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80857365/dgg/ death grips general: Year of the Snitch hq singles (shitshow included) flac >https://mega.n…[View]
80858340Who's your favorite modern post-punk band? For me its The Uranium Club.[View]
80858168Radiohead: The king of limbs dosnt deserve all the shit it gets. The repetitiveness and soft instrum…[View]
80857323/emo/ Discuss emo and related subgenres, post cool finds, and have fun[View]
80855720ho preso un biglietto solo andata per roma cerco consigli: ho da poco imparato l'italiano sent…[View]
80856168What's your honest opinion on my album?[View]
80858711>Hey hey kiddo, hows my favorite nephew doing? I heard apparently you're big into indie musi…[View]
80857114...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For: any recommendations for more l…[View]
80858567it's growing on me[View]
80855804>One more spoon of cough syrup now What did he mean by this?[View]
80856390>2018... I am forgotten[View]
80858236why do people listen to rock bands that aren't big star? seems like a waste of time[View]
80855288I'm looking for really pathetic, useless music, made by losers.[View]
80850831Remember when odd future was a thing?[View]
80849983soundcloud sharethread[View]
80856079>release an album with a technique better than the whole shoegaze genre >make wall of sound be…[View]
80855901What are the most pioneering albums of recent times?: Bonus points if they are influential too.…[View]
80857852Why do I need to vibrate higher?[View]
80855562RYM 5/5s: Post your RYM 5/5s[View]
80855912ITT: Pleb Filters: pic related[View]
80857025What do you listen to when you can't think of anything else? Who are your comfort artists?[View]
80857615Fleetwood Mac - Not Rumours: I really like Rumours and I want to listen more of them. Wich is their …[View]
80855882Why are The Rolling Stones even mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles? They had a few good son…[View]
80858025Name a better compilation series.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love,_Peace_%26_Poetry[View]
80858022Music about WW1: Going on a tour of the trenches in Ypres, coach journey gonna take about 9 hours. A…[View]
80857637This album is already an 8/10, but the acoustic version is an 11/10 What other albums do this?[View]
80856306Sup /mu/ I got this dubstep song that i totally dig but it's too short in my opinion. Is there…[View]
80857914TECHNO music sets: Hello anons I have some nice pills and want to go for a walk and I need some cool…[View]
80857896Is there a stimulant or cocaine chart for album chart? I'm trying to find the perfect albums fo…[View]
80857291https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof come …[View]
80854940Vote for best summer Kanye production: Of all the 7 track albums Kanye has released this summer, whi…[View]
80856380/r9k/ music: Did /r9k/ make the best board music? How do you silly faggots let this happen? Are you…[View]
80853364i met fantano somewhat coincidentally on a day that i was giving out demos from my band and i gave h…[View]
80857576What would be wew lad - the album?[View]
80857336literally name one better album cover[View]
80857397https://www.youtube.com/watchv=6tv4BTxCYVI&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJQ7fvTdrlQ http…[View]
80857328They're not that bad. At their worst, they're a watered down The Cure.[View]
80847034Who’s better: Death Grips or Suicide Boys: Suicide Boys are better than Death Grips. Let’s discuss. …[View]
80856866OwO More like these?[View]
80857469Feel your body melt; Mum to mud to mad to dad Dad diddley office, Dad diddley office, You're al…[View]
80856537What’s the best music streaming service? Take into account functionality, interface, pricing, etc. H…[View]
80857364HOLY FUCK[View]
80857333what's the funnest song to sing along, and why is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB_I1YBAoz…[View]
80846436Unwound: What does /mu/ think of this band? Favourite albums/tracks?[View]
80857011https://twitter.com/RapperViper/status/1008415359509106689 The absolute madman[View]
80854065>tfw your country wins against Germany Music for this feel?[View]
80857182https://fantasya1.bandcamp.com/album/fantasy-has-come-2-seatown 1. Intro 02:00 2. Being Autistic is…[View]
80856914For a music board you guys sure hate music.[View]
80857116Why the skin of the melon is so smooth and perfect.[View]
80856934Why is the boxer holding a knife while he uppercuts the floating head?[View]
80856700Does anyone have any reccomendations for a decent pipe organ VST? I'm trying to replicate this …[View]
80851839>scaruffi is actually based af >mfw[View]
80856507Quotes: Post your favorite quotes from musicians[View]
80855439What did he mean by this?[View]
80853679are you capable of enjoy theoretically generic albums?[View]
80854646Tessa Violet / Meekakitty: new song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAuAJBZuGs[View]
80852674Ariel Pink: Have any of you seen him live on his current tour? Have tickets for him in August and am…[View]
80856320How can I be like Nick Cave?[View]
80856752Unpopular Opinions: The Rolling Stones > The Beatles[View]
80855718Happy Father Day: Happy fathers day. I love you, you pretentious hippie, even if your last album was…[View]
80853124>'Sup, anon? Wanna come over and knock back a couple of brewskies? I just got Loveless on vinyl.'…[View]
80855823I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
80855591Death Grips should have stayed broken up after Jenny Death[View]
80851150Have friends of yours ever ruined any songs for you? I for example listened to a lot of darkwave and…[View]
80856528Steve Legget - Bathhouse [2018] [Album]: Thoughts on the 2018 AOTY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
80854351you now remember this album[View]
80856400ITT: Guilty Pleasure Albums[View]
80856258>pusha said what?[View]
80853481r8 my outfit[View]
80853665Happy father's day: Remind that your boomer dads all listen to shitty music. Especially U2. U2 …[View]
80856292Is anyone making folk prog anymore? Current bands?[View]
80855983What is the 'Peasant' of this year? >tfw there are no good albums this year…[View]
80855136unrequited love recommendations: more songs like Bad Religion?[View]
80852443Buyer's remorse: Found some cd's i bought 4 years ago. Fuck i was so edgy.[View]
80856268Seventy-four, seventy-five[View]
80855999This year only[View]
80856155>North Korean music isn't asthe- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFzMZ32h9Yk https://www.you…[View]
80856088Rare 80s songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-cI-gZSswA[View]
80855586Romanian music is the best music Here's a list of the best O-zone B.U.G Mafia Parazitii Voltaj[View]
80856020Where are my Sinfonian boys at?[View]
80855900What did she mean by this?: 'You might think you've peeped the scene You haven’t, the real one…[View]
80852170my parents are getting older and one day they will die music for this feel[View]
80855926It's been 10 years since the greatest rap album was gifted to us all.[View]
80850564This is a good band.[View]
80851214>And this is our son's room, he's quite the music enthusiast...…[View]
80855008KPOP GENERAL[View]
80855754post songs that makes you want to kick a wall in or gives you a seizure: can be metal, trap, dubstep…[View]
80853454Deadmau5 is shi-[View]
80855691>he cares about a female artist because she is cute >he listens to k-pop >he takes fantano…[View]
80855593>every track seamlessly transitions into the next[View]
80853340Beat Your Meatski[View]
80855217>every man needs a companion[View]
80855584The samples on this are so boring and flat. When they are interesting, they get old really quickly: …[View]
80855647ever listen to him?[View]
80854602Do you have to be gay to like this album?[View]
80848123now that the dust has settled, what's /mu/'s consensus on this?[View]
80855411did the man who invented college go to college?[View]
80854022What would he be doing if he was alive now?[View]
80854697Proof that you can force yourself to like any piece of music: regardless of how bad/boring/uninspire…[View]
80854765What are some essential albums to come out of Switzerland to listen to while I watch Switzerland bea…[View]
80847433*ruins your Sonic Youth song*[View]
80855013what are albums that will help me get excited to learn programming?[View]
80854241Fill it in >Favorite album cover >Favorite band name >Favorite album title >Favorite tra…[View]
80854490Coach me up on this genre. What are good pure drum and bass artists, and what are some good examples…[View]
80855319>Concert security asks me to leave the venue for violating their 'no incels' policy…[View]
80854804Post bands/artists/albums/songs that you're not proud of liking, but not ashamed of either: pic…[View]
80854887Name 5 albums better than ITOATS[View]
80855179>Wait what is this? I've heard it somewhere before[View]
80854997>jumps on the music scene and immediately starts making bangers whats her secret?…[View]
80854771Muses entire discography is just the last 2 minutes of Exit Music (For a Film), prove me wrong.[View]
80854843/cg/ - clairo general: hey /mu/ i think you might like clairos music if you listened to some https:/…[View]
80855247You know I've heard it said there's beauty in distortion By some people who've withdr…[View]
80855219post artists you only listen to on Tuesday mornings while enjoying a multigrain crossaint[View]
80853476What did I think of it?[View]
80852641judge my music taste[View]
80852613hey /mu/ could you recommend some less popular classic vaporwave albums?[View]
80852815more like this?: And by that i dont mean djent I mean jazz fusion with riffs or whatever the fuck th…[View]
80855118What /MU/ think of this ?[View]
80853849> jarboe was actually better than gira[View]
80854969>artist/band samples their own music[View]
80855015>there are a bunch of unreleased sophie songs that we'll never get to see How to not neck my…[View]
80850129who are the best music producers right now?[View]
80854955Original or vinyl tracklist?[View]
80853992KPOP GENERAL[View]
80853867So we can all agree this is their best album, right?[View]
80845258SoundCloud Share Thread! soundcloud.com/evanbrill/nothing-to-fear >Post yours, comment on others…[View]
80853053Name one (1) thing this man can't do[View]
80854886What is your favorite heavy metal band from 70s-80s era? (Motörhead, slayer, Black Sabbath, etc)[View]
80853918Does /mu/ like wubs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4540vkS2Gc[View]
80851847https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzG4uDgje3M we confirm that this is /our/ SOTY?[View]
80828440>oi m8, do ya have a rap loicense?[View]
80854749>yeah, I listen to My Bloody Valentine[View]
80854681SHAKE DOWN 1979[View]
80854707You may not like it, but these are the artists inspiring Generation Z[View]
80854327'''SHITSHOW''' - Can we discuss why there are two slightly different v…[View]
80834801Has there ever been a better hip hop album?[View]
80851977opinions on paramore?[View]
80854660Comfy early morning albums thread >I WAIT EVERY MOMENT >I WAIT FOR MY CHANCE >I WAIT FOR M…[View]
80853392Anyone else feel that the new Death Grips album is going to be mediocre. Based off the songs they…[View]
80851506Why do 30 year old boomers insist that garbage artists with zero redeeming musical value like Nas an…[View]
80844815ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
80849371Nine Inch Nails played new track live 'Ahead Of Ourselves': New track played live, sounds fucking gr…[View]
80854494/metal/: Japan edition previous >>80838576[View]
80854515>classical/baroque piece is arranged with double bass just playing the cello line an octave down…[View]
80854240>Song has double bass[View]
80854460https://youtu.be/29-4pvRFFtE Please anyone can post the lyrics of this song, cant find it in google …[View]
80852565ITT: Lines that cut you deep: >It's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings…[View]
80851329ITT: Patrician tastes[View]
80852842At what age did you finally realize that Radiohead is a pleb band and grew out of them? Me? I was 15…[View]
80854317Relaxation: I’m going to a pool. Please recc me music to relax and chill to[View]
80853600Operas: Guys pls recommend me some good operas to this pleb here, thanks a lot c:[View]
80854297Would Genevieve like Phil's new album?[View]
80852822What went wrong? I'm a big fan of their early stuff (demos, live bootlegs, the first album) but…[View]
80851655This is correct[View]
80850796when you realize you fucked up but you have to double down to save face..[View]
80854004Rate my desktop /mu/.[View]
80852747>Shitshow is another meme chaotic self-parodying blo blo blo track. >It appeals to the lowest …[View]
80854124>be me >10 years old >no internet connection so my music was limited to what my dad made m…[View]
80849570ITT: Albums that will last forever.[View]
80854011how cucked is music journalism at this point?[View]
80854072Father's Day: For father's day, post your dad's favorite albums[View]
80853511jazz newfag here, why is this album so fucking good? ive listened to other post-bop albums and none …[View]
80852874>remember a song i used to like >listen to it again >it's shit…[View]
80853294I know Kendrick Lamar is almost like a joke around here. But To Pimp a Butterfly is seriously one of…[View]
80853970>gets popular >suddenly attracts unholy amount of female 'fans' Roasties ruin another favorite…[View]
80852551Post songs that emotionally annihilated you. https://youtu.be/aCwLlLNL8k8[View]
80846767ITT: Objectively Shit Albums that only got popular from retard hive mind[View]
80852849KPOP GENERAL: nations girl group edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHNzOHi8sJs[View]
80844940Biggest musical crush?[View]
80852539HELP FIND SONG: HELP ME FIND THIS EARLY JUNGLE/ELECTRONIC SONG. I know this animation was made in 04…[View]
80852843so true[View]
80852358I'M GOING TO MEET MY IDOL TONIGHT I paid $50 for general admission + the VIP upgrade Based Fant…[View]
80852527what is the quintessential top tier thread/topic regularly posted on /mu/ for you? what keeps you co…[View]
80851317'passionate audience of millennial males': Do white people still make music?[View]
80852381no but bladee is extremely good, what the fuck? Why isn't he /mu/-core?[View]
80852450Do Americans got to nightclubs? What kind of music do they play there? EDM?[View]
80852323Have you blessed the rains down in Africa today?[View]
80853437Is Hook Theory Book 1 a legit way to learn music theory?[View]
80846853Absolute trash, holy shit I'd rather listen to U2 than Arcade Fire And this is their best one a…[View]
80852407>any crackers listenin' I'm bustin' at 'em >This is white genocide nigga r…[View]
80853408/metal/ general: ÖOGH edition previous thread: >>80838576[View]
80853404LIE TO MEEE[View]
80838576/metal/: riffquisition edition old: >>80823651[View]
80852974Guys, do me a favor, take six minutes, and REALLY listen to this track: https://youtu.be/Z85lxckrtzg…[View]
80847009>album has fake radio station skits[View]
80853207music for this situation[View]
80852828ITT: Stoner/white trash music: post your best stoner/doom/music to chill with cheap bear and a joint…[View]
80849708There are people lurking /mu/ right now that haven't listened to ITAOTS.[View]
80847880How would a movie adaptation based on this play out? How wou[View]
80850748Pineapples are in my heeeeeeeeead[View]
80844803Post the shittiest band you've ever listened to.[View]
8085316512tone: >watch a song analysis by 12tone >he explains functional harmony for the billionth tim…[View]
80851299What do you think of Twenty One Pilots’ first two albums?[View]
80853141This is too intense.[View]
80853060What’s some good music about the mundaneness of life?[View]
80852799That was pretty fucking good.[View]
80853052who on /mu/ listened to this[View]
80849479>he likes metal Literally the most autistic and cringiest of genres https://youtu.be/qmxCy0NH-eM…[View]
80851943ITT: Post the best rap album ever created[View]
80852869Anybody know what movie the quote from this song is from[View]
80850288>Kanye writes a song called Ghost Town >Subject matter is a deep reflection of his controversi…[View]
80852969If you didn't know by now, it's AOTY. If you didn't know by now, Visions is SOTY. Get…[View]
80850409/SHITSHOW/: now this is the DG I was looking forward to after steroids dropped https://instaud.io/2…[View]
80852884>tfw dilemma finally clicked[View]
80852893review this for me thanks[View]
80851978kpop general: chococub edition[View]
80852144Father's day feels.: >this morning >youngest of dad's kids, home from college >br…[View]
80850244shitshow is unironically the best song so far[View]
80850826>'Hollow tip, lead busters there's no heaven or hell, dead is dead fuckers' Coming from the …[View]
80848133ITT: discuss danny brown: he has a really good music taste and would fit the mu core. give my man s…[View]
80852717APESHIT: Shit made by apes[View]
80851476holy fuck[View]
80851594If Maddie asked you for John the Baptist's head would you be like 'yeah cool'.[View]
80852615Woke up with my toolie what it do[View]
80849544STOP: tell everyone your favourite work by this man[View]
80852459cicadas & merzbow: do you fellow /harshnoise/ enthusiasts listen with your windows open in the s…[View]
80848761Bjork. Is. Better. Then. Grimes.[View]
80851016If you hate this guy, you hate fun.[View]
80845194ITT: Artistically significant or historically influential albums from this decade: Getting the obvio…[View]
80850792Maggot Brain Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-zHF1FnJN0&feature=youtu.be[View]
80852277music that fits quran recitation: https://youtu.be/Y0hrie6Vd_A + https://youtu.be/DzxoJT0i70w[View]
80852003>BRAP >she >DUDE WEED LMAO >you first OP >what did they mean by this >our guy…[View]
80845634DAYTONA: >best=If you know you know >worst=hard piano >underrated=come back baby >overra…[View]
80852090Multi Track Harmony: I'm trying to experiment with layering my own vocals on top of each other …[View]
80850630https://youtu.be/M8TZsBGgoMc /mu/ BTFO![View]
80852072A whole host of roller coaster riders Not enough tracks (is it?) Hot enough black (for ya) It's…[View]
80848144Dubs decides what melon gives Everything Is Love[View]
80847273Were they right for kicking him out?[View]
80846840Bandcamp General: Post your links and have fun[View]
80851482So...we can all agree that, contrary to ''''music critics'''', this is their best album, right?[View]
80847220How do I transfer and play my FLAC and MP3 files on my computer to my iPhone 8? Also What's a g…[View]
80841998/scg/: what ever happened to cozy evening soundcloud threads? post, rec, be cool, etc etc[View]
80851324/Judas Priest General/: You know the drill with these: Like it? Love it? Hate it? What's their …[View]
80851551More music like this, please?[View]
80850208KPOP GENERAL[View]
80851028KPOP GENERAL[View]
80849206KPOP GENERAL[View]
80843803Happy Father's Day: Post your dad's favorite album.[View]
80848035SOUNDCLOUD SHARETHREAD best of edition: post your best sc links and r8 others[View]
80845372>i don't care about critics or genres, i just listen to what sounds good to me…[View]
80849998Why doesn't ourguy Ian MacKaye release new music? I'm dying for a new Evens or Fugazi alb…[View]
80848857This is the first time I've found my ideal guy attitude-wise, appearance-wise, and fashion-wise…[View]
80849241what are good blackened thrash albums?[View]
80847562how does he keep doing it /mu/?[View]
80850052NSBM general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XflejGLI8LE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiwnuJA1Wu…[View]
80849422New Death Grips just leaked Check it dudes its 100% real Shitshow https://vocaroo.com/i/s0JcGHwU2Sow[View]
80848345How will he ever recover?[View]
80851357Radiohead: Best to worst Albums My pick is Pablo honey, TKOL, HTTT, Amnesiac, A moon shaped pool, …[View]
80850596>look sky >totally blue, no clouds at all >start playing sky blue of devin townsend…[View]
80850105why does he succeed at everything he tries?[View]
80847909What's the most money you've spent on headphones and the lowest you have spent for headpho…[View]
80850921ITT: Hidden Gems[View]
80850433>all composers are dead white heter-[View]
80851426When it clicks, it hits you on your weakest spot.[View]
80850570How can some of you listen to pop rock rap exclusively without ever getting bored of it? Literally a…[View]
80851004>'punks jump up to get beat down' >'I can freak, fly, flow, fuck a faggot' >'can't und…[View]
80850903Better than The Glow pt 2.[View]
80851385Whats the most comfy and chill song to listen to on such a rainy day? currently listening to https:/…[View]
80844376why is Annie so smug?[View]
80849450I love Arca's catchy songs. I don't want him to go back to his experimental phase like his…[View]
80849092ITT: Musicians that cheated death[View]
80832975how fucking ascended do you have to be to consider this a good design direction[View]
80851235why every /mu/ nu-male love this rapist?[View]
80850838Opinions on them ?[View]
80847668ITT: Kill whitey-core[View]
80851226It's Father's Day, post music about fatherhood. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
80850429Music for the WW1 feeling, give me your best[View]
80850648'shagged this hot lookin' babe' What did they mean by this? also rare pic[View]
80850779Most Underrated Smash Mouth Song: Personally for me I think it's Road Man on Astro Lounge. Any …[View]
80850379DG HYPE CYCLE APPRECIATION THREAD >Just a year ago they announced a new album giving us a sister …[View]
80850531isn't it crazy to think that something that you view as a 'mainstream' band is at the same time…[View]
80847471please press F[View]
80850715what kind of person u think i am?[View]
80847799>Fu xjfkiwucufucuiwji29 akw ov jskx kdnf music for this feel?[View]
80849861Cast the shittiest cast you can think of for a Death Grips biopic. Ride - Donald Glover Zach - Jesse…[View]
80849121>he put all of his songs with different genres on shuffle[View]
80848662Miracle is a terrible song, but the rest of the album is great. Easily the best album chvrches have …[View]
80848397Is anamanaguchi good?[View]
80850489I like jazz A lot Pic related[View]
80846149coming in 2 hours stay tuned[View]
80846279overrated af[View]
80825816/gg/ - /gg/uitarfa/gg/ & bassfa/gg/ /gg/eneral: You know you're just wasting your time edit…[View]
80848083Personality test: Lets try and see if we can guess each others; 1-Age 2-Sex 3-Ethnicity 4-Job 5-Per…[View]
80850584https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIclWxN-kcI Has there ever been a better music-based quiz? >De Tr…[View]
80850499Post that song you've been listening to non-stop lately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkF_G-…[View]
80848933Dead Kennedy's: Let's be honest. Holiday in Cambodia and California Uber Alles were their …[View]
80842624Greatest album cover of all time[View]
80848984What went so, so wrong?[View]
80845004nigga what the fuck is his problem[View]
80849272Shitshow Is Here: if any New Zealand friends can come through with a rip from youtube, it would be m…[View]
80848338Does he have what it takes to save rock music?[View]
80846682Guitar screechin' n hair bleachin'. Who here into glam?[View]
80849830>perfection doesnt exi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kjIpzpJzvU&start_radio=1&list=RD…[View]
80849215>Pitchfork rating 9.7 What do you think guys?[View]
80849014Party metal: I need more party metal I know its cheesy but I caught on it and it won't let me b…[View]
80849710Daytona was GOAT no need to bother with the rest[View]
80845629prog rock sucks[View]
80844719ITT: Albums where the first few songs are really good but then the quality nosedives[View]
80848830/mu/ is just as fashion driven as normies when is comes to this music taste stuff. this is a fact. h…[View]
80849228Is any other female artist on their level?[View]
80849904>Say you were being bullied in school: If you have our music in your headphones, no one is really…[View]
80846882itt: fuck you i liked it[View]
80848382Music for an acid trip: The title says it all, I'm making a list but it feels like it's la…[View]
80846787unhated bands[View]
80849186Link me some of your best awfully Hilarious rap songs[View]
80848274KpoP GeNeRaL[View]
80849701How do I download this music without paying for it: Hello OP's, I need your help with this cert…[View]
80849523what is the best Android music player ?[View]
80849598Please rec some more pop with lush strings like Bjork and pic related[View]
80846985what's /mu/'s opinion on deftones?[View]
80848949Bow down to your Queen white boy.[View]
80848842how can anyone possible listen to this and think its a 10/10. I don't even dislike its, its jus…[View]
80848630>critically acclaimed, classic Golden Age of Hip Hop™ album begins >rap man spends 14 minutes …[View]
80845376When's her next album? I need more of TayTay. I think Reputation was her 'black music' phase. N…[View]
80849213My music: Do you like hip-hop music? You will like my music it is hip-hop. Don't sweat it G. Wa…[View]
80849209were The Beatles the first band to ever had written a song with a dead person?[View]
80841115I'm building a squad. You in?[View]
80848492What do you people think of this musical genius? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuWS3JJy0Ok https:/…[View]
80848640I'm really fucking depressed /mu/. I sleep most of the time since I broke up with my gf a month…[View]
