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196700058Chucky Signore[View]
196699810Only these two kinos are canon.: Fuck all the rest, honestly.[View]
196693917What the fuck even is this film: Generally I like de Palma but was he on coke when he wrote this? Sh…[View]
196699711Why couldn't Scott Eastwood become a big star like his dad?[View]
196699456how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
196698382She was half his age: And they were married till his death[View]
196694008>this film is not objectively his best, but it's my favorite[View]
196698070Marvel tier villain. What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
196697717>Ruins you're kino god i hate this bitch so much it's unreal[View]
196696793>you...murdered my catgirl[View]
196699291Why did everyone think this talentless hack was funny for a while?[View]
196698771Wanna do a drinking game for this movie. Any custom rules to get us drunk as fuck?[View]
196696365Melisandre's theme: https://youtu.be/QEBpm26tFOc?feature=shared There's something so deepl…[View]
196699784ITT: reasons you dislike the 9/11 terrorist attacks >The film entered pre-production at 20th Cent…[View]
196699783thoughts on drake's dick size? people say it's big, but I'm not impressed by it. http…[View]
196698992Why are the libs mad?[View]
196697206>KONY 2012 Do non zoomers remember? Was this the first example of psyops and brainwashing via the…[View]
196700132Biden chads, we're so back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw0npm56wn0[View]
196699648>it's okay for children to be gay What did Japan mean with this movie?…[View]
196697558What went wrong with us, druk bros?[View]
196695871When did Always Sunny jump the shark?: >UMM EXCUSE ME CAN I TALK TO YOUSE? YOUSE A BUNCH OF WHITE…[View]
196699538When it's got you... it's got you![View]
196698321Revolutionary war kinos?[View]
196698356>Presently, the Lady Jessica filled her stillsuit. Imagine the smell... Cinnamon.…[View]
196698861Oh n-[View]
196698142>decide to watch to get scared >get cozy instead cuz of the 50's culture >get creeped…[View]
196699604I know, John I do know I, I can't get the fog to clear[View]
196693477Flight (2012): I know that it says that this film is based on a true story, but how close is it to t…[View]
196689075>reddit: the movie[View]
196684140Why did everyone suddenly turn on Pedro Pascal?[View]
196691559DUNC 2: RELEASE IN 3 DAYS How fucking pumped are we, /tv/? Critics all love it so far.[View]
196670911This actually isn't bad. The cartoon is better, but this is at least better than the Shayamalan…[View]
196682905Dune Part Two: Serious blockbuster with no mcu 'humor' I'm excited[View]
196696337>star wars was a much better franchise before they allowed darkies to be on the jedi council What…[View]
196699335ITT: Characters that are literally you: kino[View]
196698097>corny flashbacks >shitty CGI (Livia's last scene) >dragged out as fuck >random It…[View]
196699305Always mind your surroundings.[View]
196698964You all have blood on your hands[View]
196699301Curb Your Enthusiasm: Hands down the most relatable episode they've done. The smart places arou…[View]
196699341>brother greg, the big man wants us to move brother mo-- i mean brother lester to another parish…[View]
196698198The biopic we need[View]
196698276>not a single thread DOA[View]
196699127Movies about not being able to get over your oneitis?[View]
196699239>'Water Tribe boys could be here' she thought, 'I've never been in this part of kyoshi Islan…[View]
196697913He is me fr[View]
196698096I like this little guy - might actually watch more of the show if it could focus on him more than th…[View]
196697299What's the difference between Star Wars and Super Hero movies?[View]
196696713Why did the two other agents run away after Neo destroyed Agent Smith in the first Matrix?[View]
196692485What happened to that Jew Jew Abrams Half-Life movie?[View]
196697885how many billions did the joker burn in the dark knight? has it ever been calculated?[View]
196698458Comfy Wanda thread[View]
196688907Who's going to play Alister Crowley in his eventual kino biopic[View]
196697724What the fuck was his problem?[View]
196695492Episodic > Serial: If you can't tell a captivating story within the confines of a single epi…[View]
196698686The Zone of Interest (2023): Why wasn't this particular historical drama held to modern casting…[View]
1966987003rd sister Fanning: A.I. Fanning say something nice about her /tv/[View]
196696906So wait, he forgot his own name? What?[View]
196697031>vampire movie >Toccatta & Fugue in D Minor starts playing >*1930s lightning sound effe…[View]
196698310>¡¡There's no easy way out !! ¡¡There's no shortcut home !![View]
196687474Why the FUCK didn't they choose someone bangable?[View]
196698599>Takes a single role where he actually acts as a character instead of doing the same ayyy ohhh ga…[View]
196697649A24 retelling when?[View]
196696677Good poster: Rabbancels seething at Halleckchads.[View]
196698472¡Bravo Issa![View]
196697646What made this arc so kino?[View]
196697211I am seriously asking. What is in this show? Why does everyone lose their minds over this?[View]
196695815wtf I love brown people now[View]
196694784Now that SHOGUN is a huge hit, how long until we get an adaptation of the ultimate AMAF kino.[View]
196690729Why do people sperg if a fictional woman is as strong as a man?[View]
196697635Jeffrey... dems smells be gettin real bad[View]
196687335>capeshit was so good back then, guys !!!! yeah right[View]
196697995Yes you fucking do, you go out in public and it's a fucking embarrassment to me. You look like …[View]
196697326My favorite actor. Ethan is the best. He's got that vibe of a hot smart and compassionate guy. …[View]
196695604What's the best movie of this century (yet) and why is it 'Bad Ass' starring Danny Trevejo? You…[View]
196693758STONE AGE BLACK EUROPEANS FIND THEIR WAY TO 43,000 B.C.E SCOTLAND!!: >Out.of.Darkness.2022.1080p.…[View]
196695097>What did you say about movie critics again anon? >care to say that to my face now? Well tv?…[View]
196697691hail sirsar please do the needful and do not cross the roobicon sir[View]
196687617Rewrite ROTJ without the 2nd death star: Seems kinda lazy bringing it back, what else could Lucas ha…[View]
196697614That was great[View]
196696524Say it.[View]
196695752>sitcom that anyone ages 10-80 can enjoy >funny but not reliant on swearing, shock humor, sex,…[View]
196695127the best film of the 80's[View]
196697305for me its skinny pete[View]
196697481Futurama - What Happened?: Why did the quality decline after season 5?[View]
196696474>Gigachad blonde white male >Only 'crime' is not killing criminals What did D + D me…[View]
196696031Why did TV stop freaking minds?[View]
196697316I can fix him.[View]
196697412Most interesting media project of the decade[View]
196689631Where's he going to bros?[View]
196692559>tfw no gypsy gf to take me in and make me breakfast[View]
196694745what's his capeshit power level again? nigga just sit around and watch?[View]
196697212Good morning sirs Please recommend me some current kino movies to watch on VHS in my mud hut[View]
196696678>you have a tail light out >smash[View]
196695379comfiest home in movies[View]
196695064What episode does she get BLACKthornED in?[View]
196697103ITT: Soul vs soulless[View]
196692205whats with this fuckin guy and putting guns to his head[View]
196696973What happened to Dashka's career? She was supposed to make it big after Succession[View]
196692860>hot water can burn in less than twee seconds[View]
196695008>late night is de-[View]
196688325>Hello John. Let’s play a little game. Your entire life you’ve spent donating to the sick, feedin…[View]
196696750>knows that a man is in love with her and accepts to marry him >decides to run away with other…[View]
196696560Why is he such a contentious figure on this board?[View]
196696164Don Eladio está muerto! Sus capos están muertos! Ustedes no tienen a nadie mas por quien pelear. Lle…[View]
196696816Did he make any other kino?[View]
196696288>I AM SLIGHTLY EMBARRASSED LET ME FUCKING KILL MYSELF! why are nipponese like this?…[View]
196696746Laziest physical releases: What are some of the worst home releases of films you've seen? Pic …[View]
196694321Shows only you watched[View]
196685330>killer gets away with it in the end[View]
196681252ITT: characters that deserve their own spinoff series or movie[View]
196695738>Hollywood is bad at monster des… Woah[View]
196692252Skins: What am i in for?[View]
196696566Now that the dust has settled, how would you fix SE04v[View]
19669525212 Angry Men: What would you do in this situation?[View]
196695144>Have a shit job, poor pay, only highlight is sneaking away to jack off >Meet a teen he wants …[View]
196696496What are you watching /tv/?[View]
196694296Remember that ethereal elven woman of magic that was simultaneously gentle yet fearsome? Well, turns…[View]
196695484Just finished this. What should I think of it ?[View]
196695637Ikeyni is...[View]
196695514Couldn’t he grow a moustache at least?[View]
196692372worst celeb cameos in Curb? Irma gotta be top of the list[View]
196695674Images You Can Hear: .[View]
196691777Seven... Days...[View]
196695642All the anons on /tv/ are SOBs.[View]
196695088I watch movies in bed all day[View]
196695751Are there any scenes of Reacher working out in the gym and taking steroids? If not, I don't thi…[View]
1966924757 hours: With about as much time as the average person sleeps, what would you do with this amount of…[View]
196687698Actors Disney passed up for the role as Rey: Shailene Woodley Jennifer Lawrence Saoirse Ronan Evan R…[View]
196695677What's the best moments in films when 'shit got real'?[View]
196695728>your crush at work announces that she is pregnant what are some movies for this feel?…[View]
196694102The upcoming Hasbro Monopoly movie has the potential to be the greatest cross-over event of all time…[View]
196691448ITT: /tv/ quotes that changed you're life[View]
196695567Endings that pissed you off: I’m still mad they killed off Don Freezer[View]
196693689She's had a good life. She appreciates her good fortune, and she's happy that her work has…[View]
196693979favorite game of throne house? For me it's house hightower because of their goofy hats[View]
196693170The entire genre of horror is a meme, all horror is cinememe, as it's objectively inferior/chea…[View]
196688333Unironically the best movie of 2023 and had no right being as good as it was.[View]
196683850[Bad News] GLADIATOR 2 is one of the most expensive films ever made[View]
196694041>In preparation for her role Kristen Stewart learned how to pole dance, deprived herself of sleep…[View]
196693536zoomers have no idea how good they have it with day 1 insanely good quality stuff: ungrateful fucks…[View]
196692674>They’re literally just swinging the lightsabers like glow sticks >Boomers creamed at this Shi…[View]
196692126About to watch this, what am I in for?[View]
196694155Poor Things: What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
196693835Movies that made you like unlikable public figures.[View]
196692865>I can't beat it WTF man... this movie hit hard[View]
196691789>this was the SICKEST MOST TWISTED PERVERSE character in fiction according to boomers…[View]
196693970ITT: 'Oh yeah, that happened'[View]
196694495movies are retarded these days: Why even waste money going to the cinema[View]
196689044SHOGUN IS UP: FIRST TWO EPISODES LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! >Shogun.2024.S01E01.1080p.WEB.H264-Succes…[View]
196687950Avatar: Zuko and Iroh literally carried this show from beginning to end. How could they butcher Aang…[View]
196693980>Christopher Nolan, but for redditor slop[View]
196680503Milla Jovovich teases 'Resident Evil' franchise reboot: Open to Fifth Element sequel https://stream…[View]
196688836Picked this up at a thrift shop because my liberal friend obsessively hates Ayn Rand. What am I in f…[View]
196693378Leroy and Stitch: LiloBTFO[View]
196693645Asian Kino: just watched this and really enjoyed it. Any other asian school kino you could recommend…[View]
196692977Did people really dress like this in the 2000s[View]
196694659What are the best kinos where the nice guy character realistically gets the hot girl?[View]
196692535What was his fucking problem?[View]
196693900AYYY-OH!! I'M WALKIN' HERE!!![View]
196693896Madame Web: Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that this is the best superhero movie to …[View]
196694052well? does he?[View]
196690345After three different attempts, i have finally accepted this film is really good. i'm ashamed t…[View]
196694307is bpack and white the more kinossieur medium?[View]
196692492Just watched this. What did I think of it? It was hard to take Zac seriously as a normal strong guy …[View]
196690878I think he deserved his punishment. Don't you?[View]
196692213>Hello chief, let's talk, why not?[View]
196691150>this was a 35 year old man in the 1950s[View]
196692183Niggas be like 'You changed' Yeah nigga a new Kyle Gallner movie came out, of course I had to change[View]
196691868Is this the movie that made critics turn on Zack Snyder? I think it is. They didn’t have problems wi…[View]
196694046>he still watches western goyslop and doesn't consume japanese anime and vidya exclusively p…[View]
196692409The Eternal Daughter (2022): I need all your best suggestions for movies similar to this one.[View]
196693260Why was Lex Luthor black in Justice League Animated?[View]
196685625Dumontbros, should I go all in?[View]
196693621do this!: > are you already dropping the bomb, sirs?[View]
196689930Admit it: He had the better Aang.[View]
196693754is leaving woman on `delivered` worse than `seen`? pic related[View]
196691850live action dragon ball[View]
196691796In light of recent humiliations, it's an honor to be joined by Snoodposters. AND NOT FAGGOT ASS…[View]
196693747What was his fighting style and why was he so cool?[View]
196689174cast it[View]
196692273HOLY SHIT: Is it me or Blade Runner 2 is just so much more fun than the first one? Better effects, l…[View]
196691477The world will end on March 23, 2024. Are you prepared?[View]
1966883472 days Dunc bros[View]
196686843which Crumb brother are you, /tv/?[View]
196684242Brad Pitt was bad as Achiles. He didn't even seem like a hero but rather some arrogant pretty b…[View]
196693234>movie is about is about a known real life massacre, genocide or tragedy >the entire movie is:…[View]
196692872So when are they going to make the Mad Men spinoff about Sally Draper being a dirty ho in the 70s?[View]
196690944All of these movies especially the first two are overrated as fuck by redditors, and you need to go …[View]
196691814Greatest mic drops in /tv/ Pic related something I wish younger me understood[View]
196691903This is the most tedious and boring and 'yeah I get it' film >dude do you get it it's juxtap…[View]
196693096https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnkYc9iDZsw Any kinos about rare diseases like this?[View]
196692762What are his favorite movies?[View]
196692926Let’s take a minute to mourn the 90s Schwarzenegger and Verhoven epic that never got made. Imagine …[View]
196690325>What the FUCK did you just say about my mothe- I mean my wife?[View]
196681382did you like dating on the spectrum?[View]
196690564>when the kino hits[View]
196693003I hate to say it, but he’s lost his touch. Didn’t laugh once.[View]
196692140>I have come here to establish gulags, persecute kulaks and enforce international socialism, and …[View]
196691625What's next for his career, other than being a chud?[View]
196692516Just marathoned this poster, what did I think about it? Has anyone marathoned tthe media this poster…[View]
196691183About to marathon this. What am I in for?[View]
196692784Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196690453will it be kino?[View]
196692627asian are funnier: The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle simple as[View]
196690616What are some docukinos on these prehistoric freaks?[View]
196686265Recast Keanu as Will Smith.[View]
196692594Still kino as shit from old movies: From 'The Invisible Man' (1933). This movie is ninety …[View]
196692556Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
196692389What’s up for best picture this year?[View]
196692143This is very boring.[View]
196692157I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature creat…[View]
196692359Cassie Howard belongs to the streets[View]
196691223They seriously want me to believe a 5ft 100lb little girl was Ghostface?: Franchise died right here.…[View]
196689553Who is your favorite 'one off' Simpsons character? >Hard Mode: no character voiced by a guest ce…[View]
196690765This movie sure is a bopper but a bit overrated IMO. Too long and too much problematic content >t…[View]
196686213good monster designs thread[View]
196689232Why does Jesse says ''Heil Hitler'' to Walter? I don't get it because engli…[View]
196691019I've been looking at the standard crew that is used for making movies and have come to the conc…[View]
196689215bears appreciate beauty[View]
196690275Any recent films or TV for sophisti-coomers?: Not literal slop like The Idol or 90s B-movies full of…[View]
196675662/jazz/ general - booba edition: LADIES AND GENTLEXEN, LET US DISCUSS I AM JAZZ AND ALL ASSOCIATED KI…[View]
196691993Bored to Death: does it hold up?[View]
196687523Is it kino[View]
196689449Is Louis from Suits attractive?[View]
196691911Green Arrow Won[View]
196690282>They call me All Up InYouYasha How did they get away with this?[View]
196672896Is it woke or is it worth giving a watch?[View]
196691836What are your favorite movies with this gentlesir, /tv/?[View]
196690875I watch this movie every couple of months. I don't enjoy it.[View]
196689993I thought heroin was supposed to be fun?[View]
196691313How fucked would he had been if papa doc went first?[View]
196691571What are the chances we’ll get a sequel to Jumper starring Hayden Christensen and Kristen Stewart (s…[View]
196674828>The book is unadaptable so you're just gonna have to read it. We all know someone like this…[View]
196691478>my ancestors are smiling at me imperial[View]
196688473Why is it this movie is 30 years old and the cgi looks better than thing than the mcu?[View]
196691211The German Doctor (2013): Is this movie any good? The premise seems pretty kino >Patagonia, 1960.…[View]
196691433Did we ever find out who Dr Mulholland was to David Lynch?[View]
196691319Bought this at a thrift store: What am I in for /tv/[View]
196690945>There’s an angry mob looking for me, Jerry! You gotta hide me! >*looks at watch* Huh, early t…[View]
196676139Pay phone scenes in movies & TV: post 'em[View]
196690591Was it kino?[View]
196682679>gets fired from snl >Oh no damn wish I was cool like a black guy also did I tell you how my f…[View]
196686440>Will these crawdads ever SHUT THE HELL UP?[View]
196678792Convince me why I should watch Ghostbusters Frozen Empire[View]
196689659R, as in, Robert Lojah: O, as in, oh my god, it's Robert Lojah[View]
196691149Mandingo (1975): This film touched my soul.[View]
196691128>creates the most popular podcast of all time[View]
196690792Motorin': What's your price for flight?[View]
196686300>finally comes down the historic moment >suspense building perfectly >clock timing down …[View]
196686852What's the horniest you've gotten while watching a show?[View]
196688568ITT: We post Kino Commercials[View]
196690062>The year is 2002 >This Russian song is released and it get famous worldwide >ALL THE THING…[View]
196690329Write a film review in the style of the last book you read: >Film: Cats 2019 >Book: Blood Meri…[View]
196689431I just watched this episode and now I am a man.[View]
1966856262007-2012 /tv/: What films or TV series best capture life in the late 2000s/early 2010s?[View]
196690174Now that the dust has settled...what went wrong?[View]
196690092I am gonna miss this guy so much i love when he puts nigger in their place for being thieving liars[View]
196678133Any Water Tribe lads around here?[View]
196689742Why are there no Gilgamesh kino?[View]
196690781Star Trek Civilian Phasers and Weapons: Phaser weapons are greatly more dangerous and advantageous t…[View]
196686551/tv/ webm thread: webms that define /tv/[View]
196690366>that hand Do you think.... You know ...[View]
196689409God damn early Game of Thrones was so good.[View]
196690695Is Letterboxd adding in TV shows a good idea?: Because they're doing it[View]
196688183What was the best movie you watched on a date?[View]
196681869Bane: Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you![View]
196690460The movies are shit compared to the books and the changes and omissions for “movie going audiences” …[View]
196690639Black Cat, White Cat (1998): What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
196690583>whispers kino so the Mexicans don't hear[View]
196686592This show has aged like dogshit[View]
196667000How on EARTH did they get away with this scene in a 12A certificate film?[View]
196684495Have there been any good revolutionary war/colonialist america era films in the past 20 years beside…[View]
196688608It's kino[View]
196676357How many Jennakinos have you seen? Currently I've seen X, Scream 5, Scream 6 and YOU.[View]
196690219>I've started without you, I hope you don't mind[View]
196688812They should have used them better.[View]
196690128Was the three minutes of blank screen with spooky Ocarina of Time dungeon music blaring really neces…[View]
196690057>When I was sixteen, I won a great victory. I felt in that moment I would live to be a hundred. N…[View]
196690163SpongeBob? More like SpongeCRINGE![View]
196689627So, are you ready to see Jennifer Garner in Deadpool 3?[View]
196689955Rewatching this as a 34 year old man and it's just edgy garbage. Never read the books, and neve…[View]
196661396/trek/: Was Scotty an alcoholic?[View]
196689604Is ice cube a good actor?[View]
196689437>I >WANT >SEX >NOW…[View]
196688451adulthood is choosing left[View]
196685297Here’s your Ellie from Borderlands /tv/.[View]
196689489Well hello *snickers* beautiful[View]
196689908Anyone seen it?[View]
196689854>*freeze frame of The Popes Exorcist doing a massive soi face* >*record scratch* >Pope…[View]
196689895Why are japanese crime/thriller movies so comfy?[View]
196685989>If you were to talk to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, what would you say to them if they were he…[View]
196689135BROSHIDO CHADS... WE'RE HOME: https://variety.com/2024/tv/tv-reviews/shogun-review-fx-game-of-t…[View]
196689498How in the fuck did this anime get a live action movie[View]
196687884Kate Mara turns 41 today. What is /tv/'s fav work of hers? For me it is Shooter.[View]
196682838Would the character Sport in taxi driver have been more realistic as a black flamboyant pimp[View]
196687716Just finished this gem Fuck me Anyone got any more stress kino to keep my blood boiling?[View]
196688258“That's the last time you run that mechanical asshole in here without an exhaust hose”[View]
196688944>My ANUS is bleeding Zoomers and boomers will never understand[View]
196686836>you’re a teenager >it’s Friday night >your baking a frozen pizza in the oven >what ar…[View]
196686931Whatcha watchin' and whatcha snackin': >Watchin' Dune part 1 >Snackin' Lot…[View]
196687734ITT actors you have run into randomly in public.[View]
196671791>this shall bring attractive women to STEM your welcome nerds, your lab buddy next semester will …[View]
196686005Road to Perdition: >one of tom hanks' most important movies (according to tom hanks) >no …[View]
196688054Why the hell did he direct capeshit? Was it just a gig to help launch his career?[View]
196689337rest in shit[View]
196687890I've never watched any Star Trek shows or movies. What am I missing out on?[View]
196688849>Book Face I dont get it.[View]
196688027DUNC2: saw last night at the imax prescreening. probably would recommend dolby over imax, the soundt…[View]
196688570is it good?[View]
196686562what do you watch on repeat?[View]
196689214Maritime Kino (that isn't Master & Commander): Post 'em[View]
196689169What are the best kinos about bros being bros on a very heterosexual way?[View]
196688729Joe Rogan is staring to boor me.: Lame lqm3vlc lame lame lame. Turkey is done.[View]
196689006How does one create original characters?[View]
196669685True Detective Season 2: Holy shit, /tv. You were right. I take back the things I said about it. Att…[View]
196688970Imagine getting liberated by the Soviet army and you see this.[View]
196685682>the moment Star Wars died[View]
196687896Why is he so likeable in roles despite having limited range[View]
196688622ITT: wisdom you've from watching television and film[View]
196684941We stopped serving breakfast at 11:30.[View]
196688018Gummo 2: Are you ready for pure kino?[View]
196687470You now remember Bridgit Mendler[View]
196683330Since Avatar became a smashing hit, will we get more asian inspired fantasy drama?[View]
196688705sci-fi: >sci-fi sci-fi[View]
196688690Okja: was looking for a movie to watch while I fall asleep. this looks like a good one for that purp…[View]
196685056I refuse to succumb to Jap language imperialism: >Manga? You mean comic books? >Anime? You mea…[View]
196680579Why is there no major biopic about Washington?[View]
196686037Why do white men love Shōgun so much?: We may never know the answer. It's quite the conundrum.…[View]
196688154This was boring as fuck & made no sense, why do you retards shill this movie so much?[View]
196686466Taylor Lautner: Thoughts?[View]
196687406>Here's your Megan Fox, bros[View]
196685956>What happens now? I'll tell you what happens now. Your scumbag brother-in-law is finished. …[View]
196687731For a woman, is there anything worse than being told to smile?[View]
196688070Snakes on a Plane (2006)[View]
196684883>Benioff & Weiss considered the Hound and Brienne as options to kill the Night King before se…[View]
196687178What happened to silly stupid movies?[View]
196686603Movies lost to the pandemic: I'm really interested in checking out some movies that came out 20…[View]
196688193Rhode Island mentioned[View]
196687454How good is loss pollos hermanos?[View]
196688179thoughts on his body of work?[View]
196687065Any horror anons have examples of great scenes in terrible movies, or great scares in more obscure f…[View]
196687129How do I watch fish tank live season 2?[View]
196687725Shandi did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
196685518Star Trek and Cardassians: They are the most interesting alien race but Paramount refuses to do anyt…[View]
196680834GOT: who is rewatching game of thrones I am on season 4 episode 8[View]
196687969Holy based[View]
196687903Have you ever watched one second of The Voice?[View]
196683397THE CROW Reboot Set For June 7, 2024: >Soulmates Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgård) and Shelly Webster …[View]
196685222Is absurdism worth it? In the medium of stop-motion, everything you see, every composition, every mo…[View]
196686978COME WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC4BC-Hxq9g Hear my cries, Hear my c…[View]
196687057There is no realistic film depiction of what it was like to go to high school in a nice, middle clas…[View]
