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File: NOOPTIMUSGODNO.webm (688 KB, 1280x720)
688 KB
Previous thread
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I can't quite tell but it looks like it should be plastic going into plastic. I honestly have enough faith to think they wouldn't do a plastic on metal joint. It might not even be the only joint holding it ankles together either.
Looks like he has a wasit swivel joint to me
File: 002.jpg (513 KB, 700x1050)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
Finally Target got Sky Shadow in, but were out of Sixshot. =(
Nice. I have 4 Sixshots, still need 2 more for the full set.

But hey, at least you're starting to see wave 4, I haven't seen anything yet.
My Target has been empty on Transformers for the last few weeks. They only have a few Crash Combiners, two Sky Shadows, and a lone Twinferno

File: IMG_3636.jpg (51 KB, 752x564)
51 KB
Discussion points:

1. Why does the Bluefin release of the S.H.Figuarts Star Road cost more than the p-bandai version yet has the exact same accessories?

2. Where is the Bluefin version of the S.H.Figuarts Rocket Raccoon?

3. Why would they think it's okay to import one figure but not the other?

4. Why didn't they package both Star Road and Rocket Raccoon together as the Bluefin release at a fair price of $99.99

5. Why don't they just release the figures anyway? What is Hasbro going to do about it? Why can't Disney pull some strings? It makes no sense, same with the embargo on Star Wars model kits

File: Robot Damashii.png (15 KB, 400x120)
15 KB
Previous thread: >>6255473

See first reply for links to images of upcoming releases and other helpful info!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-Brocken Labor (Apr. 28th)
-Z'Gok MP type, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (May 2017)
-Metal魂 00 Raiser + GN Sword III (May 2017)
-G-Fighter, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (June 2017)
-Full Armor 0 Gundam (July 2017)
-Saturn Labor (July 2017)
-Gundam Exia Repair II & III (Aug. 2017)
-Gogg, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (Aug. 2017)
-Patlabor Type Zero (Oct. 2017)

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That is actually okay.

Some places sell the armor itself for 32k.

I got my super packs for 9-12k yen and armored packs for 17-27k yen.
Here, what do you have
What do you have?
>Famous last words... haha, welcome aboard the RD train, anon! Looks like you're off to a great start.

Oh no, this is not my start, I've just taken a break for a while. I've got around 25 RD or so now, but I've been watching a lot of Gundam and showing it to my friends and girlfriend, so I'm just in a mood for some.
What do you have? Post your e-mail and we can talk.

File: review_phooey_6.jpg (65 KB, 500x728)
65 KB
What's the worst toy you've ever owned? This Space Ghost was a huge let down for me. I was so excited for a decent looking figure, but it didn't take long for it to start falling apart. The pins slipped right out of the joints and the hips, despite my best efforts of heating them, would not rotate forward. Eventually I just threw it out.
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I got mine using points at gamestop, wasn't worth it...
It's still amazing that Jakks could shit out a 10$ Mario and have it be technically on par with the figuart.
The World of Nintendo line is still doing fine for what it is, even if Bandai fucked up royally.
i still think the figuarts' only true fuck up was its limited-range shoulders. all we had before these were the toybiz and Wendy's happy meal toy.
File: IMG_4190.jpg (136 KB, 1600x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>Jakks is actually releasing a closed mouth variant of the Mario figure

At 9.99 I might be tempted to pick one up just to see if I can retro fit it onto the Figuarts. Does anyone know similar these two figures are in scale with one another?
The open mouth and extra hands being in part sets were more damming for me desu. Though some form of butterfly joint would've made all the difference.
Here's a comparison with the wave 1 mario anon, which uses the same body as the one you posted, just with an inferior head and hands. The WoN and SHF are virtually identical scale wise.
You'll have to dremel out a hole for the peg since it should be a swivel on the WoN figure, but it's totally do-able.
I say go for it honestly.

File: 4545784063224-j00.jpg (108 KB, 600x600)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
What have you preordered /toy/?
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I've been out of the figure game over a year now because my collection was getting bloated and pointless and I was doing too much impulse buying. I've just popped on /toy/ from boredom, had a look at AmiAmi and within 30 minutes pre-ordered Prime Samus Figma.

Fuck. I think I need to thin out my collection so I can justify buying new stuff again.
What kinda stuff you got, hot stuff? I'm in a buying mood.
All sorts, really. I became a brief shopaholic toward the end.
I have a lot of KR figuarts, a far few Figma, some Monsterarts, some Revoltech Eva stuff that I'm honestly considering just throwing out and lots of bits and bobs.

