points if you made them[View]
75780221>his waifu isn't in his favorite band smhtbhfam[View]
75779842What are some good J-rock albums?[View]
75780479>We arrived at the restaurant, went in the front door, and who should be sitting at the very firs…[View]
75780964we'd all be dead[View]
75776331Bang bang you're dead Hole in your head Bang bang you're dead Hole in your head...[View]
75780924Musical equivalent of A Clockwork Orange: A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie and I want to know…[View]
75780651The Nutcracker is this niggas masterpiece and you know it[View]
75779261This is a cross-post from /vg/'s /agdg/ board, I was wondering if it would gain a little more t…[View]
75778278Finally listening to this for the first time. Holy fucking shit, I'm sorry I ever doubted you g…[View]
75776836>Best track is followed by worst track[View]
75775399what's your favourite Paramore song, /mu/?[View]
75779415what are some albums about attempting to be a normal social human being but realizing that years of …[View]
75773651Hey /mu/, here are the changes to the team for the cup, which starts in 10 days. In >Band has 2 …[View]
75780783Paris Club Music: The hell happened to this stuff? I liked it a lot and a few people were saying it …[View]
75777096Do People Really Find King Gizzard Appealing?: Do People Really Find King Gizzard Appealing Or is It…[View]
75779844KPOP GENERAL[View]
75778785Underground: You guys like underground shit? I'll list my favs currently. $uicideboy$ GHOSTEMAN…[View]
75770642What are some albums that are about man vs. God?[View]
75776016ITT: local music cringe https://youtu.be/OfR6yQ1E_uQ I'm from a major city in Germany[View]
75780456Old school cowboy: /mu/ never talks about country music, which is a shame cause its a great genre wi…[View]
75775340>Go on anon, spit out a verse[View]
75780573>this kills the early-70s rock critic[View]
75779815Thoughts on The Chameleons?[View]
75779596>Nirvana is punk[View]
757790571. Ziggy 2. Hunky Dory 3. Low 4. Blackstar 5. Heroes 6. Station to Station 7. Aladdin Sane 8. Scary …[View]
75777824Do you believe her?: I love her music and all but I’m skeptical about her accusations against Lars V…[View]
75777684an unforgivingly autistic theory on where indie went wrong and why it's dying now[View]
75767849cute musicians[View]
75780210>While we were at lunch, Weymouth announced that she had heard David Byrne was a murderer. And sh…[View]
75779190what kind of music do I need to listen to to get a gf like her?[View]
75780329New Fever Ray Coming Soon: What are everyone's thoughts and opinions on this. The track from th…[View]
75777784See this album? It's /mu/core now[View]
75774499/shugazi/ - shoegaze, blackgaze, noise pop, dream pop,: listen to something new[View]
75776708I can't believe he's really gone... Time does fly.[View]
75780126Nostalgiaposting: Music that gets you all nostalgic? Those little (meta) pleasures that get you gidd…[View]
75780120lil pump ooh lil pump yah lil pump ooh lil pump yah lil pump ooh lil pump yah[View]
75779462ITT: music that makes you feel brainlet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5rmhW3VFdk[View]
75779772There isn't a point anymore.[View]
75776789separating the art from the artist: >You fooled them, they think you are the special one >And …[View]
75776155Post shit artists[View]
75778759>Listen to Residents every night >3 girls in campus, 'friends', I'm just addicted to >…[View]
75778496Is the production on this supposed to be absolute shit?[View]
75777701What's the best Bowie song and why is it Under Pressure?[View]
75778308Is it good?[View]
75779734>mfw I've heard all my life that the Dire Straits are an extremely talented band but have ne…[View]
75778668KPOP GENERAL[View]
75778063unrequited love-core?: any genres welcome[View]
75779299So my friend is trying to make some music.: I was wondering if you guys can give me opinions on this…[View]
75779380Thoughts on the new kamasi EP? I love it[View]
75777064How do I make this song sound cooler? https://youtu.be/SWXdHsMU99E[View]
75778601What's his best album?[View]
75779605What band is their real-world equivalent? Extremely flashy, American heavy metal group that uses a l…[View]
75777210is pic related the ultimate gatekeeping band? if you dont like ava youre truly a brainlet. also , ba…[View]
75779601How do you like the face of your new savior /mu?[View]
75779600Underrated McCartney album a victim of contrived criticism: One More Kiss, Single People, Little Lam…[View]
75779575/bleep/: Any man of the acidic persuasion in?[View]
75775598How did they get away with blatantly stealing from Black Sabbath twice? 1) logo is literally master …[View]
75778904Can you please stop posting that I'm farting? I don't want to sue your dumb, virgin asses.…[View]
75779535Throw down hot rap songs. Hottt.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNnxl65Ulc8[View]
75779493What does /mu/ think about the music of Angel Olsen?[View]
75778136can anyone recommend me something similar to this?[View]
75776535>well well WELL WELLL WELLLLLLL[View]
75778430/punk, hxc/: what are some ground breaking live punk albums?[View]
75778390These Peoples Try To Fade Me: Coach Z, Coach Z, one-two one-two Coach Z, one-two one-two Coach Z, Co…[View]
75778326>Listening to Outrun by Kavinsky >Out of nowhere a nigger starts rapping Into the trash you go…[View]
75779373Can someone reccomend me a good sampler vst? I use ableton, simpler is good but simple, can't m…[View]
75778471In his bid to bring back rock music, did he inadvertently make a pop album?[View]
75779321where do I start with field recordings?[View]
75778700Post-emo?: I've thought about this with a small series of songs and albums from certain bands, …[View]
75777245How long does it usually take /mu/ to start enjoying a given album? Are you the kind of person who g…[View]
75779308Duet Thread: Let's share some weird duets that just seem to work. I've always enjoyed Robe…[View]
75777973TUNE IN TONIGHT playlist.mutantradio.org:8000/live.mp3 come chat or request or get a dj spot of you…[View]
75779213So I haven't looked into any Synths since my Roland GAIA was stolen (RIP), I absolutely adored …[View]
75774304Post a song that in your opinion perfectly describes the feeling of being in love: https://www.youtu…[View]
75779135/bleep/: /bleep/ babyfather edition[View]
75779116Need some good edgy music, metal, punk, etc. Give me some[View]
75778835*deletes Bachelorette and Pluto*[View]
75779008How Do I Appreciate Popular Music?: I need to widen my horizons (my gf likes normie music). I can…[View]
75776812What should I listen to if I liked the poppier tracks on Drunk?[View]
75777727Opinions on Sabaton: What is y'alls opinion on Sabaton? Personally they are my favorite band bu…[View]
75778137>self titled album and self titled song >the only album the band has made >self titled song…[View]
75778412This is really fucking good[View]
75740622/daily/ - Nobody's Posting / Nobodies Posting edition: The point of these threads is to encoura…[View]
75778434Best closer of the year?[View]
75778426Great production Better than Let It Be[View]
75778073Guys help I can't stop playing the second half of Firth of Fifth i beg of you please give me so…[View]
75778612Benji and MPP are my favorite albums, can you rec me some other ones?[View]
75778628What's a good source for finding official album instrumentals? They seem to be rare and spread …[View]
75778194If rock was the trap/rap of the 1970s then what was the top 40 normiepop?[View]
75778697Anybody remember Mumuplayer? Yeah? Is there an alternative that people actually still use? I remembe…[View]
75777570>song uses slap bass[View]
75777545KPOP GENERAL[View]
75778203Has anyone here successfully taught themselves piano? I just started today and it seems a lot of the…[View]
75769512Any updates on Alex Calder?[View]
75778625Just a daily reminder that this album is god damn beautiful.[View]
75777435Why does he obsess so much over white girls in this album??[View]
75778512Make up a guitar pedal, how it looks and sounds or just post some pedals[View]
75772546>band is nice enough to release half their album online to give people a sneak preview >fanbas…[View]
75771500ITT: We post work out music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgtUHHk30uc Hard mode: nothing longer th…[View]
75775869why don't you listen to reggaeton[View]
75775040Name a female rapper with more than 1 good song[View]
75775960Please give me the edgiest song of all time[View]
75777572He's next[View]
75776703/gsg/ - Gwen Stefani General: :D[View]
75775420ITT: Post an album cover without actually posting it[View]
75774008new tapmusic thread old one was shit 3x3 4x4 5x5 >rec&r8 rec&r8 >rec&r8 rec&r8…[View]
75768367hearthis: Hey /mu ! You probably know soundcloud, but do you hearthis ? Hearthis a is a 'soundc…[View]
75761850ITT: Albums women will never understand.[View]
75777860Why do white rappers sound better and feel happy when they rap[View]
75776384my gf just broke up me music for this horrible feel[View]
75774646Is scaruffi right /mu/?: Is he right about the Beatles being shit? I cant seem to think of any good …[View]
75773901>song titles are in all caps[View]
75775824What do you think of this? Is it better than ITCOTCK?[View]
75775976Pet peeve thread: Post /mu/ related shit that you hate or that annoys you. I'll start. >'yo …[View]
75777944wtf is the album I'm thinking of: am I crazy? I can't seem to find this album and I can…[View]
75769300Oasis was an inside job[View]
75777036Why are there no all female rap groups? That would be neat.[View]
75776350Looking for albums/songs similar: Really like Switched on Bach but cant find anything like it[View]
75777835/mu/ BTFO[View]
75773978Took nearly 2 months to deliver and it ain't even that good. I've been disappointed in KGA…[View]
75777641I do remember one thing. It took hours and hours but.. by the time I was done with it, I was so invo…[View]
75777657Skinhead Oi!: What do /mu/tants think of skinhead Oi!? It's such an underdiscussed genre, so I…[View]
75777681Goon Gumpas is the best song.[View]
75774006Tape Delay: This might just bee because I'm a musician and I know most of the bag of tricks mus…[View]
75775637What's her objective best song?[View]
75777473Well this is a masterpiece[View]
75776442KPOP GENERAL[View]
75776821Is this a good album?[View]
75777490thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLx4Hx47gBg[View]
75776686This IS the best album of all time: Discuss please[View]
75777454Is this a slept on rap album?[View]
75777307What's the most AWESOME album ever?![View]
75776640This is just animal crossing music but weirder[View]
75775091What the hell happened to U2?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrb5EpMbvEw[View]
75776872What does /mu/ think of her voice? ITT: singers with a beautiful voice[View]
75775225Randomly listened to some Tool songs after so many years and holy fuck I love these guys' music…[View]
75777191https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmAi9XmlIo Thoughts on new Morrissey ?[View]
75777211That pussy to die for[View]
75775827>11 of 12 tracks are over 4 minutes long[View]
75775820Name a bigger instrument meme than double bass pedals.[View]
75777162Maybe I don't watch many films from the 1960's, but can someone explain why Scaruffi belie…[View]
75776570Alright you hipsters: Give me one good reason why you don't think Take on Me isn't the gre…[View]
75774815if you stumble upon this post, you must link to what you are listening to[View]
75777209What do you lads think of my mix for Heroes and Villains https://vocaroo.com/i/s0YfVGlwJymB[View]
75774437so exactly what the fuck is the difference between an album and a mixtape in 2017 or in any year act…[View]
75776792People seem to forget about this album: Why?[View]
75777157>coming to the realization that a vast majority of my friendships, which weren’t many to begin wi…[View]
75777143If xxxtentacion makes a song about ramen, what would it say?: please be dank lol[View]
75777127share specific circum(ha cum)stances and get music recs: what's some music for being patient wh…[View]
75777085>la la la la la la LA LA LA LA LA LA LIFE GOES ON BRAH![View]
75777049I'am looking for new songs to hear: So i have been listening to the same type of songs for just…[View]
75777065Diablo Swing Orchestra: I hope you have your fedoras prepped, boys http://www.spinefarmrecords.com/w…[View]
75774924What are some good albums under 30mins?[View]
75777019Opinion on Eurodance: Hey /mu/fags what's your opinion on late 90's to mid 2000's Eur…[View]
75777004Hardbass Thread: Gimme the poundingest recs you have, today was leg day and I'm still in a squa…[View]
75773722Still the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time.[View]
75776944How do you guys feel about perception? or about NF in general.[View]
75775804This is objectively true.[View]
75776679Paint album art: Draw album art in paint and others guess what the album is[View]
75776899sugar ray? more like sugar gay.[View]
75776867Iraq musicz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEFj6zQsiYg Fuck kurds and fuck isis, music of the true…[View]
75773066Im creating a playlist of depressive/melancholic songs. Here is the playlist so far: https://open.sp…[View]
75776826Fuck Eminem Fuck Hillary Fuck the Left as a political movement and as a motherfucking ideology And i…[View]
75776693>artist releases their worst album before they die[View]
75776803Selena: bidi bidi bom bom[View]
75772559Wubba Lubba Dub dub!*fart noise* only true intellectuals understand and get Mr Bungle, their music i…[View]
75770656how can i make electronic music similar to this[View]
75776563King of Krautrock. Why the actual fuck is this thing so underrated?[View]
75774239ITT: All-time great artists' worst songs: A probably quite uncontroversial one to start with ht…[View]
75776755>2017 >not listening to Melanesian choirs…[View]
75775968Itt blurry portrait cover art >inb4 blurryface[View]
75776644I've only ever really listened to hip-hop, what are some albums from other genres I should chec…[View]