196687724'Alright, it's time to go.': What the fuck was Jerry's problem?[View]
196685032Which one of you FUCKING NIGGERS is out of tune?[View]
196684769>Howdy partner, on three we draw dubs >1... >2...…[View]
196687612The Big Book of British Smiles: We do it classy[View]
196686302Downright Peculiar: >Jones claims Diddy introduced him to Cuba Gooding Jr. on Diddy's yacht …[View]
196687207>what if Home Alone but with le rape![View]
196683187Egads, it is a Twister....s.[View]
196687584Is the laserbow the biggest innovation in the Star Wars universe since darth maul's double lase…[View]
196685217>black character walks into a room >'AYOOOO WHERE THE WHITE WIMMEN AT???'…[View]
196687540So what is he doing these days?[View]
196682190Just watched this last night. It was okay. The dudes in the silo was super kino. It was a mistake to…[View]
196659450Comfy SG-1 Thread: What was your favorite season of SG-1 bros?[View]
196685384Is there anything to look forward to this year? All I have on my list is Spartacus 2 and Saw 11 but …[View]
196684197CUCKOO Plot Details: >Hunter Schafer stars as Gretchen, an angsty and isolated 17-year-old who is…[View]
196681809HOLD ON![View]
196666572Madame Web 2024. No Review. I refuse.[View]
196686485There’s a story about a 'lost' episode of Seinfeld floating around the Internet. The episode was sup…[View]
196687061/int/ wakes up in 1910[View]
196687216was he based?[View]
196687354What the fuck was Arogorm's problem?[View]
196686457Wil Wheaton: What’s he been up to besides posting in Simpsons shitposting threads?[View]
196686491So, four seasons...: And it culminates in 'GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!111111' Then they invent crypto, in lik…[View]
196686719Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196680790>be native american >never get roles other than playing a native american…[View]
196686425What happens to marvel if this flops? Not saying it will in fact I doubt it will but if it did what …[View]
196679850Why is her acting career a bust?[View]
196687311>*freeze frame of The Popes Exorcist doing a massive soi face* >*record scratch* >Pope…[View]
196686853High Calorie Crackers: >Fat fuckin' white people! I'm glad someone was brave enough to …[View]
196684900The leak is true about Rhaenyra sneaking into Kings Landing in disguise to help the starving peasant…[View]
196686303Why are shows like this so comfy? And will they ever make a comeback?[View]
196669469COOM AMD GET IT: https://rlsbb.ru/poor-things-2023-1080p-web-dl-atmos-h264-flux/ >Poor.Things.202…[View]
196684350If only you knew how metaphysical things really are.[View]
196687130>boyfriend pulls out laptop and HDMI cable instead of directly interfacing with the akashic recor…[View]
196683161Cast the inevitable HBO adaptation.[View]
196685166In this board...booty is more important than food. Booty. A man's butt[View]
196686878Just saw River´s Edge and damn! so good. Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, Dennis Hopper, perfect cast f…[View]
196686786Times you acted like Brock Lesnar, the famous wrestler from WWE[View]
196686983>You punk ass pieces of shit, you know i'm a janny?[View]
196686877Why did she cuck Crichton?[View]
196685147name a single moment in the MPeePoo that was done as well or better than it was in the comics. just …[View]
196686678What did /tv/ think of it? Worth a watch?[View]
196685560None of them have a water bottle. I take a water bottle with me when I go to the corner ship. Pretty…[View]
196686694>I love death grips[View]
196686652/JMG/ - JUWANNA MANN GENERAL: Hey /tv/, its time for some light but intelligent discussion of the 20…[View]
196686539give me the schizo rundown of this Fincher classic, worth the watch?[View]
196682900>Whoah! Paul ᑎᑕᑕIᑎⵔ! >It's not Paul anymore, it's ᑐᑌᑎᑕ! >ᑐᑌᑎᑕᑎᑕᑕIᑎⵔ? >Don…[View]
196685574>Hush in The Batman 2 thoughts?[View]
196686385this level of basedness is in your direct path. how do you begin to even?[View]
196684647does it work, /tv/?[View]
196686112Amores perros (2000): Dumb and pointless movie[View]
196685136Is Farscape worth watching for the women?[View]
196686409>comes from a LITERAL water planet >doesn’t bring any water to the desert LMAO they deserve wh…[View]
196679514Will ᑐ ᑌ ᑎ ᑕ ever get a proper food/resto tie-in?[View]
196685997Zone of Interest: Imagine living here[View]
196686295I want Scully/ Gillian Anderson to look at / talk about my cock like this[View]
196684613did clerks 3 suck as hard as I though it would?[View]
196666222Product Placements: Are they too intrusive?[View]
196685965Goddamnit this is a boring piece of shit[View]
196684568Who told Seth Mcfarlane he was funny?[View]
196685616handsome chad - thank you for your service RIP: WWII uncovered: Petty Officer Third Class Fred Gwynn…[View]
196685361What the fuck was this show?I remember seeing it but being unimpressed. Looking back I wonder why th…[View]
196685698Is it pronounced 'Keeh-no' or 'kih-no'?[View]
196685584>Now go home and get ya fuckin' hot pockets.[View]
196676398>Tom Green does every possible thing he can to steer away from talking about politics and corrupt…[View]
196685134Meanwhile in Bizarro /tv/[View]
196681115Ortegabros…. I feel betrayed[View]
196684060What went right?[View]
196685953>Witchay Woman[View]
196683226Family guy: Meg mentally developed from a 15 year old to 18 year old over the course of 25 years. Ju…[View]
196685700>By the time you graduate High School, ideally you should have put in 20,000 hours into a skill t…[View]
1966854044 me, it’s the Human Torch skillet.[View]
196681543I liked it[View]
196685578make it happen[View]
196683446Mission Complete Rendezvous With Rama Next: BEST MOVIE OF THE ..................... EVER but to expr…[View]
196675676These were $5 each at target what am I in for?[View]
196681645Just watched American Beauty. What did I think about it?[View]
196682185Makeherday: Well....he tried at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgfIsrK5vYE[View]
196685171Why don't star trek fans talk about their best movie since the 80s?[View]
196684880Why isn't there more Blade Runner shit being made? Is it because it keeps underperforming at th…[View]
196673176Is this some gimmick? Why Kingdom Come suit when you’re introducing a new Superman suit?[View]
196685323There once was a farmer called Sneed Whose desire was to Feed and to Seed And with fortuitous luck, …[View]
196683419>losers always whine about their best >winners go home and fuck the prom queen how do you resp…[View]
196681635[Sad News] The Color Purple has ended its run in theaters as a massive bomb: >$100m budget What …[View]
196684597Came out 16 years ago....: Looks better than the majority of shit coming out today.[View]
196683841Be sincere with me /tv/, is it going to be good?[View]
196680259Supernatural Plot Hole: >Seasons 4 and 5 have angels going crazy because they claim to have not s…[View]
196681979How does Se7en look so modern? This movie came out in 1995 and looks like it could've come out …[View]
196684718You Vill Eat Zee Ants[View]
196684018What do you think of all the nuAge horror shit?: How do you go from Scream, Halloween etc to this cu…[View]
196678617Has anyone tried writing a screenplay?[View]
196684571He just don't miss.[View]
196684099Rust Shooting Trial Day 3: anyone keeping up with this other than myself? The Director of photograph…[View]
196683963You're fighting me Buu, you got it?[View]
196684030On a lark I started watching DS9 and OMG the writing is so good and everything makes fucking sense u…[View]
196683543I don't understand it.[View]
196684913>says the N-word once >suffers in Hell for 1,000,000,000 years…[View]
196681350RIP Chris Gauthier: Seymour from Watchmen has passed along[View]
196684844>Show has gay sex[View]
196680696I dont get the hype[View]
196683981Villains Who'd Won: https://abcnews.go.com/US/mary-kay-letourneau-sex-6th-grader-wife/story?id=…[View]
196676092Shogoun: Confirmed kino[View]
196684690Films that hit you hard /tv/[View]
196682355‘AMERICAN PSYCHO’ REMAKE REPORTEDLY IN THE WORKS FOR NEW GENERATION: Predict the changes https://www…[View]
196684672RAP SNITCHES[View]
196683965Madame Websisters... Not like this... None of these up and coming actresses would have ever fucking …[View]
196684233still one of the best: series on television. shit is about family dysfunctional relationships and is…[View]
196683044This characters is a litmus test for full plebdom[View]
196675348Do you think the villagers would be ok with him, knowing most of their men died on the battlefield b…[View]
196684627Constellation: Are you lads watching this absolute kino?[View]
196682918We're here through Bobby Kennedy, Tricky Dick Nixon, Ronnie 'The Unionbuster' Reagan …[View]
196683827Great idea for a show: Sup /tv/, just had this great idea for a show. Basically every episode would …[View]
196677428Got you![View]
196683695KillTony: Meet the man who will save stand up comedy[View]
196678171>this was a 10/10 sex goddess back in 2004 Millennials are weird[View]
196683080Atlanta (FX): Worth watching or pretentious uppity slop?[View]
196684064>*spend 5 minutes explaining how an obviously bad movie is terrible >But anon, it's fun.…[View]
196684355>DUDE FOOD LMAO[View]
196684376Donald Trump?[View]
196683648>Would you like to expand upon Lynch's Dune, give us the minimalist mutt point of view? How …[View]
196683433>Stopped watching around the 25 minute mark. Should I keep going and finish it?…[View]
196675467THE SUMMER OF KINO, THE YEAR OF KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYsReoZMj1k We are back for on…[View]
196683423Snyder can make a Justice League sequel as long as it doesn't mention the characters comic book…[View]
196682290Tears of the sun is retarded: I just watched tears of the sun. The only thing I knew beforehand was …[View]
196684279Greatest ever theme songs: For me, it's 1) X-Files 2) Twilight Zone 3) The Simpsons 4) Arthur 5…[View]
196684273/HHG/ Harry Hater General - Pumpkin Spice Edition: Harry Hater is one of the all time best 'bits.' M…[View]
196675407>be Gondor peasant >some hobo shows up near the tail end of the battle for Minas Tirith, basic…[View]
196682892OH YA! Peggy Hill[View]
196683859RIP Buddy Duress, sticky when?[View]
196680872What do you think hes looking at[View]
196677313>this was comically fat in the 90s[View]
196676078Anya Taylor-Joy accused of 'promoting starvation' ahead of Dune: Part Two premiere: >An…[View]
196681855I will now watch your Mormon drama: Is it any good?[View]
196684104I'm about halfway through the first episode and it seems like its going to heavily lean into te…[View]
196682422Now that the dust has settled, was Smaug Jewish?[View]
196682021sex with Elly May[View]
196674008Leave Godzilla and/or King Kong …to me!!!![View]
196683460What was the first movie you saw in theaters? I was 4 years old and my mom took me to see Men in Bla…[View]
196682173Why do they call him 'The Baker' anyways?[View]
196680347Are we reaching some kind of peak in terms of movies and shows created about asian cultural diaspora…[View]
196683885Ashley, I say Ashley![View]
196683358>plot advances through text messages >its a generically safe text bubble that doesn't mat…[View]
196683661Theres more good Harry Potter films than there are LOTR films[View]
196666645Be honest, if Luke almost killing his own sleeping nephew out of pure instinct because of a bad drea…[View]
196680400Did you anons watch Bukele's speech at CPAC? It was epic, what a chad. Come let us discuss http…[View]
196679666So you’re telling me he wants to be the next great jazz drummer but he can’t tell if he was rushing …[View]
196683280What the fuck was his problem?[View]
196672909How long before she comes back to her senses?[View]
196681987What about mouthwash?[View]
196680463Why is every bong TV show some boring cop detective shit? Does their TV loicense pay for this?[View]
196677444sounded like kino until it said Stavros is in it[View]
196683533White Lotus s2: did I like it, tv? did i find the final episode satisfactory?[View]
19667951610 episodes in, when does it get good?[View]
196681991Did pop culture peak back in the 00s? >Effects look great, often a combination of practical and C…[View]
196682817worst live streaming arc ever went from being with a chink onlyfans girl to a fat nigger[View]
196681790pure kino[View]
196682509this is basically silent hill : shattered memories the movie[View]
196683261>tfw only watch black people reaction channels[View]
196683311post cool film posters/box art pic unrelated[View]
196683207recommend me so more shitcore movies /tv/[View]
196680660COLD WAR GONE HOT FILMS:: >Red Dawn >Threads >Dr. Strangelove Why isn't there more? …[View]
196667498>Go back to the healing huts with the other women. Okay. How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
196675151What would you do in this situation?[View]
196683046Anyone else think this dude has SUCH an infectious laugh?[View]
196678055I'm a hard worker seeking employment.[View]
196678810Why are the Resident Evil sequels so polarizing? They closely followed the formula of the Star Wars …[View]
196678597Do you accept?[View]
196681811Simple Jack but with an uglier lead.[View]
196682723Movies That Made you Cry[View]
196682777>Discipline and religion is...........LE BAD![View]
196681619Did anyone ever find out what was thrown at the cast of Dune? The object that hit America's sw…[View]
196681535Bergman: I think I hate this dude.[View]
196680787Is the movie really gonna get leaked? Eric Bauza seemingly confimed it's been scrapped, where w…[View]
196682384reminds to watch The Jon Stewart Makes The Daily Show Good For One Day A Week Show tonight: https://…[View]
196680527What exactly was the power of the one ring as a weapon? Just a power up?[View]
196680578Alright then /tv/ why don't YOU draw dignity?[View]
196682768Why won't this kino be brought back?[View]
196680760>dude like imagine if my down syndrome sister was in school right >and like this punk ass whit…[View]
196681951Why didn't they sacrifice Momo to become the moon spirit? He to had the life of the moon in him…[View]
196682581First dubs decide what i watch next. (i have seen crossed out ones)[View]
196678748Who could beat him?[View]
196681683Imagine telling someone with a straight face 'yeah I have pee cock'[View]
196678086Why didn't Walter just get a job at Sandia National Labs?[View]
196670198Mary Poppins film age rating raised over 'discriminatory language': >The 1964 film has …[View]
196681477Say it.[View]
196682323>be Japanese >tune into Tokyo themed Kino >”how bad can it be?” >good guys are round e…[View]
196681445All hail the Sperg-Lord: Fuck this movie is great. Lou Bloom is right up there with Patrick Bateman …[View]
196680462>anime can't be ki-[View]
196682360>I would choose Ryan Gosling cuz he's >literally me https://youtu.be/Lkifr3cu9Vk?t=229 Zu…[View]
196680100Why are scientists so jacked back then?[View]
196678548this scene gave me my first erection. what are the implications of this?[View]
196681264Do they not do background checks at Hogwarts? Why would they employ someone with a penchant for impr…[View]
196681197When was the exact moment that /tv/ turned on him?[View]
196680730Rico thread: The most Based Retard in all of media. There have been more based men, and there have b…[View]
196682169/tv/ Autism Trivia: The character of Edgar Allen Poe was played by Edgar Allen IV in Monkeybone.…[View]
196667502>Noooo, the cartoons my kids watch must expose them to sensual depictions of women! This is reall…[View]
196682114>movie is called 'The Neverending Story' >only gets two sequels…[View]
196682074Netflix gets nothing but the garbage movies.[View]
196680428>This summer >From the director of Pulp Ficiton and A Black Male's Guide to Toe Sucking..…[View]
196676955Could live action Yugi-Man work? the first chapters/season0 was dark as fuck.[View]
196680220When did you realized that the MCU was a joke? Pic somewhat related[View]
196680107I’m looking for movies or tv shows where this special alarm clock is featured[View]
196681480Mister Frodo, you’re making my dick hard[View]
196681667Mormon kino[View]
196681384Now that the dust is settled... what did you think of Skyler in Breaking Bad?[View]
196669673Denis Villeneuve says 'movies have been corrupted by television.”: >Frankly, I hate dialogue. Dia…[View]
1966813012024 I am forgotten[View]
196679097>movie/show about people with superpowers fighting each other >the powerlevels are so low eith…[View]
196681542Feel my heat: come on come on come on[View]
196673942JLaw was great in this and it was nice to see a star in a R rated sex comedy[View]
196680857This series ruined an entire generation of women.[View]
196681530Is this series worth a watch? I watched Live PD when that was a thing.[View]
196679616Stranger Things 5: Sadie will have the best career after it's over[View]
196677766What the fuck is his problem?[View]
196676981BALD NO[View]
196681314>Saves the Jurassic Park franchise![View]
196672208Name 3 kinos with this kind of character[View]
196681439Survivor 46: Survivorbros, get in here. New season starts tomorrow Jeff has decreed they won't…[View]
196681059How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
196679712Angourie Rice in Mean GirlsThe Musical[View]
196680769Movies that deal with obsessions?[View]
196677834Star Wars is really coming back in theaters in 2026: >The Mandalorian & Grogu’ Lands One Of C…[View]
196677245Ass Defective: Fard Poopy: It was shit, right? That ending was a fucking travesty, am I wrong? Like…[View]
196681033which one would win in a battle of minds: reminder that light doesnt know jigsaw's name[View]
196680689what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
196680925What are some technology vs nature epic kinos?[View]
196676112Is a Dune Cinematic Universe™ inevitable?[View]
196675931Nazis sure had some ugly ass houses: Architecturally speaking, this house SUCKS.[View]
196679674>Bourdain, August 2011: 'I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, 'Jesus, I'm glad that…[View]
196658489Harry Potter Series Gets Release Update, J.K. Rowling 'Thrilled' to Reboot the Franchise: …[View]
196679802Jimmy did nothing wrong.[View]
196677357>look up school bully on social media >has a trad family, nice car and promising career What t…[View]
196680074https://vocaroo.com/1doyrkbaRxfi https://www.101soundboards.com/boards/75247-tony-soprano-tts-compu…[View]
196679587are the rest of the episodes of quantum leap worth watching /tv/?[View]
196676824>when you want to show your nieces and nephews the 'other toy story film' but then you remember.…[View]
196680348>this was over-the-top gay in the 90s[View]
196676983IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlJKhutYvI&pp=ygUMY2luZW1hc3NhY3Jl[View]
196678829Why were they the bad guys again?[View]
196679196This was peak Noratu[View]
196678346Real Mike IRL[View]
196679738What are the best 9/11 films/documentaries out there /tv/?[View]
196680394fawlty towers isn't funny[View]
196680431Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: What was Danielle’s best picture in the entire season?[View]
196679672When I was 12, some friends wanted to watch Spider Man so I called my mom and asked if it was ok for…[View]
196678409This shit sucks after season 3[View]
196680423>BOOK spelled DUNE >pretentious MOVIE spells ᑐ ᑌ ᑎ ᑕ fuck this pseud trash.…[View]
196674567Costner-kino incoming boys. I am excited. Costner is the only big name who still understands the wes…[View]
196679969What did Bam mean by this?[View]
196678557What did he see in her?[View]
196678859Favorite news anchors?[View]
196677497Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls[View]
196680085Who are the top siblings of /tv/?[View]
196679275How on earth can Hollywood compete with ai?[View]
196663314/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. >/film/ charts https://mega.nz/…[View]
196679617this is fucking retarded[View]
196677996This is running on empty, food review![View]
196677282Are you guys fans of James Cameron?[View]
196678160Is it “DUNK 2” or “DUNCE 2”[View]
196679431America's Next Top Model: This seemed like the biggest scam of a competition show. Did any of t…[View]
196677096>Hi, I'm Ben Mankiewicz, thanks for joining us on Turner Classic Movies…[View]
196656993To Kill A Mockingbird: I'd've watched this one sooner if people told me it was about a cut…[View]
196678509ITT: Classic movies that take place in a world that zoomers cannot comprehend[View]
196679395what are some other examples of great movies being made from mediocre scripts?[View]
196670396Anyone But You: >200 million box office Are romcoms officially so back?…[View]
196679331I thought this was just a meme from this scene but it turns out people actually see you as an irrede…[View]
196679460Why cant we get a proper historical King Arthur film or tv series?[View]
196656712Is nudity in film necessary?: >So that's it, huh? We’re some kind of nudity squad?…[View]
196679839guys: okay baneposting is out, kendallposting is in. we gotta strike now while its hot, I need you a…[View]
196676314Dune tv series in 2024: >Set 10,000 years before the events of Dune, the series follows sisters V…[View]
196679757>diabetes, please kill Stavros Halkis.[View]
196677557Kirk didn't give a fuck about his son dying but he was super gay for Spock LMAO what a weird mo…[View]
196679700Postal Movie: Why does everyone hate this movie? Was it just ahead of its time? I thought it was hil…[View]
196674939>gallop toward a city >bring horse to a halt >scream the name of the city at the top of you…[View]
196674498Interesting turn of events.[View]
196679598house of ninjas: what did tv think about house of ninjas[View]
196678162favourite horror scene?[View]
196679082>a book you love to death gets picked up for adaptation >it's complete and total shit Why…[View]
196672338She broke the Disney curse bros[View]
196679056Who the fuck names their child 'Frodo' ?[View]
196679521It was actually pretty fucking good[View]
196679405isn't the safest, and maybe only, way out of the film industry's rut to simply adapt class…[View]
196679480ITT: only the most iconic lines of /tv/ - Television and Film[View]
196679477> guaranteed kino for the whole family to enjoy is there a comfier studio title card?…[View]
196672734La familia bros…not like this[View]
196677202We can all agree this was Kubrick's best film, right?[View]
196679301>apocalypse happens >everyone somehow too retarded to figure out you can put seed in ground fo…[View]
196679037zoombros, are we missing out by not purchasing DVDs?[View]
196679033>Oh my gooooosh. She has to endure a bunch of teenagers doing pranks, other guys flirting with he…[View]
196668763picture quality must have been ass[View]
196675747Name 3 (three) 2000s kinos, right now.[View]
196677353>enhances your kino[View]
196667191was the 80s Dune really that big?[View]
196678838smokes lets go[View]
196678696As a director Nolan is mid[View]
196679057House of the Dragon Season 2 coming in a few months: Which of these British queens is your favourite…[View]
196677970I'm halfway through season 2 and I feel like crighton is much more aggro and Ka Dargo is pussif…[View]
196676237>check Eric Roberts' page on IMDb >85 upcoming roles How does he do it?…[View]
196678760Is it really that easy?[View]
196678925Best hekin GRRM work yet. Can't wait for the adaptation[View]
196678844What are some good Telegram channels to download classic films?[View]
196678862It's kino.[View]
196678493Who’s the stupidest movie character?[View]
196678712Moneyball sequel when?: >Despite all odds, an inexperienced young player turned-manager takes ove…[View]
196666079What is your favorite actress Ellen Page movie/tv show, and what would you like to see her in next?[View]
196676137Name four (fünf) movies that were much longer than you thought they were. Protip: You can't. Do…[View]
196677568>Carmela, despite her piety, knowingly hitched her wagon to an adulterous murderer because he cou…[View]
1966784612500 years ago, 300 spartan soldiers killed 10000000 persians[View]
196675757Tickets bought for DUNC 2: Going all by myself Wish me luck[View]
196676709Im gonna watch this now[View]
196677272Why are reviewers so... dishonest?[View]
196676234Americans are bidding on the right to be a extra on the MJ biopoc: The estimated sell price is a who…[View]
196678315>Son, put that weapon down and handle your issues with these two fists. >Later picks up a bric…[View]
196676360No country for old men (2007): Soo....why is this movie so praised?[View]
196666897>it's just... open to interpretation man... there are no wrong ones... your opinion is as va…[View]
196676557Dune 2 spoiler free review. tldr it’s ok. If you’re into the books, you’re going to have a problem w…[View]
196676561Television shows that take place in your state but are the exact opposite of what living there is ac…[View]
196674103>sorry I can’t have sex because I’m the Hulk: Lmao what[View]
196673918'Herro, me Chinese student name Ching Chong.' How the FUCK did Rowling get away with this?[View]
196675391Is he more talented than David Lynch?[View]
196677675What movies do girls watch?[View]
196672191Zendaya plays two white tennists against each other in Luca Guadagnino's CHALLENGERS: https://w…[View]
196675185>horror movie >demon decides to troll new home owners with jump scares for a week before actua…[View]
196676669Not gay Jon, aristocratic. It's a different culture than ours.[View]
196674935Shit movies with great posters.[View]
196676835Twin Peaks Original Series: I'm rewatching this and I just want to get to The Return already. I…[View]
196675589You are all just jealous of his success as an independent filmmaker[View]
196677684I like (You) And I want (You) Now we can do this the easy or the hard way The choice is yours[View]
196674157>sinners in hell and literal demons are actually nice people >angels are genocidal assholes Wh…[View]
196676861I've never seen a Star Trek TV show or movie. What am I missing out on?[View]
196677297>has a larger brain >is the only one who remembers the droid attack on the wookies post other …[View]
196674840Why do all movies made before the late 1960s suck ass? Is it the nasty-ass B&W? Is it cause they…[View]
196673322Reminder that Jeffrey Jones got his role on Deadwood AFTER he was arrested for lewd acts with a mino…[View]
196674611What is the best on screen duo?[View]
196671999why did Howie Mandels monster movie flop?[View]
196675810Realistically, who was in the wrong here?[View]
196656201For me, it's the lovely and talented Nastassja Kinski's performance in Cat People (1982)[View]
196677540Just where does he think he’s going with all of that?: I thought you needed a special license to ope…[View]
196677742>I don't want to kill Mailer, but I must kill Kingsley[View]
196673383erm wtf did I just watch...xD[View]
196677710Marvel just announced the titles of the next 35 MCU kinos.[View]
196677295ITT: films that are otherwise perfectly fine to discuss and make threads about except for 1 (one) pa…[View]
196677068>There's only one God, ma'am. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.…[View]
196676963are all bald people really this insecure?[View]
196661307healing our kino: if you start casting jewish girls movies will get better again[View]
