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198182294She's cute[View]
198184191In retrospect, should they just have adapted Project Horizons instead?[View]
198175657People were so ready to shit on this before it even released. They were calling it 'woke', saying it…[View]
198183666>Imagine yer in a record store and you see this[View]
198183681red leader standing by[View]
198184095Holy shit, Ian really let himself go.[View]
198183028>Television & Film >look inside >every thread is /pol/-lite or softcore jerk off materi…[View]
198181864did seriously only take less than a year for superhero fatigue to wear off? if Deadpool does well it…[View]
198184005>internet isn't working >only have a limited stash of downloaded mp4s >will have to wa…[View]
198180603Fiona Gallagher is my waifu.[View]
198174777Official kino shitty B movie thread. In the middle of watching this masterpiece. Watched Basketcase …[View]
198183033The ultra based portion of 4chan’s /tv/ board is in agreement that Jeremy Strong’s performance as Ke…[View]
198181180Uhhh what the hell chud?![View]
198178527this generation's smiling friends[View]
198183303i watch a lot of natgeo on disney+. my favorite show i've found there is drain the oceans. it…[View]
198183639Dune II: Remind me...how many did he kill?[View]
198180737Zoomers have tik tok. Millennials had shitty flash animation and Brazilian scat videos hosted on sit…[View]
198181834So which show had a better ending?[View]
198154422*watches you*[View]
198183668>fades in >exposition dump >fades out >fades back in >oh yes, I forgot to tell you Br…[View]
198174020>they replaced the entire original voice cast >Even Sokka DROPPED…[View]
198182081Dune: ok, what is her superpower?[View]
198182951She was making fun of him. It's even more obvious in his other interview with Leslie Mann.[View]
198183498I felt so bad for her in the end. Did Paul really have to propose in front of her? God what an assho…[View]
198179602Snood is a legitimately great actress.[View]
198177846Favourite /trek/ Quotes: I'll start: 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or t…[View]
198183350so Drake Bell was butt raped by a producer in Nickelodeon? thoughts, /tv/?[View]
198181291it was love: & where tf is season 2 ?[View]
198183260Aethereal - Battle for Heaven and Earth: Biblical Cosmology kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc_…[View]
198182110A Fallout TV series would have had me so hyped as a kid, but I instinctively knew that they would co…[View]
198168728Apparently the entire og cast (except Dante Basco) was recast to be “ethnically accurate”[View]
198177372The Eras Tour: What was the point of this? It's an excersize in excess. >Rich billionaire ex…[View]
198180729From the lead of your own popular TV show to being a second-rate streamer.[View]
198170933Fallout: >the stab in the gut in episode 1 was foreshadowing to this This show had more BBC spam …[View]
198175643Man the way Fallout fans are hoping this show will be bad is so weird. You guys want to be haters so…[View]
198175474I cracked up how they were saved in the end by a fucking TiVo box.[View]
198182443Hidden Gems Shows: Can you recommend me some shows like this? Ones that are little obscure that are …[View]
198179576Science Fiction is a subgenre of fantasy[View]
198181940>me on my way to opening day of Joker 2[View]
198182881what are some recent movies that have aged very poorly?[View]
198180011What is /tv/ watching today?[View]
198182333it's Friday night: >why are you here? any kino's that ask this question?…[View]
198180472Movies with this feel?[View]
198182509>grandma starts brapping harder than eminem[View]
198180821Being John Malkovich (1999): >2024... I am forgotten[View]
198182733lol watching this latest catch, dude knows he is going down and is claiming Alex is a cuck on the wa…[View]
198182690this is what mindbreak looks like[View]
198182732>hot and spicy[View]
198179221So are we all just going to forget that joke where he cums uncontrollably to the Olsen Twins movies?…[View]
198182605Why does this bitch fuck up everything for everyone during episode 7 with her mistake on the orders,…[View]
198182688kinos for this feel[View]
198182513>Oi! Get in here Nigel! That bloke is doing the funny walk on the telly!…[View]
198182185this is what mindbreak looks like[View]
198175138You ever think about Harry from Scary Godmother?[View]
198176811Daily reminder that it's only men who are offended by rape. No real biological woman is in any …[View]
198182604>The local wizard folds a parchment in half and pierces it with his quill to demonstrate how a sh…[View]
198182430The Tourist (2022-2024): whats the verdict?[View]
198182238What will it even be about?[View]
198182484>his portrayal of the hotheaded german-austrian Niki Lauda in Rush was so good that he got typeca…[View]
198182421>Faction questline has you behaving as an exemption to all the rules and regulations that give sa…[View]
198182386>IM NOT STAYING ON THIS FARM >stays on the farm what did she mean by this?…[View]
198181201GET HYPE: >GLADIATOR II a goddamn shark movie. There are sharks, crazy wild monkeys and bloodthir…[View]
198180675I don't get it[View]
198182073did you like watching Coffy - Y/N (please circle)[View]
198181383how's your letterboxd looking?[View]
198181784Based /tv/ server: https://discord.com/invite/svWhqRK6[View]
198182268Holy kino[View]
198174271interstellarbros, our time has come[View]
198176837everyone is talking about the destruction of the NCR and shit but no one seems to care about the rea…[View]
198181321I remember being really creeped out by the Prisoner when I was a kid - just rewatched it and it…[View]
198181399When I was 16 I won a great victory. I felt in that moment I would live to be 100. Now, I know I sha…[View]
198180883ITT: actors from same town as you[View]
198177870You're in my spot[View]
198179816Have you thought about your soul lately?[View]
198181954How did she work up the appetite to fuck a black man in the wild after being treated so brutally by …[View]
198181756She is right ya know[View]
198181648Do you really need high IQ to watch Breaking Bad?[View]
198181621for me its drive.[View]
198181231She peaked in Miss Peregrine BTW.[View]
198171222>The footage begins with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) meeting President Thaddeus Ross (Harrison Fo…[View]
198177431>The evil capitalists master plan is to monopolise everything and have ALL the money >....by d…[View]
198174665HEIL HITL- ACK!!![View]
198181314Why is the Fallout show getting shilled here so hard? I'm not interested in your interracial po…[View]
198180824>character smokes LSD >LUCY IN THE SKYYY WITH DIAMONDS…[View]
198180654wtf how did she stay alive for 200 years?[View]
198175609Watch B-movies. Enjoy B-movies. Post about your favorite B-movies.[View]
198181330Shit CGI that gets faker looking by the year has sadly won, practical effects are dead.[View]
198181411Dear Alan and the woman, welcome to John Hammond presents Xtreme Your-Ass-Kick Park Dinosawesome Xpe…[View]
198175708Why isn't ANGUIRUS in the monsterverse?: he's godzilla's best friend.[View]
198181506I think I'm becoming a Wong Kar-Wai boy, I watched In the Mood for Love yesterday and really en…[View]
198177470Six String Samurai is more Fallout than modern Fallout.[View]
198180899just marathoned Le Filmé Zapruder what did i think of it?[View]
198178317>watch american movie >opens with rap music >quip >female blonde protagonist gets blacke…[View]
198151559Yeah...: I'm thinking he's back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoVha2o6Ldk[View]
198180250Anyone taking any bets on how much they're gonna fuck up the Legion?[View]
198181370Shoutout to the writers who managed to capture the realness of Bethesda dialogue: https://www.youtub…[View]
198176737Stand Up: What stand up comedians have you been watching recently, anon?[View]
198181358It's okay.[View]
198181024Hi Jack[View]
198180408This pile of shit was the worst thing I’ve ever seen[View]
198181045>ITT: times you acted like a drive way doll[View]
198175982Adapt this[View]
198173514Is this fresh Enough can these reviews be trusted or should i only trust Depress losers on this boar…[View]
198177872Lost media: What is some /tv related lost media you wish you could see[View]
198180732holy shit: this is a really good movie[View]
198179338>Twelve yards long, two lanes wide, sixty-five tons of American pride. Canyonero! Canyonerooooooo…[View]
198179844RIP in Peace Orange Juice Simpson[View]
198180698What are some coffee kinos?[View]
198180942> Okay, your turn now How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198180983Why does modern television feel like someone just filmed a themepark stunt show and got random audie…[View]
1981740999-1-1: What did we think of the latest episode? Poor Buck getting heartbroken by Tommy.…[View]
198180987Cancel Johnny English now, BIPOC refugees are Britians most valuable resource[View]
198175790Are there no young male stars because men hit the wall at 19 now?[View]
198178870how do you go from this...[View]
19816975742 (Forty-two) years young.[View]
198179717How did she ascertain this information?[View]
198180331>Do i really look like a guy who cums? You know what i am? I'm a gooner chasing the edge. I…[View]
198179383>Well actually capitalism... LE BAD.... Communism... LE GOOD This shit here is the most egregiou…[View]
198179143Too easy[View]
198172000You are stuck in a bunker on an island, with loads of food so starving isn't a concern. Your jo…[View]
198180242lol what a hack[View]
198179591Curb: Was it kino?[View]
198176337what could you realistically do here[View]
198179685Are you a fan of American comedy?[View]
198177536>Boomer comedy >The villains are three handsome blond males…[View]
198178121My black coworker hates all the anti white globohomo degenerate tranny fag shit, thoughts[View]
198180381i don't get it[View]
198176083>anime is poorly wri-ACK[View]
198180433Just watched Totally Killer 2023 with Kieran Shipka and it was pretty good. What did /TV/ think? The…[View]
198178341Dear journal[View]
198178351i thought it was a the jar for a second[View]
198180060Post em[View]
198180413Where do you think we are?[View]
198179587>watched the lovley bones >there are actually people like Harvey who browse 4chan…[View]
198180309Yeah, it's fucking hilarious right the bar is full it's fucking hilarious[View]
198178774Favorite movie car[View]
198175746Season 2 In New Vagas: How is New Vegas Going to Work without the NRC Legion doesn't make sens…[View]
198180023Have you met my son Shaun sir? Im looking for my son Shaun! He’s a young lad…[View]
198177035Dune Part Two: >Your father... was a Spic man. Damn, did they really have to include this line? O…[View]
198179720What was the point of it all?[View]
198175702I love Lucy![View]
198178417Why did he do it?[View]
198177807>average BBC poster be like[View]
198174604Why is Kate Mara's Megan Leavey suddenly trending?[View]
198178336Why there are no 'big stars' anymore: >Scott Rudin rips into Angelina Jolie >In December, leak…[View]
198177423was the Terminator GF show good[View]
198179976Worth watching for the schlock?[View]
198179944Siblinghood of Steel[View]
198173876Harry Potter official power rankings[View]
198178829Needed more skintight costumes for Moner and Sweeney.[View]
198179524Why didn't he just go indie if he hated the industry so much?[View]
198176321Now that the Fallout series was a disaster, what's a video game you would love to see a show ma…[View]
198178517What kinoes do you and your gf like to watch together?[View]
198177761Dune 2.0 already out in Blu Ray?: I was planning on watching this in LASER IMAX 70mm but theaters ar…[View]
198172038Does this plot make any sense to you guys? I had hard enough time following who were the traitors an…[View]
198179618If I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two Close my, close my, close…[View]
198179146>anon what did you mean I'm one of the good ones? do you mean theater owners?…[View]
198178676Fallout: Wait how did she live 200 years[View]
198161198>yes I love paying 10 different bills every month for my kino! How many bills do you pay per mont…[View]
198176713Boardwalk Empire: This is my favorite character from any show or movie. We will never see kino like …[View]
198179425Does he say the word tho?[View]
198176680The fact STEM nerds on /tv/ and plebbit praise this piece of shit is an indictment of their taste: T…[View]
198176662Who was in the wrong here[View]
198179385He listened, and that's what no one else did.[View]
198178000any other movies like this one and Lucky Number Slevin?[View]
198179325John Brackthorne[View]
198179341What's your favorite gag from Naked Gun and Police Squad? Mine's when they freeze for the …[View]
198179056OZ: What kind of retard would try and order a hit the day before his parole hearing?[View]
198178413I like getting really drunk and watching Goosebumps, anyone else relate?[View]
198176903Survival Shows are Bullshit: There are so many shows talking about survival in the wilderness. I wou…[View]
198179092kinos where everyone involved with the murder investigation dies without ever finding the real kille…[View]
198177869>I know it seems strange, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, I don't know why ever…[View]
198177513Wanna have sex?[View]
198174786Korean Star Died Suddenly At Age of 30: >Korean megastar was found dead suddenly at the young age…[View]
198178668>make a tv show adaptation of something white men enjoy (halo, fall out, LotR, ect ect) >make …[View]
198177791>Makes only 2.4 million dollars in America >Won't get an international release >Alread…[View]
198178339Why so many documentary's about this fat guy's living situation?[View]
198178647>Reacher Goes to a town >Reacher drinks a coffee >Suddenly something in the town happens an…[View]
198177249Do they have the giant Sietch orgy or did it get left out like all the cool shit from the book?[View]
198177482Is he mentally challenged? Certainly comes across that way.[View]
198176689Argyle: Argyle is boring asf It released on Apple TV today and i watched the first 30 minutes, it wa…[View]
198169976>get stuck in a cube maze trap with picrel girl Realistically what would you do in this situation…[View]
198177041HOW HE???[View]
198176582Live Action, Rated R, Ninja Turtles is back: https://bleedingcool.com/movies/cinemacon-tmnt-the-last…[View]
198176111Why did this film invent a fake white villain who was forcing the local Africans to kill the gorilla…[View]
198161527For me it’s gilligand’s island[View]
198174876The Legend of The Stardust Brothers (1985): This is almost as unhinged as Hausu (1977). Can anons re…[View]
198177558why are you guys talking about garbage like fallout when we could all be rewatching mad men for the …[View]
198177671This movie was almost good[View]
198177952Why did no one watch this? It is alright honestly and the costume designs were so cool.[View]
198168646It was bad: Very very bad. Episodes are too long with pointless air time and the story sucks. It has…[View]
198177359Rabbi Hole: Is this espionage kino? I've already seen the old spy kinos I know of[View]
1981777753 Body Problem: My revolutionary youthfu...[View]
198169250King of the Hill episodes in production code order: Season 1 1 Pilot 2 'Square Peg' 3 'The Order of …[View]
198177015What's your best /tv/ related purchase?[View]
198177681Has he saved Star Wars yet or was that just a meme?[View]
198177584Kinos for this feel?[View]
198175946Are there any duos that haven’t worked together before, but you’d like to see them do a flick togeth…[View]
198175876What kind of jokes would Norm be making about OJ’s death?[View]
198174833Are the guild incel[View]
198175088A black woman destroyed the world[View]
198173859Glen Powell To Star In Edgar Wright's THE RUNNING MAN Reboot: >Based on the novel by Stephen…[View]
198172511Will something like CRISPR gene editing ever reach a point where actors and actresses will just be a…[View]
198174250LGBT stories can be wholesome[View]
198167218Holy kino[View]
198174289war...war never changes...[View]
198177261Lost: Occupied Japan[View]
198177258I love you, forever. You hear me? I love you forever. And I'm coming back. I'm coming back[View]
198175975Dune: MOO AH DWEEB[View]
198175578Finished watching iCarly, it was pretty good actually. Bit directionless when it comes to overarchin…[View]
1981772185th Columnist Documentary: Why has this this BBC documentary been memoryholed? BBC blocks the whole …[View]
198174484Is he still in the tunnel?[View]
198177170What is with season 9 of the Drew Carey show? Half the time the cameraman shakes like a dog shitting…[View]
198170626Censorship: This is crazy. The Mouse fired her because she made post(s) to a Social Media Platform w…[View]
198174804I don't sleep, I just dream[View]
198172381I'm sensing strong fedora vibes from this series: Why are British people all nihilistic atheist…[View]
198172506It exceeded my expectations of how utterly garbage woke media can be.[View]
198176328FF Movie: Since Video Game adaptations are becoming a successful IP farms. Would Square dare dip thi…[View]
198172416mmm börgar[View]
198176815When was the Golden age of Rick and Morty?[View]
198174641>casually sexually assaults this random woman he met a few minutes ago wtf was his problem?…[View]
198174691This was just Toy Story[View]
198174987was it really this easy to fall in and out of relationships back then?[View]
198176467Fallout Lore For Waterfall?: Who else watching Waterfall?[View]
198166257can somebody upload the webm of the interracial kiss and then the jewish radio host sticks his head …[View]
198174883Why do gays pervert everything! X Files is beyond a Catholic show. Form Scully being a devout Cathol…[View]
198176360>'It's Brock sir, Edward Brock Jr. I'm here humbled and humiliated to ask you for one t…[View]
198176734Does this man have marketability?[View]
198175615How do 'nude' scenes actually work in hollywood? Do they really force actors to walk on set naked ev…[View]
198176666>8.7/10 on IMDb >93% of rotten tomatoes Chud bros...…[View]
198176633I see a lot of book/movie adaptations picked up lately. So i'm wondering, what are the chances …[View]
198174137NOSFERATU TRAILER: >The trailer opens with Ellen Hutter (Lily Rose-Depp) saying, “Come to me, hea…[View]
198176594How did this racist white savior trash become so mainstream? 'Muad'Dib' literally tra…[View]
198176496ANDROMEDA: People always talk about Star Trek this Stargate that but what about Andromeda? Is it kin…[View]
198173954>In Guidizzolo, less than 40 miles from the finish in Brescia, de Portago's front tyre explo…[View]
198154877Civil War thread. Did you enjoy it? I did.[View]
198176361So it's officially confirmed that Joel is the brains, right?[View]
198173892Why is every movie and show coming out of this country absolute dogshit?[View]
198175011RIP OJ (1947-2024): where's the sticky?[View]
198176224Comfy 2002-2012 adult film thread[View]
198172941I dont get it. Why does he say 'jesus wept'?[View]
198171990DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE CinemaCon footage: >Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is now trying to live a …[View]
198175247is florida really that powerful?[View]
198176086Ho much do you want to bet that Seth Rogen suggested this idea to them at one of those Hollywood ped…[View]
198176231BTTF Bros, we gotta go back: This timeline sucks.[View]
198173573RIP OJ Simpson, star of The Naked Gun series.[View]
198176208>we need to lie I liked it when liberal showrunners were honest. Now they just gaslight everyone.…[View]
198173057Why is she so adorable?[View]
198174327>it''s a 'Moya has PMS' episode[View]
198175309No one is horny in movies anymore, everyone is objectively hot but nobody flirts. Even during sex sc…[View]
198172783He's based and I'm tired of pretending he's not: >B-BUT MUH CONAN O'REDDIT…[View]
198169438I snorted the Maker's Mark.[View]
198175301This was definitely a cruel ending: I thought the first 17 episodes captured a balance of being cath…[View]
198172985Lucy MacClean Vault dwellin queen She likes it big and black if you know what I mean[View]
198175972Fallout: The council of CEOs has convened: >I propose a vault where pregnant women give birth to …[View]
198174898Movie About Patton Oswalt and Stephen Colbert Is Pretty Good: Late Night with the Devil is spooky. I…[View]
198174958Netflix presents: A Netflix original series...[View]
198173846What the hell is his problem?[View]
198174637>Makes two of the best comedy films of all time >Voices one of the most iconic children's…[View]
198175812>We need to take this to the President >We can't, this goes all the way to the top…[View]
198173962This movie needs a remake.[View]
198173071HOLY HACKJOB THAT WAS TERRIBLE: This movie, despite the appearance, has literally nothing to importa…[View]
198165259still can't get over how kino this was[View]
198175644what do you do?[View]
198173580>starts dating Jim >becomes instantly insufferable…[View]
198175572>we need an actor to say nigg- Walton Goggins is here ready and waiting sir…[View]
198175556What the fuck are those eyebrows?[View]
198168637do white men in the 50s really eat all their meals at diners[View]
198175432Vault boy grew up into a handsome lad[View]
198164372>Be the top corporate leaders in the world >Decide to nuke the world...just because ok How doe…[View]
198174913Fuck you I like it: This muvafukin shit is actually funny Makes me nostalgic for a day I never lived…[View]
198173654My local cinema is screening this movie and I will be going this week. Anyone seen it and what did y…[View]
198175152How will Dune Messiah work if Alia looks the same age as Paul?[View]
198171958>I'M ACTING![View]
198175413>yes captain, wra-ACK![View]
198163547Here's that Targaryen princess I was telling you about[View]
198174511Who’s the best Chaser and why is it Anne?[View]
198170699Hack Snyder: Hmm I want to make my own version of Star Wars... maybe I'll call it Moon Wars. Na…[View]
198174043What's the deal with Hollywood and replacing redheads with blacks? >inb4 Jews because they h…[View]
198175325Previously on The Shield: I hope you like the taste of lead, you faggot nigger son.[View]
198163554This is bizarre. I’ve been a big fan of One Hour Photo for years. Definitely one of Robin Williams b…[View]
198172678ITT: Actors that you see and know you're about to watch some kino.[View]
198175167Who here is hyped?[View]
198171858Movies that make you feel lonely.[View]
198173267He was right.[View]
198175064arrow: arrow was kino. im tired of people thinking it wasnt[View]
198172800Characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
198163857Name one (1) Brazilian film that isn't City of God or Elite Squad[View]
198162790FALLOUT DIALOGUE REVEAL: Powerful…[View]
198175015How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198174566How would you adapt this into a movie?[View]
198174795I can't wait for AI to make films.[View]
198171848How did they get away with this?!: Movie is Die Hard 3.[View]
198174722You have to admit, this is cinematographically kino.[View]
198174221>ess to ess[View]
198173410>Bites your cock off[View]
198174546Why didn’t mankind attack when they had the chance?[View]
198174606>be gigachad fucking MC's sister >MC's friend is trying to bone your gf >know he …[View]
198173421>oi you got a loicense for that granny shit?[View]
198172003>You'll get your rent when you evict those DAMN NIGGERS! I know venom is corrupting him but …[View]
198171049The asterisk is because Sentry is going to kill the entire Thunderbolts team early on and it will be…[View]
198172864does /tv/ still use VHS?[View]
198172463It didn't happen. We made it up.[View]
198174447This is a job for the Super Smeller[View]
198173181This is Carrie. Look at her! She’s hideous[View]
198165254LOL, tough decision?[View]
198174413>Bring me the head....of John the Baptist would you do it bros?[View]
198149296Nastassja Kinski: What are her best movies?[View]
198172721I think your an over-educated 27 year old virgin: how do you respond without sounding mad? also this…[View]
198169490Jailbroken Firestick: Worth it?: I have a Roku TV. I don't pay for any services. Looking at a '…[View]
198173578why’d he do it, /tv/?[View]
198173534Nosferatu: Is this truly the best vampire movie?[View]
198172951What's better, Parasyte or Ripley? I want to watch one of these two series. Pic very unrelated[View]
198171516True Detective S1: Been rewatching season 1, first time since 2014, and just finished this scene... …[View]
198168401Times you acted like Harley Quinn?: >let a moid smash >he leaves me for a younger woman We liv…[View]
198172271GLADIATOR 2 footage description: >GLADIATOR 2 takes place 24 years after the original and follows…[View]
198173531>Hello there Courier, did you know that the NCR has collapsed and is nothing more than a bunch of…[View]
198172042True Grit is kino: also SHE CUTE (i know i must be the only person on earth who thinks so)[View]
198173703I don't like British movies.[View]
198174035Diddy did it.[View]
198169065Dios mío.... parece una criatura duende ¡qué abominación![View]
198173649And the 2024 Oscar for Best Picture goes to…[View]
198173821Kino opening credits: Post them https://youtu.be/NmS3m0OG-Ug[View]
198173916Should I watch the new avatar series?[View]
198172806Mid af[View]
198173802Amadeus: Oh shit, boys. I just found Amadeus on Netflix. It's currently 9pm and I'm starti…[View]
198172999KINO INCOMING[View]
198172175What are the greatest sci-fi films of the 21st century?[View]
198173453Did you love Nikki Swango?[View]
198170466I usually search for Red Letter Media once in a month to laugh at the channel and it gets worse and …[View]
198170304Why are there no good female comedians?[View]
198173295i still don't get it rewatched it one day later and i still don't see why it's so hig…[View]
198169228Wicked Movie: But why not just get Idina? No one else can sing those songs as well as her. We have t…[View]
198171380Goodnight sweet prince[View]
198170851Hi kids! I'm TV's Patrick Duffy![View]
198170503Sugar.2024.S01E03.2160p.WEB.H265-SuccessfulCrab: >Sugar.2024.S01E03.2160p.WEB.H265-SuccessfulCrab…[View]
198169401Batman thread: >*hehehe* you have nothing, nothing to threaten me w- WHAM…[View]
198173318What, /tv/, shall the Future hold for our Bristol Rose, Star of Screen and Stage, and Hollywood “It …[View]
198171875Would you watch a Crazy Rich Asians animated adaptation with funny animal characters?[View]
198173464This was fucking awesome[View]
198173452Why do so many misunderstand Zack Snyder?: >MOGS every capeshit villain especially FAGOS >Does…[View]
198170199movies with unusual aesthetics: I'll start with Blade Runner the choice of retrofuturism, blend…[View]
198171023Harold Perrineau thread[View]
198172807>Now, all colors lead to gray *chuckles*[View]
198173292>October 28, 2014 Haha…[View]
198170576Creepiest classic tv shit you got: https://youtu.be/u8Q4VbKyEFc[View]
198172601>In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach…[View]
198173285HDR is a scam.[View]
198165701Explain this.[View]
198172109What are the cinematic implications: Of having your own fan page banned >dry spell ended but at …[View]
