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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

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File: Knight3.jpg (24 KB, 300x450)
24 KB
Knights And Shit Edition
Galactic Federation is a freeformish RP where you create your own civilization and you mess around with other civilizations and have adventures with the ambassador of your race and occasionally do wars as well.Feel free to jump in at any time just listen to group consensus and try not to be too OP and anyone is welcome to join.
The setting: An alternate reality where the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies collided in the far past.Many races have arisen in this collision with some from different galaxies,alternate dimensions and even from earlier times.They all interact on Trojan the meeting place of the Galactic Federation:an organization for all races to meet and to keep peace in the galaxy.
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File: Royal guard.jpg (189 KB, 1067x1920)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I'm afraid our border is closed, like always, for most anyways. And our problems are not unusual for us, but burying the hatchet is tempting.
Well, we are nothing if not hospitable, please, wait in the lounge
>He and the guards leave them in what seems to be a recreational room, but they are all still watched by guards
>Belaniran embassy is empty, lacking even its usual van, just an overgrown field where the building is supposed to be with knick knacks here and there along the fence, although there is a note near the mailbox
"Karl, good to hear you. Is that gunfire in the background?"
"Well perhaps we can do something to change your mind over a meal of some sort. "
>He says this as the door is closed on his face and looks over at his fellow diplomats
"You and I both know that there is both profit to be made and new cultures to be contacted here. We must convince them that we are here peacefully or at least convince them to let us pass. Also did you look at his armor? Looks like he's important in the grand scheme of things."
"Markon I think you may have intercepted the Vox signals of one of our battle groups engaged with the Ploraxians. Dreadful stuff I say. But we are currently fine. Well trapped aboard a massive dreadnought but other than that fine. Would you like to join us?"
Well he is an Earl, he's one of the Baron Bergins' trusted vassals and helps him oversee the Gate of Sta- I mean Fire
>Narg and Garry meanwhile walk to one of the vending machines, looking around
>Meanwhile the crew on the lounge are watching tv, suspiciously eyeing the ambassadors

You are Finneas, the new Overlord of [r]Undermountain[/r]. Well a new Overlord of [r]Undermountain[/r] as there seems to be several of you around here, all living in a slightly anarchic society, with plenty of freelance monsters. The work to save this world is cut out for this overlord.
Last time, our lich have chekced on the local market, and hired a washed-up shapeshifter, for HR (or MR) purposes. After that he have witnessed a light skirmish, that have been stopped short by an avian samaritan, and the ill-tempered guardian of the Bazaar.

After the little crowd have dispersed, the birdman moves back into one of the shops, and the lich follows. The walls are lined with different curios, big and small. Quite orderly compared to the old rat inventor’s shack, but it would still require a little field knowledge to locate something. At least the parchments, inks, crystals, and bigger items are separated, and are not in one pile.
On the side, the birdman gets busy.
“Hello” Finneas tried to get his attention
“Oh, hello” he turned around with happy eagerness in his vocie. However seeing that a living skeleton is his a customer, he put on a more reserved approach “welcome to Huloh’s Emporium. What can I do for you?”
“Oh I was just looking around.” the lich was glancing around trying to look casual “Do you happen to have some works on… [g]green[/g] mana?” he blurted thinking back on the fight between the treant and the werewolf.
“Oh sure” Huloh said with ill-concealed surprise in his voice and starts to broswe a manuscript “Uhh we have Life and Light: Energies to tend your Garden, Green and Mean: Poison growth, Start your Own Garden 101, and some works that I’d imagine mention it, but nothing specialist.”
“Would you happen to know anything similar to the techniques that dryad used before? You know on that fight with the werewolf”
“I.. can’t say I’ve seen much of it” the avian contemplates “but knowing the plant people, Life and Light or Green and Mean might have what you are looking for. But you know it is hard to fully copy the natural abilities of creatures with mana, so there is no guarantee.”
“Thank you, it was quite nice of you to help those two out”
“Oh you know how it is, some idiots cause some ruckus, and the next thing you know the wyern dropped a steaming pile of acid in their direction, and you can kiss goodbye to half your stock, or maye your entrance. So anyways, what will it be?”

>A) Buy a book

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Meta stuff
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/xccv9wsU
Domain Sheet: https://pastebin.com/TkEi099a
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OverQM
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=overmaster
Buy a book or two, fish for gossip

File: XCOM TROOPER QUEST OP 1.png (607 KB, 1600x900)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
Barracks, XCOM HQ, North America

“You know what they’re doing reminds me of to the new guys? Like Dodgeball.”