196677395thoughts on Bookies (2003) ? post lesser known coming of age / college kinos ITT[View]
196677076When did you realize you were an Allan?[View]
196677171Actors who are assholes both on screen and off screen[View]
196676276General ACKbar[View]
196676988If this is as good as it gets it gets very good[View]
196676604The Artful Dodger was a good show and im hoping for a second season[View]
196676971>YOU BLOW UP MY HOUSE, NOW I'M GONNA BLOW UP YOUR PROSTATE! Creeper bros... it's over..…[View]
196676429You can tell a lot about a nigga by which character they think is smarter.[View]
196672355What television and film apply to this?[View]
196654577/tv/ btfo-ed[View]
196674655What were they thinking?: I dont even know the woman's name i had to google starwars Chinese wo…[View]
196675292why are you here instead of watching the 2009 kino Daybreakers staring Ethan Hawk and Sam Neill?[View]
196675303>What if we make Cheetos more espicier? How is this a real movie?[View]
196676691damn, this white boy all business[View]
196670857BEETLEJUICE 2 Synopsis: >After an unexpected family tragedy, three generations of the Deetz famil…[View]
196654544Hello anon. I want to play a game.[View]
196675638>There is a website by the name of teevee. Have you heard of this? They call it teevee. And the p…[View]
196674601pure kino, everyone who thinks otherwise is a pleb[View]
196676438Who is your favorite film rapist?[View]
196676437TWDsisters we're back!: How long will it take Queen Michonne to tell Rick about his black son L…[View]
196674994Imagine if they cast an actual hot actress for the lead character in Poor Things and not this old ug…[View]
196675798>When you bring me out, can you introduce me as a guy who tells jokes, a joker if you will I don…[View]
196676400What did they mean by this?[View]
196676219One can get too familiar with vegetables, you know![View]
196672274Need some proper murder mystery kinos Any recommendations? Pls gib lists.[View]
196672467There's no way that actually happened[View]
196676262times you acted like importer / exporter Art Vandelay.[View]
196675694>makes this board seethe by doing absolutely nothing How did he do it?[View]
196675513Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196672618What's the perfect movie for introducing your kid to fantasy?[View]
196674344I still haven't watched the new lord of the rings thing and I don't plan on doing so.[View]
196668460How did they get away with this[View]
196676030For actors, these guys could jam: Doyle Hargrave did nothing wrong https://youtu.be/TMz6wmE2azg?si=Z…[View]
196675165>Anime can’t be kin- ACK![View]
196673856The Devil in a Blue Dress: Is pic related overlooked or have I just had the misfortune of never seei…[View]
196674856Why are there rarely any serious adult cartoons with a story? Why is it mostly just raunchy comedys?[View]
196675915shane gillis's mom is filipina. so why the fuck did he get cancelled for asian hate?[View]
196675146>It's movie night, anon! I want you to show me your favorite movie What do you put on?…[View]
196674339Name four (fünf) essential ISFP kino[View]
196672907What movie left you looking like this?[View]
196675547WITNESS ME[View]
196675756Cast it.[View]
196669369Why: What the hell was the point of these characters? What did they do besides stand in place watchi…[View]
196675684Chushingura: That was great. Even the thirty minutes they spent on changing carpets had me glued.…[View]
196675598He did nothing wrong[View]
196674249Do you think that purchasing National Treasure on blu ray is a wise financial decision?[View]
196674049>European cinema[View]
196675619>Who ya gun call liil guy ?[View]
196675016From Ipswich.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYWUwYiibF0[View]
196675234>casually mogs every protagonist in western cinema[View]
196675213>I'm sure there's two sides to this[View]
196665879What do your little bastards watch /tv/?[View]
196674394why so grumpy?[View]
196675384La La Land is a great movie and I enjoy it but upon rewatching I noticed that the happy ending that …[View]
196675002>gets acting-mogged by the 4 years younger version of your character Why is Kiawentiio so bad at …[View]
196674627WOOOOO! AAAAAAH![View]
196675263WTF??!!: logic? What logic? HAHAHAAHAHA[View]
196674723This is the kind of midwit that is in charge of producing kino[View]
196668600The kino masters have arrived: What's the script?[View]
196673534Why didn't Vincent just kill Max and steal his taxi?[View]
196675084Movies featuring Crows: ITT discuss movies that prominently feature crows or other birds: https://yo…[View]
196673153>he's right behind me isn't he?[View]
196674421Another Shane W: Comedy show got picked up by Netflix[View]
196673915>Let me tell you the most important thing in life[View]
196666108>The entire movie catalogue in one single physical device. We are so fucking back…[View]
196675132This is not a love song: Great movie[View]
196643688What went wrong? It collapsed completely in just 20 years.[View]
196674550Who did you think shot JR? Were you right?[View]
196674387This is one of the most popular television shows of all time, how does that make you feel?[View]
196674083What really went wrong with Marvel's SECRET INVASION: >Marvel shows are made like movies, wi…[View]
196672937What was on the menu in the absence of meat?[View]
196674926>ruins an easy Disney cashcow with woke ideology[View]
196670461Thank God![View]
196674893legitimately what the fuck does he mean by this?[View]
196673427i know its not new years but i felt like posting this anyways[View]
196672874Why the FUCK didn't they choose someone bangable?[View]
196673609>teacher tells you to write personal paper about how much your life sucks >reads them out loud…[View]
196674583>Harry Pothead[View]
196673433Finn should have a purple lightsaber if he becomes a Jedi in the Rey movie[View]
196672104just saw it, didn't like it, was I filtered? shit movie full of shit people[View]
196674633Tokyo Vice: Why are these Yakuza geezers always so dripped out? /fa/ as fuck[View]
196671634The 2010’s: [REC] 2 2010 Dale and Tucker vs Evil 2010 Devil 2010 Dinner for Schmucks 2010 Exit Throu…[View]
196674159Observe and Report: >YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU'RE A FUCKING RETARD!…[View]
196672296Why isn't there a letterboxd/rym equivalent for TV?[View]
196674554Chudcomedybros... we're back![View]
196674347Sit coms families: American anons, did you guys really used to live like this?[View]
196674508I watched the first 3 epìsodes and I don't get it. Does this get good or should I stop watching…[View]
196674408boomerslop is back on the menu[View]
196671730[Good News] DUNC 2 is confirmed best sci fi ever made: Nothing will ever surpass this masterpiece.…[View]
196672102is there a site that helps you discover films based on your taste?[View]
196673526Why should I be feeling bad for these chuds?[View]
196652919>delicious slampigs were considered gross in 2011 This is why no one takes you boomers seriously.…[View]
196674107Miami Vice (2006) and True Detective (S02): Is this the ultimate double filter combo? Some people mi…[View]
196669507*shoots you*[View]
196673311>British TV 'series' >2 episodes long[View]
196657426Dune 2: How did he do it? I honestly thought Paul's rise would be rushed but it never does. It…[View]
196673721Here's your fat squareface fire tribe emo waifu, avatarbros. Just as ordered.[View]
196671495Naruto Film Adaptation in the Works at Lionsgate with Shang-Chi Director: https://variety.com/2024/f…[View]
196673173blabbedy bloo blah blah blah badi bloo blah i ain't hear a word you said hippity hoopla[View]
196674268What do you think it would be like to be friends with the couple from 101 Dalmatians?: What would yo…[View]
196673211ah doon wun it neva 'av[View]
196672961So whats next for him and his wife?[View]
196674199>Anon, he's a hothead. Last week in a Euphoria thread some troon starts talking shit and Ano…[View]
196672591>time travel movie >protagonist has sex with his younger self >younger self gives birth to …[View]
196658418What's your favorite Black Mirror episode?[View]
196669731One ticket to Dunc- DUNE 2 uh part two p-please[View]
196674056what are ya deaf? My nephew runs this board. Janny la Manna[View]
196673397>movie you thought was mid 15 years ago suddenly seems kino, but then you realize your baseline f…[View]
196650799boomer thread: >zoomers will never know the before time[View]
196672563Beef Season 2 lines up cast: >Beef creator and EP Lee Sung Jin is circling cast for a second seas…[View]
196671940What would you do in this situation?[View]
196670266Is he right?[View]
196672198Hello, my baby! Hello, my honey! Hello, my ragtime gal![View]
196673102Why are the last 6 episodes so soul crushing?[View]
196671012>Adult animated tv show has sex and swearing[View]
196673504>Who gives a shit how long a scene is? Truest thing he's ever said…[View]
196672979>favourite movies to watch high thread[View]
196673616What do you think Season 5 of True Detective will be like?[View]
196673550Whats Eating Gilbert Grape 1993: Why the fuck would johnny depps character turn down a Mary Steenbur…[View]
196666037>sit down >listen >…[View]
196671993>a gang of samurai took my family? >no problem, give me two weeks…[View]
196673403/tv/xisters...im afraid its kino[View]
196672408Invincible lazyness: Where the fuck is the rest of it? They dropped 4 episodes and bailed.[View]
196673326Let me tell you about this guy. They call him Big Maccie.[View]
196671734GT had so much soul compared to Super[View]
196673266Not a terrible acting job but christ what a mug.[View]
196671573is there a worse forced romance than this one?[View]
196673159>new Bond actor's first movie >literally the best in the franchise >Mads Mikkelsen and…[View]
196673292Your thoughts on Bradley Cooper[View]
196672418Characters who remind you of yourself[View]
196667796SCARLET WITCH Solo Film In Development: https://heroichollywood.com/marvel-studios-scarlet-witch-sol…[View]
196671195Bros and fanboys thread: Just watched a youtube video critique of this Night cuntry shit. Damn, I ne…[View]
196672014I've been rewatching The Sopranos and I'm taken aback at how much better the episodes were…[View]
196671016Do you think Sarah wrote that Fugliana sketch on this week's SNL?[View]
196672270How would you have reacted to watching oola be fed to the rancor?[View]
196672193>be called fat >actually be fluffy MFW[View]
196671538>It's flavor of the month shit >there will never be another episode >everyone will for…[View]
196672978Bit anticlimactic don't you think?[View]
196671817HBO dead: 1/2 At some point in 2004 HBO's roster had the sopranos, the wire, deadwood, rome and…[View]
196672649I wish Bruce Willis would stop making bad movies[View]
196668264just finished this movie, and I want /tv/ to enlighten me about nic cage kinos which ones are worth …[View]
196672297please help me identify this: i found this short on youtube and i like to know the name of this movi…[View]
196672023The Sopranos: >Mentions Talmud >Tony immediately assaults him What did David Chase mean by thi…[View]
196662015Is this some subtle thing? Or am I missing something?[View]
196672772What other characters are bushmen of the Kalahari?[View]
196668761>got the crime >have the time >being the blood hound gang How come Mr Bloodhound was never …[View]
196671947>white female character from the suburbs converts to Islam[View]
196666321Anyone noticed how in almost all of Akira Kurosawa’s films, at least in his samurai films, women are…[View]
196672698now that we are talking about stories: anons, i think is time you go and create your own stories, yo…[View]
196662394What were they thinking?[View]
196670814What do they eat!?[View]
196672580>yeah, that happened[View]
196669621Silmarilion: In my dreams last night I recall sneaking into the world premiere of the Silmarlion mov…[View]
196672645was it autism?: autism that echoes in eternity?[View]
196672616So many flowers, my lord, each wanting to grow the tallest, bloom the brightest... and one by one, s…[View]
196671636These Final Hours: Why is the theme of travel, adventure, the road of an adult man and a little girl…[View]
196671896I wish Ellen Page did more topless scenes[View]
196669849>My name is Butters, I'm 8 years old, I'm blood type O, and I'm bi-curious. >A…[View]
196671129Cast him.[View]
196664670You know, one of the funniest bits of pre-release sequels materials in hindsight was just about ever…[View]
196672417>sees that there is a growing group of lowlife adult anime fans who fetishize war and young girls…[View]
196668486You now realize that they had to be sitting in a writers room trying to come up with words that rhym…[View]
196670526What expression does this convey?[View]
196672005Things from bygone era's you learned from watching television and film: Holes in pants used to …[View]
196671134Holy Kino this was great[View]
196672122We're a generation of women raised by men.[View]
196671739>then start asking the right fucking questions[View]
196663855Any sci-fi kinos taking place in the pre-modern world?[View]
196668402He was actually a good Mentor despite being in the Mob… What the fuck?[View]
196664178I can't believe it, but I found people even less charismatic and more autistic than Asians. I k…[View]
196671953i am NOT watching this video essay[View]
196668400>realistic crime drama >introduces a capeshit villain what were they thinking?…[View]
196670894he is literally me[View]
196667350was this historically accurate?[View]
196671804Post movies with funny and interesting IMDB parents' guides[View]
196669816Best Asian Horror Films: This is not a drill, get the fuck in here! My contribution will be 'Ri…[View]
196670089HORIZON: AN AMERICAN SAGA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AMs-gtdFoE God bless this man…[View]
196670556>Luke, did I ever tell you about Count Dooku's apprentice? she was this hot bald goth chick …[View]
196670533Star Wars Acolyte coming june 5: Leaked teaser: https://streamable.com/h0yuea >approximately 100 …[View]
196671609What's the most nonsensical reality tv show twist? In RuPaul's drag race season 14 after g…[View]
196671548In the end he cracks up over having to be nice to whitey all movie and goes into the all-white offic…[View]
196665858Where did she hide the stolen money?[View]
196653163Will she be able to save the franchise with Frozen Empire?[View]
196646541>Discussion of movies/TV for the past 8 years is just culture wars and outrage Why are you like t…[View]
196670718>Watching the light be released from a living creature https://youtube.com/shorts/obhfi30f-4A?si…[View]
196663331What films dealing with the antediluvian period/ancient civilizations/atlantis/hyperborea etc do you…[View]
196671243Does he unironically believe the Holocaust happened?[View]
196668851>post movie you think its perfect >others give reasons for why its not…[View]
196671417The book sucks though![View]
196671044This flick sucked huge dick. The message is essentially that we should be a huge libtard as much as …[View]
196668480I like strong female characters when they are actually cool.[View]
196669219>Brian, I may be a rapist pedo and a deadbeat dad, BUT AT LEAST I'M NOT BORING! Did they re…[View]
196670429any other examples where a series was saved by a newer more talented group?[View]
196670393What's the worst tonal shift whiplash you've ever gotten from a movie?[View]
196669051Started watching GoT. What the hell is this whiny bitch's problem?[View]
196668024Spartacus general: For me, it's Ilithyia I must have busted a hundreds nuts to that bath scene …[View]
196668501Why do people like this? Its literally Family Guy but with a teddy bear.[View]
196665256How did he get away with tanking star wars?[View]
196670271atmospheric movies, isolation, preferably where strangers are isolated due to a storm or something, …[View]
196663393Reminder; this is the main villain in Deadpool & Wolverine lol[View]
196671051ITT: /tv/ related merch/tie ins/promotions[View]
196670171Oppenheimer: This is the last white ensemble film that will ever win anything again at the oscars…[View]
196669628Unhinged: Why the FUCK wouldnt she just apologize?[View]
196670536Night Country Fake Engagement: Trailer for True Detective s4 has clearly botted views, it supposedly…[View]
196659043What was life like before 2008 or even better before youtube? Can't even remember anymore...[View]
196670940Reminder that Carrie-Anne Moss will play a Jedi Master in Star Wars Acolyte.[View]
196664930Its ok i guess[View]
196669541How come this movie makes no mention of the Shekinah Glory or Lilith being adams first wife?[View]
196669224David Fincher. What is your favorite film by this director and what is the worst. I think he is one …[View]
196662745how are they going to fuck it up?[View]
196670082>george waves an american flag and blacks criticize him for not doing the black power salute >…[View]
196670391Don't make me Ang Lee: You wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee.[View]
196664396What was so funny about that line? He's just a traumatized teenager who doesn't know how t…[View]
196669243The Mayor: The Mayor. Why is he such a beta?[View]
196670660>this was a mainstream tv show[View]
196670643What if they successfully robbed the card game? Only a matter of time before they fuck up in some ot…[View]
196670312Stop, my invincible son.[View]
196670394I've never watched -GOT -Euphoria -Walking dead -The Soys -once upon a time -sopranos -wire -oz…[View]
196670567times you acted like Kang in Days (2020)[View]
196669115Explains everything about modern shows.[View]
196667406>Jesus it's like Iwo Jima out there![View]
196661406Galadriel was mid[View]
196670232Times you acted like Anton Chigurh?[View]
196670331Destroys your franchise[View]
196661262>ywn work in a mid-90s record store Zoomerbros, how do we cope?[View]
196667977>tom ford makes a movie >>working class people are scary serial rapist murderer freaks that…[View]
196670187Is it me or this movie has very incelish vibes?[View]
196663802it do be like that[View]
196670124Bruce Lee biopic by Ang Lee: https://collider.com/bruce-lee-biopic-cast-filming/[View]
196668960the kid detective: >first 66%: mediocre black comedy drama that goes nowhere >last 33%: true d…[View]
196669837Like I thought, another soulless sterile movie, like the first part[View]
196670021120 million dollar budget[View]
196668370did you know that simbsons made an episode abouf finlan? :D very ebin yes? :DDD[View]
196661198>Vader killed millions of people? There’s still good in him >Kylo had a bad dream? I need to k…[View]
196666838This is what they took from you.[View]
196657897>only time in the show she's actually shown to be capable of combat and not be a total bitch…[View]
196668638the most underrated sitcom of all time[View]
196667772>spinoff show brutally mogs the parent show[View]
196669940ITT: panned slop that was secretly kino.[View]
196667973Did you guys already give up talking about this? Did you get filtered?[View]
196669805Red leader standing by.[View]
196667272This was a 17 year old boy in 1957.[View]
196668393He should've come up with a different insult the second time. Like >Hey, George. Save some f…[View]
196624644/hor/ - Horror General: Seaworthy Spooks edition Previous >>196612742[View]
196660339At which point did you give up on James Bond?[View]
196669692Armin Tamzarian was a real nogoodnik. Then he turned into the beloved principal we've all come …[View]
196667083Minimalist Movie Poster Thread[View]
196662551>2024 >still no Abe kino What gives?[View]
196669415Homefront: I'm over halfway through rn Pretty good action schlock. Reminds me of the old classi…[View]
196668279Why did she later told everyone in the office that he left her at the altar, when clearly she left h…[View]
196669068This is what the Amerimutts think about soccer. >A small club will hire anyone based off a tikto…[View]
196669368>THE FAT HOBBIT[View]
196668758I really dislike how hard the internet has poisoned the well when it comes to talking about this mov…[View]
196663882>Robo, any special message for all the kids watching at home?[View]
196669266Actually not as bad as I thought it’d be[View]
196665960What a silly and pointless movie.[View]
196668245>ends racism >dies >racism returns…[View]
196661277Finally Marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
196664414Are you ready to accept that American Dad is the best 21st century animated series or are you still …[View]
196668785Did wiseguys really live like kings when locked up? Also is 3 onions really too much for a pasta sau…[View]
196663699When will this trend end?[View]
196668977Seems slightly unnecessary.[View]
196665662>Breaking Bad finished airing 30 years ago[View]
196669328Girlfriend dies: Realises life is pointless[View]
196669205>Ignorance is bliss.[View]
196667559There once was a farmer named Sneed Whose dream was to feed and to seed With fortuitous luck, he bou…[View]
196666805>I live in a single room above a discord tranny and below another discord tranny...…[View]
196667486Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you? Yes! Mair…[View]
196666997What happened to tomboys in movies and television? Why is this archetype completely absent from any …[View]
196669192why does she look like she's always first to the supper table and last to leave?[View]
196668885>You look like the last guy a lesbian sleeps with before she comes out of the closet How do you …[View]
196667731>Here's your Japanese bodyguard bro[View]
196661437The 2000’s: 28 Days 2000 American Psycho 2000 Cast Away 2000 Dude Where's My Car 2000 Gladiator…[View]
196666658wtf was her problem[View]
196666808Which show has the most accurate portrayal of 4chan?[View]
196664892what am I in for[View]
196661668The exact moment Walter became Heisenberg[View]
196667025he's me[View]
196662792Madame web was copied tier cringekino. What'd you guys think.[View]
196667249>Rigg returns >Show improves right away[View]
196668463it was like 40 years ago, let it die[View]
196667764ITT: actors with unexpected backstories >Lipnicki is a trained martial arts practitioner and hold…[View]
196664254Is this kino?[View]
196667980I unironically think this is the most overhated movie of all time[View]
196665358Just finished this movie watching it blind for the first time The order of everything was a little c…[View]
196668474Season 2 when?[View]
196668459Do you think Ellla Purnell will be a good lead in the Fallout tv series?[View]
196666832please help me: what movie or show it this - https://youtube.com/shorts/RMSgIy9BGEo?feature=share…[View]
196662162Is it safe to discuss this film finally?[View]
196664994It's a fucking MAERSK container with glass panels[View]
196668055Bimbos in film: Just saw this kino. Any other movies with Bimbofication?[View]
196668307Star Wars is really back in theaters in 2026: >The Star Wars franchise is coming to shoot in Cali…[View]
196667829Inspector Gadget casting: Who you got? Jim Parsons for Gadget.[View]
196668280>90s kids movie >features food scene which imprints on the viewer's mind many such cases…[View]
196668270that was some real funny shit. man, I wish my teddy would come alive and score me some weed.[View]
196667919How did so many of you not realize Sane bombed on purpose?: His hero is Norm. Did none of you watch …[View]
196668056More like Wokeship Trooners.[View]
196654201what does he watch?[View]
196666564/tv/ btfo[View]
196643280>the day men got BTFO[View]
196666868Goofy ass elf pretending like he's going to do anything. Fuck you, elf. Go back to not being a …[View]
196656046ITT: We write Family Guy sketches: >Oh boy Lois, this is even worse than the time _____…[View]
196667654What if Taylor Swift was cast as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?[View]
196662660>There's no throne, there is no version of this where you come out on top Damn, Iron Man got…[View]
196657758Why does smoking weed makes watching movies so much more enjoyable?[View]
196663986>wine prank show >they think they're drinking a Beaujolais Nouveau >it's actually…[View]
196660651Best movies from the 90s: Best movies from the 1990s by year (personal opinion) Goodfellas (1990) Ni…[View]
196661902Be honest, would you let them in?[View]
196665185Dune 2 spoiler free review. tldr it’s ok. If you’re into the books, you’re going to have a problem w…[View]
196665784What causes a man in his late 20's to shave his hair off? Is it the 'tism?[View]
196664771Y'all should check out his new indie flick. It's unironically very good[View]
196661242Why did /tv/ hype up this awful slop?[View]
196667159Who should take over as the next leading actor after Tom Cruise?[View]
196667752Does /tv/ like the television personality Jon Leibowitz? Maybe discuss him and his career?[View]
196665571Admit it, anon. You're an Alan, aren't you?[View]
196666894sup bros: its me ryan gosling literally[View]
196665892Who's the better actor?[View]
196666872My polycule and I all stood up and clapped when he said this[View]
196667071>2000s kino >”gongwitdabong” starts playing…[View]
196654316>AWWWWW MANNNNNNNNN >this is even worse than that time i used STEVE OS HOT SAUCE FOR YOUR BUTT…[View]
196666804WWF Attitude Era Detective series: Could it work? Same characters set in a fictional city. Think Got…[View]
196665943Dune: Jodorowsky wanted 2000 guys to shit on screen: >Jodorowsky was going to shoot part of the f…[View]
196661461>Democracy's all well and good but it's weak and it's decadent, you need a strong …[View]
196666824Poor things: Poor Things 2023 2160p WEB-DL DDP5 1 Atmos DV HDR H 265-FLUX It’s out go download it!…[View]
196665374Y'all dumbasses lied to me This movie ain't no gem it's fucking coal. Boring with awk…[View]
196666763check em cuz[View]
196664017Why did he slurp the cum?[View]
196664502>thoughts about this hidden jem?[View]
196663744Why don’t Zoomers care about movie stars?[View]
196664044Is he right about the suicide squad movie?[View]
196666523What was their problem?[View]
196652373>Character is called 'Duncan Idaho' >It isn't a George Lucas film…[View]
196657757>what i doo[View]
196665964For what purpose?[View]
196665874>ruins cinema[View]
196665752Are there any far-right film directors you like?[View]
196665070Do you guys still watch law and order?[View]
196661963What did you guys think of the short lived 1970s tv series Quark ?[View]
196663396Dune: jews still exist in 15230: >Judaism was a monotheistic, Semitic religion originating from O…[View]
196663306ITT: >can only play himself >it's kino every time…[View]
196661472I like the fantastic 4 movies[View]
196662631Moving like Dracula, we get it back in blood[View]
196660047What are some good conspiracy theory type television and film?[View]
196663967>So let me get this straight here.... >I have been KIDNAPPED by some fucking PSYCHO FREAK call…[View]
196664801Bum Fights CKY / Jackass / Dudesons Surveillance Camera Man We Live In Public (doc) I feel like almo…[View]
196665949Why do teens idolize rich-kid influencers?[View]
196662689Well? Is her husband right?[View]
196665361It was better than season 1.[View]
196663413Pacific Rim anime: Awful. Lot of recycled assets used over and over again like kaiju dogs that are r…[View]
196665510this would be really bad for the economy[View]
