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Give me (1) good non meme answer why he shouldn’t be in Smash. And you personally not liking his design, is not a good reason.
>Awesome Look
>Literally a wrestler, perfect for a fighting game
>Gen 7 representation
>Awesome potential moves like, Darkest Lariat, Throat Chop, Flare Blitz, Hyper Dark Crusher
He’s perfect!
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Id rather have literally any of the 1-4 gen fire starters than furry fucksuit cat.
best promo of all time
>Smash is a game for children
>Children love Primarina
I think she’s in.
That is the worst Pokémon design of all
The roster was decided in 2015
I don't think Gen 7 Pokemon have a chance as DLC

File: RE2make.jpg (405 KB, 2048x1648)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
No thread after a new trailer's been released? This looks hype as fuck.

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Old Claire is still most cute
William Birkin looks like Hideo it bothers me
>>They are going for realism
>The nigger cop is an altruist
This is going to be a five hour game isn't it?
Resident Evil 3 thrown in

File: IMG_20180921_004206.jpg (226 KB, 2048x1152)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Dee looks like a bird
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File: 1456700634049.gif (89 KB, 600x600)
89 KB
I vastly prefer the new look. DMC 4 was the low point of character and environment design in the series.
File: lady-dmc5.jpg (206 KB, 833x1222)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
meet your future wife, to your eyes she's probably 10/10 but who am I to judge the shit taste of a tranny loving cuck
patrician taste
dmc1 trish > dmc5 trish > trash > dmc4 trish
>tranny and eurotrash
>look good
average at best
I get that Dante looks off too but it's mainly that he looks like an old man, and V looks like fucking Adam Driver or whatever his name is. But Trish just looks plain ugly. She stands out as the worst we've seen so far, not just because she looks older than she should but because of her facial structure.

Is it me, or are they making a comeback?
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Monster Hunter World 2? LOL. Forget it kid. Both Dragon's Dogma 2and MHW 2 are cancelled
File: project awakening.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
Cygames gotchu covered
>lack of content
very true at launch, but by now has way more content than most fighting games released these days
>indulgent DLC to make up for that fact
the DLC is only characters and you can buy them for fight money that you don't need to pay real money for
>the gameplay is too pared down, too rushdown-friendly, and capped at too low a skill ceiling to be a compelling fighting game
sorta true I guess, but somehow always the same people winning tournaments(and rarely americans) despite the so called "low skill ceiling".
Forced input delay even when playing offline
It's $29.99+ tax.

File: file.png (66 KB, 608x396)
66 KB
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there's tons of other very specific sub-genres that has way more albums than that, anon.
>even bothering with /v/ of all places
waste of time desu
The hardcore punk influences and breakdowns. What is important to note is that metalcore and other music genres are not set in stone, some bands lean more towards punk while others towards metal. The line between those beeing blury.
What I don't understand is why genres make some people so mad here. It just helps poeple find music they like by looking into a genre they like. Some genres are just more specific and niche than others.
Nigger I'm a huge metalfag and I wouldn't want that in DMC. It just doesn't fit.
One thing that Japanese games do get right more often than not is using catchy, fitting themes in their games as opposed to forgettable orchestral soundtrack #6000000 in most western games. This one doesn't. It's way too fucking slow for Dante. If Dante would be a "heavier" character, alright, I could understand, but he's a speedy fuck. You can't just decide to go slow for his theme.
you're a fucking retard. we've heard the song, it got pulled down immediately.

and if it were just a case of DMC getting unfairly scrutinised and picked apart for being absent for so long, then how come everyone didn't pick Devil Trigger apart?