You know what? Sweet has a good point. What you are seeing is, in fact, what would happen in Middle School dodgeball. A number of highly trained special forces soldiers, the kids, lined up at a wall while the other squad leaders pick and choose. You expected there’d be more coordination or procedure in what you’re seeing, there isn’t. The other squad leaders are making a show about it too, much to the amusement of the other veteran troopers as each of the new soldiers are picked.

Today’s a big day for most of XCOM’s soldiers. A new batch of Rookies have arrived at XCOM HQ.

You, Sweet, and Harita watch the scene unfold from the bar as passive spectators. If it wasn’t for the fact you have a full squad, you’d be right up there with Jimmy and the others. Which is… certainly something.

A few days have passed since your chat with Peppermint, and not much of note has happened. You’ve been recovering, chatting with your squadmembers, and keeping an ear to the ground on the current war effort and what’s going on in America. You’ve finally been cleared for longer periods of free time out of Medical, but given your unique predicament the doctors are insisting on keeping a close eye on you until you’re given the OK for active duty again. Joy.

You munch away on a peanut as some of the other Squad Leaders an argument over who gets the last trooper standing at the wall. Or more specifically, who's the unfortunate squad to get the leftovers. The remaining soldier, a clearly irritated Polish GROM operative, is not particularly pleased at being called it openly.

“This is all rather… demeaning to the Rookies.” Harita frowns.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Other (TN ???)
Find out who MIN is.
I bet it was peppermint
Yeah, it's Peppermint.
>>Try and beat MIN's highscore. (TN 75)
>tfw almost caught up in the archives
>tfw don't want to catch up because then I have to wait for updates like everyone else

File: Fish.png (41 KB, 250x250)
41 KB
File: IMG_7388.jpg (197 KB, 640x480)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
File: IMG_7389.jpg (205 KB, 640x480)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
File: IMG_7390.jpg (141 KB, 640x480)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: IMG_7391.jpg (171 KB, 640x480)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
File: IMG_7392.jpg (147 KB, 640x480)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

File: breaking-news.png (937 KB, 1280x720)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
The mission today, if you choose to accept it, (and you do if you want to get paid) is to "diplomatically acquire" a Lar'shi'vre Class Starship in System. Our Diplomats will attempt to barter with the Tau for the Starship. If the price is too high, or the tau are unwilling to negotiate, we will be forced to find other ways of getting the ship, for the Glory of The Imperium.
The planet we are arriving on is not the most..."Hospitable" but we are men and women of honor, glory, and greed "ambition" their planetary base is in the hospitable wastelands. Surrounding the wasteland are deadly swamps, and bordering those, a mountain. This Frozen Hell Hole is known for mining minerals like iron, and copper and the like. We are not here for that. We cannot risk being outwardly hostile to these Tau. They come in numbers too great to fight on their turf. However i’m certain™ that our Macro Cannons can wipe the ship out before you can say “Please Emperor save me their firing on the ship that we’re on”
Now, I'm for one certain that we can safely bargain for the ship, and build greater relations with the Tau as a species.
Time is ticking boys. The Emperor Protects.

>What is this?
This is a Free-form roleplay set in the grim darkness of the far future of Warhammer 40,000. It follows the (often times) heretical adventures of a Regiment of Imperial guardsmen which have been forced to work for the Inquistion, recovering artifacts, fighting Xenos and chaos forces, and attempting to keep themselves from being executed by the nearest Commissar for heresy.

>When do you guys make these threads?
Usually Saturdays at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time. Although we'll often make a new thread throughout the week, if we hit the bump limit early on

>Can I join in?
Sure, just think of a character and have fun! So long as such a character isn't considered over powered or unrealistic (I.e. a Tyranid, a Tyranid's brain inside the body of a Mechanicus magos, or something that wouldn't realistically be assigned to a penal regiment)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>upon retrieving her equipment, walks into a back alley near the ship.
>takes out a grapnel, and launches it towards the roof of a building, and pulls herself up.
>takes up perch on the roof, covering herself in her cameleoline cloak, blending into the rooftop as she aims down the alleyway.
>makes a call over the secure channel.
"Got a nice escape route through a back alley secured, just in case we need it. Wouldn't want the 'fans' to get too enthusiastic and accidentally hurt their precious idol, after all."
Rolled 89 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

> The soft thump and roar of music can be heard faintly over his microbead
Got it covered as well. Watching the area on Auspex for any anomalies we can't see.
> Auspex roll
"The threat can and should be assumed everywhere. We are not on an Imperial world so do lot let your guard down for a second."
>you hear the paranoia spewing from her words
>he nods
"Understood ma'am"
> he concentrates on the idol and their surroundings
"What would a performance like that require?"
>he sounds rather uncertain
>"i am a Guerrilla fighter, not a guerrilla musician."
>keep guard up despite this

File: CROD.png (1.03 MB, 768x1024)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Second Lt. Julius Graham, Time Unknown, Date Unknown, Location Unknown:

"Ughh... My head hurts like a motherf-"

"Spare us such profanities in a holy place like this, Mr. Graham."