198171304finally get cute 7 years younger zomer gf: she doesnt want to watch ANYTHING and only likes friends…[View]
198155164>black widow was well liked and people wanted her to get a solo movie >she finally gets a movi…[View]
198170728>Anon there is no movie called The American Society of do you know the full title?…[View]
198171932Boomer kinos: post em[View]
198172529So basically the bad guys just want to take over gotham city? Not the world or even just the United …[View]
198171491>Turn Kino on >Ambitious but risky plan is code-named Project I.C.A.R.U.S.…[View]
198168920Why dont we have good religious films anymore?[View]
198172470He sucks. People love him because they're stupid fucks who eat whatever Hollywood spoon-feeds t…[View]
198173005Weird/obscure films you’ve found hidden on Amazon.[View]
198172752why do amerimutts worship this shitty sitcom so much?[View]
198171952i dont care what anyone says, i find dane cook mildly funny[View]
198171186I wish I were Levar Burton[View]
198168000Why did they retcon Fallout New Vegas?[View]
198171903I'm just a man.[View]
198160042Netflix 4chan documentary: >4chan was like the original TikTok -Owen Gleiberman how does /tv/ fee…[View]
198171409I don't understand the hate for this character, I thought he was likeable.[View]
198171843You come to him, on the day his daughter is to be married. What do you ask for?[View]
198094690/kdg/ - Korean Drama General: kdrama general Prev >>198036024 >>198006072 Torrent: The V…[View]
198168008Fallout: It's good. Really good actually.[View]
198172022I DID IT: I bypassed the Captcha[View]
198172382Has John Boorman ever explained himself?[View]
198171050All I see is Babby Billy if he became a Ghoul[View]
198172493What would an Apu Apustaja movie be like?[View]
198171344At the end of the show the ghoul knows the weak spot in power armour but at the beginning he doesn’t…[View]
198170211Who's the best Indy girl and why is it Marion?[View]
198170959my precious: What's the narrative point of aging? Wouldn't it be more kino if we were all …[View]
198172125>See there's a new movie >Check if the movie is creepy or woke >It's woke…[View]
198169131characters that are literally you[View]
198167809>Somehow, the Scary Movie series returned[View]
198172413Are all the white men in Fallout weak and cowardly?: I'm only into episode 2 but I've noti…[View]
198169573Irrespective of the infertility part, I think that Children of Men is one of the most accurate depic…[View]
198171814Cast them[View]
198172280>Character gets offended and angry over something >Friend/Ally tells them to forget about it, …[View]
198170791>White man get's screwed over by female student and his wife and it's all his fault cuz…[View]
198171431>guy is drinking at a bar >woman walks up to him >'hi' >smash cut to sex scene Is this a…[View]
198172162This is now officially one of my favorite movies. Any other kino like this?[View]
198171847Look at me guys I’m so wacky! Ha ha giggle cracks up desk slapper ziiiing![View]
198172040What no sticky for double murderers?[View]
198169600Better Than I Remembered: Just watched this for the first time in 20 years and fuck me, it's ki…[View]
198171511Is a movie's first job to be entertaining first, then, if possible, educational second?[View]
198171197Is this the most realistic depiction of modern dating in film?[View]
198158885>anime can't be ki-[View]
198169074Oda Nobunaga: >tries to eradicate the feudal caste system that resulted in almost once a decade w…[View]
198169708>Deckard, do you even realize the importance of these events which I am vaguely describing right …[View]
198171985the webm that save /tv/[View]
198171715I like Pierce because he's racist.[View]
198151235RIP OJ Simpson, he never found the real killer. https://twitter.com/TheRealOJ32/status/1778430029350…[View]
198171166>Give me your land... or There Will Be Blood.[View]
198171378I really wanted to watch this what the fuck happened[View]
198164458my friend said heat sucked and it was a boring snoozefest movie that was 'hard to concrete on' how d…[View]
198171732I asked if my gf wants to marry me and she said yes. She had been asking about getting married for a…[View]
198171002Why did movies peak so hard during these years? Nothing's been as good since.[View]
198171667My name is Judge![View]
198167723Fuck needs to be banned from writing: these toxic feminist traits like cursing need to be banned fro…[View]
198171647>Heard from tv anon this Fallout show is pretty good. >Download whole 48gb torrent >Watch f…[View]
198171600he carried the fuck out of this movie[View]
198171562.>October 12th, 1985. >Tonight, a comedian died in New York[View]
198171575Hey guys, what are some movies about being 25 jobless no friends living with parents a sick dad who …[View]
198170602Why did they retcon Fallout New Vegas?: Are you guys actually stupid enough to not know why writers …[View]
198148874is this true for film and tv?[View]
198168766So the slate has been wiped clean, eh?[View]
198171085What did visionary kinographer Zachary Snyder mean by this?[View]
198171429ITT: Times you acted like DAREDEVIL (2003)![View]
198171421Does the UK really treat refugees as bad as the kinos say?[View]
198171403Comfy Harry Potter thread: Just rewatched all movies over the last couple of days.[View]
198165648>gladiator 2 >No church in the wild starts playing Jesus fucking Christ Ridley…[View]
198170022Twin Peaks: The Return: Im on episode 10 when does Cooper come back?[View]
198169137Bros, what's your favorite princess kino?[View]
198162267Anybody else in love?[View]
198171168You guys excited for the new season of Fishtank[View]
198171270The existence of this tv show confuses me so much >you know that famously racist writer >the …[View]
198171056What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.[View]
198170479Movies about surviving divorce?[View]
198170028Now that the dust has settled, its time to answer the question. How can you be on the council and no…[View]
198169894Go watch Ronin(1998)[View]
198171193>Terry McGinnis - Micheal Gandolfini >Bruce Wayne - Ed Harris >Derek powers - Matt Smith …[View]
198170713Kino enhancer the movie[View]
198171062There Is No Afterlife: C O P E[View]
198165827Star Trek OS best girl[View]
198170995just another dayyyyyyyyyy[View]
198171038Favorite broadcast tv shows: The quality of broadcast television is better than streaming. We have t…[View]
198150874Looking for cock shock and awe in television and film as well as other big dick aggrandizement. Size…[View]
198165109>You want me to take a shower right now while you stand there watching? What's the appropri…[View]
198167743Remember when boomers when crazy over a 30 minute difference in a network TV timeslot? >le sancti…[View]
198170901Halfway into StarCruize and chill...: >.....and this couple gives you this look…[View]
198168143Ruined the show[View]
198168029>dude being human is sacrificing yourself for the collective THAT'S IT?! THAT'S WHAT AL…[View]
198164980why did it flop?[View]
198170749My kids have watched: >Ms Rachel >Paisley's Corner >The Wiggles (lucia/emma eps) >I…[View]
198168083>I will now watch your movie[View]
198163424Horror films haven't had an iconic scene in years, what could they possibly parody?[View]
198170658Here’s your four foot,fat, big nosed, crazy bearded,ugly dwarf.[View]
198168704Restore the Snyder Verse[View]
198169254umm Nazi bros... our response?[View]
198170303‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Renewed for Season 2 at Apple TV+, Multiple Spin-Offs in the Works: Mo…[View]
198170153who was in the wrong?[View]
198168690Is there a legitimate reason why they kept making movies after the medium was perfected?[View]
198168380>Known for making OJ jokes to the point of getting him fired >Brings Kato Kaelin, a witness in…[View]
198169547Why are there no charismatic actors now?: What happened?[View]
198169279Now that Fallout flopped Jonathan lost the Nolan wars: Jonathan confirmed to be the worse Nolan…[View]
198169000GIGAKINO: This is so comfy, so idealized and beautiful. Perfection.[View]
198169518I like most of the Cohen bros, Lynch, Tarantino, Kaufman, Wes Anderson, James Bond movies. I don’t r…[View]
198151205Holy shit, /tv/ weren’t kidding with this film. Are brown people really that savage & brutal irl…[View]
198166521>Sup dude. I heard what you said to my girl. You ever say that shit again and I'll slap you …[View]
198126157>Mogs all the men on the ship >More fuckable than Ripley Any other examples of /tv/ wheyfus?…[View]
19816930370s or 90s for kino?[View]
198169687Don't hate watch it unless you want it to get another season like velma, halo or tlou[View]
198168985No, but seriously, what did Clint mean by this?[View]
198168992Will Cavillehammer be good?[View]
198166623Dream sequence or not, this is bad fanfiction.[View]
198169854Extremely based ngl[View]
198163880COME COME, MR BOND![View]
198170018>Diaper Dan made an appearance in fallout Holy shit he was the only thing that saved this shitsho…[View]
198167473GET CRAZY GET LOUD[View]
198167670And then people would see my wife at the supermarket and they would say 'hello', but they'd be …[View]
198168868Sets: What makes some shows look so cheesy, the camera, the lighting, the construction itself? The p…[View]
198168472/tv/ ylyl[View]
198169837More Rounds: The Enroundening: Wine-chads what is it tonight? I am having a Sangiovese with beef ste…[View]
198168674People will complain about pic related's 'historical inaccuracy' but not say a word about shit …[View]
198168697russell crowe kino thread: holy fucking kino. russell crowe delivers again in the next three days. e…[View]
198169212I'M A RIDER PROVIDER[View]
198168209How come fallout games tiptoe around edgy stuff or sensitive topics or sex, but I see the developer …[View]
198168592>Anybody seen Richie?? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo????[View]
198168744In the futuristic world of fallout in a radioactive and dead wasteland frog eyes, staring right at y…[View]
198169706See you in 3 years lol[View]
198169694Cast his inevitable biopic[View]
198164359Sinister (2012): Gonna watch this tonight, is it actually good?[View]
198169667For me the best part was when a stronk black womyn dragged Trumps fat christcuck ass out from under …[View]
198168729As far as Jews go, he’s not that bad[View]
198167408>Characters with good taste in cars[View]
198166974Do you worship Tilda Swinton?[View]
198166088Does she really expect us to believe she has read the Unflattening The Incal The conspiracy by Ho…[View]
198156215Let it fucking die.[View]
198169385>chicken fucking faggot who calls the guy a fascist is a chicken fucking faggot >nigger is a s…[View]
198169236Was this scene really necessary?[View]
198169469I'm a 32 yo boomer who grew up with (and still loves) the prequels but I can finally admit that…[View]
198169414What are some films which expose the field of psychiatry as a fraud?[View]
198167241I saw DUNC 2 again[View]
198165160It was so good. We didn't give it the respect or appreciation it deserved.[View]
198165124Are you an OG like me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdsUfcf6HoI[View]
198169261There Is No Fork: How would she fair in The Matrix?[View]
198168991>I’ve seen Shoobops peaking off the crest of Thoraxium IV Ok yah no one knows wtf that means. Dum…[View]
198168559>anon i'm cia[View]
198168216Post directors talking about other directors: 'I think there's an intriguing irony in naming th…[View]
198169036HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME[View]
198169033Thoughts on sexy tomboys?: Also, SURELY you will be watching this masterpiece, part 2, right, anon? …[View]
198168221This is kino but did Kubrick really have to put a BBC fetish scene in there? Sours me on the movie d…[View]
198165750You there, homeless war hero! Stop walking in this american town![View]
198167660Garden State ruined an entire generation of women[View]
198168819Did you just motherfuck me?[View]
198167498This man helped make the best TV series ever: Say, 'Thank you Todd'.[View]
198166659ITT Actors who always give a great preformance.[View]
198168884Why didn't Manchester by the Sea just stop being depressed?[View]
198168894It was a decent show.[View]
1981665789-1-1 7x05: WE CHOKE FAGGOTS IN THIS SHOW[View]
198164735>You know what Ford stands for, don't ya? 'Fix It Again, Tony.'[View]
198168252Worst game. Greatest game story.[View]
198160573ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
198165380>when another shill thread is posted[View]
198168720>Hank ran back to Mr House >Hank nuked the NCR >Hank is Mr House's minion >Therefor…[View]
198168520>Refreshing and overall tasteful commentary about the current global, economical, social and poli…[View]
198157417What's his funniest sketch[View]
198164247I don't get it[View]
198162467Movies where a Robot is a central character: I feel like this is a relatively unexplored genre. I li…[View]
198168024I'm literally not even a minute in and I want to kill myself HOW can you be this comically out …[View]
198165450I'm still waiting.[View]
198167717Remember Barbenheimer?[View]
198165528What movies should I watch to help me in my conversion to Orthodox Judaism?[View]
198166382What the fuck is happening here?[View]
198150706What the FUCK?![View]
198167002Unironically one of the best moments ever in any movie, within the top 10 even[View]
198166012>ahhhh, it's beautiful...[View]
198165708>Kenny, get ready to turn on Trueshot aura. At that moment, I will use intimidating shout.…[View]
198164457Twin Peaks: The Return Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series Twin Peaks Season 3 What do you call it?[View]
198167570He blinked more than usual. As if he found creation slightly more than he could accept.[View]
198166752>tfw no qt 3.14 Vault 32 mommy[View]
198168218This is happening to child stars in Hollywood and you don't care one iota![View]
198167379I've seen this 4 times, so why is it still enjoyable? I know the twist but it still hooks me[View]
198166183Why can't any modern Hollywood make a proper female led action girl boss movie/TV when it was t…[View]
198168105Respire (Breathe) - 2014 spoilers: ***SPOILERS*** Has anyone seen this shit? Its about teen girls so…[View]
198151947/hor/ - Horror General: >Yram Ydoolb. Yram Ydoolb. Previous Thread: >>198125918…[View]
198164120>we need to lie I liked it when lib show runners were honest. Now they just gaslight everyone. '…[View]
198166363Best girl[View]
198166749>gay ass bowl cut >wears woman's denim jacket and sweatpants >named after underwear …[View]
198167701Y'all got any fried pickle joints around here?[View]
198167785What movies does your girlfriend like?[View]
198159486FUCK you & your cynicism i like it I REALLY LIKED IT & Normies are going to like it even mor…[View]
198168025Thoughts on Hardcore from 1979.[View]
198167351Capeshit is peak media: We all were thinking it. They are exciting, Greek myths for all ages. It…[View]
198166778>-dude both sides are bad or something, lmao wow, how daring and insightful…[View]
198166413holy shit i just learned this was Bill Murray's brother[View]
198167137and i just lold i just lold so hard today[View]
198166914>Be worlds leading gazillionaire >Creates dystopian 'Walmart TV' channel for stream slop >S…[View]
198167783Welcome to the Slammin Salmon![View]
198167769>The only way to make money through our vaults (even though we own 50% of everything) is through …[View]
198163012Gambit bros...[View]
198166766>It is the east, and Juliet is the sun! Yeesh, it must be an eclipse...…[View]
198166410Was he actually retarded, or just trying to get out of manual labor[View]
198165654Favorites redheads in movies?[View]
198167664I could fix her[View]
198166144>millennials get two Harleys in a row >zoomer girls get nothing How is this fair…[View]
198164184Juno is a maskuline name the signs were there.[View]
198167606OH N-[View]
198167217>Called Mr. Howard >Character is known for charisma and advertising products >Is the most p…[View]
198144338Pokemon? Spider-Man? Fallout? League of Legends? Dungeons and Dragons? Lords of the Rings?[View]
198166028>step off How do you respond[View]
198165663My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, look upon my works ye mighty and despair[View]
198166420>career fails and has to go back to romantic comedies[View]
198167322OJ SIMPSON: No megathread? Goodnight, sweet prince[View]
198165355Nintendo Cinematic Universe: So now that we're getting a second Mario movie and Zelda, which on…[View]
198164146This is one of the best shots in the past decade.[View]
198165670Why was the messenger from 300 so zesty?[View]
198164640>ywn inseminate an autistic Vault girl Why even go on, bros?[View]
198165143Yep, there goes another Oscar to Emma Stone[View]
198165133Why is it so comfy?[View]
198165538It is NOT....in the FILE. It is NOT![View]
198163382Second revival of Heroes being shopped around: >Tim Kring's Heroes is eyeing a second encore…[View]
198159303this is going to be a critique of capitalism, isn't it?[View]
198165933So are Kaiju movies gonna take over once capeshit dies?[View]
198166768>unironically troons out and kills himself what did the sneedsons writers mean by this?…[View]
198166114>2010 movie/tv show >CAN'T READ MY, CAN'T READ MY, NO HE CAN'T READ MY POKER FA…[View]
198166727He literally did nothing wrong. Traitors were trying to destroy America and he had to act. The West…[View]
198162528Movies about fraud?[View]
198162649/tv/ BTFO: https://youtu.be/RCqns11E_9M?si=1xN3qN9vIXwuFL3l[View]
198165278Man, this is easy![View]
198166518What exactly was his plan?[View]
198166636>BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW this is in outrage! even though Avellone himself made it clear that most of the…[View]
198158235I finally finished the whole thing. Now what?[View]
198165777We need more gothic kino[View]
198165715Was showing this series to my dad because I want to convince him video games are interesting and the…[View]
198156322Will it be kino?[View]
198166493Your power armor...: Gibsmedat[View]
198166119*enhances your kino by 20000x*[View]
198156837Are people really still seething over the Pilgrims?[View]
198164471Cast It: >Howard Roark : Ryan Gosling >Dominique : Ana De Armas >Peter: Matt Damon >Tooh…[View]
198164534The early 2000s were so wholesome.[View]
198165658*Smacks lips*[View]
198165514Why not just coup Andrew Johnson for going against what Abe wanted?[View]
198166083danny should have went 1 vs 1 with François Toulour not 1 vs fuckin 11[View]
198165846What about the /qa/ attack on the /lgbt/[View]
198165896Yo what happened to Robb Stark's will in the show?[View]
198165019Chad left me for a younger woman... you wouldn't get it...[View]
198164370Lots of empty pill bottles in /tv/ lately: 1) 2077 was when the nukes went off 2) In the cold war Am…[View]
198165995Were boomer High schools really like this?[View]
198165646Futurama thread.: Futurama thread. Today I started rewatching season 6. I think it has aged quiet we…[View]
198163405>this [Godzilla/transformers/etc] film would have been much better if they ignored the human elem…[View]
198165942YOUR SOUL IS MINE[View]
198161373DUNE: Why was DUNC so bland and sterile compared to Lynch's Dune? I watched it like 15 years ag…[View]
198165630Why does he always play the same pushover character?[View]
198161361Besides Romper Stomper and American history X what are some skinhead kinos?[View]
198164623This is a movie about sadness, tragedy, and triumph. 4 friends each in similar states transform thei…[View]
198165669Would she have gotten bogged if she ended up in fast and the furious 4 instead of x-men? Maybe she w…[View]
198162465Say it.[View]
198163006So who will buy it? Amazon? Apple? Max?[View]
198165578/tv/ is my: >TEACHER >MOTHER >secret lover…[View]
198165579When you finna watch kino but the tape ain't rewound[View]
198165434>is a power tripping honorless psychopath in your path[View]
198164753IT'S OVER:: This cheap show has a better first season (plus more episodes on a single one) than…[View]
198165484Why did they think it was a good idea to make Daphne fat?[View]
198165479I've come to save Hollywood: My first act is to erase the events of Troon Vegas in my new show …[View]
198165438Forget scraping the bottom of the barrel, this is tossing the barrel into a woodchipper and sucking …[View]
198159471/trek/: $50 sushi edition Why would Mick Fleetwood endure hours of makeup for a nothing cameo?…[View]
198165374What are your thoughts on Jennifer Yuh Nelson?[View]
198164868Recommend movies/shows with depressed & schizophrenic main characters.[View]
198162088>Show comes out >Faggots from Reddit like it >They come to 4chan to argue instead of log in…[View]
198164172Where'd you learn to fight like that?: >I grew up with 5 brothers…[View]
198164084Best character in the show![View]
198164897His documentary is depressing.[View]
198166208Laineybros... /ourgirl/ is not doing good right now[View]
198165024DUNC: ChadGPT answered a question that stumped /tv/ for a thousand millennia.[View]
198165213post more moments like this on tv >tag along >body? >etc…[View]
198164295/webm/ thread: Post webms from movies and shows[View]
198159780Best John Wayne film?: People tend to like Rio Bravo overall but I'd like to know what /tv/ thi…[View]
198157021>There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would y…[View]
198162825Who was the best deputy?[View]
198160710For me it’s Paranormal activity[View]
198164951>night time >every ground level surface is wet for no reason >even airports tarmacs are wet…[View]
198160444Was there anything worthwhile in Bad Santa 2?[View]
198160386What was his fucking problem?[View]
198164927>that episode of oj made in America where the blacks celebrate a man getting away with murder…[View]
198161031>doppelganger is le evil... he wears the leather jacket and has... long hair and.... controls ele…[View]
198162760Just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
198164953>good at depicting offbeat heroes >given the most normal hero of all…[View]
198164759ITT times /tv/ got rejected[View]
198163930Hell yeah, the original 1990 TMNT movie was almost R anyway. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movie…[View]
198164782Why didn't he just nuke the Emperor, his army and the Harkonnens directly instead of the mounta…[View]
198156095>92% RT[View]
198163541Do you watch the 30 min preshows before the movie starts at Alamo?[View]
198164904Do you agree with PeteG?[View]
198164613Holy fuck this was a beautiful movie, why didn’t the USA found a better/quicker path to peace?[View]
198164806I'm watching Hard Rain while it's raining hard outside. Do you guys ever pair movies with …[View]
198160138i think the brunette is pretty should i watch the show[View]
198164841What is he saying?[View]
198161070Holy fucking shit[View]
198164764Men don't hit the wal...[View]
198164808I want the black man.[View]
198151088Fallout Show is Disney Star Wars: >undo all the progress that happened in Fallout 1, 2, and New V…[View]
198164665SQUEEZE IT CRACKA[View]
198164727I had no idea Tom Kenny acted in live action films[View]
198158759What kept him going?: Do orcs believe in an afterlife?[View]
198163134oohaoohaoohaoohaoohaooha AHAHAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA ooooooohoooooooonaaaaaaaa AHAAHAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
198161670where did she go?[View]
198163686lip my stocking[View]
198162757>yo this dude has nice pecs he must work out[View]
198164405What was the most successful shilling campaign on /tv/? I think it's the 'literally me' campaig…[View]
198156129kramer was never the same after this: it's a jerry is sick so kramer has to cover for him 'epis…[View]
198163839She had no right to throw the eldest boy under the bus[View]
198159376The only redeeming quality is Power Armor design but not that it now can do Iron Man tier shit. Also…[View]
198163576book: Paul realizes the worms make the spice and how that exposing them to the changed water of life…[View]
198160312>Fallout but good[View]
198161817Damn, E. They tried to fade ya on Dre Day >But Dre Day only meant Eazy's pay day!…[View]
198164006>that one elf nigga that be eatin all the lembas bread[View]
198162427>Oh wow you read Superman? Which one was your favorite? Golden Age, Silver Age, modern era, New 5…[View]
198164320If Philip put these potatoes into the deep fat fryer, why did he tell Chef Ramsay that they were ove…[View]
198164243Was Brando the greatest actor of his time? I'd like to think so[View]
198164227Wow nice boo... I mean nipples, Lisa Kudrow![View]
198160681>its ok guys I made it, we're gonna be alri-[View]
198157547Saw XI Delayed a Year: Saw XI will now be releasing on September 26, 2025. This is a change from its…[View]
198163545>this made millenials shit themselves How was WoW that powerful ? I didn’t play it until 2010…[View]
198163644Just got home from watching this. Don’t believe the hype, it’s a shakycam “violence is le bad” nothi…[View]
198159582‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Renewed for Season 2, Multiple Spinoffs in the Works at Apple TV+: htt…[View]
198157593Will you be watching Gladiator 2: Sharknado, /tv/?[View]
198162386g'day cunt[View]
198162320What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
198161292WATCH ARGYLLE[View]
198163813Post only if you've watched every single episode. Everyone else, GTFO.[View]
198160561The last 5 shows I’ve watched all had at least three lgbt characters despite them being 1% of the po…[View]
198163535Where's his sticky, jannies?[View]
198163668There's a good movie here somewhere...: ...but it's a bit of a mess.[View]
198161351>Did I hear someone say they wanted to hear my dad's Google history?…[View]
198161730>ayo muhfugga dont be clippin muh grass, ya dig? what was marty's problem?…[View]
198162006ITT: moments when men cried[View]
198163460Why didn't they just go with a small team of professionals >project manager >delivery man…[View]
198152183Her children... are...[View]
198162276I watched this for the first time in many years and liked it very much. The Machete trailer is great…[View]
198163577it this too much to ask for?[View]
198151150He was right, I'm sorry. Have some fucking respect for an artist.[View]
198162830>Nicholson's Joker: Certified pussy fucker >Leto's Joker: Fucking a bad bitch >Ph…[View]
198163563What are some kinos about living with loneliness?[View]
198159056>OI WAIS GAIPED[View]
198162835I went to watch the Ghost Busters movie that got released today and the kinoplex was empty, other th…[View]
198158815Whatever happened to this guy? I really liked him in the Bourne movies.[View]
198158065>Millennials had such little actual good content and so much commercial brainwashing that this LI…[View]
198161555Soulless, soulful, SOVL[View]
198162041Casini a cutie[View]
198161096Why did WCW lost Monday Night War?[View]
198162903>Ok, now we need someone to play the samu-... >Sir, he's already downstairs, practicing h…[View]
198162788I can’t watch this cuck shit: >marries a PREGNANT single mother of 2 >she cheats on him 5 mins…[View]
198160380David Lynch convinced me. I should start smoking. Looks cool as hell.[View]
