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201322855If President Jingles doesn’t win I’ll take matters into my own hands[View]
201319778Why didn't Sal just put some black people's pictures on the wall? He would've kept hi…[View]
201317230>peak kino movie >absolutely nobody knows about it…[View]
201327250Steve-O hate thread: >Yeah dude, I'm sober and I won't let you forget it >Wanna see …[View]
201324343What were they thinking: This must have been the director's fetish right?[View]
201323505>2024 >still no Willy Beamish live action film what are they waiting for?…[View]
201323132I can’t tell if I find them based or cringe.[View]
201326031Sad when they go young like that[View]
201324742RIP Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/evan-wright-generation-kill-rol…[View]
201325435What did you think of it?[View]
201325832Is it really worth $15.99 or should I just wait?[View]
201322010The Boys: WTF writers! The Amazon writers who are spaming pro LGBT insist that abortion is the owrst…[View]
201320381لسان الغيب[View]
201321682He was based for that one[View]
201322447/ftl/ - Fishtank: The Cell #1: The Cell Day 2: King Zoidberg Edition Fishtank: The Cell is an exten…[View]
201309504>watch Apocalypto >the actual heroes only show up in the last 5 minutes of the movie I like Me…[View]
201318030ITT: TV shows that only you watched[View]
201319853is it impossible to film?[View]
201294415I fucking love helicopters, bros: What are some chopperkinos?[View]
201321869>is the best superhero movie of all time in your path How did Brian “Little Boys on my Finger” Si…[View]
201323852>Sony expected this to be the Infinity War of the Sonyverse why did it flop?…[View]
201323394SALTBURN: Just watched this kino last night. What did I think about it?[View]
201316003>*shakes the foundations of egyptology in your path* when did you realise Graham Hancock was righ…[View]
201325308Post some of those weird blatant ripoff movies that were churned out for the early VHS market For M…[View]
201316145>''now, let's grab the brush (laughs) and...'' >BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF…[View]
201324215>literally named Lucifer Satan >plan is never elaborated, it's alluded he and his organiz…[View]
201325226You'll never go as HARD as CHADGON II[View]
201324904/tv/ bros...not like this![View]
201323840I fucking hate this apocalypse trope.: E.g. in Fallout there's supposedly Philly being complete…[View]
201324297*completely ruin a decent show*[View]
201321985Post Demo Reel to Not So Awesome era nostalgia critic is some of the most entertaining stuff on the …[View]
201324604>mfw my wife is using the kinomatron 5000 to binge the big botswana theory again…[View]
201315340What are some non-arthouse /non-Tarkovsky movies which obeys to this philosophy? the only ones I can…[View]
201325044It wasn't supposed to be a documentary.[View]
201324578Evan Wright, AKA 'Rolling Stone', Author of Generation Kill, Dead at 59 by suicide: PRESS F TO PAY R…[View]
201324425Sienna Guillory[View]
201323246internet archive kinos: may I present https://archive.org/details/adolfhitlerthemanwhofoughtthebank…[View]
201323696what is his best movie? I want serious answers only. no mysoginistic transphobic shit[View]
201324810Was this shot really necessary?[View]
201323627I was surprised to find out that Gene Hackman insisted on keeping his 'tache to play Lex Luthor…[View]
201317511'Inside Out 2' became the highest-grossing film in Brazilian history, surpassing 'AVE…[View]
201311789Kino only you've seen.[View]
201322405Why did Tolkien say the Dwarves are based on Jews? They were flawed but ultimately they were helpful…[View]
201319062Admit it. Every time you see a thread with this topic, you think it's promotional shilling.[View]
201323421Kinos only you care about: Post em[View]
201324504phenomenal film. if there is magic in this world--actual real magic--some of it was captured on film…[View]
201322462You're not a lamo, are you anon?[View]
201324497I learned more about law from this scene than I did from 5 years in law school[View]
201324201Be honest: You liked Pugh in this.[View]
201324296House of the Dragon fucking sucks. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT WHO'S KING? ISN'T THERE ANY OT…[View]
201319964What new video games have you guys picked up this week? Pic is relevant because he runs a similar vi…[View]
201322754/got/hotd/: 2 kinslayers edition Prev: >>201320760[View]
201323809After witnessing that hawk tuah girl shit I think I understand the protagonist of this movie.[View]
201324058>movie 1 >movie 1 prequel(not titled movie 2) >movie 2 Examples of this?…[View]
201324046eating some chicken nuggets from kfc and marathonning this trash Popeye s exorcist is better[View]
201312095Movies similar to this: Anyone got any movies similar to this style?[View]
201325194Whats your favorite Townsends vids[View]
201323389>Whaddup MTV >Welcome to my crib[View]
201321863How would /tv/ survive 'The Circle'? >implying the racists wouldn't get voted out first…[View]
201323740WHAT DID THEY DO TO OUR BOY???[View]
201323804>Trump shooter was a Star Wars Fan: Of course he was. What is it about this franchise that draws …[View]
201323301This movie is going to be so gay[View]
201321139the 'Great' eagles from LoTR: wat exactly was their problem? >refused, cba, to fly Thorin and com…[View]
201323153Do you pick up[View]
201323535>comedy/slice of life movie has a wholesome BMWF couple[View]
201320813Any last request anon?[View]
201323613Fuckers stole half of my helmet. can't have shit in Avignon.[View]
201321088Game of Thrones for adults.[View]
201322724Gummo is getting a 4k[View]
201321594Realistically, is he even a good actor?[View]
201322327Could they pull off an estranged brotherly pair comedy?[View]
201322349Can you win a fight against a 60 yo man?[View]
201321948Rutger Hauer: What are his best movies besides The Hitcher and Blade Runner?[View]
201320221>My husband's in jail, so what do you do? Why didn't he run away after she said this?…[View]
201319436The boys: Why the fuck is the main evil womans nose so dam big? What did the amazon writers mean by …[View]
201319676'BROTHER! HELP ME!'[View]
201323110what franchise got bogged harder by angry talentless lesbians? true detective or star wars acolyte?[View]
201322997Watching FarScape. 90s kitsch is really hard to sit through and stomach. There's nothing that …[View]
201323191He he-hey, he he-hey, he he-hey, ay, ay[View]
201322032>muh 'faith' This movie is getting more and more embarassing with every passing year.…[View]
201319667das rite[View]
201319582>The Cinemassacre Truth is... he is LE BALD!!! Why do autistic reddit troons think this is worth …[View]
201323053You're gonna love my nuts[View]
201316761John Wayne…IS…Brannigan[View]
201321871Darth Maul is back guys: holy shit[View]
201322544x2: why was his inner child a girl?[View]
201320149Stranger Things: 8 years ago, ‘STRANGER THINGS’ premiered. Final Season going to piss everyone off, …[View]
201319912find me one sane person who will say that the forced 16:9 aspect ratio of old video material is bett…[View]
201315795What an exceptionally mediocre, empty movie It has no right to exist. It added nothing in any way to…[View]
201322519Which is your favorite out of the litter and why?[View]
201320760/got/hotd/: He's fine chuds Edition prev >>201319462[View]
201322631The Boys Season 4 Finale: It is going to be delayed and renamed isn't it?[View]
201321590If this were set in 2003 they would all be watching TikToks and using zoomer slang and /tv/ would be…[View]
201322585>Eary. Really eary. What did he mean by this?[View]
201320490>I'll have my revenge, and Deathstalker II what did she mean by this? also general low-brow …[View]
201321505>I don't chase any more. she's like 20 years old. When did she chase tornados, when she…[View]
201317555Why the fuck is it 88% on rotten tomatoes? One of the worst films I have ever watched. It's lik…[View]
201321427>Kid Fister What the fuck is wrong with George Lucas?[View]
201322429>fat guy! in a little! coat![View]
201322040I can't figure this movie out. Did Blanche and Stanley hate each other, or did they want to fuc…[View]
201321741'maybe that's what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fuckin' Bruges' is it ral…[View]
201290970A defecting stormtrooper was a good type of character in concept, which is why Finn had a lot of pot…[View]
201319137>Let me tell ya, this scene is VERY unrealistic. If a mob boss was seen feeding his ducks in his …[View]
201318890Wild Wild West: Absolute kino, from action to comedy to setting etc. Why can't we have fun movi…[View]
201320122GO WEB GO[View]
201320292It's a liopleurodon /tv/! A magical liopleurodon![View]
201319357There has never been less of a need to draw a strong distinction between 'animated' and 'live action…[View]
201318455>We need to work with a deranged genius to solve this case >In the end...the killer literally …[View]
201319084Cool crime comedy flicks like snatch?[View]
201319434Movies that made you actually angry: Watched this shit at the weekend. One of the laziest, sloppy, b…[View]
201314058How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
201322018NeatoBurrito: What happend to him? Notice he stopped posting once /hisgirl/ Emma did Poor Things…[View]
201320268ITT: The Teletubbies if they were black[View]
201320407>Actually, LoTR is a post apocalyptic setting[View]
201320710taxi driver[View]
201321919The Tatooine problem: >Irrelevant backwater planet where nothing ever happens and there are no pr…[View]
201321341Carrie Coon and Elizabeth Olsen at a screening of their upcoming film 'His Three Daughters'[View]
201308306Do autistic people actually act like that?[View]
201320240BRET YOU GOT IT GOIN ON[View]
201321799GLORIA! GLORIA[View]
201317368You've ruled the world long enough Sid. Along with me, Davey Boy, and Dusty Rhodes We will see …[View]
201284372kino recommendation thread: watch Paprika[View]
201320721I showed my girlfriend Titanic last night and she didn't cry. Is she a psychopath?[View]
201321543REAGAN: THE MOVIE: >/ourguy/ Dennis Quaid as the Gipper >Lead singer of Creed as Frank Sinatra…[View]
201320075Mrs. Ari was insufferable[View]
201321586What about the Jew attack on the Gazans[View]
201321576Is this a documentary?[View]
201309473Does armor really have to be practical in media?[View]
201318200Prometheus (2013): Was he right?[View]
201321257little did Schindler know, this would backfire heavily in the future.[View]
201310790Who portrayed Hannibal better /tv/? And, who was the better counterpart? Will or Clarice?[View]
201317874What would you do in this situation?[View]
201321388What are some funny lines from television or film you can quote? Like for example when I'm in t…[View]
201301836Is this the worst sequel ever made?[View]
201320974>When you find yourself in a bed with an ugly woman, best close your eyes, get it over with. Cut …[View]
201321248I can't believe he's speaking at the RNC's youth stage right now.[View]
201321245>dude, what if A Bug’s Life but with Woody Allen doing his self-conscious, neurotic Jew schtick, …[View]
201316173You now remember the time Fran Drescher made a show that centered around the fact that her character…[View]
201316565>she didn't look like a washed up hag? you sick disgusting filthy fuck!…[View]
201319909For me it’s Will Poulter[View]
201317895Sherlock Holmes (2017): Was she right?[View]
201316153/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 35: Malia SURPRISE addition edition Fishtank …[View]
201321109What’s next for Nicolas Cage?[View]
201319199I will watch this movie again after more than 15 years this time the extended edition. what can I ex…[View]
201319246Literally EVERY episode of Star Trek TOS >Hey there's this planet with a society that EXACTL…[View]
201320878should i rewatch friday night lights? havent seen it in years[View]
201320161Post a movie quote and others have to guess he movie, I'll start 'Black, chicken slave niggers.…[View]
201319649Post characters that couldn't be made today.[View]
201320008>when the guy you think is bad dies before the good guy[View]
201319462/got/hotd/: Like father like son Edition prev >>201317798[View]
201313361Leelee Sobieski[View]
201315616>'H-hey! What are you d-doing? Don't get so cl-close Francine!' >I'mma sukk your dee…[View]
201310270Why did Family Guy try so hard to force the 'Walt was an antisemite' meme?[View]
201320192Now I get it why they call it valyrian steel[View]
201314993>Brainwashing people is...le good >Mass surveilance and lying to the public is...le good >S…[View]
2013193744K Film Recs: I'm a slow adopter of technology and a cheap ass, so I just got a new 75' 4K TV s…[View]
201319757>subverts your childhood[View]
201318755James B. Sikking Dead At 90: Big F[View]
201313196I don't get it[View]
201320623>flushes out Ser Criston's child like its a wad of shit >mad when he subverts her without…[View]
201317841What are the must-see Western movies of all time?[View]
201320455Is Beverly Hills really that different from the rest of the country?[View]
201295704Which movies best encapsulate the spirit of the 90s? Not necessarily a film from that decade or even…[View]
201320540Kind of Kindness (2024): How did you like the movie? I see the movie got review bombed a lot by 1 St…[View]
201317331Mot je kijken Sjonnie: Geile Wijven![View]
201320181the amount of cross promotion for this movie is making me not want to see it.[View]
201320403wtf i don't remember it saying that[View]
201313967why do trannies self-insert themselves into everything?[View]
201277368Best Ghibli movie coming through[View]
201319365What was his name again?[View]
201318993RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW give me a movie or tv show that makes me THINK[View]
201308087Wait so the black, murdering, drug abusing steroid user is painted in a sympathetic light who then g…[View]
201318207Scatman Crothers was 70 years old when filming Shining and Stanley Kubrick repeated the scene where …[View]
201315195lol: The coldest and most Flemingesque moment in the series is done by the softest and most kid frie…[View]
201319901I unironically never got this joke[View]
201319048I want a good movie. Gripping, thrilling, dramatic. I recently watched The Duellists and it was incr…[View]
201314859I liked this movie, what other movies are similiar to this?[View]
201314093>Glorifies Adultery >Promotes Religious Tolerance >Muh crusades bad, Just let the muslims m…[View]
201320275Now that the dust has settled, what was his problem?[View]
201320058>“It is said also that you have powers, Gray Alys. It is said that you are not always as you sit …[View]
201312163Ghost Stories: As of last night I became a full on ghost believer. After living my entire life dismi…[View]
201319768Will he ever receive the credit he deserves as one of the greatest directors of all time and a true …[View]
201313893Has a show ever fallen off as hard as this one?[View]
201318075The general aesthetic of his films feels like smoking a ventilated cigarette. I prefer my films to h…[View]
201319449It's to the point where you can tell a movie bombed hard in theaters because every single time,…[View]
201319805I have no idea why, but I find Hannibal Rising to be one of the comfiest movies I've ever seen.…[View]
201318138i dont get it.[View]
201317043>she's actually competent at her job! Anyone who's ever had a job knows women are fucki…[View]
201319502I used to be a different man, a man with a different skin color: I used to be black. But that was a …[View]
201318555What's next for his 'career'?[View]
201317798/got/hotd/: >Another hallucination edition[View]
201319443for me, It's the separatist alliance.[View]
201316739Interesting movie facts: clover is the first plant to grow again after a nuclear strike: the alien w…[View]
201319281Oscar expert predicts 2024 race: https://nextbestpicture.com/oscar-predictions-matt-neglia/…[View]
201315890Have you ever watched a show that is aimed a different demographic out of curiosity?[View]
201304386Maya Hawke is a generational talent[View]
201319279“Honey I Blew Up the Kid” did a better job of female empowerment than any MCU film ever made[View]
201319075>Sends you to the Hell where people are skinned alive Based David Lo Pan…[View]
201315943This movie is overrated as fuck.[View]
201313010Just finished the first season. That's it? How the fuck did this slop make it to 15 seasons.[View]
201318110Was this supposed to because Castlevania reference?[View]
201318919Why didn't he just suck his cock?[View]
201318137Are Director's Cuts still a thing?[View]
201284633This is the largest and most populous city in the kingdom Rohan[View]
201316669>film features a female elite soldier beating up multiple male goons >t-t-t-this is unrealisti…[View]
201318696Why haven't furries made a r-rated movie if they spend hundreds if not thousands on commissions…[View]
201318263What are some comfy kinos like pic related and Kiki's Delivery Service (excluding other Ghiblis…[View]
201314435what are some good movies that feature incest between brother and sister or cousins,reccomend good m…[View]
201300223Imagine paying to see half a movie[View]
201318494>Come to me, come to me[View]
201317830What are your favorite 'literally me' / sigma movie characters?[View]
201302961Take me back to the 2000s[View]
201315042Americans consider this peak comedy[View]
201316475>Do you know John Lennon?[View]
201317619Captain America: What do they mean by this?[View]
201302668Who orders a tuna sandwich?[View]
201318215I miss cheat with kristin holt.[View]
201315615He was less sour, frumpy and uptight than Nicola Murray[View]
201318169>turn buff cop with Joe Rogan power kicks into a scrawny pajeet beta male Why are the animated re…[View]
201317974Neytiri is...[View]
201315088>orders a bunch of child conscripts to fight to the end under penalty of execution while he hides…[View]
201317771/tv/ humor thread[View]
201313099Was Peter Jackson in the wrong for omitting Tom in LOTR film?[View]
201317297what would be a good director for a eastern roman movie?[View]
201313522/got/hotd/: OUR GIRLIES ARE SO CUNTYYYYYY YAAAAAASSSSSS edition previous: >>>201312418…[View]
201315661>nonono not the Twisters the Twisters are coming the Twisters are here in the theater ayeeeee don…[View]
201317162Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
201306725Literally the deadliest alien in sci-fi: It's not even close, you drop a handful of these into …[View]
201317610Evan Wright, whose reporting on the Iraq War served as the basis for the book and television series …[View]
201306678/tcg/ True Crime General: tcgbros what’s the case where you would pay money to personally hit the sw…[View]
201317485>Me pointing out product placement in a movie to everyone else watching…[View]
201317505>Protagonist starts Trauma Dumping[View]
201311817I still don't get this guys ''''comedy.''''Can someone explain it to me?[View]
201317472ITT: Characters That Did Nothing Wrong: I'll start...[View]
201315838>mogs all your marvel and dc slop best superhero movie of the past decade…[View]
201311497Uh, Rowling why does Slytherin still exist?[View]
201316696ITT: best movies with feminist themes[View]
201316342What am I in for? Kino?[View]
201314609>makes south americans cum themselves >2nd most coomed character on rule34 (below francine) wh…[View]
201314527Who is your favorite 21st century scream queen?[View]
201314808is this any good of a movie. or is it only for bleeding heart liberals?[View]
201315384This movie is fun and enjoyable and I’m tired of pretending it isn’t[View]
201313185Congratulations. Mr. Fontaine, you got a son. He was born yesterday at 12:22. How did you not know a…[View]
201317074Watching Naruto is gay: there is virtually no difference between being a Naruto fan and digging men.…[View]
201308804Natalia Tena, who played Osha in Game of Thrones, was denied a pubic wig for her nude scenes despite…[View]
201300527what are some good movies to fall asleep to?[View]
201315494ITT Characters with S-Tier political minds.[View]
201303123Were the 50's and 60's the absolute dark age of comedy movies? Movies from the fucking 20…[View]
201313162Do you think that normalfags are actually starting to get tired of light skinned characters being pl…[View]
201315161THIS SHOW: SUCKS[View]
201316744You might as well just call this movie The International Student or The Guy From India[View]
201314314Do foids really?[View]
201303116Glen Powell: >Actively turning down franchise movies (Jurassic World, Bourne, etc.) where the IP …[View]
201297556what the fuck, when did this happen[View]
201312485>let's backdate gender faggotry to the 1980s and see how that plays out in film. k…[View]
201315652Holy shit: Dude looks like a fucking midget. You know that oversized face for your body look. Why wo…[View]
201315980Romcoms are fun. So sue me.[View]
201316559Ferris Buellers day off: Is this Superbad for gen x?[View]
201316554Hate MrBeast or not, you can't deny this video is kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_LlX4t0…[View]
201314571/got/hotd/: Do it again, Saint Bracken! Edition previous: >>201313504[View]
201316294Will we ever get a good fantasy movie?[View]
201313720What is the most 'I miss her' movie?[View]
201315524underrated movie[View]
201311000What did Sophia mean by this?[View]
201311636>literally caried the show How is he not the main protagonist?[View]
201315668Why did they hype up how terrifying Nic Cage's appearance would be when he just looks like an e…[View]
201316050What is the difference between a ripoff and a homage? Is it just vibes?[View]
201314628>I LOVE YOU![View]
201316134Now that the dust has been settled, did he actually won?[View]
201316075This was fun as fuck. We need more action movies that are afraid to just be silly/fun Hoping for a s…[View]
201315948All in all it's a good life I got what I want I can't complain (I can't complain) I…[View]
201310894I changed my mind. This is an absolute masterpiece.[View]
201311184ACTUAL movies women don't understand.: This keeps getting listed, but I have seen this with all…[View]
201315958>You can't find no woman at no bar. >You need to go a library! >Theres good girls at c…[View]
201313447How does he do it?[View]
201304812How come nobody remembers Sing Me a Story with Belle? This used to air on the local stations so even…[View]
201311276i love her voice[View]
201302669/tv/ celebrity yearbook: Post ‘em.[View]
201294716I fucking hate this apocalypse trope.: E.g. in Fallout there's supposedly Filly being completel…[View]
201315353>watches The Boys >WHOA THAT IS SOOO FUCKED UP…[View]
201312916>Thank God for Elon Musk and his shitpost memes Why?[View]
201315730>THE VALUATIONS OF MINAS TIRITH! >THE VALUATIONS ARE MADE! >Gondor calls for financial aid.…[View]
201314835Literally circus tier freak show entertainment.[View]
201315519What are the popular TV series in minority language countries?: Please give examples of TV dramas in…[View]
201312194Norm narrating this tale.... would indeed be epic.[View]
201313641FBI standing infront of the door open up![View]
201315300awooga movies: Just watched curse of the golden flowers. Awooga literally everywhere, big titties, e…[View]
201307331What are your favorite epic movies?[View]
201314520Why did their TV show fail?[View]
201305207/hor/ - Horror General: Previous thread: >>201267326 Mulholland Peaks Edition.[View]
201306763Why is kdrama so much more poignant and soleful than western drama?[View]
201309353When are we going to get a proper adaptation? Who would you even cast?[View]
201307956I go on Stormfront and all they talk about is the fucking Lord of The Rings like its not that deep o…[View]
201310658>vet is disillusioned with the state of his society and his life by proxy >does not fit in …[View]
201314959Did his book cause the Trump assasination?[View]
201287329Why didn't you fuckers tell me this was actually good[View]
2013143231980-2005 /tv/[View]
201314812Parker Posey[View]
201312695He did nothing wrong[View]
201313884i dont even want to be around anymore[View]
201310725Kino.: They really don't make 'em like they used to huh.[View]
201314773Why does this picture of Batman look AI generated or CGI'd?[View]
201308448what are the best teen sex comedies?[View]
201314633Anime ruined Japanese acting.[View]
201314699This was insufferably silly and sarcastic and contrived. Did Gen-X'ers actually enjoy this? How…[View]
201314485How can you deny this is real? Look it the fucking thing.[View]
201311953kino kino kino[View]
201314253so in the ending of Titanic 1997 is it supposed to be a dream or does she die and go to heaven[View]
201313504/got/hotd/: Vhagar checks in Edition >>201312418[View]
201303778Jay Mohr: What happened to Jay Mohr?/ All the tools to be crazy successful in film/tv/and podcasting…[View]
201313615The whole 'Oh my God, she's more powerful than [list of obscure EU characters]' copypasta start…[View]
201312602Tell me why I need another pet rock: Tell me why I got that elf alarm clock Tell me why I bid on Sha…[View]
201312003Why does it seem like most films in the canon are actually very good? Like The Godfather, Mulholland…[View]
201313111Mr Roger In West Dome #6......................there's a report of a giant robot.[View]
201314272>trump dodges headshot >england dodges first place in EM >youth dodging pubery blockers by …[View]
201311394/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 34: Cell: Graveyard Shift Edition Fishtank Cel…[View]