75776540Why is the John Lennon was a wife beater so widely accepted? The only actual evidence we have is tha…[View]
75775289This is really good. insanely underrated.[View]
75775448God damn I'm so in love with this album[View]
75769149NOISE ROCK BREAD post albums you've listening to what does moo think of th faith healers, pain …[View]
75774557Music will always and forever be subjective. This is obvious, but I think you people neglect the rea…[View]
75774793God's not real. >*Le tips fedora* Why do edgy hipster retards love this band?…[View]
75772180/ncg/ - Nick Crompton general: Stay poppin' edition[View]
75776597*boing boing* youtu.be/jCSc0V2SEjs youtu.be/TBnej13JRjE[View]
75776587More like this please.[View]
75776167What kind of music will get me the most cute girls?[View]
75776436I'm studying japanese homework please give me some weeb music to listen to my tomodachi.[View]
75769400ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
75776293Anyone gotta good weed smoking sesh Spotify playlist?: I need one for next time me and uni my mates …[View]
75776450ITT: Music[View]
75773398>lofi garage band >plays $2000+ guitars I noticed this alot, especially for later-to-be-succes…[View]
75771682anyone hear about the bag of shit at the termial 5 gig?[View]
75775396KPOP GENERAL[View]
75776341dear /mu/ tang family, please hook a brother up with the DL for this album??[View]
75776375which ones are the best reggae songs /mu/[View]
75774455>When a little girl pass me by >I can smell, I can smell, the way she walks... What did he mea…[View]
75776324Was this Beirut's only good album? Not including the Lon Gisland EP.[View]
75772729Hey girl, I heard you hate consent...: MmmmHmmmmm[View]
75773834FIND OUT WHAT THIS FEAR IS ABOUUUUT Tears for Fears are so underrated[View]
75775434More baby making music: Morning After picked up where Sept 5th left off.[View]
75775270Gear Thread: Lets see some gear[View]
75776256I'm gonna shill my medicre rocksmith videos here. you should to. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
75775483Where do I start with him?[View]
75773421Holy shit: I need more.[View]
75776097Freddie Mercury - I'm Gay (feat. Andrew Glouberman): https://youtu.be/by1mK-20fqQ[View]
75771389Recent pickups. This arrived today![View]
75768815Why does /mu/ love this album?[View]
75776134Do you prefer New Retro Wave or Artzie Music?[View]
75774286what am I missing /mu/ besides sylenth1[View]
75776014a few days ago someone created a thread here asking if they should listen to Swans, which reminded m…[View]
75774770Gimme some sp00ky songs for my sp00k-playlist[View]
75767341Entire music library on shuffle, post the first 5 songs and guess their age based on the music. >…[View]
75773988Bill Clinton Thread[View]
75774694Was Rod Stewart ever cool?[View]
75775935>ITT: Albums so good they make you cry.[View]
75772743So, I can appreciate that the type of shit that goes down* on the nine tracks which litter Illmatic …[View]
75774071>Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has claimed that he once encountered a shapeshifter, des…[View]
75775792>didn't think to post on /mu/ about going to death grips concert so missed my chance to hang…[View]
75773365>Get really bad tinnitus 6 months ago >Hear it over literally everything >Go to doctor a we…[View]
75774673find a flaw[View]
75775732what albums do big guys listen to?[View]
75775381Tame Impala? More like Lame Impala[View]
75775733>mfw will never go back to a simpler time when mucore, late 2000s indie trash, idm were the shit …[View]
75775745pic unrelated so I might try to get a record from Discogs. does anyone know any specific sellers I c…[View]
75775663what do we think of the new panda bear album, /mu/? seems way poppier than his other stuff[View]
75775617Audio/Visual: Looking to check out some more amateur/underground audio visual art things. Please pos…[View]
75775585I'm just so happy /mu/ and I want to share it with you. Lenka's Attune album is now out, a…[View]
75771403Morrissey - Spent the Day in Bed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmAi9XmlIo[View]
75775016Happy 10/17. What are Gucci Mane’s best tracks? I need me some guwop music[View]
75773296KPOP GENERAL[View]
75775050Post your favorite band/artist logo[View]
75761740whats the worst song[View]
75775179Today is Eminem's 45th anniversary. Say something nice about him.[View]
75758845/metal/: pictures of rob halford edition olde: >>75743292[View]
75773971*blocks your conventional rhythms*[View]
75770064How did he blow 85% of his fortune?[View]
75774507Why do young people today have a preference for slow genres? Trap, vaporwave, even brostep despite i…[View]
75774296>spotify + ezblocker[View]
75774624i'm really intimidated by minor threat. they're such a canonized band that i feel guilty f…[View]
75774757I can't tell if Ian Mackaye is supposed to be some tight ass old grandpa or based as fuck. I…[View]
75773217WHEN I WAS[View]
75775196post old school 80s synth pop with bored francogerman vocals about manequins fugging each other no …[View]
75770944nam-core: shit you'd listen to if you were in the nam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb3iPP-tH…[View]
75775142I need to make a flyer for my college radio show, so I'm looking for some cool music related im…[View]
75771506There is no good country music[View]
75773386>ywn go back to the summer of 2006 when perfect pop tracks produced by Timbaland ruled the airwav…[View]
75774904Why is he not the King of /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXTJAgWsTd4[View]
75773239When is Dungeon Synth going to take of?[View]
75773361ITT: Bands /mu/ doesn’t care about[View]
75774682>I shit myself in beddd[View]
75773176Are there any songs that are similar to sun araw's Horse Steppin? Or deep cover?[View]
75774993blink-182 or blink-1488?[View]
75773790Thoughts on this?[View]
75773486What does /mu/ think of him?[View]
75774713THE VIETNAM WAR - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Anyone listened to the Reznor and Ross score to Ken Burns Vie…[View]
75774539I'm sorry, the old Ween can't come to the phone right now. Why? Cus' they're dea…[View]
75771371post 10/10 perfect funk[View]
75774300What's /mu/ opinion on Metallica The highs the low's, at what point in their discography …[View]
75773983Where does one start with Swans?[View]
75774302Opinion on The Decemberists?[View]
75772370Lupe Fiasco vs Kendrick Lamar: Who is better, /mu/?[View]
75774754I only found the first half of this album enjoyable the rest kind of dragged on in my opinion.[View]
75770276Who here still waiting for the second part?[View]
75746388/rank/: You know the drill Take an album, rank each song from it[View]
75774664Albums the melonthony headtano was wrong about[View]
75769056AOTY thread.[View]
75759519If Queen is Reddit's band, then who's 4chan's band?[View]
75773906Lost my library: Lost my collection anon. help me get some back https://youtu.be/lG5aSZBAuPs[View]
75774544Just curious, whats your opinion on tool /mu/? Do you like them? Hate them? Is it just another band,…[View]
75773301Faul > Paul[View]
75770599Is this the level of quality we can expect from eminem's next album? If so....thoughts?[View]
75769470>My favorite thing about the Eminem freestyle is the wall of dark-skinned black people behind him…[View]
75773649Post comfy albums.[View]
75774018How to start listening to actual music?: I've only listened to video game music so far but I ca…[View]
75774428Bill Clinton thread: http://www.billclintonswag.com Post the last 4 albums you listened to, others g…[View]
75773952What are some good songs about the patriarchy? I'm making a menenist playlist[View]
75773749Music like this?: Hi guys, I've been listening to this piece of music recently but I can't…[View]
75774313>Song has a simile[View]
75773000Concert deaths/accidents: Aside from the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, what are some other notorious …[View]
75770797hai i liek this album very gud 10/10 :--DDD[View]
75774372>I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses Can't define how I be droppin…[View]
75773234*bbbuuurp* look morty i *burp* turned myself into a breakbeat morty! WUBALUBADUB DUB![View]
75774207>that one song on your 10/10 album that you can't bring yourself to like What's her nam…[View]
75774024>he hasn't taken the GrÍmèšpill yet There is harmony in everything do whatever jubilant sh*t…[View]
75774160Opinion on Nap Eyes? I saw them live in ATL last week. Found them to be super duper boring and unor…[View]
75771153>Song you liked gets used on a commercial[View]
75772530Selena Quintanilla: Thoughts on one of America's greatest singers?[View]
75774256https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCm_ZGTUFKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCm_ZGTUFKA https://www.…[View]
75774229>the ending of napalm brain/scatter brain ;__;[View]
75773218Ege Bamyası, Future Days and Monster Movie are all better imo. Who relates?[View]
75774116New pickups thread. Rate my taste[View]
75773426Strawpolls: Alright /mu/ let's have a little vote. First off, best AND WORST Radiohead albums? …[View]
75773547Has anyone listened to stretch 1 and 2 by Arca? Need recommendations[View]
757740282000s nostalgia: In the next few years we will reach peak 2000s nostalgia and with it we will see a …[View]
75773292KPOP GENERAL[View]
75774120What the fuck is wrong with Julian Koster? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrt822SsTIY This is the m…[View]
75764819Share it up folks, didnt see one in the log[View]
75773225Is this the peak of electronic music?[View]
75772462GUYS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtL5oMyBHPs[View]
75772792>She gets on ma- aaaaarghh. WHAT did he mean by this????????[View]
75773957more like this? the closer the better[View]
75769886>when the granny shit is just right[View]
75767537Out-Of-Tune: Post any out-of-tune/non-standard tuning music here. Stuff like 'The Scientist' by Cold…[View]
75772981What did /mu/ thought of this album ?[View]
75773816>Pop Punk sucks ummm, try again sweetie[View]
75773677Anybody else genuinely enjoy the most unwanted music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gPuH1yeZ08…[View]
75773880>broken hearts make it rain[View]
75770762>album has more than 15 songs[View]
75772391Supple breasts n booty[View]
75769445Has there ever been a more sleeper song of the year than Sleep Drifter?[View]
75773600bobby K: anyone know where I can get an instrumental version of Lucian's Bobby K? I've che…[View]
75773817ITT: Chartposting: This is what I have been checking out recently. Been really getting into Wiki and…[View]
75773789Which one of you cunts is gonna find this on whatcd and share it..?[View]
75773641Does mu like Reggea?[View]
75772833Hey guys, I got this acoustic Clarissa guitar from an old family friend, but the bridge seems to be …[View]
75772987Has there ever been a worse album?[View]
757698247.5/10 desu[View]
75772754HOW DO YOU GO FROM THIS...[View]
75773681What are some bands with similar vocal melodies to MBV? Not shoegaze bands specifically but somethin…[View]
75773666Post your favorite album released the year you were born. Pic related.[View]
75771166songs/music for a good halloweenparty?[View]
75761197Make a musical big 3: take three artists that you think would make good music together. for example,…[View]
75772676Did the Dead ever made any reak songs that weren't just pure wank?[View]
75773093Well that sucked[View]
75772107Robert Plant is literally the worst vocalist of all time and the prime reason Led Zeppelin is not ju…[View]
75772899can anyone tell what song plays when this band walks out? it sounds very 80s and i swear i have hear…[View]
75772426KPOP GENERAL[View]
75771894are there any albums that do the same thing as pic related where they have lyrics but they havent be…[View]
75771413>End of song comes >Artist starts oversinging and strumming their guitar really fast >Every…[View]
75772993Full Circle by The Doors[View]
75770568Relearning Piano/Piano General: I recently bought a new piano, 61 keys for a small work place. I use…[View]
75773126Heavy metal song: Hi, I am trying to make a heavy metal/rock song.Can you help me with the lyrics?He…[View]
75770198What is some pro-objectivism music?[View]
75772808post your favorite ambient electronic albums, the darker sounding the better[View]
75772135What's the least original album that /mu/ can name? Pic related is just a more boring version o…[View]
75771226I've been getting really into black metal recently finally figuring out what the fuck it was. B…[View]
75772776What >$100 headphones do you guys recommend?[View]
75772861Does /mu/ like fun music?[View]
7577207880s Metal: 80s Metal is the only acceptable form of music. Electronic music is faggot garbage. Abso…[View]
75771001Hip-hop is a music industry practical joke that's spiraled out of control.[View]
75772883Post your post-breakup Beatles albums, others rate[View]
75770490lowkey bandcamp thread ill start: https://blankhighlightreel.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
75772617>married his 13 year old cousin >after being married twice before without ever getting divorce…[View]
75772757Soundtracks: I was watching Split the other night and then was reminded of how GOAT Unbreakable…[View]
75771358did anyone else know that the guy from clipping was like the lead in hamilton and won a tony how fuc…[View]
75768239What's some non-hard rock/metal music with anti-christian themes?[View]
75770503What do you guys really think about GG Allin?[View]
75763328is black metal harmful? >this is dead >before black metal >happy and goofy >lots of fri…[View]
75772668New A Perfect Circle song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6kd0FQhd5k Quite nice senpai[View]
75770909Vinyl Pressing (Slated for December 5th, 2017): Im pressing Trump Mask Replica on Vinyl. More info c…[View]
75771614What does this mean?[View]
75771069Stoner Metal: What are the essential Stoner Metal albums?[View]
75771419KPOP GENERAL[View]
75772348Is this the greatest artist that ever lived? Also tell me more like him.[View]
75772408Who else loves this beautiful instrument? What are the essential songs besides >https://www.you…[View]