198158984Godzilla X Kong was great, better than the trailer made it look.[View]
198161391Can men with autism actually find love or is it over for them?[View]
198154607Go Woke, Go Broke[View]
198161831No no, heroin. Heroin, Frank.[View]
198160035>the council of mutts will now decide your fate how fucked are you?[View]
198151227>female character has depression[View]
198161375>being obnoxious and loud is le... FUNNY[View]
198162599the absolute state[View]
198161539You don't watch Lynch's films on your phone.[View]
198162565>Hey Zach, just saw the trailer for Smiling Friends season 2! Great job, buddy! I saw that Mr. Fr…[View]
198161120>White Boy Summer was almost 3 years ago[View]
198161901Has /tv/ ever seen Eurotrip's companion piece 'Mean Creek'? The film where Scotty act…[View]
198162479>FILMMAKER REACTS TO [movie] >He has never made a movie; only YouTube commercials…[View]
198153558What is Sigourney Weaver's best work?[View]
198159758>depressed character wears a hoodie[View]
198159230Has any movie saved a nation to the same extent Harry Potter did? This series is pure propaganda and…[View]
198156875I just watched it, and it’s really good. Every thread here is so fucking dumb >”omg they talk ab…[View]
198162424>horror movie >rapper has a role >is the most memorable and funny character name em…[View]
198160864/apprentice/ general lottie interview edition: No thread last week, no one cares about this series p…[View]
198160569Why wasn’t she hated as much as Skyler?[View]
198160012Feyds child: What happens to Feyds child, the one Lady Margot Fenring carries?[View]
198162225'NCR? New Vegas? The legion? Heh. Not in my wasteland'--Todd Howard[View]
198162147>the Pope is.... LE BAD[View]
198157487What am I in for?[View]
198162230I will not be watching Joker: Folie à Deux[View]
198162129Surely, Fallout isn’t that bad. A faggot trans character within the first 30 minutes. >unbelievab…[View]
198162168what are some kinos about Scotland?[View]
198161093Is this the ideal body type for power armour...?[View]
198161653Fixing the prequels: Where instead of the stupid, drawn out, convoluted, podrace shenanigans: the ga…[View]
198161976Hayden Christensen Voicing Shadow?: I hope the supposedly leaked footage from Paramount's prese…[View]
198159991Best actor nowadays, hands down. People love him foe The Bear but he was great in Shameless US as we…[View]
198160288my name is warrick davis, and i'm riding these balloons all the way to page 10[View]
198161009The most tragic actor to have ever played THE CROW[View]
198160985Why do normies call him the 'false prophet' when he literally fulfills all his promises? Will nig- I…[View]
198160040Good night, sweet prince.[View]
198158148https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6yDanmWI1E Initial thoughts?[View]
198160555What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
198161128What did she mean by this[View]
198159776Why don’t we get more action films like this[View]
198155559Listen up, incels. Fallout is not bad because of a female MC, race swapped characters, some black pe…[View]
198157589He's epic[View]
198157817How come both Simpsons and Family guy gave their characters black ancestors? I don't get this..…[View]
198161148I'm that badass type that speaks very rarely and you?[View]
198161566Wow this sucked. It's a shame because the first 30 minutes were actually kinda fun.[View]
198158478This show should've been called 'Are you more knowledgeable than a 5th grade'. Just because you…[View]
198161475>no black main character in the adds >there’s a black main character in the show Imagine my go…[View]
198161336what is the best post-apocalyptic kino?[View]
198154846New R-rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles produced by Walter Hamada and directed by Zack Snyder in th…[View]
198159235Can a 400 year old seriously remember the names of every dude he met once like centuries ago? I can …[View]
198159054Since when he lands in the original Planet of the Apes movie, Charlton Heston doesn't know abou…[View]
198160536Erotic thrillers: They were popular in the 80s and 90s. Why did this genre die?[View]
198155994Yep he's definitely back[View]
198151497>canonicly fertile bros...[View]
198159538Literally what is the appeal of mobshit?[View]
198160875Sonic 3: >Fat suit Eggman >Shadow riding a motorcycle What do you think?…[View]
198159225The ACKolyte - Star Wars: What do you think about it? Is it going to alienate followers of the Jedi …[View]
198161089which spot should i go with? gonna go see Civil War.[View]
198159574He didn't kill Renly. Shadow did! Why did Brienne killed him?[View]
198159363A group of African Americans cheering at the /tv/ when it was announced a Black murderer wouldn’t go…[View]
198141204Fallout: What did Todd Howard mean by this?[View]
198160454She's a bit of a legend[View]
198155200The Truman Show is patently absurd. Why would people watch a show about some random loser's lif…[View]
198160816Has anyone seen this? How is it supposed to top the movie with Jude Law, Matt Damon, and PSH? And is…[View]
198153262Was this the last good cartoon?: Regular show[View]
198159595Has this stupid bitch had enough of running around in the desert now? Is she gonna go back to filmin…[View]
198144467dune: i watched it for her >was 14 >be swede >used to live 5-10 minutes from her street thi…[View]
198160757Is there some truth to the idea that working in entertainment and having dysfunctional relationships…[View]
198160115Shitsteres: Post the biggest shitsterers/schemers Ryan O'Reilly >Made two gangs fight each…[View]
198158383>superintendent chalmers![View]
198158818Old Computer Animated Art Films: https://youtu.be/b5zMtCvWhG0 Why can't they make kino like thi…[View]
198160324(serious) What's the consensus on this?: I feel like Family Guy overall is a show people like b…[View]
198160286>films you cried over more than once during a single viewing[View]
198160506>movie character cries about his girlfriend[View]
198155483So... what kind of movies do black people ACTUALLY want to watch?[View]
198160407>Suck it, nerds![View]
198157458who did he piss off?[View]
198156112Watched lethal weapon 1 and 2 this week: why didn't you guys tell me this series was so KINO…[View]
198159950OK all my backups are down. I need a new movie site. Go on.[View]
198159813The only Fallout thread you need: ITT we laugh at Fallout and their shills/PR managers[View]
198160373Does Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff still receive updates?[View]
198160146One leg each[View]
198153604What will it be?[View]
198160280Am I supposed to believe that porcelain dinnerware stood there in perfect condition for 200 years?[View]
198160252Comedy gold.[View]
198160174>scene features a mirror, lit pane of glass, shiny car or any other reflective surface >start…[View]
198159013Tulnukas 2: Anybody seen this kino? Thoughts?[View]
198159272I am literally him.[View]
198159418Did you wish you lived in Springfield as a kid? I did.[View]
198153523Dora explores being an illegal alien[View]
198159266starting to think a proper Naked Gun sequel aint never gonna happen, is it?[View]
198159885What the fuck is going on with the direction? Most of the time we jump around character 'plots' and …[View]
198150980he literally and unironically did nothing wrong[View]
198159976We need to stop America from creating visual media ever again.[View]
198159298>There they are! The Pirates of Prosciutt', the Brigands of Bracioll'!…[View]
198153678>NCR nuked >New Vegas nuked >Enclave nuked >Legion nuked >Lore nuked >Timeline nuk…[View]
198159660how would you deal with michael if you were toby?: He should have beat the shit out of michael at so…[View]
198159086>movie trailer >WHAT IF CTHULU WASN'T JUST A STORY >ear shattering fart noise >full…[View]
198158627this is NO 'ZA! how dare you to bring this in front of the ramsay?![View]
198158570Which fanbase is the most buck-broken? I'd say MCU fans probably.[View]
198159745https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr8JQfvmfrA So this is Fallout now.[View]
198158159Unlikable characters.[View]
198159620Dewey was in on it.[View]
198159601Anyone else here think House of the Dragon, Season 2 will be the best tv this year?: Anyone else her…[View]
198156604I am officially on board.[View]
198159647>Constant knife fights >Too afraid to show blood Marvel studios ass movie…[View]
198159243literal humiliation ritual[View]
198146306>Does the artist have the right to change or take away his work after he releases it to the publi…[View]
198159439>fallout.webm haha wow isnt that so funny? hehe hoho![View]
198157800Do you have a local server? What is in your collection?[View]
198156200Hero or Traitor?[View]
198159475Admit it: he was the only kino thing about LOTR, and literally the only character in the entire tril…[View]
198159461Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
198129872>the scene that gave /tv/ their manic pixie girl boner[View]
198159185Why did they stop making disaster movies?[View]
198155655RIP We’ll never find out if he actually did it[View]
198158490lip (yes mr. harris) my stocking[View]
198157991Is this the saddest interview of all time? Gary is trying so hard to act cool, but the audience is l…[View]
198158945OJ Simpson died today following a long battle with cancer. Cancer insists it was framed, and is tire…[View]
198158128Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2: Will it be kino?[View]
198158668Are there any decent racing kinos?[View]
198155509new rachel sennott kino is back on the menu, boys https://youtu.be/wtVSWnofryc?si=UzlCzp1a61Yuk5fj…[View]
198158848What movies insist upon themselves?[View]
198159131my nigga yohei[View]
198159036>literally no one >Snyder: And what if the walrus man wanted to rape Luke? I don't like S…[View]
198157434Marge Large[View]
198159070>there isn't a single mystery horror series of just nonstop rape and murder every episode ex…[View]
198151485In a brilliant move during closing arguments, Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran put on the knit cap p…[View]
198157438>75 years of age[View]
198153247Who's the modern day Tarkovsky?[View]
198157873Future humans literally only eat one thing and it's fucking disgusting.[View]
198155069How do I get this comfy life bros?[View]
198156899What would you do in this situation?[View]
198150534Robert Eggers: How is he allowed to make nig-less historical movies set in Europe in our day and age…[View]
198158790FAIL UPWARDS.... OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAH: >Direct a huge bomb >Get …[View]
198158239Is Kate Mara's Megan Leavey worth a watch? Its top 5 on Netflix right now. https://spoiler.bola…[View]
19815572728 YEARS LATER Adds Jodie Comer, Charlie Hunnam And Ralph Fiennes: https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/…[View]
198158254>Charmed: 3 siblings; Mom dead, father gone; Oldest siblings takes the lead, younger ones are naï…[View]
198157951I spent 50 dollars on 2 tickets on a PAJEET LESBO FILM: So this is probably the only film that I…[View]
198153138That is good to me as well as that.[View]
198156023I cannot live another day without air conditioning[View]
198157695>moid gives me attention >let him hit it >he leaves me for a younger woman it's enough…[View]
198153792VLC will always be superior because you can do silly effects to your shows and movies[View]
198158706RIP where’s the bloody sticky?! not guilty[View]
198157188Why is this fuck so good at making movies?[View]
198158343>people thought this amazon garbage was going to be good You faggots are really gullibe and stupi…[View]
198155404Snood would have made a great Harley Quinn[View]
198157663Paris, Texas: This may be the most boring movie I've ever seen[View]
198154885>it's a Don gets terrible acid reflux after a 10 day bender episode This show is getting rep…[View]
198158450Yt kino?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RPhqsunGPII&pp=ygUSV2hlbiBidWRkeSBnZXRzIHVw…[View]
198152257Homer Simpson is dead: rip[View]
198158339>want to download a movie >only two DVD rips available on torrent >download both to see whi…[View]
198158336Are British people really like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjzxI6uf8H8[View]
198158288Bort status: deceased[View]
198158078https://youtu.be/58SE6nTb5QU?feature=shared&t=439 >firing the gun around like it's a toy…[View]
198158186Best american transgender reaction channel thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFgNT2xYlcU[View]
198157629All tv shows and movies with elves should exclusively cast young and hot people to play them, not …[View]
198158060this guy is unironically great t b h[View]
198158016bcs: >He's right behind me, isn't he?[View]
198158008Kino so far: like goggins in the beginning of fallout it was a pretty good opening, daughter should …[View]
198157393Literally me[View]
198155702GODZILLA vs. KONG: This is the only time I've felt childlike joy in the past 10 years. I always…[View]
198157191so learned about A24 studio recently I saw some of its movies without being aware they do seem to ha…[View]
198157818I APOLOGIZE[View]
198155984shouldve punched the gayness out of his brother instead[View]
198156499Patty and Selma[View]
198156374Was it meant to be about Jesus? Why did he eat 50 eggs? I feel like I got filtered[View]
198156654Reccomend me some kinos centered around alcohol and drinking. I already saw Druk and Leaving Las Veg…[View]
198157017Cowboys and Indians, Samurai and Ninja? Certified Cruise Cinema.[View]
198154530>oh noo this cute middle schooler wants to cruise around with me in my hot rod on prom night why …[View]
198156262What was this guy's problem: >Mogs random greenshirt over shield control vector technique …[View]
198157494Chad Herzorg putting an entire hill down for our entertainment, god I miss when directors had balls[View]
198150864>watch asian drama >character gets a dire/terminal illness…[View]
198157606Does Harakiri deserve to be cited alongside masterpieces like The Funeral and End of Evangelion for …[View]
198157551>In 48 hours, I'll be expecting Europe, all ages! what did he mean by this…[View]
198157349Do Americans really?[View]
198156597this movie would have been hilarious if they stuck with the original script[View]
198155666/v/ BLOWN THE FUCK OUT[View]
198157399Zack Snyder calls DC fanboys 'fake fans' that know true canon: This dude just want to piss people of…[View]
198157223Favorite Harry Potter movie?[View]
198156414>legendary sword >it has a jewel in the crossguard You mostly see this in older shows, but mod…[View]
198156967>*calls you faggot What you do ?[View]
198156666Dicaprio ain't looking so good lately...[View]
198157185>Wait Agent 47 lost? Agent 47 is not supposed to lose[View]
198157920What do we think of Guy Ritchie's new movie The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare?[View]
198152467watching the Apple River stabbing trial right now I can't wait for the fucking seethe when he g…[View]
198156018Why were the Harkonnens allowed to make random disgusting creatures and none of the other houses sai…[View]
198154357>all the stars are here[View]
198156469his name is tiger + nigger[View]
198137239Paramount is Literally Collapsing: Four directors have left so far, shareholders are threatening a l…[View]
198157000The scariest part is that even if was put behind bars he would get out early on good behaviour.[View]
198156044What made classic Simpsons so good?[View]
198156917So why was there a circumcised dick with pubes in the opening montage of Persona (1966)?[View]
198155412>changes name to sound more jewish to break into hollywood >rats out commies Based…[View]
198132946Based Spike Lee is pulling another Oldboy. Kurosawa btfo.[View]
198156926T to the A to the S-T-E-Y, girl, you tasty D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S[View]
198155340Conan is the most Irish person to ever live[View]
198155086>main villain is a troon >commits horrible acts, infiltrates the upper echelon of society and …[View]
198152753Okay smarty pants How would you have ended the series ,???[View]
198156372'THE END OF LAZYTOWN' Controversy: What the actual fuck did lefties mean by this? https://www.coming…[View]
198155783Best films on drug addicts? I've already seen Requiem for a Dream[View]
198154789>hide amazon fallout threads >ignore amazon fallout posts >don't reply to amazon fallo…[View]
198115397/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Bauver It Edition >/film/ chart…[View]
198156745OJ Simpson dead at 76: Former NFL player and Actor and co-star of the Naked Gun Films has passed aft…[View]
198152511>and my tax[View]
198151745This is NOT ok.[View]
198148769>When Paul chooses white coochie over your sand crusted pussy loosened by years of worm riding…[View]
198153601Press S to spit on this mother fucker's grave.[View]
198156744Uranium fever has done and got me down: Uranium fever is spreadin' all around With a Geiger cou…[View]
198156613Remember people posting ded bort yesterday before oj simpson died?[View]
198155990Stoner comedies should be illegal.[View]
198154699this image looks so weird lol[View]
198155070>That line was broken[View]
198151084>You deserve to be punished, don't you Mr. Potter?[View]
198156396>I would never take the life of another[View]
198155110Neytiri is...[View]
198155351>character about to go on stage >friend says 'break a leg' >they actually break their leg…[View]
198156168Netflix's 10 most popular tv shows (English): https://www.netflix.com/tudum/top10/most-popular/…[View]
198156365Hold up is that my nigga Zep from Saw?[View]
198151347Why is this show obsessed with sex? Why are normie TV just sex sex sex. Literally 30 minutes in ther…[View]
198150922Can they please, for the love of God, never invite this disgusting freak back again[View]
198153737Now that the dust has truly settled, why did he run?[View]
198153692>kill gambit Why is the fucking cartoon based on an actual kids show kore adult than the fucking …[View]
198152046There's Capeshit and then there's Cape Soul.: Current post-2019 films are capeshit for sur…[View]
198153698Why does PA look so derpy[View]
198155638They fitted.[View]
198156147>be mad >be a Fox Bravo[View]
198151461Was it boring?: Or am I filtered? It was okay but nothing really happened[View]
198156091>here’s looking at you, kid Is this supposed to be a romantic line? If some guy said this to me i…[View]
198153816*enters 4chan* SHAMONA *slaps you* HEE HEE *turns 360 degrees and walks away*[View]
198154501TODD is playing 4D chess: The Show is good enough it will get a lot of New Fans Whiles also keeping …[View]
198153318You will support WBD's new movie: Right /tv/?[View]
198155512>introduce memberberry character >couldn't possibly be further away from his original est…[View]
198154726why is he such a dick?[View]
198147990lmao look at this massive wimp[View]
198147550Letterboxd top 4: Post em[View]
198155855Romeo and Juliet: WE WUZ Shakespeare and shiet[View]
198152622Can someone confirm if he says the n-word in the Fallout series? Cause if not I'm not intereste…[View]
198155181never bettered[View]
198155586I love shit like this. Movies with very little tension. Just 2 hours of comfiness.[View]
198153848Ashton, you can’t just say this and expect to still have a career.[View]
198154335Why is it that the only people who rooted for Paul Atreides were people with zero Media Literacy?[View]
198152650Look it’s a new me switched it up who’s this?[View]
198155597Fallout: Is there a legal way to beat the shit out of this motherfucking nonce? If I challenge him t…[View]
198155553>And what, I wonder, does good Solonius recevice for convincing me to spread cheeks and accept de…[View]
198155178Literally me[View]
198153428why is he obsessed with black people?[View]
198155521/phym/ - physical media general: £3 for both. Thoughts on my haul today? Support blu-rays & dvds…[View]
198155477Hey why does the Fallout protagonist look like a frog?[View]
198155445In other news, OJ Simpson vowed to find his wife's killer. He stated 'I will not rest until I f…[View]
198152983Which movies and shows dunk on women the most mercilessly? Like pic related or The Apartment[View]
198151637Why don't they make kino? a lot of good actors are from there[View]
198151480Zack Snyder talks scrapped idea for Wonder Woman 1854: >She would go from war to war fucking youn…[View]
198154456>the entire show is kevin spacey making witty quips and murdering people this is getting old…[View]
198152859I want a rocketship.[View]
198149368Why wasn't I born looking like this?[View]
198151482What a waste of film stock on this complete and utter slop.[View]
198152847Romesh Ranganathan actor/comedian: Is there anything this man can't do?[View]
198154781I'm looking for a movie that I remember seeing as a kid on blockbuster but I never watched, I j…[View]
198151096>media illiterate people actually think Goodwill Hunting won this interaction and not the ponytai…[View]
198152555O.J. Simpson Dead at 76: F https://www.tmz.com/2024/04/11/oj-simpson-dead-dies-cancer/[View]
198149717NIGHTBITCH Starring Amy Adams Set For December 6, 2024: >An artist turned stay-at-home mother str…[View]
198154888Rings of Power: >fat black woman is somehow the least awful character What the fuck…[View]
198147890Most beautiful thing I've seen in my life[View]
198151973HOLY SHIT: >always thought Ben Mendelsohn looked like an older Chris Parnell >Ben is actually …[View]
198148895Ted: >The whole show is just unfunny safe edgy humor and Seth wanting his paycheck…[View]
198154531>Hey, you know OJ Simpson is a wife beating murderer? Was? T'WAS![View]
198151657Are there any shows close to as good as I, Claudius? Please don't recommend slop like The Sopra…[View]
198153697The witcher: I just finished the books. What did i think of them?[View]
198150381It's really over this time, isn't it?[View]
198152474Is it good or just girlshit?[View]
198154438Selena Gomez: Star of Emilia Pérez, premiering at Festival de Cannes in May.[View]
198154351who was in the wrong here?[View]
198152563>I consider myself a life coach >I never killed anyone >if it's a crime to help others…[View]
198153464We'd all agree that the office was in decline since the end of season 2 but these kids really s…[View]
198151670This movie fucking sucks: I don't know who is more pretentious, lynch or his sycophants. piece…[View]
198154069Just marathoned the first 1.5 episodes. He totally did put the razor blade into the enby's boot…[View]
198151037Help me clear this up. I just finished watching this with my buddy. We're debating what the wat…[View]
198153649AHHHH THEYRE HAVING SEX IM LOSING MY MINDDDDDD AHHHHHHH what the fuck was the problem? it was just a…[View]
198153683>Cruel/evil character >Named 'a mean' who writes this crap?…[View]
198153353This shit sucks[View]
198153983>hey anon, there you are! we were just talking about you![View]
198152953JUST. DO IT[View]
198154250But it wasn’t shot on film?[View]
198151030OJ Simpson dead: F to the thot patrol commander[View]
198153181>dude the 50s/60s were actually... LE BAD[View]
198152422your senile tribal chief tells you that this little fag is your god and will be leading your holy ji…[View]
198148377Is Smiling Friends going to be a cultural monument akin to The Simpsons? Can Zach Hadel and Michael …[View]
198151259It's funny how despite moviegoers having a increased preference for IPs instead of celebrities,…[View]
198152222It did fit tho[View]
198151605how do you go from this[View]
198153462I finished the first episode and it hasn't justified it being a tv show to me yet. what can i g…[View]
198151843What went so wrong with Star Wars?[View]
198153870Flies in the vasoline we are Sometimes it blows my mind Keep getting stuck here all the time ISN…[View]
198147343In my country this movie is a classic. I very much like this movie.[View]
198151976>'My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing!' Why is THIS considered the funniest quote from the show?…[View]
198150900This is a masterclass: The way she first starts huffing, in fear and hopelessness, then she clenches…[View]
198152844BLEEP THAT[View]
198153655Focus on Joaquin. Pull focus to window. Gaga draws perfect smile. Pull focus back to Joaquin. Jo…[View]
198153178Oj died of cancer? I didn’t even know he was sick[View]
198150203Velma season 2 in two weeks: Chuds btfo[View]
198153463Cast a Dexter villain: Who would be able to play a serial killer that Dexter would have to face off …[View]
198141464>*pause* as you can see, the suspect just touched his hair. This could be a sign of antisocial pe…[View]
198149446What kind of deranged person laughs at this shit?[View]
198153122How is he breathing and healthy as a 55 yo man who only eats diner food?[View]
198153439>I..love you... bros im crying...i miss him so much[View]
198144276>it's good APOLOGIZE[View]
198152686Comfy Wanda thread[View]
198153222The Night Manager will be returning for two more seasons, with Tom Hiddleston again at the helm, it …[View]
198153234>Decided to watch new Fallout show >Wonder what they did to Vegas >Watch the final end cred…[View]
19815277020 YEARS LATER Adds Jodie Comer, Charlie Hunnam And Ralph Fiennes: https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/…[View]
198152158Thursday April 11th... I am forgotten.[View]
198152443DAMN, BRITS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjzxI6uf8H8 YOU SCARY[View]
198152937It is finally official, OJ Simpson is burning in the deepest pits of Hell[View]
198152904>WHOA, baby I was just CLOWNING around XD[View]
198150094Uma Thurman’s best performance is this interview she did where she pretended like she didn’t know We…[View]
198152662For me its the generator from jurassic park[View]
198151660Physical:100 Amotti is a cheater faggot edition: Amotti is a cheater faggot. He found out during the…[View]
198152433Was the original concept behind Jurassic Park 4 of human-dino hybrids better than the World slop we …[View]
198152807I miss him already mode sticky pls[View]
198152765Why don't they make kino? a lot of good actors are from there[View]
198152586Was it shit, or misunderstood kino?[View]
198151994Where's the dog in the sequel? No, that dog was the foster family's dog. I'm talking …[View]
198151779Characters that have funny names in other languages.: In Swedish, the word for weather is vader, so …[View]
198148136Monster House: This movie gives off a satanic aura at times.[View]
198147768For me, it's Bargain Hunt.[View]
198144075This made Gen Xers piss and crap their pants laughing in 1993.[View]
198152504Rest in Shit: Leslie is fucking your wife in hell[View]
198150452Was it kino?[View]
198152411Movies about the real nature of women?[View]
198151190Was it the cheerleader effect?[View]
198150903>Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
198125918/hor/ - Horror General: the ACTUAL queen edition previously, on /hor/ >>198110224[View]
198152150https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Ci0F6nkqzpE Is this a comprehensive assessment on bullying?[View]
198150323Most BLAND cast of all time: Can you name a more bland ensemble cast than DUNC? -Timmy boy is his us…[View]
198152047ABE SIMPSON HAS DIED.[View]
198151384Why did he do it?[View]