You find yourself awake in some sort of... church, tied up and lying on the floor. Before now you're pretty sure you were laying siege to the damn Japs in the archipelagos. The memories of mortar fires and bombardments still rings fresh within the nooks and cranny of your brain. Now... now you're waking up in god knows where surrounded by creepy dudes dressed in funny religious outfits.

"Take your time to recollect yourself Mr. Graham. You'll need it. God have plans for you."

"Now I don't know who the hell you think you are, but if you think you can just drag me to the middle of nowhere and tell me what to do, you're dead wrong buddy. Untie me before I-"

"Before you WHAT, Mr. Graham? Might I remind you that if it were not for us, you'd be bleeding out in a ditch right about now. You were given priority in medical treatment on the field because of our machinations.", the skinny looking man who had been conversing with you up until now said as he cuts you off mid sentence.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 88 (1d100)

Outta this house! OUTTA THIS HOUSE!

"Mr. Graham! The whip!", Lucille shouted, his speech labored by the damage he just sustained.

Through a feat of greater willpower, you leapt out of the way before the monster's talons can rend your body asunder. A hail of bullets was sprayed by the remaining men under Lucille. Powerful as it is, the pain of being shot cause it to reel, and then slinking into the dark crevices of the church. Grabbing the sack containing the item you coveted, you pulled out the whip. It shone beautifully in a glow of silver under moonlight. Holding it, a sense of familiarity seeps through your nerves. It is as i you were meant to wield this weapon. No doubt, human or not, being hit by this metal whip will cause massive damage.

The spray of bullets was put on a halt when the men's rifle clips were exhausted. Knowing that its preys had shown a moment of weakness, the bat-like monster once again performed the attacks it did just now that eviscerated its first victim. Propelling in great speed, though not as powerful, it managed to took hold of one of the gunman, dragging his body across the church floor. He screamed in agony as he's torn to pieces limb by limb. Effortlessly, chunks of meat flies off the man's soon dead body, such is the unholy strength of the beast.

"Hey! Over here, ugly!"

You taunted the beast to buy some time for Lucille's men. The monster took up your challenge, sprinting your way without hesitation. You readied your whip to fight this abomination. It takes some time getting used to, but soon the whip starts dancing as nimble as a predatory serpent around its prey. Each time the whip lands on the monster, its hide singes, burning a straight trail where it hits. The monster's agility is useless against a weapon that covers such wide area. It can now only try to protect its vitals from further damage. Soon, it lies on the floor, powerless to even strike at you, mewling like a ran over dog.

"Finish him!", Lucille shouted.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

You peer out of the window of the truck you're in. Lucille's words still rings true in your head, and the the incident that happened only a few weeks ago still comes into mind from time to time. In a short period of time, you were exposed to a whole new world you never knew existed.

"Your true name is Julius Belmont. One of the now few heir of the Belmont clan. A clan of vampire hunters. For centuries your ancestors have fought the dark lord Dracula and his minions from destroying humanity, taking his castle with him each time he died. The demonic castle of Dracula once again rises, and we fear its owner had done the same. Your father, Joseph Belmont was killed a few months ago. He was a friend of mine, and I took an oath in front of him. That I would guide his son to be a vampire killer, same as his ancestors had been.

Your ancestors used an heirloom called the Vampire Killer, a holy whip that is said could eviscerate lesser creature of the night with but a swing. Sadly, the whip you're wielding is but a meager imitation, but quite powerful nonetheless, its creation sanctioned by the Pope himself.

Currently, the truck is headed into German territory. The castle of Dracula had risen in a forest close to the German-Italy border. Said castle's existence was of course hidden from public eye by the German government. Vatican intel tells of SS officers and soldiers doing who knows what around the area. That'll make your job harder for sure, but you'll be accompanied by Vatican enforcers who are skilled in subterfuge and combat as well. Along the way, you doubt whether you'd be able to fulfill this monumental of a task, unprepared and underequipped as you are, but you've been in the most horrible of battlefield and survived. Surely no horrors or obstacle would best a veteran such as you... would it?


