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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).
Current board settings:

Anyone can post images.
Anyone can use painter.
Anyone can use dice & spoilers.
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File: OP Image 3.png (7.49 MB, 3000x3000)
7.49 MB
7.49 MB PNG
Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you unlocked Redbone's psychic potential, made an example out of a federal agent by dumping him outside the ISS and tracked down one of your old friends.
However, the government also made contact with you, and made clear they're both aware of and concerned by your presence.

Intending to stay on relatively good terms with them, you offered to clear things up by sharing some basic information and keeping in contact.
With your time on earth close to wrapping up, there's not much left to do before heading back into space. Will everything go according to plan, or will there be a hitch?

Find out this time, on Humanity Fuck Yeah!

>Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2024/5943919/
>All Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=humanity+-+fuck+yeah%21
>Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rNxD6ccWY5M48dLWuTWdr5LiYLuS_YIAMKlTLw42eeo/edit#gid=0
>Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PYJ7Aa3zQF
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>>Leave the offer open. Maybe he'll change his mind at a later date.
>>Leave the offer open. He seems pretty content,but maybe he'll change his mind at a later date.

its not like we won't need a space trucker in the future. maybe he'll be more interested in the idea then
Cookout, with the best friends team + ayyyys
Maybe hold off on any downtime festivities until we're safely offworld.
We've already programmed our food fabbers, and the last thing we need is a company of glowie sponsored deniable assets fastroping in and scaring the bejesus out of mom and sis. If the guy doesn't want to play Traveller with us, let's go ahead and exit stage left, then ask dude again next time we pass through.

After chatting with Cooter for a while longer, you decide to give up on getting him to come with you... for now.
But you suspect you'll be needing the deep space equivalent of a long haul trucker at some point in the future, and after telling him as much, he agrees to keep it in mind.

He really doesn't seem eager to be thrown into any sort of conflict, though. He's had enough of that, it would seem.

You spend the rest of that day mostly relaxing with your crew, your family and your friends.
After showing Pickle around the ship, you and Red explain the whole telepathy awakening process to him, and he immediately gets freaked out and rejects it, wholeheartedly.

He also refuses to go back into the cargo hold until he knows exactly which boxes the wraith remains are stored in, and avoids them like the plague.
It seems he's more superstitious than you realized... although, can you really call it a superstition if it's provably real?

Besides that though, Pickle seems to get along well with the crew, and Sanig in particular, despite their introduction.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Start3.png (265 KB, 556x556)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 67, 95, 12, 24, 46 = 244 (5d100)

We got this.
Rolled 4, 12, 5, 57, 23 = 101 (5d100)

Rolled 70, 32, 97, 57, 88 = 344 (5d100)

Rolled 2, 44, 33, 17, 8 = 104 (5d100)

Good afternoon by the way
File: Aku_Shock01.gif (1.21 MB, 851x420)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
70/100, 95/100, 97/100, 90/100, 88/100. Four successes and a high mystery, writing.

It is the year 0078 of the Universal Century. A half century has passed since the earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised… and die.

“We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb - the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect . . .”
-Zeon Zum Deikun, UC 0058


16:15, 9th December UC 0077
Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side Three (Republic of Zeon)

Crisp cool air greets you as the hermetic seals of the airlock hiss open. The wrapping blue and green vistas of Guardian Banchi’s cylindrical interior, a quintessential close-type O’Neill colony, stretch out far before you. Mountains and lakes, valleys and forests, the interior of the colony cylinder have been molded carefully to match many of Earth’s environments.

You stand at a secured exit of the colony’s Earth Federation controlled spaceport. All around you are edifices devoted to maintaining that distant government’s control over not only the people of Zeon, or Spacenoids, but all of mankind. White and gray concrete military structures stand interspersed about the small city wrapping around the spaceport’s connection to the colony, a constant reminder not only of the Federation’s political supremacy over what should be Zeon’s truly sovereign territory, but also of the jackbooted force by which they maintain that supremacy.
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File: A good friend.jpg (86 KB, 960x720)
86 KB
Voting will remain open until the morning.
>Kamille and Judau
Lalah and the Murasame Cybers.
>”If we’re going to be activated then we’ll be working disaster relief, right? We could take out pods and some of the Mobile Workers to clear debris.” You happen to have a great deal of experience with both. A change of subject now that some seeds of doubt have been sown by Artesia.
One hour until voting closes.
>>5982661 (2nd)
Activated. Wins, writing.

