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File: torrent guide.jpg (1.36 MB, 2400x1771)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Welcome to /t/orrents. Reminder ALL requests belong in >>>/r/

Beginners tl;dr Guide for Torrenting:
There are a lot of clients to choose from, here's a couple: Deluge, BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze.

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File: pirate.png (907 KB, 1024x1280)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
The Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fXnpobbx_Il5fAvTwe1RVDoaEcP9TWm0YJRRHnNY7QA/edit
If you want to request a game Ctrl-F search the doc and the thread for it.
Remember to seed
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i am looking for safe, and easy to install version of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Complete edition workable on windows 10, preferrably with mods. I dl-ed some on pirate bay, and it infected my PC with gibberish portuguese. I'm traumatized.

Belle Delphine Collection: videos, pics and snapchat


its most of her content as of date, will update the torrent in the future to add more.
also check my last torrent with some of amourants cringy patreon stuff:

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and last one. they were deleted from her insta

old Halloween: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:nzu4mbpnpuutroxjojs7ziypencmm4yr&dn=mp3%20Halloween

Megas XLR OST: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:nwood232y2vh4vujd4uxa364hkmtrton&dn=Megas%20XLR
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I know this is a bit obscure but does anyone have ichika's first album: a bell is not a bell?

File: hqdefault[1].jpg (6 KB, 480x360)
6 KB
A torrent with a very large selection of USA PS2 ISOs. I dont know if its a complete collection, but the fucking thing is 2.6 terabytes, so it must be close.

The magic part: With a "FCMB memory card" from ebay for a few dollars you can softmod nearly any PS2 (except the very last slim models) completely reversibly (card in = modded, card out = back to normal) and with 'open ps2 loader' on the card you can boot disc ISOs from a network SMB share, no more burning discs, just download and go.

Remember, you can just pick the ISOs you want to download in your torrent client, you dont have to get the whole thing, but please seed the same amount back at least.

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OP here (believe it or not its really me and i posted the thread over a year ago and its still here wew)

You a real nigga my dude.

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
*Video games OST thread*

>Touhou lossless music collection
audio files are .tta (True Audio codec)

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Does anybody have the Xenoblade Chronicles OST?

File: SO.jpg (95 KB, 680x1000)
95 KB

Stargate Origins, the featurelength pilot for a possible new Stargate series. 1080p HD quality.

also, Stargate thread

File: 1550088558235s.jpg (3 KB, 125x83)
3 KB
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It's finished. Check the mega

File: best-porn-horror-2.jpg (55 KB, 526x295)
55 KB

Other thread died, seed what you can please


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anyone has the link to the old thread ?

File: Abby_GravMass.png (649 KB, 572x895)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>825628
All torrents from previous threads with trackers and a few other things, near 25 trackers actually works (lolwut there was seriously a .local tracker) (please seed): https://pastebin.com/raw/28Fsw8SV
All MEGA links from previous threads (+ a few Megadrive and Google Drive): https://pastebin.com/vJr0GJ1S
All software from previous threads: https://pastebin.com/CTxDMNnh
Torrents that may or may not be in the pastebin: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5248621
Dead MEGA links from previous threads (please reupload if you have them): https://pastebin.com/hYiqbu9H

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anyone know where i can find Shadow Warrior Redux for Linux?

File: 1521061926837.jpg (178 KB, 1920x1080)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

The above magnet was considered dead by some so if that's the case I advise you to try the bottom one. It's a recent one.

>GDP 1-3330

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which one?

File: criterion-covers.jpg (212 KB, 780x739)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
restoration projects, like criterion collection etc. old movies revisited and colorized and brought into life again

Mishima - A life in four chapters


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Does anyone have films by Valerie Massadian?

I have AT&T and I have 3 fucking copyright infringement notices. Is there a way to avoid detection? I turned off seeding and uploading altogether. I don't understand what the fuck is going on.
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File: 1545073241091.png (125 KB, 1366x768)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>use Tails
Is this really foolproof? Like what's the point of failure on tails? Guessing the ISP can't see what you're doing, can someone on your wifi see? Or does your PC need to be compromised? Or is it even proofed against that since you're booting from a flash?

File: dvd1ct-33.jpg (176 KB, 750x508)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
!!![ Thread Rules: Only make requests if you've shared something in the thread. ]!!!

Tittle: Nou_Gal
Original Tittle: 農gal
ID: CT-33

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File: wdg6nflldiqkotwqn7hi.gif (1.35 MB, 635x357)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
Hi, anon, you are awesome.

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