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76830330what kind of technology do i need to take a song from my DAW, pt it on tape and then record it back …[View]
76828628emoe: ITT: 10/10 emo albums only[View]
76830020How the fuck can music age (poorly)?[View]
76829713https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beach-life-in-death-ep/1316782644 looks like will remastered beach…[View]
76830153RIP lil Carti[View]
76822331Let's get one of those threads going on, /mu/[View]
76827767Around a month ago I made a playlist on spotify called 'Essential /mu/ playlist' with the goal of ma…[View]
76829947Is this the most underappreciated band on /mu/?[View]
76830079You guys are out of your fucking minds; LITERALLY the first 7 songs are flawless. Dips down hard at …[View]
76827096lil pump: i like his songs unironically :)[View]
76829219Shostakovich: What are essential recordings?[View]
76829269itt:: post an album that clicked with you after the first listen, one that took a few listens, one t…[View]
76830048>HAVANA, OOH NA-NA[View]
76829717ITT: Music for sycophants[View]
76830004>masturbate while listening to an album for the first time >future memories of that album are …[View]
76829436More artists like Massive Attack? The only other trip-hop I'm really familiar with is Portishea…[View]
76829559Pitchfork doesn't know the difference between Cocteau Twins and Slowdive: Is this the last stra…[View]
76829056Clairo thread: Love this girl, but also hate her. https://youtu.be/mngtcfcaVrI[View]
76826852NEW BROCKHAMPTON AKA SINGLE OF THE YEAR. Discuss it. https://open.spotify.com/track/7s5ML7zaUSxb5Usv…[View]
76829841>tfw no qt afro gf to jam with why even live[View]
76827567Hi, I'm Richard D James, and I'm about to go Against the Clock for Fact TV.[View]
76828076One of these threads: >Best Do Me A Favour >Runner-Up Teddy Picker >Worst Only Ones Who Kno…[View]
76827341How blasphemous is it to only listen to a greatest hits compilation of an artist? I really want to g…[View]
76829067You can buy an autographed copy of Eminem's new album for $500 https://www.billboard.com/articl…[View]
76828593Rick Rubin is overrated.: I've come to the conclusion that everything Rick Rubin touches turns …[View]
76829500does /mu/ like experimental kpop?[View]
76829047ITT: 90s Power Rankings: 1. 1997 2. 1999 3. 1995 4. 1996 5. 1998 6. 1992 7. 1991 8. 1994 9. 1993 10.…[View]
76816259>listens to Talking Heads, Sufjan Stevens, Slowdive, At the Drive-In, Failure, Bjork, Broken Soci…[View]
76829472What's their show like?: Got invited to go to one of their shows live next year, what are their…[View]
76828182Is there an industry term for when advertisers create an original song that sounds similar to a popu…[View]
76828973This is the first Bjork album i've listened to and it's fucking amazing. How different is …[View]
76824729What the fuck is R&B? From what I've heard it's just pop music by black people. Is tha…[View]
76824826Remind me again why they're no longer /ourguys/? >release some of the best alternative/indie…[View]
76826381how do we make this good?[View]
76826439You guys ready for AOTY?[View]
76826752rec me patrician metal[View]
76826572Holy shit. Listened to this for the first time tonight. I thought Saturation by Brockhampton would f…[View]
76828604>hi ma'am don't mind me let just sample this nice purse ya got here (c)rap fans will de…[View]
76827144Thoughts on Trivium?[View]
76828325winter sports core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc3qmfbcUr4[View]
76829372Erykah Badu: I like the piece Afro Blue, so where do I go from there? I like Jazz and Swing too, not…[View]
76826509>leave moo for a while >we hate MF doom now What the fuck Why…[View]
76829294so why is BROCKHAMPTON doing shoegaze[View]
76829134State of Drugs: Can we all agree this is God Mode Death Grips? The last minute has some of the most …[View]
76829286more qt pop like chvrches and carli? No harlot shit like charli and marina, or obnoxious spork shit …[View]
76828921ITT: GOAT back covers[View]
76826851KPOP GENERAL[View]
76829273Concerts: Saw Arcade Fire recently, great energy, it was an alright performance, canucks did a good …[View]
76827424I'll make your drums sound like Atomizer[View]
76823685Post your favorite album and favorite drug: Marijuana[View]
76826799When's the last time /mu/ listened to the best selling hip-hop album of all time? Which track h…[View]
76827148>listens to Helmet once[View]
76828088The first single from Brockhampton's Saturation 3 released. It's pretty good desu. https:…[View]
76828344give me a beat morty[View]
76827063Post albums you get high to.[View]
76828681What's the appeal of post rock? i rather listen to atmospheric black metal or ambient for this …[View]
76826061Astrological Straits: This is better than any Death Grips album[View]
76828991Can his ugly ass just put out a fucking dubstep album again[View]
76824190compre mi entrada a radiohead[View]
76827589Are there any bands/music from the last sixty years he would like?[View]
76828996Thoughts on SOHN?[View]
76823555ITT post album of the year contenders that nobody knows about[View]
76828820A copy of Yeezus signed by Kanye himself? Best I can do is 300[View]
76828797New album when?[View]
76827551Do we have free will? Are our favorite albums our favorites because we choose them? Or are our brain…[View]
76828244>Digital Love comes on[View]
76828512Isn’t this that band you all love[View]
76827280Stretch me to the point where I stop Run ten thousand miles and then think of me[View]
76819980ITT: music for normies that think they aren't normies[View]
76825623Drone recommendations?: I'll start: > Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness > Bring Me…[View]
76826046Reminder that earpods are the superior way of listening to music. Headphones are pleb-tier, I know t…[View]
76827382is this band a meme? or good?[View]
76827221What are the absolute best Pink Floyd bootlegs? Preferably after '71 since I have the Early Yea…[View]
76822796Discuss /mu/[View]
76826386has she lost her charm? has she forgotten to count the cracks in the sidewalk?[View]
76827612All I want to do is make music: I really want Fl studio. I know a lot in the program, but its so exp…[View]
76828577MAKE SOME NOISE WHOS READY FOR SOME HAPPY HARDCORE https://youtu.be/yaf3lb6t4-0[View]
76827938What's her best album?[View]
76828002/shugazi/: Post lesser known shugazis edition[View]
76828503The world is about to end and one last party/concert is being organised too see the world off. You…[View]
76823357Did Tyler just btfo death grips?[View]
76828373NEW JAKE PAUL X NICK CROMPTON TRACK IS OUT!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8-9pYzU-o8[View]
76828318>educating normies about the best albums of cool genres like post-punk, post-rock, grime, modern …[View]
76827519I love this shit. Any recs for someone that's new to post/progressive metal?[View]
76828043>mfw when listening to that album What album /mu/?[View]
76828305>be me >all my life have bad stomach aches, but never too serious >ff to a few days ago …[View]
76828299No homo but would you go gay for curt Smith? That shirt, that hair, that style, ooph![View]
76828203hello: so i bught an ukulekele and i decided ill make a band appreciate the feedback boys, next song…[View]
76816443Youtube - Spotify - Soundcloud sharethread: Post your work and leave feedback, i'll start: spot…[View]
76826384bands/artists /mu/ tricked you into listening to[View]
76827446Is spotify better than ITunes?: I want to know if Spotify is a better digital music store than iTune…[View]
76827941Post beautiful, dramatic songs to die to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66VnOdk6oto[View]
76823329Post albums that give you them Feels Any kind of Feels[View]
76826735Hey /mu/, I've lurked here for a long time and just recently started listening to what you woul…[View]
76824145Roger Waters is what made Pink Floyd good and the later albums without him are awful[View]
76827897Is it posible to overcome lack of creativity while composing? Is there a way or am I just doomed to…[View]
76822675What is melon’s AOTY going to be?[View]
76826743i like suicide boys but does anyone else think it's kind of fucked up they got big by completel…[View]
76827482Does /mu/ like angry nu-male music?[View]
76827568Would you rather: Say you're a musician, choose >be a session hack, play on a few unknown re…[View]
76823623FACT: if you don't want think this is the best song of the year you are a racist sexist xenopho…[View]
76825194>David Byrne has just announced the first dates of his 2018 tour. David says this tour will be hi…[View]
76827635how do y'all find new cool stuff to listen to, besides waiting your favorite artists to release…[View]
76826257I thought this was just a meme but holy shit, it's fucking great. Why does the cover look like …[View]
76825795Name a comfier Christmas album. Advice for professionals: you cannot.[View]
76826425Does /mu/ like gothic radio rock?[View]
76820334ITT: musicians you could probably beat up in a fight[View]
76827445Post the best album in an artist's discography.[View]
76826172Yoko Ono? More like Yoko Oh No! John is beating me again! AAAYEYEYAYEYEAYEAYAEYAAAAAYAYAY[View]
76827195Was he /ourguy/?[View]
76827526Does anyone else play ambient warfare over their music? Do you use any other ambient noise? https://…[View]
76825956God tier albums. There's gonna be an Exchange between some Friends and I, so I want some good s…[View]
76824497he's morphing into woody allen[View]
76824352ITT: Anime Album Covers: because this is a weeb site[View]
76826919How do I get into this album? I love when the riffs aren't hyper fast, but beyond that, I don…[View]
76826686ITT: /fit/ musicians[View]
76824390>removes all the songs pertaining to once having a gf Perfect.[View]
76826995ITT: top 2 albums[View]
76827012>First song is longest song[View]
76826241What makes this so appealing to normies?[View]
768272022018 Predictions: What do you guys think is going to happen within music next year? I think Post-Nig…[View]
76825790Is Porcupine Tree just a knock off Radiohead? *thinking emoji*[View]
76827236This album reminds me the Revolver album of Beatles[View]
76827177Did /mu/ like this?[View]
76822068Musical Embarassments: Post guilty pleasures or music related stories you'd be embarrassed to a…[View]
76825154what is your go to song for imagining singing in front of a large audience?[View]
76826674is there anything redeemable in britpop outside of pulp and elastica...it was all shite wasnt it[View]
76823937Which deadmau5 track is your favorite?: Mine would be Faxing Berlin[View]
76826556You have 10 seconds to name a better band.[View]
76826970TOO MUCH MUSIC[View]
76820845Memes: What was the memeiest meme album of 2017?[View]
76826907I fancy myself an intellectual. With this being the case, it simply follows logically that a well-cu…[View]
76825122>taking my girlfriend to a Vance Joy/Portugal, The Man concert on Thursday >never heard of the…[View]
76826653did you like it?[View]
76826935Hi /mu/ Educate me on the greatest prog rock/Metal album of all time (Pic related)[View]
76826892nerdboiis: what album does /mu/ listen while studying? I can't concentrate if I know the lyrics…[View]
76826878Russian '''''''''''''''''Music'''''''''''''''''''''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PKf7z7mJ0w…[View]
76825865You can only listen to bands from 1 US state for the rest of your life. Which state?[View]
76825129KPOP GENERAL[View]
76810653/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Father and Son Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justingui…[View]
76826778post your favorite remixes: i'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS-2yV8QbtY[View]
76826723Is it just me or did Bjork sample Death Grips on 'Sue Me'? Theyve not been credited though…[View]
76825214Red Vox's new album: Will it be good /mu/?[View]
76826443Describe your taste in music and have others guess what you do for work / what you're studying …[View]
76825429Was it kino?[View]
76826329I have listened to almost 350 hip-hop albums, and I think I have listened to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING t…[View]
76824749recs for songs about being lonely and friendless and spending every night sitting in front of your c…[View]
76824195>categorize all my country as folk >categorize all my metal as rock Now no one will know…[View]
76826591ITT: post your favorite underground hip hoppers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQQfm2MzV2o[View]
76819176Prove you're not a close-minded hipster Post a song that you love that's been in the top 4…[View]
76826527new to this forum, does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
76826411Which artist/band has the most Stans on /mu/? Death Grips? Grimes?[View]
76826442Best of 2017: Post, judge, recommend....etc.[View]
76826354Post your favorite album that doesn't have lyrics in english or I blow everyone up.[View]
76826364HELP ME PLS: I'm trying to make a remix Can you turn this into an acapella? https://www.youtub…[View]
76826149they only have a couple weeks left to release AOTY or else their streak is over!![View]
76822423What's his fucking problem?[View]
76826254Help PLS b4 mod fuck me up: PIC UNRELATED HELP FINDING A MUSIC VIDEO PLSS At the end there's a …[View]
76814510GIRLPOOL: This band has a BIG future ahead of it! Harmony Tividad is the real star of the show, the…[View]
76826240>God is dead, and no one cares >You get me closer to God >QED, fucking you is like fucking …[View]
76825708what is the best song on pink moon?[View]
76819855ITT: Self-Indulgent Fucks: >15 mins of vibrato abuse and wammy bar rape >even the crowd chuckl…[View]
76824634Let's get this straight once and for all. swans, is it soyboy?[View]
76826059Let's discuss the 'music' of the latest star wars.[View]
76826156just wanted to share this gem https://youtu.be/W5ju4HBIRdg[View]
76822305Ya like Jazz?[View]
76826146Let Me Know What This Look/Sound like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3S1-bDoKM8[View]
76822341Hey /mu/, how do you like this girl's music taste? It's always great to see normies who kn…[View]
76824004ITT Retards[View]
76824890>mimics biblical imagery Reminder that Death Grips are the greatest band of this decade…[View]
76824897>Band sings their name in a song[View]
76825482>boy meets grill >situation has room to grow into something more >grill has shit taste in m…[View]
76825254>tfw vitamin D deficiency Good albums for coping with this?[View]
768227353x3 thread Rate tastes Rec music[View]
76817656ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76825978ITT: Post depressing albums: Berlin ain't got shit on this[View]
76824804>look up sunday morning tabs >maroon 5 appears…[View]
76825426Why does this song give me a headache?: I've listened to Hot Thoughts by Spoon at least a dozen…[View]
76825403Is Britain the best country for /depressioncore/?[View]
76825185/CHVRCHES/ holy shit this song is a fuckin banger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYJnIzykeSw&in…[View]
76823746Opinions on this nation's musical output?[View]
76825767Songs With Similar Chord Progressions To...: Space oddity: (chorus) https://youtu.be/cYMCLz5PQVw Kok…[View]
76819628ITT: artists you can't believe you liked at one point[View]
76824679ITT: dogshit albums[View]
76825017CDs are dead. Let's spit on their grave.[View]
76820106Just one day until she turns 28 Somebody know a good hitman?[View]
76822150Post the most angry, hyper-aggressive, LOUD music you have Normies need not reply[View]
76817811Best metal album of all time?[View]
76812544last.fm: post accounts[View]
76825592>Biggie Murdered >Tupac Murdered >Big L murdered >Little-to-no outrage about DMX getting…[View]
76824676what do u think[View]
76823359Can we get an interview cringe thread going? Post musicians embarrassing themselves in interviews, o…[View]
76825237holy shit: more like this?[View]
76823339how do i make music like john lennon ?[View]
76825495It's that time of year again, lads.[View]
76825458Madam Zu & Jon Doe - Dream Catcher (Dream Catcher Mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5ATsjkx…[View]
76825437Is this blackgaze rapcore?: I think this is actually pretty avant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw…[View]
76825227ITT: Post good albums made by children/teenagers: Lo-fi Canterbury Scene worship by Welsh schoolchil…[View]
76824351>artist includes 10 mins of white noise Why?[View]
76821385ITT: Saddest song you know :([View]
76825245ITT: Overhated & It's Not That Bad-Core[View]
76825295ITT: irrefutable facts, that if someone would try to argue against they'd look foolish and emba…[View]
76825066ITT: God tier 80s pop records. I'll start.[View]
76825219Leland Whitty has turned BBNG into a glorified sax soloist backing band what they should have turned…[View]
76824368>*listens to Pere Ubu once*[View]
76824184Best/worst songs of an artist's discography: >Best Dazed and Confused >Worst Black Countr…[View]
76825128>Just listened to the entirety of Sonata in B Minor >Vladimir Horowitz rendition >Finna bou…[View]
76823000AOTY?: If it isn't, post yours. inb4 racebaiting[View]
76825159Does /mu/ like experimental kpop?[View]
76823776KPOP GENERAL[View]
76824937Are there any good songs in french?[View]
76824267What are /mu/'s thoughts on these two?[View]
76824490Anyone know what song this riff is from? I was playing with a friend and find myself playing somethi…[View]
76824949I just realized autism is the next step in human evolution. Music for this feel?[View]
76824589any other hispanic bros on here? this is top 3 of the year for me.[View]
76822699Hey guys, can any of you rec me some music based on my favorite albums?[View]
76825006And if I could be who you wanted If I could beeeee whoooo you waaaanted ...all the time...[View]
76824104Is it ideal to sell some very old vinyl records from the 60-70s at your local pawn shop, or should I…[View]
76824825Thoughts on this album?: aaaaaaaaAaaaaaAA[View]
76824905Guess the band[View]
76822864Can we all agree this is his top 5 albums? (1) Low (2) Station to Station (3) 'Heroes' (4) Ziggy Sta…[View]
76824615ITT: Forgotten classics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKZqGJONH68[View]
76824919Better than the Charlie Brown Christmas album?[View]
76821772Bands similar to Agalloch?[View]
76824816Where did this form of singing come from?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxLUj1Mrars I know it…[View]
76824811Has there been another rock band in last 20 years that achieved 8 number one singles? Even Coldplay …[View]
76824116/eemoh/: Where's the emo thread lads? Show me the album/EP/song that's been making you fee…[View]
76822240KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsh54g9JmC0[View]
76824736It's that time again, /mu/. Worship this record and the one following as hard as you can.[View]
76823057Ok, can we talk about how underrated blank banshee is? A good fraction of edm and cloud rap comes fr…[View]
76823658more like this please[View]
76824601HELP: I'm trying to make a remix Can you turn this into an acapella? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
76824681My fate is crazy, but amor fati right?: What do I do? I have already accepted the fate of Metropolis…[View]
76823086We probably have this thread everyday but where the hell can I find more like this[View]
76823742I liked Wildheart more but City of Angels is my favorite song right now[View]
76823340jeez, these headphones are fucked up[View]
76823848THIS SONG IS RAPEY GET IT AWAY FROM ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFJ7ie_yGU[View]
76823635what the fuck is this depressing shit I will kill myself. why would someone make such sad music?[View]
76824600More shit like this? The bass is so fucking killer, I haven't heard shit like this before[View]
76823819>tfw the endgame of pop music was reached almost 20 years ago and no one has done anything more a…[View]
76822968ITT: Post artists that are just 2deep4u: Other anons can try and convince you otherwise if they want…[View]
76822708>It's been more than four years without anything new from Boards of Canada.…[View]
76824522Delete that[View]
76823294ITT: Artists that took over your life for a a month or two[View]
76823672Any other artists like Kyle Bobby Dunn?[View]
76823796The Cure: Thoughts?[View]
7682434010/10 album moments: Post your favorite moments from an album. >and when the ocean rises up above…[View]
76822889Post songs thaf are funny, punchy, mean https://youtube.com/watch?v=PEGccV-NOm8[View]
76795821Share yours and rate others'[View]
76823514Gateway Metal To Heavier Metals: Metallica Master Of Puppets ©℗ 1986 Elekťra Яecords∴[View]
76824299>Funny >Punchy >Mean…[View]
76823388This is Ninety[View]
76823417Holy shit[View]
76823180WALLPAPER FOREVER: Can we get a good old fashioned Wallpaper thread going? I'll share any reque…[View]
76824173Distant Relatives: Was this album slept on?[View]
76814364What the fuck happened?[View]
76824061ITT: Ironic album names[View]
76824115It's that time of year again, lads[View]
76819010ITT: Post cartoon characters and the music they like[View]
76824080>song begins with light, playful studio chatter uncut from recording[View]
76823336does anybody on /mu/ know the name of this song im thinking of. I listened to it a while ago, it was…[View]
76822233Why is this album so hard to emulate on guitar? I spent hours figuring out the parts but only manage…[View]
76823966How do I go about recording my music?[View]
76821349Let's make some reddit accounts and give 'em a piece of our mind[View]
76824054>front page of tidal Patrician streaming service[View]
76823453question: ultimate newfag here. what do you folks think of people who unironically only listen to to…[View]