201312468recommend me some war documentaries. specifically i want docus that take a look at the people affect…[View]
201313611This is actually really good, he could have become a great filmmaker if he actually gave a shit abou…[View]
201314121this show is so fucking goofy, how did anyone forget that black father + white mother = mixed childr…[View]
201296065Is it really that bad?[View]
201291293>it's July 14th >he isn't watching Con Air Watch it now or the bunny gets it…[View]
201313147Man, why are we getting fewer and fewer episodes on per-season basis as years go by? If you liked a …[View]
201314126Which 2024 watching is most known of rankings true for resulting?[View]
201305251Gone in 60 Seconds.[View]
201309698Was this movie was written by a 14 year old or what[View]
201302876why dont you guys like this movie? its great[View]
201310607Would this show have been better if they had blood in it instead of making all the enemies robots?[View]
201305562Lambertbros… What the fuck happened?[View]
201307397Just finished this, what did I think of it?[View]
201307476Looked cool, isn't cool, and too long and uninteresting.[View]
201294683WHAT ARE SITCOMS DEAD NOW?: Sitcomsisters... we didnt know how good we had it in 1996[View]
201312418/got/hotd/: Anon called it Edition prev >>201311175[View]
201311984This show was fucking hilarious >smhelly eggs >Ralphie >Larry asking for a can opener >…[View]
201313197What is this movie about and why do I see his logo on pick up trucks in my city?[View]
201313214Movie songs you love: Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: Oh lord! please don't le me be misundersto…[View]
201299692Why would somebody with a BS in Physics from MIT become a middle manager in some low-tier software f…[View]
201309543I don't get it.[View]
201312598This was considered fat in the 90s[View]
201313061What was his problem?[View]
201312949Captain America will feature Hamas commandos[View]
201312932Any kinos about Sexy Older Woman like pic related?[View]
201315169what Flash animations have stayed with you over the years[View]
201312322>Hey. HEY. Guys. Could you keep it down please? Thank you[View]
201311787What a great flick. Is there anything else like this besides Primer? Is it just because the source m…[View]
201309672>yeah that's right, I'm a tough guy jew. >I burn local, so you know I'm the co…[View]
201311580Is Sopranos the best show ever made?[View]
201305684Casino Royale: I believe Henry Cavill should've been cast over Daniel Craig in this film and Ph…[View]
201311393I AM ACTING!!!!![View]
201312149>The single best film ever made >IMDB rating 6.9 Are westoids just midwits? Most of the bad re…[View]
201307812here's your Mao Zedong propaganda bro[View]
201309544Just one more thing sir...: >I hope you don't mind me asking but I noticed... How do you res…[View]
201311175/hotd/got/ General: Love your mom edition[View]
201310925Last night, I looked in my mini fridge for some vodka but there was only soda so I drank a soda but …[View]
201305301These were all MCU quality 'good'. Why did DCEU fail?[View]
201311575>flushes out Ser Criston's child like its a wad of shit >mad when he subverts her without…[View]
201311997what if there was an LA detective movie set in the 40s with a hard-boiled cop in a 3 piece suit and …[View]
201311236Who is this woman from The Sixth Sense?[View]
201312102Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to another episode of Lockdown 23 and 1[View]
2013093751 > 2 > 4 >>>> 3[View]
201310402What a fucking asshole[View]
201307696>Eat at a local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a cold pint at 4 o’clock in a mostl…[View]
201309960Write a dialogue based on this painting[View]
201308749TRY THE KOOL-AID[View]
201305142Resident Evil: The netflix series could have been better without the constant flashback cuts and bla…[View]
201307101Why didn't she just report him to the police?[View]
201300790She’s in the movie for 3 minutes. She fucking hated Frankenstein monster. So he blows entire castle …[View]
201308562demonic shit[View]
201267326/hor/ - Horror General: The 400 Year Old Bloodsooker edition[View]
201309904Why does this entire show feel like it takes place in 4 rooms that exist in a vacuum with no world o…[View]
201309195They did it and I'm tired of pretending they didnt.[View]
201308687why didnt she get any decent roles after BSG? I thought she was pretty good in that show.[View]
201311078itt: sequels that made such little fanfare that you didn't even know they existed[View]
201311313Now that she’s hooked on Ozempic, what’s next for Barbie Ferreira‘s career?[View]
201309000Can't believe Denzel was hammered as a pilot going to fly a plane druk drunk . Crazy film[View]
201311113>I drank the IPA[View]
201309842/got/hotd/ General: BOOOOOOOORING edition Previous >>201307966[View]
201311010Hey this is a pretty good movie you guys were right[View]
201308735/tv/ approved merchandise[View]
201306747Post obscure books you want made into films[View]
201313484Are we allowed to talk about this on this board? If not, what's the appropriate board?[View]
201309145do you believe in divine intervention?[View]
201310674Who had the better post-modern family career?[View]
201310097Would that many actually find him attractive irl?[View]
201309313What are some good television shows and Films I should watch?[View]
201304946Pure, unadulterated kino[View]
201308731>Generation Kill, The Sopranos and The Wire were all airing at the same time at a point in time W…[View]
201309686How come Jameson didn't sell out Peter?: from everything we know about him, he should have sold…[View]
201304576Omar had a boyfriend, which in Leviticus is an abomination. Did this change anyone else’s perspectiv…[View]
201309051>tfw no qt autistic fbi gf[View]
201308816>teachers are tormenting their students by making sarcastic jokes at their expense because their …[View]
201307424whats the jerry lewis movie where he says HEY LADY?[View]
201309201Wonder Woman: I need her[View]
201310308>here’s the kid i was telling you about[View]
201310014mmm strudel[View]
201305929What's Two Scoop's play for Monday? Does he backtrack?[View]
201304947Who is he?[View]
201310119Why didn't he just take the money?[View]
201310051>birkin saar do not redeem the t virus benchod bloody dalit[View]
201308096>sexy young cute girl with a plump ass running around behind enemy lines during an actual war …[View]
201309789What does /tv/ think of Vantage Point?[View]
201309946>released from prison >dumpft gets shot the next day Coincidence? I think not!…[View]
201303238Please tell me this show gets good again: I've been watching this show and for the most part I…[View]
201305047Why is his name Art The Clown when he's obviously a fucking mime?[View]
201306305Cast It: Including the director and composer[View]
201276325What the hell is this guy's problem?[View]
201308495/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 33: Cell: STAR POWER Edition Fishtank Cell is …[View]
201309117This show is more artistic than I think most people realize. Kenny is a ego driven narcissist. The s…[View]
201306159What film or tv show has the best, realistic looking future, say in the next 150-300 years? Though c…[View]
201307591Why do I get a feeling that she wants to fuck me?[View]
201308273yu yu hakusho (1992): >first episode is an emotional tearjerker holy shit i love this show alread…[View]
201308350>oh wai—[View]
201306300Ahh, so that's why this episode was shit.[View]
201306975should I watch this?[View]
201299945Who is the worst character on the live action Titans show and why is it Beast Boy?: Every episode I …[View]
201306798I’m in the mood for kino. Any recommendations?[View]
201308684Here's your Mary Jane bro.[View]
201308089>it's a 'Rygel shoots a load of explosive neon green jizz to scare the bad guys' e…[View]
201306480What do you think of jason statham[View]
201307242Anyway, 4 dollars a pound.[View]
201303487What are some kino birds?[View]
201308322Del Taco Thor would have been kino[View]
201307650If Aemond had been the son of Daemon and Rhaenyra, they could have restored Valyria.[View]
201302562What shows/movies make you feel like a cool dude?[View]
201307346What kind of movies do Craftworld Eldar enjoy?[View]
201305571Michael Myers: >Rapes and impregnates his teenage niece Why did he do it?…[View]
201304933>tfw it's the year 2024 and your mom sends you a 'hilarous' clip from bo burnham's insi…[View]
201308135What are some movies about having a rich friend you feel inadequate to?[View]
201307909ITT: Anti-American kino[View]
201288785My Adventures with Superman: >just make a shonen >it's the best superman related media in…[View]
201306830what: https://youtu.be/zVTc5crBG_8 based destination unknown, hangsighters are strong and heres to 5…[View]
201306826/HOTD/GOT/ general: Powerful Lesbian writer Sara 'motherfucking' Hess edition[View]
201303497Everyone talking about Baldwin doesn't remember when Robert Blake killed his wife, got caught b…[View]
201305218>can't bruise the Cr-ACK[View]
201301820>only watched the first and very last harry potter movies wtf happened in between???…[View]
201307706Degrassi: What is your immediate lie to make it seem like you weren’t in fact fucking Tessa?[View]
201305786What habits have you gotten from TV Shows? I'll start >Start watching Sopranos >Start eat…[View]
201307643what are some movies that took a shot but ultimately missed?[View]
201304131I didn't expect the wacky Estonian heavy metal wuxia parody to turn into such sincere religious…[View]
201303545storyline ranking: stewie/brian > peter > stewie > brian > chris > lois > meg >…[View]
201307568>Monday afternoon Yep, time to rewatch Napoleon Dynamite.[View]
201307467/GKG/ Generation Kill general: >start watching Generation Kill with ex military boomer in laws la…[View]
201304112>ayo you better put that gun away before I Elba™ you in the face Kino.…[View]
201300949Say it.[View]
201306894>play by the rules >pass your test >still get killed anyway Adam won…[View]
201299343Evan Wright, Author of Generation Kill, has passed away: Only 59 years old, R.I.P. https://www.roll…[View]
201304809How does he do it? Best late night show. Can sing, dance, tell jokes, comfy interviewer, gameshow ho…[View]
201265643/trek/: Temporal Mechanics 201 edition[View]
201305382What's his fucking problem[View]
201305542Name a more forgettable movie.[View]
201304325I don’t get it.[View]
201306384Movies like Shooter: Posting this movie for no particular reason. What do you guys think?[View]
201306799Any kinos about whatever the fuck depravity this is?[View]
201306611>You know what it takes to make a shot at that range? Everything comes into play that far. Humidi…[View]
201306503Post objects you would put your horcrux in[View]
201302491Thoughts? I thought it was good, easily better than the original[View]
201304635Hollywood actors in vidya: Is /tv/ for or against it? Hollywood probably pays better but video games…[View]
201305383Better not be conjuring lightning: BOY[View]
201305536Kill me...KILL ME!!![View]
201306477>innocent looking child is actually le evil monster Why is this trope so kino?…[View]
201304303All About Lily Chou-Chou: Thoughts?[View]
201305023/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 32: Cell: Wiggertank Edition >Zultron write…[View]
201300736Predator movies are comfy post yautjafu or something idk predator bread: Predator movies are comfy p…[View]
201302680what's the redpill here[View]
201300158Last night I finished watching the entirety of this series + New Blood, I thought it was a great sho…[View]
201305952Scorsese lost his kinomeister credibility when he made Wolf Of Wall Street.[View]
201305930Marine Lee Harvey Oswald even hit a moving target at that distance![View]
201306109Harry and Paul is one of my fav comedy series: Harry and Paul is also a useful idiot filter. If you …[View]
201302949House.of.the.Dragon.S02E05.1080p.WEB.H264-SuccessfulCrab: >House.of.the.Dragon.S02E05.1080p.WEB.H…[View]
201306028The fight that broke /tv/[View]
201306011>I verbally communicated with Barzini![View]
201305157Say it[View]
201300013I just wrote a script that's going to make me rich and famous. Dreams really do come true.[View]
201300496>have to do a 45 minute presentation on the original lotr trilogy tomorrow >didn't even w…[View]
201303924Are you guys excited for Snow White (̶2̶0̶2̶4̶)̶ (2025)?[View]
201304477Would you?[View]
201304820My 600lb Life discussion: Fa/tv/irgin bros, are you on the path towards this, or are you conquering …[View]
201304565/got/hotd/: Love edition last thread >>201303085[View]
201303760Rewatching the series and it’s actually incredible how little he did wrong[View]
201305682IM SEEING DOUBLE! Four terminators?[View]
201300032/tv/ approved B Movies?: I love B Movies especially with bad cgi monsters. What are some of your fav…[View]
201304722My coworkers are all massive sycophantic elitist boomer/Gen X cunts, so I'm going to start trol…[View]
201305498he just like me frfr[View]
201273995Delicious elf[View]
201305288Harrison Ford actually seems to be trying a bit, which is surprising.[View]
201305216Just got done watching this. What did I think of it?[View]
201301706It's been 20 years and the James Bond franchise still hasn't recovered from this disaster.[View]
201304532This movie is frickin awesome.[View]
20129310310 years ago I related to Scott, nowadays I relate to Ramona. Why is that?[View]
201305094>Its your grandson marty, he missed the shot![View]
201300807War: What are your favorite war films? How does Platoon hold up for you? Dafoe's portrayal of a…[View]
201301542Who do you pick to do the moody, stylish soundtrack for your big-budget early-80's movie, /tv/?…[View]
201304849Where were you, when our favorite Swedish game developer, Captain Redbeard, started making tutorials…[View]
201296648If anyone cares about spoilers for this: >Main character Kate is a meteorology student with a gif…[View]
201304687what was her problem? it was a funny joke[View]
201302142Now that the dust has settled, is Challengers worth ±7 imdb?[View]
201301967>One last Hunger Games but this time using Capitol kids Would you have voted for it?…[View]
201302977who exactly was in the wrong here?[View]
201300436>Started the J-Horror trend >Literally the greatest film of that trend Why did the Japs blow t…[View]
201283153I just started watching King of the hill. when does Peggy become likeable?[View]
201300735Why didn't anyone tell me that Sons of Anarchy drives women absolutely wild? I'm an older …[View]
201283676The Boys season 4 finale delayed: No reason given yet but after looking at the title of the finale I…[View]
201304410Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: Who did better in the Model Stereotypes photoshoot? Carixee o…[View]
201295200Bo Selecta: In retrospect, it was a bit too mean[View]
201303997>scout: Tanner Buchanan >soldier: Willem Dafoe >pyro: ? >demo: Denzel Washington >hea…[View]
201303085/got/hotd/: Based Brackens Edition >>201301467[View]
201295890>movie wastes Lucy Liu in her first ever role in a cape movie How did Shazam and the DCEU managed…[View]
201304015>A new board is rising. Its victory is at hand >This night, the board will be stained with swe…[View]
201301219Bring it around tooowwnnn![View]
201300842>agent of chaos >claims he doesn't make any plans >from the bank heist to the bomb plo…[View]
201304137>I don’t want to lose you >Don’t worry, you won’t…[View]
201299952scenes you can taste[View]
201304108Scotty doesn't know That Fiona and Me Do it in my van every Sunday[View]
201302107Who is the best Skarsgård brother?: Don’t say Stellan because he’s the father and that’s basically c…[View]
201303693I thought this was the most realistic portrayal[View]
201298578>'I have le emotions' >'YA-WOWZERS SHE'S JUST LIKE ME!!! YASS QUEEN SLAYYY' Why are foids…[View]
201302291Are Americans aware of this show? It was extremely British and rather good for the first 2 out of 4 …[View]
201303378Why did south park stop being cool? Who/what is to blame?[View]
201300945Saw this in theaters, completely shits on whatever the fuck else is even in the theaters these days.[View]
201303623>youtube ad >contemplative violin music >'INNOVATION'…[View]
201303453Rameau’s Nephew (1974): Has anyone on /tv/ heard of this flick? https://archive.org/details/rameaus-…[View]
201299519is he the most talented entertainer of our generation?[View]
201294054>refuses to star in a good movie[View]
201303750this literally put boomers' sides n orbit[View]
201294698You aren't a NPC are you?[View]
201303426UNSETTLED DUST: Is there any chance that the dust will ever settle for pic related?[View]
201303602Unexpected romances in kino?[View]
201284940you know he's right[View]
201296289>Fire at nuclear power plant >Young female boss babe queen nurse asks if they have iodine pill…[View]
201295910>people could just bang out classic gorgeous films on the cheap like it's nothing What happe…[View]
201297345>movie is literally called 'Kangaroo Jack' >poster is literally a giant close up of a CGI Kang…[View]
201271968Were there any actresses who were so good at something they weren't getting roles anymore? Lik…[View]
201302122Acolyte: Mogged: Ackolyte Xisters… we are being obliterated[View]
201301949I just re-watched American Pie and remembered why I spent so many years furiously masturbating to Ta…[View]
201301466>this made boomers shit and piss with laughter[View]
201302817>Fumbles the baddest bitch in the office by a mile What did he mean by this?…[View]
201303115You are about to enter another board... a board not only of forced memes but of cope and seethe. Nex…[View]
201302959*mogs Hollywood in you're path*[View]
201298714>Shaken, not stirred[View]
201302906>manage to finally get a girlfriend >despite her being pretty ditzy I still feel insecure abou…[View]
201299633He's a good looking boy. Mind if I keep this picture?[View]
201301829/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 31: Imagine the smell edition Previous: >…[View]
201301593Black people[View]
201301467/got/hotd: Did somebody say war crimes? edition previous >>01298886[View]
201302225We got Death Star >we got Death Star We got Death Star >we got Death Star…[View]
201301182Welcome to Robert's Kinoplex. This weekend's theme is Alien Planet films and today we…[View]
201301915Jesus Christ[View]
201302739how exactly is this bald dwarf with mantits supposed to be intimidating[View]
201297038ITT: Best time travel kinos[View]
201296813Summer of Sam: Remember this movie?[View]
201302324what the fuck was his problem?[View]
201292662This is the best one. It was the canon ending to Star Wars.[View]
201302006Where can I watch it?[View]
201299612Ewan Wright dead: F[View]
201296866What went wrong with Sophia Lillis' career? She was supposed to be the next big thing, but she…[View]
201298657Deadpool Reviews: >15% 15 fucking percent[View]
201301806>Criticize recent big budget film or series >'Um, wow, you shouldn't be taking this so se…[View]
201301170Choose wisely[View]
201298313Say something nice about the latest Marvel antagonists I especially like Kang the Conqueror[View]
201299409The ring must be destroyed: and the eagles would've been tempted by the one ring and killed the…[View]
201287362Shannen Doherty dead at 53: >Shannen Doherty, Star of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, Dies at 5…[View]
201299059Never been a big Alexander Payne fan, but this is extremely comfy. Good dialogue, great acting. A ra…[View]
201300386>oh my god... my husband is... a mafia don!? Michael was very upfront with her, why is she so stu…[View]
201293491Everyone memes the rooftop scene, but I think the flower shop scene is the single most incompetently…[View]
201301697>Homer, please don't make me choose between my man and my god, because you just can't w…[View]
201302152When will this film release? I have been anticipating it.[View]
201301688It's weird how there wasn't at least one shitty horror movie about the scary clown epidemi…[View]
201301399Remember when Tom Cruise made a bizarre commercial trying to save his flop of a movie by saying that…[View]
201301943Now that Longlegs was a disappointment, how would you rank the last decade of Cagekino? Have you see…[View]
201301831Because you heard the call[View]
201300291Better actor than half the humans in Hollywood.[View]
201301628>'This was the one thing we didn't want to happen.'[View]
201298969she was so perfect bros, we all in the twon cry for her[View]
201301324Cinema is a 20th century art form. No good films where made in the last 24 years.[View]
201301507Mmmmmmmmm I love de cheese. I am living mai laif[View]
201300138>I would've been different. >I could've been different.…[View]
201301134>female character can run in high heels[View]
201291964>moore >nice gadgets >best theme song >gorgeous women What's not to like?…[View]
201300465>yeah, this shitty breakfast will cover your mom's death[View]
201299865What exactly is wrong with that?[View]
201301351Which washed up ufc fighter will end up going to Hollywood next?[View]
201301194>They were trying grab your pies >they work for the patisserie, the marscapone man...…[View]
201299743>So Harrison, what's your favorite MCU movie?[View]
201300458Let me guess… the good guy’s gonna win?[View]
201301044Just finished the first season. So it's a women look on space flight. But it's quite groun…[View]
201298886/got/hotd: tell uncle cole to buy Skate 3 not Black Ops edition previous:>>201296731[View]
201298827Why do old actors star in shit movies near the end of their lives?[View]
201280481to overcome the spider's curse, simply quote a Simpsons verse[View]
201291418Face it, this couple being showcased was the entire point of the show. It’s another pysop narrati…[View]
201296324Viewer beware, you're in for a scare![View]
201300561>A toast to Anon[View]
201300150Scenes where the bad guy is proven to be a loser?[View]
201298157How was it so bad? Pearl was kino and X was a lot of fun.[View]
201300225The best actor specializing in supporting roles married this. Is this legal?[View]
201300185Human cylons were a mistake[View]
201296011>When the post-kino depression hits[View]
201299278Severance: what if season 2 is terrible? fml...[View]
201298259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiCbMLWDDMo >absolutely perfect scene >until the last line rui…[View]
201299164/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS # 30: Taylo Edition SPENCER AND RATTLER IN THE T…[View]
201300135Go ahead, ask me if I care[View]
201297980Dr. Zeus Dr. Zeus[View]
201299658Ice T: Is he a good actor?[View]
201295277*writes and directs kino in your path*[View]
201297874>every UFO researcher is compromised by the govt except me >buy my documentaries >buy my al…[View]
201299992any kinos with nightmarish endings?[View]
201294550>if 2% of all people randomly disappear >some people will be...le sad >some people will be.…[View]
201297503Nick Nolte: Probably the most underrated american actor of all time[View]
201298478So much intrusive and unfunny comedy in this film[View]
201298297RIP Rolling Stone[View]
201294020I only vaguely remember watching Millennium ages ago and little more than 'show like X-files'. Did t…[View]
201297811>Good morning. >In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the wor…[View]
201299548>I'm not really a skinny ugly black man! I'm actually a young, beautiful, curly haired …[View]
201296177Rings of Power: Her character doesn't smile the whole season, not really, because she's a …[View]
201297769>Smile if you love men's prostates![View]
201297465El Chavo del 8 is kino[View]
201299367>the good guys win using the power of friendship Is it ever kino?[View]
201296411Will /tv/ be wrong yet again?[View]
201298829ITT: Shows only you remember[View]
201295373When is he getting his own movie?[View]
201298932What are the best movies about military leaders?[View]
201299291REMEMBER MEEEEEEE: https://youtu.be/fkKILeTRPeA[View]
201299120The name's Bond. James Bond.[View]
201297962>Exposition Dump: The Movie[View]
201298881Netflix's Resident Evil: So why did this show even exist?[View]
201294775Sex with vulcan women[View]
201297997>Alright, scumbag, Warden's been so kind as to let you watch ONE last kino before your execu…[View]
201298251Dubshalla: >You are awaited[View]
201298965Of these, I have only seen /tv/ talk about Changjin and RRR[View]
201299047Asian gangster movies: Anything that's more action based for a brainlet versus some slowburn Ki…[View]
201296381Lol why would they give the robots real guns? They even say the humans are given fake guns that only…[View]
201298958What the fuck was his problem[View]
201298947How many ounces did sally pour: We’re they druk?[View]
201298135You anons always want KINO. So I give you kino. https://youtu.be/dzR_-WAPtL0[View]
201296731/got/hotd/: Terrified edition Previous: >>201291481[View]
201297386>movie links schizophrenic delusions with preparing soap from human remains god I wish I realised…[View]
201297456Are there ww2 movies that focus on American war crimes?: Like Americans raped more French women than…[View]
201295730You now remember that you fell for this retarded balding asshole and actually rooted for him[View]
201299126YouTubers You Respect: In a sea of cringe shit, Brad Jones delivers consistent content, and has bare…[View]
201298042Just finished watching this shit for the first time: >50% coombait >50% plot armor >still l…[View]
201297785>yfw she rides your dragon[View]
