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File: wth.jpg (63 KB, 685x533)
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The NeoGAF scandal and/or bitching about social justice garbage is NOT VIDEO GAMES. Threads posted about it will be deleted and the posters warned or banned. If you want to talk about it go to /pol/. If you want to stay on /v/, then talk about VIDEO GAMES.


File: TOCS.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
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I just beat this game and want to have a thread about it while I wait for 2's PC release date
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File: 1507461548267.jpg (236 KB, 1000x1000)
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236 KB JPG
>New Class VII is proportionally way better than Old Class VII
Musse and Juna are disappointing, but Kurt and Ash are a ride. Falcom have always been better at writing boys so it makes sense.
Back to /fg/ with you
File: 1503365248723.jpg (58 KB, 500x528)
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File: mario!.png (741 KB, 932x528)
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741 KB PNG


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Some, yes
what itunes app is this?

Now that we know the dust will never settle, how much of BotW's formula do you think Nintendo will keep for the next Zelda? Do you think they'll capitalize on BotW's popularity and try to release the next Zelda within the same generation of consoles (not as a psuedo launch title for next gen)?
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A picture where an artist isn't projecting Link into a mentally ill crossdresser?

Now that's new.
Seriously, everything interlinks. They put in so much work but it feels so effortless.
File: hnnnnng.png (474 KB, 540x699)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
I told you that what's considered a nitpick is entirely subjective. If that doesn't address your concern than we're just talking past each other. Plus, I agreed with that Anon's post. I failed to acknowledge the thematic placing of the shrines. Doesn't mean they couldn't have been integrated into the map better.

Here, have a heart.
File: only in my dreams.png (608 KB, 1155x893)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
I love this guy's Riju stuff.
ESL retard, I'm asking what your problem with the game is, not what you think is a nitpick.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (170 KB, 1366x768)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I'm autistic and only care about being able to drive a nice selection of cars with good cockpit view and realistic physics on good tracks. I only care about driving about myself I don't care about AI or multiplayer. Recommend me something.
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I played both Project Cars and Assetto Corsa at my mates place with a steering wheel setup. Project cars felt better - much more feedback. I think Assetto looked better, but both my friend and I preferred Project Cars better.
I played the demo of driveclub on the ps4 at one point - it was okay (that was only with a game pad though)
I would recommend Project Cars.
nb. haven't tried GT Sport yet
I like my racing games semi-realistic, but not complete autism simulators.
Like some NfS'
Recommend me a fairly modern racing game?
are there any good arcade style driving games? i wanna get comfy and just race with ran and amazing graphics
which is arcade?
arcade racers with real cars are dead, now it's all simcade

File: lou.png (518 KB, 803x414)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
How come the super mutants in FO1 were organized and reasonable but the ones in FO3 and 4 are just hulk smash rawr?
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Hahahahahaha holy shit will you fuck off I've seen you in like 4 different threads.
No one gives a fuck about your shitty fucking cringy ass sex """mod""" for a 20 year old game.
Fucking congrats. You can write text with that of a middle-schooler.
Fuck off.
turn combat speed all the way up in the options.
The master died so they devolved into follow the biggest guy around and do what he grunts.

No idea what happened to the smart ones. i'm geussing bethesda couldn't be assed to write them in.
convincing the end boss to give up in one short conversation will never not be retarded
File: 1403083177649.png (60 KB, 413x451)
60 KB
Incredible how one side quest could ruin an entire game.

Not that Fallout 4 wasn't ruined already by that point.

File: Capture.png (297 KB, 587x314)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that A Hat in Time Will go down as the better, more refined platformer by /v/ because of the lack of changing environments in Odyssey
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there are always going to be people who believe a game is one of the best games ever

hat may be my personal game of the year but a) I don't pick up a lot of games and b) I haven't played a 3D platformer since galaxy 1, so I try not to say things like that and give unsuspecting people the wrong impression
>Why play this when you could be playing Odyssey in several days?
Because Odyssey doesn't come out for several days.
I never payed attention to this game or the threads, but recently I saw some footage and it looks very fun and charming.
I can understand the popularity.

By the way can you easily use the Gamecube controller to play this game on PC? Seems like a fit.
>tfw starting work

iktf, $11 an hour to push carts around the parking lot? fuck yeah.