76821295Pls r8 and gib recs, lads[View]
76824039Pygz Don/t Care About Mules: 'If Roosevelt was living, he wouldn/t let dhis be' If 'Sneaky Deal' roZ…[View]
76822613>song has an awkward and overly long introduction that wasn't left as a separate skit…[View]
76822771Does /mu/ like theodor bastard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSNQtKMMUyk[View]
76822059>grown man >cap >hoodie Fucking hell he looks funny. Dress your age old man.…[View]
76820719Are they the best band in the game right now?[View]
76817848How much do you think pitchfork is being paid to promote this crap?[View]
76821919whatchu think about 6ix9ine? Do you think he a rapist[View]
76823678mongolian music anybody? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYRpF8m6oTU[View]
76822425ITT: Artist/bands that should get their own biopic: The background of TMR and the band itself has th…[View]
76822751Want to listen to Björk, where do I start?[View]
76818867Gonna watch this mute movie, what's some dark ambient I can put in the background?[View]
76823720>MBDTF is /mu/core >Take Care is white boy nu-male trash Woah...so this is the power of pitchf…[View]
76823525Name a greater swan song in the history of music[View]
76822920What's the best XTC album and why is it Black Sea?[View]
76823570ITT: albums that make you stop watching porn[View]
76819627I'm on a rather tight budget (for audiophile standards at least) since Christmas is coming up, …[View]
76822397Thoughts on SOPHIE's body of work?[View]
76822805ITT: That song/album you've had on repeat[View]
76822595Pitchfork's doing an AMA on R*ddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/7jds7r/were_the_edit…[View]
76822243A thread for wavy rappers like Oliver Francis, Young Lean, Bones. Share and discover![View]
76822737When Smokey sings I look at his big face and I know I need to murder apes What did ABC's Mark P…[View]
76823395How will he EVER come back from this[View]
76822873Is there anything better?[View]
76822074Why is this album overshadowed by The Glow, Pt. 2 so much? It's literally better in every way[View]
76817374Is this actually good or am I getting memed again?[View]
76814574ITT: albums that make you happy[View]
76823162What is the best album ever made?[View]
76823211ITT: Post an artist's' actual best album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbcez9PnEXM best…[View]
76823112records with only guitar and voice, or piano and voice, or a single instrument and voice do they eve…[View]
76818465Is he our guy?: >educating normies about the best albums of cool genres like post-punk, post-rock…[View]
76822196more like this not by electric wizard?[View]
76821299Elton John: When did you finally realize he was great?[View]
76821370fuck off: >they listen to hip hop >they listen to Grimes >they listen to Death Grips >th…[View]
76823025IT: Artists you will never tell anyone you enjoy[View]
76822457Criminally Underrated Musicians: I'll start with possibly the greatest living fingerpicker, Can…[View]
76822729Not only Pitchfork is falling into irrelevance, but also their favorites are aging like milk. Is the…[View]
76822965ITT: We help anons: Hey /mu/ please help me find more music like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
76820207How did he make shit music for 5 years straight and then be able to pull this outta his ass?[View]
76822360Is rock dead?[View]
76822088Banger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa9jpiIoQcM[View]
76822617i like electro swing[View]
76820317>tfw this is the only Godspeed You! Black Emperor album you can listen to I have no idea why, but…[View]
76822215Where does the meme that Kanye has a very white fanbase come from? Pic related is very mixed, it may…[View]
76822685I think this is AOTY contender, and im not even memeing[View]
76822721Does /mu/ like acapella? I do.[View]
76821674Dunno if you guys like this type of music but this is one of the more ambitious songs Ive worked on.…[View]
76811245>I listen to everything... except country If someone says this to me I immedietly disgregard ever…[View]
76819173>that moment when you find your theme song[View]
76822225I'll roll with black sunday without skipping a track, but this is the true classic right here[View]
76822492wtf I hate being white now[View]
76818868Revival: So I got it.. work at target distribution center and got off work early. Already listened t…[View]
76822463do you get goosebumps from music? I thought it's normal but apparently it's not https://ww…[View]
76821912/comfy/: All things comfy welcome ITT[View]
76822541/mu/ reaction image thread: any more like this?[View]
76822550Normie albums you love? pic related.[View]
76822401big star: what does /mu/ think of alex chilton and big star?[View]
76822514Ι'm still in the B-Town, Ι'm still in downtown[View]
76821980What's he listening to?[View]
76821904important question: does anyone know what music genre is this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zBZ…[View]
76821506Can we have a mainstream pedestrian as fuck C-POP thread?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B7U5WkhO…[View]
76822398Sellout General: >Whoever you are, you who read this: this work comes from the very depths of my …[View]
76821090>yfw Paul McCartney BTFO John & Yoko years in advance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOoHlpf…[View]
76818985>release three albums in eight months >release a fourth one for free >a fifth one is schedu…[View]
76822346jesusssssssss christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxfE6PJmGS8[View]
76821664I've been using /mu/ for years, and while I've had plenty of wonderful discussions about m…[View]
76821733What album(s) does this sound the most like to you? we had a thread yesterday and people seem to agr…[View]
76820095/POWERPOP/: Big Star's 4th Edition[View]
76821861Frank Ocean is launching a radio station in GTA V. This is the playlist. Is it patrician? Todd Rundg…[View]
76822156If his next album drops and it bombs can he recover? Will he finally be removed from the GOAT rapper…[View]
76810043SOUNDCLOUD // BANDCAMP // YOUTUBE: post ur work, leave feedback, don't shill[View]
76820820Where were you the moment music died?[View]
76821848Look what you made her do...[View]
76821603ITT: last tracks on an album that you always skip >Poledo[View]
76819361>yeah I'm into hardcore punk! >*only listens to super normie west coast hardcore bands li…[View]
76815260Pitchfork's 2017 AOTY: Discuss.[View]
76821392is Sam Smith the biggest faggot in the game?[View]
76821977the fuck was DOOM doing?[View]
76818906ITT: post your fav and least fav track from every kanye album CD best: spaceship worst: breathe in b…[View]
768219364:44: Now that this has flown under the radar, thoughts?[View]
76820071concept albums: Albums where the tracklisting matters.[View]
76822114r.i.p. yung bruh: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zAf_7dLNY7w https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UC2RK4WLDR…[View]
76822113YO I got a serious question, I'm trying to find this song, I'm pretty sure it's Andre…[View]
76816734>Rapper rhymes trigger with nigger[View]
76820540is 'binaural' just a more pretentious way to say 'stereo' ? i don't see what it describes that …[View]
76821988Smile is better than any Beatles album. Prove me wrongpro tipyoucan't[View]
76821998Literally the best album to ever come out of the 90s. Prove me wrong.[View]
76814143Wintercore: There was a thread earlier where we were sharing albums that reminded us of winter. I wa…[View]
76818014This year my resolution was to listen to 1000 albums. I'm up to 950 and want to be finished by …[View]
76821721albums that are good: This is good[View]
76820665Rolling Loud 2017: How does this festival make you feel /mu/?[View]
76821690You've seen different 80s and 90s aesthetics make a 'nostalgic comeback' in a lot of different …[View]
76820451Stop listening to bullshit loop music.[View]
76818519Country thread anyone? Who are your favorites? What have you been listening to? https://www.youtube.…[View]
76820752How do you meet friends with a similar taste in music?[View]
76817907How do you listen to pic related?: Do you do it normally in the sequence the tracks are in or with s…[View]
76821130It finally clicked: I always liked Sufjan, especially C&L and Age of Adz, yet I found Illinoise …[View]
76820888Post a subgenre's best song >rap rock https://youtube.com/watch?v=XtdKvEpl-Uo…[View]
76820682Sitting alone in my car. It’s snowing, I have to pee, this album is weird[View]
76820905Whats the best music to listen to while high on cannabis? I currently am enjoying Miles Davis'…[View]
76819991Is Drive My Car their worst song?[View]
76821555>When you realize he was trying to be blatant about sexual harassment >When you realize Wearin…[View]
76817381I don’t get the hype for Lorde: 400 Lux, Sober and The Louvre are objectively her only good songs.…[View]
76818364ITT: impersonate an artist jeff mangum https://vocaroo.com/i/s1ZV9Vz87xWB[View]
76820145This is the absolute peak of Tame Impala. Only plebs will disagree.[View]
76821116MGMT are one of the most underrated indie bands out there now. They have 1 fantastic albums, one gre…[View]
76821404>ITT: post cringe albums[View]
76821421Hi lads, can anyone tell me how was the band called? It was rap/metal type of shit, like Dope but mo…[View]
76819896why doesn't /mu/ like this album?[View]
76821167So all the shilling, jewery and social media faggotness finally reached this dude too, damn https://…[View]
76821403Is there anything similar ot the pAper chAse out there?: Can someone recommend music that sounds any…[View]
76820970Nas: We Wuz...[View]
76820282ITT: artists with god-tier image[View]
76821166SAY HEY KID: Just got done listening to Death Grips's entire discography and loved every single…[View]
76819860One of these bitch ass threads. Post your collages for the last week, comment, rec etc, but whatever…[View]
76821277Holy shit.[View]
76812063SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >post yer links >give reccs and feedback >be cool…[View]
76819528does someone have that info pic I saw here yesterday or couple of days ago, which shows high art, re…[View]
768173125x5 thread: rate, rec, guess what theyre getting for christmas[View]
76820877/mu/, should album titles affect their ratings?[View]
76820210Ever noticed how years that ended with a seven always has been really great for music: Sgt. Peppers,…[View]
76821037>best track isn't included in the album[View]
76820762That drop on Harambe is fucking disgusting, Jesus.[View]
76820055>Releases his best album in '69 >Dies aged 69 Coincidence? I fink NOT!…[View]
76819552Does /mu/ like industrial hip-hop?[View]
76819471Literally The Low End Theory but better.[View]
76820816Why did they ditch the hippy electronic thing after only one album? They went indie surf to indie bl…[View]
76820805>the songwriting is bad[View]
76821026Musical video about the enamored North Korean LollyBomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBnAZnfNB6U…[View]
76819687Is this the most poetic hip-hop album?: I always thought this album would be some cheap brag rap wit…[View]
76819296Just found this and want to dicuss it Has anyone heard it?[View]
76818856I stayed for 6 months on a College Dorm with 4chan blocked, I havent visited /mu/ in 6 months, any r…[View]
76820978thoughts on ladyhawke?[View]
76820946Music to listen to in the dark[View]
76819890Are they the Beatles of our generation?[View]
76820384Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmozGmGoJuw[View]
76818806I've never listened to a country album. Am I losing something?[View]
76814601Pitchfork's 50 Best Albums of 2017: jesus fucking christ https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-a…[View]
76818935what do people who use this listen to?[View]
76820549What is your personal BOTY (banger of the year)?[View]
76820555Metal General - Angry Québécois Edition: https://youtu.be/q3JeaBoBU-c Why couldn't they ever ma…[View]
76820131Mashups: Anyone do mashups and have advise? If not, anyone got some dope mashups to share? Here…[View]
76818386Albums like this[View]
76819090who is this woman[View]
76818430KPOP GENERAL[View]
76818993whats /mu/'s problem with Wavves?[View]
76819905Ring A Bell is about Ariana Grande: They were going to collaborate with her through Robert Pattinson…[View]
76820339Ok so I have a few questions about the origins of grime that I'm hoping some of you guys can cl…[View]
768203873x3 4x4 5x5 tapmusic chart thread: you know the drill[View]
76819170ITT: Musicians who are literally Chad Pic related, Justice Tripp from Trapped Under Ice and Angel Du…[View]
76819750what does moo think of the queen of moo, lavren mayberry[View]
76820263Kid A if Radiohead listened to more Ninja Tune than Warp[View]
76820005Most overrated albums 2017 edition[View]
76808529metal general thick riffs edition old: >>76800865[View]
76818916what music your gay uncle listens to?[View]
76820200>one-hit wonder continues to record music despite embarrassing lack of relevance…[View]
76819871Worst fucking genre ever. People who listen to this music are absolute morons. Like I hate people wh…[View]
76818256Suggestions for Dark Stuff: I'm out of the loop, currently listening to a lot of Ghostmane but …[View]
76815611Doom metal thread: I've been really into Doom Metal these past months, any band could you recc?…[View]
76819245Sorry white boys THIS is the best album of the decade[View]
76820044Holy shit[View]
76820058Why does this work?[View]
76819806ITT: best song from a game ost >Skate 3 >Cracklin' Rosie…[View]
76816105Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
76819575>well she was just 17 >you know what i mean what did he mean by this?…[View]
76818209Is this a minions reference?[View]
76819641Holy shit this is so good. Definitely in my top 10 now. Didn't see this on /mu/ yet, though I…[View]
76811252Post Overrated Boomer Icons[View]
76818206Is it kino?[View]
76819827What's the most unironic album of all time?[View]
76819914I dont know: ayy im high take my beats for free and if you want I can make you a new one https://sou…[View]
76816085Are you man enough to admit you really like a normie song with 346 million views? https://www.youtub…[View]
76819642Is there anywhere I can go to talk about real music. It seems like nowadays, /mu/ only talks about m…[View]
76818543Let's talk about the best album of all time[View]
76817926ITT: essential nogfcore: Songs about > tfw your crush doesn't notice you I start: https://ww…[View]
76819805ITT: musicians ahead of their time Listen to the first 4 scott walker tracks on this, insane. Sounds…[View]
76819854Hey /mu/ Do any of you listen to music podcasts? Which ones are worth listening to? Any quality mus…[View]
76815739>Creed >Evanescence >Seether >Drowning Pool >12 Stones >Finger Eleven >Hawthorn…[View]
76819506Shit.... This is good I am fucked up?? Who's next?[View]
76819450Do you still have that uh, 'Beefheart, French Import : Safe As Milk'?[View]
76819482>people shit on Paul's granny songs >nobody says shit about George's wannabe indian …[View]
76818884>uses cuss words in the song >its not a hip hop song…[View]
76819766If Bitchfork named 'Mask Off' as the song of the year, i would have been somewhat happy about it.[View]
76819559Has anyone heard the new ty segall singles: I think they're great He also announced a new albu…[View]
76814652Was he better than Dylan?[View]
76818794Anyone ever listen to this? It's good[View]
76818436Why is he so sexy bros?[View]
76817323Can anybody rec me music that sounds like Ween's Mourning Glory? Nothing else Ween's done …[View]
76816836I dread Christmas with a passion. Can I get some music for this feeling?[View]
76819596Post female musicians with soft/sweet voices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eES6xo-sIb4[View]
76817714>tfw shitting liquid fire Music for this feel?[View]
76816041Name a more overrated fucking band. For those of you who don't live in Australia, this is the b…[View]
76816792>when the pawn = extraordinary machine > the idler wheel > tidal[View]
76818322Just receive a new set of really nice headphones. What songs should I listen to to really experience…[View]
76819305Philip Glass + Adderall enjoy your eargasm[View]
76813590Who are the best reactors on youtube and why are they so much more entertaining and interesting than…[View]
76819204Looking for some really danceable music, can be experimental or just groovy but something fun[View]
76806260Hipster Runoff: Who here remembers Hipster Runoff? http://web.archive.org/web/20150325061455/http://…[View]
76817726Is this on purpose? Is this some sort of trend among post-rock masterpieces?[View]
76817658does anybody want a free yung lean ticket for tonight in london my friends all ditched me so i would…[View]
76817156how come we don't have any modern bands trying to push the limits like VU did but still making …[View]
76818929NEW JACK WHITE ALBUM TRAILER https://youtu.be/QClzlZTXj4Y[View]
76817994I have no idea what they're saying but fuck me these guitar arrangements are godly.[View]
76818922post your favorite album and your 5 favorite songs from it >Buckingham Green >Cold Blows the W…[View]
76817218the other chart thread is dying. Give me some recommendations while you're at it.[View]
76818871I feel like I tend to flit between bands a little too much, so ITT post your favourite band with a l…[View]
76818611i've listened to this album twice already today best album of 1972 or best album of all time?[View]
76816230has it leaked yet?[View]
76818300>tfw I can't enjoy music anymore unless I'm high What do I do?…[View]
76818842ITT: Good rape songs: LET ME PUT MY LOVE INTO YOU BABE[View]
76818527Viva la AL!: What will he do next?[View]
76817928Holy Shit: Can anyone recommend some songs/albums similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K…[View]
76812185p4k AMA tomorrow: What are you going to ask them?[View]
76817955What made them objectively the GOAT?[View]
76818440This is my first year really getting into music, and of course I discovered shitty hipster indie bul…[View]
76818674Anime Collective: Thoughts on this misunderstood masterpiece?[View]
76814837Did the singer from The Boomtown Rats cause Brexit?[View]
76818488Are Lift to Experience a Christian band?: Also are there another good christian musicians aside form…[View]
76818534This is a Billy Corgan thread how does he do it?[View]
76818591I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA[View]
76817981Soul for the soul: I've spent quite a few hours going over What's Going On and I just get …[View]
76809174Is SOPHIE trans? What the fuck? They switch over to using female pronouns and the trans community se…[View]
76817880*saves music*[View]
76808733He needs to fucking stop.[View]
76810105would you like a chvrches - carly rae jepsen collab?[View]
76803847She's the one who should have to apologize. I'd drag my dick through a mile of broken glas…[View]
76818173is this an album? help me identify it[View]
76818538what a good album[View]
76817098to what fanbase do pic related reminds you of?[View]
76818263>tell people I like all kinds of music from rap to rock >I don’t like country >mfw…[View]
76817496What did she mean by this[View]
76818483Knowing you'll never be in a scene and that the only way to let people know about your music is…[View]
76816322KPOP GENERAL[View]
76816757Name a better live live performance (pro tip: you can't): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ3D7…[View]
76816937It's weird how, if you look at music videos from 1990-1996, they look/feel quite dated and 'fuz…[View]
76818350Why are blonds so devoid of musical talent?[View]
76818297What does /mu/ think of Yeezus' brother?[View]
76818294What do you think of the new xcx? I fucking love it desu[View]
76813147old thread about to reach bump limit >>76801146 >ALBUM MOSAIC GAME Sufjan Stevens - Illinoi…[View]
76818283w: whats the mest busicmee skin[View]
76818231Does it really make sense to call someone a /mu/drone? /mu/core is made of a lot of critically accla…[View]
76818090Does anyone else get an anxious fluttery sensation in their chest from pounding electronic 'music'? …[View]
76810478This is so bad, holy shit were they too scared to tell him this is awful?[View]
76818157I love you; will you love me too? Even if it's just in this thread.. https://youtu.be/BWf-eARnf…[View]
76812539how /mu/ feels about this?[View]
76818194>His favourite band hasn't transcended the mortal plain[View]
76816597post cute musicians[View]
76816187Looking for respectable RNB, suggestions? Open to anything but I'm highly resistant to this gen…[View]
76818164Dare I say it, is he the goat?[View]
76818019Is this the greatest post-modern masterpiece of our time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah5EbIM2o…[View]
76817747good songs you forgot about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPglNjxVHiM[View]
7681812010/10 Nobody has heard it. It's so sad. Ron is number one![View]
76817867Hey /mu/ggers i need a hand Basically how do i look very convincingly that i am mixing, djing, fx et…[View]
76818026>diagnosed with hiv music for this feel?[View]
76815952You groove, you lose. I've been listening to some YMO and this particular song never fails to m…[View]
76817707With 3 albums officially named AOTY in the past 6 years, is it time to accept that this guy is the g…[View]
76813382ITT: Covers that are objetively better than their original versions: Bonus points if /comfy/ Oasis -…[View]
76813974Guess That Album: Shrink some album art, then expand back out and see if you can get other people to…[View]
76817828The shitshow continues...[View]
76816219What's your favorite Beyonce song?: For me it's hard to choose only one because every song…[View]