Staging point.

Activated+naval warfare talk.

File: Screenshot_902.png (1.34 MB, 1148x469)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
You are the most feared Warlord of the Seven peaks, the small woman infront of you informs you in a hushed tone. This seems true, judging from the leatherclad psychos braying what is ostensably your name - oh, and the flayed skulls.

This is strange, because 30 minutes ago you left work - an office job, boring - went into a normal doctors office for extremely minor surgery. Now you're the leader of the "ExecuKillers" according to the woman (who also informed you she's your concubine).

"So... Lord of Skulls..." You frown, and she smiles slightly. "Sorry, Nigel. Right. So..." she looks over her shoulder at the tent-flap, beyond which you can hear the drums of war and bellowing hores of warriros - your warrirors, now.
"This, uh, incident... well, bad timing. The Execukillers are about to go to war with the Bloodletters... and you need to rile them up. Quickly, too, because everyone's ready to leave."

[Continued below.]
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>Tell your henchmen that you want a full accounting of every slave, warrior, & weapon in your warband to be prepared by the time you return; head into battle
I'll agree with this
I like this but there's no real way to do a census or inventory when a bunch of bodies and metal are about to vanish in the coming fight. Whatever numbers we get may also be inflated by those who seek to present themselves as stronger than the rest.

The idea of inventory taking is good but we should do it after the battle. We need our henchmen with us to help command or to ensure we make it out if things go bad.
>Letting your quest die is a moral failing.
Where the hell you think we are?

This guy has the point, the other two anons are missing the fucking point and also meta-fagging

>Go into battle as expected, murder and kill.
>>Go into battle as expected, murder and kill.

Agreed, we take inventory after the battle.

File: CC4.png (1.23 MB, 1104x864)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
You managed to build a happy family far away from most of the magical happenings that could hurt you and your children's. Nowhere is truly safe, even in your newfound home in Russia, but you think the worst is finally over.

You decided to go on a vacation into your old nameless town, both as a way to unwind and to help find out more about your magic's memories. Unfortunately, Etsy's rightful fear of the U.S agency did make the travel pretty costly, but what's the point of money if you aren't spending it after all.

Your old house has all but been ransacked after you left. You did manage to sell it, but the buyer turned out to be part of the agency, and you presume they tried to find anything that you or Etsy would've left behind they could use. As far as you know they didn't find anything, so it's not really your problem. You end up staying at a pretty expensive hotel, it used to belong to Mona, but the town didn't have any place to stay that didn't belong to her, and since she's dead, her magic is all but gone from it. Your old apartment is also of course not an option, as it was wiped out long ago by the Sword of Dusk in order to spite the U.S agency.

Your kids are pretty happy that they get to stay in a luxurious place like this, although Anastasia does complain a lot about how she'd rather have stayed home. Etsy is still a little paranoid, constantly looking out the curtains of your room as if a man in black was going to suddenly attack you.

You are a little worried yourself, but your kids have all been given a tag that tracks where they are, so even if something happens to them, K.I.S.A will be able to rush to them in an instant-- A literal instant, borderline teleportation level speed, you're not sure how it works, but apparently tri-matter has some very funky applications when it's stretched over long distances. Etsy tried to explain to you how it works, but you didn't understand a word she said, you don't think even she knows how it works herself.

Anyway, with safety out of the way, you can finally relax. What should you do during your vacation?

(You can vote for two options. You will search for Arachne's remaining memories, in addition to the two most popular votes.)