196664020Anyone else hate nu-South Park with political stances you agree with?: >Streaming Wars: Poking fu…[View]
196665500Pic unrelated: >yts >psarips >Tigole >Joy Who's the best?…[View]
196664676The Emma Watson play a convincing bimbo in thins movie?[View]
196661350>watches you masturbate[View]
196663790Why was it so hard for K. Kennedy, JJ Abrams and R. Johnson to understand this?[View]
196664740>I condemn you to the greatest, most foul curse ever conceived: >immortality and super powers …[View]
196664657Mr. Burns is dead at 87. RIP in hell.[View]
196665403Will there ever be a documentary about him?[View]
196665255Why is there no release date yet? Is there a chance BBC is canning the series before it even airs?[View]
196664392This is the only movie that accurately shows the ways of women[View]
196656410What anime do black people watch? Inb4 DBZ[View]
196664548is he really a hack?[View]
196664400I don't find the Simpsons funny[View]
1966645633 days Dunc bros[View]
196664408>protagonist is diagnosed with cancer >drinks and smokes like a madman >'wha's the fug…[View]
196665052I just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
196663854>a show full of white men >in 2024 more shows like this?…[View]
196664813Something you said to me the other day really got to me. And now, I'm going to teach some kids …[View]
196663942Tv can't ever be art[View]
196664484Wakanda...: >the men of the ‘strong tribe’ in Wakanda dress like monkeys and literally make oo-oo…[View]
196663341>Voice over narrates characters internal thoughts Is this really incomprehensible to a significan…[View]
196663193There once was a farmer named Sneed Whose dream was to feed and to seed With fortuitous luck, he bou…[View]
196627400Here's your 90's Rogue breh, just like you remember her.[View]
196663926Hand me the keys, you fairy godmother[View]
196657553revenge, mysanthrope, antihuman movies: Recommend me movies where the protagonist or one of the char…[View]
196663804there is no way they didn’t embellish this story for political reasons.[View]
196662211The exact moment Vic became The Shield.[View]
196663781I just catched this movie, and it was pretty mid t.b.h[View]
196662351So he finds a town full of good blokes and where he can spend all his time getting pissed, hunting r…[View]
196658757>I just came to fuck your wife's ass, Marty.[View]
196663856such a silly movie[View]
196663823You WILL accept black people in your period dramas, /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxE0mwvq4Lw…[View]
196661265Cast them[View]
196662447John Carter 2012: Is this worth watching? Apparently they are making a sequel but I wouldn't tr…[View]
196663762Going back through some Buddy Duress movies since he died recently. Is Flinch any good?[View]
196663084the Thing[View]
196662925I saw Ryan Gosling at a grocery store: I saw Ryan Gosling at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterda…[View]
196658788Whats next for critically acclaimed Hollywood actress Rebecca Ferguson?[View]
196663593Past a certain age, a man without a driver's license can be seen as a bad thing.[View]
196662380cursed /tv/ images[View]
196663730Injuries while filming: I think everybody knows about Leo improvising the broken glass and blood sce…[View]
196663672why did he do it?[View]
196661179Aaron Taylor-Johnson: >Kraven The Hunter >The Fall Guy >Nosferatu >James Bond (possibly)…[View]
196663319>BAD BABY, NO SQUEEZEE[View]
196663451>Julius Augustus Caesar aka Octavian >born in September wtf was his problem?!…[View]
196662858Fury > Saving Private Ryan > Inglorious Basterds[View]
196663422They should have cast him as Zuko...[View]
196663416Not including Troy(2004), what are some Bronze Age kinos?[View]
196663401why exactly did they add subliminal messages to 90s cartoons to turn us gay? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
196662954what would you like to see in Goonies 2: the sequel ?[View]
196663249>early 2010s romcom movie ends >big girls you are beautiful start playing in the credits…[View]
196663238>2030 is closer than 2017 now Any movies that deal with the passage of time and WON'T make y…[View]
19665546110/10 Movies: Post movies that you must see at least one time before you die. Terminator 2[View]
196663034Stardust Memories (1980): Anyone here seen it? I’ve never checked out a Woody Allen flick before…[View]
196661888Redpill me on unmade movie projects. But give me the ones that barely anyone knows about: I know all…[View]
196663013Vicky Jenson should direct more animation movies.[View]
196660361You now remember Mortdecai (2015)[View]
196656721>the crust is soggy and rare >*violin music play* >uhh, the cheese is slipping off like sna…[View]
196662935Hey everyone I'm Yoda! Talk weird, I do! Fear leads to anger, anger leads to *never let anyone …[View]
196662888>The closest I got to feeling happy was when I got dubs. >I would post for hours on end, and i…[View]
196662835What the fuck you looking at, cunt?[View]
196662855What did Bane mean by this?[View]
196654736Cast them[View]
196660910what are the best films about self-improvement?[View]
196662789Now that the dust has settled, were they right about Empire Strikes Back?[View]
196662756I listened carefully to the urination sounds you were making, Finn...: Eh Finn, have you heard about…[View]
196656974itt humor of /tv/: images that saved /tv/[View]
196662615>The garage, Morty! Come to the garage! >Rick? Where are you? >On my workbench, Morty >A…[View]
196660202>Madame Web More like Madame Coom[View]
196661778Henry Cavill: >Superman >Witcher >Warhammer >James Bond (possibly) Is 2024 his year, /tv…[View]
196659223>first movie is a 10/10 >sequels are 1/10, 2/10, direct to dvd tier slop Franchises where this…[View]
196658691GOOD MORNING RAT.[View]
196662637I don't get it[View]
196662158I don't get it[View]
196657572Is that Crayfish Songs movie worth watching (for her)?[View]
196656487>Armando, do you have the rent?[View]
196662411>HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS What did he mean by this?[View]
196662473post your tips and tricks to enjoy movies without consequences: >watch cei video >coom and tur…[View]
196662495Why is it so underrated?[View]
196656613Baneposting is dead. Bury it.[View]
196662191It's over[View]
196659406Why can't Youtubers make good movies? Only Dhar Mann actually has a studio.[View]
196661391Who remembers this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKXBGGv8nsA[View]
196661802John Snow is my favorite character because he's a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything[View]
196661064Netflix: If burgers are roughly divided 50/50 in to their parties, how is possible to be 100% one pa…[View]
196662021James Bond: Cast a new one[View]
196647391/tv/ webm thread[View]
196661033why isnt there a movie about a singing cat who makes it to broadway t rad[View]
196661358no disintegrations[View]
196661571Tv shows like this: Media where something comes out of a guys computer screen? You guys turn your pc…[View]
196660948What kind of movies do millennials like?[View]
196656575Is there anything more cringe than patriotism?[View]
196660710The greatest fight that never happened.[View]
196661628>the villain gets imprisoned >that was part of his plan all along…[View]
196659898is Captain Planet the wokiest cartoon ever?[View]
196659169Finally saw Avatar (again) and Avatar 2: My dad took me to see the first one when I was a kid. I rem…[View]
196657741This is literally happening right now, as we speak, all over every first world country. In South Kor…[View]
196661176You know that character we killed off earlier?: Well it turns out he had an identical twin brother t…[View]
196660842>this was a comically attractive woman in 1999[View]
196653628>always hear about how Michael Corleone is one of the most cunning characters in film history …[View]
196661505North and South: I finished Book 1 yesterday and loved it. It was expertly written, paced, and acted…[View]
196661494I am Jack's broken heart.[View]
196659858Who would you cast in the upcoming Zelda live action flick?[View]
196650173Why would Llewellyn need a million dollars when he gets to slam this every night?[View]
196658781Realistically, what is the best way to handle yourself in this situation?[View]
196660973This looks sick[View]
196630691/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. The Golem edition. >/film/ char…[View]
196653323TV Remotes peaked with Sony[View]
196661337carries your whole fucking show[View]
196658726Why is Hollywood trying to turn out so many video game movies and television?[View]
196660025I want to start watching the newest season, how is season 3?[View]
196650854I’ve seen it and what I can tell you is that it’s cinematic kino of the highest order.[View]
196654855>Loved by critics >Hated by redditors What's your opinion on Possessor?…[View]
1965813011980-2005 /tv/[View]
196661112Did anyone watch this documentary? It was made in the early days of Second Life. >black woman was…[View]
196660274>Hi Wachowskis, This is Tank the Operator. Give me $1M for the Matrix sequels or i'll expose…[View]
196659145True Detective: Why?[View]
196654555>last of us 2024 >halo 2024 there will never be another videogame show that doesnt have 45 min…[View]
196657326Name four (fünf) kinografiés where the protag wants to be the entire problem. Protip: You can't…[View]
196660421I just want to not puke looking at some of the actresses in my television and films, is that too muc…[View]
196657049Who are some actors that could portray anime characters in a live action setting?[View]
196658146Why are so many modern /tv/ characters either Gary Stus or Mary Sues, /tv/? Isnt the struggle/heroes…[View]
196660010How do I get paid for my opinions regarding tv and film?[View]
196660878>movies that /tv/ tricked you into watching that turned out to be shit[View]
196660861Movie about Phantom Patriot when?[View]
196655473What's the best movie featuring limes?[View]
196660799kinos about extreme protests?[View]
196660698He's a Biggs guy[View]
196631084>You did like my show, right?[View]
196660673>So, Janny will move against you first. He'll set up a sage with a thread that you absolutel…[View]
196659748Sarah Gadon-posting is the lowest form of conversation[View]
196659346is Star Wars (Tv and movies) in a better or worse place now that all that legends stuff was decanoni…[View]
196659691https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-JgJPaRg7U <3 my love[View]
196655872Is being a professional chef actually hard? I barbeque for about 50 people every month by myself and…[View]
196660373One in a million comedic genius or loud fat guy who fell down a lot?[View]
196659945any walmart kino?[View]
1966598812004 vs 2024[View]
196660527>You are all a bunch of alcoholics[View]
196660260What kind of person enjoys months of awarding and celebrating yourself, listening to the same old sp…[View]
196655533HBO Rome: Is Octavia the worst piece of pussy in recorded history? >can't satisfy Pompey Mag…[View]
196655731What movie best sums up the year 2004?[View]
196656026Rev up that Harley[View]
196659123TV has become such an ugly thing[View]
196659345When does it get good?: Up to Fallen Angel and so far it's only been good for the cheesiness…[View]
196660385I love when an auteur like Christophe Gans or Paul W.S. Anderson takes an existing property and make…[View]
196651742THE WALKING DEAD HOLY SHIT: did anyone watch that new rick series? I saw the first episode and it’s …[View]
196660183Why did he do it?[View]
196659124Solid seven at best.[View]
196657357Which ending?[View]
196655492It's fucking trash, all of it. The dialogue is hacky and written like shit. >hur dur but sea…[View]
196655669Ransom (1996): Why is this movie so darn good? >no spoilers If you havent seen it watch it, it is…[View]
196660249Quaso: Sexo sexo sexo[View]
196657062Is he right?[View]
196660145be at peace son of gondor[View]
196660139You think you can ignore this thread? THINK AGAINTHINK AGAIN THINK AGAINTHINK AGAIN THINK AGAIN[View]
196660019This is a bit overrated, its ok. Whats a superior movie[View]
196658227Zoomies hate nudity in film. Meanwhile, back in the 80s and early 90s…[View]
196659081Who watched this? People say that this movie is a total bopper but I am afraid of 2,5 hour length. D…[View]
196655899SHŌGUN: Ready for THE television event of the fucking year? The fucking decade even.[View]
196656254The mt rushmore of overrated zoomer movies[View]
196659949>he's right behind me isn't he?[View]
196659972You can keep your talking heads, this is my The Late Show.[View]
196654217>On 15 February 2011, CBS News released a statement that Logan had been beaten and sexually assau…[View]
196658273>characters that cured your racism thread[View]
196657162Began watching in hopes of a good live action Azula. Stayed for Zhao. Will not becoming back next se…[View]
196656172National Treasure is so fucking good, bros. How did they do it?[View]
196659864Sopranos but black!: Wtf was this? Decide to watch the sopranos prequel after finishing the show and…[View]
196656069Just finished this, am I just getting recency bias because of the intense cliffhanger ending or is i…[View]
196656692Why the fuck didn’t anyone tell me this was kino?[View]
196659764Thoughts on Brian De Palma? I've watched, so far from his filmography, Scarface, Snake Eyes, M…[View]
196659516>Your name is Clarence >you got great parents >your mom ain't an alcoholic >your ho…[View]
196658815This sucked. Yet, it was awesome at the same time. Very flawed kino.[View]
196657464what do you guys think about my wife Ella Purnell, star of the upcoming Fallout television show?[View]
196653863what's the film equivalent?[View]
196657731>horse girl movie circa 2002 >horse is white, the very epitome of goodness >runs like the w…[View]
196652095Post an image. Recommend a film.[View]
196652210When a sex scene started in a movie. Did your parents make you close your eyes?[View]
196659577Necesitaría ayuda para poder subir a alguien en mensajes y seguidores Número de teléfono es:+52 664 …[View]
196654086This doesn't seem like enough underarm hair for a woman in 1883.[View]
196654425the end of Star Trek OS's 'the Trouble with Tribbles' is messed up: Kirk: Scotty you didn'…[View]
196659376holy mother of kino[View]
196654860>POV: You're an Iraqi civilian looking at a US soldier who is here to save the world from WM…[View]
196659309>american movie clerk Is this the worst movie job, /tv/?[View]
196655673A pseud. A fraud. A pretentious hack.[View]
196659254>Breaking Bad finished airing 30 years ago[View]
196659269How the fuck does Denis keep doing it?: How does he keep FUCKING WINNING??[View]
196659197>ruins your Asian Kino[View]
196656714>hey tough guy >the JIG is up >I SAW what you did what the fuck was his problem?…[View]
196659110>That's Cooper![View]
196657096Jesus fucking Christ I've never seen a film constantly load you with white pills only to end on…[View]
196657128its a love story, and you can die mad about it, chuds[View]
196644279Look at the pain you assholes cause: https://youtu.be/D6HUxANY8z8?si=Ckpb10lhfatK5NxG[View]
196657715What is next for her acting career?[View]
196656368name the shittiest movie you have ever watched[View]
196658836HE HAD A POINT[View]
196658822Bros..: Mongee bros... How do we cope? https://youtu.be/spL2zu3yp24?si=10fAC5rzyxI-7Uby[View]
196658299Now that the dust has settled is ha a good Joel?[View]
196657749Where's my drink?[View]
196657396Actors you could beat in a street fight: Warwick Davis Peter Dingleberry Beetlejuice, the black reta…[View]
196658385was he autistic?[View]
196658202Who is this for[View]
196656820>One ticket for... the American society of.. umm... magical... uh... you know the one Robert.…[View]
196657979>starts out as a temperance feminist who at best tolerates Nucky's bootlegging and corruptio…[View]
196657605What would you wear in the post apocalyptic wasteland?[View]
196658438You guys ever watch pirates of the caribbean world's end?[View]
196649967>you can have anything you want Is that easy for some people?[View]
196644598look what you assholes did[View]
196657376For me, it's Season 1 Scully[View]
196658072Should I but FF7Rebirth or watch 10 movies at my local theatre? Bout the same price[View]
196649688he blew it: he was doing fine until 'black kids rescuing down syndrome girl from white bullies' bit …[View]
196657679>Early 2010s movie set in the near future >China and Russia are competant world powers on par …[View]
196658027You now remember Vitaly and Roman Atwood. The last golden age of pranks.[View]
196657606Any more kino from her?: Just saw debicki in man from uncle and I think im in love bros. Any more ki…[View]
196654975comfy simpsons thread: .[View]
196656525is it just me or were movies better before #MeToo?[View]
196657872Thoughts on COVID 19 INVASION starring Kevin R. Nash?[View]
196657812Is this the female equivalent to 'I drive' Gosling tier characters?[View]
196655597>Jack... why do you look like a twink Jack... >What happened to you, Jack.. MY DUNE…[View]
196657405What was his problem?![View]
196657650What do you think happened to Derek after the ending of American History X?[View]
196655227>who do we cast? >i know just the 'guy'[View]
196657441AS I LIVE AND BREATH[View]
196655857’Nuff said[View]
196656588Well at least one character was properly cast[View]
196655215Whats the science behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit?[View]
196657591>On April 3, 2006, McTiernan was charged in federal court with making a false statement to an FBI…[View]
196657547>Hey Ho Let's Go starts playing Stopped watching right there.[View]
196657204this is kino and i'm tired of pretending it's not[View]
196649410This is Furiosa?: I'm sorry, Anya Taylor-Joy is a great actor but she does not make a convincin…[View]
196657528ITT: movies about girls For me, it's Ballet Shoes (2007)[View]
196656612ITT: /tv/ characters you're slowly becoming[View]
196656204I quit my job today[View]
196656569I liked this movie anyone else[View]
196657344How can new Azula even compete?[View]
196657106Burning money: the movie: What did they think would happen?[View]
196645321Y'all notice there aren't that many 'college' movies anymore?: This genre used to be reall…[View]
196656593GIANTESS KINO INBOUND: >The classic B-movie title Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is getting a remake…[View]
196657153What went wrong? What went right, if anything?[View]
196654605is everyone just fucking stupid? 'neither can live while the other survives' then it would have been…[View]
196657080no disintegrations[View]
196657053thoughts?: i bet this could've been so much better if anyone just interviewed /gif/ lurkers or …[View]
196655697Holy kino…: Just rewatched it for the 175th time since 2001. Unbelievable The sequence of Moria wh…[View]
196653259>new episode up >no thread What’s wrong with this place…[View]
196656885>watch movie that's more than 20 years old >it has a dog >realize the dog is dead >…[View]
196656258i have never been more pissed off at a movie before i didnt even think it was possible for.me to be …[View]
196656162According to Max Brooks, the brain wasn't destroyed so zombies would defeat the military.[View]
196656909just watched pic rel, what did I think of it?: >planet earth kino, ruined by brown people, an int…[View]
196638901>its simple. We eat the Avatar[View]
196656669this movie is about the average poster here why is it not more talked about?[View]
196654329Which one is better?[View]
196655917>you WILL look at my schnoz[View]
196655464Just a Reminder[View]
196656658The Comedy: I don't really think this movie says anything about white men other than some rich …[View]
196656275This is actually kinda kino: I've just started second season, it really picks up from the meand…[View]
196656004As far as I'm concerned, True Detective (S02) is the spiritual successor to Miami Vice (2006).[View]
196656582>Shop smart, shop S-Mart Retail kino thread[View]
196655513The exact moment you walked out of a cinema: For me picrel I sighed so hard and packed my stuff up…[View]
196649858>Women who's acting career was affected by burning coal on camera. She now shills used cars.…[View]
196656532when was the last time you had to pull a rope a dope?[View]
196656594>He be walkin' by[View]
196656512I want to watch this, but Amy Adams is really fucking ugly so i'm not sure i would be intereste…[View]
196655956God Damn these 2 movies destroyed me emotionally.[View]
196655885Why are film critics almost universally prudish about movie violence? It seems to be the one thing t…[View]
196654685the biggest bummer about Norm dying is we were robbed Norm in his 'old man' years, i feel like he wo…[View]
196655657What's the joke? I don't get it.[View]
196647826Why are you gey?[View]
196656353What does /tv/ think of the movie Alita?[View]
196655767Does anyone else rip the audio from tv shows and listen to them while you fall asleep?[View]
196656411>manhandles and applies his old man germs, sweat and dead skin all over every patch of exposed su…[View]
196656408>Suicide squad! Attack![View]
196656389In this thread: Times you acted like Adam[View]
196654997>This made /tv/ piss and shit itself in 2012[View]
196655605Pure Kino Stuff like this, Spawn, Aeon Flux, Hell Boy, The Crow etc. I miss the Dark, gritty, inner…[View]
196656318Movies where the protagonist sets himself on fire?[View]
196640409>Bro have you watched the house of the dragon it takes place during the targaryen civil war >G…[View]
196648724Quiet on the set, please.[View]
196656190how do you get through showgirls without busting a nut at least 5 times?[View]
196655688Perfect Days: I really enjoyed this film. It's a bit slow and repetitive at times, but I also d…[View]
196656239Unironically the best cast character in the entire show[View]
196650600mind bending sci-fi: recommend me a mindbending sci-fi movie/series. like really out there 'nak…[View]
196655726Wouldn’t the water wake them up?[View]
196656196>Be me >Enjoy Kino >two women talking on my screen!? >Forward 1 minute >Enjoy Kino Br…[View]
196649652How can people look at this thing go:'Humans bad. Humans are the real monster. Bugs dindu nuffin'?[View]
196651667I honestly can't tell if this guy is a good actor that's just been handed too many shitty …[View]
196653058I think this movie fucking sucked. Discuss.[View]
196656083Flight is. A pretty good flick. He drunk and drive which is irresponsible[View]
196655888>Can I keep you?[View]
196656057The popularity of Spiderverse has been disastrous for animated movies: >Spiderverse movies >Pu…[View]
196656051Where does it rank among music biopics?[View]
196651658Why didn't Indy shoot Hitler? He could have instantly ended WWII and saved millions of lives.[View]
196655988>Indian gets cucked by white man >then cucked by the hot girl >actual hot australian girls …[View]
196653613YOU CALLED US. WE CAME.[View]
196655951>The main villain in The Lord of the Rings is a dark, gothic figure named Sour-on, who is a sour …[View]
196654116was it woke?[View]
196655741I don't understand why the 12 year old diversity hire isn't good at acting.[View]
196651912At what age did you grew out of Quentin Tarantino?[View]
196654107Alright, I've been waiting 9 years to get my frisbee back.[View]
196655781>canon in-universe x-change jutsu >only used for pranks it's the HP polyjuice controversy…[View]
196654757Hitgirl is 27 years old. Say something genuinely nice about her /tv/[View]
196650756Boardwalk empire: Was I the only one that really enjoyed this show? Not all the way, I didn’t care f…[View]
196651852>You went to a private school! Is this supposed to be an 'own'[View]
196654091>Well that's not good.[View]
196654986behold, the great capital of rohan (population 100)[View]
196655238I don't get it.[View]
196655636WHERE IS THE CAMRIP????[View]
196655142do i have what it takes to be a writer on snl: yo! its your homie, brian whatever, check out this wo…[View]
196652764How do i stop feeling ashamed of going alone to the movies?[View]
196655547Dax Shepard should be Pete Postlethwaite's son, and I'm tired of pretending that he looks …[View]
196652746Hey Squidward, how the *dolphin noise* are ya?[View]
196654680>*stop your bullets[View]
196653477Will Rachel Sennott break out as an A lister in the next few years?[View]
196655321>fuck you[View]
196655190Recommend me movies where the protagonist or one of the characters want to take revenge on others an…[View]
196653905There's a theater called Kinoplex[View]
196652213Finally watching this series for the first time after all the hype.This character was my favorite of…[View]
196654665I don't get it.[View]
196655073Short hair Daisy Ridley is peak[View]
196650475KENNETH MITCHELL DEAD AT 49: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/obituaries/kenneth-mitchell-star-trek-disc…[View]
196653071Just watched this gem for the first time. Good fucking movie. Now I understand why leftist faggots h…[View]
196652671You ever throw hands at the kinoplex?[View]
196653929Holy funkadelic[View]
196654318Exposition and flashbacks Exposition and flashbacks everywhere[View]
196654057In hindsight, was Roseanne good, or gay?[View]
196631469Why do korean /tv/ shows have the same plot?[View]
196655123If you were shipwrecked in Sengoku era Japan and the local daimyo assigned pic related to be your pe…[View]
196655051Y'know, I know it's not my responsibility to watch 'female' movies, it's on them to s…[View]
196654764Did you like Anatomy of a Fall, /tv/?[View]
196654896>Shakes the camera >Zooms in >Zooms out >Shakes the camera even more >Fast movement t…[View]
196653286ITT: Actresses we should have seen more of.: She should have had more credits.[View]
196652886ITT: scenes you could never watch with your family[View]
196651554>wine prank show >they think they're drinking a Beaujolais Nouveau >it's actually…[View]
196649505>your ass is mine[View]
196654934And people complain Stranger Things seasons is too short.[View]
196653886>We are NOT at war with Eurasia! >We have NEVER been at war with Eurasia! >We are at war w…[View]
196654941Better than Madame shit[View]
196653015Natalie Hershlag: Is it truly over for her now?[View]
196654753This was a good gun[View]
196653933Scenes Only Men Could Understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwElV5C15v4[View]
196649473The charges, officer?[View]
196653105>you must either support an oppressive society or destroy it and kill everyone Boy they really ga…[View]
196647689Solved.: I would've survived after all[View]
196654360Emma Stone: She looks like a frog. And it's hard to take her seriously as an actress[View]
196653256Was anyone else incredibly disappointed as a kid to find out this movie wasn't about a dog with…[View]
196653426This guy has a unique type of charisma[View]
196649457nazis were evi-[View]
196654090Why don't they work together anymore?[View]
196654005Is it possible for autistic men to find love? Is it over for us, /tv?[View]
196654414Pawn Stars General: Is there any other show with more pathos? Every interaction is a masterpiece of …[View]
196652990did this really need a remake?[View]
196652558Rumor is we'll be getting another show featuring Leia's younger years, where she meets up …[View]
196650722>yfw new boot goofin'[View]