The truck carrying you and your compatriots was stopped by border control. The presence of extra SS soldiers here truly cemented any suspicion that the Krauts are sneaking around this area. The driver was stopped by the roadside. The border guards demanded for papers to pass the borders. Of course, the driver complied, that is. Weirdly, even after doing that, the soldiers demanded that all of the passengers to come out for inspection.

Something is definitely not right here. All of your allies present here including you had a small firearm hidden within their persons. The Krauts are getting suspiciously chatty with each other, too bad you can't speak German. Still, you must decide what's the next course of action here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Launch a surprise attack on the soldiers
>Launch a surprise attack on the soldiers
Let's trust our gut instinct

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OPv2.png (514 KB, 584x732)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
You are Inari Riku, a shinigami possessing the rank of Captain and a living shintai to one-third of the great kami Inari. Awakened after several centuries of dormancy, you now face the task for which you have long been preparing: the defeat of the traitor Aizen Sōsuke.

“Thank you,” you bow slightly to Inari, acknowledging her key role in your nearly-miraculous revival. “Without your assistance in this plot of mine, who can say what my presence in the past could have changed?”

“There is one god who might be able to do just that,” the fox-tailed goddess admits candidly, “however I cannot advise speaking with him on the subject. I for one find conversation with him to be...”

“Boding?” you offer.

“Horrifying,” Inari corrects you. “He sometimes forgets what time 'now' is, and begins inadvertently speaking of the past or future as though it is the present. And for him, I have always suspected those things are truly interchangeable.”

“That is.... disturbing,” you agree. “Then I suppose we were never meant to know. So long as our plan worked that will have to suffice.”

“I believe you will find things precisely as you left them,” Inari informs you cheerfully. “I was keeping track for quite a long while.”

“Good,” you nod in approval. “Aizen still turned traitor, and Yoruichi is still my wife?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 9, 2, 9 = 20 (3d10)

they may call, I'll never answer
Rolled 2, 1, 3 = 6 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 2, 2 = 10 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 5, 8 = 20 (3d10)

Why can't we roll any higher? we keep on scooting by with 20s and what not.

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (502 KB, 1500x914)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, ranked seventh in the Organization, and you've settled into the capital city of your assigned region of Cuilan. Tarskavaig is a small city built high in the mountains, smelling of goat shit and sustained mostly by its mines. But the Inquisition, a religious faction based out of the south that has begun picking fights with the Organization, has apparently taken an interest in one of the mines here.

So while you're waiting for your handler Tomas to find you here, it makes sense to do some digging of your own into the situation.

“I have heard rumors of course,” you admit to Lord Annemas, the man in charge of the city of Tarskavaig. “To the effect that something was awakened down there.”

“And what is your stake in this?” Lord Annemas asks sternly. “For those southern zealots it was clear that they were after gold, which was certainly found in the old mines. The deal they offered was to give us all the mineral wealth aside from the gold which they sought.”

“That sounds like a fair trade,” you admit. “But my interest is in the reason why you refused their deal.”

“And what interest do you have in those old stories?” the Lord demands.

“There are only two kinds of monsters in this world, so far as I am aware,” you explain. “Humans, and yōma. Of the two, I consider one a more likely culprit.”

“You believe there are yōma hiding in the deep mines?” Lord Annemas asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>3d10, best of three
Rolled 7, 8, 10 = 25 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 10, 4 = 24 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 4, 6 = 18 (3d10)


ASOIAF Reincarnation Quest: A Male Powder Fantasy, Thread #20

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/RsQUNkkx
Future Updates and Shitposts (mainly the latter): https://discord.gg/H4z8wcy
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=powder+fantasy
Feudal Assets: https://pastebin.com/AGjdBv9w

12th month of 289 AC

Armament – Pair of Flintlock pistols, an Imperial Sabre, Mastercrafted Flintlock Rifle
Protection – Commissar's Uniform with a Proofed Breastplate
Treasury - 2238 Gold Dragons

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Just shut up and let him decide

Ned is the boss
>>Tell him Lord Cerwyn deserves the title over you
"While it is true my weapons work to enhance any warrior, it is the man that wields it that needs to be skilled. Lord Cerwyn is that most skilled of hunters."

