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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

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9687457Ever got bullied or ostracized because of your love of cosplay/lolita? Or bullied/ostracized in gene…[View]
9687004Lolita General: Tea Party Edition: Last Thread >>9682854 What's your favorite tea party f…[View]
9683541Egl wardrobe organization thread: I know there was one of these recently, but I'm in the proces…[View]
9687685Selling coloured art at convention: My friend asked me to split a table at a upcoming convention to …[View]
9672832Love Nikki: Love Nikki Surprise Halloween event, maybe? - edition Last Thread: >>9661681 >C…[View]
9673995Fursuit Thread: Howloween edition Post fursuit/mascot pics, questions, stories and anything else fur…[View]
9686754Hey y'all. First time on /cgl/ so sorry if this is off topic, although I think it should be fin…[View]
9671294Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General: /mkg/ - Mobile Kanojo/Kareshi General 'Hello seagulls!' edition >J…[View]
9674268Net-idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups: last thread >>9667665 /cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.…[View]
9682854Lolita General - drawers edition: Previous thread: >>9677925[View]
9661641Dutch Thread: 'Fall Con Season - A Whole Lot of Nothing' Edition: Previously thread >>9645548 …[View]
9683915Feels thread: Previous: >>9680079 Let's keep this on-topic, and don't fall for bait.…[View]
9636721AliExpress thread: >Read customer reviews >Items aren't guaranteed to comply with safety …[View]
9684873I'm cosplaying Aizawa for Anime USA and Katsu-con but I can figure out how to make the damn gog…[View]
9679303Hey guys, so I have no idea about cosplay at all, but my friend got me interested in a LARP game cal…[View]
9680834Positive thread: Share the good (/cgl/ related obviously) things that happened to you lately. It can…[View]
9684026Stage cosplay: Hey! Are you putting on stage performances with cosplay?[View]
9680079Feels Thread: Please be advised: There could be anons from /r9k, /fit, /pol/ and /fa/ lurking in th…[View]

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