196653825wouldn't this just straight up electrocute and kill you? not to mention if it's hot enough…[View]
196644515>dude just work 5 days a week and you can have 2 days to yourself, but 1 of those days will be fi…[View]
196653255Shouldn't it be called 'Dunes'?[View]
196654117>men turning their penises into vaginas? >terrible… that’s terrible…[View]
196654137Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane sce…[View]
196653143>LOOK OUT FAGGOT[View]
196653480ITT: Moments before disaster[View]
196654213holy fucking kino[View]
196654159What are some kinos about living aboard?[View]
196653380Did you ever discuss kino minutiae at Butt Numb-A-Thon? (I called it BNAT)[View]
196648797How many good seasons of this there are? When does it get bad?[View]
196653934OH, I'M STARTING IT??[View]
196654026anyone else clearly remember this as Cats vs. Dogs?[View]
196649948I'm watching the bad Batman movie right now and it's amusing how much more competent it is…[View]
196649875This is a good movie.[View]
196653921>it’s okay for police stage a terror attack to arrest people because a member of a militia said t…[View]
196651824I haven't seen them all, but A24 has made a lot of really good movies, and I don't underst…[View]
196653820>And I’m Javier![View]
196652835>Tony Montana/Al Pacino isn't in the opening scenes of Scarface where the criminals are flee…[View]
196653585>be Dunston >check in[View]
196653260she got cut by a fucking sorcerer[View]
196652789You want compromise? How's this..?: 20 years in the can, I wanted manicotti. I compromised, I a…[View]
196652107ITT: Enemies of cinema[View]
196652531>protagonist in movie >There's no waaaaayyy I'm doing that! >Next scene is doing …[View]
196653696So why did people in the mid-2010s call this film 'deep' and 'philosophical'?[View]
196646853based https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/nick-offerman-slams-last-of-us-homophobic-backlash-gay-love-s…[View]
196653678are we just ignoring this then?[View]
196647403Russell Crowe: Good actor or nah?[View]
196653673Overrated pseud trash[View]
196653682>Told me i was living in a Beakman's world >Turns out i was living in a clown world Grim…[View]
196653580THE END OF EVANGELION | In theatres March 17 & 20: Will you be seeing it? https://youtu.be/v1pWy…[View]
196651023itt: celeb deaths you're still not over[View]
196652668Who would be on it today?[View]
196648760You ARE going to pay for The Daily Wire's Snow White movie, right? To save America you need to …[View]
196653053Should I pick up Mad Men again?[View]
196653549>Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dadadum[View]
196650814Recommend me movies where the protagonist or one of the characters want to take revenge on others an…[View]
196653520Why don’t Matt and Trey make films anymore?[View]
196653130>them motherfuckers: how do you save your fellow browns?[View]
196653496What are some films where the extended/director's cut is markedly INFERIOR to the theatrical cu…[View]
196651083>Something is Wrong with Me!~[View]
196649946Daily America’s Next Top Model thread: Why was Tyra so mean to Kelle?[View]
196653386>I speak fluent english and have the whole time How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
196651308Dizzy or Carmen[View]
196653404>it’s called buck breaking Tone they’re turning mullies into fags![View]
196652787Funny but ultimately milquetoast and toothless. And what the fuck was that ending?[View]
196639783Maddame Webb really that bad?[View]
196647213>Jerry my uhhh.. Laugh Factory set didn't go too well.[View]
196652762AI Comedy: I want to see a real AI programmed funnybot.[View]
196641315I don't understand leftist humor[View]
196652972optics: Uhh, yeah, can we get a read on the optics here /tv/? anyone? post engagement is down to 27.…[View]
196652307Just watched The Marvels. What did I think of it?[View]
196652644This guy was full of shit[View]
196651781Kino scenes in golden era tv[View]
196652501Who would choose Bradley over Jake?![View]
196653047Kinos for this feel?[View]
196652937>That's cool. >Cool. >Okay. >Pretty good. >Why don't we start with Joust-Ja…[View]
196651932How long do you think it will be before the media literacy crowd says that this film about murdering…[View]
196649591Just watched The Thing: So this was Norris, right?[View]
196651709Best Batman coming through[View]
196651511What was his problem?: https://youtu.be/IRbWNhwybwU?si=4-OMLEU8jV-K6gaG[View]
196652029that Hansel is so hot right now.: Hansel.[View]
196648524What is some WW2 Bomberkino? >Masters of the Air (2024) >Lexi Belle (1990) >Unbroken (2014)…[View]
196651690/tv/ asks Google Gemini questions: Share its answers from prompts. Has to be TV or film related.…[View]
196652231>watching movie >couple starts making out >my eyes slowly turn to the wall with a stone f…[View]
196652620This is so racist. Literally 'kill that honkey cracker' the movie.[View]
196650994ITT: Characters who look literally like you.[View]
196647525After 5 years Rick is back: After cutting off his own hand and getting a black phantom knife limb he…[View]
196647794What do they taste like, bros?[View]
196645034STRANGER THINGS S5: can the Duffers pull it off, /tv/?[View]
196652063Let's see how James Bond is doing: Oh...[View]
196643594>thoughts about this bopper of a movie? Y'all say they be corny but boomers can make kino af…[View]
196651961Will he ever make a comeback?[View]
196652456Most people say Annie, but honestly I'm more a Britta guy[View]
196649833He literally just tried to copy & paste LOTR. What the fuck was he thinking?[View]
196652417Recommendation Charts[View]
196651493So if the Indian burial ground successfully brought people back normal before wendigoon dipped his t…[View]
196649206Can you name another actress who would be better to play Zelda outside of Hunter Schafer?[View]
196651100Nsync Biopic.: Cast them.[View]
196651967This one flew under the radar. Pretty good western.[View]
196649964What is /tv/'s opinion on Attack The Block (2011)?[View]
196651408/TV/ TRIVIA: >The original MAN ON FIRE ending featured the car transporting John Creasy (Denzel W…[View]
196652209How the fuck does 20 year veteran Batman get so thoroughly manipulated and controlled like a retard?…[View]
196652176Would you watch this kino? White men can trump? https://youtu.be/WwgzcXnOHyI[View]
196651983Why didn't Yahoo Serious catch on in the US?[View]
196650447DID NOTHING WRONG: that DP shouldn’t have been fucking with lighting during a take and interrupting …[View]
196652019MEMORY-HOLED KINOS: I'll start. >Based Denzel >Prime Jennifer Beals >Kino performance …[View]
196639173WHAT DID SHE SEE?[View]
196643579Now that DREA DE MATTEO (Ariadne from Sopranos) has opened an onlyfans will this help her career?[View]
196650112>First appearance of Rick on screen in years >0 threads It's over isnt it…[View]
196651956medical grade kino: Is the empire story line made by a completely different group of people? Why is …[View]
196647033Elvira 1988 to present: Her tits have gotten much bigger as she has gotten older, you think bra or s…[View]
196650969Why so many movies are filmed in Vancouver pretending it’s in The States? I found this so dumb and s…[View]
196651589What would the story of a movie be that contained a shot like this?[View]
1966509962024 Movies: With 2 months of 2024 completed, how many of these top-10 movies have you watched? Whic…[View]
196651876Post rarely mentioned films you loved as a kid[View]
196648854Where'd she go?[View]
196648121IMDb's best film of all time. Thoughts?[View]
196650877Vincent D'Onofrio is the least believable gangster I've ever seen[View]
196649496Why is film and television so woke now? What happened? It's all made by SJWs. Its almost like t…[View]
196651565>Mein Fuhrer! I can walk! Unironically what did he mean by this?[View]
196651541Why are shows set in prisons comfy to watch?[View]
196645868Uh, we need your credit card number or something Mr. Dillweed huh huh[View]
196648491Would you wear it in public?[View]
196650509I miss going to the kino rental shop on the weekend :([View]
196651579>Hear about this new golden boy of comedy promoted by every right-winger and Trump supporter on t…[View]
196650910Wolf Hall - The Mirror and the Light: Ah yes, the Wolf Hall adaptation of the final book is coming o…[View]
196651494Was she the best girl?[View]
196647928Highlander: Any theories regarding the 'Quickening demons'?[View]
196648609You here your door bell ring and open it to find: Him standing in front of your door. >he calmly …[View]
196651179What’s their beef with Seth MacFarlane?[View]
196649786I had a crush on Ludmilla Drago while watching Rocky IV as a teenager She gives dominant woman vibes[View]
196649031Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler, welcome to Dinotopia[View]
196648813Has anyone in history ever been cooler than DB Cooper?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKu_3kp_EIY …[View]
196648413Was BBT really all that bad?[View]
196651115Why the fuck didn't they just go on vacation somewhere until the demonologist got back to the c…[View]
196650915How to watch TV in 2024? There's so many different options. If you don't want to be limite…[View]
196649365Just marathoned entire John Waters filmography, AMA[View]
196651225DID YOU HAVE FUN??[View]
196649747Chowder: >surpasses redditbob, stephanie trooniverse and reddit show in terms of humor and meme m…[View]
196651077>The Dick Van Dyke premiered in 1961 when Van Dyke was 35 I cannot believe this nigga is still br…[View]
196650825>ruins your sitcom[View]
196651084KWABOTY 298 AC[View]
196649732Emilia Clarke MBE, English actress best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fan…[View]
196649320How many have you seen? Mark them. Be honest. We're all anons here.[View]
196648190George: i was gooning right on the date with my vision pro Jerry Jerry: and she didn't say anyt…[View]
196650937Did anyone else watch this show? The ending pissed me off.[View]
196648021If 'The Breakfast Club' was made today....: >I make $95,000 a year >and I have a home, I can b…[View]
19663663217 LOOK OUT HE'S BEHIND YOU![View]
196650735When Empire strikes back has a cliffhanger it's good but when spiderman does it, it's bad?…[View]
196649942>it's an 'Amanda is a degenerate whore' episode[View]
196641220Is Terminator Genisys of the worst movies of all time?[View]
196650633He was an asshole, wasn't he[View]
196649636Cast the remake[View]
196649678>Not casting Rufus Sewell as Duke Leto I VIlleneuve didn't actually read the book did he?…[View]
196649734/trk/ - Tracker Thread: It's Sunday, so another episode of Tracker, starting now: S1E3: Springl…[View]
196650399The white walkers are an allegory for the destructivness of white supremacy and how if whites don…[View]
196649135I want one[View]
196649588This shit looks like pure Nihonkino. They made big ass sets with moving boats, hired Japanese cultur…[View]
196649917Why was the matrix HDMI port on the back of their head?[View]
196648830>could have made 40 Napoleon Dynamite movies >didn't want to be typecast >career died …[View]
196648889What comes to your mind when you see him?[View]
196650423This isn't terrible but it is really pointless. Just watching the same lines from the cartoon b…[View]
196650170Do you think the beautiful and talented Milla Jovovich ever reads our posts?[View]
196646320How come Marcus Aurelius doesn’t have his own movie? The dude was a mega GIGACHAD who created the mo…[View]
196642667What is the most horrific sports injury you have witnessed on live television?[View]
196644267What would you do to warwick davis in a fight?[View]
196650345Name a more kino ending Holy sovl[View]
196650322ITS TAPE[View]
196639596Was this the purest expression of love in the entire show?[View]
196638874>casually mogs every villain in western cinema[View]
196648473This is a psyop to make men think their lives are worthless: If a woman had run away she would'…[View]
196647454Was the gay Linda Ronstadt episode of TLOU actually good? I thought the game was shit and couldn…[View]
196648361wtf was her problem?[View]
196647237What's some good Math kino? And Will we ever get a kino biopic about Pythagoras?[View]
196650052Favorite RiffTrax?: https://youtu.be/Qol5Yg7Ycw4?si=EcyC_4qT3EW_dHZk I’m delving in to the marvel mo…[View]
196650022For me, its American Psycho, and getting dubs. check em btw.[View]
196648385Call me Ishmael[View]
196649261>make a living trashing on other people's work >ride the coattails of filmmakers more tal…[View]
196649182>October 12th, 1985. >Tonight, a comedian died in New York.…[View]
196648987A female American Psycho remake can be kino. The influencer shit is basically the yuppie culture. …[View]
196649713Cast it.[View]
196647726Weet ik.[View]
196649648How does this sound for an animated movie?: >takes place in 9th century >vikings raid a villag…[View]
196649022>meanwhile in japanese tv[View]
196645610Noir kino: Post noir you enjoy[View]
196649643/bng/- Burn Notice General: Burn Notice Chads: GET IN HERE! Michael comes out HOT and swinging while…[View]
196649437Tarantino peaked here: If this was the height of his creativity, which film would be his second best…[View]
196648944Why is this Malia Ann director being pushed everywhere? Everyone at Sundance is talking about her sh…[View]
196649081Wes anderson adaptation when?[View]
196648064For me. It's charly arnolt. Host of outkick.[View]
196649681Most popular television shows in every country[View]
196649419This movie isn't very good.[View]
196649613Hi>No country for white men, baby![View]
196644335This thread is only for hardcore science fiction films[View]
196649218Why does he look Asian here? What's the squint for?[View]
196649558I’m starting to think they’ll never find this treasure.[View]
196648688Was the viewer supposed to believe the 'muh self-serving' narrative?[View]
196649493One of the few River Phoenix films worth the time of day[View]
196649488https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgEoDmY2A3M You now remember Dragon Tales[View]
196648975>this shocked boomers[View]
196649458How come no kinos about the apocalypse as described in the bible? It's literally the coolest pa…[View]
196649058would you drink your attractive male friend's bathwater? No homo lol[View]
196646966I am Japanese. I live in Japan. Do you like this acter? In Japan he is no person. No one likes him. …[View]
196648412What we need is a movie adaptation of this. Provided it's in the right hands, DC would wipe the…[View]
196642494Still unsurpassed to this day in terms of ultimate rewatch value[View]
196649328Was this Baz Luhrmann's best kino?[View]
196649285Sid and Nancy are peak relationship goals[View]
196649196>How did dropping off the empire feel? You're like jussie smollet, cept this beat down is re…[View]
196649042>Film comes with a cool promotional item for seeing it in theaters[View]
196643443Now that the dust has settled, how would you fix Madame Web?: Include a short summary of a viable pl…[View]
196647429Why didn't anyone ever make a big movie adaptation out of this? It could be kidkino.[View]
196648932What's her best film?[View]
196647304The Jesus Rolls: anyone seen this, how is it?[View]
196647261>wine prank show >they think they're drinking a Beaujolais Nouveau >it's actually…[View]
196648810if he knew so much about what makes a good film, why couldnt he make one?[View]
196648995/tv/ BTFO!!!!!!!!! THE BBC AWAKENS!!!!!!!! we /BASEDBOYEGA/ now????? /pol/ BTFO!!!!! GET FUCKED!! MO…[View]
196646062>How was she? Was she good? How the FUCK do you respond to that?[View]
196648783Best Gosling movie[View]
196642132Independent Spirit Awards Thread: ALL THE STARS ARE HERE Stream start in a half hour: https://www.yo…[View]
196648444Oscar for Best Actor if it wasn't rigged (2007-2011)[View]
196645009>Still making money People unironically thought an MCU film would flop?…[View]
196644976ITT: Comedians who are going to die soon[View]
196646931>team theme based on police >black guy is a criminal What did they mean by this?…[View]
196648352coral reefs: what are the best scenes and shots of coral reefs in television and film? what is the b…[View]
196642163They never explained what happened, that’s pretty lazy[View]
196646846It's a crust story you stupid chud![View]
196648881Jurassic Park: >sound mogs your film 50 years on I'm fine with Hollywood dying if progressio…[View]
196648832Review: These pancakes couldn't kill me... because I was already dead. https://youtu.be/51QBJp…[View]
196646780Talented Mr Ripley: Damn he really showed it to those rich cunts[View]
196645550Is the prequel to this movie worth watching?: This film made me understand the appeal of Tsundere gi…[View]
196645963what's their movie[View]
196643271How do you cope when a really good movie ends?[View]
196648620Viciously mogged.[View]
196648170>'Call me Robin.' Bravo Nolan![View]
196638256Why does everyone hate him so much?[View]
196647494>good writing costs about 100 times less than VFX https://youtu.be/Mh2Civ_Tos4 Why is this concep…[View]
196647479D U N C 2[View]
196647060>party scene >grandma walks in >*record scratch* >everyone looks >grandma starts rapp…[View]
196647359The biggest pile of actual shit i've watched in the past 10 years, and i've watched so muc…[View]
196644906Blackhat: >here's your supergenius child prodigy hacker, bro! What was Mann thinking? Where …[View]
196646402>you...murdered my cat How do you respond without sounding guilty?[View]
196648642Tear Drop Head: You became the light on the dark side of me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yivLt9cT…[View]
196635355Brie Larson's new avatar. Yesterday at SAG awards. What does /TV/ think of this? Is some kino c…[View]
196640310I feel bad for him.[View]
196647268>is a better He-Man movie than anything Golan-Globus could ever make[View]
196645402>Bond, Kino Bond[View]
196645234Shows that started great and became shit: Westworld Game of Thrones What else?[View]
196648222only KINO commercials itt: ahh, the new $20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4YrnjhXL1U[View]
196645556i got the last seat at the dunc premier xD[View]
196648242Ngl bros the chocolate cake in Matilda looked very delicious[View]
196643905>So bruised by Mission Impossible 7 underperforming that he quits blockbusters altogether and goe…[View]
196641012Since Snoke was a clone of Palpatine shouldn't his name be Sheeev?[View]
196644061>something bad happens >character takes a drink of alcohol >'I thought you didn't dri…[View]
196648216Bimbos in Film: Any other kinos with Bimbofication?[View]
196645653Mysterians: All they ask for was 3km radius and Earth flips out.[View]
196648129Have not seen this but people keep saying that it's some sort of r*pe apologist movie yet is on…[View]
196644432pick what I watch next and drop some recs: or just call me a faggot with bad taste thats ok too 1899…[View]
196648054What's your favorite retail related movie? For me it's The Promotion[View]
196645899>Shogun Smash or nah?[View]
196648177Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
196644771This is the only cowboy film i have ever seen. I need fresh recommendations.[View]
196647152This was incredibly wholesome. Feels like we are reaching a cultural tipping point or something[View]
196648046Thoughts on COVID 19 INVASION starring Kevin R. Nash?[View]
196647262> I think Buenos Aires sucks. Fuck Buenos Aires. I'm glad the bugs wiped it off the face of …[View]
196645775>Boomers thought this was legitimately terrifying[View]
196641867Is X-Men a gay allegory?[View]
196644769Now that the dust has settled: Why did critics rate this movie so highly at the time? It sucks and i…[View]
196646823YEAH… IM THINKING TELEVISED COMEDY IS BACK: >Lorne Michaels announces plans for new sitcom starri…[View]
196645886TPB: Why didn't you faggots tell me about this show. It's funny as hell[View]
196644960itt: baffling casting choices[View]
196647814now that the dust has settled, which one is truly superior?[View]
196645572The charges, officer?[View]
196645714Best medieval kinos?[View]
196647827*vaguely hints how you did the trick*[View]
196647818Name a more iconic hero/villain duo. I'll wait.[View]
196647520>Bunch of worthless africans and slavs killing each other endlessly in wars is le bad and you sho…[View]
196646530counae beleie et[View]
196639835Redpill me on Superman Legacy[View]
196647554It was revenge for MGSV going over budget, and a lot of other things. And there was nothing that we …[View]
196644959This interview with the Las Vegas Shooter's brother is real life kino, raw and unflitered. BTW …[View]
196647171i'm mrs nesbitt![View]
196639050which season is better? s1- autismo kino s2- deranged kino s3- nigger kino s4- whore kino ?[View]
196647559name a better movie released in the last decade you literally can't. a movie about burgers mana…[View]
196647416What's your favorite film that has never been released on DVD and Blu ray?[View]
196645430Dunc: mother and daughter[View]
196637114When Empire strikes back has a cliffhanger it's good but when spiderman does it, it's bad?…[View]
196647402>character does the impossible[View]
196646930is peacock a viable streaming service?[View]
196647289Calvin Klein advertisement: >Mark Wahlberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upXiYThFDXs Marxy Marx…[View]
196647404DUNC bros, have you ever doubted? Timhouthi and that French son of a maman have done it again[View]
196647382> guaranteed kino for the whole family to enjoy is there a comfier studio title card?…[View]
196646705Ching chong ding dong![View]
196632052Ramsay has dementia[View]
196647244Mexican Keanu Reeves[View]
196646804Easily the best character on the show.[View]
196646555Is this another 'retelling' of WW2 history for 'modern audiences', an actionslop or is it actually o…[View]
196647185>I'm a cinephile coomer[View]
196646706>white man is replaced by black woman girlboss Looks like /tv/ memed me into watching another wok…[View]
196646034>There are no better writers in television than Dan Weiss and David Benioff. They ended it brilli…[View]
196631499What is your favorite Alexandra Daddario movie/show and what would you like to see her in next?[View]
196645611>The best actor of his generation has never been in a movie. How does he do it?…[View]
196646438Was Frank right or wrong?[View]
196645093So is there a sex scene/nude compilation yet or what?[View]
196645754>you're a druh- druh- druh- drug dealer, dad? Like Scarface? That's awesome, I'm c…[View]
196645460One piece Live action anons... How did you do it? Why did last Airbender fail where you succeeded?[View]
196646893no disintegrations[View]
196646963they did the night king dirty[View]
196642251what the fuck was his problem?[View]
196646532What makes a movie/tv series more enjoyable than other? What makes a movie/tv series enjoyable/fun?[View]
196646799coral reef film: what are the best scenes and shots of coral reefs in television and film? what is t…[View]
196645882>We need a character actor for this supporting role in a late 90s-early 2000s action/thriller fil…[View]
196644918Was Crocodile Dundee the ultimate kino?[View]
196646158What's his best film, and why is it Murican Gangster?[View]
196646515Jim's Theme should have won best original song[View]
196646046Would you watch this movie?[View]
196645405Riverdale: I just finished watching Riverdale. I am trying to find other shows with the kind of moro…[View]
196646643The MILFS of POWER: Bronwyn’s win wins. More human women need to be bred by elves.[View]
196646181cast him. pro-tip: you can't. there is no level of acting that can achieve unfiltered, 100% or…[View]
196645978https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=985Jq_1mrtc ;_; this was my favorite moment from what i've watc…[View]
196643904Was this Bam's pinnacle?[View]
196644802Jim had to listen to Roy talk about banging Pam: He would listen to Roy talk about unloading into Pa…[View]
196642591I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020): What did I think of it?[View]
196644682*filters /tv/*[View]
196643542*enhances your kino*[View]
196643786The 2000’s: 28 Days 2000 American Psycho 2000 Cast Away 2000 Dude Where's My Car 2000 Gladiator…[View]
196644897Stop it Hollywood Reporter ... he's already dead.[View]
196642658House of the Dragon S2: All I want to know is, will monke be coming back?[View]
196646209New Walking Dead tonight. Yippee.[View]
196637899Highlander REBOOT: >directed by Chad Stahelski (John Wick) >starring Henry Cavill >budget i…[View]
196641731Was he supernatural? Nothing much affected him.[View]
196645675no torrent?[View]
196645975>MFW the same matter cannot occupy the same space[View]
196645315Jean Claude Van Kino[View]
196644100Straight actors portraying gay characters: What is the current consensus on this? Should it be allow…[View]
196645854Apparently Lennie James actually hit himself in the balls in this scene More scenes of actors actual…[View]
196645131Daisy Ridley back in theaters May 31: >Young Woman and the Sea tells the story of Gertrude Ederle…[View]
196643432I unironically enjoy the Jurassic World trilogy, especially Fallen Kingdom.[View]
196645427Holy based[View]
196644738What the highest grossing movies would be if normalfags had the same taste as /tv/[View]
196645772Hello saars! What of your favorite poo kinos? I redeem muchly this![View]
196645679Lost: Why don't jews do good TV series like Lost anymore? I remember I literally cried with som…[View]
196642716>produces nothing but kino in you’re path[View]
196642814Why did Deltora Quest never get a live-action adaption?[View]
196645669Walter Blanco[View]
196644799Meanwhile, in Bruce Willis' brain..[View]
196645530When did all the oldfags realize he was right?[View]
196642195>10 movies >10 toes[View]
196642866Will people even watch the Harry Potter HBO series?[View]
196645598Let's have a nazi carwash[View]
196644718The Romulan warbird has stood the test of time[View]
196645297Why is Lop from the 30 minute anime anthology star wars visions a better protagonist produced by the…[View]
196615331*watches you from afar*[View]
196645006What would MDE be without its top of the class transitions? I sometimes think there was a bit of a d…[View]
196645448>man gets cheated on by retarded whore wife of like decades >decides to finally become the man…[View]
196623469Did Japanese housewives circa 1600 really look like this?[View]
196644086>this made boomers piss shit and jizz in their pants[View]
196642657sly > arnie: >most famous arnie roles terminator, conan (conan 1 is a good film, the rest is s…[View]
196645262Sellout Night Live: >trump skit >racemixing with jews skit >Shane secretly knows every blac…[View]
196638132More movies like this. Recommend movies that give you a warm hug.[View]
196644935>mfw watching Saturday Night Live for the first time in 15 years[View]
196644319just two average joes closing out a meth deal[View]
196645086Just bought this on DVD at a thrift store: What am i in for /tv/?[View]
196644551>You show my photo to some illiterate fucking beaner in the middle of Juárez, he's gonna tur…[View]
196644595What's his best work?[View]
196645121what the fuck was his problem[View]
196642520What movies do women not 'get'?[View]
196643592It makes no sense to keep people alive for meat harvest. Even a starving person still burns calories…[View]
