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Bridge on the River Kwai

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

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Here's the Director's Cut.

File: TempleOS_logo.png (20 KB, 650x490)
20 KB
Seeding indefinitely.
Contains the OS and all source.

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I was OP faggot. I still am.

Lil_Olivia Premature ejaculation test

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jenna valentine is making JOI videos! I repeat, the og big titty goth girlfriend is making JOI videos!

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Its a troll torrent with no password. Don't bother.

File: 014.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1278)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
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File: 0004.jpg (1.31 MB, 5760x3840)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Sometimes OP is cool. Thanks!

File: download (7).jpg (5 KB, 180x180)
5 KB
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File: images.jpg (51 KB, 738x416)
51 KB
Hey /t/, it's Jeff again, my rage for SBS Viceland continues as they just took South Park off the rotation again so here's another (mostly) complete torrent for ya, this torrent contains every season from 1 to 19 mostly uncensored, season 1 isn't and like 1 or 2 episodes in season 5 are uncensored. But hey, they're Blu Ray rips so I guess that makes up for it.

Oh yeah, the link, almost forgot again. vvvvv
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File: Covid-19-pandemic.jpg (15 KB, 474x266)
15 KB
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Hope someone found this useful

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File: Hazards.png (213 KB, 1571x890)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
To get started: 667 Survival Guides (1.3 GBs)


Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5b8.1.2019%20Update%5d&

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Download and print stupid fag; good luck surviving being this retarded.

File: Omega_Nebula.jpg (64 KB, 800x649)
64 KB
Hello fellas, big astronomy fan here, so I'd like to start a thread with appropriate content. Don't even know if there was such thread, never seen one.

Everything connected to astronomy goes in here (pictures from telescopes (pls HD as far as possible), space shuttles, plans of rockets, astronomy ebooks (english please), infographiscs, missions, programs etc. Long story short: everything connected to space and cosmos and its exploration.

10gb of pictures, infographics, videos, concept arts, and documents on Projects: Vostok, Mercury, Apollo, Gemini, Voskhod, Soyuz, Salyut, Skylab, Mir, ISS, SpaceX and more. I reccomend it a lot.

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File: 1587587686220.jpg (161 KB, 1446x1462)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Still doesn't get it

Just found out about MDPOPE and MDPOPE 2 and now I'm dying to get my hands on them but can't find em fucking anywhere. Can any anons help out? May dump some torrents of "disturbing" shit I have in my collection
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This is true. Having seen more than my fill of real videos of people being shot, stabbed, hit by cars or trucks, and subjected to violence of every kind my tolerance for Hollywood violence is near zero. Not because it offends me but because it is such a cartoonishly stupid parody of what real violence is and does. It's impossible to take any movie seriously any more, because they've all become Tropic Thunder to me, even the """important""" ones.

File: IMG_5388.jpg (421 KB, 1039x1476)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Hello there
Volumes 1-3 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection

11GB file size (but low seeds, looking for more)

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Thanks alot anon. I am now hungry.

File: bluelion.jpg (38 KB, 770x577)
38 KB
Because IBM are dicks and didn't allow for a Demo CD to be made I'm sharing the original 5.0 as long as possible. The open source repos with updates are available, but the proprietary bits (USB, ACPI, video drivers) are behind a paywall so no upgrades beyond the released bundle.
Burn to DVD-R or just run virtualized - booting from a USB drive came with 5.0.2 so no go..

"ArcaOS is an operating system developed and marketed by Arca Noae, LLC derived from OS/2, based on the last release by IBM. Development continues with a stated goal to add wider compatibility for more modern computing platforms, including UEFI and GPT support. It has limited PAE support and utilizing its SMP kernel, supports up to 64 physical CPUs or real CPU cores"


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Interesting - I had Warp4 running on my P60 back in 95 but honestly I never got too much out of it. It was technically impressive though because of its compatibility and general aesthetics.

Sucks that win95 stole all of its momentum.

File: BOKD-180.jpg (155 KB, 800x537)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Last thread:

Share and discuss newhalfs, otokonokos, josou, bishounens, ladyboys, shemales, cross-dressers, traps, ...


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could anyone get the vids from here for me?


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