198149615>see this watch? >This watch costs more than your car. How do you respond without sounding mad…[View]
198152090RIP INNOCENT[View]
198150715Does it make you a good mother by ignoring the fact that your son is unfit to rule and is a murderou…[View]
198150254I always get these two mixed up.[View]
198147365>I think I's be passin' a kidney shtone![View]
198146414Does The Wire still hold up today?[View]
198151334Is this one of the best, most comprehensive documentaries?[View]
198140705Find a flaw[View]
198148213I’m staying home hungover: >I drank the vodka and oj[View]
198151525remember when niggers celebrated OJs verdict because of 400 years of slavery n shieeet[View]
198150679Why has Jim Carrey's career been so shit for so long? His last good movie came out in 2004[View]
198151582Well it's official. OJ Simpson is in hell.[View]
198151401RIP OJ Simposon >why's oj on /tv/? Because of his kino car chase and trail, faggot.…[View]
198151818>Jesus Christ, look at you![View]
198150606Saw what, gramp?[View]
198144788what did his old man do?[View]
198133389Fallout.S01.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.Atmos.H.264-FLUX: >Fallout.S01.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.Atmo…[View]
198149225House of the Dragon Season 2: You think we will get flash backs of Harwin Strong / Rhaenyra Targarye…[View]
198151601Civil War: Just saw this in IMAX, it's kino. About as apolitical as a movie can be these days, …[View]
198151317What do I gotta count to before I can make a new sopranos thread?[View]
198151543This movie will flop so badly. Elvis did less than FNAF, these movies will be lower then that[View]
198150112Told you[View]
198149261The only anime with an english dub that is superior to the original japanese dub. Prove me wrong.[View]
198149449'He' suppose to be the best men among brotherhood of steel cadets according to Fallout show. What ge…[View]
198151392>hey anon, there you are! we were just talking about you![View]
198151316>Swift and shift couriers[View]
198149513Why does everyone on TV say “Oh my God” like it’s okay? It’s offensive.[View]
198149192>straight male white lead that is masculine, charismatic, competent and not a pussy >very litt…[View]
198150032>ITT: Memorable movie quotes: >I NEED THE FACTS! >YOU CAN’T FATHOM THE FACTS…[View]
198150233>We're not so different you and i[View]
198150575Damn, boy, you smell like sex.: What does it smell like?[View]
198151189>go to see Coppola kino One From The Heart Reprise >there is maybe a dozen other people in the…[View]
198150385Why is considered a 'comedy legend'?: He was funny on Curb, but apart from that and the su…[View]
198151147So what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?[View]
198151052RIP Juice[View]
198151100Kinos back on da menu bois[View]
198134736>has sex with complete stranger in first 20 minutes of show All women are whores. I hate them so…[View]
198149697So this is just a poor man's Silo?[View]
198150676>that film you saw years ago that you can't remember the name of what's her name bros…[View]
198149705While I loved Cristina Applegate. Nikki cox was my favorite TV teenage daughter.[View]
198151010Bravo DISNEY!: You did it again, you motherfuckers[View]
198150812>brotherhood elder refers to it as they/them >tries to act like a man >gets promoted instea…[View]
198150058I did not care for The Godfather.[View]
198148292Best romance movie in the past 10 years.[View]
198150902Fallout fan here, just finished the show. It's an 8/10. I almost soifaced twice but managed to …[View]
198137010It's all so tiresome.[View]
198150761post shitty covers[View]
198147713Does she add anything to Stern's show?[View]
198150762Holy Jesus, what is that? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT PRIVATE PYLE?[View]
198148077>forced to play the gothy weird looking slut/prositute for all of her adult career Anybody feel s…[View]
198149742Do waitresses really?[View]
198146676Are you looking forward to Kinds of Kindness directed by Yorgos Lanthimos staring Emma Stone and Hun…[View]
198150630>YOU ARE MY SPECIAL[View]
198145945How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198139414Burning (2018): What am I in for?[View]
198137670/sho/ - Shogun General: 'Iron Fist' Hiromatsu edition. Previously on SHŌGUN: >>198122176…[View]
198147290>Let it seethe, let it seethe, let it seethe some more and- come on, who's with me, huh?…[View]
198150503Are you excited for the new dragonball live action adaptation on amazon prime? It's gonna be ki…[View]
198147872What a cutie[View]
198147851Fallout: Yay a faggot trans character within the first 30 minutes. Won’t be watching anymore, I’ll …[View]
198143604>tfw at least two more weeks of stream piggies talking about how their latest serving of slop is …[View]
198143757She a baddie she know she a 10[View]
198147308Aaron Spelling Early Life:: Bullied so hard (by words) that his legs literally stopped working? C…[View]
198150326It's terrible but I can't put my finger on why...: It feels like a rough draft bound for t…[View]
198150369Every time i see a brown actress in any movie or TV show, i think 'wow, she would've been a muc…[View]
198148320He was supposed to be TNBT. What went wrong?[View]
198148901MR. BONERELLI[View]
198150205At first, no one noticed the change in Jonathan Majors. They just criticized him as a domestic abuse…[View]
198145439Did this really ruin Billy Zane's career even though it wasn't even that bad?[View]
198150119Remember what they took from you[View]
198149525What went wrong...[View]
198150209What are your thoughts about the theory that Tywin's three children are actually the bastards o…[View]
198148571admit it, at the end of the day this is just neocapeshit larping as kino[View]
198147558>the last mainstream white christian sitcom[View]
198149592Why was he so jealous of Jimmy?[View]
198142428Every film reactor i've seen cheered when Wednesday decided to cuck her bf. Is it considered no…[View]
198147814What did you think of Margot as Harley? I think she was good, but the movies she was in were awful f…[View]
198146773Comfy: Maximum Comfy[View]
198147932>vaults are connected like neighborhoods >arranged marriages What the fuck? I don't remem…[View]
198145962>They turned Sabrina into edgy coomer bait based or cringe?[View]
198148158Warwick Davis Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb5qliWvDbI[View]
198148408Jigsaw is a papist: > The charges, God?[View]
198124587HOLY BASED[View]
198149122Chucky: I don't like this show It's too intentionally stupid for me I hate it I want it to…[View]
198146940This was pure kino[View]
198147928>hey frankie, I just got back from the quarry. what's for dinner[View]
198149617This is based, dare i say KINO?[View]
198149126Attention Bajoran workers. I had sex with Kira's mom. That will be all.[View]
198149917>Zack Snyder was not surprised people reacted to Batman killing in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. >'The o…[View]
198148968>20 minutes in show >fucks chad What is normie TV obsession with sex. I wanted to see people t…[View]
198149167Leslie Bibb looks exactly like Timothy Olyphant. Imagine if they were botch in the same film[View]
198149124OH NO NO[View]
198143311Any movies like this game?[View]
198149462she would not make it 20 feet without being raped repeatedly[View]
198149736Who was in the wrong?[View]
198148486Nothing happens: The show(gun)[View]
198146122Why didn't they just snipe the machine gunners first? are they stupid?[View]
198149614yeah, this was kino as fuck, mighty excited for Cronenberg's The Shrouds this year[View]
198148100Do they poop in the suit?[View]
198147605I don't get it[View]
198149006fallout: >/tv/ was wrong again every time[View]
198127982Why did this flop, sirs? It's clearly very blooty ambitious.[View]
198148523It's FUN [View]
198148275it feels like a sick joke[View]
198149408Why didn't she destroy the Darkhold?: All they had to do was blow up Wundagore Mountain and the…[View]
198148775The man that single-handedly saved Marvel: Marvel are going to bring him back right after seeing the…[View]
198147566>2024 >Fucking monopoly move in the works >Still no Live Action Digimon Movie…[View]
198145790This slop is the best example of what death of practical effects has brought us >shards of glass?…[View]
198149331[VINCENT]: I know, baby, you'd dig it the most.. But you know what the funniest thing about the…[View]
198149170do glowies watch us on based /tv/?[View]
198145103David Fincher fell off![View]
198146642What's next for her?: Normal Jeopardy! resumes soon.[View]
198149088He’ll be 78 when he gets out of jail. What roll do you think he should play first?[View]
198146878>Drugs are.... le bad![View]
198149197I am excited for the new Zendaya film Challengers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VobTTbg-te0[View]
198130049>OH N- moments[View]
198148906Did she deserve it?[View]
198149098Am I wrong for being glad all those muties died? FUCK mutants. Gyrich and Trask were right all along…[View]
198149043Pusher Thread: Get in its time to push[View]
198149014Now THIS is what i call KINO[View]
198147594This was the ending of the Fallout Show: We are so done.[View]
198146245Why is this film so depressing?[View]
198148916Childhood is hating the dad Adulthood is recognizing that Malick and his brothers were brats and nee…[View]
198148915AR Presents: Free collection of Sci-Fi Horror Short Films by director Andrea Ricca (Aliens Night, Sp…[View]
198148825Young Bros...[View]
198148854Best Doctor Who and his best serial is 'yellow fever' prove me wrong Tom fanboys[View]
198148693'THE FURFANGS': 'THE FURFANGS' Sci-Fi Movie - Little Creatures from Space - Monsters from space. Cri…[View]
198142410ITT: garbage shows /tv/ tricked you into watching.[View]
198148720>I was a child >I was in love >it was wrong and you knew it What did she mean by this?…[View]
198148283Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
198147039On this day April 11 1973 – On the Art of the Cinema, a treatise on film propaganda in support of th…[View]
198147253Career endingly bad.[View]
198146586Who am I?[View]
198142191the office's enduring popularity: >still the #1 most streamed sitcom 20 years later >not …[View]
198148510Are we, dare I say, excited for this?[View]
198147484Why does no one talk about this kino?[View]
198125932Blessed /tv/ images[View]
198147880How do you fix such a woman?[View]
198145277Recent physical media purchases?: Just bought Palestinian film Omar[View]
198136085The amount of background songs in this show is fucking jarring. Almost every single scene is a monta…[View]
198147497my nigga yohei[View]
198148045Enter the Void: Well, /tv/?[View]
198147822How to Get Away with Murder: Was she right?[View]
198147432>Capeshit getting stale? We could just use a different filter, maybe longer takes and one charact…[View]
198148141T&F: Henry did nothing wrong[View]
198147437It's over...[View]
198146018>I'm just a prom night dumpster baby[View]
198147576itt: upcoming films with strategic astroturfed campaigns funded by baskin roberts[View]
198145663>I'll see you in the fabric of the universe aww they were just really good... 'friends'…[View]
198146399Redpill me on these professional fatsos[View]
198146668Just marathoned Frailty (2001) with late Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey. What a great movie. Wh…[View]
198147900forced plot twist[View]
198144438amazon really be givin a shitheap of money towards a tv show nobody, other than faggot nerds with zi…[View]
198145392D&D: Will we ever get a sequel? I want to see Doric again[View]
198144083She didn’t deserve it.[View]
198143281Who was the best Goomah that Tony had? Looks wise[View]
198143724I hate how they made the Joker into such a fucking loser. He's not a criminal mastermind, he do…[View]
198147743What are some remakes that are objectively superior to the original? So much so that even the creato…[View]
198147193I didn't get this one DUNC bros, can you explain?[View]
198147536Oh no. Anyway.[View]
198144575Sõy-core: Sõy-core Obviously capeshit, star wars, lotr and vidya adaptations. What else?[View]
198144834Was this CGI in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) of young Johnny Depp up to s…[View]
198145257IT'S UP[View]
198147671If Bumblebee communicates by sentence mixing, does that mean he’s a living breathing YouTube Poop?[View]
1981444443, 2, 3, 4 4, 2, 3, and...[View]
198145668>Don't put DUNC in your Movies folder. It's your own copy of DUNC. >Where do you wan…[View]
198145874>main character has a new love interest >she ends the episode as a cosmic being and leaves to …[View]
198143755what is the zoomer equivalent?[View]
198145605>it's another 'paid amazon prime bots spamming /tv/ with how great their latest culture war …[View]
198147444>hey anon, there you are! we were just talking about you![View]
198146119Monoploy bros WE WON !: A film based on the classic board game Monopoly is preparing to pass go - wi…[View]
198147224>let's make our main character's father a famous actor and have them chase after their …[View]
198146175>completely retconns the new vagas OOF[View]
198145838DCP vs bluray: I'm going to hire a cinema to watch LOTR. It's a butt load of money, and I …[View]
198145889Where are the young hollywood blockbusters?Every movie seems to star a 30 year old[View]
198145417>So anon, who are you going to take to see the new Joker?[View]
198146422British Accents: One of the funniest things about the 'democratization of media' is how it's co…[View]
198140586Fallout spoiler thread: those of you who've seen it, go ahead and tell the rest of us all about…[View]
198146416what is the best autostroker on the market /v/?[View]
198144201Was expecting to dislike this because it's a Criterion Collection movie but I ended up really l…[View]
198136422why the fuck is this ugly bitch everywhere?: she's not even worth raping[View]
198146959>based how?[View]
198146508How did they get away with this without causing massive outrage?[View]
198137236holy kino[View]
198144854>Think about what youre gonna rate this movie Paul Atreid- KINO[View]
198144165I FEEL IT FADE[View]
198146639Honestly I’m starting to warm up to Robert California.[View]
198145085Lea thread: Why is she so perfect, bros?[View]
198146826>film soundtrack by Goblin Yeah, I’m thinking it’s Kino time baby[View]
198145524what happened to your queer party friends?[View]
198146479I'm still learning new things about this show. Apparently the music in the 'Land of Chocolate' …[View]
198145455stop posting that shitty fallout TV series[View]
198142372Did this suck? Tried very hard to like it but something about it just felt wrong.[View]
198144701Snood would have made a great Harley Quinn.[View]
198146029Baby Sneed shoes[View]
198144754>hey have you seen (movie) >'nope' >oh, you haven't se-- >'OH YOU HAVEN'T SEEN…[View]
198144137Ayo, I finally got around to seeing Dune. That's roght, I dragged my ass to go and see it, firs…[View]
198145201/tv/ Discord Tier List: https://tiermaker.com/create/-tv--discord-members-17046903?posting=true…[View]
198140811>Main character introduced as super talented / smart is tricked and used as a cum dump by a raide…[View]
198143703She's right[View]
198146269Kicks down your door: >fuck your freedom What did he mean by this?…[View]
198145145Times you acted like Selene from Underworld[View]
198146028Scary short film. Horror Zombie. Stephen King tribute.: THE AMULET OF FEAR https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
198144191Was she Godzilla's gf?[View]
198144296What was his fucking problem?[View]
198140046>Nic Pizzolatto, creator and writer of True Detective, has cited Benatar's Better Never to H…[View]
198143611Marathoned this the other day. What did I think of it?[View]
198144230>Good surgeon >Doesn't know what a transgender is Is he autistic or something?…[View]
198144725When I was in high school I stole a ton of Yu-Gi-Oh cards from a 'friends' house, like I'm talk…[View]
198139183What about....Game of Thrones....2?[View]
198145706Me and wad watched two random flicks yesterday and they both had lesbians in it He wants to watch t…[View]
198143963Cute and adoor-bl south park moments[View]
198142693>I fucking hate you How do you respond without sounding mad asf[View]
198145590Its kino, i kneel rangzsisters[View]
198145570>>197915515 Anatomy of a Fall[View]
198145569THIS SUMMER: Sebastian Stan is DONALD TRUMP in...THE APPRENTICE[View]
198145471bella am vampyr bella stay away from me bella me vampyr no good bella no edward vampyr good your goo…[View]
198145493Why are the Resident Evil sequels so polarizing? It sometimes feels like some people took the decisi…[View]
198137264how many have you seen?[View]
198144333would you watch a show based upon the pepe universe?[View]
198145444I have no idea what is going on in this film There are like 50 characters and they all look the same…[View]
198142035Weekend at Bernie's (1989) Two young men are invited to their rich boss's beach house wher…[View]
198140143Are there any decent Stalin biopics?[View]
198144571Who was in the right here? Should data have the rights of other starfleet members even though he is …[View]
198142993>chip is the placeholder hero for white boys to self insert themselves as >he doesn't get…[View]
198144887She’s really cute tbqh[View]
198144882why is his daughter a nog?[View]
198145191This movie was so fucking boring. I'm not even sure why I'm bothering to make a thread abo…[View]
198144300My pitch for next Power Rangers series: >all Power Rangers are women >all enemies are white me…[View]
198145160I am looking for a movie that I watched when I was a kid. The film is an American black comedy made …[View]
198145152>reaction content has been a literal tv show since 2013 Is this the future of media? Media consum…[View]
198141483Is she female version of Joker?[View]
198144812What autism is this?: >16 years of posting nothing but Slave Leia videos. Last video just months …[View]
198142340Shaun of the Dead (2004): What is /tv's/ consensus on this movie?[View]
198144762>There's no time to explain[View]
198144979Leave CAPE Kino to me…….. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PajqY0VgYiU&pp=ygUQVGhlIGNhcGUgdHJhaWxlc…[View]
198144421You miss it, don't you? Your only contact with the outside world. Now it's gone forever.[View]
198144900Fuck you and your favorite movie (which is shit)[View]
198144779Lmao you fucking faggots are wrong once again. This is excellent.[View]
198143534You weren't supposed to idolize him you freak Enjoy your humiliation ritual[View]
198144711oppenheimer is actually good, fight me: >its too slow! not at all >the main character is stupi…[View]
198144741>She's right behind me, isn't she?[View]
198144325Denis Villeneuve: Is he the GOAT filmmaker of the 21st century? This man hasn't missed yet.…[View]
198144684Dad wants to see Dune on Sunday. Any good times to shout this out?[View]
198144656>”Sitting with us today is alleged FATHER of the bomb, Professor Oppenheimer. Now Opp, do you den…[View]
198129440Heavy Metal 1981: Very disappointed in whichever anon recommended that I watch this movie on shrooms…[View]
198139189why did it flop?[View]
198144622Best Movie Nazi's?: Dietrich new opening the ark was a bad idea.[View]
198143892Why did the man not simply force himself on the woman? What's she gonna do, call the space poli…[View]
198144576Trump Insurrec— I mean Storming of Dragonpit: >Storming of the Dragonpit Are you ready for the sh…[View]
198144483>Hahah, spoken like a true jew! >You will, I think, prove most useful, Piustein.…[View]
198143068>In 1971, film director Michael Cimino submitted an original script for Heaven's Gate but th…[View]
198140010Just started watching this, I find it very cute :3[View]
198144379You will feel so much more content, if you don’t watch the new Fallout slop, anon. You will practice…[View]
198143155why'd she do it[View]
198143872Joker: Folie à Deux[View]
198141278I actually feel bad for this guy after spending the past 20 years thinking he was just a huge fuckup…[View]
198142605Why were the Memphis and Y2K eras so different from eachother? Like Simpsons season 2 vs season 11. …[View]
198143745I’ve done nothing with my life and will continue to do nothing.[View]
198143442Sneed: Sneed[View]
198144065Best Psychopath?: I nominate Jesse Plemons. His role as Todd and Cpt Daley where kino.[View]
198144072Liam 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans' Neeson[View]
198143779Why didn't he just coup Andrew Johnson for being a traitor and then send a few divisions after …[View]
198143367Let’s test your media literacy, explain what’s REALLY going on in this scene.[View]
198142550what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
198143328Isn’t it a little past your jail time?[View]
198134837Buu reincarnated as an indian?[View]
198143902She's dead. Wrapped in plastic.[View]
198144007Thoughts on this? Was it kino?[View]
198143998What are some movies or shows that send you on a mental trip like pic related?[View]
198140983I just watched Eden Lake and im so extremely angry and require catharsis so please list any movies w…[View]
198143976X-Men 97: Why aren't you watching the most KINO tv show on right now?[View]
198139362i miss him lads[View]
198143947this is a solid horror movie but would have been way better if it wasn't an omen prequel and wa…[View]
198134487>reproductive organs intact hgnnn[View]
198140101Glenn Fleshler kinos?: I watched True Detective a few months ago and just started Boardwalk Empire. …[View]
198132744Why is sarah polly such a joyless cunt?[View]
198143732You zoomers have literally no idea[View]
198139479Is X-Files even good?[View]
198142288Black Samurai script just leaked: >Yasuke,a loving father and husband helping his wife with the h…[View]
198140002Only those who grew up watching cowboy movies with their dad are alowed to post in here: Why are wes…[View]
198139969>Cheesy 80s guitar mixed with fife and drum intro plays >Small skirmish between the British an…[View]
198142273Hey guy! Haven't seen you since the kinoplex closed! Yeah, luckily I found this side hustle. Wh…[View]
198143602The saying should be >I'm picking up what you're picking up because it's like you…[View]
198141151It hasn’t aged well.[View]
198143223Hi, I'm gay actor Michael Douglas.[View]
198140649>It seems today that all you see[View]
198143342I used to this Adam Sandler was a pervert for all the hot women he'd set up as his girlfriend/w…[View]
198142186>My name is Todd Howard and I got a show for you >based off the game you liked heres what I’m …[View]
198140502Kinos which capture the feel of the Summer of '92?[View]
198143513Is there still a buzz and pageantry around new movies in 2024? It seems like movies are a much more …[View]
198141625Do we like the Kids in the Hall?[View]
198143158Listen bitch: marriage is LE HARD[View]
198143396>forgets having sex >it’s in trouble for it >laughs, tells a joke Does this happen in real…[View]
198130789Finally saw this and it wasn't too bad lol: Yeh, I saw the plinkett reviews first so I expected…[View]
198142588Everyone involved in the making of this: absolutely dreadful waste of time and money, should be thor…[View]
198131852>99% of humanity dies of a plague >be one of the few survivors 'GUESS I'LL HAVE TO LIVE I…[View]
198141533>they literally copied the biggest plot twist from the shit-tier fallout movie script that leaked…[View]
198133499>Ayo Romeo[View]
198143365Kill the boy and let the man be born[View]
198140878>tell us, what's changed joker? >i'll tell you what's changed. I'm not an …[View]
198140442Kitty Pryde: Cute..[View]
198142798the zone of interest: the charges, officer?[View]
198139864finally reached Heather Graham episodes: fuck yeah.[View]
198139219Lookism season 2 - Viral Hit: Korean Incel Kino first episode is out![View]
198142925Parker Posey[View]
198142944Predator: >Alien >Aliens >Both great movies >They just do entirely different things t. R…[View]
198143193You will watch Rebel Moon 2 for her[View]
198132074the intoduction of digital cameras has been a disaster to films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW2…[View]
198141419If it was legal for everyone to carry a captive bolt device around then the US would be a lot safer.…[View]
198109648Realistically speaking , what would you do in this situation?[View]
198142732Dear Mr. Mackey, You are gay.[View]
198142244>You cannot come to the orgy![View]
198140368Downfall: >Don't humanize him, people will feel sympathy for him. Huh? What was there to sym…[View]
198139201Pro tip: NEVER reveal your power level[View]
198140438What is this expression supposed to convey?[View]
198142829I'll bend over and write your name on the board behind me for $100 dono[View]
198139992Are there any actresses you wish were better at acting so you could see them in more movies? For me,…[View]
198139622Will it ever be topped?[View]
198142800Just marathoned this, what did I think of it?[View]
198142777>HBO cancels Jon Snu sequel and the Corlys Velaryons spinoff >HBO greenlit a show about Aegon…[View]
198141883Worth watching or waste of time?[View]
198138762IS A TV SHOW ABOUT OUR GENERATION: necessary? Let's say picrel was here, and could very accurat…[View]
198134202The Prestige: >1 million reviews on IMBD 8.4 Score Why has this movie not entered the cultural l…[View]
198137452Look what you did you little jerk![View]
198140337>characters make eye contact from across the bar >cuts to next scene of them having sex BUT WH…[View]
198139861Are musicals cringe?: I mean ones with straight people.[View]
198134766margot becoming a money hungry exec is an interesting move[View]
198141250>2024 >Still no Anna Faris snatch game Is she the only white female comedian who's funny?…[View]
198142403Getting strong John Boyega from the Star Wars sequels vibes with this character.[View]
198138554you miss us?[View]
198140434>dude statistics lmao[View]
198142342True Detective: >A mans game charges a mans ass. This kinda caught me off guard, and seemed gay o…[View]
198141184What is his favorite movie?[View]
198134721Chucky Season 3: Chuckybros, season 3 continues today. What are your hopes now that our favorite kil…[View]
198138657The raping blob working on the star wars prequels[View]
198142345Fallout TV show: Todd nuked the NCR and New Vegas 4 years before the events of New Vegas even took p…[View]
198139579Why oh why did they have a butt ugly mexican portray my beloved twink husbando? I refuse to watch th…[View]
198140062BREAKING: Joker is bisexual[View]
198141304>Anon do you want to come to my seminar about human potential development? :)…[View]
198140288Comedian Stavros Bulkius dies of chicken wing overdose: RIP[View]
198142184Are there any door-bl cutie pie characters from television and film that you would like to protect? …[View]
198142201>Robert De Niro and girlfriend Tiffany Chen were among the A-list stars to attend President Joe B…[View]
198141153Can we please stop overrating this motherfucking goddamn piece of shit movie?[View]
198138786which director would work best for a Far Side movie?[View]
1981396681980-2005 /tv/: forgotten nightmares edition[View]
198141828What's the verdict?[View]
198142023>'When the banks collapse the stud holding cash is going to get a lot of blowjobs'…[View]