196644219Sell me this pen.[View]
196644726Chart thread[View]
196644888Twin Peaks: Just you.... and I.... Together.... Forever.... In love.... https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
196642962Name a bigger fall from grace[View]
196644722ITT Frutiger Aero kino[View]
196644114New Simpsons sucks because Homer is just a complete dumbass for the sake of being a dumbass. He does…[View]
196642911What are some good documentary kinos?[View]
196643741so will her midriff be bare in the live action?[View]
196638545What a kino family.[View]
196641813Tokyo Vice: New season came out, would you say it's worth getting into it?[View]
196643793Why does /tv/ hate comediennes?[View]
196643521>I want a Big Mac, small fries, and a Fanta drink everyday for the rest of my life.…[View]
196644161Pointing out this is a trend gets you banned for offtopic[View]
196644695post a more autistic director[View]
196644661What was so funny?[View]
196643870I don't get it.[View]
196637516Just finished watching Nathan For You. What should I watch next to make me laugh?[View]
196644332How well does NYPD Blue hold up 30 years later, /tv/?[View]
196644167I did not care for Star Wars[View]
196642148Reedo Ricardo: >Reddit hates it >Twitter hates it >/poltv/ hates it I genuinely don't …[View]
196641952What's going on here?[View]
196644565What did you think of Taylor Swift in The Lorax, Cats, and The Giver? Do you feel like she did an ok…[View]
196639388It's a bog eat bog world[View]
196641773CAST IT INTO THE FIRE[View]
196644526The Spy Who Loved Me: Holy Kino. This is literally the perfect Bond movie.[View]
196644520Name a better hero/villain combination. I'll wait.[View]
196644407I don't think he's talking about losing your virginity.[View]
196643938Bing Bong Man: >suddenly appears >says le word what was his catchphrase again?…[View]
196637402The Extended Editions are overrated: Only a few deleted scenes actually improved the movies. FOTR …[View]
196643109Does Rick carry the new show? Is it worth watching for him????: Is the old Rick we know and love act…[View]
196644433Are the live action Scooby-Doo movies any good?[View]
196643946OOH IT'S ME[View]
196644398Platoon: any other movies that portray war authentically?[View]
196644464absolute New Orleans kino. any other documentaries about Black culture in New Orleans? or the South …[View]
196644321This is, hands down, the greatest comedic line of the Simpsons, and it will never be topped.[View]
196643455Jon is Driving To Austin TX with TAI FISHTANK: https://www.youtube.com/live/GXSt_kPOLGk?si=Fg5ssRdXv…[View]
196631319Since a lot of anons here seem to think that Starship troopers is pro-army. Let me ask you this: You…[View]
196642774What happened to that?[View]
196640209Name one (1) truly great film that was released within the last five years, or the squaw gets it[View]
196633568How will they ruin James Bond even more?[View]
196644295Mods for some reason don't let you say the name of this movie, they must really hate it[View]
196644066Dewy and Doofy linked up. Need it or keep it?[View]
196643511>his grand finale joke which got by far the most applause and cheers, was LITERALLY 'hey wouldn…[View]
196641599The events of the movie Total Recall actually happened to the character and it was not just a delusi…[View]
196642810Luc Besson's CGI animation trilogy.[View]
196642854That’s a nice watch…[View]
196643980Trying to remember a movie I watched on TV as a kid: This was some kind of pesudo-comedy legal drama…[View]
196644128>'where are they now?' montage of a grounded 90s family movie >'Unimportant Character singleha…[View]
196644077Why are this and Angels and Demons so god damn comfy[View]
196643704Phil had the ability to squeeze the maximum amount of funny out of every comedic line he was given. …[View]
196641839The great financial failures in the history of Hollywood. I will begin with matrix 4.[View]
196637742Can someone break this scene down? I don't get it.[View]
196644049>we need a dumb looking guy >say no more[View]
196643785There are 3000 answers to the question of what is 2+2, but only yours is correct The others are sil…[View]
196643306>not invited to do press for his own show It's over, isn't it?…[View]
196643256Why women like true crime shows so much and often treat real life killers as fictional characters th…[View]
196642682Why is /tv/ ignoring this film when it's kino and literally 4chan: the movie?[View]
196643887am I really supposed that Christina Ricci is not hot?[View]
196643240It doesn’t hold up.[View]
196643765look who i met /tv/[View]
196641369Cast it: I vote for Anya as Lae'zel or Shadowheart[View]
196643817>movie's climax takes place in a court room[View]
196643273How do I sell my soul to be a rich and famous actor? I want you retards to worship me on the big scr…[View]
196643221are you bi-winning /tv/?[View]
196639857What would you do in this situation?[View]
196638757Wonka: Holy mother of musical kino.[View]
196642964Why hasn’t there been a biopic yet? Even Elton got one and he’s not even dead yet.[View]
196643249>Entire movie is about how it's over if Sauron gets the ring >He already has the ring at …[View]
196641493Brothers Sun: This and Blue Eye Samurai are very good, netflix picking up the slack[View]
196643597eu m lembro de um desenho que tinha um bicho que era feito de formas geometricas que ficava em um la…[View]
196637851My bait thread didn't get people interested, so I am going to beg for a Twin Peaks instead. Ple…[View]
196638238>fire nation takes over the world >they shoot fire balls the size of large baseballs during t…[View]
196643216My favorite sketch was the forrest gump highschool reunion. You guys did watch shane make soifags se…[View]
196638789Why did this indieslop blow up?[View]
196643510>I know it was you, Charley. You broke my heart.[View]
196641143Will she ever produce more kinos? She should sit on the Director's chair.[View]
196640854>Raise Potter from birth >Give him their only son's second bedroom >feed him and cloth…[View]
196641034why do we not see child leading actors anymore?[View]
196637741Say something nice about Warwick's extensive /tv/ career everyone: ITT we all discuss Warwick a…[View]
196643128I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt, and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my …[View]
196640709Lol fat people funny[View]
196643324Why did people bully him so much?[View]
196643337>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNX2nauLmOc&ab_channel=Solidjj ScottChads, we just keep gett…[View]
196641517movies that only men will understand: > Locke[View]
196638605Star Trek Uniform Hats/Caps: Since Starfleet is largely a Military force with many of it's term…[View]
196642952HAHAHAHA!!!: What a stupid fucking show! 'Durrr, I'm going to try and get free. Maybe I'l…[View]
196643022what is the best scene frrom a show youve ever seen: im bored an drunk wanna know what other anons t…[View]
196630522I'm very young so I need this explained to me; back when Star Trek was airing, was William Shat…[View]
196642227What's your favorite queer movie, /tv/?[View]
196642059Clint Eastwood dead at 93 as son confirms passing of actor: F[View]
196641434How are you all doing today /tv/?[View]
196643095The Deuce was much better than The Wire, and was underrated by comparison.[View]
196642536how: literally how did he do it we were literally visited by an iteration of Mozart of movies and no…[View]
196641745Is it the perfect anthology of the 2010s decade? you can see the degeneracy increasing with every se…[View]
196642963I watched murder on the orient express, death on the nile (70s versions), and then there were none (…[View]
196640237WITNESS ME[View]
196635620Are you gooning to 'Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken' on Netflix?: If not: why not?[View]
196642314Death Dealer movie when?[View]
196642726What were they thinking?[View]
196641173why didn't you warn me that season 5 is unwatchable feminist fantasy garbage? it's even mo…[View]
196642819Why does Weird Al refuse to address this?[View]
196642940>SCIENCE IS... LE GOOD![View]
196642807Howard Hamlin General: Howie bros get in here[View]
196636500>mid budget blockbuster >decent but not great script >carried by charisma of one actor Why …[View]
196638482This is the one Disney movie where all of the songs are bangers. Literally all of them. Don't e…[View]
196642340whats your favorite scifi gun[View]
196642830Do you rep film over digital for cinematic visual capture?[View]
196639534What was her problem?[View]
196642150>I have AIDS.[View]
196642121ITT - Times you acted like Butchie from Sopranos[View]
196639899So, that's a NO to a Suicide Squad 3 then?[View]
196639074What would you do in this situation?[View]
196641590The Spamton Value/Love Network: Was it kino?[View]
196642615fucking shit character[View]
196641677What am I in for?[View]
196642238Good, big budget films: >only white people with it How did Jackson get away with it? It was 20+ y…[View]
196641271How would you write a prequel about him and why haven’t they?[View]
196637335officially, who is the fattest character to ever appear on screen?[View]
196641447What is the Oldschool of television & film?[View]
196640803Yup yup[View]
196642485This is the funniest movie ever made and nobody can argue the fact.[View]
196641654Has /tv/ seen the latest Paul Verhoeven kinograph?[View]
196639383this movie was cool, but the ending sucked: if the black guy wasnt such a faggot he would just delet…[View]
196642401>watch seinfeld >wildly out of focus shot By season 7 it probably made tens of millions an epi…[View]
196641691You are now reminded again that there will never be historical epics. Even if you get one it will be…[View]
196642086I would do nasty, unspeakable things, to this 5'0' jewess goddess. I will be seeing her upcomin…[View]
196639955What's the best movie with a wrestler as the MC?[View]
196642348What Kinos do you recommend for Blue Eisenhower November fans?: Obvious answer is Twin Peaks. What o…[View]
196641959Was it kino?[View]
19664189915 minutes in and it's already better than that other show[View]
196641232I have like 30 tapes of old ESPN and baseball games from 2004-2008. Do people collect those? Will I …[View]
196642179T H I S I S N O T A D R E A M N O T A D R E A M[View]
196641436What are some good fantasy/dark fantasy kinos?[View]
196641730ITT: Hong Kong Action kino[View]
196641856>2025 >still not even one (1) sumo kino[View]
196640134Digitalfags... show me any movie shot on digital that look even 1% as good as this.. you can't.…[View]
196638505Don't deny it.[View]
196640933Can we all agree that this was far superior to Avatar and it should have gotten a live action adapta…[View]
196641483>say the line Bart >*bulges his eyes* I get no respect >boomers piss themselves laughing…[View]
196637883Was this still about him not accepting his son legacy?[View]
196641360“I save me”: Lol Lmao[View]
196641161>MCUshills attempted to drum up Echo (the deaf native girl show) as Marvel's equivalent of A…[View]
196641784So the machine worked, right? Also what happened to Scarlett Johansson's character?[View]
196639369why is everyone horny for Timmy?[View]
196638941>this was considered hideously obese in 2014[View]
196639147And dropped. I suspended belief up to a point but this was fucking retarded and fuck all of you for …[View]
196641690Cast him.: Cast him.[View]
196640497>You need to let me go, anon. You didn't know I was working the Joker premiere night shift, …[View]
196639697discuss films like this[View]
196639212Movies taking place in on particular space: >Conspiracy (2001) Takes places mostly in a room with…[View]
196640794>female character suffers from depression[View]
196640376I get it now: he realized he was getting too old to keep up and deal with the evil of the world. he …[View]
196639019The Larry Sanders Show: Why is this never discussed here? It seems exactly like the sort of show thi…[View]
196641630Seven is a great name.[View]
196641477Why didn't he just suck it up and move on?[View]
196639174Is anal sex a necessary inclusion in a 2024 entertainment product?[View]
196633173Which director has the most 10/10s?[View]
196638096I used to think this guy was just a meme, 'haha, reviewer said popular movie was bad, look at him' B…[View]
196640924Lionsgate will do an American Psycho remake: For modern audience. It's joever. https://twitter.…[View]
196640961cat in the hat: >You tell them, Kwi-Chang! No more big government! a children's film???…[View]
196641226What are some threads/forced memes that you’ve noticed get spammed every day on this board[View]
196639866Why was Laura Palmer such a hoe[View]
196640096>mogs actresses a third of her age[View]
196641093It filtered millions[View]
196639711just marathoned the first episode what did i think of it[View]
196640214>Norwood 6 >still managed to look cool and intimidating How did he do it?…[View]
196640974>The Accountant 2 >An Amazon Prime Original I've never been more hype and more disappoint…[View]
196616774Where can i watch Last Night at Terrace Lanes lads?[View]
196640654the equalizer: why did they cast this guy? is he supposed to be intimidating?[View]
196640122>wine prank show >they think they're drinking a Beaujolais Nouveau >it's actually…[View]
196640926(((YOU))): Why haven't (((YOU))) made a TV series or movie about future Nazis taking over the w…[View]
196638446Little house: What the fuck was her problem[View]
196622764>Seethes at Elves for 140 years >Catches the faintest whiff of Galadriel's elfussy >Im…[View]
196639190James Marsden: What does /tv/ think of him?[View]
196641104>trump says haiti is a shithole country >gets crucified by the media and TDS liberals >Seth…[View]
196639718>short haired Keanu Reeves >plays the typical WASP token whitest whitebread from the suburbs/B…[View]
196637300>Film has no deep meaning, no politics, no subliminal messages, no social commentary >It'…[View]
196627194Who is the best horror movie icon?[View]
196640886'My church led me down so I’m joining another church': Which show did it better?[View]
196636587He honestly did nothing wrong[View]
196640765Kurt Russell is relentlessly handsome.[View]
196631014Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero[View]
196636462>the truth[View]
196640436Where's the sequel?[View]
196639557What was his problem?[View]
196638594one tuna sandwich pls..[View]
196638229He stabbed his entire fanbase's back last night and I'm tired of pretending otherwise[View]
196639245>kino ruined by coming of age subplot[View]
196640716i got done watching the Twilight saga for the first time. It really sucked, why did this franchise g…[View]
196639824finally got around to watching Generation Kill. what are some other good films/series about the Gulf…[View]
196630450Kojima Disney+ documentary: Pure kino[View]
196636965Millennial Anons: What was the TV/Movie scene like 20 years ago? The culture? I always envision som…[View]
196639330Can people change, /tv/?[View]
196639855Green Arrow Won[View]
196637154>mogs every a24 horror movie >brings tons of gore back to hollywood horror Yep, Thanksgiving i…[View]
196639249No Time to Die > You Know My Name > Live and Let Die > the rest[View]
196640148>flash forward to Walt having a machine gun in the trunk >entire meaning of the scene had not …[View]
196639414Remember when japs made a live action Jojo movie with 'chapter 1' as the subtitle then never made a …[View]
1966342342024, I am forgotten (I stopped watching when he revealed he was superman to her)[View]
196638574Will things soon improve? Why would the jews produce a sketch that is so positive?[View]
196639501Monster: >You sabotaged my ass, society. And the cops, and the system... a raped woman got execut…[View]
196622905this shit ruled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwgzcXnOHyI[View]
196639240LotR: How would you adapt the Lord of the Rings books to a movie trilogy or series?[View]
196639178Remember when Robert Zemeckis, George Miller, Luc Besson, Zack Snyder, Gore Verbinski and Steven Spi…[View]
196637447How did he manage to romance and impregnate the strongest females in cenima history?[View]
196629724Did he get whacked because they didn't want to pay him or just because he was annoying?[View]
196636227So you're telling me he was a fag this whole time?[View]
196640130Winona Ryder: What are her best roles and films?[View]
196636159What the fuck was his problem?[View]
196639103what does 'cinematic' mean?[View]
196640038Gods the dialogue was strong back then[View]
196639775Did someone SCRATCH ME?![View]
196637419>A fucking cell phone, in this temple...[View]
196639774Soo did you watch any grindhouse/exploitation movies recently?[View]
196639879ITT: post only the most based characters in TV and film. Non based post will be called gay[View]
196637605>WAAAAOW!!!!! >I FEEL GOOD[View]
196636859What the fuck was her problem?[View]
196635463/monk/ last case: The last case before the real last case before the actual last case before the tru…[View]
196631736Baron Harkonnen the grand father of Paul Atreides: Why the fuck it is not said in Dunc ?[View]
196639055>Irishman was boring mobster slop >Killers of the Flower Moon was boring native slop he's…[View]
196639151i don't know how much longer i can hold this[View]
196639670It was revenge for MGSV going over budget, and a lot of other things. And there was nothing that we …[View]
196636736>zero(0) movies in the last decade (10 years) What gives? Was she blacklisted from Hollywood?…[View]
196636138I didn't last 15 seconds. I had to turn it off. It was too grating.[View]
196639507Young Sheldon: MILF kino is back on the menu boys[View]
196633153How could anyone live like this?[View]
196637788It Follows: Woman moment! This bitch knew the monster was real and just doomed this guy with no prep…[View]
196639403>character looks into camera >'he's right behind me, isn't he?'…[View]
196639397Realistically, what do you do in this situation?[View]
196638654>this was considered horrifying for people in the 70's oh no! a person standing innocently o…[View]
196638572Thomas Ligotti's Worst Nightmare: Imagine being this close to the extinction of the human race …[View]
196638977>God destroys dinosaurs. God creates men.[View]
196638736Here ist that list with awesome female directed capekino i was telling you about bro[View]
196638422What did they mean by this?[View]
196638536>it's a David Chase shits on America-episode >literally every single episode for 6 season…[View]
196638402>Adria Alpine 663 HT days until Avatar 3 what does Neytiri think of caravans?…[View]
196638857/tv/ moments that made you do this?[View]
196638930Have you ever visited a culinary tv shows shooting location? Was the food shit?[View]
196635849>Ash vs Evil Dead Now that the dust has settled[View]
196639172Jessica Chastain fell off.[View]
196638947Does it get better?: Im on S1E6. And Im really losing steam. I know it wont be another Breaking Bad,…[View]
196637587Who should Netflix cast as Korra?[View]
196638906I want based Mel Gibson historical films again[View]
196624782>Put a bunch of mines in a country you invade >surrender like a coward despite having orders t…[View]
196637998Will Golden Globe and SAG award winner Elizabeth Debicki's career reach new heights? what else …[View]
196638856Did Apollonia actually like Michael or did she like the gifts and money he could provide?[View]
196637405This was his best movie in a long time.[View]
196638650Do people really think AI will be a positive for the art of cinema?[View]
196638406its pretty good so far. i keep forgetting its Jon Hamm as the lead character for some reason it keep…[View]
196638928Any other Kinos about Bimbofication?[View]
196634781>mfw I can't wait for fantastic 4[View]
196636377Abe Simpson was trans?[View]
196635687This nigga is not asian.[View]
196637212Remember Jacob Tremblay: what's his best film?[View]
196638517Peak cottagecore[View]
196637871What is the most obscene and shocking family guy joke or cutscene?[View]
196638432there were scenes in this[View]
196638563>Why can't you trust atoms?[View]
196638657>attack during a warm up wow you've really won my respect there, warrior girl…[View]
196621688Nic Pizzolatto vs Cary Fukunaga: What’s the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
196638567A GTA 3 movie starring nate from euphoria: it would be kino[View]
196637837What those /tv/ think about Robbie Rotten?[View]
196638098Why Don't You Have a Seat?: Right over here, /tv/.[View]
196638400Films with satanic energy[View]
196636830Lop from star wars visions: Cuter than the ugly brit rei No chosen one bullshit, she's just a g…[View]
196635888>*garbled voice* I would post 5-10 frogs an hour. Sometimes I would forget to eat or sleep. Just …[View]
196634672what was his problem?[View]
196637423DUNC (LDR version): So how do I watch Dunc Pt. 2 with my LDR girlfriend? I'm thinking that we b…[View]
196635246What's the last /tv/ - Television & Film bread that made you cry with laughter?[View]
196637046Just finished this show, really liked it. What does /tv/ think? I thought it also had very natural d…[View]
196632637SHANE GILLIS TAKES SNL TO CHURCH: And they loved it! Good Sunday morning! Let us pray. Last night Sh…[View]
196636528This is Savage Opress[View]
196637106>show set in the most photogenic city in the world >blur fucking everything except for the fac…[View]
196637006Nintendo Cinematic Universe: So now that we got Mario and Zelda, which one's next?[View]
196636691So is The Iron Claw (2023) worth a watch?[View]
196637593>Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall[View]
196625500My name is Earl girl[View]
196638131is it the last mainstream film that was really colorful?[View]
196637524I love the old Hollywood film aesthetic. Anyone else feel the same?[View]
196637922Unironically my favourite Shrek movie[View]
196633879>2005 >burger commercial turns on[View]
196638155>But- but i'm based! I'm sigma! I'm W rizz! I got it all!…[View]
196631887Remember Brie Larson?: What is her best film?[View]
196637492Captain Marvel: Here is the healthy, young, charming, cute and sexy white girl I was telling you abo…[View]
196638036Precious: Based on the novel by Sapphire: This is a more effective satire than Starship Troopers. Fa…[View]
196637831Sometimes I like watching 90 day fiance, its obviously mostly fake just like imagine they faked some…[View]
196636628niggers a subhuman apes that do not belong in civilized societies. Its insane that we tolerate these…[View]
196625455She betrayed God for fucking butter: Imagine what she'd do for a PS5[View]
196636853>Saved from falling by the (cute) guy from the hockey team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9dWQc…[View]
196637926Shot Caller (2017): >You know I can't be seen posting in any crustfag threads.. like I'…[View]
196636808Chud bros…: We lost[View]
196636926Does RICK GRIMES carry the new show? Is it worth watching for him????: Is the old Rick we know and l…[View]
196632340>germans barge into a town in poland and start settling there >start having drag shows and shi…[View]
196637903I don't like my job. I'm not gonna go in anymore[View]
196617957When did South Park turn to shit?[View]
196635789College seems comfy on film, but it's a bit like highschool.[View]
196635773Kate Mara turns 41 in a couple of days. What are her best movies/shows?[View]
196637432Prepare for immediate starburst[View]
196635668Move over Jackie and Sammo this is now a Yuen Biao board! For me? It’s Saga of the Phoenix (1990)[View]
196633461Why do people try to defend and justify psychopathic female villains?[View]
196636841Why do grown men just sit around and let an 8 year old girl insult them?[View]
196637535>this made milennials shitcum and piss spit their pants 'Has anyone in this family ever even seen…[View]
196637627Why the fuck do some people sperg the fuck out when actors look into the camera? Who the fuck cares?[View]
196637655>and then I said I look just like Megan Fox[View]
196637005/SavSil/ - Saving Silverman General: Tactical Operation edition This a comfy Sunday thread dedicated…[View]
196635891Just watched this… LMAO[View]
196637565>here's your Gen Z/Alpha James Bond bro[View]
196634171James Marsden: What does /tv/ think of him?[View]
196636579Okay what the actual fuck was her problem? I almost punched the monitor. Is there a more punchable c…[View]
196636130Remember when /tv/ used to have constant Batman V Superman Dawn of AIDS threads? Why was this object…[View]
196637531Someone explain this piece of shit, now: >follow a toilet cleaner around documentary style >li…[View]
196637077https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/game-of-thrones-film-trilogy-plan-canceled-1235920358/ >‘Game of…[View]
196635372Reddit: The Character[View]
196637439>married white successful chad is actually a sexual deviant in secret and throws everything away …[View]
196637295>media illiterate[View]
196635669Jackie Chan: What's the most fun Jackie Chan martial arts movie[View]
196631699das rite[View]
196634079You will sell me the little slave boy. You will not ask me what I need him for.[View]
196624318Show me a more kino fight seen.[View]
196637204You know what I always thought as weird with those JFK assassination documentaries of the past? They…[View]
196635712Was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers diverse?[View]
196637238Jeopardy 1988: Game shows back then were so good, now we get soiface and quips after every question…[View]
196635004James fears the Latina tomboys[View]
196636650Why are fans of things so angry? Why don't they just get jobs?[View]
196632855what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
196637243Name a movie with a worse twist.[View]
196625684Bro Skyler White is looking ROUGH wtf happened[View]
196627406You reprogram a T-1000. Now it's harmless and obeys your every command. What do?[View]
196636894Chick flick? Or worth a watch?[View]
196628048This is the most boomer tier movie I’ve ever seen Everyone has told me to watch this movie because o…[View]
196637124>pussy being wired since 1995 despite everything in seasons 1-2 indicating that it was only a yea…[View]
196626090Neytiri... with a FAL?[View]
196636956>Destroys over 4 years of entertainment journalism I thought Bowen Yang was supposed to be a rev…[View]
196633229AJ Soprano: He's literally me[View]
196630496>puts an end to more criminals in 10 seconds than Batman has in 10 years.…[View]
196634253>space station >isn't stationary Bravo George…[View]
196636466Itt.Movie endings that always make you cry like a little bitch.[View]
196630830Could CandleJ beat JigC?[View]
196628800After SNL, what's next for Shane Gillis's career in television and film?[View]
196636892>a true love kiss Be honest /tv/, you cried at the end.[View]
196636732This was actually pretty good[View]
196636865>get on outta here you're classin' the place up[View]
196636826Which retard is the best?[View]
196634539Not kino[View]
196634500Why are they all so old?[View]
196632511which is the best big monster movie so far?[View]
196636051Its a Zoe, formerly HitGirl, teams up with a tranny to defeat the Zogbots from the future episode.[View]
196633774When actually rewatch this series, you can start to see it was actually pretty shitty. You accidenta…[View]
