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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

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File: SWDEBanner1.jpg (390 KB, 1224x944)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Welcome back to Dark Empire Quest, where you the players aid the reborn Emperor Palpatine and Imperial Commander Alana Tyrna and possibly others as they fight to rebuild the Galactic Empire after the crushing defeat at Endor and the subsequent collapse. We will guide their choices, deal with the consequences of their actions, and work to ensure the Empire rises once again.

Important links:


Pastebin for info dumps

Twitter feed I use to announce planned game times.

This is the map system I use for planning

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>>Of course, I'd love to attend
>>Of course, I'd love to attend

Maybe? But we don't want to give the wrong impression. Also we should keep a blaster with us.
"Of course, I'd love to attend," you try to put pep in your voice that you're not feeling at the moment.

"Wonderful," your father replies. "I'm sure you still remember how to conduct yourself as a Lady of Byss?" his tone is disapproving, a shot, you imagine, at your naval career.

"Yes, father. Of course I do."

"I've heard what they call you," he says, "the Bloody Baroness." he shakes his head, "I'll remind you that Tarkin and Piett had no ridiculous names."

"I hardly chose it myself," you say.

He scoffs, "No, but your conduct is hardly ladylike if I had to say. No matter, I've no time for petty disagreements with you." as he speaks he begins collecting his belongings, "Should you decide you need to rely on your family connections for something-" more scorn, "I'll be on Empress Teta. Please use this time productively, make some connections that can serve you well."

"Of course, Father," you don't look at him.

"In the name of the Emperor," your father says tiredly.

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>I will go as a Baroness of Byss (Go in a traditional gown)

File: 47681-2-1346214722.png (521 KB, 716x842)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
War, War never changes.

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
Thread 4
Thread 5

You are the Courier, and in your plan to establish a new American nation, you encounter terrible fortune in the Mojave. A fatal mistake in the battle of Hoover Dam, having caught you off guard as you sought to control the Securitrons from Mr. House, has resulted in a number of robots and the NCR forces within the dam being drowned, leaving it a great stone bridge for the Legion mass to pour through, unopposed as your securitrons must focus on the planned evacuation of your settlement in Cottonwood Cove. Added to this, your other plans to set chaos and disaster loose upon the NCR, originally to weaken both sides of the battle to allow you to sweep the Mojave, now leaves the NCR defeated and on the rout, attacked from all sides by artillery, raiders, criminals, and monsters you unleashed on the NCR positions. Without the NCR, or the availability of Securitrons, the Mojave is self destructing, leaving it a wounded and fragmented prey in the face of the Legion.

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Nah I wish. This is a X0-2 mod I got. The X0-1 looks kinda like this though. This was the kinda power armor I hoped to equip our troops
File: cap_america_vi_low.jpg (196 KB, 764x952)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
You decide to adapt some old comics to make your radio play. Luckily Moreno and some of ther Enclave happened to have had some Commander Commonwealth comics, souvineers from younger years in Navarro.

Some are set in WW2, others against the Chinese, you decide to adapt them to the modern setting. The plot revolves around Commander Commonwealth somewhere in the east, holding a resistance of brave "American holdouts" against the Legion itself.

It takes a while to convince enough people to go along with it, but you manage to make it happen, coming up with a script even and guiding people as voice actors. You chose Moreno to be the voice of the Commander, Daisy to be his female companion, Delilah to be a scientist, and several other roles. Notably, Axe Man is happy to play the Legion villain, its one of the few times he doesn't refer to himself as Axe Man.

You disassemble a few securitrons to fiddle with their soundboards, and make something akin to a makeshift keyboard mixed with some sound editing devices. After recording a few gunshots, laser sounds, and even a grenade explosion or two. You program some faces for the Securitrons, the Commander, some Legionaires, his girl, and anything else the plot requires. Visuals, Audio, Voice, you have all the spice and flare ready.

Except the most important part to any radio show. . .the theme song. You're not sure what to do for that. To just replay old Enclave american marching music seems a bit, well honestly, tacky. You're kind of sick of it, you really want to hear the American music as it was meant to be heard, with a proper orchestral band.

But you still need a theme song. Then it hits you, if this is a New America, why not make a new one entirely? Using your makeshift keyboard sound creator thing, thats just what you do.