80838555worst albums in discography: post what you consider to be the worst album in your favorite artists…[View]
80847504Cleopatra wasn't black.[View]
80846872balding musicians in denial[View]
80832599what does /mu/ genuinely think of sophie's new album?[View]
80848872I'M A TUMBLR[View]
80847930This is the ideal chart. You may not like it, but this is what peak patrician taste looks like.[View]
80843925The Rolling Stones: A lot of people seem to hate on them these days, but their 1964-1972 output is p…[View]
80848802fuck how do i find shit like this i listen to random albums from the rym genre chart and it aint rig…[View]
80848232women, blacks, lgbtq, numales and kids. will never understand the beauty of this album[View]
80848781Damn I thought you guys said this was good: Americans can’t do anything right[View]
80844752Is he the greatest music critic of our generation?[View]
80848702MFW when you guys are scrambling for a link to EVERYTHING IS LOVE while I'm laying back listeni…[View]
80834809ITT: Post your favorite album cover of all time[View]
80844686ITT: albums you can't listen to anymore because that was the album about her, with songs fittin…[View]
80848374Hey little man, stop listening to metal.[View]
80848176No other album can top this[View]
80848140albums you were lied to about[View]
80847703Could we have a thread on /mu/ pictures and cartoons. Not just the 'Today I will listen to x…[View]
80843945If you could make the whole human race listen to one album, what album would you choose[View]
80848070techno: hey guys recommend me some techno/acid techno/trippy shit in general that i can listen to...…[View]
80848246Post GOAT white rappers. Pic extremely related.[View]
80845977Is it gay?[View]
80842729>song ends with a phone call[View]
80848400Is this Duran Duran album good?: I would listen to this album but I'm afraid to because I think…[View]
80848288Why is the song She's So High by Tal Bachman so popular among lesbians? pic unretarded[View]
80847768Did anyone notice that 'faceshopping' is a better 'yeah right'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6iA…[View]
80847713Literal 10/10[View]
80845718liquid swords is gza beheading a white guy because wu was heavily influenced by the 5 percent nation…[View]
80844127Sleep Music: What is some good music to go to sleep to? Jazz, vaporwave, Muzak?[View]
80847587Jazz is the only genre in which popularity does correlate with quality, the top ten most well known/…[View]
80847094KPOP GENERAL[View]
80848074He's fucking done it. AOTY, no question.[View]
80848064>Sophie remade yeah right >youre okay with it wtf is wrong with you >>80847768…[View]
80847781what's your preferred device to play music on the go?[View]
80839698/chart/: Recc, guess personalities, mock and just have fun :)[View]
80847969>day 5 of nofap as a heavy porn addict Motivational music for this feel?…[View]
80846411Was this when they became legitimate?[View]
80848094>Who knows? >Not me >I never lost control But he did…[View]
80848052Recommend me some gloomy self pitying grunge music.[View]
80847968Why does /mu/ have a bias against artists who promote left wing ideology like pic related? Shouldn…[View]
80847377>boomer dad is drunk and playing the Eagles at max volume again[View]
80840867What is objectively the best genre of music?[View]
80845236Theres any other jazz musician as unique as him? Don't say Sun Ra.[View]
80846157I need to convince a group of 50 year old men at poker night that Kanye isn't just another ni**…[View]
80845075Recommendation thread: Here it goes[View]
80839565>over 8 years >still hasn't been topped The absolute state of hip hop.…[View]
80844816Kanye producing new Danny Brown Album: >Legendary Hip Hop producer >Danny said himself that pe…[View]
80847726Name one (1) deeper hip-hop song than Lil B's 'The Age of Information' https://www.yo…[View]
80847626>frank zappa[View]
80844314How will Weezer be remembered 100 years from now?[View]
80847579>he's still in denial about his love for pop music made by female artists *SNAP*…[View]
80846405ITT: Kino Bands/Groups: I'll start, cLOUDDEAD is absolute kino.[View]
80843675>Literally made the 90s great inspiring many bands that would make better music >But was the c…[View]
80845817Name a better band than War on Drugs from this decade >inb4 DUDE SPRINGSTEEN BEER ROCK LMAO…[View]
80844066Hey /mu/, how would you perfect your favorite album? >Either delete Treefingers or give it somet…[View]
80846123What's a better album, this or Tatsuro Yamashita - For You For You: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
80847534Any judas priest fans here? Ive been on a huge priest kick and i wanna discuss the band with fellow …[View]
80843641What’s your thoughts on Layne Staley and Alice In Chains, in general[View]
80838019In retrospect, it's a lot better than Sgt. Pepper's isn't it?[View]
80847306https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHNzOHi8sJs oh guys.. this is so awesome. best band[View]
80847383What's the Rap equivalent of pic releated[View]
80846570one of these threads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_ShPZo1oeQ[View]
80846142/chucke/core thread: post some essential /chucke/core stuff that makes you feel cheesy[View]
80847388Albums that you feel like you've listened to your entire life?[View]
80844356>Dude you've GOT to listen to this on drugs[View]
80847111Where were you when cello came fucking BACK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIMvM8u9C-o[View]
80847163I need to rap over some music that was already made. What’s the best way to go about doing this? I o…[View]
80844462Youtube has been trying to force this track on me for a few months now so I finally listened to it, …[View]
80844482death grips - first reaction: so after browsing this music board for a while, i decided to fially gi…[View]
80846095Holy shit[View]
80844913name a more painful swansong single[View]
80847030this is the greatest album of all time prove me wrong >pro-tip: you can't…[View]
808456954x4 5x5 ONE MONTH that's right guess music and recommend personalities guess how month's g…[View]
80844601>Jay Z and his more-famous-than-him wife drop their 'surprise' collab album on the same day Nas (…[View]
80845954what are the lyrics to easy lee?[View]
80846475What genre is this? Is there anything else like this? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo0dlunMOHU …[View]
80845898>you can 'love' songs and make a custom dynamically updating playlist of your favorite tracks …[View]
80845766KPOP GENERAL[View]
80844037>he’ll do anything for love >but he won’t do that…[View]
80846923Did I tell you about the time I did DMT & then snorted coke at a Dave Matthews Band show? That w…[View]
80821003Why is your favorite producer your favorite producer? /prod/: How did they influence you? GIVE feedb…[View]
80846607hey mu who was that kid with the funny reviews of those albums like kid a and twenty one pilots etc,…[View]
80846289Music for feeling twisted?[View]
80846889Macadelic: Most underrated mixtape by a white rapper[View]
80846819holy cow this chick is incredibly underrated. she is at least on par with oneohtrix, arca, and sophi…[View]
80845527>talking to depressed art hoe >talk about how great these kanye releases have been >tell he…[View]
80840409Post your latest record haul[View]
80846713Post songs that let people know they are too lame and can't hang https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
80844634It's like SMiLE, but actually digestible.[View]
80840344*invents punk rock*[View]
80846459What are some songs in an artist discography that surprised you? I don't easily get surprised b…[View]
80846529what the FUCK is he waiting for? I have been visting his 2017 reviews page every single fucking day …[View]
80845709Remember me? It's your adolescence.[View]
80845109AOTY The autotuned vocals are a pleb trap[View]
80846518Sean Nicholas Savage: the absolute mad man has done it again, why is no one talking about it.[View]
80844964Tis is the most underrated Led Zeppelin album: Discuss[View]
80845126Is it just me or all of the 6th tracks on the 4 albums Kanye has worked on and released back to back…[View]
80846313Underground favorite artists: List a few of your favorites Varsity, Bedroom, I used to love a guy na…[View]
80846386>KPOP GENERAL![View]
80845702I cannot fucking listen to this with the mass amounts of 'tfw to intelligent' commentary to the same…[View]
80846354Can we please talk about this album? the bass in the first minute of Grand Central Part 1, oh my goo…[View]
80845529Cardi: Can someone explain to me why Cardi B is so popular? She's essentially just a stereotype…[View]
80845354GAMERS RISE UP!: the album[View]
80843116Oh, don't mind me /mu/. Just posting the best album of 2006 and top 5 of the 2000s.[View]
80840194ITT: High Test musicians[View]
80844887Jazz is only 'enjoyed' by pseuds, prove me wrong[View]
80845733So I've never listened to any Kanye West songs, but I always see people on this board talking a…[View]
80844969R.I.P. Matt 'Guitar' Murphy: Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, guitarist for the Blues Brothers and noted sidema…[View]
80845923What the fuck is his problem?[View]
80844405Describe a concept album without saying what it is. Anons try and guess which one you're descri…[View]
80845903What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
80845912is THIS your king?!?![View]
80840121What was Kendrick popularity and relevance like pre DAMN?[View]
80844252Is he the most influential artist of the 2010s? Think about it, he basically created 90% of up and …[View]
80845812what did she mean by this?[View]
80845878Anyone else think that Antwon showed a lot of potential on this album that he never lived up to?[View]
80845698What are some songs about incoming victory?[View]
80842346>We not worried 'bout no other niggas, we them other niggas >You bust down a Rollie, I bu…[View]
80844119This is actually really fucking good[View]
80832148/mu/ makes a Progressive Metal album: Dubs name the 10 songs Trips names the album Quads names the b…[View]
80845654what is their best music?[View]
80845003>tfw p4k and Fantano tricked you into not listening to this Definitely Cudi's strongest and…[View]
80845179In the early 00s, a band was conceived by Violent J of Insane Clown Posse and local musicians to cre…[View]
80843996What emotions does pic related make you feel?[View]
80843289KPOP GENERAL: omg are worse than very few groups (none)[View]
80845618>When I get bored I pull out my Japanese porno[View]
80845199>Winona's Big Brown Beaver is about some woman's nasty vagina that smells like taco bel…[View]
80840151thread of instrument players: Do any of you guys play instruments? I like playing niche ones myself …[View]
80844114UNKLE ADAMS MEME REVIEW: holy fucking shit dude https://youtu.be/GCSELxbj44g[View]
80844399>people who don't appreciate the live recording version[View]
80844552>/mu/: the person[View]
80844698'The most beautiful thots are always besides the docters' what did he mean by this?[View]
80843156bands with 1 god tier song and everything else they did was crap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwt…[View]
80845489Charts: Chart time. Send recommendations![View]
80842143I. Literally. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Her. /mu/ help me or I'll kill myself... I jus…[View]
80844882most of you guy don't have any personality and listen to what is considered /mu/ approved[View]
80841867This > Neu![View]
80845398>be me >don’t listen to much rock, but decide to today by playing some random playlists on Spo…[View]
80845360What went right?[View]
80843867discuss this gem[View]
80841660The bell hasn't rang yet, but the music class is done. The teacher opens up the projector and h…[View]
80845202Cindy lee/Pat Flegel: if every faggot who puts on a dress and starts drag can create such good music…[View]
80831716Fake Albums thread: pic related. Share ur fake album covers and people guess the genre.[View]
80845174Miles fell asleep on his organ and accidentally delivered a masterpiece! How did he do it? https://w…[View]
80844007What are some of Motoheads essential albums?[View]
80845093What would the joker listen to if he was real?[View]
80845151favorite album that isn't from your favorite band?[View]
80844920>tfw Art Angels clicked[View]
80845068AOTY: Reminder that Daytona is undefeated as the AOTY[View]
80844821ITT post GOAT songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tloVHJtrJ_k[View]
8084496590s hip hop: What happened to the 90s hip hop style? No one really flows like a lot of 90s rappers d…[View]
80845001Metro-ko: R-remember me /mu/?[View]
80837919Is this the definition of perfection?[View]
80844010So we just not gonna talk about it?[View]
80841945This wasnt bad, why is everyone shitting on it...?[View]
80844286I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
80844199Daily reminder that Björk is the true queen of /mu/.[View]
80843267Late night bandcamp thread?: Yes[View]
80838344/mu/ humor[View]
8083714110/10 '90s vibes: It's gonna be that kind of night. Give me your favorites.[View]
80844778Why doesn't the music critic establishment seem to be aware that this band existed?: They wrote…[View]
80844762>When you listened to Complete Live at Greenwich Village for the first time and realized that 10/…[View]
80844635/dgg/ - How can anyone that has listened to this more than three times not realize how good of a sin…[View]
80844661George Washington was black, also true.[View]
80844598What are some absolute must listen electronic songs? Personally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SF…[View]
80843483Best songs to tell a girl they remind you of her: help me bros accessible stuff mostly cuz shes a no…[View]
80844428What music does Jesus listen to?[View]
80843909What do y'all think of broods and related artists?[View]
80840999ITT songs that make you cry https://youtube.com/watch?v=SUXyoyuJZ8Y[View]
80840759MFW I'm sipping on D'USSE listening to this fine piece of art THE CARTERS created, all on …[View]
80841715>Revolution 9 Why did they make such a creepy track? I literally can't sleep right now.…[View]
80841765As of today, the album that killed britpop is old enough to buy a beer (in the U.S. anyway). Say som…[View]
80844324What does mu think of Willis Earl Beal?: I remember when he first came out, his album art and image …[View]
80843727request: I can't find anything close to this masterpiece. Does the anons have any suggestion?…[View]
80843592>Cops shot the kid is probably one of the worst songs i've heard in awhile >Albums a 5 at…[View]
80840237what's the point of cd's? no one wants them, if someone wants a physical they'll buy …[View]
80843389What is the proper genre name for Industrial EDM? Aggrotech? Dark Electro? EBM?[View]
80844246Metallica had the better debut album(Mechanix and killing is my business are damn good tho) However …[View]
80832382>literally can't stop thinking about her help me /mu/[View]
80843902leave beyonce to me[View]
80844130ITT: falls from grace: Has there been a bigger fall from grace than this band? I don't know wha…[View]
80842821Is there a better entry point into music?[View]
80843194Hey /mu/ remember me?[View]
80843800Pale Waves put out a new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvTKiz_Sbqk Im really feeling this!!…[View]
80843989I'm searching for new sounds.: I hear a lot of music genres, like Rock and it's subgenres,…[View]
80841971is this bitch retired or what?[View]
80843526recc me some artsy music[View]
80843604What is the most underrated Bowie song and why is it Win? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdlWUQedW9…[View]
80843473What are your thoughts on the song 'creep' by the Radioheads?[View]
80840611ITT: Music cringe thread[View]
80841309what's his best album?[View]
80842332>girl i like cut me off a few days ago >i blame myself for having been emotionally distant fro…[View]
80843753>tfw you finally get Jesus Of Suburbia. >American Idiot thread…[View]
80843794My name is MD, I'm the most relevant artist in the southern hemisphere AMA: https://www.youtube…[View]
80842784ITT: Spotify rate thread. Share some music with me m'kay[View]
80822659Do you respect grimes?[View]
80841991So can we agree that this is his best work so far?[View]
80843852What is your favorite Sigur Rós album?[View]
80834800ITT: Patrician Artists in Pleb Genres[View]
80843521*deletes hell of a life and so appalled*[View]
80841321I remember defending him back in 2014 when he revealed his identity, happy that he's doing what…[View]
80843738Recommend some music for this aesthetic: I'm into high art. What's some music that goes wi…[View]
80831763ITT: Do your best to improve an album: *Give The Velvet Underground a better studio *Delete The Gif…[View]
80843118ITT: Hipster Pleb Filters: Albums that don't filter out all plebs, but filter out try hards.…[View]
80842548Okay, I'm gonna give /mu/ a try and listen to every music posted in this thread, without pre-ju…[View]
80837327Strange Early Works Of Popular Artists: ITT: We post very early and lesser known demos/singles/EPs/L…[View]
80841703Can there be a discovery that absolutely demolishes what we know about history?[View]
80841497ITT: Records: post yer recent record hauls here.[View]
80843477final verdic on Alice and chains?[View]
80840219So /v/ can tell me about some good fishing GAMES? Can /mu/ tell me about some good fishing SONGS?[View]
80843574MFW critics like Everything Is Love more than Ye: You all know it's going to happen.[View]
80835696what was your problem with it? For me it is at least an 8/10[View]
80841350Wtf you guys saying this is good[View]
80842978Well? https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/pride/8460757/gay-black-men-edm-influence-history…[View]
80842065not for radio is the best song[View]
80842402What does /mu/ think of Hopsin?[View]
80839608ITT: Post an album without actually posting it[View]
80842151Why isn't Doc At The Radar Station rightfully acknowledged as the best Captain Beefheart & …[View]
80842335KPOP GENERAL[View]
80834163>He doesn't think that Make Believe is the best Weezer album[View]
80841822music like johny rebel's that isnt racist: I really enjoy the sound of Johny Rebel's music…[View]
80842680deafheaven x corey feldman: has anyone else noticed that george from deafheaven and corey feldman ha…[View]
80837726Youtube General Thread: Post your Original music videos, visualizers, and media in the form of youtu…[View]
80838498>i'd do anything for you >(in the dark)…[View]
80843078Can you think of a better follow-up/ solid one-two punch ?[View]
80842736Who are the true Gods of the guitar?[View]
80834565Are there musicians who are genuinely depressed and miserable or is it all just for show?[View]
80831600Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each…[View]
80833283/emo/ Post what you've been listening to, what you found, have fun[View]
80840634Yo can anyone identify the rapper that is on this shirt? Please and thank you[View]
80835165ITT: GOAT Film soundtracks[View]
80842296>tfw have some musical talent but too autistic and socially anxious to ever put myself out there …[View]
80841626Is this really as good as everyone says it is? Also, where do I even listen to this?[View]
80842763yo this bops, lads[View]
80837773I havent listened to a tyler project ever. What is his best project?[View]
80840691Personal Playlists: Hey /mu/, I made this playlist awhile ago when I wanted something with a lot of …[View]
80835971sh-should I?[View]
80842520i didn't know it was that good, wish i listened to earlier[View]
80842613>Told you I like gentle giants so you softened up >And you been jack'n, bean'n, stal…[View]
80840522Overrated /mu/core thread: Pic related, honestly shit.[View]
80829335soundcloud sharethread: share your links bois[View]
80842515>all this love for Young Thug on /mu/ and no love for Homie Quan?[View]
80837966fav tessa violet song?[View]
80833816Discogs Collection: Post your Discogs collection. R8 or H8 others collections. I'll start: http…[View]
80841326Can I learn basic piano and music theory in three months?[View]
80841329KPOP GENERAL[View]
80838582>I never sold a record for the beat its my verses they purchase On an album Im literally only lis…[View]
80840764>Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides >I love every person's insides…[View]
80837940Long songs: god tier long songs? this is a very quick list, sure i've missed some great ones t…[View]
80841930What am I supposed to feel when listening to jazz? So far I only feel confused.[View]
80840391Bassnectar - Noise vs Beauty: Does anyone know the name of the girl on this album cover? Thanks.…[View]
80842075What does /mu thinks of Reggaeton?: Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9xX04S0I1o[View]
80840529How do you browse RYM lists by most people ratings? Like I wanna see what are the most rated albums …[View]
80837721>Headliner >DJ Set[View]
80841821so I was looking up the yoshida brothers: apparently they've made two new tracks since before 8…[View]
80841857Will joining a post-punk band get me arthoes?[View]
80841468Stuff like this but with heavier, more present percussion? Maybe something similar to King Krule but…[View]
80841854ITT: garbage ass niggers who get shilled excessively on /mu/[View]
80841017I lost my mother two weeks ago, since then the only music I can stomach without bursting into tears …[View]
80840470itt: post-hip hop[View]
80839761>When you're a known talentless pervert who rips off old pop tunes with evidence to back it …[View]
80840042still AOTY, right?[View]
80822750How old were you when you outgrew animal collective?[View]
80841549Post neo-psychedelic albums/bands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w_MFET-ZVQ[View]
80841256>destroys your subwoofer >pshh notin personel kid…[View]
80838835What are jazz albums with amazing drumming solos[View]
80839847Clubs in LA: What's up /mu/, I am a musician who recently moved to LA and I am looking for good…[View]
80839689>tfw you realize that Robert Johnson was a talentless hack Don't believe me? Listen to this…[View]
80841364ITT: Underrated Soundtracks: ughhh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSkuqlIqu4E[View]
80840408The older I get the less I enjoy hip-hop...is this what maturing feels like anons?[View]
80840227KPOP GENERAL[View]
80839269A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip making a new album https://twitter.com/QtipTheAbstract/status/100…[View]
80830608This is my favorite. Which ones do you like?[View]
80841212>20/10 albums thread[View]
80840799A parent hates to watch his baby's face Takin' his first immunization shots, but this is g…[View]
80840809It seems a new wave is being born in Spain, mixing tradition and modernity. What do you guys think? …[View]
80841161Will Future ever top 56 Nights/Codeine Crazy?[View]
80840606Oasis > Blur[View]
80841069>start listening to Ed Sheeran >start crying uncontrollably…[View]
80834630So who are the modern eccentrics of music? I don't mean quirky pitcfork!indie freak folk bullsh…[View]
80841033Dreamt I was making out with a hot redhead drummer. Music for this feel Also would appreciate some r…[View]
80839474What do we think about Cage?[View]
80839564If you don't listen to Robovine you're gonna be tasting my fist!!!!!!!!! https://open.spot…[View]
808397722018 AOTY thread?: 2018 AOTY thread[View]
80840887steve stepped outside[View]
80840675Neck yourselves: /mu/ Is the cringiest most pretentious piece of shit on all of 4chan. I would rathe…[View]
80838545Don't Talk to the Cops!: What does /mu/ think?[View]
80837851https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I_D_8Z4sJE I now love Reggaeton and I'm not ashamed to admit i…[View]
80839871h-hey mom said it-it's my turn on the xbox[View]
80839490F*ck Tidal[View]
80839172jesus christ almighty this album is amazing[View]
80838484>this kid saved rock music[View]
80840475ITT: Overdose-Core[View]
80829552ITT: Albums by men with mental illnesses[View]
80840568MBM - Storm the Studio: Find a better album. You can't[View]
80837183When did you fags start caring about Beyonce & Jay Z?[View]
80837467What's the name of that song that has a guy yelling 'AAAHH' after a small bit of trumpet plays?[View]
80836489Why is it that when meme artist like joji and rich chigga you guys wanna make fun of them but yung l…[View]
80835839Beyoncé / JAY Z : EVERYTHING IS LOVE: Thoughts?[View]
80835611Songs about whacking it?[View]
80840462K-POP: Is that really what girls find attractive? I'd be like, a Kinsey scale 1, but most of th…[View]
80837463On this date in 1999, our most holy and gracious savior of rock music was gifted to the world. Happy…[View]
80840057Do you have to have a mental illness or history of abuse to be a musical genius?[View]
80829243one of these[View]
80840311Donald Fagen: Show some love for this under appreciated artist.[View]
80839063Happy Birth Day Too-Pac[View]
80830086>all of the members of the Magic Band were 19 to 20 while recording TMR wow…[View]
80840288What is his master plan?[View]
80839962You literally cannot refute this.[View]
80839664Post your best Jeffs.[View]
80840218Anon Music: Show me what you've got /mu/. Post clips of original music recorded on the spot for…[View]
80838947What does /mu/ think about this album?: Tame Impala - Currents[View]
80839357KPOP GENERAL[View]
80835801Was this AOTY?[View]
80822300/chart/: 1. give recs 2. be mean[View]
80839879stop using internet[View]