>Look into Mia's dissapearence

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Focus on their childhood (Location: your old school)
"Your"? It clearly means OUR, because it is where so many important people began
>>Focus on their childhood (Location: your old school)
>Focus on their childhood (Location: your old school)
>Focus on their childhood (Location: your old school)
Smells like a hornet's nest. OK, I'm in! Let's get ambushed.
imagine if it was somebody else who also went to the same school, haha

File: CLEANER.jpg (77 KB, 762x762)
77 KB
Alas, you are still Nicole Smith, a mentally ill mess of a woman with anomalous abilities. You are a Cleaner, a deniable asset used by massive megacorporations called the Alphabet Companies and anyone else willing to pay you. Such as your Handler, a member of a powerful family who hands you most of your jobs. Mostly so you can clean up messes for him.

The last week has been rough to your psyche and sense of wellbeing. During your tour of an X-Corp military base, you managed to awaken a deep and primordial part of your psyche in the form of antlers growing out of your fucking head. Luckily, you managed to finish the mission by solidifying a deal between E, Q, and X-Corp.

After hanging out with some allies, restocking your supplies, and connecting with corporate representatives, you then spent a solid week at sea. With what? To assist the Captain on it with any and all tasks during the voyage. This so happened to include hunting down an X5 anomaly, one of the most dangerous types of anomalies, called the Admiral's Game.

You managed to hunt down the Admiral's ship and bested him in a game of chess, earning his respect before he passed away. You think. You can't really tell with anomalies this powerful but you swear he's dead. You then managed to reconnect with two of your allies, Maruyama and Kiara, and hung out with them to decompress after your last mission. You noticed that Maruyama had a spark of potential that might blossom into something powerful if you nurtured it.

Your latest mission, which you have just currently started, is hunting down a member of a powerful corporate family by the name of Valentina Vanni. You were tasked with heading down to Abgrund, a small mining town in a section of W-Corp's district, to find out what happened to her. You caught a glimpse of three powerful Alphabet Company administrators on your way in who are also hunting down for her. Things might get hectic if you're not careful.

Though, that's how it is in the City. The only place you've ever truly known. Such a vast and endless stretch of streets, buildings, districts and companies, there's apparently a doppelganger of you out there as well. What her plan is, you don't know.

Your plan? You just want to survive. For you and your allies to be safe. No matter how much blood it takes.

ARCHIVE: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cleaner

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We already have 4 sets of these, check the inventory >>5982973. Might as well grab 1 extra for a total of 5 sets because there's 5 of us here
Useful if we raid a glowie base, don't have to use it here
Get 2, pay with 2 A. I don't know if that's +1 max RESTRAINT permanently, but I'm willing to get this even if it isn't
Get 1, pay in 1 C that isn't from the ones Admiral gave us. This is TOO GOOD to pass up one
No way I'm passing this up with this mission. We can always trade this back in on our way out if we won't have to use it after this mission

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I like this with what the other guy said.

Anyway, nice start and welcome back Handler. Looking forward to continuing the quest. Missed it while it was on break, hope you had time to rest.
Checking the inventory for things we could use eventually
We could have nfo to use to deal with Roland, Max's dad, if we had used this earlier. We simply had no time, but that's OK
We got this from Gregory's chair in his camera room in the movie mission. We don't have enough for an Ensemble nor a person to use this with, but this is still important for armor
Not the same as the ACTING CAPTAIN HAT, which is permanently for Adam to keep. This one just says "One of your allies may like it?" which we still don't know who.
Very intriguing description. I have no idea what this could be meant for
We never used this once since we got it. We went through all the trouble for it, so why not use it at some point? Problem here is on this mission only Benjamin knows about the glowies (or Max too if he told her offscreen), and we have 3 corp admins roaming around. Pretty high risk, and it doesn't seem like the silver agents have any presence here on this mining mission. Might not be worth it this time
We still have some from the fishing we did. If there's a creature lurking in the mines, we can put this to great effect.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Whoops, I meant Handler gave us THREE (3) LALILU pills. ONE (1) got used on Benedict. We are left with TWO (2)
>+SOMTOIN ZETA x2 (A potent psychoactive that reformats your soul. +3 CHARM, +1 WILLPOWER, +1 TALENT and CONNECTIONS temporarily on use. Radically alters how the voices in your head act while active, altering future voting options for better and worse.)
Update inventory with this next time, please.