75771598Britpop and uk indie was a government conspiracy to keep black music out of the uk charts[View]
75771861Music is tainting the minds of our children with swearing and suggestive lyrics. Post an evil verse …[View]
75770792>So yeah, I’m trying to get into heavy metal at the moment, because I’m feeling like I missed out…[View]
75768058BIDI BIDI BOM BOM[View]
75770305ITT: post rap songs/albums with experimental/industrial beats[View]
75771926ITT: Records so otherwordly and unique they defy explanation and categorization[View]
75771809Is this the greatest trap song of all time? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MVxMmMuTk60[View]
75770907Kanye or Kendrick[View]
7575414680% concept, 20% music: not sure what she was thinking with this product[View]
75771213>be accused of rape >have literally all your exes who you've treated like utter garbage r…[View]
75771701>Weezy F Baby What did the 'F' stand for?[View]
75771714How to appreciate Death Grips? >tfw too pleb to enjoy death grips[View]
75766926Why are they a dominantly post-rock band when the only music that sounds like them are noise/math ro…[View]
75772011>M-muh monster verse All of his other verses on Kanye songs have been extremely good, why is /mu/…[View]
75771526https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxstMJY2Q28 >1:39 What did they mean by this?…[View]
75772024Recommendations: Guys, i need recommendations for music to play at a party with people from35 years …[View]
75771996Absolutely loved the production.[View]
75771206Post comfy fall tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g_WWoIePns[View]
75771478>mfw white people can't make anything this groovy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIljpItwhV…[View]
75763672What do you think of Metallica?[View]
75771837Post band's actual best album.[View]
75770958ITT: solo masterpieces from members of bands with already great discographies. this album is not les…[View]
75771172CRINGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f2-88pyRtU[View]
75764903i never really thought about chinese non-pop music until i heard chinese football. post your favori…[View]
75770546Thoughts on the new Slim Jesus video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-LywW-jg3A[View]
75769971Who are your favorite musicians? Mine are: St Vincent PJ Harvey Mew Genesis Sufjan Stevens Scott Wal…[View]
757655805x5 thread Post your last 7 days 75% is not good enough[View]
75770666ITT: Bands with perfect/nearly perfect discographies: Starting with an obvious pick[View]
75770935Black is black I want my baby back It's gray, it's gray Since she went away, Ooh-Ooh What …[View]
75770663Does he have it in him to release another Down Colorful Hill? Maybe at least another Old Ramon?[View]
75771595Anyone else hyped for Astroworld?[View]
75771191So I downloaded Ableton and it stopped working within a month: Whats the next best DAW ? Something…[View]
75767495Joji: this kid is doomed to a career of shitty SoundCloud music. why exactly do people care about hi…[View]
75771552What's on your essential road trip mix /mu/?[View]
75771394How many musics there are? And how many have you catched?[View]
75770782>Young and we alive >Was 38 years old at the time and even older now What did he mean by this?…[View]
75753112ITT: God-tier jazz[View]
75771488Favorite slowpop? Mine is Billie Ellish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBRi6aZJGj4 Marian Hill: ht…[View]
75770345KPOP GENERAL[View]
75770681Music for this feel?: I'm falling out of love with my girlfriend of 4 years. It's not a tr…[View]
75771348Favorite album art thread[View]
75771093What is your favourite riff of all time?: Mine's Day Tripper, so god damn catchy[View]
75771277what are some bands?[View]
75771187which song on Homogenic has a better version than the album one?[View]
75766791My friend just called Helpless Child 'country'[View]
75771016Greatest guitarist who ever lived[View]
75770747donny fagwell: ITT: White rappers who aren't afraid to say nigger[View]
75764265>tfw slowly starting to like metal It can't end like this.[View]
75771199Hey anon, isn't music amazing? In all its forms and degrees of complexity? Doesn't art mak…[View]
75771209Holy shit[View]
75770562You might not like it, but this is what the AOTY looks like: Relatives in Descent by Protomartyr, ju…[View]
75771124What the fuck is that squeeking noise in that new george micheal song. This is why ghosts shouldn…[View]
75771157>go to http://inspirobot.me >get an inspirational quote >try to correlate it to an album Ki…[View]
75771147What are some music band that has the catchiness and experimentality of death grips and energy/punch…[View]
75769839itt: bands with only one good album[View]
75767356Whats some post-beatle core[View]
75766993What are her best songs?[View]
75762469post albums with only good songs[View]
75768169>40 minutes of non-music and dicking around Just... why. What would push a man to record somethin…[View]
75770880>tfw your shitpost makes it into a music video[View]
75765544[untitled] is the best track[View]
75768829thoughts on grimes?[View]
75769821*Deletes nothing*[View]
75770951This album is so much better than everything Talking Heads did after Remain in Light. I think Byrne …[View]
75769911Best Pictures of Musicians performing?: Any better than this one from 1951?[View]
75770771IT'S BEEN A WHILE[View]
75768861Name a Hip Hop figure with more classics under their belt: >Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers >6 …[View]
75770261Need some music to soundtrack my suicide, long journey up a mountain and them jumping off from the h…[View]
75770696does emo have to be mathy?[View]
75770643ITT: Nu-metal[View]
75768953>he listens to jazz[View]
75770513does anyone have a link? p-pls?[View]
75764371>go to YouTube History >click Search History >screencap latest searches >post ITT >ha…[View]
75770636Plainclothes Man: Is this the best song of the 90's?[View]
75759089What was >their best song >best album >best album cover >best beagle >worst song…[View]
75770617Woah!! Look at this verse that Kanye wrote: Penitentiary chances, the devil dances And eventually an…[View]
75770323BANDCAMP THREAD: Because I know you want one[View]
75770601ITT: if you hear it, you lose >WE HIT THE BIG TIME[View]
75767642Any music for a gay self hating insomniac like me[View]
75768914Am I feminine for liking Cocteau Twins?[View]
75770543>it's another thread of a person saying an album has 'clicked' >thread gets 30+ replies…[View]
75770199tfw I have 4chan addiction and it's way worse than it sounds. Music for this feel?[View]
75770443/mu/ made me download this. I didn't like the cover but I listened to it, it was ok. I've …[View]
75770495Not even one single less-than-brilliant moment in this work of art[View]
75770447What are some songs/artists that will get me as pumped up as this song? Looking for workout music. h…[View]
75757779/shugazi/ - shoegaze, blackgaze, noise pop, dream pop,: december listenalongs happening finna be goo…[View]
75770430/crypticlyric/: >mentions some British location >Glasgow Bomb Is there som sinister message b…[View]
75770301Memes aside, what are Viper's Top 5 tracks?[View]
75761146Fuck this fucking faggot.[View]
75770379Rolando Simmons finally releases a full-length lp and it's dreamy as fuck. anyone else here hea…[View]
75769741What does /mu/ think of Ephel Duath [spoiler]not the mountain range[/spoiler] What is your favourite…[View]
75769462KPOP GENERAL: Protect Irene edition[View]
75770047The Battle of Thermopylae (/θərˈmɒpJliː/ thər-MOP-i-lee; Greek: Μάχη τῶν Θερμοπυλῶν, Machē tōn Therm…[View]
75770190What's /mu/'s opinion of The Smashing Pumpkins?[View]
75770213This song is so fucking good holy shit https://youtu.be/uuZE_IRwLNI[View]
75770210Is this the greatest goblin rock album ever made?[View]
75769651do people actually listen to dungeon synth unironically[View]
75766820Ariel Pink: >5'4' >self described beta male >doesnt pander to liberal media, speaks h…[View]
75759344fox news bimbo ends radiohead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk0dcjv1NDs RIP[View]
75770133waifu albums/artists: probably one of my fave artists of all time. post waifu albums[View]
75768342Riff Medley - 50 Riffs in one take: My name is João Patrão, I play guitar since the day my father ta…[View]
75768967>Beck >St Vincent >Arcade Fire >tfw indie music is dead…[View]
75769620New A Perfect Circle Song: Uuuuuh.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6kd0FQhd5k[View]
7576821510/10 masterpiece. This is what they will remember the year 2015 for[View]
75769423Bored of my music library What should I listen to?[View]
75769731How do I make UK Garage tunes without a drum loop or keyboard?[View]
75769960Spotify etc. playlists!: Evening /mu/stafas Anyone interested in sharing playlists you've creat…[View]
75768790To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand prog rock. The chord progression is extrem…[View]
75766601ITT: don't post a good album[View]
75768341/mu/ pls halp: /mu/, I'm bored as fuck with most music and, frankly, you're taste is absol…[View]
75767707/Paramore/: favourite Paramore song? mine's Brighter[View]
75768610superior to Freewheelin’[View]
75763723>tfw can't tell if my last acid trip knocked my psyche around a little too hard or if my tho…[View]
75762501Where were you when the new generation of music was born?[View]
75767309Good album, nice ***s[View]
75769124What albums follow this function? x = times listened to y = quality of listen[View]
75769093>Now she's in purple, now she's a turtle[View]
75763375I reckon he's next boys[View]
75767970Post a cartoon character and others guess what music they listen to.[View]
75769492Why did this moron have a rant on twitter at some noname emo rapper?[View]
75769663Tought on the Propagandhi and Iron Chic new album ?: https://ironchic.bandcamp.com/album/you-cant-st…[View]
75766015Who the hell do you think you are? You any kind of artist? Anybody know who you are? Maybe evrybody …[View]
75769331Why did he do it?[View]
75768795What are some good soundtracks for Autumn/October/Halloween? No October Rust pls that's too obv…[View]
75768518KPOP GENERAL[View]
75766501Are you looking forward to a new joji album less than 2 hours im pretty excited[View]
75768510Lana Del Rey is so good, but she sounds so sad[View]
75768194Post the most criminally underrated albums/artists in your opinion. I'll start, fantastic plane…[View]
75762085Soundcloud Thread: Old ones are dead, new one is here[View]
75769392Anyone heard this? Really forward-thinking shit. https://le-fou.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
75768693>tfw it's starting to grow on me i need help[View]
75769375Holy shit[View]
75764798Albums where every song sounds the same[View]
75767318classical is underrated: listen to me, i fucking love classical music, especially romantic era piano…[View]
75769328August Alsina benediction: August Alsina benediction ft Rick Ross[View]
75764859ITT: post fake album covers and other anons come up with a genre for them[View]
75764753ITT: Best closers of 2017.[View]
75767268Looks like music-kino is back on the menu, boys[View]
75769031Mfw I forgot about 311 for like 5 years: Just rediscovered them, specifically their self titled albu…[View]
75763392/prod/: Post snippets using clyp.it give recs etc most importantly have a good time and take it eas…[View]
75763787Theories on why pop music replaced ballads as chart-toppers?: Pic related.[View]
75763680Exile on Main Street: This is one of the best rock albums ever made and I never see it discussed on …[View]
75768638>One afternoon when Queen were working in the control room, Sid Vicious stumbled in, the worse fo…[View]
75768955>Seesaw Holy shit.[View]
75768511can someone reccomend me jungle/rave/breakcore music that has these 90's house stabs? Stuff lik…[View]
75768994What's the difference between 'overrated music IMO' and 'music I don't like…[View]
75769020any house fans out there?[View]
75768963Favorite Singles Thread: Go listen to Pink Frost and tell me what you think of it. (It's fuckin…[View]
75768670This is just Prog Rock for Emos.[View]
75763810Reminder that goth/post-punk is better than punk in almost every way.[View]
75768915God Bless Daniel Johnston! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzBwSvD8Kok This tour may well be his las…[View]
75768475BASED FOX NEWS BTFO LIBKEKS ONCE AGAIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk0dcjv1NDs We just keep on w…[View]
75759592Death Grips + Ministry: who /Brooklyn/ tonight? meet up senpai[View]
75764918Am I a pleb if I can't get in to AnCo? I swear I like all the musics (blues, folk, trap, the li…[View]
75747185post bellow yours is the genre you have to listen for a week[View]
75765245bandcamp tread: Late night thread. post up https://melonsoda.bandcamp.com/releases >Indie >Emo…[View]
75767446Find a flaw.[View]
75768767the /youtube/ bin: post your recent youtube digs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hBVDa16IJGo >Mark …[View]
75768454https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrnTGAUCn70 why is israeli music so good?[View]
75768232Good musician/band documentaries?: About to go on a 13 hour bus trip, what are some good music docum…[View]
75765716is he really an abuser too, /mu/? someone anon was spilling mad beans on shit in the LA underground …[View]
75766549Genesis thread: Early Phil Collins era was best.[View]
75762366Thanks again Matt: Anyone know what happened to the previous thread? I left my two cents, went out t…[View]
75765123>Thirteenth Step >Album is 12 tracks How was this allowed?…[View]
75767273Times the stereotype was real: >go to Future show >50% black people >25% white sremmlords …[View]
75765118>she doesn't like radiohead[View]
75768281>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHp5malMvHE its pretty choice 2bh senpai…[View]
75768494>be a comedy musician >make a '''serious''' album…[View]
75767895KPOP GENERAL[View]
75765889How can we save hip-hop, /mu/?[View]
75768463What's that song? Post descriptions of songs, or artists you recall but can't find.[View]
