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File: balls.gif (346 KB, 500x506)
346 KB
346 KB GIF
/gif/ is dedicated to NSFW gifs &webm files. Please review the following rules to ensure your posts contribute to the overall board.

1. Do not request. All requests belong in >>>/r/
2. Contribute 2 or more additional related images when starting a thread (in addition to the OP).
3. Report rule-breaking posts and threads. Use the inline extension for easier access to this feature (Settings>Recommended>Report Button>Save)
4. If you know the source of a given image, please provide it directly. Do not respond to sauce beggars.

The Global Rules apply as well. Provide good content and report infringing posts. You can hide this thread by clicking the "[-]" icon to the left.
Do NOT post threads / images about "teens", "young girls", "jailbait", "questionable age", or anything that could be construed as advocating pornography involving minors.

This includes questionable content from Omegle, Chatroulette, Gifyo, etc. This rule also applies to /b/. Don't take it there, don't even recommend that people post that shit there. We don't want it anywhere on this site.

Would you date a sex worker?
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A prostitute? No.

A stripper or OnlyFans girl? Ye. They make good money and are open to doing freaky shit.
>Prostitutes are not only fans
>Prostitutes do not make good money nor open to doing freaky shit
4chan folk literally have no concept of what it means to pursue sex and romance the natural way; they gave been utterly corrupted and don't even know what it means to self improve, become attractive or create great works
What the fuck are you on about?
Prostitutes their job is literally fucking other men. A lot of OnlyFans are just solo content or with their partner.

File: 1713454991761349.webm (2.75 MB, 720x1280)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB WEBM
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File: RareRustyStilt_30.webm (3.45 MB, 854x480)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB WEBM

File: 1715932379675257.webm (3.42 MB, 480x854)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB WEBM
Post girls wearing pigtails related webms/gifs
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File: winking pigtails split.webm (3.72 MB, 1300x1156)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB WEBM

File: 1686921414035251.webm (897 KB, 480x480)
897 KB
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File: ghetto bowling.webm (205 KB, 640x360)
205 KB
I'd let her kick me in the face if she'd sit on my face
I hate both
>car door guy knew what he was doing.
Obviously, trying to exit a vehicle. What a horrible crime.
File: 1712951335479063.webm (1.23 MB, 720x480)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB WEBM

File: m1PULLaB_720p.webm (504 KB, 404x720)
504 KB
Hot dickgirls with big hormone tits
Bonus points for heavy lactation or large areolas
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File: chloevillero.webm (1.36 MB, 608x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB WEBM
File: wifematerial4.webm (1.81 MB, 608x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM
Good boy. Let it all out for these sissies. Go again, you can cum more than once for a reason.
>ywn gently massage his prostate as he unloads his girl sperm into your mouth while tweaking his milky, lactating boycow tits to wash it down

Life is unfair, anons
>naturally trans

File: 1712687174686027.webm (350 KB, 290x480)
350 KB
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god I love female anuses, too bad they're most of the time attached to whores
File: 1679612514457938.webm (329 KB, 270x480)
329 KB
skill issue
File: 1713460298117112.webm (2.86 MB, 558x418)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
I wish there was an HD version of this.
File: 1692375300732109.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM

File: Madao.webm (3.43 MB, 654x480)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB WEBM
bonus points for music
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It is a film of three short films, it is called Modest Heroes
File: UsvwNGY.webm (2.99 MB, 640x480)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
>Puni Puni Poemy
So I decided to give it a shot because I like Dokuro chan a lot, and that Puni Puni shit turned out to be an irredeemable garbage from start to finish, thank goodness it was short.
Does anyone have this old webm from the Redline movie?
It was him engaging his turbo drive, but there was this rap song where the guy was shouting
I don't remember the lyrics, but it was a bunch of words that had the sound "-ex" in them
Witch Hunter Robin, mate

