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Requests for the source of an image, the name of a girl, or more images from a set go on /r/.


Failure to do so will result in bans.

OP must post at least 6 images of their own to start a thread, or else it will be deleted without warning.

File deleted.


Asian girls who worship white cock. Bonus for amateur stuff.
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Love how it's considered OK to have multiple BBC threads, but any other type of raceplay is considered a heckin' yikesarino.
Beautiful nipples
I have a massive crush on her
This, who gives a fuck lol
this is like 10 years old by now. i wonder if shes with a white dude or not

File: BMZLRFy4.jpg (178 KB, 1000x1000)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Post your favorite porn sluts you want to fuck the most!
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Gabriella Paltrova
Lily Carter
File: catieminx_109.jpg (588 KB, 3308x2092)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
Catie Minx
File: Camilla Krabbe.jpg (191 KB, 1658x1534)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Camilla Krabbe. Twenty-one years ago when she was 18. In True Anal Stories she (Swet Blonde) and Nancy Lee (Swet Red) and Jiri (Swet Brunette) suck and are fucked and assfucked by Rocco Siffredi's big cock. They kneel down and he blasts their faces, starting and ending with Camilla's. He should have saved of a month's worth and complete blasted Camilla's face alone and made the other two porn whores lick it like dogs off her beautiful innocent jail-bait face. Late in her career she developed cankles. If she has a slightly pained expression it's because there's a huge cock up her ass. From Matador 6. Too bad pornographers weren't doing 10-cock blow bangs. Ten HardX cocks blasting that angelic face, what they did to love Emily Willis and snaggle-toothed warthog Ashley Adams ugly mug . . . Too bad she never did a scene with Peter North. He'd do to her beautiful face what he did to homely Misty Park and Mormon slut Cytherea's lovely face: absolutely blast and obliterate it. After he blasts Misty Park's face, they both laugh in disbelief. "What the fuck?" the cameraman asks. "What kind of vitamins?" He pans up to Peter North, who shrugs, hardly believing himself how massive a blast he just unleashed all over Misty's face.
Who is on left?

File: 1.png (2.43 MB, 1142x1460)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
just nice hairy bush, not too hairy. Bonus for amateur.
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More please!
Ex gf
Also ex gf
File: 20200602_192533.jpg (369 KB, 711x1225)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Ex gf 3

post insex pics
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File: 822lf_05_18.jpg (82 KB, 600x914)
82 KB
File: cunthunt04_20.jpg (49 KB, 914x600)
49 KB
File: bj02_14.jpg (77 KB, 600x900)
77 KB
File: wentrain02_46.jpg (92 KB, 600x914)
92 KB
File: mattress_05_29.jpg (75 KB, 915x600)
75 KB

File: 1583772599626m.jpg (115 KB, 1024x648)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
More like these?
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Nice vga photo there anon
More royalty play lol
Good thread, wish I had more to contribute on my phone.

Is there any actual porn that comes close to this? Or even just heavily accented latinas or Asians fucking whites? I want to hear that little jappy squeaking or si si papi with a white dick but doesn’t seem to exist.

File: image.jpg (824 KB, 2053x2518)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
Be as cruel as you can, tell me exactly what you think of her holes and what you'd do to them. Nothing nice please
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Them some dark caverns.
File: IMG_20200602_183433__01.jpg (60 KB, 893x1205)
60 KB
be mean
Wow, an intelligent cunt with a clit and two cerebral cortexs in place of labia.
That's not a brain, that's a very small scrotum

File: cage0wd4xhz2g0u41.jpg (612 KB, 3088x2320)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
no matter which gender, must be minimum two people and one in chastity
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This is why I refuse to use cages with built in locks. No way.
then you should get a better fitting cage. That ring is clearly too big, or at least positioned incorrectly
File: 7T6Ef4D.jpg (942 KB, 3036x4048)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
Day 2 in chastity, wife has the keys.
Some thoughts from personal experience:
1. Get a non-enclosed metal cage that you can (just) get a finger into and a stainless steel padlock. That way you can shower, clean and dry yourself without needing to take it off.
2. For sizing, be prepared to try a bunch before finding the right one for you. Typically the most comfortable one will have the smallest tube you can fit your dick into when fully flaccid.
3. If you shop around, some of the chinese knockoffs are actually rather good.
4. If I've been horny and denied for a while, I find a bit of built-up semen tends to dribble out when I go to take a dump. This isn't pleasurable and kind of sucks because I think it might lessen the desire to cum (and make it harder to train myself to have a prostate orgasm). Anyone else run into this?
Thinking of buying another cage cause it’s hard clean after peeing with this one. Anyone got this cage? Tell me about your experiences with urethral sounding

Ring ring...The call was coming from inside the board...Ring ring

Last one's been up since Dec, but hit the bumpable reply limit so lets start a new one!

>Post an image that has something in common with the last image.
>Do not repeat the same association as the last post!
Hard Mode:
>Images with something in common other than physical features between characters (redhead, dark skin, etc.)
>Images with something in common that hasn't already been posted!

