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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

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File: 500px-Macharius_Charge.png (279 KB, 500x357)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Men! Eyes forward, and hands out of your pants! That means you, Garrok!!

Since my arrival three weeks ago, executions rates have gone up by over 71%. In comparison however, regimental morale has soared downwards, in an unending spiral of defeat; and while I don't pretend to understand how the human mind works. I do know one thing... If morale does not improve by atleast 22% by the end of today, there will be another round of executions!

As such, let's all start this rainy day off with a good old fashion, Emperor blessed, Field Kit Inspection, while we wait out the enemy artillery barrage upon our positions.
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Rolled 17 (1d20)

Ya missed!...hmmm
>He throws another piece of concrete
>The Autarch would turn back around to face her. A slim smile upon his elegant face.

"Of course we will. And I'll make sure that you also recieve "him" as well... You have my word.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

That is mean. You are mean.
>he writes proper pronunciation notes in the margin of his latest draft, before bottling it and throwing it over the wall
Rolled 2 (1d20)

>Tank misses
Ha!...need something to hit it..
>Jeff tries the mortar
Rolled 2, 6, 8, 5 = 21 (4d20)


>Howling in defiance, Wolfe fires his Bolt pistol wildly, as the Conscripts fire off their autoguns.

File: ntcq_si39.png (474 KB, 800x473)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
High above the civil war freshly boiling in the city of Todesfelsen, secure in the old Imperial stone fort that was once the throne of the Sosaldtian city state, a pair of conspirators paced on the walls. They had been part of the group that had stolen this place, and had also thrown this city into its current state of brutality, but all for a better cause.

Fritz had been a soldier once, yes. None who lacked experience in combat had been allowed to participate in this mission from Loch, after all, but he hadn’t been the kind of warrior Gyal was. Not only was he a veteran of numerous battles, but the sort who hadn’t been touched by the mental harm such an experience could inflict. Perhaps it was because he was of a martial race. He was of the Dheghyar, who hailed from the southwest of the Grossreich. They had come over the mountains from far to the west in the dying times of Nauk Imperial, and once composed a notable and feared kingdom, but never again conquered like they had when they had made their fearsome entrance into the land. Time passed, nationalism dimmed, and eventually the first Kaiser, Alexander Von Zeissenberg, married the last princess of the Dhegyars, only child of the old king and queen; an early expansion to the still forming Reich. The Dhegyars were nothing if loyal to their own, however, so as their kings’ bloodline endured with the Kaisers, they were ever firm supporters. Ironically, such loyalty had eroded their own culture to the point where it was one of the few traits they retained from days of old; they no longer spoke their own language, nor followed their own church, with Kaiser Alexander’s destruction of state religion and the church, which challenged his reign’s authority. What remained was but names, genes, and pride in what they largely no longer were.

Gyal didn’t know history like Fritz did, of course, but he knew his place in the world. Perhaps that was why what affected him more than the rage of battle, was the purpose that those outside the walls fought for. Gyal certainly spoke to suggest such, as he and Fritz paced the walls of the fortress in Todesfelsen; its sturdy heart.
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Well my second favorite color is green, so I would probably go for Fie. Do you think she has a magical m28 up there in the mountains I could get for a dowry, or would I just have to settle for her magical powers?
>>Probably nobody. Our marriage was arranged, remember? I’d probably wed myself to the Tank and Panzercorp. And before you go off on me again about how i'm only tolerating you out of duty, I would have left you back at the Blummlands and I certainly woudlnt have come to this horrible country for someone I didn't love. Now, lets get you someplace comfortable.

Lets drive her to Wossehn's manor, im sure he'd love the chance to properly talk to Maddy. And on the way Richter can apologize for striking her.

>I’ll only tell if you won’t upset yourself over it, but it’s…(Write In)
Mathilde, under Emma's possession
>Probably nobody. Our marriage was arranged, remember? I’d probably wed myself to a Tank.
The m/32 is truly best girl, even if she's a bit high maintenance

Hilda is fine too
>I’ll only tell if you won’t upset yourself over it, but it’s… m/32 ~<3!