Anything from this lady and/or other foot spitting content

File: 1707602216700564.webm (3.85 MB, 1280x720)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB WEBM
Big, tall girls, bigger and taller than guys. Noticeable height difference.
No bbc.
No professional ai generated cum vids
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marie temara
That's Bobby Lee!
False. Being able to lift your mommy gf like Atlas is what every man should strive for
Wrong again
Thats a lucky, lucky man. I am 5'7 and was recently told by a girl that was 5'4 that I am too short. I give up

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there is literally snuff film shit of people getting murdered and raped on this board, but no monkes. Tell me where the justice is for that? I truly regret deleting my collection frfr.
why do people abuse monkeys?
wouldn't it be better and easier to do it to rats?
you can just live on a farm, or an apartment in nyc, use one of those stupid rat catchers on youtube and then do whatever you like to them, there's fair amount of rat torture on youtube too
Anyone who tortured an innocent being is marked in the cosmic ledger and will get theirs.
They do, /gif/ is full of gore.

The question we've never been able to answer is why is it ONLY an issue when it's monkey threads?
It's not. Basically torturing of animals is universally fucked up. Torturing of humans is also fucked, but provides genuine value to the audience here. It provides education and perspective about life. Torturing of animals does nothing but stoke the most evil and insane demons within this audience. Also, it's a lot easier to get away with in real life, so there's more risk.

File: Ahegao_Belle_Delphine.gif (3.45 MB, 491x277)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB GIF
She's unironically the only girl who can pull off an irl ahegao. It's perfect.
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yea she's la creatura but hot as fuck
>size queen
anon, that's a normal circumference dildo and she's only taking it about 5 inches deep. average as fuck, basically.
It's a feature you'll see most often in hentai that I believe, though I might be wrong, was popularized by artist Teruaki Murakami in his works. It's a exaggerated feature of a woman while having sex, or just pleasuring herself in any way, whose to be in absolute ecstasy where the very idea to/feeling of cumming is the only thing they desire and need. The expression is basically them begging their partner/audience/self to "don't stop". The goal is not to make them cum, but to keep making them enjoy that state of being

tl;dr: It's kinky weeb shit
>Do some of y'all seriously get off to it, or are you just bored?

Sorry, I completely skipped over this question. No, I myself don't care for the expression in hentai. It's looks silly, but I get why the animators do that for the audience.

IRL however, the act of doing it makes no sense to me. To me, it's feels like the females doing that are just servicing the hentai demographic of their audience who love seeing it. The problem is that when done IRL, but either a western or eastern/Asian female, it doesn't "translate well" and comes off making the person look fucking goofy as if the person consumed a bag of bath salts and washed it down with a energy drink.
File: 1680919221802345.webm (2.98 MB, 1000x750)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM

File: 1697140592854075.webm (3.97 MB, 1920x1080)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
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File: 1709041368921678.webm (3.96 MB, 1920x1080)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB WEBM
that's what it's for!
These got me hard
File: 1706581189640677.webm (3.97 MB, 1920x1080)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
Same here, pure fap-bait
if anyone wants to stare at fortnite ass in a creative I can drop my disc

File: 1715992385542033.webm (3.97 MB, 720x404)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
Someone made that thread apparently filled with JAV gems a few days back, I saved the 5 first webms but then I was busy so I put it in my bookmarks and thought "I'll come back when I have time and save the rest" but it's fucking gone !

Help me Obi-wan coomobi, you are my only hope.
119 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is fucking next level holy shit
File: 222.webm (3.72 MB, 720x404)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB WEBM
This is only possibly with a tiny asian cock.
A real bull like me would cause the bitch choke to death on my dick.
File: 223.webm (3.82 MB, 720x404)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM

File: Double Whammy.webm (1.08 MB, 320x564)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB WEBM
People being hit/ran over by automobiles
267 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
If chinese are bugs indians are like locusts
>the asshole biker comes back making himself to looks like another victim
Should have been kicked in his head right away, the fucking piece of shit was fucking arround with his bike
This could happen only in Chinchongland or H'murr(durr)ica

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