201297158What is his fucking problem?[View]
201298606>japanese government...BAD[View]
201297798How will he fare as the next James Bond?[View]
201298539Would you ever dare make a Spiderman OC? What would set them apart?[View]
201297026Is this what being a Chad is like?: >Gaston can instantly have 99% of women >chimps out becaus…[View]
201296727Name a more based show. You can't[View]
201298440why did no one tell me this was kino[View]
201296533this show ruined every brba character gus worked on a contrast of a well mannered gentleman and busi…[View]
201293899>decrepit house makes a noise[View]
201298376'Check it out, ya boy...': >'y'nomesayin'....eeeerrrruuuhhhhh....y'nomesayin'…[View]
201297333>You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill How do you respond without s…[View]
201298349>Look, it's been a long day, so let's skip to the part where you're white.…[View]
201293956>any retard will be able to create whatever they want at nearly zero cost Just a few years from n…[View]
201297594Wait there's a final Orson Welles film? Was this any hood? /film/ ???[View]
201297116I think I'm having a comfyness overdose on M*A*S*H[View]
201297991Cheers, /tv/![View]
201297031ITT: kino space fighters: Post and discuss the kino-est space fighters in sci-fi. Single pilot fight…[View]
201298186What are some movies I would like if I liked Paris, Texas?[View]
201295917This isn't very good[View]
201298012>female character smokes kino[View]
201297530What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
201297938>they actually tried to meme this slop as 'prestige TV'[View]
201297437Power: Have any of you guys watched this? Apparently it had like six seasons, and also five spinoffs…[View]
201294338>this was considered impossibly intimidatingly jacked in 2012[View]
201292751DVD 480i: Memes aside the big reason not to bother with DVD is that every movie is interlaced which …[View]
201297091this movie is weird[View]
201297988Iraq is arrakis Isis are the freemen nafo is the empire Jews are the harkonnen and Obama is the padi…[View]
201297846>They want me to drink another whiskey, dude >That’s a weird impulse. That is a weird impulse,…[View]
201296555>heh, nothin’ personnel kid…[View]
201297248>bad guy in the first movie is an ally in the third movie[View]
201282412Cancelled. Why?[View]
201297803Best Paplatine quote? It's either this or 'do it' imo[View]
201293005US Secret Service kino: any others like this?[View]
201287970Was ROTJ patient zero for everything wrong with Star Wars? >Merchandise driven story The entire J…[View]
201295654/ftl/ -Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS: Jet leak the s3 contestants on 4chin already p…[View]
201292535ITT: We Post 'Literally Me' Characters: I'll go first[View]
201292224Longlegs (2024): Autistic FBI gf kino[View]
201293597>Is abandoned by Ash >Nobody knows what happened to him Why they had to do him this dirty?…[View]
201286979>protagonist is filipino in the book >make him white in the movie why?…[View]
201287828>2024 >all white cast So how is it?[View]
201291480Would holodecks ruin society more than AI already has?[View]
201292401They cucked to the woke crowd and made her a CIA agent instead. I bet she doesn't even wear the…[View]
201297632what's his endgame?[View]
201297606I actually like this film a lot I think the juxtaposition between the 1700s occult aristocrat settin…[View]
201297337Is this the show that made everyone an expert on forensic science?: The recent events have shown tha…[View]
201295397Why isnt there more movies like 300?[View]
201296842>No! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.[View]
201297500>What do you mean you fixed my carburetor?[View]
2012746961TB of internal data including unreleased projects allegedly stolen from Disney: >A self-proclaim…[View]
201297418oi mewie: >Oi hughie, erhmlander done killed me wife and nicked me son, oim doyin and dahnt have …[View]
201297391We need Superman to destroy Nucular man more than ever.[View]
201288749SyFy returning to its roots?: I haven’t watched season one and just happened across season two today…[View]
201297347Cyberpunk : Trannyrunner: Why is it so fucking bad?[View]
201292917/GK/ thread: In Memory of Evan 'Rolling Stone' Wright (1964-2024)[View]
201295602>this makes zoomers and boomers piss and shit their pants[View]
201296820CIVIL WAR: wow this movie sucked[View]
201282975>She’s a nice girl. But she’s like your father, she’s not very adept at… >She’s not very adept…[View]
201296765>heh, nothin’ personnel kid…[View]
201284891Why has she not made a food movie in the last 15 years?[View]
201291561Why are rabbits such a popular species to make into a character?[View]
201295370I mean: Why wouldn’t you get day drunk on a Sunday[View]
201296463>The scene when Robert DeNiro meets Juliette Lewis in the auditorium in 'Cape Fear' (19…[View]
201291029>anakin at nineteen: fucking senators and queens >luke at twenty-three: still fucking his righ…[View]
201293380The only Star Wars movies that are actually good.[View]
201282019Physical Media Thread: July has had a lot of sales for blu ray movies (Kino Lorber, Criterion, etc.)…[View]
201295800Is The View kino?[View]
201296872Guys, should I buy Batman TDK, or Mad Max Fury Road? >inb4 pirate it That's not an option…[View]
201296495Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?[View]
201296521>>201296309 why can't real women be like my anime waifu?[View]
201296862ITT: Certified /tv/ Japanese kino[View]
201288108Scrubs, kino or bino?[View]
201294559Your crush is out there living her life and enjoying the summer, going out with friends, socializing…[View]
201296685Honestly one of my favourite kinos: /tv/ never talks about it though even though it's in the sa…[View]
201291481/got/hotd/: aagghh edition Previous: >>201289063[View]
201293876> What are you tryin' to tell me? That I can dodge bullets? >No... I'm trying to tel…[View]
201292838>this film is 102 years old >the actor in it is a rotting skeleton inside a coffin somewhere …[View]
201295048>walking around with small orcs on your shoulder >suddenly see this How would you react withou…[View]
201294580>He was a Consul of Rome![View]
201291588Imagine if Anya was in this instead[View]
201296449ALEXANDER CLAM BELL!?[View]
201296327Who would you cast for the remake?: I'm thinking Melissa McCarthy.[View]
201295839What has been her best work?[View]
201296227All the cool tornado scenes were already in the trailer.[View]
201289492Can someone please explain to me succinctly why James and Kim wanted to ruin Howard's life?: So…[View]
201291724Well hello gorgeous.[View]
201295291>/tv/ hates something >watch it >its kino Every fucking time…[View]
201281814>Cameron's never been in love. At least no one's ever been in love with him. He's …[View]
201296021If You Come At the King Emperor...: You best not miss.[View]
201290004>”Actually, male fertility peaks at age 12” yo wtf I didn’t know this movie was pinkpilled…[View]
201296060What movies get you particularly excited in the cineplex, how do you act when the movie makes you pa…[View]
201281789>Watch arthouse slop for 7 months straight >Realize I simply enjoyed Hollywood B-movies more …[View]
201296034>You really want me to shake your hand? Ending this extremely stressful night and allowing us to …[View]
201293701>You sounded like a racehorse pissing in there[View]
201295981What did Fincher mean by this[View]
201295864>Welp whatever I do now is on glep[View]
201294332July 14th is Con Air Day[View]
201286366Why didn't they drop a paratroopers behind the German defenses so they could take out the bunke…[View]
201292104Wait. This is real? They got Cate Blanchette in it somehow? I saw a meme post about it and thought …[View]
201294540Ghosts of Mars[View]
201290800I hate this stupid fucking retard so much it's unreal[View]
201295514*solves racism*[View]
201294928>City popular for its alleyways in movies >Has five alleyways at most in real life…[View]
201291770Let me get this straight, the Jason Bateman character is bad because he doesn't want to complet…[View]
201294851Why do chuds think he's a hero? Is it because Snyder's adaptation?[View]
201295496>cheated with a black dude What did Bruce Timm mean by this?[View]
201295459For me it's Lupo.[View]
201295367'THE END OF LAZYTOWN' CANCELLED: The Rated-R LazyTown movie got cancelled because of the Trump shoot…[View]
201284192I decided to watch this movie yesterday for the first time am I the only one who can't stand Ca…[View]
201293481You're still here?[View]
201293918>You, asshole[View]
201295189> Find me an old hag who is also wise but also has an urban feel. > I know just the one sir.…[View]
201293794OH N-[View]
201275245ITT characters who are so annoying that they transcend into kino[View]
201293196The Pest: Reminder that this got made, people got paid to make this in fact it cost $8million[View]
201294922Ridley is getting his Oscar this year: I can feel it.[View]
201293916>wow girlfriend is not acting like a huge cunt today but istead is nice and even initiates sex!!!…[View]
201294792Who's the most overpaid actor in Hollywood?[View]
201294466What was Daniel Craig's best kino? Casino Royale?[View]
201291449When did people realise it was actually good?[View]
201289781What are the best stealth action movies?[View]
201294566>WAAA >I was molested and now I have to prostitute myself.…[View]
201294749Descendants 4: what did /tv/ think about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cIn69VsV9g[View]
201293909What was this little fellas name again?[View]
201291463/got/hotd: King of rats edition Prev: >>201289063[View]
201293208>Here's your Frankenstein and the Bride, bro![View]
201290871Listen up noobs! I want Anon 87 through 95 for Shitpost duty! You've got 15 minutes to put on y…[View]
201294571the humans were the good guys[View]
201292934what a stupid ending a whole clan couldn't take an above average sized chimp head-on?[View]
201293548>You poached my private spot! >What I mean to say is, you discovered my little personal area. …[View]
201290995Cole edition. The Cell starts today.[View]
201291703why are they so zesty?[View]
201291777the amount of nostalgia I feel for blockbuster action series from 1998-2008 is soul crushing. is thi…[View]
201281264/who/ - Doctor Who General: Inner Child Edition Previous Regeneration: >>201253719[View]
201290140A Good Girl's Guide to Murder: what is the rating of this show so far?[View]
20129394628 YEARS LATER set pics: Jodie Comer runs out of a forest chased by naked zombies, comes across sold…[View]
201293658Do you keep watching a movie you are clearly not enjoying in hopes it eventually gets good?[View]
201288867This is out early in my country: 5/10, peak mid. Glen Powell is probably the best part. The first on…[View]
201292052ITT Actors that give you pedo vibes[View]
201294421Was it autism?[View]
201294288It's illegal for you to ask me that[View]
201293555You watch the movies Longlegs? Go watch it[View]
201294386Movies which were huge hits at the time but have now been completely forgotten?[View]
201294379Rated R 'LAZYTOWN' movie no longer in development.: They cancelled the r rated lazytown movie (offic…[View]
201290146I'm storyboarding my first AI movie. Come talk about your personal projects.[View]
201294275I wonder how much money WB must have paid Tom Cruise to shill for a movie that perpetuates the 'Top …[View]
201294317why are black people so often depicted as sugar-addicted pre-diabetics? And don't you dare say …[View]
201292265Faye Wong in Chungking Express is unforgettable.[View]
201290827/tv/'s guide to japan: /tv/'s guide to japan[View]
201293278Jesse Plemons: He's skinny again :)[View]
201293265>character is a bad person >audiences don't like it What, are they retarded or something?…[View]
201293825Most realistic villain EVER.[View]
201293414does she have kino or not really?[View]
201293071Parker Posey[View]
201294081Al Pacino is perfect here[View]
201292808You will go to hell.[View]
201293885Elizabeth Olsen in a press junket for new movie 'His Three Daughters'[View]
201293229you watched it right?[View]
201293252You now remember Paulie (1998)[View]
201291142Twilight: How did they get away with the whole Renesmee subplot?[View]
201292703you reckon she ever used Bart's voice during sex?[View]
201258832/rho/ - RHODES GENERAL: Food enough for ya-edition Previous thread: >>201227682 >>201227…[View]
201291106a jew, a negroe and a muslim spend their day smoking weed, fighting cops and harassing women. never …[View]
201293778I'll tell you what I'll do. I'm gonna give you the $50 thousand you asked for but I w…[View]
201275300Svengoolie thread! This is a thread about a MOVIE being shown on TV, therefor it is relevant to this…[View]
201290150Tranassic Park: >You shouldn't use my deadname. >[loudly] Dodgson, Dodgson, we've go…[View]
201290247Just watched this. Why the fuck is he so obsessed with slow-mo?[View]
201293518I thought that when it was your time that you would be the one to hold the strings... Janitor Corleo…[View]
201293501>tv shows you know that they are stupid and retarded but you still enjoyed them Do you have any p…[View]
201287216How come Xerxes didn't win after Leonidas failed the assassination?[View]
201289875Easily the best Star Wars villain since the prequels right?[View]
201289963Gladiator 2, they took this from you: >Nick Cave: Russell Crowe rang me up and asked if I wanted …[View]
201291222The Bridge on the River Kwai: KWAB, silly anglo[View]
201293170How do we fix the British Broadcasting Corporation?[View]
201293096random happenings: the movie[View]
201289091Has a movie ever been more vindicated in the history of the universe?[View]
201292288>gross character >there's 144 of him…[View]
201289139why is it always the football quarterback or team that is the antagonist in american high school fil…[View]
201291327Can she play any other roles besides quirk chungus?[View]
201293131With all these daily stickies: Only a matter of time now.[View]
201289580Don't mind me, I'm just shailing my shecret shilent shtealth shubmarine,[View]
201288670gran tor-kino: any other films that come close to the same feels? million dollar baby's pretty …[View]
201292830is it true that there are hidden dunkaccino references?[View]
201293093thoughts on midsommar?[View]
201285668Do you like this show?[View]
201291746>YOU'RE SCUM, DEMENTUS![View]
201291379Dino bros we eatin good: https://youtu.be/UinsNBOTNyU?feature=shared&t=113[View]
201288911>Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 plays[View]
201291100>It's been 6.5 years since she told us about her dad's google history https://www.youtu…[View]
201292597You now know there was a 2021 remake of the 1997 science-fiction thriller Cube.[View]
201288963Okay, can we all talk about how crazy it is how she saw her friends be killed by the Saiyans. The Sa…[View]
201292716>Two nightshift employees were moving lighting and spray painting equipment inside a barge to con…[View]
201292781was it keeno ?[View]
201290268Shooter (2007): What do we think of it? I'm surprised how much I like Michael Pena's chara…[View]
201292449Who cast the Glee Curse?[View]
201287955What movie invented this trope[View]
201292153She’s leaving in 202[View]
201259394He revealed millions[View]
201292507What are some kinos about exploring the beauty of nature?[View]
201291324Watched this last night, was NYC really this dirty and shitty back in the 70s? How is the remake?…[View]
201290855*writes and directs kino in your path*[View]
201292001>smartest human >doesnt know what calories are…[View]
201292380What are some movies about hunting down and neutralizing communists?[View]
201291908What is the film equivalent?[View]
201292306Was she autistic?[View]
201288334English Bob makes a good point about America: Imagine thinking a few morons votes makes someone spec…[View]
201277331Identifying bimbos in film: I’ve been working on this a while now. Attempting to determine the point…[View]
201291805Watched Double Indemnity last night and now I'm love with Barbary Stanwyck[View]
201292140What did he mean by this?[View]
201292235Member this?[View]
201291282>comedy/slice of life movie has a wholesome BMWF couple[View]
201291783Just finding out there was a Limitless tv show and it had a scene where a guy running for president …[View]
201292126>QUAAAAAAARK have you been selling nude holo-images of me on the promenade again?…[View]
201292070>It is our further conclusion that he acted entirely alone, motivated by a misguided sense of pat…[View]
201292063Give me some kino documentaries or docu-dramas about the Reichstag fire and the rise of the Nazis.[View]
201291994What's next for Anna Kawaii ? Could she return in Shogun S2 ?[View]
201288596THE BOYS INDIA: could it work ?[View]
201291861Why would lightning make him wrinkly?[View]
201281747>25 years later >nothing comes close in terms of kino how did they do it?…[View]
201286583Did John fuck Kelly behind Charlotte's back?[View]
201291856I'm looking for another (good) /x/-core documentary. Any suggestions?[View]
201256933Vagrant Holiday / Surveillance Camera Man: Who is he? Where is he? Where can one find more stuff lik…[View]
201287874/kaiju/ - Kaiju & Tokusatsen general: SHUWATCH edition: Opinions on Ultraman Rising? How well do…[View]
201290024to honor the most recent happenings i will rewatch the killer tonight. its one of my alltime favouri…[View]
201291298What did he say to him?[View]
201289581>premiered on december 28th 1974 so everyone got introduced to tom baker on a snowy winter after…[View]
201291589What the fuck did I watch? >no explanation for the laboratory or even the blasts >after a coup…[View]
201288018Maisie Williams looks like THAT?![View]
201291523Picture this:: English man like Harry Lloyd or Lawrence Fox replaces the black woman lead of ONE (1)…[View]
201291492I just rewatched the RLM Obi Wan review and holy shit is it cringe and pandering. I feel like a moro…[View]
201291362Someone tldr me cause there ain't no way I'm watching a 4 hour flick[View]
201287811>Well yeah, and I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that something could mak…[View]
201290715Are K-Dramas ACTUALLY kino or just slop for autistic people with yellow fever?: Nothing about the co…[View]
201290070The Westfold has fallen.[View]
201285258What are some ''we are fucked'' scenes in movies?[View]
201284598>Takes you back to the 2000s[View]
201289215DOC'S GONNA FREAK[View]
201291217she ded: rip your wanks x gen[View]
201290350This was actually pretty good. Fuck you.[View]
201290548Now anon 24601. Your ban is up and posting's begun. You know what that means![View]
201287021Movies with a depressed main character who is an utter loser, but is actually a good person at heart…[View]
201290572>Would you fight for me, Anon?[View]
201288627I love Ma-Ma![View]
201290861I really have no idea if this is the proper board to ask, but whatever. It's a question to fren…[View]
201288746Start doing this[View]
201290680>Granny accidentally smokes some weed >I'VE GOT THE POWER starts playing…[View]
201288696This movie is ridiculous.[View]
201290983How did they get away with such blatant plagiaristic fraudulent evil memery?[View]
201290886>Daemon crushes a man to death with the foot of his dragon FUCK YEAH! >Crabfeeder feeds men to…[View]
201289063/got/hotd: Greens win, get over it edition Previous thread: >>201285614[View]
201289703Starlightbros... we're so back![View]
201290625Chinese war movies: There is nothing wrong about having fun watching military-porn movies that are n…[View]
201290867Someone told me that Disney is strict in copyright violations.. even stricter in America than in cou…[View]
201290310Shelley Duval, Richard Simmons, Shannon Doughy... whos next??[View]
201289550HP Lovecraft biopic Nolan style.: You enter the abyss of Lovecraft's mind and witness the horro…[View]
201288800Who did it better?[View]
201290808It might be the most culturally impactful movie from the first half of 2000s.[View]
201290558What's next for the Flash in live-action after two fairly popular TV shows and a gigaflop movie…[View]
201274777Bill Maher has been an incredible hot streak and he's been clearly winning the Late Night Polit…[View]
201288443Season finale leaks confirmed after the latest episode. >Starlight escapes and defeats the shapes…[View]
201290527>A single man working a blue collar job can support a family of 5 living in a goddamn mansion Zoo…[View]
201274528>be single white female tomboy >put out ad seeking girl roommate >all the applicants are cr…[View]
201277725Four fours[View]
201287534HOW ?[View]
201289637>GIMME BACK MY WIFE'S SON![View]
201290093You and your mom are hillbilly's This is a house of learning doctors[View]
201288509Could a female version of Wrestler (2008) work? With someone like Gina Carano for example[View]
201280354>Anime can't be kin-[View]
201289155Trannies: why are trannies being pushed so hard in modern movies and television?[View]
201245758Longlegs: Just got back from the theater. Some thoughts: >Main character chick's acting was …[View]
201286832uhmmm sistas.....are we main stream now?[View]
201286050RLM: Why do they not upload consistently anymore?[View]
201288456Why are Gen X/Soilennials still spamming le heckin 80serino like it's still 2002 VH1? Young peo…[View]
201287727avatar anime: its a 6 part anime[View]
201290019Is Mel based for making 2nd christ kino ?[View]
201283855>I'm putting together a team...[View]
201286707Directed by Jon Fraveau[View]
201289802Delboy fall through bar[View]
201288656SPIDER-NOIR: Expectations? >8-episode series on MGM+/Amazon Prime Video. >Set in 1930’s New Yo…[View]
201289179>im sorry i killed your girlfriend even though i laughed behind your back pweese forgive me…[View]
201289187Good bye, Shannen Doherty.[View]
201287685>Yeah. Anon! Come on. Come on, little baby. You're so pathetic, Anon. A real sucky baby. I c…[View]
201288615last épisode tuesday, will it have a Season 2[View]
201286926What is your first impression of this /tv/ character ?[View]
201287213Should Marvel adapt Spiderman's relationship with Silk? Spiderman needs some small tight female…[View]
201289474Precious (2009): Thoughts on this movie?[View]
201283179Fucking shitty movie overrated as fuck[View]
201286592Why not just throw very strong magnets at them? It would fuck up their circuitry[View]
201289268BOURNE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftm1hiXgYsA ALL DAY ALL DAY YEAH, SALAD BAR[View]
201288277why were orcs bred and made specifically for warfare, and to do dark lord's bidding, complainin…[View]
201283839Why do female autists sign up for this show? A woman can find men to settle for her regardless of he…[View]
201286110Why didn’t you tell me this kino existed?[View]
201266106Denzel is a real Emperor born in Africa: >Macrinus was born in Caesarea (modern Cherchell, Algeri…[View]
201285614/got/hotd/: IVE COME TO TALK AGAIN ALICENT edition previous >>201283516[View]
201288204This was Kino: 1st act drew me in, 2nd act was a bit slow, but the 3rd act was non stop and the fina…[View]
201288350>This is no country for old men like me[View]
201288089What does /tv/ think of Dragon (2001)?[View]
201286713Is this movie available anywhere?[View]
201288050>The character Lolita, from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, is twelve years old when the st…[View]
201285339Why do no Youtubers watch this show?: There's a million 'First time watching Breaking Bad/Sopra…[View]
201288407Why is there no scene in Essos?: Aren't the Targarians supposed to have ties with old Valyria (…[View]
201288278>this is a 10 in japan[View]
201288719>sex scene happens in film >day ruined[View]
201287710In anime, are all characters gay until proven otherwise in your mind?[View]
201286966so where the fuck is the 50 hour Director's Cut 4K BD of Napoleon?[View]
201282121WebMs of scenes[View]
201288333It'd be kino if it weren't for black people[View]
201282380For me, its Ruth Negga[View]
201288310kino's with this aesthetic?[View]
201288336>UH! Pregnant?!? With the King's son?!? Fetch the abortion drugs! Do women really…[View]
201288497Is it true?[View]
201288164Cobra Kai Never Dies: Are we all ready for the final season?[View]
201280323Analog Horror: Why does every analog horror have: >dashboard cam episode >instructional video …[View]
201288340>And Ryan, he's not even yours... how do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
201287805Seriously what a complex and perfect character. I have trouble finding a better character in any sho…[View]
201286266Three Colors trilogy: the greatest achievement in the history of cinema[View]
201285224kino, simple as[View]
201287186I'm actually about to just drop the sopranos because of this bitch[View]
201282574/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #29: Taylor Edition Season 3 news soon. Cell co…[View]
201287982>Apology Accepted, Captain Needa[View]
201288005'Command confirmed. Goodbye ma'am. It's been a pleasure to serve you'[View]
201287918In Avengers (2012): Loki calls Black Widow a Stupid Cunt[View]
201286967Who's your favourite Golden Age gal?[View]
201287051She must have some serious networking skills to get all those roles.[View]
201287902That shit wasn't luck. This was divine intervention... You know what divine intervention is?[View]
201287444>I go. You stay. No following.[View]
201261496/tbg/ The Boys General: Last Thread: >>201241005[View]
201287287https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Brb7Cs4PpU How did this get broadcast?[View]