Signy is fine too
Tell Maddy we'd go for her sister, just to mess with her. With all due goofiness ofcourse

File: IMQ_OpenMecCover.png (902 KB, 1000x563)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
Space. The greatest frontier.

The dream of so many on Old Terra, to go out, explore the seemingly infinite expanse on display every night, and push the limits of humanities' borders. And, as with many things, over time this dream slowly became reality.

On titanic ships of steel and nuclear fire, the First Exploration Fleet almost completed their reconnaissance mission to fully examine the Sol System when the recon corvette, FEF Corsair, accidentally dropped through a tear in reality previously only thought to be theoretical. The missing ship reappeared several hours later, the captain of the ship reporting that they had arrived several light-minutes away from another system. These breaking points in space, rifts across reality, suddenly solved the problem of making long-range space travel possible.

With this revelation, and technological upgrades to properly make use of these newly minted 'rifts', the Interstellar Age began in earnest.

That was almost half a millennia ago, if history is to be trusted; at this point, it almost doesn't matter.

The Goliath of industry that produced the First Exploration Fleet is nothing more than text on a PDA now, the mighty Old Terra in a deadlock of political squabbling and bickering that has left it in the past.

This actually doesn't matter.

After all, Horizon VII, the planet you're heading towards currently is four-hundred light years from the Sol System, well and truly far enough away from the homeworld of humanity to not be influenced by it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 2 (1d100)

Glad that was the 4th roll, but you might want to read how many rolls the QM is taking next time to avoid wasting posts
>wasting posts
Not on this board.
Isn't there the 750 autosage limit?
Or 5 days. The point is that regardless if we reach the post limit this thread will be up for over a week.

Victory. In the Imperial Guard you'd known victory against the Dark Eldar and countless other Xenos besides, at the cost of millions of citizens caught in the crossfire, thousands of brothers in arms cut down and slaughtered, and eventually, your love for the God Emperor, faded. Then, it always seemed so bittersweet, you didn't know what awaited your friends after death, and you didn't know if you fought for a worthy cause or simply mankind's survival against a hostile galaxy. But now, you know victory.

The worship of Nurgle, Maker of Plagues, has shown you and hundreds of others the way. The galaxy is dying and it must be killed if it is to be reborn. There is no hope for the future, only deepest, darkest despair, and in those depths, you've found purpose. To see your Grandfather's gifts of disease spread to every world in the Imperium, to see your family grow to encompass all souls, and then, to see the galaxy draw its final breath before blessed rebirth. That is your cause, and in it, you've found victory.

The PDF outpost, base 467/9 of Retemed IV, has fallen, and its place, a new faith rises. You've lost over two hundred men taking it, but their souls have gone to Nurgle, so they are not lost, but found. Thirty of the PDF have seen the way, and by some profane miracle, their previously fanatical commander, Advern Homza is among them. You've plundered enough arms and armor to see nearly the entirety of your cult armed, and with the PDF out of the way, you'll be able to reap this region's souls in a bountiful harvest. Praise to Nurgle, Maker of Plagues!

> How would you like to begin the reaping?

> Waltram Reichart

> Traits:
> Nurglite
> Traitor Guard

> Mutations:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Didn't expect another one so soon. Will stand by what I said near the end of last thread. We should leave our turned PDF commander, Mortren, and the vast majority of our cultists here at the fort, with the PDF commander to train as many of the cultists into fighting shape as he can, with assistance from his former PDF colleagues. We'll take 100 of our best equipped and trained cultists, 50 Nurglings, and the War Rig, as well as however many pickup trucks we need to carry the rest. Our aim is to comb through every village and town that was under this PDF fort's jurisdiction (Ask him for the borders of the territory he was supposed to guard and provide us with a map of all the settlements in the area), and recruit as many of the villagers as we're able into the fold. For ourselves specifically, we'll want to develop a strain of the zombie plague while on the road. Doesn't need to be anything unique, like the walking pox, just enough to reanimate a corpse if used on it, and trasmittable through transfer of bodily fluids between healthy subjects and the infected. Other then that, we'll want to set some of the cultists, preferably ones already trained, alongside all the remaining Nurglings at the fort to the task of enveloping all the surrounding cropland and vegetation in Nurgle's loving embrace, with the intention of getting oodles of Nurglings as well as a few Plaguebearers and maybe some other demons out of the deal. Basically, I want to build up and train our forces, as well as develop some new chemical weapons.
Supporting, also suggesting we ask commandbro for any information we don't already know.
Yeah, basic inquiry into the command structure of the PDF here, his superiors and whatever details he has on them, the planet's military strength, etc. etc. would be useful. Dress him down for any information that would be relevant to someone looking to conquer the planet.
Oh baby

