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File: aeg101.jpg (65 KB, 620x380)
65 KB
ban all cars in favour of mass public transportation when

take the urban planning red pill, /n/

take it
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Mass transit is only effective in relatively dense urban areas in and around cities. And cities attract shitty people, and more importantly, shitty leftist politics. I would gladly live in a city if it weren't for people and rampant degeneracy with little privacy. I'll stay put in a rural area where I could drive my cage and ride my bike in peace on quiet countryside trails.
File: Pyongyang.jpg (93 KB, 800x641)
93 KB
File: AmsterdamStreet.jpg (1.09 MB, 1500x892)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>building at the scale of pedestrians and not cars

Narrow streets. Lots of bike paths. Great tram and rail public transportation. And .... cars. Cars jammed in everywhere people can fit them.
File: highway.jpg (91 KB, 500x353)
91 KB
>when your cager society can't afford any cages
this is the ideal building scale for mid-urban ares

very dense, narrow streets, fine grained buildings, as little deadspace as possible

File: index.png (436 KB, 820x648)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Is anyone else obsessed with cruisers, even low quality ones like pic related? I have this sudden urge to buy another grandpa bike for cargo. I might want to buy a nicer cruiser if anything happens to mine (doubtful, because they last forever as long as you aren't doing Repack runs too often).
Imagine that frame with that double top tube supporting a bakfiet front rack
File: index.png (315 KB, 820x648)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Like this? This is $179, kind of expensive for a Walmart bike
I've wanted a nice 3 speed, hub geared cruiser for a while.

Trump edition.
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>1- thinking of getting a pro plt stem, any rec on other brand/model? looking for a 60 or 70mm stem with +- 5º to 10º angle.
>2- is there any difference besides weight with cheaper stems? 50 bucks seems a bit too much.

Don't. Go on eBay and get an Uno stem. They are incredibly cheap, strong, and light. It' s a no-brainer. Don't even think about it. Just pick the paint job you like most

My experience with bike fit is that it's more of an art than a science. You should expect to buy many stems, and experiment with flipping them and stacking them at different levels w/ your spacers

Saddles, seatposts, cranks, pedals, and handlebars all make a huge difference in fit. Don't focus too much on your stem only

Read about fit a bit, then realize that whoever is giving you advice is probably full of shit and it only applies to THEM, not you. Your body is different. Only self experimenting will work

Last bit of advice is.... if you can't get the fit right.... try doing the exact opposite of what you think will work. Sometimes this is the secret
File: zxcIMG_9887-X2.jpg (287 KB, 1280x914)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>What's the best sort of kickstand? The side-stand variety? The center kind with two legs? Or the Japanese-style variety that mounts over the back wheel and pivots down, like pic related?

The Ursus Jumbo is one of the most heavy-duty kickstands under $100. People use them on utility bikes

The lightweight UNOs are the best bang for the buck, period. Don't get the cheapest ones because they make heavy stems too.
Guessing whether 60 or 70 is going to be better is a complete waste of time without actually seeing you on the bike. As for buying a new stem, in this case I would buy a really cheap one for now, don't worry about getting anything fancy until you actually know what length you'll need in the longer term. Remember that if you've only ever ridden mountain bikes, it's not going to be readily apparent to you what's going to work best on a road bike, 70 is already on the short side and even that is going to feel really long to you until you get a feel for road geometry and drop bars.

As for a basic fit, once you've got your saddle position set correctly, you want to be able to reach the hoods comfortably with your spine straight and a little bit of bend in your elbows (~45°).

File: Girl-on-Train[1].jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x2560)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Have you guys ever had success picking up a girl on a train/bus/etc? How did you do it?

>tfw you see the same beautiful girl on your train every morning and she gets off on the next stop and she has probably never even looked at me but I'm always sneaking looks at her
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>sexuality available adults
there you have it. man's twenties and morning woods are gone, never been loved, so the urge to get to know some silly cunt calms, fades. Still trying to act cool, to pick her up, and MAYBE she can get *it* up?