I'm probably not looking to sell right now though. I'd have to have a really deep sort through the boxes and decide what I'm selling or keeping. But hey, I might come here to sell some of it, and I may end up having quite a large amount to sell.
I've been looking to pick up some karate bugs. Some of the older Monsterarts, which I'm assuming yours are due to the lack of collecting, are worth some sick dosh. Biollante's worth like, $400 as an example. Make some radical, quick decisions to sell stuff and put it in the BST, my guy.
Well it'd also be shipping from Australia, which might hurt my success somewhat here since that's a pricey parcel.
I feel like I do need to sell some of it here out of sort of respect, though. I got into collecting because of this place, and I had a lot of fun and got a lot of advice while I was collecting from here, so I should rightly put something back into this community.

File: C-GqpMEVwAAGcI_.jpg (175 KB, 900x1200)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Read the guide:

Prev. thread: >>6286589

>Lots of new stuff shown off at Wonfes. Shinki kits still in limbo
>FA-Girl: Lab Days manga launched by Kotobukiya. Up to Chapter 4 has been translated. Read here: http://bato.to/reader#7d053183c530991e
>MD second wave have released, SOL Hornet out in June.
>Hresvelgr=Ater up for pre-order. Release date is June
>Gourai, Stylet, Architect, Materia, and Jinrai Indigo rereleased
>FA Girl Anime now airing, Blurays come with packed in kits of the featured girls
>Chrom wave of Desktop Army out. Third wave announced, designed by Yanase Takayuki

Where to buy second hand Shinkis:

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One of their physical shops in Japan, right?
no, koto online with a proxy should do the trick (because koto US is ASS)
Who draw that?
No, I'm not that easy, I may not want her but I'm not someone who has lots of money to spare :Y
If you're short on money you should try selling something more expensive than a Mao-Chao, or work overtime a few days.

Bonkle/CCBS Thread: >>6281172 (Cross-thread)
Old Thread: >>6296752
Off-Brand/Bootleg Bricks: >>6290143 (Cross-thread)
>Post your collection.
>Create an all new space/castle theme.
>Post your favorite Nexo Knights sets.
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part numbers?
File: IMG_0419_.jpg (3.19 MB, 7296x2736)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
look through the hinges category, there's a bunch of options.

That new Wonder Woman set officially comes out on the 1st, right? How likely am I to find it on shelves that day?

File: TOM-1_grande.jpg (17 KB, 600x600)
17 KB
tfw i missed out on this
they actually made a toy of tom?
No TOM 3 no bother really.
Wish they would put one of these out on the mass market.
A Tom would bec pretty cool for my 'Murricatoons collection.

last thread fading away at >>6198628
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Fuckin orcs.
What's a Havok Fire?
Britbong name for the Vulcan.
I'm so sorry.
what's ur loadout boys?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (131 KB, 1024x768)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Most toys are made IN china, but this, is cool stuff made FOR china!

Astro plan, Giant Saver and anything else!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
File: Giant Saver Size.jpg (112 KB, 480x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
China has been doing some good shit with the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth line. First they released OCE versions of the gold saints, and now another company is making V3 Bronze Saints with an improved body.

Right is bandai, left is the GT version.

File: C8sMk33UAAA-mKM.jpg (254 KB, 1200x1200)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Chibi edition
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That's not true at all. Although BBTS fucking NEVER lowers their price on anything. Ever.
File: asdolk.png (205 KB, 586x426)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
just one of the many examples, retail/ everywhere else $70
File: 1493216121109.png (139 KB, 473x634)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Are you guys new? BBTS is known for charging more than other stores for imports that aren't locally distributed like Bluefin and the likes
Other shit too
Hell even fucking Hasbro shit like ML and BS are safe from getttig a price increase with them depending on how popular they think the figure will be
They even have that retarded optional "COLLECTOR'S FEE" that no other store has and tell you that basically you have a 50% chance of them giving you an item with a fucked up box because they feel like it if you didn't pay said fee when any other site makes sure their customers get their shit is in good condition before shipping
I'm not even a boxfag, but I expect my shit to be in good condition without some extra fee that no one else charges when the shipping box itself is spotless when it was shipped by Fedex of all people
Funny how reviewers shill the fuck out of them knowing full well they didn't actually buy their non locally distributed exclusive toy for double the price from them because no one is actually that retarded
They would be dead if it wasn't for their pile o loot option
File: Mecha Godziller.jpg (254 KB, 344x480)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
I called it.

It was too expensive to do, so they carried the idea to Moguera (who was also supposed to be MechaGodzilla). In the script, there'd also be two Rodans like in the first Rodan film.

Another interesting tidbit was that Mechagodzilla was also considered to be turned rogue by a virus. The film had so many good ideas, but it ended up being somewhat dull imo.

The figure and poster versions also resemble the concept art (minus the wings).
I'm not either of the guys above, but c'mon bro, step your reply game the fuck up. Somebody puts actual facts in your face and the best you can muster is "NO YOU'RE STILL WRONG?" With absolutely nothing to supplement it? Weak.