76811525Post your favorite emo albums[View]
76817741Bruh... Look at this dood...[View]
76817692I AM[View]
76808577stoned: what music shall i listen to. im stoned.[View]
76816460>I'm so tired, I can't SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP[View]
76817621Kendrick will be on Howard Stern this morning. Will you be listening?[View]
76817207Hierarchies in the vaporwave community: I wondered if you think there are hierarchies in the vaporwa…[View]
76812368Christmas albums: Anyone got this (or any other GOAT Christmas albums)? Why is it so hard to find on…[View]
76815983let's be realistic, how bad is this album going to be?[View]
76817632When are the aliens going to take her back?[View]
76816264I don't get it: is this a joke? is this a meme? what am I missing? why would someone release so…[View]
76816771What skin colour is Trippie Redd??: On this picture he's white?? WTF[View]
76816308What are some essential latin jazz albums? I went to my college's latin jazz concert and loved …[View]
76816579PSYTRANCE: Searched and nothing came up. Can we get a real good psytrance thread? I would say I…[View]
76811124/chart/: Chart Thread baby Tell me about yourself What's your favorite movie? What's your …[View]
76817570Which song are you listening to RIGHT NOW? I'll start: Summoning - Khazad Dum[View]
76817432why is he so underrated, bros? been listening to pic related nonstop[View]
76816510STOP! POST THE JAZZIEST SONG YOU KNOW OF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xFc86tzFG4[View]
76805365It's time! https://soundcloud.com/wentzelbeats/catch-up >lofi >guitar Share and give feed…[View]
76815488Thoughts on this band?[View]
76817272>taking some photos at a concert >see this what do?…[View]
76816751I got this track with an open verse for sale. Who else sells opens and features. Post your work... h…[View]
7681647239th???: what the fuck[View]
76813850where do I start with Venetian snares?[View]
76816929Thinken of becoming a soundcloud rap star. I already have: >name it starts with Lil. Haven't…[View]
76816446Jello Biafra is the John Waters of music Make other comparisons[View]
76816302>he plays in open tuning[View]
76817297What does /mu/ think of my music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClGfdeuzHx0[View]
76816972What's your favorite nightcore song, /mu/? Here's mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u5…[View]
76816448soundcloud lyric help: can yall do me a solid? what the hell is she saying https://soundcloud.com/ca…[View]
76814311Trance Anthems: Classic Trance Thread? >Hard House / Hard Trance also welcome. Let's start i…[View]
76817173This is so cool! If you like new wave, baroque, art pop - pls listen![View]
76816895Why is this being left out by pretty much every critic's end of year lists? It was better than …[View]
76817025UNPOPULAR/RETARDED OPINIONS THREAD: Fellas, I'm in a lil bit of a predicament. I could literal…[View]
76813402Rock is for old people https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MtUIUWigwCo[View]
76815709>tfw death will give us back to God just like the setting sun is return to the lonesome ocean…[View]
76815693Miss me yet?[View]
76813156Spirit of Eden > Laughing Stock[View]
76816857are you getting this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhC8LnFd2LE[View]
76813941ITT: covers better than the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EtflaZQnPo[View]
76814850KISS: Why is Kiss popular? They have terrible lyrics, Gene is a dick, and Paul Stanley is butt hurt …[View]
76814184Who started the 'emo' trend in rap?[View]
76816829Is a black guy calling himself 'Tupac Amaru Shakur' technically cultural appropriation?[View]
76813682acid and ambient, such a perfect combo. recs for this trip?[View]
76814937I just talked to Jesus he said what up yeezus[View]
76815786Why are so many white rappers jewish? >lil dicky aesop rock beastie boys mac miller hoodie allen …[View]
76816770let's face it, this was shit[View]
76815885He has to take care of himself.: I think he needs help guy... mac just ain't right. https://you…[View]
76816607What do you call this genre of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s55VcyI64yc[View]
76816591Any other Black Metal albums that sound like this?: Already know about Woe, Code and Cobalt. Looking…[View]
76816585>I know you want me >You know I want ya >I know you want mee >You know I want ya What di…[View]
76813674Heres a good one, whats /mu/'s favorite movie/game OST's?[View]
76816375>he dreams of accepting a Grammy and being on the cover of Rolling Stone…[View]
76816300Song of the year?: What is your song of the year so far? For me it's 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood…[View]
76811847Post albums you listened to a lot in 2015.[View]
76815705YOU'RE NO AHHHTIST[View]
76815372KPOP GENERAL[View]
76816248Pleb filters[View]
76815866Rodriguez: Am I the only one here who likes Rodriguez? > inb4 not South African…[View]
76810564did you guys hear the rumor about john lennon[View]
76815352Say something nice about this man[View]
76814052i am by no means a hispter i do like pop music in small doses but why does a song get ruined if if i…[View]
76815939more like this?[View]
76815989Why did Pitchfork lie to me?[View]
76813385Here's the man wiff teef like God's shushshine[View]
76816029Anyone else done with rap as a genre? Especially with these soundcloud trash rappers on the rise, I …[View]
76814128ITT: Terrible albums that you don't understand the love for.[View]
76816134This is the future of rock and roll https://youtu.be/PLQD7ZAwVpM[View]
76811174/mu/s thought on grindcore? I was just thinking about grindcore for some reason. I don't liste…[View]
76811391/bcg/ post your music and leave critiques for others. Lets make /mu/ a tight knit community of creat…[View]
76815978What are some songs?[View]
76815150how the fuck do i write a melody >cover artist[View]
76806067What the fuck is going on with Taylor swift?[View]
76813991Was he the Lil Peep of his time?[View]
76799584post your AOTY itt[View]
76815099Favorite Striborg album?[View]
76808618Is this really what the kids are into these days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrVl7mgVSg0[View]
76815789Music for being sick, huddled under blankets in the dark, sniffling and wretched as I wait for the N…[View]
76815853ITT: anons redpill you on songs/albums/artist you just don't get the appeal[View]
76812798he's unironically the only person who understands me[View]
76807360The left's career is over forever and their music wiped from streaming platforms and dropped fr…[View]
76814023Music for my therapist and outpatient doctor say I have to get sober feel[View]
76815615Thank you everyone that has reached out with supportive messages. A small update, as I'm being …[View]
76813852What album does this sound like the most to you? It doesnt sound like any particular Beatles album, …[View]
76814410Top 20 AOTY --- 1987: Do it /mu/ make me proud[View]
76813840Spanish music: ITT: dope music sung in Spanish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuoUsoHWtdg…[View]
76810315/dsd/: Dungeon Synth December It's been a few days.[View]
76815568I was thinking about what a friend had said Iwas hoping it was a lie[View]
76815450Who's more of /ourguy/? StevieT or Jared?[View]
76815408Bluetooth Audio Bitrate: Anyone know the bitrate for bluetooth audio from a phone to a vehicle?…[View]
768043305x5: collage thread[View]
76815223ITT: albums that make you want to get down[View]
76814229KPOP GENERAL[View]
76815343Why is he so underrated[View]
76813483Shitty raps shitty songs: I'm gonna get banned but I don't give a fuck I have shitty raps …[View]
76815018Is there any other artist who did an album like Discovery?[View]
76815194/mu/ Facebook tourists BTFO[View]
76814081Ever notice when you talk I just cut myself?[View]
76809037My winter depression is really starting to kick in. I have barely eaten in the last 2 days and I hav…[View]
76812900POST YOU'RE AOTY[View]
76814623This album is too long. Can you cut it down to a sweet 45min for me?[View]
76814965Folk Artists better than Bob Dylan?: Nick Drake is all I know of[View]
76813417COME JOIN US AT PLUG.DJ: https://plug.dj/ugp-hjmxp-リクエスタ DJ your songs in the room with us :)[View]
76814326The Pop Group - Y: What's the consensus on this?[View]
76813955Rate a musicians/bands works form best to worst: Beach House: 1. Bloom 2. Depression Cherry 3. Te…[View]
76814968name a better band than the Plastic Ono Supergroup[View]
76814084Share songs with sad sounding synth >whatever that means to you[View]
76814879Pitchfork AOTY is up. https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-50-best-albums-of-2017/?pa…[View]
76812082ITT: Albums too patrician for /mu/[View]
76812698Here it is, the AOTY, you may not like it, but it's true[View]
76809821>there are no perfect albu-[View]
76814736How fucking cool is this going to be? https://pitchfork.com/news/frank-ocean-teases-his-own-grand-th…[View]
76814670Koreless - Yugen: Does anyone knows where to download this album, can't find it anywhere! Also,…[View]
76808912post non-traditional Christmas songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9BZDpni56Y[View]
76814619What does /mu/ think about GG Allin? He's been shilled here and there recently, so I decided to…[View]
76814584https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-50-best-albums-of-2017/?page=5 WEW LAD[View]
76813114artist makes pop record, /mu/ complains they sould out or whatever. artist makes experimental record…[View]
76813599>comes to the conclusion that all nu metal except Deftones is terrible >hasn't heard any …[View]
76813738>highest selling female artist >right up there with Beatles, Elvis and jackson. but basement d…[View]
76814343heard this masterpiece for the first time two weeks ago and it's all i've been listening t…[View]
76793195/classical/ general: Rotorooter edition Press 'F' to pay respects >General Folder #1. Renaissan…[View]
76814357More like this? Noisy, pissed off, dissonant punk/rock that retains its musicality and catchiness ht…[View]
76811153/U2/ general[View]
76812058What albums are similar to this?[View]
76813236>endless threads asking what the worst genre is >no-one ever gives the right answer This shit …[View]
76813896some anon asked me if i had heard this album before because i told him i related to hospice but the …[View]
76812640KPOP GENERAL[View]
76813604I have ZERO music experience but want to learn how to play the Ukulele by the end of the winter sinc…[View]
76814193Guitar: This might be a huge shot in the dark, but does anyone know what brand of electric guitar th…[View]
76814188>Except for that dad, I love you and will always, always miss you...[View]
76813913stop listening to bad music[View]
76813503My parents find out that I smoke weed and now are disappointed as fuck Music for this feel?[View]
76812879>Melanie Melanie Melanie lies down to sleep >With a head full of dreams, such horrible dreams…[View]
76813164Why has the quality of this board gone down so much post-MBDTF? It's like 90% shitposts.[View]
76814149>The Memes Why hasn't a band with this name made it big yet?[View]
76813978What are some good old man metal bands? Extra points if they were old when they started to get famou…[View]
76813943I've really been digging Big Star and The Replacements' albums. What are some other good 7…[View]
76813384Claim your song. This is YOUR song, that you love above all else that no one else can have. https://…[View]
76813754what went wrong?[View]
76810597What are your favorite Elephant 6 albums?[View]
76810963Does /mu/ like experimental kpop?[View]
76813922>music for 102 brass tines tuned in 19-edo[View]
76813980help kill me this song is beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLdi2eDSwVA[View]
76813956Masterpieces that use porn as a sample. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV7p48af-yw[View]
76813745What does /mu/ think of The Bronx?[View]
76812409I don't get it[View]
76812601Cardiacs: Why is nobody else really into Cardiacs? I think Tim Smith is an absolute genius songwrite…[View]
76810209albums like random access memories by daft punk? I know it's basically a tribute to 70s80sdisco…[View]
76813810>tfw i realize that the only good sonic youth songs are the ones composed by lee ranaldo how can …[View]
76810175>hey anon becca wants to listen to your music[View]
76812846>post in a thread >it dies >every time music for this feel ?…[View]
76813724I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand[View]
76813192What do you have to say about this[View]
76813561>those early RHCP demos[View]
76810939>i dont like much new music anymore >all these aoty and singles lists leave me clueless >al…[View]
76813050>Yeah, I would consider myself a fan of GG Allin[View]
76812344ITT: Albums that sound clinical or like a hospital/treatment facility. This album has themes of it, …[View]
76813425ITT: Albums better than Art Angels[View]
76813345this gets better and better, i like it so much more than radiohead[View]
76813354Creeping up into the sky[View]
76810467>hates nu-metal >listens to Nine Inch Nails, Death Grips and the early Swans…[View]
76811902>tfw you realize what you've listened to as a teen determines your music taste for the rest …[View]
76813083Hip hop is not the highest quality of music[View]
76812532my wife! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flgWCAaq4oI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vkr_7hpcG-w htt…[View]
76812931afx DRUKQS any% 00:58.17 WR: https://youtu.be/NJoltqn6B7E everyone said itd be too long for sub 45..…[View]
76807708The year is 2050. What are people listening to?[View]
76812939GC Drum kit: Looking to to use Game Cube controller and adapter as MIDI controller. I would like to …[View]
76809341Zappa Thread: Has there ever been any musician since Zappa to reach the same level of complexity, co…[View]
76813111What's /mu/'s favorite or fondest live performance? For me its Ghostland Observatory >G…[View]
76812517Does he need to do drugs again?[View]
76812132post soyboy music[View]
76812352What are some seemingly normie albums with strong undercurrents that relate to counter culture? Pic …[View]
76801146ALBUM MOSAIC GAME: >ALBUM MOSAIC GAME Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise edition Read the rules on the pi…[View]
76813056hey /mu/: What's your favorite song by Melanie Martinez?[View]
76813051ITT: Stupid music related shit you've done.: >really into Sex Pistols for god knows what rea…[View]
76812550ITT: 'I'm cultured and listen to world music'-core[View]
76812999Wtf... This is WAY creepier than Coil!!! How many of you have heard this one? >He knows the use o…[View]
76811970What the fuck[View]
76811038I can't get over how good this is.[View]
76811673Lads, what the FUCK is the name of the song this riff is from, and what do I know it from? https://w…[View]
76810368DEVO was trying out some pretty experimental shit back in the 80s (Live 3D concerts, laserdisc, etc)…[View]
76811783>99 Songs of Revolution Volume 1 >11 tracks Volumes 2-9 when? Does Kalnoky even do shit anymo…[View]
76808623ITT: Trap done right[View]
76808430>early 2000s high school graduation >Graduation by Vitamin C plays…[View]
76807600Electronic music finally clicked for me, need recs: I used to be that kind of person that hated elec…[View]
76812850Really makes you think[View]
76806629>itt albums that are almost perfect[View]
76808385Post shit you do and others give feedback: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1WlpinYYFXG Had friend over this w…[View]
76812551Your opinions on pop music?: Was it ever good? Is it still good?[View]
76811552Why is he dying on Christmas? Can’t we do anything to stop this?[View]
76804410can't decide if this is trash or the best music i've heard all year[View]
76810518Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
76812748https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWKfXxwmYpQ >Ministry was never politi...…[View]
76812718Really cool Videoclip parodies?: Something else like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_contin…[View]
76812621HI AND HOWDY DOODY[View]
76812314Post the best song featured on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrwjiO1…[View]
76811619>Be me >Walking to the store >Get to the store >They have records >Flipping through r…[View]
76811260KPOP GENERAL[View]
76812525Actual god tier albums[View]
76812521itt unpopular onions: This album is actually amazing[View]
76804976Post your age and what you listened to when you first started listening to music >20 >RHCP and…[View]
76812500music like this?[View]
76812479Post your favorite song intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHhrZgojY1Q[View]
76812219ITT: Edgiest album from your music library[View]
76807897Does /mu/ like death metal[View]
76796255>Trying to find a new GF >Talk to girl for hours >Seems to be going well >What kind of m…[View]
76812089Why are they so great[View]
76810285are there any non-trap rappers anymore[View]
76812202*blocks your royalty payments heh, nothin' personnel kid[View]
76812121Always loved this song and the story behind it's creation. Anything similar out there? Favorite…[View]
76808593>last track on album leads into the first track[View]
76804268Paramore / Hayley Williams: thoughts on After Laughter?[View]
76812111ONE IN YOUR LIFE[View]
76808888Which one? http://www.strawpoll.me/14601888[View]
76791175>listen to a song >Imagine I'm playing it live…[View]
76809350i need to find more artists like grimes. what would you recommend?[View]
76811071What went wrong? She was the queen of Punk.[View]
76811508https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof come listen to some jams with us![View]
76808749Rank the big 4[View]
76812149What are some bands that sound like pic related?[View]
76812142Worst Christgau reviews: 'This AOR reclamation job isn't retro because so many of their cultura…[View]
76812141ITT: Underrated/unfairly maligned albums. I actually think The Sensual World is trash and lifeless h…[View]
76812110I wanna find some more songs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5C1Bt4k-iA I like the old '…[View]
76812096I made a rap song because I'm sad and lonely and bad at sports. Let me know what you /mu/ffins…[View]
76809815What are some good songs to resist Trump?[View]
76811216oh my fucking god i didn't expected this to be like that[View]
76812057Post your top 10 AOTY and post your bottom 10 favorite AOTY, and others guess which one is which[View]
76811240Radiohead is one of the worst bands of all time. It’s incredibly boring and the only people who like…[View]
76809554My fingers are dumb, clumsy, it takes me like 5 seconds to switch chords (if I'm lucky), and i…[View]
76811951Just marathoned this, do I like it?[View]
76811943Nu Mac tunes: What do you guys think? https://youtu.be/3izNZJ6T1OQ[View]
76811939Old school: Can anyone name off more than 5?[View]
76811779God tier bossa nova albums?: Just got a Cordoba C10 s and wanted to learn some tunes[View]
76811786mor: debate if this is the best Black Sabbath album or not. what are your opinions /mu/[View]
76811678Is this band just Ween without the pretentious p4k fanbase?[View]
76810081What does he listen to?[View]
76807169UK underground vs. US underground: >british underground genres Ethnically diverse, ranging from w…[View]
76809880/piano/ general: Welcome fellow pianists! Post about general piano things; what you're working …[View]
76811866ITT: Hacks[View]
76811860Best music to pvp online to?[View]
76810973NOTS: So this is the band Nots. They are from Memphis and they are phenomenal. Why doesn't /MU/…[View]
76811650why are bassists always the coolest members of a band?[View]
76811596Is there anything else with a similar sound to this? Even their other albums don't quite scratc…[View]
76810241how does one 'get into' genres like house, drum n' bass, dubstep etc and all their re…[View]
76810994https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PUdyuKaGQd4 >'travel like gypsies in the night' Unbelievably offens…[View]
76811739have you heard sadye by bengalfuel? it gives me chills, really beautiful ambient album[View]
76809042best albums with non-english lyrics?: pic unrelated[View]
76800829Post some of the strangest music you have heard recently and recommend other strange shit[View]
76811642CHRIST. MAS. IS. LIT.[View]
76803999music to listen to in the cold of the winter?[View]
76811237Gee anon playing death grips again, why not find other music[View]
76804703What are you guys listening to as you cram study for your final exam tomorrow?[View]
76811488Give me some good punk music to listen[View]
76810626>Alicia Keys >The Black Keys >Black Rebel Motorcycle Club >Black Eyed Peas >Black Lab…[View]
76810702Post your favorite female artist now and her best song >Carly Rae Jepsen >Run Away With Me…[View]
76810317Ty Segall: Discovered this guy recently and I find his stuff amazing. What does /mu/ think of him an…[View]
76810598>12' LP can hold 40 minutes of music >a cassette tape holds 60 minutes of music >A CD holds…[View]
76811362A heart that's...[View]
76811378>ask what my 8th grade sister's favorite album is >it's ITAOTS…[View]
76810634Was Lil Peep the modern day Morrissey?: >sexually ambiguous >makes sad melancholic music >w…[View]
76811258Any good music documentaries ?: Salad Days are good![View]
76798048songs with good basslines[View]
76811244Billie Jean is NOT my lover.[View]
76808597Summarize popular music since 1950 in 10 artists, solo or bands John Coltrane Bob Dylan The Beatles …[View]
76808073Please post pictures and videos of Aphex Twin for me to jack off to[View]
76810814Die Antwoord vs Death Grips: Which is the better group/ more significant group? I'm honestly in…[View]