201287187>review calls the movie titular[View]
201284106Why did he do it?[View]
201286955>be buff white dude who looks like Elvis >puts himself out there and makes his intentions know…[View]
201285692Rusty you fat cunt: We said exercise not exorcise.[View]
201287678What are some kinos about balding?[View]
201287674Shannen Doherty, Dead at 53: https://people.com/tv/shannen-doherty-dead/[View]
201287542>Bob Egg thinks he can top this[View]
201287605>see /tv/ talking about a movie that sounds interesting >download it >months later, I have …[View]
201287408Who would in a battle royale if they were all crammed into one room?[View]
201286570This movie is cursed[View]
201287345Femcel kino This movie scared me in a way that no movie ever has.[View]
201275870It's up.[View]
201287118Here is you're queen bro[View]
201285980>is kino in your path[View]
201283553Drop some great date night movies[View]
201287034Why hasn't there been a successful Dead Zone remake?[View]
201284953Gladiator 2: rhinos? rap music? what happened to the Murican film industry?[View]
201283346Hey you, you son of a bitch, what was the last damn film you watched and what the hell did you think…[View]
201284721>bipoc biopic[View]
201286794sequel when?[View]
201283271Why do so many korean shows have this premise?[View]
201282531Does /tv/ like Phil Collins?[View]
201261712I watch movies and tv shows so I can watch reaction channels on youtube and understand the context a…[View]
201284012>tfw a movie from the 2010s is good: What are the rare kinos from the 2010s?[View]
201285931Wonder if the shapeshifter was a better lay than starlight[View]
201283218what's the best Sniper movie?[View]
201285793Curb Your Enthusiasm: >see clip of the show on youtube >comments are usually praising the addi…[View]
201285212>dude i quote that movie all the time >that movie is so quotable >was that a movie quote? …[View]
201286852>ruins your kino[View]
201286659What's the opinion of this show here, seems like a bunch of nonsense to me but it's mindle…[View]
201286765The last good animated American movie[View]
201279357GO FISH.[View]
201286535I hadn't heard of this term before a few years ago, and now I only see it brought up in marriag…[View]
201285739Is she a parody of Nikki Haley?[View]
201258588> Leave homelander to me.[View]
201277719Godfather: Would Apollonia have had you struck with a thunderbolt, or would you be loyal to Kay?…[View]
201284566get that kid off my ice you li'l wankas[View]
201285790https://www.youtube.com/shorts/GKMJwpebjDc would Fiona Cauley be good in a sitcom?[View]
201285786The Bikeriders: what did you think of Tom Hardy in this movie? I thought he was cool. (once you igno…[View]
201286403Did this kill his career?[View]
201285430What is the /tv/ equivalent?[View]
201284409>watch flick >it's actually kino[View]
201286301Down the hall and to the left[View]
201282044What do I watch if I want the movie equivalent of this? Give me some of that military kino with a ba…[View]
20128619890210: Wow, Brenda and Kelly were total babes on this show[View]
201284783Early 2000s hipster millennials are living a wet dream in Cinema thanks to A24 and Neon[View]
201285032I can't imagine 70's kids being attracted to this.[View]
201275311>denying Zod vs Superman wasn't peak DC[View]
201283906Whoever told me this was better than Jobs (2013) , you're wrong. This was boring, and out of al…[View]
201285065Is this the first psychological crime thriller?[View]
201286053pure, concentrated, unreplicable kino.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D_JeVqqxIk&ab_channel=E…[View]
201285570Parker Posey[View]
201284423*writes and directs kino in your path*[View]
201282759Could you fix her?[View]
201284511trying to remember 2 tv shows: paramedic who gets killed and then wakes up as a teenager to relive i…[View]
201283516/got/hotd/: THANKS THE GODS FOR BESSIE edition previous >>201279930[View]
201285350Will Disney ever have the balls to make a Kingdom Hearts kino?[View]
201283012I'll throw this brick at you like you did to me several times earlier, kid![View]
201285299What even was this show?[View]
201285190Julie Bowen is the the thinking man's choice[View]
201279069War of the Rohirrim leak: https://thatparkplace.com/report-alleged-marketing-document-for-the-lord-o…[View]
201260005Berserk is retarded: >Griffith wants to assassinate this guy >decides Guts the giant meathead…[View]
201284627Mandalorians look like THAT?[View]
201269280RICHARD SIMMONS DEAD AT 76: He's sweating to the oldies in Heaven. RIP.[View]
201283387Today is the day... The day I watch my first horror movie of the month >what should it be?…[View]
201243729Who is your favorite Akatsuki member and why?[View]
201284999Say what (you) will, Loki S2 was kino (the sootman aside).[View]
201279277>*commits war crime* what the fuck was his problem?[View]
201283637I was watched this movie and I wondering why kalvin was so evil and murderous sciencetists saved him…[View]
201281544After watching a lot of cinema: I've come to realise that surrealists are con-artists.[View]
201273720White people kino: Need a midwest qt Jodie Comer gf in my life.[View]
201256031Unpopular Opinions: I feel girlier watching Sailor Moon than I do Tokyo Mew Mew, even though Sailor …[View]
201285546FUNNY VIDEO THREAD: SHARE EM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l-DG8BuZ0c4&pp=ygUUTmlnZ2EgbmV3cyA5IH…[View]
201281240Why is my GF obsessed with their shows?[View]
201284346women moment: 'nah i didn't feel like logging the stuff because it gave me the ick, just l…[View]
201284716Why are rich badboy x poor sweet girl stories so kino?[View]
201284031is it genius?[View]
201276416How did nobody notice that the Joker was standing RIGHT THERE during the speech? Did they not questi…[View]
201280507>having honour is idiotic because you'll lose your head for it >not having is also bad, b…[View]
201282743on what[View]
201283993Why is the 'all media is political' crowd like this? Can some people really not enjoy something if i…[View]
201279638How do directors deal with the fact that whenever they make a story based around current times, by t…[View]
201284352>Admit that you fucked up. Admit that you were scared. That you hate yourself. That there's …[View]
201283574Does this show get any better? Just watched first episode and already want to nope the fuck out[View]
201281682The Backyardigans are back baby it looks and sounds like AI, its so bad.[View]
201283818MY COCK RAGES ON[View]
201283193This is objectively the best MCU movie out of the entire library that can stand on its own without a…[View]
201284081This wasn't a horror movie you guys fucking tricked me[View]
201284166I just remembered this[View]
201279912Fake hands in tv or movies Have You Seen This?: love how in this scene they try to make it seem like…[View]
201284148Would you have called the cops or thrown his ass in the water?[View]
201283891What were they thinking?[View]
201284019Aegon II Targaryen: King of the Ratdals, the Micenar, and the First Rodents. Lord of the Seven Chees…[View]
201272701Radio series: It's been a long while since we've had this thread but I'm bringing it …[View]
201283589Lets see: >>201258244 >let alone their inability to refrain from pandering to the woke crow…[View]
201279988Guilty Pleasure Movies: Apollo 18 is a dumb trash movie but I love it. There's something I find…[View]
201282536>Smiling Friends is big in Japan WTF? How?[View]
201255211Why is Anime so expensive?: How is this acceptable? Why does Anime in particular cost such an outrag…[View]
201280929House of the Dragon: Realistically, war could still be averted if they had sex[View]
201282997why did he come back tho[View]
201281389/tv/ fitness guru that encourages people to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle... Dies at 76 from…[View]
201283858>he was 250 feet away and shooting at a moving target[View]
201282185>The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed one of the coolest scenes…[View]
201282857films that are hard to follow I didnt hate it[View]
201283826What are the best Japanese live action shows?[View]
201277371who played it better, /tv/?[View]
201282217What would he think of what happened today?[View]
201281940Ayo. Where da grain dole at?[View]
201281500>The best character in the movie series has the lowest screen time Why did they do this?…[View]
201283584>Dr. Pavloff, I'm RHSA.[View]
201283492A good-looking depressed guy smoking a cigarette is not a movie.[View]
201283570Pompeii didn't quite gel as a movie (I think the script was very weak), but the music was reall…[View]
201282153was it ultimately worth it to be incompatible with the rest of the world[View]
201281675who will be the first to go?[View]
201281095I want to see Anya play a space princess Jedi who gets swept off her feet by a handsome star pilot[View]
201282825recommend me more like this, can be old or new. must have cowboys must have sand[View]
201280616>side character sees something wacky happening after taking a sip of alcohol >looks at the bo…[View]
201279930/got/hotd/: There is no previous thread edition.[View]
201283308With the success of Heartstoppers, when are we getting a lesbian high school romance series to balan…[View]
201283285>Turn in your Bane... and your OTHER Bane[View]
201282875What's your favourite Home Alone movie? Favourite trap? I've always loved the first, but 2…[View]
201282385What elses did they ptedict?[View]
201282777I was watching the X-men movie recently and when it came the part where Magneto started to ask the m…[View]
201281342Kinos for buying beer at a gas station at 11 PM at night?[View]
201282706mommy longlegs[View]
201282691>character is best known for being a con artist >gets race swapped to an ethnicity no one trus…[View]
201282428what the FUCK did I just watch??[View]
201280708LOL: LMAO[View]
201282895What are your thoughts on Michael Franzsese and his YouTube career?[View]
201280964I'm suddenly really interested in this season now[View]
201281515first 20 minutes of this is complete kino, I hope the rest holds up[View]
201282790Anyone have a recent photo of her?[View]
201281792What are we watching today?[View]
201282753What the fuck was his problem?[View]
201282686I can’t believe she’s gone I just watched an old episode of SNL she hosted and cried :([View]
201280767The Day of the Jackal (1973): Apropos of nothing, I'd like to say that this is a very good movi…[View]
201282354>staged assasination to make friend the president of the world >happens in real life…[View]
201280217The best animated film of all time in your path, kneel Ghibli fags[View]
201279942>It ain't white boy day, is it? How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
201281468memes making fun of the art style for years tricked me into assuming this movie would be shit. i wat…[View]
201277244What was the intended message of Taxi Driver?[View]
201282251For me, it’s Phoebe[View]
201281215HOT Summer: Any good HOT summer movies?[View]
201281876>You know what it takes to make a shot at that range? Everything comes into play that far. Humidi…[View]
201280563She was hot until they turned her into a lesbo bitch.[View]
201281868Holy crap, they made The Queen's Gambit into a real game![View]
201282455Precious (2009): Thoughts on this movie?[View]
201282422so what exactly did they mean by this[View]
201279936Oh lord this movie man this movie this movie with MARISA TOMEI. What's her best role? That sill…[View]
201281902Posters for films[View]
201280515Sarah Gadon is neither attractive nor talented.[View]
201281602The fleshy part of the ear: It will raise your profile[View]
201281573>*mumbles something profound before saying motherfucker*[View]
201279616BUSTIN`: BUSTIN[View]
201281777>Want to watch a tv show >A friend or someone on here gives me a watch guide that tells me to …[View]
201277999why did they do it?[View]
201271753Best horror movie villain?[View]
201282053>watch old film >cast is all white, male and visibly sweaty Oh yeah, it's kino…[View]
201281845>I love Ray Stevens[View]
201281019>Your Honor, my client was handed a prop gun he believed was safe by those responsible for the sa…[View]
201281133Do you read the Bible?[View]
201275396/kaiju/ - MONSTER KINO: Who's your favourite kaiju, anon? Hard mode: no Goji.[View]
201280496>japanese comedy[View]
201278220The Royal Tenenbaums: >Incest as a major plot point and depicted positively & sympathetically…[View]
201280588So now that the dust has settled, what was the best Beverly Hills Cop movie?[View]
201281691>Not a single good movie in theaters this summer[View]
201275032Time for a Saturday Night Webm Thread:[View]
201280983I posted some supremely on topic /tv/ related, film and television related threads and they got zero…[View]
201281429>you should do [Thing that is very obviously the rational decision] >no I can't because o…[View]
201280544>predicts the future https://youtu.be/EyvDdAmClEo?si=kF8YDaS5MRJavSUZ&t=123…[View]
201279931>british kino >everyone is brown[View]
201280899You now remember Netflix Death Note.[View]
201281109Let’s celebrate America. What kinos are, as they say, ‘American as Apple Pie?’[View]
201276034>Character says the title of the movie[View]
201281467The Adventures of Boochie Bear: was it kino?[View]
201278917>So what do you do? >.......I swim.[View]
20128068330 year anniversary for this masterpiece[View]
201278430>'Anon. Never EVER say that word again!'[View]
201281231>I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody[View]
201278821WE NEED A FRENCH AC-: hon hon, zut alors! zee is waiting in ze lobby, Monsieur…[View]
201280982Why didnt Tariq Nasneed's new animated series fail to take off?[View]
201275421Glass Onion: >the twist is that the obvious bad guy is… the obvious bad guy Being self-aware does…[View]
201275889>be genius doctor >have freak aneurysm in your thigh muscle >not a big deal, hes in a hosp…[View]
201280759Starlight's ass looks more like a face than her face[View]
201281256Thoughts on this series? Why did they skip so many movies? Any other hidden series?[View]
201280135Enjoyed it[View]
201279587/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #28: How much? Season 3 news soon. Cell content…[View]
201269090The final Star Wars redpill is realizing that The Clone Wars was always proto-Disney and doesn'…[View]
201276702>will muster armies thousands strong within just a few days to raid a vault and steal treasure …[View]
201276897Just read the books for the first time and I gotta say, Jackson's trilogy is capeshit[View]
201272673The ultimate pleb filter. Season 2 is kino of the highest order.[View]
201274023so now that the dust has settled, what was her best role?[View]
201280988I'M VENGEANCE[View]
201280667What are some other movies about an assassination where the sniper misses the Vice President but kil…[View]
201276564Movies like Wag the Dog?: Are there any others?[View]
201274914As of right now, I'm closing the X-Files[View]
201281049hospital kino[View]
201280177When to the kino to watch Longlegs. Some guy and his girlfriend were sitting right next to me. She k…[View]
201259871>the cameos were a lie[View]
201279556ITT: comics that will never get an adaptation[View]
201280948Why did he keep saying this?[View]
201266197Could it have worked?[View]
201280324The patrician's gangster film[View]
201279721i have never seen a movie where the movie was to be in watched before it, it always turns to say as …[View]
201280549Rate my Topsters.[View]
201271072>wears her hair down >puts on a t shirt Nobody can recognize her. She's not going to have…[View]
201270073What's the appeal of fantasy?[View]
201279366The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: Has anyone seen this movie?[View]
201280760Precious (2009): Thoughts on this film?[View]
201276529For me, it's the hypnotic screen presence of Nastassja Kinski[View]
201280740ITT: Post only the best biopics[View]
201256819>Disney Held a BIG Meeting on How to SAVE Star Wars How would you save Star Wars anons?…[View]
201279864Post scenes from television and/or film that make you wish that was you.[View]
201280706>Side character goes on a side quest, and discovers that there is a MUCH greater threat lurking b…[View]
201275277Unadaptable Books: Forget Blood Meridian, which is straightforward compared to pic related. How do y…[View]
201280318for me it’s making movie references in real life that people are unlikely to get and they look at me…[View]
201280250When she told Omelandah there was a person he cant beat, who was she referring to?[View]
201279662Ghosts creep me out, mmhm. People comin back from the dead but they aint themselves, yup that creeps…[View]
201278930Finn Wittrock: Why wasn’t he a bigger star?[View]
201279090There was this boy I sent to the gas chamber at Huntsville here a while back. My arrest and my testi…[View]
201277972Can someone explain cosplaying women to me? I (kind of) get how ugly people and Sci-Fi people are in…[View]
201271057He is: an incredibly mediocre and plain actor with a very underwhelming filmography for being an A l…[View]
201266808He was so handsome not that long ago. What the fuck happened to him?[View]
201277705This is an insult to our intelligence[View]
201278743>Oh, but Bart could screw everything up. >You want him eliminated? >No, just keep him out o…[View]
201260390>i did not pull the trigger[View]
201277862>somebody mentions either sean penn or ridley scott here >the first post is always THE WRONG B…[View]
201275544Is Angela Baker the cutest horror killer ever?[View]
201278224Phone Booth (2002): What would you do in this situation?[View]
201279652>worst episode turns out to be prophetic[View]
201279711Not this time. We made it all up.[View]
201280145movies only you like[View]
201279301What is the best Terminator film?[View]
201278695Ludokino: Need more like this[View]
201278977Oi, Souljaboii you've done a toxic masculine'ee *diabolical smirk* deals off, we're s…[View]
201280021>movie so bad it kills it's creator[View]
201279671Am I the only one who thought that this movie was weird? They're both VILLAINS and they win at …[View]
201278760I unironically just finished like 30 seconds ago, what did I think of it?[View]
201275243This was very disappointing.[View]
201278446>Produces your favourite movie.[View]
201277815Julie Kavner: How come no one told me Marge used to be a qt3.14?[View]
201275891Bulletproof Suits: Is this real, or is it just made up shit by the John Wick franchise?[View]
201278485What did people think about him moonlighting as a professional wrestler?[View]
201279571Why, exactly, do you go to the trouble of beautifully scanning a movie in 4k, making it look fucking…[View]
201272022Films/Shows with Dimension/Portal/Liminal/Backrooms vibes: Hi, I'm looking for Films/TV shows t…[View]
201278026Will Dafne Keen return as X-23 in Deadpool & Wolverine?[View]
201275682cast these five retards in their eventual biopic[View]
201279542What are some kinos about assassinating (or attempting to assassinate) important political figures?[View]
201278370Why were the Madagascar movies seen as kids movies more than Kung Fu Panda and Shrek and How to Trai…[View]
201279488You're telling me I've been putting shampoo on my sandwiches!?[View]
201267593Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Is it good or nah? I just rewatched the reboot trilogy and i migh…[View]
201275093Post your favorite corporate or political thrillers[View]
201279399my uncle shared the screen with harrison ford because he went to high school with andrew davis[View]
201276610How prevalent is lyme disease in the Shire?[View]
201279274fuck yeah[View]
201278926HOT Summer: Any good HOT summer movies?[View]
201279270>urinates in your soda heh nothing personnel gwailo[View]
201276114>I know that Delinn is fated for another HOLY FUCK, has there every been a more dramatic moment o…[View]
201268848>In the Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror VII, Homer reveals that Presidential candidates Bob …[View]
201277347There are more hot chicks in this film than in the entirety of modern Hollywood.[View]
201277293Any prehistoric movie should I watch fellas?[View]
201271106I miss the Dreamworks golden age[View]
201276097I remember this movie playing in the background on Comedy Central at like midnight 15 years ago. Wha…[View]
201277158THIS AUTUMN[View]
201278864There's a 6 to 10-second flight time so you have to shoot at where the target's going to b…[View]
201279001Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: >What do you want me to do now? >I want you to pay for …[View]
201257609Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Banks on the set of their new movie 'The Better Sister': Jessica Biel and…[View]
201278939>'It was the one thing we didn't want to happen.'[View]
201278901>I'M SORRY DRUMPF[View]
201278465Horizon 2 cancelled: Add more women, POC, and quips next time, Costner.[View]
201278620>says a bible verse before every shot Do american solider really do this?…[View]
201274947Under the Jewish Nose[View]
201278431Post your favorite Sopranos episodes. I'll start with with pic related.[View]
201277641How EVERY movie would end if I was the CEO of Hollywood >main character leaves his house >cut …[View]
201277771>Star Wars was saved in the editing![View]
201278478>the attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed Can an assassination attempt really turn…[View]
201277202>Ennio Morricone - Pocket Watch Theme (10 hours)[View]
201277402Scenes that didn't age well.: 'Well whatever I do now is on Glep' What the fuck, Zach?!?!? Post…[View]
201275415Vincent Price: https://youtu.be/6_znqhYKGUY?feature=shared[Embed] https://youtu.be/h3myG3XcpvI?featu…[View]
201278128Who would you root for?[View]
201275833It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu0sIzDAH_Y[View]
201278157why did he do it?[View]
201271333>Have sex on camera >Win Oscar Hollywood is not a serious industry…[View]
201277943why wasn't this taught in schools?[View]
201276018/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #27: Bleeding simps dry edition. Season 3 news…[View]
201271749Every french 'art house' film I watch is: >underage nudity >masturbation >lesbian sex …[View]
201277790Is it worth watching?: If so when does it start to lose steam? I hear good things about it and I gen…[View]
201277733Did your school offer this much leeway to students when you were a kid?[View]
201274366Jack Benny: https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Jack_Benny_Singles (Radio series) https://m.youtube.com…[View]
201277591>A video of me with another man has been leaked.[View]
201277496Have you ever accused your parents? If so, what did you accuse them of? How did it turn out?[View]
201274825What's your favorite scene from the film Machete? For me? It's the scene where the racist …[View]
201277138is it worth watching: watched half of episode one. Dialogue is trying to be funny and it makes the s…[View]
201271344Looking back, you gotta respect him simply for not allowing some washed up military officers disresp…[View]
201277358>This was Divine Intervention! You know what 'divine intervention' is?[View]
201277325/oz/: PLEASE JANNY, MAY I HAVE AN OZ THREAD?![View]
201277263>You shot me in the ear![View]
201275022Do you think the love story of Snood and Ravi Singh will continue in other seasons? There are a lot …[View]
201273559>anime can't be kin-[View]
201275712How does broly know about christianity[View]
201271179Why we don't see this phenotype in hollywood anymore?[View]
201265750Now that the dust has settled…: Can we all admit this show was hot garbage? Like exceptionally, exce…[View]
201271991Luke doesn't even know what his dad looked like when he was younger.[View]
201276808>out at sea on your yacht with some hoes, drinking, partying, having a good time >see this wat…[View]
201276532is this good or what[View]
201276788>sudden movement >misses target Why was this unrealistic again?…[View]
201268029Bad Movies Nobody Should Watch: This was probably the worst movie I've ever seen.[View]
201271145cremaster: based[View]
201276860why did he do it bros?[View]
201276622What the fuck, I got him right?[View]
201275283Here is that Hell kid I was telling you about: ......[View]
201274106Wtf have they done to British history dramas: https://youtu.be/Pnm0Jmwms-M?si=2FSxHxsdV6TP2KCW They …[View]
201276933Why did he do it, bros? Was his jacket THAT important?[View]
201276805What are you watching tonight bros? For me it’s the TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (1974)[View]
201276347Favorite Sarah Gadon kinos?: For me it's 11.22.63. I love Sarah Gadon.[View]
201274414But they ironically should have made more sequels.[View]
201274271Finn Wittrock: This guy has “IT”. How come he didn’t get a crazy push?[View]
201269927>DUDE, everyone in my hometown is an illiterate hick! Fuck Belle.[View]
201276656they should make another movie about this other dragon, he seems hella fire[View]
201276648'TAKE THE BLACKPILL PIM': how do you respond to this?[View]
201276305Cast her for the inevitable live action[View]
201272738I miss intelligent cartoons: Let us discuss the best of them. /tv/approved only[View]
201269985>duvall >simmons Who is next /tv/? They come in 3s you know.…[View]
201276507Actually, I will say it. I'm sorry George Lucas. I was one of those 'star wars was saved in t…[View]
201276481>Te la vas a tener que tragar >para no ensuciar la camioneta >Las ventanas no se pueden abr…[View]
201272707What does /tv/ think of Old Boy?[View]
201275452What's her best kino?[View]