196636676Millennial Competancy: You know, they're Kling-ons because they kling-on to you in battle or so…[View]
196634880Recommend me shows and movies that women hate.: Girls are boring and one of the few things I can do …[View]
196628935Are you a Kellyking or Hepburner?[View]
196636326Why did they pass the card to everyone who was about to be searched?[View]
196635757Attack on Avatar: When East Meets West: Avatar and AoT are better together https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
196629821Kino fashion: Which film has the best wardrobe? (not counting capeshit and period pieces)[View]
196635650>Episode ends with a scream of terror, darkness, and sad, ominous music >The prevailing interp…[View]
196636320Poland has never made I good movie: I said it. And I stand by it. It's true.[View]
196636253Chris Stuckmann: So his career is over, right?[View]
196635894You sound like a Rancor pissin' in there.[View]
196636453movie adaptation in the works, whom shall play the protagonist?[View]
196634255wtf was their problem[View]
196632309>we need the most kino gun of all >say no more…[View]
196635498DAS RITE[View]
196635570What was his problem?[View]
196629650toasters look like THAT?[View]
196633109A24 = kino. https://youtu.be/Y4EFuZxEtNI[View]
196632078Unfuckable sexless eunuch: There's not even a hint Aang is romantically interested in anyone. H…[View]
196633029>The show followed the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader Electra Woman and her tee…[View]
196622420>mom got raped and killed by space muslims >wife is dying >but remember revenge is le bad…[View]
196636155Choose Your Adventure: >The red pill has been associated with conspiracy theories and extremism. …[View]
196634762Who would you like to see play Patrick Bateman in the upcoming remake for modern audiences[View]
196634757Why did older films look better?[View]
196634656The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live: Episode 1 is out and Episode 2 is leaked, what do we think of i…[View]
196633826Post movies that were panned because they got uncomfortably close to the truth.[View]
196635881Season 2 when?[View]
196634313Is this a good show? I've heard it's good but it looks a bit gay desu. Is it actually dece…[View]
196635769Wow this is shit[View]
196635173>I want to have your abortion vs >I haven't been fucked like that since grad school The o…[View]
196635797I was in charge of a very well funded peer reviewed Harvard study to determine the root cause of man…[View]
196635785What Tom Holland gonna do? Gonna Cry? I'm sexually attracted to this movie, i hope its good an…[View]
196635381It's over for Hollywood.[View]
196635736You now remember this episode[View]
196635092ITT: Surprisingly decent films/documentaries on adult industry: Ill begin[View]
196634993Any A-list celebrities here right now?[View]
196635648At the end of Titanic why is Rose's bedside full of photos of herself instead of her family?[View]
196628688i thought he was kinda funny. what does anon think?[View]
196635708Do you think this happened to one of the writers?[View]
196634698Star Trek - Star Fleet Melee Combat: I love Star Trek, but most of these Star Fleet hippies are unpr…[View]
196635496>I didn't give up to the corrupt republic. I didn't give up to the empire. And I won…[View]
196635686does /tv/ prefer the 2016 one or the original version?[View]
196635682VillaBajo is gonna fuck this up, isn't he?[View]
196634939Sopranos: It's funny and a good watch but if it's your favorite Sopranos episode you'…[View]
196635029Whats the last good historical fiction film or series? Mad men?[View]
196631853Oh, mama.[View]
196635615Essential Susan Dey kino?[View]
196633616The only good SNL guest in a very very long time. https://youtu.be/yzh7RtIJKZk?si=-cKYk_AtvwrCXb6E…[View]
196635341>Support us and become VIP member to remove all ads from www.OpenSubtitles.org…[View]
196633684Stop posting odd shit.[View]
196635438TOP 5 NIC CAGE FILMS 1. Leaving Las Vegas 2. Adaptation 3. Raising Arizona 4. Face/Off 5. Pig bonus:…[View]
196633116Just finished watching this.What do you guys think of this movie?[View]
196634339Severance bread: Are you excited for the second season?[View]
196634199Just got done watching this. What did I think of it?[View]
196633409rec me some doomsday kino[View]
196634847The Day of the Jackal Reboot: https://variety.com/2024/tv/global/the-day-of-the-jackal-ursula-corber…[View]
196634454Long Boring Movies: The 2 Horsemen of Needlessly long and boring movies that Redditors and Channers …[View]
196634285>first, put in some olive oil. it keeps the pasta from sticking together Why would a chef with 1…[View]
196626164I wish they’d make a movie where the thing makes it to mainland.[View]
196635059>here is your fish and rice gaijin, that'll be 300 dorra, hurry up…[View]
196633301>couple argument scene >the man just goes…[View]
196634751So who was Doctor Mulholland?[View]
196634890they just dont make television and film quite like they used to[View]
196627226Most famous American from every European country[View]
196634828I wish he would return to sketch comedy. His standup is so fucking awful.[View]
196634763Anomalisa (2015): What did I think?[View]
196633868are you feeling it: there's a storm coming[View]
196629339Could he really smell her pussy?[View]
196611074Hollywood in suicide watch: A guy with a computer made this using AI https://youtu.be/8rR2IdCT-lI?si…[View]
196628911Rumor: Hayden Christensen to play role of Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic 3: YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER…[View]
196627159Bottom Three Worst Movies of All Time: 3. Battlefield Earth 2. Glass (2019) 1. Holmes and Watson…[View]
196633474After the grand success of Godzilla Minus One, what's next for Japanese Cinéma?[View]
196633984Guy’s walking around doing nothing: The Series.[View]
196634515>*record scratch* >Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this …[View]
196629003The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Official Shill Thread >What if I cut my hand off for no reaso…[View]
196631811>loses right hand >goes from number one swordsman in the west to a wimp what a load of bullshi…[View]
196633242is this the worst performance in the history of cinema?[View]
196634447Would you want to see an origin film about Tommy trying to make it as a lower level eastern european…[View]
196624043Who is the biggest nepo baby in Hollywood?[View]
196634405Shrek (2001) is a cinematic masterpiece.[View]
196634208Subtitles or no?[View]
196634381Movie that asks the question: what happens when you go through your own portal?[View]
196632319>I guess I'm gonna take it form you How do respond without sounding mad?…[View]
196631131was this the most kino anime fight?[View]
196633797fishtank season 3 idea:: prison theme: >rented warehouse >”cells” (giant animal cages) arrange…[View]
196634191AHhhh YAaaa EHhhh Yaaa![View]
196633952Smug motherfucker[View]
196634180Today I will remind them.[View]
196632449Why is Disney obsessed with animal movies?[View]
196634092shows you can't rewatch because of the unbearable emptiness you feel once they're over[View]
196633931Hop on bitch, we're going to Dinotopia: Survival of all or none. One raindrop raises the sea. W…[View]
196634062WHAT A LIFE[View]
196634050>Hear about this new golden boy of comedy promoted by every right-winger and Trump supporter on t…[View]
196633635>stop watching woke American trash and watch cool, manly, heterosexual anime instead…[View]
196634030>I’m starting to see now. I have had an effect here. But not the one I intended. Vengeance, won’t…[View]
196633021what do you picture the people in laugh tracks looking like?[View]
196633938I just thought of a good show. 'Fucking with the stars'[View]
196633891>want to rewatch series >remember -that- part Band of Brothers episode 9. I can't believe…[View]
196622117Holy crap what's with the goddamn flashbacks?!: I'm in the final stretch now and dear God …[View]
196633886>He fought with the samurai? >No, he *IS* samurai!…[View]
196625233>replictor, produce 1 trillion tons of cold porridge[View]
196633833Am I crazy or have they started doing work on him? Plastic surgery and shit. Compare him now to TLOU…[View]
196633807Do you think Azula's actress will lose weight for season 2?[View]
196630433>your crimes are singles, sneedposting, and multiple bane threads >how do you plead?…[View]
196633162>It's an episode with the bald one in it Yikes, that's an auto-skip for me…[View]
196629748Logistically speaking... 6 million air nomads? I mean, let's be realistic, I'd accept 500,…[View]
196629032TIL: 70-80 % of the population is mentally handicapped. That's severe.[View]
196632001for me its Batman movies[View]
196630126lazy bald fuck sellout cuck, he's just an ad read whore now[View]
196631183Is there an actor with a more diverge portfolio in hollywood right now?[View]
196632040After Ahsoka, would you watch a live-action Clone Wars tv series?[View]
196632901How would you respond?[View]
196629139>try to rape Lorraine: >30 years later is working for Lorraine…[View]
196630716Star Wars or Star Trek /tv/?[View]
196633366Challenge: Name one (1) live action adaption of a cartoon (not comic book) that was actually better …[View]
196631376Was he supposed to represent an Incel?[View]
196632349Avatar: >lies about being a POC >gets to kiss both best girls he won…[View]
196633327I want to watch a movie where Chris Hemsworth have sex with them in the same bed and Tom Holland is …[View]
196633354>we should take it slower on the 2nd date >sucks face with him within 30 minutes was it autism…[View]
196631443Lesbian/Yuri kinographs: What is the best one?[View]
196623375can I have some spooky creep core horror movies no jumpscares. yes I've seen lake mungo[View]
196632230Name a single more /fa/ movie than this. Is there anything that rivals this film on pure style?[View]
196626355Was Starship Troopers really anti-fascist?[View]
196632617any cryptid kino? i've seen Harry and the hendersons and that loch ness movie with Ted Danson[View]
196632072I want to help you guys fight crime.[View]
196630868Why do netflix hate beauty?[View]
196626687>*fails upwards*: Womenbros, we can't stop winning.[View]
196632590Zuko and Azula from some shitty low-budget fan film[View]
196628667I have pee in my mouth: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lU_NKNZljoQ[View]
196633028It's coming: dis sum scary sheet[View]
196633025Realistically, what would you do in this situation?[View]
196632974what was her problem?: thanks for the movie rec guys, and thanks to the country of Argentina for jus…[View]
196632107some of the worst acting I've ever seen almost fucking Pajeet-tier[View]
196632964Taylor Swift is a soulless industry plant who's a perfect symbol of the clown hell globohomo wo…[View]
196632236Underwhelming, feels like a cheap SYFY network movies[View]
196632770why don’t they make a biopic about the dolly llama ?[View]
196632602Why is film and television so woke now? What happened? It's all made by SJWs. Its almost like t…[View]
196632502For me, it's josh hutcherkino[View]
196632698If you're Kino supporters, sing the kino supporter song[View]
196632860>watch TV show >try to decide which character I identify with most >can never decide >co…[View]
196632140Fine day Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week.[View]
196632642Why is horror so comfy?: Does anyone else find horror media to be extremely comfy? From the zoomer l…[View]
196629710Holy fuck this show is a steaming pile of dogshit. How does it have a 7.9 IMDB rating?[View]
196632683I don’t get it[View]
196632473>Ruins your show finale[View]
1966304611997 copy of Beetlejuice on DVD[View]
196632665Is the new Daily Show based or is it a trojan horse? Jon Stewart is roasting democrats and calling J…[View]
196629903Will she finally take home the oscar for Oppenheimer?[View]
196631770what role could Daisy Ridley really shine in?[View]
196631827Kid friendly kinos: What's a swell kid-friendly movie I can watch with my children? I'd li…[View]
196632542>nah let's go for at least 20% I don't want the waitress to spit on my coffee next time…[View]
196632560Recent movie is actually a unvolontary remake of an old one. Any Example?[View]
196630473So we can agree it was much better than the netflix shit right?[View]
196632500Why is every character in this 20 years too old?[View]
196632336>scifi movie/show >earth is called terra >currency is called credits >sun is called sol …[View]
196631422Can we admit that the fort scene is incredibly based and should've been in the games? I always …[View]
196613495Worst moment from the Hobbit series?[View]
196629256Natural Born Kino[View]
196629471Why was Season 1 so doomer[View]
196631641Now that the dust has settled how do you rate season 2?[View]
196627793She cute Best girl in Frasier/Cheers[View]
196632237>I can't believe you remembered my birthday! Thank you so much Frank! I hope we can be frien…[View]
196625317I usually enjoy a comfy romcom, but this was absolute shit[View]
196625387Why doesn't Australia have film studios? Where are the Australian-made films?[View]
196632228>its they stay up all night to finish the show bike for the next day episode…[View]
196632172need some good documentaries[View]
196631990five nights at freddy's just came out in theatres in japan![View]
196631271>2024...and I am already forgotten[View]
196630600BJJ: Any movies about the most effective martial art in the world?[View]
196631962Which one should I watch?[View]
196626417I'm literally shaking right now. How could Homer afford all this by himself? The world is getti…[View]
196631963>media literacy[View]
196630404do i have what it takes to be a snl writer: yo! wassup yall! welcome to my channel. im brian whateve…[View]
196631841YOU ARE A MAN[View]
196627951Is season 2 going to make season 1’s ending make sense or is this show about to nosedive? No spoiler…[View]
196625872Why'd he do it?[View]
196631775Resolution (2012): I rewatched this movie and I still enjoyed it. I will also rewatch endless and I…[View]
196628106I rewatched the original yesterday and I can see how the new generations will find it outdated, beca…[View]
196631668What is the Las Meninas of movies?[View]
196628856I've seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory, AMA[View]
196627645I actually felt bad for the lil guy: Like a dumb bulldog that picked a fight with a grown man withou…[View]
196631474>Yo mista White...[View]
196631532>search rocky videos on youtube by the number of views >almost all results are some bollywood …[View]
196630356Past a certain age a man **with** a family can be a bad thing. The mind has trouble letting go.[View]
196628252Do Anons know any place where you could Starlog magazines online? Internet Archive used to have all …[View]
196628235The City on the Edge of Forever: >This is the highest rated Star Trek episode ever. Did people ha…[View]
196630863>Well anon, have you had your dick in the dob?[View]
196631052Any movies that are like this? >inb4 somebody recommends that shitty adaptation…[View]
196630397I want to watch a movie where Chris Hemsworth bang zendaya, even more after Tom Holland was loser an…[View]
196626156>multiple thugs with automatics a few feet away >hero does multiple backflips and dodges all b…[View]
196631136will the bus stop bunch ever return?[View]
196630831Did zoomers even watch classic cartoons on TV growing up?[View]
196630613How do you guys avoid TV detection vans? I've always gone with the tin foil on the window metho…[View]
196626476How badly are they going to destroy him in his biopic?[View]
196631146>scene goes on for few hours n the movie's universe >nobody has to piss or take a shit…[View]
196629608What's next for SAG Award winning actress Elizabeth Debicki?[View]
196630898Is she too old to transition into acting? Selena Gomez did it no sweat.[View]
196627930>1976, he told a French journalist, 'Homosexuality is so much in fashion, it no longer makes news…[View]
196630211When does it get funny?[View]
196630814>foreshadow S >show S, it'll be important >you must know about S >villain crushed t…[View]
196627187Please watch Dune: Part 2 (2024)[View]
196630993For me, it's the bean ballet[View]
196630938>This song's called 'I Am Sad, So Very, Very Sad.'[View]
196629075ngl feel kinda bad, he bombed hard.[View]
19661609090's tv & film: How did the 1990's pack SO much soul into only 9 years?[View]
196629741For better or worse, his troubles are finally over.[View]
196630307Herro frying wok take your order prease[View]
196630885What did I think about it?[View]
196630793His silence is deafening[View]
196629023kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoCfJHIAjLo[View]
196628897Why did it fail?[View]
196630087How come they don't make movies for white boys any more?[View]
196630405Long Cuck Silver: >could have reshaped the New World and bring freedom to his people >threw it…[View]
196630627He was never funny.[View]
196621136>BEGS the audience not to google him >MUMBLES that he thought a joke would get a laugh multipl…[View]
196630647>that's just it my boy, the machine doesn't DO anything[View]
196629333Why did they make Team Azula a bunch of fat girls? I thought Team Aang was actually cast fine, but t…[View]
196628999>cute goth >becomes a lame normie who still has poor social skills >somehow this is a good…[View]
196627603So, she is going to reject the money, right? It's bloody money[View]
196629098Don't ever, ever, ever, EVER tell a woman that you cried watching a movie.[View]
196630225>'I wouldn't say a single word to Putin. I would listen to what he has to say. And that…[View]
196630378Why did Jane's brother admit he was lying about C beating him up, it makes even less sense afte…[View]
196625518this was my favorite tv show in 2015. where did it go wrong?[View]
196630248Haha look ted, yep, I'm on TV :)[View]
196630335the americans: Is it better than breaking bad?[View]
196627811>ugh I hate white men why is she like this?[View]
196607521/film/: Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. Berlinale Golden Bear travesty edi…[View]
196606559>buys evil haunted house with demons >haunted house destroys his eye balls during investigatio…[View]
196628747What does /tv/ think of this flick?: I actually thought it was pretty decent[View]
196629930>you're a fat guy[View]
196628774why the fuck are shrek's eyes red in the netflix poster? vampire shrek creepypasta[View]
196630165>They were killing each other. Killing people they cannot see. Children... children!…[View]
196629787When will isekai pick up in the Western world?[View]
196629556Was Elaine right? Was The English Patient a bad movie?[View]
196629444So he was Number One all along?[View]
196625892John woo: Ive seen hard boiled, the killer and a better tomorrow 1&2. Are any other of this guys…[View]
196627592If the new republic was so good why so many people joined the first order?[View]
196628594Yellowjackets: Love cast away/lost stuff. What am i in for?[View]
196629694ITT kino food from movies and TV: Starting with a GOAT[View]
196627214Did he overreact a little bit? I'm sure I've seen worse on here.[View]
196623637This is Nolan's best and I'm tired of pretending it isn't.[View]
196627747you now remember when physical releases were desperate for sales that they made black and white vers…[View]
196628287What did I think of it?[View]
196628351What time do you go to bed[View]
196626820Mandela Effect: We all know the classic example - 'Interview with a Vampire' is actually titled Inte…[View]
196626336>Its the Builder has downed tools due to late payment while the couple are living in a caravan on…[View]
196629489Wow, he's literally me.[View]
196629629the iron claw is not accurate, why did they make it all fritz's fault?[View]
196629593I love how the MIL just wants to protect her daughter from all the mundane bulkshit[View]
196625157What does /tv/ think about Jessica Alba's career?[View]
196629573>his smile and optimism: restored[View]
196628055What's the deal with this film?[View]
196629176Bring back Apu.[View]
196628429I theorize that some of the dreams that many people say makes no sense are about Tony not understand…[View]
196627897>Ah! Mr Vulcan, I heard you were having you Pon farr and I was wonderi-ACK >Your ass to my coc…[View]
196628647>come on, lets save our species >wait why isnt it working..?…[View]
196626813Plan A: In post war Germany a group of Jews plans to kill six million Germans by poisoning the water…[View]
196625563No way this shit is real.[View]
196628943why did the industry like the last of us more than these two shows?[View]
196629134Everything is shit lately.[View]
196629371He was gay Kevin Spacey?[View]
196628635ITT: Pleb filter[View]
196629308>SUZY WAKE UP! PLEASE SUZY![View]
196627742itt: films adored by the tinfoil hat community[View]
196628487How you can watch this show and not laugh.[View]
196627686i don't get it[View]
196626691The movie was mid, but can we admit this is arguably the greatest trailer ever made? https://youtu.b…[View]
196629055cast them[View]
196610992Svengoolie Thread!: >What the heck is Svengoolie? Svengoolie is one of the last good TV horror ho…[View]
196628589What is the most “filmbro” movie of all time?[View]
196627851when will ming dynasty sue for defamation[View]
196627881The Sopranos thread: >first time watch >i think the family drama stuff is boring and the mob s…[View]
196628552: ([View]
196628896*kills cinema in your path*[View]
196628485Cast it[View]
196628837Was his life really so bad? >minimum wage job with almost zero customer or co-worker interaction …[View]
196628527Mandela effect to Settle arguments: Me and my brother marathonly subwatched TGTBATU the past weekend…[View]
196628772>mfw anime has a better track record of showing how wars are the culmination of a complex interpl…[View]
196626866Admit it, you cried[View]
196628662Can you genuinely get put on a government watch list for simply watching certain films or is that a …[View]
196627029what did Elaine mean by this?[View]
196628671dude how gay is loving your mom lmao[View]
196626388IM ALL OUT OF FAITH[View]
196628664Well congratulations, you got yourself caught! what's the next step of your masterly plan?[View]
196628547Imagine being 6ft6 in the 50s[View]
196628571>The only place in West LA that those berries grow is on the street where the car and the truck w…[View]
196628525Gintama: >Family Guy/Big Bang Theory, Japan[View]
196627988>Things you can say in the old Whose Line but not in the new one[View]
196626966HOLY BASED[View]
196623236*enhances your kino*[View]
196622500Is Taskmaster worth watching?[View]
196625534>the last samurai... is a white guy? Was this a controversy when this movie came out or did peopl…[View]
196628088>character talks about their ex >mocks them and seems happy that their life is much worse now …[View]
196627112'Im of a mind makes a moogie..heh heh....phonebook!' what did he mean by this?[View]
196627844strange: same look, same first name, and all came up around the same time (2000s-current). this is w…[View]
196627838Write the next movie in the Planet of the Apes series where astronauts land on the future Earth[View]
196627311History's greatest monster. Gets away with it completely scot free.[View]
196620699>Haha, Leo, you are old and you date early 20s supermodels! You’re basically Prince Andrew, mate.…[View]
196627892How many seasons do they have left before Danny drops dead and Rob and Kaitlyn's lungs are para…[View]
196624654ITT: Unhateable people from television and film[View]
196628115>how do I find him? >you don't find him, he finds you…[View]
196628108he didn't get anything made since 2014 is it over? :'-([View]
196624395Ridicules!: >Teleports on your TV >Ruins music forever Nothing personal kid! (Music video kino…[View]
196628026this is why must buy physical media[View]
196627842>improves you're business >doesn't ask for money >only asks for friendship in ret…[View]
196627534I want my 120 minutes back /tv/[View]
196627365Are star wars fans too easy to please/entertain? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUNuqM_pLLA is this…[View]
196626158Imagine still being a Godzilla fan after this, king kino can't stop winning[View]
196627992Passion: I don't get it[View]
196626645I didn't grow up in a poor family so why is this so relatable?[View]
196627831Every millennial youtube family[View]
196627869Why is this show so fucking hilarious while family guy and every other new comedy show is not?[View]
196624071>HOTD season 2 premiering in June according to Zaslav >currently doing reshoots which will go …[View]
196608999I cannot die a virgin, Sam.[View]
196627025Say it.[View]
196626743>hero saves the universe with the power of Love™[View]
196627802>drops mexican kino in your path[View]
196624134I am about to watch The Zone of Interest[View]
196625740Star Trek: What happened to Star Trek? Why dont like it anymore and even prefer Star Wars (despite a…[View]
196627752You know, with the Thai version of Hell's Kitchen, it actually makes sense that the teams are s…[View]
196624913Why did they give him that retarded moustache?[View]
196627728Anybody seen this yet?: Recently finished Fear, and it broke me. Don’t know if I can be bothered.…[View]
196627660>black scary boss becomes the new boss and does everything he can to make it harder for the main …[View]
196627672Here is that list of awesome female directed capeshit was telling you about: If you just give them a…[View]
196626811was United 93 kino,?[View]
196612587Milla Jovovich open to Fifth Element sequel: Provided her daughter plays “young Leeloo” https://stre…[View]
196625638cute: monke[View]
196627283What would you do in this situation?[View]
196626999Seth MacFarlane was a boy born into silk and silver, a life etched with affluence and draped in the …[View]
196625146>Stanley Kubrick originally wanted approximately seventy takes of the scene where Dick Hallorann …[View]
196627610What are your favorite movies about the mafia working with CIA / US government?[View]
196625654Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
196626605If you could only watch one?[View]
196623659for me, it's Total Recall[View]
196626083You never got me down, Ray.[View]
196627146So, what's the differential?[View]
196627454Licorice Pizza Confusing Scene: In this scene from Licorice Pizza (2021), her (Jewish) boyfriend got…[View]
196626904Was he dreaming the entire team?[View]
196627318https://youtu.be/gcbSUwPjass?si=IIYz8lRZeQIkDQ7A Does anyone know what the track starting at 14:00 i…[View]
196627310What were your thoughts on her outfit?[View]
196626331woah....dare I say, kino?[View]
196626633Who was in the wrong here[View]
196627132What every anon really needs is one speech from their boomer dads[View]
196627071What's up with A24? It's like you can just tell when a movie is pandering to A24fags and f…[View]
196626984any other helicopter kino?[View]
196626008La Brea: >we have LOST at home Just finished this show. Why do they always have to go overboard …[View]
196612141Why are koreans obsessed with zombies? It seems like half their tv shows or movies include them, eve…[View]
196625198Okay the whole rock salt thing in the shotgun was ridiculous.[View]
196625861>cast of the original movie was all white >remake every other scene has a negroid wtf happened…[View]