76811265in your opinion, whats the worst over used low budget commercial music? I hope you guys can hear thi…[View]
76808248Post-Hardcore Thread[View]
76808764Pink Floyd quiz me: Fuck I hate myself Yeah you guessed it, its that guy who wants to know everythin…[View]
76809625KPOP GENERAL[View]
76811102>- 'Good evening, you know who we are -- we are the most hated group in Britain.' >- 'We do no…[View]
76810975I miss the pop music and popstars of my high school years. This is just nostalgia right, or are they…[View]
76808094Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
76810120Is there anybody out there?: >be me >one of the greatest albums of all time >whole album is…[View]
76809608Music for when you're unemployed and can't find work, you're full of anxiety and depr…[View]
76809270Rank the songs on an album: 1. The World is Yours 2. Memory Lane 3. It Ain't Hard to Tell 4. Li…[View]
76810734What does /mu/ think of Crywank? More like this?[View]
76811006ITT: Bands King Gizzard wishes they could be[View]
76810502Thoughts on Yung Gravy? https://youtu.be/GzVvDGnWQXI[View]
76809676I've finally found it my 10/10[View]
76807932Prog recs?: So far my prog experience is mostly surface level stuff like 70's King Crimson, Pin…[View]
76810555ITT: Say any word or phrase, then list the first 3 albums that come to mind for each word/phrase. I…[View]
76807050Where to start with Zeena? I've only heard her presumably on Vespertine but I love the harp the…[View]
768100933x3, 4x4, 5x5 weekly thread: post yours and try to say something useful[View]
76810427Post your fav album atm[View]
7681072212th street Hun' 35th street: This is the birthplace, of that nigga they call Mase[View]
76806491ITT: Artists you would pay to see more recordings of in the studio: youtube.com/watch?v=eqBgiH-H0jU…[View]
76797094Unironically pretty good[View]
76807988What's /mu/'s guilty pleasure?[View]
76810299Does /mu/ like experimental avant space rap?[View]
76809019I'm trying to think of the best ambient album to buy my parents that they can listen to to rela…[View]
76809280So I play alto saxophone and was wondering whether to go to a soprano or tenor for my next one. What…[View]
76803677/mu/ and booze: What are some great booze and music combinations? >Bourbon and Lynyrd Skynyrd…[View]
76810377What are some essential night-time albums?[View]
76810527what are some good songs to start a playlist off with?[View]
76808640Dubs names my first album - coming out in about 2 weeks: It's electronic, ambient, experimental…[View]
76810434Theremin: the ultimate Fedora instrument?[View]
76804571How is this humanly possible? This timid, average woman literally casting a shadow on every musician…[View]
76801740ITT: Albums that sound just like their cover[View]
76810433Symphonic, triumphant dream pop? I'm thinking shit like M83 because I'm a casual. Throw an…[View]
76806587Is Grime the worst sub-genre of hip-hop?[View]
76809017Slowcore thread: It's that time of year again, /mu/ Nearly the end of 2017 and I haven't …[View]
76809928Holy shit. This isn't overrated at all, totally worth all the acclaim.[View]
76807547what is he scolding bb-8 about here?[View]
76806105Man, albums with multiple tracklistings really trigger my autism What's your favourite? I like …[View]
76809878>deluxe edition of an album >bonus tracks are just live versions of songs…[View]
76808367Thoughts on Jimmy Eat World?[View]
76810040>band's name is a url[View]
76806228ITT: Artists you hated years before normies even knew and loved them[View]
76810031>mfw listening to my favorite Zimbabwean harsh avant-jazz noise-core record…[View]
76809828BILLBOARD HOT 100 YEAR-END LIST: BEST & WORST: So Billboard's Hot 100 Year-End list just ca…[View]
76809862Thoughts on Fela Kuti?[View]
76805909ITT: bad albums with 10/10 openers[View]
76809494who's your favorite post-nightcore artsist? what new releases are you fuckin' with[View]
76809396What's that kind of music called where it's all electronic synths and beats like emotional…[View]
76809711Mike Patton bashes Slipknot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVR-zW2z_sk[View]
76809808songs about the stomach??[View]
76808932so sad almost no one noticed on of the greatest band in this decade. The Music[View]
76809094What's your favorite song for the lyrics ?[View]
76809082EBM: Can anyone rec me more stuff like these tracks? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NTvke0Sa78A https…[View]
76808853lets begin with the past in front[View]
76809532GOOD OLD PYSCH THREAD: no neo-psych, folks[View]
76806802Cibo Matto have broken up: RIP[View]
76809680who is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf_QFmbS6e8&t=31s[View]
76795228/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: How to Relic Your Guitar Edition How do I start learning guitar? …[View]
76809534HOLY SHIT[View]
76808443Music Players that arent Apple: Hey yos. Popping by here to get some advice off of you guys: I'…[View]
76807769Mark Kozelek[View]
76808115KPOP GENERAL[View]
76805820how come footwork never became popular? didn't even become meme status? its literally nothing b…[View]
76807312Maybe this is the wrong place to ask, but I'm planning on buying my first keyboard and I'd…[View]
76807816Give me ONE (1) good reason why this isn't music video of the year. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
76807718What does /mu/ think about Big Audio Dynamite?[View]
76809118When the Fantano list week starts?[View]
76809423>music rube >listens to songs >music schoob >listens to full albums >music pro >…[View]
76809415songs about the stomach?[View]
76808900So what are the chances of the Arctic Monkeys releasing a good album next year anon[View]
76803141Don't see a chart thread, let's get one started[View]
76808919It's Rock N' Roll dead?[View]
76805440Does /mu/ like experimental music?[View]
76808986>he doesn't think the Pet Shop Boys are the best synthpop act https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
76809171Are there any artists that mainly use diminished and whole tone tonality?[View]
76809209meditational music and therapy music for clinical depression she says- courtesy of my gf but lo and …[View]
76809194ITT: good albums to pull out ingrown toenails to[View]
76808892what albums from this year do you think deserve more attention? pic related[View]
76808388looking for vampire music, like 80s goth stuf and whatever you consider vampire music, want to make …[View]
76806577Where's the 80s chart?: Seriously, there's a chart for the 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s, and 00s, bu…[View]
76807767Sonny Murray RIP: Goodnight sweet prince. Greatest free jazz drummer in history. https://www.spin.c…[View]
76808624>listen to a song >it's good[View]
76806992Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /Bojack edition/ https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
76808267What does mu/ think of Andy’s album[View]
76808356topsters2: hey guys im trying to use the new version of topsters but it wont stop rendering. wtf am …[View]
76807408Why am I scared to listen to new music? I feel like I'm a basic /mu/-core listener even though …[View]
76807641Favorite rapper in pic related?[View]
76803385One of these threads: >Best True Lies >Runner Up Stranger's Kiss or Marlon Brando >Wor…[View]
76806882What does /mu/ think of ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$?[View]
76808699Does /mu/ like experimental kpop?[View]
76804395Why this masterpiece isn't discussed here?[View]
76778040last.fm thread: share last.fm accounts rate, hate, rec https://www.last.fm/user/benjaminsmith_…[View]
76808495FELLAS I NEED SOME RECOMMENDATIONS i want to get into blues music but i got no fucking clue where to…[View]
76807119ITT: Musicians attacking/yelling at fans on stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JBfRSeYofM https:…[View]
76808125https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-zVNr3vVsY Holy shit Nickelback used to be really fuckin good[View]
76808323Some Mixcloud users here? // share your Mixcloud chanel and receive feedback and followers. https://…[View]
76803761>he listens exclusively to greatest hits and best of compilations and thinks he listens to old mu…[View]
76808042This is basically a trap album. Why the fuck did he start making trap music?[View]
76804660what are /mu/'s opinions on the Dave Mathew's band?[View]
76807275hey doods earlier today i gathered all of the extra download codes i had laying around and i'm …[View]
76796911SC: soundcloud.com/najasounds/hush >Drum n Bass >Hip Hop >IDM >Chill >Stoner…[View]
76807519I love this album, didn't quite care for it on a first listen but it keeps getting better every…[View]
76807432ITT: Albums that will be considered classics in the future[View]
76807257ITT: Hip hop AOTY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV9Xd0p2Cq8[View]
76808540>listen to a song >imagine I wrote it in a band with my best friends…[View]
76802453But you just cannot get angry in the same way.[View]
76808325What is the most beautiful thing you've ever heard?: I think pic related just topped Aphex Twin…[View]
76808230How do you top this shit? It's literally perfect.[View]
76808493Looking for good and badass lullabies: I'm addicted to this music : https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
76806222More like this?: Someone here suggested it and now I love it[View]
76800865/metal/: FUCK DRUMPF edtition old: >>76786061[View]
76808375Syd Barrett or Roger Waters: Who was the better Pink Floyd frontman? I gotta say Syd was the best th…[View]
76808134ITT: Post noisy/lo-fi masterpieces. Any genre is welcome, as long as it's noisy. I'm looki…[View]
76808373I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus[View]
76805137what was the point of this album again?[View]
76808146more music like melon guys old band 'taiga': I fucking despise this guy. but his old band …[View]
76805128What was your 2016 AOTY?[View]
76808117what is the deal with this video? this album actually made this, or she was just in the pornstar?[View]
76808196anything close to being good as this band?[View]
76806495new album when?[View]
76807461Celine Dion thread? This woman is perfect.[View]
76805572best songs of XX century https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWfY9GRe7SI[View]
76803284What's your favorite Ariel Pink song, /mu/?[View]
76808051That one beat that kept featuring in 90s songs. Why was it so good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
76799096Post 10's[View]
76759362/daily/ album listening challenge thread- jolly christmas owls edition: it's december 9th! The …[View]
76807739I'll start: Josh 'Go to shoot; Get the boot' Homme[View]
76805701>its Godspeed You! with a lead vocalist and randomly generated lyrics[View]
76807863What does /mu/ think about Spose?[View]
76807825Playlist R8 & Critique: Hi /mu/ I made a playlist for a friend to introduce them to a wider var…[View]
76804434Musicians who look better now than when they were in their 20s and 30s[View]
76807226what is the deal with this album? this pornstar actually made this, or she was just in the video?[View]
76807339Holy shit[View]
76807670ITT: Name your favorite albums that /mu/ introduced to you[View]
76807700Everyday people[View]
76807016>Jingle bells, Batman smells >Robin laid an egg >The batmobile lost a wheel >And the jok…[View]
76803320Is the dead flag blues post-country?[View]
76805615Now that the dust has settled..was #joshhomme @joshhomme from #qotsa @qotsa in the wrong? He literal…[View]
76804954see this band? theyre best fucking band to ever exist.[View]
76807425Does /mu/ like emo?[View]
76806312CHAD drums during the most RAW time period of NIRVANA while you SLAVE away listening to NEVERMIND[View]
76807502Kino MGMT coming: No more dark age posting we all about When You Die posting now[View]
76805331literally name me a better fillm score (pro tip: you can't)[View]
76805186Philosophy of Music: If you had to summarize your philosophy of music, what would your thesis be? • …[View]
76806204kpop general[View]
76776344/rym/ - rym / sonemic general: music edition[View]
76807168ITT: we write about albums we like as if we're pitchfork journalists > Burial's magnum …[View]
76807301What do you think track 4 from Ministry’s upcoming album is about?[View]
76805813songs that hype you up: https://youtube.com/watch?v=yDKyARqjypQ[View]
76800444Anyone else prefer CDs and MP3s over vinyl?: I suppose it's the late 90s kid in me for favourin…[View]
76807009What does post even mean i mean why dont we just call modern [genre] like post-punk most bands under…[View]
76803627remember me?[View]
76807112Good riot grrrl music doesn't exi-[View]
76806971https://youtu.be/hTkywyKV-9U Who else /hype/ for the new Ministry album? Shit is hype as fuck! Glad …[View]
76805769*look into the emptiness* *notices a gift for our daugter* OwO whats this[View]
76796450/bc/ bandcamp general: old thread died, everyone post and leave some feedback![View]
76806926Anyone know any good websites/apps for phones (android) that will stream full albums without a subsc…[View]
76806982This can be a 80's music thread, a christmas thread or a cassette thread. its up to you https:/…[View]
76796014Pitchfork's 100 Best Songs of 2017: the full autismo list has been released: https://pitchfork.…[View]
76805426So we got our 2nd album. It just took a few months instead of 3 days. Everything cool amiright?[View]
76802712Why don't you listen to ALL types of music? This board is like 90% pop and even that is mostly …[View]
76806438Can simple made albums be consider the greatest pieces of music of all time?[View]
76806466You're at the club when these guys walk up and slap your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?[View]
76805548Emo General: Topic of Discussion: Emo-Core How does one go about making some classic Emo-Core like p…[View]
76805226https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_50_Greatest_Pieces_of_Classical_Music >1.…[View]
76804591> tfw chose edgy over talent.[View]
76804659>acts like an authority on music >has a surface level understanding of every genre…[View]
76804604top 10 thread: No need to rec stuff, just post yours, guess personalities and rate or whatever…[View]
76797212>song has a harmonica solo[View]
76806776Fluffy drone ambient full of love: Hi we just released this ambient album that was recorded at our h…[View]
76806764If you had to pick an album that painted a picture in your head, which album would be the one with t…[View]
76791111ITT: albums you like but can't recommend to anyone[View]
76806741If Mark Hollis had a stand, would he be named Collin The Night Boy? Think about it[View]
76803804Are the rumors true?[View]
7680667221 MINUTE RAP MIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVpHOetOeyY what does mu think about the new tony…[View]
76804424Help is on the Way - Find the fucking lyrics: Against my better judgement I'm going to ask /mu/…[View]
76801817The Fleet Foxes song 'Third of May' isn't on Pitchfork top 100 songs.[View]
76806479My power My pleasure My PAIN[View]
76806534last fm 3x3/4x4/5x5 last week: r8, h8, rec you know the drill[View]
76806132Gateway Metal To Heavier Metals: Metallica Ride Dhe Lightning ©℗ 1984 Mêgaforce Яecords∴[View]
76806566what's the sexiest album you listened to? 9:07 pm, a flat on the 17th floor, great view, big wi…[View]
76806558anyone heard this record yet? what did ya think about it, if so?[View]
76806143How did they manage to never being used as a posterchild nazi band? They are beloved my normies, yet…[View]
76805999yo why this shit sound like vacuums lmfao[View]
76805838Are suicideboys the modern day ICP?[View]
76806120>comes on this board to find discussions about new interesting albums/bands I might want to liste…[View]
76805139>listen to a ton of Slint, Hella, Drive Like Jehu, Shellac, and American Football all night befor…[View]
7680594260's Music Kino[View]
76806348Massive Attack: What the fuck is wrong with these guys? They drop a fantastic EP and then disappear…[View]
76805659Feels: Feels song thread[View]
76804112Music players: I heard that music players like musicbee, foobar, and soulseek are better for listeni…[View]
76805338Is there a site that'll tell me the best 3 or so tracks off any album?: There's too many n…[View]
76798340Will the Hardcore Punk scene ever be revived? Is it dead? It it still alive?[View]
76806100Ladies and gentlemen.... Burt Bacharach.[View]
76801754>Ween >Weezer[View]
76805990>wore a Swans hoodie to class >prof recognizes it and tells me he digs them in front of class …[View]
76804490Which post-Beatles Christmas song is better?[View]
76806141What does /mu/ think of this album? Are there better electronica albums?[View]
76805094Jack Antonoff: Hipster rocker that you need on your iPod: If you were like me in high school, you we…[View]
76792105ITT: Post the last six albums you listened to, guess stuff about other anons based on their recent l…[View]
76800887was he right?[View]
76806000Should I add a token female to my band?: is it a good idea? Also, if I did, would it be sexist to ta…[View]
76804077*record scratch* *freeze frame* See that guy? Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering ho…[View]
76805983Dj mix: I Make shit Hip hop mixes and need opinions on my stuff. Tell me why you wouldn’t hire me ht…[View]
76805859What do people mean when they say they like hip-hop better than rap (or vice versa)?[View]
76804852What are the best nature field recordings? Or like live albums that were recorded in really interest…[View]
76805871THE MOOD IS RIGHT[View]
76805309I finally listened to Government Plates all the way through and fucking hell the last song on it is …[View]
76805759Looking for fun, upbeat albums. Can be anything from The Clash to 1999 by Prince.[View]
76805015Are YOU drug free, abstain from recreational sex, respect all sentient life by being vegan, & wo…[View]
76799974Post your albums of the year[View]
76804172KPOP GENERAL[View]
76804087I'm a little concerned that I've lost the plot and I don't understand kids these days…[View]
76805473/MU/ CHRIMBUS PLAYLIST: Add whatever the fuck you want https://open.spotify.com/user/jbobbington/pla…[View]
76805570We are the World <3 God I love this version. So many AMAZING SINGER in one song!!! Who is your fa…[View]
76805252sybyr / syringe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K5K8BnVdKfs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WzL5QQx_iNQ…[View]
76802509ITT Post a subgenre for alpha and beta men: >alpha Eurobeat >beta Slowcore…[View]
76805482rap freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUL2Qhhmy0E[View]
76804982gonna eat acid and i got some wagon christ and autechre and kate bush. recommend me what i need toda…[View]
76804706'Hey Google, play that hipster song with whistling'[View]
76784838ITT: Albums you know every lyric to[View]
76805003So, what happened to QT?[View]
76801786Best LCD Soundsystem album[View]
76804054Does /mu/ like hardcore punk?[View]
76804276sc thread MEANIES EDITION: ATTENTION NON-ARTIST ANONS get in here and give brutally honest feedback …[View]
76802000Who is the biggest sellout of all time?[View]
76805156Does anyone like rich chigga, i mean this guy isnt someone i can listen to often like i cant listen …[View]
76804154discuss favorite ambient, pic related is best ambient release. i am new to genre, who should i know …[View]
76805088what's his fucking problem with white people in rap? those retirement home jokes were completel…[View]
76801037>hmm, Rope didn't go down too well >hey, maybe if we make all our albums so long no-one a…[View]
76803664>song contains the word 'Baby'[View]
76801453>i listen to power electronics[View]
76805171I'm still in the B-Town, I'm still in downtown[View]
76802550Objectively bad msuic[View]
76799020ITT: Albums you've actually cried to. Pic related[View]
76804563How do I learn how to play this?[View]
76805044What's with the jewy symbolism in Yung Lean's new music video Is he another illuminati pop…[View]
76802301>Put the pussy in a sarcophagus What did he mean by this?[View]
76803537>I don't know what you're talking about[View]
76805004Banger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkuCKvpq_7Y[View]
76802234Could you remind me why we hate this band?[View]
76803457When will /ourqueen/ finally win a grammy?[View]
76804888When are we going to reach peak trap oversaturation? What's going to succeed trap as the go-to …[View]
76800539ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76801316is there a single song about cops that are positive?[View]
76804754Hey, /mu/, I've been looking for music similar to this song. I checked out the rest of the band…[View]
76804479To finger paint is not a sin I put my middle finger in Your monthly blood is what I win I'm in …[View]
76804692hardmode: name a drug + 4 cycle album high/stoned/euphoric/drunk: amnesia haze: 1. With Love (Zomby…[View]
76804684What's /mu/s opinion on The Story So Far? Also any other current pop punk bands worth checking …[View]
76804675I've really been enjoying a lot of slowcore like Duster and Monopot, any suggestions of who to …[View]
76804386post the AOTY of your country[View]
76803247Why is liking some genres (e.g. Folk Punk, Electro Swing, Nu Metal, Rap Rock, Brostep) so looked dow…[View]
76804594what went wrong?[View]
76804197AOTY Thread. SoBE has so many moments, it's hard to top it. I haven't listened to Polywago…[View]
76804342What do you think of music from GHOSTEMANE?[View]
76790227What are the best subgenres of the following? >Rock >Metal >Punk >Jazz >Hip-Hop/Rap …[View]
76803242stages of p4k: 1. cool, hip, attitude p4k, has originality, mostly covers white oriented indie guita…[View]
76804339/Latin Music/: So, what artists are worth checking from Latin music scene, from the past 5-6 years?…[View]
