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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9877522Feels Thread: Dream Dress Edition: Starting the feels thread early because fucc the discord that see…[View]
9877056Lolita General - teatime edition: Previous thread: >>9870663[View]
9873791specific historical costumes: Costumes/recreations of specific historical fashion, from portraits or…[View]
9875132Is there any characters I can properly cosplay as with my body type?[View]
9874958ANIME EXPO 2018 THREAD: Was waiting for some fresh AX news before posting a new thread TICKET SALES:…[View]
9853069Black cosplay thread[View]
9880981historical cosplay: Knightly battle https://youtu.be/wQwFnsOXpMM[View]
9870604WTF Sales: Post some questionable sales.[View]
9876169Closet of Frills: greasy bangs edition: Old thread is way past bump limit >>9870000[View]
9875651With MetGala trending right now, I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to inspiration. I want t…[View]
9872268Lolita Dying: Lurking through the Local Lolita Comm thread, it became apparent most of the concerns …[View]
9870905Best CGL Reaction Images: Lets see the best you've got Gulls. What are your favorites?[View]
9873676Izumicon: I moved back to Oklahoma recently. Haven't been to Izumicon in years (2011 was the la…[View]
9886990Need advice on how to attract girls at cons: I’m looking for advice and tips on how to attract girls…[View]
9872690Havencon Austin: So apparently the chair of Havencon in Austin (LGBT con) stepped down and it's…[View]
9879669Hello. Language exchange with cosplayers only. Let's follow me![View]
9858939Obscure or Indie Japanese Brand Appreciation Thread: Give me your Serephims, Physical Drops, ChocoMi…[View]
9845816Bad Photoshop thread: Let's get another one going. Leslie from The Evil Within anyone?[View]
9874799feels thread: I don't see what the big deal is about Edition[View]
9831333Taobao Thread: Mourning my Paycheque Edition: Old thread: >>9794726 FAQ (Please Read!): >ht…[View]
9870225Kawaii Roomwear[View]
9865168Goldnova 2018: Post your juicy goss, post what you're wearing, what you thought, but most impor…[View]
9873381Suggestion for a brother & sister cosplay?: Hey! So I think my younger sister and I are going to…[View]

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