198141995what was his problem[View]
198140331Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): Was it kino?[View]
198140703You can tell they didn't really have a plan for this show and just started making shit up >H…[View]
198141681It's not pure dog shit, but it does a great job of showing the developers' misunderstandin…[View]
198141879Dyke kino[View]
198140880Anon must not tell lies[View]
198141448LEFT SIDE[View]
198140674Cronenberg is the only one who could pull it off. Penis Villaineuve is an utter hack and we're …[View]
198141099This is the true story…of seven strangers…picked to live in a house…(work together) and have their l…[View]
198141687>character gets turned black in adaptation >they are, however, cool and aggressively black; ca…[View]
198139749>Luke, I am your father.[View]
198132645how much does a character's backstory effect the climax of a film?[View]
198140740Why do they keep doing it?[View]
198135508>Ok, she’s not as pretty as old MJ but at least she still has a great personali- oh wait, she doe…[View]
198139704>Hank Rutherford Hill, is naive your middle name? They really do give the best lines to Peggy…[View]
198127151>best Marvel project since Endgame >only good Disney+ series >showrunner fired before it ca…[View]
198139596Any other examples of a TV/film adaptation being better than the book?[View]
198141013Name a single thing that she herself did wrong.[View]
198137771What is this?: What is this?[View]
198140067Does anyone else feel that BDH was criminally underused in the later Jurassic World movies?[View]
198140215this movie aged incredibly well[View]
198137343What’s your favorite Erika Christensen role?[View]
198141112What are your thoughts on this movie?[View]
198136216>anime can't be kin-[View]
198139390Me on the right[View]
198136531How did she know it was a UNIX system?[View]
198138212the princess i was tellin' ya about[View]
198135094King of the Hill episodes in production code order: Season 1 1 Pilot 2 'Square Peg' 3 'The Order of …[View]
198140093Who was in the wrong here?[View]
198137730i feel like i just wasted my whole evening. john wick dying at the end was lazy story writing consid…[View]
198137213Why did you people tell me The Holdovers is comfy? This is movie is depressing as hell. Terrible vib…[View]
198138901wouldn't mind leafing through her book, if you catch my drift[View]
198140832Pic related shows up halfway through the last movie you watched. How does it change?[View]
198136344About to watch this, anyone else seen it yet?[View]
198135587what did the CIA hope to achieve by funding this movie?[View]
198139053>2 more days Are we exciting?[View]
198134733Without any basic media literacy education it is basically impossible to have an informed opinion on…[View]
198139323Are there any scenes from movies that are like ASMR?[View]
198136518>Write a book about nihilism, trying to one-up Tolkien's take on morality >Ending so mea…[View]
198140399What happened to the promiscuous female character who could take a joke?[View]
198140465'What about Eggy Mule?'[View]
198138889Well good night son.[View]
198115274Did hollywood give up on olivia munn to soon?[View]
198139638Lucy is my new waifu[View]
198139798What did that bitch Christina say to Britney?[View]
198140115Why do white people think he’s funny[View]
198135008I’m so tired of movies having unintelligible mumbled dialogue, why are directors so incapable of mak…[View]
198134180My digits have doubled since the last time we met, Count.[View]
198140193My children and wife are dead: Watching this right now. The begining was way sadder than I remembere…[View]
198138873I hate this man and I hate all film critics. Fuck this guy and his gay fucking boyfriend Gene Siskel…[View]
198137890this shot was decent though, right[View]
198135517Why is modern television like this? >Season 1 - Surf Dracula origin story, gets the surfboard and…[View]
198135994whats hollywoods obsession with uggos these days?[View]
198133334Why didn't you watch her Marvel movie, chuds?[View]
198139970Any good kinos where an acorn is the main antagonist?[View]
198139641What the world needs now Is kino, sweet kino No not just for some, but for everyone[View]
198134067>'heh, these fools, these absolute buffoons, I have tricked them into thinking I am some sort of …[View]
198139603>leading man in the three biggest fantasy films of all time 01-03 >follows it with this turd i…[View]
198138980Post historical link ups[View]
198135633what was his fucking problem?[View]
198136190This was literally the director going “look at all this weird gross shit I can make” the movie Can’t…[View]
198139550What exactly what Gaeta's plan?[View]
198138927>something bad happens >white man yells at woman >”Get in the car!” >GET >IN >THE …[View]
198138641Your Dinner With Andre: Why does it feel like we live in a prison built by the inmates? https://www.…[View]
198139625He won[View]
198139517Did the director not see the old man laughing?? Its really distracting for a supposedly tense scene[View]
198138506Comfy SFW 2002-2012 adult kino thread[View]
198138822Was he a bad boss? Or did he make the best choices in the given circumstances?[View]
198135693Cobra Kai: We got an eta on season 6 yet?[View]
198136915Any movies about mean girls?[View]
198138647Remember to limit your enjoyment of Joker 2 when you go see it with your gf.[View]
198138124Will there ever be another musician again as famous, as powerful, as controversial, as influential, …[View]
198139114[VINCENT]: I know, baby, you'd dig it the most.. But you know what the funniest thing about the…[View]
198139344>ejects your power core nothing personnel kiddo[View]
198139328HOTD general maybe?: You think we will get flash backs of Harwin Strong / Rhaenyra Targaryen when th…[View]
198138985>Stepdad soi-ing out over Fallout TV show[View]
198138231Westerns: Name good westerns. Old and new.[View]
198139096>be Stallone >snipe demolition man[View]
198138120How does Freddy possess birds and make them explode?[View]
198139199What's next for the Monsterverse franchise?[View]
198139191i skimmed through this and don't get the hype ??[View]
198138678I want a rocketship.[View]
198138137best /tv/ YTPs: https://youtu.be/tjwkcmPOeuk?si=-CaPkq7E-XBqagUq[View]
198131527New fetish unlocked[View]
198138024Shows from the UK: I am interested in shows made in the UK. Watched Misfits, Inside No. 9, Psychovil…[View]
198123679Are you ready for the bright and funny Fallout adaptation tonight?[View]
198139106>here's that teen heartthrob I've been telling you about[View]
198136636>ITT a franchise with more negative reviews than positive that keep on going…[View]
198125649>elite soldiers of the emperor >job immediately…[View]
198138097Her Superpower is to become an Ideal version of herself...[View]
198123847First screening of MJ movie leads to thunderous applause: Information >Will be well over 3 hours…[View]
198129409>'It was wrong then and it is still wrong now' African American character actor Phil Lamarr said …[View]
198137990This was just wrong. I'm sure if the roles were reversed no one would be laughing. Keanu was br…[View]
198138191Jack Benny: https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Jack_Benny_Singles (Radio series) https://m.youtube.com…[View]
198138975A better Juliet[View]
198138281You have been liberated by the Soviet army![View]
198138328what'd you think of the finale? I'm really clinging to that Conan ep, seeing Larry submit …[View]
198138867He won.[View]
198131059Survivor 46: No 5 minute wait edition.[View]
198134092What kind of American did he end up being?[View]
198135959The TikTokification of Emo Music: as told by a jaded zoomette https://youtu.be/flIGVyzi5Ws[View]
198136546how the FUCK did they get his mom on the worm?[View]
198136820>takes its sweet time rolling to an arbitrary distance from you >then takes its sweet time to …[View]
198138746Humiliation ritual? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBTfFgKtASo[View]
198138702Doctor Mew: >mogs all of time and space AGAIN How do the writers keep doing it? The Dalcels being…[View]
198137529What goes on here?[View]
198137991Dune 2: >I like'd it but they focused too much on Zendaya Anytime I here this I know the per…[View]
198131091I really liked Janine Turner in Cliffhanger.[View]
198138590>diagon alley >what did he say >diagon alley…[View]
198138307>Builds a giant ass remote control robotic machine gun to assassinate a woman with absolutely no …[View]
198135663would you a female jerry?[View]
198138432>beat it toots. These streets ain't what they used to be.[View]
198135630what I expected: high octane flying action what I got: the above for 4 episodes and then 5 episodes …[View]
198123577>The crew taking part in the D&D campaign Legends of Eleanora includes Todd Stashwick, who pl…[View]
198125344MAKE IT STOP[View]
198137119Was this shot absolutely necessary?[View]
198138125The original terminator movies weren’t even that good. Like they were solid action flicks, but it bo…[View]
198134519Zoomers will never know how kino this was[View]
198137838Season 2 Cold Open, camera in front of two unknown walking characters together >How much further?…[View]
198135698>say when[View]
198138028Shit movies that gave you good experiences: Went with other 4 friends to watch pic related with basi…[View]
198133131this movie felt anthropoligical[View]
198137958the new fallout show is for women and teen whores like think shit like Guardians of the Galaxy and S…[View]
198135956*enters 4chan* SHAMONA *slaps you* HEE HEE *turns 360 degrees and walks away*[View]
198131749Films that could never be made today[View]
198134624worth a watch?[View]
198124645is Conan OK?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U3AbG97V1I is it just me or is he shaking? (hands and…[View]
198136860The VVitch: Why do people insist that Anya was 18 or 19 during filming? She was, in fact, 17. Why, I…[View]
198136007Do zoomers even get this humor?[View]
198132827who is your favorite Jewish comedian?[View]
198137699>DUDE TOWELS LMAO[View]
198133665How did they get away with workout videos in the 80's and 90's? These things were pure sex…[View]
198136101/wed/ - WEDNESDAY THREAD: I got drunk again and almost forgot about this[View]
198134825What was his problem?[View]
198137464Do you ever drive around Los Angeles late at night with Kavinsky playing full blast on the radio?[View]
198137446>movie about nike >no michael jordan. foolishness.…[View]
198135921favorite Pitt kino? especially more unknown ones, everyones seen fight club, seven, troy, OUATIWH[View]
198137411They brought X-men back just to kill its best character lmfao[View]
198136612What's next for Conor McGregor after the success of Road House?[View]
198106840So what did he teach Naruto during the time skip?[View]
198136195The 80s: Post the best films of the 1980s. I'll start with a small list >who framed roger ra…[View]
198134502>Imogen Poots >Florence Pugh[View]
198136014Arnoldbros… What’s going on here? It’s not looking too good…[View]
198136653Does the Fallout show support Israel?[View]
198135674I rewatched this film over 10 times and it never felt long, never failed to make me laugh. I remembe…[View]
198136002TD S2: >Aspen...that's a boy's name?[View]
198137193seinfeld: >1993 >It's okay to peek at 15 year olds so long as you don't stare did th…[View]
198132846/avp/ - Alien & Predator Thread!: Muh Dick Edition!![View]
198127043Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
198136379What actors or filmmakers have the dumbest names?[View]
198133767Just watched the first episode of this garbage. Extremely woke, on par with the Halo series. I…[View]
198135013What's the moral of this story?[View]
198136873>hey anon, there you are! we were just talking about you![View]
198134851No one told me Mcfarlane could be based[View]
198136903Here’s your Fallout tv show chud boy: Keep the change[View]
198122176/sho/ - Shogun General: Yabu-daba-doo edition Previously on SHŌGUN: >>198109193[View]
198136325How do you react without looking humiliated?[View]
198136747Movies for this feel?: I’m so bored and numb. Not even posting on 4chan is fun anymore, I just do it…[View]
198133680>Hitler lives in a castle on top of a mountain >oh shit is he the man in the high castle? >…[View]
198120121Godzilla X Kong: What would you do if you were in charge of the sequel?[View]
198134336James McAvoy torments an American family in Universal's SPEAK NO EVIL: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
198136410My favorite part about torrenting a new show is seeing the flags of all the other people getting it …[View]
198136466Should I go see this in theatres tomorrow?: Or swing by another Goodwill shop to see if I can find m…[View]
198133405Why are normalfags so impressed by basic filmmaking?[View]
198136279I̷̥͔̞͠ ̴̦̗̹̔T̷̟̐͝A̸̡̜̍̒L̵̙̳͝K̶̨̖̗͒̕Ě̴̥D̶̡̫̎̚ ̷̬̖͊T̵̺̼̠́͛͗Ò̵͍͘ ̵̨͙̻̎̈B̴̖̖̓̍A̷͈̠̔̿R̸͈̜̍͂Z̷̤̪̏̊̓I̵͇̓ͅ…[View]
198136237Was Nellie a good character?[View]
198134213Talk about it[View]
198135410>We need Will Smith for our movie. >Will’s unavailable. What are we gonna do? >Don’t worry.…[View]
198136220the big 3[View]
198136183>uhhh hello, kino department? I'd like to report an epic film[View]
198135025I think my cellphone usage has fried my attention span to that of a zoomer. I'm 30 and I can…[View]
198136127It actually ends the exact way you would expect wokeshit to end I knew the entire story the moment t…[View]
198136039Just watched the first episode of this garbage. Not woke at all like the Halo series. I'm sure …[View]
198134998>Nice try, only slow creeping story driven acting with a metaphor twist can scare me.…[View]
198134621What's their endgame?[View]
198135916Anybody else remember this shit?[View]
198135123RIPLEY on NF: Just binged the new Ripley show on Netflix. Overall I think it's pretty kino in t…[View]
198134340what does /tv/ think of will & grace? I know this place is gay because of the henry cavill thirs…[View]
198135328Why is it so hard to find the paywalled stuff online[View]
198135718How are we holding up?[View]
198123963>here’s that ugly freckled girl no one will take to the prom[View]
198132778What is her SPECIAL stat spread?[View]
198129011Is he kino or cliché? I like Summoning Salt, Steak Bentley (the 4 hour MGS4 essay guy), and Josh Str…[View]
198132013>Whatsamadder wit you, you coulda stopped 9/11! I didn't remember this scene, wtf…[View]
198135670>'...Lead them to paradise.'[View]
198135655The First Omen: It was better than I expected, great sound and ost, it had some interesting visuals …[View]
198134315>lightning storm starts at a farm >chicken gets struck by a lightning bolt >turns into a pa…[View]
198120161>every single episode is about a villainous woman slowly poisoning everybody around her in order …[View]
198135534What are some good movies about flyover America?[View]
198133737>Watching 3 body problem with GF >This weird alien bitch appears on screen >Caveman brain k…[View]
198135350>men get to be heroes and sacrifice themselves >women end up getting saved by men APOLOGIZE…[View]
198130809Back when Nickelodeon just showed Canadian kid shows was when it had PURE SOUL >inb4 Turkey TV su…[View]
198133375American Supremacy: The Movie: I'm not a Burger but I admire the flex.[View]
198130306>Don't mind me just pirating this trash[View]
198135300This would make such a sick movie poster, wouldn't it? Just imagine the mainstream media outrag…[View]
198134236Why do you keep calling me Bill? I'm Lenore![View]
198135234Cringe: Nothing but women everywhere wtf[View]
198135167>all the worlds leaders and saviors are basketballs Bravo Netflix. Hope Fink paid well…[View]
198132439Does any other movie come close to capturing the magic of this movie? Kind of like a blend of occult…[View]
198125266She finally broke into acting and will act alongside one of the GOATs[View]
198134742The Tommy Westphall Universe: A long time ago, in a fabled era known as the ’80s, there was a TV sho…[View]
198131907>3m budget >mogs 100m+ blockbusters How did they do it?…[View]
198134152>makes your show worse[View]
198134806>Joker can't be ki-[View]
198134474THE IMPLICATION[View]
198131639wow amazing sirs[View]
19813438325 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0bPrt69rag They took this from you[View]
198132127What happened here?[View]
198128804I believe the hype: Fallout thread[View]
198134053What would you do in this situation?[View]
198134724Peter Dontell Harry[View]
198134436Save Me From Hell - doable? Could Sam Raimi make it work?: Will Sam Raimi ever reunite Alison Lohman…[View]
198134639No... I came back to stop you.[View]
198134261Japanese television: what's jap tv like[View]
198134231>i'm a GIRL i don't even like the GOOD monty python sketches!…[View]
198134672Ha they killed off the gay jew doctor fag. No one knows this show anyway.[View]
198133225are they slops or kinos?[View]
198134723Need help: Need help locating the fan fiction the idea with you is based on by Robinne Lee. Small co…[View]
198106506Images that saved /tv/[View]
198133105It's his best film[View]
198125983Is it unfilmable?[View]
198131916Based or Cringe?[View]
198134369What does /tv/ think of Fellini's later films? were they any good?[View]
198130866My 600 Pound Life - /fatkino/: New episode starting in 15 minutes. >S12 E6 Charles' Journey …[View]
198134537>and the award... for best actor of all time goes to... >JARED LETO >entire audience stands…[View]
198127651You will use Canadian Dollars when the civil war comes: Sorry chuddie[View]
198131778Are his movies worth watching?[View]
198133933>captain, a second iceberg just struck the ship[View]
198134423For me, it's Ray Wise. Always delivers kino.[View]
198133089They're going to give him a backstory, aren't they?[View]
198131920Perfect Blue: >protagonist is beautiful so she's... LE GOOD >her manager is fat so she…[View]
198131197T-minus 1 hour until premiere: Who else is hype?[View]
198134226Your turn to kill: Everything about this show is bad, the writing, the special effects, the acting, …[View]
198120624It's up! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OOh4nSYKQ2Y&pp=ygUDcmxt[View]
198134129Animals in Television & Film: Why don't the show real animals anymore? Pic related, why not…[View]
198131364Funny not even Japanese give a shit about this guy. Why are (((they)) keep pushing this meme?[View]
198134182I kinda like it.[View]
198130757ITT: japanese kino[View]
198134163Matt Damon.[View]
198129757Why the fuck would you hold your shield like that? Is he retarded?[View]
198133813She’s not wrong[View]
198132469>back then this planet had a Fremen name >Dune Bravo volcanova…[View]
198130870Holy Shit![View]
198133000Why is it so popular?: Why is this generic drama so liked[View]
198133556Was he a cuck?[View]
198130187Well, we are officially lost....[View]
198130616is this the only genuinely transgressive piece of television released in the past 15 years?[View]
198130696Why does he look so small?[View]
198133069Zoomer here, what an i in for?[View]
198130800Today I will remind them[View]
198133134How can you say no to this face on your TV set? >inb4 'fatigue'…[View]
198133696So what did everyone think about 3 Body Problem?[View]
198131177I'm excited for Lily Gladstone's career. She has a maternal vibe to her that I'm real…[View]
198133175How could an alien have acid blood? wouldn't it just kill the alien?[View]
198133584Small Town Ecstasy: Was he a cool dad?[View]
198130702The great box office battle of 2025: The biggest blockbusters next year come out months apart, which…[View]
198132942You're fucking kidding me, right? This is a good horror movie? THIS? It's the most boring …[View]
198131937Boomer Humor: ITT post the most insufferably boomer humor movies there are >Boomer humor: humor c…[View]
198132817god damnit I had so much fun watching this movie. It's got many plot holes and is beyond ridic…[View]
198130926>we need an ethnicity for our diaspora film set in the USA >sir… they’re already sitting outsi…[View]
198131200>72 years old today.[View]
198132965>yes yes >well done Slytherine >well done Slytherine >HOWEVER…[View]
198133274>If you're playing the movie on a telephone, you will never in a trillion years experience t…[View]
198133020LISAN AL GAIB: Youre looking at the next DiCaprio and so far he has 2024s Best kino under his belt. …[View]
198131222Can boomers really watch a 3 hour movie in one sitting?[View]
198131566What's his best kino?[View]
198124778Criterion Channel Channel: 24/7 KINO STATION[View]
198133099So this is going to win an oscar this year right? best movie of the year.[View]
198131942What is Empire Strikes Back like in the universe where Mark Hammill died in the car accident?[View]
198130569Harley Quinn is trans?[View]
198129461Stargirl vs Ms. MArvel: Which was the superior capeshit show about a teenage girl?[View]
198132554Post Movie Cameos: George Lucas in Beverly Hills Cop 3[View]
198132976Petticoat Junction: Betty Jo > Billie Jo > Bobbie Jo[View]
198126411Lookism season 2: Are you watching Korean Incel Kino?[View]
198132879>Netflix avatar casts all Asians instead of diversifying the cast in the era of diversification, …[View]
198132112Cast them[View]
198131321Trying to remember a show: I have a memory of watching a TV show where someone eating jerky caused t…[View]
198132720Why couldn't he be a wartime consigliere?[View]
198117098SOVL vs soulless.[View]
198131861Will Cucktaro ever find peace ?[View]
198132629>You're under arrest, sugah[View]
198129989Why did she do it?[View]
198132055WTF happened to this guy?[View]
198128278very amazing moovie sirs!!![View]
198125872zendaya can't read, thoughts?[View]
198132441Why is the parody of the Ring scene more popular than the original?[View]
198132406Tell me about the frog, why does he ring ding ding daa baa baa aramba baa bom baa barooumba[View]
198130893Which is the most ruined?[View]
198131495Why wasn't she cast as Chani? Genuinely ruined the whole movie for me.[View]
198132365Was it right? Is there no gene for the Human Spirit?[View]
198129779>watch Criterion Closet Picks >dont know 90% of the movies that are picked…[View]
198129371Someone posted about this yesterday and I watched it. It's good. It never goes where you think …[View]
198129672Which director is better at creating gothic horror movies, in your opinion?[View]
198132324Good thing Rusty Cage finished his guillotine, I know just who we should use it on.[View]
198129785Is it over for Stallone?[View]
198130477what are the chances that I end up like this dude if I haven't had friends in over a decade[View]
198130928The end of this always makes me cry like a little bitch[View]
198127820>I just want to get rich >>why >2 chicks at the same time. wuz Lawrence based?…[View]
198132060If Bumblebee communicates by sentence mixing, does that mean he’s a living breathing YouTube Poop?[View]
198130815FALLOUT: When this cringe finna be out so all middle aged roastoids could scream out of frenzied org…[View]
198102225The filmmaking ambition is incredible in this one[View]
198131850>Job Stark[View]
198131902>in 2012, with the average worldwide download speed it takes about two to three hours to download…[View]
198131862>Nooooo! You're interpreting it wrong! >Tolkien specifically said that the dalengi sailed…[View]
198129171mmm börgar[View]
198129117Movies where the antagonist(s) are explicitly Jewish? I can think of Passion of the Christ Drive X-m…[View]
198128898>I'm Black right now[View]
198130243Kino about exploiting people's suffering for views?[View]
198131760I could stare for a thousand years…[View]
198131346>Bilbo.... the undeclared cash earnings from your garage sale is still in your pocket…[View]
198131772Episode 9 should’ve ended with Darth Plagueis behind everything, bringing the star wars ennealogy fu…[View]
198131168>'We were in the right until you did this' Were they, though?[View]
198124864THIS IS A GIANT WORM: Looking for worm shock and awe in television and film as well as other big wor…[View]
198131365>I like you, niggerboy. You work for me now. In the fields.[View]
198131718GET'EM STICKS[View]
198131101>looks like Frankenstein's monster >has never been cast as Frankenstein's monster…[View]
198131685Is this an honorary channel awesome film?[View]
198130092Sophia should've been Chani in DUNC.[View]
19813065810 Fast & Furious movies, 30+ MCU movies & a dozen DCEU movies but this won't get a seq…[View]
198131574Comfy Fallout Waiting Room: Less than an hour before our comfy fallout kino debuts. What’re we snack…[View]
198131458Is nu-Trek canon?[View]
198131525Tell me about hungarian film[View]
198129796Kyle did literally nothing wrong.[View]
198130371>Canada can't make ki-[View]
198124073>Dude... doppelganger.. and shit... look he's wearing a leather jacket Who eats this shit?…[View]
198129351Damn this was kino[View]
198128295>easily becomes the leader of hard as stone desert gigawarriors: Couldnt theyve at least told him…[View]
198131253AAAaaa...: aaaAAA...[View]
198130459My eyes fill up with tears when I think of him. I wish I could see more of his work. I think of him …[View]
198131030HeyYaHeyYaHeyYa: About to start watching this on JewTube. Is it as bad as I've heard? I thought…[View]
198131180>Hasn't made a relevant film in over a decade >Finally thinking about retiring…[View]
198131233>Geralt, do the needful[View]
198131037When you see it.[View]
198131083Arthur ended a few years ago. Realistically, much longer do the rest of them have?[View]
198130930What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski?[View]
198129066TV Mommies: Top /tv/ mommies from the last century.[View]
198128873Did she make any kino? Was she a good actress?[View]
198130913my pissbaby cries: 1.- the piss filter is comedically intense 2.- Ghouls dont look ugly enough 3.- t…[View]
198130911*big band music starts playing*[View]
198130397terrance howard 1x1'd all his remaining hair[View]
198130783Knock Knock was released 9 years ago. Is it still a classic?[View]
198122228BOOK ACCURATE CHANI VS DUNC CHANI: Will AI allow us to make book accurate movies by uploading the so…[View]
198130774OH N-[View]
198130735>Disney Wars be like: It was Palpatine's plan to be killed by Darth Vader all along.…[View]
198129643>dude just stand still and let this threatening guy put an unknown device to your forehead…[View]
198125844What are some good films with interesting visuals to watch while I get high on weed gummies. I like …[View]
198129448Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: >casting plus size models during a time where skinny was i…[View]
198130665Ayo what the fuck: All these years not a single good movie, finally something interesting drops and …[View]
198121679Drop your fav Roger Persona: Go here for a bigass list https://personaassistant.dad[View]
198129846An alternative Chani: The Timelord has heard your call /tv/ and is willing to give Dennis a hint abo…[View]
198106119Civil.War.2024.720p.HDCAM-C1NEM4: >Civil.War.2024.720p.HDCAM-C1NEM4 >Civil.War.2024.720p.HDCAM…[View]
198130439>movie that was considered mid in the early 2000s now seems like a staggering work of art 1996-20…[View]
198128638This thread is only for the true believers in the sacred religion of the Golden Elixir of Life, inst…[View]
198128672ITT: post funny/cringy TV Tropes screenshots[View]