Well you'll always have your weird hobbies

Whereas guys like me get to have sex a lot and also have weird hobbies
>on public transport in Germany
>looking at people is rude so everybody stares off into space
>everybody is silent, nobody talks
>people really don't like smalltalk

I think the bus would be the worst place to chat up a girl
File: 1478499559583.jpg (56 KB, 597x519)
56 KB
Every single person on my train line is ugly and smelly as fuck and sitting on the train is literal torture for me. I used to love trains as a kid and my old regional line in Victoria Australia was beautiful with many country QTs.

Eat shit Caboolture/Redcliffe line SEQld. Fucking uggo factory.
As in how you genuinely want to dick her and won't give it up until she has to lie and say she has a boyfriend?

Can someone help identify the fork?

Looks like some Manitou model to me.

Travel 120mm, 1 1/8" steerer tube, disc brake only, coil spring, 9mm QR, and for 29" wheels. The previous owner has spray painted the whole thing so the color isn't original. I can provide more pictures if needed.
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could be a Drop Off IV, not sure though
forget what i said, its not a drop off

but still maybe a marzocchi
It is a lower end Manitou something or other. The arch is on the back of the fork.
Looks to be from around 05-06, possibly a Minute or Marvel. Are you sure about the travel and wheel size?
Didin't find any because of the spray paint. I need to use sand paper to take a better look.

I haven't measured the travel myself. Travel and the wheel size was told me by the guy I got the fork from.

I got the fork in a pile of mostly crappy bike parts so I don't have any high hopes.

File: 1.jpg (441 KB, 2352x2000)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Previous one is full, time for a new Post Your Bike Thread.

Here's my winter rig, got some bar mitts for Christmas and I'm really liking them so far. I still haven't put the studded tires on once yet this season, but I probably will need them for my commute on Thursday.
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Best move here is selling it. It's worth probably $150 on craigslist if it is shifting and stopping properly, and the drivetrain isn't rusted

But upgrades will cost you more than the bike itself is worth. instead, sell and use the money to upgrade a more worthy bike

File: BEIK.jpg (66 KB, 600x393)
66 KB
2007 Trek Madone
Well, let's see it
that pump is ridiculous
File: image.jpg (2.45 MB, 3264x2448)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
Hanging on the stand at work

How /n/ are electric bikes?

Just ordered my first one today.

>inb4 "just get a car", "it defeats the purpose of getting a bike"

I don't have a license and I live in a very bike-friendly town and regularly have to bike 30-40 km a day and still have energy to do hard physical labour for 8-10 hours.
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>muh-chanical doping
If you are so fit then buddy lets see your 2017 team contract. Because i am getting a pretty strong sense of inflated-ego cat 6 bandit that seems to go hand in hand with e-bike riding
They should be regulated as part of any national disability assistance scheme. Not fit healthy adult should have cause to ride one of these things, they should be the reserved domain of the elderly and incapable
I didn't need to pay it, but riding a company ebikes for 7 plus hours a day put a lot of costs with releasing hydros, tyre replacements, and breakpads were eaten though.

So I prolly rode them harder then most people would, but if you were serious about replacing a bike with a car, as someone who maintains several expensive bikes to replace cars I'd say get a touring bike or a specialized cargo bike, only get a ebikes with hotswap batterys.
You would need a 20 mah bat, I've rode 32s and although it works it takes too long to recharge. Carry 2 extra bats, the bat problem could be solved I think.

Incidentally, you can't have a good motor and be rechargeable. You get much more powerful results brushless.

The more I think about building a custom ebike...I end up realizing I know how flimsy bike tyres are. I'd rather a nice electric motorcycle really. As much as I'd like spds on a ebike...Yeah fuck it. Maybe a smart ebike front wheel motor fixie that can go up to 55mph with huge gearing.

But yeah. My downhill experience is teaching me that speed can be dangerous
Oh yeah

Juiced cargo bikes are fun. They cost like 2.5k and can come with 32v bats.