75768084To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Blond. The lyrics are extremely subtle, an…[View]
75768371>he calls musicians 'artists' >he thinks music can be considered art…[View]
75764430Which artists have the best aesthetics? Personally I enjoy the minimal futurist vibe Death Grips sho…[View]
75760046Alternate album art thread[View]
75767759any updates on the autechre / asap rocky beef?[View]
75767489Do you listen to music at work? What type do you find is the best for it? Yes, I couldn't work …[View]
75767348>2017 >not listening to Melanesian choirs I mean really now; how pleb can you get?…[View]
75767222I love this song, it's just so absurd and takes itself so seriously. >I remember everything …[View]
75767809>Listen to music on youtube >turn on autoplay >no matter what it is always end up looping o…[View]
75767370ITT: suicidal depression core[View]
75763847Matt Mondanile - I've waited long enough: I've been lurking through different forums today…[View]
75767863getting into punk: recommend me some good hardcore punk albums i'll try and listen to most of t…[View]
75767690pretty good[View]
75767033KPOP GENERAL[View]
75749003real gay /rym/ thread just sit around and insult everyone like a real gay teen[View]
75765428Why isn't this /mu/core?[View]
75767376>So many creeps in Hollywood How did they know?[View]
75767586Post top 5 albums: Recc/r8/guess things about people[View]
75765272Hey guys I really just like music with sad lyrics that tell interesting stories, any recs based off …[View]
75764192New APC. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-doomed-single/id1293865602 If anybody knows how I can…[View]
75762260why won't they make another album like this? do they not like perfection?[View]
75767271/stonerrock/ DUDE edition[View]
75761276collage: you are a super hero[View]
75760210New Order > Joy Divison Prove me wrong[View]
75766971What's the best music for periods of deep thinking and study?[View]
75765715This fest was fucking legendary. Panda Bear debuted tracks off his next album, Ariel kicked off his …[View]
75766716Why isn't this discussed as much as Songs about Fucking?[View]
75767212Song identification: Impossible difficulty. This is kind of a last resort for me. I've had this…[View]
75767133Seven o'clock in the evening watching something stupid on TV.[View]
75767262Crabcore thread: Post some hardcore crabcore tunes my dudes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDzt6yI…[View]
75767198I know it has nothing to do, but I'm looking for an urgent song. The song begins with horses in…[View]
75767079Post the song that is currently stuck in your head[View]
75765171>Song features saxophone >'Jazz influenced'…[View]
75767154Heavy metal song: Hi, I am trying to make a heavy metal/rock song.Can you help me with the lyrics?He…[View]
75765763Anyone know what instrument is playing from 3:25 onward periodically in These Walls by Kendrick? rea…[View]
75767130more people should listen to this album[View]
75766535what is the least superficial/insincere genre of music?[View]
75761888WHEN I WAS[View]
75762792Albums that'll be seen as classics in the future[View]
75765057why do people even like this shit?[View]
75766155KPOP GENERAL: we fixed loona 1/3 edition[View]
75765100hotline bling was released 2 years ago today: reminisce below[View]
75765569Best Canadian Music: RIP Mr. Lahey died today Need Canada's best songs in his honorhttps://www.…[View]
75766720New Tears For Fears: https://pitchfork.com/news/listen-to-tears-for-fears-new-song-i-love-you-but-im…[View]
75766810Ninja Sex Party: Given that they recently released some new tracks, what do you guys think about NSP…[View]
75766207I'm a girl. Music for this special feel?[View]
75765758Can some metal be considered Art music?[View]
75763498Matchbox Twenty are my moms favorite band[View]
75766940What is /mu/'s consensus on Marcy Mane?[View]
75766764What are some other fantastic and similar sounding albums?[View]
75766871pretty good[View]
75766634Blazo Discography: I need help to download Blazo's full discography Alone Journey Color of Jazz…[View]
75762194/Ducktails/: this thread is dedicated to all things ducktails. art is totally separate from politics…[View]
75764635This is the album of the year and the best dance record since Caribou's Our Love (2014). Beck g…[View]
75766749can someone tell me the title of this song..? the vid is about an aging thai star irrelevant to my i…[View]
75764214Intro/Topsters: Hello im new here Rate my chart and maybe give me recs: top100.topsters.net?id=d7927…[View]
75766735>band has drummers[View]
75766228What did Matt 'Show Me the Bathroom' Mondanile mean by this?[View]
75762617ITT: Albums you'd turn into a 10/10 EP[View]
75766341serious question what's the best song or album at expressing the feeling of love?[View]
75766620>band has multiple vocalists[View]
75765639Are there any girls on this board at all? (serious question)[View]
75764479good songs about rape/sexual assault? all the stuff in the news is making me think more about it lat…[View]
75766661Am I imagining things or was 2005 a distinctly shitty year in music?[View]
75766164AnCo: So they're gonna play Sung Tongs at the P4K festival, and I'm not really sure what t…[View]
75766589Album covers that make you go hmm[View]
75765173this is hip hop AOTY, right?[View]
75766329Teamsesh What do you think of them? It's way more than Bones, like most of the people think[View]
75764197Why is....: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_7PP_bi1heQ more captivating than https://m.youtube.com/…[View]
75763997what do I add dudes?[View]
75764920aphex twin: For those that like the postmodern surrealist type shit, here's something pretty si…[View]
75766258Is this legitimately a good album or am I allowing my desire to fuck Lorde to cloud my judgement bro…[View]
75764645I really like this album[View]
75766343make way make way, perfect album coming through https://youtu.be/0bGJcRewcSY[View]
75766230Can we get a jazz fusion/mario kart music thread going?[View]
75766282TURN AROUND[View]
75764724what's some good music for when you crash your car[View]
75766280i peaked at Let's Go away for a While, music hasnt felt that good since, but im okay with it an…[View]
75764536what are some good lo-fi garage rock albums that have that spooky Halloween vibe to them?[View]
75766270/goth/: Post your favorite set of gothic/post-punk/darkwave albums/artists[View]
75766229Who is the Jiren of music?[View]
757561352017 AOTY Thread: These are mine so far. Anyone have any cool or underrated releases from the year?…[View]
75765221KPOP GENERAL[View]
75762189Sung tongs live: https://pitchfork.com/news/announcing-pitchforks-21st-live-concert/ Sung tongs will…[View]
75765937Holy shit[View]
75766086Is this the best album out of the USSR?[View]
75758528ITT: actual patrician hip-hop: no Kanye or DG bullshit[View]
75765800Give me your songs with the most meaningful lyrics out there make me fucking cry or give me an earga…[View]
75764908Morrissey's not hiding his power level anymore: >Teach your kids >to recognize and despis…[View]
75765743What an off-putting description[View]
75763184soundcoloud bandcamp etc. general: Kill it with fire-too late to keep alive edition bandcamp, youtub…[View]
75764083Paul McCartney did actually invented Trap: what the actual fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY6l…[View]
75765508Makes me feel like a gangster ;)[View]
75765003this makes me proud to be british[View]
75765735Holy shit, this is actually fucking brilliant[View]
75763441ITT: god-tier film soundtracks[View]
75765686Jazzy rock albums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xlAZ49IS94[View]
75764592What did he mean by this (seriously)?[View]
75765646..: Underated albums[View]
757656459.5/10 from Pitchfork.[View]
75759056Hi, I'm Poppy.[View]
75764374What do you guys really think about GG Allin?[View]
75765430Man, this is kind of a let down[View]
75764409What the fuck is this? No seriously, I don't understand the appeal[View]
75765387Wtf the tragically hip and R.E.M. aren't the same band?!?![View]
75765096This is what popular music could have been.[View]
75764264What is your musical Rushmore? The most important 4. Mine are Nick Drake, Brian Eno Richard D.James …[View]
75765365tell me this isn’t a classic album: go on, do it[View]
75759556I'M A DULL BOY, WORK ALL DAY: Best Grunge record.[View]
75765310/adv/ I figured out I was a loser because I lothe myself and because of my self esteem. How can I ge…[View]
75758786Any Jesus Lizard fans here? Goat is my favorite. Thoughts?[View]
75764164KPOP GENERAL[View]
75765119My new favourite album right now. Does /mu/ like this style of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
75765152>I like the singer because he's hispanic[View]
75763371Have you know this guy?https://youtu.be/8LTfZUFQcSM[View]
75754544ITT: Post music that makes you proud to be Canadian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0g8CIvxkNg[View]
75765081nobody can fuck with John Mau-[View]
75762222Why do people say this album is jazz?[View]
75763858When the cover version is superior to the original.[View]
75757027Post underrated female artists[View]
75749914ITT: Bands that /mu/ doesn't talk about, but should.[View]
75764521Thoughts? I really like dreams[View]
75760283wtf I love japan now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLBvxQSgcAo[View]
75764863stunning. one of my favorites of the year[View]
75764803/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
75764723This is the greatest album ever made[View]
75763989Creating a chillin' playlist!: Yo dudes and dudettes! I'm going to have a long trip drivin…[View]
75763856Collage, Top 50, Top 100: Show your collages, Top 50's or Top 100's. Non-metal recommendat…[View]
75760062>OMG I love Bjork![View]
75763510Muntony Sicntano: Any thoughts on the finest theeth in the game[View]
7576087310/10 rap albums unpopular opinions thread[View]
75764598Hearthis !: Hey /mu ! You probably know soundcloud, but do you hearthis ? Hearthis a is a 'soun…[View]
75763975She says she was a big fan of Swans. What do you think her favorite by them is?[View]
75762322so Buckethead finally did a full normal interview, 1 hour long scroll down to Episode 4 https://www.…[View]
75764019>Paul McCartney's 'music'[View]
75764088Help, I do not know how to listen to music.: Help me, how to understand music? I come from work, lis…[View]
75764210Got any go to fuck albums?[View]
75762676Any psychedelic, trippy instrumental guitar music to get stoned to?[View]
75763311ITT: great drummers[View]
75764025HalloweenCore: What are you going to be listening to for the upcoming holiday? Im going with pic rel…[View]
75764370Beach Boys ripped off Hanson AND Marky Mark, 2/10 do not recommend: >mmm bop bop, Good Vibrations…[View]
75764318Unironic opinions on this? I think it's kinda neat: https://youtu.be/QVbBXhea6mI https://youtu.…[View]
75761821Artists you have just started liking recently[View]
75764280Flashback to to 2008! Enjoy some super rare mixtapes from Mustard Pimp who has unfortunately dropped…[View]
75764262I just learned about this album and the retarded way it was released. Heard the fixed version on you…[View]
75761369Why has no one realized this is actually No Wave Revival?[View]
75761972What's your favorite novelty album?[View]
75763411Hi I listen to GY!BE and the fucking Shins. What bands do you like anon?[View]
75762572KPOP GENERAL[View]
75764148Post 90’s skate videos core[View]
75764049>When my lil' brotha' died I said fuck school[View]
75762043It's good. Real good. Bell Witch does it again >https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/9k3xea…[View]
75759903DUDE SATAN LMAO[View]
75761818Why did Michael Jackson's estate sell its stake in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing company to Son…[View]
75763576Kendrick Lamar albums: What's the best and worst track in each of these?[View]
75757241>Performing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday (October 14), experimental hip-hop prod…[View]
75732580/classical/: Petzold edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoiXvQhWrKY [Embed] >General Folder …[View]
75762380My spacey Instrumentals: I'm a big fan of Spacey instrumentals that take me to another galaxy w…[View]
75763927can we get some love for this fucking album[View]
75761211Great music for mornings? Pic related.[View]
75761714ITT: music youtube comments[View]
75761865What is the appeal of Death Grips?[View]
75763591Hey /mu/ recently I've been jamming too this new Brennan Savage album Badlands and noticing a l…[View]
75762965I know the ass isn't actually hers but it gives me massive wood every time I see it. Was it som…[View]
75754107there was no reason to exist >inb4 liking gorillaz[View]
75762674ITT: Shit Music + Bonus Review: So, recently, I got into Brand New, a band I didn't know that I…[View]
75738256Albums you can't stop listening to[View]
75762175*deletes Kazoo Sonata in Cmaj* haha sorry lol Seriously, what were the madmen actually thinking?[View]
75763588i want to start learning the piano: i have an old keyboard at home that my uncle used to own. i dont…[View]
75754156BANDCAMP THREAD: I Fucking Swear You Were Better Than Few Feedback Posts And A Ton Of Silence Editio…[View]
75763674Other good songs about coke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn8KYD1Vco0[View]
75762747>tfw you randomly start liking a track in an album[View]
75761994System of a Down: New album when?[View]
75763586AХCиMCЗ: Tell me what you think about it:. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5c9dGt-kYU https://www.…[View]
75763474Why don't Good Charlotte want to get jobs and go to college?[View]
75762162REJOICE THE DAY OF MAUS IS ALMOST HERE (also the album already leaked and it is AOTY)[View]
75762390Is 2018 poised to be the year ska makes it’s big comeback?: >inb4 ska sucks…[View]
75763439Post your best Johns[View]
75763425anyone know of any albums like this? or can recommend where else to go in toussant's discog[View]
75762972thoughts on grimes?[View]