198130549Buzzard (2014): Has anyone seen Buzzard? I never see it talked about anywhere, but it is a great mov…[View]
198129303>You sound like a race horse pissing in there How do you respond?[View]
198130469The greatest actor of the past decade.[View]
198129689WTF was that ending? just do the seinfeld one again but worse??[View]
198129437The line 'SQUEEZE IT NIGGA' was never said in this scene, it's a hoax.[View]
198127438Everyone will be uglier and you will like it[View]
198130151is this why the mcu is dying?[View]
198130432>This is peak millennial comedy[View]
198127793i watched one episode and this shit is so reddit[View]
198124360Sports Movies: Pretty much every sport has a notable film. What is the quintessential volleyball mov…[View]
198129596Why didn't you watch my show? Thats not very on, mate.[View]
198122935>anime can't be kin-[View]
198127054MANY MACHINES ON IX[View]
198114290>Lee has remarked that only white viewers ask him if Mookie did the right thing; Black viewers do…[View]
198128083And Into the fucking trash it goes[View]
198128853Why don't they make more comfy nature shows about homeless people living in the woods?[View]
198126240HE FELL FOR THE SOUP![View]
198121591Blue eyed samurai: Was this character a white female self insert? For someone raised in nippon, she …[View]
198129446Was Nastassja Kinski actually talented or just another nepo baby considering she was Klaus Kinski…[View]
198129340>We want YOU to be the hoe How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198129310Why did he eat the dogshit?[View]
198123737Did you know that black people have their own version of ‘kino’? They use the phrase ‘certified hood…[View]
198128897what is the movie equivalent of this?[View]
198129673>I’m sick of lookin’ at you, I’m sick of lookin’ at week-old food in yer beard starin’ me in the …[View]
198129941Pitch your pilot /tv/[View]
198129695I could fix her[View]
198119353Who lost more from this feud? Natalie for pretending to not have fucked Moby out of embarrassment o…[View]
198126208kathryn newton: She is such a terrible actress but i bet she has given the sloppiest noisest blowjob…[View]
198127937Did she apologize after all?[View]
198129759Who even watches this shit?[View]
198128183>barthood is almost 10 years old now i cant even bring myself to watch it…[View]
198128756Tulsa King canceled[View]
198118379>he likes DUNC[View]
198129615>korea adapts anime into live action better than the country it came from…[View]
198129736We're not going to talk about Judy[View]
198125631Now that the dust has settled, was he funny or cringe?[View]
198126927It's reddit[View]
198128111just watched Prometheus for the first time: how the fuck is this two hours long literally nothing h…[View]
198128751Name ONE flaw about this movie[View]
198123214Kino 80s/90s Anime: For me, it's Cardcaptor Sakura.[View]
198126479HORROR LEGENDS: One is given unlimited funds to protect you. The others band together to kill you. W…[View]
198129157>come home too tired from waging to watch kinos spongebob predicted this…[View]
198129553star trek TNG clussy[View]
198129010this is how it feels to come back home to your uninterested family or roommates after a weekend spen…[View]
198129423>google a children's animated film to see what actor played a certain role >of the result…[View]
198129075>Rule of 3: If two actors play romantic interests/characters with sexual chemistry or attraction/…[View]
198129225>I have le secret plan... that will only take place after all my friends and family are dead!…[View]
198129355which team are we on, /tv/?[View]
198127894White Men Can't Jump (1992): This was stupid. Rosie Perez's saggy floppy titties didnt nee…[View]
198129327To your soul To your soul Cry Cry Cry[View]
198125993The Zone of Interest (2024): A new holocaust film just dropped.[View]
198128413>We need a Jap- >He’s already on set, sir.…[View]
198129151Confirmed, Fallout is going to be kino of the century[View]
198124247Ragnar… but in space[View]
198123617Was the original concept behind Jurassic Park 4 of human-dino hybrids better than the World slop we …[View]
198126402Oh well, whatever, never mind[View]
198126501It's joever[View]
198108981antinatalism propaganda[View]
198128636Look, kid, you got a bad head. You think too much. Let the cranial noise go and get busy with your h…[View]
198127094I got you.: This scene made me cry. She carried the whole movie. >Sasha Calle origin movie when?…[View]
198127664>character gets a call from someone they don't like >caller ID is 'Asshole'…[View]
198120702Harley Quinn: The left one was ok, but the right - it's the real deal[View]
198125251ben 10: Pitch: R-rated Ben 10 live action with insanely good CGI. Kino? Yes or yes?[View]
198128867Why did she do it?[View]
198123914>Get up, Prince of Troy. I won't let a stone take my glory.[View]
198128963Humiliation ritual[View]
198128861>the moment the defined a generation[View]
198118175>9 hours to release.: >Fallout.2024.2160p AMZN WEB-DL DDP 5.1 Atmos HDR H.265-FLUX Looks like …[View]
198127463any sheep shearing kinos?[View]
198124999Gonna marathon this guy What 3 movies should I watch first[View]
198128739>Fonz does a cool watersport stunt because he's cool and does cool things >AAAIIIEEE YOU …[View]
198127068What was the message of this movie?[View]
198128643I looked for you on the trident.[View]
198128639Your large titted adopted Gabonese stepbrother announces this to your Christian family: >Mommy …[View]
198121382Gambit bros...[View]
198128395I heard there's so many magnetic waves traveling through the air because of tv, we're losi…[View]
198122709he is like me.[View]
198128512The movie has....le technical mistakes[View]
198128279greatest Russian kino of all time. Pure timeless unfiltered SOVL that only cost 10.000$.[View]
198126341It's American psycho but got W*men[View]
198128405*blocks your path*[View]
198117605Which historical events would be kino if it was brought to the big screen?[View]
198124861>here's your James Bond and his director, bro[View]
198126552PURE FUCKING KINO[View]
198124256>is that the gates of hell?! >It must be the way out! Were they stupid?…[View]
198128411post characters that are just like you[View]
198127104New ‘Blair Witch’ Movie in the Works from Lionsgate, Blumhouse: >“I have been incredibly fortunat…[View]
198128199How did they do it?[View]
198123040She's literally me[View]
198127155Patty and Selma[View]
198127642From: Second season was retarded. Will they even make a third one after this?[View]
198127235Bruce its me..Barbara![View]
198127117you gotta be RIGHT next to me[View]
198126271what would batman do if someone else just came to gotham and killed joker, bane, penguin, two-face, …[View]
198128161>I hate macaroni and cheese How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198128182In some chit-chat room[View]
198113453What went so wrong?[View]
198123893Just started watching Dexter. Did people really wear goofy sunglasses like this in the early 2000s?[View]
198127884Bam Margera is unironically an influential editor.[View]
198124811SUPERMAN leaks compilation: >Superman has been active for a couple of years and struggling to rec…[View]
198125393Degenerate movie[View]
198126917this is the greatest episode ever made[View]
198123633which songs[View]
198125349/tv/ worships this guy? LMAO. Reminder he also wanted to have Batman impregnate Lois Lane while Supe…[View]
198127230>Apocalypto is historically inaccurate CHUD!![View]
198126221Don't put it in your pocket, sir. *burp* Don't put it in your pocket. *farts* It's yo…[View]
198127785she could fix me[View]
198127775What films do spiteful mutants watch?[View]
198110662Joker 2: Folie A Deux: So Joker canonically impregnated Harley in this movie. Unless this is all in …[View]
198127335>Nuke one of the wealthiest systems in the galaxy (THE FUCKING CORE WORLDS) which they could prob…[View]
198126332>We can kill him if we just believe we can! Why didn't they just do that at the start? Also,…[View]
198126340FAST AND FURIOUS 11 Going 'Back To Basics', Will Feature New Villain: https://www.comingsoon.net/mov…[View]
198125969Seth MacFarlane's shows make an uncomfortable amount of jokes about Catholicism, even more than…[View]
198119881BREAKING live action CoD movie is being made[View]
198125986Why aren't there as many Gulf War kinks as there are Vietnam or Dubya Dubya two?[View]
198127592STAR TREK: >let barbarians enslave and brutalize each other until they discover FTL travel Is the…[View]
198123551I don't know why but I feel so incredibly related to this shot in Taxi Driver. I am so fucking …[View]
198127077ITT we post movies that filter /tv/.[View]
198124795This is considered a good movie in 2024.[View]
198122913No dubs, no party[View]
198124613I fucking swear, someone in Hollywood had better already be working so hard on a movie to pump out. …[View]
198126139>I couldn't sweat at the time What was he THINKING?[View]
198126472The lack of any update is sickening: Also the lyrics she was singing were just as bad as what Zegler…[View]
198125394>how YOU doin Well /tv/?[View]
198125667Why didin't Buck Rogers take off?[View]
198127128bro mogs everyone[View]
198124657Are you guys excited for the next Planet of the Apes kino dropping this May?[View]
198125895Cinema...is back...[View]
198126925did king of kong age like wine or like milk?[View]
198126694Is everyone lying about this film?: As someone who's never read the books, I found it hard to f…[View]
198125543red flags that the movie you're watching will subvert expectations[View]
198122155>it's ... your move wat do.[View]
198126068Does product placement take you out of TV shows and movies?[View]
198124573>acting role pays millions of dollars >cbf losing weight for the show (they had to rewrite scr…[View]
198125669Why do they hide the premier Jewish Frat in these lists?: Sigma Alpha Mu is where all the powerful J…[View]
198126409>lets bury the hatchet. we smoke'm peace pipe[View]
198126384Why do these movies treat being a pirate like it’s some magical bloodline, where even if you’re an o…[View]
198125361How faithful to the games will this show be?: Will they make the world gritty and dark, or will it b…[View]
198126481Caligula Ultimate Cut: Thoughts on the recently released 'ultimate cut' which is supposedly how the …[View]
198125235Brutal mog[View]
198125081Just watched an X-Files episode where this little Indian fucker literally crawls up peoples asses. W…[View]
198126188imagine the smell[View]
198125493A Cult Show Without A Cult: I don't get it, this show ran for seven years and was axed at the h…[View]
198126109Unironically, I'm looking forward to this. Any samurai kino is good.[View]
198126056ITT: signs you're about to see kino.[View]
198123845>Mia Goth will never lie on top of a car drinking wine and eating KFC while reading me a devastat…[View]
198126008I will now watch your yuppie liberal comedy show[View]
198116828>*calls you faggot Wat you do ?[View]
198125545ITT: Scenes men will NEVER understand https://youtu.be/UyhDGmCV_s0[View]
198122091Now that the dust has settled, who the fuck was it?[View]
198124438new bad batch is OUT: Loving fatherly forehead kisses on omega's forehead[View]
198125905Thoughts on The Devil's Plan?[View]
198121570Margot Robbie to produce ‘blockbuster’ Monopoly movie with Hasbro: >'The Sims' movie in the works…[View]
198125842The results of the 2020 census just came out and for the first time in American history, the number …[View]
198124383Now when dust have settled what do you think of mr beans gf? Do you find her cute now?[View]
198123415>director's cut takes away from the movie[View]
198124731>It's okay for faggots to have sex with homeless teenagers What did they mean by this?…[View]
198110224/hor/ - Horror General: the queen edition previous: >>198095351[View]
198113778i don't understand why this movie has so many positive reviews[View]
198123386Just remember who your employer is.[View]
198125739Poor baby……[View]
198123781Luke did I ever tell you about Luuuke, one of your many evil clones? He had a Hitler moustache for s…[View]
198120863Rorschach: was always right[View]
198116541What are some essential femcel-core movies?[View]
198124691Lip (yes) my stocking[View]
198120553Any native kino ?[View]
198125084Kong x Zilla = $135M budget | Zilla-1 = $15M budget: regardless of which one you think is better, ho…[View]
198124675/tv/ brutally BTFO[View]
198125586/trek/: Star Trek OS, TNG, DS9 stream 24/7 on plutotv, and I think Voyager is on tubi, anyone wanna …[View]
198125555Was she trying to come onto him?[View]
198125482So….why did these Dinos only injury a little girl but murdered and killed a grown man armed with wea…[View]
198125502Kinos for this feel?[View]
198124604ITT: We write lines that would appear in the inevitble modern day remake of Titanic >Xer and they…[View]
198124575What the hell was her problem?[View]
198123702ATHF: Post it. >fav episode multiple meat >fav tv show they watch the horror muppet marathon …[View]
198125041What's the name of the website where people here watch live streams together with a live chat?[View]
198125340how do you go from this[View]
198124289Realistically, how long would you last ?[View]
198124585>did I tell you of that time I took a plane and experienced a mild inconvenience? Aaah stop it th…[View]
198125168Do you really think it was all in his head? Cause I've been in Chris' shoes here whether i…[View]
198124272*licks knife*[View]
198125022What the fuck was Lynch thinking?[View]
198122637>angry that his kid doesn't share his values or views >angry that he has no connection wi…[View]
198123470THE SIMPS...ons[View]
198122381this guy should've been the main character. he has kino star wars aesthetics[View]
198124996>/biz/ inspired films[View]
198124208How did Hank and Marie afford this house?[View]
198123330>watch 80s movie >background girls are 10x hotter than leading ladies of today Wow.…[View]
198124371>Space Islam is kino Who woulda thought?[View]
198123612Aziz Ansari's GOOD FORTUNE plot details: >Keanu Reeves plays Gabriel, a 'budget guardian ang…[View]
198124562>be mediocre actor >get role in early sci-fi television show >do average to shit performanc…[View]
198124684>jobs to secondary character's mom are you serious? What were they thinking?…[View]
198122526it's bigger than his head[View]
198124232How did boomers watch movies before VCRs?[View]
198123503>What is Walmart[View]
198121766It's a single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins and minerals. Everything …[View]
198124202Not sure if this is the best place to ask but how much of japan’s pop culture would change if king k…[View]
198124169Were bloggers really hoping there would be a mass shooting at one of the screenings on opening night…[View]
198123565Is this trash?: I've been watching the first 20 minutes of the first episode and so far this ha…[View]
198124139Why was this movie hated on here? It’s like a nonsensical bad acid trip. I might actually take some …[View]
198118543What's the dumbest scene in movie history?[View]
198108843Is this shit any good?: I watched the X-Men Animated Series growing up and I can already tell this i…[View]
198119983What the fuck was she doing? https://youtu.be/SYNmV-usbjY?si=07iC_merm7ajfsGc[View]
198124251>sees la la land once[View]
198121325fuck gigan[View]
198124489Which animes are more /tv/ than /a/?[View]
198124524>Nice backslash[View]
198124353OH Y-[View]
198122833I did not care for this film.[View]
198123704He won.[View]
198124312what the FUCK is his problem[View]
198122103Why can’t cape movies embrace the inherent silliness of their premise? It would be kino if the new D…[View]
198116194The Wall: EL OH EL so school sucks. Grow a damn pair of BALLS.[View]
198124320You like storm chasing, arent you, anon?[View]
198111458/sho/ Mariko is a disgusting demon: >betrays the Gods of her Ancestors, the Gods of her father by…[View]
198123812>that persistent cough I thought was common cold or some kinda allergy turned out to be lymphangi…[View]
198122635would the original ending where he went home and shaved his head again have been better?[View]
198123250>this will sell our movie[View]
198123882>Neo, I'm not afraid anymore. The Oracle told me that I would fall in love and that that man…[View]
198124075>It's a 'Truman uses his company e-mail to tell the entire IT department to go back to India…[View]
198122661what the fuck was her problem?[View]
198123268Romeo and Juliet (1996)[View]
198119987Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, anon[View]
198123436What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
198123811>go home >parents have CNN/MSNBC on every waking hour now that they're both retired >…[View]
198123438You've heard of the dream team? Well we're the MEAN team wussie man![View]
198119554Jaime Pressly would have been a great Harley Quinn. But if you were gonna use a hag for Harley Quinn…[View]
198122444>what was I supposed to do? just let them die? >maybe…[View]
198123533Free country brother[View]
198123660This ever happen to you?[View]
198123517>I feel it's my duty to inform you that in exactly 5 seconds...it will officially become opp…[View]
198122045shut up and take my money (yes i know it's not real, but it fucking should be)[View]
198123477I like some of the Gaga songs What the FUCK does she knows about comics?[View]
198120204>ok, but how does this wormhole work? >*folds table*…[View]
198122676Mr. Weinstein,: DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RAPE?[View]
198115856Cast them in a live-action adaptation.[View]
198123252ITT: post characters that are literally you.[View]
198123496>'Action' movie >It's just 1h15m of literally nothing spliced with people running, shakey…[View]
198109774Why are all the best films concerned with Faith?[View]
198123178It's student film. But maybe a feature length mocumentary could be kino. https://youtu.be/XKqzx…[View]
198114388Honest question: who approved this? Did not a single person speak up against this?[View]
198118848NO! NOOOOOO![View]
198123205Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
198123469Neytiri is...[View]
198122150>treates pekar like shit and makes fun of him: >pekar dies >dave: 'he was such an amazing s…[View]
198121266Dunder Mifflin this is Ham[View]
198123433How would you have reacted?[View]
198121716dirk gently season 3: why hasnt there been a third season? It was good and i really think the unive…[View]
198121082Any movies about being a NEET?[View]
198122793How to RIP my blurays without losing quality?[View]
198122625What kind of gun is this?[View]
198108894How does he produce kino so frequently?[View]
198122629>promotes an essay on the unsayable >not a single word about jews what are the odds?…[View]
198122225>wife is clearly black >Says nigger very casually What are these types called?…[View]
198117579Where can i pirate?[View]
198120765Bong Joon-Ho's MICKEY 17 Debuts Trailer At CinemaCon: >The trailer features a morbid and dar…[View]
198116258It's better than Futurama.[View]
198120564The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare[View]
198123014why did they make cooper's son a villian in interstellar[View]
198122179Dune 2: Just finished watching this. >Mediocre acting >Great cinematography >Good visual e…[View]
198116009For a show set in the future, Futurama feels very dated[View]
198123191/kway/ really did lose afterall[View]
198120649IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOh4nSYKQ2Y[View]
198123118TAKE ME BACK TO THE 90's!!!![View]
198122981There was a level of comfiness in early 2000's HBO shows that has yet to be matched.[View]
198122169>Once Upon a Time in Hollywood >Once Upon a Time in London >Once Upon a Time in Venice >…[View]
198121088Marvel leaks: From insider Alex Perez. >Henry Cavill plays a Wolverine variant in Deadpool & …[View]
198122880The Undertale of television[View]
198121180>deep dive analysis of a movie on youtube >it just literally describes what happens in the mov…[View]
198105310>”do you accept?” >”no im good.” It was literally that simple. Was Duke Leto just fucking stup…[View]
198121414How is this sick Fuck still free: So I'm currently watching a documentary based off of Dan Schn…[View]
198121691>what kind of American are you?[View]
198120939What does Anjin see in her?: >Constantly gloomy >Suicidal >Unloyal >One note personali…[View]
198121743IT AIN'T GOT NO DUBS IN IT[View]
198122845>movie scene >actress is tied up and gagged…[View]
198121112Why are all the men in The Office so tall? Only Michael Scott and and Ryan are average height, and M…[View]
198101577>Your move, anon[View]
198122576Is he the new Arnold?[View]
198120492Hailee Steinfeld Joins Michael B. Jordan in Ryan Coogler’s Vampire Movie: >The feature is set in …[View]
198121941BREAKING Jon Bernthal as Max Cady in the upcoming Cape Fear remake[View]
198118810In how many ways are they going to fuck it up?[View]
198118270He's literally me.[View]
198121365>it's an Autolycus episode Fuck yeah.[View]
198121628How many streamers will survive?[View]
198115252This short scene was a great display of 'show dont tell': Luv casually calling down orbita…[View]
198122319Hollyjew makes one movie that remotely addresses mens loneliness and their shit draw in life Sequel …[View]
198122484Hunters (2020): Is this show any good or is it just goyslop? I watched that scene in which Dylan Bak…[View]
198119373Da'Vine Joy Randolph: Just saw The Holdovers. What a queen.[View]
198117158Will a super hero movie ever top this kino or are we doomed to get mediocre slop forever?[View]
198122369>It's the 2025 Nissan Al-Gaib! I did a 360 in my seat and walked out of the theatre, which o…[View]
198122356any movies with this feel?[View]
198120319>This little faggot comes to your planet and says he's leading your jihad now Am I supposed …[View]
198122288C R I N G E[View]
198121251What song will the Joker sing?[View]
198121332ITS UP : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDh8HJNblsw[View]
198120109I love it.[View]
198120816Was it kino?: >“I didn't sweat at the time because I had suffered what I would describe as a…[View]
198121120CHARLIE BRANJA!!![View]
198121572*ruins your movie*[View]
198122178What movie do you think should have every copy destroyed and burned at a bonfires?[View]
198118647>Part 1 : Gloomy Incelkino >Part 2 : Vibrant Musicalkino >Part 3 : ?? What do you think bro…[View]
198120906>Oh, hey, anon! Are you planning to see Joker 2 alone again?[View]
198120098What's in his left hand?[View]
198115927Bond 26: What are your predictions and ideas?[View]
198121335>get ready to watch a new kino >suddenly lose intrest and stop watching >browse 4chin inste…[View]
198117337if you respond too angrily then you look even more guilty so wtf do you do?[View]
198121658John Adams: >make absolutely kino John Adams show with some of the best casting ever >devote h…[View]
198122048The Last Kingdom thread: >*strong white pagan dane-saxons exist* >going to be converted to Chr…[View]
198120412>watch movie >its kino[View]
198121494She should've been Chani in DUNC.[View]
198121753>hey did you by any chance pick up the voltage adapter thing ? >no I didn't have time to …[View]
198121845TPB thread: >”listen Rick, you should listen to lahey on this one you can’t look directly at the …[View]
198120064>Mfw a civvie asks for no onions Did I do three tours of the Ruby Tuesday and one of Olive Garde…[View]
198121689https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0QjzTp04t8 Will it be as good as Walsh's last movie?[View]
198118099Characters who are literally you.[View]
198119109Why did they throw her under the bus? No one's career would end over shoplifting. She must have…[View]
198121613>>198120586 yeah, they write him all wrong too. Re2 Leon is supposed to be an inexperienced an…[View]
198118846how to find girlfriend like this?[View]
198121055Fallout bros...[View]
198117249>beats the main villain in the first movie: LMFAO what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
198121014season 2 when[View]
198119773Temba, his arms wide.[View]
198119838Are there any movies you are forced to enjoy because of the politics they push?[View]
198120159>new detective kino >/tv/ doesn't talk about it sad…[View]
198121400I'll host SNL this Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAoO_xOUeXY[View]
198121142The first four Pixar films had a common identity, with the Randy Newman songs and the credits bloope…[View]
198121495why did our /saoirse/ make depression-porn? Horrible movie and she only looks cute in like 3 or 4 sc…[View]
198121359GAMBITBROS...: They cucked our boy all the way to the grave.[View]
198120027What do harkonnen eat[View]
198120473M. Night Shyamalan's TRAP trailer description: >The footage starts with Josh Hartnett's…[View]
198121371kek NuTrek baggies[View]
198120714>mystery >twist is it was the protagonist all along, all in his head why is every mystery/twis…[View]
198121128A DRAG QUEEN?[View]
198114638Are streaming services the worst thing that ever happened to Hollywood?[View]
198121252>destroys the whole world to defend an idea was he acoustic?[View]
198118022Sigh: Somehow Dolan returned...[View]
198103563/jazz/ self-care era: Update on our big guy courtesy of some Harvard student paper. https://www.thec…[View]
198114874The moment that buck broke /tv/ and an entire philosophy[View]
198120208Designated Survivor: What the fuck went so wrong with this show? Season 1 was some of the best TV po…[View]
198117864>That Earl Grey....was lukewarm.[View]
198120461Am I the only person in the entire world who remembers when you had to PAY for Disney Channel separa…[View]
198120605IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOh4nSYKQ2Y[View]
198120866Is programming/coding really that cool in real life?[View]
198120928Literally me[View]
198120918Fucking brutal[View]
198117050https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuON7HH0UkQ Cuckoo (2024); the next horror icon or just a load of no…[View]
198116016Are they fucking serious? Are we supposed to not notice?[View]
198120307Deserved to be shot[View]
198115695Joss Whedon: >No directing credits since 2015 >No film credits since 2017 >No TV credits si…[View]
198120075What was his problem?[View]
198119487Will Smith Best Actor Oscar 2022: was this the most triumphant Oscar win in recent, living memory?…[View]
198120133>tfw no viltrum gf[View]
198116081I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred. Destiny… IS ALL! >AAAAHHHHHHHHHH[View]
198117365>Oh, Reginald![View]
198120542When beowulf came out i thought that was going to be the death of actors But America just like to wo…[View]
198120617I don't like your food and I'd like to send it back.[View]
198120560ITT Movies that sucked but still gave you a good experience with it.: Went with other 4 friends to w…[View]
198120443DUNE: Reading the book right now after watching the 3 movies(Lynch, DUNC 1 and 2) and I have to say …[View]
198119948It would have been glorious. Will Snootworld ever come out?[View]
198119603What's the Stange for?[View]
198118877Stargate: When is this story going to be continued[View]
198120417Optimus wait!: Slava Ukrai—BLARGHHH[View]
198118886Do you spell it Ton, Ton', or Tone? Likewise Jun, Jun', or June for Junior. Also, Sac or S…[View]