File: 1519469067952.jpg (759 KB, 1300x650)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
Rolled 35 (1d100)

The caves echo to the din of your builders working, drowning out the worryingly close sounds of dark and dangerous creatures lurking just beyond the newly re-closed tunnels of your home. The sentries stay on high alert as your tribesmen labor on the gate, occasionally fending off horrifying abominations from the deep or getting violently pulled down hidden tunnels by tentacled things only to quickly be rescued by their fellows.

Progress on the gate is surprisingly rapid despite your lack of experienced builders. The incredible individual strength of your tribesmen allows much larger layers of forged monster components to be lifted and hoisted into position at a time. The fortification soon begins to take shape in the darkened tunnels at the bottom of your cave complex. An imposing sliding gate and wall that fully seals off the entryway to the caves, its structural members composed of ebon black and off white long bones of slain monsters tied together with metal straps and ropes of ironlike sinew that've been riveted to sheets of scaled monsterhide of every color and shape imaginable. Out of deliberate gaps left in the the structure pours filthy water, choked with an iridescent sheen from the flameseap and fungal spores it has been infused with. This gate should only become more imposing as time allows the ecosystem of your home caves to expand outward.

It is a gate worthy to the Grave Tribe, and as the final bone is lifted into place a cheer goes up from all the workers and sentries both. Surely this structure shall resist the unknowable might of the underground monster hordes, the least creatures of which can rend a mutant in half with the flick of a wrist or devour them from the inside in seconds. Surely, it must...

-Underground Gate has been completed. Your Cave Lair has been resealed.
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Rolled 59 (1d100)


The stats for a Hunter Fort are as follows
>>Infrastructure: Hunter's Fortification, Barracks, Hunter Armory
>>Defenses: Primitive Tunnels, Monster Wall, Fortified Lodge, Entrapped Environs, Fortified Entrenchments.
>>Summary: ++Hunting, +Defense, ++Hidden
>>Pop Cap: 100 [Military Only]

It's a fairly basic and rugged but extremely serviceable design that leaves plenty of room for upgrades while providing good benefits from the start. Really quite a gem, it would've taken a few turns of research or an expert to come up with something equivalent. Each Fort requires 2 actions/resources and access to monster materials of some sort (even common) to construct.

If any of you remember the Bloodsnow Bandits Ultrabunkers and how safe they made us feel/difficult they made us to attack, establishing forts around your HQ is exactly the same as that.
Rolled 2 (1d100)


That's a very good description of tribal forts in general, yes.

These base stats can of course be expanded with more effort, and if you dump research into improving the design then you'll be able to upgrade existing forts (for instance with civilian living quarters so they passively expand) at a discount .
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Voting for this

>The shaman offers a quick and private... prayer? As the work begins
>"For centuries we have lived below the earth, like a my-cieling-'em network with no chance to spread its spores. But now... now we break through. Now we live in the harsh world below the sun, to be salivated after by the hungry. Our Forts and living quarters, though new, will follow all the cunning our fungal bretheren show in fruiting, springing up in obscure places, camouflaged against the terrain. Our symbiotes will spread across this land, allies fungal, zombie and insect forming our homes as we carry them to new haunts. We are the tribe's spores, and the ground is fertile."
Rolled 27 (1d100)


I'll support, but remember we still need to make consumable armaments.

Use rare materials for the fort.
X-rare for the living quarters.
Rolled 48 (1d100)


>Work on the Hunter Forts around the base [LOCKED]

>Construct the Living Quarters at the Grotto, supported by Mother Mira [LOCKED]

>>Release 1 Rare Monster Material for Fort Construction?