File: 234234234.jpg (28 KB, 521x478)
28 KB
Are DMC fans the most delusional people on Earth?
>replace attractive character with a 40+ year old retired pornstar crackwhore
>fans will claim it's good and even better than previous design
It's basically DmC all over again but they will openly deny it.
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Face of a tranny granny.
File: 1492616803205.gif (312 KB, 342x512)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
>realistic pearl
>Wtf do you faggots want.
all of those are fucking cancer
File: 1536782854838.gif (2.09 MB, 540x304)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
>doomposters realize they can't make fun of the gameplay because it looks stellar
>"t-the characters look ugly, it's LITERALLY DmC2!"
Honest word of advice to you guys: get off 4chan every once in a while and enjoy something. Not every game has to be the next TORtanic.
Jill Valentine looks cute than every single DmC5 character

File: 1508038299111.png (186 KB, 687x727)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Who is the most hateable villain in gaming?
Someone who is just completely irredeemable and unsympathetic, but well written and doesn't come off as edgy and hammy.
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File: 192034-jon1[1].jpg (18 KB, 314x466)
18 KB
Irreedemable powerhungry piece of shit. But I really like how he doesn't care about you or your pursuits. He's on a mission and you were just a tool to be used and discarded.
Unironically Kefka.
File: (you).png (567 KB, 828x808)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
Epic post, my based and redpilled, pede.
#MAGA #FreeKekistan #Gamergate
Their motives weren't really that hard to understand, even.

They just wanted to take refine the best race of each cycle into it's core essence so it could join them as an ubermensch space god

File: Dnh0WGPVAAAskGK.jpg (68 KB, 425x640)
68 KB
>Rush out a demo with single-digit percentage completion rate to try to impress people with gameplay that isn't ready
>Rehash failed sjw-approved marketing strategy because WORLD TRENDS
>Dump a high quality game engine you've been improving for 6 years because 'It made the characters look too good'
>Shrink boobs, butts, hips, anything sexual and cover with head-to-toe outfits
>Remove gameplay modes like Tag
>Add hooks for casuals like autocombos
>Add faux diversity characters because 'some communities weren't being properly represented'
>Actively state that the small fanbase that's been keeping you from going bankrupt for 6 years is now no longer welcome in the new game
>Big EVO reveal is nothingburger, even teasing Hitomi and Leifang (silhouetted - might as well have put them in burkas - just admit you're ashamed of having to fall back on the girls in an attempt to woo fans)
>Repeatedly apologize and say 'Wait and See' after backlash over desexualization becomes the dominant theme of your new game because there's no gameplay to critique
>Rush out tacked on jiggle physics that don't look good with the new engine
>Hit all girls (except Leifang) with the ugly stick to make players demand burka outfits just to hide their faces
>Japs staying away in droves despite fan favorites Ayane, Marie Rose and Honoka being trotted out as bait
>Western gayming journos getting ready to tear you a new asshole over domestic abuse glorification in the game after you worked so hard to suck their tiny peepees
>And on and on...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: ss-honoka001.jpg (328 KB, 1920x1080)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I can't tell if this is an improvement or not
Said it's a downgrade, without any reason at all to fit in
it is. the face and outit have a higher polycount than in 5 but the model is the same. but honoka and marie rose are the only characters revealed so far that didn't get a complete overhaul.
I will repeat again you guys just have a wrong impression of how the franchise was *presented* over the years. Was it always full of fapbait girls? Duh, doesn't mean that's what the presentation is focused on. Making 6's (or 5's at the time) promotional material about fighting and grittiness is the norm for the series, not an anomaly. When I started playing Ultimate years ago on Xbox I was greeted with drama about ninja assassinations, rape and family grudges, not cute girls wearing cute outfits, even if that type of content still was in the game itself

It's a relatively serious fighting series with ecchi content on top of it, not a franchise purposefully made to be sexy in an over the top and open way like, say, the new SNK Heroines game
Ya know it's weird that DOA6 gets shit on for adding Diogo (is that his name?) and admitting he was added for diversity, but T7 was never shit on for adding Josie and her huge bouncing tits even after admitting she was specifically added for pandering to Filippinos

File: rtx2080ti.jpg (26 KB, 678x401)
26 KB
Should I get a GTX 2080ti or a GTX 1080ti?

obviously the 2080ti is newer but it only has 8gb of ram, and the 1080ti has almost 12gb.