File: IMG_0570.jpg (960 KB, 3197x1947)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
American Presidential Lines Edition
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Do you know what cars are unloaded at LA/LB? I know Toyota and Mercedes so some shit there.
File: casuallottery.jpg (180 KB, 720x960)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
If you act fast you might be able to get in on this
File: Commodore Schuyler F Heim.jpg (139 KB, 1880x1031)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
They already killed my bridge waifu and I'll never have another.

File: transportmode.jpg (187 KB, 2100x1182)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Nissan/Infinity have a dock on the LA side, I think it's TI 170. LB 60 is the Toyota/Lexus dock. LB 205 imports Mercedes and exports Teslas and Smartcars.
>tfw your waifu is killed
>tfw you'll never love again

Heavy stuff, bro. Sorry to hear it.

You can save ONE (1) of these two beauties from extinction.

In doing so, you also prevent all past fatal accidents involved with your vehicle of choice, as both went through high-profile accidents before.
Also, your craft of choice will be reworked in a way to make them relevant in today's world again (efficiency, payload, etc).

What will you decide?
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Notice how the OVERWHELMING majority of the ISS was launched aboard the Shuttle and assembled more easily with use of its robotic arm. What's even funnier is that the Soviet/Russian space program attempted to go in the direction that you are against and only didn't because they were underfunded.
>Notice how the OVERWHELMING majority of the ISS was launched aboard the Shuttle
Which has fuck all to do with anything. It reflects the poor state of the Russian space programme which in turn reflects that the Russian economy is dwarfed by the US or the EU. It has nothing to do with the Shuttle concept.
LOL no.
Again, not a technucal argument and complete done for political me-too reasons and inferiority complex. See the Tu-144 and numerous other examples. It's a pattern.
The Tu-144 started development and flew before Concorde.

Way to undercut yourself real hard there.
>The Tu-144 started development and flew before Concorde.
No. It flew before the Concorde, yes, but it was the product of industrial espionage on the Concorde project, because the rüskies freaked over the prospect of "the west" having supersonic travel - and they not. Precisely the same reaction as with the Shuttle; the west might soon have cheap, reusable spacecraft - we must too. The west have big nuclear bombs, we must build bigger ones. This type of cockfighting was called the Cold War.

Of course, the Shuttle never turned out to be cheap or particularly reusable. It turned out hideously expensive and not particularly capable - as did of course the copy. That's why the Buran was first on the chopping block when downsizing the Soviet space programme, and not the various rockets.
It's also why NASA is not building another Shuttle. Because it is more expensive when overall cost is considered, and performance is shit, frankly.

There is no explaining away these numbers:
Saturn V
Total cost per flight: 1.12 billion dollars
Payload to LEO: 118 tons
Range: To the moon and back (literally)

Total cost per flight: 1.5 billion

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What do you do?

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File: image.jpg (40 KB, 400x316)
40 KB
Quake in awe mortals as you gape upon the mind splitting majesty that was the railway network intended for the 1969 Melbourne Transportation Plan
Weep for us mere mortals at what has come to transpire instead
So I just looked it up. Flinders Street has 13 platforms, and Southern Cross has over 20? It seems to me like any CBD capacity issues would be resolved by just adding more tracks between the two.
Bare minimum to solve any and all capacity issues would be to put another track pair along North Melbourne <-> Southern Cross <-> Flinders Street, yes. I assume they went with the metro idea because of the extra station coverage and 'cause big rail projects look cool.
southern cross handles the regional rail services, some of that track there ends at barriers and is used by locomotives and dmus

they've already added an extra viaduct like 15 years ago around the time they built the aquarium, kinda hard to add more at this point I think
What is this, a picture for ants?

Personally I think it's more natural to extend the Glen Waverley line to Ferntree Gully, and I remain confused why nobody ever suggests making the Alamein line useful.