Have someone deal with our pelts so they are presentable (have a wedding gift done, maybe a bear coat? boots?), also ask Luwyn about whether we/he could have a crier spread the word we are looking for upstanding men in our demense. Work aplenty etc. Basically start trading Wealth for Pop mechanics wise.
Oh, and ask Ned if we could have some more land near us pretty please and what it would cost us (add to gunpowder shipments ideally).
>Tell him Lord Cerwyn deserves the title over you
>I brought the guns, he brought the skill.
Give Cerwyn a gun as a gift and it pretty much solidifies him as Master of the Hunt.
It would take a lot more time for us to learn said necessary skills.
I doubt Ned can give us land. We're a vassal of the Manderly's who are in turn a vassal of the Starks. Technically we can be considered outside of his direct control. Also we just got 5000 GD off the lad, let him rest.

>Give Cerwyn a gun as a gift and it pretty much solidifies him as Master of the Hunt.
He's going to order one, don't. Given he'd probably want a really nice one we can get a good commission on it.

Eleven years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza’s army. Since that fateful day, the Saiyans have earned the title of warrior race as Freeza’s soldiers, leading the charge onto hundreds of worlds and facing down all who oppose Lord Freeza’s rule. As mighty conquerors crushing all resistance, the Saiyans have earned their reputation as Freeza’s most powerful subjects. The larger than life tales of the Saiyans, and especially the Super Saiyans, have spread to most every corner of the universe now. With the Covenant’s failed 30,000-warship siege of New Salda televised live across much the civilized universe, as well as your family’s feats in Dreadzone, most everyone now knows the names of your family and what all you can do.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 742. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan with a base powerlevel of 1,327,000, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, mate to Meloka, father of five, chosen champion of New Salda, wielder of the Stand Dragon Force, an idol to the other Saiyans and the rest of the PTO, and a household name across the civilized universe.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn
[DRAGON FORCE]: https://pastebin.com/A3nV1kqD
Powerlevels: https://pastebin.com/vPb0wswN
Archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Saiyan+Conqueror+Quest

Quest rules:
>20 minute vote, 3 votes minimum
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>A 99 may net you an extra bonus on a roll
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a 1 is rolled and no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
591 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Magic is bullshit, and ignores most if not all the rules you will be bound to.

So clearly we need to learn magic somehow then, so that we may become even more overpowered.
This goes back around to why [Dragon Force] is weak on the stand scale. The more definition a stand has, the weaker it is. If Dragon Force's ability was just "Piercing" then it'd be a top tier stand.
Currently Karn's in the same position as DIO, the user is really strong and the stand has one really good ability that the user being strong can capitalize on, but it's far from some of the shit the less defined Stands can do.
Thats why it lets us damage ANYTHING we hit with it. Such as pussy as gods and a goddess. And Boy's that have no business talking to our baby girl, even if she is a grown woman.
Can we become best buds with Dumplin?
It's the only way we can defeat the time loli.
Two family men joining forces against the powers that be.
Karn will have to work on his danny devito impression, though.

You tap the hull with butt of your bolter rifle to tell the driver to start up the tank, you quickly give orders over the vox to Sergeant Carnes to have his tank take point, while the other two tanks in the squadron form up single file behind the Iron Maiden, after a few moments the tanks all rev up and get in line to begin moving down the narrow cleared path through the forest towards the cluster of Xanthian villages, where their warriors are assembling under a powerful war-chief……

You order the vehicles to stop as they reach an impasse, it seems the natives have cut down several large trees and blocked the already narrow forest road the squadron was taking…

You call over the Vox, to calling for several support vehicles to clear the path….
The tank column relaxes as it will take several minutes for the support vehicles to get here and the airborne forces are waiting on standby to launch their attack on the village…

You are checking in with the crew when your enhanced audio sensors pick up the sounds of muffled movement….

You activate your thermal vision, and can see the shapes of hundreds of Xanthian warriors hiding on either side of the road!

“Gunner, 90 degrees right, load fragmentation round, fire when ready” “Sergeant Carnes!, cover the right while, the rest of the squadron covers left!”

The whole tank, shifts leftward for a moment as the massive vanquisher cannon fires into the native horde……

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As far as the Xanthians are concerned there are several plans to make use of them in support of the new colony, or they can simply be wiped out now, as your men are still keeping a large number of them in captivity.....