In their huddled caves and boxcars, the Securitrons arrive, and announce a radio play for their enjoyment. After that, they hear the theme song of your "Commander Commonwealth" show.
A number of Securitrons are disassembled into chips ready to be spent.

>>>>>Food: Below Average (Falling!)
>>>>>Water: Below Average (Falling!)
>>>>>Morale: Below Average
>>>>>Medicine: Low (Falling!)
>>>>>Armaments: Below Average
>>>>>Current Pop:
109 Cottonwood Natives
+230 Various New Vegas Refugee’s
+40 Super Mutants + Nightkin
6 Devils Brigade - Power Armor

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This is how we win.

With television and radio cultural takeover.

And then when we activate the subliminal programming that was buried in our programs.
File: americatruth.jpg (166 KB, 728x1207)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Rolled 75 (1d100)


We will continue along to Big Mt. stopping at Baker if it isn't too far off.

The courier will continue to mess with the securitrons programming and try to create personalities for a few of the Securitrons to make them less evil-seeming machines

We will work on taking the rubber treads off the dead securitrons and putting them on as many live securitrons as we can, so maybe we can speed up a bit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: CapeQuestLogoA.jpg (2.38 MB, 4320x1416)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
This quest takes place in a hyper-streamlined version of the DC Universe, where all your favorite iconic heroes, villains, vigilantes and vagabonds reside. Because of the incredibly complex nature of DC’s existing collective Intellectual Properties, this universe is a neutral, baseline interpretation. This means explicit redundancies, clone characters and multiverse shenanigans will be removed almost altogether.

You will be playing as Rick Regal, a 16 year old high school sophomore who has just moved to Central City with his father after his choosing to relocate for work. Rick’s path down the road to heroism, villainous conquest or burger flipping normiedom is entirely up to you.


You will be given prompts to vote over Rick’s actions and decisions in order to influence his path, and particularly challenging actions will require dice rolls and a collective mental capacity superior to that of a rock. Write-Ins are allowed and encouraged, but I am not obligated to use them.

Voting lasts until 10 minutes after initial prompting. Whatever gets the most votes goes forward. After rolls are prompted, only the first three will be counted.

1d100, Difficulty Checks intentionally obscured.

No successes results in failure, one success results in a minor positive outcome, two successes result in a major positive outcome, and three successes make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. There are no critical successes, but critical failures result in a removal of a success.
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Oh shit it's Vibe
File: Spoiler Image (108 KB, 437x470)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (130 KB, 780x439)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>>D. See if you can find anything to disguise your identity and go shove through the crowd and head downstairs, see if you can head outside. You have to help
this, maybe we can find the school mascots mask or the janitors filter mask

File: 1492485058584.jpg (126 KB, 1400x928)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
You aren't sure when or how it happened, but you now find yourself floating in a deep blue void, a featureless expanse which appears to go on infinitely in all directions. There is a dense fog surrounding you and not much in the way of light, save for the slight glow of these wispy, ethereal forms which pass by from time to time. This place really does seem disconnected from all of reality, whatever that was to you before.

You seem to be capable of movement, somehow, but it seems somewhat pointless with nothing to move towards. Well, nothing but a spot of light far above you. The fog blocks it out somewhat, but it shines so brilliantly that you couldn't possibly miss it, even here.

It doesn't take long for your thoughts to turn inward. How did you get here? And how can you go back? You could float here all day and ponder your existence, but right now you're more interested in getting the answers than asking the questions.

Maybe that light would be a good place to start. While you're at it, try and remember who you are, because there are hazier things than the fog here.

>[ ] Go up.
>[ ] Try and remember how you got here.
>[ ] Take a closer look at those glowy... things.

>[ ] Write-in: __________________________
>>[ ] Take a closer look at those glowy... things.

PREVIOUSLY ON STARSHIP IDOLS: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Starship+Idols

You sit back in your chair across from Lieutenant Baxter. Baxter, small little girl that she is, still manages to creep you the fuck out with that typical Psi Ops bullshit. The cigarette between her lips, the near constant scowl on her face, the closed up body language. It’s like every second she’s judging your use for the Federation. You never did much like Military Intelligence, they had their uses, but Psi Ops was never popular with anybody. And it wasn’t going to suddenly be popular now.