80839845how much of music taste do you think is a result of nature vs nurture? also do you think musical tal…[View]
80835582Why does /mu/ not like Porcupine Tree? They discography is a 8/10 at least. >muh lyrics >carin…[View]
80838735ITT: Controversial Opinions If you don't listen to classical, you are not a serious music fan, …[View]
80839372Was this the pinnacle of toxic masculinity?[View]
80839343Joy Division vs New Order, which was the better band? I always found that I gravitate more towards J…[View]
80838919compre mi entrada a animal collective[View]
80838741AOTY: Anyone still listening to this masterpiece?[View]
80837540ROBERT FRIPP: Does /mu/ like the most influential prog rock guitarist, who invented the ambient guit…[View]
80839156Wrong generation meme aside, were 80s best music decade?[View]
80837923What does /mu/ think of church gone wild?[View]
80837630Sum 41: Thoughts on Sum 41?[View]
80838601This is just Death Grips on estrogen[View]
80839318What's gotten in't ta ya mate?: Is that Ah-Ha? What dae ye think? It's good, aye.…[View]
80838117This is the top ten rappers according to thetoptens. Thoughts?[View]
80836221holy smokes this is better than the original https://youtu.be/XiKWfcy-Z70 post more anti-nightcore[View]
80838350anyone else here really like Paramore and hayley williams?[View]
80838171thoughts on computer magic?[View]
80838658This is my mixtape cover. Thoughts?[View]
80838553KPOP GENERAL: yooA is shit edition[View]
80839159Heard Godsmack's Bulletproof on the radio, this guitar is a literal rip off of Paramore's …[View]
80838641What dancehall classics do I need to listen to? So far I've done: Burro Banton - Buro Early B -…[View]
80836842>Hello it's me Well, /mu/? Aren't you going to greet him back? Like for fucks sakes at …[View]
80838920>he enjoys music that wasn't originally recorded, mixed, and mastered with an analog listeni…[View]
80839077It's no masterpiece...[View]
80838464Ponyboy and Faceshopping are the only decent songs: prove me wrong[View]
80838797Graduated college today. Hittin up the club for the third time this week tonight. Music for this fee…[View]
80837427Is it better for a relatively unknown artist to sign with a small label or to shill their music for …[View]
80831968So /mu/, Turn on the Bright Lights or Silent Alarm?[View]
80838011>18 days >still no response track[View]
80837710Remember when Lil Wayne went rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0n4eMGXAyk https://www.youtube.co…[View]
80838197what type of person do u think i am?[View]
80836943Will you cry when HE dies?[View]
80838674Bands of one person only[View]
80836672Predict his score[View]
80836314Hey my fellow FlyLo fans, flylo just released a new track and it's gorgeous. https://www.youtu…[View]
80823651/metal/: only war is real edition old: >>80803007[View]
80838590Hey this is pretty good Where do I go from here?[View]
80836831Keeping up with new releases as they come out?: I hear people menton using RYM for that a lot. Never…[View]
80832160What is Guided by Voices best album?[View]
80838528Why is pic related so boring for normalfags? I don't get it.[View]
80837369KPOP GENERAL[View]
80838452I know everyone is enjoying the circus but I want to clarify this image in question. This was not fr…[View]
80838405What's the band?: >instrumental intro >verse 1 >pre-chorus >chorus >verse 2 >…[View]
80837886Albums you adore that no one talks about and can kinda see why but still love em[View]
80837845post some hip hop songs that make you very nostalgic. can be big or small as long as they give you t…[View]
80835508why is indie rock not fashionable here?[View]
808375323x3, 4x4, 5x5, week charts: Can i get some good rock recommendations? I fucked with the dino jr reco…[View]
80838283This is the best harsh noise release ever made[View]
80837203I miss him[View]
80836737Songs for when you cheat on someone you love?[View]
80838255>But the employee for the justice system made to protect and serve the people, shot a youth of Am…[View]
80829904For me, it's AOTY.[View]
80836158Pitchfork has a fucking BREAKING NEWS banner on their website because JAY Z and Beyoncé released a c…[View]
80836592Their best album: Prove me Wrong.[View]
80835705>nigga >trigga[View]
80837950Poppin bottles in the ice...like a blizzard[View]
80838114Anyone know the name of the song at 12:00? https://youtu.be/ztPEO4SyHsY Pic unrelated[View]
80834460these 3 are the best female musicians ever lived.[View]
80837232Its shit, huh...[View]
80830834Bandcamp General: Post your links and have fun[View]
80832584Plunderphonics: Which one is the better album?[View]
80837921i miss him lads[View]
80837140Share your playlists!: As the title implies, share your playlists, rate those of others, whatever. h…[View]
80833895>Talking Heads >Bowie >Zappa >King Crimson How can one man be so fucking based?…[View]
80837813'It's time to let you hear the song which earned me a juvenile restraining order': …[View]
80834898i enjoy the hardcore punk![View]
80837181It feels like shoegaze is inherently bad because Loveless basically did it, and then every subsequen…[View]
80837695He still comes here[View]
80837343It's funny how /mu/ goes 'based this', 'based that' all day long but I haven't seen a sing…[View]
80837747The Life of Pablo is a conceptual masterpiece: This image couldn't be any more accurate. And no…[View]
80837735LIKE A RAM IN HEAT[View]
80837723>BWAAA CHESTER DIED BWAAAAA This album sucks.[View]
80837701What makes a band or genre metal? Is it only a strong / heavy riff and a powerful rhythmic base? I m…[View]
80832576Screamo general: Get the fuck in here. Recs, opinions, share your recent screamo finds, etc.[View]
80836661Give me the best 60s/70s psych you got[View]
80836887>adds random phrases to his lyrics to make the rhyme appear more complex >literally no meaning…[View]
80837574Post fake album covers, and others guess what type of music it would be.[View]
80832090SOUNDCLOUD MUSIC THREAD: y'all already kno tf goin' on[View]
80836260>beyonce and jay z drop a 10/10 out of nowhere[View]
80826534i like fapping to her while listening to her music -anyone else do this with her or other artists?[View]
80836865>Ging ging ging ging ging >Ging ging ging ging ging >Ging ging ging ging ging >Ging ging…[View]
80832486>Everybody want world peace >til your niece get shot in the dome-piece >Then you go and buy…[View]
80831590Shuffle your music player and post the first 10 songs you get, no cheating. R8 and Guess personaliti…[View]
80837485>This narc at the dyke bar in a slow car >Looking like a hedgehog >Sluts go sonic (ownage)…[View]
80836242Should Big Beat music come back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmin5WkOuPw https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
80835085Why were so many of the key grunge musicians so incapable of keeping their shit together? Why was th…[View]
80837193DESPACITO 2: the man heard us, and he didn't disappoint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hnj_EMD…[View]
80837245It finally clicked.[View]
80833851Lupe the greatest to ever rap you niggas don’t even know conscious hip hop. All you listen to is Lil…[View]
80836112February 20th, Los Angeles, California I’m in the studio with Death Grips They’re working on their n…[View]
80836201KPOP GENERAL[View]
80826164French rap thread post your best Français rap!, the more slang the better let's get started htt…[View]
80834689Greta Van Fleet has saved Rock: You can leave your thanks on this thread and move along.[View]
80836284/SAC/: music for staring at the ceiling in the dark 'as i lay here, on my cold kitchen floor, stari…[View]
80835994>not listening to mallgoth kino[View]
80834465Are these guys the most obvious industry plant in the world?[View]
80837165'I've been waiting for a guy to come and kill my brand'[View]
80814728what are your favourite albums this year so far?[View]
80837132>rockabilly folk punk[View]
80834111I call it Bold and Brash![View]
80830138Why did Miley Cyrus suddenly stop acting slutty?[View]
80836987I'm so patrician, that I've gone beyond patrician. I like to NOT listen to music, as a way…[View]
80833105>Impossible Soul Holy Shit[View]
80836317He’s obviously not a great guitarist but is Britt Daniel considered a good guitarist?[View]
80833724Which genre does a person who grew out of rap starts to listen in your opinion?[View]
80836591Is it just me or does music get worse with every passing year? 2017 sucked and 2018 is somehow even …[View]
80830229Rockists utterly btfo: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/a3aqkj/rock-is-dead-thank-god >It’s …[View]
80831902ITT: Rare /mu/ related pics[View]
80833809Top 5 Phil Elverum albums? (Microphones / Mount Eerie): For me it's: 1. The Glow Pt 2 2. Mount …[View]
80834823Get Ready to have some fun![View]
80835676Why did Kanye revert back to the same old BLM FUCK WHITEY bullshit? I thought he got redpilled[View]
80835748Fill it in >Favorite album cover >Favorite band name >Favorite album title >Favorite tra…[View]
80836576At a bowling alley with a jukebox. What should I put on? Already checked for Death Grips. Not on the…[View]
80836116I used to mainly listen to trap / cloud rap / DnB or dutch gangster rap (I'm from Belgium) But …[View]
80836516That weird frontier between avant-garde and pop. Are these guys the saviors of music?[View]
80836181Gunge is a metal subgenre[View]
80836063How come a Kendrick and Kanye shitpost get bumped like there's no tomorrow but Black Thought ca…[View]
80834699https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p9LH8GDRsQ based[View]
80836441DAYTONA: >best=If you know you know >worst=hard piano >underrated=come back baby >overra…[View]
80835758Castles High, Marble Bright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3fuxQ99Kk Name a better post-rock tra…[View]
80825465Bandcamp/Soundcloud Thread: Show us your Bandcamp/Soundcloud, and we'll tell you what we think…[View]
80830504post your favorite emo album[View]
80835864Now that the dust has settled, was it actually good /mu/?[View]
80819632Last.fm thread: >post username >follow >shout >recommend…[View]
80832456What's your honest opinion on my album?[View]
80836174Music referencing Anthony Fantano?: send links.[View]
80834305KPOP GENERAL[View]
80835567What does /mu/ think of Post Traumatic?: Just curious if it's been overshadowed by all the high…[View]
80835610Whats the new sincerity of music?[View]
80836081>tfw the era of mid 80s to early 90s thrash metal will never happen again…[View]
80835525what's some good music to listen to when you hate your FUCKIN life[View]
80832018/dgg/ death grips general: What's your favorite lyric from Dilemma? >LET ME BE A HAUNTED JET…[View]
80829054Power Trios: ITT: post power trios inb4 electronic bands, hip hop groups, etc.[View]
80832522Are there any other examples of an album having an obvious film equivalent?[View]
80835759/our gal/ ?: https://youtu.be/qmvj7ijV0Q0?t=2m42s[View]
80832760I'm seeing Alice in Chains tomorrow, what should I expect?[View]
80835906YoTS made me give a heck again.[View]
80835702>this is the average /mu/tant[View]
80835811So that's it huh? We the Patsies. Some kinda /mu/ squad[View]
80834611What does /mu/ think of Bella Thorne's new single? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OywNipI1tuM…[View]
80835715new Tessa Violet song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAuAJBZuGs[View]
80835617Hey /mu/ Here's some good music for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpXJ8GQOY60[View]
80834853Obligatory THIRDWORLDS IS DOWN thread[View]
80835516*saves bedroom pop*[View]
80795832/daily/ - the dead edition: The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to …[View]
80831577this is the best AiC album.[View]
80834109Live Jerry Garcia: Just started getting into Garcia's solo stuff after listening to The Gratefu…[View]
80833768Hey guys, so I've been trying to learn the piano for a while. I cannot read sheets, it's …[View]
80835205post shoegaze albums that sound like sauntering in the woods and hills (no candy claws/sound of cere…[View]
80833361What's the first thing you'd play on this /mu/?[View]
80835333Does anyone knows any music albums that sounds similar to this?: https://youtu.be/dbAuwBvOGNU[View]
80835257What does /mu think about Michael Seyer?[View]
80835175>tfw there will never be another siberian breaks[View]
80831658When did you realize the Fender Telecaster was the best guitar ever made?[View]
80834555>Showed mom pic related >She liked it[View]
80832424This is a good ass album. Like, fuck dude! I just came in my pants! Holy fucking shit, it's goo…[View]
80834487why people dont do skits anymore in albums?[View]
80825695NOISE: Anyone wanna talk noise and industrial music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxU_RoLpTGg htt…[View]
80834639i use to think i was so evolved only listening to field recordings, lowercase, noise, sonorism, micr…[View]
80834266Paranormal Buyer's Market: Is there anything like this but paranormal? Like the begining of 'li…[View]
80826678>Suede breathed new life into glam rock, developing an inimitable sound that was as informed by t…[View]
80835026am russia & making music, give feedback: https://soundcloud.com/misnomers/ussr[View]
80832086This is the precursor to '24/7 lofi hip hop beats to chill/relax to' Prove me wrong.[View]
80832820>I’m Going To Do It >doesnt[View]
80822616Daily Clairo thread[View]
80833388What did you think of this? I listened to Bergtatt and enjoyed it so I decided to check out their mo…[View]
80834496Post your earliest internet experience and your favorite song at the time. Let’s see how new you are…[View]
80834614UNDER THE TABLE! im trying will somebody make her SHUT UP ABOUT IT settle down please......[View]
80834594Reccomend some Disco albums. I've listened to Saturday Night Fever countless times and I heard …[View]
80834556How the mighty have fallen.[View]
80834530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01DMl_GJdmM Any more nu metal like this exist? I can't find any…[View]
80831904Alright /mu/, dubs decides what I say to Fantano tomorrow when I meet him irl[View]
808333921. Type your name + your favorite band into google images 2. Post the first image you find[View]
80833441How is this guy so consistent?[View]
80833658*blocks your path*[View]
80833362Albums with screaming vocals that are actually pleasant to listen to[View]
80834260ITT: Female artists who look like dudes[View]
80833487Is there a site that shows favorite artists/albums by play time instead of counts?[View]
80833584KPOP GENERAL: female once edition https://twitter.com/hirayeon/status/999901022267965440[View]
80831403Itt: noob traps[View]
80832680synthwave thread?[View]
80832819Sure, all of the girls you worship on /mu/ are hot and all, but do any of them compare to Maria Brin…[View]
80832649So what was happening here?[View]
80831608How do the 2009 mono remasters stand up to the original mono releases?[View]
80833883*blocks your path*[View]
80833730What did Peggy mean by this?: Tom Varg Morrisey Bunch a timid white ___ Who can't fuck with me …[View]
80832464Been a pretty good month for hip hop. All the hot albums, the juicy beef. I love it.[View]
80831195Just picked these up at half priced books for 30$, how’d I do?[View]
80828401What's some music about society?[View]
80832713Does anyone else listen to a tribe called quest? they like my favorites and idk if people still list…[View]
80833716more like this?[View]
80833589>black metal >made by white people[View]
80832359Can anyone recommend me a good pair of high quality earphones that are not gonna break after 2 month…[View]
80832693KPOP GENERAL[View]
80829026lets have one of these threads >your favorite artist >their best, worst, most overrated, and m…[View]
80833418music that gets you after years: I've got old and started to enjoy entirely different type of m…[View]
80833414makes you think, huh?: Driving around town looking for the best spot For the drunk and hot girls Up …[View]
80830911Nardwaur was sexually assaulted by Hunx of Hunx and his Punks #MeToo: When do you think Nardwaur wil…[View]
80833364I used to be in this one discord called Boyo Town or something like that. They had this one song as …[View]
80833323is this mathematically feasible?[View]
80832368Sister recently came out as gay Post essential lesbian-core[View]
80833183brutal redpill: shoegaze is just post-punk underwater[View]
80830554*saves contemporary music*[View]
80831268*Deletes So Appalled *Adds No More Parties in LA[View]
80832378What do we think of her and why isnt she already some sort of waifu here?[View]
80833146who is the best youtube bassist and why is it based troy?[View]
80832466Do people ironically like her music because of Elon or is she genuinely good at what she does? Perso…[View]
80832045Hey /mu/, do you know good smooth retroish songs like this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOnd…[View]
80832190Living Dead Girls: I love them. I love heather. I would love Heather forever and ever and brush her …[View]
80832757What happened to Iggy Azalea? She came out with a bunch of hits in 2014. Then disappeared.[View]
80832589Post albums where the first three tracks are great, but then everything else is ABSOLUTE SHIT[View]
80833016Do any of y'all make meme-inspired music? If so, I want to hear it.: im all ears boys, but if y…[View]
80817541IT'S HERE![View]
80826552How come Americans were so butthurt about metal in the 80s?: Nobody gave a shit in my country and we…[View]
80831507Bedlam > Frances[View]
80832320What are your thoughts/opinions on Atlantis? This is considered to be a challenging and divisive rel…[View]
80822673what the actual fuck[View]
80830454how do I learn the piano?[View]
80832566i have never listened to kanye west or kid cudi but i just listened to kids see ghost and i have to …[View]
80832084What is the musical equivalent to this?[View]
80831699more like this?[View]
80831568organic techno music: Can /mu/ recommend me ambient techno or minimal techno that makes me feel like…[View]
80832189If Noel hadn't got in Oasis back in the 90's when it was Liam's band and instead of t…[View]
80831704KPOP GENERAL[View]
80832602friendly reminder this is the best electronic album of the 10s reminder its also the most influentia…[View]
80831811Hi guys :) Just wrote my first review on rym, what do you think? I was thinking about reviewing my a…[View]
80831181BANDCAMP THREAD: We Won't Be Friends Edition Say one bad thing about other jackass posting in t…[View]
80832425is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/ ?[View]
80832497has anyone tried the steve vai ten hour workout and if so does it work?[View]
80829270>muh 7 track albums no filler bro it's lit XDDDDD Please stop.[View]
80832041WHERE THE CHORUS[View]
80832385What does /mu/ think about this?[View]
80831331What does /mu/ think of my melody https://clyp.it/1hzinq1a[View]
80830615rec me albums that sound like this[View]
80832398Infatuation Who are you Deep down I WANNA KNOW I WANNA KNOW I WANNA KNOW I WANNA KNOW[View]
80832390Thoughts on this album?[View]
80831702meme grips are literary meme collective of 2010s. You just fucking know that in post 2020 everyone w…[View]
80830918so melon just posted this on his Facebook so we can say he still browse this board and shill himself…[View]
80831086What did he do to really piss of George and John to basically stop talking to him for like a decade?[View]
80831198Actually good or overpraised because he died?[View]
80827184WHERE'S MY 10, FANTANO[View]
80832207Death Grips: Anybody else hear “Evil Potato” at 2:29 when they listened to Dilemma? I looked up the …[View]
80831992Music for a under club ?: songs to dance in a under party or just get high[View]
80829076What does /mu think of Primus?[View]
80831666what are some good songs and albums to fight to?[View]
80831260What's her best?[View]
80831045> drop sum cash on a nice new set of wireless headphones > sound quality is great >a couple…[View]
80831515Why is Death Grips (maybe Ride?) obsessed with him?[View]
80832026Thoughts on this album?[View]
80832022help: what genre is this, lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV5IheNfK54[View]
80829883>Well rap is not music for one thing. I mean it isn't music, you know, it's talking. Th…[View]
80830649This is better than the other one[View]
80831384Who are the most /fa/ musicians?[View]
80831936Literally boomer rap[View]
80830154What's next for him?[View]
80827830'POP THESE NIGGAS LIKE A WHEELIE NIGGA' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y [Embed] Back whe…[View]
80829865ITT: Post objectively good album[View]
80829857>paper due in 10 minutes >2 pages left music for this feel?…[View]
80831826>Starts song with 'I don't wanna hurt nobody' >Beat his ex-wife Hmm... so this is a think…[View]
80831815A neighbor got drunk and shot at my house last night. Music for this feel? (Pic unrelated)[View]
80829925What do you think of Royal Blood?: My thoughts about this duo/band are that they are one of the best…[View]
80830964Crazy Performance Stories: > be me > 16 in 2002 > my school was rebellious as fuck, as such…[View]
80831332Overrated trash: >Nas is a top 5 rapper of all time How long we gonna give this dude a pass on on…[View]
80822651Am I allowed to listen to Banks as a guy? It feels fucking gay.[View]
80830942DESPACITO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk How the fuck can anything actually top this s…[View]
80831616I’ll start Greasy carrot finger bukkake[View]
80831565cringe thread[View]
80830707KPOP GENERAL[View]
80830905What does he listen to?[View]
80824485Never mind me, just the best Radiohead album coming through[View]
80826022Finn Wolfhard's band Calpurnia: Their debut EP is out now. What do you think?[View]
80830647He isn't that great of a producer. He's just discount Pharrell.[View]
80831425Why do söys hate prog so much and why all of this faggot 'reviews' are just personal attacks?[View]
80831445Clean shaven Arlo is the sexiest muscian[View]
80831305tfw You can practice and perfect technical skill on instruments, but if you were born with a bad sin…[View]
80830882lets see we have samuel long. experimental pop artist who shock the world with his machine like soun…[View]
80830227>sometimes you get up and bake a cake or something[View]
80830092Artists that normies will never understand[View]
80831333>you were born just in time to experience Kanye's masterpiece, Yeezus do you realize how luc…[View]
80827638Lets play bingo! I have one bingo, how many bingos do you have? I don't know how to play bingo.[View]
80829691Now that Lindsey Jordan is the new queen of /mu/ how do you feel about it?[View]
80829576Would /mu/ like the new album more if SOPHIE wasn't the person who made it?[View]
80827889Level of patrician music by decades: 70's>90's>60's=00's>50's>8…[View]
80828076ITT: one-man bands: And I don’t mean stuff like Burzum, I mean people that actually perform multiple…[View]
80829930Post based garage rock, 60's or 2000's revival, I don't care[View]
80831200Are DCFC finally coming back to save indie pop from fedora tier shitty songwriters like Father John …[View]
80816485ITT: Albums not on Spotify: Post em.[View]
80827209recommend me more intense / ultra blast pop besides this band[View]
80821957Queen of /mu/[View]
80831072On this date in 1999, our most holy and gracious savior of rock music was gifted to the world. Happy…[View]
80830368hey frens can you show me a nice 320 kb/s mp3 download for the twin fantasy?[View]
80831113A radio station was playing '80s hits' and I loved everything. Got a good chart or list of recommend…[View]
80830069How do you listen to two songs at once[View]
80828927Is Tessa Violet an industry plant? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAuAJBZuGs She's so paaaiii…[View]
80828882Thoughts on Rush?[View]
80829317tfw reborn starts playing[View]
80828211ITT: albums in an artist's discography that are hated on but not that bad[View]
80829328CEX 'oops I did it again': Anyone else a fan of 'Cex' This album goes hard, it hits the feels but br…[View]
80830620Holy shit.....[View]
80823563/Classical/: New composers edition. Let's find new composers, instead of talking about all the …[View]
80830921At the very least, regardless of any outside factors, you can't deny that this is the most inte…[View]
80825894Thoughts on music criticism?[View]
80822114It's a fucking masterpiece[View]
80830722What does /mu/ think of one of the greatest metal albums of the 90's?[View]
80826871I need perfect albums for my next lsd trip. Listened to pic related on my last trip and now it'…[View]
80830390FLAC link for this please?[View]
80830845What are some artists that /mu/ likes because they do interesting stuff besides making music? It can…[View]
80822501post your links[View]
80823784Fuck You I liked it Thread.[View]
80828968>070 Shake[View]
80830669What kind of music do gang weeders listen to?[View]
80829978Post covers which are better than originals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N84jSoVUcq4[View]
80828064Not getting the immense love for this. It's just alright. Kanye has more raptime than Cudi in t…[View]
80830625hahahaha why does this nigga sound like Lil Yachty?[View]
80828389Is Bill Wurtz a musical genius? https://youtu.be/0MIK7bb69xk https://youtu.be/KUs1Popfd8g[View]
80830568>he thinks the music you listen to relates to you as a person >he identifies to music in gener…[View]
80830730What the fuck is it with trannies and electronic music? Vektroid (Ramona Andra Xavier aka Derek Butl…[View]