After all these decades is there a single figure of the T-800 that actually matches how it looked in the original movie? Every single one I've seen has looked really off with the shoulders way too wide or with wires snaking around that weren't there or as pronounced. How could such a GOAT robot design be handled in such a mediocre way for all these years?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1270766243_611c1d44a8.jpg (91 KB, 333x500)
91 KB
This is really the closest you can get, awesome figure but terrible accessory. Its way too small.
Yeah I'm thinking bait. Neca has always done Terminator right imo. Only thing better was the T2 Sarah by McFarlane.
Yeah that has OPs problem of wide shoulders.
Why would you ever want that shitty rabbit footed McFarlane crap?
Because it's a nice figure. Now go back to jerking off over your prepubescent Nendoroid dolls.

File: DSCF3513.jpg (1.23 MB, 2592x1944)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
previous thread: >>6257888

at least he can do a Diving Headbutt
118 replies and 84 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, focus. Jesus.

It's an oversized picture with a shallow aperature taken with a prime lens. And that's not Jesus, it's Solid Snake.
File: 2017-04-27 18.52.39.jpg (186 KB, 1632x918)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I really want that Rock, especially with how cheap he is, but I'll be forced to buy into the entire SHF WWE line cause I won't be able to help myself.
File: 2017-04-28 18.04.58.jpg (220 KB, 918x1630)
220 KB
220 KB JPG

File: dragon ball op.jpg (674 KB, 1000x1000)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
Son Gokû Kaiôken ver. [New York Tamashii World Tour exclusive]

Vegeta (2nd Saiyan Saga version)

Nappa (2nd version, 1st one canceled) [Web exclusive]

SS3 Gokû (2nd version)

Angel Gokû

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Mad that you aren't getting another Goku recolour, sissy?
No, that you actually used "bae" unironically.

Again, kill yourself.
>talking about an anime character
>a lame-ass at that
You know, not being able to pick up on jokes is one of the most common signs of autism.
>Frieza saga zone so pathetic that they had to shoehorn Mirai Trunks and Cell saga Krillin so it doesnt looks empty
I hope they learn from this by making base Frieza and Ginyu forces in the future

File: 20170424_152958.jpg (3.82 MB, 4032x3024)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
Found this whole bag for 20 bucks. Pretty stoked.
41 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm actually more worried about the toys have previously belonged to someone filthy. I'd disinfect the fuck out of anything I bought at a thrift store.
File: 1457064540143.jpg (20 KB, 178x179)
20 KB
I remember like even 4 or 5 years ago you could find all sorts of old video games and good action figures at the local Goodwills and Unique chains.

Then slowly the whole "retro" wave started gaining huge traction and anything with recognizable branding like Nintendo, Star Wars, He-Man, Pokemon, would get searched up on ebay by the staff there and the deals became impossible to find.

Unique is now an overpriced barren wasteland, I'm lucky to ever find anything there anymore for a bargain. They now charge like 5 bucks per Atari game when 3-4 years ago I bought an entire backpack full of em for 20 bucks.

Goodwills around here suck ass because they throw away anything that does not come in the original packaging. I heard it's because they dont want to get sued over someone buying a toy with lead paint or other hazardous shit.

I envy the anons who still have good thrift stores, Im left with waiting until the warm monthes and only having garage and yard sales.

>Walk into thrift store with friend
>An entire wall of 40k books for a dollar a pop
>Realize some nerd either got thrown out of the house or fucking died
File: 052a.jpg (274 KB, 935x1024)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Yeah I've been getting discouraged too. Wondering if it's just random chance and bad luck not finding anything, or the Ebay effect and people sell it online.

Yard sales were always a crapshoot for me; can't recall how many craigslist ads saying they were selling toys turned out to be preschool stuff and so, so many McDonald's toys. Flea Markets here are either nonexistent or suck. 7 Mile Fair is 95% chinese imported junk, like the old Rummage o' Rama. In Europe they have car boot sales, where people just gather in a field and sell stuff from the trunk of their car. Wish we had that here.

Nice find, I like them both. Is that the McFarlane Kaneda? I never got in to Mega Bloks so it was nice to find this at a Goodwill.
Ugh, I think you might be right. From one Goodwill's website on accepted items: Toys – ALL items must be CPSC approved. There you go, government nanny-state meddling in our lives yet again! Blame the ambulance chasing lawyers too.

That would REALLY suck if the most visible, logical place to donate items now just throws a lot of it in the dumpster. Pretty sure they chuck books too; ever notice a good portion of Goodwill books are modern, airport-fiction stuff? I don't want to think of all the nice old toys that end up in a landfill.

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