Lieutenant Baxter places down a folder filled with papers on the table. The room was dark, save only for the lamp illuminating the steel table before you. Baxter took a drag, lighting her face up for a second with a warm glow before it dissipates again. “I’ve decided to requisition the Idols for a classified assignment.”

“Oh?” You lean forward. “What is this about?”

Baxter opens the folder, then slides it over to you. “Colonel Urban Holland of Starside RnD has requested that a Military Intelligence team investigate one of his research outposts in the Inner Systems. It’s gone quiet, and it doesn’t respond to hails. An investigation team was sent in two weeks ago, they haven’t come back since.”

“So… you want to send my girls instead of a highly trained Pathfinder team?” you ask. She nods. “… why?”

Baxter stares at you, then rests her arms on the table and leans forward towards you. “Way I see it, Lieutenant. It’s a typical bug hunt. You go in, you let me investigate, you go back out. There doesn’t need to be much too trouble is there? It would be a waste of time to recruit Pathfinders for this mission when I have a fully trained MI team right here. Especially one that owes me a favor.” You freeze. A favor?

You stay quiet. Damn it. You do owe her a favor. “You’re cashing in that favor now?” you ask.

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> Drop in from outside the base and approach on foot.
> Other

Looks like the plan for now is to have Naka try and establish a connect with the base’s systems from orbit. Hopefully that FTL training has paid off. After that, you can drop in outside of the base and approach on foot. Either way, you’re going to be facing those guns. Best do it from a position where you have cover you suppose. There’s not much of it out there, but better on the ground than in the sky.

You gather the notes together and set them to the side of your desk. You’ll brief the girls once you arrive at Thrace. For now, you have to just sit on it and let the girls drill and train up themselves. They’re going on mission, that means they need to be ready at a moment’s notice for anything. Just as you will be when-

The door opens. “Lieutenant.”

“Yeagh! What the fuck-“ You look at the door, almost jumping out of your seat. “Oh. Burkett. What do you want?”

“We need to talk,” he says. You nod, motioning to a chair in your office. He takes it and slouches down on it. “It’s about the mission.”

“What about it?” you ask. “Did Mills tell you the details?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> “We’ll see when we get there.”
>> “We’ll see when we get there.”
>> “We’ll see when we get there.”
im for going down there with them but we arnt the boss
they call the shots
and we can steap in if shit gets tough


Welcome to Spirit Detective Quest! This quest, as the title suggests, takes place in the world of Yu Yu Hakusho, though it does not take place during the events of the show. You're a young highschooler, one who will find himself granted the title of Spirit Detective, and will be charged with tracking down demons and other supernatural criminals.


Each time I make an update, there will be a ten minute window in which you can vote between various options I have provided. Write-ins are accepted and encouraged, but I do reserve the right to veto them. Once ten minutes have passed, the option (or suitable combination) with the most support will win.

You can choose multiple options, but be mindful of when that doesn't take any sense. Saying you want to go talk to someone and then talk to someone else in one post doesn't make much sense.

Also, in combat, I may veto selecting multiple options depending on how feasible that seems.

As far as combat, you will roll to attempt different options. I will not tell you what the number needed is ahead of time, so use your heads and balance risk/reward. Sometimes, you should take riskier options if they can yield greater payoff. Other times, it's best to play it safe. Use your judgement.

This is not Dragonball, and while there are sometimes ways to bring back the dead, they are few and far between, so do not assume that anybody you kill/let die will be coming back.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, RIP this quest.

Can't wait for Tofoo to start jobbing hard against Semi-Perfect Cell and for SOM want to run something else half-baked.
Backing. Even if SOM is ded.
I'd like to say something. I've enjoyed this quest, I've enjoyed getting to see what kind of shit Will gets himself into, and I've enjoyed playing with you guys.

Som man, I enjoy your quests, if you don't have the want to do Spirit Detective right now, then take a break. We're all still gonna' be here when you decide to come back.
I'm not up to date yet so I haven't participated, but I absolutely love this quest som. If you need a break from it for a while that's cool, when you get back to it you'll be way more in to it, and it'll make the quest that much better. All you ask is that you don't flat out kill it. This quest is just way too good to die.