80829361I used to love playing Emogame. Are there any other music related video games? Rock Band, Guitar Her…[View]
80827541Post your favorite vocalist[View]
80829642KPOP GENERAL[View]
80825907CALLING ALL /MU/SICIANS i'm having trouble finding a song, could any of you help me find it? …[View]
80830268Why does nobody talk about LSD and the search for god?[View]
80830302yu: Essential Jew Artistis?[View]
808217013x3 WEEK It's the ol' reliable! Guess music s and recommend personalities http://tapmusic.…[View]
80828300>Kanye starts rapping on Waves[View]
80828975COKED OUT: This is a thread for those who are coked out of their fucking minds and just want somethi…[View]
80826644Favorite movie soundtrack?[View]
80830443Pre-90s Japanese experimental thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCL8ZGok5RQ[View]
808289032018 7-track Kanye-produced album rankings: KSG > Daytona > ye > NASIR[View]
80830283This is some or the most inoffensive generic and mundane indie dream pop to ever come out. This is a…[View]
80830375Post the worst charts you've ever seen[View]
80826117Wish Slow Deep and Hard a happy birthday![View]
80830366hey /mu/tants, what are some artists that are similar to The Beach Boys? pic unrelated[View]
80828007Favorite Tupac Songs: Happy Birthday to one of the most notorious Rappers, Tupac Amaru Shakur. In ce…[View]
80812581Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Spotify: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism…[View]
80804951Death Grips general: What is the most underrated Death Grips song and why is it Whammy?[View]
80827848Non-prog songs in odd time signatures: Hey there /mu/, Progrock fan here with a bit of back story, T…[View]
80828475fake cover art[View]
80830249ITT: COMFY ALBUMS: Hello /mu/tants, I want your best, most comfiest albums ever and I want them now!…[View]
80829023So is it safe to assume that Kanye is pretty much cancelled after the Wyoming sessions with this end…[View]
80829997Holy shit. I just re listened to it and it finally clicked[View]
80826839This kill the Kanye fags.[View]
80821902ITT: discuss nasir: before writing this i would like to say nas is makes top ten rappers list. illma…[View]
80829194I really like Leaf House, Who Could Win a Rabit, Winters Love, We Tigers, and Mouth Wooed Her, but t…[View]
80829821>Pitchfork expects us to believe SOPHIE is a woman[View]
80829022wait a sec, this sucks. it seems like chaotic EDM. ponyboy's beat is catchy as shit but why ar…[View]
80829644What is some good music for playing dressup to?[View]
80826820New album fucking when?[View]
80827269Art punk: Looking for art punk Television, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, early Pere Ubu, early Wire…[View]
80817177Favorite video game ost?[View]
80827676ITT: Manlet Core: good albums by diminutive men[View]
80827073Can I please get a 320 mega link[View]
80828550KPOP GENERAL[View]
80818735ITT: Your favourite tracks from Loveless, Souvlaki and Nowhere. >When You Sleep >When the Sun …[View]
80828566Did you guys watch NC review of Deadpool 2?: >You’re the Kanye West of gimmicks pretending not to…[View]
80828659This is a 9 for most artists[View]
80829522rave.dj: >go to https://rave.dj >mashup 2 songs from youtube >post result https://rave.dj/L…[View]
80828918Do you mosh /mu/?[View]
80829455Sometime ago Death stranding's trailer hooked me up on Low Roar. Can you fellas recommend anyth…[View]
80820395How are you dealing with the tinnitus, /mu/?[View]
80825109>Nine Inch Nails[View]
80827353Human race has reached the peak of music art in this decade and you can't prove it wrong[View]
80818063thoughts on this thot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAuAJBZuGs[View]
8082771070's jazz groove: I might be wasting my time posting this on avant-teen central. Please help me…[View]
80829258Do you guys ever get tired of 'retro', 'vintage', mac demarco-core style videos?: I feel like all in…[View]
80828784Carter III vs Graduation: Both Classics. Both Timeless. Gun to your head which was better?[View]
80827151Is there anyone that even comes close to doing what Pinegrove do in the genre? The thoughtfulness, i…[View]
80826234ITT: We talk about albums we like before Fantano reviews them highly: This is cool af[View]
80827005best: simple things worst: bonjour underrated: white label overrated: cops shot the kid[View]
80826858wuts ur opinin bork[View]
80828430>singer mispronounces words so they'll fit into the rhyme scheme[View]
80823280Which one is the better album?[View]
80828534Hiphop/rap. Check this out: https://soundcloud.com/leomp3 whatd u think anon?[View]
80828985Best buds.[View]
80828515Hi, Are there any producers out there that want to start building a community of artists that can co…[View]
80828355ITT: high tier pleb filters[View]
80827516When did Youth Lagoon turn into such a tool?[View]
80828675what are more bands that blend rock and electronic music successfully?[View]
80823633Get ready to have some fun[View]
80828978I saw a song linked on here a while ago and for the love of god I can't find it gain. It was a …[View]
80828933ITT: Your favourite symphonic power metal album of all time[View]
80827279swans - i was a prisoner in your skull: ugh wah um ah umwaagh[View]
80828855/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnh-Ecxk6qM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBCJZ4opDfE…[View]
80827623>Country roaaaaaddss, west virginiaaaaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9FGaan35s0…[View]
80828747international golden songs: post a language and your fav song in that language, then give an opinion…[View]
80826325I did not want to really do this, Slim. Respect from you to get this suppos-ed win This came as the …[View]
80826682Can someone explain the appeal of Rita Ora? Why does the media keep shilling this thot?[View]
80824278/grimes/: Let's have a proper Grimes thread for once. Are you excited about her upcoming music?…[View]
80827894How does this make you feel, /mu/?[View]
80828622What does /mu/ thinks of this song? Pure auditory perfection. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=AguPH0XBx…[View]
80812938NEW DEATH GRIPS: Dilemma https://youtu.be/3W09kTtdoBM[View]
80828564What's your opinion on tropic of cancer /mu/ ? the grouper influence is obvious but it's n…[View]
80820699You like my lyrics, don't you whiteboy.[View]
80827844KPOP GENERAL[View]
80828448Bobby 2 Pistolz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEoPMPAspFc Is this possibly the most woke song in …[View]
80823170GOAT psychedelic rap album?: Paul's Boutique or Kids See Ghosts?[View]
80827230Rise against sjw?: Is this an sjw band? It feels like an sjw band.[View]
80827114Is this the most kino album releases this year so far?[View]
80828307'Intelligent' Jungle: Is this a real thing? I tried to look up information on it, and it does seem t…[View]
80828239Recommend me stuff please: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw1epJsBJjSSqSArsf8l-1_3WGmiCjOWH…[View]
80825143>I listen to Merzbow, Boredoms, Gerogerigegege, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Nurse with W…[View]
80825734Honest thoughts on Kendrick Lamar[View]
80828089ITT: interviews that ruined artist's mystique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu2Z7YnBZsM >…[View]
80827115>tfw older i get the more I realize jazz and folk are the endgame of music…[View]
80828035Which track did you like better?[View]
80824492ITT times pitchfork got it right.: I'd say this is more of a 9.5 but pitchfork was fair.[View]
80827778What album is he describing mu?[View]
80826848Favorite feels tracks /bands >glasvagas daddys gone /geraldine >snuff acoustic (corey taylor…[View]
80827196kpop general: fuck you we just gonna be friends edition[View]
80822935Were Thrill Kill Kult inspired by Butthole Surfers?: Here's an example. Drums and are arranged …[View]
80826096Is there a better name in psychedelic rock? I think not.[View]
80824130Bandcamp thread: First time I start one After a long string of instrumental releases, an album of ba…[View]
80826468Why do people pretend to like this garbage?[View]
80827614You guys really are missing out on jayrock[View]
80827652Music for this feel?[View]
80828803what meme health trends/supplements are you currently on[View]
80824713/blind/: testing one, two, three... well.. well fuck, haha I mean, I just don't know what to sa…[View]
80827539is blackpink dubstep or brostep and what is brostep[View]
80826130why the fuck do peopl say max demarco was influenced by the greatful dead?[View]
80824998anybody here been to a Paramore concert? is it true Hayley spits and sprays her sweat everywhere?[View]
80827386looking for more like this[View]
80825093Is my song really bad?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59V7SoDqj9U[View]
80827306L4 producers to make music together https://soundcloud.com/etoraznal[View]
80822681Reminder that you'll cowards will always be casual listeners unless you're in the band.[View]
80821108This feels like Megadeth's equivalent of Metallica's Black Album but the songs here are mo…[View]
80826398kpop general: Rosé hard carry edition[View]
80824478>when you hear something you want to sample so bad but it comes from the audio of a weird porn vi…[View]
80825173If he's so great, how come he hasn't made any post-industrial?[View]
80825556/boomer/: What is the ultimate boomer-core?[View]
80823283Why is this board obsessed with Kanye's mediocre album releases? Nothing he released this year …[View]
80827037Fuck you I liked it[View]
80825380>listening to new marylin manson song >holy shit this is actually the most decent thing he has…[View]
80825157>its an NME gives a 10/10 to a british bands debut record episode[View]
80826700I don't 'get' this album[View]
80826954>Come to think about it, his name was... it was you[View]
80823144/mu/ you guys got any songs that sound like blarney stone?[View]
80824467If there was a fighting game with musicians as the playable characters, what moves could your favour…[View]
80826810YOTS by DG Fans..: ..since Year of the Snitch is taking too long https://deathcoll.bandcamp.com/albu…[View]
80825211UNDER THE TABLE im trying will somebody make her SHUT UP ABOUT IT settle down please......[View]
80825331Is maradona the best musician of all time?[View]
80824871Why are you not listening to Binärpilot right now, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZoCQFn8_ik…[View]
80822996Show me a black man that listens to black metal and I'll paypal you $500.[View]
80825346DAYTONA: >best=If you know you know >worst=hard piano >underrated=come back baby >overra…[View]
80826770ITT: geniuses[View]
80824557BTS/Kpop: I honestly am kind of annoyed by how much recognition BTS and popular Kpop groups (2017-20…[View]
80826127YotS is an interesting album, more like shoegaze/ambientish rather than hip hop alone I like it so f…[View]
80823684DG 2nd album theories: I'm kinda out of the loop as to why people think DG are putting out 2 al…[View]
80826701Can we share SoundCloud Mixes this morning: https://soundcloud.com/austindiduch/patiochella…[View]
80823415Everybody is talking about King Gizzard all the time. And who remembers the Lizard Wizard?[View]
80826477/music hate general/: fuck music[View]
80826610All the leaves are brown >all the leaves are brown And the sky is grey >and the sky is grey…[View]
80826652Hi /mu/. I'm going to ACL for the first time this year (which will also be the first concert I …[View]
80826567We made a classic, Kanye.[View]
80825660Could someone recommend me some good country rock artists?I listen mainly to neil young,bob dylan ma…[View]
80826516Is he a grateful dead fan?[View]
80823712Songs about wanting more from life? In tired of the internet and being alone.[View]
80825693this is only topped by In Rainbows[View]
80826486>Tfw Not shopping at Acro am/pm Minimarket[View]
80822505Industry Plants[View]
80825535Why are these guys praised so much? Their harmonies are ok but individually they kinda suck[View]
808141410PN and Arca BTFO[View]
80825631KPOP GENERAL[View]
80826182Why do soiboys love EDM so much?[View]
80826355God Tier Albums: Post those albums that are just 10/10 the whole way through. Any genre, any artist,…[View]
80825605Can someone put the lyrics of this song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHcLCaKK7E4& Just the …[View]
80825713You're not masculine if you dislike this song.[View]
80826093>that Slick Rick sample tho[View]
80826080Anyone here know how to get into contact with Kid Cudi? I want a album of him humming and making noi…[View]
80817088ITT: 7/10's[View]
80825345Hey forum, new to this place and thought you guys might want to give a beginner some help? I got int…[View]
80825305Which is a worse idea, band or gamedev: Which is a worse idea in the current economy, starting a ban…[View]
80825985its ok to cry anon[View]
80825912bink bink bink binka moon :•D[View]
80825577Can /mu/ find a song?: Hey /mu/, what's good? Long story short: I was listening to Tom Scott, a…[View]
80825929collab when?[View]
80825925I've really been getting into CSH lately. Any similar artists I worth checking out?[View]
80823694>I'm like a four-leaf clover because I hydrate everyone What did he mean by this?…[View]
80825100Why is Bassline the best genre and why do you cucks on /mu/ not appreciate niche properly?[View]
80825731'Man down, where you from, BLEEP?' 'Fuck who you know! Where you from, my BLEEP?' 'Where your grandm…[View]
80821820>be racist white nationalist >build career off stealing black music (not just blues but also s…[View]
80820733Whats the worst track on mbdtf and why is it gorgeous?[View]
80824754/mu/ top 100 albums & songs: What happened with the voting? I wasn't around for a week or s…[View]
80825424ITT we argue over what's the best modest mouse album > WELL[View]
80824760KPOP GENERAL[View]
80819547Hello, this is Mr. Death Grips but actually good. Say something nice about him.[View]
80825184Why aren't you listening to 'Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs' right now ? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
80824437uh: Does Kanye have a runny nose on 'everything', or is that just distortion? I hear what sounds lik…[View]
80823126Opinion on Gorilla Biscuits? I personally never got into hardcore/straight edge shit but this band …[View]
80825442Last ride of the day is the best song they've made this century.[View]
80825160What are some rap tracks like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlKL_EpnSp8[View]
80825418Up & Coming New Metalcore Act: Skysplitter - PHENOM EP coreradio.ru/metalcore/20892-skysplitter-…[View]
80816733Who is the horniest female musician?[View]
80825369/dgg/: Disappointed is on the album[View]
80825234>ahhhh spring of 2012 >downloading dozens of albums off MediaFire and never listening to them …[View]
80822272Kind of Blue.[View]
80821772ITT: Bands only roasties can relate to[View]
80819271/mu/ is the most pleb board on 4chan.[View]
80807547/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ …[View]
80825212can we all agree that finding shake and pushing her into a vocalist role is the best thing kanye did…[View]
80824158ITT: Lyrics that make you feel: >It's over >You don't need to tell me >I hope you…[View]
80824825Predict the: Pitchfork score: 6.2 Fantano score: light to decent 7 Rolling Stone (lol) score: 3 sta…[View]
80824813/mu/ moments where it clicked: >but the cop shot the kid holy shit.....…[View]
80824685A walk in the woods and I will try Something under the trees that made you cry It’s so erotic when y…[View]
80823085ITT we post albums that make you go :)[View]
80824576does naothing for me. am i pleb?[View]
80824043What the fuck is a throbbing gristle?[View]
80819332DAYTONA YE KIDS SEE GHOSTS NASIR Kanye has managed to make his own album the worst out of the 4 he…[View]
80823435>there are people in this board right now who shitpost instead of discussing music seriously…[View]
80819434Top 10 easily: Okay now that the verdict is in and fantano is giving this a 9/10 can we all agree th…[View]
80823753KPOP GENERAL[View]
80823820Post incelcore bands/artists[View]
80822047What a month![View]
80820031What is /mu/'s thought on NIN. Considering he did the music for one of my favorite video games,…[View]
80818564Death Grips vs Despacito https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf5XZVLF3z4[View]
80824281Can anyone recommend some jazz fusion with a piano/keyboard lead?[View]
80824381ITT: Best album cover art of 2018.[View]
80819194ITT: Perfect A-sides[View]
80823556if you unironically like this band god please fuck off back to your facebook groups, youre worse tha…[View]
80820355ITT: Musicians too pure for this world.[View]
80818434ITT: girl bands you like[View]
80824185YOUR NAME IS FUGG :D :D :D[View]
80822524All hail the new queen of /mu/[View]
80822979NIGHT CORE VERSUS VAPOR WAVE: Which is better? /mu/?[View]
80824034What is the best cheap portable music player that supports bluetooth?[View]
80824022Now there's a music girl worth worshipping[View]
80822402Remember kids, don't smoke or you'll end up like old man mac[View]
80824001UH HUH, YEAH[View]
80822721i need music similar to 'The Lovin' Spoonful.' help me out Sa/mu/rais. pic unrelated[View]
80823242hey every one! what is your favorite grindcore musics?[View]
80817856/emo/ Late Night Edition Post what you've been listening to, what you found, what you want to h…[View]
80820154EP'S APPRECIATION THREAD: Post your favorite ep of the year so far[View]
80823892Mashups from Hell: I just found this mashup of JPEGMAFIA, Brockhampton, Death Grips, and Danny Brown…[View]
80823888The Smiths and The Cure: Why can't I love both?[View]
80820259>Singlehandedly and irreparably ruins mainstream music yw /mu/ you onionsoy cucks…[View]
80823866Got a ticket to go see Autechre next week but not sure if I should go (7 hours of travel combined). …[View]
80823564lets be honest here for a second: if ya'll were actually into music, you'd be listening to…[View]
80822595When you realize that Limp Bizkit is actually a sophisticated complex band. Why try? https://www.you…[View]
80823197So you're telling me that you're still discussing Death Grips this late into their career?…[View]
80822298How does this album exist? Would this concept be possible w/out death grips?[View]
80823131sad post punk: Can ya'll give me the saddest, most soul crushing post-punk songs you know of? C…[View]
80819376Nasir > Kids > ye > DAYTONA[View]
80821633Post albums with really good B-sides[View]
80803007/metal/: loud edition spurdo album https://imgur.com/a/OfxFO charts album https://imgur.com/a/I4V7E…[View]
80823562the fourth track is always the best you can't dispute this[View]
80822412what is the most overrated and over-played song and why is it Africa by Toto?[View]
80823552Looking for a turntable: Wanting to start a collection of vinyls and I'm wondering what turntab…[View]
80820982Why the fuck does anyone take this buffoon seriously, he didn't even pass the patrician test[View]
80822407KPop General[View]
80822722This guy is a fucking genius[View]
80823495Why is spotify unironically the best way to find new music? It will actually find likeable songs by …[View]
80822850Primus sucks[View]
80822314>Fuck platinum rap, you can have it back What did he mean by this[View]
80823361>he still imagines himself playing his favorite song in some highschool event to impress his hs c…[View]
80822785>you are now listening to Arab Music[View]
80822014why does everyone here have shitty taste in music? i know this board is garbage, but browsing the ac…[View]
80823209>I'm not afraid >To take a stand >Everybody >Everybody >Come take my hand…[View]
80823263yo: review this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f1VkellER8&index=63&list=FLNrHHXo-qi9…[View]
80823158Giving my cd collection to a second hand store: and I'm wondering if this meme album is worth a…[View]
80822939Are there any artists who make similar music to this?: https://youtu.be/m-mcWGjO0VQ https://youtu.be…[View]
80823261how do I stop liking the 80s? so many bangers[View]
80823252anyone listen to this?[View]
80819445ITT we make a grindcore album: Trips names the album Dubs name the songs I'll start: Pig intest…[View]
80819453Guilty pleasures thread >inb4 'LITERALLY WHO'[View]
80823073>track is so long it takes over two sides of the lp[View]
80823086Favourite metal album artwork thread: post your favourite metal album artwork, must be HD must also …[View]
80819156Nasir: It's trash[View]
80822992this album is good[View]
80822136>he listens to music made after 1985[View]
80817863Why is this so much better than any of the stuff this guy has done with Gorillaz?[View]
80822535>Daytona > Ye >KSG > Ye >Nasir > Ye…[View]
80821577>sexy sex >sexy bomb >I want to have sex with a bomb >sex bomb, sex bomb >you're…[View]
80822812Unironically the best release of the year. True patrician music. AOTY.[View]
80819997This is total crap, what's the big deal with this shit?[View]
80818775kanye west is a genius: Kanye is currently, successfully, pulling off one of the biggest events in m…[View]
80822736“Fox News was founded by a black man” -Nas What did he mean by this?[View]
80820338dank /mu/ meme thread melon eatin beans editions[View]
80818147Canadian Core: best Canadian music? feeling like a nationalist today[View]
80822652Collaborations you'd love to hear, but will literally never happen: >Johnny Cash and Nick Ca…[View]
80822579ITT: Country albums by non-country artists[View]
80813093favourite coverfu, /mu/?[View]
80821722I took an eighth of shrooms an hour ago and I’m about to turn my ARP2600 on for the first time at ho…[View]
80822499Holy fucking shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPHi4pg8t44[View]
80822112Is there anything /our girl/ Tessa can't do?[View]
80822493Year of the Snitch: Has the whole album leaked yet? I've been staying away from the singles so …[View]
80821909Why is lofi hiphop such hot garbage?[View]
80822475/numetal/: What is the best Mudvayne album edition[View]
80822360Who went to the Snail Mail show tonight?[View]
80822394MCR is one of the best post-ironically good bands of the modern age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t…[View]
80818078KPOP GENERAL[View]
80820869Hey there, I'm a black man. Feel bad for me xD[View]
80822369https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSJGgqXQMVA This is truly a creative and inspiring music video!! Thi…[View]
80822286Fiona Apple is GOAT[View]
80821579Artist that have similar sounds like pic[View]
80820983KPOP GENERAL[View]
80820998>The classic rock station is now playing 90's grunge/hardrock.[View]
80822087ITT: albums that aged like fine wine Pic very related. https://youtu.be/1zep7lRklF4 https://youtu.be…[View]
80822282Say goodbye to mom and dad The two best friends I never had To be knowing where I'm going How b…[View]
80822281What is Albarns most kino song is why is it link related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnmcUpW4ymE…[View]
80821938What even is this band anymore man.[View]
80817571Favorite Ween songs?[View]
80813353Folk Punk cringe: Anybody else find Folk Punk to be sincere to the point of cringe? The lyrics tend …[View]
80822158Okay real question: who would win in a rap battle, Lupe Fiasco or Ab Soul? I need to know your answe…[View]
80811439post your links[View]
80820341BANDCAMP THREAD: Fuck Finnish Bandcamps Edition[View]
80822162ITT: soul crushing albums[View]
80822161I don't listen to music except what I already listen to but I'm a little drunk and I just …[View]
80820975Itt: noob traps[View]
80821584is there ANYTHING that stacks up to this?: i really don't think so[View]
80821296>4 good albums in the span on a month Is he back?[View]
80822076/mu/ I was wondering if there are really cool hits in your national domestic level, I mean songs nob…[View]
80821956The new DGD album sucks[View]
80822028/mu/, you gotta help me or I’m gonna lose my damn mind. Okay, so you all know the Arrow song “Hot Ho…[View]
80822007Does /mu/ like the new SOPHIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVpg2IrGwsk[View]
80817142Old Millennials of /mu/ (ages 33-36): did you enjoy the music of your era (late 90s-early 00s) or di…[View]
80821840You know /v/ is normie when no one has posted about this yet: Apollo Brown & Locksmith>Kanye …[View]
80821735i call my niggas up and we can start the senselessness[View]
80820901Why do rappers (6ix9ine, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep, Post Malone) these days have such shit aesthetic? I…[View]
80820036CMV: If you can remove and/or rearrange tracks to make an album go from its original, lower rating t…[View]
80819455Does anyone have a link to the 9 AE_LIVE recordings? Can't seem to find them anywhere (there is…[View]
80820565Band/music shirts: Post ones you like. I like shirts with text on the front and the back, because th…[View]
80818403What does /mu/ think about mewithoutYou? PS I'm brand new to this board and a music illiterate,…[View]
80819603Original Shoegaze: Is there shoegaze that doesn't just sound like My Bloody Valentine or Slowdi…[View]
80817818This is my favorite album and it has gotten me through some tough times recently. Do you guys have a…[View]
80820771Listening to Wish You Were Here because bf is leaving soon for several weeks and I'm drunk and …[View]
80819911>exmilitary is the most rough album >TMS is the most electronic, accessible, and poppy album …[View]