I missed it too. Once we get out of the shopping and start really operating this mission, we'll be in the swing of things again.

File: images (4).jpg (42 KB, 470x652)
42 KB
-Imp tail (E)
-Greenwell Potatos (D)
-Sickle Herring (D)
-Darkbloom Mushrooms (E)
-Mystery Meat (?)
-Rockshell Tomato (C)
-Bilehound Slab (E)
-Leadborn Peas (B)

-Eastwind Spices (E)
-Salt (D)
-Pepper (D)
-Diluted slime (C)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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-better tongue, yes. Can talk, can haggle.
-New face. Not adventurer. Homunculus like you.
-girl, pretty, merchant, food, more?

" Instersted in my wares? Cough up some coin first~"

Quality (E->D)
Meat Ing.-> 45 Gold
Non Meat Ing. -> 35 Gold
Extra Ing.->25 Gold
Ing. from a specfic Region-> 55
Upgrade stock-> 475 Gold
Random Race Info-> 45 Gold
Random Food Recipe> 75 Gold

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>2 meat
>2 non meat

I don't think this quest is going to get very much traction with this sort of pacing.
I just wanted a comfy food sim quest. Shit you are right. Should I call it off ? Maybe prep a bit for a redux? What should I take into consideration next?
The initial tutorial was not presented very intuitively. You didn't mention that there's only one serving of every ingredient, for example.

I'm thinking
>skipping any preamble is fine
>start with 1 adventurer, with a line or two of what they want and MAYBE the opportunity to accept multiple different dishes so more than 1 anon's vote gets through.
>Bigger quests than this have died shopping. Just do a single lump purchase, or don't make it a vote at all.
>The second half of the shopping choices don't make sense for low intelligence homunculi to deal with. Introduce them through the master or something, or provide them as rewards from the customers.
>Sprinkly narrative hooks to slowly introduce the tavern, whoever operates it, and the surrounding areas.
Well, I will be back soon with vengeance, thanks anon!

File: SWATR OP.png (299 KB, 1220x574)
299 KB
299 KB PNG

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


War has engulfed the GALACTIC REPUBLIC
With the pyrrhic victory of the GRAND ARMY at GEONOSIS, the CLONE WARS have truly begun. Republic forces find themselves vastly outnumbered in space and on the ground, as despite the massive influx of CLONE TROOPERS, the industrial capacity of the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS remains unassailable.

After the battle, hundreds of thousands of solar systems declared independence from the Republic, swayed by the impossibly persuasive COUNT DOOKU.

Even the JEDI ORDER has found itself fractured, a hundred JEDI KNIGHTS have invoked their Right of Denial, opting to stay out of the conflict entirely, while a handful have found themselves seduced by Dooku, though not all by the allure of the DARK SIDE…


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>[B] Return to the facility, you can’t let General Tann’s work in securing the Decimators amount to nothing, even if she’s seemingly willing to let that happen. You’re not sure if Shen-Jon, the Jedi General, will be able to completely wipe out what General Tann has managed to glean, but you’re not going to risk it.

Nice to see you back QM!
Unanimous. Voting's closed.
It's good to be back.
+1, would be idiotic to ignore your prior comments & shatterpoint ex machina
Nice intro and welcome back

File: Better_Map_2.png (5.67 MB, 2560x1440)
5.67 MB
5.67 MB PNG
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15i2N08IpWqitoTJujsUMishe4PLbao1lqT-bCAmvPcE/edit

Discord: https://discord.gg/GGXeMEMj

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Recently, Fie returned to her gym for the time being.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Sounds good.

"Sounds good." You agree as he dismounts his Rapidash and you move off to the side of the road.

Martha takes the role of officiator and after the rules are read, you both reach for your poke balls.