File: europeandragon.jpg (142 KB, 640x440)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>1459705

Twitter: @The_Renexizious

Discord: https://discord.gg/BbzTura

Character Sheet(Full!):https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jI0aGxA_2h3SAcPYri-1fdgskbK3IbtfEzSLJ7VY9gU
Character Sheet (Renexizious Only!): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xgNKMzLUZS9L05DUCxmsvuYs-bGPIRpQsFv5k7oaBBk


Last time on EDQ, anons diffused the situation in France and are taking care of the problem going on in Hansodr.

Currently, the on-going situation in Hansodr is quite stable, besides for the fact your charging a town hall alongside a fascist milita...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Go to find your grandparents
How big are they?
You decide to go find your grandparents...

When you get to the next dimension, you set this into task already...


>Maybe some mortals have heard where your grandparents reside? Ask around...
>Go ask your mother? She doesn't really want you to see them though.
>Just fly and search...
>Maybe some mortals have heard where your grandparents reside? Ask around..
>go ask our aunt

File: jllk.jpg (356 KB, 612x380)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Just as you return to the bridge, after taking the captain to the sickbay for food poisoning, the alarms explode. "Doctor," you hear from one of the side consoles in an Indian accent, "Captain Graves named you as her second-in-command. It's up to you." Looking down from the burning ship on the viewscreen, it's quick to get up to date. A civilian Federation cruiser is sending out distress signals from just inside the Klingon neutral zone which you are skirting. Crossing it is against the agreements that are the only thing formally keeping the Federation and the Klingon Empire from full-out war. On the other hand, such a civilian cruiser can hold tens of thousands of people. Leaving them all to sink out here in space would make the legendary Titanic's demise centuries ago look like just another old, tired fisher disappearing at sea one night. "Doctor," is repeated in Indian accent. "Awaiting your orders."

>What the fuck do you do, doctor?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Let's talk to Vivian, how did she pull everything she learned from the test and how were the observers reacting?

"Yes, it's truly a pity how little value family ties have in contemporary Federation culture, officer Ramachandran. A strong family is the core to a happy life, all science points towards it. You should be proud of how your people are still able to stick to their roots in the way they do."

"Did you hear about that senator who was arrested for homosexuality?" Ramachandran asks.

"Yes, it's truly a horror," Detroit replies, shaking her head. "That someone like that could get into such a high position. The thought of men being together like that makes me sick."

"I wish someone like Kathy Peach would win the elections. Now she understands family!" Ramachandran finishes, exclaiming in his Indian accent.

As soon as there is a pause in the conversation between Vivian and Ramachandran, I break in. "I have to ask, doctor Detroit ..."

"Vivian is fine," she says, turning towards me and beaming.

"Vivian ... How did you pull everything you said in the test out from my actions?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Talk to Captain Graves, ask about the ship as we suspect we might have an assignment there

"So Captain Graves," I say to the corner where she is sitting and looking solemn. "It appears I'm going to be on your ship."

"Yes," she says. Her piercing eyes make me look down as she lectures me. "We're being given one of the prototype models for something called the Enterprise, which is going to be used to explore new frontiers in space if the test phase is successful. It should even be more powerful than a normal patrol ship. On the other hand, it is quite unstable." Like always Graves almost whispers when she talks. "We could all die for no reason at all." I doubt anyone who isn't used to it, me specifically, can understand much of it and Vivian quickly goes back to talking to Ramachandran. Occasionally Ellie argues her liberal politics to them to much patronizing. Sometimes Vivian relents a little.

It's almost as if Graves is saving her voice for when she is on the bridge. When she gives commands it booms over the entire room and you feel yourself compelled to instantly do as she asks, even if you might not fully understand or agree.

The wheeled robot arrives, quickly handing out a multitude of plates with its many long, thin metal arms extending from an opening on what would be the closest thing resembling a chest on it. You try a couple of chips before taking your first bite of the fish. Delicious. If only it didn't have so many calories ... But you don't have to worry about that under special occasions. Ellie, who marvels at her raspberry muffin, seems to share the sentiment.

>What should you do while you eat?