File: 426px-Red_on_bike.png (330 KB, 426x599)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
I actually think the Pokemon series is /n/ as fuck.
>spend most of the game walking or cycling
>ride on boats, trains
>fly on pokemon, surf on pokemon
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and the remakes expand on this by featuring both a road bike and a more agile mountain bike. Both bikes are necessary for exploration, since the player sometimes needs raw speed, or bunny hopping ability to bypass an obstacle.
The Pokemon games rarely show the player in a truck or car.

But I was also interested in video games where the primary theme is /n/ related. Ever played Courier Crisis for the PS1? It's like a precursor to Crazy Taxi where you ride a 90s mountain bike (with carbon wheels for some reason) around making deliveries, assaulting pedestrians and doing stunts while evading cops. It gets old quick, but it's a very /n/ game. Of course, for the foamers, there's A-Train on the PS1 as well.

I don't know of many realistic cycling games for the PC. There are the super boring cycling manager games, of course. GTA 5 has a few bikes, so you can go online and get murdered by 4 cagers in an armored car over and over until you sticky bomb them. You can always ride the trains too and escape a 6 star wanted level.
File: Untitled.png (57 KB, 213x213)
57 KB
The concept art is very interesting. The Acro Bike is a dual-suspension mountain bike with front disc and the rear might be a drum brake, I'm not sure. The Mach Bike is your standard road bike, or maybe closer to a cyclocross bike than anything. Ironically, the Mach Bike (the road bike) is usually used on dirt, because only it has the ability to climb muddy slopes, and ride across floors that disintegrate. The game even times and rates your ride on the cycling road. Controlling the Mach Bike is quite difficult, and you usually collide with other cyclists, initiating a battle.
Probably Microsoft Flight Simulator X
I loved /n/ing around in GTA:SA
GTA 5 has three carbon road bikes. Unfortunately, unlike most vehicles in GTA Online they cannot be insured and they cost $10k each. There are also cruiser, mountain, and BMX bikes. If you attack the street gangs (Vagos, Grove St., Ballas) they will send someone on a BMX bike to attack you. In single player there is also a fixie bike. Bikes can be destroyed, unlike on San Andreas. The trains are rideable and you can own many different airplanes, boats, and even submarines.
>In single player there is also a fixie bike.
You get the "Fixster" bike for doing the hipster killing rampage with Trevor. It handles like the road bikes but with less acceleration. IIRC it doesn't function like a real fixie though.

Too bad most of the bikes were shit. There were tons of BMX and sting ray bikes everywhere. When I was 12 years old playing that game for the first time I was amazed that GTA let you ride bikes. The selection of boats/planes/helicopters is still pretty good even compared with GTA 5. Vice City stories also has a BMX, it looks like a 24" though or maybe even bigger.

File: Huey.png (394 KB, 640x480)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
I want to be a helicopter pilot but I have an irrational fear of flying and heights, what do?
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I want to be a journalist but I have a speech impediment
Why do you really want to?
File: DSC04174.jpg (1.26 MB, 2498x1430)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
geta larger fear,, ofground.
It's okay, OP, I fly choppers and mountaineer, and I'm terrified of heights. It's better if you're afraid of heights in both cases, honestly, as it keeps you from doing something stupid
> an irrational fear of flying and heights

I would say those are both rational fears.

File: women pro cyclists.jpg (225 KB, 994x1034)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
/BRT/: Bike Racing and Training

'Race Season is Coming' Edition
(and women racers in full kit with it)

Previous thread (>>1026641) is on auto-sage.

Most of you should be all the way through Base by now and Building towards your Peak weeks. Post your progress, gentlemen!

Reminder: Post power in watts-per-kilogram, not just watts.