A. Keep them as an underclass of slaves, performing menial labor for the colony, with the most violent and dangerous sent to the mines, while more loyal and docile xenos would be permitted to serve as farm laborers or house servants in the new colony. This will improve your support with Creceans, as they can live as a new lordly class on Xanthia.(+3 TU/year for as long as the colony maintains this arrangement)
B. Keep them in the mines, until they have been worked to death(+5 TU/year for 5 years)
C. Purge all the Xenos on the planet
D. Other(Write-in)
>B. Keep them in the mines, until they have been worked to death(+5 TU/year for 5 years)
>C. Purge all the Xenos on the planet
B. Keep them in the mines, until they have been worked to death(+5 TU/year for 5 years)
>B. Keep them in the mines, until they have been worked to death(+5 TU/year for 5 years)

File: 1401819142728.png (3.01 MB, 1383x3633)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB PNG
Alright time for a brand new civ thread

Pick race from one of the following
> Human
> Dark elf
> Orc
> Halfling

And pick location
> Plains
> Forest
> Hills
> Mountains
> Desert

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Would like to have the menial portions of Clan Thamior begin outfitting all of our soldiers and leaders with up-to-date iron weapons and armor. If we have enough ore and time after, begin stockpiling simple weapons and armor for the militia.

I'm fine with this list. Could use a clan that specializes in warriors.
Yes for our next move after increasing food production, we should raise a company of warriors from each of the 7 clans, and have them train under our best troops, They will serve as each clans army but will join together to fight powerful hostile threats
Clan name: Venor
Matriarch name- Justinia
House Master name- Korina
Fluff: The most martial of the Clans, most of the weight of their clans influence came from its large numbers of skilled and veteran warriors. While considered to be a diciplined and productive clan, they do not share their quality craftsmenship with other clans, and mostly keep to themselves outside of wartimes

Known most for their deadly archers, mounted on the backs of giant spiders, harrassing the enemy, until they are distracted of weakened and then use the spiders deadly bite and powerful legs to crush any foe...

2. Thamior:
3. Venor
4. Mal'ek
5. Beltuzaur
6. Derenta

We have the Derenta that specialized in Drillmasters/swordsmanship, but if that is not enough/doesnt hit the spot, why not make "elite guardsman" the assets of house Venor?

I saved all the clan fluff in a google docs, just in case this goes somewhere
I figured with a potential secondary in craftsmenship, that the Venor clans focus is on equipping and training elite troops, and later on possibly raise regiments of special elite troops, like Spider Cataphracts, Spider Lancers, Rangers, Spellsword infantry troops

File: CHP2.png (33 KB, 427x427)
33 KB

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Hikikomori%20Quest
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Tell him you have no idea what's going on and ask him for an exposition dump. (Just like in your animes!)
>I dunno lol? He popped out of my head yesterday and then you showed up.
File: hikikomoriquest41.png (36 KB, 520x339)
36 KB

>What the hell is a construct

"U-uhm.. what's a Construct..?" You smile nervously at the kid. "Oh, and I'm.. BL+Lover. And th-this is, Twink Daddy."

"I don't mean what your name is, jackass, I kno-" The boy blinked. "-You don't even know what a Construct is..? You got number one without even trying to make one? Did you even the check the website? Do you know what the UCA is..? God, are you.. " Blitzrapier looks at your stupid face and quickly determines that you aren't playing dumb. His fists clenched, he puts his school bag up to his face and screams into it for a second. Pulling it back, his lips are tightened.

"Alright, look- I don't care or whatever that I lost. Not anymore. I'm stuck at rank 11 now. I get it. I wasn't.. good enough to beat you." He lowers his voice at the last part, running a hand through his hair. "But I don't wanna have gotten my ass kicked by someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're even doing. So.." Phorcys glances to the table. "Try to listen closely."

"So, according to my helmet, your Construct popped up some time around.. Saturday morning. Really, really early morning. Bet you were getting fucked up, right?" He glances at the cans littering the table. "Do you remember anything that happening that morning? Like, weird. You must, considering your life seems pretty fucking boring already." He waves to the anime postered room.

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Check out the website that Blitzrapier talked about
Get a hot under the collar about the idea of getting brain pregnate by anime bois

File: Lilian.jpg (143 KB, 779x1100)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

YOU'RE KARRIGAN, THE SAVAGE BEAUTY! A warrior in your youth, now the favorite wife of a mighty hunter and the mother of five children! Last time you managed to navigate past your husband's insane libido long enough to bathe and get dressed while he plays with his concubine Lilian, a woman who lacks your strength, stamina and charisma but rivals your beauty with a lush, curvaceous figure that comes close to snapping necks, let alone turning heads.


STR: 2
STA: 2
DEX: 5



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>"Can you even fire a bow Edin?"
You don't fire or shoot bows

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