Just join in the chatting for a bit, get to know the folks we might be serving with. Try to get a chance to talk with Vivian away from the Captain so that we can air our concerns about the mission assignment.

File: AAQ.png (116 KB, 679x602)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 5, 1, 4 = 11 (4d6)

In twelve minutes, at 11:55 pm, the last train of the day will arrive. After this train any commuters will have to buy a full days pass, and so some people stand around the platform, waiting. This area of the station is unusually quiet. The fluorescent lighting is bright and even here tonight. Someone must have paid the top rate for premium illumination. By this light you see that the stations sign has been vandalized. Where it used to read 'Welcome to HyperRail Bob, Sponsored by Railco. We are the government.' it now has red paint sprayed over most of the text to read 'Welcome to a deathtrap that claimed 10 lives' with a sloppily done adjustment made in blue to make it '11'. Probably just competition trying to get an edge and an ironist getting in on it, you hope to yourself; nothing to worry about. Silently thanking whoever has paid for this light, you review your written ledgers for the day.

After a little time passes your friend taps you on the shoulder and whispers, "Why is it so quiet in here?"

"You haven't noticed?" You reply, honestly surprised. Claire is usually more aware of her surroundings even though she doesn't wear an amplifier. "There's a Peerless Beverage Co. employee on one end of the platform and a Supreme Beverage employee on the other end." Several people quickly leave the terminal. "It's only a matter of time before one of them notices the other. People are planning what to do." The platform becomes deathly silent. "I'd also like to mention to anyone listening in that I am an accountant and am still in practicing business hours." A moment after you finish speaking you hear footsteps break the silence. Works every time.

A man in a black suit approaches another man in a shirt and tie with his face obscured by a book. He reaches his destination as smoke begins to billow around the reading man's head. The unassuming man in black moves slowly and appears unhurried as he positions a hand into for a handshake. He coughs into his other hand, once, and then utters a single sentence. "Hello sir, I'm with the government and I'm here to help."

The man in the shirt and tie closes the book sharply and spits a half smoked cigarette out onto the concrete floor. He calmly replies. "I am the government." Then draws a concealed handgun and uses both hands to level it at the first man's face. "How can I help you sir?" The book hits the ground.

>Hire a mercenary from the crowd.
>Survey the situation. (looking for what?)
>Wait to see how this plays out while talking to Claire.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You think when I make second thread, if I write a good summary of this one, I'll get some more players?

I have no problem writing for one, appreciate you.

I just can't help but wonder if my original prose in the first few posts is making people avoid this, or if I just suck at this.

Also, nice roll.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>Try to hack it completely.


There's another

I think there will be an uptick, unfortunately for original ideas and settings a lot of /qst/er's don't like to stick around and figure things out as it moves along, or they just follow QM's who's name they recognize. I've seen a few very good quests get the same chilly reception but if you stick with it and have a good idea it should pick up
"You have this Claire. I've always believed in you, even if I can be harsh at times. I believe in you one-hundred percent."

"I've got this." She places her tablet on the floor putting it in full holo-mode. A projection fills her view, thin laser lines targeting her fingers. She flies into a flurry of activity like you've never seen before; typing, switching windows, voice commands with barely a moment of pause.

You may have an amplifier implant in your inner ear, but she has retina implants. Lines of code fly past at speeds you cannot keep up with at all. Less than a minute thirty left when she began, it feels like several minutes have passed.

"I trust you too, Mike." You reach over to take the carbine from her belt, switching her handgun to your bad arm.

"You have failed to comply. You will be made to comply." The android is no longer still. In the blink of an eye its in position to snatch the tablet.

You fire the carbine, the round impacting the A.I. right between its glowing blue eyes. Its body spins.

"Hostile detected, re-prioritizing." It lunges at you mid sentence, you've already gained some distance in the short time you had.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you everyone who voted for putting up with me.

I would love any constructive criticism or advice.

If anyone has any, I'd love to hear any thoughts or questions.

The world seems fascinating and as I said up >>1497780 that unfortunately might be why people didn't jump in, I would imagine people are more comfortable with the universes they already know the rules to, which is understandable. I wouldn't say you have to change it, I like new universes and being a bit of a fish out of water with it all.

I am looking forward to learning and picking up more as time goes on.