201275887What's the story?[View]
201276223He never had the makings of a varsity sharpshooter[View]
201275332No Kids Choice Awards thread?: The ceremony is live right now[View]
201276222But why male models?[View]
201270360What is their best film score[View]
201275455Who was in the wrong here?[View]
201272717/got/hotd/: Fighting for his birthright Edition prev: >>201270064[View]
201275865Is Extinction considered a good RE film?[View]
201275828https://youtu.be/Pu0sIzDAH_Y?si=OGzgMM6PT-9bvHlU IS UP! TRUMP SHOOTING EDITION[View]
201275063what is your favourite action movie of all time?[View]
201273314We have booze kino, weed kino, heroin kino, and ecstacy kino. Any /huff/ kino?[View]
201253528Favorite Karl quote?[View]
201275752Favorite Altman film?[View]
201275393What the hell was 1978 CBS thinking?[View]
201260955Millenials have Harry Potter and Lotr What do Zoomers have?[View]
201275546>He went 'yard' on that German's head. Were the German's as cruel to the Jews?…[View]
201275028Any good fantasy movie from last decade?[View]
201271210>tfw you will never watch The Blair Witch Project on VHS with your mates for the first time again…[View]
201275107He's behind me isn't he[View]
201274939Stochastic Terrorism: Concerning![View]
201275510Fell for the shills and went to see Longlegs. Fucking critic shills lying little bastards they did i…[View]
201275318why the bad aim?[View]
201275144Do you think Voldemort secretly wanted to molest Harry Potter and the whole dark wizard thing was ju…[View]
201275401https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z27z7oLQb3o kino[View]
201273343deep bros...[View]
201271867Should I watch this if I've never seen it? Can't find a theatrical of dances with wolves[View]
201274629>there are dudes literally GETTING PAID to get stomped on and bullied by Mia Goth why even live…[View]
201275258>athena gets cucked >tyrol gets cucked >anders gets cucked >lee gets cucked >caprica …[View]
201273111What was his fucking problem?[View]
201273869How many Rachelkinos have you seen? How many Rachelkinos do you plan on seeing?[View]
201273717Were Bart, Lisa and Maggie of African-american race?[View]
201270267I forgot the name: it was a a cartoon like futurama or rick and morty, the main protagonist is a guy…[View]
201275220I don't get it.[View]
201271269Is R2 a good actor or just eye candy?[View]
201272389Admit it, it was kino.[View]
201275083>what's up kaleb[View]
201274139Post your Topsters: Plebs need not apply.[View]
201271374>...I'm calling in a fire mission![View]
201274951How did he miss the shots ?: Is he stupid ? He was so close from killing his political nemesis and h…[View]
201274390good afternoon...[View]
201270704>no a single good movie to watch[View]
201274424The initials of the characters in the movie Inception forms the word 'daymares'. https://w…[View]
201272669Moveis with this feel?[View]
201248946/kdg/ Korean Drama General: Kdrama Samantha and Rachel Edition Previous: >>201218165[View]
201274802Why don't they just rape Homelander?[View]
201273595JFK: Had this movie been telling the truth, it would not have been allowed to be made, publicized, a…[View]
201272323Just finished watching this, what did I think of it?[View]
201271212Just finished picrel explain why better than OG BR.[View]
201273788Why Was This Movie?: I'm conflicted about this film. On one hand: >Beautiful graphics On the…[View]
201274709>good 'morrow, faggoteth. why do they keep saying that shit every 5 minutes? it sounds so st…[View]
201274566dystopian sci-fi trash: can we please bring back trashy gun fu sci-fi movies? films that would have …[View]
201270669>'It's tragic how few people ‘possess their souls’ before they die. 'Nothing is more ra…[View]
201274448time lords: god makes the plan edition.[View]
201272077/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #26: mouthbreather edition Season 3 news soon. …[View]
201272037>'hurr durr let's throw a pizza on somebody's house like I saw on the tv!'…[View]
201274051Utopia: kino[View]
201272981>Frasier says something that someone misinterprets >That person then says something that Frasi…[View]
201274279>mfw the tiger blood runs dry[View]
201270681>this made zoomers shit their pants, piss themselves, shriek in terror, shiver in fear, jump in h…[View]
201274236Have you seen Demon Knight? I think you should watch Demon Knight[View]
201272248>James Bond >Allow me to introduce myself >I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld What did he mean by th…[View]
201273163>My name is Bond. James Bond. How will Aaron Taylor-Johnson fare as the new James Bond?…[View]
201273952Have you tried pussy, Marty?[View]
201273678Turlington, internal affairs. We've been on the lookout for a serial off-topic poster. You woul…[View]
201274267Now that's just silly.[View]
201271902This was at one point universally considered the manliest man on television[View]
201274234Can you believe this shite..?[View]
201274055Do they know?[View]
201274130>Scene: Washington D.C >Overhead shot of a random midwestern suburb >The president, wearing…[View]
201268722This CGI slop is unwatchable[View]
201272915>you see, Tenet wasn't found in the past. It will be founded in the future…[View]
201271895>Andy Dufresne. Who was gaped through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. Heade…[View]
201262976Shrek 4 was 14 years ago.[View]
201268150Doctor Who, Star Trek and Sci-Fi in general have ALWAYS been woke. No one has ever found a good way …[View]
201253635Why did everyone pretend Charlotte from the Inbetweeners was the hottest chick in the worls? She…[View]
201273861Hollywood vs real life[View]
201273921MwahaAAA the French…Champagne[View]
201273421Poor Things: >Be woman >Set to wed a good man who legitimately cares for you >Postpone marr…[View]
201269700By far the worst fandom in cinema: Whoooooa DAVID LEEEEEEENCH made a movie? >The vibes!!! >the…[View]
201271073This makes perfect sense: Change my mind.[View]
201271884anyone seen this?[View]
201269721Automotive movie 'actors' thread: Which ones are your fav? Are there any car 'actors…[View]
201271008>women can't be fu-[View]
201272257>every showing near me since Thursday night is packed I guess this is the biggest horror flick si…[View]
201258305Wtf happened to him?[View]
201267074Stephen King Thread. The book is better btw[View]
201269936Holy shit! this show was good![View]
201273581Vikings: Shield Wall bros get in here and discuss this History Channel kino. I'm on S2E8. Ivar …[View]
201260618Why was this cocksucker so likeable?[View]
201272891Why does every site consider TV and movies to be seperate? I find that to be bullshit, I've alw…[View]
201273308>Neil is actually Kat's son[View]
201273243Hill Street Blues. Hill Street Blues. Hill Street Blues, I've got those Hill Street blues.[View]
201270321On a scale of 1-10: how true is this chart? Would you change anything?[View]
201272246How do we bring it back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwlCXVujrWE[View]
201269326>Tell that to Kanjiklub![View]
201271604Fat kid from Logan: What was his name again[View]
201272078What did George Lucas mean by this line?[View]
201250636she is objectively the best character in predator franchise with layered personality and developed b…[View]
201271376>makes low IQ primitives seethe[View]
201271674why isn't he in gladiator ii?[View]
201272961Brokeback Mountain 2005 2160p UHD Blu-ray DoVi HDR10 HEVC DTS-HD MA 5.1: is this still worth watchin…[View]
201270294Richard Simmons was autistic, not gay: What's so sad is that he was called gay every day of his…[View]
201269568Is his argument valid or naive?[View]
201272398>It makes no difference what men think of war. War endures. As well ask men what they think of st…[View]
201272908The BOYS is pro CIA: So today I decided to pirate(KEY WORD PIRATE) the new season of the boys. I wan…[View]
201272137movies about a friendless socially retarded man in his mid 20s with no prospects no qualifications n…[View]
201272703>in the force, we trust >have faith in the force, we must have >muh force whould he shut up…[View]
201272621YOU: I just finished season 2. I thought this was a gay show for women, but Joe is cool, and Quinn i…[View]
201271412>virgins in the Force[View]
201270639ITT: Certified /tv/ kino[View]
201270064/got/hotd/: Size chart Edition prev >>201267157[View]
201272428>7 days to Shelby Oaks[View]
201272071will the remake be any good?[View]
201272495What are some movies about a man fucking an older woman? A coworker twice my age asked me to meet up…[View]
201272417RIP: Arent you Richard Simmons' best friend...Richard Simmons??[View]
201271193Hello /tv/ any good cop shows lately?[View]
201271681Enemy of the State: Gonna start this in 15 minutes. What should I prepare myself for?[View]
201272164>I can handle things! I'm smaht![View]
201272272This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen. Wtf is elliot roger even doing in here?[View]
201265436Would you ever carry a knife to a trial?[View]
201272190I watch Righteous Gemstones for she[View]
201272015Why are so many actors dying recently?[View]
201269358What am I in for?[View]
201265267Animatrix: Weird that a movie recommends a high school kid going an hero as a way to find the truth…[View]
201271656TV during dinner with family Yes or no ?[View]
201272055>new guy arrives in prison >'EYO FISH!'…[View]
201270328>because of my superior speed and dexterity I am sure to win This trope is bullshit every single …[View]
201264664Best movies to watch on mushrooms? I'm going to take 3g today.[View]
201271738Dafaq is this shit?[View]
201271040Is this supposed to be a comedy or a cheap knock-off of Star Wars?[View]
201271706Who would win?[View]
201271149>delightfully ghoulish, darling[View]
201271649your reaction without sounding mad?[View]
201271020>So, you, uh, you shop in the plus size section?[View]
201271713Come on baby start those fryers[View]
201271109>butterface with a chai guava shirt and was in epstein mansion is supposed to be good >nog who…[View]
201270509Natalie could never.[View]
201270764What the fuck was his problem?[View]
201269268Everybody and their mom and their pet dog watched Infinity War and Endgame. Even those with the mild…[View]
201271188How the fuck did this fail?[View]
201271207??? Days till Fallout Season 2[View]
201268686Someone asks you you're favorite movie How do you respond? (Without seeming angry)[View]
201271485What are the sibling incest kinos? Bonus points for not French films[View]
201270922The Nutty Professor 1 & 2 is just The Whale with a smart and likeable protagonist.[View]
201269399What is your favorite Sopranos episode?[View]
201270534The mega Disney leak: Any new info on the Disney leak? Anyone have anything?[View]
201271394>anime can't be ki-[View]
201268109Who was in the wrong here? the plot of this movie doesn't quite make sense, Alec planned the wh…[View]
201271341The BOYS is pro CIA: So today I decided to pirate(KEY WORD PIRATE) the new season of the boys. I wan…[View]
201268085This movie sucked but I couldn't stop watching it for some reason[View]
201269900What’s the point of this character?[View]
201269406ok but why is this true doebeitever?[View]
201271272TOUCH (2024): OUT NOW IN THEATHERS[View]
201263778Here's your John Constantine[View]
201264008My plan to save Star Wars[View]
201271108>tfw you pop in your brand spankin' new $45 steelbook 4k first party sony bluray of one of t…[View]
201270373>Ridley Scott flick is historically inaccurate[View]
201271169What's the best Michael Cricton adaptation[View]
201271118the greatest trilogy ever made[View]
201263798aaaaaand memoryholed[View]
201261463How can I look like this?[View]
201271038Merlot is LE BAD: what exactly did he mean by this?[View]
201270994Terrance Howard: Fun fact: this is NOT Terrance Howard’s son.[View]
201262617Why don't actors just admit they roid? It's not like they're pro athletes.[View]
201270726Now that the dust has settled I can say with confidence that, if I were to rank all the Batman movie…[View]
201270877>... Wyoming.[View]
201269088Blockbusters are back baby[View]
201270729Cast him[View]
201257475/film/ - Thread for the discussion of classic and art house films: /lit/erature crossover edition Yo…[View]
201270700I'm a Ginny Sack kinda guy[View]
2012694041 times 1 equals 2, baby.[View]
201266404how much money will this movie make?[View]
201260890Why does everyone dislike his stand up? He's funny on his Pod who can't he transfer that o…[View]
201270620Real Time: Start the Clock: Last night's Real Time was another all time banger. What did you th…[View]
201269119>I am insane I need a Lisbeth girlfriend, bros[View]
201266259/got/: >GODS, THIS IS COUNTRY[View]
201266875Do you close the curtains and turn the lights off to watch kinos, even during the day?[View]
201269097what was the last piece of physical media you bought?[View]
201270480>this made boomers sensibly chuckle Crazy People (1990) starring the inimitable screen favorite D…[View]
201269527what are the best cartoons to watch on tubi?[View]
201270327>sociopath disguises himself as wacky, as a way to derive pleasure out of fucking with people. I …[View]
201262108where is she now?[View]
201269170Twisters: This was a great blockbuster film. >likeable characters >no pozzedness >white gi…[View]
201269603Stranger things is garbage: >They steal the 'Pruit Igo and Prophecies' music to copy th…[View]
201270193muh scary longlegz: cringe af[View]
201270124Do you think Lucius Malloy put his wand in Draco’s chamber of Secrets?[View]
201266406Black Panther Star Under Fire For Having Her Film, Sound of Hope, Backed by The Daily Wire: Letitia …[View]
201252293>Get >The >Cream >Sauce…[View]
201267157/got/hotd/: Triarchy incoming Edition prev >>201260161[View]
201269715>this was your average 11 year old girl in 1940[View]
201267703Why did they start making each episode the length of a movie in the latter half of the season? There…[View]
201269131How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
201232429Did this fucking dude write the show? How does he always come off as the smartest, most whitty perso…[View]
201269916This is the worst South Park since Jakovasaurs.[View]
201269481>consequences anon, it's the little things >the little things; there's nothing bigge…[View]
201269463TV Personality Richard Simmons dead at 76[View]
201268274Tuh tuh tututuh tutuh tuh tuh tuh tutu tutu tuh tuh[View]
201269652>this was a 39 year old in 2001[View]
201266250this dude's entire life was ruined because the Bills suck lol[View]
2012653743 days Darth Filipino bros[View]
201267402>What kind of anon are you?[View]
201267081/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #25: Taylor edition Season 3 news soon. Link: h…[View]
201268901for me? its Asajj Ventress. cast her in the upcoming ahsoka season 2[View]
201267549No show captures the essence of the 2000s better than Malcolm in the Middle.[View]
201268724Bring. The bottle. Back.[View]
201269402Be honest /tv/, would you?[View]
201269366We need a new Austin Powers movie more than ever.[View]
201266710That'd be $800 + tip.[View]
201261460Did one bullet really cause 7 wounds like this movie says?[View]
201269001The Beekeper: ABSOLUTE CINEMA[View]
201268372Children of Men: >the world's last hope for the future and the continuation of the human rac…[View]
201269433Such a hopeless and sad movie yet the ending just makes me feel so good. This movie single handedly …[View]
201261968>Stavros Striking deals with netflix, is in movies and tv shows does massive specials >Nick …[View]
201268380Say it.[View]
201268017Bond, kino Bond[View]
201267481Post actresses playing exaggerated caricatures of femininity.[View]
201269353>you should really pick that up man[View]
201269141>buy franchise >give it to talentless angry lesbians…[View]
201267806Is there any handy japanese movie & tv recommendations ???[View]
201269171Whats next for the monsterverse movies?[View]
201269162>'Do you remember that day, Frederik? Chloe stretched her arms out of the car's window. We…[View]
201268672>retcon Maeve into being a lesbian for the show for some reason >She's a member of the se…[View]
201267278ITS UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15oL4hadTys[View]
201268953How was this so good, then every other Craig Bond film after it so shit?[View]
201265219This is a great show. Why don't I ever see anyone talking about it?[View]
201266457What are 'special victims' anyway?[View]
201267018*coombaits in youre path*[View]
201260536What the fuck did I just watch? kek[View]
201268452Do leftists really think that the hideous mutant rapist cannibals were an allegory for Native Americ…[View]
201266930what's your favorite palekino?: for me, its The Neon Demon[View]
201268420>when the sky fowl >when it crumb bowls >we will stand towel >face it owl, together what…[View]
201267670thos guys entire career can be reduced to a pathetic attempt at making swarthy italian manlets look …[View]
20126809790's Blockbusters: >1993 Jurassic Park Mrs. Doubtfire The Fugitive Schindler's List The…[View]
201263433I could have saved her.[View]
201259152ITT: food in movie you'd eat.[View]
201265668I don’t like diamonds. They’re hard and cold and unfeeling, and they weigh you down[View]
201267279why do pussy licking scenes in movies make y'all seethe so hard, losers?[View]
201268139save the cheerleader save the world[View]
201264513whos got the disney leaked files: post em so we can laugh[View]
201265173Best Sheen kino?[View]
201268471Producers vs Directors: Fuck Those Cock Sucking pencil pushing bureaucratic fucks Who call themselve…[View]
201267846fantasmas: is anyone watching this?[View]
201268145I love this fucking movie and I watch it once a week.[View]
201264981Hey /tv/, wanna play catch?[View]
201266037RIP Dr Ruth: You'll be sorely missed.[View]
201263354What other shows start strong and then consistently get worse every season?[View]
201266997For me is Ayala Secura[View]
201266850you now remember Jerome, brother of the Joker[View]
201258287Are the prequels good or not /tv/?[View]
201266367Do neo nazis really care if hispanics date white women? That part seemed like total bullshit[View]
201267929Oh yeah! You gotta get schwifty. It's time to get schwifty in here.[View]
201268373>gets touted as 'arthouse stalker movie' >has some of the worst fucking acting and dialog I ha…[View]
201266630Lmao this is gonna bomb[View]
201268263This was the sexiest stare in the history of television. The way Ewan Mitchell plays Aemond is other…[View]
201265100>Negasonic Teenage Warhead is lesbian >depicted as cute and treated with respect >Deadpool …[View]
201265960>Pawtucket Patriot Ale. If you buy it, hot women will have sex in your backyard.…[View]
201266688Kino that flopped[View]
201267895>everyone dies from being a massive retard Why the fuck is this considered a masterpiece to this …[View]
201265437How did he know so much?[View]
201265038RDJs greatest KINO still: Zoomers will never know it, capeshitters will never get it.[View]
201266211Have you ever went to the cinema drunk?[View]
201260708American Saga part 2 pulled from cinemas after low box office: >already pulling the sequel from c…[View]
201265537Sanctuary: If you didn't watched it, you have no right to be on /v/ Im still waiting for a reb…[View]
201267794Who was in the wrong here?[View]
201266660>peaks at Season 7[View]
201267658>Hittori Bocchi and Bocchi the rock are not related. Dropped.[View]
201267517ITT: actors who always carry their show or movie[View]
201267613Cast him for the inevitable biopic[View]
201253719/who/ - Doctor Who geneal: Gaynus (gay anus) edition[View]
201267524Y2KINO: I still utterly love that 2000s look of heightened reality and cool warmness and I'll n…[View]
201266430Admit it, he looks better than Ron Perlman.[View]
201267472>No more half measures[View]
201267448I'm not sure if this is shit or kino, I think I'm leaning towards shit. Any schizo kinos w…[View]
201246887I hate normalfags retards so much[View]
201262687it's over[View]
201262518I just watched this and it was admittedly great. I’m starting to think you guys are brainbroken bey…[View]
201267034Why exactly did it get canceled?[View]
201251754Give me a comfier kino. (You can't)[View]
201261980Longlegs.2024.720p.HDCAM-C1NEM4: >Longlegs.2024.720p.HDCAM-C1NEM4 >Longlegs.2024.720p.HDCAM-C1…[View]
201267270This graph is flawed. Cobb didn't make it to reality. https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/…[View]
201265037>white men bad >red men good Embarrassing.…[View]
201267162Rate it.[View]
201267095>Underdog outperforming Hollywood >Delivering kino over kino Cinema and the whole world say TH…[View]
201265600Why would they walk back to his car? Are they retarded?[View]
201263330Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of this kino?[View]
201267001Well that about covers it for Joe Biden's debate performance, after all there is more important…[View]
201238374Booster bros …[View]
201266975the charges, officer?[View]
201228153/hor/ - Horror General: Mondo Edition[View]
201266669i don't want cinemas to just be super hero slop again. it's been nice not every other movi…[View]
201264364Lets say /tv/ is an elite navy pilot in 1987, whats your ultra masculine call sign that gets you lai…[View]
201266383Imagine being a 4chan Joker and not going to watch Longlegs the next Joker kino. You should be cele…[View]
201266733most successful bollywood director[View]
201260161/got/hotd/: HEAR HEAR edition previous:>>201256203[View]
201264110>Fuck you /tv/ >I worked my ass off on 'Horizon' and now you're all saying you want to se…[View]
201266594i destroy the city for she[View]
201258996Perfect Kino Experience[View]
201266318>no groids >European and twee influence >fashion, kino, sex Lads how did a good ole Ameri…[View]
201264563Do you still collect psychical media?[View]
201266455>writes and directs kino in your path[View]
201265772Hmmmmm... nootka[View]
201266327>Best Movies of all time >Top 5 includes Mulholland Drive, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Persona…[View]
201265388Why don't they make movies like this anymore? Wouldn't zoomers also be able to relate to i…[View]
201254068Hottest horror character ever[View]
201261555Doctor Pavel, I'm CIA[View]
201264543Behold /tv/, my favorite shot in film history.[View]
201262158>Yo, check this out. White guys drive a car like this. But Black guys drive a car like this!…[View]
201265999>Vice President Thanos What did Ross mean by this?[View]
201265324if you don't like it, simply don't watch it :-)[View]
201265971All that shit because his best friend killed the chick he loved?[View]
201265487Aaaaaaaa not the GAY Lincoln!![View]
201264870The Invention of Lying: What was the message of this movie?[View]
201261413>At local premiere of Long Legs with GF >Asian guy sits down next to her, smacking extremely p…[View]
201263735Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all >Nothing at all >>NOTHING AT ALL…[View]
201265121would you be able to fuck meadow? out of respect for tone i mean. i'm not ashamed to say that i…[View]
201265815I need some motivation/inspiration. What are some life changing movies/documentaries out there that …[View]
201250367Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?[View]
201265794Has a movie ever made you nostalgia for a time you never even lived in?[View]
201264232>Hey Gare, it's Artie. I won't be able to make it in today.[View]
201265057Chat, did we like this movie? What did I think of it?[View]
201265669Oh, yeah?[View]
201260830Yes, I'm a shill. Yes, I get paid for these posts. But I'm being perfectly honest with you…[View]
201265459Watching films like Encino Man, California looks really comfily livable in the late 80s, early 90s..…[View]
201262073whats her greatest bino?[View]
201265673Is he the biggest hack working in Hollywood today? At least among the directors who are considered t…[View]
201263452>sequel is just the first movie but with the same character saying 'I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDE…[View]
201258455WHAT DID JAMES GUNN MEAN BY THIS?: >be a pedo in hollywood >get promoted…[View]
201258147Mask of Zorro: Watched this yesterday again and absolute Kino,also didnt know this existed but alter…[View]
201260991I watched this m9vie and I liked it quite a bit, but I watched it expecting it to be a million times…[View]
201263038/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #24: Taylo edition Season 3 news soon. Link: ht…[View]
201238283>Let us go through the Mines of Moria[View]
201265025Why does this place have the best taste in film (and video games on Glitchwave, for that matter) out…[View]
201263919Kissing Jessica Stein: This film is the most grounded realistic take on fictional phenomena called '…[View]
201263486So when will this movie be released?[View]
201265205Disney still has it: Absolute kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7Y0aWjqTsw[View]
201264862What was the point of any of this?[View]
201263954Alexandra Daddario: Now that she's going to be a mom and pushing 40, do you think she'll c…[View]
201265113freakbob is calling: do you answer?[View]
201264874I miss him, bros...[View]
201264084>Far, far below the deepest delving of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things. Even …[View]
201265007>ywn be drenched in blood by a milf Why live? (movie is Devil's Workshop)…[View]
201262920I will always remember this tv show. Nothing else can even come close. kinda weird just how much cu…[View]