If you're a poorfag and need basic training materials, here's a link to a .pdf copy of the previous edition of The Cyclists Training Bible:
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
How does one do 8 minute FTP?
My training program uses it - basically you warm up thoroughly, then do 2x 8-minute intervals with a 10 minute break between. This gives you your Z5 (VO2Max) power. Then you multiply by 0.9 to get your FTP.
File: P1010252.jpg (668 KB, 1460x1095)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
maybe you guys can help me with this little dilema. or throw me some ideas.
i have read friel's book once. got valuable info and modified my training a bit. but im still not training properly mainly because of lack of goals (and no hr monitor, now i have one). my plan is to read it again and start training for good.

but here's the thing. i dont really intend on racing. i've actually considered racing just to justify my training but it has no sense.

so what do i want to achieve? short-medium rides with good performance all around the year. or mostly (there are always some breaks due to health, holidays, work). i talking of 70-200km rides. as someone else here said, im competing with myself. i like to be real fit and fast on the bike.

so whats the problem? that that goal seems not to work with friel's goals. especially the part of beeing fit year around. im ok with peaks and i understand fit is always going up or down, not stable. but as im not racing, im not looking for 2 peaks a season or similars. or having a category races and b and c categories.

how could i design a training routine based on such open goals? maybe plan 1 big ride a month? and prepare for that? but that also seems not to work with friel's periodization. cause i mean one a month, every month. i understand i will not peak so high as if peaked twice season. and thats cool. but i dont want to be in the mediocre ride phase all year. nor burnout. any tips are cool!

by the way i live in a place where you can basically ride all year around. no snow. 20-25 days of rain a year.

pic unrelated, just made stewed strawberries and they got over the pan.
I'm pretty much the same as you, I have zero interest in racing, but I do want to be a strong rider because riding is more enjoyable when you're in great shape, and it's fun being one of the faster people at any group event you go to.

What has worked for me over the past few years and allowed me to retain a fair degree of fitness throughout the year (mine peaks in late summer and tapers in winter, in sync with the quality of the riding weather where I live) is to simply ignore the training advice that deals with timing for seasonal peaks and focus strictly on a few shorter rules of thumb:
1. Ride lots of base miles. Lots and lots of base miles. Commuting everyday helps.
2. Allow rest days/weeks: 3 on, 1 off
3. if you can ride distance X comfortably, you can complete a ride 150% longer than X with extra effort.

When it comes to specific training efforts to target certain things (VO2 max, climbing , sprinting, particular muscle groups, endurance, absolute strength, etc.), I decide what I want to focus on based on where I notice I'm weakest and also the kind of riding I'm currently enjoying most, or planning to do in the coming weeks, then I adapt the training methods that target each specific thing to suit the rides I'm most excited about doing next. It's not about planning for specific events, it's about keeping myself happy and interested, and never getting bored. I go through spells where all I want to do for a few months is long, long rides across the countryside (gravel roads are great), then I will get interested in my CX bike for a while and focus on building technical skills for a bit, then switch back to hard-and-fast road rides that are demanding and exciting. And when it's time to take a day, week, or winter period where my riding tapers off, I find that those interludes really heighten my enjoyment when I do get back on the bike.
You're both far from the first to ask this question.

The answer depends on how far you want to go with this, how much suffering you want to endure. If all you're doing is riding for fun, no planned events, nothing like a real competition, then 'just ride' as much as you feel is necessary and still fun.

Otherwise go through the 3 Base blocks. After you're done with those, if you stick to it, you'll likely be faster than any of your buddies, and kill them on the climbs. What you do with it from there is entirely up to you.

By the way if you don't have at least a heart rate monitor then you may as well 'just ride' more and more miles every month because you won't be able to do any sort of real testing to track your progress, other than something like a 30-minute time-trial on a trainer or the same exact course every time, and see if you improve your distance.

You might also want to go through the Bicycling Magazine website for old training articles. They have lots of 'training plans' for recreational cyclists.

File: 4030WSOR.jpg (552 KB, 1024x625)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
Looking for help from people in the industry.

I'm studying engineering at a public university. I don't have much money due to some shit that's happening with my family. I looked for some local jobs and found out that a Watco owned railroad has a position for a conductor open.

Would working as a conductor for a year or so to make some money be a good way to pay for college?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well I was actually gonna pull the trigger on getting a CDL before the railroad called, I had the paperwork for financing the training and everything.