Why do they do this? I fucking hoped we would have 16gb by now
238 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>the only example with that low ratio of performance gain
>Jap PC port
lol eat dick

Let's say you go into a pizza store. Do you just get the basic one topping pizza, or do you get the supreme pizza with gravy sauce on the side?
And the pizza lasts for 2-5 years, although I'm not following the gravy part.
Ray tracing is the future of rendering. It may not be a year from now, or even three years from now. But eventually it's the way to render shit.
File: 1534748440471.png (79 KB, 298x253)
79 KB
List games you would buy a new gpu for. So far, i can think of two:
>new metro
Drop something more.

this is not a depressing "current state of vidya" post, i'm just wondering what are some upcoming hardware-demanding titles. For example, upcoming bannerlord is probably not a hardware-demanding title.

>/v/ loses it over Trish's face.
>Nobody talks about the bombshell that is confirmation that DMC5 has 2-3 player online multiplayer.

Nice priorities.
194 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Didn't know about DMC3's Doppelganger or Mission 19.
Yeah, crackwhores have armpits too
File: 1529329114787.jpg (184 KB, 500x646)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
File: faget.jpg (33 KB, 625x525)
33 KB
>Live Action cutscenes
It's just gonna be reuben's mockup recordings

File: lara qt.jpg (550 KB, 2048x1152)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
>Western Devs can't make Pretty female char-
I don't even want to wank off to her, shes so cute and pure.
28 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
In the first one Lara was like a feminist crying little bitch, always with that same expression of sadness and fear, really insufferable to see imo. I'm glad they refined her better after.
>A female character that is crying and afraid is feminist
Do you autists just use that word for everything now?
File: 1537453351204.gif (169 KB, 735x920)
169 KB
169 KB GIF
>crying little bitch
>only in the first game
this is wrong, she cries her way through all 3 games.
nope, they didn't

Buy her game!
Nah fuck Shimbori.
I will. I love DOA. It’s not the best fighter from a mechanics standpoint but I still have a lot of fun with it.
File: 1533466264962.jpg (459 KB, 3840x2160)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
They downgraded Ayane si fyck them.
Best girl deserve better.
....did they make her tits smaller?

File: 1537414218878.jpg (267 KB, 717x542)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
There's nothing wrong with marrying your Blades.
226 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aion self destructs to prevent the Orbital Space Station from falling down to earth. It's gone, and even if it wasn't the Conduit isn't there anymore to power it.
File: Pneuma on a bed.jpg (1.57 MB, 1684x1191)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Malos' voice speaks to Pneuma while she's in Aion, so it's like he's there with her. I don't know if it means he returned there after fading away or if Aion remembered him and kept a copy.
File: 66660394_p0.jpg (1.55 MB, 1191x1684)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
wtf Lora is adorable

File: 1537453189093.jpg (242 KB, 1576x870)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
On November 2, during the Blizzcon 2018 event, Blizzard will announce a continuation of their RTS Warcraft franchise, that is, Warcraft IV

It will be a F2P mobile game

You didn't hear this from me
43 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
To all the people pointing out it's HoTS, where the fuck does the OP post say that the image is from Warcraft 4, huh? Go on, show me.
Honestly i dont know why Blizzard overdesigns shit so much
Have they ever thought that not everything needs to be a super epic spky eyesore armor with retarded proportions?
I guess they try to make up for their shallow characters with at least an """"interesting"""" look...
That's not Warcraft 4, that's HotS
At this point, I just think you're getting memed. Relax.
>Wasting such good models on HotS
Tragedy of our time

This is coming out of early access today, are you hype? It's almost complete as is, so let's talk about it.

le silent protag meme
40 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was thinking about secrets of grindea recently, and im pretty surprised it still hasnt finished.
Remember when shills would at least pretend otherwise?
This thread is shit.
This game is shit.
I will shit on it every opportunity just because you shilled it.
I played through a chunk of it with a friend and we both enjoyed it quite a lot, but agreed that we should wait for the full experience.
I was a Frost Magic-Knight kinda character and he was full 2H unga. That skill of his that throws his weapon and disarms him for fuckboats of damage is great.
Obviously Shock of course.
File: 1510772224965.png (72 KB, 211x244)
72 KB
>I choose what games I like based on what other people do with their free time
>4 dudes with tits
great stuff

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