80821533So I can't find most of their music anywhere online, does anyone on here know where it is?[View]
80821403New Nivea Men’s Body Lotion Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_1zF8lKAeQ[View]
80820919Worst band of all time.[View]
80821494Mahler's 7th is basically his 5th but improved in every conceivable way. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
80818956What happened to hip-hop? Why is this guy popular?[View]
80821472>tfw Melon is the most relevant rock critic amongst millennials I miss Lester Bangs bros…[View]
80820583No one ever talks about my /comfyfu/ on this board. ;-; Even though Pleasure was last year's AO…[View]
80821347>What do you bouyz think of this one[View]
80819510Why is music so bad now?: An anon asked this on another board and the thread got deleted. Here is my…[View]
80821334This destroys the whitey[View]
80821288ITT: Underrated albums[View]
80821351what was his fucking problem? what could drive a man to such deep sorrow?[View]
80820914Nas is a fucking kang. The opening line of the record is a Kemet namedrop. He's actually a kang…[View]
80820387So, all of them are sucessfully released. How do you guys rate them? Overall, i think it was a prett…[View]
80820056Post music for forbidden love[View]
80821327What genre is going to replace hip hop? What is just weird enough to catch on to a sizable audience …[View]
80821323it was shit and forgettable: >gets outperformed by fucking kanye west >nas couldnt handle the …[View]
80820182ITT: post an album, others reply with what it would smell like if it had a scent[View]
80821022post ur indie/emo hidden gems[View]
80815881Remove one song off of an album to make it a 10/10 >I sat by the ocean This is absolutely the wor…[View]
80820414/Dead/: mods are jerks anyone see D&C tonight?[View]
80821218>Album is a 10/10 >Zero discussion of it on /mu/ What's her name, anon?…[View]
80817124paramore: you guys like queen hayley?[View]
80821202Does the abundance of earrape covers make earrape a genre?[View]
80818660jason becker appreciation bread: also lets get some speed metal/hyper technical recs >inb4 necrop…[View]
80821154dilemma on spotify WHEN[View]
80813970HOLD ME TIGHT[View]
80817780Name a shittier label: you literally can't[View]
80816017Why is this album considered shit?[View]
80820804Haven't been on /mu/ in a while. 'On April 13, 2018, Duster posted via their instagram page tha…[View]
80820832who should be the final album kanye produces? i vote for my main man will smith, imagine how the alb…[View]
80821079>It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin If only he knew what was to come...…[View]
80819456how the FUCK does this CD manage to be in every single goodwill/salvation army/second hand store eve…[View]
80819212What do you really think about the Insane Clown Posse? Hardmode, actually say something about their …[View]
80820868Why does Ram Ranch and its sequels exist?: How does he do it? Grant MacDonald, famous for his single…[View]
80820584Which musician's or band's fan base contains the highest percentage of poisonous stans?[View]
80818320This board >I don't have any interesting opinions so I call classics literally shit for atte…[View]
80820040>died 6 months ago under mysterious circumstances >still no cause of death released Was it mur…[View]
80820927Thoughts on NERD/Can you guys recommend me anything like early NERD?: I'm asking less for stuff…[View]
80817997itt: favorite post-punk record and recommendations: pic related, mine. more recently, really enjoye…[View]
80819953This song is so comfy: Ducktails is pretty great.[View]
80819674kpop general[View]
80819221ITT: bands that are impossible to hate[View]
80820432does ski mask browse /mu/[View]
80820600listen to this :D[View]
80819695What does /mu/ think of the gothic folk genre? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejNsBgQ6Jlk[View]
80820345Explaining the appeal of albums: I was hanging out with some friends earlier today and one of them m…[View]
80820743Killy is the best new rapper of this century[View]
80819855ITT: Songs that take a couple of listens to truly understand.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh942…[View]
80820739I'm so close to absolutely loving this, i like the electro shit on the production and have a ma…[View]
80810662'Anon, would you really delete your Facebook for me?'[View]
80818753Tekashi 6ix9ine is literally the biggest threat to ZOG right now. He's using CIA binaural beats…[View]
80820522Leave rap to me[View]
80820358talk today is the day[View]
80820214>I Want To get Fucked in the Sink >After That He'll Give Me something to Drink…[View]
80819750Nightwish: >22 year old band >been through 3 lead singers and multiple other band members >…[View]
80820386>based mods are deleting Grateful Dead threads now what's everyone's favorite track on …[View]
808161625 x 5 tapmusic.net/lastfm looking for attention[View]
80793478/chart/ bread: old one archived im looking for some noise rock, black metal, triphop, space ambient,…[View]
80818876XXL Freshmen 2018: Are you ready?[View]
80820209*saves the music industry single handedly* Your welcome, /mu/[View]
80819844New Gin Blossoms Album is out https://youtu.be/26BGEtu_DXw[View]
80817570ITT: Post Albums for the End of the World Rapture[View]
80808477GUESSTHATALBUM.COM: guessthatalbum.com Draw album covers and guess the other album covers that other…[View]
80819348>Bruce Springsteen[View]
80820151/mu/ memes: Maybe there’s already a thread up but I didn’t see it.[View]
80817927Are Muriburgers familiar with Xuxa? She is a singer from Brazil that's very popular in South Am…[View]
80818902Alternative Album Art: Best alternative album covers[View]
80819852https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYNOzTV5mHI Shawn is one of the worst youtuber related to music.…[View]
80819967>we wuz kings the album[View]
80820002Post contemporary Central European music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYEuBtINtnw[View]
80819696when it started or new york city cops?[View]
80816394who is the most innovative act this generation? im using grimes to get more attention for my thread[View]
80819947>There's no other way[View]
80818175How old were you when you switched to tidal?[View]
80819534ITT: Artists you wish would cuck you.[View]
80819875Painkiller is the best metal album ever made. Prove me wrong >pro tip you can't, https://w…[View]
80817721>still not on spotify[View]
80818821Top Male Vocals: Devin Townend Chris Cornell Eddie Vedder Freddie Mercury Sebastian Bach Layne Stale…[View]
80817422How's your Friday night going? What are you drinking in? What are you listening to? I'm al…[View]
80808014meme an artist using pic related[View]
80819543itt overrated[View]
80819697https://youtu.be/rRC8hxytWIs post some of your fav horrorcore tracks[View]
80816451Where do I start with Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
80817836ITT: Fictional characters with good taste[View]
80819587Latest: Four Seasons singer Frankie Valli rushed to hospital >https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/ente…[View]
80818154why does nobody ever talk about how fucking good this album is?[View]
80819545i/o Perfect audiotracks: where can i find this album?[View]
80791335i'm running out of questions to start these - /prod/: Come up with ideas for future thread star…[View]
80819410Well howdy there partner.. Yeehaw! *tips hat* Welcome to Texas, Americas first state founded by a BL…[View]
80812592ITT: albums where every track slaps[View]
80819479/bocg/ - Boards of Canada general Let’s talk about the best electronic group to ever exist and one o…[View]
80819417RIP Blues Brothers Matt 'Guitar' Murphy[View]
80819485Hello: Electric Forest/music festival thread, tell a noobie what to expect and prepare for[View]
80811080>tfw a 19 year old female saved rock who would have guessed?[View]
80819395>nas album was accidentally made for jay-z nas got exposed hard, sounded like a soundcloud rapper…[View]
80818324Any Volbeat fans?[View]
80819145Is she... Dare I say... /our-girl/?[View]
80816633Don stepped outside[View]
80819372only 13/10 albums allowed[View]
80817521>your average kanye west fan[View]
80819028AOTY and I'm not even kidding. I've followed this dude since 2012 and he's only getti…[View]
80819213Music would be better if it were anonymous.[View]
80819004>the guitar and bass players use solid-state amps[View]
80818386How did a bunch of average looking white guys become so popular in the 90s[View]
80819243How the fuck were other indie projects supposed to compete?[View]
80818761>Edgar Hoover was black, that's true hardest i've ever laughed listening to a song…[View]
80816116ITT: Patrician RYM curves.[View]
80818630What did she mean by this?[View]
80819035>today I thought about killing you[View]
80818172post a name along with an album cover, if you see your name you must listen to the album. I'll …[View]
80818947*mics your drums*[View]
80819038best 80's synth pop band ever, hands down and no one can tell me otherwise, ahead of their time…[View]
80818951Electricity was a BLACK invention[View]
80817676Music like Sex Bob-omb?[View]
80818961ITT actual music video kino. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaxoRGKpHd0[View]
80818907Does anyone have a link for this? FLAC or 320 please.[View]
80818686Fellas, picture this: >It’s the year 2002 >You have a half-hour break between Women’s Studies …[View]
80816448>today >my dad and sister are saying about how bad and shitty music is nowadays and especially…[View]
80818023friendly reminder that Scaruffi thinks this is an industrial album[View]
80817347>you are at the party and this guy start a conversation with you wat do…[View]
80818789ITT: Pleb filters[View]
80815250God, I hate Joy Division[View]
80817401Love You is the only Beach Boys album I have heard: Love You is the only Beach Boys album I have hea…[View]
80817633>there's people on this board right now that don't know this album >literally a coll…[View]
808186941. Stop whoring. 2. Pull the smiles inside. 3. Light it up forever. 4. Never go to sleep. Okay got i…[View]
80818685Anyone know the name of the song here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9-ClyLTdz4[View]
80818360This is my secret pleasure.[View]
80815675paul > george > ringo >>>>>>>>>>>>> john[View]
80817931FANTANO. THE REVIEW.[View]
80818458Zappa thread[View]
80818325Spanish Music: What's some good spanish music that has come out this year? >inb4 despacito…[View]
80818553God tier country: In this thread we share god tier country artists[View]
80818411Why is gothic metal so fucking gay?[View]
80818551>Tattoo your own logo. I'm starting to think the allegations were true. https://youtu.be/Q1…[View]
80818500Can someone update me on the 6ix9ine/Chief Keef Beef?[View]
80817700The Best Album[View]
80818471My normie friend told me today, “man, i miss when we used to listen to Tyler the Creator in the car.…[View]
80817013ive given up on being social and im never trying to form a relationship again.: music for this feel?…[View]
80813614'POP THESE NIGGAS LIKE A WHEELIE NIGGA' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y [Embed] Back whe…[View]
80818420McIntosh Amps: Are they just some boomer meme?[View]
80811906what does /mu/ think about tool? i have started hearing them recently and i love them[View]
80818393What would he have thought of the compositions of OPN, Arca, PC music and Sophie?[View]
80818416shit just sounds like Smashing Pumpkins but worse, or am I missing something[View]
80818322Sad Stories of Our Lives (with music): OP starts >be me >single >really plain guy who loves…[View]
80816251How did/does he get away with it?[View]
80817241It finally clicked. 4 years of openly shitting on this album. I'm sorry, /mu/.[View]
80815706itt: bands that kill the basedboy[View]
80816727DEBATE : DJ Swamp is going to ruin (or has already ruined) Year of the Snitch.[View]
80818331thoughts on this? im gonna do it boyos[View]
80816204Album Arts: There's always soundcloud / bandcamp threads. Let's have a thread with no link…[View]
80817321I love the 808!!![View]
80818103Go to 2:23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmpRLQZkTb8&app=desktop[View]
80816741Albums where the title track is the worst song[View]
80818161What does Joe Rogan listen to[View]
80818254Murgerzekat - Invocation Ov Thee Evil Eye: https://youtu.be/r6eIF-iNKMY black metal/death metal…[View]
80817620Why do I usually hate an album on the first listen, but love it on the 3rd or 4th? Listening to Low …[View]
80818149cant decide if this is good or actually sóoy[View]
80817844What are some of the most unique/groundbreaking acts of the decade?[View]
80818111Tomhet would be incredible if the whole thing wasn't ruined by those fucked up keyboard drum pr…[View]
80817464ITT: albums or artists that give you major depression instantly: not albums so bad they makes you wa…[View]
80818106Album & Waifu thread: This is the patrician's palette[View]
80815876Bubblegum Bass: Is bubblegum bass a real genre? If not, what genre are most 'bubblegum bass' release…[View]
80804239>shilling for apple and just when you thought grimes' 2018 couldn't get any worse...…[View]
80815424wtf this is actually really good[View]
80818069Incredible rock/metal vocals: I'm in the mood for some amazing vocal talent. Gimme your favorit…[View]
80817121Is this dare i say... the worst album ever made? Answer me please... i want to get attention here[View]
80818057did you forget about me, /mu/?[View]
80816482>bob dylan[View]
80818048What is the weirdest album you've ever listened to?[View]
80817971cops shot the kid: cops shot the kid[View]
80817188>for me its M. Salah[View]
80812455what do hipsters listen to these days?[View]
80791767post your soundcloud links and share[View]
80816404KPOP GENERAL[View]
80816402itt: forgotten p4k-core[View]
80817904theyre looking at you, anon.[View]
80816383This is fucking terrible. Is this some sort of elaborate meme? I've listened to it 4 times now,…[View]
80811533Post what you’re listening to right now[View]
80817716music for this[View]
80816917ITT: post your dream collab Kanye West and Boards of Canada[View]
80817277Les Bains Douches: Decided to listen to this after being in a Joy Division thread earlier and damn i…[View]
80817901>i mean anything >i would change everything oh yeaaaaaah…[View]
80817862Stop vaccinating your kids[View]
80817807What's your favorite folk album?[View]
80817795P4K being retarded: ITT: Pitchfork being retarded[View]
80817605Rose Clouds of: FlieszZzZzZ[View]
80812754>ctrl+F 'Melody's Echo Chamber' >No results what gives, /mu/? Her new album is great…[View]
80817784Be honest. Is rock dead?[View]
80816569>make a shit album >everyone loves it >make a good album >everyone hates it who am i ref…[View]
80815535essentials thread: does anyone have those charts on brazilian music? looking for those & forgot …[View]
80816307why the FUCK nobody is talking about this MASTERPIECE 10/10??? ... funny how all of you keep listeni…[View]
80814408Does mu like CHVRCHES[View]
80817651Woman, amen.[View]
80817388Beethoven was a BLACK man. *points gun*[View]
80817556What did he mean by this? Is it that he is a magic cicada in the third cycle of seven years before h…[View]
80817562you're welcome.[View]
80817450What are the advantages of this?[View]
80817184Look at my interesting an unique taste in music.[View]
80817492Tell me how much you love '60s pop, /mu/.[View]
80816494DES PA CITO: *dabs to despacito* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk[View]
80817248One week until we listen to a Teyana Taylor album for the first time[View]
80815602Mmm have a tastey soda pal[View]
80808713Imagine the average /mu/tard listening to this garbage unironically while thinking to himself in all…[View]
80816947This is a good record.[View]
80815514top 8 albums of the week guess each other personalities[View]
80814575Secret bands that only you know[View]
80814513Where should I start with Autechre[View]
80817023Tekashi 6ix9ine is literally the biggest threat to ZOG right now. He's using CIA binaural beats…[View]
80817186I love James Brown, Elvis Presley an Kanye West, but if I had a spirit animal.. it would be Marc Bol…[View]
80817166ITT: Landfill Indie[View]
80817164>Not listening to Skrillex in 2010[View]
80817064https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6WlDbyEVpI ITT: pleb filter songs. If you like this song, you'…[View]
80815721>No breakdowns >Not music[View]
80815550Recommend me some ambient techno releases, particularly where they repeat a beat sequencer drum beat…[View]
80816740What's up /mu/ Hoping for feedback on this song I've been working on. Had a really bad dre…[View]
80817069Is Kansas the best american prog rock band?[View]
80815845Confidence is a habitual voyeur of what is known as-[View]
80802676will it leak?[View]
80809511>artists with more than one 10/10 in their discography[View]
80816982>Tfw niggers took hip hop and turned it into something completely dogshit >Tfw the best hip ho…[View]
80816738Poopity scoop: Where were you when the poop scoopitied?[View]
80811521Name something more cringe than a white hip-hop head Pro tip: you can't[View]
80816599Be a genre snob all you want. I dare you to get this out of your head before tomorrow morning. https…[View]
80816032They don't like the beats, Kanye. You said they'd like the Beats[View]
80815783Nothing goes better with music than a nice delish soft drink![View]
80815060Yeezus backwards is unironically beautiful https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LWsSpXf479s[View]
80815882PETER SCULLY: MUSICIAN?: There was an industrial band in Australia in the mid 80s called Orchestra o…[View]
80813583streaky > black paint > flies > hahaha > dilemma. all their singles have progressively g…[View]
80806941made this iceberg meme, where are you?[View]
80815758>bass player doesn't do any faggoty fancy lines and just plays straight quarter root note to…[View]
80812195This is unironically a 9/10 and one of the best alt rock albums to come out of the 2000s. Discuss.[View]
80815935Trying to find new music thread: Post your favorite artist/album, then recommend the person above yo…[View]
80816618What are some songs that you really connect with? Like if you're listening to a song and it evo…[View]
80816708>when I was barely living that's what kept me alive[View]
80814646What is his target demo?[View]
80813648The Powers That B: SO... this is Death Grips' peak? I'm okay with that.[View]
80816024What the hell is he wearing on that cover[View]
80816248Well howdy there partner! *tips hat* May I interest you on a comprehensive history of Kangz in Egypt…[View]
80815439This 'Sleepy Dog' is pretty good.[View]
80815570Thoughts on Ghost's new album?[View]
80815357ITT: Write what you imagine an artist you never listened to sounds like: THE ABORTION OF GOD'S …[View]
80816486what happened to this band? one of the coolest albums i've ever heard and never hear about it o…[View]
80816515>album abruptly ends by cutting off mid-sound Getting a bit fed up of this now.…[View]
80814353ITT: Best Obscure Rap Lyrics: >I hang my head because I want to die >I hung myself because I h…[View]
80816405Thoughts on the SynthAxe?[View]
80812755Skinhead music thread: >Start listening to skinhead music ironically >Begin listening to it un…[View]
80816031kpop sucks[View]
80816322Critique my taste I suppose.: Thoughts on taste and guess age. Also wanna go smoke and have a few dr…[View]
80815016KPOP GENERAL[View]
80813788I really like the Beatles, but I hate their fandom and the mythos that surrounds them.[View]
80815261How the fuck is this shit even like listened to. Cheesiest shit I've ever even heard. Bunch of …[View]
80808520Name 1 (one) band that has a female lead vocalist and is good. Solo artists who perform with a band …[View]
80808235You have 10 seconds to name a rock band from the last 25 years that is both critically acclaimed and…[View]
80815107Post your mom and dad's favorite song[View]
80814534ITT: we post our current favorite songs and get judged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccZOKOxFuPQ…[View]
80815218>Don't hate me, hate the money I see >Clothes that I buy, ice that I wear Considering th…[View]
80816238More songs with this kind of lyrics please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMXAhb_Cmhw picunrelate…[View]
80816182Last.fm overall albums thread[View]
80816154Coca cola drinkers be like[View]
80815288Post your musical guilty pleasure[View]
80809071Obscurify: Well, what's your score, /mu/?[View]
80816179>career is based on stealing music directly from black blues artists >be racist Is there a bi…[View]
80816149who /hellfest/ here?[View]
80815937>try to listen to complex, unconventional, dissonant, experimental music >get bored and/or fru…[View]
80812929NEW: Death Grips - Dilemma (ft. Andrew Adamson)[View]
80816130thes accountant ass looking niggas lmao[View]
80815654Why not enjoy a good ol fashioned coke this summer?[View]
80815874*snap* yep thats going in my refreshing drinks compliation![View]
80815596delicious soda just for you my frneid[View]
80814470>tfw will only fap to her while listening to her music >twf you will never feel her perfect bo…[View]
80815872Is King's Dead this generation's Bohemian Rhapsody?[View]
80815875Album to put on/sample in advance of the post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpfF3xrBjII >IMO b…[View]
80811397Why Eminem said this is his worst album? I don't care if fans hated it at first it didn't …[View]
80814434Will adderall help speed up the process in learning an instrument such as guitar? What about music t…[View]
80811778Music is good: music is very good, I enjoy music![View]
80815578Does anyone have some good noise pop that they would recommend, I’ve recently been listening to pic …[View]
80815367¿ǝʎuɐʞ 'ɯnqlɐ ǝɥʇ sı ǝɹǝɥʍ[View]
80815088Recommend more 'people screaming angrily at things' music.[View]
80804993*Invents 5 genres* *Elevates rock music to peak perfection* *Literally spawns the birth of 1000+ ban…[View]
80814888NIGGAS IFFY UH[View]
80815341Remember when one of the most important figure in popular music passed away and /mu/ gave literally …[View]
80815299Any albums that sound like this absolute classic?[View]
80814638Most heterosexual music: What is the most heterosexual music? pic unrelated[View]
80814398My grandmother only has a couple of days at most to live. Music for this weird feel?[View]
80815547Why does it seem like these werent as revered in their prime like the other top stadium rock bands o…[View]
80812088You get to pick the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077 I'll start: Void Vision- Slow Dawn https://vo…[View]
80814733>NA NA-NA NA NA NA-NA NA NA-NA NA >I got a certain little girl, she's on my mind >No d…[View]
80812196>literally invents 3 genres >Introduced Memphis to mainstream radio >Insurmountably influen…[View]
80814601thoughts on this? more music like this?[View]
80815177more songs that can 'fill my ears' and make me happy: hello anon i hope i'm not bothering you i…[View]
80814977what does /mu/ think of the chainsmokers[View]
80810532/classical/ - Brahms Über Alles: >“If there is anyone here whom I have not insulted, I beg his pa…[View]
80814196Sup /mu/ name my band/solo project[View]
80815229thoughts on Bilderbuch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCTs5naxPA0[View]
80815036>tfw the song ends with a phone call[View]
80813482How do people here feel about her body of work? Do you like early Avril or later Avril more? Was she…[View]
80813085Post your top 20 most played on whatever you use to listen to music most frequently. Rate and criti…[View]
80814790What does /mu/ think about Grave Digger?[View]
80815114wwwhat time is it.. ye? I haven't heard that name in years..[View]
80815182itt artists that need more love on /mu/[View]
80804004>Production is great >Rapping is good >Lyrics are WE WUZ garbage What a shame.…[View]
80813907Rank The Discography Of Your Favorite Artist: Harmony In Ultraviolet > Ravedeath 1972 > Radio …[View]
80806667who is this budget michael jackson and why do people like him so much?[View]
80815037How does it feel to know you will never be able to appreciate classical music?[View]
80812291HOLY SHIT[View]
80812688If you don't like this song you're not masculine: A scathing critique of serpent brained t…[View]
80815077culture abuse new record sucks: holy crap this is so bad. what happened?[View]
80815045What do you like to listen to when you're drunk? For me, it can be anything, but my go-to artis…[View]
80814110kpop generaI: jisoo edition[View]
80812872>For all of Nas’ supposed cerebral rapping, there is one area in particular where he seems oppose…[View]
80811993Is he /ourguy/?[View]
80812568ITT: Goofball musicians[View]
80812091LMAO they made the banana from that album into a real thing[View]
80812909Why doesn't /mu/ like modern jazz? I mean it's objectively the best music out there In the…[View]
80814872>tfw Lil B loves my carpal tunnel syndrome feels good man[View]
80808712ITT: Music to jerk off to: I want some of your sexist albums. Sensual voices (preferably female) or …[View]
80809399/bleep/: god came to me in a dream last night and told me that if bleep dies I die https://www.youtu…[View]
80812871nobody will ever speak to me like jason do. it's a great single. thx spaceman https://www.youtu…[View]
80814783>We need Talking heads but David Byrne is busy >I know just the guy!…[View]
80811775can we get an ambient thread?[View]
80808559ITT: Music That Made You Gay[View]