>Go, Fluffy
>Go, Rascal (Braviary)
>Go, Queenie (Cutiefly)
>Go, Nika
>Go, Piker (Feebas)
>Go, Volta (Luxray)
>>Go, Queenie (Cutiefly)
Grass types to be expected.
>Go, Nika
I'll expect normal types.
>Go, Queenie (Cutiefly)

You are Hass Takar, the Supreme Ruler of the Hegemony. It is the Year 102 of the Resurrection Era. You now stand on Jaxt, the home planet of your empire, the Hegemony. Standing before you are about a hundred Jaxtians, some of the best and brightest in the empire, who look at you bright eyed and expectant.

You raise your hand and backing music begins to play. Without skipping a beat, the Jaxtians raise their voices, and join to sing your Anthem.

60 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think it can be just a counter reaction to the extermination but also bit of a test if it does not pan out time for the experimentation we do what we usually do to rebels
Not yet. Later.
>May they serve me, as you do
>May I serve the Hegemony and the future of our peoples, as you do.
I like it but it's a bit sad to hear
File: huh.gif (1.06 MB, 498x278)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF

... must necessarily concern itself with marriages where the spouses belong to different Standings. Citizens of all stripes may stoop as low as a Subject, so long as the Subject has at least Patent and Nomen. Likewise, a Subject so endowed may take a Subject without such an endowment, so long as their profession, condition or conduct has not rendered them Infamis. Similarly, Subjects without Patent and Nomen, who cannot marry without the knowledge and leave of the Authority whose name they bear, and in some places may even find themselves compelled into marriages by their Authority, are also subject to the Lex Iulia and Papia Poppaea. - regardless if they or their Authority are the one seeking the marriage. Subjects with decency cannot be bound to those without, nor may they ever be bound to a Fearful and Lawful alien, nor a Fearful slave. Subjects in Infamis may be married to a Subject of the same state, or a suitable alien or slave. When two spouses belonging to different Standings are bound, any issue take the Standing of the lesser - with the exception of the Subject in Infamis. In this exceptional case, an alien being both Fearful and Lawful becomes a Subject in Infamis, as do their offspring, while slaves married to these piteous Subjects remain slaves, though the issue will be Subjects in Infamis - and they will not be allowed any avenues of matriculation and naturalization. Attend well that no other pairings with and issue from slaves or aliens are subject to the Lex Iulia or the Papia Poppaea, as they are without wedlock.

Beyond restricting the Sum of the Whole to suitable matches, these laws promote them as well. Those who are not, nor ever have been married, caelibes, may take neither hereditas or legatum that would otherwise be their due, while those who have never been in a union with issue, orbi, are only entitled to half. Such penalties are in force from sixteen until a man achieves the age of sixty or a woman achieves the age of fifty. This is held above the Ius Accrescendi, so that the portion of hereditas voided, being either half or whole, is not divided amongst the other heirs of the testator, but instead is taken by the Authority to which the testator submitted. Voided hereditas may still be calculated into the death duties, though they are commonly waived. Beyond this inducement, there are others, such as Ius Trium Liberorum, which affords particular rights and privileges to Named Subjects and their betters who have produced at least three children. No equivalent instrument, with equivalent rights and privileges exists for those Subjects without Patent and Nomen, though they are still subject to its penalties.

- A passage from Imperatives and Rights, a Treatise for the Named Subject on Lex Iulia and Papia Poppaea, the laws which outline and induce suitable marriages.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Billowing Ash.png (4.96 MB, 5000x3428)
4.96 MB
4.96 MB PNG
Even so, you have a hard time dwelling on this particular oversight, as your thoughts are constantly drawn back to another. Your father ... almost certainly did something truly reprehensible. And you managed not to notice, even though the proof was - rather, the evidence was - right in front of your eyes. You would like to think that it was just a matter of being a hair shy of asleep on your feet, but ... you know that you regularly do ... bad things. To the point where you sometimes find yourself having to remind yourself that stealing is wrong, lying is wrong. Desecrating graves and remains is wrong. So then, couldn't it be that this wasn't a wit worn thin from want of sleep, but instead a well-trained blind eye, comfortably unseeing? Maybe. You don't know. For that matter, you don't even know if father did ... kill and cremate through Mitigation the entirety of Aldoin's household and the visiting contingent of his mourners. For all you know - which is little and less by the hour it seems - this might all just be phantasmic conjecture, of the sort where what you see says more about you than you would otherwise admit. But there is little worth to that point though; what trespasses your father has or has not made is not in your keeping. Still, truth or projection, the notion has certainly been a shock to your senses, and you have sworn yourself to trying to live more decently, in spite of the difficulties and dangers that doing so might have for someone born into the Many Mysteries.