From the old one >>1725419
Face full of cum
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File: baroque2.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
File: pic14.jpg (305 KB, 1668x2500)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
black lingerie
spreading fuck
File: 1431375095338.jpg (126 KB, 1024x683)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Black (guy's) heel
File: s@mmyy.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2688)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
join the discord https://discord dot gg/v6PBEJ

File: 4f2a7d.jpg (117 KB, 768x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Pics of BBC before the action starts
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Imagine receiving a pic like this from your girlfriend
I would probably have cheated on her already
Ps: fuck reCAPTCHA
Id be turned on and tell her to record it and make sure he fills her pussy up

File: 2018-06-08 16.54.31.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
she showin ass here https://discord dot gg/zMSnec

File: BjwR8Ay.jpg (84 KB, 800x1199)
84 KB
Simple thread. You open the thread, you leave a pic. You save a pic, you leave a picture.
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File: NAOMI-WOODS-VIXEN 15.jpg (484 KB, 3000x2000)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
File: 434581098.jpg (121 KB, 834x1280)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: 143572437.jpg (871 KB, 1177x2302)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
File: 1431484016401.jpg (150 KB, 1278x677)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
File: 1d6t7WS.jpg (94 KB, 900x1250)
94 KB

File: 6439166_016_1b72.jpg (122 KB, 853x1280)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Making a new thread because the past two went pretty good.

Post trivia and interesting facts about porn/pornstars. To clarify from past threads, retired pornstars current location or real names really aren't trivia. Also pornstars taking facials aren't trivia either.

Do you know that a pornstar now works as an EMT/librarian/bodybuilder? Does a pornstar like fucking cats and dogs? Do you know a story about a pornstar attempting to murder someone on set? Do you know industry secrets about how porn is made?
Then share here.

Previous threads (Check this before asking for info on someone):

I'll post a few writeups to get the required OP posts.

Pic is Kendra Lust, who in the first thread was mentioned to have worked as an RN (Registered Nurse) before doing porn.
17 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Any trivia about proxy paige? Why did she ruin her body with that ugly giant tattoo and transformed into a whale?
File: 5700188_141_2f09.jpg (499 KB, 2380x1280)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Pic related is what this poster is referring to.

Riley Reid is a petite pornstar that started in the industry in 2011 and originally went by the name Paige Riley. She was the most searched model on pornhub in 2017 and has won a bunch of porn awards. She is notoriously stupid and is a legitimate nympho. Stories abounds of her fucking random strangers before a shoot and grossing out her male talent because she has cum in/on her from some rando. That's what some anon said at least, I can't find confirmation.

Amazingly, I'm struggling to find written interviews with her with interesting tidbits.

Regardless, like many pornstars she likely had poor parenting and she was very sexually active in middle school, including having a middle school girlfriend she would fuck around with.

She also has that horrific back tatto, which is 生活帶來您時檸檬做檸檬水 which she thinks translates to "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". But more accurately translates to "life brings you when lemons make lemonade"

Someone else can chime in if they know more.
File: 1455757380510-2.jpg (584 KB, 1920x3408)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
fuck words, just consume. https://discord dot gg/zMSnec
File: 2270160_140_fa75.jpg (318 KB, 1693x1280)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
In the BLACKED photographer info dump on /soc/ OP accused Proxy Paige of "Having sex with an unconscious body". She has a pretty notorious drug problem and is difficult to deal with on set (apparently), which is why she hasn't appeared in any of the Lansky sites (Blacked/blackedraw/vixen).

She picked her name in reference to her favorite DJ (of who I don't know).

She first got interested in porn because her first job was working at a porn video store.

She is still active today and throughout her career has been going more and more extreme, from bizarre hair colors to fisting/whatever hardcore shit. I think she does mostly directing now, and in 2018 started directing for Evil Angel.

In the past couple years she's gotten a bit stranger, and put on a lot of weight. As for the reasons why, I'm guessing mental illness combined with a drug problem. Or maybe it would be more likely she fixed her drug problem and thus gained weight. I dunno.

Pic is then and now.
File: 7220845_039_309f.jpg (145 KB, 853x1280)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
An anon in the previous thread said Dakota James retired because she was pregnant. Just a rumor now.

Dakota is originally form Alaska. Like most pornstars she was sexually active very young. She lost her virginity at the age of 14 to a kid in her bio class. She had her first blowjob and vaginal sex during the same event at 14. Prior to porn (which she started at the age of 19), she said she wasn't very sexually active and "only" had 6 partners before porn. (Sorry permavirgins)

Her first scene was for Reality Kings. She had originally been hired as an extra in the scene, but an actress didn't show up so she was asked to take her place.

Her parents know what she does, and at least after her first year they were supportive of her career. Her agent picked her name for her, he said she "looked like a Dakota".

At least while she started in porn, she lived back and forth between LA/Florida and Alaska. In Alaska she worked in some kind of coffee shop where the baristas wore lingerie/bikinis.

In an interview she said she doesn't cum during a scene often, but you can tell when she cums for real because her face turns red and her pussy pulsates.

She hasn't been active since 2016, and the only rumor I can find is that she got knocked up and retired.

Dick securely in the mouth. Passed the tip but not deepthroat.
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File: kbj06.jpg (1.42 MB, 3840x2160)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
File: 1454349780667.jpg (171 KB, 1280x960)
171 KB
171 KB JPG

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