80813241What are some primatecore albums? I'm looking for albums with that ape and monkey aesthetic. …[View]
80813174YotS thread: https://youtu.be/3W09kTtdoBM New death grips Thoughts?[View]
80814448post your fave female artists[View]
80813489Why do rappers who scream the same thing over and over again get so famous and rich?[View]
80813944/NOISE ROCK/: Can we have a noise rock thread? I have been listening to so much good shit lately (L…[View]
8081430710 favorite albums.: post your 10 favorite albums.[View]
80812729Mark's having a bad day. Say something nice to cheer him up![View]
80812791Is this his only good project?[View]
80814475oh my god it's so good[View]
80814262If you are not asking yourself, 'Will people be listening to this in 10 years when you rate an album…[View]
80813448What was the best decade for music? I say 60s[View]
80808667top 10 thread: recc albums to ohters, guess personality and shit[View]
80812751ITT: Dead careers[View]
80810205I'm gonna do a radio show tonight focused on old school west coast buchla style synthesis. Any…[View]
80812482who is this badass lady? do you like her music?[View]
80812807>this Friday's best release was a post-punk EP[View]
80814303Mixed Media Music Videos: Are there any more music videos like this that fused live action with anim…[View]
80811866ITT: That one song you like by an artist you otherwise hate[View]
80813673What the fuck happened to her? How do you go from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnnIP27tF3w t…[View]
80814174>when I was your age I traded an old sandwich for an American made Fender Strat; you kids don…[View]
80814137Shred Thread: What are some essential shred albums?[View]
80813148>I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country. Listen to me, man! I think we should vote f…[View]
80813847ITT: music dads you wish you could have[View]
80812961KPOP GENERAL[View]
80813955Jesus christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80812251so.. its dead?[View]
80813868Jesus Christ almighty this album is shit.[View]
80804856Is Kanye the only genuine Genius to ever rap?: Not claiming he is just curious to see what you guys …[View]
80813493Who are the most /fa/ musicians?[View]
80812578im ugly buti can sing what do i do[View]
80813577WIN? more like LOSE haha[View]
80807239post albums that weren't THAT bad[View]
80813242Tekashi 6ix9ine is literally the biggest threat to ZOG right now. He's using CIA binaural beats…[View]
80813654>I make that pussy feelin' like it's mac n' cheese >Like Dwyane Wade, I be pac…[View]
80799977soundcloud thread: post ya things[View]
80812757this is very good. why have there been no threads on it?[View]
80811748>not a single thread on the best album of the year so far this board is a fucking disgrace…[View]
80812265Now that the dust has settled: which is your favorite?[View]
80811179Grateful Dead? More like This Music Is Very Bad![View]
80809716What do you guys think of Meddle, the best Pink Floyd album?[View]
80812706ITT: rank the dlps: dlp 4 > dlp 6 > dlp 1.1 > dlp 3 > dlp 1.2 > dlp 1.3 > dlp 3 …[View]
80808089HOLY SHIT[View]
80811843What is the name of this type of music, ffw to 1:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MBXkBRlJts A bi…[View]
80812499Thoughts on Nightwish?: They were one of my favorite bands when I was in middle school Any reccs for…[View]
80813414Does anyone on here own a physical copy of pic related? If yes, would you please be kind enough to …[View]
80813331What message was this song trying to convey? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmozGmGoJuw[View]
80813072Post a song that you love but every time you try to share it with someone they don't care or sa…[View]
8081164510/10: AOTY[View]
80812384need best finnish music[View]
80813083what are some live albums of this caliber?[View]
80812021I'm seeing The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die in a couple hours.…[View]
80802870BANDCAMP GENERAL: have fun. it's friday[View]
80812204do people actually like rap music what the fuck[View]
80812914NEW DEATH GRIPS: https://youtu.be/3W09kTtdoBM[View]
80812700IT'S OUTTTTTT https://nas.lnk.to/nasir[View]
80812767For me? it's Paramore[View]
80811690KPOP GENERAL: Rosé edition[View]
80809390NOOSE - Original life-size item that hung over Michael Gira1s work desk and was used as a prop in ea…[View]
80808388soundcloud sharethread: post your sc links and share, be cool and have fun[View]
80810775Cover thread: post interesting covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB9lObWclFQ[View]
80812660Post the best raps with that spooky type of beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ924VGx5n0[View]
80812118/Jazz/: Post the best avant-garde blue note releases[View]
80812379why does this have a >4.0 on RYM? the only songs I thought were pretty good were a few near the e…[View]
80812724Post songs that make you feel like pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0zXFxsrszE[View]
80811663they fuck each other right?[View]
80812574what are some games with OSTs that are genuinely good? like the music is good enough to stand on its…[View]
80810896>Escobar season BEGINS...... .... WE[View]
80810807JLO NO!: JUST[View]
80812639What are some songs that are about smells?[View]
80812440Which is the superior album and why is it [spoiler]A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.[/spoiler][View]
80812634>saves Rock >didn't graduate yet >haven't released their debut album yet We do no…[View]
80812101AOTY: holy shet Transphobes BTFO[View]
80812520ITT albums /mu/ forgot: post links for our newfriends you elitist fucks https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
80811057/rym/: Fakerating edition[View]
80812322ok wtf i wanted to search for the money store and then i get this shit[View]
80811043NEW NICKELBACK VIDEO: Unironically kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep2gJDbTsro[View]
80812522What happened??[View]
80812478The Grateful Dead was not a real band. It was a CIA front to distribute LSD.[View]
80812470>Think album is amazing >Music theory fag calls it shit and totally BTFO my arguments Why do …[View]
80806301And thats a good thing[View]
80805878Korean Synth Pop: I've been drinking a lot of soda pops today and looking through a bunch of Ko…[View]
80807454Kendrick Lamar is greater than Kanye West, be humble sit down. TPAB is greater than anything Kanye W…[View]
80812127Woman, amen.[View]
80810075Elliot Smith: Does someone still listen to him?[View]
80798308New Pale Waves song - Kiss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvTKiz_Sbqk[View]
80812216How the fuck is this shit even like listened to. Cheesiest shit I've ever even heard. Bunch of …[View]
80806701Boards of Canada are talentless hacks: these guys are shit. you literally cannot prove that these gu…[View]
80812176Can someone recommend music with a similar sound to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgwMe2f0bi0…[View]
80811957post your favourite boiler room sets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxM0bxsJEuI[View]
80809019LET'S ARGUE[View]
80806955Thoughts on SAMPLING?[View]
80811731will he ever recover?[View]
80812082>The cop shot the kid[View]
80807130why do you people like this garbage?[View]
80811163MILEY WHAT'S GOOD[View]
80811444>I dislike heavy metal[View]
80810325More like blood sugar sex booger[View]
80811312What kind of people unironically listen to 21 Pilots and Ed Sheeran?[View]
80812015#1 Summerjam[View]
80806803What music education does he have?[View]
808046315x5 overall extravaganza[View]
80811922This song is about parents jumping on a trampoline with their son with no legs or arms wishing he wo…[View]
80811744Does /mu/ enjoy Vulfpeck? What's your favorite song of theirs?[View]
80802094/MFSATCITD/: music for staring at the ceiling in the dark all kind of music for existential dread an…[View]
80807939if you could listen for only one swans era for the rest of your life, which one would it be?[View]
80808866Kanye West hate thread.[View]
80811747Dude, this shit is awful: How can you watch these old heads barely convey fractions of a thought for…[View]
80806275Deathconciousness: Finally going to knock this shit off my backlog. It's first listen time.…[View]
80808345This is my friend Andrew: Say something nice about him![View]
80810740KPOP GENERAL[View]
80809111I need more stoner guitar stuff[View]
80809812What's more embarrassing, still listening to metal as an adult or still listening to hip hop as…[View]
80811602Are you against artists like Nas and Kanye using community feedback to change their records?[View]
80811466Bet you're surprised huh?[View]
80811348R63 Albums: Post an album and its opposite sex equivalent.[View]
80803948ITT: your jam bleep bloop album or track both shameless guilty pleasures and critically acclaimed on…[View]
80802462What does mu think about my small collection?[View]
80809902Elon sucking up grimes' ethics and creativity for flamethrower money[View]
80811464ITT: the bits that makes you go harder than anything else >LOVERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN >SINCE THE W…[View]
80809856How come all the good tracks are 3:30~3:33 minutes long?[View]
80792496SOPHIE: holy shit THE SOUND[View]
80810341Slayer? More like gayer![View]
80806405Rate, hate and recommend: title[View]
80810023What does /mu/ think of my schools 'Consent Jingle'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDUiQoUMyw8…[View]
80808983miss me yet?[View]
80811309What artist does /mu/ adore the most?: Swans has the most albums on pic related at 5 with Death Grip…[View]
80811278Holy shit. Why is this not on Spotify anymore?[View]
80808285One copy of the whole Merzbox on CD please. My friend and I are gonna have a long listening session.[View]
80793755name a 9+/10 rock album from the past three years[View]
80811170>there are people who think this is better than Narkopop at least Narkopop didn't have the s…[View]
80810599Thoughts on this instrument?[View]
80808064name an album with better basslines[View]
80801288Isn't 24 Track Loop a legit drum n bass song from 1979[View]
80807701This or Unknown Pleasures: You can only keep one. Which one do you save?[View]
80810404How much did you enjoy this album?[View]
80809823name our band /mu/[View]
80804373last 7 days thread: post em[View]
80809330Can any of guys recommend any music that normies will like that is actually good? Gonna be hanging o…[View]
80787965Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Spotify: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism…[View]
80810957post when artists made fun of other artists[View]
80810753I need help /mu/ I'm looking for IDGAF music. In the vein of Jimmy Buffet, or the Refreshments …[View]
80807789>removes Keep Your Eyes Peeled Ah, perfect.[View]
80810913underrated album underrated group[View]
80808606Is there a more chad musician this generation?[View]
80809841>Hey kid, what's that 'skrat skrat, eezy eezy' ya listening? Come here listen to REAL music …[View]
80810081/punk/: Peace Punk edition Punk rock, hardcore, post-punk, goth, crust, etc. Post what you're c…[View]
80809916KPOP GENERAL[View]
80798376Vinyl Thread: Hey guys! I'm just about to upgrade my vinyl setup and I'm looking for some …[View]
80809012Favorite song from 1920-1930? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mOkA6TknMtk[View]
80810672How come people say music started in 1910 even though it started in 1953?[View]
80807332Why does everyone underrate this album so hard?[View]
80810626More like this.[View]
80809103Was Kurt Cobain the original soi bo (basedboy)?[View]
80810143Why do you pretend to like this shit? Why do you lie to yourself? Just be honest. You don't lik…[View]
80810417Is there such thing today as an album not getting leaked before release? The only music I can think …[View]
80809169If you arent good looking quit music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB5sEsFEIb8 Youre not special.…[View]
80809913Anyone got any good techno recs? Specifically acid and industrial techno.[View]
80808491Did Weezer invent pandering to internet memers with the Pork and Beans music video?[View]
80810308What is this? Synth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBSotxpthXQ[View]
80809931>Bull Session with the 'Big Daddy'[View]
80808707Elseq vs NTS[View]
80809274Dio or Lemmy: Me and a cunt is in an argument on who we miss the most Dio, or Lemmy help a lad out…[View]
80810111>Tfw Madlib will never sample your music[View]
80809331I'm feeling like an extrovert today and I want to slay and be iconic af. No more introspective …[View]
80800656non-English rap thread let's see which language rap sound's best in i'll start https…[View]
80796934ITT:: Interesting pictures of musicians[View]
80809427Was he an autist?[View]
80810012SHITTY MUSIC: Does somebody heard Houdini by DG i got a theory about thaty song AND THE THEORY ITS A…[View]
80808402>that 26 year old boomer who still listens to trance[View]
80809096husbando thread: Post your husbandos[View]
80809815Can I have a minute of your time to talk about the mighty Andrew WK?[View]
80808678KPOP GENERAL[View]
80809318john lennon just got murdered in new york[View]
80808691Wheres da nas album at doe[View]
80809748What actually really pisses those who run and subventionize this board off is when you post your own…[View]
80809741That shit's great. Thoughts?[View]
80809684Good German Language Music: Is there any good German/Swiss/Austrian music other than just crappy ein…[View]
80807037play count thread: lets see your play counts for different albums /mu/.[View]
80809075A Silver Mt Zion: Are we ever going to get a new album? Fuck Off Get Free was incredible, one of my …[View]
80809573There's something unnerving about seeing one of your favorite artists not being known and recog…[View]
80809629/dgg/ death grips general: year of the snitch leak when?[View]
80797774SOUNDCLOUD SHARETHREAD: yo know tha rules[View]
80808355Buckleys if they were alive today[View]
80809412Can a kind anon post the flowchart?[View]
80778413SHARETHREAD: PC Set [0,4,7]: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, ye…[View]
80809520Have you taken the Petepill yet?[View]
80809482Anyone got any raw real rap similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHg4CGwG9kI[View]
80808199HOLY SHIT[View]
80809214/mu/ haters absolutely BTFO[View]
80808457What are some catchy songs that sound like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRXRYAoCt2w[View]
80804256>I own over 500 Grateful Dead tapes[View]
80801557Can you recommend me the best music from these 5 regions of Latin America?[View]
80808424What does /mu/ think Kid Amnesiac would look like: If Radiohead were to have made Kid A and Amnesiac…[View]
80804895He doesn’t >Make his own music >Write his own music Yet is called a “””””genius”””””…[View]
80809141Holy shit![View]
80808037holy shit[View]
80808571Anyone else excited?[View]
80808739meat puppets II: Why is this never posted here? Its really good[View]
80808835Good ambient or post-rock to come out this year so far?[View]
80808899>when you dont check the tags of an album and just later realize you were scrobbling it wrong…[View]
80808923why the fuck is this not out yet. its been done for like 3 days and kids see ghosts was out at like …[View]
80808908While you're waiting on YOTS... check this out: https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/lucas-acid…[View]
80807687>first song on the album is over 10 minutes long[View]
80808814*defends pop punk*[View]
80806389he's pointing at us[View]
80806886*SNAP*: ITT: post musicians ready to add you to their cringe compilation[View]
80806325Hot take:: Bands like these use the excuse of a barebones genre to try to hide behind the fact they …[View]
80807277>Used to really be into noisy/droney and experimental music >Recently been listening to mainst…[View]
80808616>go to cousin's graduation >pomp and circumstance plays >no pomp >it's just ci…[View]
80807625KPOP GENERAL[View]
80808560Duffer brothers from stranger things ripped off a track used in this neat movie. The part is at 5:10…[View]
80808142Sorry, but I have to fight this battle every time it comes up. MMT was an album compiled by Capitol …[View]
80808459how much cheddar do u think he makes a year?[View]
80805840Damon Albarn can't make good music anymo-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCet4yrfp4o&t=15…[View]
80790241ITT: We rate Fantano's 10s[View]
80802882Is this an Industryplant? Cardi B came from nothing to the top of the charts and has features with b…[View]
80806475>You will never be both gay and depressed enough to fully understand this album.…[View]
80806016Freeeeeee > Kids See Ghosts > Feel the Love > Louis Prima > Fire > Cudi Montage > …[View]
80808438ITT: We invent genres: I have an idea for a genre where it's just sub-bass and hi hats and noth…[View]
80805515Why is Despacito such a great song?[View]
80805913bubble gum bass got old in 2014 why are normies just now getting around to praising it?[View]
80808391Holy shit[View]
80804963Who greenlit this absolute piece of shit?[View]
80806030Why do people shit on it?[View]
80807405daily reminder if you can't review an album without mentioning you've been raped. you are …[View]
80808267AOTY coming in hot[View]
80808178Anthony Fantano is a better human being than nirvana[View]
80805693/petzold/ - Classical Edition: Post Bach >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/moder…[View]
80807351More music with Queen-like chorals? I love Jellyfish, I don't like Queen, I would like to extra…[View]
80808133/afg/ - American Football General: Whats next for these guys lads?[View]
80807989ITT: 808s. Post an album and anons have to listen to 808s[View]
80806355album cover revelations: Low >profile[View]
80806211ITT: Bands with 2 drummers[View]
80807595>'grimes is the american bjork'[View]
80807953Album where you only like one track: >Bonjour[View]
80806839>IF >I >WOULD >COULD >YOU?…[View]
80807657Reminder that thanks to third-wave feminism, no woman will ever be this creative, innovative and dar…[View]
80800553Just released my first dong. What do you think?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59V7SoDqj9U…[View]
80806777Post your AOTYSF and SOTYSF: >album Brandi Carlile - By the Way, I Forgive You 8/10 >song Spir…[View]
80807605Is Orange Crate Art an underrated album?[View]
80807524>pop band that pretend they're indie[View]
80806590KPOP GENERAL[View]
80807310Why does this cover make me so fuckin mad? Look at that face she makes when she strains to sing http…[View]
80805518im upset cause i just lost in court and now have to continue taking anti-psychotic meds against my w…[View]
80805391Absolutely fire mix: https://soundcloud.com/austindiduch/patiochella Putting this on repeat it’s sum…[View]
80807347>Pitchfork doesn't bother reviewing any of the 5 AOTY contenders btw, holy shit this album…[View]
80791002ITT: The Big 4 of all genres: Starting with Post-Punk >Joy Division >The Smiths >The Cure …[View]
80804555Music video kino thread https://youtu.be/z5WrgDzNIZ0 https://youtu.be/Nkp48SZ0Gf4[View]
80799859/mu/ I can't stop listening to Pinkerton. Do you all have any other recommendations similar to …[View]
80807206Drop the album Kanye[View]
80806014old school 80s/90s Visual kei thread: Anyone here listen to older visual kei? It's really good.…[View]
80781221/gg/ - /gg/uitarfa/gg/ & bassfa/gg/ /gg/eneral: You're not a real /gg/uitarist and you neve…[View]
80806522If I start a massive pirate radio station with narration over every song that plays, will that be co…[View]
80804958>sleep pretty darling do not cry[View]
80807140https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELB-J6q-Whk Indie rock revival when?[View]
80807117>song references 808s fuck you kanye for starting that shit[View]
80803465This is peak Kanye: This is peak Kanye, say something nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUBUTYWP0…[View]
80806805SOPHIE: This is shit.[View]
80807048is /mu/ avant-garde enough to appreciate my boy Yung Beef? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1NBVbubs…[View]
80805582he's going to give it a 10[View]
80806582Does /mu/ like no wave?[View]
80806591Is this the peak of lyrics?[View]
80806680/bocg/ - Boards of Canada general Let’s talk about the best electronic group to ever exist and one o…[View]
80797543Lana Del Rey: Is Lana's feverish passion authentic or not?[View]
80806160she will save 2018 from being a mediocre year in music[View]
80804654Industrial is the worst genre: It's all just noise or mallgoth shit[View]
80804943Am I the only that considers Pussy Nigga to be a separate entity from Tekashi6ix9ine? Like I know th…[View]
80806399How do you go from this....[View]
80805153>there are people who have not yet realised that Abbey Road is the best and greatest album of all…[View]
80806529woah... so this is what the average SOPHIE fan looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82RiBbdwV…[View]
80797404Name a better live album. You literally can't. Excellent mixing, a bit of audience banter witho…[View]
80806219Holy Shit: wtf I love metal now[View]
80806025Thinking about going into sound engineering: I'm still in high school so I want to start prepar…[View]
80797990Remember me?[View]
80803984how do i make music like john maus and early ariel pink? do i need to buy equipment? I have a thinkp…[View]
80797255Kanye is such a nice and genuine human being. just look at this photo of him posing with a fan with …[View]
80805701>Going to a summer part time job tomorrow >Have absolutely no playlist ready How do normies g…[View]
80803186yesterday's poll continued: do you like grimes or not? pick only one option. https://www.strawp…[View]
80805349>Gives a Korn a higher score than Disintegration Pet Sounds Kid A Sgt Pepper The Queen is Dead Lo…[View]
80803773Atrocity Exhibition was Ex-Military but actually good[View]
80806095ladies and gentleman: this is mambo #5[View]
80804332How does it feel to know you will never be able to appreciate classical music?[View]
80805190Guys Was the first song on this album the very first hip hop beat ever?[View]
80805489This guys comes up dressed in a Doraemon costume and slaps your girl's ass. How do you respond?[View]
80802766The Bends: Discuss[View]
80805299somebody explain to me the hype around brockhampton they aint got no bars no quotable lyrics beats a…[View]
80804756Do you prefer this album with or without Happy Cycling?[View]
80805031KPop General[View]
80805002Viper is the only interesting thing to happen to hip hop in the last 10 years[View]
80804752>She's busy sucking on my ding-dong[View]
80802980Wait this is so good wtf[View]
80805933https://youtu.be/WYDiLJPJ24g What genre is this influenced by? Swing? I need more...[View]
80798210Why do musicians charge for their work or even think other people should hear it? Is this not egotis…[View]
80801097Did someone listen to this?[View]
80803682How does this guy get away with calling metal nihilistic and no fun when he gives Bruce Springsteen …[View]
80802433Semen ovaries semen semen I wanna fuck Anne Frank I want to kiss Anne Frank I want to put my fingers…[View]
80803352Okay, it's recording /mu/. Tell me about your favorite female pop artist and no, you can't…[View]
80795893Only seven more days until Year of the Snitch[View]
80805729TOP 5 Albums in his discography?: For me it's: 1. The Glow Pt 2 2. Mount Eerie 3. A Crow Looked…[View]
80803886so are we gonna talk the aoty or keep sleeping?[View]
80804337>enjoy industrial music >start branching out to more bands and simultaneously learning about i…[View]
80801532wtf is up with this shrill harmonica? Even at low volumes this shit is so piercing it's almost …[View]
80805616Does the world have enough useless electronic music or do we have enough yet? Perhaps you guys have …[View]
80805588Music video: Hello there internet's best corner! Music video thread commencing. https://www.you…[View]
80803157no matter how harmless my music opinion is someone here will tell me to kill myself because of it[View]
80805295Bum Tickley hehehehehehehehehehehehe>hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe>hehehehehe…[View]
80805139What does /mu/ think of this new R&B / electropop / Tame Impala Currents-esque EP?[View]
80804168Does anyone have suggestions for phone music players? Google play won't continue in the backgro…[View]
80798384give me some i-have-no-friends-core please /mu/[View]
80804679Is he secretly the Dame tu cosita guy?[View]
80803227Has anyone here had any success busking? What sort of music do you play? I’m really fucking skint so…[View]
80798604ITT: Albums with only one good track on them >D.A.N.C.E.[View]
80804865What are some albums that sound like watching some aliens on the desert at night?[View]
80805039Is there any music by dead musicians?[View]
80804587Any Morocco music recs?[View]
80805253More like pic related? Albums you would kys to.\ It's a sad day boiz.[View]
80804715anybody here like Paramore?[View]
80805071Change my mind: Hey QT is the natural conclusion of pop music. Devoid of soul, hyperfeminine, corpor…[View]
80803819>mfw i pirate a real estate album[View]
80801144kpop sucks[View]
80790424Why do plebs think that people who enjoy what they don't must be pretending? If you don't …[View]
80797293Can we all just appreciate that this exists[View]
80804250KPOP GENERAL[View]
80804550Gang of four: This is better than entertainment[View]
80804815>watches Shark Tale once[View]
