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File: 1492489518342.jpg (103 KB, 1080x720)
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103 KB JPG
how do i prevent this body type from happening if i cycle every day?
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File: squat.png (362 KB, 679x680)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>don't be fat
>squatz and oatz

You're welcome.

File: mansplain-320x240.jpg (21 KB, 320x240)
21 KB
This type of legs is from track cyclist, wich need to have power muscles because they only ride on tracks, and they diet is prepared to achieve that.

And this is for road cyclists, and they are like that because they must save weight, since on the road there are different types of descents and climbs, where the weight is fundamental.
This is what really gonna hapen to you op, if you are afraid of legs like that...

File: tall headset.jpg (2.56 MB, 2215x1340)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
>post yfw someone's stack of headset spacers is longer than his penis
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who the fuck cares, his handle bars are still lower than his seat. maybe he is tall as fuck but with a short torso ratio
178cm. The frame actually has a shorter headtube than the drop bar version by 15mm and I've since lowered the stem by like 20mm.

I could slam it and it wouldn't be a problem in terms of comfort so maybe I'll do it when I can be bothered to cut the steerer.
The implication here was it's a stupid idea to make an IGH build on a frame not suited for it.
Because it requires a chain tensioner? That's a shitty reason, it works fine and has the advantage of easier wheel removal and the ability to go back to a derailer drivetrain if needed.

File: 1486826583140m.jpg (170 KB, 768x1024)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Whats the point of this board? Does it have any memes? Whats it's contribution to 4chan culture? Mmmhh?
File: hors.jpg (295 KB, 1440x809)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
we have baconrider so we're p much better than whatever shithole you came from
>board without memes
Sounds like a dream come true

>implying 95% of the posts on here would fit on literally any other board

that's why we're here anon

File: Portland.jpg (376 KB, 1024x768)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Transit-Oriented Development Edition

Previous thread: >>1041128
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The indoor track is way more concerning. What kind of idiot designed this?
File: 7713556348_3f54d1427d_o.jpg (763 KB, 1024x674)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
depends on,
in a packed pedestrian zone it's pedestrian speed, in an area with lower pedestrian traffic there may be limits between 30km/h and 50km/h, in street traffic with no pedestrians it could be up to 70km/h
The old ones are Skoda. The new ones are built by a local company, United Streetcar.
first for walkability
Which comes into my mind, what a waste are TODs that aren't walkable.

File: fixie.jpg (901 KB, 1536x1024)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
Fuck you I just like how they look edition.

Post pics, ask questions, get them answered here.
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Think this would be a good starter to work on and improve? Is it worth the money? Needs to lose the damned old cassette at the very least.


As a currently functioning bike, 85 is fine. But for a full build that you're going to work on, absolutely not. Fuck conversions, they cost more money and give you an inferior end result.
As a single speed, sure,
Thanks mang, they do good work in teaching normies about bikes and cycling.
Good to see another 480 anon on the board.
You misunderstand. It's not that they should commit suicide. It's that brakeless fixies are dangerous outside of controlled circumstances, so riding one on the street is asking to get at least seriously injured anyway.

Do you ever think about how basically all driveways are connected to each other?
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My dick is connected to your dick by air
Ayyy Fulton county here but yeah you're lucky to not have a marta station(I know exactly the place you're talking about) whenever I have to go downtown I prefer driving(unless its to the airport) to MARTA(moving africans rapidly through atlanta
I don't get why it gets such a bad rap.
I used to ride it all the time before I had a guaranteed parking space in the city. Unlike all the horror stories everybody OTP seems to have heard from friend's relatives, I rarely ever saw anything strange. (the obvious 1 or 2 homeless sleeping in the back corner seats during off-peak hours aren't strange) The "worst" is the occasional gospel nut or panhandler.

99% of my trips were from North Springs <--> Peachtree Center if that means anything
All that said, when heading to or from downtown from the north, driving is faster than MARTA, even during rush hour, so that's why I usually drive anyway now. I have the luxury of a flexible schedule that lets me drive into downtown early enough before commuter traffic starts picking up

File: ExpressBanking.jpg (101 KB, 1086x656)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Welcome to the TTC general thread. We are open to posts from anywhere in the golden horseshoe region.