76804346Post an album more trippy than this.[View]
76804164so can i get some soy songs please so i can see soy for myself[View]
76804203amazing balding musicians[View]
76803884thoughts on ass seduction? is it better than Paramore's After Laughter?[View]
76803936Rubber Soul > Abbey Road > Sgt. Pepper's > White Album > Help > Revolver > PP…[View]
76804273FL Studio 12: Hey /mu/, I'm a drummer that's recently moved to a place I can't bring …[View]
76781882What /mu/sic does your gf like, anon?[View]
76804189Thoughts on Jorja Smith’s body of work?[View]
76803730Post the best song from your country: This is the greatest piece of music in Finland. https://www.yo…[View]
76804035/mu/ I need blogs to discover music. Send help: Any recs? >pic unrelated…[View]
76803375ITT: Philosophical albums: Tomorrow I'm going to a national philosophical competition, so I was…[View]
76803483post your guilty pleasures >pic related[View]
76801424what's his rap name?[View]
76804096zeitgeist cunts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjCHNEtudR0 THE DINOSAURS ARE STUCK, NO WAY TO GET …[View]
76803754is he being a faggot or is he the next kanye?[View]
76803988Cardi B is not just a rapper; she’s everything we needed, just when we needed it.[View]
76802647What are some music like this but actually good?[View]
76803880What brings you to this board?[View]
76803152ITT post a picture: and other anons tell you what album that pic reminds them of, if you want to pos…[View]
76803916>hey dude do you like steampu-[View]
76802906What's the worst sounding album of all time?[View]
76803566How you gonna release the greatest synthpop song of all time then not make anything else? https://ww…[View]
76802905*blocks your Pavement*[View]
76803163What are your guys' opinion on Hardline culture & music? It's like straight edge but m…[View]
76803741What did you guys think of thos record? It was probably my favorite of last year, but i cant find a …[View]
76801485alright /mu/ im on winter break from school and i wanna start makin music from scratch. i already bo…[View]
76801896Which one does /mu/ prefer?[View]
76798444why was this album not bigger? i didnt hear anyone on /mu/ or in real life talk about it[View]
76803617HOLY SHIT[View]
76803586Revival: https://i.imgur.com/d2n43DO.png[View]
76803608I'M: TAKING A RIDE[View]
76803593What does /mu/ think about Bing Crosby?[View]
76764511/grimes/: yall know what to do[View]
76803535>chilling alone listening to my favourite album on bass speaker while high >friends came to ha…[View]
76795442Come on /mu/ Tell me why this guy ISNT the greatest singer/frontman of all time[View]
76800702What did Zayn Malik mean by this?[View]
76803473What genre is this? https://youtu.be/3ZDBGze-Mcc[View]
76803189anyone actually like lil pump, i know its awesome to hate mumble rappers here on /mu/ but i mean i a…[View]
76803011Is he the GOAT?[View]
76802160MINISTRY - ANTIFA: New Ministry music video, thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTkywyKV-9U…[View]
76802861tfw no other albums sound like this[View]
76801308Tyler, The Creator @ NPR's Tiny Desk Concert this shit is sick tbqh https://www.npr.org/event/m…[View]
76801216Just listened to a few albums off his discog. Is this guy fucking schizo? Does he think he’s funny o…[View]
76803302>when somebody loved me, everything was beautiful[View]
76802411Sam Ray disliking John Maus is too funny. Smart people will get this (wink)[View]
76803293rank 'em you cucks [spoiler]spiderland is the best[/spoiler][View]
76801556Is live music dying?[View]
76799748>tfw too dumb for instrumental math rock[View]
76786061/metal/: /diy/ edition old: >>76775129[View]
76800259collage thred last 7 days: 3x3 4x4 5x5 tapmusic.net ?x? ??x?? alwhite-me.herokuapp.com/lastfm/…[View]
76801561Daily reminder that Ringo is a good drummer.[View]
76803214The true genius behind Pet Sounds.[View]
76779611Cringe Thread: Starting with a classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe0fvUgvvQg[View]
76802960>It's how it's been with the writer's block >I hope I get better in the afterli…[View]
76803183Thank you for the music, the songs i'm singing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing. W…[View]
76803144>Pharaoh Sanders: Tauhid >Rabih Abou Khalil: Blue Camel Is for other Jazz albums out here in w…[View]
76801322Name better instrument[View]
76800945Holy shit[View]
76798101do we like sophie?[View]
76803082Rate my music /mu/. https://feelverysad.bandcamp.com/album/pombos[View]
76795889Top 10’s: I spent a bit mulling it over and I think I have it down to these. Post your own and roast…[View]
76802006What did he mean by this?[View]
76801713Now that the dust has settled, who is (or was), the best member of the Wu-tang clan?[View]
76803025wtf i love swans now[View]
76802966What did he mean by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQoRXhS7vlU[View]
76802840Most overrated musicians?[View]
76802952This woman invented Rock & Roll in 1928. Press F to pay your respects to Memphis Minnie. https:/…[View]
76800409Who is the best songwriter in this thread? Neil Young Mike Cooley Patterson Hood Robbie Robertson Ji…[View]
76801566Learning instruments late on life: Guys I'm 22 and I wanna learn the violin. I started taking l…[View]
76798530>Finals week >1:26 AM >Normies in room next to mine start playing EDM…[View]
76801952ITT: listen to the song posted above you and rate it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGRkJsEJFOk…[View]
76799681Don't fuck with Jack White[View]
76802636>listening to the deluxe edition of Sailing the Seas of Cheese by Primus >album ends >time …[View]
76802741Where can I get moonman music?: I tried googling for a link and the youtube uploads keep getting tak…[View]
76800837Do you know Varg Vikernes? His early work was a little too 'heavy metal' for my taste, but…[View]
76802180When did you first realize that rickenbacker basses are actually overpriced low quality basses that …[View]
76802606Fuck you, I like it.[View]
76802307>/mu/ tells me to get my own taste and stop ripping off Fantano >also still telling me what I…[View]
76785885is he, dare I say, our guy?[View]
76802625Chart threads: >mostly obscure albums >you get made fun of if your chart is too basic Best X […[View]
76801069what does /mu/ think of this https://soundcloud.com/samuelcfaria/mr-tambourine-man[View]
76801164KPOP GENERAL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BckN_8bgYMW/?taken-by=twicetagram[View]
76801079any kino music documentaries?[View]
76802350If Mike is so based, how come he hides his baldness?[View]
76802248All I need is ya'll to pronounce my name.[View]
76799243The La's: Damn this album is perfection... Why did Lee Mavers never wrote another gem like that…[View]
76801966Scottish Folk Appreciation Thread[View]
76801882I'm makin' one more album and then I quit And only one thing could make me say I'm no…[View]
76802178Music like this: I need more songs like this, I already know Death Grips and other song from HM…[View]
76801122why people hate this ??[View]
76801385AOTY articles are coming out: Once again it's AOTY season, which mysteriously doesn't occu…[View]
76800484where do I start with Bjork?[View]
76802329I Only Said Cover/tutorial/lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXt699UXS4w[View]
76801346This is the best shoegaze album.[View]
76800140What’s /mu/‘s thoughts on The Rhapsody Tapes??[View]
76795379Just saw this for the first time last night and fucking loved it. Are there any other great music fi…[View]
76802026So, why didn't anyone ever tell me that Alice Cooper was so patrician? >Early Zappa records …[View]
76800800>tfw late to your 8 am auditorium lecture class and you have to sit all the way up in the front r…[View]
76801956Negativland were proto-vaporwave in the same way Venom were proto-black metal[View]
76800619>I collect records[View]
76791013post an image and anons give it a genre: the thread[View]
76800959Thank you dear Björk for this beautiful experimental music. It has saved my life. I had been feeling…[View]
76784180ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76800287>You will never a night out rollerskating with Björk in 93' Music for this feel?…[View]
76800680What is your opinion on Liquid Liquid?[View]
76800939someone rec me some music similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXcGKL-Bomw pic related…[View]
76800402Lemme get one of these threads.[View]
76801789Can we agree that Feiticeira is a better opener than Back to School?[View]
76801763>I genuinely believe Matt Corby is one of the greatest modern artists around. >Nobody ever tal…[View]
76801512>Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Tostitos, Buritos, Latinos, Mosquitoes, Libidos W…[View]
76790314Rapper IQ Chart: Thoughts?[View]
76801705>hears a difficult classical piece on youtube >comments section: whoah this is basically metal…[View]
76801491A song heard in Brazil: Hi people, When I was on vacation in Brazil I heard an electronic/house styl…[View]
76801610https://open.spotify.com/track/1Hj2K04hAm8f3ohH0Pf7db Is this the longest hip-hop song ever made?…[View]
76801613friendly reminder that lil pump is the stellar master elite[View]
76794792Stop. This is not the worst Swans album, unironically this is one of his best works.[View]
76800665> Yeezus [Def Jam, 2013] Sign spotted on church in the wild: Death Grips--Be Like Them ('New Slav…[View]
76800864Why did the Grammys completely ignore Frank Ocean?[View]
76800359Is there ANYONE more overrated than this fat faggot? He doesn't even come close to having as ma…[View]
76800477Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
76798019We finished the MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday mosaic! Last thread reached bump limit right as we fin…[View]
76801410Why is this so fucking criminally underrated?[View]
76799451>It looks like you're not sharing any files. Please share something before downloading anyth…[View]
76799782What does mu think of UK hip hop: ???[View]
76794405Chart Thread: post your charts boys[View]
768013301812 Overture: Last one was short lived, lets find more like this![View]
76801309Which team would you pick for a cypher and why?: 1 >Kendrick Lamar >ScHoolboy Q >Juicy J …[View]
76795056Ladies and gentlemen.... Burt Bacharach.[View]
76799276what does /mu/ think of Feist[View]
76798080wtf is this[View]
76797638Mike Love: The Alpha Beach Boy: The Virgin Brian Wilson: >tryhard 'innovator' wannabe that fucks …[View]
76798360Reminder that this is the only good punk album ever put out on a major label.[View]
76799175What's your favorite review by him?[View]
76801133>It's how it's been with the writer's block >I hope I get better in the afterli…[View]
76801120When ever I hear a new song that I like I write down a bit of the lyrics to later research the song.…[View]
76798461KPOP GENERAL: HEARTSHAKER EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRzxEiBLQCA[View]
76801090>björk >brant bjork[View]
76801028for /classical/ fags this website https://classicalmusiconly.com/ was featured in many tech online c…[View]
76796967music players boys, let's see em[View]
76801017He's great. What you guy's think? He's probably the least 'cool' artist I can think o…[View]
76800973Hard funk: What is some good, challenging, rhythm-heavy music a la On The Corner?[View]
76792034Spotify Shilling Thread?: Anyone want to share their Spotify accounts so we can discover music throu…[View]
76800957Is this just altnormie-core?[View]
76799368What albums do you think have an interesting structure, or tell a story just through the way the son…[View]
76797793ITT: Musicians who hit women: I'll start with an easy one[View]
76799202what's /mu/'s favorite christmas song?[View]
76798385The comparisons are accurate but it sounds more like an SNL parody skit than a 'reincarnation' of Ze…[View]
76800797I need music that will elevate me to the 4D or even the 5D[View]
76800799Shut through the heart[View]
76800768Plex is really lacking on music features, what's the best alternative?[View]
76799302KPOP GENERAL[View]
76800693>Sweet hot cum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8L2qsMJX20 What did Nick mean by this?…[View]
76799423I have entirely grown out of the entry level taste of /mu/, what this board generally discusses is f…[View]
76799956Will she apologize to Sophie?[View]
76795105wtf I love hip-hop now[View]
76800629Sounnd Check: Hey /mu/, just wanted to see if y'all could check out my new track. Lmk what you …[View]
76792310chart bread: ye olde chart thread Rate, recommend, and guess things about anons >i would like glo…[View]
76797445is glam rock the greatest dad rock genre? some of the albums are amazing[View]
76796951THC pills: Just popped some of these bad boys. Music for when I'm high as fuck? >inb4 dude w…[View]
76800480The last waltz should last forever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orCiC9-p7yE[View]
76798028>Ambient thread[View]
76791169Milo live: Seeing milo live in like an hour, tips, tricks, reccsreccs, thoughts? Also this is the sa…[View]
76800228what are some good musician documentaries/biopics /mu/?[View]
76799979when is anime music soundtacks going to go mainstream? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrWc2d-YtRY…[View]
76794742Mexican music (not folk) thread[View]
76799960What did you guys think of this ?[View]
76799095why?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elmet3x4AeI >haha my viewers literally are a bunch of absol…[View]
76798187/ourguy/ StevieT is patrician https://youtu.be/c9ERSuOiPTo[View]
76796995Did they fuck?[View]
76797985Need some late night music to feel sad too, anything is appereciated[View]
76796438ITT: things only unskilled musicians do: ITT: things only unskilled 'musicians' do. I'll start:…[View]
76799751holy shit[View]
76800169what is this mario kart music lmao[View]
76795825mayonnaise music[View]
76799655Looking for sad Appalachian or Irish or Scottish fiddle music. Don't know who the good players …[View]
76800038Is this track an attempt to make fun of King Crimson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hxi1ApZFI4…[View]
76791964why the fuck is this considered /mu/core[View]
76800000ClownStick Contest!: Free Money and Prizes! www.raineydaymusic.com/clownstick[View]
76789930This album is the only 2017 album worth your time.[View]
76798052Why is the best ep of 2017 never discussed on /mu/.: It's not even close https://www.youtube.co…[View]
76799943Music for this feel[View]
76799194Why are they so great?[View]
76799882wow This is like Postal Service but good i think bullshit that it even sound similar and even so sli…[View]
76798038Can I get sum classic shit with godtier keyboards? I'm thinkin of shit like Child in Time and H…[View]
76799861I'M AT A PLACE CALLED VERTIGO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98W9QuMq-2k[View]
76793074why do we hate him again?[View]
76796868Is Soundcloud Rap the Hair Metal of the 2010s?[View]
76797328Been marathoning Philip Glass for a week now. Have gone through just about everything in his catalog…[View]
76799342Albums for a sad and angry twenty-something year old boi.[View]
76799666I found this gem a few hours ago and now I'm getting high to his discography. Anyone know simil…[View]
76799113What did he mean by this?[View]
76799230Hi guys! I'm trying to make lofi noisy pop music. Is this good? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0kXspV9B…[View]
76799433Guitar Practice and Lesson Advice: I've been playing the guitar on and off (mostly off) for 14-…[View]
76799358I want to write lyrics but i suck at every part of the process except writing lyrics. is there anywh…[View]
76796973>guitarist enters cardiac arrest halfway through solo[View]
76798126every time a white person uses the word 'banger' to describe a song a child in syria gets drone stri…[View]
76799273>lyrics set up to rhyme with 'again' >they pronounce the preceding line '-ayn' >but they pr…[View]
76798587How the fuck did this end up being AOTY?[View]
76797304Lyrical Genius: Can you quack? Can you quack like a duck when you suck? Can you buck like a horse wh…[View]
76797905why do people listen to so much gay faggot shit? there's good music out there. animal collectiv…[View]
76797893I love Animal Collective. After Alice in Chains, they are my favorite band/musical act. But why do t…[View]
76798567Give me the most high-energy songs you know[View]
76798682Give me some 80s and 90s dad music that sounds like this album. So far I'm thinking of maybe T…[View]
76799083does anyone actually like this piece of shit? serious step down in quality from both this and the o…[View]
76798679>ask my best friend what he listens to >he goes on youtube and types in 'nightcore 10 hours'…[View]
76798531Will he make another solo album or stick to drawing pictures for manchildren? This album was a 9/10 …[View]
76783658>I can't decide if Damn or Flower Boy was my AOTY[View]
76798388>baby, bay-baybeh[View]
76798914Voice r8: Does my voice suck? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1ELPoIJkc9h[View]
76798776Hi guys, Beautiful day today and I hope you are all having a fantastic, fresh one. Well I have 68 so…[View]
76793297ITT post your favorite video game soundtracks.[View]
76797583>album made by some furry twink >It's fucking amazing How did he do it…[View]
76798797Does our guy deserve the title of great?[View]
76795984Said little bitch, you can't fuck with me If you wanted to These expensive, these is red bottom…[View]
76794532Fact: If you use this item, you likely have no idea what an inversion is and know only one voicing f…[View]
76797901*hammer-ons profusely* SO HOL UP HOL UP *plays natural harmonic* SO U BE SAYIN *adjusts capo on 43rd…[View]
76794535What's Guided by Voices's best studio album?[View]
76797341When did you take the redpill on metal, /mu/?[View]
76797390KPOP GENERAL: waiting for Heartshaker edition![View]
76798268Jack Antonoff: Hipster rocker that you need on your iPod: If you were like me in high school, you we…[View]
76798337I'm listening to /mu/ most discussed artists and albums and need help completing the list. Help…[View]
76781024Lads Joshua Homme is losing his shit right now At the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show he intenti…[View]
76798185ITT: Music for calmly lying in bed scrolling through 4chan on your latpop[View]
76798215Rate my soundcloud album cover, im planning to blow up[View]
76797594ITT: Albums that you should like, but don't.[View]
76796459Awesome covers of already great songs? Let's do it https://youtu.be/hXlzci1rKNM[View]
76797408Why does this album make me want to be a young kid again? Is this what NMH were going for? I fucking…[View]
76797964Are there any pop songs that feature the highly complex and dissonant chords of modern classical mus…[View]
76795263The queen of /mu/ You can't prove me wrong[View]
76797968how does this make you feel?[View]
76796619>tfw to dum too into jazz / classical[View]
76796100Favorite song by Alvvays? pretty easy since they only have two albums. Mine's Not My Baby[View]
76797930>We gon' pull up, nigga ¡ándale!, on sangre. what did he mean by this?…[View]
76790873/ggg/ - Gucci Gang General: Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang[View]
76797917Recommend me a good book to learn piano. Thanks my dudes[View]
76797646What's a good pop albm[View]
76797887Songs like 'death to everyone' by bonni prince billie?[View]
76779845>ALBUM MOSAIC GAME This time: MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday Probably a shit time to start a threa…[View]
76795255How to Solve our Human Problems Part 1: Anyone else dig this? The single (We Were Beautiful) was sol…[View]
76791946ITT: choose between two comparable albums[View]
76797570What are some of the harshest trap-like instrumentals? Looking for more like these. https://fivestar…[View]
76797814What's some music for long-balled niggas?[View]
76794656>unironically like listening to Death Grips >hate the memes >can’t stand Fantano Music for …[View]
76795652Music for this disappointmenting but no surprising reveal[View]
76795290Looking for artists/songs like Danny Brown, Death Grips, Ho99o9, Busdriver, Smug Mang, Schoolboy Q, …[View]
76793623>Lil Peep’s cause of death has been revealed. The rapper was found dead on November 15, and accor…[View]
76797493Having seen their songs list, what do you think they will choose for AOTY? What is the best case sce…[View]
76796925*muffled sleighbells in distance*: I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS CAUSE IT'S GONNA BE A CHRIS…[View]
76797597how to emo /mu/? is it just standard tuning, with lots of distortion and punk chord progression?[View]
76790701>meal isn't as complex as classical mus- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGLnXLEn4Vo…[View]
76796428Rock sucks[View]
76797420Do you like Paul McCartney's son's James' song Glisten? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
76794149>bro I only fucks with hip hop; rappers are just the only ones worth listening to. when I'm …[View]
76797311>he listens to pet sounds in stereo[View]
76797561Does this shit app keep skipping for anyone else?[View]
76797396>listening to song >female vocalist comes on >immediately skip to next song Why I don'…[View]
76794406Emo: Post the hardest and darkest Emo Albums/Songs you can find pics is clickbait btw haha look guys…[View]
76792033>anonnnnnn *cough* *snort* like my biggest dream in life is to have my own little brother or sist…[View]
76797415who here planning on specifically putting certain songs on repeat on Spotify at all times even when …[View]
76797406Check out this hidden gem from Germany. They were around from the early 2000's - 2012. They wen…[View]