198119153>you stole my story how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198113399Dark City is pure kino[View]
198117915The ring: Just watched the first two japanese ringu films,are the american version worth checking ou…[View]
198119980Lucas will go down as one of the greatest creative minds of this century. Stoklasa will be forgotten…[View]
198120096the new Bond is quite zesty[View]
198120102Critics say it's kino. You lost again /tv/.[View]
198112772Why do we hate it again??[View]
198120158Greetings plane Alan[View]
198118217hack directors thread[View]
198119710Kinos for that feel when all the Americans wake up and the quality of the threads takes a nosedive.[View]
198118702Who was the better Magneto?: Fassbender or McKellen? I like them both but I really like the nuance t…[View]
198120022I think TV shows were better when they had soundtracks[View]
198120021>OH POOR YOU How do you respond without sounding mad[View]
198119270WIPE DOWN THIS[View]
198120037>DAMMIT, I HEAR YA, PETER. I HEAR YA.[View]
198117958>movie has attractive white blonde women I will now watch. Why won't they do it?…[View]
198119894I've had it up to here with you /tv faggots, I really have. No more fucking games or I'll …[View]
198117824DAILY WIRE KINO INCOMING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0QjzTp04t8[View]
198117699Why do so many coomers like this kind of anime? Seriously. Call me ignorant, but its elementary phil…[View]
198119856I want a rocketship.[View]
198119868>Maybe tomorrow a bullet may find me, tonight nothing's worse than the pain in my heart. And…[View]
198118630I don't get it. Is the entire movie just about people in giant mechas beating up kaijus?[View]
198119518he didnt betray us[View]
198118230Why don't we see more examples of this type of relationship in television and film?[View]
198117895Halfway to October! What are your favorite Halloween themed movies and what actors would you like to…[View]
198118763Why didn't they fix this in postproduction?? Am i supposed to believe this is a man from Krypto…[View]
198119585Times when you acted like The Beekeeper >In class, Friday before a 3-day weekend >Teacher abou…[View]
198118417So is the 'it was all in his head' theory dropped now?[View]
198118788Yeah... I'm thinking he's back[View]
198110894Was this the mist intelligent scene in family guy ever?[View]
198119172How do you possibly respond to this without bursting into treats?[View]
198113128What was uncle Mel’s best movie?[View]
198117922>The Harkonnens from DUNC are a total rip-off from the Strangers in Dark City. BRAVO DENIS…[View]
198117949>appears in your film >kino >leaves more like this…[View]
198116692So are they making another one or what[View]
198117527What does /tv/ think of The Strain?[View]
198117703I just watched pic related. this movie was fucking trash. this seemed like a college film in terms o…[View]
198118772the fuck even was this? If I wanted to see someone shit on ww2 vets I'd have taken a dump on my…[View]
198106035Post 90's movies only you've seen.[View]
198118890Movies about a real life masked menace?[View]
198113834Too much spice?[View]
198117512Actors are being overcast: Too few actors are being given big roles. Let’s get more and newer faces.…[View]
198119219should more TV shows have breeders in them?[View]
198115707CHANGE MOVIE HISTORY!: > Men in Black International > Thor & the black cunt are not in it.…[View]
198119263I drive[View]
198118903what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
198090362Name scandinavian kinos[View]
198116032Dumbledore is much cooler and more schway than Gandalf. Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
198118894This show felt really overrated, imo The episodes get really repetetive, and boomers being nostalgic…[View]
198117799When the KINO hits[View]
198117636Is there really no blu ray for this movie? Why is it so overlooked? It's one of the greatest te…[View]
198101547why didnt he nuke the fucking planet to kill off paul[View]
198115943Best Gorekinos?[View]
198117747>Bourdain, August 2011: 'I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, 'Jesus, I'm glad that…[View]
198118927There’s that number again. Odd.[View]
198117570>I'll tell you what's changed...I'm not alone anymore Uhh Todd, this movie is stil…[View]
198116284ITT: moments that permanently destroyed a show[View]
198117993What was so funny anyway? I don't get it.[View]
198118117KINO of the hightest order[View]
198111472>barely shows up in his own movie[View]
198115234First Joker was an Incel Kino, and it look like Joker 2 is another Barbie/Twilight for women??? What…[View]
198117445I just completed season 1 today, WOW, it's possibly the greatest TV show of all time. I was com…[View]
198117815This is my Joker[View]
198116051Now that the dust has settled, what was his fucking problem?[View]
198108693>You... want to bump this higher?[View]
198117585iit kino your slowly becoming[View]
198117865ITT: we discuss some of the most overlooked kino of this millenium. i'll start with this brilli…[View]
198115703Threads: ngl I don't think WW3 is such a good idea anymore after watching this........[View]
198115232Dune: Chapter II: Was he right?[View]
198118168Females...I thought they were extinct.[View]
198118017When did you realize modern movie slop isn't even worth your entire attention?[View]
198116813What would you say to him?[View]
198117619Is it true his creator see him portrayed in live action as a White dude?[View]
198117945Any good kinos where an acorn is the main antagonist?[View]
198106916There are so many things he could have said that would have stopped Anakin from killing him but he j…[View]
198114829Best episode[View]
198107738>woman ruins friendship between two men Why is this trope so common?[View]
198117892Is the state puff Marshmallow Man considered a Kaiju ?[View]
198116624Starting up.. the shield![View]
198110645I don't get it. How could these shows exist in barbaric misogynistic 90s-00s and not just exis…[View]
198115497What does this movie tell you?[View]
198116530THE ROCKY IV ROBOT WAS LE SILLY!!!: WRONG The inclusion of the robot in 'Rocky IV' served several pu…[View]
198115848>women will have sex with a guy they know will forget about them before they’ll have sex with a v…[View]
198117296I'm just a trust fund dumpster band[View]
198114373comfy xfm thread[View]
198115902Need help remembering a movie: I can't remember a movie, maybe you can. It was a detective/west…[View]
198115837>Remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx?[View]
198114492How was Nexlifx's Avantar the last Aibener?[View]
198117678Thoughts on freeze frame endings?[View]
198117229How come when Disney Channel revamped in 1997, they stopped airing Dumbo's Circus and Welcome t…[View]
198109165I want a story from cypher POV: I heard in the matrix games a cult formed around cypher this is a be…[View]
198116720Here is your live action Rapunzel bro[View]
198114658I love you[View]
198107209Given this show a chance multiple times. Watched at least 10 episodes across a few seasons. This is …[View]
198116072You’re an errand boy[View]
198117128I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independance[View]
198111261At what point can we admit the skill ceiling for cooking is embarrassingly low and most world class …[View]
198113690>ok boss we gotta killer reality series idea >crazy and hot jewish bitch marries andy dick and…[View]
198113233Do your pets enjoy cinema?[View]
198117102>We're G&Y! fuck I've lost it[View]
198115698ITT: Peak writing[View]
198116659how were people in the early 2000's ok with obvious anti-cat propaganda?[View]
198114696In the Lost Lands is coming in September, and we still don't have a trailer. Someone has to kno…[View]
198116178>Shows up for 10 seconds >Becomes more popular than 'normal' Miles How?…[View]
198116953>the joker has a girlfriend NO NO NOOOOOOOO THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO…[View]
198115503Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley: It's her birthday. What is her best film?[View]
198113439Favorite capeshit?: For me it's picrel >Puts Tony in a scenario where he only has his wits,…[View]
198115889Why the fuck is green Lex Luther in a star shit show? Why are they still making this garbage in the …[View]
198110822Fallout: >coming out today >negative hype What went so wrong?…[View]
198115368Breaking Bad is overrated as fuck!: I don't know why people think he is smart. >Huh, where d…[View]
198114328Hunter Schafer's career: With three movies coming out this year, is it safe to say Hunter is th…[View]
198115594Smarter than Rodney[View]
198112006Previously on X-Men 97: Ep 5 Discussion[View]
198109193/sho/ Shogun General: Injured Fuji edition Prev: >>198098822 >>198101816 >>1981004…[View]
198115264Bodies: This any good?[View]
198115979Anyone else tired of these modern A24 slop-like horror movies that chalk everything up >I'M …[View]
198116275Ben bros? will we recover after this, or it it off the wagon?[View]
198115141Fallout Season 1 premieres with 95% on Rotten Tomatoes[View]
198115056Dune: My son is a man now[View]
198115976>playing in your friend's backyard in the 90s >see this they were stealing cable werent t…[View]
198114620What went wrong?[View]
198112879What do these have in common[View]
198113154Special Effects Vs Practical Effects + Video Games: So I wanted to look up what the actual differenc…[View]
198112826>people of all shapes and sizes, all races from all genders fighting side by side in complete uni…[View]
198114850You ain't got no problem, Jules. I'm on the motherfucker. Go back in there, chill them nig…[View]
198113464>His house looked like shit Single best line delivery in the show.[View]
198116256They were a better duo and had better chemistry than Rust and Martin.[View]
198115447Only nine more days until kino returns.[View]
198116235>Battery acid, in. Gasoline, in. Butter the leaves.[View]
198115138>Omlette >Du >Fromage…[View]
198114393What does /tv/ think of the Slitheen?[View]
198116091Cast the movie: and it must include Jessica Biel![View]
198116034>flashback sequence set in the 50s >scene is in black and white…[View]
198106454>youre mating pressing me![View]
198115083I GOT IDEA MAN[View]
198112209Now that the dust has settled, was he the best villain in the series?[View]
198113330Does he deserve this punishment?[View]
198115849What are some kinos portraying brutal moggings?[View]
198113526He was one of us, now he feels like a stranger....[View]
198115723ITT: Anything he's in instantly becomes kino.[View]
198111012ITT: /tv/ memes that aged like fine wine[View]
198114333For me, it's season 2 Haley.[View]
198112639He's baaaack...: Slychads, stand the fuck up. https://youtu.be/65u6PacHb3k?si=YZ7ILqzc68xNLybf …[View]
198115671eid mubarak from chewbacca[View]
198115664He’s really gonna say it this time isn’t he[View]
198114048Holy SHIT the cinematography is insane![View]
198114877If it's wrong to love this then i don't wanna be right[View]
198115030Here's your Harley Quinn bro[View]
198115341Excision (2012): >Can you get an STD from having sex with a dead person? Americans really are... …[View]
198112337Vertigo by U2 is a great song, this is just a fact.[View]
198115290Good classics: I've always been a huge fan of the original Star Trek. Every time I got home fro…[View]
198115230At our law firm, we conduct mock trials to sharpen our courtroom skills. Jigsaw is the defendant in …[View]
198115166>A musical. Holy fuck[View]
198112208Say what you want. But you have to admit they were visionaries[View]
198085619/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Bau'n Again Edition >/film…[View]
198113500>doesn't try to dodge >doesn't try to fight back >doesn't use any jutsu >…[View]
198113448In Law Abiding Citizen, how come the booby trapped gun didn't go off earlier, considering Darby…[View]
198114167>It was baby corn...[View]
198113938>HIP HIP[View]
198114854Hired goons?[View]
198108995I remember being really creeped out by the Prisoner when I was a kid - just rewatched it and it…[View]
198109498Peak Winnie[View]
198114898What about you, anon? Do you still believe?[View]
198114886>Mows Marty's lawn yet again.[View]
198114567How come Battlestar Galactica isn't ranked up there with Sopranos and Breaking Bad? No one seem…[View]
198099529Why not Michael? Halloween is the most successful slasher franchise ever.[View]
198113390Is he some kind of psychopath of something?[View]
198110025I don’t wanna know the reasons why love keeps, right on walkin’ on down the line![View]
198098080Why did he want to be a young pretty girl so badly?[View]
198114473>Comrade Bondarchuk are you sure that forcing Red Army soldiers to LARP as Napoleonic era armies …[View]
198114356>Triple maximum security slam facility underground on a planet where dayside temperature is 700 d…[View]
198111773I can't relate to him anymore.[View]
198099648Thoguhts on Spartacus?[View]
198112366>what if Abraham Lincoln hunted vampires like a total fucking BADASS!? Fuck yeah Post millenial f…[View]
198107805ITT: Characters you believe to be virgins[View]
198113510I can't believe they got Alan Partridge for Joker 2[View]
198108092Was Nick gay for Gatsby?[View]
198112407>From the sick and twisted mind of Jordan Peele...[View]
198113947Do you usually force yourself to watch a movie you are clearly not enjoying in hopes it eventually g…[View]
198114044One ticket for Joker 2: Folie A Deux and a bucket of crab legs, please[View]
198114298Hop in[View]
198111393Why did it fail so hard bros?[View]
198114360>main character is a villain more tv shows with a concept like that[View]
198114191>oh my God! Father MacGuire![View]
198108541criterion release when[View]
198110793No matter how cringe Joker 2 is.: It'll never be more cringe than The Batman. I respect Zack Sn…[View]
198099081Give the Dune director Morrowind after they wrap up filming.[View]
198113375ITS OVER: We can't stop taking L's Ben Affliction bros[View]
198113026>female character appears on screen >google nudes of that actress…[View]
198114201>Fast talking constantly irritated premenopausal office lady falls in love with Italian-American …[View]
198111423It deserves a second season: I put off watching this ever since it originally aired because I didn…[View]
198112640>Ah, anon! Long time no see, sir. >One ticket for...what movie, sir?…[View]
198112413https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ypvM6y8Ps Why hasn't there been a Bubblegum Crisis movie and …[View]
198110020>Gotham is dark like my soul[View]
198113406write the third movie[View]
198114097>Malcolm, I ruined your childhood because I want you to become president so you don't live a…[View]
198113810Battlestar Galactica: You're whooping. Cylons are nuking the twelve colonies and you're wh…[View]
198113098What the FUCK was this movie?: Can't believe a Coen brother directed this. The movie itself isn…[View]
198113816>called Jesus >is sex offender >directed by jews What the actual fuck did they mean by this…[View]
198114014the claw of shame: >a magician risk 'being a registered sex offender' he did what Penn and Teller…[View]
198110895Parker Posey[View]
198113944Weird Commercial from Memory: A random memory came to the front of my mind a while ago. There was th…[View]
198111665This image clarifies many questions[View]
198112013Why did Scorcese try to pretend a 36 year old and a 47 year old were 28 (Henry Hill was born in 1942…[View]
198113493Prometheus (2013): Was he right?[View]
198112880When will Ezra return to cinema? He literally disappeared since the flash film. Latest reports say h…[View]
198113346>I consider myself a realist >In philosophical terms, I'm considered a pessimist…[View]
198113757We're rockin' the suburbs Around the block just one more time We're rockin' the …[View]
198113586The sheer scale and craftsmanship of that sustainable MAERSK container seamlessly fitted into the ri…[View]
198113680the 1080p rip. where is it[View]
198112792Looks like Kino is back on the menu, Melbfags[View]
198111448ITT we choose a kino they would both enjoy[View]
198112506zone of interest: Reminder that the daughter of Rudolf Höss who in the film is shown as a nutcase, a…[View]
198110346It don't get more kino than this.[View]
198112425>can literally kill people just by looking at them >only ever managed to kill one person >g…[View]
198112391Can actors make a living on fan meetings?[View]
198110962Reminder that he did nothing wrong[View]
198112931>Why are they filming my scenes first, Lar?[View]
198108590>It was among the Italians, it was real greaseball shit[View]
198113093We need more Bort license plates in the gift shop. I repeat. We are sold out of Bort license plates[View]
198113142Why do the studios consider Megalopolis 'too experimental'?[View]
198113269>we want the lawrence of arabia audience[View]
198101995These are the 3 worst episodes of King of the Hill, any objections?[View]
198113341Is this shit political all season?: Is this Larry's attempt to appease his friends in his final…[View]
198104982The charm of watching TV shows was ruined by them being released all at once. Gone are the days when…[View]
198112869Why didn’t he say something before his best friend married the woman he loved?[View]
198112985To End All Wars shits all over Bridge on the River Kwai. Bridge of the River Kwai is nonsense. Enter…[View]
198110087>Sylvester Stallone Accused of Creating ‘Toxic Environment’ on Atlanta Set of ‘Tulsa King’ Fresh …[View]
198111150ITT: Terrifying scenes[View]
198113210Do you think Godzilla and Shima....you know...?[View]
198110989How do you guys not feel empty after finishing a long tv show? I just finished sopranos for the firs…[View]
198111245I dont understand the appeal[View]
198109220She’s right.[View]
198110516who is the best actor with a food based name?[View]
198112196I've tried watching this 10 times: And haven't paid attention for more than 5 minutes tota…[View]
198111654Dr Diana, I'm LAPD[View]
198112382People like to say 'if you didn't see a movie in theaters you didn't see it' but my respon…[View]
198109113I’ve had this happen to me. I’ve fucked so many girls I don’t even remember all of them. It’s actual…[View]
198112545Giant Scorpion - sci fi short film: 'There is an energy and exuberance to the film that it is imposs…[View]
198104619Just watched this movie, Strange Days, why the hell is it so unknown and underrated. Its one of the …[View]
198110629Donna from Fire Walk With Me > Donna from Twin Peaks[View]
198106146>it's a Matt episode[View]
198112215I did not know white people could be muslim[View]
198112404XJodie foster in partridge family: She was cute!, cute and funny haha[View]
198112333There's nothing good to watch, so I'm just going to keep rewatching Game of Thrones over a…[View]
198112354Thoughts on Betrayed (1988) with Tom Berenger?[View]
198111671Deadwood: My rewatch of Deadwood continues and I think it's high time to get a thread about thi…[View]
198106394best torrent client: which one the best deluge or qbittorrent for downloading films and tv series?…[View]
198107845It feels so soulless. So weightless. This is two best friends, practically family, fighting to the d…[View]
198111588Would you sacrifice your own siamese clone so that you may live?[View]
198112066Should I be alarmed if this is my 'literally me' character?[View]
198101754how did we go from this[View]
198110481I'm ready for Godzilla & Kong 3.[View]
198099017Humiliation ritual.[View]
198110289What was his problem?[View]
198107410True or False: Civil War 2024 would only happen if the United States retracted its troops from all o…[View]
198112004WB at Cinemacon: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim is confirmed to arrive in 2024'…[View]
198090923What was the last non-porn film that made you fap?[View]
198110453He did nothing wrong.[View]
198110506Underrated kino[View]
198110765What's the first movie you ever saw in theater?[View]
198110079It's weird how every 9/11 war movie or documentary had Iraq as a setting but nobody remembered …[View]
198110221Alan Ritchson Continues to Talk About Wanting to Play Batman - 'I Want to Be Bruce Wayne!': Well?…[View]
198111921>Tweng tweng nhua Bobby ka kutala[View]
198111649Joker 2 - The Musical[View]
198107188>I'll write your username on my body for $1000[View]
198111542This explains a lot[View]
198107245>A fry cook's salary was enough to afford this in 1999 What the fuck went wrong?…[View]
198108462He never should have removed his helmet. I know it's Pedro Pascal under there; I didn't ne…[View]
198108505Do Brits really poop together?[View]
198109286>but not you because you are fat[View]
198105170This is the superior Jokah >actually evil >is tall and well built >intimidating, doesnt fe…[View]
198110723Jon Snow spinoff officially cancelled: >couldn't find the story to tell Gee, almost as if Jo…[View]
198107966>'...Lead them to paradise.'[View]
198107755After Joker 2 femcels will be looking for incel boyfriends[View]
198111247What are some terrible scenes that you constantly think about?[View]
198101317The yellow suit looks dumb, the Fox version was better.[View]
198109845>37 dicks[View]
198109914JOKER 2: >pic rel Harley Quinn is a jealous nobody who wants Arthur’s success. She’s manipulating…[View]
198111209Quick: are these potatoes oven-roasted, as Philip claims, or have they been in the deep fat fryer, a…[View]
198111195Nothing will happen in this movie that will make me believe a sequel was necessary. The trailer look…[View]
198110176My redneck, uneducated son is living in a dust bowl, running a dying farm with self-aware tractors b…[View]
198107286What a dumb story this was. People way overrate asian movies.[View]
198110714it's simple: we eat the Harkonnen[View]
198111234>ass like a ten year old boy what he mean by this?[View]
198110745don't you?[View]
198104321Kate Mara plays the devil and seduces/fucks a black man in her upcoming movie The Dutchman https://k…[View]
198111034i'm already in love[View]
198111084just stam the ticket[View]
198109855The Departed: Just watched The Departed and I didnt like the ending because i liked dicaprio’s chara…[View]
198110941See? I learned to help Timmy find his nuts.[View]
198110779I will snatch every mother fucker birthday[View]
198103913People said that Dune couldn't be adapted to cinema. But man, I REALLY don't think that M…[View]
198107500Oh I get it. The point is that he is ugly and autistic. Haha that is really funny! Did you see how h…[View]
198108331>STALL STALL STALL >How can this be, I've been at maximum nose-up for a while!…[View]
198108277As much as I would have loved a Legend of Zelda movie animated by Studio Ghibli, it was never going …[View]
198108225Humiliation ritual[View]
198106540Joker: Folie à Deux: Hot take. Im excited that Part 2 is sort of a 'musical' in the same vein as La …[View]
198105101>one chance at life >Be names literally Debil Lobotom…[View]
198108649Sonic 3: Of all the sonic music they could use, I hope Final Chase is in the movie.[View]
198107397I unironically understood nothing[View]
198110576Aubrey Plaza Thread: >MIIIIKEEEEEEY[View]
198108942hi. i'd like a ticket for the magical society of magical shshssjdjhs, please[View]
198110116He do be kinda cute doe[View]
198108032Is Evil on CBS/Paramount+ worth watching? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AV2l9g9rL8[View]
198107181General /tv/ WebM thread[View]
198109007I hope you guys didn't miss cues that she's pregnant at the end of the movie[View]
198107759This whole season felt like a half season[View]
198107261Is there anyone who can hope to beat him?[View]
198104847You don’t buy all the latest movies on 4K and limited edition blu ray steelbook and don’t collect al…[View]
198110357Now that it's been 8 years, what did you think of Fresh Meat?[View]
198105008This is the end of Bart[View]
198109532Ryan gosling as scarecrow in Ice Station[View]
198110300Thoughts on Joker 2?[View]
198109627did he penis her?[View]
198108681Elle Fanning and Timothée Chalamet are filming Bob Dylan movie 'A Complete Unknown' in New York City…[View]
198109304\m/: \m/[View]
198109572Why are we filming my scenes first?: More like Jay LenOLD[View]
198109215I had a dream Chris and Phil had an openly gay relationship but then decided to kill themselves drow…[View]
198095351/hor/ - Horror General: doggo edition previous: >>198076758[View]
198107850This mf should have put a sword through Stannis no later than season 3. How did he put up with his b…[View]
198110035ever thus to deadbeats, anon....[View]
198110026c'mon, /tv/, ever feel like just having some fun? sex[View]
198104488>millennial culture we smoke weeed haha millennials we're soo crazy Does this movie have any…[View]
198089912BADLY DESCRIBED MOVIES: >time travel movie >guy travels back in time >gets ran over by gran…[View]
198108576>*huff huff huff*[View]
198109789Be honest you liked this[View]
198098292how the fuck could she speak english?[View]
198108606ITT: stories Hollywood would have made into movies/shows 30 years ago but would never touch now[View]
198109651Any kinos about esoteric nazism?: It's a great excuse to have Hitler and the Nazis running arou…[View]
198109609Movies for this feel?: >Post thread >Get half a dozen replies >It gets archived >Go on t…[View]
198107435It smells funny in there.[View]
198103226why didnt she shave her lips before doing this scene[View]
198105997You have 10 seconds to tell me your favorite sopranos episode or you get shot in the foot. If one ep…[View]
198109249For me, it’s Rosie Perez’s nipples.[View]
198108410Season 1 Phoebe[View]
198092827How do you stop the San-Ti??: I haven't read the books and I'm sure the TV series will eve…[View]
198103125what the fuck was that ending man[View]
198108641sorry I burned your new Kramer[View]
198106476Why can't conservatives make films? Why does he keep getting chances despite having no known sk…[View]
198109247ryan gosling as rambo in a prequel to first blood: about rambo's time in vietnam maybe two movi…[View]
198106261How hypocritical is it that there are people in the world that didn't like Ren and Stimpy, Rock…[View]
198109075Why is he running to phone when he has one in his hand the whole time? Is he stupid?[View]
198107875Why is this shit on orbit? If this is a portal why didn't they put those gates on planet surfac…[View]
198107212Is her dominance over?[View]
198107903>ANTM made millennials believe this was a 10/10 sex goddess Yeesh[View]
198108540the na'vi were originally supposed to be chakats: james cameron wanted to make a movie about ch…[View]
198109050The Boys: What are our hopes for Season 4?[View]
198108879How would you rank the monsterverse movies? (skull island included)[View]
198109028>it's a cool guy slowly walks through a nightclub crowd scene[View]
198107059tai lung did NOTHING wrong: >tai lung >literal leopard >spent life training to become the d…[View]
198106352New Back to the Future BTTF incumming. Okay this is epic. Get hyped #winning # #nopainnigain: https:…[View]
198108899look at how cute this little door-bl baby girl is. she crawls around, and giggles, and cries, and it…[View]
198106504How many more humilation rituals must we endure before movies and tv are good again?[View]
198108655>son I'm sorry but, YWNBD[View]