>>Release 1 X-Rare Monster Material for Living Quarters Construction?

File: From Nothing Quest 1.jpg (1015 KB, 1024x1200)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
From Nothing Quest

The year is 1338 and war ravages the country. Barbarians from the north come south claiming monsters force them from their grass sea. Nomads from the south go north in search of livable lands they claim the magical ley lines destroy their homelands. Beastmen from the east ride west on their monstrosities claiming even worse horrors murder them. Immigrants from the west travel east in hopes of finding opportunity as their lands are dry of resources. And the Empire in the middle of it all seethes with a hatred for all new comers.

You were born twice: First, when your parents sold you into slavery when you but a babe; And then once again when you decided to live for yourself. Servitude is all you've ever known. Your parents may have sold you; Or they may have been killed then kidnapped you just like many others here. How you got here matters not, at least not anymore. The rattling of the rusted cage you call home seems almost comforting, at least compared to the soft sobs and hard cries of the new thralls from the last raid. Howls of widows and children lament their fallen and fill your ears ruining your sleep. You look through the top of your prison to the white lights in the pitch black sky wondering when they too will give up. One of the new younger captives in your 'home' notices you and comments you and he are about the same age, nine.

“I'm Richter. What's yer name?” somehow he's smiling through broken and bloodied teeth “I can't tell cuz' of those rags you is wearin' but are you a boy or a girl?” he keeps talking as you keep staring at the sky with your knees touching your chin listening to your cage hit the sides of the carriage “Me mum says lads like me should get to know more kids my age” you look at Richter in the darkness, he's the only one awake. He seems eager for your answer. May as well answer him, not like I've got anything else to do.

>Tell Richter your name and gender. (Write in)

Hey, friends. I'm going to try something new today like hosting a quest! Yay! I've only participated in a few of these and I wanted to try my hand at writing one. First and foremost we're going to create a character in a dark fantasy type filled with your regular fantasy type races, elves, dorfs, orks, etc. One thing I want to try is have you guys basically do all the dice rolls. When we roll for options we'll be using the best of the first two rolls. I'll try to be creative with both dice rolls and writing. Updates will be random but will happen all day basically, until I say otherwise. Comments, criticism, bully, whatever, all welcome.
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time to start playing with fire lads. Supporting
File: Wood.jpg (249 KB, 800x553)
249 KB
249 KB JPG

Dreams are usually the only means of escape and sanity in the hell that is your life, a dreamless night means a hopeless day. There's a certain static in the air that only you seem to be able feel. Everyone else seems oblivious to it. Only half of the thralls seem to be awake, the other half seem to be fast asleep. Richter is curled up into the fetal position on his side sleeping calmly. There are tear tracks on his cheeks. The mountain that had accompanied you for so long has been replaced with deep dark wood with trees that tower over you. At some parts you cannot even see the tops of the trees it's so dark. So dark the sun doesn't shine through. Even during the day your captors require the torches to see, at least you think it's day. That's what your body tells you.

A warcry of loud high pitched whistles the likes of which you've never heard before pierces and hurts your ears. Everyone including you is alert now watching for potential attackers. “There!” An older captive shouts out while he holds onto the rusted cage with one hand and points through the bars with the other “I see them!” you look towards where the man points and sure enough in between the trees you see flashes of men riding horses keeping pace with your carriage. Some of the thralls begin to cry and yell out as they begin to notice too. The carriage attempts to speed up but the roads betray it, it hits a particularly large bump and rolls onto it side and slides. The last images and sounds you see and hear before you black out is the thralls arm who was pointing earlier being ground up as he lets loose guttural screams.

You awake to find those unfortunate enough to be on the left side of the carriage at the time it went over have been injured the most as people have landed on them as well as being ground up by the momentum of the carriage still moving. The human pile you find yourself in smells rancid as if the thralls have let loose their bowels and the groans seem unbearable to listen to. You squirm and wiggle your way through pile of humans trying to do the same thing. You get punched and kicked more times than you can count as you make your way out of the mass of humans. As you reach freedom you notice your captors entire caravan has been assaulted by men in red and white. Many men are fighting along the caravan. The second thing you notice is your cage is sufficiently broken to where you think smaller thralls such as yourself can slip through, so you do. Standing up you feel someones face under your foot, you dare not look down to avoid horrors in your future dreams. You slither through the hole in the cage. Looking back into the cage you see Richter laying face down on top of the pile. You feel times merciless grip on your throat.