Official News Source:


Thread Theme:


God bless you all! Long live the city of Toronto!
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They can take the train. It's not our fault we're part of the public tra/n/sit master race. Rural and suburban retards don't know how to live.
The Kitchener line doesn't go along the QEW retard
Looks like Hamilton city council finally pulled through and have approved the LRT

I don't think white people live in Brampton either
"It was an emotional meeting with tears and, in some cases, giddiness."

Why are Hamiltonians such fags?

>he fell for the "urban" bike meme
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I only know one person who fell for the urban bike meme and she just uses it to put around her nice part of town. She loves it.
What's an urban bike,how different from a normal bike?
It's a catch-all term of derision for whatever someone happens not to like
File: 20170426_191034.jpg (1.67 MB, 2048x1152)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Pic related is my """""urban bike"""". Best $45 I ever spent desu
File: ree.jpg (48 KB, 736x736)
48 KB

File: 180s.jpg (10 KB, 180x180)
10 KB
For me, its the Q. the best subway line
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You don't say Captain Obvious. We understand what OP is trying to say. Don't get caught up in minor details. No need to copy and paste.
File: What_5eb977_6107463.jpg (14 KB, 300x256)
14 KB
>you can use it to go or transfer anywhere.
But that's wrong, the 6 doesn't connect with anything except like the 7 and the L, and sort of the B way down there by Broadway-Lafayette or Bleecker or whatever it's called, as long as you're willing to go upstairs and down again and hopefully you've got unlimited lol.

Whereas the 1 connects with every train in the system except the 6 (obviously), the G, the SIRR, and like the J and Z probably but no one cares about those
There's a 5 train? Pic related.
I didn't understand what he was saying because he was so wrong.
If you don't want to walk down hills to Columbia its the only game in town.
The 6 connects with the N and R at 59 Street. There was even a salsa song about the 6.

File: closecalls.jpg (65 KB, 630x472)
65 KB
Cycle friends of /n/.
What are some of your close calls?

I'll start:
>riding bike to class
>moron in a Honda Element looks at me coming down the hill while waiting to merge onto road
>cuts me off anyway and forced me to do a hard brake

Seriously why are cagers so fucking dumb when it comes to any form of two wheel vehicle?
I'm not even one of those weaving idiots I follow the law to a T.
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>45mph road
>bike lanes are simply part of the road separated by only a painted line (US standard)
>rotting racoon carcass in the middle of bike lane, but closer to the curb
>tfw the bike lanes here are almost never cleaned and usually have a bit of debris but roadkill can remain for days
>have to slightly move to the edge of the lane and almost into the car lane
>make sure the coast is clear and signal my intention
>absent minded driver changes lanes (surprise surprise, no turn signal!) and almost sideswipes me
>they have the gall to honk at me
>luckily they notice in time and move just enough to give me space to get through and back onto the bike lane
If the county bothered to clean the damn road more often, situations like this wouldn't have happened. Too often I see roadkill ending up on bike lanes.
>riding back from practice
>busy city
>minivan runs red light and smashes meand my bike to bits
>no helmet, head goes through windshield; fucked up shoulder
>didn't die

I got $165,000 settlement out of it of which I've spent about $90k with nothing really to show for it. That was ~7 years ago.
Fucking soccer moms
lol too many to count.

almost every one of them has been someone swinging a left without looking and nearly creaming me. I've had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid slamming into dipshits before.

Only time i've actually been hit is when I was riding in the bike lane and had someone turn right infront of me, causing me to slam into the side of their suv, totaling my bike. I was relatively unharmed though. got a fat insurance check from it.

i had a guy buzz by me, really close, as i pass him at a light i see he's on his phone so i give him a "hang up" hand motion and he fucking loses it, honking a bunch, i turn around and he's fucking raging hard, it was hilarious

biggest dipshit goes to the champion who rear ended me when I was at a red light. Best part was, he already pulled up to the light and stopped behind me. maybe he just forgot? or accidentally let go of the brake. He tried to run off, but i chased after him and got his plate number.
Buy a village in Africa and become a warlord

File: fail.jpg (105 KB, 550x458)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
ITT: stupid things you did when you were a noob