Right at this moment, you are being made to about face right into some of those 'difficulties and dangers'. You are standing on the front steps of the Coaching house, trying to call upon the place to take delivery of your stage – but not only is the door shut up and nearly all of the windows dark as pitch, there is a buggy from the Thief-Taker's Guild parked just a few strides away. Before you passed him by completely and put him out of your sight in the process, the driver attending the buggy – who for your sake you dearly hope is nothing more than just a manservant – was staring at you. Given the remarkableness of an unaccompanied and unescorted woman calling upon an establishment during the Hour of Change, you cannot imagine that he has looked away. Considering how that after you knock-down that Tartessian merchantman, there was a bounty and description of you disseminated all over the Mount, describing you as 'a woman of uncanny strength and height' or something to that effect, any attention from anyone feels dangerous – and attention from anyone belonging to the Guild whose daily business is taking bounties is dangerous … even if they are naught but a driver, or if the inordinately rich riding habit your are wearing now is long leagues away from the ragged, hooded dress you were described as wearing. Or, for that matter, if the description gave real credence to the possibility that you were a cross-dresser … which you are, but … the other way.
File: Knocker.jpg (484 KB, 1500x1500)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Your point being, the description is loose enough that even though you are exceptionally tall for a woman, you don't feel that you would immediately be suspected of the knock-down. Still, it certainly isn't going to make any of this easier. Wanting to be away from here – specifically, wanting to be out of the sight of the driver – you try the door once more, vainly hoping that it was just stuck as opposed to locked. With no other recourse, you seize upon upon the knocker on the door, and gently, on account of the hour, you rap it three times, eliciting a firm but tinny report.

“Jus' what are ya playing at?”

It is a damned good thing that you were not facing the man, as you are certain that your composure cracked, and you are fairly certain that your heart skipped at least two beats, though with the way that it is hammering away now, it seems intent on making up for it. What does he mean by speaking so familiarly to someone who is so ... apparently above him? Does he know? Does he suspect? Had the inquiry been more … measured, deferential, you would have felt comfortable brushing him off with a word, perhaps even ignoring him all together. But this … should you say anything at all? Explain yourself? Act offended? Damn it all to the Heights of Hell, you haven't even managed to get into the Coaching house and already it feels as if you are making mistakes.

> Please choose ONE of the following:

> You will say nothing.
> You will give a curt but truthful reply.
> You will give an indignant, deceitful reply.

> Previous thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2024/5946039/
> Archive of threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=eternal+rome
>>You will give a curt but truthful reply.
Time to play up how exhausted we are.
>You will give a curt but truthful reply.
>> You will give a curt but truthful reply.

This is a Toriko fan quest, taking place after the manga/anime ended.

The world is in the Second Gourmet Age and you are Sterling Pister a student in his final year at Gourmet Hunter Academy.

Alright, your final assignment, which is necessary to graduate, is as you all you know the so called Graduation Full Course. This means that you need to come up with and hunt a full course meal using the ingredients available to this school. As a reminder anyone who successfully captures an ingredient with a Capture Level of 3 will be injected with gourmet cells, though I only recommend doing this if you're confident in your abilities. [/green.]

The moment your teacher is done with his speech you look at the form on your desk. There are of course eight courses in a full course menu and you had a good idea of what you wanted to go for, but the highest capture level is 2. Even your Main Course has a Capture Level of 1.