I think you've got a strong handle of characterization and I also don't mind the walls of text, though the improved formatting did help with reading.

What is the structure of the city we're in, is it a city-state or part of a larger Nation?

Are you new to /qst/? Have you read any other quests here?

File: GCQ26.png (409 KB, 1125x1143)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Time is a slippery mistress and never more so than within the realm of dreams. Perhaps it’s because the mind treads more lightly in that quiet darkness, a less critical eye turned over a myriad of passing fantasies than what we reserve for what we deem reality. Curious then where that would leave the seer, for whom those things are often one and the same, young Cici’s mind’s eye turning rapidly through a dozen different scenes most likely in-between, her mind filling with images even as her body lay there wrapped in darkness.

That is: a darkness composed of dark feathers and the black, rubbery eyestalks of a certain beholder to be precise, the young gorgon flanked to either side by friends that were more like family as all three snore peacefully through the night and the voices turn pages in the other room. Cassandra, the matron of the household, had also gone to sleep sometime earlier, more or less falling on the wide mattress she called a bed and passing out within seconds rather than going through the motions of sliding beneath her sheets. Over the weeks, that had seemed to be the case more often than not, the life of a baroness taking its toll more-and-more even without the added stress of taking care of three children.

Still, she never offered any direct complaint for her lot as concerned her private life, nor did she likely have any to vocalize. No, best to save those for the next time the city council suggest she remarry a man twice her age for political influence. Still, as she dreams of no doubt simpler times, the voices find her daughter’s subconscious a source of unmitigable distraction, the pages of their reading often forgotten as images flow from her mental space into theirs.
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And they have a magic mirror, bad magic, please break it!

I never knew of a magic mirror that didn't cause disgrace.

[“I see…”] All things considered, Queen Ashana doesn’t seem terribly surprised by the news. [“Well, they were bound to come sooner or later, weren’t they? Let’s just hope these lessons don’t prove too practical.”]

With a smile, she then turns to Cici.

“So, you wanted to learn to fly, then?”

“Uh-huh!” Cici nods. “I don’t wanna be scared of falling out of the tree again…”

“I see! Well then, we’ll start with baby steps. Sans the fear, I’m sure you’ll find it easier than you suspected.”

[“And for you.”] She speaks to the bracer as her arms wave and the mana twists and swirls. [“I’d ask that you attempt to remember the shape of the magic I’m about to cast on her. Feel it through the extension of her senses she provides you and etch it into your memory. After all, if we’re going to be dealing with the issues that are to come, Cici isn’t the only one who should be learning new things and trying to improve.”]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Rolled 19 (1d100)


File: Majestic_Dragon.jpg (702 KB, 2560x1600)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
Welcome to the start of Quest in the Lost realms of Aysis.

To begin let's get in a name gender and backstory.
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"No I haven't. I have no memory of anything from my past."
>Shrug and brace for impact.
Name: Goramesh
Sex: Male
Background: An Inquistor of Shax, one of the many demon lords. Goramesh is at the point where he'll take the next step.
Apologize Thomas and get off him.
Randy tries to Carry Providence in his arms with him as he gets off Thomas so he can put her down, standing up. No way Randy was going to let such a wonderful women like Providence get her clothes dirty.

Randy Shows away his rifle and checks around outside the Alley.

"Huh... umm...
Ok everyone. Listen up.
We'll meet here at sunset. We'll split. Best stay together. As in, later, that is"

Go find the resident blacksmith after further conversation.

File: 14.png (15 KB, 800x500)
15 KB
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1461953/

Pretty sure you did that wrong. I said a D3 AND a D8 not a D3 + 1...
Eh. Whatever. I should just simplify it to 1D10 anyway. Gonna roll for you for now.

You... huh. A monster girl harem? You dunno about that...

You have no idea how to get back to your clothing. At this point, it was probably faded from existence due to the natural magic of the forest.

1/2. Next post will be up in about a minute or two.
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Nah, I'd prefer clicker as in those zombies from The Last of Us

It's alright, I was new a few weeks ago anyway. Learned many things from this places' inhabitants. A thread is essentially where I'm posting right now. This thread is located in a "board" called Quests, or /qst/ for short. We can't tell if you made a new thread or not due to 4chan's ability to keep us relatively anonymous, so posting things like "moving to a new thread" or "taking a break, please wait" can help people tell if they should stay on and wait for replies, move to new threads, etc.