>Run into the wood. [Add +1 Brawn permanently]
>Attempt to wake Richter.
>(You Write)
>Run into the wood. [Add +1 Brawn permanently]
Useless country bumpkin is useless country bumpkin
>Run into the wood
Gotta get those stat bonuses.
+1 for +brawn. Also, no idea if the guys attacking are gonna be friendly. Might just become slaves to someone else. Let's hightail it.

File: tegaki.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
The year is 792 AE. The eight Great Eanist Kingdoms prosper on the Western Peninsula, while the great empire of Oesong in the East shields the peninsula from the chaos raging in foreign lands. The kingdoms have grown fat on a hundred years of relative peace, yet whispers of war and millenarian doom spread among the peasantry.
Well, that's just par for the course.

And that's none of your concern, either. You are part of the Border Duchies, fragments of land that act as buffer states among the kingdoms. You keep the peace, yet have mostly missed the prosperity of the past century.


Well, you're part of A duchy: the sublime Duchy of Savrau, sandwiched between the three kingdoms of Midga, Faran, and Ranth. Yesterday, you were basically nobody. You still are.

>What's your name, anyway?

Yet, you're one of the luckiest people in the duchy today. You have received permission from the duke to build a new holding in the southeast portion of the duchy. Today you embark on the short journey to the edge of the duchy, laden with migrating peasants, goods, and enough food for the season. The caravan buzzes with excitement, yet also wariness. No one really knows who you are.
Actually, who are you?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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+Contacts with Roshel and Landren. +Correspondence with Amber D’Ainglie. +Relation with Sir Siln

Late Winter, 792.
Population: 282
Revenue: 703.9 coppers/season
Expenses: 45.5 coppers/season
Income: 658.4 coppers/season
Treasury: 333.3 coppers
Maximum army: 64 soldiers: 28-man levy, 22 forestmen mercenaries, 14 conventional mercenaries.
Soldiers: 5 guards (Free upkeep)
Notable Spots (Just recordkeeping): Stream, Alsa Forest, Iron Deposits (1 large mine), Nearby Road, Stake Wall, Manor (1/6th complete)
Cultivated Arable Land: 1510 Acres
Cultivated Fertile Land: 850 Acres
Supportable population: 963 people

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Exploit 2.0
Exploit 2.0

Give every peasant male a bow and arrow.
Start making competitions and festivals around arrow training


Wouldn't it be better to get the forge up first so that we can save on the sets?

File: Overlord's army.jpg (550 KB, 1920x1080)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
Rolled 39 (1d100)

You are an Overlord and Magi. Your dungeon grows and you're getting away from being poverty ridden beginning. You have summoned your first group of orcs and have carved out some elemental summoning circles. The goblins are still being a pain in the ass and the orcs aren't helping much in that regard. Relying upon the new elementals recruits you were able to perform some upgrades on your preexisting facilities. Turns out Fire and Earth elementals are VERY handy.

Meanwhile above ground, some people made the mistake of angering a Lava Lord. Who then proceeded to flood everything in a great tsunami of lava came crashing down burning and washing everything away. You were forced to block the entrance until things calmed down. Which annoys you greatly. Right when you were getting used to forays outside the dungeon someone had to ruin things for you.

Thus your efforts have been pushed underground. You have spells to cast, research to perform, and a dungeon to build. Once things calm down the surface realm shall feel your terrible wrath. Plus you'll make sure not to anger the local Lava Lords...you may be strong but you're not strong enough to handle one of them. Much less an entire colony full of the fiery bastards.

Now what's next for you Overlord? Maybe rescuing an unfortunate spirit being tormented by goblins? Beat up some orcs before they try anything. Or maybe summon some elementals? Perhaps build some new things within your dungeon?