You have no doubt that your planned full course menu is good enough to let you graduate as is but should you keep it or try to go for the Gourmet cells? Of course as Gourmet Hunter you will get Gourmet Cells eventually just by eating delicious food but that way it can take a while. As you think it over you decide to at least fill in what you're already sure of.

*Hors d'Oeuvre: Almond Cabbage (CL less than 1)
*Soup: Rock River Soup (CL 1)
*Fish Dish: Garlick Crab (CL 2)
*Meat Dish: Bacon Leaves (CL 2)
*Main Course:

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> Back at the entrance
File: Turkey_Fruit_Movie.png (123 KB, 300x169)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Maybe I should have made it a bit clearer but this is literally the reason I introduced Zongeh, Almond Cabbages are one of his favorite foods.

You decide to look back at the entrance for Almond Cabbage. You walk a bit slower than normal so that Gordon can keep up with you, but for how short his legs are he does a pretty good job. Eventually you see the door you entered through and begin looking. You find many different plants including Ketchulips, Gratin Flowers and Bonito Bushes but you don't spot any Almond Cabbages. At one point you think you see one but it turns out to be a Snack Sangchu Lettuce instead.

Seeing how tired Gordon is you decide to take a break and figure you might as well grab some lunch while resting and pluck a Turkey Fruit since it is easily big enough for you and Gordon. It tastes just like a juicy fried turkey, as its name suggests.

During your meal Zongeh walks by again, since he usually just hangs near the entrance away from the Black Wolves.

"How is your quest going?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

> Try to fight
Rolled 15 (1d20)

> Try to fight

Let's back up Zongeh-- he already seems to be engaging one of the bandits (?) with his axe, so we might as well.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

> Try to fight
Gas them with pepper spray

File: remnant.jpg (423 KB, 2048x1348)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8 (3d6)

The world of Remnant is a vast and dangerous place. Horrendous creatures known as Grimm roam the land, destroying everything in their path, rending the flesh and devouring almost any kind of living being unfortunate enough to meet them.

Fortunately, humanity is not completely defenseless. Certain people are born with particularly powerful souls, granting them extraordinary abilities. When these abilities are honed they can evolve into Semblances, unique type of abilities that grant the user with powerful powers that work similarly to magic (Most of the time). These people have formed many groups across the many continents of Remnant, being known as Huntsmen and Huntresses.

However, not all of these people wish to save the innocent or destroy the Grimm. In fact, some of them use their powers for self gain and take advantage of the chaos of the world. There are even rumours that some of these Huntsmen are secretly working for someone behind the curtains, an evil force that wishes to destroy all living beings on the planet for unknown means.

But one may arise and change things. For the worse? For the better? Only the future has eyes for what is about to come.

Who are you?

>Race? (Human, Faunus, etc)

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Seconding >>5982586. I think Green fits, because the spirit of our fable is about greed, and repaying kindness.

The bickering of the man was quite frantic. Almost as if he was terrified of something. By closing your eyes, managed with little effort to single out his voice, blocking the sounds of almost everything else.

"I'm telling ya boss. I saw it with my own eyes! Someone came out of the the wagon and whatever it was it jumped like a damn cat! Someone is up there, I'm sure!"

The faunus girl just shrugged. Ignoring the squeals of the man, still looking at the wreckage as it was being scavenged.

"Miss Sora! Please! Stop ignoring me!" The man continued yelling at her. By the tone of his voice it was easily assumable that he was both scared and enraged.

"Geez. What a loudmouth you are, Lum. If you're sure you saw someone up there why don't you go looking for whatever it was that you saw?" said the 'Sora' girl with an acute tone of voice. It was obvious that she was annoyed by the way she accentuated the end of the sentence.

"Fine! And the boss will hear about it, I'm telling ya! And he will give me a promotion and you will pay for everything you've done to me!" screamed the man. Even without your accute sense of hearing it was most likely possible to hear his crying from your high vantage point.