75761491what's the last song you listen to before VOID?[View]
75763318Plug.DJ: Hey People! It would be great if you can come check out this music site I use: https://plug…[View]
75761781ITT: Albums that made you cry[View]
75763050Can we talk about how shitty this stupid fucking band was?[View]
75762084Newfag looking to get into music relevant to the times m'lads. Anything new out there take afte…[View]
75763282/AA/: /Americana/ general Post and discuss your favorite bluegrass, mountain, folk, and blues music.…[View]
75759397Post top ten artists, people rate and guess shit about you >Against Me! >Alkaline Trio >Jaw…[View]
75762300Rate my spotify playlist: Hi there, here's my playlist. Go discover some good shit and give you…[View]
75763161ITT: why this even exists?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xq19HAeI2w[View]
75763042What does mu think about this album?[View]
75762957James Ferraro: i really hope ferraro isn't accused of something related to sexual assault, some…[View]
75757543ITT:: shit albums with 1 or 2 good songs[View]
75762137where is the download link ?[View]
75759454Are the Doors getting overlooked in the current era of music appreciation? Obviously Rolling Stone a…[View]
75761485How do you feel about the Sex Pistols?[View]
75757748Does /mu/ like free jazz?[View]
75762065I never liked Young Thug Until I heard With Them: I never listened to a full project of his but I’ve…[View]
75759875St.Vincent - what traxx/???: I never heard any of her songs. What songs would /mu/ recommend to list…[View]
75762208Daily reminder: This album sold more than both of your all time favorite jazz albums combined[View]
75761941>music >good[View]
75762946>his name was actually Jesus Christ[View]
75761961Mark Kozelek[View]
75762740Howdy /mu/, been practicing music theory along with bass, guitar, and a bit of keyboard religiously …[View]
75761298*coins rattling* *cash register*[View]
75755554Post Malone: What's /mu/'s opinion on this guy?[View]
75762451how to get into them without hearing those annoying 8bit/pixel/videogame/retro songs like XXZXCUZX M…[View]
75762464d rose[View]
75751646CHART THREAD - Recs and hate edition[View]
75761225Blasting kitchen tunes: *BAM* Your job is now a pot washer,your allowed to blast your music in the b…[View]
75759121Good bands with fat members.: Bonus points if you find any fat members of shoegaze bands.[View]
75762244how does he do it?[View]
75761148holy shit this was boring af[View]
75762607Can we get a new wave thread ?[View]
75759907KPOP GENERAL[View]
75762368What's your favorite album, /mu/?[View]
75762443This album is decent if you skip the first three tracks.[View]
75762494>ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE[View]
75760165Live Electronic Albums: Not a particularly common type of album, what's the best you've he…[View]
75762058Song search: Hello there, Heard a song today, heard it a couple times before. Can't find it so …[View]
75762254>new wave >no wave[View]
75761997Has anybody listened to this? I think it's surprisingly really good https://youtu.be/nWwXxz45Ef…[View]
75747400ITT: Albums you think are one of a kind and an anon recommends you albums similar to them. Posting s…[View]
75762240Y'all came yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK5k7srWRO0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH…[View]
75762178is he teflon /mu/? I've heard he was a creep[View]
75761272Does /mu/ like Death ?[View]
75760627F O U R O U R B I L L I O N I L L I O N[View]
75761379Placebo seems like a band no one ever discusses, is it because they aren't good or because they…[View]
75761823I need some more material for my dissociation playlist. I've got some Giles Corey, some Earth, …[View]
75760158What are some songs about deformed kids/people? i know buckinham green by ween and two headed boy by…[View]
75759759Will Toledo here, don't ask me anything please.[View]
75761999Thoughts on the new Wu-Tang album? Surprisingly solid as fuck in my opinion.[View]
75761927Have u fallen in love with cute bedroom pop girl yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mngtcfcaVrI…[View]
75761179Is he next?[View]
75758380So are dream pop and shoegaze supposed to be the same thing?[View]
75760600Better then R.E.M?[View]
75753066Post music that makes you cry[View]
75759061How do I write songs like Will Toledo?[View]
75761481Björk/the Sugarcubes Thread: Talk about Björk, her solo career, the Sugarcubes, and even her previou…[View]
75760877This > ELO[View]
75760971could this be considered the trout mask replica of hip hop, and if not what is?[View]
75756706>band tries audience participation[View]
75761307How do I accept that they are gone forever?[View]
75761586Does anyone hava a link to this, i cant find it anywhere[View]
75761545has any of you seen the movie directed by flying lotus? shit is HELLA weird[View]
75761462>Heavy Metal Lover >Judas >Government Hooker >Electric Chapel >Bloody Mary >The Ed…[View]
75759601More like this?: Any other sad/depressing noise albums?[View]
75760874I dont see endon talked about on here a lot but through the mirror is probably my aotysf Also can an…[View]
757585432017's best so far[View]
75761429ITT best debut albums of all time[View]
75761403Song of the year so far thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIQdUJ04iNY[View]
75760075Coming from a plebeian, this is unironically patrician[View]
75761407Dubs chooses a track for tonight's live radio broadcast. Instrumentals only.[View]
75760448I have been listening to too much dream-pop lately, what are some albums for boosting testosterone? …[View]
75757193Alien invasion song: Does anybody know of any songs about alien invasions? Like 'look into the sky, …[View]
75759532ITT: Good hip hop music videos to watch while tripping. >Pic related[View]
75761158Ariel Pink[View]
75759142i just quit my job because of this, i will listen to every album posted in this thread, obscure stuf…[View]
75759728kpop, this is art: WTF people this is awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcEyUNeZqmY…[View]
75760556I'm trying my hardest but still can't do shit Nothing works, everything sounds fucking awf…[View]
75759664So what exactly was his problem?[View]
75761003Fucking hell, have you people always been such fucking idiots? It’s like I’m living in the twilight …[View]
75759345itt: songs that instantly make you sad: >hear you've got a fast car…[View]
75760947Post your AOTY of 2017[View]
75760255Thinking about going to see Death Grips tomorrow at Terminal 5 but I'm not sure its worth $50 b…[View]
75760132Who's your favourite DJ? Mine is Mall Grab https://youtu.be/BMguZmBkBsE Let's share intere…[View]
75755391Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album? This is the last time I will ask…[View]
75760987Poast those alborns with which one makes the roast hehe[View]
75760473ITT: Perfect three song streaks: >Pagan Poetry >Frosti >Aurora…[View]
757595492007 Schecter Diamond Series Hellraiser Avenger: I'm getting ready to sell my 2007 Schecter Dia…[View]
75757220DEPRESSION: >obligatory Giles Corey Post depressive, reverby songs/albums/artists. I'll sta…[View]
75757372/Spooky-Metal/: It's October again which means it's that time of the year to listen to one…[View]
75759813How do I avoid being a genre tourist?[View]
75760878damn this good as shit[View]
75759065Good albums by shit bands.[View]
75760861let's have a tread where we talk about shitty bands[View]
75756906Brockhampton is the King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard of hip hop.[View]
75760755Depressing Music General: Hit me with the feels boys[View]
75759845*invents hip hop*[View]
75760791More like this?[View]
75760213>/mu/ >neutral milk hotel board kill yourself faggots…[View]
75760463If I want my music project to grow, do I need to always play shows or wait until people want to put …[View]
75742842Artist/groups with Perfect discographies[View]
75760508Should I see Tera Memos and Speedy Ortiz? Do they put on a specifically good show or anything?[View]
75755315>yo yeah start the bifta >im gonna rape your little sister Can UK grime be saved?…[View]
75759651Music like this?: Albums with a sound similar to P3's soundtrack? Example of the exact sound I…[View]
75759374what's the /mu/ equivalent?[View]
75753626NIN: Does anybody out there have the photo comp of Trent with his dogs explaining his dogs death and…[View]
75760396gbv is a good band[View]
75758265I want to get into classical but everytime I search for a symphony on Spotify I can’t find the one b…[View]
75758970He saved Bad and Boujee[View]
75760295ITT underrated and forgotten[View]
75760257>Lil' Kanye >Lil' Kendrick >Young Wayne >Lil' Thug >Lil' Lean …[View]
75760103Overdrive vst: Can someone rec some good overdrive vsts? Just discovered the awesomeness of them and…[View]
75754186Bandcamp Thread: Didnt see one up, rec, rate, and give feedback. Try not to shill.[View]
75752011ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
75759032Nu-metal or Shoegaze?[View]
75759701Does /mu/ like Spiritualized?[View]
75759349Name a better album that came out this century[View]
75759764Though my problems are meaningless That don't make them go away[View]
75760023>listening to an album >its so good you start crying because of what a talentless piece of shi…[View]
75760037>'He shoved me in there, shoved his tongue down my throat, then closed the door and left, and lef…[View]
75758548>collaboration album between two artists >each song is obviously made by one or the other…[View]
75756877I need black metal albums that sound similar to Filosofem, but are better Only one I can name is Mur…[View]
75759501What is his best song? and why is it Smooth Criminal?[View]
75758685KPOP GENERAL[View]
75756795wtf i love the alt right nazis now https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/10/fox-news-radioheads-music-…[View]
75753499Does dark music lead to a dark personality?: If you're one to really internalize and to be in t…[View]
75758784Genres you have to be straight in order to like[View]
75758814why did you forget me, /mu/?[View]
75758925AMA: Ask a guy which is currently listening to his 50th Viper album anything. Proof: http://www.deez…[View]
75758581country music savior: https://youtu.be/CTsTbM2uG_4[View]
75757267what are your thoughts on Cake? Extremely solid discography with a nice style that is hard to find a…[View]
75759438/chart/: >Guess >Rec >Rate…[View]
75756799Who was better?[View]
75758759nick cave: nick cave i am going to see nick cave day after tomorrow and i need to fuel up, what albu…[View]
75758278Soundcloud/Bancamp Thread (full projects only): Post a Mixtape or an EP/LP and let's all give f…[View]
75759038ITT good albums by overrated bands[View]
75756412>name a more patrician album >you literally cannot…[View]
75754108prove me wrong[View]
75758757>He doesn't exclusively listen to music on youtube[View]
75759371Remember 2008: Remember those good olde times. When metal was great, and every song on YouTube was d…[View]
757593677 years ago today R. Eye. P[View]
75759332>as a humiliating kick in the crotch wow the police are amazing[View]
75759309>song ends before my mind starts making sense out of it[View]
75756353>avoids taxes >reserves first class plane seat for his hat >has shitty eyes >is a litera…[View]
75758487Why is this so good[View]
75757927holy shit guys the ipod is the same size as a cassette tape[View]
757514053x3 4x4 5x5 Thread http://tapmusic.net Feel Free to put your RateYourMusic in this as well[View]
75755806every smiths song ever >ohhhh you handsome maaaaaaan you're so saaaaaad in this dreary run d…[View]
75758438So now that we all agree it’s good but not perfect, which songs do you think are duds? Sublunary, Lo…[View]
75759233Best mixtape out right now: We encourage you to Like/Share/Comment https://mxtpz.me/a/147079 this ma…[View]
75757353OKAY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I listened a lot of NIN songs over the years but somehow I always ign…[View]
75758045Kinski assassin is literally the greatest song ever made[View]
75758649https://youtu.be/LJ390RClPZI Thoughts on Phil Thomas Katt[View]
75757396holy shit it’s like if twenty one pilots were good[View]
75759108>tfw phonelet >can have a maximum of 200 curated songs at 120kb/s on my person at any time…[View]
75757558>massive deficiency of British Rappers in /mu/ Why does no one listen to UK hip-hop? There are so…[View]
75759092>5:54 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO2jyla_1rQ We've been given clearance!…[View]
75758774Is he /our guy/?[View]
75758466Every /mu/ made album that you gave me is up here now: https://abandanonthespeakers.bandcamp.com/ Un…[View]
75758606Is this the best of Syd Barrett?[View]
75759039>goat artist is inadvertently responsible for the next generation that consists of nothing but li…[View]
757588066/10 Anthony Fantano is right.[View]
75759026/george/ general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGbRHxM4X2g[View]
75758509Would you give her a ride?[View]
75758140Seeing death grips and ministry in a couple hrs. Whos in there?[View]
75758889>PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY TO SCREW SCREW SCREW What did she mean by this?[View]
75758780Will /mu/ mind me deleting national anthem?[View]
75753762It has come to my attention that here on the so-called 'music board' there are very few people who a…[View]
75756396this was their best album[View]
75758704Ive been loving this its so nice and upbeat. recc more fun punk/discuss modern lovers[View]
75755165one o' these[View]
75758545This anon just had period sex to The Bleeding last night.[View]
75757124Why can't I make music lads? I've given it a go on garage band before, and I just don…[View]
75757611KPOP GENERAL[View]
75758533did he do it?[View]
75755672ITT: OOO MASSA-core[View]
75757921what are albums that complement doing stimulants? can be something upbeat like breakcore to groove t…[View]
75758016>want to check out this song on spotify >i dont want to get reccs similar to it…[View]
75758513is there a more underrated band from the 90's?[View]
75758537Hip Hop General: More like this please?[View]