We have lots to do Overlord and dreams need to be made true. Otherwise, you would have made that deal for nothing! A real shame given the price you paid...
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Depends on how much normal dorfs cost, and how many workers we need to work at max efficiency.
Expanding upon this, while a slow replacement plan utilising dorfs may be feasible the goblins may prove useful as a cheap labour force or as lifeforce batteries for wretch construction

Although I personally think that we should keep the orcs as a primary combat force, being vaguely cheap and having a natural affinity for fighting.

I am also the opinion that we should begin expanding existing facilities before building any new ones, perhaps replacing the goblin forge with a dwarf forge depending on future occurrences.
I am also of the opinion*
How much does it cost to upgrade the overlord scrying ability? Can we temporarely boost the scrying ability to scan the whole volcano for cool stuff?
Rolled 95 (1d100)

I was talking about making a deal with the Masters for one, on account of the benefits having one would offer as an alternative to lucking our way into finding one.

As for the goblins as a workforce...they've really been more trouble than they're worth thus far. They've gotten us attacked TWICE without us even sending them outside. I feel like they have their place, but the dangers they bring probably aren't good for a new dungeon that doesn't have many assets to its name.

Grey Dwarfs of specified professions cost 1000 each. Dark Dwarfs shouldn't be too much more. As for workers, I still think Wretches are the best workers we have available and are far superior to goblins. If we have Dark Dwarves + wretches then we should get all the mischief/innovation we saw with goblins, all the productivity of workers that don't sleep, and also tremendously higher quality due to dwarves.

I just really don't think goblins are worth it for right now. We can sell all our goblins this second and probably get a decent amount of change, use that to purchase wretches and dark dorfs, and probably be in pretty good shape.

I'm ambivalent towards orcs as our main fighting force, but I think they'd play nice with dark dwarves anyway so it shouldn't be an issue.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: desertfire.jpg (77 KB, 900x675)
77 KB
(So, funny story. As soon as I got to the library today, the thread was archived so here we gooooo)

To the anon who offered to email me the pdf, please send it to shadowrisingj@gmail.com. And get the ch 2 one as well, if you don't mind.

The further west you go, the more it seems like these stone faces were made recently...or at least made with greater care. Their features are well-carved, the surfaces polished, the rough edges sanded. You are well away from the sandstorm now.

# Head North, where the faces are rougher and a little sandy.
# Head West, in the direction that seems sculpted with more care and purpose.
# Head South, there's still traces of broken stone faces there. You can pick up the trail here if you want.
# Head East, back to the cave.

(I'll drop a recap later. Right now I just wanted to get this done. Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone.)
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"That light? That is across the mountain. Our people have not gone there since the days of our forefathers. No one knows."
>Then, do we have permission to go there?
>Also, do you know anything about these? (show the disc and the figurine)
"That is not our land. You go. You don't go. We cannot say. But this is our land."

You bring out the icons, immediately prompting the whispers to return, but no one else seems to hear them. The man shows no recognition of the disc, but when you bring out the figurine, his expression changes. He conceals it well, but he is looking on the figurine like it is a bad omen.

"That is the sign of Erlingu the Patient. How did you this come to you?"

(closing up for the night; catch you people tomorrowish)
>(Tell him) I found it in a satchel inside of the skull of a long dead beast, alongside a human arm. The skull was in what you may know as the Maze.
The sentry is shocked, "You entered their hunting grounds, stole their sign, and are still alive? Did you see any of them?"


Sulfur and death.

These are the first two things that come into mind. Cracks of light barely illuminate your rubble tomb, by some miracle your body isn't crushed under the immense weight just yet. There is little time to register pain, you need to get out of here. Now.

Mustering what little strength you have, you crawl out of danger soaked in your blood and sweat. In a erratic fashion, you wipe out the smear on your eyes but your vision is still blurry. Left and right, Swirling flames dancing manically and laughing at your untimely demise.

Amidst all this chaos you hear a faint voice of a child ? you can't tell; your right ear is still ringing. "F-father...?"