201227102ITT: first /tv/ crushes[View]
201264083Hurry up!: Bring my coffee, boy![View]
201264615Another Round is a shitty movie. Fuck you.[View]
201263812ITT: iconic TV intros[View]
201263080Based or cringe?[View]
201259396>The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was 10 years ago Is it too late for Black Cat to return?…[View]
201258690Guess the plot hole[View]
201264604Times you acted like the Light Sleeper (1992(a Paul Schrader joint)) ?[View]
201258598Mandingo (1975): Now that the dust has settled, what did we think about the 1975 production film tit…[View]
201264474WTF ?: Are slavs really like this ?[View]
201256367Guys, I think the femoids have outsmarted us D:[View]
201259490Neytiri is...[View]
201264299Holy based why was this one single line so fucking hot? Based Dommy Mommy Emma Stone[View]
201263880movies about musicians making it? preferably something which gets into details of how they wrote mus…[View]
201263720>reckless >pathetic >alcoholic >incompetent >weak >still by far the most compellin…[View]
201251453When does it stop being good?: Is it worth watching?[View]
201262292So who gets the Burly Beef?[View]
201260372Who wins?[View]
201263939Kathy met a girlfriend at a place around Grant Swore if she got out alive she'd, not go back ag…[View]
201263918Would the Bluths be considered trust fund babies? Is Michael technically a nepobaby?[View]
201263854What went wrong[View]
201262709High minded metaphors about the nature of humankind aside, which team are you on? Ibanez or Flores?[View]
201263803Well /tv/ ?[View]
201263713Its been months and still no rip?[View]
201256080Is this the most jewish show ever created?[View]
201262838Why do you hate your least favorite actor?[View]
201263808>Tony Gilroy names left 'Kino' >Leslye Headland names right 'Mog' Why did they mean by this? A…[View]
201263750Eric Roberts…IS…the Coca Cola kid[View]
201263747>Good Quality!! As usual decent work.. >A-10 >V-10 >Thank You YIFY!…[View]
201263545>dex > str[View]
201263342>The Big Bang Theory but actually funny another proof that Americans ruin everything they touch…[View]
201261296What are your thoughts/opinions on MCU's Phase One and Two?[View]
201263076>comedy/slice of life movie has a wholesome BMWF couple[View]
201262615>signs you're already in for a kino[View]
201263609Heart rate? Jacked. Hand? Steady.[View]
201258600I was watching Master & Commander with the missus and she got the ick and left. I just kept watc…[View]
201262418The Motion Picture Classifications According to USC School of Cinematic Arts[View]
201260593Wonder Woman OR Tomb Raider, /tv/?[View]
201259677>muslims are le good? >christians are le BAD!?…[View]
201260147a complete unknown: ok who is the target audience for this? >boomers don't want to see some …[View]
201260063Just marathoned pic related with my gf. What did I think of it??[View]
201262625Ready for Titanic: the Revenge?[View]
201263377I wanted to play Yakuza 1 again but I forgot how bad the english voice actors are.[View]
201261929>the time has come...execute Project 2025[View]
201262406>That time when Anthony Mackie was a Sonic character[View]
201255937lmao remember when millennials ruined entertainment with the retarded garbage they had been taught a…[View]
201263241>I don't get it, why are they confessing their crimes? >They're not confessing, they…[View]
201250630Where are Bodybuilder Kinos?[View]
201262640Are you going to watch the new martial arts kino: 'The Siege of Kowloon 30yo Woman City'? It has Sam…[View]
201263188Who was in the wrong here?[View]
201262315why did they go tracking after merry and pippin? Shouldn't they have gone after frodo and sam s…[View]
201262726Family Guy theatrical film when?[View]
201260778What do you want?[View]
201261788Why are filmmakers incapables of using jumpscares correctly ?[View]
201263036Does /tv/ knows good series like Severance? It was kino. Too bad we have to wait 2025 for the next s…[View]
201232274Harrison Ford bros, we finally cashed in[View]
201258685Happy birthday JC!: On this day, 2124 years ago, CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR was born. What is your favorite…[View]
201262035I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't get scared at this part[View]
201262605He calls guys twats and then he calls the other guys cunts haha that guy is funny[View]
201262512i'm just a simple little waffle boy. what are some kinos for a simple little waffle boy to enjo…[View]
201244526This scene unironically motivate me to roon and get /fit/. Any other running scene or just some cool…[View]
201260692have you watched Milf Manor? Seems kinda hot desu ngl[View]
201261043>IRAQ LOBSTER![View]
201259514>comes out end of August >noone cares Not showing at the same time as HoTD was probably a good…[View]
201262297What you all think about the new Gladiator 2 movie?[View]
201255103who is your favorite character from young sheldon?: for me its the based dad. He drinks beer and wat…[View]
201259061QUICK: post your favorite Italian exploitation film[View]
201261363>I think I need a new butt. Mine has a crack in it![View]
201261828That's right. Stewie Long Legs just blew your mind.[View]
201261923why are there so few movies about small town america? there are beautiful small towns all over ameri…[View]
201259126Who the fuck was this even for?[View]
201257832I don't like this site, and I don't think I'm going to post anymore[View]
201260552How did this film make any sense? Just try to imagine the chef explaining his plans to his crew. …[View]
201243660>you see this watch? that watch cost more than your car How do you respond without sounding poor …[View]
201262058FROM THE TWISTED MIND: From the twisted mind of Jordan Peele >Gasp, not a single beeping fire ala…[View]
201260353Dude, someone just touched my dick![View]
201258021When does he rake the moon?[View]
201258824/got/hotd/: Total Black domination Edition prev >>201256203[View]
201261774What are the dumbest spin-offs?[View]
201261742Jewllywood was the greatest invention of the Rabbinical Elite that controls the USA, England and Fra…[View]
201259425Captain America is not what you think it is. I see a lot of noise about BNWO or whatever. All of th…[View]
201258221chappelle: I wonder what Arsenio Hall doin' right now. I bet he at a wine and cheese party. He …[View]
201261695Just marathon'd this. What did I think of it?[View]
201248930Gladiator 2: The glory of ancient Rome... *HIP HOP STARTS PLAYING* We wuz Romans and shieeeeeeeEeEeE…[View]
201256132/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #23: Can I have a turn edition Season 3 news so…[View]
201258192Always two there are: A Jim Carrey and a Tommy Lee Jones[View]
201257244I stand behind Alec Baldwin[View]
201259881girls under 18 in my location are officially only wearing bikini tops with low rise baggy jeans and …[View]
201245056For me it’s the Yuuzhan Vong[View]
201259213Imagine a Nolan movie about yogis, saints, sages, angels and God. Yeah, I think it's coming. It…[View]
201260656Kisame, we're leaving[View]
201240728Are we ever gonna see her back in her best costume?[View]
201257539What's Japanese television like?[View]
201256728Ford is 82 today[View]
201252026Interview with the Vampire ('94): What went wrong?[View]
201259638Oppenheimer: >Black and white women in quantum physics class back in 1930's Very historicall…[View]
201260840Watching this after consuming The Soys: Americans CANNOT compete You watch the boys you have the mos…[View]
201260722this is everything[View]
201257756>Wait. Upon further thought, them attacking in broad daylight is an obvious bait. Some sort of am…[View]
201259471>'Master Norwood, where is my hairline, Is it safe? Is it alright?'[View]
201241005/tbg/ The Boys General: Because you fucks were too lazy to start a new one you don't get a link…[View]
201260368why do the international market hate melanin[View]
201259131How much was his IQ?[View]
201258383Iconic moments from /tv/[View]
201257972Unironically shook me to the core.[View]
201260309post your favorite movie poster[View]
201260446Are Dragon Racist?: Daenerys was able to hatch 3 Dragons on funeral pyre,Meanwhile Pajeets have been…[View]
201260294Zoomers will never get to experience anything like The Chappelle Show. I feel bad for them I'M…[View]
201257746Red Sonja Reboot: Director did little AMA again on insta.[View]
201255518Is this a historically and time period accurate depiction of a soldier in ancient Rome?[View]
201255335Who could play Laura Palmer in a Twin Peaks reboot?[View]
201259407>this guy has more friends and fucked more girls than the average anon[View]
201260139>what's your favorite sitcom, anon? >me:…[View]
201257701What is your first impression of him ?[View]
201257687I don't get it[View]
201258277 I THINK PORN SUCKS [View]
201251462Do you like Matt Berry? video for people who don't know matt berry is https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
201259865StLa Guerre des étoiles, épisode III : La Revanche des Sith: Not only is it the best Star Wars movie…[View]
201258053>peak gaming storytelling >no one made a movie adaptation yet why ?…[View]
201257751Somebody force masc this FtM femboy already, I'm tired of pooners not putting in any work at be…[View]
201258073>'Sir would you like some popcorn or any other snack?' >'No thanks' (I already smuggled everyt…[View]
201257876SIEG HEIL[View]
201259761Sunny Looks like our favourite eye candy got a new show.[View]
201255729Movies on rural to urban migration: any good movies on this where the protagonist or the main family…[View]
201251406we need to vote for the return of 2000s aesthetic with edgy setting and nu metal soundtrack[View]
201257471It's Saturday night and you are here. Explain this to me[View]
201256117They're practically identical[View]
201258825Is DEI casting based?[View]
201256722Have they made any kino?[View]
201259466If I was born in 2000, how do I remember this show, as well as a lot of people around my age? It was…[View]
201258620The Chosen: Anyone watch this kino? My church has a watch night every Friday. Unlike a lot of Christ…[View]
201256679Has this industry hit a rock bottom?[View]
201257731Fargo: Aces![View]
201259178now that the dust has settled: was it a good idea for qui-gon to free all those Jews?[View]
201259165I'm Ted Bundy: Professional retard here. Anyone could please explain to me the ending of the mo…[View]
201254465Inside Out 2: 1 billion at box office: Deadpool 3: will make close to 1 billion I tought people boyc…[View]
201258993Can we have a stand up thread? Or a general comedy one[View]
201250289>mfw I see car drifting[View]
201258941300 dorra. Now.[View]
201258323Will he turn evil in the series?[View]
201227682/rho/ - RHODES GENERAL/ROMERO SUMMER: Zombies are for warm weather edition Previous thread >>2…[View]
201255381What’s his best role?[View]
201256203/got/hotd/: Vermithor when? Edition prev >>201253187[View]
201258133HERE'S JOHNNY![View]
201258779I'm turning into him[View]
201257345Is Marvel nuts?Ford can't play a president he's 82 years old[View]
201256991what do you think he's up to these days?[View]
201255308>I'm the money[View]
201258642>and they say that a Führer can save us, I'm not gonna sit here and wait Jesus Christ Raimi …[View]
201258403>Joker angers why for appeals to “angry white men” >Joker 2 has fag hag Lady Gaga and is a mus…[View]
201256716What would be his favourite films?[View]
201257639I can't wait for silo and severence later this year.[View]
201246157I can't even finish season 3: What went so wrong? It's insufferable. One episode was 90% t…[View]
201258183So damn good[View]
201257514Shelby Oaks directed by Chris Stuckmann: First screenshot just dropped. World Premiere is in 7 days!…[View]
201257690Was it autism?[View]
201249306Why is this freak directing Superman?[View]
201258194Calls himself a Bikerider yet drives his wife's boat to do biker shit: I don't get it.…[View]
201255285Unfortunate names in TV and Film[View]
201249910Seven Samurai: I genuinely hate this movie, a 3 hour snoozefest where nothing happened.[View]
201257999>Let me in nigga Your response /tv/?[View]
201248665Reminder you werent supposed to like this character[View]
201255650Admit it, you clapped.[View]
201252567Do they ever explain how these ordinary people can afford to see the best doctor in the country in a…[View]
201248829What was one kino that made you go >”Now THAT was powerful!”[View]
201257892But how did the ghost get their phone numbers?[View]
201257683i never once cracked a smile at this asshole. ruined the series[View]
201257555Yo, a question. So my partner is autistic, she can never tell the twist ending as it comes. We’re b…[View]
201256625I've noticed that Rachel McAdams has visible and highly prominent 'crazy eyes' in every role I…[View]
201257495>I dunno if you should, like, say shit like that Sam >Like what Julien? Nigger 1488? Praise Ke…[View]
201256788Judge Holden[View]
201257900where the O&A bros at?[View]
201256810Why is Bergman considered such an influential director? Big names like Scorsese, Tarkovsky, Coppola,…[View]
201254812I thought England was a bleak overcast shithole. What are some other kinos that showcase the gorgeou…[View]
201256948> He 'buyed' and consumed Disney :DDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNDqhe70pxA…[View]
201254739finally got around to watching this and it's peak aesthetics. a good film all around but the so…[View]
201256290It's a pleasure to see you again. After Hogans Heroes, Bob crane got his skull crushed by a fri…[View]
201244632Jean-Claude Van Damme: My cousin works in LA as a producer/DOP. He just called me out of the blue to…[View]
201255215Daria: >deletes Tom Best teenager cartoon known to mankind.[View]
201255403Movie magic[View]
201257355Longlegs: This movie made me angry because it's very clear that Osgood Perkins has it in him to…[View]
201254195who is this man[View]
201257498Signs you're in for Reddit.[View]
201255121>make some spanakopita >Ah yes, this is the mystical lembas bread created by the elves, the mo…[View]
201251843so he's just a freaky sadist, but has convinced himself he's an inevitable, unstoppable fo…[View]
201256368What are some examples of boring man movies?[View]
201249466This arc was kino[View]
201249074This is gonna suck so hard[View]
201257226>makes Memento at age 30 >makes The Prestige at 36 >makes The Dark Knight at 38 >makes I…[View]
201254601What are the best media works that portray a character from a shrunken perspective?[View]
201256796>spend 3 seasons building up his relationship with kimiko, his entire character revolves around h…[View]
201221082YAASSS!! SLAY LINckLY!!![View]
201256752Now, I'm going to tell you a little story today. It's a heartbreakingly sad story about a …[View]
201252736So here's the thing: Everybody and their mom and their pet dog watched Infinity War and Endgame…[View]
201257037what are some movies depicting beautiful girls?[View]
201256778[Exciting News] Erin Moriarty (30) has just been cast as Blade in the upcoming “Puppet Master” remak…[View]
201255800HOLY CRINGE[View]
201255559Parker Posey[View]
201255665Now that video game movies are the new hotness, what classic viyda IP do you want to see adapted to …[View]
201252560watch our movie, fellow kids[View]
201256891A person with a relatively darker pigment of skin?[View]
201256648'Command confirmed. Goodbye ma'am. It's been a pleasure to serve you'[View]
201256693Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Shhh, Becca is sleeping[View]
201256751Is there any handy japanese movie & tv recommendations ???[View]
201256579>46 years later >still far and away the greatest capekino and likely never to be surpassed…[View]
201255875my ancestor...[View]
201255106Best anime movie ever[View]
201256202He'll do it, too. The mad man.[View]
201253670should i cast her in my avatar anime[View]
201252831These two ladies show up at your door at night. What do you do?[View]
201254484Recommend me kino based on my taste: >movies: se7en, zodiac, interstellar, the martian, dune, lot…[View]
201240107>You don't believe we went to the moon?[View]
201254435Just saw this. It wasn't as bad as you faggots told me.[View]
201252654>Mad Max, that’s a movie. >The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, that's a movie. >Rio Bravo,…[View]
201253187got/hotd/: Stealth Vhagar edition Previous: >>201249904[View]
201255978>Main Character endlessly tortured for no good reason: Kind of based, what the fuck? This Jew boy…[View]
201255332High and Low is the greatest movie ever made.[View]
201250296Name a single TV show more entertaining that police body cam foottage: In fact i completely stopped …[View]
201253117Your behavior is unacceptable, /tv/ It's time to start a conversation[View]
201256106>tfw another kino went over the heads of your midwit normalfag family[View]
201255228What's the verdict on Twisters? And how much screentime does /ourqueen/ Kiki have?[View]
201254168Give me a movie to watch: Recommend me a good movie, you stupid fucking retards. You all are a bunch…[View]
201256029I’d drive my train into her ravine if you know what I mean[View]
201253991I guess it's just gonna be the two of us[View]
201255129ITT: signs you're about to watch kino[View]
201236173This episode hit a little too close to home[View]
201252899How important is the soundtrack for a movie to be KINO?[View]
201254530>character has a British accent >have to turn on subtitles to understand them…[View]
201254643I have never seen a movie flip flop between utter kino and complete slop as wildly as Pearl Harbor d…[View]
201244355What am I in for?[View]
201254558WebMs of /tv/ - Television & Film[View]
201247683>Whitewashes the Manson murders >Let's Roman Polanski live happily ever after Was did Tar…[View]
201253265Pair of jeans that fit just right.[View]
201253675'We have a vithual on the thuthpect.'[View]
201240119Anybody else tired of the “nepobaby” discourse?: People pursue the same line of work as their parent…[View]
201255258Wow this shit is really bad lol[View]
201254595>Korean >Japanese Ok but what about /Thai/ kino?…[View]
201255082The Amityville Cinematic Universe[View]
201255590>He's a stuntman, and like everyone in the stunt community, he gets blown up, shot, crashed,…[View]
201248592One thing I notice in 80's/90's films are the characters visiting jazz/blues bars. Even wh…[View]
201253821will Eternals 2 be made ?[View]
201252953early 2010s geek culture: Used to think it was cringe, but nowadays I realize it was more pure and h…[View]
201255563This stupid fucking movie of giant hairy monsters actually brought a tear to my eye. Why couldn…[View]
2012555422001 A space Odyssey monolith: At the start of the film, the black screen presented before you is th…[View]
201253610>constables? he's already slipped past them once hasn't he? who's to say he won…[View]
201253084What am I in for lads?[View]
201252157Cleopatra with Gal Gadot cancelled[View]
201240041memes aside is Wednesday actually a good show?[View]
201244230Interesting film trivia: The reason Kirsten Stewart's character in 'Panic Room' spends most of …[View]
201254093>Only one fast move can save us now[View]
201255244>Winter Soldier action thriller vibes Are we back?[View]
201255220>I'm really sticking my head out here detective. This guy has laser focus once he picks his …[View]
201251581ITT post only the biggest Reddit movies[View]
201255111We were robbed of Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel adventures[View]
201252003Is this the most beautiful show ever made? (Aesthetically)[View]
201254635Why did this one turn out to be such a stinker compared to his earlier movies?[View]
201252503Do you love Pearl?[View]
201253474how that the dust has settled what did they MEAN by this scene, why are they adopted Knuckles to be …[View]
201248503This man set the record straight and destroyed bigots. What is your favorite thing he ruined?[View]
201254574What the fuck was her problem?[View]
201251807Why didn't he just brush his teeth?[View]
201254043What the unexpected kino. This is genuinely better than a good chunk of JGL's filmography.[View]
201254491So where is the rest of the season?[View]
201253186>watch beloved childhood movie I haven't seen in years >produced by Kathleen Kennedy…[View]
201254334>decide to check out 'The Boys' >mfw /tv/ was wrong and it was woke from episode 1 What else h…[View]
201254437>I want to be Batman[View]
201251855This scene gave boomers heart attacks[View]
201251710holy shit: This is the best kino about Vikings >agreed?[View]
201254294No show captures the essence of the 2000s better than Malcolm In the Middle[View]
201254169I can turn a Pepsi into a Coke.[View]
201250457What Baldwin kino are you watching to celebrate?[View]
201251954They took this from you[View]
201251519This movie is absolutely awful, the adlibbing is not only endless but none of them are funny. It’s a…[View]
201253074It's no Breaking Bad.[View]
201250771This scene filtered millions.[View]
201252954Where the fuck can I download this? I'm tried going through all the normal platforms and looked…[View]
201250956>they estimate your net worth at 5 million Wtf? Are mobsters really this poor? Why would anyone t…[View]
201253645so was this movie kino?: i thought it was hilarious, desu. chris hemsworth was great in it, and it…[View]
201243272>Alec Baldwin today after his involuntary manslaughter case was dismissed alec baldwin bros we a…[View]
201249487Am I supposed to believe this land cow is the most popular girl in school?[View]
201251351Billions must suffer[View]
201253506was there some lesbian vibes between them?[View]
201253504PURE SOVL[View]
201249117>zionist director Just give me the web dl[View]
201253438Why is all of boomercore highly sensationalized PR?: Immediately before the playgirl performance, th…[View]
201252416>we want a racial ambiguity actor[View]
201251691Friends lied. Life actually isn't like that.[View]
201252478>Tomatoes, sausages, nice crispy bacon What the fuck is it with British people ruining perfectly …[View]
201243155just watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and i couldnt stop staring at her for the whole movie pea…[View]
201249904/got/hotd/: He's literally me edition previous thread >>201245002[View]
201252257Underrated sports kinos[View]
201252609MANSA, the epic: Cast all the supporting casts for a historical biopic on the richest human being to…[View]
201250371/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #22: Eating edition Season 3 in some weeks. Ev…[View]
201249053>2 months later >Completely memory-holed What went wrong?…[View]
201249255What 90s/00s space sci-fi TV should I watch next, bros? I'm playing catchup with the genre and …[View]
201251844>japanese comedy[View]
201251011>Smoking weed and cheating with a pimp is based actually Why are Americans like this?…[View]
201242775How can people not like this movie??? It's KINO >Violent >Dark (no, not too dark) >Bru…[View]
201227524>ruins your 10/10 show[View]
201250218Stargate was a really good movie despite being merely an 'okay' movie on paper. Nobody involved was …[View]
201248898>start doing this[View]
201252588gorilla rape[View]
201253168It’s up: https://youtu.be/L8J793lU8Pw[View]
201248973Thought it was ok[View]
201245783Captain Slop: So they're giving Falcon (not Captain America) a Hulk story in his first movie? R…[View]
201252038wtf was I supposed to get out of this? it felt like I was watching a movie that you'd think was…[View]
201250356Every episode of Pawn Stars be like >Seller: I want 200,000$ for it >Rick: let me call a buddy…[View]
201251939What actor do I look like /tv/?[View]
201252362>Re-animate every corpse he came across (including people who hated him and wanted him dead) >…[View]
201250972why did tropic thunder mock nutty professor like it was some cheap bullshit? NP is absolute rick ba…[View]
201240166why didn't she appreciate her beauty? She turned herself into a dyke[View]
201252138Chris Brown beat Rihanna’s ass in February 2009 but the biggest TV show at the time still chose to m…[View]
201251439>goes blind >Chani dies >he fucks off into the desert and gets eaten by a sandwich >all …[View]
201248618AAAAA Not the GAY Lincoln!: https://youtu.be/LxvOUbS0_WE[View]
201251504> Impressive. Very nice > Let's see Paul Paul Allen's cock > Look at that subtle …[View]
201250735Do I find this funny?[View]
201250798would you work at prestige worldwide?[View]
201251278>you two-faced faggot[View]
201252024What the fuck is his problem?[View]
201241999Honestly, if we ignore the fact that he murdered his cheating whore wife and her partner, he was tot…[View]
201251137>it's not possible to make a movie like this anymore in 2024[View]
201248270WAS ABE A 'BREAKER' HIMSELF? ABE LINCOLN GAY IN NEW FILM: >Lover Of Mendocuments and ex…[View]
201250076The ending was... uhhh: Last episode was by far the weakest of the series. The rest was a solid 10. …[View]
201246014IT'S UP: https://youtube.com/watch?v=pxzGP7Kd0i4[View]
201246537Which is better?[View]
201251602>parents watched this movie once when i was like 12 or some shit >hated the women in it…[View]
201240474Is this the moment they became the last of uꜱ?[View]
201250490why can’t he just embrace his fatness?[View]
201249372Keep Olive Oyl’s name out your mother f**ckin mouth![View]
201248086it's over...[View]
201246759>Holy crap Lois, its the guy who wrote Screwtape Letters >Hi Peter.…[View]
201251499>I'm trying to get the lighting right.[View]