I'm not sure how the OTR works as far as the ins and outs and responsibilities that you face so I can't compare the 2 jobs necessarily.
First off, you will be away from home a month or 2 while a class 1 puts you thru choo-choo U. Over half of your classmates won't last a year, the carriers get tax breaks from the government for training the work force and they have to keep the lights on at the school. It's not unheard of for there to be hundreds if not thousands in furlough status yet they're still training new hire conductors. You will be trained by suck-asses who in all likelyhood couldn't hack it out in the field. It will be heavy on operating and safety rules, you will have no fewer than 6 rule books to keep on you at all times (No exaggeration). Railroads care more about rules compliance than moving freight. It is a literal impossibility to follow all the rules and get all the work assigned to you completed. In reality, it's never about safety but about liability. They will dazzle you with company propaganda, and after weeks away from friends and family, it will seem like the very best job in the world. Don't drink the Kool Aid. It's hard to explain, but working in the real world you probably take pride in your accomplishments after a long day at work and can feel good about the progress you've made for the day. Well check that shit at the door when working for the railroad. The rank and file of most class I's have been fucked so hard by chickenshit rules discipline, draconian attendance policies, firings, furloughs, denied pay claims, spiteful management, company greed,and a union that rarely lifts a finger to help because they are in bed with the carrier. There WILL be field level management looking to fire you, they will hide in the weeds and watch you, no exaggeration.
the first 5-10 years you may be on call 6 days a week or stuck with a shitty assignment. 12 hours+ interacting with an engineer working on his 3rd divorce who hates everything: his ex-wives, his kids, the boss, the company, the union, you, the cold, the heat, the rain, the sun, the engine you're stuck on, etc. Either that or you're stuck on the ground for 12 hours switching trains in 3 feet of snow or 105 degree heat. Once you get enough seniority to hold one of the better jobs, they'll send you to engineer school and you be back on call 6 days a week, 24 hours a day on the bottom of the engineers roster.

If you value any sort of autonomy or common sense, the job can be very frustrating. The railroad does not hire managers from within the ranks, rather hire a kid out of college and hold his student loans over his head. So you will be under the constant watchful eye of bosses who have never done your job and do not know how to do your job.

That being said, I made 70k my first full year, the heath benefits are very good, and I wasted my 20's running away from responsibilities. It was nice to find a job making 100k in my 30's being nothing more than a college drop out. As I said earlier, I became addicted to the paycheck.
So much of this. Especially the initiation, training, and rules compliance bullshit. Up to the hack fraud instructors that can't switch there way out of a fucking paper bag. Thankfully in my area it's basically a 100 mile industrial lead stocked with loads of chemical plants and a few over the road manifest and unit bulk trains. It's nearly all switching and most of the managers leave us alone as long as we get the work done and don't tear stuff up. What you really have to worry about is hit squads from far away that don't give a fuck and will screw you.
Doesn't sound too much different than OTR trucking. Just less of some bullshit and more of other.
Sounds a lot like my territory, my trainmaster is not so bad and tends to look the other way on chickenshit rules so long as we don't do anything painfully obvious in front of him or anything that could legitimately cause injury/damage. He knows who the fuckups are and who are the self-starters. You make him look good and he tends to leave you do your thing. But he is one of the increasingly rare ones who has actually worked as a conductor and hasn't forgotten all the bullshit we go through. The hit squads are a problem though, they never fuck with crews on their own territory if they're smart because that results slashed tires and crews fucking them back at every opportunity. Instead they fuck with the guy who walked 23 feet in front of a cut of cars or didn't check a gap even though he's thrown the same switch 50 fucking times already that day and shadow him for hours until they get their chickenshit violation and another notch on their belt in the name of 'safety'... I like to think I would have no problem pushing those parasites in front of a moving train.


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3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
File: DSCF3092.jpg (3.21 MB, 3264x2448)
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3.21 MB JPG
File: DSCF3106.jpg (3.18 MB, 3264x2448)
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3.18 MB JPG
File: DSCF3119.jpg (2.88 MB, 3264x2448)
2.88 MB
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3.34 MB
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