80790972>tfw a 19 year old female saved rock[View]
80804822/mu/'s thoughts on Despacito 2 ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hnj_EMDUfjY[View]
80803421Want to hear something played on a cello?[View]
80804610ITT: gay bar-core[View]
80802032Music for that feel[View]
80804374la creatura[View]
80804666>reach world cup, only to be left on the bench for the cameras >shitty teammates cant close ou…[View]
80804517Post rare death grips pictures[View]
80801658I don't get it. I think I prefer Sgt. Pepper over this. Am I just a pleb?[View]
80804591Don't you ever forget.[View]
80804675What do you think caused his depression?[View]
80804729CAN'T. STOP. LISTENING.: https://youtu.be/p_1zF8lKAeQ[View]
80804112More like the super mash Bros brawl theme pls[View]
80803148Who is the PhantomStrider of gorenoise?[View]
80803612>Only seven days until Bad Witch Trent's gonna leak it soon right?…[View]
80802430Are there any music related sites you can recommend? I still use Pitchfork for news and recommendati…[View]
80799278Is this worth listening to?[View]
80803797best song on the downward spiral? in my opinion it's Dead Souls. joy divison's cover was p…[View]
80800980Damn, I thought Varg was just a meme, but he made great music.[View]
80800287Want to hear something played on a cello?[View]
80803688When did you realize music nowadays sucks because there are no solos?[View]
80801064What music do you listen to while having sex[View]
80797036ITT: Albums to listen to while staring up at the ceiling in the dark: I made this thread yesterday b…[View]
80803928Nobody is even talking about this. Really great dreamy new album by Melody.[View]
80804350Alright /mu/ Here's what we're gonna do >Go to /v/ >Start raid threads that say: …[View]
80804182ITT: your favorite pictures of artists[View]
80804325musicians: are musicians the worst people in the world? self-entitlement, self-absorbed, and pothead…[View]
80801787Who's the Armond White of music critics?[View]
80801678found this by accident. how do I find moar ? I'm in love. https://youtu.be/0M-XC5YvbCk[View]
80804237What should I name my band mu?[View]
80803623KPOP GENERAL: world cup edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVvHYtZe5ko https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
80804206http://archive.is/0e0sN: http://archive.is/0e0sN Hey uhhh where can I listen to this album[View]
80798712Intuition by Jewel was playing at the grocery store yesterday. This has to be the single worst piece…[View]
80803969Thoughts on Temples?[View]
80801398has iggy fallen out of favour with /mu/?[View]
80803068This is the worst one yet. I can't get thru the WEWUZZKANGZ and POLICEKILLZBLACKZ shit anymore.…[View]
80800456i wanna show jamie stewart my cock![View]
80801555I'm upset Fifty thousand on my head, it's disrespect So offended that I had to double chec…[View]
80803763>I can’t take no more tears from my eyes[View]
80803982“I did not end up attending the concert because my idiot ex boyfriend 'lost our tickets' t…[View]
80800858Anyone a composer here? How do I compose good orchestral battle music? I need it for my game. Any tu…[View]
80793264>synthpop isnt his favorite genre fuck you whore[View]
80789516Rate thread[View]
80803561Kein Brot essen!: Low carbs high fett fur life! #yeastsideisthebest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
80797776how do i level up: hi /mu/. my favorite bands are > swans (new era) > black eyes > women …[View]
80803707This album goes hard[View]
80798962Why is the opposite of this so rare?[View]
80799710anyone excited about grimes' new music? here's a snippet from one of her new songs: https:…[View]
80803652baby i got a plan runaway fast as you can[View]
80803043kpop general: pray for good health[View]
80797507ITT: Sexiest albums to jerk off to: Weird question, I know, but what are your favorite sexy albums /…[View]
80803583ITT: Underappreciated rap albums on /mu/: More rap like this? Why isn't this ever discussed on …[View]
80800834Tim Hecker - Virgins: Listening to this for the first time. It's freaky, but I like it so far. …[View]
80803562What does /mu/ think about Rittz?[View]
80802077Which one is better, /mu/[View]
80802900>start as a Christian band >Start lifting for Jesus >Lose faith but keep playing to the Chr…[View]
80796382What does /mu/ think of electro swing?[View]
80803234How do I get into Classical music? post your favorite classical or entry level pieces idk[View]
80803366Hey I'm also sitting in a room[View]
80802662Your favourite DnB track? I honestly think this is peak DnB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAwi7oG…[View]
80801203How comes when an artist who originally did good music back in the day makes a comeback album/single…[View]
80802688Is this a typical Death Grips fan?: https://youtu.be/SQHJZ8DrRmw[View]
80799646Thank you Mr. West: >single handedly saved hip hop over the course of 4 weeks >dropped 4 class…[View]
80802931reeds seed and feed[View]
80803098ITT: Dishonest songwriting[View]
80802944Is it kino?[View]
80801843post your favourite Bowie album[View]
80801666ITT: Post comfy morning music The Flashbulb - Dormant (Movement 1 through 7) [2018] [Album] https://…[View]
80802439KPOP GENERAL[View]
80798315putting out an APB for anyone that's ever fucked Lorde in any capacity. she talks about it so m…[View]
80801779Well /mu/?[View]
80802925just woke up from a nightmare about accidentally smothering my new born child music to forget the im…[View]
80802798How do unintentional leaks happen?[View]
80802863/jazz/: Feel free to discuss and listen to jazz, and if you'd like to get into it (or just need…[View]
80801899I thought Kanye was past all this WE WUZ KANGZ shit? Why'd he work with him?[View]
80802742Who was a bigger influence on Hip Hop, Gucci or Kanye?[View]
80802574ITT: albums you were disappointed by[View]
80802234Do you like sewerslvt, formerly known as sadboy sheldon? Any other sadwave you would recommend?[View]
80796550well it's official grimes is official /ourgirl/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRl5wi8JCnA…[View]
80799566Now that the dust has settled...can we all agree Hybrid Theory was a good album?[View]
80778435/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riVlKG0f0Ow[View]
80800606ITT alt right songs Based af song here >Gunter gleben glaben globen = Hitler >pretty fly for a…[View]
80800370The lyrics of Despacito are actually quite deep and philosophical. I know many people hate the song,…[View]
80801374Jorja Smith: First album, solid 8/10 for me. Any thoughts ?[View]
80801745Are these guys any good ? Also, best album. Cheers.[View]
80775627/metal/: butt edition old >>80761661[View]
80800761Depressed Americans Core: Gimmie albums that reflects the current american depression problem mostly…[View]
80797844post an album without actually posting it i'll start with an easy one[View]
80802540RIFF RAFF LAYING DOWN THE LAW ON THOTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL14jzvm3rA Riff Raff is one…[View]
80789755Why is it so popular to hate on Post-Malone? What did he ever do to anyone?[View]
80801819KPOP GENERAL[View]
80802053itt: quotable albums I MUST HAVE READ A THOUSAND FACES[View]
80801981When is the new nas gonna be streamable wtf[View]
80802350CHECK EM: also leak the album pls[View]
80801525This would be such a good record if there was no electric guitar abuse. JUST LEAVE THE POOR THING BE…[View]
80801990TRUMP'S GONNA FREE BOBBY SHMURDA http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2018/06/president-trump-reportedly-…[View]
80798641how do i get a body like trent[View]
80801436Ross from Friends - Project Cybersyn [2018] [Single]: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAbn…[View]
80791899NASIR ALBUM STREAM IN 27 MINUTES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHdd2f-9dEc[View]
80797431>No 6ix9ine >No Lil Xan >No Bhad Babie >No NBA YOUNGBOY Is this the most based XXL cover…[View]
80801028KPOP GENERAL[View]
80801404damn rym has my respect[View]
80801712Favorite new albums of the week: State Champs - Living Proof Culture Abuse - Bay Dream The Gaslight…[View]
80801070ITT: The superior album[View]
80794818Cat Poser: My favorite albums are What Would the Community Think? and You Are Free. Her early music …[View]
80801632he's just such a fucking genius[View]
80799543I wish the milk-man would deliver my milk. In the morning.[View]
80801580new albur track is so great https://youtube.com/watch?v=q_QoGfeQq_A[View]
80765454Post 11/10 albums[View]
80799850I hate the sex sounds, who the fuck thought they were a good idea and whyyy????[View]
80796677What is the name of this genre with these le post ironic internet depression teenagers ripping off m…[View]
80799359>mfw I listen to Coil[View]
80797796White Pepper > Quebec[View]
80801352>tfw practicing guitar on a lazy Saturday while watching The Greatest Story Never Told: can you g…[View]
80795516thoughts on nas new album? i personally think kanye carried the album and nas sounded out of touch[View]
808010823 rules, 1 request.: > touhou music > relaxing music > on iTunes Store. My legs are open fo…[View]
80801052Lyrics that make you think: >I saw a goddess at a pizza joint >She hit my weak spot at a cruci…[View]
80797687bangers only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmADF07dT_A[View]
80801238Has there ever been a feud between UK and US rappers?[View]
80796785how does xxxtentacion have fans? wow you sampled garbage song that sampled a garbage loop and then m…[View]
80800317fav track off this?[View]
80800505KPOP GENERAL[View]
80800234Real musician >has talent >plays on e or more instruments >can sing Rapper >?…[View]
80800944>Oh, I could drink a case of you, darling >And I would still be on my feet >Oh, I would sti…[View]
80800844Soundcloud: What's Up tonight /mu/? Just gonna start a soundcloud thread. This link is to one o…[View]
80800380Is it stupid to start a life path/ career in music at 21? even though i havent had any musical exper…[View]
80786403/emo/ Discuss emo and related genres, post your favorites and what you've been listening to, ha…[View]
80799993>tfw you realize K-Pop is the teleological conclusion to the history of music…[View]
80800625Is this the best screamo album?[View]
80793398JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: A website I found. Tune in, jam out, chat and stuff. You can come ba…[View]
80800362Is he releasing AOTY today?[View]
80799775What are some good industrial metal bands?[View]
80799711What did Nas mean by this >On the first track of Nasir, Nas mentions various U.S. presidents, rap…[View]
80799327Were the 2000s worse than the 2010s have bene for music? I think so. 2010s have been higher quality.…[View]
80800450https://soundcloud.com/kevinxlozano/vortex: https://soundcloud.com/kevinxlozano/vortex[View]
80798644spotify when: spotify when[View]
80799713kpop general[View]
80798310what does /mu/ think of this?[View]
80798467Would she be nearly as impressive as a dude?[View]
80799313Well........now that dust is over.... hop hip is officialy dead..... what now?[View]
80796210What did he mean by this?[View]
80797249Damn Rachel Goswell was such a waifu[View]
80799955What the fuck, why didn't you guys tell me this was good?[View]
80796547>Hey anon, do you wanna hang out and listen to Ween? Maybe afterwards we can watch Bill & Ted…[View]
80791105Can anyone explain to me why this is regarded so highly?? What made it great because I don't un…[View]
80795977/dungeon synth/ Lord Chaduceus Xul comfy synth edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zhonFtBBfQ …[View]
80799890Post stupid 80s bullshit you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N1iwQxiHrs https://www.youtube.co…[View]
80799904>starts dancing to songs that aren't meant to be danced to >pauses the album in the middl…[View]
80799938Gib music for when you can’t sleep Pic related?[View]
80789681Sorry but what exactly is so psychedelic about the Grateful Dead?: After hearing so much about the G…[View]
80799876I have a question for you mu: do people actually listen to Internet radio? I'm asking because m…[View]
80795877name my band /mu/[View]
80799868Why does their new single sound like a Bond theme?[View]
80799848does anyone here know enough nip to translate what those letters say on the fishmans website?[View]
80798698ITT: Fuck you, I didn't like it[View]
80791744anonymous music: 1) post your original music via VOCAROO 2) whatever you do, don't post your s…[View]
80799742Ding ding A Brem Brem A ring ding ding ding ding A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg A ring ding ding d…[View]
80798212>summer >start listening to reggaeton again…[View]
80798881KPOP GENERAL[View]
807985032018 Sucks: Where is the good music this year? Kanye shits out two awful albums. Nas is ded. FJM goe…[View]
80798834Industrial: ITT: Your favorite Industrial bands/songs On a side note, I've been getting into ea…[View]
80799235She was so positive and wholesome and genuine. Why did (((they))) let her get so big? https://www.yo…[View]
80799253Holy shit! They made a movie about 6ix9ine's hit single![View]
80798859oblige me with the benefit of your[View]
80799025ITT: Retards[View]
80799321>Please allow me to introduce myself; >I'm a man of wealth and taste.…[View]
80798369Nights by Frank Ocean: Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Just re…[View]
80795471post an album other people reply with 'based' or cringe[View]
80798273Is ASMR music?: If ambient and noise can be music, can ASMR be music? Asking for a friend. https://w…[View]
80794702Why do hispanics like Sonic Youth so much?[View]
80796566Lamp: tfw anon hasn't even listened to best lamp record yet[View]
80799272the trillest waves: is there any user that can point me towards the top most tier of trill wave/ vap…[View]
80796769Thank god.[View]
80793085ITT: sad shit. I'm going through some shit lately. Trust issues, dealing with the fact that I g…[View]
80799071What are you listening to right now famalam?[View]
80799143This is the greatest song in the history of mankind. You can't prove me wrong. https://www.yout…[View]
80798853Steven Francis: What are your thoughts on the best music reviewer in the game?[View]
80793334Dame tu cosita Uh uh Dame tu cosita Uh AY[View]
80793934Jesus Christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80796602Alright Boys let's hear em. All time favorite album, no matter what other people think, what al…[View]
80798380okay, it's a classic[View]
80798969Thee More Shallows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyYovR46BUg Can anyone recommend any bands simil…[View]
80798927Alternative Folk Recs: People who incorporate folk music into newer sounding stuff? Pic related http…[View]
80797445Does anyone know any music similar to PIL's Second Edition and/or The Pop Group's Y? I…[View]
80793851I just listened to Kanye and Death Grips and hated them Can someone give me any other /mu/core bands…[View]
80798485why aren't you listening to him right now?[View]
80798872Why doesn't this cool lad get more love? Every album he releases is at least a 7/10.[View]
80798865suicide's second album: what did we think of it, /mu/? i actually like it and think it's o…[View]
80796465Why do people assume that disliking sampling automatically means you're a 'retarded rockist?' S…[View]
80797086Private Music Torrent Sites: Why are you not at Redacted yet, /mu/? You are missing out on the bigg…[View]
80798426New Pale Waves Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvTKiz_Sbqk[View]
80796620To what extent has punk rock influenced the modern antifa movement?[View]
80795740Everyone I know... goes away in the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQRmCy6LfjI[View]
80796589honest question. do you think rock music will ever be relevant again?[View]
80794109>Saves rock >Still has to get marked before she can get into a club her band is headlining at…[View]
80796256The Rock revolution is coming, and it won't be televised [spoiler]on mtv[/spoiler][View]
80796910Jennifer Gentle you’re a witch You’re the left side He’s the right side Oh, no![View]
80797279Someone in high school mentioned that the guitarist from the B-52s (Ricky Wilson) used two thin bass…[View]
80797023KPOP GENERAL[View]
80769377/classical/: Guilty pleasure edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdxvC7NNSLQ >General Folder…[View]
80793097I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
80791806What do you think music will be like in the 2020s?[View]
80796499just got ghosted by the girl i was most interested in: any music for this feel pic related[View]
80792004paramore: hayley williams might be the best frontwoman. think about it: - great voice with a very ni…[View]
80796335Shinoda's Post Traumatic just came out, thoughts?[View]
80798240>If I get locked up I won't finish the sent-[View]
80797228this was pretty good[View]
80797873After spending the last 4 months listening to every album on this chart in full (almost 2 weeks of m…[View]
80797322how the fuck do you walk a jazz bass line? it's so fucking hard but i can't stop trying, i…[View]
80791669Is there a song as perfect as Bound 2?[View]
80791968Please, recommend me stuff similar to MCR ( The Black Parade specifically )[View]
80795095can he be stopped?: >soon to be 8 for 8 on billboard top 10 >50cent literally gave him the key…[View]
80798060Are they a guilty pleasure or did they define the decade?[View]
80786002Yall heard em boys, rock and metal is dead 'thank god'. Now lets listen to some 'superiour' hip hop …[View]
80796917Top five album ever written, arguably the best album in history.[View]
80798029solamente good shit allowed see the pictura[View]
80795215nas old ass couldnt handle kanye's production smfh sounded like a rapper in the xxl freshman li…[View]
80796005What is the saddest album?[View]
80797941>She's in love with herself[View]
80797180This is the definitive pleb filter.[View]
80797621So Florence and the Machine has another album coming out at the end of this month. Never heard her m…[View]
80797852hello, why are they called The Radioheads? Thanks[View]
80797916Did Skrillex actually make a good remix?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAbSeSMjyPY[View]
80795620you now remember this album came out[View]
80796928AOTYSF: album of the year so far >rate >hate >whatever…[View]
80796980Was Suzanne Vega a manic pixie dream girl for 80's nerds? Who else filled that role? https://ww…[View]
80796751>No breakdowns >Not music[View]
80796952Kings X is the best live band out there and you’re wrong if you say otherwise[View]
80790775Was rap ever an exclusively black thing? The Beastie Boys never had any of the controversy that whit…[View]
80796879Does any goth rock album even come close?[View]
80795575If you were going to introduce someone to your favorite genre who has never heard anything from it b…[View]
80793568Artist Death grips said they were inspired by while making Year of The Snitch: https://youtu.be/p_1z…[View]
80797656I happen to enjoy this man's work that I ran across, but I am interested what other anons think…[View]
80797261Im glad Lvren and her back up dancers show first when you search for Synth Pop. Shes just amazing![View]
80796863I DECIDE WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES Yo, this EP is dope[View]
80797663'The End is the Doors deepest moment'[View]
80794895For Strapping Young Lad fans Is this album considered worthy of the SYL discog or it is just too dif…[View]
80796060Best/Worst/Over/Under: Y'all already know the drill Post album, rate best track, worst track, m…[View]
807955085x5 3x3 WEEK guess music, recommend personalities guess deathstyles stay in and talk[View]
80797019Why was he so depressed?[View]
80797212Did he survive?[View]
80789918Which one do you prefer?[View]
80796369What's the band you hear that you think no one else in your group of friends hear? Mine is cleo…[View]
80797182reggaeton will be the most popular genre of music by 2020.[View]
80797288found this song with 800 views. cant remember how i did, but it sounds alright to me. what do you gu…[View]
80797253studying music: last time I studied listening to this, and now i'm thinking to hear endtroducin…[View]
80797189What do you think of 070 Shake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktJ3kA3IQ2M[View]
80790812Much like Kiss and AC/DC and Van Halen, the vast majority of you faggots will never know the glory o…[View]
80797114ELLA LE GUSTA LA GASOLINA: 14 years and no reggaeton song has surpassed this masterpiece https://www…[View]
80796956why do most synthwave fans seem like the types of people who would shoot up a school given the chanc…[View]
80793820What are some other bands that were started primarily by the drummer?[View]
80794675Name my band /mu/[View]
80795502'I love it when he strums the chord and sings a sad thing' thread: Post your personal favorites Pic…[View]
80796845BUT I'M A CREEP[View]
80794001ITT: Albums that definitively sound like the era they were made in >for example pic related sound…[View]
80796989Aye black punk thread fuck normal niggas and the police too on everything I love.[View]
80793018RIP Chester Bennington: F[View]
80795509Is there anything more 'metal' than destroying your entire body with food? Obesity is one of the mos…[View]
80796923>tfw when cucked by that man named jose[View]
80791950>These two kawaii young men walk up to you and say Hey anon, I heard you don’t like Little Dark A…[View]
80795458KPOP GENERAL: BB cream edition[View]
80791546what's a great album with a shit album cover?[View]
80796788DESPACITO: dis nigga finna get despacito'd on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk…[View]
80796754this is the *best* album of all time[View]
80791645what does apu listen to, /mu/?[View]
80795596When will they ever come back? I miss them so much :/[View]
80796688this is very good !!! lil wayne[View]
80795335Get ready for AOTY.[View]
80796328https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjukJ9YkQmQ >THE ONLY WAY THAT I'LL SURVIVE >MUSIC MAKES …[View]
80796689*takesover your album and start singing*[View]
80796673I'm trying to find a song I listened to a while ago. In the video we see the guy (first person …[View]
80791534ITT: Artist who will never peak again[View]
80795438The best Elliott Smith album?[View]
80795616Is Tomahawk the best Mike Patton project?[View]
80796561Promise Rotica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoU_6HbnWk4[View]
80786864Is OPN for intellectuals?[View]
80796061New Nas Album Stream: I want to listen to this from the beginning to the end. Kinda seems like it st…[View]
80796459this album is unironically good[View]
80796186Recommendation on how to learn piano? I'd like to learn to play songs.[View]
80795610anyone got the link? it's not on spotify yet[View]
80796368Any post-hardcore people in /mu/?: Post your favorite band.... I'll start[View]
80796129>Saves rock, by releasing an immensely boring and one-note album with no distinct qualities Why d…[View]
80791413stream my album right now you fucking bottoms[View]
80793071>All this yeezy posting >No thread for his best album This used to be /mu/core man, what happe…[View]
80796294Albums to do a bunch of coke to and bump into people. 90s swing revival is 100% this.[View]
80796303https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wed671JOhGQ hello, /mu/ check out my shitty band[View]
80795861please listen to this album it's really fucking good[View]
80796248Has anyone else heard the instrumental to this song in House Hunters or am I just being fucking auti…[View]
80794015ITT: personal 10s[View]
80794503Jesus christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80794257Instrumental Albums: Fuck words, post instrumental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqRwPXtA0_4…[View]
80795036Tekashi 6ix9ine is literally the biggest threat to (((ZOG))) right now. He's using CIA binaural…[View]
80786477How many of you are actual professional musicians? Majority of income comes from music? There’s a lo…[View]
80795838Where do I find good online radios to listen to obscure 70s and 80s music? I don't want to use …[View]
80795835/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
80793876Looking in the mirror, Harry didn't like what he saw The cheeks of his mother, the eyes of his …[View]
80757837/daily/ - pazuzu edition: The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to an…[View]
80779646ITT: best voices in hip-hop[View]
80793957So this is what it's like to be a patrician.... Wow....Untitled Solo 4 made me feel like a kid …[View]
80795420I wasnt expecting an entire album dedicated to tax reform.[View]
80795685>Saved Rock >Hasn't even released their first album yet How did they do it?…[View]
80794041ITT: Masterpieces >pic related[View]
80794918He will be the last to fall.[View]
80795376Its finally out what do I think[View]
80795247Is the dementia finally setting in?[View]
80795086Just pre-ordered it today. Can't wait to hear this on vinyl.[View]
80794427Illmatic is literally better than any Prog Metal album.[View]
80795355Happy Thursday, /mu/ Let's get the weekend started off early and started off right. Kawaii desu…[View]
80795334DROP ENJOY BOYS https://vocaroo.com/i/s0AnEaKVLN0F[View]
80793917KPOP GENERAL[View]
80789962GG Allin: What is the general consensus of GG Allin on /mu/?[View]
80793410Hayley: the best singer in rock history. No debate.[View]
80780937Thoughts on this bitch?[View]
80795155>back in my day, we had real music >Nirvana, Sonic Youth, NWA, the list goes on…[View]
