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Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9720875SacAnime 2018: Just under a month away and no thread for SacAnime. So have we all just completely gi…[View]
9748817Sweet Inspo Thread: My massive collection is corrupted to hell and back, please help me get my folde…[View]
9689046Holiday Matsuri: Holiday Matsuri is a little over a month away! >Host Hotel or Nah? >What are…[View]
9751863Cosplay: Alice in the Wonderland https://youtu.be/IWWL0taquPk[View]
9752654Cosplay: Re: Zero https://youtu.be/5qgVcVZd4no[View]
9752037Creepy photographer: Has anyone seen this creepy photographer walking around supanova & oz comic…[View]
9743076More Bad Cosplay: Previous thread >>9706093 Lets keep the fun going[View]
9701553Any reason why Tsuyu is so popular among female cosplayers?: Also posting best Tsuyu.[View]
9744476Can a white person cosplay as a black character?: No black face if that wasnt obvious[View]
9743758Non-canon but in character outfits: Cosplays that are clearly the character, you recognize them a mi…[View]
9749858I keep seeing this for exhibition booths and wondering wtf the logic is for this. (less the logic fo…[View]
9749101Why are these little boys dressed as bats?[View]
9744905What do /cgl/ meetups usually look like? Is it a bunch of lolita dresses and talking about that stuf…[View]
9659861what's a cosplay you've always wanted to do but for one reason or another never did? I al…[View]
9724755Taobao General: Bread Makes Everything Better Edition: Old thread: >>9692582 FAQ (Please Read!…[View]
9742032Closet of Frills: Old one saging[View]
9749525I recently got some spandex printed at Spoonflower for use in some dragon tails. I am pretty content…[View]
9744935to lolita or to leave lolita: How committed to lolita are you? Have you ever thought about leaving l…[View]
9744654Feels thread: No bf to have breakfast with Edition[View]
9747636I have a wide, fat nose and I'm beyond self conscious about it but I still want to cosplay. Wha…[View]
9744316Dead Cons 2018: Shutocon finds yet another way to drive away attendees.[View]
9745380Lolita General - lovely edition: Previous thread: >>9740899[View]

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