75757714Does twitter have an overall negative impact on music? Imagine how much less respect you have for mu…[View]
75758472What's the modern musical equivalent of Oscar Bait?[View]
75755401Why is she so perfect?[View]
75758442Shit: Why is this overhyped faggot and his shit music so popular?[View]
75758449Musical kino?[View]
75758447>You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs…[View]
75758422What do you think of /pol/ack music? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ALT2PuJIMm0 https://m.youtube.com…[View]
75732712THIS IS MY FIRST TIME STARTING A SHARETHREAD, BE GENTLE edition ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (…[View]
75757872Paul McCartney thread[View]
75758328What artist sold more than anyone else?[View]
75758139>member since 2016 >3000 ratings hmmm[View]
75758340How did a 50 year old business man and some edgy faggot make a better record than Kendrick lamar?[View]
75755713boreds of canada[View]
75758320i couldn't wait to get off work today so i could listen to this also just discovered this live …[View]
75748910Soudclound Thread: y'all know the drill[View]
75757610Why does he talk about Panera Bread so much?[View]
75758211Alizee Thread[View]
75758299????: >guys we aren’t relevant anymore and i don’t want a real job what the fuck do we do >…[View]
75743837Matt Mondanile is getting dragged on twitter!!! Pt. 2 https://twitter.com/thongria Pt.1: >>75…[View]
75757747So underrated[View]
75757573which soundcloud rapper would you fuck? lil xan here[View]
75743292/metal/: metal general nu-male repellent edition prev. thread >>75728916[View]
75758091>mmwhen ye gowwan campen treps >yastuckrahtoutinnatchur >mmforedge inna foures lykahpreyema…[View]
75757843ITT: Retards[View]
75757253>album has skits >album has an intro longer than 30 seconds >album has unnecessary interlud…[View]
75756854Fuck mu it feels great to say that Fuck their warped imagination of liking bands from the past that …[View]
75757771My teacher wants me to buy the 9th edition of the anthology, but I can only find the 7th and it…[View]
75757602I feel like the problem with Queen is that their singles are too good and usually the rest of the so…[View]
75757447who's the Harvey Weinstein of the music industry?[View]
75753882>artist has a song titled 'I Will'[View]
75757632*doesnt remix Revolver*[View]
75756067what is the nine inch nails of music?[View]
75750987>the greatest rap album of all time And it's not even close. Politics As Usual, Brooklyn…[View]
75756491what did anthony mean by this ?[View]
75756909name one good song on 808s that’s not Say You Will, Welcome to Heartbreak or Paranoid: protip: you c…[View]
75757634How to get into a band?: Hey /mu/, I've been trying to get into Rollins Band. They have a lot o…[View]
75755611I figured you must be able to help. I set up my foobar finally and it's nice but I am still no…[View]
75756607KPOP GENERAL[View]
75757485TRAP/RIDDIM/DUBSTEP/EDM MIX VOLUME THREE BY SIMBER: https://soundcloud.com/simon-bergstrand/trapdubs…[View]
75754805>gave The Downward Spiral an 8.5/10 and Korn a 7.5/10 >Gave every Beatles, Radiohead, and Bjor…[View]
75757503The fucking accents: >IT'S 3 AM IN THA MORNIN' >PUT MUH KEY IN THA DOOR >BODIES L…[View]
75757452/techno/: Anything else like this?[View]
75755965What do you guys think about Phil Collins?[View]
75756505Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /trying to decide which version I like more e…[View]
75757237Continue my legacy, my son.[View]
75753230Name one pleb band that you still love unconditionally[View]
75757315Why make music???: Why do you guys make music? And do the fans matter at all?[View]
75757284Please some music for this feel friends: Today I found my cat dead outside my house, I live in a rur…[View]
75756744You can only post in this thread if your favorite album of an artist or band is not their most accla…[View]
75757257https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hvrcYZycq4 Is this patrician, /mu/?[View]
75756426ITT: favorite songs https://youtu.be/MXH1Fk-EDFo[View]
75757183i want to fuck lil xan[View]
75755894beats that knock hard in the whip?[View]
75756713ITT: fat autistic drunks who make good music[View]
75757145>post an image >recommend a band Go![View]
75731425/prod/ - music production general: Post snippets using clyp.it give recs etc most importantly have …[View]
75755874Hey /mu/ can I get some chill/comfy music?[View]
75755658mfw pussee[View]
75755956*deletes the Mercury Rev guy*[View]
75747038I feel like all of her songs are about Harvey Weinstein now. When I listen to her today I picture he…[View]
75756984Just checking in again. If I save up and start pressing Trump Mask Replica on vinyl, this will sell,…[View]
75748028W E E Z E R: >God Tier Blue Album Pinkerton >Great Tier White Album Everything Will Be Alright…[View]
75756927Does there exist a more polarizing album?[View]
75756756What a pleasant listen. Where can I find more?[View]
75755781music for the gym: I was not sure where i should post this question. If its the wrong thread than th…[View]
75755797/badmusic/: Post shitty music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOujzvtwZ6M[View]
75756684Bought this for $1, any one here can read the Asian characters? Seems like.a very rare item[View]
75752625I CUM IN THE FUCK[View]
75754514Daily reminder that he was innocent[View]
75756803https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biP9TCtRlik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6ngMaTP62g https://www.…[View]
75756567RAIN DROP[View]
75751727ITT: albums that were one /mu/core but have since fallen out of fashion.[View]
75756726I really enjoyed this. Do you know any albums related?[View]
75755163Why is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_7PP_bi1heQ more captivating than https://m.youtube.com/watch…[View]
75755715post yfw the strings in napalm brain/scatter brain come in[View]
75755546What does /mu/ think about Weezer and the [spoiler]shitty[/spoiler] direction its going in?[View]
75756543You know what im about to say it The Beatles suck[View]
75756359>live album >singer tells the audience to stop dancing…[View]
75754372latinamerican here can we at least agree that Reggaeton from the 90s is the best Reggaeton? https://…[View]
75755628KPOP GENERAL[View]
75753893this is amazing: where do I go from this? also rec thread[View]
75753783>worst track is the closer IS THERE ANYTHING FUCKING RUDER[View]
75748647Bands who were held against their will to create an album they didn't like thread[View]
75748748I told you guys it was mediocre[View]
75756515What’s their best album?[View]
75754786What is a girl's favorite genre of music?[View]
75753738Are there any bands/artists out there that the pleb masses, hipster poseurs, and music nerds, can al…[View]
75751563what music do girls listen to?[View]
75756429Bands where all members are reclusive: To think that between Broken China and On an Island nobody re…[View]
75733469bleep: Come on in, post a tune, post some bants, or just hang out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb…[View]
75756324Rank these[View]
75754168What did they mean by this?[View]
75753330Has anybody got the alternative /mu/core chart that floated around here a long while ago? I never sa…[View]
75755862Other than The Beatles, what bands really rivaled The Beach Boys in their finest hours?[View]
75754661Why do people call him a pedo?[View]
75755493>tfw woke up from a dream where my college professor saw my dick hard for her so she caressed it …[View]
75747874What do guys really think about GG Allin?[View]
75743670Bancamp/Youtube/Soundcloud Thread: Share your music/videos. Leave feedback.[View]
75756186Why does /mu/ like shit like Arcade Fire but not U2? Seems like a double standard to me.[View]
75755291*shoots up your school*[View]
75755462what did he mean by this?[View]
75756105why the lensflare?[View]
75754351bitch lost her mind to fucking meme crystals lp2 will probably be the next blonde[View]
75754458I NEED A[View]
75753435liking radiohead, prog rock shitters and idm doesn't make you a complex or interesting person a…[View]
75755618FUUUUUUUUCK How long does it take to starting to feel like my songs are actually mine, /mu/? Like, I…[View]
75753609Is this their Pablo Honey?[View]
75756042>mfw they don't want to fuck lil xan[View]
75718408/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, Blackgaze, etc: best general also which albums on this c…[View]
75755988>mindless child of motherhood >YOU HAVE LOST THE THING THAT'S GOOD…[View]
75755808worst bowie album discuss this[View]
75755883Does anyone here like Coldplay? This was a weird incoherent EP. Where will they go from here?[View]
75751301We did it lads We lived long enough to see music saved[View]
75755375Panda Bear performed new material at Desert Daze: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFbarBoX…[View]
75751295>blast death grips to get up in the morning >Clothes are downstairs so I leave it on while I g…[View]
75749990/drone/: Need more drone music im my life. What do you have /mu/?[View]
75754813I see you shiver with antici-[View]
757557502 turns 5 today, say something nice about it.[View]
75754035I fucking love her body of work[View]
75754802XXXTENTACION WORKING ON NEW ALBUM: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaQDxkABX7H/ https://www.instagram.co…[View]
75755230I never really go on this board, or post here. But anyone else seeing death grips at terminal 5 tomo…[View]
75755657i hope this is the puff daddy version of the song not that sting piece of SHIT[View]
75749353What do you think about Lars Von Trier being mean to Bjork?[View]
75755395I'm using the in-line sampler and the record button 'Record as audio clip into the playlist' to…[View]
75754520KPOP GENERAL[View]
75755617New album when? https://feverray.com/[View]
75739688Electronic music: Hi producer, Post your electronic tracks here ! I will start. Below you will find…[View]
75754455Was anyone at the Sun Kil Moon show last night? Mark made an ironic Panera bread rant that lasted 20…[View]
75755217Albums women will never understand: >deleting my music discussion thread based mods…[View]
75755443Why it makes me so sad? >inb4 nostalgia I didn't even played the game https://youtu.be/eZeu…[View]
75753208https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6uikJTnmtgw Is this the greatest rap song of the 00s?[View]
75754364>ITT: We post our recently added on Apple Music No editing.[View]
75755408https://www.instagram.com/eero365levya/ What does /mu/ think of the amount of albums I've liste…[View]
75754509hjelpe meg /mu/ what is the song at 1:25 https://youtu.be/FVCa7YEm4uQ?t=85[View]
75755381Koreans should stop to make music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFHAioCMJZA[View]
75754484Why isn't he reviewing music?[View]
75755306ITT: Post your top 50/100 and judge others based on what they post. Pic related[View]
75754958>leave aoty to me[View]
75753404headache-core: best music for giving yourself a mind splitting migraine?[View]
75752309Damn this was really enjoyable. I get that /mu/ likes to make fun of him because of his fanbase, but…[View]
75755237helo this is tront pls dont be scaered this is just my halowen scotstume me and asticus made a cover…[View]
75747540Tell me /mu/, do you play an instrument/create music? Or do you just listen to it? I currently play …[View]
75754555Havent been on this board in a few years. Is >shiggy dig still a meme? Is Lazare still posting sy…[View]
75755187More songs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBRi6aZJGj4[View]
75755099>mfw this has literally been my life this past year. >mfw I just finished the series the other…[View]
75755088Anyone know where I can buy blog features for my music?[View]
75754711Name a better indie rock record. You literally cannot[View]
75754219What are you listening to rn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Lw6k7k9Rk[View]
75754906Im about to listen to this for the first time: what should I expect?[View]
75754988Albums with the best background history (Pic not related)[View]
75753917What did he mean by this?[View]
75754579/McCartney General/[View]
75754278What is the dream musical material of /mu/ ? I begin with this for me : - Rickenbacker 330 - Fender …[View]
75754831Can you imagine? The guy can't even whack off without destroying an entire city.[View]
75753978This is my favourite album. What do you think about it?[View]
75754864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRrnEL3uiFU: >go missing for SEVEN (7) years >come back out of…[View]
75754810>in 10 years people are going to be making 2000s styled retro music[View]
75753431what is you're favourite jim o'rourke album[View]
75754690Post music, pictures or words about musicians you have either met or interacted with. I am sure some…[View]
75754655Alex Calder discussion: Post your thoughts on the latest news. Fav song or why he sucks dick. Mine h…[View]
75753844Hi boys and girls I'm Kim Thayil, I'm the Indian of the group.[View]
75754634it was fun while it lasted, but now it is officially Death Of Pablo 2.0[View]
75754586Scott Walker: Thoughts on Scott discog?[View]
75754589They don't make em like this anymore. Where did this sound go? Is there more of it being made …[View]
75754554back in 94 i saw butthole surfers and chokebore open up for nirvana. butthole surfers and chokebore …[View]
75753327KPOP GENERAL[View]
75754340Music of The Underworld: I'm researching the various versions of the underworld and trying to c…[View]
75753225I'm sick of living, but I'm also terrified of death. Music for this feel?[View]
75753476Trance is the best genre of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
75723459>Album has continuity between the tracks[View]
75754310ITT: /mu/ in September 2015[View]
75754285anybody heard this? im thinking possible aoty. https://le-fou.bandcamp.com/releases[View]
75753950Is Big Sean one of the top 5 rappers this generation?[View]
75753731How do I into dadcore?: Grew up with my dads taste, Elvis, the Beatles, Beach Boys, AC/DC. Feel like…[View]