76796281KPOP GENERAL: featuring the hilarious Dahyun[View]
76797379/wallofsound/: Those lush, well-arranged and produced, orchestral mid-to-late 60s albums are also we…[View]
767973332 different hambuckers in a guitar: Is a sin to put a Seymour Duncan hambucker in bridge and a Dimar…[View]
76797171> tfw your crush is exactly like your favorite album[View]
76797325https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFhXPeoDmgM Is this what low-skilled generic rappers sound like?…[View]
76797249guess what song this was on[View]
76797298ITT: Albums that you never get tired of[View]
76794745CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES THIS IS MY **** ******[View]
76783063/sg/ soundcloud general: old one is dead post your stuff and leave feedback, no just posting your sh…[View]
767954382017 is almost over friends, what's it going to be?[View]
76793935fuck pitchfork thread: >mfw rattlesnake is not soty[View]
76795214more like BadAlbum lmao[View]
76796708What did /mu/ think of Humanz?[View]
76797078>penis stucky uh >cum real sticky uh >finna dick me >booty hole 50 cocks >in new york…[View]
76796252Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
76796366wtf this is the best thing he's ever done by leaps and bounds and nobody is talking about it ht…[View]
76785223whats your opinion on the melanie martinez scandal?[View]
76797031God damnit, /mu/. I usually don't like metal, but pic related is fucking fantastic imho. Does a…[View]
76793848does mu likes dj screw?[View]
76792867Was this the last great punk release?[View]
76795602Are there any McCartney solo albums worth a damn apart from McCartney II?[View]
76796354Black metal must be liberated from Satanism to meet its fullest potential. The most basic Odinic, Ch…[View]
76793076>John's yellow fever killed the Beatles[View]
76793937Trips decide the song that I have on loop for hours as I study. (I can only study while listening to…[View]
76795416Hot Take: Sunny Day Real Estate is far superior to American Football[View]
76794834Will he rise from the ashes a second time?[View]
76796729WHY IS THIS SO SHORT?! :'([View]
76793308Is The Edge the most overrated guitarist of all time? Is U2 the worst band of all time?[View]
76794509damn: you think kicking a photographer in the face will be forgotten, /mu/?[View]
76796486Valentine is done Here but now they're gone Romeo and Juliet Are together in eternity, Romeo an…[View]
76795722Why is it usually the age 18 - 25 demographic who has the best test in music? Is it because they are…[View]
76793978Pitchfork Top 10 Tracks of 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR7P_nS9twI 10. Charli xcx - Boys …[View]
76796166what’s yall opinion on Anarbor?[View]
76792186Is Boonk the xxxtentacion of our generation? Dude's a legit menace to society but his shits so …[View]
76795185KPOP GENERAL[View]
76792600at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
76788814Tag yourselves and post your favorite album[View]
76796006What music does he listen to, /mu/?[View]
76796237best feels song: the best feels song of all time is against all odds by phil collins https://www.you…[View]
76796202STOP TEASING ME!!![View]
76793388>You'll never be hugged by Taylor Swift in your lifetime Why even live?…[View]
76795626Is this the most normie rock album right now?[View]
76793786i fucking hate radiohead[View]
76795509There is something wrong with eminem for a very long time Eminem can choose any rapper on his Album,…[View]
76795830I've been wondering why it took so long to release many jazz albums. I like to read about album…[View]
76796001any empire fans?: I don't own any of their CDs but I listen to them on pandora. good shit.…[View]
76795971ITT: Underrated Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpx4ODP35VQ[View]
76795345Rate his discography >S/T > Roman Candle > Either/Or > XO > Figure 8 > (everythin…[View]
76795195Punk: Best Punk Albums?[View]
76795671Post your top 10 albums for 2017: Here's mine. 1. James Holden and The Animal Spirits - The Ani…[View]
76795502ITT: Greatest Live Performance Solos of All Time: I'll start: Kerry Minnear on the vibraphone @…[View]
76795808Post some prog.[View]
76789924which is the best[View]
76794032is Filthy Frank the funniest rapper?[View]
76795632GOOD RAP: post actually good rap faggettes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks0a7d8xiik >inb4 deat…[View]
76794879hey folks can anyone give me some good album recommendations based on some of my favourite albums?[View]
76795601Ned YouTube video!: I Made this on yt! https://youtu.be/SZvcQKWm9eU[View]
76793352How can normies stand pop[View]
76795148My son asked me what a nigger was today...[View]
76795534>Jingle bells, Batman smells >Robin laid an egg >The batmobile lost a wheel >And the jok…[View]
76773409/bleep/: just /bleep/ my shit up nautical edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A66upiugJ2Q…[View]
76795412https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQwMRNT3lV0 I know some people like rap here, what do you think abou…[View]
76795385Does anyone have any PDFs of King Crimson liner notes? I'm specifically looking for the booklet…[View]
76795094>”I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” lol whore[View]
76793284best mixtap of all time?: is it?[View]
76794976When I was 4 years old, I was always afraid of vacuums. Every single time mother would bring out the…[View]
76794818How would you rank his albums and why?[View]
76795306Is/was he a genius[View]
76793141I MISS THE OLD KANYE[View]
76785083What the F*CK was their problem?!?[View]
76794229>Best Aquarius >Runner-up Pete Standing Alone >Worst One Very Important Thought >Underr…[View]
76795149What if African Americans formed a hip hop subgenre that attacked white slavery like the Norwegians …[View]
76794020Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa, Thinking Fellers Local Union 282, Faith No Moore, Ween, the Cardiacs, the Re…[View]
76794809Beach Boys - Pet Sounds: Did some research and critic after critic call Pet Sounds a masterpiece. I …[View]
76791916Was this the Nevermind of the 2010s?[View]
76793914KPOP GENERAL[View]
76793435The Great Debate[View]
76795078I AM THE VIEW...[View]
76792473Best futuristic music?: Music that is not shit and gives you a futuristic feel? I suggest MOS 6581 b…[View]
76793979Hack or genius[View]
76792006/shugazi/ general noise pop/rock, dreampop, blackgaze etc.: keep this general alive the way nickelod…[View]
76795038tremendous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf8SUA7SDdU[View]
76793483ROCK ROT & RULE: You say a band the next anon says whether they rock, rot, or rule i'll sta…[View]
76794935https://pitchfork.com/news/josh-homme-kicks-female-photographer-in-the-head-during-show/ HE CAN’T KE…[View]
76783029/gg/ - Guitar General: How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Suggested Practice Routi…[View]
76794743Are prank calls music?[View]
76794906Danny's /ourguy/, right ?[View]
76794702I miss him.[View]
76794310>he thinks Homework is better than Discovery[View]
76793716P4k top 10 songs: https://youtu.be/IR7P_nS9twI Bodak Yellow is #1 Thoughts?[View]
76794625This is getting a little ridiculous. Who even is she?[View]
76794830Sounds like J dilla I'm kinda still Jbenitex: Here's my newest hip hop instrumental Sounds…[View]
76794803more like the tracks Endorphin, In McDonalds, and Shell of Light (last minute of it) ?[View]
76793951rap sucks[View]
76794455Literally and objectively the greatest thrash album of all time?[View]
76794090Oh I get it. It's supposed to sound like shit[View]
76794135ITT: Musicians you can't decide if you like or not[View]
76794462>the last few songs on an album are by far the longest[View]
76790898What are some modern punk bands who try to emulate the 70s punk sound? The only two bands I can thin…[View]
76791677Jazz sucks[View]
76792761>the absolute state of /mu/[View]
76793470Michael Nyman-esque: Anyone here big into stuff like Decay Music? It's hard to find similar st…[View]
76794644Hey /mu/. Is ASMR technically a musical genre? By the technical definition of music, that is, organi…[View]
76792762Was it all just a great, big act?[View]
76792112Redpill me on Luis Miguel[View]
76794514/Glitch/ Everything relaed to this genre. Installations and music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
76794465JUST: Itt: justed musicians[View]
76793724explain how this is good[View]
76781755industrial thread for industrial people: ITT: we discuss industrial music[View]
76794403Daily reminder that Ringo is a good drummer.[View]
76794410Underrated songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OO2PuGz-H8 I swear people only think this is a mo…[View]
76792842The Lamb lies down on broadway: I've been looking for the album and I couldn't find it on …[View]
76793678Why didn't anybody ever tell me how good this is? We Will Fall was ahead of its time. It sounds…[View]
76794101muh muh muh MAH[View]
76792778>tfw listening to my own music again Man, I'm a genius.[View]
76781643Roots Music General: Country, bluegrass, Americana, whatever. Last night's thread died. I'…[View]
76794303Itt: album art that scared you when you were with no real reason looking back on it. I'll get t…[View]
76794283i feel guh[View]
76791329Name me a more iconic duo[View]
76775583ITT: bands where the vocalist is objectively bad but it works[View]
76792547About to sit an exam in 3 hours guys that I basically have 0 knowledge for. I'm on an exchange …[View]
76794259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvp3-WPul4I is this the definitive version of I shall be released fo…[View]
76792286>'You know, I liked the prequels', said Thom Yorke, singer of Creep, when asked. >'But this ne…[View]
76793708FA-FA-FA-FA-FA-FA, FA-FA-FA-FA-FAR[View]
76793105Is this AOTY?[View]
76792274the king of MIDI[View]
76791867Are we going to ignore how perfect this album is? >Inb4 fantano and pitchfork fanboys…[View]
76787940Let's talk about this album: People that really know about this album, I want you to tell me ev…[View]
76793873NO TRASH ALLOWED: ITT: Your AOTY[View]
76792549KPOP GENERAL[View]
76789952>Live show >Audience starts clapping along >They have no sense of rhythm and fuck it up…[View]
76791706Biggest surprises of 2017?: For me it is liking this man's music, and seeing him come across we…[View]
76791005It would be a pinnacle of humanity if this album was deleted off the face of the Earth. Ironic how /…[View]
76793055ITT: Post the first album you remember discovering on your own and not through your friends or famil…[View]
76793842AKA worse coldplay[View]
76793838I will marry Poppy![View]
76793266Greatest band of the 2000s[View]
76793023Has anyone had issues posting here and problems with their computer lately? Could it be a hacker or …[View]
76788436>best track on the album is a bonus track[View]
76792936Venus Isle is Eric Johnson's best work[View]
76792332It's cold out /mu/. Time to get /comfy/ Post those winter time /comfy/ albums.[View]
76789204Banger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58dWRuvx8dE[View]
76791865Your favorite pop emo album?[View]
76790495Who was influenced by The Beatles? Can /mu/ name some bands that are good who said they had a influe…[View]
76791942Why does everyone hate him now? Is it just because he became friends with Miley Cyrus or something? …[View]
76792021Fun indie rock: looking for energetic, fun albums similar to pic related[View]
76793628>expecting this to just be shit to push out for that interscope deal >can't stop listenin…[View]
76792365how come no other female artists has gotten even close to these 3 here?[View]
76792076why did #joshhomme @joshhomme kick her in the head at the @qotsa #qotsa show last night?[View]
76792250What does /mu/ think of Enter Shikari? Their new album? Im falling deeply in love with them, i love …[View]
76792579How does this stack up with contemporary albums from the 60s?[View]
76792873>he metosarically listens to schlompf How much of a gulling snitzk do you have to be…[View]
76793504>WE WUZ KORN AND SHIEET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4aELnPYCIc…[View]
76793502thoughts on Mike Dece?[View]
76793450>hidden outro track >preceded by 5+ minutes of silence…[View]
76793342ITT: Great Posthumous Albums[View]
76763996/Prod/: L O U D Edition Talk about music production, composition, songwriting and audio engineering.…[View]
76791195Holy shit.[View]
76790436Why the hate for Deadmau5? The two albums I've listened to, FLOABN and 4x4=12, are both great a…[View]
76790501Lana: Admit it /mu/ You love her music and her aesthetic[View]
76791816What’s the most inventive music coming out today?[View]
76793361what are /mu/'s thoughts on the drums[View]
76793248What is your favorite australian album, /mu/?[View]
76792945Is 2017 the year of the 'maturing' rapper? Any other examples?[View]
76792676>destroyed my older sister's vinyls again That's what you get for calling me a loser…[View]
76793252New MP3 downloader: hey folks looking for an alternative to off liberty they did me good for a while…[View]
76793242Post your least favorite song ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eUDm2_ZSwc[View]
76792315ITT: Post a song lyric and an image you associate with it. >How did you get so big? / How did you…[View]
76791244is any of Ringo's solo material worth a shit pic unrelated[View]
76792931What y'all think of my boy i_bruce_easily aka >shotgunwang Good rapper or nah?[View]
76793034What would you call this genre? Just a catchy beat with some bass on it and maybe some vocals. https…[View]
76793064https://youtu.be/czjYEfiB52M: https://youtu.be/czjYEfiB52M[View]
76792982Can /mu/ name 10 harpists that aren't Joanna Newsom?[View]
76792209>Produced by DJ Shadow >Features collaborations by Thom Yorke, Mark Hollis, Mike D, Jason News…[View]
76792977Yeah that's right, I'm the Egg Man.[View]
76792861musical notation sucks. The major scale is an arbitrary standard to base the entire notation of musi…[View]
76791743Does /mu/ like Young the Giant?[View]
76792797>hi everyone, anthony fantano here, the internet's BUSIEST music nerd…[View]
76789922Who is the modern Morrissey?[View]
76792911ITT: Pop Punk Done Right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvUhGEVJUlk[View]
76792567I found tool maybe 6 months ago and I have both albums 10000 days and lateralus. This is the greates…[View]
76783843Recc thread post a chart and let other people recommend you stuff[View]
76791265Whish is Best /mu/: Abbey Road or Wish You Were Here[View]
76790187percocets, molly percocets[View]
76791196I want to get more into power electronics, noise, industrial etc. I love this, got any reccs?[View]
76782730post some album covers that are photographs that are atmospheric, incomprehensible and even a little…[View]
76789796take a look at these dubs[View]
76786267ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76791367bandcamp thread[View]
76792726ITT: Classic EPs[View]
76791923which is end all be all best rap album ever?[View]
76791991albums you're looking forward to in 2018[View]
76792178*crams as many musicial styles and guests into album as possible[View]
76792598Is this the pinnacle of horrorcore?[View]
76792423An Honest to God Unironic AOTY Thread: >pic related Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time is …[View]
76791823Would rap be good if it wasn't inextricably linked to low intelligence, low complexity, violent…[View]
76791210KPOP GENERAL[View]
76792496Whos the best west coast rapper and why is it Andre Nickatina?: Lets hold off on that kpop for a sec…[View]
76791046What does /mu/ think of the Jimi Hendrix Experience?[View]
76792098hey /mu/ what is the most unintentional gay song ever?: my takes is fuck wit dre day.[View]
76789401ITT: rap albums with good skits[View]
76792226MP3 Downloader: hey guys I used to use offliberty but they can't keep up with youtube anymore, …[View]
76790930>tfw neet with crippling social anxiety Music for this feel?[View]
76790972Anything else like this? I can't quite put my finger on it, but this album is so absolutely stu…[View]
76790332FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS OF 2017: What were some of your favorite music videos of 2017? Here are 15 of …[View]
76791971what is the musical equivalent of being sodomized without the aid of lubrication? asking for a frien…[View]
76792026Do you know any good similar albums to this one? (Biosphere - Substrata)[View]
76783684>torrented album has random screamers in the middle of it[View]
76788165Whats the difference between hip hop and rap[View]
76790103This is the first time in my 30 years that I've listen to this album and I can say it has not d…[View]
76791979i wanna shake this dudes hand[View]
76791969is he done?: that’s uhh...hard to explain away[View]
76790694Do you miss the early 2010s (2010-2012/3) or are you glad they died?[View]
76791493I AM UNHAPPY: wrote some songs for a girl about a month ago that just ended things with me yesterday…[View]
76789023Is he the voice of our generation?[View]
76783561Naive Jazz?: Recently saw a lecture from pianist John Beasley. in the lecture, he got onto the subje…[View]
76733038/classical/: Christian Lindberg edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern…[View]
76791413NO LIGHT[View]
767879442027 Christmas Song of all Time??: Jake so good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvYbhJ6pryA…[View]
76791257What type of music scene is Peep Show constantly taking the piss out of? Are Jez and Super Hans actu…[View]
76791688/mu/ singalong: hello you dicks its time for another /mu/ singalong, and we're gonna sing d ros…[View]
76791578give me sugar cookie: give me it[View]
76789634Songs that drag on for too long: I Want You (She's So Heavy) would be a great song if it was on…[View]
76791079The Dark Side of the Floral Shoppe: Figure out the best order to listen to these two Albums ; Then D…[View]
76786758https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mhcA29ZN0HU What a fucking idiot[View]
76790860Was 1973 the pinnacle of rock?: I've listened to prog for a while now, and it always seems like…[View]
76790685(I DO!): who here LOVES post-nightcore[View]
76790587Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
76791506Why do we hate Phish again guys?[View]
76791301Is this, dare I say it, the greatest album ever made?[View]
76787070Is this, dare I say it, the greatest album ever made?[View]
76791497I'm looking for rap music that has a fast passed flow with interesting sound.[View]
76787092what to do when listening to music?[View]
76791243How do I deal with friends and family ridiculing my taste in music? One of my friends actually threa…[View]
76783356I just can't get into this fucking band, someone help me. This band sounds incredibly generic, …[View]
76782023>I stepped into an avalanche, it covered up my soul Name a better opening line, I dare you.…[View]
76788891Nas thread: I think Stillmatic is better than Illmatic overall, but Illmatic is obviously more impor…[View]
76790739I think we can all agree it was a classic that was ahead of it's time https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
76790890Who was in the wrong here?[View]
76791131>singer coughs during a song >he later dies to throat cancer…[View]
76791021Who is the Velvet Underground of music?[View]
76787240this is amazing. holy SHIT.[View]
76789898ITT: Best late night albums[View]
76790357What is all this shit even supposed to mean?[View]
76791166>What this guy lacks in album cover aesthetics he makes in production value. Why are they all so …[View]
76787889What the F*CK is his problem?!?[View]
76790843>you rappers doo doo 10/10 lyric of the century. How can we surpass this level of lyricism?…[View]
76790915What is some artists or albums that are good for meditation. I like to listen to music while I medit…[View]
76789333Why did no one tell me this is the best Floyd album?[View]
76790901What does /mu/ think about Crimewave?[View]
76790151Name on album better than this[View]
76790820This is Pete Wentz, Fall out Boy bassist Say something nice to him Pro-tip: you can't[View]
76790817how come ppl can't realize that some of their fav artists are evil ppl behind close doors?[View]
76790424/p3gr/ - Pick 3 get recs[View]
76786849What does /mu/ think of Princess Nokia?[View]
76790323Alright, alright. I'll ask. What's Charles Manson's best album?[View]
76789716If you think about it they ended up owning this decade.[View]
76790551Is Danny right?[View]
76775621This is the greatest album of all time.[View]
76790834sauce the lyrics: I'm looking for a song. It goes: [rest of song] THIS WHOLE THING, MAKES NO SE…[View]
76788082>I listen to mostly hip-hop and rap[View]
76790796After the Burial is unironically amazing.[View]
76790729Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
76782862>song changes your perception of time[View]
76790671add qr codes to /mu/ recommended charts: they can link to a sample or 'best' or most indicative sing…[View]
76790376/folk/ general: contemporary, bluesy, traditional, whatever you guys want! I've only got the tr…[View]
76788697What's the difference between Prog Rock and Experimental Rock?[View]
76790351Bon Iver: Thoughts? I've had 'For Emma...' in my library for ages, but only recently listened t…[View]
76790438Are King Gizzard sporkcore, fedoracore or redditcore?[View]
76788810Noise: Hello /mu/. I want to get into Noise and experimental music. What are some entry level musici…[View]
76790498What genre is this?[View]
76790604/ae/ general - c/pach edition: lads sort of analog electronic stuff that came out of kraftwerk that …[View]
76789336>sugar ray >the sugarcubes[View]
76790208This is the Greatest Album Of All Time.[View]
76790497I need help with a playlist: I'm making a playlist of the best songs over 7 minutes long. Enlig…[View]