196626149To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Chris Watts. The motive is extremely subtl…[View]
196625977What was the last fullscreen movie you watched?[View]
196626876real talk, is puff still alive? hiding underground waiting for spring?[View]
196625561What's Jeremy Renner up to these days?[View]
196625393this is slop, all of them will be forgotten in a year[View]
19662675510/10 Kino. Do you know any similar kinos?[View]
196626204Lux Pascal to star in upcoming thriller 'Summer War': Are we hyped, /tv/? >The movie wi…[View]
196626731Spider-Man: Finally Home[View]
196625454I avoided S3 of True Detective after S2 and because Pizzalotto plagerized half the dialogue for S1. …[View]
196623066He's going to kill himself if Cillian wins the Oscar[View]
196624582SHARE YOUR TOP 5 MOVIE & TV WISHES!: > Clear full breast nudity from Hayley Atwell, Antje Tra…[View]
196626579Dexter: How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
196626694February In the Year of Our Lord 2024: already forgotten[View]
196626600>Oh boy! I get to go to work again![View]
196623827>chad comes in pulls her out of her shell and makes her social Does stuff like this really happen…[View]
196580385Who would you cast as the next Lara Croft Tomb Raider?[View]
196625824>you can't complain about gentrification because otherwise you're just like a racist Th…[View]
196616590So Miles Bron = Elon Musk?[View]
196624667Universal Film Truth: Every single movie about vampires sucks[View]
196623287She was so wonderful in Dead Reckoning 1, will she have much screentime in the sequel?[View]
196625426Uncringed/Unwoked recut movies database: Hi, Where can I find a list of edited movies to remove the …[View]
196625491Someone explain this piece of shit, now: >follow a toilet cleaner around documentary style >li…[View]
196626391>'Dad, what was it like when you were in your adolescence, no job, no responsibilities, and had u…[View]
196626509What are some kinos about historical injustice?[View]
196626361>See all over socal media that hazbin Hotel is satanic propaganda >Decides to check it out …[View]
196611034ITT: Times you acted like Grey Gloves.[View]
196618419So what is the deal with Hollywood and redheads. They seem to replace them in films whenever they ge…[View]
196625184Will Gladiator 2 be kino?[View]
196617439Can someone explain what Rose was thinking here? So shes going to tell Cal and her Mom that her and …[View]
196625784Who else is gooning to this now it's on Netflix?: Ruby's scared little whimpers and moans …[View]
196620178can a manlet be scary?[View]
196625625does the current generation like Raimi's Spider-man?: I rewatched the original yesterday and I …[View]
196626207LAZY SUNDAY: wake up in the late afternoon[View]
196624930WILLENNIUM BROS: We're so fucking back[View]
196625867Call me Jeffrey[View]
196624929What's the worst intro/theme song in television and why is it Boardwalk Empire? >show set in…[View]
196622893How do you defeat him?[View]
196626000>Be an absolute cunt to everyone. Still gets to go to elf heaven...[View]
196612073ITT: Your go-to comfy movie[View]
196625648Arcane bres...: it's ove-- ACKH[View]
196620823Why? Why do you persist?[View]
196622973The Resident Evil films constantly retcon themselves partially because of studio interference, and p…[View]
196622950Why Indians self-insert into Asian fantasy setting?[View]
196625828What is some more Steven seagull kino?[View]
196625732>dramatic scene >this starts playing[View]
196621339Was he the bad guy?[View]
196612341White Guilt: The Movie[View]
196620847What's the manliest movie?[View]
196622171Just watched season 1 for the first time. What'd I think?: 4th dimension: I don't fucking …[View]
196619150what happened to the toxie remake ?: that toxic avenger remake was supposed to be out by now but has…[View]
196624192so, what's the official /tv/ consensus on this shit? i watched the pilot yesterday & found …[View]
196624591What did alien mean by this?[View]
196622483What's your excuse for not watching The Three Musketeers 2023?[View]
196625591What the FUCK was their problem??[View]
196619514>God kills millions of people throughout history without a second thought >Doesn't even h…[View]
196624005We did it?: Is this the BEST movie EVER made in film's history? Is this the peak of cinematic c…[View]
196621604I've never seen a man flushed down his own legacy faster than this[View]
196623895What do they eat?[View]
196625099It's about that time lads![View]
196624962Omashu: What do they eat?[View]
196625369Cassie Howard is for the streets.[View]
196625047>Movie cliche Man dies having sex with hot woman, makes this face. I know I've seen it in o…[View]
196625204Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
196623121First move: destroy the earth.[View]
196625295Go Go Duppy! Webshow: Go Go Duppy! - the Web series web show crypto cartoon is now available on the …[View]
196615079She's gonna play Princess Zelda you know. Minecraft is filming now and she'll have plenty …[View]
196623812Wtf this is kino af desu famalam[View]
196625004This is just the söy encrusted version of iMDB, why do people use it?[View]
196624754>Bad guy brandishes WMD-tier gun towards protag >'I'm afraid I have to insist'…[View]
196625160Was it autism?[View]
196624424Batman is pathetic and I'm tired of pretending otherwise[View]
196616678This movie is criminally underrated by /tv/.[View]
196625118SAG Awards 2024: The Bear, BEEF and Succession Among TV’s Big Winners: WE DID IT, /tv/! DRAMA ENSEMB…[View]
196625084>This isn't a kid's show, it's a mature story! We want the villain to be a fleshed…[View]
196622736How do we salvage this, Kenbros?: I know we ended last season on a low note, but surely Ken is cooki…[View]
196625018Letterboxd adding TV shows: >TVchads win again >Moviesnobs are mad af…[View]
196617450Would you spend a night here?[View]
196624189Shane Gillis was funny in Bupkis[View]
196613753love on the spectrum bros: I can fix her[View]
196624427he's not that funny[View]
196624797>literally any old Halloween themed show or movie >Monster Mash starts playing…[View]
196624839Did he ever get tired of being wrong?[View]
196624858was this supposed to be funny[View]
196598159Who should play Tsunade in the new Naruto Live Action movie? I think Brie Larson passes the 'hag who…[View]
196622404are we watching Dune 2 /tv/?[View]
196624224So how many students attend hogwarts? In pic rel this one random hallway is super crowded but every …[View]
196624327Was he in the right?[View]
196622494Forgotten kino.[View]
196624769King of the Hill episodes in production code order: Season 1 1 Pilot 2 'Square Peg' 3 'The Order of …[View]
196613980What exactly was his plan?[View]
196623974Kino >hot young Jamie Lee Curtis >best Kevin Kline performance >screenplay written by John …[View]
196620753Get that smug grin off your face, you no talent piece of shit. I’M AN NYU FILM SCHOOL GRADUATE. WHO …[View]
196622408I'm tired if you people shitting on this soulful kino. Gore Verbinski did a fine job and only m…[View]
196624640>film has a dance battle[View]
196622411Star Trek Small Arms: Sometimes I question phasers and small arms im Star Trek. The Type-1 'Cricket'…[View]
196622821>favourite movies to watch high? For me, it's Pineapple Express[View]
196624543Bruh, this nigga literally had a sex dungeon where he made orcs fuck and impregnate humans: >Howe…[View]
196618611Actors who look/act EXACTLY like your dad[View]
196610779I want (You) to recommend me the most hopeless/depressive film that you ever watched[View]
196621170What went wrong?[View]
196623284ITS OUT!!!!!! THE WALKING DEADVERSE CONTINUES!: >'The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live' follows th…[View]
196624486>*comedic chase sequence starts* >One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya >I'm gon…[View]
196620432It's over: Hollywood is finished[View]
196622304>post apocalyptic setting >fat people still around…[View]
196612742/hor/ - Horror General: Blue Man edition Previous >>196585502[View]
196620786Gladiator II (Nov. 2024): Why do I get the impression that Gladiator II (2) will be a mess of a film…[View]
196624311Better Call Saul season 2-3 is the peak of television.[View]
196624324ITT: Closeted Gays of Hollywood[View]
196622311What was the point of his character?[View]
196622871I wonder what ethnicity this is[View]
196624288>MY ASS![View]
196623706much better than the big short.[View]
196622370during the scene where anton shot the 3 mexicans in the motel, why were 2 of them in the bathroom to…[View]
196623043Why is Iroh supposed to be sympathetic? I get Zuko. His dad is king and he wants to do anything to …[View]
196623598Is it fucked up that child me wanted to creampie her?[View]
196624063what happened to extremely people in movies[View]
196623713Were the 2000s the last decade of good films?[View]
196623354is this safe to show to my son?[View]
196622644someone explain to a 40 year old what's going on with this chick. why does she dress like a clo…[View]
196623844Which one?[View]
196623764Why was he so mad[View]
196622552Why would the nerd character need an Android charger if all new phones have usb C chargers[View]
196621716This was the funniest part of Shane’s monologue[View]
196620056This is the most boring motherfucking goddamn movie ever, aside from Lawrence of Arabia[View]
196621991Un-appreciated actors: Ryan Stiles is a very funny man[View]
196622055>fist fight scene >nothing but hits to the face/head >characters keep fighting like it’s …[View]
196623293Sarah Sherman thread[View]
196623592>multi day military operation >nobody packs any food…[View]
196619926the great debate[View]
196621880It's fucking retarded that they all didn't just barricade themselves in the Cellar.[View]
196623237>nu metal starts playing Now I will watch your movie.[View]
196622792What are some good fat kino? I can't justify watching The Whale simply because fiction is gay a…[View]
196621910NO FUCKING CHECKS![View]
196623141Did the abundance of available film on home media and the ever-increasing presence of theaters have …[View]
196620282Blessed image[View]
196621168This movie sucks ass, don't see it. I went to this movie on a second date with a girl. I let he…[View]
196622060ITT: movies only you like[View]
196623182Looks like chuddies were the problem all along.[View]
196617950>wearing the same rollerskates in porn as you do in school What did she think would happen?…[View]
196621651How would the World be if he was still alive?[View]
196615051Street Fighter Movie !: Famed video game developers Capcom are planning on making a new Street Fight…[View]
196622722Bowen Yang, my arch nemesis[View]
196621442Fuck you I liked it. Peak gyllenhaal btw.[View]
196621799get yourself a latina to have your offspring[View]
196623110My wife Coco is so supportive: Kinos for this feel?[View]
196622686What if Violet had farted or shit herself while fully inflated?[View]
196621682This is what the new Mean Girls looks like[View]
196622049generative ai: is the future of audio-visual storytelling https://youtu.be/a_vHRsi6hxc[View]
196620772BROKE: Poor Christian missionaries getting tortured by Japs :( WOKE: This film is pro-Jesuit propaga…[View]
196622980when was the last good year for capeshit?[View]
196622426>times change >oh the times they are a-changin’ starts playing…[View]
196622934For me it's Booba[View]
196622890What's your favorite Sopranos dream sequence?[View]
196620902Goodbye, Gayso[View]
196621671ive been mimicking his personality for 3 years now since i first saw the movie... im tired bros..[View]
196620942For me, it's Lisa Robin Kelly in Married... With Children.[View]
196619723This made my dick hard.[View]
196616959>watch Hot Fuzz >look it up after >it actually happened…[View]
196621801The greatest TV show ever.[View]
196619981Remember that Regular Show episode where Mordecai turns into a gay gerontophile?[View]
196622177What did he see when he looked at the window in Judith's room?[View]
196619068Why is this movie goated with the sauce...Lobster sauce[View]
196622536>chiin chiiii >mufai quo go chiin chiiii What did he mean by this?…[View]
196620096wait is this real? does professer x have a holocaust beam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNX2nauLm…[View]
196619836>see actors wikipedia >went to NYU, Yale, Juliard, or parents are actors I fucked up by doing …[View]
196616689This is not enough anymore bros[View]
196622185>what? Somethings different. He's changed. Whisper kino under my breath so the Mexicans don…[View]
196611667our case now[View]
196621284>mfw I just tricked millions of chuds into watching my shitty show[View]
196619389I dont get it. Why did his body do that? Was that concentrated evil spewing out of his body?[View]
196622183what would Michael Haneke think of it?[View]
196618992>For England, James? >no, for Mountain Dew: Baha blast™…[View]
196622195Wtf is this shit?: I just stumbled upon this Twilight Zone series. I knew there was a shitty 80s reb…[View]
196621494ITT: films that permanently ruined/banned in family movie nights because of the current thing[View]
196622122reminder: Gerard Butler NEEDS to do more comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyS7QaFT_R0…[View]
196620790/our/ midget[View]
196616770>jazz scene >jazz music starts playing >SKIBBIDY BOOP BOP SKOODLY DOO DA >*starts playi…[View]
196621008>cousin watches this movie >he becomes convinced it's real and people are watching his bo…[View]
196622009>Jews playing golf is funny[View]
196621973Give me some kinos with a male lead <5'4. I'm struggling to come up with a single one. …[View]
196621963What are some movies/shows with female bullys?[View]
196621851>vodka martini >shaken, not stirred was it autism?…[View]
196620872>mfw he isn't media literate[View]
196617842And the romans...where are they now?[View]
196620082greatest tv character of all time[View]
196610026unbelievably overrated libtard hack Tom Green has revealed he burned both of his feet off in a costa…[View]
196621849>130 minutes Slop >160 minutes Kino Why is this? Why is it like this?…[View]
196621806ITT: Times famous actors needed some quick cash[View]
196620557Amy Adams: What’s your favorite movie of hers?[View]
196621411He's just like me[View]
196602842How can people like this?? What's wrong with the masses??[View]
196621333love that memory[View]
196618833Is he really the greatest of all time?[View]
196619923If you were given a 200M budget and free access to any talent you wanted do you think you could writ…[View]
196620988How come we don't get fun movies like this anymore?[View]
196615350Fuck Off: I'm done talking about movies.[View]
196620892SOILED IT[View]
196620967>casually interjects racism, rape and sexual abuse and harassment into your lighthearted teen com…[View]
196621549its morbin' time[View]
196619447Old movies: Does it mess with anyone else how those people in old movies are all dead? I just feel h…[View]
196615560What the fuck did I just watch[View]
196617230Holy shit, this sure got real nasty for a 60 year old movie.[View]
196621547This show was so validating for my ethnicity >t. Anglo-Italian heir of Western civilization Only…[View]
196620681>84 minutes aint no way im paying $11.50 for a sub 90 minute movie[View]
196615385Just finished The Shield. Is it fair to say that Billings won The Shield?[View]
196621511What the fuck did I just watch?: Was pretty kino though[View]
196617465Actors ranking: https://tiermaker.com/create/actors-123645[View]
196617342>dude I almost had you! How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
196619437This was peak debauchery in 2003.[View]
196619268>both of the best bonds were irish englandbros.... i'm not feeling too well…[View]
196620431SODTAOE FINAL THREAD: He did well bros let’s finish this up[View]
196620315The White Queen > The Red Queen. It's a huge shame she only appeared in one movie, and was c…[View]
196616786Now that the dust has settled, we're ready to admit he won, right?[View]
196621343>February 25 2024[View]
196621327Oh yeah... That happened.[View]
196614689*blocks your path* you think that little pistol is faster than my steel?[View]
196621291I'm now sorry I made all those mean Captain Marvel memes a few years ago...[View]
196621258It's that salty bloody ham![View]
196621070women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WwlHv69kik[View]
196620145>decide to watch independent film >it's just a self insert projection of the director…[View]
196617792Was it a comedy?[View]
196620445>'Babe, I already told you we don't need Netflix. Let me get my laptop and HDMI cable. You…[View]
196620990We need more lesbian nun movies[View]
196619124KOO NEE TANG[View]
196620658Does this movie have some kind of underlying libtard meaning or do Coen brothers just hate gays and …[View]
196620859Shogun 2024: Will it be kino?[View]
196620086For me, it's Alice Cullen.[View]
196620646Does she still have it?[View]
196620457What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
196617648>While attending a festival to commemorate the original zombie attack, Ash and her friends encoun…[View]
196617915>This used to be my playground...[View]
196619463Unironically the best Robin Hood casting and best Robin Hood movie... a raunchy comedy.[View]
196617001what does he watch?[View]
196618715So Ozymandias was a faggot?[View]
196620519What's the weirdest/worst casting for a movie you've ever seen? >Eric Bana as King Henr…[View]
196618995DAMN SPOOKS[View]
196617461>women find this attractive[View]
196620291>Keep going Janet[View]
196619523You have 2 options: live in an horror movie or in the current era?[View]
196616446Other movies like this?: Recommend me something good fellow /tv/iggers[View]
196619572SHANE SNL VICTORY LAP: Dawgz assemble[View]
196607956X-Men is so fucking stupid: I don't understand it. Why do people in the world of Marvel hate mu…[View]
196619496i blame the writers: FOR THE BAD DIALOGE AND MAKING THEM TALK TOO MUCH people dont talk like that!!!…[View]
196617985>Turn on MTV in 2006 HEY MISS MURDER CAN I[View]
196614381>Oh hey mom![View]
196619001Avatar Netflix adaptation: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
196616812>high intensity, edge of disaster scene >character exclaims they're gonna do something cr…[View]
196620055What in the holy fuck happened to Anna Gunn? She's unrecognizable. I thought that it was Wendy …[View]
196617501What's your favorite comedy? The Nice Guys was great.[View]
196619789Is Goku the only shounen MC to canonically have a tiny micro penis?[View]
196620038>yfw BUCK survived[View]
196615165Late Night With The Devil: David Dastmalchian finally has a lead starring role. https://youtu.be/Tiw…[View]
196617981she fuckin did that shit 110% dude biggest miscarriage of justice since OJ[View]
196616220How did the Mindfreak do it?[View]
196615776>the best of the trilogy[View]
196617663I miss cheat with kristin holt.[View]
196618839name one thing this guy has been right about[View]
196617201Any other amoral kino?[View]
196618706THE BULL ON SNL: Get in here[View]
196618911Why did he rape a fellow white person? I thought he viewed all whites as brothers.[View]
196609356>TFW it's another episode where they're injecting post 2020 social messages into a WW2 …[View]
196614274Will the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope ever make a comeback? I miss girls trying to act like that irl…[View]
196599026Arcane bres...: what do we do now?[View]
196616645>The name’s Bond… Jamie Bond[View]
196617791I'm calling bullshit.[View]
196618274>tricks thousands of incels into nofap movement could there BE a bigger psyop movie?…[View]
196610386SAG Awards General: ALL THE STARS ARE HERE Will based Giamatti beat Cillian Murphy in the Best Actor…[View]
196616918It’s Bollywood: [good news] Avatar the last Airbender’s live action adaptation is 0% kino and 100% s…[View]
196615851This movie demonstrates everything wrong with modern parenting. People don't know how to discip…[View]
196614790Is this the most iconic and recognizable villain of all time?[View]
196615999Was this the first podcast?[View]
196617422>Saturday night Why are you here?[View]
196616951Who here also hype for this Michonne spinoff series premiering tomorrow? Could this save The Walking…[View]
196618646Where is the funny?[View]
196618854>saves the Horror genre[View]
196615969what gun is this?[View]
196614753NTSC Master Race: Japan even joined.[View]
196618713Live shot of Sam Hyde watching Shane's Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy winning …[View]
196614578Is there hope for us bros?[View]
196616561What was his problem[View]
196614855Why did he fail to become the next schwarzenegger/stalone? What went wrong?[View]
196617399GILLY in 5 MINS https://www.twitch.tv/isuckegg https://www.twitch.tv/isuckegg https://www.twitch.tv/…[View]
196617392Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised. HUGGH BAD BOYS, WHATCHA WAN…[View]
196615357Why are piss filters '''necessary'''?[View]
196611122paul... why wont you pork me?[View]
196615156ITT times that characters were race bent and absolutely nobody minded[View]
196617360>I DON'T KNOW ANYTHIIING: >*shits pants*[View]
196617358Is this worth watching?[View]
196617780What’s your favorite sitcom?: For me, It’s Designing Women[View]
196609844>no politics >no minorities >no wokeshit >pure mysterykino why didn't you tell me a…[View]
196614759I just remembered megan threads[View]
196617910>I think Buenos Aires sucks![View]
196617066Kino you may have not heard of: Post kino that isn't commonly discussed on /tv/[View]
196614650With the knowledge of how shitty and low effort internet comedy would become, in hindsight these jew…[View]
196617239Here's your live aciton Zelda cast[View]
196617084Dumb boomer snoozefest[View]
196617206SAY IT![View]
196615404Favorite musical numbers. >Bring me four fried chickens and a coke. >And some dry white toast …[View]
196616873So she was a whore? I don’t get it honestly. Having her “ghost” in season 2 also kills the feel of t…[View]
196614621SNL: Shane Gillis hosting: previous thread: >>196597871[View]
196617252it clicked, eh[View]
196616454>me, director neil bloompkamp started this OATS project, were we, true filmmakers can make what w…[View]
196616851bought the first season. what am I in for bros?[View]
196616407>Olivia Thirlby? >Yeah... >I tapped that…[View]
196616846So now that the dust has cleared, why did they leave the show? It's basically a shot-for-shot r…[View]
196617258ITT: south park episodes that could be real Hollywood films.: I thought the concept of the Hologram …[View]
196613808Kill Count: >did you see how that guy got his face blown in two with a jackhammer? Freaking epic …[View]
196616848That time George was a serial killer...[View]
196614693She was so good in House of Cards. I hope her or Rooney work with Fincher again.[View]
196616546This is the worst video game adaptation I have ever seen. Why isn't he wearing the pink suit?[View]
196615039Pure blackpill. It never even began for him.[View]
196615565Some ____ Are Better Left ____[View]
196617147All of Us Strangers: lol everyone in the theater was sobbing what a movie[View]
196615946ITT: Post a movie and a first name, and people with that name have to watch the movie.[View]
196598004anime can't be ki-[View]
196614200Anime ruined Japanese acting[View]
196615852what did any of it mean?: was it supposed to be about wasting your life on inaction or what? I'…[View]
196606884So it begins....[View]
196616409absolute kino terry was right[View]
196616391Hey is Yellowjackets available on Netflix? Ty[View]
196616440What 1 character ruined a movie for you: For me, L3-37 ruined Solo: A Star Wars Story.[View]
196615486>Tom Cruise kills a samurai, fucks his wife, takes his clothes, armor and role in the family >…[View]
196615452since when did this[View]
196614900Why was he so obsessed with propane?[View]
196616662they really pussified my nigga Zuko in this[View]
196611195Help me!! Help me!!![View]
196615695Any of you fans of this show? It's like perfect.[View]
196616040How much are they paying people to pretend this show is good?[View]
196611165SHORT NETFLIX STOCKS: Full nudity hardcore sex scene in the 2nd episode of this family friendly show…[View]
196616486>I am guilty... of being a MANLET![View]
196616343I gotta be honest, I liked the fight scenes in this movie. I liked that Batman was so emotional he j…[View]
196616521Why did google name their ai after the Exorcist3 killer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SnuM7cRwww…[View]
196616283>We want the MacGyver audience, but make him a pirate MacGyver because hopefully that will appear…[View]
196615713I have never finished the True Detective season 4 or at least I can't remember. I just finished…[View]
196616164Why do so many modern movies think desaturation equals realism and art?[View]
196610087Is this true?[View]
196610553“Women in comedy” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh0yAwSynZY[View]
196612396WTF LMAO i dont remember this scene at all[View]
196615507what is the essential Clark Gable film that old timeys should watch?[View]
196616357What would Zack Snyder's Oppenheimer look like? Will there be a cinematic universe? What would …[View]
196615673Rear Window (1954): Was it kino or just overhyped slop?[View]
196616258Was Larry right to call out Christian Slater for eating all of the caviar or should he have minded h…[View]
196615912how can you become a writer for tv and film: Larry David was basically a loser for most of his life …[View]
196615463Gettin' jigc with it[View]
196614737About to watch this. What am I in for?[View]
196615626>You're not a real lawyer[View]
196613920You told me there’s a bar here.[View]
196614993Dear fellas, I can't believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an Tranny once when I w…[View]
196615793I unironically just finished like 30 seconds ago, what did I think of it?[View]
196604776why does this TV show triggers so many people?: yes i'm banned form /a/[View]
196616071What is your limit for art cinema?[View]
196615770The plot of The Lion King[View]
196615144is it kino[View]
196615783What the fuck was his problem?[View]
196615811honestly a lot of shots just look like anime[View]
196615837What were some shows that were made better because you watched them with /tv/?[View]
196615614Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196615843Examples of Obvious Psyops in Films: I'll start with 2017's Ghost in the Shell prepping us…[View]
196608876The most anti-war movie of all time was created by Russians[View]
196615467>nobody even SHITTALKING this How did they make something that has less 'hype' than fucking Krave…[View]
196608967>If you were in war you'd act just like Upham No I wouldn't[View]
196610140ITT: kino stations[View]
196612821How do you pronounce Refn?[View]
196614909>big hollywood star looking like jesus frees the slave >wins best picture jesus christ really…[View]
196615095What are your favorite ultra-obscure tv shows?[View]
196615018>Master Finn, I'm Darth Vito[View]
196615430/fa/ movies?[View]
196615307Nords are literally worst at making movies than Pajeets.[View]
196614799Now that the dust has settled...was it kino?[View]

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