75752352Has this band had the most progress in terms of maturing, and artistry, amongst all others in the la…[View]
75753210Is there any songs like Fitter Happier inside an album that you recomend?: And btw I alredy know tha…[View]
75754176To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand James Ferraro. The humour is extremely sub…[View]
75752844Helpless Child, Animus, The Sound or The Final Sacrifice[View]
75754104Muhammed Suiçmez: Where is Muhammed Suiçmez[View]
75739109Is Japanese music better than Western music? Seriously bro not even a weeb listen I think it is htt…[View]
75751314What does /mu/ think of UFO?[View]
75753916old lavren cant come to the phone right now Why? because shes dead![View]
75754056ITT: songs that make you feel. >milk teeth[View]
75754020Started a Vaporwave fan telegram room out of sheer frustration there's no big community: Feel f…[View]
75753867To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Ozz by King Krule. The sound is extrem…[View]
75753866Hey /mu/, Vote Swift for MTV Awards http://www.mtvema.com/artists/xxmbhw/taylor-swift[View]
75752809hi /mu/ i'm gonna take shrooms this weekend and i need some music recomendations, nothing too a…[View]
75753003What's he listening to?[View]
75753864collab when[View]
75753395> The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. >Why? Because she's dead!…[View]
75752558ITT: goat rock albums I'm tired of hip hop, I need some good rock music[View]
75753490>rap 'music'[View]
75751900What's his endgame?[View]
75753034Hayley thread[View]
75753337W-what happened? She needs to make a minimal solo album with just guitar and vocals[View]
75753674Almost heaven West Philadelphia I was born and Raised next to blue rivers Ball is old here Older t…[View]
75734172/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Modern archtops edition How do I start learning guitar? >justing…[View]
75753076What are your favorite autumn albums?[View]
75753380are there any guitar players that sound like morton feldman's music?[View]
75753244Recommend some music with that weird, confusing feeling of adolescence.[View]
75751049Essential numale listening? I'm growing a beard and I've acquired horn-rimmed glasses. I…[View]
75753514Kanye if you're reading please feature Gucci in the next album![View]
75753169ITT: things shit musicians say[View]
75753444>I do listen to pop music[View]
75752537Pop music? More like poop music![View]
75749908ITT: times when the worst track for you on a album became the best during repeat listens >time to…[View]
75751154What songs capture the feeling of a comedown at dawn the best?[View]
75729783Kate Bush General: So I'm new to her, what's her best album to get into. I've only he…[View]
75753095>he only listens to Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin >he doesn't listen to Wax …[View]
75748250He did nothing wrong.[View]
75751999Albums with major influence from Krautrock[View]
75752331Best music to ski to?: I'll start: Miserlou by Dick Dale[View]
75752437*raps the thesaurus*[View]
75752236KPOP GENERAL[View]
75728757ITT: Post obvious warning signals that someone is a pleb >they like music that you don't lik…[View]
75753252Are nightcore nasheeds the pinacle of musical evolution?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejFETK5Nkq…[View]
75751860I want to listen to some decent rap: any rap artists /mu/ can recommend?[View]
75752724Just EPs: ITT We post our personal favorite EPs, or even better we post top EPs like this. >You…[View]
75751277>he listens to hip-hop '''''music'''''[View]
75753001You Morons Are Missing Out: You miss out on some of the best music ever created because of your ramp…[View]
75744908The Rock Test: https://medium.com/@annevictoriaclark/the-rock-test-a-hack-for-men-who-dont-want-to-b…[View]
75751248Gorgeous. Post similar. + good, current, IDM general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrDdQNjjpoU…[View]
75752218anyone got the latest update of /mu/core?[View]
75753133ITT songs that are secretly about the eternal jew. Rolling stones - sympathy for the devil[View]
75751997I want help making a playlist for my college radio: I'm having some trouble getting a good play…[View]
75752918Hip Hop is dead and no one will be able to bring it back except Nas[View]
75752670What went wrong?[View]
75751390panera bread general: whatd we think of the latest album? not as good as light and love imo but bett…[View]
75752600>the promotional single is also the last track on the album[View]
75753039Let's find out the greatest album of all time through process of elimination[View]
75748474that's another career dead[View]
75751613there are two fucking kpop general threads right now. mods do your fucking work and contain the auti…[View]
75751576Sci-fi: Is there a closer musical equivalent to the movie Ghost in the Shell (1995) than Vladislav D…[View]
75752551I'm not into rock music, but: I love this song and need more songs like this. Thanks for the he…[View]
75750683You physically can't claim to like music and not enjoy this band https://youtu.be/KqsUA_uYGUI[View]
75752550ITT: Shit plebs say > 'The critic is the real artist'[View]
75746710Stop listening to Burzum.[View]
75750789Bladee is perfect[View]
75751634What does /mu/ think of David Guetta?[View]
75751193>tfw politics has destroyed /mu/ Can we go back to shitposting about dragonforce and odd future p…[View]
75748138Chart thread: guess personalities edition[View]
75744875>be me >want to make stuff like the Avalanches >looking for samples >see a documentary w…[View]
75752371SEND THESE KPOP FANS AWAY: fuck kpop fans 99% of the time they are not posting ANYTHING about music …[View]
75747269>Orgasmatron [GWR/Profile, 1986] >I admire metal's integrity, brutality, and obsessivenes…[View]
75752667anyone else feel of lumps in them[View]
75750476Are they metal?[View]
75748917what are these two guys up to? haven't heard anything in months.[View]
75748846You ever think about all the music you're never going to hear because there just isn't eno…[View]
75751764How do I get into British 60s rock legends' music? I'm taking about Beatles, The Who, Roll…[View]
75748909its been over 16 years... isn't it about time they dropped the contrarian shtick and give this …[View]
75751009Jesus, what a let down.[View]
75751687Lets settle it, /mu/. Objectively, what is the best Kanye West album?[View]
75752499Are Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult one of the few 'New' Black Metal bands that are on par with the 2…[View]
75740768Did he do it though?[View]
75752474was Tom Waits ever young or was he always 75?[View]
75737716ITT: SING[View]
75752454What are some decent euro dance bands?[View]
75746951rap sucks[View]
75744641Name a more consistently good artist.[View]
75752403>excuse me while i kiss this guy what did he mean by this?[View]
75749423KPOP GENERAL[View]
75751838What genre this song is?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjc1siBuo_I[View]
75751250Hello /mu/ I wanna learn how to be good at violin. I used to have a violin teacher, but I had to tra…[View]
75749739Scott Pilgrim Movie Soundtrack: What's the general consensus of the original tracks on this thi…[View]
75747323/BCG/ Bandcamp General: Last one died, so here's a new thread. Rec, review, and support these a…[View]
75752397Who do you think, /mu/?: Mike Love or Mike Jones?[View]
75743486Is Swans worth getting into?[View]
75751386How do you lads feel about Touhou Music? First I'll clarify, I haven't listened to the Mus…[View]
75752325ok i pull my cash out shawty pass out take her ass out then i spazz out ok yea i hit that[View]
75752294https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rddf9wLsPyY man he fell off HARD[View]
75752264Best music to get hit by a car to?[View]
75744134Best Emo Album: What's the best emo album? I don't care what wave it is, I don't car…[View]
75751336J rock is the realist rapper alive and I don't give a duck what you have to say[View]
75750197Never seen Casiotone For The Painfully Alone mention on here. Thoughts?: Personally, while his later…[View]
75746444/mu/, if you could see any two musicians/bands fight to the death in a wrestling ring, who would you…[View]
75747396OF: what kept them from evolving?[View]
75751372Kacey Musgraves: Why is she so based? More importantly, why is she so hot?[View]
75751656Burzum Appreciation: wtf I love metal now (also, /fit/ bros my squat PR went up 10% just by listeni…[View]
75752126helo this is tront its halowen so aticus said to me tront its halowen so we shodl make skooky hororr…[View]
75751746W O W O W[View]
75747772Post some of your fav comfy/sleepy core albums[View]
75752197Music industry.: How many times before the end? Can internet kill music industry? https://hooktube.c…[View]
75752145>he doesn't like Aaron Carter[View]
75751897Gimme these sweet brutal band >Inb4 deathcore vs death metal shitstorm No one gaf, sweety…[View]
75752147lets get stevie outta jail[View]
75752115Dead Can Dance: Where do I start for Dead Can Dance, /mu/? Is it pic related?[View]
75751935ITT: nursery-core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwFx0ROBf7o[View]
75750865kpop general[View]
75751975hard trap or dubstep: how do I get people to listen to my music if it isnt bad at all. My music beca…[View]
75751608why is black music so much better than white music: white music seems to lack emotion and intellectu…[View]
75749622Wilco: What does /mu/ think of Wilco?[View]
75748241Have you ever noticed how Kanye fans very often hate Kendrick Lamar? It's like they know Kendri…[View]
75750204This shit will be a classic.[View]
75751736Can we count this as album of the year 2017?[View]
75751681>l-lars stop it! hehe! >you know i'm sensitive down there! >not in front of the crew!…[View]
75751263Sampha: Is he the patrician Frank Ocean?[View]
75750296KPOP GENERAL[View]
75750733how did picu rise from indie glamour and fall so horribly into mediocrity and liking very young part…[View]
75751447songs from the forgotten life of henry turtles[View]
75748740Thoughts on Earth, Wind & Fire?[View]
75751124indie shoegaze (post)punk lo fi emo ????: tell me about something like this please https://www.youtu…[View]
75747292is this the logical conclusion to music?[View]
75750994I will never get the modern dance.[View]
75751394AB Footswitch Help: Hello guys, I'm playing a show in 2 weeks and I'm looking into purchas…[View]
75747674What's up with /mu/ these days? Seems to be a bit turbulent.[View]
75750899>the song gets played on the radio daily[View]
75749558Is it me or is krautrock in general derivative as fuck?[View]
75751298Boys club Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea Boys club Ohh yea[View]
75748899>not listening to plainsong[View]
75749415Steroids: I think this is their best project[View]
75747988>slowly becoming desensitized to my favourite albums How do I fix this /mu/? Will I love them aga…[View]
75746563Niche Genres: Name a genre that doesn't exist and somebody else gives you something that could …[View]
75751048>I can hear sirens, sirens >He hit me and it felt like a kiss >I can hear violins, violins …[View]
75749500Hank Williams Sr or Marty Robbins: Between the two who was better /mu/ ? In your humble opinions of …[View]
75750813last.fm thread post yours, compare yours, shout people, have fun https://www.last.fm/user/sweat_pant…[View]
75749193What are some albums like this?[View]
75742249/mu/ Does Shoegaze: Album Under Ways: Progress continues at: https://discord.gg/UG6EQZ7 So far: Arti…[View]
75748381Extreme Metal: To Anyone who believes death metal has been dead since the 90's... I think you…[View]
75748252Post your 5 favorite songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed2hpoblBIs https://youtu.be/ocZK5DHzkh4…[View]
75748232Ducktails: Have you heard the new album, yet? It's really good and possibly the best he's …[View]
75750822>yfw Freddie Mercury lives on in a pudgy babyfaced British Pop-artist. https://youtu.be/CPB0h7g9J…[View]
75747360Daily reminder that Rock and Roll Part 2, which is played at many high school and college sporting e…[View]
75750071>tfw she will never piss in ur mouth why live[View]
75744644*deletes Shit Luck*[View]
75750582i just found out this duck is a girl music for this feel[View]
75750170Can /mu/ recommend me some good music videos? I'm teaching abroad for an english class and am d…[View]
75750453Isaiah Rashad vs J-cole: Who's the better rapper? Who has had better rhymes and can spit better…[View]
75749326Music for McSpanky men?[View]
75743275Math Rock Hate Thread[View]
75750479When will /mu/ have a cyberpunk revolution?: Music for this feel? Hey, Anthony Greendown from Sector…[View]
75750381Who did the anti drug song better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwALsmUVCMQ https://www.youtube.c…[View]
75750411OK, I have no idea if this will actually resonate with anyone else, but I'm giving it a shot. …[View]
75750359>He doesn't listen to Pixinguinha[View]
75750317What are some other synthpunk albums?[View]
75750267ITT: post one-off albums: Pic of course related. Was Aymar the right choice for vocals or would Sch…[View]
75747771music for this feeling?[View]
75749722/pg/ percussion general: Talk about all things percussion.[View]
75748390why do i like this so much[View]
75749913Making an album - what should I do: Started making an album and I want /mu/ to be a part of it. Give…[View]
75747000>deletes Lovers Rock Ah, that's better.[View]
75750128The best wiggercore in years[View]
75750126Alternate album covers better than the originals[View]
75750074Metal is love. Metal is life.: I was only nine years old. I loved metal so much, I had all the merch…[View]
75748931Alice Cooper Buyer's Guide: >Dismiss Alice Cooper as a KISS style butt-rock act. >Finally…[View]
75719117Alex Calder Appreciation Thread: I just feel so fucking bad for the guy its bothering the hell out o…[View]
75749518What direction should I take my music Im in a slump[View]
75748666Can somebody explain to me why this is such a big deal? Faust IV on the other hand...[View]
75749840The properties of reason to music(s) purpose: Hey /mu/ This topic is very interesting to me and I wa…[View]