198099844Why does Star Trek have green symbols?[View]
198106342The 90s/early 00s were fucking lame[View]
198107637This is kinda fucked up tbqh.[View]
198106497WATCH THE RLM REV-ACK!!!![View]
198108604When is Disney Making It?[View]
198106724What should be the synopsis of the Dora sequel?[View]
198107842If Jim took over ass office manager instead of this freak the show might have survived another seaso…[View]
198106797>*someone mentions another show being good somewhere, anywhere* >wirefags: THE WIRE IS THE GRE…[View]
198108286why did they make cooper's son a villian[View]
198107196>NO, you can't just sell clothes to attractive thin girls, you MUST include ugly fat women o…[View]
198108311Post tv villains with simple but powerful motivations[View]
198098822/sho/ Shogun General:: Tier list edition Prev: >>198092352[View]
198107887In anticipation for Joker 2, what are the quintessential asylum kinos that are a must watch?[View]
198103585YOOOOOOO HOW'D THEY DO THAT?!?!?[View]
198108207all work and no shitpost[View]
198108097Best movies with a lengthy intermission?[View]
198108159Get a job.[View]
198106470'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Or…[View]
198108094Did Jonah shoot goat container or man?[View]
198103657mmm börgar[View]
198104144Who would win in a fight? God Emperor Leto's Empire using prescience? Or the Trisolarians/San-T…[View]
198104626This is what Angelina Jolie looks like in 2024. What other celebs have gone through similar metamorp…[View]
198103662>he doesn't like dimmies[View]
198104420>deaf actress exclusively plays deaf characters Wow Hollywood, really?[View]
198104807M. Night Shyamalan's TRAP Trailer Description: >The footage starts with Josh Hartnett's…[View]
198105466>anime can't be ki-[View]
198107307He's wired in.[View]
198102040/tv/ trivia thread[View]
198102616>we need Dwayne Johnson but can't afford him >I know just the guy!…[View]
198107608Is Pomni TV & Film?[View]
198106472Free on all charges: How did he do it? Click here to enlarge your penis[View]
198105209welcome japan's newest rising star, ansel elgort[View]
198107442When will apple release the blu rays for Killers of the flower moon Napoleon Argylle I would like to…[View]
198107517Huh. Long John Silver maybe.[View]
198107579This is the best Joker.[View]
198107102It can't be this easy[View]
198106340>Jamal? Oh yeah he’s African American >John Sanchez? Yeah he’s Mexican. >Kevin Nguyen? Yeah…[View]
198107048Don't mind me, just posting the best capeshit ever made.[View]
198107454will the pt 3 be kino[View]
198107068>You're swatting me[View]
198103519Mr Bean Thread: I've been thinking of Mr Bean these last few days.[View]
198105511>This was the longest eye contact I ever had with a woman[View]
198107083I just watched pic related. this movie was fucking trash. this seemed like a college film in terms o…[View]
198107288>first person guts saves in the berserk OVA is a jew really m,akes u think…[View]
198103785KINO INCOMING: >Jack 'Jestermaxxed' Black as Steve >Jason Homoa >Danielle Brooks as Dawn …[View]
198102586How is he going to react to Folie a Deux?[View]
198106649What are some oxytocin releasing kinos or characters in kinos, like this allergic reaction Butter fr…[View]
198107201shogun 'and then everyone cried': absolutely amazing scene. red wedding level[View]
198101120She in his head.[View]
198107176Wait WHAT THE FUCK?[View]
198105205>better more fleshed out ruthless villain >better character dynamic between protagonists >N…[View]
198107080>tfw I'm not alone anymore[View]
198105778>Part 1: Taxi Driver and King of Comedy >Part 2 : One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest…[View]
198093807this show aged like milk on heroin[View]
198106798I'm thinking KINO[View]
198106583Candace: Why isn't her name Candace. And why isn't 'Peeda' named Peter? Why do they have t…[View]
198106971Remember when Nickelodeon used to be fun? I was watching with my niece and nephews and it's jus…[View]
198105324Kino or slop?[View]
198104911Chucky: So uh I just realized that we’re barely getting the first episode of Chucky in the year 2024…[View]
198101094Did Little Bill have it coming?: also western kino thred…[View]
198106296HE CUTE[View]
198103270Will Aly Michalka ever make a return to tv? I feel like she’s disappeared in recent years[View]
198105349J U S T[View]
198106415The greatest tv show of all time[View]
198083794Now that she's back in the news: What's Scarlett's best movie?[View]
198106330the prequels sucked[View]
198105304appreciation for the Glup Shitto technique: I like how George Lucas named the big bad emperor 'Knife…[View]
198106617This ending fucking sucked horse dick[View]
198106572Hey! It’s That Guy.: kino character actors thred[View]
198103100How do you respond?[View]
198105419You are now remembering how truly based this was/is. On a level rarely seen in our modern era.[View]
198099082Why do wokecels demand that everything cater exclusively to them?[View]
198106498Night Sky: Is this any good? Looks like it could be kino. But I have my doubts. Just tell me it…[View]
198105718What a absolute kino, god i am so lonely i need my gaga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy8aJw1vYHo…[View]
198106531I curse you! ... Nigger!!!: Wow, Stephen King sure knows how to give you a fright.[View]
198105424DUNC thread: Did Denis forgot about him? Any literature bros explain what happened to him? or maybe …[View]
198106475It's bad because it accepts voluntary donations and its members form extremely tight bonds..?[View]
198103661What is David Bowie's best role in a movie? Cameos are included as an option.[View]
198106045Did The creator of INTERFACE make this meme?: I just saw the interface movie and realized that its s…[View]
198098838>Dude! Smoking weed, having premarital sex and getting tattooed is awesome! Do zoomers really?…[View]
198101589What is it about video essay that fill me with so much disgust?[View]
198104588>Oh, Reginald![View]
198105798>I'm not gonna say the N-word, I have a gf now[View]
198105606Need help finding a film: There's a movie set in what I think was the bronze age. It's lan…[View]
198105561>Watching a turn of the millennium movie >Halcyon On and On by Orbital starts playing…[View]
198104938itt : movies and tv shows that namedrop 4chan: >Yeah, the girl definitely still shops at Hot Topi…[View]
198101617Help me clear this up. I just finished watching this with my buddy. We're debating what the wat…[View]
198104091>It's a 'Truman buys $400 worth of skin care products a month to stave off twink death' epis…[View]
198105984is Ed Norton a great actor? How come he don't work no more then?[View]
198101787Been watching this for 7 hours, when does the kino start?[View]
198103428are kino rape scenes ever gonna make a comeback? i don't even remember the last time i saw one …[View]
198105028Movies that filtered redditors the most: 1. Primer 2. Mulholland Dr 3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy…[View]
198105865Can we have a girlfriend too: Jokerbros... If Joker can have a girlfriend can we also too have one o…[View]
198105231he won[View]
198105262Joker: Folie Der Jude[View]
198102946This dynamic DESTROYED Wil Wheaton's life. I don't know what Roddenberry was thinking.... …[View]
198105313Ten Commandments: Is this the GOAT religious movie?[View]
198100848I've seen the Fallout TV show AMA: I was invited to the premiere and they've screened the …[View]
198104942Now that the dust has settled, can we agree Twin Peaks would have been better off as a traditional m…[View]
198104867any movie that /tv/ likes[View]
198105547What the fuck happened to Billy?: The midgit didn't say...[View]
198104615Is Shogun a Dune rip off? >Foreigner finds themself alone in a foreign land and has to kill the e…[View]
198105384Bong Joon-Ho's MICKEY 17 Debuts Trailer At CinemaCon: >The trailer features a morbid and dar…[View]
198099928>The movie inspired Berserk creator Kentaro Miura, who said in a 2003 interview when he won the T…[View]
198101631JOKER 2: What will he sing?[View]
198103465Was Leo Drake'd?[View]
198103715upcoming star wars: >Rest of Bad Batch S3 >Acolyte >Tales of the Empire >Skeleton Crew …[View]
198101115Why didn't he just through his horcruxes into the ocean or something?[View]
198104018>anime can't be kin-[View]
198102820Have you learnt anything about different cultures from watching televisions and films? https://www.y…[View]
198105246What are some movies that do not make sense?: Hard mode: no Lynch[View]
198104344>It was baby corn...[View]
198095579Watch film noir[View]
198103779My top 10 favorite TV shows 1.MST3K 2.Tales from the crypt 3.Venture Bros. 4.Atlanta 5.Arrested Deve…[View]
198103455what happened?: filler after filler, time jumps that make no sense, off screen outcomes did they spe…[View]
198105002We lost: Like WTF bros?? How am i supposed to self insert now that he's not an incel anymore? M…[View]
198100084Why do I get the feeling that 90% of the hate that comes her way is out of jealousy? >But, she c…[View]
198105208The Whisperer in Darkness: A fun/silly fan film of a HP Lovecraft story. It's actually not bad.…[View]
198104966>The main character thinks that the scale model is the full sized thing…[View]
198101649What's next for her after she wins the Jeopardy! invitational tournament?[View]
198104163>I'll have the soufflé.[View]
198104041Millennial here, i hate millennials nostalgia blinded retards this movie was 10/10[View]
198104726Retarded actors convincing themselves they are brave survivors of abuse because they acted out fart …[View]
198103874What is /tv/'s fav Johnnie To kino?[View]
198102402Ray > Barry[View]
198103950Larry's lawyer on Curb is pretty hot for an older lady: Seeing those curves in that business at…[View]
198102794Netflix's Parastyle adaption: Apparently Netflix Korea funded a Japanese manga creative adaptat…[View]
198104309Knowersisters, were we wrong? https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/197871035/#197871425[View]
198104782just watched this trash and despite not showing anything or even having any sort of 'scary' scene i…[View]
198104250>Tasha Yar, in the rape tunnels[View]
198103393This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Is this seriously what Germany's most celebrated d…[View]
198104621Who was in the wrong here?[View]
198104817I wish i had a full version of just them singing: What are some good scenes where actors sing surpri…[View]
198104104>According to Chris, Paul Walter Hauser is set to play the next Wolverine in the up coming Deadpo…[View]
198101299>I want to see the real you, I want to see la folie a deux: Cinema.[View]
198104714i have noticed a few shows from 2000s the main character has an aversion to pickles or tells other c…[View]
198098490red impala two lanes left on my ten[View]
198104691Hey I tell ya, I'm terrible with girls, you kiddin'? I once asked a Jewish girl for her nu…[View]
198104530The favorite movies of famous hollywood directors[View]
198102978>take off your mask how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
198104655I could’ve saved her[View]
198104153Show me your Civil War face[View]
198102871>I think they kind of sound like Depeche Mode[View]
198103572How many '90s phrases did this film coin?[View]
198102939Conan returns to the tonight show tonight for the first time since they fired him to bring back Leno…[View]
198104437Humiliation ritual.[View]
198094407I dun wun et[View]
198094397He loved it: It's going to be a smash success, finally a movie that shows what the right really…[View]
198102528Alcoholic detective lives on a houseboat.[View]
198102142I'm gonna have some barefoot guests at my house tomorrow what movie should we watch?[View]
198103511Joker 2 Trailer dropped: Gather around here Joker bros, It's finally here, The representative o…[View]
198077931post a game that could be turned into kino: given the right set of folks working on it[View]
198103119itt signs your about to watch kino[View]
198103390>I'm from Apple River and I say stab 'em all![View]
198103415Holy fucking kino Todd Phillips has done it again[View]
198104117Vince GIlligan is essentially sadomasochistic: He loves dwelling on characters who revel in how grit…[View]
198103478>This pie was found at a crime scene How do you respond without incriminating yourself?…[View]
198102956I always thought that Katara was a Mexican: When I was a kid[View]
198101622John Adams: Any of you guys see this? I just started it, only 3 episodes in. Its absolute kino half …[View]
198104060Kinos about self-improvement and turning your life around?[View]
198100607HoTD 2: So, season 2 trailer of House of the Dragon came out a couple of weeks ago. https://www.yout…[View]
198102317Holy hell. ALL roads lead to trannyism with these Hollywood weirdos.That new poo in loo monkey kung …[View]
198100704Hm guys, I have kinda of a dumb question here.: Is it just me of 100 years old movies 'feel' a lot m…[View]
198103880I eat that ass with grape jelly, Larry. All up in that ass. Bitches call me Smuckers n’shit.[View]
198103805I would have asked her out on a date.: But that's not what the male protagonist ends up doing h…[View]
198089742Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ Faces Uphill Battle for Distribution Deal: >The self-funded …[View]
198103384What would you do with two glasses that black guys drank out of?[View]
198101774The First Omen: best horror film this year tbqh[View]
198102809I love Paris, Texas so much bros, it's one of the few movies that can make me cry. https://yout…[View]
198102910>Going green[View]
198102364When will Marvel fire Andy Park?[View]
198103108Cinematography-wise, it looks fucking beautiful. Lawrence Sher just might win that Oscar![View]
198103059Hello? Anybody there?[View]
198102076What's the best tv so far this year?[View]
198102460>latina big boobs double anal golden shower bdsm bukkake webm exe why did he do it…[View]
198102133im gonna be home alone for a few weeks, what are good movies and tv shows where i can blast the volu…[View]
198102847Name a cuter thing in cinema than a boy hugging his robot in bunny pajamas because he's so happ…[View]
198100822Have you tried any of his wines?[View]
198103249Is there a single movie where he isn't a smartass[View]
198102645Zombieland reminds me of a time when I still had friends and the word blackpill didn't even exi…[View]
198103023stannis: stannis[View]
198101334Times you acted like the good doctor[View]
198101322certified: kinography[View]
198088446tick tick boom time bomb[View]
198101050Joker: Folie à Deux Trailer is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy8aJw1vYHo[View]
198103152>remember the heckin Joker? >remember the stairs and the dance?? >remember the finger gun t…[View]
198103331>already forgotten[View]
198100798Imagine some random hairy men land ashore your ancient civilization which was undisturbed for a mill…[View]
198103277>Marshal 1, 5, 1.[View]
198102785Holy fuck Nolan has shit taste[View]
198102472your move, mr. bond[View]
198100728How long before they drum up an excuse to have the freak back?[View]
198103061Alright, Pinhead, your time is up.[View]
198102995No Sho thread?: I was busy last week so missed last episode. I was looking to just ask anons what ha…[View]
198102962>see commercials for this >'I have a particular set of skills.' >'Yeah, I drive.' Feels lik…[View]
198102803who is wrestling for[View]
198102855What Were They Thinking!?: >source material features a Christopher Hitchens stand in >cast Bru…[View]
198101086Were the Disney sitcoms always aimed at older kids/early teens or did the demographic get younger la…[View]
198101604Ewan, your friends are dead![View]
198099831SAW XI: Hopes, dreams, and fears for Saw XI? What are your trap Ideas? When the hell would they be s…[View]
198101329>is the shortest >grows up tallest out of the geeks and completely mogs the rest of the Freaks…[View]
198098340This absolutely was the best movie from last year.[View]
198102793>from the twisted and disturbed mind of Jordan Peele: white people have fun at camp all summer…[View]
198099617It certainly looks quite sharp, doesn't it?[View]
198102777Why don't more musicians set whole LP's to film? Interstella 5555 is good, and even if th…[View]
198101123Why didn't he just legally change his name to Leonardo?[View]
198093115>men don't hit the wal.......... https://nypost.com/2024/04/09/entertainment/gene-hackman-94…[View]
198102397What's your vaxx status?[View]
198098834has a 4chan post ever changed your life?[View]
198101399How would you respond?[View]
198102588>Folie à deux >referring to Joker/Harley Incorrect. It’s referring to Harvey Dent/Two-Face and…[View]
198102510>post credits scene >granny starts raping while on a canoe…[View]
198102313why do this whole court case when it was a shut case humiliation ritual if you ask me[View]
198101017Here's your devil bro..[View]
198101250Christopher Nolan is the king of the midwits.[View]
198102240>Back then this planet had Fremen name >Dune Holy Fucking KINO…[View]
198100438ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
198102382What were the most kino movie experiences of your life?: I will always respect Nolan after seeing In…[View]
198101151what does kino mean[View]
198102153Doesn't go super Saiyan when >His dad and uncle are killed >Piccolo gives his life saving…[View]
198101969I can't stop replaying this scene[View]
198102246the second season will be shit[View]
198102307If there's one thing I know about Star Trek, it's that it salutes the flag.[View]
198101641any parallels in cinema?[View]
198101522Yo senpai wanna meet my mom, HEY MA[View]
198101935>I don't think we're alike at all, Mr. White[View]
198099587Rorschach's journal, April 10th, 2024.[View]
198102115you guys don't even like film & television: >generic superhero movies >low iq drivel …[View]
198100940>An autopsy was performed the day after she died.[122] The Los Angeles County Coroner's Offi…[View]
198101760I GOT IDEA MAN[View]
198091370A24’s latest film, “Civil War”, put a literal Nazi in the movie’s credits. What. The. Fuck.[View]
198101072They deserved it.[View]
198101748Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous[View]
198098240pretty, pretty good[View]
198101856Serial killers are pussies.[View]
198099111Will it be any good?[View]
198097271ITT: screenshots from movies you can hear[View]
198101852>what if capeshit was a kdrama? hollywood has sunk that low[View]
198101810>underrated predictive programming If u aint building a shelter you're fuckin up…[View]
198100763Body Horror[View]
198101267how would (you) stop his constant hounding[View]
198101723>Mariko and buntaro tea ceremony >THAT death Goddamn episode 8 was heartbreaking Also, I…[View]
198100395>calls your favorite dinosaur a little faggot bitch how do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
198099232What kind of American are you?[View]
198100327How did he get in the chair?[View]
198098551>When I went under the world was at war. >When I wake up they say we won. >They never said …[View]
198101568he's gonna say it isn't he[View]
198101365>come hither[View]
198101511What is he gonna sing?[View]
198101517Beach Boys Official Trailer: new Disney plus documentary https://youtu.be/F_Rspu3Xoi4?si=nvQI1lZOi69…[View]
198100336>'Wait, Hector ... Why are you looking at me directly? Why, the last time you did that was when w…[View]
198090831He's right.[View]
198100778FALLOUT: I didn't watch the trailer until just now but it actually looks very good. I'm be…[View]
198100831>No man is a failure who has friends but i haven't had friends in like a decade…[View]
198096371Do you still have your jurassic park burger king watches?[View]
198099979>'Humiliation ritual'[View]
198101306KINO INCOMING: https://twitter.com/ladygaga/status/1777864274402332743?t=fwWot2h_MiGvFlkAuxZyTQ&…[View]
198100018>Saves Disney It's amazing how one little bun can have such an influence on our culture.…[View]
198095066Wow its uh... not looking good is it?[View]
198098343Hey Erick[View]
198101195Yep. It's gonna be KINO.[View]
198101046>You see that queen over there? Her name is Smithers! >Heh, that's very flattering, sir,…[View]
198101111Signs you just wasted an hour of your life.[View]
198097196What is the weirdest movie?[View]
198101148Just give me a chance /tv/[View]
198098542Lovejoy: About to rewatch the British tv series Lovejoy staring Ian McShane, after having watched it…[View]
198101107What is the significance of Marge's maiden name being the same as Jackie Kennedy's?[View]
198101074Universal's new Dracula actor: Matthew Goode in 'Abigail' (originally titled 'Dracula's Da…[View]
198099710>Cinematic holocausts[View]
198100917What do you think is the most convincing piece of ancient astronaut theory? For me it’s the differen…[View]
198099501What do you think his IQ is?[View]
198092782Who is in the wrong here?[View]
198100580New trailer for joker folie a deux about to drop in 3 hours. No hype threads on /tv/. Why? Don'…[View]
198100991Good to see you, /tv/.[View]
198100373He's definitely gonna be the next celebrity death. He's decrepit.[View]
198082764The Mummy is great. It was one of the last films to truly celebrate the art of set building, reminis…[View]
198097770Post a movie scene that makes you silently whisper ‘kino’ to yourself out loud.[View]
198100621What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
198099324what's your favorite racist joke on SNL's W.U.?: e.g. “This week marks the 65th anniversa…[View]
198100918>A woman beating up a man in the movies is unrealisti-ACK![View]
198094817Uh-oh, we've drawn Judge Sneeder.[View]
198094903What movies or series would actually benefit from a remake? Hard mode:none is not an option[View]
198095817itt characters you're slowly becoming[View]
198097769ITT: Great actors that have never been in anything good[View]
198100862What are your thoughts on Dateline? What is your favorite reporter and why is it Andrea Canning? Fav…[View]
198098615This might be the worst film I've seen in the last 5-10 years. It's literally >This is…[View]
198100809Kevin Feige is a retard. Why are their costumes all the same?[View]
198100698One of the best movies made in the last decade[View]
198099286>underrated background characters from great movies[View]
198099536Is there any good history TV/Movies?: I am a sucker for Rome; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorenus_…[View]
198098073I dislike Gabe, hes a creep. But did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
198100744>check out the show because eclipse lol >some characters like hiro, the mind reading cop turne…[View]
198099696DUNC: >secretive matriarchal cult manipulates politics and religion and marries into nobility …[View]
198099917>watch movie in 4k >can now tell that 1/4 of the shots are out of focus…[View]
198098587Never forget what they took from you.[View]
198100432What would you do if you got dubs irl[View]
198093779abigail 2024 movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtAL2x58hns&t=12s After a group of would-be …[View]
198099996>watch 1980s 'Business' kino >HUGE fuss in every movie about moving jobs and plants overseas f…[View]
198100441Why is it that certain actors get the N word pass and others are cancelled for it?[View]
198097009What's the second best movie set in Las Vegas after Casino?[View]
198100548>we need to cast a brown-- >he's at the lobby practicing the ancient Incan mating dance s…[View]
198099626Humiliation Ritual[View]
198097598the worst segments in Seinfeld: starting with Elaine misses alarm and is frantic about getting her l…[View]
198100587You know that feeling the first time you ran your fingertips over your wife's bare naked back? …[View]
198090653Will Brie be in a new MCU movie?[View]
198098449So many questions. >Why did Ricky start out at Angela's house as if they'd been living …[View]
198096167Which one was the best spoon scene involving bald people?[View]
198100443>watch any movie or show >asian female character shows up >fall in love…[View]
198100325Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: What do you think of transgender’s participating in modeling …[View]
198099045What do you think of it?[View]
198093664Fallout: Releasing tomorrow @ 6 PM PT (pacific time, USA) What predictions do you guys have for the …[View]
198100290to da victuh go da spoyuhls[View]
198099595>character fully visible >fast car passes in front >after car passes person disappeared…[View]
198093287>welcome... to Dinosaur Zoo! >uh, I think you need a better name…[View]
198099448When will someone make an AI tweaked version of DUNC parts 1 and 2 that replaces 'holy war' with 'ji…[View]
198096944Three-Body (TENCENT VERSION): Three-Body General Sad Ye Wenjie edition This thread is about the chin…[View]
198099551The Godfather part IV starring Sterling K. Brown has been announced. Francis Ford Coppola is writing…[View]
198100334Everyone complains about endless remakes but maybe all the good ideas are already taken. Do you have…[View]
198097511this Chinese Bud Abbott sombitch right here, weird AF mofo, but can act like the dickens. Entertaini…[View]
198100152What do you mean, 'you people'?[View]
198097694What do you want to see in the sequel? I'd like to see it set in Ravenloft.[View]
198097749Is the world ready for the kino sonic 3 is gonna be?[View]
198100188Did they stop making wokeslop yet? Surely AI has put the fear of god into them.[View]
198098565the PLO were based, the jews deserved it[View]
198098223Actually good femcel movies?[View]
198094921>this came out 8 years ago[View]
198093100Time to get drunk and watch Frasier.[View]
198099048he's just gonna decide out of the fuckin blue TO RIP US OFF?[View]
198095317I never hear people talk about this show despite it having high ratings. Is this funny or what?[View]
198099853>Oh my God frank! I can't believe it! I thought you'd miss it! I am so grateful to have…[View]
198098518Bene Gesserit: >secretive matriarchal cult manipulates politics and religion and marries into nob…[View]
198099916Why did they all act like bugs? 150 minutes is a shitload of time, I would've been making a raf…[View]
198099789What a whiny mutant[View]
198090884i just marathoned the 2 movies: and i have no clue what i have just watched. the setting makes no se…[View]
198094669>character does something slightly abnormal >stares at the camera like a judgemental prick who…[View]
198099855Humiliation Ritual[View]
198099380remember charlotte's web?[View]
198099224>God damn it, Gump! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have eve…[View]
198094959>i jus wan to help you rolan[View]
198097172dead careers: I thought beauty and the best was a '''hit''' ?[View]
198080850>Part 1 is a 10/10 kino world building movie (dinner scene fags can fuck off) >Part 2 reduces …[View]
198097667Who is the most hateable /tv/ villain?[View]
198097229how is he going to fix his ESG rating after the whole burning down forrest part?[View]
198099458The 'log is dark and full of terrors[View]
198096168The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928): It's been years since I first watched this movie, but I stil…[View]
198097953Hey everybody I'm Laura Hughes Proving girls can do it too[View]

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