76790270>What's your favourite genre? >Drone.…[View]
76786439ITT: GOAT album streaks[View]
76790064Is there really a difference?[View]
76781600The only good Prog rock band?: King Crimson is probably my favorite band,so I wanted to listen more …[View]
76788174>go to vinyl stores >take out random vinyls and pretend to look for scratches >actually giv…[View]
76790449Was 1967 the best single year for music in the history of music? This year seems to have been a real…[View]
76788915Bros I can't stop listening o it. Every song is perfect.[View]
76790415Find a flaw in this music video. Protip: you can't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfOa1a8hYP8…[View]
76789668What are your guys' dead honest opinion on Lil Dickey? I think that song with Snoop Dogg that h…[View]
76789979Why do you hate him? >1989 >Melodrama >the last Bleachers album He's a good producer.…[View]
76790370Is Scaruffi correct to say that this is the best Type O Negative album?[View]
76790307What's your favorite live rock album? pic related[View]
76790343What are some more songs where roasites get BTFO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIy3n2b7V9k[View]
76789708name a more iconic trio...i'll wait[View]
76789733Post good, underappreciated hip hop albums from this year That means >no DAMN. >no 4:44 >no…[View]
76790275ITT: Hackless Talents[View]
76789555this is unironically better than is this it[View]
76789973It was Coney Island, they called Coney Island the playground of the world There was no place like it…[View]
76786900Does Ska Emo exist???[View]
76784093Will there ever be another album on the same level as NOTM again?[View]
76789987ITT: Dark Poets[View]
76789399Why does /mu/ like such low test music?[View]
76788438>none of my friends IRL listen to music[View]
76789831Bob-hu-Hu-HU-BOB WOOD, national program director, of the CHUM group, worked with us in PRODUCING...!…[View]
76788141wtf is the 'velvet underground' I have never heard any songs by them nor do I have any clue what gen…[View]
76790052top 10 thread: guess each others biggest fears yeah get scary[View]
76790031Does Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have the most patrician soundtrack?[View]
76789981>song title is four words sang in the chorus separated by slashes[View]
76789836Looking to get into Slayer, so what's their best album?[View]
76789957Albums that only make sense on hard drugs[View]
76789772ITT: Dark Poets[View]
76789670Any good advice/ebook/resources on learning piano? What is the fastest way to learn, since im not in…[View]
76786581ITT:: Albums you just don't understand how are on RYM Top 100[View]
76779618NEW SOUNDCLOUD THREAD post em boys[View]
76789101>Drum Cover >Drummer chimps out thinking he's really cool…[View]
76789404Can anyone rec me some Psychic TV? I love me some Throbbing Gristle, but PTV's discography look…[View]
76787602i want to get into music production and mastering. the music i want to make is probably most similar…[View]
76785499>I didn't go to music school. I went to music. whoa. a modern rockstar.…[View]
76789509The most remarkable thing about coming home to you is the feeling of being in motion again. It'…[View]
76778572New bandcamp thread, go![View]
76789556Alice Coltrane: Hey /mu/, Been listening to Alice recently, especially Ptah, The El Doud. What othe…[View]
76789649shower tunes: yo cunts x rec me something absolutely mint to listen to in the shower possibly an EP …[View]
76784869Let's discuss about the best pop album ever? What's your favorite song?[View]
76788158I remember you was conflicted...[View]
76786094http://tapmusic.net: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 thread last 7 days rec stuff rate taste[View]
76789624>cover adds instrumental wankery to original song Is this not disrespectful? Because I think it…[View]
76786979ITT: talentless hacks[View]
76787362>There are people who unironically listen to black people shouting about retarded things with a r…[View]
76788060Goth/Post-Punk/Darkwave/Coldwave Post your favorite albums. I need new music to listen to.[View]
76788963i got a nice drum sound with nice drum-room sound didnt i https://clyp.it/nx4exdau[View]
76787469What does /mu/ think of Angel Olsen's body of work?[View]
76788615What did she mean by this?: >God does not exist.[View]
76784699Does /mu/ like blackgaze?[View]
76787640Monster: Does anyone have a mirror of /mu/ sings Monster? Noticed it's deleted of youtube. Can…[View]
76789157>Everything Is >Isn't Anything ?[View]
76787756KPOP GENERAL[View]
76789417Can we get a dark/mellow mood thread going on? Feeling a bit down today, wanna get comfy in my sadne…[View]
76787698What are some good christmas, holiday, or just wintery albums?[View]
76785172Goosebumps: What song gives you the chills whenever you hear it?[View]
76789311https://soundcloud.com/wondeezy/misfortune no im not suicidal ;([View]
76787244>Of course I like Jimi Hendrix, of course... What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
76781450Name a more British album[View]
76787332what's some more music like this? love the eerie soundscapes and piano https://www.youtube.com…[View]
76784912It finally clicked[View]
76789071hola amigos les comparto mi musica, 190 bpm, dark psychedelic trance https://soundcloud.com/rafiki-…[View]
76787299Death Grips bingo: Post results[View]
76775943ITT: next reply is the album you listen to[View]
76789091The pipe strip of music:: Use youtube. Type in ' little dark age'. Watch the music video by mgmt. Re…[View]
76789014>kendrick lamar - DAMN: Collector's Edition >it's literally just the same album with…[View]
76786197Have you ever cried because of a song /mu/?[View]
76786044ban me comes me back stronger and now i end the bandmates to get to her. i am taste the butthole bef…[View]
7678904665-67 who>the rest of it[View]
76788641Were 'orgcore' bands like Against Me! and Gaslight Anthem the worst thing to happen to punk rock?[View]
76788256>Classical trained >Did nothing of importance >Didn't know how to play, write, and r…[View]
76788631The Fall and XTC influences on this album is so PAINFULLY obvious. Remind me why this got so popular…[View]
76787907Fuck Kendrick Lamars, Kanyes, Death Grip, or Danny Browns. Any of youll niggas respect THIS legendar…[View]
76788023challenge thread: post a track you think is good and has less than 1000 hits on youtube/soundcloud/w…[View]
76787799ITT: Post an album, other anons describe what it's like using 5 words or less.[View]
76788809shit you found on yt you think is soooo great for casual listening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
76788795What did they mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8dOAYpWass >Rosenberg: 'The genesi…[View]
76788721Music like DJ Mehdi[View]
76788563Roland TR-8 vs Arturia Drumbrute: Which one would you choose? What are your favourite features? What…[View]
76788172Whats you favorite song /mu/: Mine is Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America its …[View]
76788681what do you think about this[View]
76788715/feels/: i stumbled upon this song a few years ago and for some reason i get intense feels when list…[View]
76786076Be honest. How many of these albums do you like?[View]
76788491>listen to some dirty 80s punk muzic >imagine myself breaking neighbors' windows and roam…[View]
76788644>POUR UP FOR A$AP >RIP PEPSI[View]
76788558>be me Music for this feel?[View]
76775114This used to get posted a lot. Post some other 2008-2010 forgotten /mu/core[View]
76788462>album has one good track >it's the first track…[View]
76786575How come rockstars and rappers frequently die very young, but classical and jazz artists usually liv…[View]
76787138Without getting defensive. Why do white people like rap? Most of the time they're talking about…[View]
76788559This is forever[View]
76788430þór eldon is a god amongst men[View]
76788496>I can dig rappin', >but a rapper with a ghost writer? >What the fuck happened? (Oh n…[View]
76783981post your favourite album and other anons guess if your still a virgin[View]
76783448Remember when Weezer memed super hard?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQHPYelqr0E How embarrassing…[View]
76788293name even ONE bad song by them[View]
76788389I preffer russian: i can't be only one... https://youtu.be/ngsWYx0XN2I[View]
76783422The only people who like this are white[View]
76788105A lot of the service songs are unironically good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHOq6Sl9u38 https:…[View]
76787787XXL Freshman 2018 Thread My Predictions: >Rich Chigga >6ix9ine >Youngboy Never Broke Agai…[View]
76786437Is Sleater-Kinney the best punk band ever?[View]
76787648This was exactly what it needed to be tbh[View]
76785747>listens to hip hop[View]
76785451Amp Question: I have a 2 channel av receiver with 4 speakers (all 8 ohm) hooked to it, I am wanting …[View]
76785285ITT: post fake album art and other anons guess what genre it would be[View]
76788021did we ever figure out y Tori kant read?[View]
76787417WHEN I WAS[View]
76786019Scum fuck flower boy.: I got the vinyl today. Not sure if I should open it play it and keep it or ho…[View]
76787839What's the best track of this album and why it is Ken Kaniff?[View]
76771956Marry one Kill one[View]
76784589this is halsey. say something nice about her[View]
76783158Soundcloud: Lo-fi: I don't see genre-specific Soundcloud threads too often. Post lo-fi tunes if…[View]
76787488>tfw rock and roll is alive and well[View]
76785916kpop general[View]
76787481The song 'Smooth' by Santana featuring Rob Thomas.[View]
76786180Music history thread: How do I start learning about music history? Suggest some essential literature…[View]
76783812>It’s really fucked up to call yourself SOPHIE and pretend you’re a girl when you’re a male produ…[View]
76786807This is coming from someone who listened to dadrock non-stop in high school and was the kid with lon…[View]
7678748780-90s Japanese music thread post funkiness or whatever, up to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
76787413ITT: artists you need a certain level of intelligence in order to appreciate[View]
76787464ke pex we? :v: >Fuck you, motherfucker, you a ho-ass nigga >I don't know why you trying t…[View]
76785820*Blocks your path*[View]
76784950Holy shit it clicked Why is this not considered /mu/core? This is fucking amazing[View]
76786852Need some albums to bump to in the winter time something cozy[View]
76787043Is he /mu/core?[View]
76787368When We Was Fab is the best solo Beatles single[View]
76787353What are some entry level prog albums? I'm just getting started in the genre[View]
76785293Getting my first turntable for Christmas. Is there such a thing as /vinylcore/? So far know I'…[View]
76785733>perfectly fine pop song and then a random rap nigga chimes in with shitty verses in the middle o…[View]
76787165https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLebfV0n6Ak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq3mKEJsltI https://www.…[View]
76785263>tfw yung lean isn't considered cool anymore what happened? all the kids just talk about lil…[View]
76784166What does /mu/ think of 6ix9ine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y[View]
76784273What does /mu/ think of pic related?[View]
76783238>you will never be interviewed by cheryl >you will never hug her afterward and then eat the co…[View]
76787217Do you think she is still virgin?[View]
76786484anyone else gonna miss him? honestly 17 got me through hard times so its hard not to feel sad[View]
76783809Help for keyboard beginner: Yo /mu/, There's no piano general thread or something like that go…[View]
76787178I ordered Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's Songs of Forgiveness on LP from Amazon and they managed to fuck…[View]
76786697>they called Coney Island the playground of the world[View]
76785021Whats some music that makes heavy use of a vocoder?[View]
76786971untitled unmastered.: When did you realize it was Kendrick's best album, /mu/?[View]
76786711Post yours[View]
76785958Banger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvmwedHzP4g[View]
76786918best pity-party albums?[View]
76784084Well we havea /mu/ university but what about the students? What about musicians that represent the s…[View]
76785680need retarded college meme songs: can anyone help me with putting together a list with songs of this…[View]
76785740ITT: Soyboy filters[View]
76786629PEEP thread: Lil Peep appreciation thread post rare peeps and vids/interviews[View]
76785386The Residents - Meet the Residents: I thought you guys told me this was a good album. What's th…[View]
76785487What kind of person listens to this?[View]
76785583great read on spotify and the music industry: https://thebaffler.com/salvos/the-problem-with-muzak-p…[View]
76785753This is great. Any other punk similar to this? Aka non-agressive, non-political even poppy punk.[View]
76784566David Bowie: When did you realise this was his best album?[View]
76785914I really enjoyed this album, even though i more of a rap elitist , what other rock albums like this …[View]
76786517>hear a song you really like play in a commercial >never listen to it again because it's …[View]
76783938>The Man Who Sold the World >Hunky Dory >Ziggy Stardust >Aladdin Sane >Diamond Dogs …[View]
76786525lets try this, post your favorite spotify playlist, other people check em out and rate https://open.…[View]
76769806Describe a music video horribly and see if people get it. I'll start easy >Dude turns into …[View]
76784079Ladies and gentlemen..... Burt Bacharach.[View]
76785494AOTY is finally here[View]
76786214>Make an incredible rare/odd mix of genres in the sonemic chart charts >Find results This is w…[View]
76784946>tfw ull never hear BoC's early catalogue[View]
76782901More like Neu-Male.[View]
76786098We can all agree 2017 was an amazing year for music, right?[View]
76785446Name a better hip hop album. Protip you can't.[View]
76786109Is anyone else disappointed by the music video? They didn't even drive the cars wtf[View]
76786074>best Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) >runner up Voodoo Chile >worst ...and the Gods Made Love…[View]
76785805>do u liek ninja sex party??????[View]
76786036>listen to music on full volume every time I'm driving somewhere by myself > been doing t…[View]
76775129/metal/: dead general edition old: >>76761409[View]
76785940I'm pretty fucked, post things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb4FMn-IWEY[View]
76784685>tfw failing music appreciation course[View]
76785542what happened to m&m? he has no fun or energy in his music anymore[View]
76785629Why do Pretentious HipHop soy boys like this album? I guarantee half of them haven't even list…[View]
76783641Post albums that you like to cry to.[View]
76784121Stone Sour: Thoughts on Stone Sour?[View]
76784281Who here nostalgic for early/mid 2000s buttindie?[View]
76783247What are you listening to right now mu? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xg3vE8Ie_E[View]
76784719best Cassiopeia album? My girlfriend is really into this Japanese band called Cassiopeia that I…[View]
76785287Does selling out mean anything in hip-hop? Kanye and Pusha T have both done work for McDonald's…[View]
76785806why don't bands like Algernon Cadwallader get discussed anymore here[View]
76783970KPOP GENERAL[View]
76785694Dnb track featured in this commercial: Can anyone tell me the track used in this commercial? I'…[View]
76785794Does /mu/ like pornogrind?[View]
76781142Post the best screams, or your favorites https://youtu.be/EiR1hmpk-x4?t=410[View]
76785709Acoustic business?!?!?!?: Hey /mu/ Im looking for god tier acoustic groups. Preferably with 2 acoust…[View]
76785675Ryan Wolfson General: Why is /mu/ sleepin' on Ryan Wolfson? https://youtu.be/bvstnqD5fSM[View]
76783587Expanding my tastes: I listen almost exclusively to rap and I'm trying to get into other genres…[View]
76785662PURE X: Why am I back here? I was doing so good https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=…[View]
76785527I need more music like this please >Inb4 American football https://youtu.be/BJwyqMY0iUQ…[View]
76785648/groove/: These threads intend to initiate discussion and posting about funk, soul, disco, gogo, bre…[View]
76785307wtf I love prog now[View]
76785370ITT: albums to kys to[View]
76783944Is there anyone else out there who feels this is Scott Walker's best album?[View]
76784194ITT: albums where a talented artist and a talentless hack collaborate: what are some other albums wh…[View]
76783965Can't remember the artist or album name but was an album by a british artist where each song wa…[View]
76783952Post good ass music from where you're from. Pic related is a folk one man band from Western MA[View]
76785318Tell me about good jangle pop albums to listen to.[View]
76785332I Write Sins Not Finals Papers[View]
76782736Post your recent genres on RYM and rate, recommend, guess personality, etc. You know the drill.[View]
76784267What does /mu/ think of Motörhead?[View]
76784345I had a dream about her last night bros. What do I do? I live in pain every day[View]
76784665Did he ever get his Pepsi?[View]
76779129ITT: Post the best jazz album ever made, NO BRAINLETS![View]
76782836What do you think about the greatest album /mu/ has ever made?[View]
76783727talented hack or talentless genius?[View]
76784976/mu/ Makes an Album: Continued from >>76764589 >>1. I'm gonna let you finished >…[View]
76784371hip hop for driving around the city in the snow[View]
76784524MY MUSIC IS NOT MEANT TO BE LISTENED TO ON A FUCKING COMPUTER All these geeky little four-eyed virgi…[View]
76784534How much of a factor is album art in whether or not you listen to an album?[View]
76784705Will we get a new album?: Shinola vol. 2 is supposed to come out sometime, but will we ever see a ne…[View]
76783618ITT: Genres that are superior to the genres they grew out of pop punk > punk[View]
76784884Was Nu-Metal really that bad?[View]
76781485ITT we post our favorite album from the year we were born + your alltime favorite album 1998: >Su…[View]
76784972Was nu-metal really that bad?[View]
76785005Scaruffi on Jessica Williams: >During the 1980s she recorded very little under her own name but h…[View]
76784729Name more insufferable, backwards-looking band than the clash. Take your time, I've got all day…[View]
76784425What does /mu/ think of Placebo?: Not a bait thread, I'm oddly starting to appreciate them more…[View]
76783907Hello, fellow music lovers! What would you like to see in the next installment of Nine Inch Nails?[View]
76784832>Walking around The Christmas tree[View]
76784568the great debate: Henry Kaiser : Talentless trust fund babby or free improv legend?[View]
76784752favorite band/artist interviews? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJtSg5FOdos[View]
76781082why do you guys hate ghost so much? is it because its not trve metal or because of the gimmicks? bec…[View]
76778812If you had to as objectively as possible try to select the greatest album of all time, what would yo…[View]
76773914/Chart: thread/[View]
76783474ID this song!: https://youtu.be/p8fHBAb2HH0?t=3m29s It's pretty 'similiar' to Mall Grab - Happi…[View]
76784650albums where the artwork is a distraction and/or makes you listen more because you want to fuck her[View]
76782766The sins of the fathers They just fucked it all up We had the best family We had it all We had it al…[View]
76783271Suburban Lawns: Anyone have information or live versions of this band? Ive been looking for a while;…[View]
76784609Can someone remind me which Beastie Boy is the one with the annoying voice? Thanks.[View]
76779466Post a Feel, Get an Album Rec: used to see these threads a lot, not one in the catalog, what gives? …[View]
76783881Patrician Christmas albums:[View]
76784561What does /MU/ think about this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoQAEyFOvC0[View]
767781013x3, 4x4, 5x5 collage thread: tapmusic.net[View]
76783958/Mu/tants, pleb here. What albums do you all recommend that I listen to?[View]
76781604WTF is this album even about?[View]
76783235Hey /mu/ 'm trying to find some dope new bands, boys. Some shit like Cannibal Corpse or old sch…[View]
76784465Thoughts on these guys? Recently obsessed w/ them and playing flashlight at an open mic wedn. Am I …[View]
76784450yo this sounds like super mario 64[View]
76776226Post your top 10 albums and guess each others personalities[View]
76783975KPOP GENERAL[View]
76782485>iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii took my shirt offfffffff innnn the yaaaaard[View]
76782682What's the fucking point of jazz and classical when i can't articulate my opinion and have…[View]
76777651Why is this album so good[View]
76780683what do your parents think of your music taste? just had a comment from my mum which was '…[View]
76783858Who is the new björk?[View]
76783651Rec me electronic stuff like this, oneohtrix point never, andy stott, etc.[View]
76784195What’s /mu/‘s opinion on Nirvana?[View]
76784021michael jackson was so cool[View]
76779441https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EpmjwtbswE 'Yeah, I listen to vinyl' *giggles*[View]
76783426whats your favorite weezer album /mu/[View]
76783887Best loose concept albums?[View]
76783777This was so awesome. What the fuck happened?[View]
76783862Post your favorite album and other anons guess your biggest fear[View]
76784095Wow that was garbage, there was like 3 good tracks and that's it. Why is the production so ter…[View]
76784042albums that become your favorite after they click even if at first meh[View]
76781935whats your favourite genre of music?[View]
76778736Why do colords like BEATS BY DRE so much?: Well?[View]
76783859why: why would you listen to this over pom pom, house arrest, scared famous etc. even thrash and bur…[View]