75748037favourite track from this?: probly either title track or dum surfer for me[View]
75749777What's going on- Marvin Gaye You get the feeling that pop culture and music has been severely p…[View]
75749781What are the odds of her going full whore with this? I've been dreaming about slut tay for year…[View]
75749689What are some albums with insanely good producing/mastering? Pic related are 5 of my top picks for e…[View]
75745963what does /mu/ think of new king krule album???[View]
75749687>stop worshiping the Demiurge[View]
75748939Odonis Odonis - No Pop: So who's heard the new odonis odonis single? It's pretty HYPE. Loo…[View]
75748550dead grip suck[View]
75749233I'd like to share this album with you folks. Definitely not for everyone, the discordant mess t…[View]
75749077Is this an objectively bad album? Every song is plagued with this shit soundites >THIS DICK AINT …[View]
75746644Have you ever taken a music course? Have you ever paid for one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jU…[View]
75749593I'm walking alone at night. What should I listen to?[View]
75749564Why is all modern jazz either unlistenable noise or boring dinner music? Pic somewhat related[View]
75749393What Is The Best Music To Drink Coffee To?[View]
75743271collage 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.com hi guys :)[View]
75747374I really want to like this guy's full discography, but the only songs I like of his are the one…[View]
75740865So winter's coming up /mu/, what will you be listening to in bed with your gf on cold winter ni…[View]
75749457Music Video - Axel muco: https://youtu.be/BB7pEDeAS_A[View]
75748289KPOP GENERAL[View]
75749109Yikes! Maybe, um, put a hat on?[View]
75747286What's he listening to /mu/[View]
75748600What did he listen to?[View]
75749285Gordon Lightfoot > Bob Dylan[View]
75749318What was this mess of a '''genre''' anyway?[View]
75725152/mu/ covers David Bowie: Time to begin a mega 50 song Bowie cover album, good people of moo! Pick a …[View]
75749291A contest couldn't decide who was better, but now looking back several centuries later who do y…[View]
75749231That design thoug: Someone likes Jon Hopkins music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q04ILDXe3QE…[View]
75747795Hunnid on my wrist Eighty on my wrist[View]
757491461959: Name a better year for jazz[View]
75748455>he thinks there's a single piece of classical music that beats this https://youtube.com/wat…[View]
75743978this is the best bowie album discuss[View]
75740756This is the worst Eminem album.[View]
75749021ITT: We wait until TRNDSTTR sounds good again.[View]
75748952>works harder on his music while sober >it gets worse that's an awfully shit coffee pot…[View]
75745543/mu/, i don't want to tour or get signed. can i just pay thousands of dollars for a shitload of…[View]
75746344>FLYING LOTUS IN 3D[View]
75729782Favorite album covers: Post 'em[View]
75748812self promo, share yours: shameless self promo, share your music too >Indie >Dream Pop >Jang…[View]
75747925What did you guys think of the new MOTHER SUO single? If you havent heard: mothersuo.bandcamp.com[View]
75748765Can we all agree that Analord is the best work Richard has ever made? I come back to this series mor…[View]
75747421/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
75748690Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
75747593Anyone know songs like the song Heroes by David Bowie?[View]
75748239*deletes Black Dog*[View]
75747165>as a girl if she likes cheap trick >'aren't they that japanese band?'…[View]
75744344ITT: underrated albums[View]
75744476Mournful Irish Folk: More like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60oBZfcpHjI#t=6m55s I tried loo…[View]
75748569Real deal: Electronic,ambient and techno are made to be listened under drugs effects sorry bad engli…[View]
75738806Chart Thread: Rate, rec and post (and hate) Here's mine[View]
75741500/mu/ Made an Album: https://wholedamntownproductions.bandcamp.com/album/lost-traditions A country al…[View]
75748209can anyone rec me some artists similar to JJ Cale? >simple, easy listening >soft, warm tone …[View]
75745461Do I have bad taste if I unironically enjoy this album? it's very good. maybe it's nostalg…[View]
75747606Is there anyone else on Luomo's level?[View]
75748418Well lads tonight is the night I realized my gf is musically a lost cause. I can usually get her to …[View]
75747699What does /mu/ think about Eminem's sick coffee pot rap he performed on BET? https://www.youtub…[View]
75747531ITT: Albums that need more love[View]
75748307ITT: Weird recent albums from bands nobody remembers/cares about: Here's a Blues Traveler/3Oh!3…[View]
75747264KPOP GENERAL[View]
75747157>hurr durr I'm a supervillain >*le Hanna Barbera cartoon sample* >'million billion tri…[View]
75748266What is Best Metal?[View]
75746844What do you think music will sound like in 2100?[View]
75744685this is a bottom-3 Zeppelin album[View]
75742628ITT: Your favourite album by an artist who was past their prime at the time[View]
75748204Can we have a thread where it's only youtube videos with sub 10,000 hits? I'll start: http…[View]
75747550need your help /mu/: I'm looking for a hip hop song, I have a 5 minute snippet of it because I…[View]
75748048Is this one of the top 5 post hardcore albums ever?: Discuss.[View]
75747131I want the old Coldplay back.[View]
75747599Is JoHn Muir top 5 all time hiphop music videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLtUCjYeZuA[View]
75748036Why is this so underrated?[View]
75745517>artist is accused of sexual assault[View]
75747613warp zones: time-warp albums ITT post albums that you completely lose yourself in[View]
75747548What went wrong?: It ruined their perfect discography[View]
75747310Did Hopsin's new video cross the line?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5HK59mK_SY[View]
75743347Alright /mu/ can anyone recommend some badass heavy metal like pic related? I don't care when i…[View]
75746725The patrician's downtempo.[View]
75747744Letting the days go by (let the water hold me down). Letting the days go by (water flowing undergrou…[View]
75742556Post a pic, get music rec which fits it's aesthetic: pls contribute instead of just posting a p…[View]
75732414Post your favourite female artists[View]
75747477What direction should underground music go?[View]
75747715How many musicians from the 1940's or earlier are still around, /mu/? With all the Baby Boomer …[View]
75742743What song plays every time Joi comes out?[View]
75744983God Bless Ohio[View]
75744889its very hard for music to bring me joy anymore. any recommendations?[View]
75744799Best MIDI Controllers for FL Studidiots?: or should I just pick up Ableton[View]
75747533New Track: dam son this shit is fire https://mothersuo.bandcamp.com/track/net-mind-abyss…[View]
75745375Post you're all time favorite musician or group: Mine would have to be Coheed and Cambria…[View]
75746801I'D LIKE TO BE[View]
75747447Do rappers nowadays talk about fucking your girl because of Hit 'Em Up? Do they know that in th…[View]
75747008Can someone recommend me an album that's like an electronic version of math rock? I don't…[View]
75745685what does /mu/ think of the B-52s?[View]
75745892My name is Steve, and I am a bigger rapist than William[View]
75745975post a picture and others reply with the first album that comes to their mind[View]
75746924Pot washing music: Currently working at a hospital kitchen as a potwasher and looking to expand my t…[View]
75721108RYM/Sonemic: https://rateyourmusic.com/~Clavietika I want to laugh a bit, post your profiles…[View]
75746302KPOP GENERAL: Protect Irene Edition[View]
75745794Hey Fogman, may I grip a cig?[View]
75742788/dark/: Share the most depressing, gloomy and gothic genres, albums and bands[View]
75747219Anyone know any comfy websites for punk shit? /r/punk is fine but its disgustingly kitsch and i do n…[View]
75747066inverted color album art post em[View]
75744381Chads who APPRORIATE incel/beta/robot culture: Musician Edition: Chads like this fuck related preten…[View]
75747103Is it still cool to fuck girls to this type of music or is it a 70s thing? Asking the kids. https://…[View]
75747161Is the genre of pic related the only medium where artists can get away with misogyny/abuse/rape now …[View]
75746513Name a more beautiful album[View]
75744447What is the noise that starts at 1:00 on ring a bell and what are songs that have it? It sounds like…[View]
75747043So... About Internet Radio: How that Last.fm has hit the shitter, since the Spotify extension isn…[View]
75743513>bass is mixed too prominently When will this end? It ruins so many otherwise good songs.…[View]
75744076>tfw there won't be anymore good releases for the rest of the year…[View]
75746114I need some albums that are similar to this. However, more of the 'late-90s late night' feel rather …[View]
75744723TFW The Dire Straits are universality recognized as one of the most talented and influential bands o…[View]
75746346Why is music so good, lads?[View]
75746044STOP listening to rap[View]
75742723Thoughts on: My Chemical Romance? I discovered them a month ago and I'm 20 :( You can never be …[View]
75745917>mention My Bloody Valentine >'Oh, you mean that emo band?'…[View]
75744873What genre is this? Does it have a place in music? Could this type of song see any sort of following…[View]
75746723I have a grindcore band and i need more inspiration[View]
75745398Halloween-core: What are the best albums to listen to for Halloween?[View]
75745938>steel drums[View]
75746543Opinions? Recommendations?[View]
75744488name an objectively better album from the last decade[View]
75746656>Immigrants and faggots They make no sense to me They come to our country And think they'll …[View]
75746620I want more like punch brothers... Especially stuff similar to their cover of Kid A, stuff thats psy…[View]
75744575who are the biggest chads in music? i've decided i don't want any emotional bullshit in my…[View]
75746595Anyone remember a noisey grindcore band from like 2013 called SkullxCrush? Their bandcamp got taken …[View]
75746059Albums that you think are at least 4.5, but rated below 3.5. https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album…[View]
75744742These are all bad, get me a better chart[View]
75746242I sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candles[View]
75742387Soundcloud thread: time for a new oen >latin >rock/blues https://soundcloud.com/samuelcfari…[View]
75746473Is this LP bollocks or really cool?: https://beachbodies.bandcamp.com/album/onward-downward…[View]
75744117yesterday I saw a thread like this Gimmie a rapper and a topic and I can write some bars in their st…[View]
75744073Whats the most recognizable album art of all time?[View]
75746412What are some more albums in a similar vein to this?[View]
75746289Suicide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD__XcT5Jd0&list=LLXyo0NWSbuUJ1lcv4zygFKw&index=4 p…[View]
75746170ITT: /mu/ in 1900[View]
75745078KPOP GENERAL[View]
75746144Hipster alternative/indie/ music: Anybody knows more great bands and artists like the ones I'll…[View]
75738751First person to guess my second favorite album gets a Redacted invite.[View]
75746244Is there any hope to be found here? Is music nothing more that a fashion accessory?[View]
75744890Why is he such a passive agressive pussy?[View]
75744361When in the holy mother of fuck is this album coming out?[View]
75745034ITT: We Find The Worst Kidz Bop Cover: Alright, /mu/, we got nearly 20 years of music to go through.…[View]
75746183>tfw have such a soft spot for Nujabes worship beattapes[View]
75731165Paul's coke use damaged the Beatles more than John's smack use. Discuss.[View]
75744283that's an awfully hot coffee pot[View]
75743657post sad nigga hours music: pic related got me SAD[View]
75741304>'this sounds like porn music'[View]
75745882>makes an album called Ma's Seduction what is our mother Annie trying to tell us?…[View]
75737220OK, let me get this straight. St. Vincent's new album is called MASSEDUCTION. For the performan…[View]
75744718Post intelligent musicians[View]
75745693I can't even remember the last time we had a 'fuck you I like it' thread.[View]
75745550Post a piece of music that represents life to you. I am not asking for something that reflects your …[View]
75744473ITT: Albums virgins will never understand[View]
75744449Digits confirm a new and good MBV Album in 2018[View]
75745211/tribal/: Wutever gets us in the mood to bang on some fucking rocks and screech in a dead language i…[View]
75744905How old were you when you grew out of listening to Eminem?[View]
75742048Spotify is ruining great artists[View]
75745586this is pretty good![View]
75745259XXXTentacion new song preview: Wtf this sounds like Slint! https://www.instagram.com/p/BaP6qECAnaa/…[View]
75742031To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Kanye West. The lyricism is extremely subt…[View]
75745238Albums which often appear in youtubes recommendation section are disregarded here, and it is wrong. …[View]
75743602what is the best drum?[View]
75740046hopsin - suky: you want a hand? suckee? fuckee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbRf67-BSjE…[View]
75743903How to upgrade a cheap squier: Recently bought a second hand cheap squier bullet stratocaster In ord…[View]
75744776>tfw you have a great idea for a musical piece in the shower but forget it once you get out…[View]
75745381tutorial: Anyone know a very thorough tutorial on how to use fruityloops? Mainly creating lofi / hip…[View]
75739111Which is the best sounding musical note [spoiler]and why is it objectively G?[/spoiler] http://straw…[View]
75743864Name a better soundcloud rapper Pro-tip: You can't[View]
75741864MIA is the most important contemporary artist: fuck grimes, fuck st vincent. their music is so fucki…[View]
75745206Vocaroo/Clyp Thread: covers and originals https://clyp.it/rufhaw11[View]
75742551Oh, hello /mu/, is anybody her a fan of Bjork? I am a very big fan of Bjork. Mmmmm, yes, I love Bjor…[View]
75743489I think this album is pretty good[View]

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