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Displaying 49 expired threads from the past 3 days

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6372868So, without a second though i wash my chogokin aegis. I washed her with water and soap, now she clea…[View]
6372486Kidrobot: What is /toy/ opinion on Kidrobot? I was wondering if this was worth buying when it gets r…[View]
6378359>tfw no 1/6 scale figure of Ares from John Wick 2[View]
6376998Transformers General - Inconsistent Dragonstom Edition: Old thread >>6374611 Wave 2 will never…[View]
6342734Meanwhile in /toy/'s bizarro world: >figma prices have dropped again >Who collects Frame …[View]
6351760Background, Secondary or Obscure characters you want Toys of: The guys that are normally overlooked.…[View]
6375807I'm in Hong Kong right now and am planning to get an Iron Man figure and money isn't too m…[View]
6329978Mega Construx / Bloks General: Head-plug edition[View]
6370668Transformers 3rd party general: victory edition: old >>6362898 If the quality of their seacons…[View]
6348322ROBOT DAMASHII GENERAL: Previous thread: >>6337479 See first reply for links to images of upco…[View]
6379334What are some 1:12 scale knight figures with lots of accessories, reasonable articulation, and a fai…[View]
6378863>products are either crappy 5 POA action figures, unpainted figurines, shot glasses or other chea…[View]
6378529toy release schedule: Hi, I'm a bit new in the toy collector stuff (not much more than one year…[View]
6378716Hey /toy/, what are you favorite 'living toy' shows, cartoons, etc? Whether it be TV shows, web seri…[View]
6367661Childhood stories: Alright /toy/, time for epic tales from your backyards and bedrooms of yesterday.…[View]
6378843SAS/Jojo thread: Where can I reliably find the dark blue/white giorno? And does he go nicely with GE…[View]
6300677recent haul thread?: old one died aside from this, i have a few items on preorder (Mezco Punisher, S…[View]
6378790knoe figuarts? y/n?[View]
6367069Doctor Who 3.75/ general: Hey /toy/ recently ordered a few of the 3.75 DW toys for pretty cheap. I k…[View]
6341675Are there any toy lines you really want to get behind but find yourself just unable to pull the trig…[View]
6364864/smg/ - Scale Model General: Too much armor edition Previous >>6352214 This thread is for the …[View]
6355868Star Wars General Previous thread: >>6339190 Black series wave 07 hitting stores now >Royal…[View]
6364808Anyone remember these things?[View]
6363422Has anyone here had experience in having a table at a convention to sell toys? Depending on how cert…[View]
6377847Any experience with ordering from Entertainment Earth from outside of the US? I'm starting to c…[View]
6375117/lg/ - LEGO General - Castle in the Glass Edition: Welcome to the Lego General. Where the themes are…[View]
6372580What makes a bad toy collector and why is it you?[View]
6369699Busou Shinki & Friends - Multiplayer Mayhem: Read the guide: >https://docs.google.com/documen…[View]
6376815Can any one tell me what this is, buddy gave me a box of old junk was wondering if it's worth a…[View]
6368621Anons where would I find action dash in Japan? Went to akiba and I didn't find them. Also mega…[View]
6357091I know someone here wanted to know where these are from. Bad news i don't know but here is the …[View]
6377003Hand-me-downs thread: Ever gotten any of your parents old toys /toy/? These 3 used to be my dad…[View]
6374611Transformers General: Any robot pics of this black bastard? I'm such a Mugi for nigga Primes.…[View]
636661570 year old hand puppet: I have a over 70 year old hand puppet, does it have any worth? Idk what mmo…[View]
6372319Welcome to the Gunpla/Plamo General: For those unfamiliar, 'Plamo' is a shortened form of 'plastic m…[View]
6368817So who makes the best die-cast cars, /toy/? I've bought a few Takara Tomy cars, and they'r…[View]
6371969What is /toy/'s thoughts on Webkinz?[View]
6373042Stands and stuff: Hey /toy/ I got into action figures recently but I've been having a difficult…[View]
6364042Army/Operator 1/12 scale figures?: I'm looking to purchase some tacticool 1/12 scale figures bu…[View]
6369497any good musclegirl figs?[View]
6286820Funko General: Old thread: >>6186992[View]
6363309BST: Buy! Sell! Trade! Read the rules, ignore the trolls. Remember! No e-mail (or prices, for that m…[View]
6359324Kinder Surprise crystal duck: Have you forgotten me, /toy/?[View]
6350544Kaiju general. Smol dogger edition: Currently out: >NECA Shin godzilla >SHMA Destroyah (Specia…[View]
6277808Bucky O'Hare: Bossfight released a photo of a soon to be assembled Jenny. We're getting cl…[View]
6364671CATCH MY HEART[View]
6374887This is an epic figure pairings thread.[View]
6371047Oh Oracle of /toy/, will we get someday the best character in 6' scale? Please answer. Thanks. (CowB…[View]
6367987Storm Collectibles Bison: So, I got Bison today and while he LOOKS incredible, he has some pretty se…[View]

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