201248396Did you know, DC is still releasing animated films every year that are non-pozzed and stick to class…[View]
201249511You wouldn't be lying to us, would you, Anon?[View]
201251295>kills two parents and robs them >Turns out they were the parents of a super autist rich billi…[View]
201251264This episode hit a little too close to home[View]
201251326>Low critic score and High audience score goyslop >High critic score and Low audience score po…[View]
201251240Post scenes that must've smelled gnarly: You ever wonder what certain scenes must've smell…[View]
201251188Do whatever you want to them, ladies. My balls are here for your pleasure.[View]
201251167The assembly cut still really isn't good bros, it isn't ideal. The third act is overlong a…[View]
201246535Why is there a Black dude with an American accent in Ancient Rome?[View]
201245550What went wrong with American media and its wholesome message? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Qy…[View]
201247489>tfw you will never have an autistic 23 year old bjork gf taking apart a CRT tv at Christmas who …[View]
201247128Zoomer here: About to watch pic rel for the first time What am I in for[View]
201250981Spoil be after all the dragon war who is left to carry on the Targaryen name[View]
201246995Which sitcom should I watch /tv/ >Scrubs >Parks and Rec >King of Queens >Two and a Half …[View]
201246060Bloodsport (Greatest Martial Arts movie ever made): Chong Li. Chong Li. Chong Li. Chong Li. Chong Li…[View]
201244303This movie was complete ass but I would pay good money to watch a complete 2 hour movie that was jus…[View]
201250066What season does it start to get bad?[View]
201247690Was it the greatest love story ever told?[View]
201249815>movie reaction youtube channel >cover eyes / look away during gory scenes >gory scene over…[View]
201249422>ain't nothing gay about getting your dick sucked! you're the ones that's gay for …[View]
201240302>armorer gives you prop gun and says its safe to use >its literally their entire job to check …[View]
201250596Is this show any good ?[View]
201238890What’s a movie everyone would like?[View]
201250357Maximum overdrive remake about Tesla’s killing everyone[View]
201241166Why do women love this gay stuff?[View]
201247846This is the first tome watching James Bond, I’m watching DR No while plowing through a whole stanly …[View]
201247129Vertical kinos: I unironically believe a vertical aspect ratio can be a kino format. I am with the z…[View]
201248698>rape >rape >rape great comedy…[View]
201250073Kinos where the protagonist is pulled back into doing shit they dont like?[View]
201250037The Iron Prefect: Just got done watching this and it was absolutely fantastic . I really admired the…[View]
201245058He quit RLM because Mike and Jay betrayed him by becoming Republicans.[View]
201249547Which should I watch tonight? Left has Bill Pullman at his best but Right isn't a Lifetime movi…[View]
201246819How come Apple hasn't raised their prices.[View]
201214055General /tv/ Webm thread[View]
201246425They did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
201249078Post a classic you didn't like, /film/ will say if you got filtered or if they also didn't…[View]
201249842do you have le lasagne[View]
201235676Let's talk about Dr. Melfi from The Sopranos.[View]
201246677Give me your best ancient Egypt kino.[View]
201245024WHAT'S WITH THE MOVIES ABOUT NASA FAKING THE MOON LANDING?: >it's almost as if they act…[View]
201239341Why did it flop? Was it because of the chuds?[View]
201249291How long until Alec finds him?[View]
201248034>Alright we let him in and listen to what he has to say, then we kill him. Because thats what no …[View]
201244250The boys: >they need two sups to beat him down Deepchads we at the top of the food chain…[View]
201247834Two speeches in Rocky III. One piles more shit on Rocky's shoulders and makes him feel worse. O…[View]
201249277Preferring arthouse drama films instead of mainstream movies does not make you a pseudointellectual …[View]
201247607good delivery kino? I just ordered some food and wonder if there's a movie that portrays the li…[View]
201248259I like Moulin Rouge Baz Luhrmann is a great director and only makes kino Fuck you[View]
201249276Any kino about class divide?[View]
201247946I haven't gotten a whodunit wrong in 3 months..do I have superpowers...?[View]
201247717KINO GENIUS: when will /tv/ finally concede and respect the unparalleled comedic and dramatic cinema…[View]
201245790Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
201249169was this any good?[View]
201246936Why don't we ever discuss real KINO?[View]
201248945/KDG/ - Kdrama General: Previous thread: >>201218165 Non-spam edition (hush)[View]
201245002/got/hotd/: George's autism edition >>201240436[View]
201248820Times you acted like the Light Sleeper?[View]
201242822What are some gang warfare kinos I can watch now that I've finished The Shield?[View]
201248683>Change the channel to MTV >DISORDER DISORDER DISOOOOOOOOOOORDER kino…[View]
201248378I just want to let you know I'm no stranger to litigation. I've been sued many times and i…[View]
201239571>lol fuck Indians, let's pretend they eat monkey grains and bugs[View]
201247811Why would they program a robot AI to have a sexuality?[View]
201245762She's hot AF, but this movie is total dogshit.[View]
201248874>milk tits[View]
201244940What're /tv/'s favorite movies that /tv/ never talks about?[View]
201248790Precious (2009): Thoughts on this movie?[View]
201248717My girlfriend keep barging into the restroom when I'm taking a shit. She wants to watch but I c…[View]
201246963/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #21: Nontent edition Watch: https://flowstream…[View]
201245434>I'VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL[View]
201244213Every show asians make is about killing as many of their own people as possible: It's pretty ob…[View]
201243097So we’re all watching Rust when it comes out right?[View]
201240545Scenes where real men cried.[View]
201248150This scene would completely break the minds of zoomers if it was made today.[View]
201248577right or left?[View]
201218165/kdg/ - kdrama general: Mask Girl edition. This was pretty kino. Any similar shows?[View]
201246433Rocco and His Brothers: WTF... this was amazing. Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about good films in…[View]
201243637>be genius doctor >have freak aneurysm in your thigh muscle >not a big deal, hes in a hosp…[View]
201248161What the fuck was the point of this gesture?[View]
201245907This is pure, unadulterated slop for brain-dead retards (You). Not even The Boys season 4 is this ba…[View]
201216376ITT 'Fuck you I liked it'[View]
201242401Whatever it takes... I know can make it through[View]
201243236ITT times you acted like Cruella Deville: >constantly put my life on Facebook and force my husban…[View]
201248169They are still coming through![View]
201242257Jennifer Lawrence To Produce & Star In A24 Graphic Novel Adaptation ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’: …[View]
201246046st5: idk if this is the right place to ask, but are there any stranger things 5 leaks? like cmon ive…[View]
201247209I listen to movies more than I watch them. Feels like a waste not to be multitasking.[View]
201246481Why do they keep giving him mary sue powerups?[View]
201243494This movie didn't make me any less racist[View]
201244508Is walking really illegal in the US?[View]
201247469Why didn't anybody just shoot him?[View]
20124750330 minutes in, this is supremely boring compared to Rashomon and Throne of Blood. Why does everyone …[View]
201247490post your favorite cinematic bellies[View]
201246841Was the first episode kino?[View]
201247163Oh boy, just what I wanted. An adaption of a classic piece of white european literature with nonwhit…[View]
201244653mmm börgar[View]
201246569Do you think he'll ever act in a movie with guns after the case has been dismissed?[View]
201247271>go fuck yourself san Diego[View]
201245748den of thieves[View]
201242042Star Wars bros, I don't feel so good....[View]
201230949Reminder that horror is our safe space and you chuddies aren’t welcome.[View]
201246313>ITT: Jokes that couldn't be made in [current year][View]
201242665>Then may the CHRISTIAN LORD guide my hand against your CHRISTIAN LORD What?…[View]
201246233Yup....I'm losing sleep tonight[View]
201241327MORBIUS: its not that bad, why did it get so much hate?[View]
201246709>It wasn't the trolls, Jannie, it was you. Remember that night on /tv/ you came down to my S…[View]
201244257It was pretty good. I actually had a few chills.[View]
201243978Why does Osgood Perkins hate Ti West?[View]
201246396I'm watching the original French rip of TDKR and the hothead guy has a funky moustache! WTF? Di…[View]
201244446im finna go see longlegs on sunday finna take my mom and brother with me so i dont go alone[View]
201236006Tim Heidecker: Why has this guy become so divisive on /tv/?[View]
201244041DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE first 40 minutes description: TL;DR >Deadpool is depressed because his g…[View]
201237414Now that the dust has settled...who is the hottest alien babe in /tv/ history?[View]
201244919Why did this scene have so much cultural impact?[View]
201237417Conan the Barbarian: The no-name actors, including Arnold and his friends, is what made this a good …[View]
201244124What do?[View]
201245628Now that the dust has settled… Was it autism?[View]
201243340It’s officially a snuff film. America is releasing snuff films now.[View]
201244013>bro get this: you remember VHS right? >you DO remember VHS right? You know like that old boom…[View]
201244367>Bill Clinton is a satan worshipping child killer A powerful stance desu…[View]
201245406This was the last Tales From the Crypt movie that was made. I want them to come back.[View]
201246090Severance: I enjoyed the first season. What are the goats for? What do the numbers at MDR mean and …[View]
201246003Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: What introduced you to ANTM?[View]
201244441hey whats going on crew[View]
201227314Let's go take a howl at that moon.[View]
201245955I'm still angry we only got two seasons of Atia[View]
201245796I need a new streaming site (putlocker)[View]
201243559Bugs Bunny: 'Oh! heh heh, Pardon me.'[View]
201245518I spent the whole show thinking about how much hot and sweaty sex I would have with Erin[View]
201244626So now that the official not guilty verdict is finally in... what's our verdict? Is it kino?[View]
201244708Anakin brought balance to the force by disposing of the Jedi order which was more concerned with arb…[View]
201245642We fucking did this already, its been done. Why the fuck did they re-do it?[View]
201237768Was he justified in leaving his wife?[View]
201244112>Started watching pic related with the idea that it was about boxing >Instead it was about som…[View]
201244891>2010 movie >Characters are chilling >TODAY I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOIN ANYTHING…[View]
201244108Any pictures in motion, about spending a weekend in the middle of summer cruising some dirt roads at…[View]
201244235>You've done a man's job, sir. So is he implying that he was supposed to be the one to …[View]
201236971Alien Romulus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT6-eHi7-sY >make an Alien movie for zoomers >r…[View]
201240883Welcome to Robert's Kinoplex. This weekend's theme is Alien Planet films and today we…[View]
201245003>that episode where the Koopas try to take over the kingdom by inciting a race war between the mu…[View]
201239900I really wanted to like him and enjoy his show but i simply cant, why is he so obnoxious?[View]
201242238What are you watching tonight bros? For me it’s DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1947)[View]
201244864What are some other movies that take place over the course of years. Shawshank comes to mind. I real…[View]
201244592But why, though?[View]
201240885>Leia, I’m in the dahk heah!! Hoo-ah! Would it have been kino?[View]
201240500>It's Elon Musk, the world's greatest inventor![View]
201242360Post some funny kinos[View]
201242333Should A-Train kill Homelander?[View]
201242518ITT: worst tv related memories: >get invited to a movie night chat group on my first week at uni …[View]
201244245Movie night with gf and her femoid friend. Which kino is most likely to statistically lead to a thre…[View]
201243537/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #20: she is so me edition Season 3 in some week…[View]
201244553Could Bollywood overtake Hollywood, eventually?[View]
201244057>portrayed as a charismatic chad that always attempts to fuck girls instead of a black loser and …[View]
201243645Could Kubrick have saved it?[View]
201244847'IT IS NOT, HOW DO YOU SAY 'ANATOMICALLY CORRECT' YES?: What did he mean by this?[View]
201243292Against the rules. You know.: you’re stupid when you do that. Just some English pig with no brains. …[View]
201242725Netflix's THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB: >A group of pensioners — former intelligence agent Eliza…[View]
201241076Just finished watching Call Me By Your Name and it's crazy how gay male love seems predatory ev…[View]
201244804>Well it's official, murder is legal in the state of New Mexico[View]
201241921Ryan Gosling To Star In I USED TO EAT BRAINS: >The story is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world …[View]
201232952Star Wars planets actually makes more sense than Earth does.[View]
201244716Peacemaker is being filmed near me What can we expect in season 2?[View]
201244615Why are Hollywood men like this: When he's supposed to be enjoying his Golden years[View]
201243182'Being Sam Hyde': a meta surrealist arthouse comedy: 'Being Sam Hyde' is about an unemployed puppete…[View]
201242463LAWLESSNESS Once you can get away with murdering people's wives and mothers because you'r…[View]
201240868They were once men.[View]
201244372The only good pagan show: Viking niggery film >Muh Odin >Muh revenge >Village raid scene li…[View]
201243787Is this good costuming?[View]
201233344Is this the most Nietzchean show? >Basically Raskolnikov/ Leopold and Loeb >Light died creatin…[View]
201240613Anyone watching it tomorrow? Back for ghibli fest. Come say hi I'll be there. Look for the awkw…[View]
201237667>US Army gives him 100 men with all their gear for a movie >gatling guns, field guns, rifles a…[View]
201241505ITT: Signs you're about to witness kino[View]
201243990wtf were they thinking?[View]
201243897OWW! SHAMONE!![View]
201241093One piece is for kid-[View]
201243805>The charges officer?[View]
201241558PEACEMAKER season 2 cast additions: >Sol Rodriguez plays government operative Sasha Bordeaux. …[View]
201240882ITT: Actors who deserved the pain and oblivion they went/are going through[View]
201227279I can't stand this faggot's stupid fucking face. Why the fuck did they have to cast him? W…[View]
201243867What are some movies where mid guys just cast themselves making out with attractive women?[View]
201243392>damn, Dementus' dialogue in shaping up quite nicely for the ending, this movie is actually …[View]
201243188>spends thirty eight million dollars to have a sex scene with a hooker based or cringe?…[View]
201242618Thoughts? I’d give it an 8/10. Kind of cheesy but some pretty good characters. Got the science right…[View]
201243678Looks like Marvel has finally remembered this thing.[View]
201240436/got/hotd/: Only sane black edition >>201236609[View]
201242749If it was popular enough to have 100 episodes? Why does it feel obscure to me? I was born in 2000 an…[View]
201241897*flips Frozen in you're path* Next up: The Super Mario Movie[View]
201241492Dead Space: This would be one of the most successful game-to-TV series ever if HBO picked it up. …[View]
201243459Agent Mulder, right after you re-open something for me, I'll re-open the X-Files. Drop 'em…[View]
201243248The Wizard of Oz Series: Come now, my pretties; you have to pick one installment of Oz to be the onl…[View]
201239888See this watch?[View]
201241708what went wrong, /tv/?[View]
201243054Shelly Duval: Was she Robert Altman's favorite? She was in 7 Altman movies.[View]
201243542>critically acclaimed sitcom >it's only funny if you're a rich inner city liberal Ev…[View]
201243320>'New to the cast is Shira Haas, who joins as Ruth Bat-Seraph. A former Black Widow, Ruth is now …[View]
201243491>'One of the best TV series of all time' >50% of each episode is *poorly* disguised porn Is Ga…[View]
201225113Doctor Who???: was it always shit even in Classic or is this just cope from the fans of the failed n…[View]
201243132why don't they make hoodkinos anymore? there were tons in the 90s[View]
201242890>9 million views in just the 1st day and top of the trend on youtube Marvelbros, we are sooooo ba…[View]
201241065Network TV kino thread? What are your favorite made-for (mainstream) TV movies, /tv/?[View]
201242366Cinema is dead, the art of filmaking is dead.[View]
201240292The Boys Octopus: How the hell did the Octopus suffocate immediately? They can stay out of water for…[View]
201241716>WHO LAUGHED!?[View]
201235224This is better than Sopranos. also post some of your favourite scenes[View]
201243282TRY THE NEGRONI[View]
201242363Who's career are we watching with great interest?[View]
201243011I watched that thing you recommended to me... you actually liked that?[View]
201243065Do you know how to spot the real Starlight?[View]
201242984Should of had more seasons[View]
2012431422017 I am forgotten[View]
201231560Is Charlie Domplerts from Smiling Friends this decade's 'yellow guy'?[View]
201239457Mothra? More like Jobthra, because she jobs in almost every movie.[View]
201242123>PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Coffee's for closers only. How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
201237615Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool & Wolverine (2024)[View]
201237181I'll give you 20 bucks[View]
201242968Why was it so mid?[View]
201241456Ze California compliant AR Fifteen[View]
201238256The Man Who Rigged The World - The Pissi Riggitini Story: a scripted reality mockumentary.: Starring…[View]
201242802The Kino seal of quality[View]
201238006What happened to them?? Any similar missing 411 kino[View]
201240918>friday night Why are you here?[View]
201241197Post your guilty pleasures: I was too old for the show and i'm a man, yet I enjoyed this show. …[View]
201226059I'm team green[View]
201237332Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh fall in love but then she gets cancer in WE LIVE IN TIME: https://…[View]
201242033Why do I want to hatefuck janice? Is there something wrong with me?[View]
201242561Kinos for this feel?[View]
201242127Netflix kino recommendations, please. I've spent 20 minutes looking the catalog and thought it…[View]
201242053Damn, that was really fucking bad. Cronenberg's daughter is an even worse nepobaby than his son…[View]
201238309>the original pick me girl insufferable whore. still would though[View]
201242290>Runtime: 9 hours and 15 minutes Is the juice worth the squeeze, /tv/?[View]
201242266I liked the parts with the old man and the gun. Everything else, not so much. The main detective cha…[View]
201235934>has the opportunity to travel the infinite multiverse >wagecucks…[View]
201204842Longlegs: So was it good?[View]
201219672SHE'S STILL GOT IT!: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13627737/Sharon-Stone-iconic…[View]
201242183>not even the franchises that were already woke survived...[View]
201240638best HAHAHA in cinematic history.[View]
201205696have a negroni. have two[View]
201238833Boomer actionkino is back on the menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC8cKtqusp4 >Detective Ale…[View]
201240969Creeper vs Pinhead: Honestly I believe the creeper wins even if he has no cosmic abilities[View]
201240847>actually, the killer was.. le (You) kino, or slop?[View]
201241911That's my sector, homosexual dissector Come again, rewind selector I said nice rectum, I had a …[View]
201236734>we could easily make a better movie than those idiots even though we tried and it was bad '''on …[View]
201241870>adventure >sword fighting >candid dancing >hopkins >prime banderas and catherine z…[View]
201240539Was it normal for 28 year old men to hook up with 16 year old children twenty years ago?[View]
201241827“Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.”[View]
201240887Told a coworker I like arthouse films and they asked me what an arthouse film is and it was really h…[View]
201230672Pick an actress and film in which she was at her sexual peak: Natasha Henstridge - Species[View]
201233294Feels Good Man: Has anyone actually seen this? It has 4.5 stars on Amazon Prime[View]
201239762/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #19: Lovetank edition Season 3 in some weeks. E…[View]
201241738now wait just a minute!: They're trying to say the 'Apes' are black people aren't they?…[View]
201241255Who's the best Baldwin brother?[View]
201227647Watch The New Norm on X. Its been making the radicaI Ieft seethe endlessly. Watch as they cancel you…[View]
201218950do hookers look like this?[View]
201240801This was actually decent[View]
201239733Shitty Movie Ideas: Post your shittiest movie ideas >sci-fi horror thriller >set in the near f…[View]
201241536Thoughts on Alec Baldwin?[View]
201239841Choose your Smiling Friends waifu[View]
201240635>created a superhero with your flag when you are the most evil and criminal country in human hist…[View]
201235406The Office: For me it's Pam, early seasons. Best girl.[View]
201240911Decades ago, the first season of a show would feel a little awkward and not polished, but would then…[View]
201241285Why hasn't this been turned into a kino?[View]
201217718Why did he do it?[View]
201239460What those /tv/ think of Animals of Farthing Woods?[View]
201236649how do you go from this[View]
201237802be on vacation in bongland see Arya Stark gliding down the sidewalk like a graceful penguin with gou…[View]
201241118I know you silly billy's didn't like porno things, but what were you're genuine thoug…[View]
201240824So when is the movie coming out?[View]
201240907>I'm outmatched, let me fly back to Dragonstone and return with my allies…[View]
201236929>I'm putting a team together[View]
201236968>I'm from Zimbabwe[View]
201239321So are real marines actually hoping we go to war with Russia so they can deploy to Ukraine and kill …[View]
201240966>goes full ride or die with jimmy the second she finds out he rolls with the real bad boys >e…[View]
201238743>In this episode, the crew goes back in time to meet Mark Twain[View]
201239276>over 13 years and we still haven't had an interview kino anywhere close to this…[View]
201240624you WILL pay to watch the avatar anime in theatres[View]
201240938ITT: +.(˃̶ ॣ what might have been ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ): movies that were too pure for this world. I’ll start.…[View]
201239472this gave milennials wet dreams >oh my gerd brosef a dream inside a dream WHOAA…[View]
201240737lost my virginity to picrel the other night[View]
201240145STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE2xsAN43bI >Literally 'from the guys that brought you Te…[View]
201239912Cast them[View]
201238508He did nothing wrong.[View]
201239367Who gave the better performance? Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman? Or Bryan Cranston as Walter White?[View]
201240726is it kino?[View]
201229959Euphoria season 3 filming in 2025: https://deadline.com/2024/07/euphoria-production-season-3-start-j…[View]
201237406>start a new thread >start two[View]
201240137What will the next monsterverse movie be about?[View]
201240382ITT: relatively unknown documentaries about a variety of different subjects. Beautiful Losers is bas…[View]
201229375Realistic full CGI films have a lot of potential[View]
201236906After 4+ years, we can say that it was peak SW and the last breath before the end.[View]
201233539What was the point of this film? It feels completely empty and pointless… like space? Is this what t…[View]
201239579Why are the English such assholes?[View]
201239919What are the best Bollywood kinos?[View]
201239504Say it with me… President Baldwin[View]
201240374>oh yeah? you were askin around about me?[View]
201238317Why aren't there talented magicians who can do this anymore?[View]
201239635Good Faith Review Thread: Tell me about your opinion on some movies. I'll believe your opinion …[View]
201237709The Brave Little Toaster: The Brave Little Toaster[View]
201239706>smartest man in the world >password to computer is password…[View]
201238602[X-files theme starts playing][View]
201238492Demi Moore takes a drug that turns her into Margaret Qualley in THE SUBSTANCE: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
201239164Nicole Kidman is a rich white woman caught up in murder in Netflix's THE PERFECT COUPLE: https:…[View]
201229215Star Wars: Why does Disney hate Luke so much?[View]
201236407post forgotten 90s kinos[View]
201236609/got/hotd/: Top rated edition previous: >>201233545[View]
201239340how many bots do you think are on this board right now?[View]
201233559>8 years later >still the best 'zilla flick by a mile…[View]
201234182Anakin is literally a villain. A bad person. That is the point of the Prequels, a good person failin…[View]
201239643I require more WMBF kinos, /tv/. What've you got?[View]
201239876Can you be cool, tv?[View]