File: SamXboxArt.png (67 KB, 250x412)
67 KB
What is his name again?
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Dangerous Dave
Notfoolin'around Nathan
Kazuhira "One Man Klan" Miller
Stern Steve
Mad Miguel

File: maxresdefault.jpg (171 KB, 1280x720)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Does anyone else think that Doki Doki Literature Club should get it's own vanilla dating sim? Characters wrestling with depression, parental abuse, self harm issues, and whatever the hell we need to see Monika again (Maybe self awareness but played up for laughs instead of lovecraftian horror?), would make for some great storytelling. I would play that sucker. Someone contact the maker.
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>tfw Monika probably had a route in the vanilla game but it had to be unlocked and she fucked everything up for no reason
I think I get why the club president finds out that they are in a game.
It's a visual novel, they are in a literature club. If the game had been anything else, then the fourth wall would've stayed intact.
File: 1505112790624.gif (1.82 MB, 500x281)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
If it makes you feel any better there's a sweet ending

You just have to show how much you care about all the girls
>didn't do any of it out of malice

"I just wanted you to hate them."

>You're too dependent on the capture mecha-
>can skip the entire thing by climbing up the wall
Excellent level design
It will be patched before the game releases.
Exactly. I wish I had that BOTW webm, but I really like how Nintendo's embracing this sort of dynamic level design. It encourages creativity when platforming

File: image.png (225 KB, 359x337)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>Played a pirated version of Vampire Chronicles for my dad's Dreamcast
>Beat arcade mode with Huitzil
>Credits started to roll
>Gets to the part with Morrigan and Lillth fully naked hugging each other
>Pop a little bit boner
>tfw dad comes in right as it gets to their tops
>tfw he took away the disk and I didn't get it back until almost six months later
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>Talked my mother into playing L4D
>This is her first time playing a game
>She's aiming at the ceiling most of the game
>Managed to get her all the way to the hospital roof
>She gets knocked off the building by a Tank

You did your best, Mom.
>this thread is still up

the absolute state of /v/ mods
Was only allowed to play PEGI 12 or less games until I was 13
Howerver, they only cared about PEGI ratings, as long as they didn't know which game it was and what rating it had they didn't give a shit
Played CS, Postal 2 and plenty of other violent stuff back then
>i was a spoiled richfag who probably still lives off of daddy's money
>Got my mother to play Halo ODST with me
Holy fucking shit

There are actually post 9/11 kids here? What the fuck

File: 1503891314128.png (596 KB, 900x900)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
Dangan Ronpa V3 thread
Didn't see one up, let's discuss Dangan Ronpa V3
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>Souda likes cars
They wouldn't be as cool but the layout and way they flow is still very cool on its own, being easy is kind of a non-issue in a VN
>orgasm inducing

Ok, it's good, but you guys are seriously over hyping it.
This. I finished it last Friday, and I've been avoiding threads about anything Danganronpa since Last December.

I fucked up big time two weeks prior to release by listening to the soundtrack, and hear the first execution theme that pretty much tells you who is it for.
A sauce would be great. Image search gave me nothing

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Was there a Famitsu interview or not?
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Nintendo realized that people are sick of NoA's shit. We are gonna still get lewd stuff, only this time it won't be censored.
Why? It’s true. Xenoblade got me into Baten Kaitos because they’re both extremely unique and beautiful, all of Monolith’s games are.
File: 1500193504870.jpg (326 KB, 1919x1079)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Its not that bad anon just bump it up to 1080p and turn on AA and MSAA
What? I’m pretty sure they use actual stairs.
Gimme a moment il see if I have an older save or I can tp

File: 1508646689330.png (249 KB, 384x406)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
What did you play today you piece of shit?
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File: 2015-11-05_00005.jpg (396 KB, 1400x900)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Played Goy Thunder after a long time.
5 kills, I got lucky by being downtiered to 5.7 in my King Tiger II (H).

Almost got nailed by a SU-100 after going past a corner, he fucked up and shot the seam where front armor plate and side armor connect, so only transmission got knocked out along with radio operator splattered all over it. I casually pointed my crosshairs at the slav and clicked him to death.
Paperclip Clicker, and Yakuza 0.
I've just started Trails of Coldsteel : Nothing Personell.
My only opinions is that Mathias is neocommunist faggot and Alice is the worst kind of tsundere cunt.
I'm about to play Castlevania IV. If I find the fucking console
>that pic
I just watched angels egg a few days ago and it is like "mother" but in very good.

Really worth a watch if you don't have adhd.

File: gas pisser.png (76 KB, 250x399)
76 KB
This thing is a piece of shit garbage
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Have a pal with the basher to hurt himself for heavy
Who the flip greenlight br ?
>Try to do the jetpack extinguish objective
>Pyros in team are psychic and instantly right click on friendlies who are on fire
File: 1505361172408.jpg (161 KB, 500x750)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Have to play the new shittest map for the saxton hat
>Direct hit is bugged so cant unlock yeti mask
Just get a friend to set himself on fire with the cow mangler

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