>lubed my cassette with chain lube every time I lubed my chain
>didn't wipe down my chain after lubing it
79 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
I bought road shoes for a road bike. I got tired of walking like a pengwin and two months ago I bought mtb pedals with stiff carbon shoes that allows me to walk better and I have no hot spots on 80km+ rides.
File: download.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
>a nice greasy and blackened chain was a healthy chain
Jewish propoganda is far-reaching, anon
I got mountain bike shoes and road pedals and didn't get why they didn't clip in but I rode that way anyway for like 3 months with mtb cleats and speedplays (got speedplays used so they had no cleats)
>Getting some water before I plan to sprint up this climb
>It's raining outside
>Miss bottle cage and drop bottle on streak
>Unclip my right foot
>Come to a near complete stop
>Try to do a sharp left U-Turn

File: Outlier-New-OGs.jpg (109 KB, 660x440)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Who here cycle commutes?
Post your bike pics, details of your route.
Any tips or questions for other commuters?
182 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
what is cat6, what is fred?
My car broke down, commuting to college on my bike for the first time. I hope nobody makes fun of me.
looking for a ride like this. how much does it weigh?
It's for a chain tensioner. It looks like the rear axle spacing is for a single speed but the dropouts don't allow for movement to tension the chain. I can't imagine this working without a chain tensioner.
If they do, then laugh back on your way home passing all of them stuck in traffic queues.

File: 1992_Honda_NSXR-0-1536.jpg (327 KB, 1536x1010)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
When will you realize that cars are the best form of transportation?
At least post a practical car if you're going to make some stupid bait.
The NSX is a work of art

>not practical
>sitting in traffic like a dumbass
>best form of transportation
tip jej
its a fucking accord you pleb. 5.7 0-60. my forester is faster than that shit.
but muh ayrton senna

File: download.jpg (131 KB, 1000x800)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
What are some essential cycling snacks and fuel to keep for 30 + mile trips?

I just started cycling and am really underweight but I plan to do long commutes so I need to avoid my organs eating themselves.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Under 2.5 hours I don't eat anything, though I can start running out of energy towards the end.

Long rides I have a 350 calorie snack after the first 2 hours and every 1.5 hours after that not eating anything once I'm within 1.5 - 2 hours of finishing. If I'm riding harder than normal I'll start eating a bit sooner.
Up to something like two hours you don´t need food for the ride itself. Just some water. For anything longer I bring watered down apple juice and some chocolate bars. But the chocolate is more like emergency fuel, usually i get some food on the way.

Just keep in mind that this doesn´t mean you don´t burn any calories on shorter rides. Its just better, cheaper, healthier and more convenient to get those calories before and after your ride, as a part of your regular diet. Energy bars, gels, electrolyte drinks and stuff like that is basically fancy candy. Sometime on special occasions and so is okay, but don´t get them every day.

If you start riding a lot you will have to eat more, there´s no way around that. A rough estimate for i´m using for myself is 400 kcal/hour going at 25km/h average on flat land.

But i´m not really counting calories, I mostly just eat when I´m hungry, and weigh myself from time to time to see if my weight remains stable.
If you want to change your weight, there´s no way around counting calories. Maybe try the sticky on /fit, its actually pretty good.
Alcohol, almost double the energy per gram.
I read somewhere you should be hitting an oz of energy gel every 45 minutes. Is that overkill? I had a 3 hour ride the other day and did it.
I'm always snacking on something every 30 minutes or so
Without drinking and eating consistently, I bonk out and feel like shit

File: IMG_3496.jpg (1.24 MB, 3264x2448)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG

Old ones run it's course. R8/H8/APPRECI8
211 replies and 84 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck you.
File: IMG_5278.jpg (82 KB, 500x375)
82 KB
It's an ok entry level bike, but you'll want one with pontoon wheels like pic related
Jesus what the fuck
>Zero setback seatpost with the seat slammed ALL THE WAY forward
>Hardtail MTB with rigid *aluminum* road fork and pursuit bars
>1x7 drivetrain with an ancient long-cage Deore LX derailleur and a rollamajig
>Massive 50-something tooth full-plate chainring on a small-BCD crankset
>No brakes on the front
I can't tell if this is intentionally a trollbike or not.
This is a troll bike right?
nope, no trollbike here. It's just gone through a lot of iterations and part swaps to get it just how i want it

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