76783671Who is the female equivalent of Sufjan Stevens? In terms of both musicianship and purity?[View]
76781582Album of the Year (AOTY) Thread: Were any good albums aside from these released this year? I was rea…[View]
76783553Why is goth/post-punk so much better than punk?[View]
76783617i dj on the sideline and i'm just a starting to get school dances, house parties etc. my audien…[View]
76780479Thoughts on real hardcore nibba music?[View]
76780092Good morning, /mu >what are you listening to? >what are you drinking? (if coffee, how was it p…[View]
76766909My 2017 Wrapped Thread[View]
76783675I Write Sins Not Finals Papers[View]
76783709ambient aoty? i'm new to ambient/drone genre and discovered this in an ambient thread. after a …[View]
76781587Name two rivaling album and create a strawpoll on them. Anons choose which one is better. I'll …[View]
76779272Give me one album more cringier than this[View]
76782714Hey /mu/: I have a tremolo pedal and a small solid-state amp. When I use the pedal with amp, I hear …[View]
76782279Why is this album not /mu/core?[View]
76780708What's the best way to experience music non sober? Being high as fuck listening to this was fa…[View]
76781758ITT: Stupidest genre you've heard.: HARD MODE: NO N*GGER MUSIC >symphonic death metal…[View]
76782341king crimson?: more like pleb shit songs[View]
76783133talented hack or talentless genius?[View]
76783551can we get a rap thread? where my Balifornia anons :D I'm obsessed with these songs lately htt…[View]
76781803Why does /mu/ hate the blues?[View]
76783375Cole Bennett: Thoughts on this dude's videos?[View]
76783164ITT: virgin anthems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhUhWrqv9Js[View]
76783406Who is the biggest sell-out of all time?[View]
76783006Chart thread: Post em big bois[View]
76783140rap sucks[View]
76782472Say something nice about them[View]
76781027what is /mu/'s opinion on Yellowcard?[View]
76779898Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
76782832Has anyone else noticed that the RYM top charts are starting to resemble /mu/core more and more ever…[View]
76782777become famous dj: Hi guys, i never post here but i want to become a famous dj. what programs should …[View]
76783217>'hey cutie, one of my friends thinks your cute' >'oh yeah? what kind of music does she like?'…[View]
76783210let's talk about spiritualized ladies and gentlemen fucking sucks, but pic related is top-tier.…[View]
76782800>are we rolling?[View]
76783172Do you all think he's going to win the Oscar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbWTnIRkpiI[View]
76781620>go to a party >friends singing karaoke >check out the songbook >too patrician to sing a…[View]
76783023So whe doesn't he stick to writing power pop? He's so fucking good at it https://www.youtu…[View]
76783036best music for feeling alone and wanting to die?[View]
76778786Lil Peep New Interview: >has hentai posters on his wall >'yeah, i put feet in my mouth' he was…[View]
76781986>no fairweathers >no streaming >no taking for granted Anyone else think the repeal of net n…[View]
76781118FACT: DEAHTGRIPS IS NU META; Prove me wrong you can not[View]
76782807Holy shit that opener goes so fucking hard, please recommend similar artists who can make melodies o…[View]
76779451Why is New Wave such a patrician genre? General New Wave appreciation thread.[View]
76782238> Snowy morning. > Go to Timmy's drive-through. for breakfast. > Get home. Realize the…[View]
76782678So, I've just listened to a Nickelback song and it wasn't bad at all. Post songs from the …[View]
76778377Cosmic music: Post albums that sound like they come from outer space[View]
76782607Again, here's a discord server for whoever has an account thats focused on music discussion. It…[View]
76781558ITT: Suicide Songs Songs you wanna listen to when you hang/shoot yourself, bleed out in the bathtub …[View]
76781240Waking up core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qK82JvRY5s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38wIuDAq…[View]
76781298When did you realize that folk is actually the genre with the best lyrics and not rap?[View]
76779906Rank a band's/artist's discography: >Exmilitary 4/10 >The Money Store 5/10 >No Lo…[View]
76782109This takes no talent to make. Yet it's the #1 for 2006 on RYM.[View]
76781869ITT: Amazing albums with bad production[View]
76781522QT Musicians: Pic related[View]
76778310Don’t mind me, just posting a pic of the best Beatles solo artist.[View]
76782489https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afn9ghtmpDc Ok, i didn't get it, what he meant by that? it frus…[View]
76781226The Lautsprechers: Oppinions on this album? The Anarchist is a great song indeed but I'm not so…[View]
76782409/Chart: My chart can't fit https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385555839261474816/3894376011…[View]
76757620SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >post yer links >give reccs and criticism >be cool…[View]
76778204Industrial Metal Recs?: Rec me some more industrial metal that's like the first two tracks of t…[View]
76782353Gateway Metal To Heavier Metals: Metallica Kill 'Em All ©℗ 1983 Mêgaforce Яecords∴[View]
76780681This is Lana of the king, say something nice about her.[View]
76782301Is Nick Cave hot?[View]
76781252>Hey Anon, what is Heavy Metal music?[View]
76780532kpop general: jisoo general edition[View]
76781630wtf, this is actually fucking amazing. I thought /mu/eddit was memeing me once again[View]
76782061Do you think Kanye and Taylor might still have sex?[View]
76782101Why do so many musicians die in plane crashes? I thought plane travel is supposed to be safer than e…[View]
76782002i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZS2vqk54O8 What …[View]
76779803I know very little about classical music but i love the piano works of Liszt, Debussy and Ravel. Rec…[View]
76781631ITT: manlet musicians[View]
76780909hey big boys and girls does anyone have reccs similar to this which aren't public strain?[View]
76781934orite la: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHM8G7xmUIY[View]
76781460/snow/: Just woke up this this. What are some good albums to listen to in this weather?[View]
76780336>ricardo lopez dies in 1996 >arca borns in 1996 really makes you thinken…[View]
76779213What went wrong?[View]
76778188Your Favorite Album Cover of 2017?: What in your opinion is the most aesthetically pleasing album co…[View]
76781513Perfect, just the way I like it[View]
76781909Wu Tang Clan videos: >Wu-Tang Clan - Legend Of The Wu-Tang: The Videos They released a DVD with a…[View]
76781876Post albums that have only one good song while the rest are forgettable[View]
76781831>tfw man is the animal[View]
76781586The Fall Thread: 50,000 Fall fans can't be wrong[View]
76781113Music for when robin williams final networth brought you to tears?[View]
76779541tree sex mafia[View]
76779981Why is she bulking up all of a sudden?[View]
76781732What did Biosphere sample for the vocal on Times I Know When You'll Be Sad?[View]
76781539Does /mu/ like E.S. Posthumus?[View]
76764110ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76779769what are some similar albums to the 10/10 related?[View]
76781688Post a song that describes how you feel right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxy0nWE3Q1M[View]
76781056ITT: songs you have a burning hatred for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwUGSYDKUxU[View]
76781261/noel/ general: Noel Gallagher's songs are a pastiche of stolen material and yet he's cons…[View]
76780775Why is Title Fight so good bros?[View]
76780428This is better than atrocity exhibition[View]
76780904>2017 >rap is still not dead[View]
76778543/nbdsd/: aoty edition[View]
76773131So we're in agreement that Rock is dead. But when did it die exactly?[View]
76780431why didn't you guys tell me he was actually good?[View]
76781260>I'm so tired, I can't SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP[View]
76781031/afi/ General: It's time to discuss the hauntingly poetic lyrics of one Davey Havok and the mas…[View]
76781005Anything similar to LORN? https://youtu.be/CqaAs_3azSs[View]
76781296There is literally nothing wrong with pop music.[View]
76780762What genre is this song? I want to hear more like this[View]
76781225Metal: any metalheads in this shithole if so post your favorite band (picunrelated)[View]
76780786is skrillex dubstep or brostep and what is brostep[View]
76765598/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Movies Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com …[View]
76780128Who would be the four female artists of the weird frontier?[View]
76780284AOTY Thread: 1999 Edition[View]
76781287OPEN YOUR MOUTH[View]
76776924Thoughts on tool?[View]
76778741Name one (1) album[View]
76768525Was Nu-Metal really that bad?[View]
76780666Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
76779656What's the best artist/band that debuted in the 2010's so far?[View]
76780501Is /Eminem/ our guy?: Is /em/ our guy? 'If you just fuckin' dropped dead I'd be so much, s…[View]
76781066plshelp: What is this song plz help meeee :'( http://coub.com/view/wcb0k[View]
76780776Is he on the road to Hell, lads?[View]
76781040>music name sounds like a gamer tag[View]
76781049respectable lyrics and messages: >You can't party your life away >Drink your life away …[View]
76780686Just bought the edgiest vinyl possible: 'Mayhem - Dawn of the Blackhearts' picture disc[View]
76780955>tfw went from 'le music is my life' in 2014 to 'fuck music' in 2017[View]
76780707what's /mu/'s opinion on Happy Mondays? I think they're under-appreciated. They'…[View]
76778654NEW KUNG-FU KENNY![View]
76780994I had the last waltz with you, two lonely people together[View]
76780322BAY AREA HIP-HOP GENERAL Whatchu guys think of this album?[View]
76780849Rey Kills Leia, Snoke was secretly a good guy all along[View]
76780427Greatest jazz-fusion albums?: I'll start[View]
76780769Honest opinion on U2, /mu/?[View]
76780843Help me find the name of the first song that plays in this shit video please https://www.youtube.co…[View]
76780823ITT: We post the 'Squeeze' of other bands. As in, a terrible final album lacking essential band memb…[View]
76780318This was way better than I expected[View]
76773022are there any songs that genuinely scares you?[View]
76778348What's some good music to listen to while masturbating to pornography?[View]
76779122What's the appeal? Why not just listen to real emo?[View]
76779196what's /mu/s opinion on birds of fire[View]
76779121SB2H: This is the most depressing album of all time. Unironically.[View]
76780563Vashti Bunyan: Why the fuck didn't you guys recommend me this earlier? Very, very comfy as the …[View]
76779908>It's how it's been with the writer's block >I hope I get better in the afterli…[View]
76780561Surprisingly good japanese albums[View]
76780531ITT: Bands that ruined their legacy[View]
76780491https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEbYvN4BNsQ&t= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNMLBDLDjuc I can…[View]
76779167Deathconsciousness: Just listening to this for the first time The opener is basically a post-punk Re…[View]
76779729Was 1967 the best single year for music in the history of music? This year seems to have been a real…[View]
76779298KPOP GENERAL[View]
76779337Any good advice/ebook/resources on learning piano? What is the fastest way to learn, since im not in…[View]
76780472MUSCLE AND HATE[View]
76779718my favorite artist is terry pedestrian look him up if you never heard of him this is some of his wor…[View]
76780455You know where i can find the pdf of the book of this album? I'm italian and deathcounsciusness…[View]
76780072Patrician: >Ruber Soul, Magic Mystery Tour, Abbey Road Contrarian: >Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, Pl…[View]
76780124Why do Krautrock bands usually sing in English?[View]
76780028Why is this considered such a classic? I'll admit the overall vibe is kind of cool but all the …[View]
76778849>all this memerap and indie garbage on /mu/ let's have a dadrock appreciation thread to brin…[View]
76779018**blocks your path**[View]
76779843Is the 2016 version of the Ape of Naples the same as the original one?: I mean the tracks have the s…[View]
76780390Does /mu/ like Chris Isaak? I've recently picked up Heart Shaped World and I'm honestly lo…[View]
76777557/mu/'s Top 100 Music Videos (TOP 100 VOTING): ITT: /mu/ votes for the top 100 greatest music vi…[View]
76780315Studio owners of /mu/: when you copped your first big console, what did you do for a console desk? D…[View]
76779635post right-wing music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMj6wU6i3KA[View]
76779589Thoughts on this masterpiece? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uELi_p0htQg[View]
76778808DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY[View]
76779836>skibbidy scooby doo >dibbidy roody poo >fuck her like toody loo damn...…[View]
76774595ITT: 'villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
76780111Does mu like Versailles?[View]
76779238/nbnd/: NOTHING BUT NOISE DECEMBER listen up /mu/ it's time to expand your sense of what is mus…[View]
76773221>last track on the album is the most melancholic[View]
76779991What was morrissey thinking ?? Way to ruin a 10/10 album[View]
76779961when I was just a little girl. I asked my mother what will I be.......[View]
76779783My Mom Reviews Death Grips Exmilitary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFhTdkuwa6Q[View]
76776795Have 1000 word essay on book haven’t read due tommorow Music for this Feel?: Need to get productive …[View]
76779957Posted this before, but are there any songs about being on the breaker-side of a break up? I.e., “I…[View]
76777217ITT: Pictures of musicians that make you sad: Why don't they leave her alone :([View]
76779934It’s like Godspeed you! But with some weirdo vaporwave guy[View]
76777495Turt Tobain[View]
76779879ITT: Shit songs you like for some reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBHQbu5rbdQ[View]
76779825bangers so hard you space out to them and your neighborhood will look like the aftermath of a 10 on …[View]
76779607>staff notation name a more janky language system than this[View]
76779587I just listened through this masterpiece today and holy shit I think I just found the best album of …[View]
76778406hey /mu, I see Boards of Canada talked about a lot on here but I've never really listened to th…[View]
76772133Post those lush, well-arranged and produced, orchestral mid-to-late 60s albums.[View]
76779688QUICK ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS:: >what kind of studio monitors do you use? >What cables do you u…[View]
76779690erasmo carlos / psychedelic mpb general: What does /mu/ think of this album, Sonhos é Memórias by Er…[View]
76778233ITT: Hit songs from the 2010s that everyone already forgot about: Starting with this car commercial …[View]
76775874redacted.ch: Why are you not at Redacted yet, /mu/? You are missing out on the biggest archive of m…[View]
76779552>only version of the album with the real tracklisting is on Vinyl[View]
76777382Recent Loveless remaster: Is the recently released remaster of pic related any different from the pr…[View]
76776560/dismal/ - Self-hating, misanthropic, savagely angry music of any genre is welcome in this thread ht…[View]
76772208/Americana/ - folk, country, blues, rock n roll, bluegrass & other roots music: What have been s…[View]
76774892what do ya guys think about this?[View]
76777914Why doesn't /mu/ ever talk about alt country? There's some real good shit out there in thi…[View]
76775766Why did Tales from Topographic Oceans receive so much hate back then?[View]
76779406>Muthafucks your favorite djay[View]
76779405angry song recs: what i got: know your enemy - ratm no love - death grips bullet in the head - ratm …[View]
76775708what are some meme songs that you unironically like?[View]
76778923What does /mu/ think of Bass Drum of Death?[View]
76775197>first album is the best Who else does this apply to?[View]
76779327>yfw the current state of music >tfw ex-poptimist and know for a FACT that music wasn't e…[View]
76779030>Artist has a song with >1000 spotify plays[View]
76775968>hates Love >hates Air >hates Animals >hates the Big Country >hates compassion Whats…[View]
76773621Childhood albums thread[View]
76779268> Its just surfrock with a distortion filter[View]
76778460https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iknoPUHGPDg Is it really that bad? It sounds better than many shit o…[View]
76778749Unique Music/Avant-Garde: Post your favorite Avant-Garde albums/music that feels unique, out of this…[View]
76778002KPOP GENERAL[View]
76776912Anyone care to explain all the acclaim this album got/is getting?: The Louvre is the only redeemable…[View]
76776588ITT: Post your last 5 rates on RYM & Discuss music while you're at it. Good News is the bes…[View]
76779216is this the bst new trucks?[View]
76779161is he any good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQFmSnG5Ets[View]
76779104>someone says 'ringo isn't even the best drummer in the beatles' when his drumming…[View]
76777053What's sum music about extreme social isolation?[View]
76779061My boyfriend has completely lost interest in our relationship and refuses to admit there's a pr…[View]
76776263when did you grow out of animal collective /mu/?[View]
76779034Dope Fire Shit: Dope ass up and coming rapper tryna get sponsored by Klondike, check this out: https…[View]
76778530Why hasnt moo embraced the hottest new genre nu metal core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DjZNX86…[View]
76778956>Ywn chow down on a LRD concert Tokyo '84[View]
76774523Music documentaries: Are there any patrician music documentaries?[View]
76776113Music for getting drunk off whiskey and punching a hole the wall out of anger? >think I broke my…[View]
76777712Post your favourite album of the 90s[View]
76773821>tfw no Anna-Varney gf LOL just messing Nigga makes great music though.…[View]
76778762In What You Ask?: Hello ;heathens Where are your souls in relation to your current taste in things? …[View]
76776675Let’s try this again. More like pretty sweet ?[View]
76777134HEY WE ARE GAY[View]
76775172What's your opinion on this?[View]
76778652Koji Kondo: How the fuck did he manage to create so many memorable tunes? I'm just listening th…[View]
76778667I miss the old Burial...[View]
76778102Albums you forgot existed but love[View]
76777884Would you?[View]
76774680Artist Recommendations: Not sure if this a kind if thread that happens a lot, but I cleaned out my l…[View]
76777411Concerts: What is the best concert you have been to? And what is your strangest concert experience? …[View]
76776324Was this supposed to be hot?: I may throw up.[View]
76777046*Blocks your path*[View]
76775571ITT: Reorganize an artists discography to make more sense. I start. >Squeeze >White lightt Whi…[View]
76777246Tell me /mu/ a some very good japanese jazz that can assemble this masterpiece[View]
76777025Anything like this without the tryhard and school shooter lyrics?[View]
76777874What's his best studio album?[View]
76778352why am i so based?[View]
76778490Post your favorite fan made alternative album covers, I'll start.[View]
76777434comfy music for falling in love? pic not related[View]
76766463ITT: First lyrics that come to mind for an album. GO![View]
76778441wtf i just discovered this band and they are amazing[View]
76773957music to smoke loud with the boys to?[View]
76778368why Heaven or Las Vegas sounds a lot like Abba?[View]
76763631draw the album youre listening to in MS paint: itt: draw the album youre currently listening to in M…[View]
76778336> if you unironically like Swans first four albums[View]
76777262Has any era of album cover design trends aged more poorly?[View]
76773095What does /mu/ think of them?[View]
76777283jai: more when?[View]
76778172Except for a couple of cases, this is better than your favorite album[View]
76777155Big K.R.I.T.: Why is no one talking about this?[View]
76777897Was he the GOAT?[View]
76777645What music do people on the spectrum listen to?[View]
76778089ITT: Bands you loved when you were younger but still love today: I'd still fuck the living hell…[View]
76776802What's some essential lo-fi? you know, properly produced stuff not just some random shit off of…[View]
76778009Why is there a Like-Like from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time in the first song?[View]
76777981Anyone use RGB lights (mood lights? is that what theyre called?) to enhance their music listening ex…[View]
76776425KPOP GENERAL[View]
76777860*playing harmonics* 'ok'[View]
76775627ITT: albums that are terrible in stereo[View]
76777464POP QUIZ!: >what is experimental iyo? >how do you tell the experimental elements in certain al…[View]
76777358>listening to the Top 100 most streamed songs of 2017 on Google Play Music Holy shit what absolut…[View]
76777774This is the greatest album of all time and it’s not even close[View]
76777317Bjork: well, did you like Utopia?[View]
76777571is this AOTY 2017?[View]
76775837>have headphones in during my lunch break >coworker starts talking to me…[View]
76776015>title track isnt the first or last song on the album[View]
76774663Introducing the new greatest prog band of all-time, created by /mu/! Brian Wilson Dies Christmas Da…[View]
76777558classical music. where do i start?[View]
76775717>there are people on /mu/ right now who actually listen to jazz and think it's 'smart' and '…[View]
76768034why: >wish you were here by avenged sevenfold[View]
76776484What is the least autistic form of metal?[View]

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