I agree, but we're already going in for a bite. It'd probably waste less time to finish this attack rather than start a new one...
I just realized, why is this quest called "sum of your parts"? I don't get it...
Try doing one or the other, but make it so we cut it's neck in half so we have it's "hammer head" as a weapon
Realized an error after rereading >>1492317
Let's >>1494186 in a way so that it will turn its head and neck into a weapon...
Op? You there?

File: op.png (25 KB, 250x245)
25 KB
This is a thread created for the discussion of Quest threads.
It also used to be a place to share advice and guidance for aspiring or current QM's.

Please do (not) shitpost, and please report any shit posters attempting to derail discussion or cause strife. This means you, as you can't be anything else since you are posting in this thread.

Useful links: http://pastebin.com/u5xPbk6w
This link contains numerous writing guides, general advice, and various quest tools and communities. It should also say to stay away from /qst/ but doesn't for some reason.

These are two directories containing the tweets of many current QM's. While a twitter is by no means mandatory, it is a useful tool for both you and your players. To get added to the second list, tweet @tgQuestList. Spamming tweets unrelated to your quest may result in its removal. Enjoy being cyberstalked!

IRC Channels:
[The Cabal] #QMC @ Rizon.net (slightly related to quests; enjoys worldbuilding, mechanics, and politics)
[Hugbox] #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net (barely related to quests; enjoys Larro quests and anima)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That said, yeah it's slower, but more on the QMs side than the players. Thing is, it's accepted and expected, so you won't shed players nearly as quick even if you take, like weeks to update. If the quest is good/entertaining, anyway.
Starcaller is live:
tgchan is populated by furries, and lots of them. Slow is an understatement, it can take days to get a single reply.

Oh, and the "well thought out replies" are of the format:
>"do this and this and this and if they do x then we'll actually do y and then z, so that way we can't ever lose"
Fucking hate those types of replies. I liked to fuck with them by having something come up that completely busts their overly detailed bullshit plan.
It's born of fear. When I play a Quest, I enjoying being a small piece of a big puzzle. Trying to out think every possible problem is dull IMO

File: Title Card.jpg (678 KB, 2000x1601)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
You are Allen Starwind, a starship captain and veteran of the Great Interstellar War. Your starship is old, yet (mostly) reliable, and you must take on jobs in order to bring in enough cash to keep it flying. Last time, you did some stuff on Mars, headed to Earth, and agreed to a request from the newest member of your crew. Good luck, and fair skies.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZapQM
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Starcaller
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cool, soon then?
It isn't a particularly eventful drive. After about half an hour or so, the snow stops falling. However, you do notice that it's getting darker outside. It's strange how being in space for so long plays with your internal clock, it doesn't feel like the evening to you.

Eventually the car pulls off of the highway and onto a country road. "We're about ten minutes away," Samantha says cheerfully. Despite being several hundred miles away, you can't help but notice how similar this place looks to where you grew up. Of course, the winters were far worse in Fargo, but you figure that only makes sense.

"So what kind of place is it?" Cynthia looks up from the tablet.

"It's an old farm house," Samantha replies. "Been in the family forever. I think my great-great grandfather bought it." She shrugs. "You could always ask when we get there. My dad is really into our family's history."

As the sun finally dips over the horizon, the silhouette of a house appears in the distance. You begin to make it out as the car gets closer. It is an old, brick construction with an attached garage.

"Is this the place?" You raise an eyebrow as the SUV turns into the driveway and stops. It doesn't look like it's been lived in much over the last two years or so. The masonry is decrepit, the eave troughs look like they're about to fall off, and the place clearly needs a new roof. Badly.

"Yeah..." Samantha frowns, opening the driver's side door. "But dad would never let this place go like this... Something's wrong."

>"Could the house have gotten sold?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>"Stay here. I'm going to take a look around this place. We could be walking into a bad situation."
>"Stay here. I'm going to take a look around this place. We could be walking into a bad situation."

Veteran Paranoia strikes again
>"Stay here. I'm going to take a look around this place. We could be walking into a bad situation."

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