"Yeah. I'll also make sure he gets you a penthouse and a pet Grimm. Now please get moving. I seriously need to focus." the girl said in a monotone tone of voice, diverting her attention back towards the train.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Try to investigate whatever is causing your Aura to act weird. You need your semblance for what is about to come.
>>Set up the environment to prepare for an ambush. Lets make this place your 'nest', Miss Sparrow.
This guy is apparently more observant than his buddies, so let's take him out first. Time to pull a Batman on these goons.

I don't really have any good ideas for a Semblance right now.

File: r-evo.png (10 KB, 686x223)
10 KB
A narrative evo game. Pick a creature, make a single iterative change to it that helps it to adapt to its environment.

Your creations may antagonize other player's creatures, defend themselves, adapt to an environment, or meet change through periodic "evolution table" events.

1. Always save your picture as a .png, and never use a soft edged painting tool. This allows other players to easily edit your creation should they wish, and lets less experienced people without developed artistic skill join in.

2. Any player can edit any creature. If two players edit the same creature that creates a split in the evolutionary line, which is great for biodiversity.

3. If a shitpost emerges, instead of complaining, try to herd it full circle back to plausibility. It's fun.
The Cast:

The titular Ramel, a sort of warm blooded repto-insect with a blade on it's face and tail. An omnivore with a preference for delecious ragas berries or the occasional bord. Stupid, territorial, and asocial. A patrician choice for a sensible player.

The noble Ragas. A semi mobile plant that reproduces via berries. A mild acidic secretion allows it to break down soil for maximum extraction of nutrition, as well as any tough carrion, or incapacitated organisms it comes across.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: i studied the blade.png (4 KB, 206x238)
4 KB
Woborddins are those Bordladdin's that emerged victorious in combat against their hated kin, the Gorebords. Replacing their stick with a horn, the bords could be found dueling and endlessly battling, as if under a malign influence from the gorebord horn. dark things indeed.

In the end they would find themselves falling to profound need for slaughter and rallying around Blad>>5980658


They overcame their desires, and found solace in the teachings of Bord-Aladin.

Within this word, there are emerging prototribes.

-Bladdite Unbeakers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 4 (1d5)

File: Horn_Bord_5.png (4 KB, 186x196)
4 KB
The questionable compatability of Horny Bord and Gorebord did however not only produce good results. Some specimens ended up with deformed beaks and horns, their feathers unable to properly absorb blood, leaving it to oxidize and leave a hard brown crust all over them. Their legs are short like their horny bord parents, and their bellies fat like gorebords.

Though they inherited the great violence of their gorebord parents, they use it exclusively to satiate the carnal desires of their horny bord parents ancestry.

These evil, disgusting, reprehensible, vile, abominable, foul, horrid, repulsive, atrocious, nasty, dreadful creatures are known to us only as Ugly Bordstards
File: trips.png (6 KB, 376x216)
6 KB
The Scramel. What it lacked in any form of intelligence or ability to breath without gagging and wheezing, it more than made up for in pure aggression, stamina, and...well, it was pretty stupid and angry, but it also had quite the tail blade, hammer head, and ability to spray a vile toxin.

Scramels would compete against Heavy Stonecutters for prime grazing territory, and against the smarter bords, who were eyeballing it for parts.
File: 1713588936240346.png (11 KB, 615x199)
11 KB
Walking on claw tips isn't very fun, or stable, so the Stunky Ramels have found some solutions to this problem. The Stinky Runmel simply stops using its forelimbs for locomotion, now using them exclusively for digging. All its weight is concentrated on its two back legs, which have gotten stronger and larger to compensate. The Runmel's gait is balanced by its enlarged tail, the armored tip of which hides its soft and vulnerable scent gland when not in use.
The Buff Stinkmel, on the other hand, adopts a "knuckle-dragging" posture, its armored "hands" now taking the brunt of the walking off its claws. To increase its digging capacity, the Stinkmel's muscles have monstrously grown, as did its pungency. Even one of these creatures is enough to make the surrounding area smell of sweaty jockstraps and protein powder for MILES.

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