201239617«PLEBBERBOXD» PARA EL BASTO VULGO; «MUBI» PARA LOS DE BUEN GUSTO. https://mubi.com/en/users/3509617[View]
201234742Snyderbros...: we're toxic[View]
201239587Will it be kino[View]
201237367What movies are only liked by high IQ individuals? Pic related.[View]
201235588>one of the supreme achievements of cinema >intentionally suppressed by butthurt christschizos…[View]
201236373The Fanning sisters produced a true crime documentary: and it's actually not terrible[View]
201238106star wars: The best scene from the sequels[View]
201238951No other character redpilled more about the nature of women than he did.[View]
201235979all the bestnattypixies are turning IRL homo bros :-: #dropped.[View]
201239616Careful man there's a beverage here[View]
201239441ITS UP https://youtu.be/1zQ7UO4UlDg[View]
201238320james bond on roids[View]
201239003Spiderman: Noire: >Starring Nick Cage as Ben Reilley, Spiderman The kind of absolutely insane pre…[View]
201230321Tropes that break your sci-fi immersion: Windows are a structural weakness. I can't take any se…[View]
201236894The Future Is Wild/Alien Planet: Anything else that hits this kind of goofy speculative biology spac…[View]
201233763Friday night again, TPB thread >You might be able to fool the FBI, but you can’t fool the FBME…[View]
201237112>It's a 'Truman goes to the beach to stares at underage girls again' episode Jeez Truman, yo…[View]
201239064Phil Collins Hill[View]
201237848>Look, Captain Goy, I eat Palestinian children for breakfast, so Red Hulk is just another lunch f…[View]
201238335Ladies and gentlemen....the new Se7en of our generation.[View]
201238170>that guy who has anime in his top 10000 kinos of all time[View]
201239116Was this shot really necessary?[View]
201238420i know it's bad, but i love this movie[View]
201238909The movies... Why don't they make us dream anymore?[View]
201224980/tbg/ The Boys General: muh queen edition previous >>201213496 ANNIE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
201234927I can't beat it[View]
201216361>Reaction channels Why?[View]
201237433Vikings Valhalla: What did you think of Season 3?. Harald Hardråde is probably the most badass and m…[View]
201238678>ugh, in my butt? fine, you freak, just make it quick[View]
201234703>duude the movie is SO BAD iT'S GOOD >YOU CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! >THE…[View]
201238535why are trans/gay ppl still serial killers and psychos in movies... it is 2024[View]
201238099You still mad?[View]
201236295Labrynth: Anyone want to discuss what this was about?[View]
201238633The owl did it.[View]
201238545>smartest person on the planet >literally just an autist doing shitty marketing wow…[View]
201237261About to watch this for the first time as its available on Netflix. What am I in for? Is it good or …[View]
201238400Longlegs was Bad: >MOM'S GONNA FREAK![View]
201235797A film based on the novel Blood Meridian will never work, and this is why. Films about deliberate in…[View]
201235892/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #18: Taylo edition Season 3 in some weeks. Ever…[View]
201216681/trek/: How is a cartoon beating out adult and super serious new shows?[View]
201237633When was the last time a movie genuinely spooked you?[View]
201238430Wahmen cannot stop losing.: All those stronk wimmin movies and nothing to show for it IRL.[View]
201234230Anyone know where I can watch the full series of Dekalog for free with English subtitles? All I…[View]
201238090Just finished watching The Shield for the first time. What did I think of it?[View]
201232340When will she make her House of the Dragon appearance?[View]
201238200Very powerful[View]
201236189Ed and Lorraine Warren: Were they just full of shit?[View]
201236568sex gifs[View]
201227390is this worth watching ?: upstream color.[View]
201236055Oppenheimer: What a shit load of fuck[View]
201227596>I used to make kino you know[View]
201237489I mean: >the did lose lucky strike[View]
201237242Why didn't critics like it? It's actually a well-paced action/chase movie, but with animal…[View]
201232148what would you do in this situation? I feel like none of the contestants found a definitive way to b…[View]
201237854Do you think that tainted evidence just magically showed up in discovery[View]
201237440What is the best Family Guy episode: And why is it S20E11?[View]
201237551>To the town of Bonanza City rode Alec Baldwin one fine day >Hardly spoke to folks around him,…[View]
201235535The Phantom Menace was 25 years ago Tim.[View]
201237427returning to his first love and profession since little movie work post-slap.[View]
201233866Did anyone read it? Is it worth it?[View]
201234654Any movies or shows that explore lovecraft?: What are some recommendations? The only thing I can thi…[View]
201234966Why would I go to a movie theater when you can buy a 65 inch 4k television on Amazon for less than $…[View]
201237531ITT: Bullshit Rumors About TV & Film You Heard In School: - There's a live action Spider-Ma…[View]
201234264What's with lack of Astronaut kino?, do Space had zero to offer towards humanity now?[View]
201236966>wife working late with her boss >Friday night, beers in the fridge >burger on the way Fin…[View]
201236474Hey Alec: How often do you think HE thinks about getting revenge?[View]
201232395>tv show peaks extremely early, on the first episode/season Are there any more examples of such c…[View]
201234314N O T G U I L T Y O T G U I L T Y[View]
201235363Skeleton Warriors: Na-Na-Na-Na Na[View]
201237044>go race mix, my son[View]
201236859Predictions: 38% RT Domestic $115,000,000 International $300,000,000[View]
201234189SLIPPIN KIMMY[View]
201237208>stuck a suppository up his ass and fed him a 40’ Bravo Eminem[View]
201237315What is this edge lord shit?[View]
201228003Where are the /hor/ and /film/ generals?[View]
201234007>JoeE, you like movies about motorcycles?[View]
201237031SUPERMAN III original script: >Another spaceship left Krypton before its destruction and landed o…[View]
201223750New Hyde Kino: https://youtu.be/yaZh7ME1w7E?si=BXAiOiKhzpO1fmTP Keep supporting freedom in comedy, y…[View]
201237152HELP ME BROS: I need help with finding a Korean movie about a woman hiring a hitman to kill her but …[View]
201237142>Daemon crushes a man to death with the foot of his dragon FUCK YEAH! >Crabfeeder feeds men to…[View]
201233979>Oh no, I'm on vacation in a cool and exotic country, I'm going insaaaaane…[View]
201237092>I wonder if that guy ever wiped his ass with the wrong HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
201231844Sexiest movie of the year is a French childrens movie. Again.[View]
201236145>He’s guilty of…ACTING![View]
201229114This movie is pretty good.[View]
201236861/film/ general: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Godmont edition >/film/…[View]
201231155Can you guess them?[View]
201236497humiliation ritual[View]
201236181Emotional Bart-centric episodes: >Bart despairs about his own intellectual failings and inability…[View]
201236591Hello. I'm Mr Deens.[View]
201236808https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Georg_August_Galletti He would have been a great /tv/ poster…[View]
201236806farscape thread: Kill her, then we'll have pizza. And margarita shooters.[View]
201235399What would you do if she stalked you?[View]
201236775There's a lot of examples of western media influencing anime, but are there anymore instances o…[View]
201233831Gladiator II is gonna be FIRE[View]
201236695>Give me the bottle! I need my retarded son to vomit![View]
201235277Why the fuck did /tv/ not tell me this anime was so kino sooner?[View]
201236675>I'm not a jew >So I'm difficult to work with…[View]
201232692>'Wow, another forced hetero romance!' Who is watching this faggot?[View]
201236438Has there been any updates on the Cloverfield sequel? Where my Cloverbros at?[View]
201234915NORM: (eyeing the can suspiciously) Helen, what's this? Is this one of them new rainbow beers? …[View]
201236493How come anti-woke media is somehow even more cringe than woke media?[View]
201232921How does the new Planet of the Apes hold up?[View]
201236370>So today i'm jailbait, but in 22 weeks anybody can do anything to me, will I be so differen…[View]
201233545/got/hotd/: checkin...IN!!!!! to the thread edition previous:>>201229560[View]
201234596Who the fuck is this guy at the beginning of X-Men 2? He looks nothing like Hugh Jackman[View]
201236185Franchie from The Boys: I always thought there was something off about this character. I disliked hi…[View]
201224142Did you know, DC is still releasing animated films every year that are non-pozzed and stick to class…[View]
201236286kino has arrived[View]
201236073Tell me about movies where it's a dystopian future where robots hunt down people who live in se…[View]
201231519Where there's a whip: There's a way![View]
201235858>FUCK Shakespeare and FUCK Dune.[View]
201236106This show was so fucking awesome and retarded.[View]
201235572>Sir, permission to make this boring TV show more fun?[View]
201235174New movie[View]
201235951I want to learn how to play the trumpet but I don't even have a trumpet. How do you start? What…[View]
201228167Binge worth TV shows: What is your favorite TV shows that you found yourself binge watching? I'…[View]
201235897Tell me Movies about whore women who are about to settle down after 22 after finding themselves at b…[View]
201234908Bunny Time: About to watch this for the 47th time, who's with me? Also The Rock is an acceptabl…[View]
201235578These two bore the living fuck out of me jesus allah and vishnu. Holy shit who cares[View]
201235607Anyone rewatched them after the Shrek 5 announcement?[View]
201234488GOOD Reality Shows: Can you name any?[View]
201234449>gets away with it[View]
201235695Hollywood became very dumb, like this fucking board and all movie audiences. They could easily make …[View]
201234780Would it have been good?[View]
201235621EA SPORTS. IT'S IN THE GAME.[View]
201235575>supacel >a british superhero show >about an evolution in the sickle cell which gives some…[View]
201215921Is anal sex this good? Deep went absolutely ass druk on her[View]
201231133How many times is he going to get raped this season?[View]
201235355Why is Gunn leaking daily set photos of Superman Legacy?: Does this kind of marketing really work?…[View]
201206648>incredibly pretty >doesn't get a spinoff movie What went wrong…[View]
201234829If I understood coray taly, a gaijing goes to Japan, he is the first gaijing to work in the big Japa…[View]
201233825Trance-formation of America: Is a biopic filmable in this 2024 political climate? >the 'debunks' …[View]
201229169Does it look alright beyond the shit trailer music and Denzel playing training day my nigga man?[View]
201235091How'd he do it /tv/?: Will Hollywood let him back in?[View]
201229013the quick and the dead: Inaccurate movie and all, this is how you make women look badass Zoomies cou…[View]
201235208My Nigga Josh Hartnett returns as a serial killer in a M nigger Shaman movie called Trap We needed a…[View]
201234577>Hahahahahaha dude Spider-Man but wait for it... He's shooting webs out of his ass! HAHAHAHA…[View]
201218082>The christian character raises a crucifix in front of the movie monster so that a second before …[View]
201233472Ridley Scott has Dementia: It's really fucking pathetic, actually. Ridley Scott can't get …[View]
201234022Is it ever a good idea to explain your kinos or your art?[View]
201234937What the fuck was Shipman's problem?[View]
201234831What's the best movie that has 'Once Upon a Time' in its title?[View]
201234802>Scotty doesn't know that Fiona and me >Do it in my van every Sunday…[View]
201234787Should I watch Jordan Peele’s 2017 horrorific masterpiece, 'Get Out'? Please no spoilers, I know the…[View]
201234273Cast her for season 2.[View]
201234794Neil and The Protagonist were all over the place all the times. This movie is even more dope than I …[View]
201233553Do you think Ruby Rose would have a better carrer if it weren't for her stupid tattoos?[View]
201234679DENNY'S PREVAILS: He's free![View]
201232570So this is how Star Wars dies[View]
201233830just binge watched this what did i think of it[View]
201233239>I am forgotten[View]
201219079Captain America Trailer: >February 25, 2025 Slop incoming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_A8HdC…[View]
201234566twin peaks general: Do you guys think Joe Biden has an evil tulpa wreaking havoc out there somewhere…[View]
201231507/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #17: Jon and Taylor edition Season 3 in some we…[View]
201234395They almost killed piracy.[View]
201226351Most disappointing thing I've watched in a while. Starts out great then goes straight in the to…[View]
201232165good movie concepts: >The Plot: Earth is dying. So Cooper and a group of cosmonauts voyage throug…[View]
201234439just finished speedrunning blue lagoon what did I think of it?[View]
201233600>usurps the throne >starts a huge war >refuses to elaborate >leaves what did he mean by…[View]
201234334Malcolm in the Middle thread: Isn't it crazy how sexual assault was considered funny back in th…[View]
201234212how woke will it be?[View]
201233390Is Mysterious Skin the greatest movie ever made?[View]
201234208Doug is right, this sucks[View]
201232426any good lighthouse kino[View]
201230495Armond White's Midyear Reckoning: how many have u seen? https://www.nationalreview.com/2024/07/…[View]
201234133Best live /tv/ moments thread This is top 13 easily[View]
201234107The boys: These two are the only redeemable factor of the whole show, this scene is the only time th…[View]
201233021When I watch anime,it's none of that girly incel moe shit: The only anime I watch is the ones t…[View]
201233964>suffa/tv/, suffa[View]
201232584Incest Child molestor Lena Dunham has been fired from the Pollypocket movie[View]
201232637If he quits the show now, it might just allow him to save face and save his career. Otherwise he wil…[View]
201233886Look, without Derek Zoolander male modelling wouldn't be what it is today.[View]
201230763This is just pathetic.[View]
201233928I'm a silly Christmas baby[View]
201233513Why do so many americans worship celebrities?[View]
201233823Yeeeaah dude! For some aqua, sign up at the link in the description and type in the code STEVEOSWILD…[View]
201232827The problem with making everyone a jaded cynical arsehole is that no one stands out because of it.[View]
201230972is this any good? thinking of watching it[View]
201233371should I watch mad men or random youtube videos?[View]
201223821How to fix Star Wars: >Darth Teta It's that easy. Stop casting Africans for your DEI agenda,…[View]
201233762He's literally me[View]
201233779Why is Jerry such a piece of shit[View]
201229988why is smoking so kino?[View]
201233623Amazig how all this 'we love blacks' started when Russia and China began to gain ground in Africa. A…[View]
201229560/got/hotd/: THE WHORE IS A BOAR edition previous >>201226858[View]
201232717>you get Xavier's powers for a day but you can only broadcast messages wat do?…[View]
201233363Ay gabagool sopranos marathon up next suptv dot org[View]
201230828>Hello Peter, what's happening? Ummm, I'm gonna need you to go ahead come in tomorrow. …[View]
201233496>The Emperor is pleased to bring you the legionaires of Scipio Africanus! >ends up being some …[View]
201229918/druk/: What are we drinking tonight lads[View]
201231511>make a Captain America homage to Harrison Ford's Tom Clancy movies >guaranteed kino >…[View]
201231496>you’re a short, angry little Jew and no one loves you! Was this really necessary?…[View]
201232782Trans gf is coming over soon, what movie should I put on while we snuggle under the covers?[View]
201232673Are we not gonna talk about this movie? https://youtu.be/f8ehWvUjo3U?feature=shared[View]
201233400ITT we post spacekino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR69EKvcW-4[View]
201230289What went wrong?: >Mid at best >Zero cultural relevance I shilled this to my whole family, say…[View]
201233396>YOU KNOW THERE'LL BE JOKES--*freezes in place as he's immediately interrupted by the t…[View]
201233379You know this boogie is for real[View]
201231752>Hey, that was pretty good, except when you said, 'Me llamo es Brian,' you don't need the 'e…[View]
201232796Hello /tv/ What are you doing?[View]
201230933>Derka derka, Muhammad jihad.[View]
201225245What are some other anti-establishment kinos like this?[View]
201230199which episode was this?[View]
201212269Are there ANY upcoming films or TV shows that you are looking forward to?[View]
201228710>Choose screaming about abortion. Choose rape jokes, slut-shaming, revenge porn and an endless ti…[View]
201213569ITT: Post your IQ and get a movie recommendation: The last stop in yuma county was good fun.[View]
201232977>creates another 10/10 show How does he do it?[View]
201232091>A SHOCKING FILM......featuring David Bowie.[View]
201230714Why does this happen again?: Wagecucking, America :| Wagecucking , Japan :O[View]
201232468>There's always a bigger fish[View]
201232915I never really understood this one[View]
201232574>trailer starts >fat big black assed woman wearing bikini shot from behind walking towards the…[View]
201231986One is given unlimited funds to protect you: The rest all band together to kill you. Whom is trusted…[View]
201231817Nymeria 10,000 Ships: A new Game of Thrones prequel will see the Rhoynar escape the Valyrians. We’re…[View]
201232829is there any good viking kino like this: (I hope they make a live action)[View]
201231606>YOU ARE VIRUS: aaaaaaaa[View]
201231821Cast him[View]
201214774I finally realise why ''''cinephiles'''' hate this man.: He showed that you can make thought provoki…[View]
201231472Any Welsh kinos?[View]
201227561Luis Buñuel: I don't get this guys, I've watched 4 of his movies and I've yet to unde…[View]
201232560This jackass got his whole crew killed[View]
201231563This movie taught me there are no whites left in Florida. Is that true?[View]
201226396the fully cgi shots look so cheap its mind bogglingly insane this from a $200M movie[View]
201232265Zombie movies about military commanders?: Every zombie shit is mostly the same, it's always som…[View]
201231525He roped a couple of sea turtles....[View]
201230598>25 seasons and running of only rape and sex assault cases Who watches this show?…[View]
201232344Sir knight: I've just pissed in my pants, and nobody can do anything about it.[View]
201232228I'ts accurate.: The conservative shit in this show is dead on accurate. I'm around old fuc…[View]
201231937Why is it always office workers snapping in these movies and not retail workers? Working in retail i…[View]
201231002SteveRogersbros.....we lost[View]
201230593Imagine: if your superpower was this it was the funniest thread I've ever seen, I almost choked…[View]
201230287>Someday? Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. …[View]
2012319498% on rotten tomatoes[View]
201229082Why was Borat controversial in Kazakhstan while Bruno wasn't controversial in Austria?[View]
201219755What's the end goal?[View]
201221137Did UFC kill the Kung Fu/Wushu movie trend or was it something else?[View]
201229461EUPHORIA RETURNS: THE IDOL haters utterly BTFO and wrecked[View]
201231693>Anon, I found evidence against the mayor. This case is bigger than we thought. I will explain ev…[View]
201228692the fuck did I just watch?[View]
201231646are they as fake as CNN and MSNBC?[View]
201228512Do you buy the theory in the Redux version that Willard is actually dead and stuck in an external pu…[View]
201230918>being a porn star is GOOD >hollywood is GOOD >your Christian father is the real bad guy p…[View]
201230653>OI WAYS GAPED ‘EN ME PRYME[View]
201225967Cast him.[View]
201222554>37 was a comical amount of dicks to suck in the 90s[View]
201223755>the sticky wasn't even up 24 hours How about a little encore for Shelley. RIP.…[View]
201231386No. You didn't under the movie. Yes. The movie was laughing at you. Yes. It's because your…[View]
201224857What went wrong?[View]
201226621New personality unlocked[View]
201229066Post kinos that you had to watch in school[View]
201229705Are you truly trying to convince me she's ugly now? Don't believe the homosexual psyop gu…[View]
201231331What are some biblical action films you would like to see?[View]
201229529I think I've identified a new classification of movie: Maybe it's just a Netflix thing but…[View]
201229042What did Bandicoot Cumbersnatch mean by this?[View]
201224389is this actually what alcoholism is like?[View]
201228767was homer a gay[View]
201226444Best film endings in cinema: Post 'em.[View]
201230890>Why do birds suddenly appear[View]
201229941How do you learn to power walk like this guy? There's just something about guy's walk[View]
201231126Gladiator 2 trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpLAfHliBwI[View]
201231090Here’s that groundbreaking edgy comedian I told you about: So… White women.. they freaking suck! Am …[View]
201230223>So everything is its mirror image. But, of course, all these predictions are lies to avoid panic…[View]
201228666I could hear the writers clapping themselves on the back for coming up with that scene[View]
201230824This was better than expected: They managed to keep simple 90s tone keeping wokeshit at absolute min…[View]
201230977team Firecracker-Homelander thread: that's corn-fed cute my brethren. the other side has weird…[View]
201230681Will Chani beg Paul to put a baby in Irulan in part 3?[View]
201226758I still believe that the Targaryen family and especially Daenerys and Viserys were inspired by racis…[View]
201217364Was nobody gonna tell me that the jewish emasculation film was good actually[View]
201229104ITT: Soul vs. Soulless: What's the most shocking example?[View]
201229834Star Wars Rebel Moon: 'Zac Snyder: How can I avoid people saying I made a bad movie again....? I kno…[View]
201229277Can Reproductive horror be a genre? Has anyone here tried to be a donor?[View]
201229783Goddammit! What was the real punchline going to be?[View]
201230611Expert text analysts: Trump's Project 2025 is 'directly based on Star Wars' Order 66': The…[View]
201229502When the kino hits: Have you ever watched a movie so kino you just had to go wild and make a mess at…[View]
201230554>fuck you mean you aint got no god damn whopper?[View]
201230583>I drank the vodka, Mr. President. ITT: We promote the new capeshit using known and beloved 4chan…[View]
201230278What was stopping Obi-Wan kenobi from coming back to Tatooine to free Anakin's mother? He'…[View]
201229856ITT:: Movies that got undeserved hate.[View]
201230545What’s going on here?[View]
201230488>Happy birthday, nephew[View]
201229261MAKE IT ENGLAND[View]
201225420What does /tv/ think about Malcolm In the Middle?[View]
201228116/RARE/ THE OFFICIAL RARE KINO THREAD FOR /TV/: >show off your rare kino collection >what rare …[View]
201229853White people's Apocalypto moment[View]
201228900Dat lil mothfucka is liar! I rest my case judge.[View]
201223811How can I tell if the screenplay I'm writing is shit or not?[View]
201230188kino: https://youtu.be/lev6v0_6VcY[View]
201224215I wish I could watch Inception with pops, but he wouldn't get it, just like this board.[View]
201229788>be 13 >watching movie with dad (as recommended by dad) >nude scene >dad nudges me and s…[View]
201230045>Turn on MuchMusic in 1999 >'Steal My Sunshine' by Len starts playing…[View]
201229715>enhances your kino[View]
201230015>tough guy is drinking at a bar, looking down on their luck >tough guy signals to the bartende…[View]
201229646What do you think of the V/H/S series /tv/? There's a new entry coming Oct 4, called V/H/S Beyo…[View]
201229999Why is everyone so retarded?[View]
201221721Why does my gf like this kind of show?[View]
201229975kek they are actually making a third one[View]
201229409>what's up halpert? still queer?[View]
201219261anybody else hate her face?[View]
201229531New Disney Channel kino just dropped.[View]
201229055>B-B-B-B BODY? *GULP* GAWRSH[View]
201228234Brokeback Mountain: Whats your take? Was Jack killed or did he really die in that accident?[View]
201226644/ftl/ - Fishtank Allstars: Vampire Bloodgames EXTRAS #16: Lovetank edition Season 3 in some weeks. E…[View]
201229804Anyone have a recent photo of her?[View]
201229718/raymond/: lusting over sister in law edition prev >>192994618[View]
201227878>i will execute the head of one of the most prominent and powerful houses in Westeros, which lead…[View]
201225971Scenes that live rent free in you're head: Or you think of at least oncr per day[View]
201217306Finally watch this after years of /tv/ calling it a terrific and underrated sci fi horror film Turn…[View]
201212901What do we think about The Realm's Delight?[View]
201221065Smiling Friends: What episode of smiling friends is your favorite?[View]
201228582In the early 00s you could play a retard like you are in a madtv sketch: And people would still prai…[View]
201226858/got/hotd/: 'Where have all the rat-catchers gone' edition previous >>201222970[View]
201228915What's the best lesbian kino?[View]
201229027>Batman is rich. > He is rich and has funneled that money into his crime fighting enterprises …[View]
201227067Which row of masterpieces are you keeping, top or bottom? The one you don't pick disappears for…[View]
201224480Will traditional English media exist in the future?[View]
201227751Would have been more effective at the end.[View]

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