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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9632847What's the definitive cosplay for your favorite characters? When it comes to me I always have t…[View]
9560954WTF Sales: We haven't had one of these in awhile[View]
9627739Bad Handmade - Period Edition: Old thread is dead, post your cringe[View]
9635152Cheap gas mask?: Hey people, do any of you know how i could procure an S10 gas mask with dark tinted…[View]
9611542Aliexpress Thread: Last thread is dead >Read customer reviews >Items aren't guaranteed to…[View]
9608456Casual Cute/Girly Gen.: It's been a while folks... General thread for 'casual' girly styles. De…[View]
9629811Haenuli new design - A full Moon night Coming in this week![View]
9610245Lolita professionals: Post people with a lolita-related job. Have you ever met any and talked busine…[View]
9590398Maid Cafes General: I plan on auditioning next year for a maid cafes. I was thinking maybe Anime Exp…[View]
9631748Lolita General: Old Thread >>9627551[View]
9578700Instagram Thread 3.0: As labelled. FAQ >The app is probably Beautycam or Meitu. Share venting, yo…[View]
9559445Texas Thread 2.0: Old ones autosaging again. Who's going to Afest?[View]
9612946How would you go about making this costume? >vance maximus[View]
9628568Lolitas at Work: I'll start working soon so i'd like to hear your experience when working …[View]
9625414Ugh another erogue that objectifies cosplaying females using the main character as a excuse to for m…[View]
9627819post apocalyptic cosplays: show me the best post apocalyptic cosplays you have.[View]
963197218+ Con Panels: Greetings denizens of /cgl/ My partner and I have been running a few panels at anime…[View]
9629318Feels thread: Last thread. >>9623726 Let's get to feeling. Keep it cgl-related, and don…[View]
9613352NieR(:Automata) General: Machine Edition: Last thread in auto-sage. Share some DrakeNieR cosplays /c…[View]
9614594Australia general thread - September: >What cosplay are you preparing right now? >Name a cospl…[View]
9632799Con Achievements: We haven't done this in a while. What are some con achievements you could get…[View]
9624803Secret Santa gulls?: Are we having another this year? A bit early but seems some other boards are pl…[View]
9630878trashy cosplayer chugging alcohol or smoking[View]

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