>Follow this voice
>Ignore it, find a way out of this hell
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Rolled 2 (1d10)

thats a d20, ill roll a d10 for you and add that im backing this
File: hhhrh.jpg (31 KB, 500x514)
31 KB
its working for you now.

isn't it a bit too early though for my american players? I will wait another 2 hours before starting.

best out of three rule still applies by the way. other players chose the D10 option yesterday. so roll i guess.

File: IMG_0364.png (8 KB, 299x169)
8 KB
You Grugg. Grugg live in big cave with tribe in forest for many moon, gathering berry and hunting deer.
Grugg not hunt deer or find berry, because Grugg not good with other grungas. Grugg get water from hand and body, and other grungas say Grugg not a real Grunga. This make Grugg very sad, but Grugg not want to leave cave and be tease by tribe Grungas. Grugg rather tend to fire in cave corner until Grugg become many moons of age and Grugg goes sleep forever.
Now Grugg sit at fire, listening to other tribe Grunga ready for hunt. What do Grugg?

>>Sit by fire

>>Go make yellow water by river outside

>>make yellow water on fire

>>in write
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Tree almost dead now, Grugg know it. Grugg hit big tree more and more, but tree not die! Grugg think is because Gruug run out of mushroom power....

>>no eat mushroom

>>eat little bite more

>>eat entire mushroom! more mushroom more power!

>>in write
>Collect mushroom. Grugg return in greater numbers.
Never ever break character again you peice of shit
me sorry. Me never do what mystery man say again :C
>Eat entire mushroom


>Slightly stale previous Bread


Last time on Warlord Quest we celebrated our successful Shrieker hunt and set off to go raid a tomb for those tasty lootz and maybe a pinch of Grave Dust. On our way there we encountered a group of Cave Stalkers on a hunting trip. After engaging in delicate negotiations (Brutal Murder) we hit the hay after sending the sole survivor back to his chief with a message (and his sons head). Hopefully pitting two tribes of backwards rejects against each other. doesn't bite us in the ass.

>Stats and gear incoming
Arch Magnus "Magnus the Mighty, Gate-Breaker and Friend of Giants"


Death Touched. Your brief jaunt through the land of the dead gifted you with superhuman durability. +10 armor

Spirit blade. Fallen warriors of ages past whisper in your ears, Guiding your strikes. +10 to attack rolls and damage

Huge- Magnus is a big guy. Even for you. +50 to Hp and +10 to feats of strength. Allows dual wielding of great weapons and allows the use of Ultra Weapons.

Rune of the Giant- +50HP, +10 to strength checks and an additional attack die with great and ultra weapons.

Combat Skills-

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File: snowflame.jpg (49 KB, 367x391)
49 KB
>Fighting Flames Edition

Hello, good people of /qst/. This quest is, as is probably obvious from the OP pic, based on the Teen Titans animated series. You'll be taking the part of a young man and potential Titan, guiding him through his trials and tribulations.


There will be a 15 minute voting period between posts.

Please only choose one option (I will let you know in cases where you can choose more)

An option with two arrows (>>) beside it is one that can be combined with other options

Write-ins of dialogue are allowed, but they won't be put in as-written, just sort of the spirit of the write-in. Additionally, dialogue write-ins require a significant amount of support from other players to be put in, as they can greatly affect the character.

Action write-ins will only be allowed under certain circumstances, which I'll announce. You can suggest an action to me if you want, and I may allow it, but might not depending on various factors.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Tonight or tomorrow, in all likelihood, though tomorrow seems to have the greater chance of happening.
Oh wait, I don't know if I should but, which Robins did old Brucie go through already?
He's on his third right now.
Only tangentially related, but has Stephanie Brown being the fourth Robin been retconned? She never shows up in Robin line-ups.
Not sure in the comics.

File: cover.png (263 KB, 1500x1500)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Welcome to the Maho region! A vibrant and incredibly diverse region filled to the brim with new Pokemon and new adventures! As a young man who's never been on his own Pokemon journey before, it's about high time you go out and see the world!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/glacierQM
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arts looking good, my man! Personally hoping for some cool OC pokemon in the region.

>>why are they so rare anyway
>>ill take whatever i can get, frankly. I'm not too keen on getting mauled by some wild monster
>Why are these pokemon so rare anyway?
Thirding this.
yeah I like this one too

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