80794383WE WUZ[View]
80795209Kanye carried this nigga hard[View]
80790741ITT: Albums with zero (0) bad songs, any genre. I'll start with the most obvious one.[View]
80795139Funny album covers (intentional or not)[View]
80795003It's official Nasir > Illmatic >>>>>>>>>>> It Was Written …[View]
80793623What are your favorite playlists on Apple Music?[View]
80795001You motherfuckers know this shit is aoty[View]
80789010>title track is over 10 minutes long[View]
80794977Name some good post punk albums please.[View]
80794331>Caress of Steel >2112 >A Farewell to Kings >Hemispheres >Permanent Waves >Moving …[View]
80793149For me, it's Mission of Burma. The best post-punk band.[View]
80793710Queen of /mu/: Since Grimes was always a hack and she's finally off the market can we agree on …[View]
8079454520 years of musical/artistic 'innovation'. When will people finally admit that popular music has now…[View]
80794694post rym 5/5s: judge my normie ass[View]
80793424soundcloud track IDs: 1 - 458545311 2 - 448833174 3 - 448833180 4 - 458544609 5 - 458544192 6 - 4525…[View]
80792069What's his name, /mu/?[View]
80791303What are your favorite female artists?[View]
80782631New Gorillaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCet4yrfp4o[View]
80787854Why isn’t this considered /mu/core?[View]
80793793Jesus christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80794456ideal song length is 7-12 minutes long. fact.[View]
80792426Why did King Gizz bother putting 5 albums out last year when only the first one was any good ?[View]
80794155So is everyone enjoying the new Nas record? It’s his most experimental yet. I love how it’s inspired…[View]
80794394YOTS COVER EXPOSED: you may be wonder what the fuck is the yots cover well it's actually a setu…[View]
80794361Can anybody tell me what I don't see?[View]
80784460first nas album in SIX YEARS is dropping TONIGHT Short album entirely produced by Kanye there is no …[View]
80794276you gotta believe in something so why not believe in me[View]
80790192Post music qt’s that aren’t Grimes, Clairo or Snail Mail This is Nanna. She is my favorite <3[View]
80791947Why is he such an underrated guitar player, /mu/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrl3AQ_JydU…[View]
80790704Why did they stop? music hasnt been the same since :([View]
80792665Oh shit this is on apple music now[View]
80793815We've lost a legend. F[View]
80792467Literally perfect[View]
80793914man i miss Bowie[View]
80791870ITT: 10/10 albums[View]
80790860Shorten this to 13 tracks[View]
80791054>pays $85,000 for someone else's cover >takes his own cover with his iphone when did you …[View]
80792979>the lower the quality the better the song sounds what comes to mind /mu/?…[View]
80793688Just heard the news. F[View]
80792572JUST: Lil pump already developing a 'lean belly' when do you think his transformation to a washed up…[View]
80793620stop talking about hip hop you dumb faggot philistines. containment board when?[View]
80793186This is so perfect[View]
80793753ESCOBAR SEASON BEGINS: Is this a meme now?[View]
80792080KPOP GENERAL[View]
80793803Pepe album cover core: are there any others?[View]
80791871Does this scare you? Be honest.[View]
80793746Brapcore general /bcg/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf0dDLCnFAQ[View]
80781764Name a better hip hop release from this year that wasn't produced by Kanye[View]
80791446Jesus Christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80793546IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHdd2f-9dEc[View]
80793545>There may be no golden fleece...[View]
80792900>they don't think music is the ultimate form of art[View]
80791788punk: give punk recommendations[View]
80792722Should hip hop actually be called 'bang bang boogie': The term Hip Hop was coined by white NYC journ…[View]
80793150More like this?[View]
80788026ITT: Post Your Fives on RYM and Guess Shit About One Another[View]
80793279What is /mu/'s honest opinion of early-90's momcore sensation Jon Secada, the singer behin…[View]
80793151Pulp thread[View]
80793118BREAKING NEWS: .[View]
80793267All praise the new queen of /mu/[View]
80792247how can a song slap so hard? give me recommendations please friends[View]
80793158Game of Thrones OST - Main Theme (Piano Cover): https://youtu.be/QqRKuRcZJAM[View]
80788773ITT: post two albums released in the same year, other anons say which is better[View]
80791431NASIR: Aoty[View]
80789840Yellow Swans-being there: Thank you so much to the anon who recommended this to me. Listening to the…[View]
80792229Name my band[View]
807930762018 Featured Summer Mix: https://soundcloud.com/austindiduch/patiochella This is the mix you need t…[View]
80792654RIP Malcom Young: F[View]
80792609Reminder that they released a Post-Rock track and actually pulled it off quite well. https://www.yo…[View]
80790083Saosin thread[View]
80792886Ride with the mob Alhamdulallah Check in with me, and do ya job Ferg is the name Ben Baller did the …[View]
80792041That new @SOPHIEMSMSMSM jawn got me like.jpg[View]
80792874ITT: we share our playcounts of the official undisputed AOTY[View]
80791637did ugly mane already achieve what ye tried to conceptually accomplish?[View]
807893643x3 4x4 5x5 thread: rec rate guess or whatever have a good time[View]
80789677ITT: Industry plants: pic related, the ebin sad indie woman plant[View]
80792762Hey /mu/ remember me?[View]
80792915Hey, /mu/, I've recently acquired a qt3.14 Japanese (from Japan) girlfriend and she's into…[View]
80792887Is it kino approved?[View]
80791511>Lennon delighted in mocking Epstein for his homosexuality and for the fact that he was Jewish.[1…[View]
80788664How come /mu/ is the only music discussion site that doesn’t accept TPAB as one of the greatest albu…[View]
80792818The sunshine girl is sleeping She falls and dreams alone And me I am her dagger Too numb to feel her…[View]
80792720Claim your frontman[View]
80792746what does /mu/ think of Griselda Records?[View]
80792642What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
80791715Albums like pic related?[View]
80792574Post albums that remind you of better days[View]
80792387La Quiete: What tuning did La Quiete used on La fine è non la fine?[View]
80787320Music where the vocalist sounds like he's going insane: I love Death Grips and pic related larg…[View]
80792138/BBG/ Billboard Top100 General: Let's discuss some REAL music lads. https://www.billboard.com/c…[View]
80791743/advanced/ general: Welcome to /advanced/! Thread for those who've been listening to music seri…[View]
80792119post your favorite YMO/YMO-related album[View]
80790687Who’s the best bedroom pop artist /mu/?[View]
80791766Name a better rapper[View]
80790820Feels lyrics thread >Nobody broke your heart >You broke your own because you can't finish…[View]
80792237Yo this is peak indie[View]
80792400Shitty album covers to decent to great albums[View]
80792560Guys check this out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2oi03O4YHgg That stuff is what was sounding in ma…[View]
80792568Youtube Videos: What music videos have the best comments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkqOX7nOPa…[View]
807924382nd rate post-punk revival bands: Which 2nd rate post-punk revival band is the best? I mean bands wh…[View]
80789337what are your most listened to tracks in 2018? and as an aside, I love each and every one of you : …[View]
80791940Any recommendations for someone really into weezer?[View]
80792274*saves hip-hop[View]
80791302I want to learn how to play the electric guitar but have a couple questions. 1) What is a good reco…[View]
807896801. Your city. 2. How's your local punk scene?[View]
80791051>My name is [X], and I'm here to say... Holy shit, why was 80's rap so clunky and corny…[View]
80790630Death Grips General /dgg/: *cracks open bud light* how my fellow boomers doing tonight? what album y…[View]
80789153You're possibly queer if you dont try to talk to qt's at concerts.: I mean they're fe…[View]
80791268Thank an anon for an album they recommended you. Doesn't matter how long ago it was, just thank…[View]
80792077>But why blame you >You wouldn't be >If you could choose…[View]
80792068do people really like this generic mofo?[View]
80787923This is the best rap album of all time. Try to debate this[View]
80791726More like this? Absolutely magical, title track being a perfect 10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
80786525Post songs you find nostalgic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUSBXsd8NkQ https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
80774245>tfw AOTY drops in 2 days[View]
80792048I still believe in your eyes[View]
80791707Only the filthest most abrasive albums allowed ITT[View]
80790598KPOP GENERAL[View]
80790942fl studio problem: i suddenly cant hear my microphone recorded track (the burgandy one), whats wrong…[View]
80790505thoughts on helen marnie? anyone likes her music? a few examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq…[View]
80790988post music that takes you to a beautiful place[View]
80791797!, 2 oatmeal: I found this sweet song and I think more people need to know of it and sing it. https:…[View]
80791862Anyone heard the 'Christian' response to The Story of Adidion? This random dude got triggered by two…[View]
80791425Does anyone know the name of that ambient album with a green cover and a naked woman drawn near the …[View]
80791514Post a picture and people guess the song: Pic related[View]
80791593what yall think of Xavier Wulf?[View]
80791144/mu/'s opinion on bloodhound gang?[View]
80791450>Hold My Liquor is just heartbreaking, and particularly coming from where it's coming from –…[View]
80777318/chart bread/: old one is close to dying and i don't mind y'all shitting on me i'm st…[View]
80791732How do you feel about Nas' new album cover?[View]
80791417JET SKI ESKETIT[View]
80790581why isn't this anywhere[View]
80784413Virgin vs Chad thread[View]
80790767D I S C U S S[View]
80790847ITT: Weird shit you found on /mu/: See title. Pic related, some of you might remember that gay-ass t…[View]
80791655Jesus Christ almighty this album is shit[View]
80789777Trap is this generation's disco[View]
80790135Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci …[View]
80789545Beatles Memes/General thread, I guess: Is it true that the Beatles couldn't read musical notes …[View]
80791171>you slap bass whiteboi? what do, /mu/?[View]
80791318more comfy albums like this?[View]
80791400hey this is pretty good i like no i.d.'s production style is there anything else good he's…[View]
80791063post grime bangers lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQZlHwFCn6g[View]
80791455What is this album about? I love it but I'm confused[View]
80790032ITT: Good 2017 albums that /mu/ might have missed Nadah El Shazly - Ahwar https://nadahelshazly.band…[View]
80791317The /mu/ instagram page just posted his official chart. Is he going to ruin us?[View]
80782868Spell out the name of your favorite artist/musician using their song titles: >King Kunta >Elem…[View]
80789563>74 years old >still running around and putting on 2 hours shows i think he'll be fine…[View]
80791336Mariah Carey: So I've been getting into RnB/Pop RnB lately. Where should I start with pic relat…[View]
80789379in all seriousness, it's taken 6 years for popular music to catch up to Farrah Abraham[View]
80787315What music can I use to seduce this art hoe I know? Tame Impala doesn't work any more.[View]
80790380Does /mu/ like CHVRCHES? What did you think of 'Love is dead'?[View]
80791243Stop innovating.[View]
80778665You have ordered yours right anon?[View]
80791071>commits suicide by stabbing himself twice in the chest while having an argument with his girlfri…[View]
80790296>that one friend that listens to dadrock just to feel 'smart'[View]
80790059When did you realise he was a musical genius?[View]
80786674GOD IS IN MY FINGERS O D I S I N M Y H E A D[View]
80790911ITT Queer music <3[View]
80768977What feature do you wish your favorite vst had? /prod/: GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload W…[View]
80791095Are you hyped for new Nas album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHdd2f-9dEc[View]
80788119ITT: Rappers who talk about real shit and not just doing drugs and fucking bitches[View]
80791009Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides: This abum had so much fucking potential. I went into this beli…[View]
80790338what's the next big trend in /mu/sic now that clarbo has ruined diy pop and lil peep is dead?[View]
80788427Albums to fry your brain to.[View]
80789536This is a chart of my favorite albums. Thoughts?[View]
80790932Does Ski Mask the Slump God go on /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIPhoeHKme0 >i like grime…[View]
80790925Gimme..: Just gimmie. Gimmie what you can't give back![View]
80789926stream it: go listen to it now[View]
80790906ITT: Criminally underrated tracks: The Church - Perturbator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZX7ixOi…[View]
80788651What exactly differs post-rock from prog-rock?[View]
80790294KANYE #4 TONITE: NASIR thread u ready /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHdd2f-9dEc[View]
80790620Why aren't you listening to bowling for soup right now?[View]
80779842It's time for a new poll to check if /mu/ still like Grimes. There are just 2 options: yes or n…[View]
80786935males BTFO[View]
80783556soundcloud sharethread: share your shite and have fun[View]
80789998>No breakdowns >Not music[View]
80790002Guys I need your help. Im looking for a song that has a similar mood to deathconsciousness, its very…[View]
80790429Aphex Twin Discussion: Lets talk about Richard for a sec, I keep seeing people saying hes not a good…[View]
80790529music like this?[View]
80790649You fuckers will argue over anything.: What's better, Music From Big Pink or Mount Wittenberg O…[View]
80788342>the violent femmes >they're all men…[View]
80789484Post the greatest band tees of all time[View]
80788162How is there any debate that AIC are anything but the best grunge band? Everything they did in the 9…[View]
80788095where's the leak[View]
80790537>Bonus tracks on a concept album[View]
80790474What’s the hype level set at?[View]
80778097soundcloud thread: the strokes sucks[View]
80789472KPOP GENERAL[View]
80790470>people on /mu/ who still use digital libraries instead of streaming platforms…[View]
80788208SOUNDCLOUD SHARETHREAD: share, rate, be cool and have fun[View]
80790398New HMLTD single dropped...on pornhub pornhub . com / view_video.php? viewkey = ph5af5b5f476c48[View]
80790488Do you like Jack Stauber, anons?[View]
80787089>best song on an album is the very first >it's titled 'intro'…[View]
80787659why black people don't get angry when he says nigga in his songs[View]
80790378Was Edelweiss, dare I say it, the pinnacle of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEpcjgYHE4U htt…[View]
80789590Best year of the past decade (2008 - 2018): I realized recently that I've been visiting this he…[View]
80790356ITT: Forgotten hits of the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7aJr1fIGMk[View]
80790169ITT: Shit-tier album titles[View]
80789336What is your favorite non-standard instrument?: For me, it's the theramin. The best obscure ins…[View]
80786554IT COMIN OOP[View]
80789184>Scaruffi has rated MBDTF higher than any David Bowie, Beatles, and Radiohead album…[View]
80790173*uploads recordings of himself yelling unintelligibly over distorted default FL studio synths and hi…[View]
80789712Surprise second Death Grips album coming the next tuesday from Year of the Snitch's release. It…[View]
80790044What is the best Type O Negative song?[View]
80782207listening to the downward spiral for the first time, is it good?[View]
80788604Post your favorite frontmen[View]
80782124This is a 9/10 on second listen[View]
80787536be nice to each other[View]
80789941How long will it take for rock to catch up to this? I think she's probably 10+ years ahead of h…[View]
80787431What is some good music to masturbate to?[View]
80790079The 27 Club? More like the faggot club: Seriously though, i’m glad these degenerate cunts are dead…[View]
80789711>I'm so glad you agreed to hang out and listen to The Cure with me, anon!…[View]
80790057Are you ready /mu/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHdd2f-9dEc[View]
80787583City Pop General - /CTG/: Best Boy Edition Talk about your favorite City Pop albums, songs and artis…[View]
80789928Why is this so highly rated? It sounds almost identical all the way through for me. Do I just not li…[View]
80789886Now that the dust has settled, what does /mu/ think of this?[View]
80789978uno farto at 3:03: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYYuaAR4W88[View]
80779867What's your favorite japanese album, /mu/?[View]
80788375I predict 30s Hayley Williams of Paramore will be a full blown sex show. anyone else looking forward…[View]
80786942/COMFY VOCAROO THREAD/: POST LITERALLy ANYTHING, covers, originals, record yourself masturbating if …[View]
80788583this was the best grunge band: easily[View]
80789515What the fuck is this called?: Talking about pic related. Even though it’s probably in the wrong key…[View]
80789202what artists would you guys use to convince 'those' kinds of people that only listen to classic rock…[View]
80788151DON'T STO[View]
80789633which one do you prefer and why?[View]
80789782okay guys I fixed TLOP's tracklist order what do you think?[View]
80786431What do you think the next album will sound like? When do you think it will come out?[View]
80788058>tfw the most influential musician and the most influential intellectual of the 21st century are …[View]
80789688Hey mama ;_;[View]
80789725Ayyy niggas. Any fellow Absu fans here? More songs/videos like this please. Any band like them. http…[View]
80789661you think that people on this website are either ignorant, pretentious, stupid or baiting and they t…[View]
80789625what constitutes as a reward for the listener in music and how frequent are they in compositions?[View]
80788821Why is it impossible to create 'new' classical music? When did we lose that ability to make timeles…[View]
80786760Can we have a thread of difficult music to find or not in streaming? Here's fishmans dicograph…[View]
80788851Local Singer Ben Rist rips off 13 Reasons Why Season 2: A local singer in my area called Ben Rist is…[View]
80787842what do you get high/drink to? >Alcohol Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West The Smiths - Th…[View]
80787617Have you ever noticed the distorted guitar on 'Chains' before?[View]
80783627/MEMPHIS/ Memphis Hip Hop Discussion: Debuting a fresh new chart to take the place of the old one. T…[View]
80788603KPOP GENERAL: dawon? more like dalost lmfao[View]
80787780>indie pop >jangle pop >twee pop >dream pop…[View]
80789405Spiritualized: how are they so consistently good?[View]
80789256How do I get into music?[View]
80789097nobody actually listens to Swans: none of you listened to a swans album more than once and you won…[View]
80785882why is this piece of shit considered /mu/core?[View]
80789214>highest rated album by user score on metacritic Where were you when music reviewers proved how i…[View]
80788828Any Stevie Nicks fans here?? I love this chick. Smoking hot in her heyday, and at the absolute peak …[View]
80789200Kanye is the warmest soul in hip-hop: Some day we gon' set it off Some day we gon' get thi…[View]
80787501Your band/Local band thread: Post your band in this thread, or a local band that you like that isn…[View]
80788203Aesop Rock thread: Can we agree that Rosa '81 is his greatest song? Maybe Alchemy is a close se…[View]
80787638Name a more chad frontman[View]
80789114I'm not a big hip hop fan but I have to say those new Kanye albums are great if you don't …[View]
80783599When did /mu/ get invaded by redditors and little kids?[View]
80786632You Must Be A Pirate Tax: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20180613/10415540030/canadian-music-indu…[View]
80787298why do fans of the chocolatey meme man find it so hard to agree? People hardly like the same ye albu…[View]
80787890I just memorized all the major chords and by extension all the minor and disminished chords in a pia…[View]
80788980ITT good post-rock albums. NO FUCKING CRESCENDOCORE OR THIRD WAVE[View]
80788882Thoughts on my taste? Critique / recommend, also guess my age for fun.[View]
80787613Damn: How do you get this fucked up?[View]
80781295Why does mu always trash graduation?[View]
80787753Why isn't Killing Joke your favorite band? What are you? Gay?[View]
80785820KIDS SEE GHOSTS: I did a review of KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. http:…[View]
80788793Has there ever been a more self aware artist?[View]
80787024Mr. Bungle and Voivod are the most innovative metal bands of all time[View]
80784821bandcamp thread boysss[View]
80787262is curve the greatest duo of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9Plourz3Xs https://www.youtu…[View]
80788659The only reason music remains relevant is the missing idea of our times. I remember the ideal art ta…[View]
80788303Holy shit!![View]
80787728Queen: Post queen pics.[View]
80787973I stick my Rollie in her mouth, let the time come[View]
80788350>bob dylan >david bowie[View]
80788616Dog Album: What was the name of that album with the Japanese dog emoticons? It was an ambient / XXYY…[View]
80787402Post album titles and we decide what genres they should belong too. >Shoebox Science…[View]
80787741KPOP GENERAL: non-retard edition[View]
80788223modern artists with esoteric, religious themes in their music??: so far ive only thought of gang gan…[View]
80788457Why is this so underrated?[View]
80782545Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul![View]
80788496>light of my life, fire of my loins uh.... how did she get away with this again?…[View]
80787412Why is their 1965-1973 shit so beautiful?[View]
80788481DC - London (Official Music Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHg4CGwG9kI New music video, let…[View]
80781657hahahahah i can't believe you guys actually like him[View]
80781443You can only listen to one artist's discography for the rest of your life What do you choose?[View]
80787693>That 25 year old boomer who's an aspiring soundcloud rapper[View]
80782670'Blacks Invented Rock'n'Roll' myth debunked: Show me in traditional African music anything…[View]
80787377holy shit[View]
80788028>Wow! Can’t wait for this new Nas album! Sure, i’ve Only listen to Illmatic and literally nothing…[View]
80788080>I make playlists[View]
80785853itt albums that aged like milk[View]
80787868>you will never listen to every album[View]
80787260Post a pic with more talent: PROTIP : YOU CAN’T BISH[View]
80788073Post musicians whose music you love but would be awful people to hang out with in real life Pic rela…[View]
80787948Post the last five albums you listened to and let people guess shit about you. Dirty Projectors …[View]
80787624pop AOTY[View]
80787740Ive always at least tolerated them in the past. This is a disaster.[View]
80784793what: how the fuck can anyone enjoy this shit it's actually terrible[View]
80787488/mu/ I have a huge problem. For some reason whenever I hear music I always imagine before they start…[View]
80787950What are your thots on this short lived mid 90s music act?[View]
80784546what does /mu/ think of SuicideBoys?[View]
80787933>This new Snail Mail album? It's not good.[View]
80787375lukewarm take: post malone would be revered as an indie god if he had gone in a grungier, rock-esque…[View]
80785933Itt: Post the last song you listened to: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eCNXnNPR2d4[View]
80786976Did you like it?[View]
80776725SOUNDCLOUD SHARETHREAD: share your music here bois[View]
80785333What’s the music equivalent of Jagermeister[View]
80787763>tfw not a famous musician[View]
80786679KPOP GENERAL[View]
80787328/ng/ - normie general: Hello /mu/ I present to you normiecore chart of 2018. Any thoughts? Anything …[View]
80785949>that 23 year old gen Zer who thinks music from the 90's was better…[View]
80786289Is his discography worth a listen or should one just appreciate him from a DIY standpoint?[View]
80787609Post good shit: post some good shit dudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTjmm6azKXY[View]
80787477dubs decides what album i listen to: ay[View]
80787274>j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career >pusha: release it >drake: YA…[View]
80787515Remember: You're not alone, /mu/[View]
80786239are they the greatest band of all time? I think so[View]
80784409An instant classic[View]
80783167Why would anybody ever listen to the Grateful Dead outside American Beauty and Workingman's Dea…[View]
80785953ITT Ludicrously underrated albums that you don't even need to be gay to appreciate: It's a…[View]
80786104Is it bad i think this is better than Pop[View]
80782413pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang pudgy gang spend ten …[View]
80784669This is the greatest live album ever recorded.[View]
80778004>go to reddit >everyone behaves in a civil manner >it's possible to have constructive …[View]
80782852What do edgy russian girls like pic related listen to?[View]
80784212>Niggas talkin' shit, Ye, how do you respond?[View]
80786796What are some movies with this aesthetic[View]
80784637What time signature are the drums in New Grass in?[View]

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